Are Antidepressants Ruining American Women?

Think about the ecumenical change in society that, intuitively, must be happening with the widespread use of various hindbrain altering drugs, like the Pill and antidepressants. This is a change in biochemistry unparalleled in human evolutionary history. It’d be a miracle of serendipity if there weren’t blowback.

A reader surmises,

Great site. Good advice. But …

There is something to be said for all the anti-depressants/mood stabilizers/whatevers that women are taking these days. And I mean, a LOT of women on are on these psych drugs. You’re asking me so what, right? Well …

A lot of a man’s behavior toward women rests on the presumption (truth) that women are insecure and may get depressed at times, and when they do, they choose a man that has been solid for them. They either choose one, confide in the one they “love” or return to one. BUT, with these drugs, I think a lot of their negative feelings are prevented, making them less vulnerable.

It’s something I’ve noticed among professional women. Sure, maybe my game isn’t what it was, but I think it’s worth addressing. Women’s drugs are changing the game a little bit.

An interesting hypothesis we have here, and one that may go a ways to explaining why there is a growing impression among American men that their women are becoming manlier, sluttier, present-time oriented, and all-around less provocatively charming.

Here’s a lovefact sure to torque a feminist’s fat hamster into a tailspin:

Maxim #27: Beyond beauty, a woman’s attractiveness to men is partly a function of her feminine vulnerability, or her ability to mimic feminine vulnerability.

Corollary to Maxim #27: Men are turned off by overconfident, assertive, proudly self-sufficient women.

Yep, despite the delusional claptrap that feminists want the world to believe, men don’t swoon for women who act like men. Non-manboobed men with hanging testicles don’t, at any rate. Invulnerability is not sexy on women.

Men, at least K-selected men from the frigid Northlands where the cold winds blow and nothing grows for six months, are hard-wired with a protection instinct. We want to guard the carriers of our kingly posterity.

Evolution, therefore, has ensured that men respond viscerally to beautiful, weak women needing protection. A woman in need rallies a man’s ready seed.

Enter antidepressants. Suddenly women all over the sub-veneer tribal landscape are feeling invincible, unstoppable, and perfectly capable on their own. “No means no, creeper!” The manly protective (beta) instinct which warms the hearts of biochemically natural women leaves SSRI drugged-up simulacra of women feeling indifferent, even antagonistic, to the same signals of stoically masculine benefaction.

Multiply this effect a hundredfold in the homeland of the SWPL: The big blue whitening cities of the coasts, where every vibrantly atomized lawyercunt and her bovine cockblock are hopped up on happy happy happy pills. No joke, I’d bet 80% of Obama Country college-grad white chicks are dazed and confused with the help of Big Father Pharma. That percentage jumps to 99% when you expand the age range to include spinsters with two or more cats aka alpha male substitutes.

All successful game requires, in lesser or greater dose, the deployment, consciously or otherwise, of psychological tactics which raise the man’s relative status, lower the woman’s relative status, or both. This is a fact of the nature of the sexes, and it exists because the lifeblood of lust is fed to men and women by different veins. What excites a woman — the challenging company of a higher value, dominant man — is different than what excites a man — the company of a coy, vulnerable, pretty woman. You can rail to the ends of the earth about this fallen state of humanity, but you will never change it, not as long as there are two sexes evolved with differing reproductive goals.

It makes sense, then, that drugs which create a disturbance in the sexual polarity force would also have a downstream effect on courtship, both the traditional and the modern game styles of mate acquisition. A less vulnerable-feeling woman is a woman less receptive to beta provider game, and — this is getting deep into CH theory of modern dating dynamics territory — more receptive to sexy alpha bounder game.

An artificially happy and confident woman is, in short, a no-game-having beta male’s worst nightmare.

(A few of you wags might say that SSRIs are helping turn the US from a Euro mating market to an African mating market, where sky high self-esteem absent any supporting evidence is the norm.)

As a visionary acolyte of Le Chateau, you want to know how to make this new social reality work for you. (Some of you want to change it back to where it was before it turned wicked, but that is a concern for wise old men with rerouted energies.) A good start is dread game, which is the seducer’s answer to invulnerable women.

Some other proto-men, like the scalzied followers of male feminists, take the opposite tack, and submit themselves completely to the whim of Tsarina Bombas, in hopes, apparently, that their utter prostration would excite in women the pity fuck compulsion before it triggers their active repulsion reflex.

A specific skill of modern seduction, as channeled through game, will therefore need to be (sadly from a certain perspective) the ability to evoke, in pinprick psychological jabs, sadness, fear, worry and self-doubt in the Happy Harlots of Late Hour America. If you lack this skill, you’ll find more cynical men stealing your lamb meat off your white linened table.

Or, you could just wait out the coming collapse in your Galtian gulch, and watch the feckless loverboys starve in the streets live-streamed, as the newly vulnerable women rediscover the value of your warm hearth. But by that time, you’ll have stuccoed the entirety of your masturbatorium.

The antidepressant ruination of American women is a theory worth investigating, particularly in light of observational evidence in favor. Perhaps enterprising readers will unearth studies which connect the dots. Or perhaps they’ll just say “what the fuck”, and give the Supergirls a double dose of ego-smashing sexytime.


  1. Feminine women inspire love/attraction.

    Masculine women don’t. At most they try to coerce it.


    • on August 27, 2013 at 2:20 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      A Mother’s Solution to Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke? Violence Against Men!

      Regarding Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke at MTV’s VMAs, The Blaze reports that a mother writes to her daughter:

      “Yes, this is what happens when you constantly hear everything you do is awesome. This is what happens when people fawn over your every Tweet and Instagram photo. This is what happens when no responsible adult has ever said the word “no,” made you change your clothes before leaving the house, or never spanked your butt for deliberate defiance.

      If you ever even consider doing something like that, I promise you that I will run up and twerk so you will see how ridiculous twerking looks. I will duct tape your mouth shut so your tongue doesn’t hangout like an overheated hound dog. I will smack any male whom you decide to smash against his pelvis.”


      A Mother’s Solution to Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke? Violence Against Men!


      • At Yahoo news women and gays are wondering why Miley is criticized while what’s his name is not, why there is a “double standard”

        here is the answer; there is NO double standard in this case ;

        the man was not the one half naked,

        he was not the one doing vulgar ( vulgar because there are kids watching ) sexual moves,

        he was not the one debasing himself

        the woman was

        so she should be criticized much -much- more than that man who simply stood there while she debased herself

        Interesting that mothers are allowed to say violence against men is the solution for misbehaving girls/women, because THAT is a double standard


      • on August 27, 2013 at 2:41 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



      • Even if the guy was vulgar, he still wouldn’t be catching as much flak as she is. There is a sexual double standard and there always will be. I can’t understand why this continues to be controversial. There are plenty of double standards that benefit women at the expense of men, and they don’t get even a fraction of the media attention that this issue does.


      • It all makes sense when you understand that the goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while regulating as much as possible male sexuality. It’s a power move, nothing more.


      • And to turn us all into lesbians.


      • > “It’s a power move…”

        > “…to turn us all into lesbians.”

        To destroy Western Civilization.

        Which has always been, is now, and will always be, the ultimate goal of the Frankfurt School.


      • But surely they have figured out by now that removing all constraints on female sexuality gives women less power, not more. Do they really not get this, 40 years post sexual revolution? Unless they’re hoping that women’s increasing economic power makes traditional marriage obsolete, and without the need for the security of male commitment, women won’t have to worry about being careful sexual gatekeepers.


      • “But surely they have figured out by now that removing all constraints on female sexuality gives women less power, not more.”

        It gives the state more power and the individual man and woman less…which is why this elaborate game in the Matrix keeps going.


      • All of this outrage/backlashes/etc. flow from the slut/player double-standard.
        But there’s a reasonable explanation for the double-standard:

        For a man to have sex with many women, that man must be special — possess charisma, status, some requisite level of aesthetic appeal; for a woman to have sex with many men, that woman need only show interest —> this is holding as equal the rough SMV value of the man and the woman’s conquests.

        The player skill-set = scarce. The slut skill-set = abundant. To be a player is to be revered, to be a slut is to be devalued. Credit to Paul Janka.


      • Miley needs a session at hogtied dot com. Seriously. She’d love it.


      • Her father must be soooo proud of his little girl; she’s all grown up and come such a long way.


      • What disturbed me most was that lizard tongue of hers.
        Given the chance, she could clean out a man’s colon with that thing.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 6:26 am Jochen Peiper

        That tongue of hers gives me a big woody.


      • A second coming if Grace Kelly, she ain’t.


    • on August 27, 2013 at 2:40 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      BEfore Antidepressants: A woman get sbuttcokedz and gets tossed asidez. She gets depressedz. She feels shamez. She stops da butccokingz and looks for a good manz.

      with Antidepressants (antibernakificationessants): A woman get sbuttcokedz and gets tossed asidez. She gets depressedz. She takesz antidepressantz. She goes YAYAY YAYAYAY YAYAYAYA YAYAYAYAYA!! and preads her butt cheeksz wide wide wide!!! she gets butcockedsz more. She gets depressedz. She takesz antidepressantz. She goes YAYAY YAYAYAY YAYAYAYA YAYAYAYAYA!! and preads her butt cheeksz wide wide wide!!! she gets butcockedsz more.

      eventuallaully even the antidepressants don’t work anymore, and so she has to get maried and buttcock a man in divroce court to exact revnegez zlzlzlzoz

      so u can see how antidepreesantsz caus ebutcocckig dievroceee rlzozlzlzlzolz



      • Or if she wants to go front door…she has the birth control pill.

        Birth control and anti-depressants….the mind altering drugs that keep feminism going.


      • Thread winner, right here.


      • From the original essay:

        Heartiste’s Correspondent: “Sure, maybe my game isn’t what it was, but I think it’s worth addressing.”

        Heartiste’s Reply: “give the Supergirls a double dose of ego-smashing sexytime”

        If anyone here is familiar with the neuro-pharmacological literature [or if anyone has the spare time to google it], then how do the SSRIs [and the various other neuro-polluting garbage of that ilk] affect the experience having one’s ego smashed?

        It seems to me that “hurt feelings” would show up somewhere on the radar of the broader range of emotions which end in “depression”.

        Could it be that the SSRIs are affecting the ability of women to have their feelings hurt [constructively, by the Dark Artist]?

        And could the SSRIs even be affecting the stamina of the hamster itself?

        Once the chick goes on SSRIs, could the hamster glance over at that wheel in the far end of the cage, grimace, shrug its shoulders, and say, “Ah fuck it, I’d rather just sit here and stuff my face with Doritos and watch Oprah re-runs.”

        I.e. once you introduce SSRIs into the equation, could the hamsters themselves start turning into proverbial land whales?


      • I learned this just yesterday, and it explains some of this.

        SSRIs are serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, and serotonin is a neurotransmitter that, among other things, controls impulses. Females have more of it, even from a young age, and males tend to have less of it, until their late twenties; this explains young male impulse control problems and ADHD kind of stuff in boys.

        The effects of serotonin are felt, in actions, by the frontal lobes. So to address your final two paragraphs; the hamsters are basically saying ‘Ah fuck it’ but not because they are lazier or feeling more confident but because their impulse control is increased.

        So we can infer that it is not happiness or self-esteem that is the issue, with women, but basically the longer anyone has to think about something the less important or esteem affecting it becomes; this includes pleasing others or wanting social acceptance.

        Now the issue becomes “normalcy”. What is it and for what gender? Too much serotonin and one may never do anything and be perfectly content, too little and one may run around trying to please everyone and everything they feel is not accepting.

        Just what I learned yesterday. The topic dealt with learning and education and the differences between boys and girls; so not really self-esteem and Game, but I believe it applies. Especially if any of y’all have kids. Boys learn slower than girls and ADHD maybe only Natural for boys; thus why they move around more and pick on girls and others … they are bored Naturally.

        Keep this in mind the next time a teacher is trying to get your boys on drugs; there is no shame in holding boys back in school. Also, biologically females mentally mature at 19 while boys at 25 … that is a huge difference and goes back to breeding and may explain why males prefer younger women; they are more mentally similar.

        Sorry for the long post.


  2. “Maxim #27: Beyond beauty, a woman’s attractiveness to men is partly a function of her feminine vulnerability, or her ability to mimic feminine vulnerability.”

    It’s also a function of her ability to be, you know, be a woman.

    I can’t tell you how many men would fall hopelessly in love and be willing to die for a girl that is actually nice to them, smiles a lot, kisss them at the door, wants to make them a sandwich, and have some kids without too much fuss.


    • srs truff hurr.


      • srs: An abbreviation for “serious”.

        truff: The ‘mafia’ way of saying ‘true’.

        Hurr: The gangsta way of saying “here” or “hear.”

        So literally, “Serious truth here.”

        Or: “That’ some serious truth right there.”


      • lol…

        there should be more inquiry at the Chateau about how active traits — sexual ability, femininity — affect a woman’s SMV. I mean, who would you rather in bed — the feminine sexual dynamo 6, or the you’re-doing-all-the-work, mannish 8? And there are other passive traits, beyond beauty, to look at as well — i.e. voice timbre. A cute girl with a shrill, deep, or otherwise loud/mannish voice = huge turn-off for me.


      • > “A cute girl with a shrill, deep, or otherwise loud/mannish voice = huge turn-off for me.”


        The only thing which MIGHT be as important as a sexy voice would be how she smells.

        Sexy voice + smells wonderful == keeper


      • I can answer this: a 6 that is a sexual dynamo; for sure. I have had 8’s and even 2’s but I would give almost anything to have back my dynamo 6 … she was smart too.

        She can go all the way down AND lick my balls at the same time; she loved sex too. Just the Best. Easy question.


  3. No joke, I’d bet 80% of Obama Country college-grad white chicks are dazed and confused with the help of Big Father Pharma. That percentage jumps to 99% when you expand the age range to include spinsters with two or more cats aka alpha male substitutes.

    The fraction is fairly high, but nowhere near 80%. Think about what that would mean.

    Antidepressants may not actually do much at all:

    Why Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos


    • What if the placebo effect is enough to alter behavior? Might not matter one way or the other if antidepressants are “effective”.


      • Even if anti depressants do not work ( some do or at least have some effect on the mind, but I will keep this short ) , many chemicals that end up in our food and water ( hormones, PCBs etc etc ) that were not there in all previous centuries are affecting us in many ways

        Some make people more depressed, even refined foods such as high fructose make people more lazy and depressed

        I blame liberals and feminists for a lot but I know the thousands of chemicals we ingest everyday – most without our knowledge or consent – are also changing us; making women more masculine and men more feminine

        And I would bet a lot of money even white guilt is a bigger problem because our minds are affected by all this crap.


    • This is also my experience
      The drugs work a a few weeks or a month (off the placebo effect, i imagine) and then do nothing
      Good thing there are an almost endless array of them to have prescribed to you!

      Also: psych diagnoses – the new hidden welfare state


  4. I am a psychiatrist who recently prescribed the main girl im fucking [who is a 26 yo former full time model] wellbutrin bc she was feeling depressed regarding the fact that id never marry her….but she feels like she cant leave the relationship. So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically. Its tight.


    • Isn’t that a violation of your ethics?


    • Your sloppy writing belies your peacocking claim.


    • The extra bonus is that Wellbutrin can amp up the sex drive in some women


      • Not a psychiatrist but probably a frustrated feminist trying to make this site look bad by pretending to be a man who abuses women.


      • exactly, this guy knows what hes talking about. why do you think i prescribed it? mirtazapine and wellbutrin are essentially the only antidepressants that will not cause anorgasmia, decreased libido, etc.


    • No psychiatrist talks like this…


      • I am a resident psychiatrist, so still in training, 27 yrs old, that is why I still talk like this. No, there is no ethical dilemma; she was not my patient before I prescribed her the medication. Sloppy writing? seriously? this is an internet forum, what does it matter, dumbass. anyone else have any more questions?


      • Not really. But since you’re also probably prescribing fun stuff to yourself, I guess I’m curious: How long do you think you’ll be able to keep your license? Script abuse tends to snowball.

        It’s so impressive the way you are drugging a girl in order to keep her around.


      • What part of that post would make you think I am prescribing “fun stuff” to myself? How do you make that connection?

        How on earth is prescribing an antidepressant the equivalent of script abuse?

        How do you arrive to the conclusion that daily wellbutrin is the equivalent of “drugging a girl to keep her around”? Hell, even if I prescribed a cocktail of medications (lets say two antidepressants, a benzo, and an atypical antipsychotic)—how would that “keep a girl around”? These aren’t brainwashing agents.


      • Wouldn’t a doctor know the term is “scrip abuse?”


      • on August 27, 2013 at 5:37 pm Imperial Leather

        haute couture, swim wear, hand model???

        If she was a former full time model at 26…..what is she now doing with her oodles of time


      • she works as a nurse full time now (which still has oodles of free time compared to my schedule). no not a hand model, she was part of ford modeling agency for several years. the third model i’ve screwed so far. easy to fuck models when u are ripped and have (or will have) an M.D. after your name (basically attributes received through hard work). im never getting married.


      • on August 27, 2013 at 6:59 pm Imperial Leather

        Cool & Good Luck!


      • Do you or do you not currently have your MD?


      • > “im never getting married.”

        Who did you vote for in 2012? In 2008?

        And who did your parents vote for in those elections?



      • What year are you in residency? What’s your specialty and what rotations are you doing? Also, why don’t you have an MD already?


      • 1. Yes, I do have my M.D. You cannot be a resident physician or prescribe meds to anyone without an M.D. I received mine two years ago.

        2. I vote republican every single time, no matter what. I am extremely, extremely politically conservative. Voted Romney last yr. My parents are liberal though, and they always voted for the democratic candidate each year (obama). Although they are politically liberal, I come from a very conservative (in terms of lifestyle) family; my race is south indian, and we are Orthodox Christians (from Kerala).


      • thank you come again indian or smokum peace pipe indian?


      • “I vote republican every single time, no matter what.”

        No matter what, eh? You are a phony, broj. A plant. A troll. Probably from Jez or Salon.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 2:20 am Imperial Leather

        why do you ask


      • on August 27, 2013 at 6:26 pm Lucky White Male

        Ahh, “Psychiatry” is a house of cards

        Freud was a fraud. Psychoanalysis is a con job

        As Freud is documented saying, “Where is my next nigger in the waiting room?”

        A very derogatory term how he referred to patients

        In other words, they were too dumb to know they were being used

        Read Hans Eysenck – the German gentile genius psychologist who exposed him and psychoanalysis


      • Lol at this troll. C’mon guys.


      • Seriously!


      • Indeed! This person is trying way too hard.


      • yeah but just admit it the two of you are intrigued nonetheless.

        don’t worry, it’s not your fault, you can’t control your gina tingles.


      • Yes, because internet trolls are so alpha.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 7:36 am Nobelprizewinner

        A resident has a training license, allowing the trainee to practice under supervision. Prescribing for family/friends/cum recepticals in your free time away from your residency would qualify as ‘moonlighting’ and considered to be practicing without a license. This is illegal. Furthermore as a physician you would know that anyone you write a prescription for is considered to be a patient. You are either a liar and a fraud or a serious dimwit. Especially posting online about it. I suspect you’re just a liar and probably majoring in psychology at a community college.


      • Prescribing in this way is not illegal once a resident…unless you are prescribing controlled substances. Once an MD you can prescribe whatever you want [except stimulants etc] to whoever you want. Not a big secret. Ask any resident. Shit…what a bunch of drama queens


      • I am a gynecologist to an exclusive group of rich and famous top models and I can vouch for for physician’s claims. We can prescribe medication to anyone and everyone whether or patient or not, “to control bitches’ minds we’re fuckin” or otherwise.

        We typically post online anonymously to indicate as much for the edification of others. Fortunately if our licenses are revoked we can fall back on our physical perfection and charm.

        Men of such distinction are so often misunderstood.


      • Like hell you can.

        The moment you write that prescription, the woman becomes YOUR PATIENT.

        And going all the way back to Hippocrates, “soiling oneself by having relations with patients” was UTTERLY VERBOTEN.

        Here is the modernistic Wikipedia translation:

        “Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.”

        In many states now, if you’re a witch doctor, taking care of the mentally ill, and you’re caught fucking a patient [e.g. someone you’ve written a prescription for], then your ass is going to PRISON.


      • Speaking for actual witch doctors, I don’t know if what he’s doing is legal where he lives or not, but certainly ethically, it is wrong.

        One should not be anywhere near this field if they can’t resist taking advantage when someone puts their minds into one’s hands.

        …but this is should. The sad fact is that things like this are going to happen. Yet another reason that women should be under the guidance of male family or solid bros and mentors. Scary stuff is out there.


      • No offense intended, Nicole, but note that in the Hippocratic Oath, you’re not even allowed to get any booty from THE FRICKING SLAVES!!!

        It is an ABSOLUTE BAN on the physician messing around with his patients – in any way shape manner or form whatsoever.


      • “and probably majoring in psychology at a community college.”

        And Boom goes the dynamite! Hahaha!!! 🙂


      • also…only a psychiatrist would refer to controlling a girls mind “biologically and psychologically”. look up the biopsychosocial formulation, its how we are trained to think. and if you are surprised that a resident psychiatrist talks like this, i don’t blame you. i am an anomaly of my field. i essentially went into the field to for the easy hours, to maximize the amount of time i can spend getting laid with the hottest chicks possible.


      • You are a liar.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 7:14 am Bitter clinger

        Biopsychosocial model? Are you a resident @ U Rochester or did you go to med school there?


      • Obvious troll is obvious. No MD would be that retarded. All she would have to do is fake a suicide attempt and you can say goodbye to your license.


      • I’ve read that some of the most psychologically disturbed people pursue studies in psychology just to understand their own psychosis.

        Like this psychology teacher who murdered his whole family as a young man:

        Or the Fort Hood shooter…

        Here’s an article from Psychology Today on the subject:


      • wut u tryna tell me bro, that im gonna kyll this bitch?


      • Lol. No. Part of what I’m trying to say is that it’s not incongruous for a psychiatrist to use the tools of the trade in their own life for their own benefit. But- it also seems there is a small subset of practitioners who are not too stable. Hopefully you don’t fall into the latter category.


      • Ah. Nah, there’s really no harm in doing this, and her being on wellbutrin doesn’t benefit me it all (its not like it helps me brainwash her, it just lifts her mood a bit). At the end of the day, I just saw it as a funny thing to mention as a lurker on this board, especially given the subject of this post.


      • Silly clam. Physicians speak about medicating to control bitches psychology and biology all the time. This vernacular ensures you know we’re legit.


    • on August 27, 2013 at 5:36 pm Nobelprizewinner

      “I am a psychiatrist…”
      Sounds legit.


      • h8r


      • man the h8 in this response makes u sound like someone who had a bad experience with the field. what exactly do u find so disturbing about prescribing an antidepressant to a chick? obviously i was kidding when i said i was controlling her mind.


      • Nothing creepy about prescribing shit. The creepy part is patting yourself on the back over it and being surprised that no one seems to be high-fiving you like you expected.


      • Nah. I wasn’t expecting high fives…I have my friends for that. This is an anonymous internet forum, what’s the point? I mentioned it to A) show people how fucked up women have gotten over time, and B) contribute something mildly relevant.

        I was more surprised that people A) didn’t believe that I was actually a resident, B) think that low dose wellbutrin is the equivalent of drugging a girl to keep her around.


      • You do realize that the moment the Medical Board finds out that you’re fucking a patient, you’ll lose your license to practice medicine FOREVER?

        And that you’ll very likely go to prison as a FELON?



        Well, at least in a Red State.

        Up there in a Blue State, you could probably just plead that you were a badly misunderstood transgendered lesbian, and the career bulldykes on the Medical Board would nod understandingly and let you off the hook.

        But I sure wouldn’t try to pull that shit down here in a Red State.

        ‘Cause your ass’ll be look at 3 to 6 years in the “Pokey”, with a great big 350 lb buck-nigger as your cellmate.


        And that’s if the patient’s father doesn’t decide to say To Hell With The Judicial System, just shoot your ass instead, and dump your corpse in a swamp.

        Let the alligators and the snapping turtles and the water moccasins fight over your remains.

        Also the crawdads.

        The crawdads just love them some good carrion.


      • Does that surprise you, really? Because you have the typing skills of a 6th grader, you said you don’t have your MD yet even though psychiatric residents are generally finished med school, and you said you “have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically” which certainly sounds like flagrant prescription abuse.


      • I never said I didnt have my MD yet. I believe u misunderstood my earlier post stating that being ripped plus having an md [or being on the way toward having an md] makes fucking models pretty easy. I stated this because when I was a med student…I was still screwin models…at a time when I was on my way toward getting an md. Its easy if u are in a big city like nyc or la.


      • No, you weren’t kidding. You thought people on this board would be all “lol, hi five” when you bragged about prescription abuse as a supposed psychiatric resident.

        But hey, convince us. What year are you in residency and when do you do your boards? What’s your specialty and what rotations have you done so far? Also, when do you get your MD?


      • MD 2 yrs ago. Psych residency [isnt that obvious?] When do I get my MD? Um…you need one to practice as a resident. What rotations did I complete? Uhh..the same ones every other med student completed….surg ob peds im psych neuro and family. Dude…based on your questions youve proved u have a vague idea of what qualifications a person would have once a psych resident…so how on earth does this help you?


      • look, i believe that you’re a practicing resident. and, you’re right, spiralina’s questions indicate that she doesn’t know much about the medical profession or the required education and training.

        regardless, either you seriously miscalculated how we would respond to your bragging “So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically” or you are trying to troll us into looking like we support your unethical behavior in the name of pussy.

        either way, you’re wrong, bro. this behavior IS at the very least borderline unethical. more likely, it is flat-out unethical. but fuck that shit. who cares, right? i STILL think it is lame that you would use anything other than your mind to get a woman to fall deeply in love with you. you better get your shit right, bro, or you’re in a lot of trouble.

        and who i am to tell you this? well, i’m not an md, but i am a jd. furthermore, about half of my case load is me suing doctors on behalf of patients. the scenario you just laid out to me is a DREAM and would light your ass up.


      • hey “yeahokcool”, i appreciate the response. finally someone who who has half a brain, and can understand that nothing I am writing is that far fetched! anyway, the girl was hooked to me before the meds. i used my mind to get her, and used my mind to keep her. meds have nothing to do with keeping her around…they dont help me “control” her or anything; i was obviously kidding when I said I actually have control of her mind biologically. This is an antidepressant. Its not like it gives me mind control capability just by virtue of me prescribing it or by virtue of her being on it.

        i dont understand why you’d say you could light my ass up with this case. seriously, man? this case is far from a dream. i know two faculty members who have prescribed antidepressants to 1) a spouse and 2) a father who was suffering from depression after retirement. if this girl was my patient BEFORE i started fucking her then yeah, you’d have a case. this was something she asked for (i didnt bring it up), in private (so she wouldnt have record of seeing a psychiatrist on her insurance/med records) to help lift her mood for a few months.


      • honestly, A, this is about me advising you that you ought to be more careful moving forward. unless you have a legitimate doctor-patient relationship you are courting disaster. the fact that she is asking you to do it “under the table” does nothing to mitigate your exposure here. in fact, it does the opposite. and, that’s exactly what i meant by the “light your ass up” comment. real talk, if your girlfriend were to experience some negative reaction to the meds or were to kill herself, etc., it is entirely conceivable that she or her family would come talk to me. they would say: “my/her boyfriend told me to take this medication; i/she didn’t know any better; i think he took advantage of me.” and i would say – while pretending not to be extremely excited – “Please sign this representation agreement – you understand that I’ll be taking 33.33% of any recovery, right?”

        you are in a trusted position in society. we EXPECT you to follow your ethical obligations to a “T.” furthermore, the fact that you are trusting your livelihood with some chick you’re banging suggests you’re not thinking with your brain here, dude. don’t risk the exposure. even if you’re 100% well here, she can spin it in such a fashion that you look like you’re in the wrong.


      • Hey “yeahokcool”: you made some excellent points. I appreciate your input. Though the likelihood of these things happening is very low, I dont think ill be givin this girl a refill [should she request one] after your advice.


      • No – I actually do know a bit about your field (although I’m not in it), I was asking deliberately basic questions that someone who knew nothing would make up fake answers for. I believe you’re a psych resident, but I still think what you’re doing is seriously fucked and bragging about it on the interwebz even more so. Please tell me you’re not using a work computer or have your official email connected to this profile in any way.


      • If you truly finished medical school and require an anonymous poster on a PUA site to make you rethink unethical conduct this is a real human tragedy. And I already have very low faith in the medical system (and I’m an RN).

        Far from being “unlikely” this type of disregard for your responsibility as a medical professional make a future lawsuit not only likely but inevitable. It’s unsettling, and apparently I speak for the majority here. At any rate, I’ve never met an actual physician of your “caliber” and I know quite a few, and the internet is full of bullshiters. But then, Hasan was a psychiatrist too so who knows.


    • I’m glad to see there’s some semblance of sanity here, in which even the devout PUA’s are calling this darky asshole on his shit.

      Here’s the darky “tell”:
      So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologicall

      Pray I’m not on any licensing board you happen to come before… you’ll be leaving empty-handed and headforemost… through the door, if you’re lucky.


      • The feminists who are watching us must be SO disappointed that we did not approve of the psychiatrist’s behavior .

        had we “high fived” him, that would have made a great article on some feminist anti-white male blog or even on Huffington post

        the experiment failed…It must be a sad day at feminist’s headquarters……


      • Ha…uh okay. That will definitely be at the top of my prayers bro.


  5. I found the GHOAT, the Greatest Hamster of All Time, on!!! She’s 52 years old and looks as good as a 52 year old can look, but, come on, she’s 52. I’d post the link to her profile but it seems CH does not go so far as to post match profiles to embarrass people. Just the thought of fucking a woman who’s more than half a century old literally grosses me out. And she lists her age range as men 32 to 44, and she lectures in her profile to be sure to pay attention to her age range. lzozlozlzozlzozzozz.

    Even worse, some of her pics are of herself with her two 22 and 23 year old daughters with caption “me with my younger sisters lol” and they are *smoking* by comparison. I might message her and ask if she will set me up with her daughter. It is obvious this woman was a 9 back in the 1980s (pretending she had modern hair style), and her daughters show what she looked like, but good lord….

    Dear 52 year old women, no matter how thin you have managed to stay, your target age range in men is now 65 to 90.


    • CH, did you know that some “teens” are older than 19?

      Note the ridiculous Cathedral insistence of insultingly putting the thing near the end about neighbors fearing a poor innocent hooded teen might now get the Trayvon treatment.


    • A FoF who’s pushing into her 30s asked “Where have all the good men gone?” and I felt compelled to give her some RealTalk(TM). Clearly I have been CH-ified.

      I said, “Every year you get a full year older, but the men you’re interested in are lowering their standards by only a 1/2 year per year or so, the top-tier guys even less than that – because they can. Each year after you turn 30 the age of guys who are of the quality you desire and who would be interested in you is going up by 2-3 years… by the time you’re 40, the ‘good men’ who would consider dating someone your age are 55-60.”


      • That’s just not accurate. Check out the marriage announcements in the NYT (or any large metro paper) on any given Sunday. There is typically less than an 4-5 year age gap between the men and women, and their educational levels and professional experience are comparable. Many of these men are what would be considered “high value:” Doctors, lawyers, financiers, etc. I’m not advocating for or against marrying older/younger, but I think it’s important to stay grounded in reality before dolling out “scare” advice.


      • “”Many of these men are what would be considered “high value:” Doctors, lawyers, financiers, etc.””

        These aren’t really high in SMV anymore. Big daddy alfa government picking up her slack + feral hypergamy (glorifying carouselling and easy peasy abortion) = High status jobs in order to acquire the tastiest of cunt is going/gone the way of the dodo.


      • So now marriage announcements in the beta paper of record, the SWPL NYBetaT, are the lodestar for what happens among the real people of the world?

        So, yes, if the lady in her 50s is a Manhattan socialite psychologist and heiress to an oil fortune — then, yes, she might marry a man she met at charity gala who was only two years ahead of her.

        But here in *the real world*, even a much-younger 35 year old wall-victim assistant HR director with three cats and a father who’s a retired accountant is going to have a lot of trouble locking down a man near her age…. Unless, of course, she’s “Settling for Mr. Good Enough” a/k/a Mr. Desperate Beta Bucks…


      • Dude, this is THE DARK ENLIGHTENMENT.

        Who the fuck reads the JEW York Times?

        Are you out of your fucking mind?

        Go the fuck back to Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

        Or maybe you are Andrew Sullivan?

        Or at least fucking him?

        Or being fucked by him?


      • An excellent observation, but since “dating” and “marrying” are different data sets, there may be some selection bias at play here.

        Who she marries doesn’t tell you that much about who she’s been dating or what the relative SMV of the bride and groom was.

        Alphas, by definition, date more women. Yet they’re equally or less likely to marry. If a 35-year-old woman dates two 45-year-old alphas, a George Clooney, and then goes on to marry a 40-year-old lesser alpha, both statements can be true.


  6. Good article. A few years ago, my friend was going to divorce her husband, and she was understandably suffering from intense anxiety over it. Her female lawyer recommended she go on mood stabilizers to get through the divorce.
    I know a another woman, who has been on high doses of mood stabilizers for years. She can have literally go for months without talking you, without seeming to be bothered by it. When she does talk to me, I find it hard to bond with her, as if we aren’t connecting on an emotional level. I think these drugs really do change a person’s personality.
    I understand some people really do need them to get through the day, but I don’t think they shouldn’t be considered a cure all for the ups and downs of life.


    • It’s the same with any chronic drug user. You’re not talking to the person. you’re talking to the drug. I just stay away from people who are on antidepressants who don’t have actual depression but just sadness about a circumstance. The latter should have just smoked some weed once a week, and talked it out.


  7. I pulled this type of ego pin pricking on a “professional woman” high off her corporate sales acquisitions.

    My immediate go to:
    -jab at her careerism
    -predict she doesn’t want kids until it’s near closing time (I was right)
    -joke about her soon husband to be
    -how sorry I feel for him

    This was all out loud, straight to her face. She loved it.
    The next thing I’m hearing are very personal details you only hear after extensive comfort game. All in 5-8mins tops. WTF?!


    • WTF?!

      no, DTF!


    • lol…funny how flipping the script shocks a tankgrrrls reality and actually, gasp!, makes her respect you even a bit.

      I’ve been VERY observant lately at exactly the attitudes, specific behaviors and wording that girls use towards Greater Betas and applying that to the hot girls. The better I get at this, I see girls literally stunned that the shit they throw at nice guys to get them away is what inversely makes them stick like glue to a guy who does it to them.


  8. Re. antidepressants:

    Bring back low self-esteem and smoking.

    Re. subhumans killing WWII vets:

    Equality failed.


  9. Why take an either/or approach? Prepare for the coming collapse & the resulting return to sexual dimorphism … but in the interim, present an Asshole Cad™ front.



  10. Men who fail to understand women are ruining women. It’s hard to explain the concept of “women want to be led,” in concrete terms. But honestly, everything you feel, she will feel. The catch is that women are good at picking up on how you actually feel, i.e. spotting incongruities. A lot of the behavior seems as simple as ‘o he seems happy and fun and outgoing, we’re having a happy and fun and outgoing interaction! o he seems nervous and unsure of himself and awkward, we’re having a weird and awkward interaction!’

    You control your emotions, you control those around you.

    Seeing as how I am just starting to internalize this concept, I imagine that most normal d00ds are unaware of this concept…accounting for some of the weird gender relations we see today.

    Adding somewhat to this article (while staying away from the chemical component), femininity is extremely important. Maybe less important than looks, but way, way, way significant. I’m convinced that a lot of women are incapable of loving or appreciating a man in the way a man wants to be loved and appreciated. And some seem to do so effortlessly.


    • Correct. It would take a FUCKTON of rewiring or a good rock bottom to realize that how these psycho anti-male thoughts are, in fact, wrong.


    • “You control your emotions, you control those around you. ”

      see the Tao. We are empty vessels and we chose what to take in and what to allow to stay, and ultimately what to pass through us.

      Now imagine emotion as a ball of light at your core in which you use imaginary arms and hands to constantly hold and keep that ball in a round form.

      The ball is the emotions of others. your core is the center. reflect what you want, contain what you want, allow what you want to pass.

      learn to watch the thoughts and feelings of others form while in their head, and your cold read skills get scary.

      of course i’m kinda different than most.


    • The most important thing for a man to learn…learn to Be Calm.

      Don’t suppress emotions…use them when necessary. But your default state should be calm.


      • Scray: o he seems nervous and unsure of himself and awkward, we’re having a weird and awkward interaction!’

        earl: your default state should be calm.

        All great advice.

        Especially for the middle of the bell curve.

        The problem is if you have a really high IQ, or some similar gift, like a great musical talent, or a great painting talent, or a great poetic talent, and suddenly you get the irrepressible urge to blurt out something goofy or bizarre or deeply profound, which will make everyone around you think that you’re utterly insane.

        I’ve found that in addition to learning to act calm, or at least to “fake” calm, 99% of Game is learning to TALK DOWN to chicks at the middle of the bell curve.

        Or even to chicks who are one or two standard deviations above the middle of the bell curve.

        The probability that you’re ever going to cross paths with a chick who is anywhere near to being your intellectual equal – with whom you could actually spend the rest of your life as a “soulmate” – is essentially zero.

        So the bulk of Game is learning to talk about what chicks love to talk about [or at least learning to FAKE talking about it] – fashion, shopping, work politics [and the various ongoing never-ending catfights amongst the professional bitches with whom she interacts], real estate and the best schools, light pastel cosmetics -vs- dark “vamp” cosmetics, strapless bras -vs- padded pushup bras, internal tampons -vs- external sanitary napkins, etc etc etc…


      • > “strapless bras -vs- padded pushup bras”

        Actually, strapless bras could have padding and some mild push-up characteristics.

        So maybe I should say “strapless bras” versus “athletic bras”.

        For instance, if you’re at an afternoon/evening cocktail party in the summertime, talking to some chick, and if her best friend is wearing a strapless sundress, with [obviously] a strapless bra, but her best friend is looking more than a little saggy, to the point that she’s starting to look sloppy, then when her best friend excuses herself to go get another glass of punch from the punchbowl, you could say, in the most nonchalant, ordinary, pedestrian tone of voice – as if you were talking about the weather – “I think your friend might look better if she ditched the strapless bra and got herself something with a little more support, like one of them Isis sports bras, or maybe a Natori”, then you’re both opening up a conversation about something overtly sexual, and you’re also luring her into a hateful little catfight outburst about her best friend, behind her best friend’s back [which will get all of her nastiest hormones to raging].

        Say it all in a gentle, straightforward, matter-of-fact, CALM tone of voice, and you should be fucking her by the end of the evening.

        More on sports bras here:

        Bottom Line: Be CALM.

        And TALK DOWN to her level.


      • You could also use the cosmetics.

        Something like “Wow, given what a foul, pissy mood your friend is in, maybe she should ditch the pastel cosmetics and go with a darker, more ‘vamp’ look. It would certainly suit her personality better.”

        Or here’s one from real life.

        Once I was with a girl at a family gathering of hers, where both her Dad & his second wife and her Mom & her Mom’s second husband were in the room together.

        Which is to say – I got to sit there amongst them all and very quietly but very intently watch both her Mom and her Step-Mother interact.

        And afterwards, I said to her, “I noticed the strangest thing – your Mom wears 100% silver jewelry, but your Step-Mother wears 100% gold jewelry.”

        And just that one little observation launched this girl into an hours-long tirade about how different her Step-Mother was from her Real Mom, and how much her Real Mom loathes and despises her Step-Mother, and what a cheating little skunk her Dad was during his marriage to her Real Mom, and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah – all of it highly sexual, and all of it very much guaranteed to arouse the hell out of any chick who went to the bother of recounting it all to you.

        Again, though: Be CALM.

        Pay attention.

        And TALK DOWN to her level.


      • Or, you could use your amazing IQ to educate the girl.


      • i tend to view the talking down part as the ‘giving value’ part. Like, with all of your observations, you’re giving value to the interaction — ‘hey did you notice X interesting tidbit?’

        The High IQ/supreme talent thing, to me, is a matter of skill development; the entire reason we admire wit is because wit takes complex truths, i.e. the bizarre, goofy, profound, and linguistically abbreviates them while leaving the core fact untouched, forcing us to grok in response. So in that case, those with extreme abilities need to learn how to best communicate their raw intellect.

        I’m unsure that a “soulmate” needs to be your intellectual equal. I always took the general idea as just someone who fulfills all of your needs — which is a highly individualistic inquiry (if you even believe in that sort of thing).

        Chick crack is great, without a doubt, but you can make any subject chick crack-lite by bringing out the human element in it.


      • If you’re trying to hit on an HB9, with a 115 IQ, and you throw some Monty Python level wit at her, which can only possibly be understood by someone with an IQ of 130+, then you can just kiss your chances with her the hell goodbye.

        “Too Smart” gets you labeled as a weird, creepy, oddball nerd, which is a strong “DNFW” from the woman’s point of view.

        If you want to make headway with a chick, then it is absolutely imperative that you tailor both your one-liners and your longer conversational topics to suit her intellectual level.

        And for probably 90% of the dudes at the Chateau, that’s gonna mean TALKING DOWN.


    • “You control your emotions, you control those around you. ”

      If we want to turn “Game” into something credible, we will have to get rid of these pretty lies, these wonderful slogans. Man, you can control your emotions all you want, you won’t have any control over me or any non-bernankefied girl.

      The problem most beta suffer from is they are (almost) constantly lying to themselves. “Everything is fine”, “Yeah, I know what I am doing”… And yet, they shit their pants whenever a girl gets close to them. This is the incongruity girls notice very fast. BREAKING NEWS: guys notice it too.

      So you do what every aspiring beta does: you get your shit together. Which, in turn, suppress this incongruity (most of it anyway, we’ll never be perfect and that’s fine). The by-product of getting your shit together is also to be much more calm, and yes, in control of your emotions, but it is ONLY a BY-PRODUCT, NOT a goal in itself.

      Please, let’s stop fooling ourselves with Buddhist BS.


  11. Interesting indeed. I don’t know if I’ve experienced much in the way of ego-stoking, confidence boosting, invulnerability, etc. within the dosed females I have encountered; they still come across quite vulnerable and frail – but in the wrong ways. Real or even well played vulnerability wrapped in femininity comes from a well-adjusted self. The problem with the modern woman is that the self is so fractured that the feminine vulnerability that men respond to is far too schizo; it is grounded in the very thing that is at the root of the need for medication: the incongruence, the inability to reconcile the “truth” they have absorbed (feminism) with what their biological drive and subsequent biological responses of men they encounter tell them.

    The dissonance runs deep. Be it generalized anxiety disorder, depression, or any host of manifestations, under this yoke their ability to cope with everyday life let alone gender relations is flawed/damaged. “Happiness” or “contentment” has been on a subtle, yet significant (statistically) decline in the female population for quite some time now. We can wonder about these tipping points down the line – if our society can wake itself from this slumber in time, but either way we’ve already got a generation of women who are baked into this mental state and are for the most part reliant on pharma to get them through the day.

    What I see as the side-effect of the significant and growing population of women on pharama is not in their false bravado, confidence, ball-busting strength, or other performance enhancing elements, but rather in their indifference and the downward spiral of the constant focus on the “self”, their happiness, their satisfaction, their stimulation.

    All the things that keep them in their solipsistic dream-state while the real world and the men who might engage with them tire of trying to pull them into the light. Indifference works on women, not the other way around. Most of these drugs seek to smooth out the ups and downs, to mitigate swings, create a base state of being, narrowing the bandwidth in which the brain has to process stimuli. These things work toward numbing, not empowering. The costs to quiet the noise from that dissonance are many. And the fact that the end goal is approximating some kind of “happiness” just further exasperates the overarching problems with women and their ability to make rational decisions and accept the results, e.g. “I’m not haaaaaapppppy” is a failure of this prime directive and thus releases the hamster to run wild. Drugs aren’t changing this, they are part of the problem.


    • “What I see as the side-effect of the significant and growing population of women on pharama is not in their false bravado, confidence, ball-busting strength, or other performance enhancing elements, but rather in their indifference and the downward spiral of the constant focus on the “self”, their happiness, their satisfaction, their stimulation. ”

      Overdose of materialism, I’d say. Our challenge will be to work on the spiritual elevation of 2 or 3 generations of “atheists”.


  12. While this is all no doubt true, we also must remember this: younger women these days are, in general, really, really screwed up due to many issues (absent fathers being the big one). Just take a look at Tumblr or Whisper to see how many girls are emotional train wrecks and seek endless attention for it.

    So, I have faith that a dose of Zoloft isn’t going to do much other than (possibly) make these young, hot girls moderately functional. Bad for society, good for getting some.


  13. There’s that anti-depressant commercial which says your anti-depressant medication may not be enough, so you should take their little helpers as well. Shows a nice lady getting perked up on her new pills and becoming happy and functional with her co-workers at Encorpera.

    I am no fan of TV and only have it because ForeignBride likes to watch to improve her English. The barrage of stupid is hard to believe. The new Allstate commercial showing the handsome black Allstate rep showing up reassuringly in white people’s bedrooms at 3am takes the cake. It’s a step up from him lurking at the end of the driveway when your daughter drives off. I use SimplyNoise to drown out the TV while I work but get a glimpse every day despite my efforts.


  14. The “teens” who did this should indeed be drawn and quartered CH.

    They have an average IQ of about 80 and are incapable of functioning in our society. Nine generations of imbeciles is enough.


  15. SSRI’s also significantly blunt libido and sexual pleasure. Many people find it impossible to orgasm on these drugs.


    • If SSRIs make it harder for women to orgasm, it may explain why they cleave more to alpha badboys. They need a stronger drug to get the same effect they used to get with less dominant, less sexy men.


      • Wow this explains a lot. Similar to the guy who whacks it daily to group throatbanging porn and, alas, walks around all day in a numb daze/no motivation to socialize.

        Control ya dopamine, yo.


      • OTOH he avoids child support, STDs and alimony.

        Saves money too.


    • Ever live with a woman who is trying to come off SSRI’s and is suffering withdrawal symptoms… that’s pain.

      In the end, she couldn’t do it. She is effectively a life-long dependent now.


  16. With the feminization of work it is interesting that a lot of career gals are higher than a kite on anti-depressants, yet working for corporations that crow about their zero-tolerance policy on “drug abuse”. A lot of men are on them as well. I worked with a gal who’s boyfriend liked to brew beer, but was on anti-depressants so couldn’t drink it. So she gave me the beer. Quite good actually.


  17. Wow, that is a great insight. (Similar uppers have been blamed for stock-market bubbles, btw.)

    It might also be possible that when a chick off the SSRIs feels down & has a good old-fashioned cry with her man in-proximity, massive amounts of bonding-hormone Oxytocin are released afterward, thus increasing the pair-bond.

    As an experiment, I wonder what might happen if you could switch out her anxiolytic for some anxiogenic, like Yohimbe and see how she goes.

    -Stage 4 Clinger?…


  18. “Maxim #27: Beyond beauty, a woman’s attractiveness to men is partly a function of her feminine vulnerability, or her ability to mimic feminine vulnerability.

    Corollary to Maxim #27: Men are turned off by overconfident, assertive, proudly self-sufficient women.”

    This (among other things) is why I keep coming back to le Chateau. You put words to things I just experienced as a man and that conflicted me somehow between what I feel I am attracted to and the kind of girls society tells me to be attracted to.


  19. on August 27, 2013 at 2:47 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    “Here’s a lovefact sure to torque a feminist’s fat hamster into a tailspin:

    Maxim #27: Beyond beauty, a woman’s attractiveness to men is partly a function of her feminine vulnerability, or her ability to mimic feminine vulnerability.

    Corollary to Maxim #27: Men are turned off by overconfident, assertive, proudly self-sufficient women.”

    There’s some truth there, to be sure. Although I’m not on any psychoactives (although I did once take Zyban—which is nothing more than Welbutrin—in an ill-fated attempt to quit smoking), I’m a classic low-digit-ratio woman. Career-driven, vastly disinterested in motherhood, financially and emotionally self-sufficient. And although most men will vocally express admiration for that, and seem to genuinely respect me as a peer, it does seem to have an effect on whether they find me attractive.

    True story: The guy who had to take me to the hospital after I broke a limb falling out of a treestand—who, up until that point, acted as if he were interested in nothing but friendship—made a pass at me while I was still in the cast. Could it be that he could not see me as a sexual target until I was made vulnerable by my injury, and required his help? (No, I’m not going to ask him.)


    • Yes.

      once you needed his help you seemed more “womanly” to him( for lack of better a word)

      and it made him feel more like a man

      it was probably not a conscious thing on his part.


    • These medications seem to dull down a person’s personality. That’s different than just being on the masculine side.


      • on August 27, 2013 at 3:40 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I don’t know about dulling down a person’s personality…maybe on the really heavy-duty antipsychotics. I know a few women who’ve gone on antidepressants, and their basic personalities were essentially the same. Just less depressed and more like their old selves.

        Although I’m not disputing CH’s maxims, I would really hate to think that it resulted in someone who really needs medication not taking it. Clinical depression is nothing to mess with.


      • It must depend on the dosage. I have seen one case where I believe the woman’s personality completely changed. There are probably a lot of average people, on anti depressants, who just feel a little better, and are able to get through the day easier.
        I think a person needs to weigh how bad they feel, against the possible side effects of the drug, and decide which is the better alternative.


      • The woman, whose personality changed, told me she was on “enough pills for a depressed horse.”.


      • From the amount of depression medication that says taking it can increase thoughts of suicide, it almost sounds safer not to take it. Imagine you’re very depressed and go on medication and it doesn’t seem to be helping. You think, if this isn’t working, nothing will…if it helps people, it seems to be a temporary benefit as it acts as a pause button, delaying having to deal with painful feelings and problems- sometimes for years. But eventually side effects might make it necessary to stop. I knew a woman who had taken vitamin p for ten years and when she quit she had some facing up to facts to do.

        Depression is a powerful motivator (if you survive it). It would be ideal if we lived in a world where depression didn’t exist instead of everyone needing their soma in one form or another, whether that be drugs, alcohol, t.v., internet, etc. I’ve always resisted it. It can be fuel. I think weakness can become strength. It can be a compass giving you direction. I think it is your body’s/mind’s way of telling you: “You can’t do this. You aren’t supposed to do this. You are doing something wrong.” When you put a hand on a burning stove, your body gives you pain signals. When you are in emotional distress, the depression is the signal. It should serve a similar function of causing you to withdraw from whatever is creating the pain.

        Suffering seems to be a key component to enlightenment. The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind. That quotation: “Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.”


      • The flipside to someone needing medication and not taking it is medication being prescribed for every little sadface. It’s just as bad that people are not allowed to be sad or grieve anymore. People go through things all the time: death, break-ups, financial difficulties, etc., and instead of just feeling like they are supposed to feel, they take a pill and don’t feel anything. It’s a terrible thing that people aren’t allowed to process their emotions in the normal way, get through things, get over things, learn from things.

        Part of the lack of proper socialization is people don’t know how to control their emotions because they have no normal emotions. Everything feels the same, and if it doesn’t just take the opposing drug to get through. If they’re not manic from the adderal, they’re zombies from the xanax. Nothing normal about either of those.

        The emotional same-ness is the perfect analogy to the problem of societal sameness being promoted. Feminists don’t understand that men and women can be equal, for the most part, but equal and same are two different things. One normal emotion is not necessarily better or worse than another just because they are different.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 7:25 am RappaccinisDaughter

        @Kate and obsessivecakedisorder (hilarious nick, by the way):

        Both of your points are very solid; I’m firmly with you on the camp that states that psychoactives are massively overprescribed in our country. I agree that it’s inappropriate to treat situational depression (i.e., a family member has passed on; a relationship has ended; there’s been a setback at work, etc.) with anything more than a short course of sedatives.

        Part of the reason both doctors and patients should be more judicious about the use of SSRIs is that, for a small segment of the population, they do seem to have a seriously deleterious effect. How many of the mass shooters in the last 20 years had just had their meds increased or changed? From the coverage, it sounds like that number approaches 100%.

        That said, there is such a thing as genuine clinical depression, and one of the hallmarks is that once you get that person on the right med(s), they start to feel and act like their old selves again. Because what’s wrong with them is a chemical imbalance, not a lack of coping skills or a basic flaw in their personalities.


    • As a man, we feel the connection when we do things for you, when you are vulnerable and thus we feel needed by you. We look for respect, admiration. We are fixers, who tend to help.

      That’s the lie feminism is telling: men and women are the same and can do the same. Women being strong and independent in that sense are killing attraction.

      We don’t need a woman doing the same thing we do otherwise we don’t feel needed and go our own way (then people wonder why men are on strike). The feminine attracts the masculine. That was a fact until they started repeating feminist lies everywhere

      Look at how “well” empowered women are doing not on the money side but on the relationship side.


      • on August 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        As far as relationships go, I actually tend to do pretty well. I specialize in betas on the rebound from crazy bitches. It seems that after you spend a few years getting your shit turned upside down by an unstable, shrieking harpy, the idea of a mellow, low-maintenance woman who handles her own business starts to sound pretty good.

        Of course, not all needy, vulnerable women are crazy bitches. But enough of them are to make the pickings pretty rich for Yours Truly.


      • Lol. I’ve always said, on some level men are attracted to the crazy. It’s the female version of the alpha badboy.


      • In a woman, “crazy” signals “easy” from the male point of view.


      • Incorrect. Men are attracted to the hot. Whom most men tend to allow to get away with more crazy.


  20. If antidepressant make women more masculine, why do they make men more beta?


  21. lest we forget the biggest anti-depressant of all, weed.

    If a girl smokes every day……run.


    • I’d be interested in hearing your experiences…

      I have a pretty complicated relationship with the stuff myself.


  22. on August 27, 2013 at 3:18 pm gunslingergregi

    yea the anti-depressants but also when they get on that shit then they start on the pill road and more and more and more and more
    then drugs and more and more and more and more


  23. Do sexual side effects of most antidepressants jeopardize romantic love and marriage ?

    With orgasm, one of the main things that happens is that levels of oxytocin and vasopressin go up enormously in the brain. These are feel-good chemicals. They’re associated with social bonding, pair formation, and pair maintenance. So when men and women take serotonin-enhancing medications and fail to achieve orgasm, they can fail to stimulate not only themselves, but their partners as well. This neural mechanism, associated with partner attachment, becomes a failed trigger.

    Science would back CH post….


  24. on August 27, 2013 at 3:28 pm gunslingergregi

    maybe another reason Asian chicks are diferent they don’t have the drug problem either they kill people who do drugs


    • European chicks also don’t do drugs.F.e. in Holland or Denmark it’s very hard to get antidepressants prescribed,almost impossible.


  25. Tweet: “Is Miley Cyrus’ tongue ever not sticking out? She looks like she swallowed a bad load. Or like a dog that took a mouthful of sand and PB&J.”


  26. Pharma drugs are ruining men too. A good buddy of mine, a natural alpha male, is using SSRI’s to quell the anxiety and rage he feels surrounding his fucked up marriage to an entitled modern American woman.

    Without the drugs, he’d have left that sad excuse for a union a long time ago. The SSRI’s allow people to tolerate terrible social conditions for the good of the Cathedral. Whether it’s a shitty job, a shitty marriage, divorce theft, poor dating prospects, poor diet, poor exercise, poor sleep, or poor health, the SSRI’s and other drugs simply mask these symptoms of a shitty life so that the individual can go on being a good little worker drone, consuming shitty Chinese products from Walmart, GMO foods from Monsanto and ConAgra, and the shitty American women who think it’s all fine and dandy to raise a kid in suburban hell before divorce raping a guy and taking half his soul along with the tattered remnants of his 401k.

    That’s not even getting into the effects of SSRIs and most other drugs on testosterone levels, liver function, sexual function, and just about every other measure of health one can image, except maybe contrived, worthless data like total cholesterol, etc.


    • Soma, anyone? Everyday I see more and more parallels to Brave New World and 1984. Seems as though our leaders couldn’t decide whether they wanted to follow Huxley’s or Orwell’s vision, so they just took the worst of both worlds. The constant surveillance, thought-crime, and doublethink of 1984 combined with the social engineering, sexual immorality, dumbing down of the population, and mass drugging of Brave New World. Interesting times we live in…


      • on August 30, 2013 at 5:38 pm haunted trilobite

        It wasn’t a vision, it was a plan that both were privy too, being sworn in members of the Illuminati (Huxley imported LSD to the U.S). The plan has been overtly broadcast, constantly revealed and is patently obvious now, with the benefit of hindsight. The plan has been in operation for centuries, but the Brave New World emerged in earnest with Beatlemania arriving in america to cause a convenient distraction, when the population was reeling from the assassination of JFK, and later MLK. Unbridled satanic messages contained in counterculture music shattered Christian moral structures in the Western world, and Aleister Crowley’s vision was realised.


  27. The root question in all this put forth in the book, “Talking to Prosac”, which was written by a practicing psychiatrist. He noticed that the drug changed people so completely it was unclear who he was talking to – them, or the drug.

    “If a drug can change who you are, who are you, really?”


    • Have you ever tried MDMA?Do it,you won’t regret.
      We are ruled by neurotransmitters,this is what our brain is-a bunch of cells connected to each using neurotransmitters.In essence this is what we are.


      • They call it the hug drug not the fuck drug for a reason… A shrivelled penis for two days. Sniff, sniff, coke has the same effect but, not for so long.

        Professional women seem to prefer hard core sleeping pills than anti depressants. Maybe cause they’re snorting sooo much with their cocktails.

        Dr Shulgin has some great insight to a possible aphrodisiac.


      • I am not talking about aphrodisiacs and shriveled penises.What I mean is that it’s hard to believe that a drug can change an emotional state, and essential feelings like love-hate,so drastically..and yet it does.

        MDMA has pretty much very similar pharmacodynamics as SSRI.
        So,answering the question above, the human brain is a plastic thing and perception is very subjective.

        ps: about shriveled penis under MDMA -it is not true.Although it will make things waay to long.Serotonin depletion,obviously..


      • “”ps: about shriveled penis under MDMA -it is not true.””

        Oh yes it is. I was literally smiling and nodding as I was reading his post. Type in mdma penis in google. It’s common as hell.


  28. By the way, wrote my previous quoted text from Le Chateau in a social network.

    Near 40 year-old excarousel rider spinster commented with her greater wisdown. A meaninful sentence: “Lies”

    I thought I’d bother answering but then I thought: Why? Let the hamster spin while she keeps trying to look for “all the good men”


  29. I regret that contrary to the corollary I am attracted to self-sufficient women, but only so that I may subdue them much as one might coral a wild horse.


    • on August 27, 2013 at 4:03 pm gunslingergregi

      self sufficient and feminine is good
      think about it female animals certainly can feed their cubs so can human woman I have seen them do it with there own hand literally getting food like in the wild
      but yea they still need a man


      • So as long as I can change my own tire and still thank a man for holding a door open for me, I’m good? *wink*


      • on August 28, 2013 at 12:33 am gunslingergregi

        well the last chick did unclog the toilet carry water in when we had none and turned a house abandoned for 8 years into a home but yea she also drew me all these cutsie drawings and saved everything I ever gave her I think I kind of go the other way cause I don’t do shit in my house when I got a woman I like and I eventually get em to do all the shit in house refill my drinks light my cigs clean fuck and work too
        he he he
        look at you trying to take advantage of me post breakup
        your just like all the others


  30. Why pay big pharma and their elite puppet masters a bunch of money for something that doesn’t work and gives you nothing but bad side effects.

    When you could get this…


    • Not going to be that noticeable. Perhaps a handy supplement if you’re popping MDMA to help reset the balance post rave. Much like a vitamin c drink after a night of one too many drams.


    • 5htp is dangerous. Google 5htp heart valve.


      • gay. That’s like saying water causes cancer, or that soda causes pregnancy, you dumbfuck. Put a study up that proves your contention about 5HTP or go back to pegging yourself in your momma’s basement.


    • I think 5-HTP is a very useful supplement. Whenever I get jaggly nerves I’ll pop 100 mg on an empty stomach.

      It does cause some gut cramping as the gut lining uses serotoin as a neuro-transmitter.


  31. on August 27, 2013 at 3:57 pm gunslingergregi

    chick if you leave your wife I will be with you I can’t share you
    me laughs that isn’t even an option anymore to be with me that was an option to be second that you could of worked towards

    he he he


  32. Wondering why it would not be the case that these newly invincible women would no longer need the dominance / hard wood protection aspect of alpha males ? (Not rhetorical… Genuinely wondering)


  33. Hey guys! I need a little help. I’ve got a mangina white knight professor (African liberal who believes all cultures are equal, American women are oppressed, etc) and I have to bring some favorable sources to back me up Thursday.

    Does anyone have specific citations for how kids raised by single dads are better off than single fathers? Like, name of who and what university did the study?

    And does anyone have statistics on how much the USA government spends on female healthcare vs male healthcare? Mental and physical, as long as you have opposing statistics.

    I’m researching it myself as well, but I know a lot of you guys are pretty much experts on this, like asking Navy SEALS for advice on how to fight. A better room full of experts I doubt exists.


    • Heartiste once quoted a study on domestic violence-women perpetrate it twice as often as men.Look it up, it’s a killer.


    • That sounds like a question better suited to the MRA types, to me. If you don’t get any help here, I’d suggest dropping by The Spearhead or A Voice for Men. I’m pretty sure they’d be more than willing and able to lend a hand.


    • on August 28, 2013 at 7:28 am Jochen Peiper

      Read stuff by Sanford Beaver


    • Drop by Vox Popoli’s blog and word search the archives. He’s got a lot of studies on this topic in the past.


    • You’re a complete idiot if you try to assert something that contradicts in any way what a professor believes. I almost got thrown out of grad school for that. It is a medieval system and especially if your professor is African his brutal judgment of you will be considered sacred, and you will be labelled as mentally ill if you contest his grades.

      Make your presentation about something harmless, like how teddy bears help foster rape culture, it doesn’t matter how dumb it is– just don’t contradict a professor.

      You were warned.


      • I agree,

        even though it has been many years since I was in college, I remember the only way I could get good grades in philosophy class was to write papers in which I said stuff that was in agreement with the stupid communist hippy professor…


  34. My experience is that women take SSRIs because they feel deficient, vulnerable, lax, meaningless. (I dislike the term “depressed”, because a) it goes away if you just run 20 miles a week, eat right and lay off the booze, in most cases; and b) it turns what is often a spiritual emptiness into a “we have a pill for that!” physical anomaly.)

    So while they may smooth out the angst with their SSRIs, they still know that they are vulnerable. How do we know this? Many are ashamed or embarrassed to disclose their pill-popping.

    Therefore they respond per usual to a guy with his shit together, and if anything, are more grateful for a little strength and leadership. I never met a woman who was proud to be dosing herself with happy pills. That includes the shrink I’m seeing.


  35. on August 27, 2013 at 7:25 pm Lucky White Male

    In other news to reference recent CH post: District Attorney in Chris Lane white jogger case announces “no hate crime charges will be filed” – 2 blacks executing unknown white man from behind

    In other news: Teenage blacks humiliate a 3 year old White girl on video saying: “this is what happens when white people piss blacks off”


  36. on August 27, 2013 at 7:28 pm Lucky White Male

    You will not see a Hate Crime prosecuted against a White Man or White Woman in the U.S. It is, effectively, open season


  37. The FAA won’t let you fly a plane if you’re taking SSRI’s. That’s ANY plane, from a single engine Cessna 150 to an advanced business jet like a Gulf Stream G650. Of course it messes up with a woman’s head in drastic ways.


    • as the resident psychiatrist here who posted above, this is likely due to its common side effect of somnolence. i’ve had truck drivers lose their jobs when it was found out they were on a psychotropic with that side effect.

      of note, plenty of people who are prescribed SSRIs have a history of suicidal ideation in the past. Last thing anyone needs is a pilot who develops suicidal thoughts mid-flight.


    • This is not true. It used to be. Four types of antidepressant are allowable under the current rules.

      Of course, any sentient pilot gets what he needs on the black market and does not self-report if he’s taking SSRIs.

      /3500 hours as PIC in single, multi and turbojet aircraft.


  38. On demand validation from social media creates the some effect on women


  39. I thank god every day for females taking antidepressants. Is there anything worse than an alternately weepy then bitchy date? Sure, on SSIR’s maybe she’s not as happy when she’s in the sweet spot of her cycle. But SSRI’s save us from the lows of the cycle. It is totally worth the trade-off.


    • If women were not prescribed antidepressants for every little boo-hoo, they’d learn how to process their emotions and wouldn’t have the highs and lows. It’s not just the antidepressants; it’s the cocktail of drugs we’re all told we need on a daily basis just to be human.

      Just for the record, so you know where I come from, I am not on any medication. I get mad, I get sad, I get over it.


      • This.

        I have female friends who individually take more pills than all of the guys I know who take pills, COMBINED. I can think of maybe 2 guys off-hand taking anti-depressants and they’re taking them for legit reasons like life shitting all over them in a combination of ways, VS because they’re a little unhappy or their stomach hurts when they eat food they know will make their stomach hurt.

        It’s part of the whole victim status thing, you’re not sad you’re bipolar even tho you haven’t been diagnosed look don’t ask questions just gimme my meds so people will feel sorry for me and excuse my shitty behavior.

        Do I just know the mentally and physically healthiest guys in the world? No. We just learn that life isn’t always fair and that sometimes you’ll feel bad and you have to get thru it.

        The whole over-diagnosing ADD in young boys is scary as fuck to me as well. If I had kids I would do my damnedest to try to feed them proper and help them develop the mental tools to deal with adversity.


      • In a related issue, I think it’s funny that so many women are “unhappy” now that they’re in the corporate world, because they thought going off to be someone’s bitch for 8-12 hours a day doing a job you hate for way too little pay was going to be a magical fun experience that they knew men were keeping them from getting to have.

        Now it’s like, hey, welcome to the corporate world. Prepare to be miserable most of your life and miss out on a bunch of shit because you’re too busy keeping up with the Jones’es. Did you not know men were miserable?

        How come all those men weren’t carrying a pharmacy in their briefcase? Because even after a shitty day at the office they knew they could come home to a warm healthy meal, a clean house, a family who appreciates them putting food on the table and clothes on their back, know their kids were looked after properly by their biological mother, bang their wife before falling asleep, and rally up to face the next day.

        Feminism has killed that arrangement and now we have both genders going out and taking it up at the ass at work all day, then coming home to loneliness, or shared work, extra work, drama, broken families, and general chaos. Women have turned to drugs to deal with it, men have turned to X-Box and porn.

        How is this all going to end up? No fucking idea lol. Like the Joker says “there’s no going back, you’ve CHANGED things.” But it’s all fascinating to watch from poolside.

        (for the record I work for myself, which is part of why I have the flexible work hours and general abundance of free time to post on here all day and also chase poon and get laid lol I’m planning to focus more on work than women this year though, so I’m shooting for just having a solid 2 or 3 girl casual harem for the next while that I can just txt to come over when I need some release and then will leave right after so I can get back to work)


      • > “How is this all going to end up?”

        That’s the enduring question of our times.

        And all of us here at the Chateau just might be young enough not only to see the outcome of it all, but to INFLUENCE the outcome.

        The other day, VDH wrote up some thoughts on this from a classicist’s perspective:

        The human tragedy which VDH is referencing finally ended in a 750-year-long disaster which we now know as The Dark Ages.

        Actually almost 800 years, more or less spanning the timeframe from the victory over Attila at the Catalaunian Fields [and the murder of Aetius shortly thereafter] until Magna Carta.


      • I get the doom and gloom, but I just can’t consent to the dour disposition that usually comes along with it.

        Who ever promised us we wouldn’t live in “interesting times”? Who told us to put down our cross? This country has never not lived in interesting times — upheaval and strife are the byproducts of liberty and greatness. When you are the top dog, everybody wants a piece of you.

        We should revel in the opportunity rather than grind our teeth to the jawbone. “Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name” (Acts 5:41).

        I say bring it. Let’s have the epic showdown.

        For there is none of you so mean and base,
        That hath not noble luster in your eyes.
        I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
        Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot…



      • on August 28, 2013 at 11:08 am FuriousFerret

        “Feminism has killed that arrangement and now we have both genders going out and taking it up at the ass at work all day, then coming home to loneliness, or shared work, extra work, drama, broken families, and general chaos.”

        Marriage used to the safe play for men. It wasn’t the most exciting or adventurous but it was a stable lifestyle for guys to fall back on.

        What’s happens when the safe play is nothing longer safe at all? When getting married offers no assurances of that emotional stability, smart men no longer want to partake. The better thing to do is try to make your bones no matter what the odds of achieving that success since marriage no longer offers any security.

        The only reason men work shitty jobs is to provide for a family. Guys simply don’t need that much to be happy especially with the technology that we have today where anyone can basically live better than an old school French monarch. The only thing that stands in a happy bachelor’s way is shame from society and this society is basically worthless. Full of manboobs, masculine women and other assorted perversions.

        Opting out ironically enough is now opting in. It’s modern life’s ultimate shit test.


      • ‘Now it’s like, hey, welcome to the corporate world.’

        So money, and so applicable to almost every kind of prejudice — it’s the other edge of the blade. What’s wrong is denying someone an optional seat at the table, but other than that — what you face is what everyone else faces. People will make it tough for you to get ahead. Ya, you will be judged for being a woman. A black man will be judged for being black. A white man will be judged for any of a million silly things as well; once you get the seat, you’re still in the rat race. And you still have to put up with a lot of bullshit. The only people who get the top are the ones strong enough to overcome it, and the only people who can thrive are the ones who can deal with it.

        I’m hopeful about how it will end up, tho.


    • “Is there anything worse than an alternately weepy then bitchy date?”

      Having your fingernails ripped off, breaking the femur bone, having your assets seized unlawfully by the government because the lady is unhappy, warfare…

      Emotions shouldn’t be that big of deal. If she acts like that…leave.

      Plus anti-depressants don’t really do what they are supposed to do. They make people more depressed because they don’t deal with sad feelings anymore.


  40. “” The SSRI’s allow people to tolerate terrible social conditions for the good of the Cathedral. Whether it’s a shitty job, a shitty marriage, divorce theft, poor dating prospects, poor diet, poor exercise, poor sleep, or poor health, the SSRI’s and other drugs simply mask these symptoms of a shitty life so that the individual can go on being a good little worker drone, consuming shitty Chinese products from Walmart, GMO foods from Monsanto and ConAgra, and the shitty American women who think it’s all fine and dandy to raise a kid in suburban hell before divorce raping a guy and taking half his soul along with the tattered remnants of his 401k.””

    Yes, for many, many Men, the SSRI’s are one of the few means of making modern life tolerable and a means of getting by as best they can.


  41. tianeptine is alpha

    modafinil is a license to print money.


    • MODAFINIL doesn’t do anything for me. 1 hour of alertness and then you cannot sleep until noon the next day.


      • If you look into the pharmacology of modafinil, it elevates hypothalamic histamine levels. Histamine is essentially an irritant. Think about what histamines due to your mucous membranes–which is why “antihistamines” are used to soothe mucous membranes irritated and inflamed by immune processes like allergies.

        One would probably have a better, more sustainable experience with thinks like Ginkgo, rhodiola, club moss extract, and other botanicals.
        If you must put your hypothalamus at risk, (not recommended), you might try modafinil for short periods of time only to support high output activity periods, followed by significant rest & recovery and detoxification.


  42. SSRI’s are also used, not only to combat depression, but to reduce anxiety; something a woman is naturally prone to.

    Being the weaker sex, women tend to be on higher alert for dangerous or potentially dangerous situations, and when found in such situations she is often provoked to the edges of anxiety, hysterics, etc.

    However, with the onslaught of mass SSRI consumption in the American-female population, it would not be surprising if we see more women putting themselves into what previously would have been extremely anxiety inducing (read: dangerous) situations for any female; such as with this anecdote I shall share here:

    Yesterday afternoon I was driving down Gratiot Avenue in DETROIT, and as I looked through my window to the left I saw a seemingly attractive SWPL-type woman–ON HER OWN–painting a TRAYVON MARTIN MURAL onto the side of a small building. This was only a few minutes drive from the intersection of Gratiot Avenue and Rosemary Avenue–a neighbourhood that was recently rated THE THIRD MOST DANGEROUS IN ALL OF AMERICA.

    The bolded words above may be a bit melodramatic, but I really could not believe my eyes. How haywire does the internal compass have to have gone in order for a woman to put their safety/life/vagina into a situation like this?

    Who knows, perhaps the recent female trend of taking up dangerous occupations such as police officer, fire-fighter, armed-forces, war correspondent journalist, etc. can be partially attributed to recent mass-consumption of anxiety reducing SSRI’s…


  43. “Shocking video of white toddler, 3, being ‘racially bullied’ by her black neighbors, aged five, sparks uproar after it is posted on Facebook”


    • “Pa. woman gives birth in sports bar, suffocates newborn and hides body in toilet tank: police

      Amanda Catherine Hein, 26, of Allentown, allegedly delivered the healthy baby boy at Starters Pub and then continued watching a pay-per-view wrestling match with three male friends.

      When she left her friends in the bar, she disappeared into the bathroom for about 40 minutes and ignored their texts asking her if she was okay. She eventually returned stained in blood, which she asked everyone to ignore. They did.”


  44. Consider the following:

    Dietary Omega-6 Increases Risk of Depression

    Study quote: “The current study provides strong evidence that diets rich in omega-6 fatty acids may enhance the risk of depression among general population”.

    Comment: Experimental studies show that eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), the omega-3 fat associated with mood improvement, is reduced in the cells, as a consequence of eating a diet high in omega-6 fat.

    Low omega-3 index in pregnancy is a possible biological risk factor for postpartum depression.

    “In this study population, a low omega-3 index in late pregnancy was associated with higher depression score three months postpartum.”

    Increased risk of postpartum depressive symptoms is associated with slower normalization after pregnancy of the functional docosahexaenoic acid status.

    “From this observation it seems that the availability of DHA in the postpartum period is less in women developing depressive symptoms. Although further studies are needed for confirmation, increasing the dietary DHA intake during pregnancy and postpartum, seems prudent.”

    Lipids, depression and suicide

    “POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACID AND DEPRESSION: In major depression, all studies revealed a significant decrease of the polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids and/or an increase of the omega 6/omega 3 ratio in plasma and/or in the membranes of the red cells. In addition, two studies found a higher severity of depression when the level of polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids or the ratio omega 3/omega 6 was low.”

    Adolescent Behavior and Dopamine Availability Are Uniquely Sensitive to Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Deficiency.

    Understanding the nature of environmental factors that contribute to behavioral health is critical for successful prevention strategies in individuals at risk for psychiatric disorders. These factors are typically experiential in nature, such as stress and urbanicity, but nutrition-in particular dietary deficiency of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs)-has increasingly been implicated in the symptomatic onset of schizophrenia and mood disorders, which typically occurs during adolescence to early adulthood. Thus, adolescence might be the critical age range for the negative impact of diet as an environmental insult.

    Essential fatty acids and psychiatric disorders.

    “The literature shows that ω-3 fatty acids provide numerous health benefits and that changes in their concentration in organisms are connected to a variety of psychiatric symptoms and disorders, including stress, anxiety, cognitive impairment, mood disorders, and schizophrenia.”

    American women are all depressed because of their shitty diets.

    All of the low-fat, non-fat processed foods, fast food and the omega-6 rich grains, vegetable oils and junk food that make up the S.A.D. plays in enormous part in the epidemic of depression behind all these crazy pill prescriptions.

    It’s almost like Big Pharma and Big Ag are in cahoots to profit off of we the sheeple’s ill health….


  45. on August 28, 2013 at 12:54 am Johnycomelately

    I wonder if weed is the male version of this, heck of a lot of stoners get the birds.

    Stoners inadvertently (probably by years of burning dopamine receptors) give off a ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude which seems to be like chick crack.


  46. Right on target, Heartiste! And since there are more and more types of antidepressants, you can expect differing moods, from zombie-like indifference to agressiveness, with all the subtle shades in between, not to mention mood swings, which coupled with the period, make a dangerous cocktail .

    Add to that the pill, which dupes the female body into feeling perpetually pregnant and thus satiated.

    To sum up the recipe for disaster: antidepressants + birth control pills + female hormones.


  47. on August 28, 2013 at 5:35 am gunslingergregi

    bitch cheats on her husband gets him to put gun to her head then gets him thrown in jail cause she knew the rules about divorce if spouse cheats other spouse get everything
    so she gonna get kids and everything else even though she the bad one lol
    and she says he is the mean one and crap
    bla bla bla
    always got to get another man to take care of their dirty work
    god dam never get emotional with a bitch in the states and when shit happens record it they pros at fucking you up
    and don’t let your wife hang around divorced woman
    dam its just so fucked up its rediculas


    • on August 28, 2013 at 5:37 am gunslingergregi

      bitch I was talkin too trying to make ya feel bad for her friend
      i”m like fuck that bitch
      she set the whole scenario up
      so after 17 years with a bitch that’s what he gets gtfo
      she hung up he he he


  48. Men as well as women take antidepressants. More than masculinization, it produces lack of sexual desire and impotence. Its mass consumption is very important and its social impact must be important, but heartiste needs to research and work more on the subject. May be men are investing less time and energy in seducing women because lack of interest/ libido?


  49. on August 28, 2013 at 6:34 am Charlesz Martel

    The Rolling Stones pointed this out in “Mother’s Little Helper” years ago-a song about Valium.
    “The Crazy Makers”, a book about food additives and their effects on children, is well worth reading, as is “Neurotoxins” by Blalock.
    I was raised overseas. All the long-term expats I knew felt that something was mentally wrong with Americans in America- the chemicals in the food and the pharmaceuticals. After a few months without them, they acted normally. Americans can’t see this, of course, because their behavior seems normal to them.
    I dunno if this would still be the case for expatriates. Europe has become a lot more Americanized in the last 40 years. It requires a conscious choice to live chemical-free now, as opposed to before, when it was the default position. (Bread went stale, butter went rancid, etc.)


  50. CH there were some teen-involved shootings last night. I’m beginning to think teens have a propensity for violence.


  51. […] Enter antidepressants. Suddenly women all over the sub-veneer tribal landscape are feeling invincibl… […]


  52. Dudes Selena Gomez is a 10. Good lord. Makes me wanna get on the table and dance a jig.



  53. And what an overseas market for big pharma to be tapped…
    When will U.S. Government be as honest and up-front as the Chinese?


  54. holy shit i just realized something.

    gunslingergregi is really gbfm on mood stabilizers.


  55. SSRIs have definitely changed the behavior of American women. As a class, they dull the orgasmic response for one thing and generally suppress libido in both men and women. Odd thing about libido is that we carry no state memory of having a high sex drive when we don’t have a high sex drive.

    Hence women on SSRIs desire and appreciate men less. They probably also suffer less anxiety from being without one too.

    One antidepressant is different – Wellbutrin or, generically, bupropion. This one can increase both libido and orgasmic sensitivity.

    I once had a girlfriend who had loved sex but was on Prozac when I met her and just couldn’t have the Big O, even with me. She was frustrated. I moved to a different town but one day we talked on the phone to catch up and she said. “Joseph, I’m off Prozac and started Wellbutrin. YOU should be HERE!”

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    I’ve seen this response in a couple of other women too.


  56. Women are twacked out anti-depressants because they aren’t going to church anymore, or at least something that isn’t a bunch of bible-thumpers in a strip mall. They’re not getting their good feelings from traditional female behavior.

    Besides, the feds can’t tax the churches. They would rather get tax money from the corporations who are raking in sales from people addicted to their products. Cigarettes are blasé nowadays, so the money has to come from somewhere.


  57. Certainly doesn’t help, but I think the decline in family life and culture that emphasizes the worst female traits rather than the best are to blame as well.


  58. […] Think about the ecumenical change in society that, intuitively, must be happening with the widespread use of various hindbrain altering drugs, like the Pill and antidepressants. This is a change in biochemistry unparalleled in human evolutionary history. It’d be a miracle of serendipity if there weren’t blowback. […]


  59. Excellent observation. The other drug that I have noticed younger women using regularly are these attention-deficit drugs.


  60. @ Sidewinder – attention deficit. Great topic that needs to be discussed further. We have all been there. You asked a girl 3 questions, but she only answers to. You need to explain the same things three times before she can actually here you. These are just two very common and typical examples of the ever spreading ADD.


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  63. […] ‘Are Antidepressants Ruining American Women?’ […]


  64. […] [Are Antidepressants Ruining American Women?] […]


  65. […] part of their humanity. The emotional dissonance from this feminist social engineering is why antidepressant usage and mental illness are skyrocketing among young women. Ordinarily a depressed or insecure girl […]


  66. […] generalize that. The emotional dissonance from this feminist social engineering is why antidepressant usage and mental illness are skyrocketing among young women. Ordinarily a depressed or insecure girl […]


  67. […] part of their humanity. The emotional dissonance from this feminist social engineering is why antidepressant usage and mental illness are skyrocketing among young women. Ordinarily a depressed or insecure girl […]