Comment Of The Week: Edgy Game

Alex Jone’s SuperFan prefers balls to the wall game,

Alex Jones SuperFan’s guide to EDGY GAME:

1. FLAUNT your edginess. Make sure she sees you checking out EXTREMIST NAZI FRINGE REACTIONARY websites. If she displays any problem with it, MOCK her with a LIBTARD impression & fake whimper.
2. Unapologetically throw out the occasional “nigger”, “kike”, or “dumb broad.” If she gives you shit, snicker and say in your best bitch voice, “Whatta holocaust.”
3. When you’re in public, BOLDLY speak your mind. Who’s going to have the balls to get involved?
4. Secretly buy SEXY SS costumes, give her striped pajamas as a gift, and proceed to DOMINATE her like a bull.
5. Tell her she’s your Eva Braun and must WORSHIP your fascist phallus for all of eternity.

Soon, every time she sees some stupid politically correct point thrown out on television she’ll remember how completely and utterly BADASS and NO-FUCKS-GIVEN her FASCIST MASTER is and get WET.

Edgy Game sounds a lot better in concept than it works in practice. (And yes, I’m aware SuperFan might be sarcastic. Whatever his intent, there’s a good deal of real world evidence that rule breaking can help a man attract women.) Sure, chicks dig unapologetic jerkboys. But they also dig charming silver-tongued devils who can deftly read and navigate various social situations.

Smashing social etiquette like a bull in a gina shop is as liable to turn girls away from you as to bring them closer. This is particularly true if the taboos you smash are the most sanctified of your social set. There are certain realities that even the EDGY JERK must abide, and one of those is the high risk of ostracism that would be his punishment for betraying an ignorance of his culture’s norms.

Pushing boundaries is acceptable, though. The Zen of Edgy Game is the slow boil; you infiltrate by assuming a facsimile of polite discourse, build the minimal trust that allows you admittance to the group, then slowly chip away at your protagonists’ expectations. This strategy works only when you’ve first established that you aren’t a drone who religiously toes the line. This means that you have to convey to your audience from the start that the heart of a naughty jerkboy beats within you.

As with girls and their love of male dominance, a woman’s submission is won not with a club to the head but gradually intensifying demands and shows of defiance that weaken the female presumption of her romantic entitlement and undermine her reflex to pigeonhole you as one of the mediocre masses of beta males whom she can walk over. Social subversion is a skill that deserves greater attention at Le Chateau.


Quick update. Joe Sixpack deserves the COTW runner-up award for what is in essence EDGY COMMENT GAME.

If only white men could vote

the freeways wouldn’t be clogged with illegal aliens and their meal ticket children

…your disposable income would be double, yet the cost of living would be 25% cheaper

gas would be $1.50 per gallon

…businesses would be blowing up your email and phone trying to woo you away from your current employer…

…the 5% of the populace that commit 95% of all crimes would be securely locked up

…and April 15 would be just another warm Spring day.


  1. on November 23, 2014 at 4:06 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    That basically describes my approach, and yes, it does work.

    If you sport a beard, it can be even more effective.


    • on November 23, 2014 at 4:07 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      Related: need a post on Beard Game.


      • I’m not sure about beards, really. They can look good, they often look bad, but with only rare exceptions does a person look better with a beard than he would without it.

        Here we can look at the “presidential rule” as I like to call it: presidential candidates always have a full set of hair, no glasses, they are in good shape or at least not fat, and they don’t have beards. There is a reason for this: it’s what most people prefer.

        And yes, presidents have had glasses etc in the past. That was way back. Before television. Had people had TVs the handicapped Roosevelt would never have won.

        There was an important TV debate between Nixon and Kennedy where most agreed Kennedy looked better. Kennedy was clean-shaven and wore makeup carefully designed to improve a person’s looks on television. Nixon refused to wear makeup, thinking that the public would be more impressed by the natural look. Which made him look worse on the screen, and with a five-o-clock shadow. His facial hair grew fast, and it was dark. So he lost the looks contest.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:23 am The Spirit Within

        Yes, Arbiter, thank you for the elementary history lesson on the Kennedy-Nixon debate.

        In our next class, can we cover why the Civil War was fought to free the slaves?



      • on November 24, 2014 at 10:15 am Bobby Cuddlefuck

        The civil war wasn’t fought to free slaves. That’s just the b.s. reason they give 9 year olds in social studies.


      • Anecdotally, I tried a beard and it just made me look old, which added an unnecessary hurdle to night gaming twenty-three year-olds. Would be interesting to hear others’ experiences.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 10:49 am The Spirit Within


        I know.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 10:49 am The Spirit Within


        I know.


      • “Related: need a post on Beard Game.”

        Here it is in a nutshell:

        As with all game, you have to find what works for you. There is no cookie cutter answer. Most the guys that grow a beard these days to look more masculine, usually end up looking like cuddly teddy bears… since that’s what they are. A beta delusion they can become more manly from the outside in. I especially wouldn’t recommend them these days, since they’ve become trendy and the key it to stand out. Find a facial hair style that compliments your masculine features and roll with it. Some guys look tougher clean shaven.


      • Hey Laguna Beach Fogey, my best friend runs tight beard game. For some reason it tends to attract a lot of very cute Asian girls. Maybe it’s because a lot of Asian guys can’t grow beards – so contrast Game in essence, but it really works for him.

        And I’m not talking stubble here. This is a full grown, chin-to-chest, don’t-fuck-with-me-I’m-not-a-hipster kind of beard. It obviously helps to workout and have a good physical presence but it works really well with the strong, silent types. Girls ask to touch it, he pulls the whole “sit on Santa’s lap” around Christmas time. You definitely need to keep it trimmed and neat even if it’s a larger beard. It pairs especially well with a sharp suit – again the contrast is key here.

        He’s a younger guy (late 20s) so looking older isn’t really a problem for him. Tends to date girls in their early 20s. I don’t have the commitment he has but I notice I reliably get more IOIs when I have stubble or a slightly thicker beard even if it’s not full Grizzly Adams.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 3:32 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        @The Myth ~ Thanks, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. My beard has literally been turning heads, from both females and males. It helps that the beard is blond, and that I’m tall and I lift and work out. Drives my current gf crazy. It also helps to have facial hair that does not resemble pubic hair.
        The key is to keep it trimmed and well-maintained.


  2. […] Comment Of The Week: Edgy Game […]


  3. Smashing social etiquette like a bull in a gina shop is as liable to turn girls away from you as to bring them closer.

    There’s a sweet spot between being an over-the-top Nahtzee on one hand, and a wimpy left-coast / Masshole pussy on the other. If they say “you misogynist” or “ooh racist!” but they’re smiling broadly and their eyes are sparkling, you’re probably doing it about right.


    • True. Twice now, I’ve basically slowly introduced a woman to the nether regions of (well, my nether regions but also…) political and social thought. They have both totally succumbed because my frame was strong and the unassailable logic cannot be defeated in a fair debate (and one-on-one, there’s no hope but for the emotive response.) Now that one has left my sphere of influence, she has fallen back into her old libtard ways. So, unless someone is a recalcitrant libtard feminist slut, fear not if her views do not align with yours at first. If you are a man, you’ll win the day. (though in fairness, I had one woman who was not as committed to me that I engaged in too much direct confrontation about her shitlib views and she took it personally. Had I gone about it in a different way…fuck it, some people you can’t reach.)


      • She was attracted to you and didn’t care about politics.

        Congratulations on the bone, but I doubt you converted her.


      • Now that one has left my sphere of influence, she has fallen back into her old libtard ways.

        Steve Sailer has noted repeatedly how (white) women turn as Republican as men when they get married, but vote Dim while single. It seems to be a raw biological response on the part of women.


    • If they say “you misogynist” or “ooh racist!” but they’re smiling broadly and their eyes are sparkling, you’re probably doing it about right.

      That’s pretty much what CH is saying farther down in his post.


    • on November 24, 2014 at 8:34 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I always tell women misogynistic jokes. Their combination of laughter and indignation is cute.

      Regarding this, if you want to defy social norms, you either:
      1)have to DHV enough and then be knowledgeable of what you’re talking about. e.g. if you want to talk about IQ racial differences, make sure you know some cursory molecular biology that is relevant to what you’re talking about. Reframe any attack on you as an attack on science, but do it in a funny way.
      2)be a ninja, which is my favorite way: simply tool people who profess politically correct beliefs until even their friends are laughing at them. We all know how liberals think with their feels so this shouldn’t be very difficult. You need to just think a step ahead and ask the right questions. Be nice and ask them to specify which specific environmental factors influence the racial IQ gap.
      3)agree and amplify: take their beliefs to extreme lengths. I’ve insisted in debates before that animals should have equal rights to us and portrayed people who think only humans are equal as anthropomorphic fruitcakes. I sometimes use this in #2 and ask them how could we know hogs couldn’t understand differential geometry if we nurtured us like we’re nurtured.

      Anyway, there’s a difference between telling a woman Naziesque things in confidence and professing them in public. Belittling her beliefs and confidently asserting yours is ok in private, but if you do it in public, her association with you might mean ostracism for her too, which is a turn off(for the same reason she minds indiscretions). Of course, the rules of any social interaction apply: calibrate based on who you’re talking to.


  4. Social subversion is a skill that deserves greater attention at Le Chateau.

    The WN blogger of “Mindweapons in Ragnarok” dot com devoted a big part of his writing to that subject. He got doxed a few months ago as his wife was running for local office. He is taking a break from updating his blog, but the site and archives are up.


    • Yes, he had that part down pat. He was one of the few who understood how the enemy work with their infiltration and subversion, and he advocated that good people do the same because it had to be countered. He had several excellent ideas for that, a great combination of intelligence and imagination.


  5. “When you’re in public, BOLDLY speak your mind. Who’s going to have the balls to get involved?”

    I do it all the time (disclaimer, I’m in my dotage and financially secure so it’s not really brave) but the reaction is stunning. Giggles, awkward silence, rueful grins or whatever. Admittedly one DWF literally broke into a sweat and started trembling. But that was the exception.


    • From Ragnar Redbeard’s philosophical book Might is Right, here is a part from the poem Boldly Stand Erect:

      Then dare to rend the chains that bind
      And to yourself be true.
      Dare to liberate your mind,
      From all things, old and new.

      Always think your own thought,
      All other thoughts reject;
      Learn to use your own brain
      And boldly stand erect!


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:27 am The Spirit Within

        If we all thought our own thoughts, then nobody would ever think anything.

        Think harder.

        P.S. Cool it on the bad poetry.


  6. When a girl called me edgy on our second date, I knew I had her. She would do almost anything for me (and I mean that in a sexual way).

    I agree that the Nazi thing takes it too far — and it’s not necessary. What is important, though, is (1) not giving a damn, (2) being different, (3) throwing convention to the wind, (4) taking without asking, (5) and telling, not requesting. Believe me, this works with Republican girls too.


  7. The Zen of Edgy Game is the slow boil

    You want to push the overton window, not fall out of it.


  8. Smashing social etiquette like a bull in a gina shop is …

    I love this statement because a red pill knows the answer is “the bridge over the river poon”.

    This kind of thinking is EXACTLY the ticket. I mean really… being a blue pill pansy, PC, tofu farting near-queer has gotten men exactly where?

    That’s right PC man is orbiter man.


  9. Agree. I occasionally toss out things like, “I’m an atheist etc” or “I never vote for a Democrat” and enjoy having conservative ladies try and save me from myself…


  10. on November 23, 2014 at 5:23 pm Diogenes the Cynic

    XII. 59
    I find it ironic that the current people who pass themselves off as ‘Neo-Nazis’ and ‘Nazis’ would be the first people the National Socialists of Germany in the first half of the Twentieth Century would have killed off.


    • on November 23, 2014 at 6:53 pm Hammer Of Love

      Please elaborate, or S.T.F.U. . Thanks kindly.


      • He’s probably talking about the hardcore criminal biker types and other “badasses” that get deaths head and swazi tats. Sorts often involved in anti-social and/or drug-related antics. That sort of thing.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:28 am The Spirit Within

        You would know, Greg.


      • Perhaps GE, but he would be incorrect. The National Socialists recruited all kinds of anti-social types, even prior communists, that enjoyed fighting. They were used as a battering ram to shake up society. After the National Socialists took power they became a hindrance and were eliminated (night of the Long Knives).


      • The original SA were mostly veterans, if memory serves… hardened during the war and in the years following, in a depression that made the US depression look like a cornucopia.

        They weren’t merely some rag-tag tatted up meth gangs.


      • You would know, Greg.

        Geez, Louise… could you BE any more of a dweeb?

        And aren’t you even the smallest bit embarrassed in showing, again and again, that you sniff my backside at every opportunity?


    • The MEDIA and the MOVIES only focus on the HATE, and not the LOVE in National Socialist

      Love of our (own) people
      Love of Animals and Nature
      Love of the Environment
      Helping each member of our people live to their highest potential

      They don’t talk about this part because they don’t want people to start thinking rationally about National Socialism and have us gain new converts.


      • To love something is to value it very highly. Hate is what you feel toward those who’d harm that which you love.

        Without hate, love is impotent. Without love, hate is self-destructive.


      • The Nazis were so full of love they had plans to expand Auschwitz to exterminate 30 million people per year at the end of the War, with other death camps having similar plans. By that time nearly every Jew they could kill had been killed. Their plan of “love” was to exterminate most Poles, Russians, Ukranians, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, and even allies Croats and Hungarians and Romanians. Hey Son of Sam loved dogs. But he was still insane. Same with the Nazis. Who were mostly degenerate homosexuals and fat-ass debauched deviants jumped up to Reich leaders. Imagine Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan running things you get the idea. They were also the enemies of “smallness” — torturing Adenauer for his Rhenish separatist views in the 1920s. But hey Nero loved his horse and Caligula was a family man.

        Liking the Nazis is like seeing a Marvel movie and figuring you’ll emulate the loser villains. Its choosing to lose. And the mark of a born loser.


      • Whiskey, I have spent the last five years researching the whole issue of the NAZI extermination plans. And know what? I can find nothing to support it. for example I’ve read the minutes of the Wansee Conference where the plan was supposedly worked out in detail, I’ve read Mein Kampf and ploughed through hundreds of pages of Hitler’s Table Talks (records of his informal discussion with colleagues) and read about plans to ruthlessly take lebesraum in eastern Europe and the EXPEL all Jews from the Reich. NOTHING about exterminating them.

        Have you ever asked yourself why the super-efficient Germans would round up Jews from all over Europe, use up precious logistical and military resources to transport them hundreds of miles to the camps where they’d then murder them? Does that not strain credibility? Why did the Germans, as the Soviets advanced, take the concentration camp inmates with them as they retreated?

        My five years of research- prior to which I was a Judeophile – have convinced me that the Holocau$t is quite literally the greatest racket ever conceived in huiman history


      • “Their plan of “love” was to exterminate most Poles, Russians, Ukranians, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, and even allies Croats and Hungarians and Romanians”

        Nobody knows what a victorious Germany would have done after the war, if a peace settlement were reached with other powers. I doubt that a peacetime state would have had a the stomach for wartime-style atrocities. There have been ‘what if’ alternate history scenarios written since the fifties and I’ve read a number of them. For what it’s worth, most of them imagined something not too different from postwar West Germany minus the immigration and race-masochism.

        But what we do know is the fruits of Allied victory: a European nightmare.


      • LOL Whiskeysplace, I think in one post you managed to mention pretty much every single falsehood about the Nazi regime from WWWII

        You digested the propaganda well A+ for you!


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:30 am The Spirit Within

        Peak Finance,

        I didn’t think anyone could out-Nazi some of the other posters on this website, but congratulations.

        Big target on your back now.


      • Big target on your back now.

        Buttboy Of the Cathedral Brigade admits his antics outright.

        See, CH… this is what happens when you don’t enforce even a modicum of discipline at the chateau… the shills get n1663r-arrogant, to borrow an expression from the days of yore.


      • Holo-what?


    • on November 23, 2014 at 7:59 pm Diogenes the Cynic

      Spot on, Mr. Eliot.


    • ….Says the politically ignorant. Funny. You don’t even know that the real word is Nazist. “Nazi” was a slur used by the Jew-led communist party in Germany, which was of course picked up by the British press, always pro-communist. It is like saying “commie”. It is telling that the slur, not the correct word, is mandatory in English today. FYI, in other languages the real word is used.


      • Boo-fucking hoo, people don’t call mass murdering losers by their preferred name.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:31 am The Spirit Within

        @ Faber



      • Boo-fucking hoo, people don’t call mass murdering losers by their preferred name.

        Well, to be fair, every time someone tries to bring up things like, oh, the Liberty… or the Palestinians… or Hotel David… (etc, etc., etc) in the MSM, they never work in this town again.

        Boo-fucking-hoo, says the “Oy Vey, Gewalt!” shill, who probably still teaches that the Nah-zees did Katyn Forest.


    • Anyone who is serious (and smart) about his far right beliefs will distance himself from labels such as ‘nazi’ because the stigma associated with them is too strong. Skinheads with swastikas tattoos are just attention whores. And yes you can’t ignore the bad parts of the nazis even though they are nowhere close to the fairy tale that is being paraded around as ‘WW2 history’ nowadays. THE BIG BAD NAZI DRAGON CAPTURED THE INNOCENT JEW PRINCESS AND WANTED TO CONQUER THE EUROPEAN KINGDOM BUT THANKFULLY THE AMERICAN WHITE KNIGHT SAVED THE DAY THE END. You have to be mentally impaired to believe things are that simple.


      • When folks start in with the NAH-ZEE nonsense, a smart WN merely says:

        “We’re interested in giving birth to something new… not resurrecting the dead past.”

        On the other hand, that never really stops the Cathedral and their minions from shaming attempts and agitprop… the important thing is not to fall into their frame and start justifying or explaining whatever did or didn’t happen, back in the thirties and forties in Germany.

        On pure math alone, if they were honest about their concern for humanity, Hitler’s name would only come up a distant third in such discussions… but I digress.


  11. I think this is wayyyyyy too obtuse or extreme to be attractive. But, I can share my own experiences. I have strong views. Six months ago my crazy ex gf, the dude she was seeing and another girl tried to undermine an event I had organized. They rudely walked out in the middle of a performance to go to another event that someone had hijacked. I was furious first at the insensitivity. But also realized this was all engineered.

    I kept the high-road, sent the dude a very strongly worded text basically calling him a faggot for acting like an idiot and disrupting my hard work. I was circumspect but strong.

    Fuckhead posts the note verbatim on Facebook and tags 100+ friends in a bid to publicly “shame” me for telling him off. Faggot.

    Instead of hiding, I owned my note, told him he was not only rude for leaving but untrustworthy for posting a private man to man note.

    The whole thing escalated for 4 days. Various people rose to my defense= DHV. Other girls saw this and approached me to say they saw me as “passionate” and someone who would defend injured parties.

    The whole thing was “extreme” within the context of what I said and what was done… But the outcome was girls who read that could see that 1) I was tough man to man 2) other girls defended my actions as rational 3) I kept my cool.

    The result? That fuckwit apologized to one of the people involved. He tried making nice to me. My crazy ex gf approached me recently to buy a ticket to my latest event. Overall, everyone now behaves in a much more civil manner.

    I think you have to be clear in your mind where the line is and not be afraid to defend your interests. This was NOT “White knighting” because it involved artists, visitors and yes there was a girl involved who had helped me. She ended up banging me a short while after that as well.


    • on November 23, 2014 at 6:56 pm Hammer Of Love

      Your proud of arguing publicly with some jack-off on Facebook ?? What happened to the manly art of kicking his ass in private ? I would “shake muh haid ” but I’m not sure you even deserve that.


      • @Hammer Not proud of it, but had to be done. It was done in private. Dickhead published my note.


      • on November 23, 2014 at 8:04 pm Hymen Mingesky

        And then putting it on wuhrlstar


      • Are you fucking dense, HOL? It wasn’t walawala who put the note on Facebook, read the goddamn post right. It was the other guy. And WHEN IT WAS OUT THERE in the open, what should he do? Keep quiet as if afraid to answer, or answer and stand up to the piece of shit who posted a private note in public? He did the latter as well he should. And he won the discussion. Judging from the story, it was expertly handled.


      • @Arbiter Right. Since then that dude has been scarce. He’s tried to ingratiate himself first to me…but I blew him off. It’s raised awareness of the need for greater civility and sensitivity—even though many people in that circle still think of me as a hothead. Those who know me understood that it wasn’t me who crossed the line–it was him. Point of all this is that “edgy” needs context. You don’t have to be the angry man, you have to be the guy who stands by his values.

        interestingly, that dude was white knighting my crazy ex gf. he hurled as many personal attacks and insults on me as he could—and that only caused him more personal damage.

        So the other lesson here is that “edgy” game is not “angry” game. Having a point of view on some wider issue has to be socially calibrated.

        The main point is women admire a man of passions…but are freaked out and turned off by an angry man.


      • @Arbiter. Right the dude posted my private note. I had to own it. It was rather nasty but the dude ended up making himself look worse. I stuck to the issue: his behavior, not his character while he attacked mine.

        Edgy game should not be confused with “Angry Game”…an edgy guy can be angry but an angry guy is not always edgy.

        Check out Billy Walsh vs Nicky the “trust fund baby” who’s the guy with more edgy game?


    • on November 23, 2014 at 7:55 pm G.B.F.M. Superfan

      I am confused as to why you invited them in the first place…


      • @GBFM Fan… I didn’t specifically invite them, it was an open event that I organized and that fuckhead bought tickets to. Then someone highjacked my event. The whole thing was fucking retarded. That’s why I called out the people involved. The girl I told off may have manipulated the white knighting fag to publish my note to him. Point of my post is that if you are clear in your mind and reasons for losing your cool…girls respect this.

        It created a bit of mystery around me too. People wondering—who is this dude…he stands up for his people…not afraid to take responsibility. Chicks dig that. I banged one of them.


      • @walawala,

        One can’t really pit a hypothetical matchup between Nicky and Billy Walsh; their respective pocket-depth is too vast to create a even matchup.


    • I applaud your handling of the situation, walawala. And I know what a chore it is to organize things. So many people who come to an event are ungrateful. If it is a free event, people sign up and then many don’t show up, especially if it’s raining, showing what weaklings people are today. Whether free or not, people don’t appreciate the work that goes into it. They are all “me me me”. You see this in blogs too – when someone hosts an excellent blog, people don’t understand how much work that is.

      Just last week I organized an evening activity where we had eighteen people signing up, and then five didn’t show up. And that’s still not unusual. Even though they know that the number of people signing up changes the arrangement.

      I have heard that in the past, people were much more disciplined and respectful when going to events. If they said they would show up, they did show up and nothing short of a hurricane or the plague would stop them. And no one would leave the audience like in walawala’s story here. That would have shamed them.


    • @walawala
      Old-school Mystery Method talks about the DHVs you want to show are:

      1) Pre-selection
      2) Leader of Men
      3) Protector of Loved Ones
      4) Willingness to Emote
      5) Being a Successful Risk Taker

      You nailed pretty much all of those by accident lol

      It’s fun to tool Mystery and his fuzzy hat, but he was a smart dude. MM is based around purposely flipping these (and more) switches as soon as possible (like the first time you meet her), that a normal guy might take a few dates or a couple months to luck into triggering.


      • @YaReally “Being a risk taker” interesting. That explains why I suddenly get tons of IOI’s when I organize my festivals. It seems like a great way to approach–girl uses that to say “I’m coming to you xyz”. Total DHV.


  12. LOLZ if you really want to fuck with a liberal….

    Talk about national socialism, but NEVER use the words “Nazi, National Socialism, Fascism” or any of the hot-button loaded terms.

    Then explain to them the “National Socialist” version of welfare, education, and healthcare, watch their eyes light up and then they ask “gee, that sounds fair, why aren’t we doing this as a country?”

    Pretty much all “race-conscience” liberals are actually closeted National Socialists that just don’t know any better.

    It’s great fun at parties!


    • can someone lay out the exact ideology and policies of national socialism?


      • Well, there are a lot of different factions and a lot of quibbling over details, but GENERALLY as far as welfare, education, and healthcare:

        Healthcare – free for all, which we as a nation can EASILY do, the only reason free healthcare for all will not work in the country as-is is due to the HUGE amount of wasted health resources that go to the minority underclass.

        Education – Free for all, but only the top 25% go to college and only the top 5% of that 25% go onto advanced degrees, so we are not wasting tons of resources on people that don’t belong in college and will not benefit from an education.

        Welfare – Welfare for anyone that needs it, but, No actual hand-outs, you have to work. The work is made “unpleasant” so that no one wants to actually stay on welfare and attempts to get a job in the private sector.

        Look at the successful welfare programs from the 30’s and 40’s as a model of how welfare can be handled WITHOUT hand-outs and WITHOUT causing class warfare. Personally I have no problem with welfare IN THEORY, but welfare as it exists today is simply hand-outs which breeds resentment. IF the welfare people worked their asses off for the handouts, I don;t think anyone would begrudge them.

        We are not even allowed to have these kinds of conversations in this country, as soon as you mention national socialism people just go nuts without allowing a discussion or a debate. I fucking HATE how everything is so black and white in this country, how debates are framed and controlled so that there are only a few acceptable solutions to any social problem.

        Look, I am not personally a national socialist, but it has some strong points, and I fear when the nation collapses and there are going to be MILLIONS of hungry people, something like national socialist may have to be implemented until the nation recovers some semblance of normality.


      • on November 23, 2014 at 6:57 pm Hammer Of Love

        Mein Kampf


      • on November 23, 2014 at 6:59 pm Hammer Of Love

        ” Well, there are a lot of different factions and a lot of quibbling over details, but GENERALLY as far as welfare, education, and healthcare: ”

        You left out the part about no central banks, and a that government that prints its own money. Not to mention a certain group being banned from positions of power and social control.


      • I wanted to add something about “regulations”

        “Regulations” in this country is ass-backward. I feel like the government has their hands around ->my<- throat, while the "fat-cats" run rough-shod over this country and it's people.

        National Socialist governments hands are around the throats of big-business, and small guys like us should be left alone. Even if there are some "bad-apples" in the small business community, we can control that at a community level. We (small businesses) simply can't cause the kind of damage the big companies do.


      • Hey Hammer of Love:

        “You left out the part about no central banks, and a that government that prints its own money. Not to mention a certain group being banned from positions of power and social control.”

        Yes, true, but I was talking specifically about the portions of national socialism where one might find common ground with a liberal.


      • Funny thing: In the NSDAP’s Germany, the tax pressure was far lower than in Britain.

        Their view of the economy was pragmatic, though. Hitler early on said that “It is a strength that we do not have an economic policy”, with which he meant that they were not locked into a certain position like the Left (all government) or the Right (all private). They were determined to try things and see what worked. The most left-wing thing they did, and the only part of their economic policies that fake conservatives today will bring up, is that they tried price controls. Remember that this was a time when people had much less experience of how various policies worked. They had price controls and also set production quotas for certain large businesses – but this was eventually scrapped and recognized as a mistake, which is never mentioned.

        Mein Kampf doesn’t say there should be price controls, or private or government ownership of this or that. It says that economic policy should serve the people, and you should try out what best does so.

        Another funny thing is that 1930s Germany is one of few examples of where government stimulation of the economy actually worked. Usually it’s just the government pumping in money to “get the gears going” right before an election, which simply leads to inflation. The excuse for this stimulation was invented by the homosexual Jew Keynes, who said that “underused capacity” was just lying around in a country, not being used because people were afraid to start investing and spending, so the government had to kick people’s asses to make them start moving. This is mostly bollocks. However, in Germany it was actually true. The reason was that the communists terrorized the country with riots, vandalism, attacks on conservative/nationalist party meetings. Everyone expected the communists to take over and turn Germany into another Soviet Union, so investors were afraid to invest, and people kept their money to themselves.

        Hitler imprisoned the communist leaders and stopped the riots, freeing the people from terror. Then he invested in major road projects across the country which did get the gears moving. Also, the improved infrastructure was really needed, and it gave a boost to the economy. (Eisenhower would later see the Autobahn Hitler had built, and he was so impressed that he built the Interstate system in the U.S. based on the Autobahn.)

        So that’s basically the only time government “giving a boost to the economy” has actually worked.

        And also, ending the communist terror of course made crime plummet. And rapists were executed, so rape disappeared almost completely. The German police didn’t have to do much. They didn’t even carry guns or truncheons, as Hitler considered that to be demeaning to the public. At the same time he relaxed the Weimar gun laws. People were allowed to carry a gun in public if they could give a reason, for instance that they often carried around large sums of money. Gun ownership was of course widespread, people had hunting rifles and also revolvers and other guns from the War. But communists, socialist party members and Jews and other non-Germans were not allowed to carry guns – so that’s why fake conservatives today say that “Hitler banned guns”. It was the American-British-Soviet occupation government that banned guns.

        Speaking of the police, the Gestapo is brought up today every time the Left and the neocons want to have an example of evil police. But the Gestapo was very small. In a city the size of Frankfurt they had only about fifteen employees. They relied entirely on tips from the public for their job, to root out the communists who had planned to overthrow the government, take control of Germany and start their mass killings. (They had done so in Russia. They had done so in Hungary, before the Jewish Bela Kun was overthrown by Romania. They had briefly done so in Bavaria after the war, so Germans knew what the communists were up to.) The East German Stasi on the other hand was all-pervasive, having informers in every single apartment building who even recorded if people changed their curtains. Funny how we never hear STASI as an example of evil police. Or the KGB for that matter. Gee, wonder why.


      • Slave labor (mostly Slavs), German Master Race (but culling of the “impure”), a vast plantation style empire in the East. Everything else the idiot below/above cites was done first and better by Bismarck. Not Nazi, German Reich. Oh forgot euthanasia for anyone disabled or too old or inconvenient.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 7:54 am Joachim Peiper

        Good comment Whisky. I don’t know about plantations in Russia under Bismark, but the rest is correct. I think in 1933, Germany really wanted a more egalitarian version of the Kaiser, who, like most of the major European powers ran a fairly tight ship and life was good until WWI.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:52 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @Peak Finance, the reason why public healthcare won’t work is because of retirees. The vast majority of healthcare expenses are on these people and retirees are a bigger burden on both the government and the economy than feral blacks are.


      • “the reason why public healthcare won’t work is because of retirees”

        two words: soylent green


      • Now you guys have done it… even whiskeysplace is dropping his usual pretense of objective non-Jewish commenter.


      • The Nazi’s policies were NOT what you think they are.


      • Just look at the Democratic party platform, it is about 95% congruent.


    • Everyone needs to read The Vampire Economy, a great book published in September 1939 that details what it was really like to do business under National Socialism. Summary:

      Here is a study of the actual workings of business under national socialism. Written in 1939, Reimann discusses the effects of heavy regulation, inflation, price controls, trade interference, national economic planning, and attacks on private property, and what consequences they had for human rights and economic development. This is a subject rarely discussed and for reasons that are discomforting,: as much as the left hated the social and cultural agenda of the Nazis, the economic agenda fit straight into a pattern of statism that had emerged in Europe and the United States, and in this area, the world has not be de-Nazified. This books makes for alarming reading, as one discovers the extent to which the Nazi economic agenda of totalitarian control — without finally abolishing private property — has become the norm. The author is by no means an Austrian but his study provides historical understanding and frightening look at the consequences of state economic management.


    • @Harland

      “The Vampire Economy by Günter Reimann

      Günter Reimann (November 13, 1904 – February 5, 2005) was an expert on finance and currencies as founder & editor of International Reports, a New York based weekly publication he sold to the London Financial Times in 1983. Prior to World War II, he was a member of the Communist Party of Germany and at the forefront of the underground resistance to Adolf Hitler within Nazi Germany.”

      A member of the communist party… surely there wouldn’t be any bias in his book, right?


  13. CH – the commenter has basically described my wife and me albeit with less Nazi shit….

    If you ever wonder why that hot chick went all Islam when she got with the Boston bomber, this is basically it. Women are sheep and need a master to lead them. They crave it. The reason women are so miserable and out of control is because they are too many lost sheep and few shepherds.

    Dinner for wolves.


    • on November 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm Hammer Of Love

      Women HATE making decisions, thats what they have strong men for. This is where western society has gone horribly wrong.


  14. Edgy Game usually first results in protests from a women (shit test) if you keep your frame she comes around and calls you a rebel(admiration). The trick is not to apologize when she protests, because she may seem genuinely upset at you and most guys break down and try to diffuse the situation. It is a surprise when she comes around especially first time that you have this happen to you. Once you learn the pattern it happens more often that not.

    Frank T.J. Mackey “Respect the cock! And tame the cunt! “


  15. CH is right (again). Being a an edgy jerk only works in the context of social awareness. Think of James Bond. His savoir faire allows him to say and do just about anything … and be loved for it.

    Fine line between that and boorishness.


  16. I get the game principle involved here. I do, really. It is just that the guys in my life who I have admired the most and who showed by example the way of alpha (including the attracting of female luv) better than any that I have known happened to be guys who actually fought fascists and nahzees. As in – commanding a wooden hulled PT boat at night in the MTO sprinting into pistole shot range of an armored Kreigsmarine F-lighter and turning into a flaming hulk before they could respond. Horatio Nelson was presented almost as a relation in my family-of-origin.
    These were the sort of stories I heard growing up. That generation, may they RIP, never seemed to need attention-whore posing.


    • The trident of female love and endless sex – a passionate, dynamic and authentic man. if you can do these three things, no matter what your station, your predilections, your pursuits you will get not only abundant sex from quality women but they will absolutely fall for you.

      The OP is taken too far, no need to be needlessly edgy and some topics are not worth delving in to. But a central tenant of being alpha is Contrast.

      If you can provide contrast you will stand out. If you can back up your contrast with iron frame, resolve and intellect you will slay (authenticity). doesn’t matter what the topic is…

      God – Atheist

      democrat – republican

      Pro life – pro death (choice lol)

      white – black

      capitalism – communism

      women will be attracted to a man who can stand apart from the group with aplomb. she may hate you, but she WILL be attracted… the degree to which depends upon how authentic you are.


      • “But a central tenant of being alpha is contrast”

        That is, of course, absolutely true, .. if the survival of your alpha-act needs to be dependent on being held in contrast to the kind of weak, lame, pajama boy, normal modern man who is standing nakked as a castrated. pimped out rental boy toy.
        Because, like, you can do it on own with or without a stupid crowd watching.


    • It may be that they were fighting the enemy, whoever that enemy may have been. The fact that the particular enemy was NS is a red herring. Were marines in the Pacific any less bad-ass for fighting the Japs? Hardly…


    • Congratulations to being brainwashed, Rum. It must feel good for you. “As in – commanding a wooden hulled PT boat at night” Umm, maybe they fought on the pro-Jewish side because they were ordered to do so? Had they lived in a Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria or Croatia freed from the Jewish, communist grip they would have fought on the nationalist side. Are you really dumb enough to think that fighting against White self-determination was what made them people with qualities you “admire the most”?

      You mention military maneuvers as proof of what you admire. Heads-up: the German army, the Wehrmacht, was by far the best army of its time. It stands right up there with Alexander the Great’s army and the Mongol army as far superior to anything contemporary. Whenever the Wehrmacht fought an opponent of equal size, or even somewhat bigger size, they won. It was only because of the Jewish millionaires who bought up Churchill’s debts, the Jews like Morgenthau who surrounded Roosevelt, the Jewish socialist prime minister in France, and the thoroughly Jewish Soviet Union, seeking to starve Germany through economic warfare (Britain, the U.S., France), attacking Germany, and massing armies on the border in preparation for an invasion (the Soviet Union), that Germany was destroyed – by overwhelming numbers. And by a massive loss of lives, people used by the pro-Jewish factions. Your beloved heroes stood on the side of Jewish Soviet commissars who forced peasants to run in waves against German fortifications at night, with only a few rifles among them. The Germans fired back, and the Jewish plan was to use Russian peasants to make the Germans run out of bullets. Thus killing millions of Russians. This is what those you admire supported.

      And after the war the Americans murdered more than a million German war prisoners in open-air prison camps, often firing wildly into the camps for fun, and forcing them to lie down naked in the snow until they froze to death, and also murdering women who were related to the prisoners. You admire men who threw out millions of Germans from their homes to give their homes and everything they owned to Jews from Eastern Europe, who were “displaced”. You admire men who raped six thousand women in France alone. You admire men who systematically murdered by bombing civilians, which Churchill called “the Splendid Decision”, which the Germans refused to do until three months after the British terror bombings had started. In France alone, your heroes destroyed all the coastal cities, much of Paris, and killed almost as many people as died in Britain during the war – which you never hear about.

      Yes, very “admirable”. How sick of you.


      • The German Army was good, but it had a fatal flaw. It could not supply its troops. It couldn’t do it in WWI, and was even less capable in WWII. By the time the Wehrmacht got to Greece, going through entirely friendly territory, it was starving. Literally. The Wehrmacht literally ran out of gas outside Moscow and again outside Alexandria.

        Nazi SS troops were also involved in barbaric stuff that turned people who would otherwise have fought with them into enemies: Ukranians and Belorussians. Who’d been victimized by Stalin, and mostly after enough SS massacres chose Stalin. Consistent with Hitler’s idiot ideas of exterminating Slavs and making Eastern Europe a massive agricultural plantation worked with slave labor imported from the West and Africa. Sure SS Concentration guards were shot by the Allies, Patton figured they had it coming after touring the camps. Gratiutous cruelty and sadism begets violence. The SS guards had it comimng.

        Germans were also too command heavy. An American Sgt. with a radio could call in artillery, it took a Colonel in the German army to do so. Their tanks while having superior armor could not move to the battlefield on their own and required transporters, ate up gas like crazy and could not manuever more than ten miles without service. They were also complicated and time consuming to produce. The Shermans had garbage armor, but could maneuver like crazy and could run for hundreds of miles. Whoever got in place first generally won. German artillery was also a mixed bag — too few and requiring heavy service too often. Very accurate but less in evidence on the battlefield.

        Alexander’s Empire lasted what, a few years? The Mongols never conquered Western Europe, their ponies and compound bows useless in the rain and muck of stand-and-fight Western Europe. Meanwhile the Romans lasted for centuries by the simple expedient of having lots of armed men well fed and paid all over the place. [No it was not a “Jewish” plan to stage massacres of Russians, it was Stalin’s idiot plan to stand and fight at the start of the War that led to losses of millions of men at a time; once Stalin stopped interfering … as much … professionals like Zhukov who were not brilliant but could organize supply beat brilliant generals like Mannheim who had no supply. Hitler stands alone as the only guy who could lose to Stalin, who barely beat the mighty nation of Finland before the War.]

        The best military, century for century, was the British. Like the Romans, generally general proof, able to withstand tactical stupidity by means of superior supply. Able to move men, money, arms, and food around the globe for roughly four hundred years or so. For a mild aristocratic empire generally known for improving the lot of the conquered and general liberty at home. They get my vote.

        Yes the Germans small squads were the best in the world from 1939-1944. Particularly with their superb machine guns and usage of same. They just ran out of food, bullets, clothing, and everything else by early 1945.

        Also, Kenneth Mars called. He says the Fuhrer could dance your pants off.


      • My point Re: my family history fighting Fascist Scum was that, in some settings, even to today, identifing yourself with that particular form of edginess will not get a bemused or even very neutral reaction from everyone you meet.
        Everyone who has studied the 2nd WW period in a serious fashion knows that the German Army was the most efficient fighting force of the era, and arguable of the whole 20th century.
        A few years ago a Canadian Novelist – not a trained historian- named Barque wrote a Book called “Other Losses” in which he claimed to have uncovered a carefully hidden truth that D. Eisenhauer had arranged biological pay-back on Surrendered German Army forces by systematically starving them in camps. It turned out to be a wildly popular book. It met a strong need – for folks to find moral equivalency between the Axis and the Allies. And conspiracy stories often sell well on general priniciples.
        The first professional historian to shred Barques thesis was Stephen Ambrose; you might have heard of him. The book he wrote on this was called something like “Eisenhower and the German POWS.”
        As it turned out, Barque was simply unaware of the mountains of primary source material in British, American, French, and German archives regarding the policies chosen for the management of late war DEFs and the results thereof. He had simply collected fragments of 40 year old rants from grunts on the ground who saw nothing of the larger picture.
        Briefly, Allied policy towards POWs/DEFs was not up to Eisenhower, it was worked out deliberately and well in advance of the final collapse by the Governments involved. Surrendered Wehrmacht were denied full POW rations because feeding them at the specified level would have meant starving the civilians of countries the countries the Wehrmacht had just plundered for years. So, the starving civilians were to be fed first. As for the DEFs in the camps, maybe 50,000 died out of the millions behind the wire during the summer of 1945. Most DEFs were just sent home as early as possible if they were not SS. Those were the nominal “Other Losses” from the camps Barque thought he had uncovered.
        The allies did not want to feed them or to starve them. Just just sent them home.


      • “Waaaaah it’s all the Jooz fault!!”

        You realize you are coming off as a pathetic loser with this childish whining, right? “We were the best, but they CHEATED!!” Hitler shouldn’t have started the fucking war if he didn’t want it to come home.

        White self-determination? That’s rich, seeing as Hitler visited genocide on multiple white populations. Then again I guess 20 million slavs aren’t “white” in the NS worldview, right? Just a bunch of subhumans? Or are you going to blame all of those deaths on Stalin, and ignore the piles of evidence detailing Germany’s disgusting plans for the East?


      • on November 24, 2014 at 7:56 am Joachim Peiper

        Paris was left more or less unscathed during the war.


      • Keep the truth coming, though most of these people criticizing are so brainwashed.


      • They’re not brainwashed… they’re naturally concerned, since it’s their kosher ox that’s being gored.


  17. turning it into..


  18. The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Naval Cross to (Rums ancestor).
    The exceptional bravery, aggressive leadership, and outstanding devotion to duty displayed by (Rums ancestor) is in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.


  19. I seduced a Harvard Womyn at a Coffee shop on a Sunday night by opening with an insult towards her ability to organize her homework upon her table and then mocking a feminist youtube video and groping her crotch. I was slapped and verily banged her and like most sex it was very overrated.


  20. The mighty heroes of the Battle Of The Bulge who later single-handedly took on the Werewolves… and never lost to an enemy they outnumbered, 3 to 1.

    And the stalwart Red Tails who never lost a plane… on a milk run.



    • Red Tails, you got me. But you would not have lasted five minutes on Tarawa and even less at Okinawa. I’d rate you incapable of what Basilone did let alone Boyington. Men who were there wrote what they saw and did.


    • They’ve sure got nothing on the mighty heroes of the einsatzgruppen, right?


    • on November 24, 2014 at 8:04 am Joachim Peiper

      I have a lot of admiration for the fighting forces of NS Germany but the system they fought for and defended was utterly corrupt and evil. Germany would never have been able to hold on to its conquests given its racial policies and it is its racial policies that ultimately cost Germany the war. They took grateful liberated people and turned them into blood enemies. That takes a special kind of stupid. You guys all admire Germany in a vacuum. You have no concept of their national character flaws.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:35 am The Spirit Within

        Good comment.


      • Immaterial and irrelevant to the point I was making.

        The so-called Greatest Generation… making the world safe for ebonics and pidgin Spanish… valiant warriors whose grandchildren can’t safely walk the streets of most cities, and even the hallways of many schools, because they didn’t have the gumption to call a spade a spade, when the time came.

        Meh… and meh, again.


      • I think the problem lay with our individualist culture and sense of altruism. Most of the things you criticize about the greatest generation had never been tried before and the old stalwarts were easy to demonize. Most of them would probably agree with you today. Don’t blame them, blame those who used them shamelessly and avoided service. Have you ever served Greg? I think not. Until you have, your comments on men who fought and died are just hot air.


      • Isn’t this the second time you’ve asked, here at the chateau, if I were in the service?

        Damn, man… I’ve stated innumerable times before, when the subject came up, that I was in the Army back in the day, and honorably discharged after my full term of regular Army service.

        Pay attention, Kamerad… leastwise, if you would address me with questions directly.


  21. John Barth on the plight of brainy betas:

    “Some people, perhaps, don’t ‘hit their stride’ until their twenties, when the growing-up-business is over and women appreciate other things besides wisecracks and teasing and strutting. Peter didn’t have one-tenth the imagination he had, not one-tenth. Peter did this naming-their-children thing as a joke, making up names like Aloysius and Murgatroyd, but Ambrose knew exactly how it would feel to be married, and have children of your own, and be a loving husband and father…”

    “Heroically he drew her (Magda) up, it was his chance to clutch her close as if for support and say: ‘I love you.’ He even put an arm lightly about the small of her back before a sailor-and-girl pitched into them from behind, sorely treading his left big toe and knocking Magda asprawl with them. Ambrose realized that he wouldn’t have said ‘I love you’ anyhow, and was smitten with self-contempt. How much better it would be to be that common sailor! A wiry little Seaman 3rd, the fellow squeezed a girl to each side and stumbled hilarious into the mirror room, closer to Magda in thirty seconds than Ambrose had got in thirteen years. She giggled at something the fellow said to Peter; she drew her hair from her eyes with a movement so womanly it struck Ambrose’s heart; Peter’s smacking her backside then seemed particularly coarse. Back Magda made a pleased indignant face and cried, ‘All right for you, mister!’ and pursued Peter into the maze without a backward glance. The sailor followed after, leisurely, drawing his girl against his hip; Ambrose understood not only that they were all so relieved to be rid of his burdensome company that they didn’t even notice his absence, but that he himself shared their relief.”

    “Somewhere in the world there was a woman with such splendid understanding that she’d see him (Ambrose) entire, like a poem or story, and find his words so valuable after all that when he confessed his apprehensions she would explain why they were in fact the very things that made him precious to her. . . and to Western Civilization! There was no such girl, the simple truth being.”

    “Lost in the Funhouse” 1968

    Barth is full of red pill wisdom, if a tad opaque at times. His “Petition” is a Borgesian masterstroke that elucidates the alpha/beta dialectic through a tragicomedy concerning conjoined twins (attached front to back).


  22. on November 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm Hymen Mingesky

    “Edgy Game sounds a lot better in concept than it works in practice.”

    It’s a pretty preposterous concept to begin with.

    [CH: russell brand would disagree.]


    • “Pretty preposterous”?!



      Shaming in the Chateau’s hallowed halls?!?
      The (misplaced) chuzpah!


    • on November 24, 2014 at 9:39 am The Spirit Within

      To give you an example of Russell Brand’s charismatic power over women…

      I found one of my girlfriends watching a Russell Brand video on YouTube. She doesn’t speak a word of English, and there were no subtitles.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 9:58 am Joachim Peiper

        She probably just recognized the face and watched because there wasn’t much else on TV she could relate to. Russell Brand is just annoying.


      • That says much about your caliber of “girlfriend”…

        … and even more about the quality of company she chooses…

        … in both Cyberia and ESPECIALLY in meat world.



      • on November 24, 2014 at 4:09 pm The Spirit Within

        You’re such a troll. Half the women in the world are enraptured with the guy, including perhaps your own wife. He knows how women think and exploits it ruthlessly.


      • Your girlfriend AND you need to get off of his inane dick.

        Then again, like attracts like…

        And learn what the true meaning of “troll” is, you shill… you snowflake…

        You fairy.


    • on November 24, 2014 at 2:52 pm Hymen Mingesky

      Russell is a white nationalist, when did this happen?


  23. Having firearms never hurts. Leave some ammo visible.


    • The toddlers they are, they ALWAYS grab the snubnose off my nightstand.

      “careful now, that thing is loaded”

      Panties are soaked.



    “The sad part, as a former sixth-grade schoolteacher, is that school doesn’t teach you anything about life. You learn that Columbus discovered America in 1492, which is not entirely so, and how does that prepare you for…?

    Let’s take you and me. We both make money doing stuff that we do, more or less. What was the name of the high school course that I took that prepared me for doing what I do? There is none. We don’t learn what mortgages are, we don’t learn what taxes are, we don’t learn how the free-market capitalist model works, we don’t learn anything. We learn nothing and then all of a sudden, like birds in a nest, the mama bird takes the little bird and pushes it off the ledge; good luck, start flying—or not.

    The book doesn’t have graphs, it doesn’t use fancy language. In fact, often, it’s insulting. It is insulting because mother nature doesn’t give a shit, and despite legislation and the good intentions of politicians and tastemakers and so on, the masses will think as they like, privately. There’s a chapter called “Speak English”—nobody else has the balls to have a chapter called that. I should have called it “Speak Fuckin’ English,” that’s what I should have called it.

    By the way, there’s a chapter called “Lady Entrepreneurs” that is important to your readership, which, I would guess with a name like Salon, is mostly female.

    Guys, don’t get married in your twenties. Don’t do that, not unless you’re rich, because you have to assume the worst and that includes mortgages and children and, remember, every penny you spend is after-tax dollars. Stay single! Be careful, make those life decisions that last a lifetime—that’s why it’s called life decisions.”

    “Me, Inc. features a black simulated-leather cover with gold foil stamping and a black ribbon bookmark.” Sounds like he took a page from Neil Strauss as well as John T Reed.


  25. on November 24, 2014 at 12:01 am Matthew Yglesias is a sex god

    Jerkboy game has nothing on SJW game

    1. Read Huffinton Post, Slate, ThinkProgress, and Vox religiously. Check in with the NYT on occasion for a moderate opinion.
    2. Regularly post on facebook articles about the benefits of eating local and organic, heartwarming tales of minority children, and uplifting quotes about how happiness is more than just material wealth (since you yourself have a shitty job).
    3. Don’t lift weights
    4. Boast of your support for women’s rights
    5. Impress girls with your knowledge of craft beer and artisanal cheeses
    6. Continue wearing an Obama t-shirt into 2015
    7. Whenever the bro who’s banged several of your attractive female friends leaves and is safely out of earshot, loudly proclaim “wow, that guy’s such a douchebag.”
    8. Marry a Lena Dunham look-a-like at the age of 33
    9. Rejoice that your wife doesn’t want to have kids, giving you both more time to devote your lives to helping others
    10. Drunkenly hit on your apolitical friend’s attractive wife at a cocktail party. Get rebuffed.
    11. Go on game websites and ridicule them for being misogynist posers who don’t actually get laid


  26. Alex Jones Superfan= a very likely typical bitter beta from Revleft who as usual is filled with bitter resentment and hatred for his alpha male superiors…which incidentally is what makes the Jew’s Communist ideology and Christ insanity it’s father ideology so appealing to a large number of white beta males…that being both are ideologies for losers.


  27. Quentin Tarrantino demolishes a reviewer….


    • Actually, he doesn’t…

      She’s no prize, but his whole spiel is “It’s just a movie, not real life.”

      As if young minds (and many older ones) are not affected by the images and general “culture” around which they spend their formative years.

      Fail more… he’s a headcase and obviously celebrated and produced and touted in this, the decline of the West.


      • “As if young minds (and many older ones) are not affected by the images and general “culture” around which they spend their formative years.”

        You’re completely right Greg. To take it a step further he admits the in the interview that the movie is about female empowerment…. right on par with feminist agenda. Maybe walawala secretly has a vagina?


      • Yeah, I didn’t even want to get started on that “female empowerment” bullshit… along with all the other PC “acceptable targets” of his output.

        A bigger shill for the Cathedral never fell into its pews… and people think he’s “daring” and “controversial”. LZOZLZOZLZOZLZOZLZOZLZOZLZOZL


      • All successful artists are contributing to the decline, is why they are paid so well


  28. OT but then fat-shaming and beta-shaming is always welcome … Morrissey may be gayer than gay but he’s hilarious here:


  29. on November 24, 2014 at 3:45 am Captain Schlamered

    You know who else used edgy game to get chicks?…



    Somebody should have told the thuggglet it’s not acceptable to threaten people at a park with a toy gun that looks real. Get ready for trayvon ferguson III

    We have a nigger epidemic in this country.


    • True…

      But a large part of me still says that the current police mantra of “The most important thing is that we get home safe at the end of the day” smacks of dereliction of duty, and a certain amount of restraint and downright courage should be expected when dealing with (what I assume looked like) a pre-teen.

      The most important thing, if you’d collect a paycheck honestly as a peace officer, is that otherwise law-abiding citizens get home safe at the end of the day.


      • the mini-thug waiving around a gun that looks real threatening people trying to enjoy a park was not a law abiding citizen. he can pull a trigger too. many kids have accidentally fired guns.

        if you spend any time at parks in cities (like, if you are a good parent, there with your civilized kids), you see this: boys being raised to be (the wrong kind of) violent usually by their older brothers–no parents to be found.

        another thing is “mixed martial arts.” Every tatted up brown skin thinks he’s a karate master (MMA) and all brown boys (including Hispanics) do at parks is fight.

        all boys, even at a school in a good district, as young as 4th grade, play “fake shooting machine guns” at school and have to be told to stop it.

        this is not the manosphere’s complaining about all boys being diagnosed with ADHD for being boys and the modern school environment not being right for boys.

        There’s a line and a different. Somebody should have taught this kid that it is not okay (sorry for the SWPL expression) and not cool to waive around a replica gun that looks real at a park. Sadly, this kid had no parent to teach him this fact, obviously.

        This keeps happening because (let’s think nuancedly for a second)– cops every day have to deal with the N problem, it’s dangerous, and they indeed are on edge, and indeed they have a right to want to get home to their wives and children safely, and to protect other truly law abiding civilized citizens for 300 pound gentle giants disobeying orders trying to take their guns and said gentle giants’ younger brothers waiving around guns in a park.

        and the bigger point is Trayvon/Ferguson… etc. The CNN media crowd is purposely trying to incite riots.


      • I can’t gainsay anything in your post… and yes, it’s the “N-problem” that gives the police an understandably short fuse.

        I still say they’re wrong, though, when they give the “WE get home safe at night” top priority in the SOP. Important, yes… but it shouldn’t be their mission statement.


  31. Be sure to see the update to the original post.


  32. Hehe, I resemble this post sometimes. Just yesterday, some broad put up an article mocking Palin and I commented that it was typical libtard stuff. She got all shaming and I stood firm and reframed that I didn’t like to see her controversial, deceptive, lying 5h1t that wasn’t funny. Then she was catering to a request of mine on Meetup, calling the dance instructor to give students some practice time after the lesson for free. BTTW game.


  33. Sure, chicks dig unapologetic jerkboys. But they also dig charming silver-tongued devils who can deftly read and navigate various social situations.

    Why choose one or the other? I’ve gone from one to the other in a few secs.


  34. OT: Once and while something comes along to remind me that no matter how much I try, I’ll never understand men. Sorry for the hijack. Carry on.

    [CH: you don’t get how awful it would be to be duped into raising another woman’s child for the rest of your life? is your imagination that parched?]


    • The hatred women have for step children fills our fantasies. Cinderella and Snow White are stories about stepmothers abusing and trying to murder their stepdaughters. Imagine if other women’s children could be foisted on you to bring up and love, believing them to be your own? What if you spent years doing so, only to find out in divorce court that the children weren’t yours? Then you had to pay child support for them. How would you feel?


      • I’d love them as though they were mine because I raised them thinking they were mine. Believe whatever you like, but most (nurturing) women will tell you the exact same thing. It’s not an ideal situation, but I’ll take it over being raped any day.


    • let me enslave you for 18 years and then you can get back to me about which is worse. it happened to my best friend. he was paying child support to the mom and the biological father. and whadya know, the hellspawn is now doing life for rape/murder. I’m sure it’s just coincidence that he was raised by people who thought it was OK to enslave someone.


      • Pretty much sums it up. If a bitch won’t give you a family of your blood then she won’t see to it the spawn are well behaved and moral. For whatever reason my mom wouldn’t let my dad touch the youngest brother. He looked nothing like us acted nothing like us. Course that didn’t stop me from maintaining family order. It’s not going so well for my mom now a days. Me and my older brother never gave her grandchildren to infect. We don’t talk to her and she smokes pot all day with her unemployed bf . My beta dad died a young man’s death. Little brothers kids are all wards of the state since age 9. He bounces in and out of jail and prison. Me and my brother fuck bitches and work whenever we want vacation whenever we want.


      • “Me and my brother fuck bitches and work whenever we want vacation whenever we want.”

        Looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, either.


    • I know what Amy is getting at.

      Me, I’ll raise the children of other men… I’d prefer to KNOW it ahead of time, of course, but still… it expands one’s karma to be generous.

      But if any of you homos touch me… I’ll kill ya.


      • So, you’ll raise someone else’s 2 kids instead of your own? How do you figure the total number of kids you can afford? Do you subtract 2 offspring of your own if the wife comes with 2 kids?

        Why not be generous to your own offspring instead of someone else’s?


      • I am a river to my people… 🙂

        And let’s focus on what the original and ONLY two choices were.


    • The real question mark is, which of the sexily-clad broads in your profile photo, if any, are you


    • [CH: you don’t get how awful it would be to be duped into raising another woman’s child for the rest of your life? is your imagination that parched?]

      Unless it means the babies were switched at birth and I’ve been deprived of raising my biological child, I’ll take it over being raped. Any day.

      [no you wouldn’t. not if you were put to the test and not just lamely trying to score a debate point on a comment board with no real world implications. 18 years of slaving away to raise another woman’s child… try harder to imagine the pain of that day in the future when you find out it was all for nothing.]

      And you don’t have to insult me;

      [oh but i do.]

      I’m not judging men for feeling this way. It’s just hard for women to understand why this would be a fate worse than rape.

      [that’s because in the environment of evolutionary adaptation (i.e., all of modern human history), there was never a real threat of something like this happening to women, so a natural defense against it never evolved in them.]

      It’s probably just as hard for men to understand why rape, to women, is worse.

      [no, men can understand pretty well how bad rape is. why do you think prison rape jokes make men squirm so much?]

      I brought it up as an example of how fundamentally different we are.

      [that we are. but not so different that some universal laws of human nature are rendered null when applied to women.]


  35. Edgy game in action.


  36. “not with a club to the head but gradually intensifying demands and shows of defiance that weaken the female presumption of her romantic entitlement and undermine her reflex to pigeonhole you as one of the mediocre masses of beta males whom she can walk over”

    This is only because we live in the unnatural world of liberalism, in this case sexual liberalism. There are actually omegas who exist like myself not because of a hyper beta white-knight syndrome but because the liberalism is so repellent to our naturally male instincts as to be radioactive. In a natural world I would be a sex slave trader during times of peace waited on hand and foot by a harem for whom fickleness in any form would be unthinkable, so complete would be their subjugation.

    The sporadic loud-mouth like Lena Dunham would have her tongue cut out, the skin whipped off of her body and only then would she be blinded.


    • You would be a lousy slave trader, then … after all Lena Dunham has that stolid, porky build that is perfect for lugging baskets of wheat or toting bales of hay in from the field.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 2:51 pm the Southerner

        I said *sex* slave, a literal Dunham obviously wouldn’t qualify, except for faggots and degenerates who maybe couldn’t tell the difference and thus are intrigued.


  37. Ok, the Spirit Within just queefed seven comments in a row while 100% of mine are eaten or modded.


  38. So in other words, being yourself and not giving a fuck what people think is tight game. i’ve always done this, can confirm it works great.

    I have a feeling most men would be natural alphas if they were just themselves and let other people’s feelings and opinions be unimportant. Yes? Think about it – everything discussed here comes down to indifference towards the FEEEEELINGS, wants, needs, and opinions of others.

    Outcome independence? Alpha
    Presumed Sexual Entitlement? Alpha
    Fearless speaking of one’s mind? Alpha
    Ignoring women’s opinions (read: shit tests)? Alpha
    Amused mastery (which tells women their opinion is irrelevant to the man)? Alpha

    Et cetera, et cetera, Peter Cetera (was a giant jizzpuss)


  39. on November 24, 2014 at 1:40 pm Alex Jones SuperFan

    Good points. I assume toning down the edginess in public is the takeaway from this, then. The cut-off point may not be as tame as one might think, though:


    • Not surprising they are more tolerant than expected. Because ‘racism’ is a natural instinct (and it’s right in this case). If you could make these go away with a few years of liberal propaganda then we wouldn’t have blogs about game because men and women be the same.


  40. The thing you’re not touching on is that Nazis are perceived as evil. The whole fascist thing gives a ‘bad-boy’ air on top of the reasons commenters have discussed.


  41. You are such an immature racist bigot with a huge chip on your shoulder


  42. in a group setting, supported Leno over Conan saying it was just business and Conan wasnt good enough….WoW….boy thats when i knew what being ostracized meant.