The Opposite Of Hoverhand

Behold the Trumpenclutch:


That’s a firm laying of hand, right there, drawing Conway’s body in for additional ownership delights. You won’t see a photo of Trump hoverhanding. In every pic of him, especially the ones where he’s with women, his hand is pressed unapologetically into waist-flesh, allowing no daylight between his palm and the woman’s body.

Feminists gasp indignantly and betabitches mewl cloyingly, but what neither will ever understand is the truth that feminine women LOVE LOVE LOVE men who aren’t afraid to exhibit those little alpha body language cues that speak of male privilege, male entitlement, and male sexiness.

Make America Sexy Again (MASA)


  1. She’s got a nice figure, that’s for sure. And, she just led the campaign that won the presidency! Suck on that fatty feminisitas!


  2. Make American Men Sexy Again…hmmm…MAMSA? Looks too much like MAMA.

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  3. […] The Opposite Of Hoverhand […]


  4. on November 14, 2016 at 3:53 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Yeah. She’s cute for an old broad.


    • The older the berry, the sweeter the juice….


      • There comes a point when berries start to rot.
        The realm of politics is generally not populated by the physically attractive, but for a middle-aged woman engaged in politics, Kelly-Ann is a hottie !
        This may very well end up being the best-looking administration we’ve ever had.


  5. The Wall has made its mark, but you can tell she must have been a looker. Here’s a video from 2005:


  6. Even MAMA means Make America Macho Again..


  7. Christie’s already celebrating!
    No lanes closed there, eh Guv’nor


  8. on November 14, 2016 at 4:11 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    That blog you linked on twitter ruined my weekend, bro. Holy shit.

    I dreamt of the rope.


  9. Trump Blue State FR

    Tried posting some of this before but I think the mod was on overload from all the awesome celebration posts. Anyways I saw a few regulars ask about Trump-related poon. Ohhh lawd…

    -Day that Hillary’s puffed up teary cheeks conceded, I dressed up to peacock without saying a word like Mendo recommended. Strutted around like a dung-hill rooster. It worked lol. 3 girls in my office complimented me even tho they seemed sad and angry Trump won. The new girl never mentioned the election but told me I looked all business and said we should get a drink (women invite, men invade). Lol she did it like a girl too – they don’t like rejection so she framed it as “one of these days maybe we should get a drink lol.” I said ya sometime and left it at that. The next morning I walked into her office and silently handed her my phone. She silently typed her number and 10 minutes later she was sending me messages. She followed me to get coffee and did the “punch your arm cuz I like you” move on me. At the end of the day she texted “your smile is so cute.” I said thanks and went to the gym and didn’t text again til the next day. She wanted to go out this past weekend but I was going camping with my bros so I said another time. I texted her that she looked hawt in her outfit. This set off a strings of texts and boom off to the races, she is in the bathroom taking pics of her tits and playing with herself as I text from my office. I keep getting better at this and she likes that i know what i am doing. Fucking chicks are just as big of pervs as us they just need dudes who know how to the play the game. Gonna fuck her this week.

    -Since about 3 months ago I tried to let one of my plates go cuz she was getting too attached. She was 24 and I really miss fucking her but I knew I had to let her go cuz she wanted to start a family and I aint ready yet. She was a gym rat hottie when I met her and she saw me boosting trump a while back. Anyways the day Trump won she hit me up to congrats and said thanks for helping her decide to vote for Trump. Said we should go celebrate hahaha. She also said it sucks right now cuz her girlfriends and even her beta orbiters are going apeshit with the tears and hand wringing and whining about Trump. She said she felt alone because we live in a blue state and all her friends refuse to allow her to expresses pride or celebration of Trump winning. That pissed me off so I have been texting her, shared some of the choice memes from CH, and talked to her to remind her WE FUCKING WON, fuck the whiners. She has since started calling me babe again and keeps texting….ohhhh boy lol. Gonna see her this week.

    -I was so filled with manly Trump sprezzatura that I told a girl next to me at a coffee place whose boyfriend had gone to the bathroom “Hey. Stand up” put my hand out. She looked at me weird but she got up. I said rub here it hurts. She started giving me a lower back massage lmao After a minute I said thanks whats your name but her bf started coming back and she shut down and acted like she didn’t know me. Finished my coffee.

    Ya lots of sad dudes and chicks acting emo everywhere I go. I saw 2 hot early twenties girls walking toward me as I left my business park to walk a block and get coffee. This was Wednesday I think. I said good morning 🙂 They started daggers at me and ignored me as they walked past. Their hamsters sensed I was a Trump voter cuz I was happy and look like a bro, 6’4 (physiognomy is real). I continued on my way to get coffee laughing to myself.

    Feel eyes everywhere. One of buddies and me were standing by my truck having a smoke when a girl with her boyfriend were coming from behind. The girl and I turned our backs at the exact same moment and checked each other out hard. She was holding her bfs hand lol. Anyways she broke eye contact and went inside but my buddy was like “fuuuck I say that shit haha” My main plate was in my truck while this happened.

    -I am dropping some friends. The whining gets old. Good thing WINNING never gets old 🙂


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    • This is excellent! Good stuff on the new girl coworker.


    • I happen to have “that look” about me that screams police officer, or somebody else official, as I get the “yes, sir”, “excuse me, sir” all the time, even from googles afraid I’m on to them for something or other. That said, purple-haired chubby girl stocking shelves in egg and dairy section at grocery store tonight talking to brunette greasy-haired, trouble-glasses girl and her fat blond girlfriend. I walk over…they stop talking. I go down the isle scoping out some yogurt for the good old probiotics, and then come back up…sure enough, they stop talking again. I knew that they were whispering about the election, about how TheCunt lost, and how the world was ending (and the greasy-haired girl was on her iPhag, too, the whole time, probably checking her Twatter feeds from fellow communists whiners). Hehehe…it is good to know that I have the “Fuck yeah, I support Trump!” look. No sign or shirt necessary (although I love wearing my MAGA shirt, especially now after the election).


    • Very nice Quix…


    • on November 15, 2016 at 7:51 am Captain Obvious

      “She was 24 and I really miss fucking her but I knew I had to let her go cuz she wanted to start a family and I aint ready yet.” ——— BUNZ -> OVEN DUMBASS.


      • @Captain Obvious

        I love you Captain, never change.

        Trust me i have been thinking about hanging up the spurs and bunz > oven. Now seems like a pretty good time due to the Trumpening. Like most men, I have a problem staying interested in one pooosy even if the girl is hot and excellent mother material. I am trying to get past it and accept the sacrifice I have to make for the good of her mental health/my children.

        I still think sometimes about something you said once, it really affected me and stuck with me. People always ponder “What is the meaning of life?” The best, simplest, most honest answer I have ever heard was from you:

        “The meaning of life is LIFE ITSELF”

        Thanks for all the advice man. Shine on you crazy diamond


        Thanks brother


        Thanks for the great idea!

        @Johnny Redux

        hahaha I know exactly what you mean – command presence and having the look makes people respect. Can’t stand purple/blue hair or problem glasses I don’t even look their way yuck trying to get me to notice by making themselves into neon clowns. Its awesome when you dress up too huh look like fucking FBI agent lol


  10. Just wanted to compliment Heartiste on his website. I am struggling to build mine (click my name) but to Heartiste’s is a MASSIVE accomplishment.


  11. I guess I must have a weird form of development disability. When I look at photos of myself with women, I use that same sort of pull ’em in at the waist while opening up my body, hold that you describe as Alpha. However if I honestly evaluate myself I KNOW that at heart I’m a natural Beta trying to emulate Alpha as best I can. It’s like I started developing as an Alpha starting at my hands, but it only soaked up as far as my elbows.
    Looking back, I now see that my love life didn’t really take off until I got old enough that my cohort of women reached the point where they were ready to look for Betas, and then I ran amok for a few years before settling down with a younger woman. That was 30 years ago, long before we had Sensei Heartiste to illuminate us and codify how the Game works, so I never understood while it was happening why my luck seemed to change.


  12. Chris Christie with the jungle fever.

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  13. Being 50% guido, hugging is part of my culture. Works quite well. Picked up a fine young female marketing booze in a liquor store that way.


  14. Trump banged, recent or years ago, but he banged. I bet like Mark Antony that he’s banged every hot woman in his organization.

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  15. Uncanny how ALL the women in Trump’s sphere radiate femininity & charm. Even those I wouldn’t normally notice as being attractive exude an intangible glow. Must be that they are simply kind hearted souls with patriotic instincts, and prone to goodwill to fellow citizens.

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    • “Must be that they are simply kind hearted souls with patriotic instincts, and prone to goodwill to fellow citizens.”

      There’s your clue. Trump’s women resemble Trump.


  16. on November 14, 2016 at 8:22 pm long dong silver

    I am linguistically deprogramming the libtards in my life. I started by calling various groups that included fags “fruits.” Then I started singling out individuals who were gay as “fruits.” After desensitizing them to “fruits,” I’ve moved to “queer.” Its a long way to “faggot,” but I’ll get there. We’re moving in the right direction. The path to recovery is a long one.


    • The Spirit Within —> The Fruit Within —> The Faggot Within

      Yes, yes…it works nicely.


      • Skipped a step:

        The Spirit Within —> The Fruit Within —> The Queer Within —> The Faggot Within

        Yes, yes…much better!