Genes Mirror Geography, Nations And Cultures


Culture does not spring up out of the ground unseeded, like a summoned monolith. Human genetic disposition seeds the ground and creates culture, unleashing a macro feedback loop where culture and genes interact in perpetuity. Those “cultural judgments” [the leftoids] recoil from are actually subconscious reinforcements of ancient biological truths.

Chateau Heartiste, October, 2011.

Equalist leftoid race creationism is bringing the death of the West. It is a sick, suicidal ideology built on a foundation of rank lies. It must be defeated, or it will consume everything good, true, and beautiful in its path.


  1. What’s up with Slovakia?


  2. […] Genes Mirror Geography, Nations And Cultures […]


  3. a nation WAS an ethnicity…this is how the gd borders largely ended up where they were


  4. Diversity is divide and conquer for idiots. The old paradigm of splitting it down the middle didn’t work anymore as Americans wised up to the con. This hodge podge of hate salad is just a giant time bomb waiting to explode. People who have nothing in common are never going to cooperate willingly. Neither Europe or the United States has enough force to hold this Alien Nation of alienation and hate together. This sucker is either gonna boil over or blow. If it blows up you might get another World War.


    • on October 1, 2015 at 11:39 am Days of Broken Arrows

      Even Europeans didn’t get along when they came over a century ago. It was Italians vs. Irish vs. German. Decades later, this apparently made for good movies, I guess (although I avoid Hollywood crap), but was apparently not a great atmosphere to come of age in — so my uncles tell me.

      Bringing in people from other continents is sure to make the Italian-Irish battles look like cartoons by comparison.


      • on October 1, 2015 at 7:36 pm Captain Obvious

        “It was Italians vs. Irish vs. German.” ——— And the Eskimo behind the curtain was Meyer Lansky.


    • on October 1, 2015 at 2:02 pm The Spirit Within

      This is exactly why the EU was created.

      Make the tribes economically dependent upon one another, and the hate salad can’t explode, at least not on a large scale.

      [CH: the eu is failing, and will soon fall apart, relegated to the dustbin of history. why? because DIVERSITY ALWAYS WINS.]


  5. I just read that in Canada immigrants cost us $18.3 Billion more than they pay in taxes!

    That alone should be reason enough to put a stop to ALL immigration.

    And send back home MOST of those immigrants who are nothing but blood sucking leeches.

    Not only are they raping our white daughters, committing more crimes than whites, but they cost us a fortune.

    Diversity is killing us. it is not our greatest strength at all. It is killing us slowly but surely.


  6. Yo Heartiste, there’s a really interesting case going down in Israel right now:

    In short, girl gets drunk, has massive orgy in a club. The funny thing is, even the fact that the “victim” herself claims it was consensual doesn’t bother the police and the feminist media, who continue investigating what is now dubbed “a horrible rape case” across the country.


  7. Liberalism is a mental disorder identical to schizophrenics!


  8. Some signs things are changing…

    In San Francisco… 30 YO Leftist Trump hating white bartender mentions he would support fascist leader because it would raise wages for working class… Curious.

    27 YO girl with Masters in Psych from Smith (post in mod) starts talking politics… Asks me with scorn if I am republican. I tell her I am cryptofascist and ask her if Adolf Hitler is running this year. She then confesses a liking for Trump. TRUMP. Because even she with her 2 cats (one named Nietzsche) and Pac Heights pad has had enough of the double speak and spinelessnes from both parties.

    Very curious… These times may… Just may be changing.


    • I believe that the feminization of the world has tipped to a point where both now feminized sexes are looking for Alpha leadership. Strong leaders will fill the void.


      • on October 1, 2015 at 7:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Sentient, much of organized labor is withholding their endorsements of H!tlery because they are very intrigued by The Donald.


    • on October 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm mendozatorres

      Cryptofascist….I’m gonna use this as a response too. Should be fun out here in SoCal.


      • When people start talking politics to me, I just tell them that I’m a little to the right of Darth Vader. They smile, but guardedly.


  9. PC a$$holes call anti-immigration / anti-refugee opinions xenophobic and racist. I suggest counter attacks of “homogephobic”. Any other counter attack suggestions would be very welcome.

    [CH: xenophilic is a great coprop insult. (ethnomasochist is good too)]


    • better to be a racist than race-cuck


    • @CH thanks. I’ll use them. I googled “xenophilic”. I’ll try to use “xenophilia” when I can because I think it sounds like it would have more negative connotations and allude to other monsters (pedos).


  10. German and Irish immigrants to the U.S. had socialist views, I believe. Pretty much all immigrant groups have had socialist views. It might be a function of being “have-not”.


    • Except their socialism only extended to the “get” side of the equation?

      We should come up with a term for the type of socialist who only really believes in socialism when he/she is on the receiving end.


      • Mr. Eliot, I believe the term you’re looking for is Tax Eater, or FSA. Related/see also: Cargo Cult and John Frum.


  11. A nascent HBDer that think he’s clever might suggest that the univeralist blank-slatism of white liberals is a culture that mirrors their genes. I’d argue that it is not, but rather a tendency toward status-whoring. Those who can’t achieve status through more traditional means lean on liberal politics to signal intelligence and status, buttressed by media and Hollywood liberal signalling. This blank-slate diversitard stuff isn’t in anyone’s genes, if it was then rich liberals wouldn’t live in 95% white enclaves.


    • again. Trofim Lysenko.

      This has ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE.

      Marxism is in ALL OUT WAR with Mendelian genetics. It always has been.

      SJ Gould and Mills Wright…avowed Marxists. Gould and his acolytes even suggested lying so long as it furthered Marxism, and these were supposed to be SCIENTISTS


  12. Trump’s poll numbers should go up another 10pts with his latest concerning ‘Syrian’ migrants to the US- If I win they are going back. This guy could raise taxes 90% and I wouldn’t care as long all the mystery meat was sent packing.


  13. OK, so to save Europe, we need to get rid of Europeans inside the Hajnall line? Mostly NW Euros? Or get rid of altruism in NW Euros?

    [CH: that nw euro altruism is a good thing, WITHIN A HOMOGENEOUS CONTEXT. so, no getting rid of the race cucks is not an answer. ridding them from all positions of power, now that’s a start. also, i wouldn’t be averse to the notion of stringing up the worst cuck traitors. as a lesson for the others.]


    • I have listened to some of Kevin Macdonald since learning about his evol-psych views on race (Greg Eliot mentioned KM to me, as a source of some of the discourse here on this site, about a week or so ago). KM has many deep insights that feel right, intuitively, in regards to outlining the psychic seeds of the misunderstandings with respect to race among both sides (peoples of middle east and peoples of western Europe). KM purports that via harsh environmental conditions, those people that traveled north from the middle east and settled Europe, commencing perhaps 40,000 years ago, were slowly reshaped psychically as follows:

      – the trait of in-group vs. out-group xenophobia that is an innate trait of all people, became somewhat muted (via selection) with these new northern europeans, because conditions were so harsh (and groups small) a better strategy, (given the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of these people) would be to judge a new outsider based on merit (and perhaps individual reputation), as such human resource with potentially different knowledge could be invaluable in such conditions

      – the trait of machiavellian dishonesty also became somewhat muted (via selection), because individual dishonesty among such small groups could easily mean the difference of life and death for these small groups in harsh conditions.

      – the trait of emotional forbearance paired with the trait of cognitive abstraction ability (i.e – IQ) was dialed-up (via selection), as more self-disipline and long-term planning ability was better suited for survival in the harsh conditions

      – the trait of high emotional response in the face of indisputable dishonesty of others, became dialed-up (via selection), as allowing an untrusted member of the small group to remain could easily spell disaster for all. My understanding is that there was tendency to force out or kill duplicitous members of the group. Intuitively, I see this as akin to the internal dam of forbearance breaking, allowing for decisive and brutal outcomes.

      – the trait gradient of polygamy vs. monogamy, began to favor monogamy (via selection), as this allowed for offspring to better survive in these harsh conditions (i.e. – there was less surplus of resources available in this environment). A tendency towards agape/eros love emotions became dialed-up (via selection), to predispose this group towards the pair-bonding end of the pair-bonding/tournament spectrum of inter-gender dynamics.

      KM argues that these psychic modifications, produces a man that may be best described as fiercely individualistic. Such men, due to the above-mentioned propensities, developed the underpinnings of western civilization (very high respect for the individual autonomy and agency of others, as assumed for thyself, greater reliance on the element of trust within the social milieu, development of a desire for a more altruistic leadership, a fairer judiciary, a fairer enforcement of laws, and fostering an atmosphere of open frank discussion – i.e. – a well-functioning public media. This is the type of civilization whereby ideas like altruism, meritocracy, chivalry, the scientific method, innocent until proven guilty, and respect for property rights could develop.

      The way I see it this is our heritage. But we need to be realistic here, if the west is going to win the culture war, would it not be by upholding the above-mentioned virtues?

      The world is too small now. We can’t think we can separate ourselves forever. We find ourselves in new circumstances (a new environmental condition). We need to change a bit – everyone. We new more introspection, self-awareness and seeking the perspective of others to move forward. We need to foster these virtues of understanding in everyone.

      What I see here on this site, after starting to read the comment section a couple of weeks ago, is anger. The dam of forbearance has broken. When you analyze the western masculine psyche, that is to be expected. But now what? Anger alone isn’t going to save the day. Don’t you think it is time to start to apply some of other resources of the western masculine psyche to the new conditions we find ourselves in? We are not going to win on the anger-front alone, as CH has implied many, many times via his discourse on the demographics of the future. Western ideals are very much worth preserving, and one could argue that in that respect we are winning the culture war, as stupid as that may sound to many on this site.

      Here is what i see as value on this site:

      – a lot of smart people, able to see connections between events and underlying cultural forces

      – a reaction against some of the discourse coming from the left, which is overly altruistic, not realistic enough, and therefore not very pragmatic in approach to many problems

      – an exploration of agape/eros emotional flavor of the western inter-gender dynamic, pointing out how this plays out much differently for each gender. I think this site’s efforts around that issue are to be commended, pointing out how western female behavior does not line-up with male expectation vis-a-vis the male understanding and emotion around this agape/eros dynamic.

      – a fierce tendency to unmercilessly uncover the more base machiavellian nature of humans that we are all subject to

      Here is what I would personally like to see more of form this site:

      – a much deeper exploration of the feminine psyche. Alot has been uncovered, – but there is much much more to explore. The western ideal around inter-gender attitudes seems to be a reaching for an egalitarian-complimentarian attitude. How come it seems as if this attitude should be attainable but hasn’t yet been attained? Too much anger from both sides (both gender camps) still. We now need to move beyond that.

      – proposals for more realistic solutions for cultural tensions. For instance – this site has well made the point that europe will find itself with perhaps intractable problems around culture issues, if it deosn’t resolve the cultural isolation of their african/middle eastern immigrant groups. So a first step is to recognize that a whole bunch of refugee/ unregulated migrant immigration at this juncture would be very unwise if they haven’t yet sorted out the problem of cultural divisiveness among the group of immigrants that already call europe home. But or course it is just stupid to think that curtailing that would be a final solution. This site would rise in influence if it could start to offer more solutions with respect to solving the home-grown european problem of racial conflict. For instance there are other places where regulated immigration seems to work better – i.e. – Canada. What’s the difference?

      Do I need to find another site with the aptitude to move forward? I have looked and I haven found one yet. You guys just might be best positioned to do this. You guys up for the challenge?

      [CH: you’re definitely skirting the concern troll precipice. anyhow, the ultimate paradox is this:
      what makes Whites and their civilizations great is the very same suite of traits that makes them tragically susceptible to subversion and conquest by non-Whites (and foreigners in general).
      this is the bind we find ourselves in.
      we can’t “undo” White genetic dispositions.
      but we can’t sit idly as those dispositions undermine White survival in a globalized world.
      the answer is that Whites, of all ideologies, need to become excruciatingly self-aware of their own genetic capital and heritage, and that through such awareness they can compartmentalize their native altruism so that it is directed at their neighbor instead of leapfrogging their neighbor for status whoring over genetically and culturally and behaviorally distant third worlders.]


      • Hello CH: I wasn’t sure what concern troll meant , but I looked it up now and see what you mean. I think my motivations are a little different though. So I hope you don’t push me over the precipice (I think that may mean I would be blocked from commenting – right? – I hope that doesn’t happen).

        I have been reading this site for probably 2 years now (along with Rational Male) and found in the posts a fresh perspective on the inter-gender dynamic that has alot of depth, explanatory power, backed up by the virtue of actually pragmatically working on the real world. I gotta tell you, this is super-fascinating stuff!

        Of course I immediately noticed that alot of your posts don’t jive with my hope that an inter-gender egalitarian-complimentarian dynamic is a worthwhile ideal to strive for, but I have continued to try to reconcile my hope for this, with your writing, by way of interpreting your’s and the Rational Male’s writing as not so much as a deep contempt for such an attitude, but conversely I have instead interpreted it is a matter of advising that pragmatically, it is unwise to hold this view. I deeply appreciate the pragmatism of this advise (like pretty much every average western man of some experience I imagine, I have plenty of events in my past that didn’t work out very well, via the blue-pill perspective – i.e.- was married for over 20 years, girlfriends before and after etc. – some of this was good, some not so good).

        But also in your writing I do sense that on some level, you do appreciate that, at least as an ideal, an inter-gender dynamic would be based on mutual respect for the strengths and weaknesses of the other gender, as perhaps complimentary. It seems to me that for such a level of respect to actually work, alot more self-analysis would be required of all involved parties so as to uncover our machiavellian tendencies (both men and women) and how these tendencies so often shape our motivations, and as well, more self-analysis would be required for each to also see oneself in glaring detail as to individual strengths and weaknesses, that ultimately dictate SMV for each individual, and furthermore for each not to remain butt-hurt over these uncovered realities. You constantly seem to counsel for such and I think your advice around this is most helpful. I guess the jury is still out for me with respect to whether I should fully give up on this idealistic hope. In truth I have been treading very carefully in the past little while with respect to women, since internalizing much of your message. I’m in my 50’s now so I suppose I can get away with this. Instead of focusing on fostering attraction, when I know a woman I have begun to get familiar with is interested, I have instead been using that as pretext as a point of exploring her psyche. These women seem to find this uncomfortable, off-putting, and I dare say some unnamed vulnerabilities seem to be at play. I haven’t been so obtuse so as to kill the attraction completely, so I remain friends in the natural way (male/female friendship based in attraction, i.e. – I won’t do beta orbiting, or non-quid-pro-quo favors and such – as you have so well advised that just screws things up, and if I sense the attraction is killed, then the friendship has to be over). You can have such friendship at my age if there is a common interest (like a hobby or a passion) beyond the attraction. I guess what I am attempting to do is qualify these women, to my hope for an egalitarian-complimentarian mutual respect. I gotta confess I’m not getting too far with these qualification-attempts, there is such a tendency for women to hold their psychic cards very close to their chest when gently probed like this. I wonder if they are even aware of their psychic cards, as you have indicated sometimes is not consciously known among some women.

        Anyway, I just might give up this for awhile and just go to the local pool and sit in the hot tub for awhile and arrange a more straight forward hook-up.

        Also, on the woman-psyche thing, I have been also much more forwardly probing other women I know who are just aquaintances not in the realm of sexual partner possibilities. These other women end up agreeing with much of what you are saying, and they are also surprisingly confused by the masculine psyche.

        CH – Am I misrepresenting your sentiment about the inter-gender ideal as outlined above?

        CH – with respect to the race issue, and the inner psychic nature of the western man, it seems you and I may be in complete agreement even up to the point of agreeing that “Whites, of all ideologies, need to become excruciatingly self-aware of their own genetic capital and heritage” as being “what makes Whites and their civilizations great is the very same suite of traits that makes them tragically susceptible to subversion and conquest by non-Whites (and foreigners in general).”. Where I differ is that we must also demand clear discourse from the other ethnic groups with respect to their own excruciatingly critical self-examination of their own traits of heritage. Then we can get somewhere. I notice their is such discourse available among some in the jewish community (Shahak for instance), but this propensity may be by way of the jewish community being dominated by the Ashkenazi who are also largely of european heritage. What do do about the arabs who seem furthest away from having any desire to be excruciatingly self-critical? I’m not sure. Perhaps we need to examine the gestalt of other cultures and ethnic groups that are neither european or middle-eastern – the southeast asian groups – what’s going on with them. It seems possible to live side by side with southeast asians without hardly any problems – why is this? Maybe an examination of that dynamic might provide some clues as to how best to handle this problem. Your thoughts?


      • “Do I need to find another site with the aptitude to move forward? I have looked and I haven found one yet.”

        Why dont you start one?


  14. Carl G Jung was right…


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    National borders are based on the point where two genetic tribes meet, because those tribes generally wanted to avoid war.