Are Badboys The Answer To White Pathological Humanitarianism?

If you read Peter Frost (and others like him), you’ll be familiar with the theory that white pathological humanitarianism — i.e., white ethnomasochism (as commonly practiced by today’s SJWs) — is a psychological disposition of Northwest Europeans that evolved in the not-too-distant past under the twin environmental pressures of manorialism and non-kin marriage. Radical outbreeding essentially selected for people who were very trusting of outsiders. This high level of trust allowed Western Civilization as we know it to find purchase and flourish.

But, as Frost et al have hypothesized, a powerful altruistic impulse combined with an almost gullible trust in strangers has, over time, become corrupted in the people who possess these normally positive traits. The congenial indulgence granted to non-kin locals that worked so well in a largely racially homogeneous geographic region has turned inward and reconfigured into a self-flagellating penance for imagined sins against the world’s steaming masses. The Columbus Knights of the European Empire have turned to the dark side.

The fate of white Westerners whose blood runs with humanitarian fervor is sealed: Decline, and eventual overrun by less altruistic foreigners. This isn’t idle conjecture. Besides the obvious signs of cultural decay, there is theoretical evidence that ethnocentric groups will eventually out-compete and supplant humanitarian groups. White liberals are the four horses’ asses heralding their own extinction.

What I’m about to say will sound strange, and highly speculative. It is. Bear with me. Chicks who dig jerks may be the saviors of white NW European culture. While the mechanism is unclear at the moment, it is possible that the pathological altruism of whites — a once-healthy altruism pathologized by a changed environment — is such a sickly suicidal urge that, through some subtle feedback signal, it affects white women’s mate choice algorithm, increasing their desire for rule-breaking badboys with a low tolerance for kumbaya bullshit.

As a commenter at Frost’s remarked,

Thus, it makes me wonder whether we are seeing a display [pathological humanitarianism] that has simply become too costly – much like an over-long peacock tail. It may have been selected for in the past and conferred a mating benefit, but now it is simply dead weight and hard to shed.

It just remains to be seen whether the group has enough variability in the personality traits to adapt and survive – selecting for new traits that are beneficial for survival in the current culture. Perhaps that is why WASP women now appear more eager to mate with “bad boys” than “nice guys”? Maybe less inclusive personality characteristics are beginning to be selected for already…

When a race and its culture are pushed to the brink, its women will begin to favor men who, in myriad ways, offer the chance of resistance against their annihilation. If women are choosing jerks and rascals, it may be that on a level beyond their conscious appreciation they are helping to birth an army of selfish pricks capable of saving them from themselves.


  1. It could just as likely work the opposite way. White women are increasing their acceptance of feral R-selected mates; the extremes of the “bad boy” segment. White termination accelerates.

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    • I immediately thought the same when I read the post. The alpha qualities propagandised by one of the (cough) ‘ethnocentric groups’ that CH refers to are epitomised by the strutting big-swinging-dick-dressed-like-an Easter-egg black buck.

      White chicks are being relentlessly programmed to see them as optimal brood stock. Sadly, short of an economic catastrophe this represents the future for the White race.


    • White women KNOW that blacks mean lower value, unless the guy has a lot of cash, and even then, they KNOW that their babies are less attractive and might well be less intelligent.

      That is why white women with mulatto kids, or even with just a black boyfriend, are so aggressive in trying to get external validation from others.

      Have seen it first hand with a libtard cousin, who had 2x 100% white kids , then after divorce has hit the wall hard enough to bounce, and now has her first black bf (also a major libtard who is unable to rebut my LOLs-with-data comments on his libtard Facebook “gifs used in lieu of political debate”). Same reason she brags about being hit on by lesbians – external validation required to establish libtard chops (she is from a very conservative family).

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      • Slightly OT: I guess these gals were looking for any kind of validation/attention.

        Wild shite! No arrests to date


      • on December 30, 2014 at 6:33 am Whomever Wherever

        You know, there are very powerful people, like Jeff Bezos, who are becoming even wealthier because of this turd world misbehavior [if it’s too dangerous to go shopping at a brick-n-mortar, then you gotta order it online]. That’s the thing about raw naked “Kapitalismus” – the shekel mongers can get rich whether things are getting better or whether things are getting worse. And nowadays, the shekel mongers don’t seem to have any interest in better versus worse – they only seem to be interested in richer and more powerful versus poorer and less powerful.


      • on December 30, 2014 at 9:29 am Whomever Wherever

        Other people who benefit financially from importing turd world pathologies: Trauma Surgeons working night shift, Endocrinologists who specialize in diabetes, all trial lawyers [working both the plaintiff and defense angles], gubmint edumakashun bureaucrats, social workers, NBA/NFL/MLB owers like Donald “Sterling” Tokowitz, sneaker companies, distilleries which produce fortified wine, security firms [home/business security systems], developers who build whiteopia cookie-cutter housing developments, whiteopia real estate agents, money changers who have figured out a way to “short” futures on mixed neighborhoods or [former whiteopias which are suddenly seeing an influx of Section 8s], etc etc etc…


      • “Other people who benefit financially from importing turd world pathologies…”

        American capitalism degenerated into a feast for the vultures. This shifted into full gear with the end of the Cold War.

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      • Free White peoples are healthy tissue. Everybody else is a parasite who wants a piece of that. The purpose of Pax Americana is in effect to enable the parasitism, by force of arms where necessary.


      • If black men are so unattractive, then why do white women seem to go for them in high school?


      • Because they can’t afford a pony?


      • If black men are so unattractive, then why do white women seem to go for them in high school?

        Women/high school? Doesn’t grok.

        If you mean adolescents, well… probably for the same reason a child would go up and try to pet an hyena at the zoo, if it weren’t fenced in.


      • If black men are so unattractive, then why do white women seem to go for them in high school?

        Do they? Whites mix outside their race less than any other race in the U.S.


      • “If black men are so unattractive, then why do white women seem to go for them in high school?”

        They don’t. You’re watching too much cuckold porn. Numerous stats on interracial dating confirm that white girls don’t go for black guys (see the OKCupid studies for one of many examples). As a matter of fact, of all groups, white girls are the least likely to date outside their race.


    • An r-selected mating strategy will work well in an environment with free or unlimited resources. That means that as long as the baby mamas can tap into Uncle Sam they will thrive. Once that is gone, they will need a partner / family that can compete for resources which is not something the Bad Boys excel at. Having a partner who has multiple families to provide for but cannot even provide for one, is a guarantee that you and our children will be on the bottom of the social order.

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      • Curious as to why no intelligent person cannot see this (what you just wrote). But then again some people are just desperate and would advocate for anything that to most intelligent people WOULD NOT WORK OUT in the long run.


      • I dunno. Alpha thugs are a good bet in a Mad Max style society. However, beta providers are better in a pre Big Government USA. (19th century)

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      • The definition of alpha is somewhat flexible depending on the circumstances and is subject to change. It is whatever is required at the time. A Human’s physical characteristics are fixed, including intelligence but that and two dimes will buy you a bread crust in a concentration camp. The variable is the social dominance or game, if you will. That is what allows mediocre men to have a genetic chip in the game and a winner to clean up. The rest are the 40-60% of the male population won’t replicate. That is evolution. My own view is that if we were ever to see a Black Swan die off most of the rabbits, starting with the marginal ones, probably would not last a year and neither would their bastards.


      • on January 1, 2015 at 10:28 am Hymen Mingesky

        40-60% what the fuck are you talking about?


      • “40-60% what the fuck are you talking about?”

        The vast majority of women back in the day managed to reproduce, but only a bout half of men did.

        This was before agriculture I think, so meh.


  2. How does this apply to the growing trend of BBC cuckolding?


    • Since white badboys are in short supply, and BBC isn’t, old/fat broads go for BBC.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:20 am Whomever Wherever

        Slightly off-topic, but in the aftermath of the Elliot Rodger fiasco, I’ve had my eye on the male offspring of {White}X{Gook}, and I saw a couple of those boys at the swimming pool yesterday, who were simply hideous to behold – they literally looked like Salamander People [and I am not exaggerating]. I feel for the older dudes at the Chateau who fell for all the Yellow Fever hype, back in the day. Also, after the Philip Chisolm fiasco, I have been noticing that the male offspring of Mudsharkery [we’re looking at you, Stanley Ann Dunham] uniformly have these aggressively nihilistic chips on their shoulders, as though at any moment they could snap and try to murder you. Finally, every single MILF mudshark with whom I cross paths will practically eye-rape me with that “Why weren’t you the father of my child?” longing in her stare.


    • Dirtbag black dudes who treat women like shit have the inside track on keeping ’em coming back for less faster than you can say “Bitch better have my money!”


    • There are forces in this world that want you to think it is a “growing trend”.

      It’s just another crazy fetish like furries and fat chicks being played up to help to destroy good men and make a little money on the side.


      • on December 31, 2014 at 8:25 am Whomever Wherever

        > “and make a little money on the side”

        The amount of money which the tribe and its puppets [Gates, Buffett, Slim-Helu] printed for themselves in the TARPs and the GM/Chrysler bailouts and the QEs and Nogbamaphones and now with Common Crap and Nogbamacare and the Race Wars etc etc etc is almost beyond the ability of words to describe. Trillions of dollars. There’s a YKWess up in Wisconsin, named Faulkner, who literally wrote the relevant passages in the Nogbamacare legislation so that she would become a billionairesse. And Slum-lord Tokowitz became a billionaire simply from arranging for a noggette ho to record him speaking truthfully.


    • How does this apply to the growing trend of BBC cuckolding?

      Whites mix outside their race less than any other race in the U.S.

      As statistics show, those White women who sleep with Blacks are of lower intelligence, less educated, less attractive and fatter than the average.

      As a Black wrote in a forum, regarding Blacks going after fat White women in clubs: “Whites are fucking cruel to these women” etc. According to him Whites are much less forgiving of obesity, so the fatties have no choice but to turn to Blacks.


      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:12 am Carlos Danger

        I have to admit, the black man is right. We are often cruel to these women. There is a happy medium between cruelty and encouraging good health.

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      • The happy medium is cruelty and encouraging good health.

        Ending farm subsidies, teaching girls to cook, and utter cruelty will bring more hot skinny yoga-pants chicks into the world. Fucking sooo worth it.


    • Did you even read the article? Do you understand what “ethnomasochism” is?


  3. We may be getting somewhere with these speculations — especially if White women are selecting specifically for White jerks; or at least abandoning liberal males. There does seem to have been a subtle culture change a decade back. From hippies on up to to the mid-90s, being a male left wing activist was sexy. Think Clinton. Or all the “choose or lose” rock stars on MTV. But their smv cachet seems to have plummeted with Hugo Schwyzer’s.

    As Dan in ATL notes above, it’s all moot if the bad boys are Coloreds.

    Along the same line of speculation was my comment about false rape accusations a few threads back: FRAs are society’s horror-response to unproductive copulation of our best young female stock.


    • “From hippies on up to to the mid-90s,…”

      Maybe not mid-90s, but 9/11?


    • James: “How does this apply to the growing trend of BBC cuckolding?”

      Speaking of miscegenation more broadly, part of it is just the winnowing process, in which dumb and weak whites are selected out. We are passing through an evolutionary bottleneck, and what comes out on the other side will be far more ethnocentric. Of course, if it goes too far, we become effectively extinct, but avoiding that fate is the purpose of our cause.

      I also suspect that there is something more subtle/sinister going on. Namely, the race-mixing women are testing us – it’s nature’s way. Taunting us, really. They may not be conscious of it (though surely some are), but they are calling us out on our present weakness, our unwillingness to assert ourselves and dominate our environment. Women have always punished the weak. Of course, bedding down with an African is a particularly stupid and vile way to express this…but let’s face it, most of these girls aren’t exactly paragons of intelligence and mental health. They do, however, have the instinct to flick some shite in our faces.

      I had a much older relative, a working class guy (died years ago). I remember telling him back in the 90’s how black males were coming into overwhelmingly white bars, and brazenly hooking up with white girls. His first response was, “In my time, they’d have never made it past the front door.” Instead, they went out looking for trouble, challenging blacks to fights, and beating the hell out of them. They weren’t afraid of blacks, if anything, blacks were afraid of them.

      One member of the gang was “Tiny,” who apparently was a specialist in the fighting department, in what was already a pretty tough outfit. The group would march up to the front door of a black club, say “Bring out your best man,” and the black and Tiny would go at it. Tiny invariably won.

      This was in the late 40’s/50’s. In historical terms, a mere blink of an eye. Hard to believe that we’re the same people.

      In any event, regardless of what she might say or claim, or even be conscious of, can a woman really respect men who let aliens casually enter and poach away, or who casually give away an entire country? What does this signal to her lizard brain, even if her mouth spouts nothing but liberal platitudes?

      I often end my posts with “Separation is the only solution.” And it is, but it’s also a way of expressing a basic, primal urge: I’m marking my territory, this is my turf. That’s what our ancestors did, and it’s something that women respond to.


      • I have observed that when I am walking down the street and see a Polynesian with a White woman (I’m in Australia), I often feel as though the White woman has a look of mockery or glee on her face if I look at her. I have brought up my racial feelings with a lot of White guys and they often agree with me but I can tell the sight of super fit White women with a non-White does not inspire an acute sense of rage and dispair as it does with me.

        Seeing some of these comments gives me a lot more hope.

        Is looking out for number one my only form of fighting back?


  4. […] Are Badboys The Answer To White Pathological Humanitarianism? […]


  5. Chicks who dig jerks may be the saviors of white NW European culture. 

    Good. All is well that ends well


  6. I’m getting a bumper sticker that says “SAVE OUR COUNTRY: BE A JERK!” and placing it over every “COEXIST” bumper sticker I see.

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  7. In the end,though,it’s a numbers games. The darkies and the Mohammedans are outbreeding the whites. (Aside: I always thought if the Palestinians wanted to REALLY take over Israel, they should have dispensed with military actions over the last 60 years and instead popped out a dozen kids per couple.)

    So even if the prime white girls go with the prime white jerks, minority status is assured.


    • The Darks’ sword of Damocles: their numbers and their mobility are depended on first world aid. Cut the lifeline, and they are 10% of their peak numbers. Cut the flights and the bussing, and they stay where they are.

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      • You have to get rid of the misplaced altruism. For example, taking Somali refugees and depositing them in places like Minnesota is not a good idea.


    • love is always the answer


    • on December 30, 2014 at 3:47 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

      Stop feeding the monkeys and their numbers will crash faster than an Asian airliner. None of these wogs have a self sustaining infrastructure. Hell, Bangladesh has publically stated that they account for Western aid in their budgets when justifying their military and other nonessential expenditures. They know the fucking SJW’s will feed them.

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    • There are already so many more Arabs that couple more of them will not change anything. Palestinian is just a name for “the bunch of Arabs we pitch against Israel”, they could increase their numbers easily by just deciding that some more Arabs are Palestinians. The Arabs who do live in Israel are just becoming more like Jews having less children.


      • Palestinians are Arabs who lived in the place you now call “Israel”.

        Much like the identity of Americans was forged in the revolution, the identity of Palestinians was forged during and after their disposession by the Jews.

        They may not have been a real people back in the day, but they sure as hell are now.


      • Palestinian is just a name for “the bunch of Arabs we pitch against Israel”, they could increase their numbers easily by just deciding that some more Arabs are Palestinians

        Palestinians are a distinct group. They lived there. They were invaded by Jews after Britain occupied them for the express purpose of handing over their land to the Jews. When the Zionists started pouring in and were 10 percent of the population the Palestinians offered a shared parliament where Jews and Arabs would have an equal number of seats, with a few balancing seats held by the British. In response the Jews used Whites’ money and arms to kill them in the thousands, raze hundreds of villages to the ground, burn their crops and force them to freeze and starve to death in the mountains.

        Now they have only 22 percent of their land left, the worst, arid land. The Jews have cut down their olive trees, which take 15 years to grow before they are economically viable. The Jews dig up their water pipes and power lines, systematically destroying the infrastructure in region after region. The land is crisscrossed with Jews-only roads, which the Palestinians can only cross at armed checkpoints, where they are often forced to wait for hours just to provoke them. A woman was forced to give birth at such a crossing because the Jews wouldn’t allow her to walk across the road to the hospital on the other side. Their water is taken and given to the growing number of illegal Zionist settlements. So that on one side of the walls and barbed wire there are swimming pools and on the other side there are people with dirty or no water. All done to provoke the Palestinians to fight back, so that the Zionists can kill thousands more of them while the Zionist media bosses cry about how “Israelis are attacked by fanatics! Wasn’t six million enough already?”

        Yeah, Palestinians are just “being used” against the innocent Zionists, like some shock troops, right? Surely that’s all there is to it. And while the Israelis pursue racial supremacism in the Middle East, they promote mass immigration of Arabs to Europe. When Jörg Haider’s nationalist FPÖ joined the government in Austria Israel immediately pulled out its embassy and started working with EU governments to isolate Austria politically and financially, so that the voters would be intimidated into voting for mass immigration next time.

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      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:16 am Carlos Danger

        I have come to respect Bashir Assad. I saw him visit his troops in a video recently and was impressed with his level of involvement with them. Opie shows visible contempt for the men he sends to war. May Assad prevail over his enemies.


    • And how many battles have been won by a small, high quality outfit facing down unintelligent, poorly armed hordes?

      For every 10 rs, there is a K.


      • More to it than that. In ’67 and ’73 the Israelis were NOT better-armed than their foes. They were somewhat better-trained (remember how many were reservists) and, more importantly, of a nearly classless, nearly non-hirearchical, cooperative culture that valued individual initiative.

        By contrast, their Arab enemies were in a very unusual period of socialist, pan-Arabism that had dynamic dictators who were able to build and motivate modern armies. And they had the old Soviet Empire pumping them up with the latest arms and military advisers.

        By contrast, Israel’s current situation is far less threatening. They are an island in a sea of hate and dysfunction but hate and dysfunction cannot win wars. Currently, they and the Egyptians are making common cause under the table against their common enemy (Islamists) and their foe to the North, Syria, has become a cross between the fictional Mad Max wasteland and the Germany of the Thirty Years War. Hamas and Hezbollah rockets notwithstanding, there is little danger of ISIS brushing aside the Apaches and Merkavas and somehow invading Israel on white Toyota pickups and stolen Humvees. Islamists can’t do modern warfare.


      • I heard that Israel damn near lost in those 2 wars. Kinda like Waterloo. It wasn’t as straightforward as you make it seem.

        And as for ISIS, look up 4th generation warfare.

        I agree with the notion that low trust cultures like arabs are bad at organized fighting.


  8. on December 29, 2014 at 9:03 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    I think there’s something to this.

    We should be telling young white men not to be gentlemen, but to be alpha jerk-boys.

    The rise of out-of-wedlock births in the European-American community may indeed help save whites from demographic decline.

    Gentlemen, start your harems.


    • If memory serves, it was in the movie Casino when De Niro’s character insisted on the woman providing him with a child first, THEN marriage.

      At the time, I remember thinking how odd that was. But it doesn’t seem so odd now, though one might want to skip step number two.


  9. on December 29, 2014 at 9:05 am gunslingergregi

    ehh I go to the steakhouse get my prime rib its white chicks and white dudes the white woman dressed up
    i’m in the ghetto yea sure some black dude white woman combos but yea
    where the money at there are whites


  10. on December 29, 2014 at 9:10 am gunslingergregi

    if it gets bad hey white bitches would love to be killing peeps too they just need permission


  11. on December 29, 2014 at 9:13 am gunslingergregi

    We should be telling young white men not to be gentlemen, but to be alpha jerk-boys. ””””””””

    teach em not to be pussies and if they want to fuck another bitch tell the chick they with they want to
    make it easier on everyone
    bitches be carrying around a lot less baggage if every one of em didn’t catch the dude they loved cheating behind their back and lost all respect that he didn’t have the balls to do it in front their face
    they always knew they have power but that shit is a revelation to them of just how scared any dude is of them even the so called bad boys


    • “bitches be carrying around a lot less baggage if every one of em didn’t catch the dude they loved cheating behind their back and lost all respect that he didn’t have the balls to do it in front their face
      they always knew they have power but that shit is a revelation to them of just how scared any dude is of them even the so called bad boys”

      wow. great post.
      never heard it put that way but i think you’ve really got something here. it’s the disgust the girl feels for her man after knowing he was sneaking around and afraid of her that gets her. and then the guy usually tries to repent and apologize when he gets caught. that’s just adds to her disrespect for him.

      in her heart, a girl knows she’s been a shitty girlfriend or wife and that’s why her guy is looking elsewhere for love and affection. but then her guy still hides and sneaks and apologizes for it. that’s the part that’s hard for her to get over. she can’t respect a man like that.

      and it should be so obvious to us that it works that way. we all know that the guys who play around while their girls know it have the most loyal and devoted girls of all. they forgive everything and work even harder to keep their men.

      the cheating isn’t what girls can’t forgive. it’s the cheating without having the balls to own it that’s the problem.


      • on December 30, 2014 at 2:39 pm gunslingergregi

        and then the guy usually tries to repent and apologize when he gets caught. that’s just adds to her disrespect for him.

        in her heart, a girl knows she’s been a shitty girlfriend or wife and that’s why her guy is looking elsewhere for love and affection.

        yea the repent and apologize and i’m gonna change crap that doesn’t come true
        if you do and own it and she has the choice to stay or go
        you gave her the respect of letting her know before you did it
        that is able to be worked with the other way behind her back she will make you pay the rest of your life and enjoy causing agony

        don’t agree that on the shitty wife or girlfriend being the reason a guy will want a bj or fuck a new chick just that men like me like variety but once I love a woman I always love them just don’t want to fuck them like the first year or what not and want some new but that don’t mean I don’t love the woman i’m with
        but yea I tell the truth even when it hurts
        cause fuck getting caught in a lie and acting like a bitch


      • i’m probably a pussy for asking this but how do you deal with the guilt when you cheat?


      • on January 1, 2015 at 7:13 am Whomever Wherever

        > “once I love a woman I always love them just don’t want to fuck them like the first year”

        After the first year, you’re supposed to be fucking her so that she will give you CHILDREN. It’s your job. It’s hard work. Not for the faint of heart. Deal with it.


      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:20 am Carlos Danger

        To all of you men who are thinking of children- do it. Taking care of them is not as bad as many claim and they are a joy and a blessing.


    • Another killer GSG comment:

      “just look at Iraq millions dead brought to you by people who attended sexual harassment classes and eo classes”


  12. Every woman adores a fascist. My ‘hateful’ ideas have definitely incited the tingles in more than one liberal hippie chick. Anecdotal evidence, but I think CH is on to something.


  13. The problem with the theory is that as far as I know women always digged jerks, it does not seems to be a new phenomenon.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 10:42 am Whomever Wherever

      The intentional destruction of the culture by a determined band of very high-IQ fanatical far-Southwestern pseudo-European tribalists is the new ingredient. For 2000 years, we had a culture which largely protected us from the consequences of female hypergamy [and male satyrism], but that culture has been shaken to its very foundations and may not recover.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 10:44 am Whomever Wherever

        Oops – meant to say “far-SouthEASTern”.


      • I lubricate my Tavor rifle with the tears of Whomever Wherever.


      • on December 30, 2014 at 8:22 am Whomever Wherever

        5.56×45mm? Ghey. Good for shooting women and children, I guess. Like those poor innocent defenseless Romanov girls whom y’all butchered.


      • on December 30, 2014 at 9:13 am Whomever Wherever

        Yeah, it must be the caliber which is “triggering” [no pun intended] the WordPress filter.


      • Good. It will rust up that way.


      • Exactly. Germanics didn’t approve of mass immigration, and in fact, the majority still do not want mass immigration today. It is not Germanic wishes that cause mass immigration. It is that the media owners promote corrupt politicians in all parties until their factions can take over the party, arguing that “we are the ones who can win”. Always using the “Holocaust” to attack anyone who speaks up. This is how a minority can silence a majority, both within and without parties.


      • If there’s one thing Jewish people want, it’s a strong America, where they can both (a) live safely inside her walls by the millions, and (b) have a world superpower as an ally to Israel. America is the Jew’s greatest ally. Why on earth would we want to destroy it? And who the fuck are you to tell me what I want to do, like you know my intentions better than I know them myself?

        You realize there are millions of Jewish people in the world, right? Are they all in on it? The problem with you anti-Semites is that it’s always the same old conspiracy nonsense. Niggers are violent, this is measurable fact. But Jews controlling the world is retarded conspiracy theory.

        The vast majority of Jewish people are poor and middle class. Maybe 1.5/100 are upper class, instead of 1/100 for non-Jews. Pretty darn successful, sure, a 50% increase (numbers are for illustration purposes only). And maybe 2.5/1,000,000 are elite, instead of 1/1,000,000. Cool. So therefore what, hate all Jews?

        It’s pretty clear that elites want to destroy America. Some are and some aren’t Jewish. If you can’t/won’t accept this then I don’t know, maybe you’re dumb. Or maybe you WANT Jews to be responsible for everything bad happening now, because that would make life much simpler. One group. Exterminate them and everything in life becomes perfect. Nice fantasy. Keep dreaming.


      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:26 am Carlos Danger

        @ anonymous: good post and basically correct. Most of you are also at the mercy of these .0001%. The real culprits are international finance who unfortunately happen to be 95% J-wish. But its not an ethnic problem so much as a management created problem. Murdering a lot of people is not as easy as many here would like to think. Their ghosts return in the night.


  14. I have some doubts about this theory. It feels like there is too much wishful thinking. Ok let’s assume white girls are instinctevely choosing bad boys as a natural response to the overly altruistic levels of white men. The children of these men will have their father’s bad boy genes but will the genes alone be enough in the current environment? There is a good chance they will grow up without the bad boy father so they will have no example to follow. All the while the media everywhere is telling him to be a beta liberal and most probably so will his mother because…well…I don’t think I need to tell anyone here about the difference between what women say and what they do.


    • If the mother found a “feral enough” bad boy, those instincts and predilections will be so ingrained in his male offspring that they cannot be sufficiently deconditioned by libtard horseshit. Of course if mom pumps her little miscreant full of ritalin and other prescriptions, he might be more easily managed, but only through middle school and maybe early high school. Basically what I’m saying is, the genes will override the beta propaganda.

      It’s not science though (yet). I’m just speculating


    • Personality is pretty much all genetics. How would the father have been a “bad boy” in this environment?


    • This is why we need more white badboys.


    • Bad boys? Both those kids are bitches. Homeboy looks like the typical smug lil n!g that will fold with one punch, the white kid is the typical poser country boy we got up here too, clean jeans/brand new work boots, prolly drives his dads diesel truck around, definitely lives at home. She’d be an easy pick off


  15. “Chicks who dig jerks may be the saviors of white NW European culture.” The problem is they’re likely to go for Afro-Muslim jerks rather than effeminized SWPLs.

    But I do think, if Western civilization is to be saved, White badboys will play a critical role (just look at Alain Soral or indeed heartiste, game -> liberalism is a lie / will to life -> nationalism).


  16. on December 29, 2014 at 10:05 am Lin Kuei Warrior

    ch is showing himself to be too reliant on women for the upkeep of a whole civilisation. it does not bode well


  17. I left a long comment at Dalrock that spoke of some demographic analysis.

    I used data and a study to detail that declining birth rates increases the Sexual Capital of women.

    This leads to further declining birthrates as women have the sexual bargaining power to defer marriage and reap the social, cultural, and most especially, economic benefits of their increased sexual capital.

    It is not hard to visualize why. Women have a limited window of sexual utility, usually over by 40 years of age. Men have a lifetime of sexual utility, many years past that of women. Women tend to prefer older men for multiple reasons. And more importantly, men prefer younger, if not the youngest women.

    In a regime of declining birthrates, there are fewer children born each year so subsequent years will have more more older men than younger women. Carry that regime over a 50 year time period and the demographic differences are severe.

    So what we have is more male “monkeys” offering apples to fewer female “monkeys” and females have the incentive to defer any need to “settle” for a stable and monogamous relationship. Hypergamy, coupled with real options, with a heaping of unrealistic expectations of perceived options, leads to the situation we have today.

    Now add this to the reality that white women are at the top of the sexual food chain relative to other ethnic groups of women: Whites, then depending on your preferences either Asian or Latin, then at the bottom, black women. Then to that the “obesity” epidemic where even plain, non-obese women have sexual capital that is outsized over what it should be.

    Then add to this, the greed, entitlement and solipsism of women in general. Women conservatives wrote of the social and economic catastrophe of low “American” birthrates (PC codeword for “white”), Amanda Manjaw said “Too bad”.

    I detailed in the comment how affluence in prior societies, particularly Rome and Greece, lead to declining birthrate and hence increase in sexual capital of women, greater sexual promiscuity, and hence, decline of the society as the core values that lead to that societal success were eroded by importation of people and values from outside the society.

    So the question is about the “race” between creation of white bad boy jerks that lack altruism and the stuff written above. One of the tendencies of the bad boy is also to defer birthrate if at all possible.

    It doesn’t look good.


  18. on December 29, 2014 at 10:36 am Whomever Wherever

    Possibly the single most important post in the history of Le Chateau and its older associated airport terminal. Some points.

    1) Philip Longman [“The Return of Patriarchy”] has anticipated much of this already – masculine men like Antonin Scalia [9 biological children] have infinitely greater influence over the future of the species than do effeminate sodomites like David Souter and John Roberts [0 biological children between them].

    2) The problem with masculine Bad Boyz siring all of the children is that you get effective polygamy, whereas the biological foundation of Western Civilization [unique among all civilizations?] is 1-Man/1-Woman. So Bad Boyz rampantly spreading their seed could have profound consequences for the biological foundations of our people.

    3) It would be fascinating if we had some Dark Enlightenment genealogists and socio-biologists and genetic-algorithm modellers who could scrutinize the historical record [for the last several centuries, since the rise of good paper records, circa 1500] in order to determine whether it has always been thus: whether far-right-of-the-bell-curve male fecundity has always had a disproportionate influence on the future of the species, or whether the middle of the bell curve tends to hold its own over time.

    4) Do NOT misunderestimate the rise of culturally-induced and technological-induced ennui and boredom and spiritual exhaustion and overt nihilism. Making and raising children is an intimately PHYSICAL enterprise, and boys who play computer games all day & whack off to internet porn all night, and girls who check Nordstrom sale prices all day & who Tinder and Twitter and hit the battery-operated dildo all night, are very likely not going to be fecund. And God only knows how all of these SSRIs and amphetamines/methamphetamines and synthetic estrogens/progesterones are going to influence matters.

    5) Combining 3) and 4), my guess is that the most feminine [highest estrogen, most volatile, most borderline] girls will have the most children, whereas the mustachioed manjawed Nurse Ratched Emma Goldmans/Rosa Luxemburgs will have the fewest offspring and will be most likely to grow old and barren and live all alone in apartments filled with cats. Again, it would be fascinating to scrutinize the historical record for the long term effects of far-right-of-the-bell-curve female fecundity versus middle-of-the-bell-curve female fecundity.

    6) Combining 3) and 5), if the Narcissistic Personality Disorder [NPD] & Sociopathic Personality Disorder [SPD] Bad Boyz are increasingly siring all of the children via the Histrionic Personality Disorder [HPD] & Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD] hyper-feminine girls, then the species is likely to devolve into something resembling hyenas or wolverines or badgers.

    7) In the short term [and in the recent historical record], the single greatest vulnerability of the Northwest European peoples is not their “pathological humanitarianism” but rather their “almost gullible trust in strangers”, especially in the face of a certain band of very high-IQ fanatical far-Southwestern pseudo-European tribalists who have spent the last several hundred years working 24×7 to eradicate every possible vestige of Europe – both Europe’s civilization and Europe’s peoples. How that plays out remains to be seen – there are some encouraging signs that the people who trace their ancestry to Northwest Europe are starting to wake up and smell the Kosher Kirschwasser, but in the meantime, far-Southwestern pseudo-European fanatics like Howard Zinn [who authored a disturbing percentage of all history books used in K-12 edumakashun] are probably causing far more damage than are far-Southwestern pseudo-European gazillionaire antagonists like F*ckerberg or Doomberg or Blankfein or Mr eBernankification. Because, as we all know, the winners write the history books…


  19. Well, in the U.S. anyway, White conservatives (the more ethnocentric, less humanitarian folks) are outbreeding White liberals (the more humanitarian folks).

    However, the selection differential is only 1/30th a standard deviation. It’ll take 400 years for us to notice a difference, assuming trends remain constant.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 2:25 pm Whomever Wherever

      > “However, the selection differential is only 1/30th a standard deviation.”

      Republicans’ fertile future “Take a randomly selected sample of 100 liberal adults and 100 conservative adults. According to an analysis of the 2004 General Social Survey — a bible of data for social scientists — the liberals would have had 147 kids, while the conservatives would have had 208.”


      • You have to also factor in how liberal and how conservative these people are. The people at the extremes are a distinct minority, and that saps your effect.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 2:59 pm Whomever Wherever

      I don’t know what “selection differential” means, and I don’t know which “standard deviation” of what you’re talking about, but with L = initial population of libtards and C = initial population of Crusaders, and noting that 1.47/2 = 0.735 and 2.08/2 = 1.04, then roughly every forty years, you’ve got the libtarded population declining as L, (0.735)L, (0.735^2)L, (0.735^3)L, etc, whereas the Crusaders population is holding steady as C, (1.04)C, (1.04^2)C, (1.04^3)C, etc. [I’m assuming that the GS data is showing a 1.47 TFR for libtarded women versus a 2.08 TFR for conservative women, and that the author of that article was an innumerate.]


      • Perhaps looking at the breeder’s equation will help.

        You can’t generalize from fertility of those self-identified as such, because those individuals are at the extremes, and don’t factor much into the big picture since they’re in the minority. You need to consider the distribution as a whole. When you do (I’ve calculated it before), the effect of the current fertility differentials on selection is minimal.


      • In short, the selection differential is the average political orientation of the childbearing population (children*political orientation*fraction of population) – the overall average political orientation. Multiply that by the additive heritability of political orientation (about 0.5), you get the genotypic change per generation.


    • Hey, I’m in need of a peer reviewed study. Got any?


    • on December 30, 2014 at 3:50 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

      That’s cool, except you need to account for the wog hordes drowning us.


  20. Dennis Mangan had an article

    that noted 1 in 4 Welshmen are descended from Warlords. Its highly possible that in human societies as well as other primate societies, its the norm that only a percentage reproduce.

    As such, if the bulk of the current crop of Whites is weak than they’ll die out and be replaced with ones who aren’t weak or altruistic. This of course means and end to complex civilization and constant endemic warfare but it means a stronger people.

    Last on that thesis , manorial civilizations were quite aggressive and combat usually less lethal and killing were far more common than now. After all most areas had little law and large parts of Europe , most of the countryside was unpoliced. Men normally had arms even into the Middle Ages. If anything this passivity is because of some kind of Protestant Christianity mixed with the ultra fragile civilizations and modernity.

    Also if the small but growing number of Whites that actually do care about the broader race issue would stop thinking in terms of nice solutions than they might have a shot at winning this race . In reality when it comes to competition pressure, its always them or you. Dominate or die out and with existing and upcoming tech, well if you aren’t thinking the unthinkable, you aren’t thinking.

    Oh and a last bit, I’m a gloomy person by nature but I can say I’ve seen a lot of hopeful signs, many Whites here in Southern California seems to be becoming outright race aware and people who were a few years ago, anti-racism are now using a lot stronger words.

    Words are yes cheap but it has to start somewhere and thinks can turn on a dime.


  21. I think what is happening is due to a government problem. Women want both the economic provider and the good looking guy with charisma (aka game). Women have found they can use the government to transfer male economic resources over to them via the welfare state. I’m sure women would like to but they haven’t found a way yet to get a law passed requiring good looking guys with game to sleep with ugly liberal feminists. I like to amuse myself by imagining just such a law being passed. After passage of such a law, all the gyms would empty out. Alpha guys would stay at home and play video games and eat junk food. Everyone would stop reading Heartiste to improve their game and the comment section would dry up. An anti-Heartiste would come along offering advice on how to make your game worse and would get a huge following. Ugly liberal feminists would write dozens of articles about how alpha guys need to man up and have sex with them and dozens of other articles wondering where did all the bad boys go? They would be so dense they would never figure out they were the cause.


  22. on December 29, 2014 at 10:45 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    Women have no means of protection, absent men. Their sole purpose is to propagate life, to breed. Their only hope of long term success is to align with alpha males. At the end of the day, the most Alpha is not the giver of life (of provision, of resources, etc.) but the bringer of death. He who can render death is the most Alpha. Today that function is increasingly realized via government apparatus (police, civil litigation system, feds, etc.), hence women continually supporting more and more government with broader and broader powers.

    Today’s jerk boy is a frail comparison to the common man who roamed the plains of Ur… but alas that is the only tangible form of dick they can get today that comes remotely close. They do not realize by supporting government powers they rob themselves of Alpha cock.


    • on December 30, 2014 at 3:52 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

      This one gets it. Hence my nome de plume, hopefully soon to be nome de guerre.

      “I bring you the Gift of….Death.”


  23. 3 years ago I entered a relationship with a smoke show.

    I’ve now seemingly lost her for good.


    Reading CH. I started reading CH 2 1/2 years ago.

    All the ‘be an asshole’, ‘white girls dig black guys’ complexity fucked my world.

    I’m not autistic, but I took his shit to heart. That’s where I lost.

    If you’re in an LTR, and you discover the Red Pill through this site..

    Don’t forget the game that got you there..

    CH has I believe one article on a Caring Asshole vs. an Uncaring Asshole.

    Obviously, since this shit was fresh to me, I became a mostly Caring Asshole…then I became Uncaring…now at the end..Caring yet again..

    CH does preach charisma, though obviously not enough for the men like me who stumbled onto this RealTalk ways of the world.

    I should have instead calibrated my game to my personal situation, rather than an overview of Western culture.

    I was also unhappy at my personal career trekking – though with that now sorted out.. I see clearly now what I did incorrectly.

    If you’re in an LTR, do not do a full 180 on the bitch with his advice. Fucking calibrate…or die.


    • @Thrust

      It’s always calibrate or die, never stops. Always need to calibrate because your woman is always always always changing. Her body changes in pretty radical ways every single month (absent hormonal BC, but that,s another issue) and flushes her brain with differing doses of hormones, chemicals and EMOTIONS. This continues through pregnancy and child baring/rearing. By then half of her mind is focused on her children and their well being. And then when the children are grown her body changes again, menopause, and a whole other flood of hormones blurs her mind, more EMOTIONS. And then it will be grandchildren and their well being.

      You may not recognize it but your 22 YO is not the same as she was last week. She looks the same but her mind will be completely different. They change like clouds, constantly, subtly, dramatically by turns but always changing. You don’t appreciate it because most guys are the same for looooong stretches of their lives, unless they have had to confront some radical new reality (i.e. escape death in whatever form etc.). What you thought 3 months ago in all likelihood stands. Hell a lot of what you thought two decades ago stands.

      Failing to calibrate in any male/female relationship is a killer.


      • Hence, actions over words.. every time.

        Sure I may come off butthurt – I’m in the “want her back, I don’t give a fuck” phase.. what a shit Christmas


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:26 am gunslingergregi

        the problem is you have nothing to look forward too dude
        that is actually your life
        i’m on a vacation in the ghetto
        but you there permanent and shit
        chaulk that shit up as a learning experience
        yea its fun to beat the top dealers at the game but winning their bitches ain’t winning lol


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:35 am gunslingergregi

        but yea put that bitch on back page like I did and tattoo your name all over her body then leave that bitch in jail she love you for life
        but get a good girl too shit

        ””””””””’I’ve now seemingly lost her for good.””””””””

        and that’s not a good thing for you?
        you can’t play the game harder than a bitch its statistically imposible
        he he he
        they in it to limits that would make you tremble


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:45 am gunslingergregi

        or if she can’t show off the two black eyes she got from you to friends there is no hope he he he
        if you can’t punch a bitch in the ribs and break two one punch so she tell friends and they can laugh around the campfire then yea no hope
        find a chick that don’t make you crazy on purpose
        if you can’t backhand a bitch and blood sprays off on the window so she can show off the check with the dried blood
        a crazy bitch ain’t gonna feel loved


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:54 am gunslingergregi

        but yea dude that ain’t love
        I talked to my wife yesterday she could hardly breath so excited
        and waiting for me to come home going on three years
        and it felt really good to know I had a good woman waiting on me and that I will be there one these days
        you ain’t got that support
        you need to find a woman who actually loves you not some pretend shit
        don’t get it twisted and think the two of you in love or some crap cause its not period
        if that bitch went to another dude she don’t love you
        that’s point blank


      • on December 29, 2014 at 11:55 am gunslingergregi

        or shit you can have both lol
        but don’t just have one or you will get seriously fucked up


      • on December 29, 2014 at 12:01 pm gunslingergregi

        one equals losing the I am the prize mentality and going to she is the scarce prize
        when there are billions of em
        40 dudes wanted to pay my bitch 200 to spend an hour with her
        and when I dropped her off at a gas station she found a way back an hour later
        Cause I am the fucking prize and she fucking knows it


      • on December 29, 2014 at 12:07 pm gunslingergregi

        she gets to be in my presence when I allow her to be in my presence on my timeline


      • on December 29, 2014 at 12:10 pm gunslingergregi

        she still gets away with some shit what can ya do I love the bitch

        she pretty much did keep me from blowing my brains out during some bad times
        but yea key is she ain’t the only one for me


      • ..’preciate the hijack.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 12:24 pm gunslingergregi

        I know one thing though I will just quietly leave when time to go
        I don’t know what the fuck she will do when I am going to be actually gone


      • on December 29, 2014 at 12:25 pm gunslingergregi

        apropos she trying to hijack your life all of it
        fuck that


      • “They change like clouds, constantly, subtly, dramatically by turns but always changing.”



      • A lot of wisdom in that post, Sentient.


      • Too much work. Do what you want to do. Girls twenty years younger will always be there.


      • on December 31, 2014 at 10:27 am Whomever Wherever

        > “Too much work. Do what you want to do.”

        He’s talking about married men who actually give a shit about their families, and how to deal with “When Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” The sooner you realize that God created the woman in your life to be a Category 5 hurricane [by her very nature], and that he intended for you to be her Rock of Gibraltar, the better. She has no control over her nature, whereas you, on the other hand, will have to decide whether or not you are a man of character.


    • The ‘game that got you there’, with respect to a LTR, is to be pegged as a beta provider in the mind of the chick, 9 times out of 10. In the words of the esteemed GBFM, may his wisdom shine down upon us from the lofty vault of the heavens: “alpha fux beta bux! lozlzozlzlzzolz!!!’

      In other news, go find some strange and forget about that old minge m8.


    • Coal burners burning coal don’t got shit to do with miss smoke show leaving your ass.


    • nigger wasnt she doing blow and getting gangbanged in an SUV the day after you dumped her coal burning ass?

      absolutely disgusting


    • so you mean to say you took words intended for spergs who cannot get laid and tried to apply them to your wife?


    • Here is a collection of fifteen CH posts specifically about relationships:

      He does say that teasing should be done the most in the beginning, and then give way for more reassurance later in the relationship.

      While he will emphasize and repeat some things more, he never denies the other parts and does mention them. A reader needs to look at the whole.


  24. “increasing their desire for rule-breaking badboys with a low tolerance for kumbaya bullshit.”

    What about the military? Are those men examples of white pathological humanitarianism? They have a low tolerance for kumbaya bullshit but they’re not rulebreakers. They believe in the concepts of honor, duty, and sacrifice. That’s altruistic. Yet there’s nobody tougher than USMC Recon or a Navy SEAL. I’ll get hot for that kind of man 10x faster over some anti-establishment wannabe whose definition of “badass” is to avoid any type of work or responsibility.


  25. So women will save Western civilization?
    Not much hope left seems to me
    The theory is old and very wrong one, the theory that women instinctively are guided to choose the best mate and therefore ensure the health of the society has been disproved by the largest “study” ever conducted,the history itself
    When women massively indulges in her selfish and vagina induced pursuits not restrained by the society, its laws and mores the consequences have always been disastrous for that society and civilization
    It is for that reason that the sane societies never allowed the women to “be guided by her instincts” in any matter that crosses the boundaries of the kitchen
    Wet pussies running in large numbers after derelict members has always been the sign of the decline some may say terminal one


  26. Agree with CH completely on this and every other post on the subject of white extinction in Murikah. That’s why I married a feminine good girl who wanted a bit of a rascal (me). And now we have made 4 new white rascals…to keep the species alive. Plus, I have to make up for my race-traitor sister who, at the age of 38, realized her plummeting SMV (once a 8-9, now a fading 6.5) and shit out a beaner kid.

    White men, find a wholesome good white girl and plunk and many babies out of her as possible to sustain our species.


  27. To Yareally, CH.

    I need some game advice, I am probably showing my inexperience but help me out fellas.

    the details: Met her through social circle. She was extremely nervous in general for some reason. So I backed off and didn’t use negs or general aloofness and assholery.

    Got chatting with her a few days later and she responds well. She actually said that she was surprised to find that I was fun as I turned on the charm a bit in chatting. We are still chatting but she says to go with the flow and not think anything else.

    And when I quizzed her a bit seriously she says that she likes me but doesn’t feel connection. What puzzles me the most is that she initiates the chats and replies instantly.

    Is she interested but still on the fence or is she just beta baiting me.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 11:24 am Whomever Wherever

      Have you sexualized the conversation yet? You needed to get tasteful yet physical/erotic talk into the conversation almost immediately, but at this point [this late in the Game] you will have to introduce the naughty stuff very gently [so that you don’t come off as a creep]. See how she responds, and then move it out of cyber Never-Never-Land and into the real world of PIV.


    • doesn’t feel connection=gina does not tingle
      Not good as famous French PUA Victor Hugo once said
      It is easier to make a fertile land out of Sahara than extract a tiny drop out a gina that does not tingle


      • ‘It is easier to make a fertile land out of Sahara than extract a tiny drop out a gina that does not tingle.’

        May all the vaginas you meet be as lush as the Serengeti.


    • Don’t quiz her about her feelings for you. Ideally, you want her quizzing you about your feelings for her.


      • Lara,

        My buttox are generating complex, fascinating, and award-winning superstructures of gas.

        Immerse yourself in the gas, and bathe in the warmth and splendor.

        Then you will….

        …. Detox my Buttox.


    • How old are you?

      Get the meet up, isolate, escalate. That is it. None of this serious quizzing nonsense. Girls never want to get serious quizzing.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 2:46 pm Whomever Wherever

        Sentient, that was the correct thing to do in the beginning, but it may be so late in the Game that he needs to introduce it slowly so that he doesn’t come off looking creepy or weird or desperate. The fact that she is contacting him is good – he just needs to jumpstart things from the platonic to the overtly sexual – best move there is always for her to see another woman on his elbow; then the gina juices will flow like a river.


      • He sounds like he is in high school. His best bet is not sexualizing via text at this point, since she already said she doesn’t feel a connection to him. He needs to reset, I think best done in person over a drink. If he can swing some preselection in person so much the better.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 3:11 pm Whomever Wherever

        Or just back off and wait for a year or two. Let her watch him go through a series of other girlfriends over three or four semesters and see whether she can still keep her legs crossed in his presence [versus immediately going all roundheels and spread-eagle when she’s alone with him]. The important thing right now is to not do anything which would look weird or creepy or needy or desperate or butt-hurtful. Play it cool. Fake it til you make it. In particular, fake an air of abundance-induced insouciance to it all. Live [or at least fake living] above the fray.


      • This is true unless (and this isn’t that,I assure you) she likes Alpha volatility. That’s why i like to see pics of ex BF’s…they look like this, then you can act pretty psycho and it’ll turn her on.


      • Funny how the old social reject Tilikum has taken to posting pictures now to get attention. Other people will post pictures when they actually contribute something, but with Tilikum it’s just part of his hope of living through his computer.


    • “We are still chatting but she says to go with the flow and not think anything else.”

      I never, ever recommend listening to what a woman tells you to do. This is an exception. Take the reigns and DIRECT the flow…then go with it effortlessly.


    • She read that line in Cosmo, a fortune cookie, etc and throws it out because she thinks it makes her sound cool.

      Ps, she’s just playing you for attention, don’t be a beta orbiter


    • She, like all women, is lying. She does feel the “connection” (whatever that means, who fucking cares?), thats why she said she didn’t.

      She responds to comfort, lets see how she responds to aloof. Go dark for 24 hours, then text something really sweet or silly. Break off convo after 5 min……say you are walking into a meeting.

      Rinse repeat.

      She needs to crave the connective times and let anticipation rule your not talking times.

      But meet quick and bang her or you will get text OMGhemakesmefeelsogoodaboutmyself friended pronto.


      • @ Tilikum

        how would I go about getting in contact with you..

        your link lead me nowhere.


      • “all the women are lying! Waah waaah!” Poor little Tilikum, he is so butthurt by women refusing to go near him for all his life. He has nothing to contribute since, well, old uneducated losers with no social life have nothing to say, so he just comes here to vent his hatred of women. Typical for the omega freaks who crawl into the manosphere hoping for an audience. Hating women is all he has – that and crying “racism!” against anyone who criticizes the Jews who make his beloved TV shows. (He shows his level of intelligence by only writing “jooos” – the ridiculing slur he has learned to use. He is too chickenshit to write the word Jews, he knows he is not allowed to talk about them as Jews unless it’s about the holy Holocaust.)


      • Winter break from Hogwarts eh?


      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:44 am Carlos Danger

        @tilikum so you really are J-ish.


      • Nah Carlos, but I am a reader of the classics 😉


    • @Remember This used to happen to me when I was Blue Pill. I’d meet a girl, chat with her, then it might or might not go anywhere.

      I would urge you to pick up Krauser’s Daygame Mastery and read through the models.

      Also, review and refine to your personality the Mystery Method.

      The model is much more specific but here’s how to start:

      Neg: build attraction

      Push-pull: set up a challenge

      Comfort: you have to demonstrate somehow that you’re authentic and you really do like her.

      Sexual spike: find a way to sexualize the conversation

      Kino: I initiate kino very early to see how she responds to my touch, could be simply brushing her forearm, or shoulder, then calibrating, touching her hand, her thigh. If we’re having drinks, I’ll get up and caress her hair and shoulders.

      in other words, make it clear you want to fuck her and establish yourself as a sexual being.

      She’s LEADING you not the other way around. You’re chasing her.

      “”but she says to go with the flow and not think anything else. “”

      She’s just LJBF’d you.

      “And when I quizzed her a bit seriously she says that she likes me but doesn’t feel connection.”—she’s too comfortable not attracted enough. She doesn’t see you as sexual.

      “What puzzles me the most is that she initiates the chats and replies instantly.” Girls love attention…they will do whatever they have to to get it. The girl I’m banging wants my attention, so she initiates sex chats…she knows what gets my attention. I disappear. She’ll initiate.

      If she didn’t see me as a sexual beacon…she’d be doing what yours is doing: chatting.

      The second I met the other day I employed the model. I forced an IOI. Her eyes lit up. I let her see me with other girls. Then at some point walked over and said: “You look like you want to dance..but seem nervous”.

      She started laughing, blah blah blah. I initiate kino. more banter…lots of “you look like someone who xyz” Talk about her.

      When she starts asking about you, then reveal things in doses. Tell her she’s too curious. Set yourself up as a challenge.

      That girl, the 26 year old, I danced with, kinoed to make sure she saw me as sexual. Caressed her hair. Texted her later, set up a date. Met her.

      The only thing was this girl would not kiss me. BUT…she wouldn’t leave either.

      Then I invited her to my place. Wouldn’t kiss me but was all over me, hugging cuddling.

      More comfort needed. Set up another date, she’s helping me set up my New Year’s Eve party. More teasing…more banter.

      From what you write, you’re stuck, way too serious and it’s: “So…do you like stuff?” kind of conversation.

      IF you’re starting out use some of the canned routines, then get your own.

      Keep at it. If you’re reaching out to figure out what you can do better here—great.

      But I can speak from experience, you can’t whip a dead horse. So learn from this..move on.


      • @wala is out there killing it…


      • Is weed harmful for clubs? I tried and it made me nervous as hell, couldn’t approach initially.

        How the fuck do you guys do it? I just ask all the chicks if they wanna dance. Almost all of them say no. After you get rejected, it kills your state.


      • @Gurshar

        When you realize nothing and I mean nothing at all (of any interaction) is about YOU, that no one is watching, there is no score being kept and that only YOU can validate YOU everything else will fall into place…

        For more practical advice hit @yareally archives, RSD, Krauser and our host’s archives. And then put it into practice.

        There is no greater fool than the game denier.


      • Thanks for your help guys. Absolutely appreciate it. You are right I did drop the ball and paid the price. The game feels so brutal. I think I am gonna explicitly LJBF her and be a bit more aloof just to see how things go.


      • on January 1, 2015 at 9:48 am Whomever Wherever

        > “weed… Almost all of them say no…”

        1) We can’t help you if you’re a druggie. 2) Work on your Day Game. Clubs are TERRIBLE places to actually engage chicks in repartee. Just start saying hello to every chick in the daylight, with a big smile on your face, and engage as many of them as possible in brief conversation. Work on becoming completely at ease [and fake it til you make it] in the presence of the female of the species.


      • on January 3, 2015 at 4:47 am Carlos Danger

        Sorry WW AKA ZS, weed ain’t really a problem.


    • don’t ever ask a bitch what she feels about you. Assume she wants you and go from there


  28. There’s evidence that genes can be switched on/off within a single generation, simply by changing behavior, and given the right environmental pressures. The tail can wag the dog. In other words, you may be born with go-along-to-get-along genes, but changing your behavior can change your genetics. Further evidence suggests that memories may actually be encoded in our genes. This may explain all the “junk” DNA that scientists can’t figure the purpose of. If it can be encoded in your neurons, why couldn’t it be encoded in DNA molecules? If this is true, then it’s possible that major shifts in cultural behavior could happen more quickly than generally thought.

    It may not even matter if bad boy genes get passed on. They may get switched on overnight and spread like wildfire.


  29. Sincewh en do white women BREED with bad boys?


  30. on December 29, 2014 at 11:19 am Isaac Asstomouf

    Overthinking this. Women are attracted to strength, but they aren’t always able to distinguish a fake from the genuine article. It brings to mind the Simpsons episode where Bart’s crush falls for ne’er-do-well Jimbo Jones because he’s such a “bad boy.” Long story short, her love evaporates after Moe exposes him as a simpering little bitch.


  31. So, I’m just curious what you men think about this. I’ve had this off and on communication with this girl for a long time and she contacted me over the holidays. In her reply to me she told me “I’m a purist. I’m best doing one thing at a time”. Should I just not even reply and throw this one in the bag for good.


    • What did you ask her to do?


    • to her : Me too. Meet me at 9:30 at X and I will tell you what I am best at.

      Get the meet up, isolate, escalate.


      • that’s the thing, she lives in FL, I’m in CA


      • on December 29, 2014 at 6:13 pm Whomever Wherever

        SHE: ““I’m a purist. I’m best doing one thing at a time”.”

        YOU: “Well how about if you get really pure about sending me nekkid pictures of yourself, one body part at a time. Start by sending me a selfie of the small of your neck*…” And then lead her slowly but surely all the way through to the point where she’s sending you pictures of herself m_st_rbating. [*English Patient reference.]


      • on December 29, 2014 at 6:18 pm Whomever Wherever


      • on December 29, 2014 at 6:35 pm Whomever Wherever

        Also criticize her mercilessly if the pictures are poorly lit or out of focus. “Jesus H Christ, do I have to get that dyke Annie Liebowitz over there to take proper nudes of you? TTYL. Or not.”


      • Long distance is automatic beta. Drop her a line when you are going to be heading to her area, otherwise you are de facto orbiting…


      • on December 30, 2014 at 1:47 pm Whomever Wherever

        > “otherwise you are de facto orbiting…”

        Unless she’s sending him selfies of her shaven labia. [Oh, and criticize her shaving technique if she missed a few hairs.]


      • Long distance is automatically beta? WTF…this is how I know nobody here has a gd clue.

        You know how many LD fucks I have? I make an art form out of having local chicks to see in exotic places so I don’t have to bother renting a car or looking at a map.

        If I’ve been somewhere it was probably to see a LD…a girl who is LD should be an AUTOMATIC. You just tell them you’re coming to see them and they will think they’re the specialist snowflake on the planet.

        And they all keep asking when I am coming back…


    • @Mas

      Her: “I’m a purist. I’m best doing one thing at a time”.

      Me: Great, start by getting the first round when we go for drinks. When are you free? I’m good with Sunday.

      her: either will agree to set it up or not

      I’m reading a lot of these posts and I see myself around 12 months ago.

      I was obsessing over each word. Now I’m trying to focus on the broader outcome not the output.

      I even tried something new with the latest girl I’m gaming.

      Girl and I went to a carnival. I got her on a roller coaster, she was crying and screaming while I just laughed.

      We bantered about it today:

      Her: I was screaming to stop it

      Me: my laughing drowned it out

      her: yah didn’t think about that could be your laugh covering my voice

      Me: Hmmmmm

      Her: I guess you’re the trouble maker

      Me: Yes I’m the one your mom warned you about

      Her: Haaaaaah??? Kissy-face icon: except for the ride that was a great night thx.

      Me: I like spending time with you…even though you stepped on my feet

      This is a girl who didn’t kiss me but is clearly wanting more comfort. Note the banter, the teasing, the bad boy imagery.

      This girl has a funky tattoo so she fucks. She just doesn’t want to “appear” like she’s up for it.

      Note how I lead this interaction and banter. This was after we had agreed to meet up. She’s nervous. Hasn’t been with an older dude before.

      But The “i like spending time with you” is because this is a sweet cute girl NOT a bitchy cunt who needs to be negged every two seconds.

      A few of the guys here were instilling the idea of “calibration” on me so I started it.

      The results are positive with the two girls I’ve tried this on.

      Don’t tell them what you think of them until they’ve confessed some feelings for you, then lift the curtain just enough to show you’re a real guy and then become the puzzle again.


      • this is so sperg it’s painful. On Chinese girls no less

        I ran a lesson for a friend today…some girl here with her bitch shield up. And he was eyeing her, she has her sunglasses on indoors and her face buried in a smartphone.

        I just knocked on her table and said “oi.” She looks up and I look straight into her sunglassed eyes…”bom dia.” And she smiles and says “bom dia” back. Too bad I don’t speak Portuguese lol

        stop wasting times playing fucking games and just go alpha on these hoes. Just do whatever you want. See a pretty chick, sit down next to her and say hi. The bitch shield is a shit test; they are DARING you to challenge it.

        This is what I told my friend- START walking the fuck up like a man with BALLS to girls you admire and JUST SAY HI. Take SMALL STEPS until you get over the fear of rejection or whatever the fuck negative outcome you THINK is gonna happen. You ain’t gonna die, FFS

        Spin their hamster wheel. Eventually, the rest will flow. Seriously, with all this talk about beta- it’s really as simple as growing a pair of balls.


  32. If Obama were to be President for another 4 years, things would deteriorate even more than they have already ( especially racial tensions ), there would be more Ferguson type situations until whites would reach their tiping point, and then a civil war would break out, whites would take back their land and their women.

    It needs to get worse- unfortunately, much worse – before it gets better.


  33. I was on a plane next to a girl who studied sociology in University. She was kind of sane and agreed with me that western men are becoming pussies who do not mate with these girls. Decline in amount children of these guys around in few decades?

    Other point to make is that the hard-core feminist / in this case sociology students cannot fool themselves either; there will be no men to them, because 1) they make men behave like feminist around them 2) they despise these men = declining rate of children for these women?

    The problem will solve itself? Obvious problem is that this will also limit the amount of white kids around in few decades…


  34. ho on December 29, 2014 at 11:14 am

    “Sincewh en do white women BREED with bad boys?”

    It’s a lot more common in the heartland. The emasculated man/masculinized woman pairing is more of an urban phenom.


  35. You’re assuming that white women will specifically prefer white badboys.

    That has not been my personal experience.

    I spent my adult life going on dates with educated white men, who were always fawningly eager to display their feminist, anti-racist credentials. I had a vague sense that “something was missing” in my relationships with them, but couldn’t quite articulate it.

    At age 22, I happened to go on my first date with a Latino man. Like most of the men in my social circle, he was intelligent, educated, ambitious. Unlike them, however, he had been raised in a “macho” culture, and his years in a liberal college environment hadn’t completely overcome that. For instance, on one of our first dates, he mentioned that childcare and housework should always be a woman’s primary responsibility,even if she works outside the home. He also said that hitting a wife or girlfriend is sometimes justified.

    I married him. We have 4 kids now.

    Would it have been nice to marry a white man, so that my kids would have blue eyes and my in-laws would actually speak English? Sure. But marrying a masculine man turned out to be more important for me.


  36. ethnocentric groups will eventually out-compete and supplant humanitarian groups…
    Ok, I see this happening under some setups, like the current liberal west, however under other circumstances I see E.O.Wilson’s dictum true:
    Selfishness beats altruism within groups. Altruistic groups beat selfish groups
    Or, can we say that within current liberal democracies selfish groups can be considered as playing the role of individuals? That would explain both axioms.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 3:16 pm Diversity Is Good

      Within the current dying democracies, selfis, tribal groups are indeed playing the role of both individuals and groups. Within the tribal groups there is altruism, but only to other members of the tibe. Tribal groups compete with all other groups from an ethnocentric point of view. The group is selfish in respect to outsiders, and altruistic inside.

      Any group that is high trust, such as NW Europeans (West of Hajnal line) is not likely to be able to compete with ethnocentric tribalists.

      Imagine Sweden 50 years ago, before the insanity took hold. One, big, extended family, high trust to each other, but a coldly neutral position to outsiders. Feminism will die in Sweden. The only question is how – Malmo is one example. Dam few feminists in Malmo nowadays outside of government offices.


  37. Pathological altruism would seem to be the natural course of christianity. Christianity had more teeth in the past in part because it was forced to stay militarized against islam and mongols. But now that others look less threatening, the natural ideals of Christianity are manifesting. European pathological altruism may be a religious and cultural artifice rather than an innately selected tendancy. Roman legions and vvikings were hardly obsequious to strangers.


    • “because it was forced to stay militarized against islam and mongols.”

      You cannot stay “militarized against Islam” because Islam is neither a person, nor a group of persons. At least say “muslims.”

      Also, how does it make you feel that muslims in India manage to defecate inside, unlike their no doubt not violent, non misogynist, non degenerate hindoo neighbors? 🙂


  38. I don’t think NW Europeans are ethno-masichists. Firstly, the groups that wanted more immigration were not manorial, they were opportunistic and wanted votes and to find a way to ensure their parties could stay in power. In America, it is the same thing. The lefties wanted immigrants to come in and vote for them. You might then say that the lefties are ethno-masichists but they aren’t. They made a lot of money for themselves, live in gated communities etc. They also tended to be “new money”, not manorial old money. The only people I can’t explain are the scandinavians, who knows what their excuse is, not that I believe there is anything noteworthy about scandinavians but the politicians there just seem totally incompetent and insane.


    • It may explain the leftoids, but yes, NW Europeans are indeed ethnomasochist. They say things like, “I’m for legal immigration, not illegal,” and voice support for increasing legal immigration levels. The business wing of the GOP holds disproportionate power, and support increased immigration, even though it hurts the GOP because most immigrants vote Dim.

      And if NW Europeans weren’t ethnomasochist, how would you explain the Japanese? They have greedy capitalists too, but for some reason Japan has refused to admit large numbers of brown savages.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 2:11 pm Diversity Is Good

        In Minnesota it’s the DFL libs who made importing Somali illiterates into an important piece of social gospel. They don’t appear to be capable of learning from mistakes, either. So, yeah, ethnomasochist fits.

        But remember, most people still believe in the blank slate. Geographical magic thinking that says taking an illiterate tribal thinker out of east Africa and sticking him in a hi rise apartment in St. Paul will magically transform him into a lutefisk-loving, altruistic, high-trust, non tribal citizen.

        As people relearn that half of behavior is inherited, even the average brain dead DFL voter might think twice about further benefits of die-versity.


      • Well let’s not confuse the two issues of actual self hatred ethnomasichism and then selfishness or greed. Tony Blair is not self-hating, he has a lot of money and doesn’t have to deal with the immigrants others do in his community. I would say he is greedy. His reason for bringing in immigrants was to bring down the old right and permanently install his Labour groupies. So conspiring to bring in immigrants for money without considering the consequences, which it seems they don’t is just a stupid, selfish move. On the other hand, actual self-hatred is another issue. I remember reading about white people in the Ferguson area wishing they weren’t white. That isn’t an attitude I think one can blame on NW Europe, that firstly seems rare and secondly it is probably a personal issue and any European could be capable of it. So I refer to a lot of these immigration pushes as perhaps class warfare or plain selfishness or stupidity and not self destruction. The lefties profit quite handsomely from immigrant votes. The actual self hatred though I just can not sit still and be told is from NW Europe. And regarding the Japanese, I think the issue is that the British Empire covered much ground and fears of another racist fascist government after WWII led to more inclusive policies. Slavery and trade with Middle east brought in immigrants too. Lastly, the immigration doors really did not open up until within the 20 years or so.


      • on December 29, 2014 at 3:33 pm Diversity Is Good

        Well let’s not confuse the two issues of actual self hatred ethnomasichism and then selfishness or greed. Tony Blair is not self-hating, he has a lot of money and doesn’t have to deal with the immigrants others do in his community.

        Tony Blair got to be PM by lots and lots of votes from ordinary Labour supporters, though, some of them the kinds of people whose daughters wound up being pimped out in Rotherham. It takes a kind of self hatred to keep supporting the destruction of not just your own country, but your own family, wouldn’t you say?

        His reason for bringing in immigrants was to bring down the old right and permanently install his Labour groupies.

        Just like the US Dems. But again, a lot of ordinary middle class types need to vote the party ticket for that to happen.

        So conspiring to bring in immigrants for money without considering the consequences, which it seems they don’t is just a stupid, selfish move.

        Blank slate / geographical magic thinking same as in Minnesota. But there is more to it than that, there’s middle class white guilt.

        On the other hand, actual self-hatred is another issue. I remember reading about white people in the Ferguson area wishing they weren’t white. That isn’t an attitude I think one can blame on NW Europe, that firstly seems rare and secondly it is probably a personal issue and any European could be capable of it.

        It grows out of the NW Euro individualism. Because Americans are taught that white == evil, many whites are now self hating. The cure for self hatred is some form of self injury or self destruction. Endless immigration is self destruction on a national scale.

        . The actual self hatred though I just can not sit still and be told is from NW Europe.

        Well, where is it from, then?

        And regarding the Japanese, I think the issue is that the British Empire covered much ground and fears of another racist fascist government after WWII led to more inclusive policies. Slavery and trade with Middle east brought in immigrants too.

        The Japanese are simply different on a genetic basis. Rice growing requires a different set of skills and a higher level of social cohesion than, say, wheat growing.

        Lastly, the immigration doors really did not open up until within the 20 years or so.

        In England, maybe. In the US we have 30 years of this crap, and it is never enough for the powers that be.


      • ” how would you explain the Japanese? ”

        a college prof (this was an automotive/vocational course) said the Japs are the most racist people in the world. That is why they were the first to implement robots. But now their population is aging rapidly and their economy is shrinking, due to no new blood.


      • But now their population is aging rapidly and their economy is shrinking, due to no new blood.

        Or maybe they just aren’t having enough children, like the Europeans. “No new blood” doesn’t have anything to do with it. If they were getting all inbred, like the Arabs, then yeah, “new blood” would be a problem.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 2:12 pm Diversity Is Good

      In Minnesota it’s the DFL libs who made importing Somali illiterates into an important piece of social gospel. They don’t appear to be capable of learning from mistakes, either. So, yeah, ethnomasochist fits.

      But remember, most people still believe in the blank slate. Geographical magic thinking that says taking an illiterate tribal thinker out of east Africa and sticking him in a hi rise apartment in St. Paul will magically transform him into a lutefisk-loving, altruistic, high-trust, non tribal citizen.

      As people relearn that half of behavior is inherited, even the average brain dead DFL voter might think twice about further benefits of die-versity.


    • The only people I can’t explain are the scandinavians, who knows what their excuse is, not that I believe there is anything noteworthy about scandinavians

      That just shows your ignorance. “Nothing noteworthy” says the guy who knows nothing about what countries contribute to the scientific progress of this world. And you have been reading manosphere blogs where Slavs and Meds show the same hatred of Scandinavians as non-Whites show for all Whites.

      Scandinavians were racialist until American mongrels invaded Europe together with the Jew-led Soviet Union and destroyed racialism. So who is to blame, buddy? Sweden had the world’s foremost institute for racial studies until Germany took the lead.

      The reason there is mass immigration in northern Europe today is because of Americans. If there would be such a thing as collective guilt, then Americans would all burn in hell. The brainwashing in northern Europe comes from Hollywood’s Jew-led corporations. And you “can’t explain”? Because you don’t want to say the truth.

      Your historical ignorance doesn’t allow you to learn about Russians, who long ago mixed with Asiatics to a large degree, or about Greeks, who mixed with eastern immigrants – Socrates remarked that Greeks were becoming darker in his time, which was due to race-mixing. And you don’t know about Spaniards and Portuguese mixing with Moors – most Iberians have non-White genes way back. And not so far back Portugal brought in about 12,000 Africans, who today are nowhere to be seen because they were absorbed into the gene pool. Which is no doubt why nothing productive ever comes out of Portugal. No science, no technology, nothing.

      But of course, don’t criticize your swarthy brethren, who have ALREADY race-mixed.


  39. “less altruistic foreigners.”

    haha, that’s funny


  40. on December 29, 2014 at 12:34 pm gunslingergregi

    so its been a while since I posted he he he
    get what the fuck you want out of life


  41. To @cullum @Reco @hunter @wala and the rest

    A little recap of recent adventure and some insights… for whatever it may be worth.

    At an upscale hotel, finish with work dinner, head to bar. It’s a large bar and lounge. Maybe 40-50 people spread out at tables and groups and each end of the bar, but only a single woman in the middle. about 20 staff milling about.

    Grab a drink next to the single. Now this is a place where you are either here staying or came with someone, not a place for any single to wander in. So I just post up, “bar posture” arms spread shoulder width on bar, hands flat on counter, chin up, back straight. Whiskey. Sipping, ignoring the single.

    I see a bit of eye coding. I am real busy this week and have resolved to no shenanigans, so I draw the line early here and now. But a little game can’t hurt. Now here you have to play the ball as you find it, sadly this was no 20YO smokeshow, but a 35 YO blonde with a 6 body (a little thick for me) and an aging face of former 8. I turn to her and we start to chat a bit. Blah Blah. She gives off a few garden variety shit tests which spike my interest, and I laugh to myself and think heh we will see who shows who what… [this kind of challenge if you will would have been a huge turn off and may be again yet].

    She is in a melancholy mood, I can see she is that age when women feel every ounce of their beauty ticking through the hourglass, grain by grain. It’s so much harder the prettier they used to be… believe me if you see a wrinkle or line she can point out 30 more… [but this is also a great opportunity for some game and some beta from an alpha frame]. Maybe it was the season of good will for men or whatever but it brought out a beneficent mood in me.

    We chat a bit more, she is married, heading to a split. We talk about her 13 YO daughter, starting to model in NYC. she brings up her phone and look at pics, she then shows me her pics of her days as a model [projection alert – yearning for glory days… can drive a truck through this]. she does have a very beautiful face and was hot back in the day. She still throws a few shit tests my way though and at one point, i forget what she said exactly, it was some kind of challenge [usually I would remember this part of the interaction but what came next erased it from my mind], we are about 20 minutes into this, she does not know my name. I am piqued a bit, close space and with one hand lift her chin and turn her face towards me, go in and give her a kiss [now this was not a 23YO guy jamming his tongue down her throat, this was a proper kiss, first some pressure, then backing off but still contact some light tongue swirling, lean in a bit and finish with pulling back and away, breaking contact first (TM)].

    Her eyes are still closed and she says “Wow”!, opens them and looks at me [talk about spiking attraction haha] and is a bit slack eyed. at this I merely stare at her blankly, no smug expression, just a cold and rather hard look, and take a long slow sip on my whiskey, then casually look around the room. She grabs my arm and says “are you staying here”? I say yes. she says “let’s grab some drinks to go”. I say “sorry I can’t”. she says “really we can get two to go and go back to your room” [ha hard qualifying]. I sip on my drink some more. [it’s funny because I had resolved nothing would happen in advance, I was calm and cool as a cucumber and could care less… a beyond abundance mind set].

    She continues qualifying “no seriously let’s go I am going to fuck the shit out you, really” [she thought maybe I thought she was time wasting]. I tell her “I have a busy day tomorrow, Can’t”. Now at this she starts to lose it a bit. and now comes the mother of all qualifications, she says “I have a really tight pussy” and she shimmies forward on the bar stool, takes my hand and sticks it up her skirt. So I am there fingering her a bit [and she was right BTW!] and she is grinding into me and laughing and saying OMG all these bar tenders know what we are doing. I take my hand back and say “impressive but we can’t go up, sorry”.

    It dawns on me that her hamster CANNOT deal with the possibility she, willing sex to happen, is getting turned down. So she does what women do, and starts to hamster [i.e. projection and rationalization], “why can’t we go up”? I say it’s complicated, she comes back with “is someone there”? I see a lifeline, “yes that’s it” at which she jumps as only a woman can, to the least logical rationalization that holds her ego unblemished. Instead of thinking like a woman was sharing my room (that she would be competing with LOL), which would make sense, she says “oh is your boss staying with you”? At this I laugh but jump on it. “yeah that’s it”. LOL She then punches me in the arm lightly and says “OMG, you scared me, don’t lie to me like that”. Ahhhh women, hamster doing it’s job, ego unblemished.

    So I say let’s get some air. we go out to the courtyard, it’s night but not real late. We sit on a bench. she lays down with her head in my lap, looking up at me. I hold her head in my hands, start kissing her again. Run my hands down and finger her some more. While I am kissing her I am holding her neck firmly, slipping two fingers in her mouth, playing with her tongue and lips. She comes hard and shudders and croaks out a breathless “thank you”. I growl low in her ear, “what did you say”? she says “thank you”. I tell her say it again, she is going “thank you, thank you”…

    At this i take her face in my hands, brush back her hair, look in her eyes with the same cold, firm stare and say “you are a beautiful, beautiful woman” [what can I say, like I said spirit of the season] and at this she completely dissolves… closes her eyes and turns her smiling face into my lap. She is once again a little girl, adored, loved, safe, happy. It was a very touching moment….

    A moment I subsequently ruined by overgaming. Trying to prolong her titillation, I whisper “look at you out here with a stranger on a bench”. Well this slaps her out of it and ASD kicks in “no no no don’t say that I’ll feel slutty.” [ha lesson learned, just comfort post O, no need to go further!]. and immediately she goes back to shit testing me, asking me to carry her bag etc. which I say No to and she says you really are an ass you know that. I chuckle and we go our way into separate nights.

    Happy New Year to you all.


    • @Sentient – just saw this – did it only just get approved?

      Great stuff – I actually felt a bit sorry for her getting turned down..why did you decide in advance nothing was going to happen? Did you really have to get a good night’s sleep or was it a sort of will power thing?


  42. on December 29, 2014 at 12:51 pm The Garbage Collector

    “I fell in love across the Atlantic in a country more beautiful than God himself while four months pregnant with another man’s child.

    The first time I saw him, it was nighttime in late August, the moon a perfect sickle. My plane landed in Accra, Ghana, and the air smelled like curry spices, yam and dry heat…”


  43. I would like this to be true. But let us not forget that women don’t have enough children anymore.. Must we all be reminded that it’s a woman’s career that’s important. Not her family.

    No Army will be forthcoming.


    • Nice nickname my friend !


    • Decreased White TFRs used to be a raciss thing to bring up. Then fifteen years ago Pat Buchanan wrote a book about that, in response to which neocons — and then libs — framed the idea as a fait accompli in order to demoralize or push immigration through.


      • my father got me a signed copy of the book with a personalized message. truly amazing pat was allowed on msnbc for so many years.


  44. So, a few things about women I have noticed I wanted to hear some opinions about. Firstly, I noticed women will make intense eye contact when you are right next to them talking. Maybe that is normal but I absolutely hate it. No, this isn’t a sperg thing, and if you thought that, you are the sperg. The issue is that you must apparently not break the eye contact or lose invisible attractiveness points. But staring a woman in the eye feels really creepy, almost leering. Second, I noticed women frequently will mention almost tangentially they have a boyfriend by stretching to tie him in to the conversation. Not sure if this is saying “please don’t hit on me” or if they are saying they are attracted to you but in some way are trying to ward it off or what. Lastly, I have noticed the most attractive women will put themselves in spots to be seen the most, yet they will metaphorically trap themselves in a glass box and place mines all around them to prevent people from actually speaking to them. For example, a 9 wearing skimpy clothes in the gym goes and does intense workout in most visible location while wearing headphones and doing it in such a way that you would have to interrupt her to talk to her which really gives her a huge upper hand.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 3:08 pm Diversity Is Good

      Martin, you are new here, aren’t you? Shit testing, bitch shields, etc. are standard features of women. An artisan knows his way over, under, around or through them.

      See archives.


      • I have been here a while actually. The thing is that mentioning something like a “shit test” isn’t specific enough. I don’t know if “I have a boyfriend” is a shit test or a subtle indicator of disinterest. I get that you are supposed to sort of ignore shit tests but honestly, I think a lot of people who preach about the pickup things are just saying generic things. Approaching women is nowhere near as easy as people make it seem.


      • on December 30, 2014 at 4:01 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

        Martin, you’re caring too much. No fucks must be given.


    • @martin Women only stare deeply in your eyes either as a test (which you allude to) or it’s an IOI. Either way, assume the latter and stare her right back down, looking through the back of her head. She will look away, if she looks down that is also an IOI. If you don’t think you can break her stare, stick your tongue out and draw it back – plimp – it will rattle her and you can laugh. Eye contact builds tension, the best way to break the tension is for her to submit, like I said, but a humorous moment is good as well. 7 of 10 times she will throw in an arm punch. another good one is to kiss her. Feel out the situation.

      You can get better at eye game by just practicing. Just stare down every women you come across in your daily travels. Just put a pleasant smirk on your face, don’t glare like a lunatic. You can toss in a little nod as well “hey I see you and I see you see me” is what you convey.

      Boyfriend stuff treat the same way, it is either a test or an unconscious IOI [her asd is saying I am taken to her gina which is starting to quiver]. I treat as the latter always, until proven otherwise. In any event event ignore it and plough or play with it without caring i.e. “That’s nice. Tell me does he allow you to speak to men without his permission”? “That’s great for you, have you set a wedding date yet? what’s that he hasn’t proposed. Really”? There was a great video clip @wala put up of Andy Garcia crushing the I have a Boyfriend shit test “does he make you thump”? I think that was it…

      Very beautiful girls set up “beta blockers” to avoid nuisance men. It’s win win for them, because they avoid the nuisance men and any guys who blast through are likely worth a talking with, having passed the test. Headphones are not much of a block, just motion her to take them off. Slight compliance test right there. Practice with girls in the street, just wave your hand at them to take off their headphones and just ask them simple directions someplace and move on. will help your confidence.


      • Right, got it then. I am relieved that my experience so far regarding “eye tests”, boyfriends, and “beta blockers” was not just something I was imagining, those were real. Thanks for the tips, these will be very useful. Cheers.


    • ^ Agree with D.i.G.: all covered in the archives…since you mentioned eye contact first, read the post about Pimp Eye Contact for an effective countermeasure.


      • They might be covered in the archives but google isn’t a very effective tool. An archivist might be useful here. I just read that article and it just said to keep eye contact when talking. Great. But you can see why I don’t take a lot of things said seriously when it is said a pimp does the same thing. I am not a black scoundrel.


    • If she is making a lot of eye contact maybe you should stop talking and kiss her.


    • in mod… along with some others.


      • @sentient Ive posted about that one girl I developed post-coital oneitis for (she’s in college) a lot and just recently on the “spread Christmas cheer” post of CH’s. When you get time could you look it over and give me your thoughts on it


      • I would really appreciate it. It’s about emailing girls you never moved forward with when they have green lights for LTR. Aka never provided comfort for


      • @Will. Will do.


      • @will responded to you in two threads, the manspreading one and the Beta of the Year.


    • Give strong unblinking eye contact when YOU are talking. After that, if you break eye contact slowly and casually to the side or up, it’s fine. Just never look away quickly or towards the ground. A trick I use is to unfocus my gaze when I am looking at someone…it enlarges the pupils and has a hypnotic effect. Just make sure you aren’t suddenly crosseyed. Lozlzzlozlzozl! You can also do a ‘power stare’ if you need to make a point to a male interloper or a bitchy waitress, and don’t know if you will be able to hold eye contact. Look at the bridge of their nose, between their eyes, and HOLD THE GODDAMN LINE, until they blink rapidly and/or break eye contact. This is often accompanied by faltering speech or a quavering/higher pitch in the voice.

      As with any psychosocial techniques you hear from some guy on the internet; context context context! For instance, don’t go staring down gangbangers unless you are prepared to handle the inevitable violence. Don’t go staring down chicks without the pretext of polite conversation. Those caveats aside…intense eye contact can be a powerful weapon in the eternal war for the scalps of hotter and tighter women on your belt.


    • Yes, if they bring up that they have a boyfriend it is to let you know that. Of course. Which saves you time.

      And you are right that people often just state generic things from the game vocabulary. It’s like hitting buttons. And many treat threads like a game where they “win” by making a matter as black-and-white as possible, because saying something simple sounds wiser, like “I don’t need all that shiat, here’s the pearl of wisdom that cuts through everything”. Very often they think they win the “forum game” by simply posting along the lines of, “don’t care about anything and that will impress her because she’ll think your value is so high you don’t need to make an effort”. One guy even wrote that all you need to do to meet women – all – is to “take a shower and go out” without talking to anyone. So aloof. Clearly his value must be through the roof.

      There is something to the aloof thing, but that’s ONE thing. There are other things to learn. But many use that one, and then anyone else advocating something else is “trying too hard”, which means the Aloof Advocate wins the thread.


  45. One question: how do I handle a situation where my GF is jealous on her sister that gets all sorts of romantic gifts and attention from her BF (who’s a chode, let’s say)?


    • describe some examples…

      Who is hotter?


    • on December 29, 2014 at 3:22 pm Diversity Is Good

      Meh. Sisters are often jealous of each other. WTF do you care?

      Or, maye, why are you jealous of your GF’s sister’s BF? Be a bigger chode and maybe you can convince the sisters that sharing (you) is caring.


      • the uglier sisters do not like me at all. They kind of hate me lately. Funny enough, there’s one that’s hotter than all of them… she’s the only one who likes me (kind of sexually lol)


    • She’s jealous about her sister, but you can bet she doesn’t desire her sister’s boyfriend.


      • Yeah. I’m not afraid of him lol… but my GF get upset that she gets nothing from me whilst her sister gets all sorts of shit (flowers, teddy bears, lotsa of time, etc)

        It’s funny that I get all the sex I want from my gf whilst the poor guy gets nada from his gf


      • on December 30, 2014 at 5:20 am Whomever Wherever

        It’s funny that I get all the sex I want from my gf whilst the poor guy gets nada from his gf

        Game. Set. Match. To emphasize: GAME! Set. Match.


    • The absolute worst move would be to get in some kinds gift-giving contest with the sister’s bf.

      In fact, do the opposite. Give her some skittles and make a big deal about it.


    • @dndre

      How should I frame it in her mind?

      Don’t. When she brings it up….just shrug and say, “that’s retarded, who buys gifts for their girlfriend, so clingy and needy.

      Her: So sweet, that’s how a nice guy treats his girlfriend

      You: I”m not like other guys, that’s why you’re with me…

      Then change the subject to some activity you know she’ll enjoy and make it seem like it’s your idea.

      Depending on how much attraction you have built up it will frame it in such a way as to say: 1) sister’s bf is clingy and buying her attention so she feels obligated 2) you’re not like other guys…


    • Tell her you give gifts when you want to, not when you are pressured to. I don’t see any reason to put down her sister’s boyfriend. Also, refrain from discussing it with her after that. Any alpha points you may have earned are going to be cancelled out by letting her compare you to her sister’s boyfriend. Do give her a gift occasionally or plan something fun.


      • “Do give her a gift occasionally or plan something fun.”

        agree with this. nothing wrong with giving a girl something nice once in awhile. in fact, you SHOULD be doing that occasionally when she’s being good to you and not complaining or causing trouble.

        if you never reward her for her good behavior, she will start to think there isn’t much point.

        punish swiftly for bad behavior, reward for good behavior (intermittently)


      • to clarify…

        as i said, reward her when she’s being good to you and not complaining or causing trouble. comparing you to her sister’s boyfriend falls into the complaining and causing trouble category so you should not reward when she is doing that.

        wait until she is being calm and decent. when she’s been consistently sweet and easy to get along with. that’s when you surprise her with a special night out or a little gift of lingerie or a nice bottle of wine or something. catch her off guard with it by doing it when she least suspects it. that will teach her that her good behavior is going to pay off. she won’t know when or how but she’ll keep behaving better knowing she MIGHT be rewarded for being a good girlfriend.

        like i said before, “if you never reward her for her good behavior, she will start to think there isn’t much point.”


      • K is right… behavior modification i.e. training. You need to do it all the time.

        So when she misbehaves she is punished, usually best done if you have hand by simply removing your awesome self from her presence.

        So she starts on about her sister and her gifts – just tell her calmly and straight up “If you want gifts so bad maybe you need to date [chode name]”, I’ve had enough of this shit.” Then retire by yourself, preferably to someplace with alcohol and single women in abundance> “i’m going to the bar for a drink”. and split.

        Turn off your phone, reconnect with her next day or so as if NOTHING at all happened. she brings it up, you say “I told you I’m tired of hearing this shit” and if she persists you remove yourself again. She wont though. DO NOT get dragged into any kind of discussion, whatever she goes on about you just say “you done”?

        When things revert back to normal, and they will… after some mind blowing sex, you present her with a little gift, a token of your esteem. Max bonus points if it is handmade (could be anything, a card, a fucking paperweight, a small box of chocolate, etc. not something of any $$$ consequence. You say here, you are my special girl, my baby whatever kind of shit she likes to hear, the point is she is YOUR girl… She will swoon. Max bonus points if you fuck the shit out of her right there, then ask her to make you something to eat and slap her ass.

        THIS ^^^^ is the shit that takes a while to learn in a LTR, sadly by the time you do it is often too late. You have squandered all of your hand.

        But it is the same dance over and over… Punish and reward. Constant training.


  46. I agree with this blog post. Incidentally, I am best friend with a guy who has mostly anglo heritage, and he is a selfless humanitarian to the end. He is aware of the alt-right on the internet, and studied evolutionary psychology in college. While he may understand the truth of some of this information on an intellectual level, that does not change his fundamentally empathic disposition or behavior. He will be a nice guy to the end, even if that means he has little success in attracting women (I’m not exactly a Lothario either, but at least I am working on it) for the rest of his life. I do not understand his mindset.

    On the other hand, I have over 50% of my genes coming from places outside the hajnal line in europe. I have large quantities of Italian and Irish genes. I wonder if there is a measurable difference among those who descend from the regions of the Western European core and those who have ancestors away from that zone.


  47. The most important thought experiment a young woman can undertake, in regards to her choice of a man:

    Could he do everything in his power to protect me and the kids in the case of a zombie apocalypse*? Would he? Am I worthy of that kind of loyalty from him?

    *it has to be the zombie apocalypse, because this is something my generation understands, regardless of the fact that a full-out civil war is the more plausible event.


  48. Whites voted Labour because they introduced tax credits for working families, and these are serious money for a lot of working “poor”.


    • on December 29, 2014 at 4:54 pm Diversity Is Good

      Then Labour just pimp out daughters of Labour voters to Paki’s directly. Cut out the middlemen, keep all the profits for the party.

      I mean to say, if you’re correct that is what’s being done right now, except the tax credits make the girl-buying a bit more discreet.

      Someone good at writing satire could produce a nice Swiftian “modest proposal” out of the idea.


    • Whites? Workers. Workers voted for the socialists who were against Western nations’ culture, spewed crap about our history, ridiculed and attacked Western traditions. Workers did so because they want as much money as possible for as little work as possible, right now, without caring about the damage done to the future. And they were too dumb to understand, and too lazy to learn, that right-wing policies where you DON’T slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs bring more wealth for all in the future. But when one side advocates that you work hard and the other side says you can get as much stolen money as possible in exchange for your vote, workers chose the theft.

      Now that workers have slowly but surely moved to the Right in West European elections it’s too late, they are being replaced by immigrants in the voting booth. And they wonder, “huh? wusn’t the Party supposed to give ME free stuff and not them others?” Dumbasses.


  49. Without disagreeing with your solutions, without supporting turd world immigration or “diversity” in any way, nevertheless I have to disagree with the premise you draw from Frost and others. That’s not necessary for your case, and it’s so much bullshit. Historically north and northwest Europeans were not and, important for someone who understands the power of stereotypes, were never SEEN as altruistic or humanitarian, let alone pathologically so. Other Euros never had a stereotype about north/NW Euros as altruistic. As recently as the 17th C the stereotype about Swedes and what they did in wasting Germany during the 30 yrs’ war, this was all rather different. What Frost (and the wimp-centered view of history pushed by some members of HBD) is doing is confusing certain other closely related traits (conformism, obedience, high trust, moral self-righteousness, moralism, moral cant) for “altruism” because he wants to make NW Euros look better and he thinks altruism sounds good. But historically this is not the case with north Euros. If you want an introduction to the difference between, say, the Italian and the north Euro mindset/morality, look at Nietzsche’s chapter on Genoa in The Gay Science.

    Only an introduction; for full analysis, read all of Nietzsche, especially Beyond Good and Evil (himself of course a N. Euro, but one more psychologically insightful, historically educated, and self-critical than Frost et al).

    What Frost et al forget with talk about “altruism” is that ALL declining elites in history, whether right before the French revolution, or Russian aristos right before the Russian revolution, had similar tendencies you see now among SWPL’s and decadent WASP’s. Namely, a cult of the “noble savage” (or muzhik in Russia), which extolled the supposed virtues of the lower classes and the rustic savage; humanitarianism and altruism and actually a relaxation of oppression, violence, and so on. Some of the Italian thinkers like Pareto and Gaetano Mosca explain quite clearly how historical elites become decadent and, in their decadent phase, always embrace ideals similar to humanitarianism and altruism. In the WASP case this mixes with residual Calvinist desire to prove you’re holier than your neighbors, that you’re the elect. I’m not American and I can safely say that I’ve never met an atheist American; the most atheist SWPL is a rabid Calvinist (or Jew) who believes in morality with a religious fervor. But none of these traits have an origin in some supposedly-bred altruism, for which north Euros have NEVER been historically known or famous.

    Insofar as the problem is a decadent elite’s drive to universality turning on itself, another place to look is Gobineau’s book on the inequality of human races in which he explains how it’s precisely the greatest and most gifted races that have a universalistic, imperial drive that, after expansion, peak, and in their moment of decline, leads to racial and ethnic mixing with the periphery (or with immigrants), which is what in fact destroys civilizations. But that again is something common to all great civilizations or races. There is a tendency in some HBD quarters to forget history and to have a wimp-centered view (maybe grounded in the fact that so many probably work in IT or similar fields). But wimps and betas, despite the fondest imaginings of a Whiskey or Sailer, don’t found great empires and civilizations, and Western history owes as much to dutiful “betas” as it does to serfs, cows, or whatever. And I don’t blame women for not wanting them, they never did. You don’t find medieval or Renaissance love stories where the girl is pining for the beta shopkeeper money-counter. And it wasn’t the shopkeeper who explored continents, built seagoing ships, founded colonial empires and banged native women.


  50. OT, but this was well done. One series of tweets that set feminist moonbats flying:


  51. on December 29, 2014 at 5:37 pm HipsterInTrainin

    Right on spot. I am a Tunisian who lives in Paris, France.
    What is called “leftoids” exist here as well, and I completely agree that when you analyze it, it is plain civilizational suicide. Every time I think about it, it makes me really angry.

    A friend of mine was assaulted in the street, and his phone was stolen. When he went to the police station, a leftoid girl had suffered the same fate. She kept on trying to find excuses for the attacker’s behaviour. Disgusting.


  52. Good god. Are the CH readers aware of this cesspool of SJW thought? This is the anti-Chateau.


  53. Too optimistic. White women mudsharking is increasing exponentially. They are having brown babies or none at all.

    What we need is beta male society to demand that females behave in spite of their nature, as was done just 60 years ago. Premarital sex with bad boys should be shamed. Women drinking and slutting at coed universities considered a crazy idea. Only premarital sex is the cute kind with high school seniors necking under the bleachers, but it’s ok because they marry at 21 and stay married for life, enjoying being white parents and grandparents. The world war II generation was right, except for allowing the Jew takeover.


  54. All of you are talking like this is medieval Europa. In the 21st Century you don’t need armies. There are drones, bombs and nukes. Cut off foreign aid from America and 99% of dark Earth dies of starvation. Zimbabwe disappears overnight without food from “racist” Whites.
    Non-Whites are like tribbles. Don’t feed them and they go AWAY.


    • Correct . we should literally cut off all contact with Africa. But crazy left trying to destroy white civilization THOROUGHLY controls the U.S. government. They have their tentacles choking every agency of government.


    • “There are drones, bombs and nukes”

      That’s great. Drones are not particularly effective as a weapon. Bombs need pilots. Nukes are off the table. No one is going to use nukes easily for fear of retaliation. It doesn’t matter if the people you are attacking don’t have them. There are others who are going to be very twitchy once you do that.


      • ho the contrarian. Joshua’s post is absolutely right: the Third World is upheld by White trade and aid. Black Africa had only 100 million Blacks when Whites got there, and the numbers would sink back to that if they were cut off. They only produce two percent of world GDP, almost all of it because Western corporations run mines etc there, so it would be no big loss.

        In other words, non-White numbers are only upheld because of contact with Whites. It’s not a “numbers game”. It’s not about “outbreeding” them. It’s about changing the minds of Whites. If we can do that, we win no matter what the non-White numbers are. If we can’t do that, then again numbers don’t matter – more Whites in that scenario would just mean more brainwashed slaves.

        That was the main point in his post, as you know.


      • If they no longer breathe the content of the decaying matter between their ears matters not.


      • My point was that using nukes to exterminate others for the crime of existing will not be a viable strategy.

        If you stop feeding the turd world, they will just die off until they are back to sustainable levels.



    Lol marrying at 42. How many men has she fucked between age 18 and 42?

    Even though she’s famous and extra hot , still relevant. This is this generation of women. Not ready to “settle down” until age 40 after 22 years of cock carousel, instead of marrying their first love at 19 or 21 as is biologically appropriate .


  56. He should own it

    Whites are supreme because that’s how evolution rolled

    “White supremacist” is an anti-reality slur.


    • “Supremacism” is used to make people think that White nationalists want to use non-Whites as slaves. Zero people say that. Instead Whites want to live by themselves – while the non-Whites are the ones who want to live off what WE produce.

      If anyone ever wonders which side is right and which is wrong, just look at which side lies over and over again. We don’t lie about the opponents’ aim, which is mass immigration to make Whites a minority. They lie every single time about our aim.


  57. LOL, I am Indian, and this attitude perfectly describes a lot of the whites I know. I don’t understand what it is with whites–you guys conquered the world, and now you apologize for it. Disgusting.


    • Not all of us are apologizing, and plenty more are getting sick of apologies being expected of them.

      Back when the whole Trayvon thing was about to explode With the impending verdict I was with a large group of whites at a bike night, maybe a good 500+ of us or so. Never heard so much outright “fuck these niggers/blacks if they try any shit” talk in my life. From large, battle hardened scary dangerous white men.

      I know I gave up the ‘guilt’. No more. Want an apology? Fuck you. Proud Gaelic-English descended gun carrying, jacked American, nothing to apologize for.


    • Yes, disgusting.And amazing.


  58. Leftoids are hypocritical, not altruistic. The don’t buy the kumbaya bullshit, they bullshit about kumbaya. It’s a game of ethical one-upmanship and a cultural, not genetic phenomenon: Once you are done showing off your goodness by recycling and upholding female suffrage, there are not that many victims left around for you to defend, so the leftist looks to Sudan or to the ghetto for inspiration. Mostly, as soon as the “victims” kick his sorry ass, he stops being a leftist (“A conservative is a leftist who’s been mugged by reality”). So no worry – if too many leftoids get burned by the results of their stupidity, they’ll see the dark light fast enough to save some remnants of this civilization.


  59. “…it affects white women’s mate choice algorithm, increasing their desire for rule-breaking badboys with a low tolerance for kumbaya bullshit.”

    The fact that many of the kumbaya manlets nonjudgementally accept cuckoldery just greases the wheels.


  60. Interesting study: men who take part in violent conflict have more wives and children


  61. never before have I felt so sanctioned. To be a bad boy. A bad boy who doesn’t work hard is just a boy. Outlaw, now that’s a term. When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free. Read that somewhere. Give until it hurts, then realize you shouldn’t have given so much and start taking what you want, realizing that too is a gift- to women who appreciate it in a manly man. Dispense what you have to those you love, of your kin, but do so based on love and free will, not on coercion or deception. If we die off, it’s because we were meant to- unfit and all. Shed not a tear. But let’s just see how unfit we really are, when we have eyes to see. You can’t stop us on the road to freedom, you can’t keep us cause our eyes can see, men with insight, understanding, knights in armor intent on cuckoldry.


  62. or it ends in extinction?


  63. TL:DR; version — There is no White pathological altruism, it is the money stupid. Everyone from Oligarchs like Adelson, Gates, Buffett, Murdoch, Zuckerberg, and Slim makes money on legal and illegal immigrants. Including down to the school board level. Which is why despite ample public opposition it goes on and on, even if its bad for Oligarchs in the long run (those immigrants will vote themselves Oligarch’s money). Short term corruption on a massive, systemic scale over long term interests.

    It is a function of the basic honesty of the Alt Right that they mostly don’t see this. I didn’t either until a quote hit me in the face with it.
    Longer Version:

    If there was manorial based pathological altruism, you’d expect to see it in European history. To give one example, the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars is hardly altruistic towards strangers. Nor was the Saxon Wars killing a million pagan Saxons, nor the Northern Crusade against pagan Finns and Lithuianians, nor indeed any pre WWII European history.

    There is however, staggering amounts of money to be made off immigrants. The FT (behind paywall) had a one-off article quoting Massimo Carminati:

    But in the tape he bragged: “Do you have any idea how much I make on immigrants? Drug trafficking is less profitable. We closed this year with turnover of 40 million [euro]… our profits all came from the gypsies, on the housing emergency and on the immigrants.”

    Carminati is a former right wing assassin, in bed with … the Communists. And the Christian Democrats. And the Socialists. Everyone is getting their cut. Its why they are all in it together. For the MONEY.

    The problem is far, FAR worse than anyone thought. Its not just big time Oligarchs. Its the school board member who gets more federal money for their district which means more money to skim off legally with positions that are tailor-made for political patronage: “Bilingual” aides and teachers, “special” programs and money to give to consultants to “reach the top” with kids out of Michoacan who can’t even read and write Spanish much less English. And don’t get me started on the Indios from Chiapas who don’t even speak Spanish. This goes up to the regional and state and federal level.

    Like Steve Sailer says, privatized profits, socialized costs. But it is systemic, not just Zuckerberg.

    What Mark Twain called “humbuggery” … pious flapdoodle in service of corrupt cons, is the “pathological altruism.” Every hipster hopes to avoid the horrors of real work by taking your money and trickling down a bit to the Third World while he/she “outreaches” and “advocates” etc.

    “Bad boys” are just seeing through the scam. The corruption. The lies.


    • There is no White pathological altruism, it is the money stupid.

      Exactly. Or I would say, it’s the media, stupid. The media are run by a small clique. Hollywood’s productions are shown in every home in the West for hours day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. Even then the majority are against mass immigration, but they are silenced as those in power target them and demonize them. The majority is dispersed, while the minority organizes and shouts down the majority one by one, always with media backing.

      If you have to avoid talking about the top media owners, then out come all the erroneous theories.

      Germanics were always racialist. For example, Jews were forbidden and kicked out of almost every north European country and German mini state at one point or another. Sweden had the world’s most prominent eugenics institute and eugenics laws before the Third Reich. Even the Americans who did the Jews’ bidding and destroyed the many-nations rebellion in Europe came from Whites-only neighborhoods. It was the south Europeans who had mixed with non-Whites, the Portuguese for example bringing in around 12,000 Africans who were absorbed into the gene pool. Ask any honest Portuguese and you will learn that he has a Black ancestor far back, almost all of them do. Portugal encouraged its soldiers in Africa to mix with and marry the Africans, to make the colonized feel that the colonizers were their friends. They did this BEFORE media brainwashing.


    • on December 31, 2014 at 5:43 am Whomever Wherever

      WTF happened his need? Need more details. Way more details. Also, NYDailyNews loading so damned much javascript horseshit [and “smart” cookies from YKW shekel mongers] that the entire webpage literally spasms onscreen like a fucking epileptic patient in a grand mal seizure.


  64. Sorry CH, hypothesis doesn’t hold water. Cad behavior is selected for by women so long as it isn’t selected against by societies betas throughout history, “sexy son” hypothesis an all of that.

    For anecdotal evidence, see the description of Rockefeller’s mother and her mate choices in his biography Titan.


  65. Whiskey is right. The whites who support immigration and so forth may say they are doing so because they are saintly, god-like people, but the real reason is that they are getting fat off it. If, tomorrow, Mexicans started taking over school boards, local government, academia, social services administration, hospital administration, etc., and the whites were thrown out in the cold without jobs, these faithful Democrats would become howling nativists in no time flat.

    I’m from Seattle, where being an openly conservative white will get your tires slashed, yet the liberalism there and in much of California is entirely the result of the fact that the middle class lives off public revenue. Take away tax and spend and half the people would be out of work (Amazon, the city’s largest private employer, doesn’t employ nearly as many people in town as the University of Washington). With immigration – both legal and illegal – there are more jobs to teach immigrant kids and foreign students, treat them at clinics, teach ESL, demand federal grants to build low-income housing thereby employing architects, construction workers, inspectors and so on and so forth. It’s one giant scam and an excuse to rip off the rest of the country, and it will not end until the money dries up.


    • “it will not end until the money dries up.”

      The money already dried up. I think you and Whiskey overstate middle class’s enthusiasm for immigration. And it may end sooner than expected. Boomers, who are too old to change their minds about color-blindness are passing from the scene. We X’ers never gave a fuck about MLK and we remember a normal America that was destroyed just as we entered adulthood. Millennials are broke and in debt; they may like teaching ESL to vibrants but they don’t want to live near them. You can never rule out a Berlin Wall style collapse once a critical mass of Whites understands that we want a country of our own.

      PS: I hope you get Spearhead back in action.


  66. @PA

    I hope I live to see our Berlin Wall moment, but I’m not counting on it.

    As for The Spearhead, I’m ready to start writing again (things have finally eased up a bit on the home front now that baby’s weaning and the holidays are just about over), but I might just start over with a new domain or archive the old site. It would be way too much of a pain in the ass to try to shoehorn all the old content and pictures into a new theme, and I’ve been paying too much just to keep the clunky old one running. Anyway, I like the idea of a fresh start and new focus.


  67. […] post about bad boys (😉 got me thinking, maybe I am not the only one rethinking gun ownership and the value of having a […]


  68. on December 30, 2014 at 3:22 pm gunslingergregi

    you do not want to see the berlin wall style collapse fuck that
    if you think this shit hard holy fucking hell you ain’t seen shit
    this life walk in the fuckin park
    you can straight up buy love how easy is that lol


    • on December 30, 2014 at 3:26 pm gunslingergregi

      guys havin trouble drive up or hitchhike to Williston north Dakota
      make over 30 an hour over 80 hours a week
      work your ass off become self sufficient
      own your life
      bout to put airmatresses fight club style in an apartment for some you silly fucks
      he he he


      • on December 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm gunslingergregi

        cdl 39 an hour come on man
        I got shot at and only made 20


      • Greg may be a nutter but ^^^^^ this is solid advice. If you are a young dude with no plan go out and seek adventure and fortune. Just go man as young men did for millennia just go over the hill over the sea off into your future. Stop suckling the teet of mama and Dada.

        You will look back in 10 years in awe of yourself and will be on the road to becoming a dynamic passionate authentic man.


      • on December 31, 2014 at 7:53 pm gunslingergregi

        well yea I like to nut
        I thought most dudes here did he he he
        you saying you not a nutter
        and been faking the funk


  69. Very good and interesting analysis. Perfect and logically sound connection between game and the renaissance of our People.


  70. Feeding the zerg to placate the zerg only creates more zerglings. What happens when you no longer have enough food to placate those zerglings?

    Society will unfortunately find out in time. The food has to be pulled away from them at some point. The longer we wait, the lower the chances of white survival.


  71. Why is my comment not approved?


    • on December 31, 2014 at 5:47 am Whomever Wherever

      You’ll get used to it. On a good day [a really good day] maybe 50% of your shiznat will make it past the filter. Don’t sweat it – we’re all dealing with it.


    • A lot of my comments aren’t approved. It’s his blog so he can do what he wants. If it gets too bad you can always stop putting in comments and comment on another blog.


    • Lots of my comments get ‘eaten’ (just disappear when I hit Post) by apparent WP software glitch, only to be I believe manually approved by CH later, when they eventually appear on is end. One hundred percent of my postings here used to do that; it’s better lately.

      Unrelated to any glitches, there is a number of words, sometimes innocuous ones, that will trigger the blog’s moderation filter.


  72. The market price for a square foot of Real Estate in Erbil, Kurdistan is nowadays higher than in Manhattan.
    What does this tell you about the fight in Kobane?


  73. It is too late.

    I thought of this post this morning. Walking around downtown about 25% of the couples were interracial, the girl always white.

    What the human soul knows beneath all the layers of Bernankified nihilistic bullshit imposed by the last two thousand years is strength, dominance, victory. And organized warfare is older than humanity. Since time immemorial, invaders have come, demanded submission or death from the men, and fucked all the women.

    Every civilization has its religion, its mythos, its stories that define it, its morals, its norms, what it holds as good and noble and what it holds as evil, bad, distasteful. In ancient Greece, it was the stories of the Greek pantheon, it was the Illiad, the Odyssey, and a hundred thousand other stories of heroes and gods.

    And as long as we’ve had stories, when the conquerors came, the stories changed. The old heroes were cast down or transformed, whichever revealed the culture of the conquerors rather than that of the defeated.

    There are a thousand competing drives in women. The largest is the drive to submit before those with mastery. Women survived and passed on their genes by fucking (willingly or unwillingly) the conquerors. And women know how to recognize a conqueror.

    Who are our heroes now? Football players and rappers. Who is the most powerful political figure in America? A black man. The media demands that our culture heroes, our stories, meet the new standards of diversity. Surprise: diversity means Bond and Thor are black men. Who is guaranteed preference in any corporate hire? Women and minorities. The white man in corporate America will always have to wait for the minority first. The hindbrain of women tells them: white men are a conquered race.

    To be sure there will be holdouts. Particularly upper-class white women, for example, as they are more invested in the white power structure. But in the long run, demographics are destiny. The white man, to whom the entire world owes its life and luxury, is damned to extinction barring some unforeseen genocidal war and/or baby boom.

    Nihilism is a hell of a disease.


    • “To be sure there will be holdouts. Particularly upper-class white women, for example, as they are more invested in the white power structure. ”

      Could be simply that those men continue to exert power while the lower class is completely conquered.


    • on January 3, 2015 at 5:26 am Carlos Danger

      That’s defeatist talk. Kicking ass is a personal choice.


  74. Anecdotal family evidence… This trend if it’s anything like my family has been in tow for 4 or more generations perhaps. This phenomenon is global so it makes sense. No matter the indoctrination, it seems to be in the genes, being I’m a first year model gen Y, though I can pass for X. meh. I woke up hahahaha young my first red pill was my first girl. She still likes bad boys, she glad she didn’t marry me, yet now she wants to fuck me more. We’re like 5000km apart. She even tells me what she does to her Beta bucks many years ago, hard working miner that stays away from home 2/3’s of the year. Poor bastard.


    Great grandfather – takes Great Grand mother(Icelandic Celt) back to mainlands Scandocelt clan. During WW1.

    Grandfather – Wild man Merc.

    Father – in the 60’s pick up line on the street from his Panelvan shaggin wagon, “Do you fuck?”, Answerer “Yes” door opens. “No” reponse “Well what fucking use are ya.”

    Maternal – They all Jocks with skirts too.

    Grandfather – Wrestler who ate raw beef after squeezing the blood out between his hands. Cuckloaded a family before he married Grandmother 20 years younger then him, 20 years later.

    Me – Just see through the lies. Lucky me. Have a good missus and all the rest It only gets clearer as the years go on.


  75. Forgot to say father spread his seed too.


  76. Lol.

    Ask yourself: why does the Jewish controlled media celebrate freakism to the point that they act like being transgender is a good thing?

    Those who think the Jews are purposely trying to destroy our civilization have to be correct.



    Jews, because you did not report the race of the killer, we know he was a black person . thanks for playing.

    Diversity is just great, isn’t it, Jews?



    lol 39 year old divorcee trying to convince herself that she is happy. The thing that Jews don’t understand is that a supreme Alpha like slash deserves to have a harem. With kids ages 10 and 12, this bitch should not have the right to break up the marriage and insult him on the Internet with cryptic messages referring to the fact that he “cheated on her.”and should let him have a few on the side. He is a fucking rockstar. Now she will grow old alone and most certainly will not be happy. Except that she’ll be rich from his money and effort and all those hundreds of thousands of hours of practice so I guess I could be wrong on that one.


  79. How to become a fat chick whisperer. Tip No 1: Rub her belly like a genie lamp. From the Huffington Post Field Guide to Fucking Fatties.


  80. […] Heartiste – Are Badboys The Answer To White Pathological Humanitarianism? […]


  81. It will be interesting to make a post on the strange relationship between Feminism and Israel. It’s as if the Feminist movement isn’t interested in attacking and deconstructing jewish traditions and religion.

    Israel is more conservative and less feminist than the West.

    Gay marriage is not allowed

    There is low divorce rate – 28 % compared to more than 50% in the US and Europe.

    There is high birth rate – 3 kids per woman.

    There is high marriage rate, and low levels of cohabitation without marriage.

    A woman must receive permission from her husband in order to divorce him, even if he is at fault.

    The rabbinical court than manages marriage and divorce is all male.

    illegitimate children of the wife (from another man) are not allowed to marry other jews.

    There is low opinion for “illegitimate children” in Israel, where they are called “mamzer”, which could mean a “bastard”, or a “son of a prostitute”.

    There are high levels of nationalism and solidarity with their ethnic group among israeli females.


  82. Oh please with this paranoia!

    Most WW do not go for bad boys and jerks. If they did there would be tons of poor and feral white children running around.

    There are still more than plenty stable White families in America.

    Encouraging what you’re encouraging reeks of desperation and paranoia – and isn’t very intelligent since if WW did what you suggested in droves, that would be the nail in the coffin for whites.

    No culture or race can sustain itself without stable family structure. Thinking that WW increasingly mating with sociopaths and jerks is going to help the White race, then I pegged you wrong – you aren’t as intelligent than I may have given you credit for!


  83. on December 31, 2014 at 5:35 pm Stop Misogyny in Canada

    Misogyny is a problem in Canada.
    A female school administrator of the Toronto District School Board
    was verbally harassed on the phone by one of the “bad boys”


  84. on December 31, 2014 at 7:59 pm gunslingergregi

    maybe I should do the year of no sex for new years resolution put things in perspective
    he he he
    happy new years


  85. on January 1, 2015 at 12:08 am Eliezer Ben Yehudah

    The pictures show that husband of Iris Gibney is a REMARKABLY good physical specimen for being in his mid-40’s. With some serious effort, he could put a ring on a 25 year-old girl. With one trip to SE Asia, he’d be putting a ring on a 17 year-old.

    Meanwhile, the stuck-up-princess cheerleader daughter (Ryan Elizabeth Gibney) ( “I like the expensive things in life like MK. Oh and VS angel”)
    is standing by the mom.

    To find out about the daughter, just google on ryannelizabethhh


  86. At confusing times like this, it is useful to keep a good grip on a valid long term perspective.
    Or on a good rubber grip on a good long term knife.
    Blackened Stainless, S&W, Search and Rescue Model.
    SJW carrying Tasers are easily taken out stupid prey beasts – if they were to ever show up and deploy.


  87. To walawala and others,

    firstly thanks for the replies that really helped. The fatal mistake I made in this case was that due to her nervousness and soft demeanor I toned down my challenging nature and assholery in the first meet.

    Do you have any tips abut how to read girls properly to deploy such behavior and calibrating it to her. Clearly I misrad the situation here but I would really appreciate some pointers.


    • @Remember I’ll share my story with you and maybe that may help.

      The 27 year old I met last month and banged senseless is case and point.

      First she was pushing back, I gamed her. She flaked first time we were to meet up 2 minutes before our scheduled date saying she was “sick”.

      Time passes, I game her, we meet for drinks. She’s all about banging. Then she claims I talk about sex too much–after she brings up 3-somes with her friends etc. I bang her again, she stays over.

      A few days later on Christmas day we meet up for drinks, bang our brains out, she stays over, I make breakfast. She complains about my cooking: too salty, too sour. I bang her again.

      Then a few days pass, New Year’s Eve approaches, I have plans. She never asks me what I’m doing and I don’t tell her. I text her that “comfort” text: “Thinking of my baby”. Nothing all day. She texts me at 7pm “Busy day”.

      I ignore her–no “Happy New Year”–I don’t care really because I’m hosting a party and gaming other girls. I text her “Happy New Year, want to see my baby”. Nothing from her 24 hours. “I want to see you too”.

      So I text her “Let’s meet up. Am free later tonight for drinks.”

      Then I get a barrage of nonsense texts: “drink n then sex if that’s all you want no need to contact me again.”

      Hmmm….this drama. Girl just wants to bang. Girl feels guilty about banging. Girl brings up threesomes. Girl backs off. Me: keeping my frame.

      Me: I’m a man and make no apologies for wanting you as a woman. Too many guys hide their desires, maybe that might be a better fit for you.”

      Her:”Hundreds of guys asking me for a drink if that’s what I want I would die from alcohol intoxication. thought you were different.

      me: If you don’t want to see me, I understand. But don’t say I’m like every other guy

      Her: When I say I feel unwell they send medicine cool pads to me, they care if I’m fine or not. U don’t give a fuck. U disappear whenever you want to. only find me when u have need. My mistake to have given you chances. I apologize. U don’t care from day 1 I shouldn’t have expected that”.

      I didnt’ reply. So…you see. Chicks dig drama. Chicks dig jerks. I didn’t think I was a jerk. Cooking breakfast was quite a stretch for me. Keeping my cool while she complained about it was a stretch for me.

      Some chicks are just messed up and no amount of game will change them.

      The point of sharing all this detail is that girls like to control the interaction. They also test to see if the tough guy image you’re projecting (you dont’ give a fuck) is for real.

      You’re asking for what you can do to reverse this. I’d suggest that you adjust your expectations. You start finding ways to see other girls. Then when crap like the above happens…you don’t get too bothered about it. You see it for what it is: hamster in over-drive.

      You give the girl what she wants: a strong dude who doesn’t take her shit.

      On one hand the girl above wants to only fuck me…she says this. On the other hand, she wants to control me…it’s different from “Buyer’s remorse” because I have been texting her regularly. She flakes, I don’t get upset. She amps up the drama…I don’t back down but don’t flip out.

      Some of the dudes on here will disagree with this, but it’s been tested several times. Girls throw themselves at me…I bang them senseless….they suddenly start getting tons of conflicting feelings…curious about me…the alpha bad boy mystique creates a lot of this drama with certain girls. It’s the league you play in.

      Don’t be a complete asshole but don’t be so nice…girls say they like it but they don’t.


      • @wal a is right. Happines is a purely male construct. A women foes NOT no her mind hour by hour so any FEELING of happines is perishable and transmutable. There is no permanent state. So don’t bother trying to reach or maintain it.

        As long as she is FEELING emotion, whether good or bad, buts you ahead of 90 percent of other guys.

        Just enjoy the ride.


  88. Happy new year, red pillers


  89. she sucks


  90. The reality is that Genetic decline for Whites is inevitable.

    Why ?? “White” is a genetic deficiency state. A type of Albinism. A defect of the P gene also referred to as OCA2 (go and look it up)

    The genetic defect is typically associated with a host of other genetic defects…among them may be fertility and viability in environmentally challenged areas.

    If you have noticed, Negroes are fecund and reproduce in any environment at all times. Regardless of weather, disease, peace time, wartime, freedom , enslavement, they produce. This is why they were chosen to be used as slaves to work the environmentally hostile areas of the New World.

    The first slaves used were white, but they the whites died off quickly – they could not tolerate the heat, moisture, malaria, fever, poor diet, snake bites etc….and could not reproduce under such conditions.

    Next, the native Tainos, Caribs, etc were tried. They too died off. too genetically weak.

    The Negroe is the type of human God made first. All others are defects and degradations from the original models (of which there are 6)

    The biological fate of Whites therefore lies with the Negroe. Whites will have no other choice but to admix or be admixed with Negroe. The superior Negroe genetics will fortify and stabilize White genetics.

    It is quite possible that White elite scientists figured this out some 50 or 60 years ago and hence the policy changes in immigration law allowing darkies to flood Europe and purposeful policy changes to raise the social status of Negroes in the USA.

    Proximity is the primary factor in attraction. Thereafter, social status of the male. It appears that the goal has been to facilitate miscegenation to ensure the genetic survival of as much Whiteness as possible.


  91. If not alpha of the month, then this man merits some kind accolade. At a football game, he reads over the shoulder of a pregnant woman texting her lover, while boyfriend or husband sat next to her unaware of the text convo. She also mocked the husband via texts and to other fans. So he slips the dude a note, alerting him to his woman texting amorously with a “Jason.” Story goes viral, man stands by what he did, ie, informed another man of his woman’s infidelity.

    He also drops some red pill knowledge in response to feminist concern trolling about putting the woman in danger of abuse:

    “I doubt any woman who fears getting beat by her husband will speak that way and degrade him like she did or spend over 20 minutes texting the next man RIGHT BESIDE her ‘abusive’ man.”


    • You gotta be amazed by the shameless self regard of these cunts.

      “Never mind the fact that this is a despicable whore, that is treating her husband like shit, who is unaware of that. He MIGHT (MIGHT!!) kick her ass for it. Therefore, this is unacceptable.”

      Reminder: these people get to vote and their vote counts for as much as yours does.


  92. “You do know that the swamps in the south have been drained, right?”

    Yes, but the environment of modern technological society is completely poisoned.

    artificial chemical food, impure water loaded with hormones and drugs from waste which is affecting fertility and gender, radio wave pollution, combustion engine exhaust, noise, general stress of life, etc…….

    These poisons will have more disasterous effects on White dna and fertility due to the initial underlying defects.

    The Negroe immune system is more robust.

    It looks like White scientific elite figured this out sometime ago and have been pushing social policy to fortify White genetics by introducing more robust dna.- It appears that the preferred tools are immigration, affirmative action, and anti discrimination laws to increase proximity and also a variety of measures to reduce overall White hostility to Negroes by raising Negroe social status.

    These measures will increase interracial sexual intercourse.


  93. Breeding all the beta white boys out of civilization does not for good civilization make. You end up with something akin to Russia.

    You need the beta white boys for civilization. It’s the societal trust that makes white places work better than the high IQed Asians.

    The trick is insulating and protecting the white beta boys from their own destructive impulses- and this will never happen. First because the beta boys won’t ever do it willingly and secondly because there is no place to do it. You can say they tried it in Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe, but the world powers wouldn’t even let them do it there.

    Australia is maybe the last refuge, but it’s already in the crosshairs of the Other and had been for decades. They maybe have a generation or two delay over the fall of America.

    Liked by 1 person

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  95. on January 5, 2015 at 3:13 pm Experienced Father


    Australia is lost.

    Free speech as America knows it no longer exists there as of May 2015.

    In late 2013 the Australian Defense Department had legislation passed in the Parliament there that protects Aussie government bureaucrats from prosecution when they indulge in unlawful high tech thievery a ‘la the FBI with crime tracking software.

    Australia will enter this Soviet regime of era of existence in May 2015, as there are no legal protections against this Act, and it applies to all “intangible technology transfers” including open source origin data.

    The definitions of “intangible technology transfers” are so open to interpretation that anybody working on anything can be arrested any time – it is as if everybody in Australia is now subject to the same rules as folks signing the Aussie official secrets act…without signing it.

    _AND_ you have to prove in court that the data was sourced in the public domain, even though the Aussie government controls access to all of _your evidence_.

    In addition, the DoD (and by extension the entire government) in Canberra are not required by law to have any evidence to initiate a prosecution, as the law puts onus of proof on the defendant.

    The cherry on top is the Law also allows Aussie DoD to tamper with evidence during the prosecution.

    The Aussie High Tech/Engineering sector is set to lose all it’s young talent to over seas firms in Taiwan, China, the EU and America’s Silicon Valley.

    Older Aussie High Tech/Engineering talent that can’t get out is retiring or moving out of the tech sector.

    I had thought such a law as science fiction from David Weber’s “People’s Republic of Haven” in his “Honorverse” space operas.

    Yet it is now a reality in Australia.


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