How To Prevent A False Rape Accusation

Max from Australia writes,

“what’s the best strategy to prevent a FRA when leaving her place”

Borrow $10 from her in the morning – she will text you later that day asking for it back faster than the debt collectors at Mastercard….keep that text and give her back the $10 in a public place with CCTV..

Yes, saving text messages has proven to be an effective means of protection against malign women on the false rape make.

”or start prattling like a beta to make her want him to just go away and completely out of her life?”

Stage a fake Asthma attack and ask her to drive you to the’ll never hear from her again.

Heh. As fun as this sounds, it’s also a lot of work just to prevent a low-risk FRA blindside. A cheaper — in terms of time and energy spent — alternative is to do the bare post-coital minimum of chivalrous behavior that would avert the disaster of sending psychologically fragile crazies over the edge into Regret Rape fantasia. That means, stick around until the morning. Don’t dodge out at 2AM. Tell her you had a great time, and you’ll keep in touch, even if you don’t mean it. Try to be careful about parading your other girl around the day after, if you all live in the same neighborhood. Don’t remind her that she was “SOO drunk last night.” Don’t hop on the video game console after you’ve jizzed in her general direction. And, most importantly, don’t get tangled up with nutty whores who religiously follow Lena Dunham on Twitter.

An ounce of prevention is worth a town of pound!


  1. GONE GIRL foreshadowed UVA “Jackie” FRA

    olzoz ! ozlozoz ! ! ! ozlozlzozl ! ! ! ! ! !


    • That’s probably where she got the idea.


    • What fella would put his dick near broken glass? And the Fatty Arbuckle scene, did she think we were so ignorant of recent popular culture?


      • on December 19, 2014 at 5:17 pm Never Mind the Bulzac

        “Regret Rape” I like that.

        One of the main ways feminism has control the narrative, both in the media and politically, for the past few decades, is their skilfully control of the language used. if they don’t like a word, they simply ban it or change it.. When’s the last time you heard the word spinster and what exactly is a “Bachelorette”?

        Feminists are by no means the only ones to benefit from controlling the language. For instance….The sexual molestation of boys, is obviously a homosexual crime and should be referred to as such. But because, like women, homosexuals are one of the golden four victim-hoods, and thus exempt from criticism, the media chooses to gloss over this Inconvenient fact.

        It’s about time we started to reinstate these words and phrases and maybe, like CH, invent some of our own. Homosexual Paedophilia or Homo-Paedos for the tabloids, would be a far more honest way of describing the crime and the criminals. And never married women are Spinsters, fat hairy, sad spinsters


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  3. A word to the wise if you wish to have a friend corroborate any aspect of a relationship/hookup/bang you have with a female. You know like someone to say: “they seemed like a happy couple in love with each other”.

    Make damn sure it’s a GUY that is your witness. There is nothing like seeing an investigation being resolved and closed out … except a female friend “just remembers” how she noticed potential victim girl “always seemed nervous and edgy around the boyfriend”… and of course THAT has to be investigated and then as more females are questioned all kinds of stories of “she always cried after a date” or “she seemed depressed” get’s told to investigators.

    It’s pretty common if you ask a man whether they know something… sometimes you get “don’t know”.
    But if you ask a female anything that they most likely CANNOT POSSIBLY KNOW… well you WILL get an answer. It’s not credible or even logical but you will get an answer. Men have been hanged on these “answers”.

    Another tip: Don’t talk to the Police without an attorney present. EVER. There is no way talking to police will help you. Don’t DO IT.
    FYI – Police love to catch potential suspects when they are busy/distracted. If the police ask if “is this a good time” the answer is NO. And ask to meet them at their police place with your attorney.
    Bonus Tip: Police hate to interview witnesses/suspects with attorneys at the Police Station/Precinct (their supervisor is there and may ask to “sit in” :). So it’s good to “offer” to meet them there.

    Also you have a 5th Amendment Right to remain silent. You MUST assert that right verbally AND SHUT UP. In many jurisdictions police are allowed to LIE to you about this. They may indeed lie and say that silence will incriminate you further and lead to arrest. However, should you decide to talk AFTER invoking your 5th… you can be deemed to have surrendered that right IF YOU TALK.
    Being Arrested is not the end of the world. Accidentally Incriminating yourself IS the end of your world.


    • Absolutely correct. I find these 20 something SJWs incapable of admitting they don’t know something. Just make shit up.


    • I’d add one thing to that. None of this is legal advice, but invoking your right to remain silent under the 5th Amendment is different than exercising the right to an attorney. You need to explicitly and unambiguously ask for an attorney to exercise that right.


    • I’d add one thing to that. None of this is legal advice, but invoking your right to remain silent under the 5th Amendment is different than exercising the right to an attorney. Cops have to follow different procedures for questioning depending on which right you have invoked. You need to explicitly and unambiguously ask for an attorney to exercise that right.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 9:00 am When Negroids ATTACK!

      Just to underscore, anything you say to the police can be used against you; nothing you say to the police can be used by the prosecution/police *for* you. The prosecution/police will cherry-pick any fact or facts that fits the narrative they want for arguing your guilt; they are not obligated to create a narrative that fits *all* the facts.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 7:57 pm Hymen Mingesky

      Pro advice, better yet make sure it is a bro. Not just a guy, or a dude, but a bro that isn’t going to betatray


  4. Wtf is this ch? You’re teaching people how to get out of FRA’s?

    Alphas don’t need to get out of FRA’s

    Don’t be stupid


    • Alpha college frat bros get the brunt of FRAs. e.g. Duke lacrosse case, UVA case, etc.

      They’re men who women are very likely to fuck quickly, and also who are very likely to not treat them like special snowflakes after. Regretted sex = FRA

      But yeah an alpha who doesn’t make her feel slutty afterward won’t need to get out of FRAs 99% of the time, you’re right. But that’s the point CH is making


    • The blog isn’t for so-called alphas. Alphas don’t need game advice; alphas instinctively live game.

      The blog is written to provide advice to naïve men regarding the nature of women, and to no-longer innocent men who’ve undertaken the effort to improve. Just because a particular challenge is purportedly easily overcome by a man with sense, doesn’t mean CH shouldn’t address it.

      If we choose, as GBFM, to recognize something deeper in all this game advice, then we need heed Paul’s letter to the Romans.

      “Thou wilt say then unto me, ‘Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?’ Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, ‘Why hast thou made me thus?’ Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction: And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory, Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?

      “As he saith also in Osee [Hosea], ‘I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved.’

      “And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, ‘Ye are not my people;’ there shall they be called the children of the living God.

      “Esaias [Isaiah] also crieth concerning Israel, ‘Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved:’ For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.

      “And as Esaias said before, ‘Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, we had been as Sodoma, and been made like unto Gomorrha.’

      “What shall we say then? That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith. But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness, hath not attained to the law of righteousness. Wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For they stumbled at that stumblingstone;

      “As it is written, ‘Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.'”

      Also, David’s praise of God upon deliverance from King Saul. [emphasis mine]

      To the faithful you show yourself faithful,
      to the blameless you show yourself blameless,
      to the pure you show yourself pure,
      but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.
      but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low.

      Here ends the lesson.


    • @will – as a non alpha you should know this…


    • “Alphas don’t need to get out of FRA’s”


      this reads more like yas mcmuffin guide on how to get out of being discovered as a fake alpha. seems women have a knack for discerning fraud after the guy shoots his wad and his attitude changes. alphas attitudes don’t change post bang. like ch says congruency is key.

      running game on late 20s and 30s hos is part of the problem as well. they are old. they are single for a reason. they are crazy.

      think the 12 y.o. chick from mississippi who paid a cab driver 1200 bucks to drive her to florida to hook up with a 16 y.o. she had met on vacation 3 years prior was going to FRA him?

      the old ones suspect you’re not alpha for the simple reason that you’re talking to them when you should be pursuing much younger.

      mess with the old bags and you will get burned eventually


      • Lot’s of ITG on this topic. You must realize that ALL women will age, and often with that age comes newly remembered regret. The difference between a woman acting on that regret or not is usually whether or not acting will benefit her CURRENT situation. Just ask Cosby.

        So all you wanna be labeled alphas just continue blowing your load on the face of the chubby girl and laughing to your bros about it… Just don’t be surprised 10 years from now when she sees you with your wife and 2 kids on Facebook or the local paper and her now lonely 30 year old self remembers it as rape… The mere suggestion of it can ruin your marriage family and job.

        FRA is a risk that needs to be managed like STDs like HIV and Herpes. Don’t be fucking idiots just so you can recount how alpha you are on an anonymous website.

        Leave her better than you found her. She will always remember you with a smile and a tingle.


    • Not everyone who reads here is Alpha. Most of the readers are people “learning” to be like an alpha thereby improving themselves.

      Don’t be stupid


    • “Alphas don’t need to get out of FRA’s”

      It is moments like this where I start to believe Krauser, Roosh, Matt Forney and Pman.

      You fucking dork.


      • “You fucking dork.”

        how many hos across the u.s. will spread tonight?


        how many FRAs will result?

        less than 1/10 of 1% of millions of bangs.

        how many of those FRAs will be on true alphas?


        FRA is a problem only in the fact that the very very few false accusers are not prosecuted when found to be lying. this will change soon based on people getting sick of their monetary resources i.e. overpaid fat police/D.A. time being spent on a few insane lying hos. and once they know they will go to prison for FRA it will drop to zero.

        CH fear mongering to keep bros from sarging so he can have all the hos for himself for nye.

        it’s xmas. the liquor is flowing. hos are lonely. go sarge. fear is the mind killer.

        “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert, Dune


      • This is what our dear CH calls “proof by assertion” I believe.

        Mike Tyson.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 3:19 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      All men, no matter how Alpha, get demoted to Beta or worse when faced with trumped-up charges before men with badges or women who run colleges. The frat Alpha on Monday becomes the unemployed 19-year-old expelled college failure Friday after a call from the dean’s office. It’s hard to maintain a frame when you’re future and reputation are both gone instantly — and it’s because of a false or questionable accusation. More advice like this is needed.


  5. That’s it???


  6. Take her out to breakfast the next morning.

    Snap a pic of her stuffing her face.

    Let her explain later why she went out with her “rapist” for a Rooty-Tooty Fresh & Fruity.


    • that’s a good one, although i don’t like to stay over.

      here’s my offering, for what it’s worth. rape claim fear or not, i generally grab my phone to see if anything’s happened in the 3 minutes i was copulating. most girls don’t love that, so i’ve gotten in the habit of texting them from a foot away like that’s why i got my phone in the first place.

      the phone dings, she thinks well two can play at this and grabs her phone, then giggle since it’s from you. laughs and laughs and love.

      to the point, you can make a crude comment about the sex and how we need to do that again, and she will generally (unless you are an even worse lover than i) respond with something jokingly sexual. time-stamped and sealed.

      so make the first time somewhat pleasurable for her, get her with an electronic record of her reaction while you’re still in the nude afterglow, and get on with your life in peace.


      • this is good, they love that cutesy stuff & might even do that after-sex selfie thing.

        everyone should ignore the terrible advice from the morons below: Mean Mr. Mustard, Redpillshill, Gatz & Captain Schlamered that will ensure you get a FRA.


      • “(unless you are an even worse lover than i)”

        funny you should say that. i was just talking to a buddy about this girl i used to see. i was really bad in bed back then. had no idea what i was doing but it didn’t seem to matter with her. she was always wanting more anyway. couldn’t get enough of me. it was wild.

        i think when you find a girl who is really right for you. someone who really likes you, flaws and all, she won’t need kama sutra moves and hours of foreplay. this girl treated me like i was a rock star. i swear she even thought the flubs and mishaps were sexy…lol.

        should have kept that one.


      • “someone who really likes you, flaws and all, she won’t need kama sutra moves and hours of foreplay.”


        “great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.”


  7. No woman is going to loan a man any money. it’s like getting blood out of a stone.


  8. Last and most importantly, don’t stick your dick in crazy. 100% down with that closing advice.

    Speaking of exculpatory video, a British woman, Eleanor de Freitas, committed suicide just before her trial on charges of making false rape accusations. The guy she accused was (a) rich and (b) had some security video of the two of them in a store buying a bunch of sex toys the day after the alleged rape.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 6:14 am Whomever Wherever

      > “committed suicide”

      A grown man who can’t see the telltale signs of severe mental illness in a female isn’t a grown man at all – he’s a spoiled little brat living in the body of an adult who’s slinging around a deadly weapon called “a penis”.

      Jesus H Christ you people – GROW THE FUCK UP – these are peoples’ lives you are ruining.


      • Yes, but only people who deserve it.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 8:53 am Whomever Wherever

        Dude, nobody deserves a self-murder like that. As much as I despise Colin Powell, I gotta quote him here: “You break it, you own it.” And if you break a badly mentally ill girl, then you own the guilt.


      • She had epic tits. Made her look totally sane.


      • “A grown man who can’t see the telltale signs of severe mental illness in a female isn’t a grown man at all ”

        Tell us how to spot one, please. They all act crazy if u ask me.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 4:18 pm Whomever Wherever

        > “Tell us how to spot one, please.”

        These are all things which I thought of before googling her picture: Furtive restless wandering eyes, inappropriate dress, age-inappropriate behavior, too eager. Waayyy too eager.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 4:19 pm Whomever Wherever


      • on December 19, 2014 at 4:20 pm Whomever Wherever


      • on December 19, 2014 at 4:22 pm Whomever Wherever


      • on December 19, 2014 at 4:29 pm Whomever Wherever

        That’s a fine, fine, fine piece of ass which that motherfucker sent to her grave. She might have been so insane that she would have murdered herself anyway – even if she had enjoyed an absolutely perfect life – but we’ll never know.

        All we do know is that the Frankfurt School damned sure knew what it was doing when it invented Feminism and the Sexual Revolution as the means by which to unleash the insanity of the female mind and thereby to obliterate Western Civilization.


      • Wow… I hope this is your sad idea of humour.

        Cunt tries to ruin a dude’s life, is called on it, and can’t take the heat and it’s HIS fault?

        You must specialize in moronosity.


      • on December 20, 2014 at 10:35 am Whomever Wherever

        Moronosity is not being able to immediately recognize a chick who ought to be in a Psych Ward – at least back before the Frankfurt School emptied all the Psych Wards and threw these poor people out on the streets to fend for themselves.

        SRSLY – grow the fuck up, and quit pretending that you can’t spot a Psych patient when you see one.


    • That’s a damn shame to lose one like that… in a sane world, she would have had two or three kids by that age and too busy for baubles, such as that hat.


  9. on December 19, 2014 at 1:35 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Wear a condom.
    You don’t hear of many rapists that had enough time to put on a condom and then rape a woman. It sets up a reasonable doubt scenario.
    When you are done, wrap it in toilet paper and flush it down the toilet in case she gets any crazy ideas.


  10. Always give bar stars a fake name. Go to theirs or get them a taxi first thing from yours and walk them out while distracting them with banter so they don’t remember your street/ number.


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  12. If you have to evac at 2am leave a little note with a kiss or a heart or some other beta shit on it.


  13. Once tagged a sloppy-ish (maybe a 5.5) milf I met online in the 2001 time-frame when internet poon was still relatively uncharted territory. (Her estranged hubby and kids were away or some shit)…ended up finagling a bareback ride and she said she was on the pill – finished on her tits….Fled the scene before the sun came up. Monday I get an email saying she insists I go get an STD test and give her the results because I she claims I could have given her AIDS. Not so much a FRA, but “regret stalking” nonetheless. I told her to cram it and stop harassing me, and how did I know she didn’t give ME an STD… Never heard from her again.


  14. Just grab her phone and text yourself when she goes to the bathroom. Then immediately delete the text. Just some extra insurance.


  15. Let us recall that most unfortunate guy in England: he was an employee – producer type – for the BBC and had taken, though at different times, five girls back to his place and had the evidence on tape courtesy of his bedroom spy-cam. He had then shacked up with a woman who was the mother of his child. Poking around in the attic one day, she came across the tapes, and presumably having played them, then went to the police. No suggestion that he had even put them on-line but he was convicted and sentenced to about four years in Gaol – for the filming. At least there was no question of his having been accused of Rape. Naturally, his ‘victims’ [aka sluts] said it was a creepy thing for him to do and that he deserved to go to prison. Not that they object to be on CCTV when they are out shopping. Why should unobtrusive filming be worse than the woman who returns home and begins writing ‘Dear Diary, today I’.

    Always rely on the English Judiciary to wash sluts whiter than white.


    • That country deserves to be wiped from the face of the earth. It’s probably worse than Sweden.


      • In your dreams. The Empire always strikes back; ask the Argies.


      • Back then, the Brits were nowhere NEAR as horrible as they are now.

        Also, since when is beating Argentines in a war for an insignificant island a great accomplishment? The UK manage to find new ways to suck in such a consistent fashion, I sometimes think it is done on purpose.

        Say what you will about Sweden, but at least they have good looking people and they would be a first world paradise without the immigrants. Britain was shit even before the Pakis came in droves. Cuckoldry is also a Swedish pasttime so I can’t look down on them as much. British cuckoldry is so annoying, it is difficult to describe.

        You have unarmed cops and you permit muslim female officers to wear hijabs. Let that sink in. Why would you let muslims into your police force to begin with?

        Rotherham. DC saying he wishes to see an “Asian PM” in his lifetime. People getting arrested for quoting Churchill and calling a Jew MP a Jew. The CCTV thing. Throwing out the Magna Charta like it’s nothing. The “Conservative” Party being pro gay. The NHS. The silly anti racist BS in football. The mystery meat Oylmpics opening ceremony. A major party deliberately selling the country’s future to spite the people it is supposed to represent. (labourers)

        I probably haven’t talked about the REALLY bad shit yet. What a disgrace.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 8:52 pm Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        @ho, I talked to full blown Swedish social democrats about race and not a single one of them told me race doesn’t exist. Swedes are also less neurotic than Brits or English speakers about these issues insofar as you speak to them one on one.


      • “Swedes are also less neurotic than Brits or English speakers about these issues insofar as you speak to them one on one.”

        I think I know what you mean. It’s kind of like how Swedes are massive libertines, almost anomic regarding sexual propriety, yet aren’t nearly as slutty as some girls in America, Australia, UK, who aren’t nearly as libertine.


  16. GBFM decoded:

    100% dead on balls accurate.

    Additionally, if you were too stupid to understand what he was saying even in GBFM code, you are not yet at the intellectual level to understand this blog sufficiently.


  17. Love all the text advice. Still, there’s something to be said for “always be recording” and sex at your place, not her place. Of my 2 LTR’s pre-matrimony, I married the one who came to my place for sex, and followed me to the new town when I came to get her. The other expected she got to lead. This advice is similarly applicable to sowing oates: get the girl to follow you so you have complete control of the physical frame. Your place, your cameras, her response to your texts, her smiling face in ya’ll’s post-coitus selfie, and dozens of witnesses at a nice breakfast restaurant the next day. Unless you’re set with a harem and don’t need my advice, trust me that breakfast after the sex is cheap; it gets her out of your place and among witnesses behaving like lovers.

    Exception: if you’re living with mom, ask mom to cook you both breakfast. You just had sex. Celebrate!


    • on December 19, 2014 at 8:49 am Whomever Wherever

      > “Exception: if you’re living with mom, ask mom to cook you both breakfast. You just had sex. Celebrate!”

      And Mom gets to celebrate too because her little boy grew up to be “a Playah not a Beta”?

      You’re gonna need ballz teh size of grapefruit to pull off that routine without looking all Freudian/Oedipal.

      Not saying that it can’t be done. Just sayin that you had better be packing a pair of grapefruit in your pants.


      • That’s funny: this is the second time somebody’s responded like that to my advice.

        Besides, real balls would be asking HER DAD to make you breakfast.

        Did that Christmas, ’91. I’m alive.

        Also, I’m not “alpha.” I just have faith.


      • I got her mom to make me breakfast, back in my younger single days.


    • Recording your partner without her consent is illegal, and it’s also an incredibly crappy thing to do. Sure, it will protect you against false rape claims (although you won’t get much sympathy), but so will the other methods mentioned. And since when do the ends always justify the means? If I posted on an internet forum that it’s ok to trap a guy into marriage because some men lie about their intentions, you’d call me immoral. And you’d be right.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 8:33 pm Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        In most American states, only one party needs to know a conversation is being recorded for the recording to be legal. I’m not even American and I know this. It’s why the cops recording your ‘impromptu’ conversations with them legal.


      • on December 19, 2014 at 8:45 pm Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        “If I posted on an internet forum that it’s ok to trap a guy into marriage because some men lie about their intentions, you’d call me immoral.”
        What’s up with women not being able to make any valid analogies?

        Lying about one’s intentions =/= being accused of rape
        Trapping a man into a marriage =/= having your moans recorded
        I’d rather be lied to than have someone accused of rape and I’d rather have my moans recorded than being trapped into a marriage. While I sometimes find this behavior of women to contort everything into illogical pretzels when they don’t like something(e.g. being recorded by a dude mid coitus in your case) cute, you need to learn to control it if you expect any intellectual respect.


      • Not a lawyer, but I’m fairly certain recording in your own home w/o sound is legal in all US jurisdictions; it may be legal to record with sound in your own home, though about that I’m less certain. We call these recording devices security cameras, and they’re EVERYWHERE.

        You are correct to assert that recording and publishing private “performances” w/o agreement of all participants is un-cool. In my opinion, most women would be owed performance fees, at least, upon publication. That doesn’t make it illegal, nor is recording private encounters immoral.

        As for comparing a video recording of a woman fucking to coerced marriage, baby girl, you’re so far out of line that your gender’s showing. What, pray tell, can possibly create equivalency between a forced marriage and a sex tape? After all, I’m not advocating blackmail, I’m advocating creating records that disprove rape accusations that may be provided to police immediately upon receipt of the accusation. Otherwise, they stay private.

        In case you haven’t noticed, this false rape shit is getting very serious, with decades behind bars for some men. If you think you’re out fucking in some guy’s flat w/o being taped, you deserve all the slut-shaming you endure.

        One final note: I’ll take the penalty for unlawful recording – if such an injustice exists – over a false rape conviction.


      • What a silly comparison. This one is way more serious. The ends justify the means in this context.

        And in practicality, there is nothing wrong with being recorded. It’s the spreading of the tape that is relevant. Since that only happens when you get accused falsely, I don’t see the point.


  18. What I was told when 13: never fuck anyone crazier than you are. Takes care of about 99% of problems.


  19. The irony….

    I ordered Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy The Decline” from Amazon Prime. The title is self-explanatory if you’re not familiar. It was scheduled to ship last night to my residence. I rent a room from a friend who owns a house, just blocks from the ghetto on one side and liberal white on the other. We’re in the pink area of the Neapolitan ice cream. (That’s kind of funny now that I think about that analogy as there are two households of homosexuals just up the street). Anyway, sometimes the blacks walk down our street on their way to… whatever they do. They fit every stereotype of your ghetto hoodlum – walking in the street instead of the nice sidewalks and refusal to move out of your car’s way, chest-puffing and staredowns if you don’t put your eyes to the pavement, sagging pants, smartphones in hand, loud and obnoxious, etc.

    If no one is at our house, our mailman puts packages on our porch behind a large bush so items cannot be seen from the sidewalk or street. Delivery tracking confirms the package arrived at 5:30 p.m. It likely arrived in Amazon Prime packaging. I say likely because I don’t know. The package wasn’t there when I got home at 11 p.m. I know what happened. You know what happened. We all know what happened. Some of us choose to recognize it, others blindly rationalize or ignore it. Such is The Decline.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ouch – assuming Amazon won’t ship another or give you a refund? This is one argument for a Kindle. People won’t permanently “borrow” your book.

      Dollars to donuts the perp who stole it will not read it. The book is most likely in a dumpster. Major bummer because it’s a good read.


    • “walking in the street instead of the nice sidewalks and refusal to move out of your car’s way”

      Timely that you mention this as I had the same experience two nights ago. I couldn’t make the people out, since it was at night and they’re backs were to me, but I knew who they were given their walking on the street.

      Although, the side of the street they were on doesn’t have a sidewalk and the other side that does it covered in scaffolding due to construction, but still.


    • After they found out it was a BOOK they probably tossed it.


    • We just surrendered in the first battle of the next war to a piddly ass country, North Korea. Obama didnt do shit, and our intelligence agencies turn their spies on us. He’s probably crying his Hollywood “buds” secretly make fun of him. China is likely thinking hard about annexing territory while The Bowing Pussy is president. Then again they hold too much worthless USA debt, secured by payroll taxes on slaving beta providers and career women. The decline indeed. This crap wouldnt be tolerated just a few years ago.


  20. “what’s the best strategy to prevent a FRA when leaving her place”

    A: Fuck her with blackface on.


  21. Go read Sailer today

    In the piece he give possibly the best writeup about the idea of “Regret Rape”. Some Social Rape Worker at Wash & Lee wrote a piece in Total Sororiety Move with the key line “Isn’t there something between consensual sex and rape?” And here piece is almost a fantasy short story (written in CH voce) of getting all hot and bothered over the sexy bad boy:

    “He wasn’t traditionally good-looking, but he was a notorious charmer with some serious bad boy in him that made him weirdly hot in a not-hot way.”

    and then the girl has sex with him and claims she didn’t WANT to have sex with him. After all,

    “This was a guy with whom I’d had countless conversations about his inability to care about women, romantically.”

    but she did have sex with him and then then next day

    “I certainly didn’t feel like I’d been raped. But what had happened the night prior was not consensual sex, and I didn’t like it. I wanted the flirting. I wanted the kissing. I wanted the sleepover.”

    Yes, a sleepover with the sexy bad boy, maybe some s’mores, ghost stories.

    Sailer references a commenter who speaks about the grey area surrounding the word Rape:

    “The word “rape,” you see, is a euphemism, meaning abduction (related to the word “raptor”) with sexual relations only implied.

    “It is hard to draw boundaries around something only implied by the word that designates it. Searching the thesaurus, one only finds words that reference the idea of “honor,” such as “violate” or “despoil,” or legal subcategories, such as “sexual assault.”

    “I think that this points to a very important perspective. The idea of “Rape” as a crime is in important ways about controlling one’s and one’s family’s offspring, rather than sex or power. It is tied up with the idea of “honor,” particularly “family honor,” so much so that honor can only be restored in some cultures by the killing or suicide of the victim. This is the case in ancient Roman stories such as the Rape of Lucretia, as well as in present day news reports from Pakistan. An alternative method of restoring honor, for the bold or the powerful, was vengeance and vendetta.

    “Fortunately, the western world invented mechanisms short of death to restore a victim’s honor. These include societal mechanisms for impugning the honor of the perpetrator, the solicitation of sympathy for the victim, and the criminal prosecution of the rapist.”

    So little princess sluts it up, but she didn’t want to, and then she wants some mechanism to have it recognized that “she didn’t want to” even though she did, so therefore she needs some sort of public flogging for the male to be shamed so she can have her honor restored.

    It’s the whole fucking “I’m telling!” bullshit of little girls and and subsequently older little girls that are referred to as women:

    “More strikingly, Erama (Uva middle aged female Rape Dean) implied that, in her experience, a lot of coeds didn’t want the boys they’d had sex with punished, they just wanted to tell off the boys in front of an authority figure who would validate their feelings.”

    “You fucked me and I’m telling!!”

    I don’t where to take this comment at this moment.

    On one side I want to go down the whole embedded “antipathy” thing that is a deep instinct in women of fear of beta sperm, female sense of entitlement, and a whole thing Rollo called “GenderEgocentric” superiority syndrome of women that has created a bias in the law and society to push men into a second class citizenship. So since our sexy bad boy had the temerity to touch that privileged private princess place on our privileged precious princess then he need not have due process, human rights, civil rights.

    And then on the other, there is almost a societal recognition that HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER BECAUSE HE IS A MAN.

    In a bigger, better societal idea, he should have known better, and done better, because as a man he has better “agentic” control. The biological end game of him fucking her could be a baby, and the attendant responsibility of caring for it and raising it. She after all, has a pussy, that wildly rebellious entity with unpredictable and uncontrollable tendencies. She is only a woman, she shouldn’t be held accountable for her choices given that she had that pussy. So he should have known and done better as a man without a pussy.

    The sad thing is that the reality is that it is a little bit of both: higher agentic expectations of men with privilege and protection for women.


  22. “Tell her you had a great time, and you’ll keep in touch, even if you don’t mean it. ”

    Don’t break promises this gets the revenge hamster going.

    I was going to suggest a two night stand being optimal.

    As for the money thing and the condom thing, I’ve known guys convicted of rape that did both those things (separate guys).


  23. These are just ways to prevent yourself from being charged with anything but people have some sort of bias that causes them to emotionally side with the woman, even if it is plainly obvious she is lying. If you get a FRA, you are going to go through hell no matter what and people will instinctively hold it against you.


  24. I hereby coin the term “regrape” for the duration of these discussions. Please credit elmer when you use it in your future dialogues.


  25. If you have a one night stand with someone, name unknown
    Be sure to get your camera out and store it in your phone
    For if one day she turns around and screams that it was RAPE!!
    you can show the judge she said, “yes, yes, FUCK YES!” on tape.


  26. A buddy of mine was a victim of an FRA and it cost him about $100k and a lot of nerves. The prosecutor was a woman and best friends with the plaintiff. The prosecutir was also engaged to the investigating detective and all were friends with the judge, who was a white knight with a massive hard on for my buddy. In short the deck was stacked against him. This was a small town in Michigan. He won, but his life was a mess for a good year or so. The way he was arrested was the police set him by getting the accuser to call him up and harangue him about using too much force while the cops listened in and recorded the conversation. After about 30 minutes of denial and irritation, he made the mistake of agreeing with her that he might have been a little rough. That got him arrested right there. If this ever happens to you, admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations. Better yet, hang up. If the woman is bringing on this kind of crap, she is at best dangerous and at worst setting you up. Don’t indulge it.


  27. Breakfast by Dad.
    Depends on invited guest vs uninvited visitor scenario.

    Invited guest
    Normal courtesy applies. Mother hen lays the table, no need for requesting.

    Uninvited visitor:
    DushbagDude asks – immediate knee to groin, no question. Skank-daughter asks, manual scalping, as only dad can apply, followed by her setting the table for me and dushdude.



  28. on December 19, 2014 at 12:50 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck aka The Hamster Whisperer

    Best way to prevent…fuck her so awesome that she keeps calling wanting more.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 10:11 pm The Spirit Within

      always works for me


    • ^ Nice.
      But on a serious note, what if she’s marginal? Attractive enough to produce wood, but not hot enough for you to really ever want a rerun with. The kind who is most aware of her lower MV compared to a hottie, and would gain the most in terms of sympathy from a FRA…

      This is where we need, as Bugs Bunny says, “some stragedy”.


  29. One way to understand the false rape accusation hysteria… One, those episodes seem to come and go. Colonial Salem, satanic daycare and abuser dad in in the 80s… and now this.

    But another way of looking at the FRAs is that society is flailing in response to the threat of extinction. The most valuable commodity on this planet is not gold, it’s young fertile White pussy. For people of European descent, stewardship of that resource is the difference between life and oblivion. For others, it’s an irresistible luxury with the siren call similar to a fountain of youth; except not literally youth, but a perceived quantum leap in genetic upgrade, at least for non-East Asian coloreds.

    Our society’s flailing is not the most effective and rational method of protecting the good fertile pussy. A rational method would be to keep a good measure of allowance for lustful desire, in accordance with a given community’s moral habits, while securing a homeland where our nations could play and make children in accordance with our temperament. That measure is called “borders.” Internally, given any a-priori extremes of genetic diversity, you allow for freedom of association, at individual and community levels.

    But none of the above-described measures are in place. Pax Americana made it clear, over bodies of thousands of murdered Boers, that the body (to use that as a metaphor) shall have no protective skin or autoimmune system.

    So today, you have genetically gifted, young, ripe for marriage girls. Many represent the best of our stock. And to our hindbrain horror, they are just fun- rutting and with each drunk fuck, a vision of a young mother with four radiant children fades from view.

    So in panic, society lashes out at their nearest safe target, the drunk young man who serviced her itching, unproductive gash.


  30. Don’t overthink this. All you need is a next day text exchange.
    You: “Thanks for last night. You’re fun.”
    Her: “You too!”
    You: “Let’s get together again next week”.
    Her: “Okay. I shouldn’t be working late except maybe Wednesday”.

    Boom. Done.
    No prosecutor on earth is gonna take this to court.

    Please for god’s sake don’t tell me this exchange is “beta” or “gamma” or needy or faggy or any of that shit. This isn’t about getting laid. It’s about staying out of the way of a FRA, which is not uncommon and is serious shit.

    I’ve got six or eight of these exchanges in my phone, which I also screen shot and then e mailed to myself.

    Feminists and other SJW’s started this war. I just found a way to win. Fuck ’em.


  31. whoremongering is the only lifestyle that makes sense in a nation of whores

    if you do find the good ones though, consider jumping out of the viper’s nest and making some sons. then head north and wait it out.


    • I am curious what women who wanted to wait would say. It looks like they only asked urban secular/atheists. It is a bit of a troubling ideal, but it works in religious communities (I think).


    • “Once upon a time I was dating someone, we were both virgins and I was always making the first move. After two years of patience and not even really rounding second base I got super frustrated, started thinking that something was wrong with me, began regarding him as a brother, and then ended it.”

      Oh the poor girls I had no idea what I was doing with. Couldve probably had a half dozen notches by 20 if I hadnt been so oblivious.


    • “if you do find the good ones though, consider jumping out of the viper’s nest and making some sons. then head north and wait it out.”

      wise words. the good ones are hard to find. getting worse every day. most of us are only lucky enough to find one or two real keepers in our lifetime. gotta lock em down or you’ll regret later.


  32. on December 19, 2014 at 3:48 pm Never Mind the Bulzac

    Sound advice, I guess, but also a very sad indication of just how successful feminism has been in achieving its ultimate goal – controlling the behaviour of men – while effectively outlawing any and all criticism and of female behaviour, no matter how bad.

    The British courts even ruled last week, that a woman can not be held accountable for any damage she inflicts on her unborn child as a result of her excessive drinking, no matter how wilfully she acted.

    Whether we like it or not, we are now living in a world where men can loose their job for whistling at a chick in the street, while women are allowed to have a healthy baby chopped into convenient pieces and ripped from the womb, for no other reason than … “its inconvenient”


    • on December 19, 2014 at 3:51 pm Never Mind the Bulzac

      in case it’s not clear, I mean CH’s advice…

      “stick around until the morning. Don’t dodge out at 2AM. Tell her you had a great time, and you’ll keep in touch, even if you don’t mean it”


  33. Don’t dodge out at 2AM.

    If I’m performing, I take her back to the area we are staying in, and keep her throughout the night. Usually, going back for repeats during the night and before heading to breakfast – it’s very hard for her to claim she was drunk every time, and it would screw up her story when she has to admit to sex various times during the night, and not saying anything at breakfast.

    Of course, if I take her home – those video cameras with IR lights, speak for themselves. 🙂 Like I said, I’ve only had one FRA – and when she found out I could produce a video of the several acts of sex that night, it magically went away…


  34. I actually had to deal with this in real life. One thing to know is; the experience will totally re-wire your entire nervous system even if you win easily…
    Ha. What a contradiction in terms.
    All the people on her witness list had already volunteered to testify for me. That kind of re-assurance barely helps at all, emotionally.
    Because it is still a gun and it is still pointed at you. That stuff about time slowing down and perceptions being distorted at such times of existential danger and you never quite going back to normal again – are all absolutely true.


  35. I like Vox Day’s recipe for avoiding FRA’s. I believe it’s:

    1. Be sexy
    2. Don’t be not sexy


  36. Actually the best and almost foolproof method of avoiding false rape allegations is to keep All women, except your partner/wife at ‘arms length.’ The moment that you start using the ‘one night stand’ or the ‘hook-up’ as a valid means of social/sexual outlet, you are basically signing your own arrest warrant for rape/sexual assault…and that is the truth.

    Women, HATE being used as a one night stand, even if they initially agree to it, and especially if they have consumed any mind altering substances whatsoever, and justifiably so. Women are NOT just means to our sexual fulfillment and conquest. They are here to facilitate our familial and positive social life objectives. The whole ‘pick-up artist’ culture is a repudiation of this and by logical extension, women will no longer see us as means to a stable family and social existence, but rather as nothing more than sexual predators and freaks. Making a false sexual accusation is a vicious act, but it is not so if done to a vile predator.

    I hope you guys have a look at my site:


    • Steve
      The naive is strong in you.
      Crazy is very near the surface if they really want you.
      Hypergamy means that most women want only a few men. For sex.
      Logic indicates that they should learn to share the men they desire.
      Not start fights that came really close to bloodshed.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 6:57 pm Charlie Don't Surf

      This public service announcement was brought to you by Ortho Novum – the best selling oral contraceptive for 50 years – now available in a convenient dialpak!


    • on December 19, 2014 at 7:11 pm Test Tube Baby

      Who you calling a vile?


    • God you are fucked in the head. Over under on an SJW/Fembot getting your sight canned by WordPress for TOS violation….3 months.


    • I saw this but cannot bear to read Smugman gloat prematurely. He’s very near the top of my proscription list. What none of these dick breaths want to acknowledge is Putin has a first rate intellect and a first rate grasp of world matters. The KGB recruited the very best and brightest the Soviet system produced. This thug crap is far from the truth. I know for a fact that Putin speaks fluent German. How many languages does Smugman speak? Putin has a law degree from Leningrad State University and knows his own ideology and his opponents’ ideology inside out. Putin knows his nation’s weaknesses well and takes steps to correct them. He will out fox them once again.


      • This. I am British, and a student of Foreign Affairs. Putin keeps wrong-footing the socialist European Union, drawing Europe ever nearer to war. European socialism’s mechanism for controlling aggressive Alpha males is to declare them to be politically incorrect and expose them to public humiliation by the media. They still have not worked out why this does not work with Putin.

        Putin understands nationalism and has used it to rebirth Russian patriotism. Economically Russia is on it’s knees, yet Putin’s standing in Russia could not be higher.


      • What you describe is precisely why I consider Europe to be run by old women or men who think like old women.


    • YKW pathological hate of Russia is the the hate of vanquished first Pale of settlement in Czarist Russia, than Stalin purge in 30s and finally Putin crakdown on Jewish oligarchs though he did not go as far as he should have
      Russians are our people, some of our best art and culture and most beautiful women come from there
      Remember that when the time of settling long overdue accounts comes, in the meantime obstruct their efforts every way you can with any weapon at your disposal


      • on December 21, 2014 at 4:17 pm Never Mind the Bulzac

        For several decades now the UK has been run by clowns, hell bent on giving the whole circus away


  37. Putin may have a true heart and a deep love for his people, but the price of a barrel of oil is going down, way down, mainly because of a lot of creative red-neck engineering from West Texas and North Dakota.
    Since Russia is not a real economy – just an oil company distributing largesse – they are fooked.


    • on December 19, 2014 at 8:18 pm Pyjama Wearing Ninja

      The problem is that North Dakota will become an empty place nobody gives a shit about at these oil prices. The Saudis can operate at a profit at $45/barrel. America can’t.


  38. @ Rum, oil $ took a nose dive because Kerry went to Saudi Arabia and poof! up goes production and down goes price. Putin has to weather this storm, Europe still buys much energy from Russia, and when that Ruski_Chink pipeline is done …


  39. on December 19, 2014 at 8:38 pm Max from Australia

    Massively Honoured again Heartiste. I have read you from the start and you have helped me a lot.. Thanks Bro… My new business helping Aussie Blokes thru the divorce process. Linked below.


  40. How about give a false name and use an untraceable pay-as-you-go phone for all your sexual contacts? And wipe your fingerprints off everything before you sneak off at 2am.


  41. have a sign on my bedroom door saying ‘VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN EFFECT’

    funny thing is, bishes think i’m kidding…


  42. 100% surefire way to prevent a false rape accusation is….

    rape all the girls you meet.

    think genghis ever had fra’s against him?



  43. I’ve defended a few FRA’s in court. I see good advice here, especially avoiding obviously crazy girls. I have a little more to add based on my experience:

    #1, avoid dope fiends, especially heavy users of coke/meth. They lie as easily as they exhale, and are as selfish as born sociopaths. Also, their acquaintances (the kind who could testify for you about what a liar she is) “don’t want to get involved.”

    #2, avoid other men’s women. The “regret” I most often see is “regret” that the husband/bf has found out, or will find out, about what fun she just had with you.

    #3, if you get married, keep enough of your game to keep her interested in you. I defended two FRA’s by wives in multi-year marriages, and in each case the pattern was readily understandable to readers of this weblog. Husband got too beta. Unprincipled wife wanted to ditch the husband for a more exciting boyfriend, keep custody of the kids, and paint herself as the “good guy.” Easiest way to do it was with a FRA.


  44. on December 21, 2014 at 4:40 pm Never Mind the Bulzac

    “How to prevent a false rape accusation”

    Male and Female minds have evolved to process the information they receive in very different ways.

    When attempting to get to the truth of a matter, the male brain tries to take a step back in an effort to distance its self from the emotional side of a subject/dilemma/event, in order to form a logical opinion and plan a practical course of action. This is why women often complain that Men seem emotionally cold. But it is also the reason why Men are responsible for %99.999 of human inventiveness.

    Conversely, the female brain tends to place its self right in the middle of a subject,. It kind of tries the problem on, much like trying on a dress to see how it makes her feel. It then searches around to find a reason to explain why she feels the emotion she is feeling. They kind of reverse engineer the problem. When this method works Men will often see her as mysteriously intuitive. But when it doesn’t,, she comes across as just another neurotic woman.

    I suspect that what’s happening in most “regret rape” cases, is that as she mentally scrolls down the possible reasons she feels bad the next day, she automatically disregards any answers that show her in a bad light. Often the only answer left is – “he must have raped me”. The worrying thing, from a Mans point of view, is that she will actually come to really believe it herself, making her very convincing in court.

    A practical ways a Man can counter this dynamic, is to solidify the facts of the encounter in her mind before she gets to the reverse-emotional-engineering stage. One of the best ways of achieving this, that I’ve come across, is to get her to play the “5 questions game”.

    Next time you’re laying in bed next to a woman you’ve just banged but don’t feel %100 sure of, ask her to play a little game that will help you both to get to know each other better. Tell her that you will both ask each other 5 questions to which you both promise to answer honestly. Chicks love this kind of stuff and you’ll rarely find one that can resist playing along.

    Here’s how it works…

    Btw… always try to ask the first question as this will set the vibe for her questions which will often just mirror yours.

    Your questions…

    1. What part of a mans physique do find most attractive?
    2. How old were you when you first had sex ?
    3. What was the craziest place you ever had sex?
    4. At what moment, after we met, did you realise we were going to have sex?
    5. Would you say that you are sexually liberated?

    As you may have guessed, its all about getting her to honestly verbalise her answer to question 4. You’ll be surprised how honestly most women will answer this question if asked at the right time in the right way.

    Once she has expressed the fact that she knew that sex was on the agenda, it will solidify the fact in her mind and make it far harder for her to fool herself later on.

    If you suspect her of being a crazy, you should make a sound recording of her answer, as making a audio recording without consent, unlike a visual recording, is legal. You should do this on your phone or have the radio on in the background to give the recording a time record.

    But remember, this will only limit your exposure to a possible false rape claim. It will not stop an out and out bitch from attempting to preserve her “I’m a good girl” mind set by destroying you life.

    That the end of the day, the only way to prevent false rape game, is for Men and the few right minded women to push for the crime of making a false rape claim, to be pursued, prosecuted and punished in equal measure to that of actual rape.

    Alas, because most Men have “a blind spot” when it comes to women, until the Red Pill is more widely dispensed, this will not happen. This is why it is most important to introduce these red pill realities to your blue pill male friends, despite the initial negative response this can often elicit.


    • That the end of the day, the only way to prevent false rape game, is for Men and the few right minded women to push for the crime of making a false rape claim, to be pursued, prosecuted and punished in equal measure to that of actual rape.

      It’s not a bad thought, but under current law the problem is this: the difference between “actual rape” and “a false rape claim” is…whom does the jury believe in a swearing constest? Human beings are really bad at detecting lies just from watching a person’s demeanor. And since (so I’m told) girls are now taught not to resist a rapist for fear of “getting hurt,” there’s less likely to be physical evidence than ever.

      I think we should go back to the older rule, that you can’t be convicted of rape (or a false rape claim either) unless there is some corroborating evidence…i.e., more than just the other person’s word. And girls should be taught to fight back with every ounce of their ability, scream out as loud as possible, and report right away without taking a shower.

      (Also, real, forcible rape should be punished by death…but that would require changes at the Supreme Court level.)


      • on December 22, 2014 at 4:58 pm Mad Bad and Dangerous to Blow

        “it is most important to introduce these red pill realities to your blue pill friends”

        Right on Bro.

        On matters of gender, our legal system has been so poisoned by toxic feminist Man-Hateing laws, that the courts now openly valued the word of a women, over the word of a men.

        Men and boys are systematically having their rights stripped away from them. It is essential that red pill aware Men do all they can to make other men aware of this and encourage them to fight back.

        That is what CH is doing here and it is what you should be doing too.

        “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. Thomas Jefferson



  45. Another way to prevent false rape allegations. Go shopping for sex toys the morning after (consensual sex) as in this CCTV!