Reader Mailbag: Indicators of Self-Interest Edition

A concerned reader with self-confidence issues writes,

Background – I became game-aware around a year ago, currently seeing this Asian chick for the last 4 months, exclusive for the last 2. To be frank, she’s out of my league – she’s a 7, 8 on a good day, works as a doctor and very feminine. I’m a 5-6 with a blue-collar office job although there’s lots of potential for growth. She pretty much does everything I want, cooks, cleans, strips naked and blows me without even asking, so on and so forth.

She recently told me about a guy from work (another doctor, to be fair he’s good-looking 8ish) who’s been hitting on her (verified from a 3rd party), he asked her out, she told him about me and declined but nevertheless he’s continuing to push his luck. Now she’s declined him 3 or 4 times now but he doesn’t get the message, a few questions:

Is her telling me about this a sign that she’s got nothing to hide from me, or an attempt to make me jealous?

When she first brought it up it did bother me but I acted nonchalant and gave her tips for flirting with guys. How should I act towards her if she brings this up again?

I’ll be at a party with her in a couple of weeks and he’ll be there, if he starts hitting on her in my presence, what is the appropriate response?

There are three reasons a woman you are banging would tell you about other men expressing interest in her:

1. DRAMA. Like all women, she enjoys periodic injections of relationship drama, and will manufacture that drama herself if none is forthcoming. This female-centric need for scene will be felt more acutely if she holds a subconscious suspicion that she can do better than you. The greater the perceived SMV (sexual market value) differential, the more she will create drama or welcome drama when it’s available free of charge.

Your waifu lover may be stirring the acid brine of jealousy to gauge your response for its alphaness. If this is the case, your first response was a good one. You brushed it off with a precision-guided Agree & Amplify tingle bomb. I would continue with this strategy until it becomes obvious that she’s no longer semi-kidding, at which point you turn steely-eyed on a dime and tell her “You’re making yourself look really unattractive to me right now. You sure you want to keep going like this?”

2. FISHING FOR REASSURANCE. If your girlfriend’s SMV is lower than yours, she may engage in feeble jealousy tactics as a means of enticing you to reassure her of her sexual worth. She figures if she can embed even a tiny seed of doubt in your mind about her desirability on the open market and her willingness to exercise her options, you will react by offering her higher quality signals of commitment. This does not sound like the motivation of your girlfriend, if your SMV assessments are accurate.

3. GUILT RELIEF. This motive is the worst of the three, because it forecloses any possibility of saving the relationship without sacrificing your manly dignity. (That is, you can go along to get along, but she’ll always hold it against you.) A woman who is thinking about cheating, or who is in fact already cheating, will, if this is her frame of mind, release to you a sanitized and redacted dossier of her secret lover and their private tryst, with the hope that by talking with you about her affair (or wished-for-affair) in however tangential a manner, (say, by “casually” informing you of this other guy who keeps hitting on her), her guilt will be alleviated.

The whole charade is, of course, on giant hamster rationalization that serves as a psychological emollient and accountability scrubber which removes from her any agency for her actions. Having thus dropped these “obvious clues” (as she will come to believe her manipulative utterances), she can then rationalize to herself that you “must know” what’s going on, she practically told you everything, so therefore she’s not really hiding anything from you. You simply choose to be passive about it.

My guess, from the facts you tell us, is that, unfortunately, #3 is operational. Asian chicks are more materially status conscious than white chicks, so the discreet attentions of a fellow doctor will mean more to the Asian girl, even if you are a stone cold alpha at home with her. But I’m not ready to commit to this judgment. It could also be that she gets grief from her family for being with you instead of a doctor/lawyer/hedge funder, and this is her way of working out her resentment of her family’s expectations.

Go to the party, watch their interaction closely (but from a plausibly disinterested distance). While they’re talking, look and listen for those tells that all women have when they are getting slammed on the side — the twinkling eyes, the hair self-tousling, the lip licking, the stream of questioning, the dangling shoe heel, the heaving bosom (adjusted to Asian specifications), the unbroken eye contact — and add it all up at the end of the night.

That last tell, the unbroken eye contact, is a dead giveaway when you are part of a three-way conversation with her and the presumed lover. Ask her a question, and watch to see if her eyes gravitate to yours, and if her eyes flit back to him as she is responding to you. Remember that, unlike for most men, it’s very difficult for the typical woman to manage two lovers in her life simultaneously. If she’s in a heated situation with both lovers present, she will reveal, primarily through body cues, a natural tendency to want to “shut out” one of the lovers from the dynamic. Breaking eye contact is a powerful cue that a shutting out is in progress.

Should your suspicions be suitably confirmed, plan your dignified escape, if necessary. Or continue to use her as a cum receptacle until such time that your feigned ignorance of her infidelity isn’t any longer tenable.

It should go without saying that all of this, the entire party scenario, should happen while you are flirting with other women there, under the fiery gaze of your consternated girlfriend. If you will play this dangerous game of furtive liaisons, silent accusations, and re-accusations, you don’t enter the battlefield unarmed, at the mercy of your conniving lover. You must have some hand, and the fastest way to get hand is to burnish the attention of other women.

Should something truly magnificent develop, like doctorboy blatantly hits on your girl within your ear- and eyeshot, then more forceful action is called for, whether direct or indirect confrontation. If indirect, let the indiscreet moment pass, then corner him in private and menacingly ask him if hitting on taken women is part of his Hippocratic Oath. If direct, smile widely, approach, and ask him if he’s ready to buy you a drink too, since you come as a package deal with your girlfriend.

Most doctors are pussies, so this tactic should sufficiently cow him. Bonus: Waifu will be swinging from the chandelier to impale herself on you later that night.


Found and then lost to the interminable friendzone, a reader wants to know how to bring a hot babe back into the labial unfolding,

As a loyal reader of your blog I am looking for some advice. I’d appreciate your time since this is a matter of great importance for me.


I am 37 years old but most people guess 29-30. I am a bit overweight but not in an untrained ugly way (I used to train a lot before).

I would guess that women’s impression of me is a cocky funny teddy bear with some sex appeal and with some alphaness in the mix. I have my own business and make good money.

There is this girl, 21 years old, a solid 10 with tall lean body, silicon tits and green eyes.. Her older brother is a friend of mine (not so close though). Her ex bf (he was 28 and she was 17 when they hooked up) is my brother’s wife’s cousin (not that I care, but she does).

I have known her for 3-4 years but never gave her any attention at all. She told me recently that she always thought of me as a cool guy.

About 2 months ago, me, her, and a bunch of friends spent holidays in a cabin, and for some reason it clicked between us. We started dating in secret (because of the ties) and the secrecy was very important for her (afraid of bad reputation).

We had a great time for 1 month, with great sex every night at my place. I made sure she came every time and she told me she had the best sex of her life with me.

Usually my game is very solid. The girls I fuck are always really good looking. But this one is so beautiful that I just lost the game and became total beta around her.

This of course led to her being cocky and acting really badly. Also the pressure of her being constant worried that our friends would find out was a burden. I also moved in with 2 friends so after that she did not sleep over at all because of the secret thing.

So after 2 weeks of turbulence and constant fighting where I was a total betaidiot and lost my temper and calm (I mean I fucked up about every point of the sixteen commandment of poon, and I tell you, my game is super solid normally) she told me she felt more like we were friends and didn’t want to have sex anymore.

It was a wake-up call and I told her that I felt the same way because of her bad behavior in recent weeks but we could hang out. She was really glad since she was worried that I would not want to see her more.

Last Saturday was my birthday. The plan was originally for us to be 5 guys with 5 girls and she would sleep over. But after the “talk” I invited 10 more girls, amongst them 2 girls she knows I’d like to fuck and 1 she knows I fucked a week before I hooked up with her.

All night I gave my other girls a lot of attention and in the club I hang out with my last fuck. She told my friend something about how i did not give her any attention and ran after my other girls.

She went home around three after being super annoyed all night, and I took home my last fuck and fucked her all night.

The day after she came by and hung out with me and my 2 flatmates, ate some pizza and watched a movie, behaving much better than she had been for weeks.

I was friendly to her, but kept my distance and in the middle of the movie excused myself to go to sleep. At that time she also went home.


So, my question is obviously how to get back inside the panties again.

A friend with strong game told me I should not see her as friends at all, at least 2 weeks in order for her to miss me. Then I should see her alone and try to pick her up again. He told me that if we hang out as friends, then that will be the case and never go back to passion.

I could also hang with her as friends, but be nonchalant and try to game my way back. The friend that she spoke to all night at the club told me that he picked up jealousy and that she still had strong feelings for me. He could be wrong though.

Please give me the blueprint here and I promise that I will keep my game even after getting her back.

I will make a sizable donation the next day after I have her in my bed again.

Keep up the good work and please let me know as soon as possible since I am a bit lost here.

Fuck that was long. The attitude you should have is described here. Keep a friendly distance, but be sure to keep a distance. Don’t act resentful about it. The few times you see her, act like a casual friend who never had any sex with her, and never intends to. This ambiguity is what really fucks with a woman’s self-percevied value, and she will respond, if she is like most women, by thinking about you in a sexual way again. Your friend is right. You need at least two weeks of total radio silence before you even think about speaking to her, or being around her. Turn off your phone, so that if she texts you, you won’t get them right away, and you’ll reply hours or even days later.

Two to three weeks, then reengage. And by reengage, I mean game her as if it’s the very first time. Pretend like you don’t have a history with her. If she brings it up, go full-bore cocky. Playfully accuse her of ruining the mood. Ask her when she became such a downer. The trick there is that what you say doesn’t even have to logically proceed from her assumption of your history together. She says, “I thought you just wanted to be friends?”, and you say, “Have you always been a total buzzkill?” Physically escalate like your memory has been wiped clean and she’s just some new chick to you with whom there’s no unsavory LJBF past. I call this Memento Game.


A reader asks about Older Man Game (OMG!),

Would love to see an article or articles about Game for older men – both married and divorced/separated.  I realize now I have been a complete and total beta/white-knight for my entire adult life. I finally realized it at the ripe old age of 59 when I started reading the Manosphere such as this site.  Some of my past beta behavior now makes me cringe when I think of it.

Now at 60, am I too old to get Game? (I’d say I look 45, in good shape, with hair, and successful.) Do I assume that it is too late for me and accept my fate? What age range should we be looking for and where should I meet them? I certainly don’t want to be one of those sad old dudes hanging around clubs trying to chat up 20-somethings. If you feel like tackling the subject of Game for older men I am sure many others besides me would appreciate it.

Simple answer to your question, in the form of a Socratic question: Are you too old to lift? To learn? To live? No? Then you’re not too old to get game.

First things first. At 60, no matter how tight your game, it will be tougher to pull 20 year old babes than if you were 30, or even 40. But game, like most self-improvement endeavors, doesn’t work that way. It’s not an either-or proposition. “Either I get 20 year olds, or I’m stuck with gross 60 year old women.” No, it’s a *better* proposition. With game, you can do better than most 60 year old men and reasonably shoot for women 15 to 20 years younger than yourself. Now a 40 year old woman might not be a spring chicken, but she’s a hell of a lot more bangable than she will be when she’s 60. Unless you’re into GILF porn. yeech.

There are plenty of posts in the archives devoted to older man game. Here’s one of them. My immediate suggestion: Clubs are out, except for speakeasies that cater to an older crowd. I happen to know a few older, and in-shape, gents who met their much younger girlfriends at various athletic events. Try to corner a market where your status and knowledge and experience are valued more than your rapidly degrading fast-twitch muscle fibers and drinking ability. Conventions, art expos, socialite parties, business seminars, etc. If you’re a boss, you should consider the secretary route. It’s a tried and true method that drives feminists batty.


A reader naively asks,

How long can I deny my wife sex before she’ll cheat on me?

A long time if she’s ugly. Isn’t that the reason you’re denying her sex in the first place?


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      • I get away with some crazy shit at work by following those three simple rules.


      • on September 6, 2013 at 1:28 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        does you gtesz lotsa of pre-bernankified bunghozlzio at your workplace?




    • GBFM, again, thank you. Have a good weekend.


    • GBFM,

      You’re fucking hilarious! Truly. I laugh only so hard upon reading YOUR posts. I sincerely appreciate your surgical deconstruction of the bullshit plaguing all of us. Nice work.



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    • No tengo ni puta idea qué dijiste, pero si queremos escribir mensajes que la mayoría no comprenda, puedo unirme al esfuerzo escribiendo así. Ou en français si vous preferez. Ça m’est égal. Aŭ ni povus skribi en esperanto, se vi volas havi eĉ pli amuza. Ή αν έχετε πραγματικά ένα κουνέλι στον κώλο σου, ας γράψω ελληνικά! Sí, te engaño, utilice un traductor mecanizado por los últimos dos. Mais j’écrive ici vraiment.

      Or put another way:



      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:22 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



    • > “How long can I deny my wife sex before she’ll cheat on me?”

      Seriously – your woman needs to be made-love-to.

      She needs the orgasms.

      She needs the rosy glow in her face the next morning.

      She needs the child which will be born nine months later.

      If you aren’t fulfilling that which her gina tinglez desire, then you’re failing in your fundamental duty as a husband.

      And, more generally, you’re failing in your fundamental duty as a MAN.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 9:28 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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      • Withholding [or attempting to withhold] sex is FEMALE behavior.

        If he intentionally witholds sex from his woman, then a man is nothing more than a CUNT.

        PS: If the dude who asked that question of Heartiste is still following this thread, then here’s a serious question – why did you MARRY the bitch in the first place?

        Did you not marry her with the intention of creating CHILDREN with her?

        Do you think that you’re going to head over to a Urologist or a Gynecologist who specializes in fertility treatments, whack off into a jar in one of his examination rooms, and then have the Urologist/Gynecologist insert your seed into her fallopian tubes?

        I.e. do you intend to be essentially CUCKOLDED by the Urologist/Gynecologist?!?

        PS: There was a filthy j*w monster in London recently who actually literally cuckolded all of his fertility-treatment patients –

        All friggin 600 of those poor children now have filthy j*w blood circulating in their veins.


    • Props on the Latin. There was too much English in there, I know you can translate “asscokers” into Latin, if anybody can, lzozlzozlozz


  2. Puloche!


  3. Memento Game, LOL, never heard it phrased that way before.

    Not sure of other posters global positions, but in the Northeastern US the fall weather is kicking in and well…there is just SOMETHING about the fall that has always elevated my game to heightened levels. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the fall newness vibes of previous college experiences or what, I’m thinking maybe something like seasonal muscle memory awareness or some ineffable Fall released blood charisma. Not too into zodiac stuff, but from some things I read different signs supposedly thrive during different times a year. I’m Scorpio, so fall’s my season. Anyone else experience this “surge”?


    • Testosterone goes up in the fall and winter and goes down in the spring and summer.


    • on September 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



      Befeoress dey put me on ritaalzizianz and adderlelozozlzl at da public shcools for askingtoo many quetsisonz about d aGFEDEREAL RESVERVE DURIENG EOCNCINCZ CLASZZ, da GBFM penned a poemz in hornoz of authuzmz da autzuzmnal lostas cokasz zlzizzzlozlzo:

      CCLV. Ode to Autumn

      SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
      Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
      Conspiring with him how to load and bless
      With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;
      To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees, 5
      And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
      To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
      With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
      And still more, later flowers for the bees,
      Until they think warm days will never cease; 10
      For Summer has o’erbrimm’d their clammy cells.

      Who hath not seen thee oft amid thy store?
      Sometimes whoever seeks abroad may find
      Thee sitting careless on a granary floor,
      Thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind; 15
      Or on a half-reap’d furrow sound asleep,
      Drowsed with the fume of poppies, while thy hook
      Spares the next swath and all its twinèd flowers:
      And sometimes like a gleaner thou dost keep
      Steady thy laden head across a brook; 20
      Or by a cyder-press, with patient look,
      Thou watchest the last oozings, hours by hours.

      Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?
      Think not of them, thou hast thy music too,—
      While barrèd clouds bloom the soft-dying day 25
      And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue;
      Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn
      Among the river-sallows, borne aloft
      Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies;
      And full-grown lambs loud bleat from hilly bourn; 30
      Hedge-crickets sing; and now with treble soft
      The redbreast whistles from a garden-croft;
      And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.
      As she swallows my cum while I read TWITTERSZ zzlzzoz.zlzozizoo


    • Whenever the weather changes girls go into heat. It really is that simple.


  4. A high SMV woman can still be fishing for reassurance, especially if your response was to give her tips on how to flirt with the guy. That seems overly hurtful vs. just keeping her on her toes. Can’t he just act nonchalant and say something like, “you and I both know you’re not going to cheat on me, so who cares.” He conveys to her that he’s high enough value to not be worried about other guys…yet implicit in the comment is that he would care if she cheated.


    • What women like to hear and what works on them are two different things.

      Do not conflate the two.


      • It’s always possible to overgame. If you do it enough to a high SMV woman, giving her no signs of reassurance whatsoever that she means anything at all to you, she’ll walk. (Head cases with rock bottom self esteem will stay.)

        It’s one thing to keep the girl a little off balance and unsure, it’s another to say things that are purposely hurtful. Your bf basically telling you he doesn’t care what you do with other guys? That’s really rough.


      • ” If you do it enough to a high SMV woman, giving her no signs of reassurance whatsoever that she means anything at all to you, she’ll walk.”

        So you’ve dated a lot of high SMV women ? Interesting.

        Try and wrap your little girl brain around the idea that WOMENS ADVICE is the reason most men are so terrible at picking up women and maintaining relationships with them. Even if you mean well, you’re simply not capable of expressing the details in the way a man needs to hear them.


      • No, Simon… I AM a high SMV woman. My friends are high SMV women. I date alpha men, I understand game concepts, and I’m very familiar with this scenario. So while I appreciate you trying to tell me how I feel, I’m going to stick to wrapping my little girl brain around real experience. But I’ll agree with you that most women are awful at male relationship advice. They give advice based on how it should be, not on the harsh realities.

        If you don’t believe me about overgaming, check out the archives.


      • > “overgaming”

        What the hell is the purpose of having a “girlfriend”, anyway?


        Truth be told, the only thrill in fornication is the thrill of the chase.

        Once you’ve scored the bitch as a notch on your bedpost, the joy to be found in any further acts of fornication goes downhill really fast.

        Unless, of course, you are copulating with the woman for the purpose of HAVING CHILDREN.

        Absent children [and the making of them], fornication is a completely meaningless exercise in utterly purposeless nihilism.

        Bottom line: You can either get busy copulating for the purpose of welcoming new souls into the world, or else you can get busy going extinct.

        And you’d be shocked at what growing up, ditching the Peter Pan Complex, getting serious about Life, and making babies with a woman can do for your outlook about things in general.


      • Amy is a fat girls name.

        The problem with your advice is that it’s targeted to men who already possess sufficient alphatude to pique your interest. Men like this don’t need your advice and are experienced enough to know better than to take it. It’s very damaging to betas however, because they’re already overeager to offer reassurance and supplication.

        In short, you seek reassurance from men who would never offer it. Yet you would ignore reassurance from the betas you’re advising because they don’t even exist to you.


      • “Amy is a fat girls name”

        Lol, seriously? Well, thanks for confirming your age.

        Suggesting that alphas never give reassurance to their gfs is wrong. You’re telling betas in relationships that being a cocky a**hole all the time is the only way to keep the girl. It’s not true. For every 10-20 cocky-aloof actions, you need to provide a little comfort. Just read the archives… search “relationship game”


      • @Amy: please be quiet.

        You are a woman, intruding in a space reserved for men. You are not particularly welcome here, but then again, you can be tolerated, provided you keep quiet and observe rather than offer advice.

        To repeat: that this site is reserved for men. It’s a place where we come to share ideas and thoughts about how to survive today’s toxic sexual environment. We do not want to hear your thoughts, because — as Simon correctly noted — females are generally incapable of offering realistic, useful advice about the issues at hand.

        Understand, clearly, that you (and all the other females who come here and cluck with one another) are not part of this community. You are, simply and plainly, trespassers. If you feel the need to comment, please go to Jizzabell, or Feministing, and tell the shrews who frequent those sites your views on how a man needs to be an Alpha mixed with a little Beta. I am sure you will find the response interesting.


      • “Shut up the men are talking!”; “Be quiet the men are talking” (I actually heard a mother say this to her daughter the other day, Catholics are funny)

        But my favorite statement to say to a woman, if the scenario is right is …

        “That is a good question, now can a man ask it to me so I can take it seriously?”

        No offense Amy, just kidding.


      • Women are not generally welcome here and would generally get driven out. I agree. But I think “our” women including Amy (nice sexy name, like “amorous”) are different.

        They’re credible enough to be worth listening to. At least to my way of thinking and based on my experience. I find that generally women’s advice is misleading, confusing and seems intentionally damaging, designed to produce betas and below. If I saw that, I’d be all over it. But can you see it’s just possible that not every woman gives clueless – to – intentionally sabotaging advice?

        I also think they’re here because they don’t like the vicious women any more than we do. Are you aware that feminists primarily go after other women? Feminism is suffocating if you’re a woman who doesn’t agree. I’ve been through that with a gf who, to some extent, I led away from feminism. Feminists’ plan doesn’t work if men can get better women, so they have the dragnet out to force conformity by the women. You only notice it when one woman after another is an undateable bitch. But they get it in their face without asking for it.

        Take it from an old married guy who’s been around women a lot, if you add up all the years of experience, and who figured out a fair amount of “game” before one could read about game on convenient websites.

        Pro tip: using game doesn’t mean you should hate women. In fact it will make you like them, by giving you distance from those bad experiences. Once you start being able to mold your interactions with women to suit you, you’ll get along with many of them just fine. I can start talking to a bitchy one, probe the conversation a little this way and that, pushing against her comfort zone, and either she’ll totally shut me off (which is fine) or she’ll have to start saying things from the heart. This doesn’t mean I am romantically interested, It’s called “the art of conversation” and all you have to do is be a bit older with a few “respectable” cues, and it’s always appreciated.

        My perspective is the same as Zombie Shane. I am raising a family. Dating was a stage to go thru to get to a family. Hardly did I figure out how to do it than I got nailed down by the great “prospect” who has now been my wife over 15 years. (But I need game and hang out here to learn more, because being married esp. with kids is the same issues, vastly complexified.)

        But I don’t think every man thinks this way. I don’t really understand those who aren’t interested in fathering children, all I can do is respect their choice.


      • First 3 syllables reveal u were PMSing when u wrote that. Right?


      • Someone needs to give Amy her green drink!


      • > “I don’t really understand those who aren’t interested in fathering children, all I can do is respect their choice.”

        Yeah, it’s a really outstanding choice for dudes who want to shit all over their own hopes for any lasting happiness in this world, shit all over their ancestors’ sacrifices, shit all over their Creator, and then top it all off by yanking their entire family trees the hell outta The Tree of Life.

        > “Pro tip.. I can start talking to a bitchy one, probe the conversation a little this way and that, pushing against her comfort zone, and either she’ll totally shut me off (which is fine) or she’ll have to start saying things from the heart. This doesn’t mean I am romantically interested, It’s called “the art of conversation” and all you have to do is be a bit older with a few “respectable” cues, and it’s always appreciated…”

        To amplify on that Pro Tip, from a dude who’s spent his entire life in university towns [around crazy chicks]: “Game”, or, more especially, “The Art of the Conversation” even works on Dykes!

        Yeah, believe it or not.

        The big problem with Dykes, other than the fact that they have a 75% probability of being morbidly obese – – is that Dykes are also very badly mentally ill.

        And having a bitch in your life who is even more unstable than normal bitches [on their normal 28-day-cycles of varying degrees of insanity] is probably not the brightest idea you could hit upon.


      • “Truth be told, the only thrill in fornication is the thrill of the chase.
        Once you’ve scored the bitch as a notch on your bedpost, the joy to be found in any further acts of fornication goes downhill really fast.”

        Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! An honest man. It’s the only worthy comment in this entire sub thread, save for David’s, way on the bottom.

        I always say there is great thrill in the chase for both sides. For men, the chase and the eventual catching is irresistible. For women, it’s the opposite. It’s the getting caught by a masculine/dominant man, which she perceives worthy of catching her, the most irresistible idea to her. That’s why for a girl the challenge is not to give in too fast and ruin the thrill. It’s how she tests if the man is worthy of getting her or not. Not every girl has the luxury to do this, but if she is halfway decent, at least she has a shot of getting caught up in this whirlwind, instead of having to put up right away or risk his disinterest. And it’s fun. Why begrudge yourself the fun of feeling like a woman who deserves to be wanted and hunted.


      • @David

        “I also think they’re here because they don’t like the vicious women any more than we do. Are you aware that feminists primarily go after other women? Feminism is suffocating if you’re a woman who doesn’t agree.”

        Thank you. Feminists are very vicious to us if we don’t agree with them as women. I won’t go into it, but I had so many fights with them. I almost flunked a course because of that too. I learned a lot about the hamster even before I heard of that term. Women have a way of justifying the worst nonsense. Unfortunately, the older they get the worst it is. So I am not surprised your wife is driving you crazy with her notions. However, it’s up to you to straighten her up.
        “This doesn’t mean I am romantically interested, It’s called “the art of conversation” and all you have to do is be a bit older with a few “respectable” cues, and it’s always appreciated.”

        Well-said; it’s enjoying the art of conversation. You could be a mentor to a younger woman who can benefit from hearing what an older experienced male thinks. It’s indispensable.
        I’m curious. As far as figuring out how to game your wife, has it been helpful hanging out here? Is it working in RL?


      • remember, game is for betas Simon. Alphas/Sigmas have to be very careful.OUr natural game is overgame. Gotta soften it way up.


    • Verbalizing the act of cheating shows you’ve entertained the possibility. That alone makes you seem insecure.


    • It seems like the right choice, but in reality the option of telling her how to flirt with the other guy will get that hamster in overdrive.


  5. “Not sure of other posters global positions, but in the Northeastern US the fall weather is kicking in and well…there is just SOMETHING about the fall that has always elevated my game to heightened levels.”

    Fall is in my wheelhouse. Decades after college, autumn is when my game feels tightest. It’s the echo of that swath of of destruction through all the strange every September/October. Call it (love) muscle memory if you will.

    Hell, even the wife gets tingles when summer wanes to fall because of that. The overplayed cheesedick Van Morrison song “Moondance” came on while we were having lunch just today, and while she normally hates it, she leaned in and said, “You know, I guess I actually like this song. . .”

    “Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance
    With the stars up above in your eyes
    A fantabulous night to make romance
    ‘Neath the cover of October skies.”

    Read more: Van Morrison – Moondance Lyrics | MetroLyrics


  6. The 2nd letter writer “makes good money” but he has 2 roommates? Something there doesn’t add up.

    [CH: He might live in a very expensive city. Some guys just like the camaraderie.]

    Also, “silicon tits” like she’s a robot or a computer? I’ve heard of rock hard tits but that’s ridiculous! (OK, misspelling humor is pretty low).

    [I think he means fake tits. Which would be a strike against her, unless her naturals were vanishingly small or grossly deformed.]


    • silicon tits- literal translation from a foreign language.In many languages this is how you call fake boobies.


    • I would also ask what he’s going to do about being a 5-6 on the SMV scale. Unlike women, men have mobility on that scale.
      If all he wants to do is bang her, then who cares if she ends up cheating (if it’s really cheating if they aren’t in a committed relationship)? As long as he gets his bangs in, he’s good, right?

      Or is he looking to lock her down for LTR? In that case, he needs to up his value.


  7. I understand the phenomenon, but it still sticks in my craw how far men have fallen, that they don’t know any longer how to handle and wrangle women. The reasons are clear, and I don’t begrudge them their ignorance insofar as it goes. It is also good that they are trying to unlearn their lifetime conditioning.

    But brother, wow, it’s really disconcerting to think about the state of things, and worse, that 99.9% of the rest of the male population remains painfully unaware and spinning like tops trying to understand the world and masculinized women these days.


  8. on September 6, 2013 at 12:55 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    RE: Question 3.

    That all depends on why you’re not having sex with her, and how much she knows about why.

    Are you not having sex with her because you’ve got a heart condition/ are undergoing chemotherapy/ had your prostate removed? Then probably forever—although you’ll no doubt notice the household budget for batteries increasing precipitously.

    Are you not having sex with her because you’re not attracted to her? If that’s the case, does she know it? And if so, how “blunt” were you in telling her? If you came at her with something nasty like, “You’re a fat sow and you’d better lose 20 lbs or we’re not having sex anymore,” then…you might want to go ahead and get an STD panel run now.


    • I think you mean #4.
      What’s missing is his motivation. It’s fair to assume she’s become disgusting because she’s a married woman and that’s just statistics. If she’s become disgusting it’s because she sees no reason to be fit for him because she doesn’t respect him. So he wants her to cheat on him so he can break up with her because he’s got no balls to break up with her which is why she got fat in the first place.
      I remember some other commenter here asking the same thing.
      What he needs to do is grow a pair and make decisions on his own instead of forcing people to make decisions for him.


      • on September 6, 2013 at 1:52 pm gunslingergregi

        how bout he prob needs a break from that pussy

        take a vcation alone come back you prob want to hit it again passionately if you ever did


      • on September 6, 2013 at 2:01 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Yeah, you’re right. We need the motivation. What if he’s got a cuckold fetish and he’s starving her of sex on purpose, hoping she’ll cheat?


  9. #2 (the 10-friendzoner): why are you still interested in her? You’ve scored the notch, and she carries a WHOLE bunch of baggage which rules out the LTR. And if what you write is true, you have backup bangs. So the question again: why are you still interested in the young10bangwithbaggage?

    Time to ring out the old, bring in the new. Worst thing that can happen: she disappears (which, given the age diff and her baggage, is a high-odds eventuality anyway). Best is that you telling her to get lost will get her hamster UsainBolting.

    To the Elder Gamer: welcome to the club where I live. Coupla things you need to know: to most 20-something women, you are invisible (with the George Clooney Exception), and advances will be categorized as “creepy” unless they have Daddy issues (another rat-hole you don’t want to explore).

    Frankly, as you get older/more mature, you start subjecting all potential scores to the “Hassle/Benefit” analysis — and my take is that 20-somethings are not worth the effort. Most are crap lays anyway (enthusiasm is no substitute for experience), but more importantly, most don’t have a coherent thought in their empty little heads. Once again, we older guys prefer our wine to be more complex, and 20-somethings are Ripple.

    30-somethings have two strikes: either they have weeny children, or want them. Either way, the score isn’t worth the hassle. I would actually expand the definition of 30-something up to aqge 45. At 45, she either has no kids (rabid careerist alert) or her kids are older or even adults (much better).

    My suggestion: concentrate on the 45-55 age range. My somewhat limited experience is that they are better lays and come with relatively less baggage than their younger counterparts. The downside is that they’re physically less attractive than the youngins, but most of that is the creation of popular culture anyway. Blaze your own trail, eschew the trendy and fashionable, and score more easily.

    Incidentally, one of the most dynamite lays I ever had was 62 years old (at the time, 20 years older than I). Damn woman wore me out, and NOTHING was out of bounds (if you get my drift).

    With older women, game is a little different, I think. The principles are more or less the same, but not as harshly applied. Believe me, knowledge of one’s own mortality works just as much with women as with men.


    • Agreed with thoughts on number 2. It’s not going to work, why? One reason, frame. He is practically begging for advice promising to donate once he gets this girl back, and he is going to hold a non-needy frame to win a girl back who dumped him for being beta (basically starting off in the hole)?

      No chance. He’s too deep into oneitis-ville while asking for a map to walk 100 miles. Dude, go radio silent for a few months, if you still give an F about her then, you can re-game. Odds are, he will ignore this, overgame her like crazy, torture himself more and lead to a total blow-out no-contact with her anyway.

      Maybe that’s the best lesson one can learn.


  10. Memento Game

    Does this mean the interaction runs backward? From post coital glow to reverse ejaculation to hasty donning of clothing to first glance at the bar? Heh. I like the memory wipe advice in this case, though it may come across as a bit too much.


  11. on September 6, 2013 at 1:56 pm gunslingergregi

    1st dude she wants you to handle it and make the other guy quit hitting on her

    “exclusive for the last 2″
    so yea not just a chick you with a chick you only with right

    ””””” Now she’s declined him 3 or 4 times now but he doesn’t get the message, a few questions:

    Is her telling me about this a sign that she’s got nothing to hide from me, or an attempt to make me jealous?

    she could not get the dude to stop on her own she needs your help
    time to act on it I wreckin or she gonna be gone


    • That’s how I read it too – she’s asking for dude to step in and demonstrate to said doctor the she’s taken.


  12. on September 6, 2013 at 2:00 pm gunslingergregi

    2nd dude I don’t know went to cookout brought the ex chick she was feeding me in front of everyone and shit
    kind of brought to fuck with other chick for bringing husband to the wedding lol
    but yea chick gave me hug when I got there no hug when I left though awww
    don’t know if that good or bad my exchick said it was because she was thinking let your chick hug you then lolzzzzzzzzzzz
    my other friend chick from school though gave me the big hugs comin and goin guess she doesn’t get intimidated he he he


    • on September 6, 2013 at 2:02 pm gunslingergregi

      I guess part of pickup might be complimenting a bitch on what she got on or whatever jesus these other chick telling her nice nails nice heels nice bla bla
      wtf talk about blowing a bitches head up


      • on September 6, 2013 at 2:08 pm gunslingergregi

        chick from high school was telling her to cover up my name on her neck lol
        that pissed me off fucking bitch
        exchick like naa its never getting covered


  13. on September 6, 2013 at 2:07 pm gunslingergregi

    old dude move lol


    • Older guys- Philippines, and accept if you’re high IQ that although women never understood you before, one under 40 is not going to understand you AT ALL. Her place is to DO WHAT SHE’S TOLD or you go get another one from the 100 million or so waiting there.

      YOu have to separate your need for friendship from need for women. I’m old and this advice to go after 40-somethings except as temporary relief is insane, especially coming from 31 year olds who have no idea what they are talking about except they don’t want you poaching. Infertile women are at best tolerable sexually and generally your body knows very well sex with them is a useless humanitarian mission.

      Get a Filipina under 24, impregnate her in the Philippines, and revel in the hate. If you don’t want kids you can go older. For the best course of the meal, bring her back after you hide your assets and gleefully parade her in front of hysterical 30-60 YO old venombags here in USA as they realize their genetic line is swamped in time already.


      Never put anything in her name.


      • I haven’t mentioned the good side of the symbiosis, and how to get it:
        1) For God’s sake I’m already mad at you if you would ever consider a bar girl or any saviour mission.
        2) Her job is to do as she’s told, and the reason you deserve that is that you genuinely love her and are affectionate with her
        3) Filipinas are playful and have a genetic longing to mate with white guys after their first couple disappointments with incapable-of-real-romance Filipino guys. The half-breed children can be extraordinarily attractive especially if female.
        4) Screen for women who like cooking. It is a good covert detector of (a) lack of excessive thrill-seeking traits (b) inherent enjoyment of nurturing (c) willingness to do something besides text and shop.
        5) Old soldier saying: “Keep them there and keep them hungry.” Don’t bring her back here until she gives you a kid and you know DNA testing it’s yours.
        6) Since you’re 60 already, if you bring her back when the kids are 2-3 , even if she ditches you for a lounge lizard 2 years after arrival here, you only pay child support for about 14 years.
        7) Always remember the pleasure of parading her and the kids in front of the self-righteous venom bags. “Is she your daughter? ” ” I hope not she’s fucking my brains out.”


      • For those of us who aren’t into Asians, how about Latin America? How are, e.g. Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic for finding younger chicks who want to marry older Americans?


      • Not sure what you mean by “older” but if you are, say, 60, you can go to Colombia or Venezuela tomorrow and if you are reasonably presentable, have a sincere fiance in her 20s with a nice bod within the space of about a week, especially if you aren’t hooker-phobic, but even if you are.

        Cuba is even better than Colombia that way, though you have to be more hooker-phobic since almost every girl is at least a part-time hooker. Also, I’m not sure moving to Cuba is an option for Americans, while marrying a Colombian and moving there is cake.


      • If yer a 1st generation Irish American you can get (dual) citizenship for Ireland ,as well as the dear old El USA and guess what? THEY are allowed to go to Cuber! This prob applies to many other Euro countries,if yo momma or daddy was a immigrant!


      • Well, I’m a young-looking 32, so not quite in my 60s, LOL. I’m not yet at the stage where I feel like I need to go looking abroad, but I’d definitely consider it. I’ve heard great things about how beautiful women in Cali are (and Colombia in general, but Cali in particular).


  14. the first guy is only really difficult to guess because she’s asian — she might actually be sincere. any other type she is likely assuaging guilt.

    not to sound like a complete fool but i’m old enough to have seen women the way they are, and they just have to share their stories. so it does sound like she is currently cheating and she lets pressure off her drama boiler by sharing little bits with you. because it’s always on her mind. i’ve been there.

    anyway you could really turn the party into something, having knowledge ahead of time. i took far too long to realize.


    • i actually just solved the mystery in my head. she’s cheating. the deciding factor is your unease. it’s almost never wrong. you wouldn’t be asking if there wasn’t already a problem, even if it’s explainable. if it was not an issue your body wouldn’t react like it is


      • Excellent observation. I’d add that he’s way too new to game to have the foundation down. He’s probably not being as alpha as he thinks and needs to push it more toward the asshole side.

        He said she’s out of his league. That’s bad because he feels inadequate and insecure, not the confident aloof man that chicks dig. No doubt she picks up on that subtlety.

        no idea where this quote is from:
        “she’s out of my league, Dad”
        “dammit son, let her figure out why she don’t want to fuck you. Don’t do it for her.”

        And it’s not a great thing that he’s worried about losing a chick he’s only known for four months either. Damn that’s about all I can stand them.


      • The quote is from “Sh*t my Dad Says”, by Justin Halpern, which is full of good stuff and funny shit.


  15. R.Don Steele wrote the bible on “older man game”.

    My old man got a roomate in his nursing home and was pretty irritated about it. I listened to his new neighbor’s booming voice as he interacted with the nurses. He was a former Monsanto executive and ran a local chemical plant here. Had some health issues so ended up in the nursing home for a short stay. He was born in 1919. On the day he was checking out the nurse said “You are looking good this morning.” He answers back “You never know when you are going to run into a hot 75-year old”.


  16. Friends, I bring you a typical video of a typical Western woman:


  17. #1: Wants you to further “claim” her in an observable way so that his advances stop.

    OMG! (lol!) No, you are not too old to learn Game. “Try to corner a market where your status and knowledge and experience are valued…” Yes.


    • Speaking as a late 40 something gentleman….more than one hot early 20 something girl enjoys the company of a man who can show her the world in ways that 20 something men will need another 20 years to figure out.


      • You got a point there. 20-something men don’t care or know how to spoil a girl. I find 40-something men irresistible.


  18. Re Question 1:

    This could be partially a test. Perhaps girlfriend wants to see if socially lower, blue collar boyfriend can stand up to a guy inappropriately hitting on his girlfriend at work. Can boyfriend defend her if she requires it without blowing up the place?

    Maybe the controlled confronting suggested is already appropriate.


  19. Love the response to Question 1. Great post.


  20. I guess there’s an upside to being a beta. When you’ve always been invisible to girls, nothing is lost with age.

    And ew at 40-45. My standards are pretty low, but even I wouldn’t bother with women that old. Might as well just use the odd hooker.


    • I’ve heard it said that beautiful people suffer more than ugly people do from aging. It’s the difference between deformation total and a little bit off the top.


  21. on September 6, 2013 at 4:04 pm gunslingergregi

    well off topic lolz
    but yea the second synagogue in my city closed down guess they just couldn’t handle all the diversity now none he he he


  22. Hungover so here’s a quickie:

    Q1: if she hasn’t changed her at-home behavior (ie – fucking you), then she’s legit and dude is just annoying to her but she doesn’t want to make her office life awkward by telling him to fuck off. Befriend him at the party and be cooler than him so he knows he’s on your radar but also that you’re a cool guy. Make sure your chick knows she should be clinging to you thru the night so the guy takes the hint. If she treats you like an orbiter at the party, search my archive for the phrase “epic post” where we covered the titty-grab-hug guy’s incident.

    Q2: you can still fuck her, I saw green lights all over that story. You actually recovered from that fuckup well by having options/abundance. Well-done, most guys wouldn’t have been able to recover. Props to your game and lifestyle. 2 weeks radio silence to miss you, then invite her out for gay friend shit, isolate and escalate.

    Q3: What CH said.

    Q4: If you’re her highest value option, she won’t cheat. If you’re not, she’ll be fucking the guy from Q3 when he learns a little game lol

    now to go shit out some beer ugggghgh…


    • Fucked up the “epic post” thing, here’s a direct link:

      You don’t need it unless you find yourself stuck as an orbiter at her work party tho. Like if she isn’t clinging to you and touchy-feely and introducing you and very clearly proud of you and in love with you etc. in front of everyone.

      Don’t let your blue collar 5,6 shit fuck with your head. Doctors are just guys who went to school longer than everyone else lol he’s not automatically better than you because he has a PhD.

      Watch this video on how women view their boyfriends and their flaws/features:

      Understanding what he’s talking about in that video is important. This mindset you have of her being out of your league will fuck you over down the road but you don’t have to let it. Watch this video.


    • (also incase it’s not clear, I don’t think the Asian chick in Q1 is cheating or interested in cheating…but she will down the road if you keep up the “I’m unworthy” frame lol)


      • on September 6, 2013 at 8:11 pm Lucky White Male

        Key line at 3:37 – “When she sees you are not trying, the girl will start to look for your validation”


  23. The 10 and her friends sound like trash bags. Everyone fucking everyone.


  24. on September 6, 2013 at 6:22 pm Go for it the second time round guys!

    I got separated at 54, worked on my game, and within a month banged a 27 yo 6′ tall, 140 IQ, 9, then went on to score babes ranging from age 20 (twice, a 9 and a 7), with roughly half my affairs being in their 20’s and half in their 30’s and mostly not only above average physically, but well above average in articulateness and intelligence, attracting better than one new lay a month and keeping about 3 around as continuing sexual relations at any given time, until at 57 I married a hot 34 yo I had fallen for, and she is now pregnant (which I wanted), and we are very happy.

    So I say to the old guys: don’t sell yourself short.
    But also: if you want to get remarried, and have more kids, shoot for half your age plus 7. Much lower than that you can bed if your value is good and your game is tight, but you’ll be less likely to make a successful marriage, IMO.


    • Well played.


    • Appreciate your optimism, wonder what our height differential is, I’m 5’9″– but I don’t agree with your 1/2 + 7 if one wants kids.

      For a 60 year old that’s 37 which means plummeting fertility and more chance bad stuff. Plus younger women have more SONS.

      Accept she’s not a “partner”, this is the post-feminist deluded view of marriage, she is here to wait on your and provide children. Screen hard from the beginning, almost certainly outside the us.


    • Having a kid at 57? You’re going to be feeble by the time she graduates high school, if you’re even above ground. WTF?


      • And stumbling around the nursing home on a walker, I’ll still be more articulate than some nosy fucker who can’t mind his own business, and whose criticism is punctuated with “WTF”; I’m sure you think to great dramatic effect.

        What’s a few years in the multi-billion eon slide to the heat death of the universe?


      • The ideal age for a guy to have kids is 65.


      • Agreed. I know a 65 millionaire Brit who has a 20 year old caucasion wife and two babies. She’s a 10. She wanted to be a good mother in duplex penthouse and she’s a traditional type. They don’t live in a feminist country of course.

        Maybe CH had a guest blogger for this post because he’s selling every guy including his future self here short when he suggests a rich 60 year old who looks 45 date 40 year olds when he could easily have a harem of 20 year olds in a no-strings attached MLTR.

        Right off, we’re really talking about a 45 year old, not a 60 year old, because it would be in his interest to lie about his age. Although American feminists tend to go out of their way to investigate the men they date on the internets, a 60 year old who likes getting laid would have left the US twenty years ago and he would have long since convinced even himself that he’s really 15 years younger. Most foreign women don’t investigate too much.

        Now let’s do a simple mental exercise and I know you, Dirk, will see this point fastest.

        Imagine you’re a young man making $1k per week and you meet a 60 year old woman who is clean and easy on the eyes, well dressed and smart as hell. She becomes your friend and you enjoy her home cooking at her comfortable upscale apartment. Then she offers to match (double) your salary if you let her give you a HJ once every week. No problem right? You’d be catapulted from the middle class to the upper class with a six figure income.

        Now this will never happen because there’s no demand in that direction but guess what? That’s how girls aged 18-21 also think who earn about $300 per week taking orders at McDonalds. For them there is demand. One week salary in 5 minutes with an older friend they respect? No Problem. They’d be catapulted to the middle class for as long as they met with their older friend once a week. They’d even cook and clean for him.

        And, with Obamacare reducing fast food salaries to 29 hours of work or $200 per week income, a rich 60 year old man with game enough to earn the friendship and trust of the younger women, isn’t going to have a problem filling each night of the week with some action. It just takes one week of income to make anyone become a whore for 5 minutes (and cook dinner and wash the dishes for a friend). Anyone would do that to double their current income. Even someone making $1 million per week would do that to double the income. But most men over 40 can easily give two women under 20 the equivalent of the salaries they are making or could make in a fast food joint.

        Wherefore love you ask? Well you can throw in a 30 year old who loves you to death to be with you 3 nights a week. You can have your cake and eat it too.

        Or you can wait a year for your younger partners to realize that their looks are changing faster than yours. Then they start clinging to you and you have to shake them off.

        Meanwhile, Radar Online just wrote an article claiming that 19 year old Courtney Stoddard is thinking of leaving her 53 year old actor husband as soon as she can get “independent” financially with a career. But, if you read the article, it’s her feminist friends who are trying to convince her to do that. That’s why it’s imperative to keep girls out of the anglo feminist cultural environment.

        Also on this topic, on August 15, a rich man killed himself on his 60th birthday and wrote a manifesto on a website that showed that the Kansas culture had convinced him that he was no longer of use to anyone. He also claimed that the best sex he ever had was when he was 19 and dating a girl his age, and since that was no longer available to him he might as well commit suicide.

        This is one more reason why the “money can’t buy you love” nonsense is so anti-male. If you want to be macho and say that a man under 40 should never use money as a tool to score, fine, but that 60 year old who killed himself could have used game and money to recreate his life of forty years ago, at least the physical side of it, that he felt was long gone but the only thing worth living for. But Kansas culture had him convinced that was no longer possible, that this would involve “exploitation of women”. So he bequeathed all his money to “help others” and shot himself in the head.


  25. on September 6, 2013 at 6:26 pm Mitch Cumstein

    That #3 is some scary shit. No matter what she tells you, you’ll never know if she’s telling you the whole truth.

    This girl wanted to get back with me after we broke up a few years ago. She told me, “I know you and I aren’t together now, but please: don’t hook up with that girl. You know the one. The blond one who’s wanted to fuck you since we started dating.” I said, “Fair enough. So long as you don’t fuck that ex bf of yours. The one who’s wanted to fuck you again since we started dating.” She did her best to acknowledge this and we went a few months before she begged me to take her back.

    Anyways, when she and I started dating again, she apologized to me for making out with that guy after we broke up. Now, she said they just made out, but c’mon. If that’s all you did and you were genuinely sorry about it, would it be worth bringing it up? I cut her loose. She cried and begged and called me saying she was sorry, although she never admitted to more than making out with the guy. The calls went straight to voicemail, because I was too busy fucking that blonde girl.


  26. Good example of so-called “Memento” game — Alec Baldwin in It’s Complicated.


  27. on September 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm Go for it the second time round guys!

    One more comment occurs to me, for any single women reading this:
    if you are ready and eager to get married to a high value alpha male, focus on high value guys that are (your age minus 7) times 2, but who keep super fit.

    Sure he’s a lot older than you. That’s a good thing.
    He will find you very attractive, because that age attraction is somehow built into the genome, and with modern lifespans and modern physical training techniques, and modern ketogenic diets, and cialis, he will be a stud for a long long time, in fact if you think about it you will climb too high for the perfect age for him twice as fast as he will age on you, and that’s before modern tricks and pregnancies are taken into account. And he may well be thinking to have another kid before its too late, which is approaching as fast for him as you.

    You have a market where you can sell your mating value, whatever it may be, for the most it will fetch, and you can maybe get a bargain in return.


  28. Hello Gents,
    I really need advice because I’m the person with the most game in my group and advice from any of my friends would be useless.

    I asked a girl out for lunch and she said yes (she was very excited) during lunch she drops that she has a boyfriend. I ignored and follow through like nothing happen. I ask for a second meet up and she says yes (again, she seemed very excited about it). She could not look me in the eyes and only looked at me when I looked away. The day comes and she comes up with some lame excuse why she can’t go out, and does not offer another day to reschedule (I know that’s bad). For the first time ever she looks me dead in the eyes. I know this is a challange and refuse to look away until she does. I will the shit test; if it was one. I don’t want to be butt hurt about it but I call her out on her behavior by teasing her about it. I know she didn’t expect to be called on it. She does not look me in the eyes anymore. Now when I see her at work I’m professional as always but don’t give her the attention I used to, I walk away while she is still talking; I act with complete dominaince. I don’t know how to re-engage, any advice? Thank you gents.


    • Go meet other girls. You are shitting where you eat, with a girl who has a BOYFRIEND no less. Do you just not give a shit about your job/career?


    • Be without desire for her, be excellent in her presence, be gone. She will chase. Until then, she has made herself into just one more of your many groupies, treat her/tease her as such.

      Then when she is in her little skirt at the office party, on her second Brandy Alexander, separated from boyfriend and herd, go in for the kill. “It just happened…”

      You’ve already caused friction with her boyfriend, which she consciously believes she has resolved. Until her moment of vulnerability, when you pounce, and it is demonstrated that she hasn’t resolved a damn thing.

      You’ve already got the eye-of-the-tiger practice, use it to maximum effect if and when the opportunity presents itself. You can’t force that chance, you only can rearrange the environment such that it will yield the maximum probability of an opportunity occurring.

      In the meantime I would (indirectly) tease her mercilessly about blowing you off for her BOR-inggg twerp of a boyfriend. They seem to like that, even though the boyfriends don’t.



  29. What the hell is a “blue-collar office job?” I would have considered that an oxymoron, but maybe I’m missing something. Anyways…


    • on September 6, 2013 at 9:52 pm gunslingergregi

      supervisor of trades
      deputy project manager
      project manager


      • To me, if you’re in the office, its white collar, even if you manage blue collar guys; the fact that he describes his job as blue-collar makes it sound to me like he has self-esteem issues about his career relative to dating a doctor which he shouldn’t have.

        A doctor is really just a very educated tradesperson, anyway. I don’t say this as a slight at all, but a doctor is like a mechanic for the human body if he’s a surgeon, a car-painter if he’s a dermatologist, a body shop if he’s a plastic surgeon, etc.


      • project manager truly is the next blue collar factory type job. can’t swing a dead negro without hitting a self styled “PM” in america today.


      • on September 8, 2013 at 6:52 pm gunslingergregi

        god dam that was funny


    • I believe the self-described blue-collar guy can distinguish himself by developing an interest or two. Many, many doctors are very boring, because the training demanded monomania in their late teens and twenties.
      They are interesting to the degree they are bright, usually well above average, but I’ve met doctors that were paranoid rednecks– you know, much like the racist CH readers.

      If you get into movies, the best old romances or something, have a subject she might like peripherally, and can be a bit of an authority on it– not because you’re showing off, but because your’re interested in it.

      You can make movie night interesting etc. It can be anything but the stupid sports fandom men try to replace their vanished masculinity with.

      Maybe become a fan of singers, play great singers you admire, discuss the pros and cons. If she doesn’t like music or movies maybe she’s boring herself although a doctor.


  30. For #1. Asian chicks. I live in Asian-chick land. By Asian I assume Chinese. Korean/Japanese girls wouldn’t do this. They’re much more respectful of the man they’re with. Or they’d just fuck the guy assuming you’d do the same to any girl hitting on you.

    So, let’s get back to this Chinese doctor. I’ve been through this a ton of times. It’s always the same.

    This is a shit-test. She wants to gauge your reaction. Also, she’s wondering if she can do better.

    I usually mishandle this by blowing up. Depending on the state of your game blowing up will either make you seem beta OR…satisfy her need to be dominated and yelled at. You have to decide.

    My most recent situation was with a 7 I’ve been seeing for 6 months now.

    I gamed her, banged her, went on holiday with another girl. I came back and she was not upset, she couldn’t wait to bang me.

    Time passed, work and stuff got in the way, game slid. She “broke up” with me.

    I ignored her for a few weeks. She flipped out, crying drama etc.

    Now, she couldn’t be sweeter: presents, banging, sexy outfits everything.

    So a few things to consider about your situation:

    1) Increase your value, start hanging out where you can with other chicks. Asian girls value “Security”—you don’t want her to be with you because she sees you as “safe” while fantasizing about the other doctor guy.

    2) This is a shit test. She wants a reaction. You may need to blow up in a calculated way: “I thought you were different, you’re just like every other girl. Want a doctor get a doctor….etc etc.”–that has always worked for me. But my position is different. Even though I’m 16 years older than the girl I’m seeing, I’m in great shape, have a good job and other chicks dig me because I’m always gaming.

    3) Disappear for a while….somehow. Just become less available. This is common game advice. But I suspect that you’re a good guy and that’s why despite your own perceived lack of confidence ( calling yourself a 5) she’s with you because she sees you as safe. Start to slowly change or transform and she’ll wonder what’s up.

    Hope this helps.


    • Solid, tight, unimpeachable.

      It’s a pleasure watching you progress from 2010 and beyond, Walawala.



      • @immoral

        was gaming Chinese girl. Got her to open up, sharing her fantasies etc. She’s ready to bang me. She says she’ll come over to my place when she’s visiting her mom who apparently lives in my neighborhood.

        Then today I get a text: can’t meet u tmrw. forgot a French is visting and staying with me few days. let’s meet another day just not tomorrow.

        Me: we’ll see

        This shit-test of dropping that some dude is visiting her…typical shit.

        Not replying=butt hurt

        Teasing= giving a shit

        “we’ll see” ambiguous enough for me to spark more attraction and get her chasing.

        Flaking is a fact of life with these girls.

        The only way to make this work is abundance and flipping the script.


      • I like your style walawala. Well played.


  31. I heard women are insecure about dating or marrying guys better looking then them cause that they will cheat.
    On a side note indian and middle east girls are worse then asian women when it comes to money


    • Indian women are Asian. Indian women are South Asian women. Middle Eastern women are typically Middle Eastern, though some are from Central Asia and North Africa.

      To a lot of white guys, when they say “Asian”, they don’t mean Central Asian and Middle Eastern women, nor do they mean South Asian women like Indian and Bangladeshi.

      Asian just means East Asia (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) and Southeast Asia (Thai, Filipinas, Vietnamese) to them. I think South Asian women don’t attract them because of their skin yellow-brown skin color (though they have Caucasoid faces and wavy/curly hair) and well Middle Eastern women are usually Muslim (though mostly Arab and Caucasoid too), so their religion is scary.

      Arab women from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa are actually pretty. South Asian women like Indians are kind of attractive too. I think East Asian women are cute too, but “Asia” isn’t just them. They are the advanced Asians though. That’s a great attribute they have.


  32. About the question regarding the Asian (ew) girlfriend: isn’t there the possibility that she’s actually loyal and maybe just wants protection as she can’t get rid of him herself? Not the most likely but I don’t see why it’s not at least in the list.


    • no…she either wants MORE attention or is bored and wants to spark drama from this guy.

      Also, the fact his first few lines describe himself as a 5 and her as higher indicate his insecurity is starting to breed resentment.


  33. A top alpha male:

    Must be powerful, must be charismatic, must be good looking and must have wealth. This criteria is what makes a top top alpha male. Now it simply isn’t possible for all of us to have these traits. Some of us may have these traits but not have the perfect face, or 6ft height plus, or the wealth, etc.

    Therefore, there are lesser alphas. Some of us fall in these camps. I consider myself the greatest beta or the weakest alpha due to several factors:
    (1) emotional attachment. If I bang a girl 3 to 5 times I get sprung hard. Easy for me to fall in love.
    (2) height. I am 5 ft 8.5. On the shorter side but I recognize that women will always gaze at the 6ft 2 guy that walks into the room. Some things we have to accept and I am content with my height.
    (3) career wise I am doing better than average, but nothing spectacular yet. I have improvement to make in these areas. I am a 4th year lawyer with my own practice which is slowly doing better. My father has millions but those are his assets not mine and ive successfully removed myself from that type of thinking. I let them know in a subtly way “my father is well off”

    For now I’m focusing on my business, focusing on my yapping skills, and approach women at many junctures. I enjoy the game for the fun of it. Will be posting field reports from time to time (scray will enjoy these stories lol) WILL remain single no matter what as I keep getting wrapped up with girls that aren’t right for me.


    • Why did u just qualify yourself to us


      • Descriptions sound like “qualification” to the insecure, who cannot imagine plainly speaking the simple truth of himself. Rather, everything he says or doesn’t say is carefully pre-scrutinized regarding whether he is coming off as trying too hard or not trying enough. You are all up inside your own head.

        Just because your latter-day remedial PUA training has broken you of a bad habit, it doesn’t mean everyone who speaks about himself is striving to impress you. The truth is we don’t think of you much at all, and we couldn’t care less whether we “qualify” in the opinion of social misfits, know-it-all strivers, and the retarded.

        You should adopt a similar posture. When one has impressive accomplishments or traits to talk about, it really doesn’t occur to him whether his audience is impressed by the truth. Impressed or unimpressed is irrelevant, because it can just as often be the product of assessing a quality from a low station/low perspective as it can be truly deserved appreciation. The easily-impressed are easily impressed. Or, “Coming from you, that’s not saying much.”

        And now you will probably imagine I’m qualifying myself to you. Or something. It’s a handy way to claim a status you don’t deserve, a way to fake a judge’s superiority. Nice try.



      • Gainsaid without prejudice if only out of respect for raw probability. Most men —good-looking, wealthy, etc. —- are insecure and a bit craven. However, rather than blame this on some recent force — “The Cathedral,” — I believe that most men in all times have lacked courage. There would be little curiosity about a thing like boldness if it were abundant.

        So yes, there are men who have impressive accomplishments and traits. Few men. Fewer still who have enough inner character and temerity to divorce their worth as men from those accomplishments (or lack thereof).


      • Fair points, but I didn’t see Greatest Beta passing the buck to “The Cathedral” so much as him giving an honest (i.e., courageous) assessment of himself, warts and all. It was descriptive, not laudatory or falsely humble. His balance between amour-propre and abject self-debasement is indicated in his very screenname. The rest was Immoral Gables trying to nose in some wisdom where it didn’t apply, which is an indication of partial knowledge and insecurity.

        I like you. Maybe you can translate some book learnin’ for your fellow field frogs. I don’t have the patience.



      • [nose in some wisdom where it didn’t apply]

        Right, like you giving actionable pickup advice to guys, even though you clearly don’t go out.

        Lol the pot just called the kettle black.


      • The shouldering of his burden onto the Cathedral, or morphing it into a disillusioned enlightenment — “red pill makes me sad” — was never explicit. It’s implied from the way he writes, with repulsed, grudging praise of superficial characteristics, and the way he never lets any discussion of character or “game” stray too far from these outer markers.

        This post from him, though is one of the better ones I have seen. There’s hope shimmering beneath the words. That hope, of course, comes in the realization that ‘hey, my externals could be better, but well, they’re at least okay.’ And he’s committing himself to getting out there — which is great, because I’m looking forward to watching his mind change.

        But, the shaky internals — regardless of how much they are draped in self-conscious “realism” — are easy to spot for the initiated. Why did I see qualification, rather than an honest assessment? Because I’ve been there before. That’s why.

        Accepting what you say about yourself as true — that you’re something of a natural and that you’ve always had an intuitive grasp of these dynamics — means that spotting this kind of thing may (and probably should) be harder for you.

        Guys like me, Immoral, Ya, and others have all been there. None of us understood the “red pill,” “masculinity,” ‘game” or whatever name you call it. We are in the process — maybe a lifelong one — of changing our minds from one set of beliefs to another set of beliefs. Along this journey, we can look back and see where others who take the same path are.


      • One day Matt, i will read your lengthy bullshit.

        Today is not that day son.


      • As Matt said below, Im not qualifying its a description.
        I could easily have lied and said im this that and a whole bag of chips. But why in the hell would I do that? I see this as a forum for discussion of women, pick up stories, hypergamy and how western family is going to shit.

        Here is what you need to understand. Value is how you perceive yourself. We all have human value. A bum has just as much human value as does a CEO of a 20 million dollar company. But how do we perceive ourself? The way the WORLD sees us. Now, the CEO has 1000 times more SOCIAL value than the bum. Who is gonna get more play? The same applies for the 7/11 employee, or the best buy cashier, the walmart sweeper, the starbucks barista, etc. This is a fact: social value has tons to do with alpha.

        So, in order to increase your alpha, you need to increase your social value. This is why I visit this place, to increase my alpha. My social value is good but I want it to be better. My game is pretty good but I want it to be better. My looks are good but I want them to be better. Its about improvement. At 31 yrs old, I have a good 10 years to increase my social value. Thereafter the fun in life starts to peak.

        So, in order to increase your alpha, not only do you have to increase your game, but also your power, your wealth, your knowledge, etc. Its a combo of things, not just game alone. Those who deny this deny reality.


      • Bro, based on your descriptions of where you’re at in life, I can make a judgment call and say that you are already “enough.” Fuck the fixations on height, looks and wealth that you put so much emphasis on.

        You’re already there man but based on your writings you wouldn’t think so.

        You are already enough.


      • Not yet. Im not there on a material level. Sure, I’m not getting any taller and I accept that. My game can get tighter and is continuing to get tighter. My wealth and power can grow but only if I work at it.

        Again, it’s one thing to have some money but another to be able to move shit. I recently signed up some rather large cases that have the ability to place me on the map. With some hard work, balls, blood and sweat, coupled with knowledge and practice of the game, don’t you think that will help me blow away some of my competition? Imagine two alpha dogs, one with 10k and the other with 250k in the bank. Who do you think Is going to get the better quality woman?


      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:06 pm gunslingergregi

        really it seems to be about who can get the quality drugs
        in states anyway
        but yea loot gives options for sure
        would think the lawyer thing would help
        get the toys
        get chicks bringing you chicks


      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:08 pm gunslingergregi

        to be honest I don’t think there are any quality woman in the states though


      • “Imagine two alpha dogs, one with 10k and the other with 250k in the bank. Who do you think Is going to get the better quality woman?”

        The one who values their money in the bank less.

        You’re fully locked in social conditioning right now so you won’t understand this till you’re older and you get to the end of the rat-race only to realize it wasn’t relevant.

        I’m working on a rich chick right now who slips me money to buy her shit in front of her friends and wants to update my wardrobe for me because I only have a couple outfits lol. She has jacked rich guys begging her to marry them. But they don’t give her the emotions that I do.


      • Happy to see some discussion going.
        @ Yareally, the better question is not only who can get the better quality woman, but also who can KEEP her around. Making her feel emotions is one thing but at the end of the day it depends on what you really want in life. Sure, for purposes of 3 to 6 month flings yes the guy who cares less about the size of the bank account will score better, at first. Like all things in life there is a balance. Alpha fucks beta bucks. You essentially need both. Alpha fucks helps get the women but with no beta bux they are gone. The inverse is also true, no alpha fux but only beta bux you wont be able to attract them. A good balance of both is what is necessary.

        It all depends on what you are looking for. For short term harems no real money is necessary. But if you want a family (tough to do in this environment but I see the sweetness of children) money is necessary. Thus, a high value woman will look at the entire package.


      • @Greatest Beta
        “Making her feel emotions is one thing but at the end of the day it depends on what you really want in life.”

        I agree, given equal game (which doesn’t happen lol but let’s say for argument’s sake it did), the $250k guy will be a more appealing provider than the $20k guy.

        But if your goal is monogamous long-term marriage, you have a lot of reading on MRA/MGTOW sites to do about marriage laws, family court, pre-nups, etc.

        “Alpha fucks beta bucks.”

        The $20k guy can always get the chick, married to the $250k guy, preggers. If he wants to raise the kid, he can always help her instigate divorcing the $250k guy so that he’s paying child support but the $20k guy gets to raise the kid.

        These aren’t ideal circumstances or anything, but there are ways to make it work if you’re the $20k guy. lol

        “But if you want a family (tough to do in this environment”

        I agree with this. Honestly, the way Hypergamy is encouraged and the way the court systems work and all, there just isn’t much incentive to attempt a traditional family.

        “but I see the sweetness of children) money is necessary.”

        Until she divorces you and you don’t see your kids. Hopefully you keep that $250k job so you don’t end up like Dave Foley:

        Or this guy:

        My point with the chick buying me shit story isn’t that that’s an ideal way to live or anything, but that if you have game/charm/charisma and give a woman the emotions she needs, she’ll overlook your flaws and compensate them for you. ie – this girl isn’t buying me clothes out of pity, she’s doing it because she wants to show me off to her friends…so my lack of money isn’t an issue because I’m high-value enough to her that she’ll make up for it instead of just finding a rich guy who makes her feel the way I do, because she knows how rare that is to actually find.

        I’m basically saying that if you don’t have the game to land her at $20k, you don’t have the game to keep her at $250k. 🙂


      • But you have contradicted yourself, if high value = alpha. If value is how you perceive yourself, then all the other shit is only useful insofar as it helps that self-perception. You raise your social value by developing the inner perception of high value. Now, I agree with you that helping the other “external” characteristics is great — it makes the entire internal process easier. Going to the gym and losing weight has done a fuckton for my inner game.

        The alpha dog 10 and 250k example is stark — the 10 and 250k honestly have almost nothing to do with that equation. What it will come down to is who makes her feel better. Those numbers are just abstract quantities lacking any tangible pussy connection. If the guy with the 250k is more confident because of the 250k, then ya….there you go. Or, if the guy with the 250k uses his money to constantly boss others around, and the other ‘alpha’ somehow fails to display dominance, then ya…250k wins. But that’s a fantasy scenario that’s so divorced from real life.

        Real life it looks like this — two loser rat-race schlubs have money. Whoever has the most money wins. However, if there are two legit alphas, the girl honestly will give no fucks.


      • I’m out as we speak. At Cut in Beverly Hills. Bunch of cougars, 30 plus girls and a hard 9 to my 8 o clock lol. Thinking of a clever opener


      • Tell her you drive a Buggati.


      • Scray 100% and you articulated that better than I could. Good looks!


      • Those numbers are just abstract quantities lacking any tangible pussy connection. If the guy with the 250k is more confident because of the 250k, then [yeah] … there you go.

        He is making a case for power beyond the pussy application. Only then is he returning to the subject of women, from a stronger external position, which can be mastered concurrently with the internals — on which you focus to the exclusion of all else.

        You fellows need to learn how to let go of your precious kernels of wisdom, held tightly in your fist, and reach for more. You worship your secret sauce jealously, like the recipe for Coca-Cola, as though man can be satisfied by Coke alone. It is possible that Greatest Beta has fully internalized the idea of confidence-sans-wealth that you are attempting to cram down his gullet. It can be he has moved on and is now looking for wider application. Like: how do I become a greater man per se, not just a greater man in the eyes of women.

        However, if there are two legit alphas, the girl honestly will give no fucks.

        Yeah. But he gives a fuck. He wants to be powerful for reasons other than pussy access, which is a secondary or tertiary consequence of the pursuit of the general greatness.

        Wealth itself is a secondary consequence of that pursuit. It isn’t all a “rat race” when one’s priorities are in order. Don’t take it from me (heaven forfend!): “III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.

        If value is how you perceive yourself, then all the other shit is only useful insofar as it helps that self-perception.

        Value is not simply “how you perceive yourself”! Hey, we shoot ourselves in the foot for downplaying our strengths — sure. But this is not a self-esteem contest. You actually have to create objective value. There are real, external standards in play. In fact, this solipsistic standard is a byproduct of our sissy age, when all that matters is how we feeeel. It is quite feminine, besides being postmodern and maliciously false.



      • It is possible that Greatest Beta has fully internalized the idea of confidence-sans-wealth that you are attempting to cram down his gullet

        Yes, it is possible. However, probable is another matter. And Greatest Beta spends most of his time discussing women, which indicates that he’s concerned with women and how to do better with women. All of his self-professed accomplishments suggest that he’s already got a handle on many of the externals.

        Again, tho, I’m unsure where we’re disagreeing. The “rat race” analogy was meant to illustrate that a fundamental defect in character, rather than the money itself, was to blame for that particular apparition of the game(250k v 10k). The make your mission rule of poon is just a by-product of confidence — you validate yourself, which gives you the strength to go after what you want, regardless of what anyone (including a woman) thinks.

        And it’s great that he gives a fuck — but we are talking about what women give a fuck about. Ya, if we’re talking about what your boss, your family, society, etc. gives a fuck about, this conversation will be different.

        The “value is your own self-perception” thing was Greatest Beta’s, rather than mine. I believe that your value is the product of your self-perception and your raw objective virtues. However, I believe that a minor increase in self-perception can exponentially increase the world’s appreciation of your objective virtues. Of course, zero to the infinity power is still zero — so you need to do something.


    • I’d agree that a top alpha male is powerful. All other qualifications are secondary. I would argue that a top alpha male, in order to reach the apex of his power, must be good….but that’s another discussion for another day.

      Stop limiting yourself, man. It’s hard to explain, but the virtuous display of masculine energy counts for way more than you believe. That said, it’s awesome that you’re getting out there. Can’t wait to read your FR’s!


  34. lmfao:


  35. I went out last night, and it’s clear that while I’m definitely better than I was a couple years ago, there are a few things I have no clue about.

    1) How do you meet up with girls and their posse beforehand and go out without sounding too beta? Or am I not supposed to do that, since being in their posse makes you count as a beta orbiter? Some guys insist that if you’re alpha, you always ask the girl to meet you one-on-one, and lots of other guys even refuse to ask girls out on weekends.

    2) How do you hook up with girls you actually meet out and about? I’m not bad at chatting up girls, but the reason I ask Question 1 is because they almost always end up going home with the group they came with, and said group is almost always their girlfriends and/or beta orbiters. I very rarely get numbers while drunk on Friday nights; I almost always get numbers of girls through day game.

    This is a rather dumb Catch-22, but it’s been bugging me for months, and I’d really appreciate any tips.


    • on September 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm PimpinBlueStar

      1) Show up an hour later than you orginally said you would meet up. 15 min before you get to the venue text her “paarty time yea” and text like ya just don’t care.

      2) It sorta helps if you can be the fun one of the group, like if “fun” were gasoline in a car, girls will usually ride it out till the tank is empty. It can be tough to pry away a girl from her group, but the more you can isolate a few at a time, the better your odds. Make it your mission to lead them to the fun if the current place you’re at is sort of a lull, like a sweet ass karaoke bar around the corner. Better if the group breaks off where you can finally work your girl while her two friends get chatted up by some other dudes, who on the surface probably seem alpha until they start laughing too hard at what she says and offers to buy her a drink.


  36. I’m sure this will convince more Peter Pans to man up:

    “Ronald G. Lieberman, a family law attorney in Haddonfield, N.J. … is asking his client’s soon-to-be-former husband of eight years to pay $20,000 to cover her egg-freezing procedure, medication costs and several years of egg storage. “When they got married, the expectation was they would start a family,” he told me. “Now she might not have the chance much longer.”…

    And yet it makes sense. Legal experts like Kevin Noble Maillard of Syracuse University speculate that a woman’s missed opportunities to have a baby during a marriage could be viewed as a form of “sacrifice” for which she should be compensated (in much the same way that a woman who put her husband through law school could expect to be compensated if he divorced her just before he reaped the financial rewards of the degree). And it helps rectify one of life’s greatest biological injustices: that men but not women can typically start a family well into middle age and beyond.”


  37. on September 7, 2013 at 6:45 pm Holden Caulfield

    Woman hating on Jenny McCarthy for staying attractive:


  38. on September 7, 2013 at 6:48 pm Holden Caulfield

    Jenny McCarthy looks good at 40; dumb feminist decides to hate on her:


  39. Game is great at any age.

    Just read today in a russian red pill forum, a 45 years old guy basically was married to a woman,got betaised bla-bla..she has managed to transfer slowly most of the equity on her name and hide documents so he wnt have access.After having divorced (she cheated ofcourse),one day before going to register his second flat in moscow to her name (“for children,better for their future”) he reads by accident a famous russian red pill book,figures out what women are all about,does not transfer the property next day;finds where she hid all the documents and papers,manages to write it to his friends and relatives (e.g. “sells”a car to his brother).A blits krieg in a day.
    In a month he is having sex with a young girls,no desire to be involved in any relationship ever,realizes how he wasted his life but better late than never.

    12 years of marriage,1 night to swallow the pill.Results are amazing.


  40. I’d say the guy with the Asian M.D. is receiving a shit-test in the form of foreshadowing. The foreshadowing is what he needs to pay attention to. IOW, she’s contemplating a fling or relationship with the other doctor, can’t keep her mouth shut about it, and is wondering how the current boyfriend will respond to her prattling on about it. I’d start making plans to be single, if I were in his shoes.

    My prediction is that he may manage the shit-tests well, but it’s only a matter of time before she’s busted (with the doctor, or with whomever comes after the doctor). So our hero needs to decide if it’s worth it to him to deal with the a) on-going jealousy game, and b) if he wants to be front and center when her shit-tests on this matter continue to escalate until she just cuckolds him.

    I think Amy’s advice above, about “comfort”, is quite wrong and especially for high SMV women. The reason is that while a woman who’s playing jealousy game may want that comfort, it doesn’t matter: she’s not going to stop contemplating the zipless fuck or LTR with whomever else she is fantasizing about. The jealousy game woman is really just asserting a right to additional men. If she’s rationalizing it by saying her boyrfriend makes her feel insecure, so what? He can be her security blanket, but she’ll still be looking at or running around with other men. So, fine, either let her have them or terminate the relationship. Most women misspell ONS as “serial monogamy”, and it’s the transitions between their “serial monogamy” where the self-serving deceptions and rationalizations abound. I’d bet our guy is being transitioned by the Asian doc. She may also be passive-aggressive enough to be trying to get him to break up with her, so she doesn’t have to take responsibility for her wishes and actions.

    I received some decent advice here about some jealousy game that my then-girlfriend was giving me (“Sean Penn’s here and he’s eye-fucking me! Seriously!”). So I managed all of that and she stopped. Then, like two other women I knew well, who signaled their interest or infidelity in the manner of the Asian doc, I discovered her playing around on one of the online dating sites. I don’t share women so this was over-the-line. These anecdotes are why I think our man with the Asian doc is already gone. The doc is foreshadowing and expressing a desire that will not diminish. He’s very literal and appears to be making the mistake that the Asian doc will address her sexual restlessness in a fair and logical, open, way. Ha-ha. That’s a good one.


  41. There is a very devious variation of the third scenario on the Asian chick that none of you have touched on, and I’ve seen it happen.

    The doctor is in fact a decoy. She’s banging some other dude and gauging your reaction to the doctor. Your nonchalance with the doctor initially is seen by her that you don’t care if any guy is banging her.

    Further, even at the party, if you realize she’s not in to him, your failure will be seen as permission.

    Start thinking backward for changes of behavior toward you and how she acts. There’s tons of books and things on the internet for signs of cheating, go check them out.


    • There is a very devious variation of the third scenario on the Asian chick that none of you have touched on, and I’ve seen it happen.

      The doctor is in fact a decoy.

      Here’s something I’ve noticed about girls with boyfriends who are considering cheating with another guy: they take pains not to be in a venue together with both her boyfriend and the other guy; and if she has to be, she’ll pretend she doesn’t know the other guy. She’ll also feel very uncomfortable if she sees her boyfriend and the other guy talking to each other.

      A case of blatant CYA that will lead to her cheating if the other guy has game. CYA regarding both the potential affair, and the other guy’s ass.


    • I actually thought she would cry in the middle of this video).
      “We are better than the bullies who try to take us down”.Not better-fatter.
      Btw I wonder who wrote that email to her,sounds like a regular at CH)


      • Props to whoever did write the email. And yes, it was a particularly painful use of the shiv, made more so because it was polite and well-written. This is also embarrassing to SWPLtards, who like to pretend that they’re the smart ones and that their opponents are dumb rednecks.

        Unfortunately, it was still considered “bullying”. No wonder obesity is such a problem here. Any constructive criticism gets panned as “bullying” and a horde of sows and white knights rush to console the “victim”.


    • I love how the question mark has become a universal symbol of delicious trollery. You don’t even need to add the “rhetorical” device afterward anymore.


  42. Hi guys,

    I’m #1, the guy dating the Asian chick who wrote to the Chateau. Thanks to the proprietors and the readers for their help, was most useful.

    So Friday night was interesting, when we show up this other guys there, I split from my girl to say hi to some friends and see him make a beeline for her, at which point she promptly turns her back on him, one of her other friends (an acquaintance of mine) intervenes and appears to tell him to back off. She heads straight back to me and complains about the ‘creep from work’ hitting on her again.

    At this point I’m nigh on certain that she’s not attracted to him, and a little later I introduce myself to this suitor and assertively ask “if hitting on taken women is part of his Hippocratic Oath” (credit to the Chateau). Within seconds it becomes clear why my lover finds this man repulsive – as soon as I corner him and speak these words, he wilts. His body language reeks of intimidation and he stammers out apologies before giving me, my lover and our friends a wide berth for the rest of the night. Just goes to show that even if a man has looks and professional success, he needs the alpha male attitude to go with them.
    Later that night she whispers “thanks for taking care of that creep, I heard you scared the shit out of him.” One weekend of rampant sex, home-cooked meals and all round adoration later and seems she’s wrapped around my finger more tightly than ever.

    My interpretation of why she disclosed his advances to me: partially to make me jealous and an indirect request for my intervention. Regarding the confusion about blue collar/white collar terminology – I’m from the UK and unfamiliar with this Americanism, ‘white collar’ would be a better description of my profession.

    P.S. When I first started reading this blog I thought so much of it was utter bullshit, nevertheless thought I’d might as well try and it and absolutely everything works. Case in point, flirting with a few others girls at this party who I know are into me, one year ago I thought this would make anyone I was dating pissed, uh uh, all the competition seems to do is produce gina tingles. Fuck having wasted 25 years as a blue piller, god bless the day I swallowed the red pill.


    • So Friday night was interesting, when we show up this other guys there, I split from my girl to say hi to some friends and see him make a beeline for her, at which point she promptly turns her back on him, one of her other friends (an acquaintance of mine) intervenes and appears to tell him to back off.

      I mention above that women, if they’re interested, will avoid going to venues if both their boyfriend and the guy they want will be there. Since your woman came with you, and you both knew beforehand the other guy would be there, yet her guilt/CYA instinct didn’t go off, it’s unlikely she’s interested in him at all.

      Within seconds it becomes clear why my lover finds this man repulsive – as soon as I corner him and speak these words, he wilts.

      Betas tend to hit on Asian girls because they think they’re easier.

      Unfortunately for this particular beta, she was already in a relationship with you, and you’re obviously more alpha. Good job, dude.


    • Alex that was fucking incredible, thank you for sharing and following up.

      Nice work and congrats on the success (and sex).


    • Congrats. You showed her you were assertive enough to confront the guy and scare him (hot) and that you cared enough to do it (comfort).


    • dude you gave the doc gina tingles, now he wants you to peg him.

      ^beware of overgaming.


  43. FYI

    Otis E Plainfield, Tx The College of The Permian Basin

    Peter Drucker, in his famous essay Managing Oneself, advised strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses, only by improving your strengths. In broader socio-economic terms, we have given women the opportunity to build on their weaknesses (ability to compete against men) and discouraged them from capitalizing on their strengths (youth and fertility). They compete through artifices of fairness and inclusion that are borne on the backs of an ever-dwindling pool of male supporters. We have weakened society as a whole by building on women’s weaknesses in attempts to make them the equal of men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths. And while this charade is going on, men are encouraged to adopt feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy.


    • For the record, the above is a copy and paste from the NY Times comment section. The author did not do the copy and paste to CH.


  44. One potential topic for your next essay: Robert Kennedy Jr’s diary from 2001 fell into the hands of the NY Post. He lists all women he’s screwed that year (just first names). He refers to “getting mugged”, as a euphemism for a woman coming on to him and wanting him to screw her, and how he just can’t control himself.

    Question: does the number of women wanting him to sleep with them make him alpha, or is he just a beta being used for his fame and connections?


  45. A reader naively asks,

    How long can I deny my wife sex before she’ll cheat on me?

    A long time if she’s ugly. Isn’t that the reason you’re denying her sex in the first place?



  46. I’ve got a very specific AMOG problem. I wear my hair slicked back (think Don Draper). When I go to parties, sometimes guys try and ruffle my hair as a power play. I act unfazed by it (stoic personality), but my hair gets fucked up. I need some kind of AMOG way to handle it, but in a somewhat pro-social manner. Since I’m stoic, the goofy/silly Mystery-style stuff isn’t my cup of tea.


    • Knock his arm away and give him a warning look.


    • Grab their hand from above if you can then twist from the side of their pinkie and pull their arm out. ……you have the makings of a nice arm bar.


      • I actually do know (and have used) a Jiu-Jitsu move of that type. But that’s not the point. These are parties. Happy times. I don’t want to instigate a fight (or give someone an excuse to). A lot of these guys are in (or connected to) the social circles of my friends too.


  47. There’s a 4th reason for the first reader’s situation:

    Moral High-ground: She wants to break up, or she is already cheating, and she wants the moral high-ground for the end of the relationship. So she’s baiting the reader into getting jealous/possessive and generally acting like a douche so that she can dump him for her hypergamous instincts and rationalise that “he was a possessive jerk”. i.e. she wants the reader to give her a reason to dump him – kinda like how your employer needs a concrete reason to sack you.


  48. With game, you can do better than most 60 year old men and reasonably shoot for women 15 to 20 years younger than yourself.

    “,,.shoot for women 15 to 20 years younger than she believes you to be.”

    There. Fixed that.


  49. […] first subject reader from last week’s Reader Mailbag has responded with an update about his situation involving his Asian girlfriend and her doctor […]