Cheap Chalupa’s Dogma

The Anti-Gnostic writes,

Everything Tyler posts on this reveals immigration is just more of the Highs and the Lows battle against the Middles. That’s probably why Alex no longer bothers with economic arguments like the manic Trillion Dollar Bills On Sidewalks. It’s become a Kantian imperative but that gets taken apart pretty easily. Open Borders is essentially a matter of dogma at this point.

From here (comments). I wonder if any of this is getting through to Bargain Beans and his intellectual zombies?


  1. on October 19, 2014 at 3:24 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    da gbfm has an open bordersz policy
    with every chciaks chcikaksz 10 and above lzozoz
    open your bordresrs
    to da massive invasion
    of da lsosta sockas cockasz
    masisvez ebolasz free cockas!


  2. Bargain Beans is being well paid to NOT notice that the benefits of mass immigration are negative, and he will continue to spout his nonsense until the end.


  3. Let’s make one thing clear: these “highs” are a new breed. They are the ones who are promoted by their media buddies, the ones who got insider tips, the ones who got the best backing from the banks and who get government contracts, until finally they dominate. In the past the wealthy were always the most nationalist. The majority were always against free trade as the domestic market was by far the most important to them. As George Orwell noted, “For all their talk about workers the fascist parties receive most of their support from the wealthy.” Naturally this was an order that the media owners and government could not allow, and so they set out to favor some while excluding others. And the wealthy Tribe members would always favor their own and the allies to their own, while other wealthy would do business with whoever. Over the decades this has had an effect.

    Add to that how the wealthy have always been demonized, over and over again, by the media, schools and “social sciences” at the universities. Their children go to these universities and have all that hate directed at their class. Finally they caved in. These are people good at numbers, good at working hard and finding efficient solutions to problems in the physical world, but that does not always translate to ideological awareness. They read the same newspapers and watch the same TV shows as everyone else. They read nationalist media as little as other people. It was natural that they would cave under pressure after generations of attacks.


  4. Who is “Tyler”? Surely not the pseudonymous author of Zero Hedge.


  5. No,its lack of land ownership. Donald Trump is more nationalist because his wealth is mostly Manhattan luxury condos and office buildings. Bill Gates and Oprah are not, because their wealth is tied up in corporate ownership not land.

    Old elites could literally not afford their land holdings at risk (of seizure) or devalued via Third World immigration. New elites don’t care because their wealth is a function of power/cronyism or vastly liquid corporate shares much harder to seize and not dependent on physical location. Big estates used to create wealth, now they are maintained by wealth and are disposable as Nick Cage’s comic book collection and houses.


    • Well, there is no famine.” – Meir Henoch Mojszewicz Wallach-Finkelstein, nom-de-guerre ‘Maxim Litvinov’


    • Like

    • on October 19, 2014 at 7:51 pm The Anti-Gnostic

      What are you deflecting from this time, whiskey? Immigration increases the value of Gates’s spread on Lake Washington and Zuck’s compound in Palo Alto and bug-out estate on Kauai. The elite make money off the imported schleps. Do you realize title loans are bundled and securitized now?

      Not sure why this set off your radar and got you running to the keyboard. Actually, I have a hypothesis.


    • No,its lack of land ownership. Donald Trump is more nationalist because his wealth is mostly Manhattan luxury condos and office buildings. Bill Gates and Oprah are not, because their wealth is tied up in corporate ownership not land.

      So old elites all owned lands? Of course they didn’t. Henry Ford’s wealth was in cars, not land. He was nationalist. There were plenty of nationalist industrialists in both Europe and the U.S., and in South America, Japan and elsewhere.

      Third World immigration is financially bad for all of the wealthy, by giving election victories to the leftists who will raise taxes to hand out money to the immigrants. For the elite to still support mass immigration rests in reasons that don’t have to do with finance.

      Oprah is Black, Zuckerman is a Jew, so naturally they will support mass immigration to weaken the Whites and make sure Whites can’t organize against them. Bill Gates has Jews high up in his business, which probably saved Microsoft from being cut in pieces years ago as it should have been, considering the company’s completely criminal practices to drive out competition. And Bill Gates also supports the Left’s policies, of course. Another reason he was saved.

      What we have today is “corporativism”, where selected businesses are wedded to the government. But more than that, wedded to the big banks and to the big media. They support leftist policies in return for media support, bank support, and government contracts. And government laws that cater to their needs, like driving out smaller competitors by demanding costly changes to equipment e.g. in the name of the environment, changes that only the biggest can afford.

      The wealthy are not as a class leftist, the opposite has always been true. There’s a reason the Left has always hated “capitalists”. But today the wealthy class has been rearranged by big media, big banks and big government. Their enemies are held down, their allies are promoted.


    • Geez, Louise…

      One would think that, after having his diversionary tactics slapped back in his face so many times, whiskey would either give up or try to put a different tack on our collective seats.

      I thought you YKWs were supposed to be smart.


  6. The working classes votes Democrat, the middle classes vote Republican, and the wealthy vote Communist.


  7. Keep in mind that Cowen has a career to worry about. You can’t hold him to the same standards of honesty you would hold a pseudonymous internet blogger to.


    • Cowen may deserve some credit here. Possibly, these posts can be read as Cowen trying to restrain his more deluded tribesmen, Tabarrok and Caplan, and remind them that the guns really are going to come out over this issue at some point.


      • no doubt. but that’s his weakness i wish to exploit. i want to make life so uncomfortable for cowen that he comes to betray his rowdy protectorates and his hivemind overlord. and even betray his stated principles.


      • Ya, Cowen is too shrewd to not see the truth around immigration and HBD. Steve Sailer mentions offhand every once in a while that he thinks Cowen brings up these topics not to defend the conventional wisdom, but so that people like Sailer can have a field day in the comments section, which gives Cowen cover because he’s not the one actually saying those things.

        Caplan, on the other hand, has the brains to grasp these things, but he’s such an aspy systematizer that he’s irretrievably lost down the libertarian ideological rabbit hole.


      • Caplan is only being loyal to his tribe…

        It has nothing to do with ideological rabbit holes… it’s just cold, hard, realpolitik.


      • Not sure he’s particularly loyal to his tribe, he married a catholic woman.


      • You can take the boy out of the synagogue, but you can’t ….


      • on October 26, 2014 at 3:53 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Alex Nowrasteh from Cato is equally laughable. I’ve read some of his arguments for immigration and nobody who bothered reading the research he cites can take him seriously. That’s when he actually bothers to cite some flimsy research and doesn’t just make assertions and emits edicts. lol


  8. If libertarians really hated the state and it’s elites as much as they hate the nation and it’s peasants they might actually be good for something.

    Unfortunately, they don’t and they aren’t. No state is too big or too powerful for libertarians as long as it’s in the business of wrecking nations.


    • i always feel like i’m libertarian until i read comment sections at libertarian blogs like that or reason. not sure what the problem is with a country actually a) having borders and b) looking at the market of immigrants and making good choices on which ones we take in.

      i liked this guy in the comments though:

      “That’s why you need *unrestricted* immigration. The ability of anybody–say 100M Third World people–to move into your neighborhood, right now (imagine your property values skyrocketing with that sort of density!). That would “move the needle” and show that immigration *does* increase GDP”


      • LewRockwell is the only libertarian site worth reading. (And Antiwar, they have the same origin in the Ludwig von Mises institute.) It has a lot of good information about what the neocons and Obamaites are up to. This weekend Hans-Hermann Hoppe wrote a story there about why a nation as the property of its citizens can restrict immigration if it wants to.

        Just not very interesting to read their attempts at explaining how great it would be to have no state at all. Rockwell has to say that because otherwise he would have to explain why he would want to abolish some government projects and keep others. He doesn’t want to reveal that he wants to get rid of e.g. Affirmative Discrimination because it is anti-White crap. He would be called a “racist” and might have his tires slashed, his car burned, and his windows smashed at night. So he has to say “No, I want to get rid of ALL government programs, I’m not singling that one out.” And then he has to allow pro-immigrant nutcases like Becky Akers and Ryan McMaken to post at LRC too, in order to show how he doesn’t take any particular position. But he publishes Hoppe and Buchanan and others, and he publishes the truth about Lincoln’s war against the South and his tyranny against dissenters, and he posts plenty of revisionist history exposing the lies about World War I and World War II, so you can be sure of what Rockwell really thinks.

        And his guru was Murray Rothbard, who despite being Jewish suggested allying with David Duke, and wasn’t afraid of calling the leftists socialists and calling their policies socialist. Alas, Rockwell lost his nerve a couple of years back and started calling them “fascists” instead, because of the neocon wars in the Middle East. (Apparently, if you beat the war drums you’re a fascist. So Stalin, Roosevelt, etc etc were fascists. The whole world, pretty much.) Well, he has to have an alibi as he walks the university halls. But the frantic “fascist” labeling seems to have disappeared from his site lately. Good call.


      • As a former libertarian in my misspent youth, the key to understanding them is this: the libertarian imagines that he is some sort of revolutionary or subversive. In fact, he is neither of these things. He’s just a water carrier for the liberal anti-white status quo, though he is not astute enough to realize this. In fairness, there are some libertarians that don’t deserve this criticism (Hoppe comes to mind), but most are guilty as charged.

        This is so for a number of reasons. While there are plenty of “libertarian” positions that I personally agree with, the reality is that virtually none of them could ever be implemented within the context of a black/brown population – populations that support fully funded government programs and services, and could not care less about liberty for whites. So in large measure, the libertarian is just spinning his wheels. The few “libertarian” positions that could actually be implemented in the current context are really just liberal positions. Libertarianism is not required to achieve them.

        But it’s far worse than being merely ineffective or extraneous. The reality is that it’s actively destructive. Even though blacks/browns will never support most libertarian policies, the typical libertarian has no problem with more and more blacks and browns flooding into the society. To him, they’re all just individuals, and he completely ignores their other characteristics, no matter how significant. What kind of ideology is cool with being swamped by people that are opposed to that ideology? It’s crazy on the face of it.

        It’s so bizarrely self-defeating, yet this is exactly what libertarians do. Even if they were able to create a perfectly libertarian society tomorrow, it would be nothing more than a flash in the pan, as it would soon be swamped by blacks and browns that couldn’t care less about liberty, and are in fact hostile to it. Big government would rapidly be reconstituted and expanded. as the ditzy libertarians celebrated the next boatload of blacks and browns.

        At the end of the day, while an appreciation for liberty is a good thing, fetishizing it at the expense of every other consideration is not and, ironically, leads to even less liberty.


      • @Arbiter:

        I saw that Hoppe article as well, and maybe Lew is coming around. His site took a U-turn around the early 00’s when they got threatened by the SPLC. Bob Wallace got chased off as did R. Cort Kirkwood and others. Now it’s mostly a bunch of old ex-hippies whining about “fascism.”

        I think (I don’t know) Lew is trying to keep too many people happy. On the one hand, he’s got to stay on good terms with his donors, many of whom are Jewish atheists, so he has to keep the repulsive Walter Block on board. On the other, he is a reactionary at heart. If you read his earlier stuff, it’s quite clear he’s a Catholic traditionalist and Confederate sympathizer, and that’s where his writers used to come from. That is probably the bulk of his personal social circle. And on the third, he’s probably got a fair number of cultural Marxists and homosexuals among his donor base as well.


      • on October 20, 2014 at 6:25 am The Anti-Gnostic

        Lew scampered back on to the reservation in the early 00’s after getting threatened by the SPLC. Maybe he’s coming around. I suspect Lew has to thread the needle between his atheist Jewish donors–so he has to keep the repulsive Walter Block on board–and his Catholic traditionalist buddies with whom he’s clearly more comfortable based on his earlier writings.


      • on October 20, 2014 at 7:47 am Diversity Is Good

        Libertoonians don’t really believe in evolution. They are liberals who have total faith in the blank slate. So moving 100,000 Somali tribal people into Minnesota can only be good, because blank slate will turn them into lutefisk-eating Scandanavians in a few years, or a decade, or a generation, or…hmm, why isn’t this working? Oh, must be raycism.

        If libertarians really believed in evolution they would be libertarians domestically and something like the Swiss internationally, with a really professional military very capable of defense in depth. And very, very, very strict immigration laws.

        Because culture is human behavior on a large scale. And human behavior is at least half genetic. So culture is at least half genetic. And libertarianism is a kind of culture.

        So libertarianism is at least half genetic. ..


      • on October 28, 2014 at 9:18 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Trainspotter, I was a libertarian in my teenage years simply because I didn’t want to be accountable to anyone besides myself. It also required a dose of social autism that caused me to reduce everything to economics.

        Arbiter, I’m surprised by how astute HHH’s analyses of the past are considering how outlandish and unsupported his prescriptions for the future are. lol


    • read the republic
      here’s a free version on

      i found the site in my feed recently. not sure how long they’ve been around so this may be old news but they have a lot of other free ebooks too. old classics, educational texts, etc. if you’re into that sort of thing.


      • @Mac

        facebook feed? it was in my feed too. effing facebook. the advertising is out of control. they are telling us what to think and what to be interested in. i fall for it like everyone else. so done.


      • facebook blows. i still use it but i’ve cut down my feed considerably. way too much crap on there.


  9. From here (comments). I wonder if any of this is getting through to Bargain Beans and his intellectual zombies
    All of the elite are liars at this point. Did Cowen mention the doctrine of disparate impact in any of his speeches about the great stagnation?


  10. A great sentence posted by another blogger (unclear, I believe he/they go by “Hipster Inteligence Agency”). For LOLZ, see the ending phrase:

    For long decades, white Americans’ earnings have been withheld or ripped out of their pockets at every level of the ascendant kleptocratic matrix only to subsidize the proliferation of this country’s basest, least productive, and uglist elements – from the working class to the twerking class in a single generation.


    • “twerking class”

      Ha! It occurred to me recently that George Orwell, brilliant as he was, requires a bit of recalibration.

      Orwell said: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

      My update: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a grotesque Orc twerking – forever.”




  12. on October 20, 2014 at 7:55 am The Spirit Within


    Paging whorefinder….

    Abusive Internet trolls to face 2 years in prison under new UK laws…


  13. on October 20, 2014 at 8:03 am Holden Caulfield

    Woman way past hitting the wall starts trying to rationalize dating a beta male 19 years younger than her because the men her age are too “aloof”:


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