A Test Of Your Game: Reversing Multiple Rejections

Reader rj4luv emails details of his quim quandary,

Gambler once said ..”once you ask for advice on a particular girl , you’ve already lost the game .”
I guess I lost.
So I am in college (18 yo , yup)
I got this girl X interested in me, (a lot of IOIs ,constantly gazing at me , Lot of arranging hair around me etc.)
When I asked for her number she was visibly blushing … So after a week (IOIs persist) I asked her out (total direct way, on face ) and she … rejected me , suggesting “another time ” (indefinite).
Anyways After 3 days of no contact I call her …Extremely High IOIs again (mixed emotions , audible laughing,and heavy breathing?) we talked for 20 min had fun (1st call) .She called me next day, didn’t pick up ;). I called the next day 20 min again same IOIs .
Then I stopped contacting her for a week, I was afraid of getting friendzoned .
So when we next met I could notice Her IOIs had increased … So I called her that night eventually asking her out (Didn’t ask on face again cause whole class was present)…she rejected me again giving “genuine” reasons ..which I knew were fake so instead of saying OK … I asked THRICE trying to sound a bit serious (to water down my ASUMMED high value, also assuming that she’s trying to show she’s not easy ) ..blam! it went bad I didn’t respond, no Goodnight nor bye ( I was angry, this was only way to show it without yelling )…and no contact from both of us from past 3 weeks .
So I am going to TEXT her (won’t call)( from your post how to win back ex gf ) going to keep it short .

Based on what you have written here, I would advise against this course of action. Remember, this girl was never your girlfriend, so you wouldn’t be “winning her back”, (as per the advice in that classic CH post.) She’s a girl who gazed at you and twirled her hair and rejected you twice (in that passive, kick the can down the road way that a girl will often utilize in order to keep a suitor on tenterhooks waiting for a change in her disposition and meanwhile flattering her ego with each passing day.)

So, Why after these heavy IOIs she rejected me TWICE
Is there a way I can win her back and eventually bang her?(She’s just 7 …still)

7 years old? Try Lollipop Game.

I keed I keed. Don’t be fooled by the objective attainability of 7s. The marginally pretty girl can be a bigger cocktease than the drop-dead hottie, owing in part to her greater need for validation and to the constant barrage of clumsy come-ons she gets from beta males too timid to approach hotter girls.

She was not my gf but she was one (ONLY)of the option ( 2 girls one turned out to be in LTR..that’s why)

She was not your gf. You can stop there.

so what to do after that short text?
Details: Both 18 , India

oy vhart.

(game works same )so no chance of drinks , yup she use to reply to my text ( Hiiiiii instead of Hi), didn’t ever text each other after we resorted to calling.

I wouldn’t read too much into that “Hiiiiiii”. A textual tremolo like that from a girl could just as easily indicate asexual friendliness.

Yes , you can use this for posting if it helps others along with name ( hide email though)

Forgot to mention …no kino happened only handshakes and high fives.

The kino is weak. The kino is weak? Fuck you the kino is weak! You don’t deserve the kino!

No, but really, that kino is weak. Handshakes (bleh) and high fives (less bleh) are the kinds of kino you want to achieve shortly after meeting a girl, not weeks and weeks later. It’s stepping-stone kino to more erogenous dales.

Here’s my take: One of two possibilities are in play.

1. She does like you in that kama sutra way, but you started to lose her when you spent the week between getting her number and asking her on a date doing nothing but texting back and forth. Then you unsealed the deal when she called you and you didn’t return her call until the next day. Look, my dot not feather friend, playing hard to get with a woman is counterproductive when she has given clear signals that she wants you to move the courtship forward. A girl calling out of the blue is a major IOI. Either pick up, or let her sweat for half an hour before calling back. Don’t wait a whole day. By that time, she will have figured in her girlbrain that you just weren’t interested enough in her, and she’ll pull the ripcord. To put it succinctly, you overgamed. Rescuing a pickup from bad overgaming is difficult.

2. She doesn’t like you in that kama sutra way, but she enjoys toying with you. If this is it, your winning move is NEXT.

Now it’s time to phone a friend, which means the Chateau studio audience. Imagine you, the reader, are in the same situation as rj4luv. Imagine, too, that scenario #1 is operative (you can’t know this for sure, but presuming it true allows A Test of Your Game to proceed with plausible intent).

What’s your next move with this girl? For the sake of experimental procedure, you’ve gotta do something, so what is it you do?

Best replies will be featured in a future post.



A lot of commenters will mention this, so I figured I’d add it to the post.

Women will MAKE TIME for men they desire. That means, if a girl says “another time” when you suggest a date, she really means “never another time”. It also means, if you are the kind of man a girl is really curious about, she’ll skip out on weddings and gyno appointments to make time for you. There are rare exceptions to this rule, and you will be able to tell when the exception is in play; you’ll hear the genuine disappointment in her voice and you’ll see the regret writhing her sexbody. If it’s over the phone, she’ll promptly counter-offer.

Maxim #30: A girl will always make time in her faux busy schedule for a man she likes, and when she can’t she’ll be the one to suggest another time.


  1. bring da movies.


    • let her see you with another girl…that’s the only way.

      CH is 100% correct, women make time and go out of their way if they really want you. In many cases, no amount of chitchat or other bs is going to get you to this point, but once hooked, they are FINE with booty called at 1215 or 3am or 3pm. It won’t matter.

      Part of the challenge is getting to that point of interest especially when there are 1000 guys and 1000 activities that they’re into. They are going to the gym too, and working too, and all of this, so don’t get disappointed when you don’t rise above this relatively high noise floor.

      but if a chick wants you, she’s going to tell her husband some bullshit, get in the car, and show up. It’s like calling for a pizza except you don’t have to tip.

      I had a hot Russian simply decide to come over uninvited and unannounced because she wanted it. Was that gonna happen during the courtship phase? No, probably not. Unfortunately she was peering in my window while I was banging another girl and that type of show up without an invite psycho shit doesn’t fly with me. The point is, when a chick is highly interested, you will have to actually start evading her to get space.


    • To my “nah” I could be wrong


  2. Preemptively friendzone her and hangout with/date/bang other hotties.


  3. My 3 step method (works on any girl)
    1. Pickup an 8.
    2. Put her on your arm and parade past the 7.
    3. Forget about the 7.


  4. I wouldnt try jack shit with her until after she’d seen me with another chick hanging off me. Until then limit all communication to audible flatulence


  5. Use her as preselection to get another girl. Hang with other girl. She will come to you. Now you have two.


  6. Send her a pic of you being kissed by two hotties at a bar.


  7. Smells like teen oneitis.
    Let’s commune with the ghost of Kurt for some advice here:

    With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
    Here she is now, entertain us
    Don’t act stupid; it’s contagious
    Grab her ass now, coz girls love gamers
    Get her blotto
    on some wine-o
    Be discreet-o
    Feed your libido

    Thanks Kurt.


    • I called her “Ho to service my needs” (she loved it)and such sexual roleplays etc …I had made it known that I was a sexual being , I really think that lack of Kino is what caused incongruence .But still a date would have been nice.


      • Actions speak louder than words. You’re hung up on a girl you haven’t even grabbed the ass of. Move on to richer pastures. Or else grab her ass already.


      • You are right sir , I hesitated at escalating the kino . Well there is a question …how long should I’ve waited between getting her number and asking her out?


      • Man, Its simple. You are past two strikes and almost out. Next date (if it even happens) , has to end with kiss or ass grab – even with clunky kino, still better than nothing . Thats imperative. Othwerwise , I see no chance of comeback (getting better chick without improving your game is impossible, so focus on the game first).


  8. Extended nuclear-she doesn’t exist-radio silence often creates second chances.


  9. India, you say? Tell your parents to call her parents.


    • In my culture men often threaten to call your father if you are haveing a argument. (In courtship or marriage). That is kind of game because no woman wants a man calling to her father complaining about her. But calling the parents BEFORE you are courting is strange. 🙂 .

      I think it is better he just ignore her. Just continue on with his life, do not call her or message her. If she calls again answer, ask her out, if she says no, she just wants a friend and attention, and not a man and its better not to call her again. If she says, yes, good.


      • Yesterday’s post was – What’s Old is New Again – take a page from Grandpas Playbook – and call her Dad for his permission to take his daughter on a date.

        Stop texting like a chode – stop chasing – stand tall before the man and you’ll never have to DHV again.


    • It could also be some kind of “girl game” play hard to get. So she could be interested but does not want to seem so.


      • this possibility is stronger given the cultural context (india).


      • I believe that. I know many women who think they should play hard to get. Just some hours ago my friend was arranging a date and when she was sending messages to the guy (who she already said no to one time) (and he is a good guy), and her messages seemed too cold and formal. So I said, why so cold? She said she will seem desperate. So I sent some messages as her saying “I am excited for our date” and thanking him when he offered to come to take her.

        I am not sure why she thinks expressing her interest will make her seem desperate, but I do know that many women think that way. Maybe more so in traditional cultures where women have to be more discerning of men in order to find a husband, and not just a date.

        But, back on to the topic, if the girl in question is playing girl game, he still should not contact first in my opinion, if she likes him, she will contact him. He can take it from that point. He last asked her for a date, and she rejected him, again. If she calls again (and if he does things correct, she probably will), ANSWER the phone, because if he does not she might be sensitive and feel he is gaming her, and try to play stupid girl game, both trying to get the upper hand.


      • I’m naive in the ways of courtship in India but you don’t really ask women out anymore. It’s almost a sign of weakness. Just shoot for something simple like going for a walk or meeting at a park or coming over for a movie. A non date basically.


  10. “Meet me Tuesday at 8 for drinks at ___”

    If anything other than a flirtatious response or a yes, then move on. IMO, he’s already spent too much effort and is coming at her from a very weak frame. He directly asked her for a date in an old-school, formal manner, which is basically anti-game for a woman you haven’t banged.


  11. this post reminds me of two past experiences i had with fickle hos. they both ended the same, where I didn’t bang the ho and all she was doing was stringing me along.

    with that said, if a girl isn’t down to hang out after the first try, you can try again a couple of days later. if she still isn’t down, you’re wasting time and you would be wise to forget about her and pursue some other chicks. what i’ve learned is when a girl is really digging you, even if she’s the shy type, she’ll find a way to make it happen. forget all this shit about her genuinely being busy and all this other bullshit guys tells themselves to assuage their egos. a girl who views you as a potential fuck WILL FIND A WAY TO FUCK YOU NO QUESTIONS ASKED. “Mixed signals” or “mixed emotions” is generally a man’s way of interpreting a female’s subtle rejection.

    also, time is better spent in gaining other leads, than investing in half-assed ones.

    just keep it going and move forward, bro.

    [CH: “where there’s doubt, there’s no doubt.” – ronin]


    • “what i’ve learned is when a girl is really digging you, even if she’s the shy type, she’ll find a way to make it happen.”


      women always vote with their feet. if she’s down she will make it easy for you. no bs no excuses.

      things usually work because they are simple.


      • on December 4, 2014 at 1:03 pm Turkey Baster

        Wasn’t Tha Elliot Rodgers game?


      • How to interpret female behavior:

        1) Anything but “Yes” is “No.”
        2) Never believe excuses.
        3) Never, never believe excuses. They make them sound unbelievably plausible and I believed them for decades.
        4) The only real “Yes” is her orgasming under you while you raw dog her into willing pregnancy.

        You can believe that!


    • Here’s a good post that get’s at the heart of the matter:


      Game is useful, but one has to avoid being overtly excessive in its application. I’m not saying let shit slide from a woman, but use your energy for where it really matters (i.e when she’s actually desiring you and your advances).


    • on December 3, 2014 at 7:53 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Even if her excuses are genuine, make her pay for having more important things than you to do.


    • Thanks, even I believe that …so I stopped contact after 2nd rejection.


  12. I am really surprised she rejected him, maybe he was exaggerating her interest in him.


    • No bro, the IOIs were real…i was shocked by her rejection


      • yeah, dude, because you’re such a fuckin expert on women that you came on CH to beg people for advice on your sperg overanalysis of encounter with a chick you can’t even figure out how to bang on your own.

        Listen, dude, *I* have fucked more indian chicks than you have, yet I see you rejecting everyone’s advice on here.

        WE are the ones who know wtf is up; you aren’t. If you DID, you wouldn’t be here, you would be balls deep in that dumb ho you can’t figure out yet how to bang.


      • No bro , I think you misunderstood the ” nah ” I wrote …it was for the ” bring the movies” .


    • Some girls just like the attention.. calling you is just her way of keeping it going. It’s “safe” flirting.


  13. I’m not sure we should be giving Indians (dot, not woo-woo) advice on how to breed.


  14. Approach her during the day and state, “Is this how you typically get cute men to fall for you? Needs a little work. Let’s talk strategy over a drink.”


    • But will it really be effective after 3weeks of the incidence…I really think I must not bring that topic up with her until clear signs of attraction appear again.


      • Work out.
        Eat right.
        Dress better.
        Learn to communicate covertly (especially so in India where slut shaming and the culture police are ever present to escalate situations.

        Like an old man somewhere said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

        Move on, plenty of fish in the sea.


    • Did everyone here miss where he stated they were 18? Why all the “let’s go for drinks crap”?

      Admittedly, I don’t know the minimum age for drinking in India…


  15. Jealousy game is the only option. Make her think you moved on by getting another girl, and having a great time with new girl. Old girl will reevaluate her decision.

    It will take a decision on her part to make a move toward you. Bear in mind, she may not do anything…maybe she wasn’t into you and you misread the whole thing. maybe she is too proud to humble herself, maybe you crossed a line with new girl. But, even if she doesn’t do anything, what do you care? You got a girl.

    Anyway, if she does make a move, make a mental note and be unreactive. At a later time…5 minutes later is good…make a comment with a slight positive…give her a glimmer of hope.

    If she is back into you, she’ll follow that up with IoIs. Game on.

    But, this time, since she is aware you have a girl, make her a second girl. She lost her chance to be exclusive. (My personal attitude is that a girl loses exclusivity rights the moment she stops paying total attention to my penis.)

    By being a second girl, she is going to try harder to be the first girl. Whether you let New girl know you are with old girl is your own decision. My personal choice is to always let my girls know I am dating other women. That way, if I am seen out with another girl, no trouble is caused because I laid out the expectations at the beginning.


    • Jealousy game is not the only option, but it is a good one. Given the hypothetical is how this CAN be turned around (so anything that says move on isn’t in the spirit of the scenario, though obviously most would do so, but let’s ignore) another route is reverse psychology.

      When you see her out, keep lightly teasing her that she was too scared of her immense sexual attraction for you to go out with you. As a noob, you likely won’t be able to manage the twinkly eyed rascally frame required to intrigue her, but give it a shot. For the love of Vishnu make sure you do not come across as accusatory, butt hurt or stalkerish. Be chill. Laugh. Be carefree, break contact and walk away first. It will take several meet ups like this but you may get to the point when you can call her on it and make a date. “Prove it, big talker, drinks at 10 at X”…

      hail Mary of course, but can be done.


      • pro comment.


      • Meh, if he’s gonna do that, he should take a hottie as a wingman who will hang all over him while he’s chatting up the Oneitis. (why is he even doing that and why are we talking about it????) Use preselection, duh.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 7:51 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        This shit works. It’s in the frame toolkit right next to agree and amplify. It’s should also feel amusing to you if done right. If my execution is correct, I kind of feel my inner self give me a pat on the back.


  16. Just ignore her. At this point there’s nothing to be said or done that silence can’t do better.

    Please to be teaching the gaming, thank you.


  17. rj4luv, jerk off a minute before you know you will run into her. After you released your load, she won’t be on a pedestal, since all you’ll want from her is for her to make you a sandwich. Remember how you felt, and repeat this “don’t-give-a-F-about-her” attitude for all future interactions with her. lol.


    • rj4luv, jerk off a minute before you know you will run into her.

      Best done on her doorstep. Ring the bell right before you finish.


      • He has an advantage in that it’s not cold in India this time of year. Not to recommend in snow and freezing temperatures.


    • rj4luv, jerk off a minute before you know you will run into her. After you released your load, she won’t be on a pedestal, since all you’ll want from her is for her to make you a sandwich.

      Which reminds your humble narrator of an oldie but goodie:

      Man is in bed, waiting for woman to come out of bathroom after getting herself ready for sex…

      She emerges from the bathroom and proceeds to stub her toe on the bedpost, hopping in pain for a moment.

      Man says, in his best dearie voice: “Aw… did my poor little snookie-ughams hurt her widdle self? C’mere and let daddy make it all better.” He then proceeds to rub her toe until the pain subsides and then they have sex.

      Woman gets up from the bed and heads to the bathroom and again stubs her toe.

      Man says: “Clumsy bitch”.


  18. You are in India? offer to take her to have her mustache trimmed with you.

    you can hold hands while it is done to both of you


  19. n00bs should not be working on the perfect play to convert a 4th down from 13 yards out. Only easy “yes” girls for awhile until your game gets tighter.

    Put simply, as soon as you feel any effort being put into excusing her behavior, just next to the new girl. Yes, you’ll be passing up some maybe girls, but the hard work done at 18 will pay dividends later.

    Think of it as the compound lifts of game. Work on the simple stuff, and ironically the maybe girls (by not mattering so much) will come around in your game in a few years.


  20. send her a picture of your micropeen inside another chick


  21. “suggesting “another time ” (indefinite).”

    That’s a flat out no. She’s not interested. Either you overestimated her IOIs (common amongst newbies) or somehow messed up.

    “I asked THRICE . . .”

    `Cuz nothing demonstrates SMV like begging.

    “. . .assuming that she’s trying to show she’s not easy. . .”

    Turning down dates is not ASD.

    “. . .blam! it went bad I didn’t respond, no Goodnight nor bye ( I was angry, this was only way to show it without yelling ). . .”

    Butthurt is also not `xactly high SMV.

    “So I am going to TEXT her (won’t call)( from your post how to win back ex gf ) going to keep it short”

    Perhaps just a bit too much oneitous there. CH’s “What Would An Alpha Do?” is wise advice here. Would a man with more options than time text her after getting refused three times?


    • So much insecurity in this post though.

      “if she is not pulling your pants off she is not interested”


      • Heh, first time for sex, my fling first pulled off her bra and top and sat there naked, giggling, arms under her too-big-for-C-cup boobs, while I thought “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” Then she pulled off my pants, lol.

        I guess she was interested.


  22. WOPR game, the only winning move is not to play.

    Other than that the biggest problem you will have IMO is re-initiating the conversation with out it looking like you are chasing her.

    Text her that you have a good friend called [obvious girls name] that is single and you think they would be a great couple and can you pass her her number.


  23. Dot not feather? Hmm. Let’s aim for the feasible, not the impossible.

    Hire a good-looking escort who’s ~20 years old and show up somewhere this girl hangs out. Be polite but not interested. Then wait.



  24. show up around her with another hot girl, show you have options


  25. does she have a sister/friend? Is she hot? If so, you will find her… and you will fuck her.
    good luck


  26. scarcity mindset is a bitch. GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT. besides college is a shit place for gaming girls apart from one night hook ups

    go get digits off the 9/10 in the mall


  27. Too much try-hard in all these posts. Best option: Not care and be selfish.

    [CH: not all of them are try-hard. remember, the test requires active engagement. NEXTing as an option was deliberately removed.]


    • Hence, not care and be selfish. Aka indifference and entitlement. Aka the attitude that snares women.


    • Yahyah Bukowski’s law “don’t try”

      The only person u need to prove anything to is yourself..?. so the winning move is surely just revenge on her ego at the hands of her friends dripping pussy. Upper hand follows


  28. she is trying to friendzone you, she already rejected you twice.

    3 years ago a girl didn’t give me her number. i ran into her dancing a couple weeks later. she invited me to a different dance event. she was trying to string me along. 10 years ago, i would have fallen for it, but i didn’t go. i ran into her a week after that & just laughed in her face as i kept walking to dance with some other girl.

    stay out of the friendzone.


  29. I’m new at this but…
    I wouldn’t utterly discard her but I’d meanwhile start looking for other women. Call her after setting up dates with other girls (this is important. Make sure you have just had contact with other hot women before getting in touch with her so you’re in your most confident mood. Seeking contact with a girl you’re keen to bang while casting aside other prospects tends to give away your thirsty intent, dramatically cutting back on your allure as a sexy man). After you’ve prepared a safety net to fall back on, you can nonchalantly call her and set up a date according to your specifications. If everything goes as planned, make sure to follow the basic game principles: hold your frame, don’t backpedal, put her on the defensive whenever necessary, tease her accordingly, and most important: lead. You have to lead the interaction all the way in order to tame her raging libido. If she stills objects, you’ll have your answer that as far as girlfriends and sex partners go, she is a pretty poor example.


  30. Do nothing for six months, and then maybe consider contacting her after that.


    • I cold opened a girl coming out of a store once, stayed in touch for a while but didn’t get a date. Having read game advice I stopped contacting her, knowing there was nothing else I could do.

      SIX MONTHS later she contacted me. And we met, had lots of wild sex and fun. She told me later that when we had first met she was still in a relationship.

      This was not simply luck, it was playing the numbers. When you do a lot of approaches, eventually you’ll run into all the scenarios you read in game forums, among them the girl contacting you much later. And the girl you sleep with within a few hours of cold opening her. And the girl who happens to be enemies with the last girl you slept with, and neither of them know that you slept with both. And the woman who you later meet through work. And the girl who lives with a couch potato and is desperate for some sex with a guy who works out. And the girl who is twenty-six and looks ten years younger, I kid you not. Etc. Good times.


      • This works too. When a woman does this sort of contact after an extended period of time act fast cus she probably texted other guys too. Try to isolate with them ASAP.


      • This works too. When a woman does this sort of contact after an extended period of time act fast cus she probably texted other guys too. Try to isolate with them ASAP.

        You are correct. But with all respect, I think you mean “with her”. It is a feminist thing being pounded into us through school and media to use “them” for a hypothetical person, even to the point that people use it when they KNOW the sex of the hypothetical person. It is ungrammatical as hell but that’s just another example of leftists not caring about anything other than their hate propaganda. Be aware of that and break that habit. Never in my life have I felt the need to use “them” in a hypothetical.

        For example, you never have to write “when a customer comes through the door, this is the first thing they’ll see”. Ungrammatical, feminist.

        You can write “When customers come through the door, this is the first thing they’ll see”.
        Or “When you come through the door, this is the first thing you’ll see.”

        Or “When a customer comes through the door, this is the first thing he’ll see.” (But what if the customer is a woman! Screw you. For many hundreds of years we have used “he” for a hypothetical person. If men would like to cry sexism, we could argue that it’s mean that we don’t get to have our “he” to ourselves because it means all hypothetical persons, while women’s “she” only means a woman in a hypothetical example.)

        Recognizing propaganda in language is important, because it is a power demonstration to the young and impressionable, one they are exposed to every day.


  31. as the hard next is out of the question; I would probably friend zone her. Start asking for help with girls, what do to with them and so on. Now play this right so that in few weeks you can start sexualize the conversation and start slipping fantasies in the questions. Stuff about when you have been mushing some girls face in the couch while giving it to her from behind. Be bold, but most of all be very very descriptive and accurate. Concentrate on small things in these kind of stories; “I could see it caused some pain when the stitching on the couch was pressed against her face” or “sad thing is I really liked that shirt but the buttons popped out when things get hot and heavy. we were trying to find those buttons later on but every one of them was different color. We did not find the red one…”

    ok those examples were shit, but whatever.


    • Do NOT be so blatant and steamy at first. But, yeah, I’d isolate her, and begin with “um, this is kind of uncomfortable, but….(oh no, he’s going to ask me out again)…..I need some advice from a girl. You see, the other day I met this young girl, (leave age and looks out of it, her hamster will fill in ALL details) and I don’t want to go into all the details but while she was kissing me my hand went on her neck instead of behind her head, you know, like right here under her ear, and when I brushed my hand across her throat, she moaned a little and she kind of stumbled”.

      If her eyes are meeting yours while doing this, then tell (don’t ask, TELL) her “hold still, let me show you for a second what I mean”, and then lightly brush your hand across her throat on its way to cup her head from behind. Immediately discontinue the kino. No matter her reaction (unless she grabs you and pulls you in, of course).

      “I’ve never had that happen before, and was wondering if you can tell me what happened, is this something that happens as girls turn into women, or what? Give it some thought, I’ll check back in with you later.” Back turn, walk away. Should take less than 30 seconds and will leave her hamster spinning. What did he just do? Who was the girl? Older or younger? Why didn’t he ask ME out? How could he just walk away?


  32. http://anepigone.blogspot.com/2014/12/a-tale-of-two-tragedies.html

    “Wake up, white man.”

    CH, we are awake. What can we do? TPTB controls all media–and the government’s tanks and missiles–at an extreme level.

    Someone like GBFM can’t even have a blog, even though everything he says is 100% accurate.

    What’s next?

    In the meantime, we have jobs and families to support.


  33. on December 3, 2014 at 1:16 pm having a bad day


    I ALWAYS recommend trying to turn things around. that’s the best place to learn…

    “I got this girl X interested in me, (a lot of IOIs ,constantly gazing at me , Lot of arranging hair around me etc.)
When I asked for her number she was visibly blushing … So after a week (IOIs persist) I asked her out (total direct way, on face ) and she … rejected me , suggesting “another time ” (indefinite).”

    assuming your reading of the IOIs are accurate…my guess would be (having been there myself) that you didn’t actually talk to her all that much before you asked her out = socially retarded…so, she was just wanting some more interaction before she said ‘yes’…OR you asked her out in front of the whole class = socially retarded…so if she accepted, she looks like she’s easy…or is chasing you…

    “So when we next met I could notice Her IOIs had increased … So I called her that night eventually asking her out (Didn’t ask on face again cause whole class was present)…she rejected me again giving “genuine” reasons ..which I knew were fake so instead of saying OK … I asked THRICE trying to sound a bit serious (to water down my ASUMMED high value, also assuming that she’s trying to show she’s not easy ) ..blam! it went bad I didn’t respond, no Goodnight nor bye ( I was angry, this was only way to show it without yelling )…and no contact from both of us from past 3 weeks .”

    this is almost the text book definition of butthurt beta… girls don’t have an ‘easy’ mode to play, like video games…lol…they don’t have any obligation to make it easy for you…so, that frustration at not knowing how to solve that problem has to go somewhere…so you get angry…but girls making it hard for you isn’t bad…lol…

    in fact, provided you can overcome the obstacles she throws up, the harder she makes it, the sluttier she will be for you…lol…that’s WHY she sets up those obstacles for you to overcome…so, her hindbrain can determine how slutty she can be with you (just how valuable is your genetic material? high value genetics = high SMV = porn style sex)… that’s WHY you should retrain your brain to see shit tests as IOIs…bc they are…all that hair twirling stuff is not the real IOIs…and that is also why you should not wait for those to pop up before you approach…

    “Then I stopped contacting her for a week, I was afraid of getting friendzoned .”

    good instincts…but getting friendzoned was/is on you bc you were not sexualizing the interactions/escalating…do you interact in class?…don’t give off a butthurt vibe…an indifferent vibe is ok, though…how are the other prospects in your class/on campus?…if you don’t know this = oneitis = needs to be addressed before you reengage…interact with (just approach and talk to them…you don’t have to get a date/get to sex…but that would be good, too…lol) at LEAST three other girls before reengaging (6 to 10 would be better…).

    “So, Why after these heavy IOIs she rejected me TWICE”

    because chances are good you are socially retarded…lol…BUT you can learn to be better and avoid those bad outcomes…welcome to the path of the red pill…

    “So I am going to TEXT her (won’t call)( from your post how to win back ex gf ) going to keep it short .”

    NO texting…IF you are going to turn this around, and that’s a big IF…you are going to have to do it in person…

    bc you will have to accomplish at least two things – reverse the beta butthurtedness of your last exchange and push the blame for your ‘reaction’ onto her behavior…and that can’t be accomplished via texting.

    to reverse the effect of your butthurt outburst, you have to call it out in a socially savvy way (ie not in front of your whole class)…get her alone after class…

    ‘hey, i just wanted to apologize (don’t say you’re ‘sorry’ = that’s beta…) for my temper tantrum. that was socially retarded…’

    then the spin…lol…

    ‘it’s been a while since i flirted with a cock tease…i wasn’t expecting that from you…kind of caught me off guard…’ [then change subject or walk away…]

    if you do stay to talk (and you should…), you should just treat it like the butthurt never happened…just expect two things to happen – 1) she will shit test you on calling her a cock tease and probably your outburst, too and 2) you will have to just treat her like any IOI she gives you is her being insincere to get you to like her/be her beta orbiter, BUT use those IOIs to escalate anyway…

    so, no ‘asking’ for a date for at least 3 ‘sexualized’ interactions (so, if the interaction wasn’t sexualized = doesn’t count towards the 3)…(note – you shouldn’t ‘ask’ for a date anyway. read the archives for more on why…) sexualized interaction = touch her arm/hair/etc when you talk to her, bring in sexual subjects to the conversation, invade her personal space enough to touch her, etc…

    if she shit tests you = smirk at her and say ‘i knew it…’ then walk away (don’t run…lol)…or agree and amplify… this is going to take some time to turn around, so you’re in for the long game……if you do walk away, only reengage at the next class in an indifferent/non-butthurt way…if she calls, answer it…lol…

    if she gives you an IOI, just smirk at her like you know what she’s doing… and sexualize the interaction…if she brings up a topic you don’t like, just change the subject…expect a shit test…

    even if you can’t turn this around, it’s great practice…

    good luck!


    • habd: “I ALWAYS recommend trying to turn things around. that’s the best place to learn…”

      Pro comment.

      “that’s WHY you should retrain your brain to see shit tests as IOIs.”

      Actually, they indicate a transition from the Chase Phase to the Grappling Phase. Of course, lol, there’s strong interest as well. She’s seriously considering having sex with you.

      I’m curious about how you would answer the following question: If a woman challenges you to an immediate second round where you have to cum a 2nd time, do you consider that a 5h1t test for porno sex? Or is that just out of the realm of possibility for a lot of men and is merely a joke?


      • on December 3, 2014 at 1:47 pm having a bad day


        “I’m curious about how you would answer the following question: If a woman challenges you to an immediate second round where you have to cum a 2nd time, do you consider that a 5h1t test for porno sex? Or is that just out of the realm of possibility for a lot of men and is merely a joke?”

        no shit test…you are already in sex mode, so she isn’t still trying to determine if you have good enough genetic material…she just wants MORE of it…lol…

        tell her to call her hot friend for a threesome…and you’ll go for the hat trick…lol…


      • “If a woman challenges you to an immediate second round where you have to cum a 2nd time, do you consider that a 5h1t test for porno sex? Or is that just out of the realm of possibility for a lot of men and is merely a joke?”

        it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility and she knows it. it’s a s-test of the most extreme nature, one she knows he can’t pass because if she has to bring it up he’s already failed and she gets confirmation that she’s past her prime.

        it’s the truth that no one wants to talk about a.k.a. the REAL boner test.

        for me – 17 yo virgin hourglass HB8 size 2 natural perky perfect firm D cups. i often came twice without even losing my hard on. not like it went away after i came and got hard again three minutes later. it NEVER went away. she just assumed that was normal and got used to the relentless poundings. that is confirmation that she was hot and prime – fill her up again without stopping. women are built for this kind of nonstop sex.

        ugly truth: once the HBs pass mid/late teens we’re all just pretending they’re really hot. never heard anyone talk about staying hard after blowing his load with a HB over 18. peak is 13-17. with these old sluts it’s one and done for the rest of our days which makes sense because 15,000 years ago many women wouldn’t have even made it to 30 and we’re no different from those anatomically modern men evolved with a taste for the young hot fertile strange.

        remove the power of the state to incarcerate us and i guarantee that 50 y.o. men would choose 15 y.o. HBs every time, all “performance issues” would disappear and they’d be blowing 2 or three loads every time.

        erecticle dysfunction simply means she’s past her prime.

        it’s not pc but once they get their period they’re good to go. “cougars” are a sin against nature. same as it ever was.


      • it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility and she knows it. it’s a s-test of the most extreme nature, one she knows he can’t pass because if she has to bring it up he’s already failed and she gets confirmation that she’s past her prime.

        How old are you? At 23 I could do this. At 30, it takes a little bit longer.


      • I’m 41, and mine never goes down. My extremely hot 38 year old girlfriend gives me all the stimuli I need.

        Actually, my record was established last year with a ridiculously hot 31 year old FWB…12 times in one full day. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t on any little blue pills.

        CSB. Sorry.


      • The problem isn’t the gun, it’s the lack of ammo.


      • I liked the do it in person


      • I always get bored after banging them for like an hour straight or so. It’s just not…that big a deal to me? I have other shit I like to do with my life..shrug. This dude with 12 times in a day, dang


      • @ HABD

        IxNay on the 3some. 25yo hottie friend came over and hung on my shoulders as I introduced her to Mrs. Gamer. Hottie was challenging Mrs. Gamer and Mrs. Gamer wanted to pull out her hair. Hypergamy wants not only access, but exclusivity if a woman has obtained commitment.

        Hottie friend wasn’t happy about Mrs. Gamer’s unfriendliness. (She’s the one who called my convo “gay” in the past–she meant “boring.”)

        When Mrs. Gamer is angry, she can be very scary. I had to find the hottie to warn her not to come back to our table. She had asked Mrs. Gamer if she could dance with me and had obtained permission from Mrs. Gamer.

        Mrs. Gamer normally doesn’t get to veto my dance partners, but I didn’t want to have to bail her out and pay her fine, besides which the hottie might have injured Mrs. Gamer. It was a one-time visit by Mrs. Gamer to my dance bar simply to satisfy her curiosity. Dread was a by-product, lol. Unplanned and very cool. It was worth the one beer I gave to the hottie friend.


    • I the ” do it in person “.
      I intentionally tried to show my anger …but instead of yelling I just became silent , then she goes ” Hello ,hello… Rj4luv are u there… Hello pls reply ..at least say gn”
      And I said ” Wanna hang up hang up I won’t say greetings” .
      Which didn’t do any good though …Idk
      I did that intentionally because I thought she just want to hear an “Ok” and me simply finishing the topic.
      (Didn’t CH post something about friendzone and she just wants to make sure that you are ok with rejection …some example was used ” my heart just exploded” so i refrained from using ok)
      Maybe as we say in India ” dropped my axe on my own feet”


    • I liked* the do it in person part


  34. If they are both 18, any bets that “another time” really means that she’s being banged by other guys and is keeping this guy as an orbiter? Also, just from rj4luv’s spiel, I can’t tell if he wants to bang this girl or date her – advice from this crowd would be that dating at 18 in college is the wrong move no matter how hot the girl is, because you are wasting your prime years of meeting many prime hot girls, as well as all of that non-gained experience of learning to attract the hot women. And as far as dating goes, what percentage of freshmen who date eachother continue dating all the way through college? What percentage of that tiny remainder continue dating and get married after college? What percentage of that remainder manage to have happy marriages and avoid divorce? (well at that point they’re probably good, having reached that critical 7th year of togetherness/wanting-to-get-the-hell-out-ness). Lesson being, don’t be in such a hurry to date some chick you’ve barely met-it’s just your hormones talking in the acceptable pop culture language of Hollywood chick flicks.

    Advice: change your brain so that you don’t want to date her, you just want to bang her all the time and maybe hang out if she’s cool too. Exclusiveness comes after banging. Don’t label yourself a boyfriend, or you’ll get stuck mentally and end up doing all of those lame boyfriend things like holding her purse, coat, and drink. Instead, keep her in the circulation and trust to the proximity of college life. I think you’ll run into each other again next year.. and the year after… personally it sounds like you have good chemistry, but wth is with “asking her out” in public? pressure is on-99.99% of girls will reject in that situation just out of surprise-mode reflex even if later they are crying in their rooms to their girlfriends about rejecting you. Instead, get her to go do stuff with you (ideally alone) and up the kino game until you kiss her or she kisses you (at which point you can try for SNL or set up for another time at which point the expectation on both sides is for the lay), escalate to the makeout, escalate kino etc.

    *also, try to break your habit of asking girls for things, like if they want to do something or what they want blah blah. Like horses and dogs, women dislike indecisive people – they like men who know what they want and have confidence.

    **when you’re asking this chick to go do something, plan for both success and failure. That goes for the rest of life too.


  35. SUBJECT: rj4luv

    SYMPTOMS: Obsession, No Kino, Pedastalizing.

    DIAGNOSIS: Acute Oneitis, Acute Female Sex Worship.

    (1) First Study AND Practice Emotional Only Detachment-Inner Game,
    (2) Second Learn AND Practice Calibration-Outer Game, and
    (3) Note Item (2) Requires Item (1).

    Hit on other women in front of not-your-gf and any women you ‘like’ until it does not feel weird (if the situation is normal enough for hitting on the alternate target).

    Treat women like commodities selling at fluctuating prices. If subject got real IOIs, they were DTF IOIs and subject demonstrated fear of taking her service. Those past IOIs are not real any more, if they ever were. Subject needs to learn state control, and should not need to fuck this OR ANY female of a particular identity. Particular interest is only for convenience of affection, effort, and value = she is selling TO THE SUBJECT at near zero total cost (money, time, discernible liabilities, etc.) and has subject’s boner test certification. Subject must learn to calibrate interest and disinterest from second to second during interactions. He did not escalate when he should have, and he did escalate when he should not have. Subject needs to learn to read body language and expect instinctive motives.

    The less you give a shit about women as emotional beings, the more they will want emotional attachment TO YOUR IMPREGNABLE ANIMAL-TRANSLATED STATE, and the more you will appreciate a woman as a sexual being BEFORE having sex. Evolutionary psychology is the key to theory and to always having a map in your mind: advertise best sperm. Most men are method men incapable of theory backed by empiricism. If nothing else, lose emotional attachment to female sex and release what animal-terms masculinity you have.

    Apparently, rj4luv has not spent any money. Keep it that way. Only tingles are female animal currency. Practice tingle generation. Female attraction is not a choice. Women are not rational agents. In state of political elevation from survival instincts, but they are reproductive-minded automatons. Never accept producer frame (give beta comfort) at all without having both secure sperm-provider frame and recent months of sex service. Money is not equal to sex: Don’t be a Donald Sterling. He could have had twenty hotter women in rotation with fresh turnover for what he was spending just on maintenance of the one before she betrayed him for being a beta chump. Losing her gravy train was not rational, but her instincts were offended, demanding ‘better’.


  36. “……I didn’t respond, no Goodnight nor bye ( I was angry, this was only way to show it without yelling )…and no contact from both of us from past 3 weeks .”

    For Scenario 1 to be plausible lets assume this tacit response was accompanied with smirk and devil may care attitude. Because if she perceived this as butt hurt then this 7 demoted you to 6 or less and thus not a suitable mate. So here is what I would do:

    1) Do not apologize or explain your actions in any way shape or form.

    2) Trash the scarcity mindset. Internalize the following:
    a) Her behavior is nothing more than a mild annoyance, you anticipated
    it and know exactly how to proceed
    b) She is now less worthy of your attention (because of her flakiness),
    but still somewhat on your radar simply because you want to nail her.
    c) You can deliver the goods
    d) All future texts, thoughts,behaviors must be congruent with A,B & C

    3) When you text her keep it light and brief but you’ll need to drop some
    attractive bait and leave her wanting more: For example:
    You: was in a meeting with your perfect doppelganger
    Her: ok
    You: amazing sense of fashion
    Her: huh
    You: the color of her dress accentuated her eyes, skin – hair tone
    Her: what was she wearing
    You: must have been the little blue polka-dots
    You: have to go, we’ll talk later

    4) Follow this up with a brief but direct request (e.g. need date for an art
    opening, reception etc…you available tomorrow)

    5) Keep plowing away talk about sexual stuff, elicit values, and don’t forget
    the damn kino this time

    6) Try this with other girls

    Regarding No 4: optimize your chances by timing this to coincide with her ovulation window (if she’s not on the pill). You should have steered the conversation into this realm by now but if not then you’ll have to make an educated guess from when she gave you the strongest IOIs (the heavy breathing and mixed emotions sounds about right) and fast forward 28 days.

    Also, a good neg would be to let on that her doppelganger was black. Indians are sensitive about that.But I would save this for later


  37. regarding the fickle 7s

    “A girl calling out of the blue is a major IOI.”

    especially if she goes to the trouble of getting your number from a source besides you. when she opens the door like this she’s dtf even though she’s a fickle 7. she wants you to work for it so you have to flip the script right away.

    “Then you unsealed the deal when she called you and you didn’t return her call until the next day.”

    i’ve waited 5+ days to return the call when she’s a 7. having a long list of productive and interesting things to do besides talk on the phone like a girl isn’t a tactic. it’s being a man. she’s a 7 and you have other hotter girls that already sure things.

    “we talked for 20 min had fun (1st call)”

    huge mistake. should have been 2 min or less. set plans to meet. done. and how the hell do you “have fun” on the phone with a girl?

    “I called the next day 20 min again”

    another huge mistake. do not call her unless it’s to cancel meet. which is what I’ve done with 7s. this knocks her down and sets her off balance. give no reason. just say no and it’ll have to be another time. you will run into her again.

    “So when we next met I could notice Her IOIs had increased … So I called her that night eventually asking her out”

    that night? come on. noticing the increased iois you should have toyed with her in person and given her an opening to try and fit into your schedule right then and there. then she’ll up the offer from going out on a “date” to coming over to her place. this is where you want to be. not spending money on some “proper” date but watching a movie in her bedroom like a true skittles man.

    with 7s (or 10s) do not settle for any less than the home invite for the first time you “hang out”. this leaves no room for her fickleness to sprout.

    “What’s your next move with this girl? For the sake of experimental procedure, you’ve gotta do something, so what is it you do?”

    when you next run into her briefly engage her, stay aloof and then kick a random guy’s ass right in front of her.

    find some pretext (he bumped into you, looked at you funny, said something offensive as to preclude you from getting kicked out of school trying to bang a 7) and lay him out.

    don’t talk about what happened with her. this has nothing to do with her. she’s a 7 and you’re better than her. say “later” and walk away. she will call you and you can start your game from square 1.

    if i’m forced to do something to save this terrible situation i go caveman for a reset.


    • “and how the hell do you “have fun” on the phone with a girl?” Exactly. lol

      “when you next run into her briefly engage her, stay aloof and then kick a random guy’s ass right in front of her.” I hope you lose. lol


  38. Bang her roommate and time it such that she walks in on you mid stroke.

    Make sure you got a big shit eating grin on your face. Bonus points if you tell her “Be done in a few” with upward head nod and a laugh.

    Ask her to meet you the following night.

    Be shameless.



  39. on December 3, 2014 at 2:27 pm Mitch Cumstein

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one recommending jealousy game. If you’ve done it successfully, it has undeniable and powerful results.

    I can’t tell you how many guys have turned that advice down in person. “What good will that do? It’ll drive her away!”

    Except it won’t. A science so exact, it’s scary.


    • There was a flaky girl I dated a few times, but then she walked out of my place less than an hour after coming over because I criticized the YouTube videos she played on my computer. (Lady Gaga. Come on.) I didn’t contact her again and didn’t hear from her.

      The next week I was at a grocery store with a girl I had met two days earlier, who Girl A hated. She thought that Girl B imitated her by picking the same classes in college, and that she imitated her in her choice of a group project a few months before we dated. Girl A hated this girl so much she wouldn’t even use the street where Girl B’s dorm was located. I didn’t know that Girl B was that girl, until Girl B had told me a few details about her college classes and I realized that it was her. It’s a small world.

      When we walked out of the store, Girl A sent me a text message saying, “I saw you at the store.”

      Ouch. She must have seen me with Girl B and been saddened by that fact. Devastated – maybe thinking I went after Girl B deliberately, or had known her the whole time, and was now talking about her behind her back. What could I say?

      I settled for an oblivious and cheerful “You should have said hello!”

      She texted “I couldn’t, I was standing in line.”

      Didn’t write back. A few days later Girl A emailed me: “Is it okay for me to miss you at least?”

      And then I started seeing her a while again. She flaked on me again eventually, but I knew she would. Until then the sex was good and we had some good times. I also saw Girl B a couple of times. Girl A never brought her up, other than hinting at that I knew her once to see my reaction (“But I don’t need to tell you that”), to which I acted oblivious without commenting.

      So in short: Girl A dumped me, I slept with her worst enemy and she wanted me back.

      By the way, Girl B was taller, more attractive and with a demure personality that men loved.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 7:42 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Which is why building a 2-3 social groups while in university is so amazing. If you get it done, you will incorporate new people and girls into them and you can put them in any social situation you want. She will naturally like and dislike some of the people in your group and you can mess around with her head by giving attention to the girls she doesn’t like. I’m just not sure how to do this outside the uni setting.


      • That’s rad!


  40. “Women will MAKE TIME for men they desire. That means, if a girl says “another time” when you suggest a date, she really means “never another time”.”

    This is the take-away point. I’d keep an eye on her, but I wouldn’t make much effort, unless her attitude restarts the game. It takes experience to reread openings at that age, though; so, if you crash and burn, that’s fine.


    • this is false; another time does not mean never.

      I have gotten blown off, flaked on, and then banged chicks. They really are their own worst enemies because I have, just for scientific curiosity, queried them on their mental state and wtf they were trying to accomplish.

      Verdict? Women HAVE NO MENTAL STATE. What was right at that time was wrong later. They don’t operate on any fuckin rules that I could perceive. They are a random function.

      JFC, man, one of my recent LT gfs another timed me, went to the beach, never called back, lied, flaked, etc…and eventually I fucked the shit out her when she was engaged and we actually ended up sort of togetherish for over a year. She drove me home from my ACL surgery; watched my kids when I was in other countries with other girls lol. She was actually a pretty solid girl all things being equal, despite having blown me off initially.

      I got another timed by a girl I think TODAY or maybe last night and then today she invited me to coffee. No does not mean no, ever. At least you have to believe that. I believe for me, it does not…for lesser men, perhaps. That’s an alpha mental state you have to master.

      Your point about reducing effort is correct tho. But this girl who another timed me last night; I initiated via txt today. What I’m trying to articulate is that with women, random shit and non-spergy, non-clingy, non-chasy persistence actually does work frequently.

      They want to be desired and chased, so let them think that’s what I’m doing…I have unlimited txts, it’s no skin off my back and there are millions of other women who are DTF in the meantime.


  41. I feel like there are details left out, on how exactly things went bad after you asked her out a third time. If she knows you were very upset that she turned you down, I don’t like your chances. How will she feel it’s a chase if she knows there’ a %100 chance she can have you? Best advice is to break the ice with humor, maybe a meme you know she can relate to. If you have a mutual friend, maybe a group text that’t not specifically aimed at her. Anything for her to see that A: You’re no longer upset at her, and B. She can talk to you without it getting uncomfortable. From there, use social media to project that your having fun and interacting with other girls. If she starts liking your pics, it’s a sign she wants more interaction. Never ask her out again. I don’t know India, but in America, there are girls who go years at a time without dates, but still have plenty of sex. They simply “hang out” with guys, or go out in bygender groups. When she and a guy she likes get some alone time, it becomes a spontaneous “date” and you might shish her kebob. Until then, keep as many woman as possible in your social group, and never put your full emphasis on bedding her.

    Related, On the silent treatment: I’ve had this work, but only by accident. She was withholding sex and told me she “wasn’t ready for a relationship right now, but I’ll tell you when I am.” This was bs; she had approached me first and I screwed it up with over eagerness. She had fully intended to string me along while she tried to get back with her allegedly abusive ex. I replied flatly “So I should move on?” Her smug grin turned to internal panic. Before she could formulate an answer I said ” I just don’t feel like I can invest in you.” She was at a loss for words, and I was so beta I tried to comfort her in the most tone deaf way possible. “Don’t worry, I’ll pick a nice girl, you’ll like her.”

    From there, silence for a week. I caught her creeping by my apartment after that, and she eventually texted me claiming she “had dreams about me” By then I had a different girl and no interest in sticking it in crazy. But the situation was very different from our Indian friends. I left the interaction with much higher value than he did. But the point is, dealing with rejection properly will increase your chance of it not being an actual rejection.


  42. the right move is of course to next her, but i’m not one to fight a good hypothetical, so here’s what i’d do if tomorrow i woke up in the body of an 18 year old indian kid with little experience who *had* to keep gaming this particular girl (i emphasize “had” because this gets pretty sociopathic and involves more work than any girl who’s nexted you is worth):

    i’d add her on facebook but no other social media network. i’d then create a fake profile using a photograph of the most beautiful non-famous young indian woman i could find (why on earth are guys advising op to go jelly game with black or white women? you incite the most jealousy by hooking up with “like you, but better” women). remember, insanely beautiful. as beautiful as you can find without it being a celebrity or known model. an amateur candid shot rather than a pro shot. i’d then “game” the fake girl in a custom-visibility post that only the target girl (and other potential targets) could see. i post something i’m interested in. the fake girl comments. we flirt. of course, the fake girl eats it up. lots of flirtation. lots of “likes” back and forth. a week passes, i’d update my status (again, custom-visibility, only targets see) and say i’m somewhere incredible (find the coolest, most adventurous possible thing within a two-hour radius of your college). then i’d flirt back and forth in the comment section of that update, creating a narrative in which i have been exceedingly charming/daring/alpha at the event and she is in flirtatious disbelief (remember, tailor this to reality… it has to be plausible but also somewhat epic).

    meanwhile i’m flirting with other women around the target whenever possible and i’m freezing out the target a few times (don’t go overboard here. just pass her without noticing her a couple times).

    eventually she’ll text me or else i’ll briefly approach irl, whereupon i flirt heavily and sexualize everything to stomp out any potential friend-zoning on her part. i don’t invite her to do anything in these first few conversations. she’s rejected me three times, she’s expecting an invite. fuck that, she had her chance and lost it. i bring up the other, beautiful chick. if target inquires, i call her my good friend in a way that implies we are fucking, but i do not call her my girlfriend.

    after a few rejections but before she quits her renewed chasing, i send her this:

    me: *smirk emoji* (this is the holy grail of emojis to send a girl out of the blue)
    her: what?
    me: (no response)
    her: (hamster-spinning)
    me: def got a better grade than you on that last test
    her: yeah right! no way!
    me: a bet it is. loser buys winner a round at (bar)

    at this point it’s make or break. if you’ve played it well enough, chances are she’ll bite. if not, hopefully the other targets have picked up on your e-girlfriend and you can move on in a very solid frame. if she bites, no matter what grade she says she got on that test, say a better grade.

    i’ve actually tried this shit. i like the chess of social dynamics; can you *really* not get a girl after she nexts you? you’d be fucking amazed. it’s jealousy game on steroids. women i’d totally, utterly blown it with suddenly see me “dating” a drop-dead gorgeous yale graduate who is better in every way than they’ll ever be. they lose their shit. they approach me at bars and start flirting heavily. they bring the fake girl up. i’ve fucked many of these girls solely off the strength of this approach. it works, and more often than not.

    but you have to make it plausible. a girl who went to yale is going to look a certain way, write a certain way, have certain interests. you have to really craft it well.

    again, sociopathic as fuck but if your back is against the wall, give it a shot. if not, find another girl. they’re replaceable as can be.


  43. Tell your mom that you are taking some old clothes to the poor. Then, whatever your mother contributes, deliver to this girl with a short note:

    “mom asked me if I knew anyone that would want this old thing…..I told her I knew the perfect person”


  44. Two 20 minute phone calls, then you admittedly hung up on her on the 3rd after being rejected thrice. Too much context here is missing for a definitive word of advice. I’d wager a peruvian cockring that you’ve butthurted yourself into the ignore zone. Unless she confessed to you in one of those two calls that she has a snapping pussy, the best word here is probably “walk”. Energies are better spent elsewhere than desalting earth.
    But this is a game test. Given the lack of context I’ll assume the worse and she’s ignoring you for kneeling at the beta pew. Grab a platonic hottie and be seen for the DHV. Bonus points if you can get her to pay for something while doing it (say you know your target works at starbucks or similar). All else fails- pump and dump one of her friends for the retribution bang. Just use another name. Females are networked like a hive of bees.


  45. Next her and start acting like a man with options..Start approaching girls right away and building new options because if you had more options this would bother you less. If she tries to contact me down the line and asks to hang out I would tell her I’m busy or tied up. Then make a counter offer, something along the lines of this:

    Her: Hiiiiii or what ever she’s inclined to say

    Me: sup (she’s 18 so yeah)

    Her: Was thinking if you wanted to hangout or catch up (she’s obliviously seeing or assuming my new options, less availability, and competitive anxiety. A girls imagination is key a to seduction why tell her why I been busy)

    Me: cant maybe next week( vague and short because I can careless)

    Her: O ok …yep yap blah blah

    Me: hate to cut this short, but I’m suppose to meet a friend well catch up later

    Then from there whether she calls, text, or not is irreverent, I have options so if she still interested i might see her on what ever week.


    • on December 3, 2014 at 7:39 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      A girl’s imagination is what makes this whole thing fun. It’s all about putting thoughts in their heads. What’s funny is that this applies to me too. A girl that will toy with my head will turn me on a lot more than a girl who just looks good. This is why I could never go see a prostitute. I don’t think I’d enjoy it.

      I used the next week thing too and then the girl flaked. I told her she has to buy me a beer next time and I could have gotten her out to meet the next time, but I simply couldn’t be bothered. Maybe I’ll ask her for my free drink in a few months when I’ll be bored just for lulz.


      • Wrong play. She has to come to you, don’t contact her… you never let her flake on you after the previous stunts she pulled. Remember “girls will always try to gain hand”, never let them get in the power seat. You only set something up if she contacts you first after the freeze out, and when she does you frame it in a way to where you can screen for a flake. For example.. next time a girl does that too you, try this move to screen for a flake:

        Her: Hey do you still want to hang out this week since you was so busy last week

        You: Meh..ok let’s meet at (placeX) I’m thinking around (timeY) but I’ll let you know the exact time on (dayOfWeek) afternoon.(normally i give two days of breathing room so if she contacts you Tues. meet her Thurs.)

        Her: ok

        Now the kicker is if she contacts you earlier or in the afternoon its to flake, ignore her NEXT..but if she contacts you at night, the day of the meet, its because she had built up anxiety of you flaking on her..call her or text her that the meet is still on. Now if she doesn’t contact you at all she was a lost cause anyway NEXT

        but in your scenario she already flaked just Next her and build more options.


  46. “Maxim #30: A girl will always make time in her faux busy schedule for a man she likes, and when she can’t she’ll be the one to suggest another time.”

    And as a corollary, making time for her instead is a great way to shoot yourself in the nads.


  47. Hard to tell from the text, but if you see her regularly there’s no need to ask her out or set something up. That’s try-hard, and she senses that. Next time you see her, just treat it you’re on a date. Be calm, pleasant, semi-engaging, half interested. And then just let it flow. Keep her busy. Like, ask her to come with you to…[insert nearby sensible destination, like the bookstore]. Keep her busy busy, so her hamster can’t engage and start evaluating. Don’t push. Just for with it.

    If you don’t see her regularly, then wait a week or two, then “What’s up? Are you still alive?” See what she responds with, if at all. If no response, then drop it and move on. Try it again in two weeks. Don’t call.

    If she responds and sounds interested, start with chit chat, using the ch ratio of one short text to her two. Again, do not ask her out on a “date”. Too much pressure and too try-hard. Try to find side plausible reason to get her to do something for you. You’re sick, can she bring you soup? Can she give you a ride to the airport? Would she mind showing you what kind of healthy foods you should buying at the grocery store?

    In my experience enlisting the help of a woman you’re courting is a far more efficient way to build comfort than setting up a date. It shows you’re confident. It gives her plausible deniability. It’s fun. And the pressure is off.


  48. Maybe you already got friendzoned from very early on and shes an AW who just wants an orbiter.The very fact that you asked her out twice and she rejected just backs this up. Many girls will drop huge IOI’s on guys (especially colleagues and fellow students) just to pull the guys into orbit. If you get IOIs from girls you dont know out on town I argue its a different story. I had an ex colleague who did this to me and its the worst case IOIs dropping I think ive ever seen.We started to walk home few times together, I thought she wanted my xxxx, heh. Long story short I asked her straight up for a date with the intention to bang her, she agreed then flaked the next day. I nexted her and things got kinda funny, she got so furious and confused by the fact that i no longer validated her with attention, like wtf does she expect? She can flake on me like that without consequences? That Im her friend?? Im not to get friendzoned, they pay up with their pussies or they are out. My kind, caring, understanding, sympathetic, humorous and intelligent nature is not something girls and certainly not beta seeking AW’s get for free. BTW, we live in different parts of the world now, she has a bf, i have a gf, she still sends me almost daily snapchats selfies where shes still IOIng screaming for attention. Like, Im still here!!! Acknowledge me!! I didnt forget about you forgetting about me!!!! Why dont you give me attention anymore!!!!!! Anyways, heres my tip:

    They way I see it she probably doesnt like you in that kamasutra way (you asked her out twice already), so you dont have anything to loose here. You might as well use it to your advantage.

    1. Text her one evening ” hey heard u are busy tomorrow??” she will prob reply something like uuw, what?? or uuuhmm no?? Then your reply: Oh i guess i forgot to tell you then, we are meeting up tomorrow at (X) and will grab/go for a or some (drinks, ice cream, a walk, doesnt matter), how is (X) o clock? If she agrees on the date, you move in, you be cocky as hell, flirty, lean back, teasing, touch her, make a move on her, joke, make sure to get her laugh then lean back afterwards (push pull) etc etc you know the game 🙂

    If she denies the date on text or makes excuse (doesnt matter they are essentially both the same Maxim # 30) you go directly to point no 2

    2. NEXT the shit out of her, no contact, you dont look at her, you dont acknowledge her or even realise she exists. Shes someone whos rejected you three times by now, the only sensible thing to do is to save your pride in the NEXTing. Does she have friends you also know? talk to them, flirt, make plans to hang out with them, make them laugh and always be in a good jokey mood when talking to them, Any other hot girls in the class? be sure to give them attention, flirt and smile and do not for a second look at her. Stick with this plan vs her for rest of your life. There is NO other way, and believe me it will have an effect on her. I cannot stress enough its very important that you never ever look in her direction (preferably the opposite at another girl), this is a very potent weapon. Also, you need to get balls rolling with other girls ASAP. You are in Unversity approach someone! There must be thousands of thousands of girls there If she however texts you or asks you face to face if you want to go out with her its up to you what you would do. If you choose to give her a second chance I would recommend expecting sex on first date if not plenty of action mighty fast.

    Hope this was of help!


    • Re your first paragraph, I think a lot of guys, myself especially included make this mistake all the time. Girl wants you NOW, drops hints like crazy, you say “lets make a date”, she does or doesnt, but theres no date. She wanted you then, but you missed out. Happened to me at least twice last year.

      “We started to walk home few times together”

      And you never tried to kiss her? Thats the mistake. Ive made it too many times. Walking home already is a date.


      • what can i say? she gave me many chances actually,she shit tested me also alot, i failed them all! I just didnt know what I was doing wrong, I was just beeing a good guy, Listened to her, was kind to her and respective. She told me alot of private stuff about her family etc. I actually genuinely liked her. I guess in retrospect it must have looked like I was dying to get friendzoned, but in reality I was deeply frustrated. Eventually I asked her out with intention to escalate and when she flaked my tolerance had ended. It was a shit chapter of my life, but it actually lead to me finding my way to this website. Sometimes I find myself thinking about this and reminiscing with a big smile on my face over what a hopeless schmuck I was back then.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 7:34 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        While it’s not the case for him where he has more rapport than attraction, most flakes after the initial successful pick-up is due to you just being another guy that turned her on. You need to build some connection between the two of you so that she won’t feel like a slut when she meets you with her pussy shaved and wearing the special thongs.

        And yes, if you’re in university, approach everyone. I regret I settled and just played my social groups. You can pretty much go talk to anyone you want, people will be receptive. Heck, even if you don’t get lays, you will get to meet like a few dozen people you liked and then you will be the guy with lots of friends that make parties happen. That will give you value, social proof you and the pussy will come along easier. Enjoy college because it gets rather lamer after that(imo).


  49. hah, im in an ltr/fb situation like this now.

    she drove 6 hrs to see me, went well enough, ended in a high note.. texted me that night saying she cant sleep without me..

    5 fucking days later she throws an indifferent response my way, i react and tell her to contact me when she has the time and maybe, ill be around..

    im in boot camp, the stresses caught up, i retracted my statement & said my bad. now, she doesnt want much of anything to do with me lol. its been over 2 weeks of no contact..

    shes moving to toronto in jan. shes stressed because of it..

    i was drinking, pulled a different contast while texting and said id drive down back home to see her the next day.. she “didnt know..”

    our last communication was me saying “k i understand i got the hint” with her “its not a hint, im just stressed and busy”

    im home in 10 days for xmas break.. not sure how to proceed when im back home..

    lol fuk, cant believe she pulled this shit on me during basic


    • on December 3, 2014 at 7:29 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Your initial statement was rubbish because she told you she couldn’t sleep without you, you didn’t talk for 5 days and then when she was indifferent towards you due to her feeling like you’re playing her, you told her that ‘maybe you will be around’. Game is about escalating, but not in the wrong direction, which is what you did.

      And after doing all of this, you admitted your mistake and took it back? Not only you assumed her frame, but you apologized for your behavior, which was probably construed by her as butthurt and your apology was an admission in her mind.


      • it was a fuck up forsure. it was 3 days without contact with her sending me a snapchat the monday, me replying the tuesday.. then yeah, on the friday i made mention about finding something she placed in my suitcase – took a while for her to reply, paraphrasing ‘sorry i was at work etc. good to hear.’

        the ‘good to hear’ set off a huge red flag to me.. she became a little more indifferent with continuing texts, then i called her out…which was the final nail, so it seems..

        honestly im not sure if i should follow ch’s old school 3 weeks reinitiate.. or leave it cold for her to reach out


  50. lel move on


  51. The latest in grandma game

    Me: *mocks name of girl*
    Girl: I know, its like an old person name
    Me: Ok, grandma.


  52. on December 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm Thelatentsadist

    It’s toast. Only play is to inspire jealousy, stop contact indefinitely, and reopen several months down the road. The main focus should be on other girls, this entire situation never happens if you are constantly generating leads and especially if you’re banging others. This is some serious beginner shit going on in this guy, he’s got a long road to travel lol.


  53. Try shitting in a river upstream of her.


  54. Sentient’s post is the best.

    In all honesty….you are in college….

    This is what you do: get 2 or 3 attractive girls and your roommates or some buddy’s and plan a “fun night get together”. Invite these people over for drinks or drinking games or beer pong. This gives the girl an idea that “oh this nights gonna be fun Theres no pressure and these guys are cool because they know cool fun drinking games”. Invite her next time you see her or just shoot her a text mentioning the drinking games or something. Then just game her when you drink/get together.

    In all honesty though just cold approach a girl at a party or on campus. You’re in college……….


    • Basically she needs an alternative reason to hang out with you (because she’s showed you that asking straight up won’t work).

      So say you are going to a party at cuz and she should join. Or organize some event and say “a crew is doing this….you should tag along and be the good sidekick”

      You gotta think of something in addition to just hanging out with you


  55. @CH quick question–you’re advice would be helpful:

    I read the post on getting the girl back after over-gaming. How would the “re-approach” be carried out? I was thinking subtle reapproaching. For example, random “likes” on facebook or maybe a “something reminded me of you” text. Ideas on this?


    • i’d stay away from either of those tactics, especially the “i was reminded of you” text, which sounds mildly stalker-ish. i dunno, without context, it’s hard for me to give you useful advice. maybe just ping her in text with a short n sweet “what’s up, i’ve been away for too long”. by phrasing it this way you make it sound like you’re the one who’s too busy to keep up with her.


      • Yeah word. It’s post-coital she stopped responding and putting up with my “try-hard” games I guess you could call it (aka try hard games = over gaming) It was good game don’t get me wrong, she just got tired of it I think.

        Basically Its a.) next it or b.) re-approach.

        I figure outcome independence would say re-approach. Do you foresee any downsides to this reapproaching as in shooting an innocent text like the last one? I think you would agree with me that over gamed girls don’t “pop up” down the road again (as in her texting me or somethin).


      • there’s always a chance of some unforeseen downside, but i think you’re in the ballpark with my suggestion. if you overgame a girl, sometimes the best way to recover is to “realign” her perspective with a sincere niceguy facade, at least for a short while. a casual reintroduction, no expectations, followed by some banal questions, then preemptive ejection. wait a few days and see if she initiates a chat. if she does, you’re back in the driver’s seat. if not, move on.


      • Just make sure it doesn’t sound like a booty call.


    • elaborate on over-gaming…

      Your approach off the bat, is beta and orbiterish. Better to be bold. Depends upon how you overgamed, either apologize (yes it can be done from an Alpha frame) or act like the past never happened, just start over from scratch. Both frames can reset things. Both best delivered in person, i.e run into her out.


      • I agree with all these comments.

        @sentient elaborate on over gaming: as in I jokingly negged her constantlyyy, even after we had sex probably 20 times. Never really complimented her. Sometimes even incongruent negging. I never straight answered her questions about “what do you want from me”. You know, she would hang out then have sex, but she got tired of putting up with the gaming. For example, she started ‘agreeing’ with my negs. Her response to height neg after 3 months: “you’re right I’m so short.”

        Basically I didn’t move the courtship forward when she gave me green lights because I was playing “newb overgame”. She didn’t initiate enough hangouts to make it a safe/healthy LTR imho. And she said once “I’m not swallowing” which bothered me. Do you think it’s possible to come back from it though?

        I’m stuck in the whole manosphere idea of: “just cut contact and she WILL show up again”. But I’m thinking that might not be true with overgamed girls so maybe a little reapproach would do something.

        But she’s most likely at least seeing others I’m sure so I run the risk of orbiter–I agree.

        Maybe just next? and if I really care enough most likely I’ll run into her at some point…


      • @will are you college frat boy Will or the other Will? How old are you?


      • @will – so basically you were full bore asshole to her and she had enough. You can get her back (why you want to is another question) simply by doing a “i’ve missed you babe, I’ve thought about what we had, and I’ve changed quite a bit since then. Let’s get together”. This shock of beta will usually blow her mind and you are back in. Then tone down the asshole and give her some comfort from time to time.

        But that’s getting her back. Keeping her is a whole other ball of wax. You need to be dynamic, passionate and authentic to do this with aplomb. You seem to have a long way to go on authentic for sure.

        And this puts aside what you are really after, which is you are needy and want to feel loved.


      • @sentient I’m the (graduated) college frat guy ha and I’m mid 20s the girl is a senior sororityor junior girl. Anyways, it’s been a while since any form of communication was passed (I’m talking like 6months). I’ve fucked a few girls between now and then and I’m more than sure she has moved on. Yes you are right I have that itch for an Ltr or intimate relationship so I guess you could call that needy. IT seemed she basically gave up on it. My congruency was pretty bad and she mentioned Im a jerk a few times throughout. I just didn’t take the next steps in courtships when she gave me green lights cause I have a huge guard up I hot fucked over my ladder relationship (wasn’t red pill aware but now I am). Idk it’s probably not worth it to get involved again also b/c my life is changing so fast at a young age, but I liked the girl compared to others I’ve been with.

        Any thoughts?


      • @Will

        Here is the short answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyGa29zIqk

        longer answer in a day or so.


      • “Yes you are right I have that itch for an Ltr or intimate relationship so I guess you could call that needy. IT seemed she basically gave up on it. My congruency was pretty bad and she mentioned Im a jerk a few times throughout. I just didn’t take the next steps in courtships when she gave me green lights cause I have a huge guard up I hot fucked over my ladder relationship (wasn’t red pill aware but now I am). Idk it’s probably not worth it to get involved again also b/c my life is changing so fast at a young age, but I liked the girl compared to others I’ve been with.
        Any thoughts?”

        @Will – as to the immediate girl, just move on. Forget her. You need to get over your issues before you get into any LTR. My advice to you is focus on you and focus on accumulating as much life experience that you can for the next five years. You are coming from a groupthink environment (college fraternity) and most likely a MC/UMC place of privilege and parental reliance. These things will destroy your opportunity for true success.

        You need to go out into the world, on your own two feet, and experience it for yourself. Make your way and learn your lessons. You need to get on the path to becoming dynamic, passionate and authentic. If you are NOT currently working post graduation in a top/near top investment firm, consulting firm, accounting firm or law firm (I have different advice for that) I recommend this:

        1. If you are living at home, post graduation. Move out ASAP, like this month. If you are receiving any parental support, cut it off. You need to start relying on yourself. It will be hard work but will radically change your mindset. You want to learn these lessons now and not at 30.

        2. Travel as much as you can. Try to spend a few significant chunks of time on the road, on your own, like 2 months or more. Interact with as many people as possible, young and old, male and female. Ask them about where they are in life and how they got there. If they are successful at all (whether by talent or financially) get into what they did right and what they did wrong, learn from their experiences.

        3. If you need to work, take a job that will accelerate your social skills and self reliance. I recommend bartending, working in a construction job (where something gets built during the project, i.e. a road, a house, a shop, factory etc. something tangible is left when you are done) or commission only sales. Another option is to start your own business. If these can’t be had, maybe a job in a factory or delivery service, something like that.

        You want the opportunity to interact with a totally different social spectrum, and learn to still get what you want in that environment. It will be hard, but a few years of this will serve you very well later in life, you will learn how to deal with all manner of people, how to handle difficult situations, how to get things done and how to rely on yourself. You will learn a lot about leadership.

        4. Whatever you are interested in and passionate about, develop as a hobby. Really invest in it (time and money), study, practice and get involved in the user community. Extra points if it musical or artistic, but could be anything – cooking, writing, hunting, etc. These kinds of deep interests will begin to form you as a person, and you will be investing yourself in them, and they will be real because they will be totally self generated, you are not just engaging because your peers are all doing it (video games perhaps as an example). A girl you may have for a season, but a passion you will have for a lifetime of pleasure.

        You may think taking two or three years to “find yourself” will be a waste but it will pay fantastic dividends. Now you need to do it right, not talking about laying about and partying for three years, don’t waste your time now (that’s why cutting off parental support is important – will change your economics and force action and decision making – and consequences!), focus and apply yourself. So when you are 27 and sitting down in a job interview for a more “career” type of job, or with a potential investor for your own business you will be mature far beyond your years, you will have a solid frame and manner, you will have lots of interesting stories to tell, experiences to draw on and project solidity. In a word you will be authentic.

        At this point, assuming you have continued to game as many women as you can in between work and hobbies (and you should with no oneitis) you will be ready to consider an LTR. You will then know a lot about you, you will know a lot about the world, bullshit will be bullshit and you will have a good idea of where you are going. This is massive catnip to women, they don’t need the tangible as much as being able to see and feel the potential. So you can be broke but have an idea and a manner that women will want to hitch themselves to your star. It will no longer be a game. You will BE dynamic, passionate and authentic.

        Good luck.


    • About Facebook, I’d say never “like” anything from a girl. If she is the slightest bit attractive, guys do that all the time and she knows why they do it. You’ll only lower your own standing. And you’ll show that you are willing to give her an ego boost for free.


  56. Re: http://www.richardbradley.net/shotsinthedark/2014/12/03/rolling-stone-hedges-its-bets/

    Sadly, if there’s one thing liberals and PR slimebags have mastered, it’s the perversion of the English language. That ranks right up there with inflation in its cancerous effect on society.


    • Leftists always use propaganda words, lies by omission, red herrings, insinuations etc because they have no facts to stand on. They are the masters of the lie because their ideology was founded by a group of expert liars, starting with Karl Marx.


  57. Wait a week later and text her by “accident”:

    “Hey rachel, (not her name) xxx bar babe. skirt n heels”

    That’ll get her hamster running with mixed emotions such as jealousy and competitiveness women know so well. And if she responds back, stick the shiv in and txt:

    “who thiz?”.


  58. I think a few commenter’s are assuming rj4luv can easily approach and pull together groups of hotties for drinking parties to DHV and at the same time pull off jealousy Game. He has a case of Oneitis so this may be easier said than done.

    It’s a given he will run into her again in class or on campus and have some interaction.

    I think the only way to turn this around is to neg, tease and up the asshole game (all with smirks of course). He has nothing to lose at this point.

    rj4luv: Hey Manjula, up late studying huh?

    Manjula: umm no why do you say that?

    rj4luv: *squint and focus in on her eyes* – hmm you just look tired – *check phone* – hey I gotta run, see you round

    Rinse, repeat, no texts no calls. until she re-engages.


    • Assuming this dude has friends….it shouldn’t be that hard to get a fun get together going on. Tell her to bring a friend or two then they can “get ready and be excited and do girl things before going out”.

      If you don’t want to do that the above option isn’t bad either.


    • The problem is the same as always: we can help you find a girl, but not a particular girl. It’s like fishing. We can teach you how to fish. We can’t teach you how to catch that particular fish that doesn’t like the bait you have.

      But CH knows this, and he has given us the task of coming up with advice despite knowing of the difficulties.

      As you say, telling him to run jealousy game is not viable. Even though it is a good method, if you can’t do it you have to do something else. It seems the only options then are ones that are no sure solutions.

      One is what you write here, neg and tease, go for it since he has little to lose. The other is to cut contact and hope that time will change things. This is why you have to “spin more plates”, so that you are not dependent on the outcome of just one case. If you really want to win the lottery you don’t put all your hopes on just one ticket.

      Liked by 1 person

    • If this dude has Oneitis, he ought to read my post “Falling in Love.” It tells how to quash the oxytocin addiction which causes falling in love.


  59. @CH Thanks a lot , I really appreciate your help
    You said I overgamed …probably.
    (I really didn’t think 24 hours gap before returning ger call will cross that line) (I also did it to compensate for lack of kino and avoid the friendzone ,which I am out of I guess)
    Well ,what do I do. What do you think is the best Idea.


  60. Doesn’t relate to article… what circumstance(s) is complimenting a girl a good or bad thing to do (good meaning it increases your chances at fucking)? Clearly a compliment such as “you’re the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, I’m honored to be in your presence” isn’t ever applicable. Please elaborate your advice is valued.


    • Compliments only work when there is a real emotional connection established and trust. That said, the best compliments are those that align the most with her biggest self perceived weaknesses. But if you didn’t connect emotionally, it will fall flat. Also if you haven’t established any value it will fall flat. But if you have DHV’d enough, spiked attraction and developed some rapport and emotional connection, a well placed compliment will quicken her pulse, make her lick her lips and swallow…

      On a 6 or 7 – their looks are most often the thing they are most troubled by. You can’t compliment them over the top “You are way hotter than Kate Upton”, it won’t align with their perception of themselves and they won’t trust it, but pick out a few little things, things that they might believe about themselves, and hold a light to that. To a 7 with a strong nose for example, “you have a very interesting profile, your nose, it sets off your face quite beautifully” while giving sincere eye contact. Ka-ching! Or usually you can say something about her eyes, for most any girl… take her face in your hands and tilt her head back a few degrees and stare at her eyes “those eyes, that is such a unique color, so stunning. But you must hear that all the time” or for a shorter girl, I’ve used this with great effect “You know you could probably be a model if you were taller”. You need to make things like this seem sincere though.

      For hot girls, never ever compliment their looks. They are seeking validation for more than their physical parts. How many times does a hot 9 hear her face, her ass, her body is so fucking hot…. Always. For the 8-9 group, you need to focus on their smarts, their personality, their taste etc.

      Charm does work, Game is more than “Bring Da Movies”.


      • As Sentient says, the thing to think about is to first establish a connection. Show that you are not giving her compliments in the hope of getting a connection, because you already have that. And don’t compliment a hot girl on her looks, because she hears that all the time.

        Compliments, off hand as if you were just struck by this insight, need to be adapted to the individual of course, but one standard compliment I use with a big smile is, “I like what you did with your hair.” She will be surprised that you noticed a change in her hair.

        But what if she didn’t change anything? Nonsense. Girls always change their hair. Even on the day when she didn’t, she will think she just managed to do it extra well this time since you’re complimenting her. I have never had a girl call bullshit on this one, they always light up, and they think it’s fun that you noticed.


    • Why would you ever compliment a girl pre-sex? What’s the point? I know a guy is interested in me by his actions. My boyfriend was calling me monkey face and mocking me for being clumsy before we ever did anything together.

      [CH: some men (betas) can’t help themselves. beauty has preternatural sway over the uninitiated.]


      • No, not often. But when you have established a rapport already, there could come an opportunity. Depending on the girl and the rapport and the situation. Christ, why must everything be so categorical?


      • “Why would you ever compliment a girl pre-sex?”

        Because it is devastatingly effective, if you have established attraction and rapport. Done well she gets to check all her boxes and princess fantasies – “this guy gets me” – and so long ASD and LMR once she is jumping through her own hoops.

        There is a time for negging and teasing and THEN a time for pulling you in close, brushing your hair back and saying “you know, you really are a very beautiful woman” while looking deeply into your eyes, holding the moment, holding it… holding it…. and THEN releasing you, breaking the tension and saying “c’mon let’s grab another drink” and turning away. Yes we know right then that your panties are wet and your heart is in your throat. Foreplay anyone?


  61. i’m still in college and i learned a lot from this thread! thanks CH.


  62. So how long should I have waited between getting her number and asking for a date


    • How long should you? What is convenient in your life without her?

      Dating? What’s dating? Kiss the next pretty girl who is ready to be kissed if its good for you.


    • Most of these guys are right.

      But did you read my comments?

      Plan out a Friday or Thursday night and text her:

      “Beer pong with some people at xyz. Bring a friend or two then we’re heading over to xyz party dork”

      Idk something like that but make it more congruent to where you’re at with her


  63. My current wife told me to f&ck off the first time we met. We met again two weeks later; she was with a friendzoned guy. Play smart and you get what you want.


  64. Rape.


  65. on December 4, 2014 at 6:36 am Flashing Lights

    I know this kinda goes against some game principles. Maybe it’s my lingering beta-ness, but here’s a trick I learned in sales- when proposing dates, give two options.

    “Let’s do drinks this week. Is Tues or Wed better for you?”

    In the first few interactions, where there may be curiosity on her part but no real connection, I’m assuming that she has legit plans that she doesn’t know me well enough to blow off (again assuming I’m lower value, beta, yadda yadda).

    This gives her the option to say “I got stuff going on Tuesday so….”

    Then I follow up with “Great, meet me at X on Wednesday”.

    I know that from a frame perspective it’s not ideal. I’m of course assuming that I’m not good enough for her to cancel plans when I propose one date. But unless we had super chemistry to start (and even if we did but it’s been a few days) I find I have more success (as I did in sales with new prospective customers) when proposing two times.

    Keep in mind that this DOES presume that they will say yes 🙂 It re-frames the question from “Yes/No to a date?” to “Date is going to happen, it’s a matter of when”


    • Providing two days to choose from does not go against game principles. But I would add that you should mention one of the days first, to make sure that is the one you prefer, and then mention the second option. That way she doesn’t have to guess if you prefer that she pick one before the other.

      (Though in almost every case a guy will prefer the day that comes first, and they should know that. Because unlike women we don’t see a point in waiting when we want to do something. When women complain of men learning game, they should know that game is necessary because women make it so. It is an adaptation to the rules their instincts set, even when they are unaware of it.)


  66. Personally I’d NEXT her. Even with her phoning you (solid IOI), this smells suspiciously like a string-along by a girl who either has personal issues or IS a personal issue.

    PLUS you’re 18. No disrespect, but the balance of probabilities hedges on you wasting a few months of your life with mind games following a oneitis, should pursue.

    That said, with a gun-to-the-head insistence that I were to hook up with THIS particular girl, I would employ one of the following:

    STRATEGY 1 – OVERGAMED. Here, you think she had been making genuine attempts at social contact with the unspoken intention to intimacy, but was scared away by your aloof nature and apparent lack of reciprocity.

    The answer is to allow her to appreciate you on a more personable level. In old-school PU speak we would refer to a “Grounding” routine, although for a classmate, some more simple comfort-buidling measures and qualification would suffice. Simply catch her during the usual contact times, and, at the appropriate moment allude to your lifestyle activities (you do have them, right), family, friends, etc etc. This is also known as vining.

    Qualify her. Dig deep for things that are important for her before you reward. She should open up and feel more relaxed; and this may even be enough. If she needs more comfort, the first meet-up may be best in the company of your friends and hers (outside of class, obviously).

    Tip: For the 2nd date, invite her to join “Me and some friends” in town for a drink. When she arrives late due to your multiple venue changes (communicated via text), you will meet her alone as all your friends, whether or not they were actually there to begin with, have “all headed home.”

    STRATEGY 2 – HARD TO GET. If you think she is indeed playing mind games, you needs to re-balance the power dynamic. This means no chasing, slow-burn game. You need to back off from one-on-one contact with her but make your social presence known. Remember, in the social circle setting, you want to generate “buzz” or a positive reputation. Befriend shared social contacts (her friends, classmates, lecturer, etc), and bring value to them. Be social.

    Outside of the shared social setting (eg. cold approach, day or night) be getting other girls.

    If she is truly interested, she will find your social excellence and inner game stability hard to resist and will flirt more and more outrageously. You will have taken her off the pedestal. At some point, she will be likely to ask you out. You can afford to make her wait this time – not in a dicky way. Tell her you have something on that date but will get back to her. When you agree, with your modifications as to where/what/when (you will be leading, after all), she will jump at the chance and will be an easy bang.


  67. Nobel Prize winner Watson whose life was destroyed by SJW has to sell his Nobel prize in order to “enter public life”:


    • Notice how the media always use the word “disgraced” to attack an accomplished, well-educated man. They do the same with Dr. Kevin MacDonald and historian David Irving. The media only need to use the word “disgraced” and ta-da, all their credentials mean nothing. It is a cue to the reader to ignore the man’s competence and the facts in his research. It has been hammered in the same way “racist” has been hammered in as a mental blocker.

      Watson did not tell the Sunday Times “black people were not of equal intelligence to white people.” He said there was a biological component to IQ differences. If they had used that wording instead, every reader would know that this is probably true. So the propagandists do not use that wording.

      Dr. Watson is the father of research into the human genome. It is thanks to him that the human genome could be mapped, with huge benefits for countless people. But the fact that people have been helped by him doesn’t matter to the leftists. Once again they show they don’t care about improving the world or helping people, they only care about control.

      Dr. Watson’s name has since been erased from the forewords of biological textbooks at university level. Instead only Francis Crick is mentioned. It was always, always, both names before. This is like erasing the name of one of the Wrights brothers from the story about making the first successful airplane, and only mention the other brother.

      Exactly like how people were erased from history in the 1984 novel.


      • In fact, he did tell them pretty much PRECISELY that…and what’s more, is that statement is TRUE and CORRECT.

        Blacks are NOT of equal intelligence to whites on average. In fact, they aren’t even fkin close.

        Be like Steve Sailer; stop caring about whether shit is wayciss and start caring whether it is true.

        What they did to Watson is reprehensible. Character assassination is the Marxist’s stock and trade. Lysenokists, one and all…


      • To clarify, I have actually seen a university textbook about DNA where in the foreword in earlier editions, James Watson and Francis Crick are mentioned at the same time, Watson of course being the more prominent of the two. Then in the edition the year after Watson was attacked by the media, the textbook has almost the exact same foreword, only that all mentions of James Watson are removed, leaving only Francis Crick.


      • In fact, he did tell them pretty much PRECISELY that

        I seem to recall that he worded it differently, but okay. Maybe I’m thinking of something he said afterward to clarify. And yes, of course he’s correct. When a race is exactly the same whether in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Africa or Europe, you have to draw certain conclusions.

        Fun fact: Whites are the race that dislikes Blacks the least, by far. You’d think they would be grateful. I read that Afghans on the U.S. side consider it insulting that the U.S. brought Blacks to their land. And I have heard first-hand from Kurd and Arab immigrants how much they or their relatives dislike living in the same apartment building as Somalis. When effing Kurds, Arabs and Afghans look down on a people, said people should take a long, hard look at itself and be extremely humble.


  68. I have pictures of me with other women on my phone for situations like this. All of the pics feature clear body language, the women are having a great time connecting with me. The nucluar bomb pics exibit the other women kissing me on the cheek or pressing their tits into me.

    cut off communications for a time. Then send her a pic of you with another woman with the text “this is so much fun. we should meet soon”


  69. on December 4, 2014 at 9:22 am Aging Keyboard Jockey

    If she’s an Indian-off-the-boat-from-India Indian, she may already be in an arranged engagement to be married. Don’t laugh. That’s how they do things over there. The consequences to her of messing that up would be dire. So she’ll flirt, but that’s it.

    Anyway this is such a long long shot it’s not worth spending too much time and effort on. Wait a month, send her a random text purportedly meant for another girl, and see what happens.


  70. on December 4, 2014 at 9:50 am On nicotine patches

    To the writer of this blog: I am submitting this via the comment section because I don’t have an email address and I don’t want to get one.

    I know how faggy and retarded-sounding it is to say that one is gifted/intelligent/possessed of a high IQ, but it’s something I have to be honest and own up to. I refuse to take an IQ test, but I know I am somewhere high within the top 0.2 percent at the very least. I didn’t go to an Ivy League school, but I went to one of the next best options. I could have gotten into an Ivy, but I developed a severe Axis 1-type mental illness in high school and had trouble doing basic tasks, such as hygiene, social activities, and homework. Whether that diagnosis comes from exceptional precocity, I am not one to judge. But I was able to get into a top, albeit non-Ivy League school anyways. I have been told I am smarter than most professors at Harvard and Yale and millionaires who have created lucrative patents. Most people who know me say I am the smartest person that they have met in their life.

    I have overcome the worst aspects of the illness, and am able to present myself very well. I can ‘fake’ good social skills. Truth be told, I don’t know where rational thought ends and illness begins. I have never been truly psychotic, but just excessively analytical, to the point that I am unable to perform well doing any task at any level. I have improved tremendously though.

    I find it nearly impossible to cope with the difficulty and stress that ‘game’ requires in order to attract women. Whenever a women does not show an IOI, my mind goes into a whirlwind of all the possible logical reasons as to why that did not occur. Sometimes I think it is because I have short, stubby fingers. I obsess about my digit ratio. I ask random people in the street whether my facial features are feminine. I wonder if it is because my personality and mode of expression is feminine, and to cure this I have just this past weekend stayed up all Saturday night wandering the streets of my city asking strangers to punch me in the face (I went to a military high school for four years, and you think that would give me a tough skin, but it didn’t), thinking that will toughen me up some. I think it is because of my large, hooked nose (I am not jewish though), and so far I have had THREE rhinoplasties. I wonder if my pheromones aren’t good enough to attract a woman on a visceral level.

    And eventually, after going through all these possibilities in my head, my mood becomes angry and depressed. Here’s something that just happened today:

    Me, sitting at bar: [thought] That girl looks really cute and charming in a girlish way.

    Me: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like Alanis Morissette.

    Her: “Haha, ok” [sort of abruptly, though not meaning to be rude. I still thought it was rude, but whatever, it’s how humans talk to each other in 2014.]

    Me: [Thinking] She’s not interested in me. Is it because I intoned my voice in an overly masculine manner, thus making her think that I was insecure in my masculinity because I had the need to speak in a deeper voice than usual? Is it because I do not have a masculine jawline? Is it pheromones?

    I then left the bar, suppressing a feeling of anger and bitterness. I went to another bar, drank some more, and asked the bartender if I have feminine facial features. She says no (I know I do not have feminine features, but on the other hand I am no Pat Tillman, and it kills me). I get on my phone and try to find the scientific consensus on the mating prospects of men with sub-standard masculine features versus men who appear very masculine. I drive myself crazy thinking about this.

    I have had only one prolonged period of contact with a girl where there was real chemistry. She has a full ride to a prestigious Ivy League school. She was the only woman I ever felt comfortable talking to. I bring this up because I think it is a relevant detail.

    It would not be an understatement to say that I am overly analytical. I have extreme difficulty dealing with women as a result.

    Again, I know how faggy it is to talk about how smart you are. I normally don’t to that, but I think it is relevant to my predicament.



    • I thought Elliot Rodger was actually dead. Apparently not…


      • Dead in body, my spirit is alive in a million sperglings! HAHAHAHAHA

        But seriously bro, you need to work on your game, it’s not just about digit ratio LOL I mean, you DON”T EVEN DRIVE A BEEMER? LOL Weak ass game bro!


    • Nicotine patches, assuming what you say is true, to recap….

      …People tell you that you are one of the smartest people they know, smarter than professors with patents

      …You don’t have an email address and don’t want to get one, so you write this in the comment section instead (Fun fact: Putin has never sent an email, he talks to people on the phone or in person instead)

      …You refuse to take an IQ test

      …You obsess over whether you look feminine

      …You ask random people in the street if you look feminine

      …You ask random people in the street to punch you in the face

      …You think endlessly of why women don’t like you

      …You obsess over your digit ratio and wonder if that’s why women don’t like you

      …You think game is too difficult to carry out

      …You – apparently – don’t know how to talk to women in bars

      …You don’t write anything about lifting weights to fix the femininity problem

      My first reaction is, “You’re not as smart as you think”. Second reaction is that there’s something to that talk about book smarts vs street smarts. But to give advice: I think you must be less self-obsessed, and you should work on self-improvement in a number of ways. Since you are very concerned about looking feminine, start lifting weights. Read stickies for beginners at the Bodybuilding forum. Not only does it change your body, it changes your face shape.

      And get an email address. Assuming you’re not trolling, which I maintain is a strong possibility. A refusal to get an email address is a sign of not wanting to adapt. Rum’s comment here above is very understandable.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 10:42 am On nicotine patches

        I regret posting the comment above. I live alone in the city, and it drives me insane. My brain is fucked up in all sorts of ways, and even though I knew you would give me that advice, I have no idea how to apply it.

        I have a bit of Elliot Rodger in me, and I don’t know how to get it out. It makes my life very hard.


      • on December 9, 2014 at 5:58 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

        Buddy, I feel for you. Being intelligent can be very isolating if not used properly, especially in regards to human interaction. One of the pitfalls a lot of highly intelligent individuals experience is that they ascribe their values to the world. So there is this massive cognitive dissonance that goes on when the outside world doesn’t match muster with the logical way of how things should be. Also, highly intelligent people may feel like others can’t relate to them, and in many instances this is correct.
        There is a lot of great advice on this board, especially from St Augustine below. I would also recommend you take an acting class. It will force you to interact with strangers and you will also be getting constructive feedback. Start to feel how it is to live instead of just thinking about living and treating it as some equation that can be solved. It can’t. If you can learn how to be at ease with yourself, everything else will be a lot easier.


    • Yes, you are overanalyzing yourself right out of the sexual marketplace, settle down Sheldon. Go read the archives and cut the wall of texts in half…at least, less is more in many aspects of life, including game. That’s yer first lesson.


    • @On Nicotine Patches, that’s some borderline f-d up stuff… wandering around town trying to get someone to punch you in the face? Really?? Forget trying to pick up women, you are in serious need of readjusting your head-space! But it sounds like you are also aware of this, so I think there’s hope..

      The biggest thing sounds like you’ve a conflict between your self-image and the feedback you’re getting from others, and this is forcing you into this analytic downward spiral trying to reconcile them. Being analytic isn’t a bad thing, but I think you’re focusing on the wrong things.

      Game is more like learning social skills and applying them to women. It sounds like you need to start at an earlier stage though. These days, “internal game” is considered vital to strong game skills (the “external” part of game), which is nothing more than having healthy self-esteem and confidence and a good mental headspace. I think some people can do the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” of running external game and hiding their lack confidence, because they are able to hide that part until experience builds up their confidence and they “make it”. I think low-social-skill analytic types should focus on their internal game and their self-confidence in social situations first, or they’ll always be facing the mountain of self-doubt, always undermining their own progress. I don’t know if this is ringing any bells for people reading, but it’s just my take-I could be wrong.

      This is why Arbiter (and others) so strongly recommend hitting the gym and pumping iron (I recommend it too). The testosterone and adrenaline boost from using your muscles affects you physically and mentally (positively). It’s a simple and effective method to boost your self-image, as well as your ability and energy. Another good thing to do is join some kind of sports team or league – it’s a way to make friends, have a social group, as well as the physical side. This can be done casually at the gym as well.

      The down-side for you as a self-proclaimed high-IQ guy, is that with high IQ comes a high ego, a lack of humility, and a reluctance to ask for help. It’s like admitting that, in fact, you’re an idiot, which means you have nothing at all, that despite what you’ve been telling yourself, you’re worthless.

      This is quite incorrect. “No man is an island” and all that. What’s better wisdom than knowing when to ask for help and advice from people with more expertise? If you never learned social interactions while growing up (and it sounds like you didn’t, due to the f-d up-ness of going to 4 years of military boarding school!!! talk about a terrible environment for learning how to act socially… as well as your Axis-1 thing), then it makes sense you still need to learn them. You can attempt to intuit it all from scattered observation (very difficult living alone in a city), or learn from others (like this blog).

      My recommendations – drop your expectations. Your IQ, your physique, your accomplishments are meaningless if you can’t interact with others – those things are just stories and information to tell – if you can’t tell them, you might as well not even have them.

      So the first thing – drop your expectations of interactions with others. Forget about getting a girls number. No one owes you the time of day. Go out and practice making conversation with strangers. Learn how to ask people questions and how to talk. Don’t expect everyone to join you in conversation-nothing to do with you, and even if it is you, so what? Their loss!

      Second thing, work on your self confidence. Hit the gym, join some kind of club or league or group. Are you happy at your job? Or are you trapped in some kind of mindless soul-destroying grind? Consider changing jobs or fields. It’s a wide world after all.. Figure out what it is that you enjoy doing for fun and/or for work and make the change! No one is going to do it for you…

      Third, pay attention to body language – watch people and watch movies and sitcoms, watch and rewatch comics do their thing. Learn to mimic them, learn some jokes and try them out on people. Learn what open and closed body language are, and how to stand confidently. Join a public speaking group (toastmasters has a high reputation).

      Fourth, learn to speak with confidence. This ties in with the above.

      Lastly, learn how to analyze yourself in the moment and change your headspace. If you find yourself in a negative headspace, figure out a way to change it to a positive headspace, typically by mentally dropping everything you were thinking, turning the mental blank page and starting some new interaction positively.

      And as a post-script, except for looking basically acceptable (unless you want to stand out, then looking unacceptable has advantages, but you have to be able to back it up with your own confidence), stop obsessing about your looks, your physique, your car, your money, your IQ and accomplishments… for interacting socially, none of this matters. Confident body language and confident vocal language are all that matter.

      It sounds like you have 10 years of social skills to make up – so don’t be too hard on yourself, but try to have patience. Being analytic, it may help to keep a log of your interactions.

      Good luck


    • Dude, I’m in the top 0.1% of IQ, your problem isn’t your IQ, it is your fear of rejection.

      Your best course of action? Start doing some of the pickup challenges. Slow improvement over YEARS is what you need. Right now you’re like the little league boy who suddenly expects that he can try out for the major leagues and begin his home run derby.

      Get over that fear by finding out that it won’t kill you to be rejected, again and again. And don’t analyze a single thing while you are out, do the analysis later after you return home after getting blown out of the water by all the girls and women you approach. Laugh or cry, go out again with what you have learned, the biggest thing you will learn is that rejection hurts but only as much as you let it hurt.

      Oh, and you’re lazy too. So stop being lazy and thinking that your high IQ lets you take shortcuts. Only blood, sweat, and tears will get you the experience that you need to get better and better with women. THERE. ARE. NO. SHORTCUTS.


  71. on December 4, 2014 at 9:59 am Nothingelsebutthetruth

    It’s the media and television the ones behind men’s preference for hot, young gilrs over older women.



  72. This is basically stop, drop and roll-away. Girls will make themselves available…if they’re interested. That’s all you need to really know.

    The 23 year old I was banging after long-game suddenly went cold a month ago. I went cold. Then I called her out on it. Nothing. Two weeks in a row I see her, I ignore her. Last time she is staring at me—major IOI. Then blows me a kiss–another IOI.

    But I continued no contact. She had texted explicitly that we were “too close” so these IOI’s were really about her getting my attention so that she didn’t feel bad instead of her going out of her way to make me feel go. Big difference.

    So in this case, dude is ignoring her then reaching out. He’s all over the place. It’s a situation where best to leave it until she contacts him again, then shrug and say “ok, I guess, let meet xyz” and take charge. if he gets blown out, stop humiliating himself and find another target.


    • That’s nice, I don’t think I ever had a girl who wasn’t a girlfriend blow me a kiss. Though a few times I have had girls put their hand on my arm thoughtfully in a conversation, or to steady themselves when laughing, and all I could think was how funny it is when you see one of the classic examples of interest that every advice column will include in the list.


      • @Arbiter But the point is, yah she gave me an IOI …at a party. I could have re-opened her. But by keeping no contact and simply nodding an acknowledgement I wanted to see if she would act.

        It’s been more than a month…apart from that IOI she hasn’t acted: nothing, no texts, no “LIKES” on photos, no apology, no ping texts. It’s just radio silence.

        I’ve broken No Contact…it just re-sets the clock because it signals to the girl you’re ok with this.

        On the other hand at the major cultural event I hosted, my crazy ex gf came, bought a ticket personally—3 months after pulling a shitty stunt of trying to embarrass me.

        I asked her to dance. She blabbed a bunch of nonsense. I just smiled gave her minimal flirting and just enough game for it to be fun without displaying any neediness. It was my event so the DHV was already there on my part to acknowledge and be gracious to all my guests. That’s the only difference in this.


  73. The harder I lift, the less tolerance I have for deranged losers.

    I’m taking a two-month break from lifting to dispel the stale routine doldrums and because my shoulder needed rest. It’s true what they say about the effects of lifting on T. I’m now less inclined to flirt with salesgirls and less itchy to start fights with annoying males. Two more weeks and it’s back to iron.


    • I wonder if coffee makes you lift better … I don’t usually drink coffee, but I had some right before going to the gym the other day, and it seemed to work much better. I’m thinking of the bench press in particular. (Still waiting for the day when I’ll drop that sucker on my ribs.)


  74. Jealousy game. But….

    Some guys here are telling you to find an 8 and parade her around the 7 to instill some preselection and jealousy. But, that assumes you can go just “find” an 8 easily and then manufacture some later encounter with 7. Easier said than done.

    Of course, you could hire a hot-ass prostitute or escort to parade around, but that will cost money as well as time. Too much effort for a girl not showing enough interest.

    Try this classic move: ignore for several days and then text her, “Hey [some name that is not her’s], last night was freaking awesome. Let’s do it again… but this time let’s try to avoid the cops.”

    She’ll reply: ???

    You: Uh, wrong number on my part. [and maybe, Who is this?]

    And then back to radio silence.

    Get her hamster spinning. If there’s any residual interest at all on her part, she’ll contact you again eventually/soon.

    Yeah, it’s a hail mary, but it seems that’s all that’s left at this point.


    • She’ll see through that “oops” text. Particularly in this context. It’s way too obvious. You have to make it ambiguously playful, like “ya I know you liked it” or “Hm, you can show me that later” etc. Vaguely sexual and looks like you’re in the middle of a convo.


    • @Themoor, “Hire a hot-ass prostitute…to parade around”? Too much work, all he needs to do is what I did in the case of my 23 year old: hang out with a hot girl friend that his target doesn’t know, and have that hot friend post photos of that activity on Facebook so target sees them.

      It served two purposes for me: 1) jealousy/dread game—but so far the 23 year old hasn’t contacted me so then 2) make sure in your own mind you’re still desirable by other women.

      Perception becomes reality if you believe it.


    • You: Uh, wrong number on my part. [and maybe, Who is this?]

      No one would believe that. Something similar has been suggested before, but how likely is it that you picked the wrong name to send the message to, versus sent it to make her jealous? Don’t use lies as game, women can smell bullshit a mile away. Plus you can bet at least one person already tried something similar on her.

      I was once with my girlfriend at the time and her Chinese student friend, who we were helping move. She sent a text to a guy she had met through Facebook, telling him they couldn’t meet that evening.

      He wrote back, “NOOOOOOO!!! Now I’m going to cry!”

      Of course her decision to never see him, ever, was then set in stone.

      Then he wrote just thirty minutes later, “I just found a Japanese party to go to (smiley smiley).”

      Yeah. Sure he did. Cause there are so many Jap students in town, and he could find a party that invited him in thirty minutes. It had nothing to do with her being Chinese and he wanted to hurt her by going to China’s rivals.

      That’s an extreme example, but really – don’t try this at home. The only dishonesty you can try to make her jealous is the one where you take actual pictures with a hot girl.


  75. It’s happening. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/12/missouri-man-plows-minivan-through-pro-eric-garner-protesters-waves-handgun-at-them/

    (Ferguson “protesters” jumped in front of his car, chased him down, he had to brandish weapon to stay safe and avoid being the next “Bosnian” victim “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” after they broke his window.)

    (and he gets arrested for it)

    This guy did what a lot want to do, but he had to do it on his own–and get arrested–because we whites won’t go swarm and protect our own like the blacks are doing.

    Sad state of affairs right now.

    By the way, on the daily, blacks block traffic and dare one to hit them, even before Ferguson.

    The “gets arrested” is the scariest part. Whites should be scared to death–we are under attack and will be arrested if we try to defend ourselves from a mob.


  76. OT, but good comment over at iSteve about “Karpman Drama Triangle”… and how women transmogrify from “strong woman – hear me roar” to “damsel in distress – rescue me” very quickly to wiggle out of consequences and to keep the blame on “not me”. Might be a good topic to investigate.


  77. A lot of what is discussed on this blog is going mainstream. Found this on breitbart


    • Yep, that article covers it.


    • You could add to that article the rampant suicide statistics – among White men, not women and not Blacks, Asians, Latinos. Between 1999-2010 it rose 40 percent among White men aged 35-64. A statistic the media won’t discuss.

      All that wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least dull the pain with girls. But we’re treated like paedophiles and potential rapists just for showing interest.

      What the story is talking about is the breakdown in beta game. At least for those with a low income. This happens when those who used to get well-paid blue-collar jobs in manufacturing can now only get jobs flipping burgers. Thanks, mass immigration and trade with the Third World. In the working-class hangout on a Friday night, where few men can offer a woman a stable future, they’ll all go for the few alphas.

      There is a big opportunity here. When you have a lot of young men who feel robbed of their future, things tend to happen.


      • Good point.
        Additionally, I think one of the many great quotes in the article is this one: “”They’ve done a cost-benefit analysis and realised it is a bad deal. They know that if they invest in a marriage and children, a woman can take all of that away from them on a whim. So they use apps like Tinder and OK Cupid to find women to have protected sex with and resign themselves to being ‘players,’ or when they get tired of that, ‘boyfriends.'”


  78. “@JoyceCarolOates Will Mike Brown & Eric Garner be 2014 Rosa Parks? Almost could be–if momentum continues–“revolutionary” fervor & courage.”

    Honey, it’s time to look into psychiatric help.


    • That’s funny, because Rosa Parks was a member of a communist front group. (And yes, front groups did exist, very much so during the Cold War. Their purpose was, among other things, to push the mainstream in a communist direction. Other front group gathered money that was sent to the Soviet Union, at least in the early days of the Soviet Union. “Help for the starving Russian peasants!”)

      That she refused to sit in the Black-appointed seat in the bus – invented and created by Whites, while Blacks invented digging for grubs under a rock with a stick – was a planned thing, with the other communists and their media contacts standing ready. “Civil disobedience” is BS, it’s all a plan together with the media. “Civil disobedience” never works unless you have the media on your side ready to portray you as a poor down-trodden hero. Only fools think that the media just felt obligated to show up to record someone they had no contact with. There are tons of examples of civilly disobedient Whites in the West who were never recorded, only punished.


  79. Gambler once said

    rj4luv, sometimes the best advice one can give is the advice from Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler:

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to surviving
    Is knowing what to throw away
    And knowing what to keep


  80. You forgot this delusional phrase:
    “to water down my ASUMMED high value”
    It seems the pua industry has convinced many men that they have so much value that girls are not interested.
    As gbfm would say lolzlolzlozlozlololozzz

    [CH: it may be exaggerated for effect, but blowing girls out with a lack of attainability is a real phenomenon.]


    • What an ignorant boy phero is


      • My point is she did not think he had high value. Yes it does happen, but there are very small instances where a girl would think a man is too good for her, and this happens more with >30 and a lot more with >35s who sometimes learn that a 2-3 pt higher smv guy will eventually dump her. though plenty will still go for the ride.

        @ Will you’re just too dumb to understand, keep practicing.


  81. Re: “A paternity testing ban in France was upheld.”

    “If those samples were found in the post by officials on their way to foreign laboratories, the French men who sent them could theoretically face a year in prison and a 15,000 Euro fine.”

    France has been trying to shoot itself in the face for years, but it’s so drunk it has only succeeded in hitting various extremities and minor internal organs so far.


    • It’s not France, it’s the establishment occupying France because of media control. Same as in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere. You recognize which side it is that corrupts things in your own country, so extend the same courtesy to others.


      • You’re right and I apologize to the French. I almost said “the French government” and I should have.


  82. https://news.yahoo.com/hillary-clinton-backs-federal-probes-ferguson-staten-island-203747153.html

    ‘”I’m very pleased the Department of Justice will be investigating what happened in Ferguson, what happened in Staten Island. Those families, those communities, and the country, deserve a full and fair accounting as well as whatever substantive reforms are necessary to ensure equality, justice and respect for every citizen.”‘

    Moonbats now betting the whole wad on the same lunacy that cost them the midterms. So far, Wilson has only lost his job and been set up for murder by the New York Times. Not nearly enough punishment for doing your job while white and male.


  83. on December 5, 2014 at 8:45 am coolstorybro.txt

    Ok, it has been established beyond doubt that women dig cold and hard men, as opposed to warm and/or soft ones. It’s also understandable that incorporating playfulness into your game routine is also necessary in order to cement your alpha cred. Is it possible to be in possession of both traits without coming off as awkard or out of place?


    • Yes. Women love a hard to reach exterior and a fuzzy interior, that only she gets to see. Bastard with a heart of gold. Being a sociopath helps of course, but it’s not the only way.

      Awkwardness has to to with the degree of authenticity you posses.


  84. Go up to her @ High School and kiss her on the mouth. Don’t ask for her opinion, just sneak a kiss. She’ll most probably reject you (99% chance), slap you, whatever. Stay cool, laugh it off, come back with some aloof retort and walk away.

    You’ll be a demi-god to guys AND girls after that and she’ll most probably contact you. If she doesn’t reinitiate, text her some jerkish line a couple of days later.


    PS: This is only going to work if you are at least a beta, greater beta. Lower betas and below, don’t have the charisma, the presence to pull this off. It could also work if you are known as the “funny” or “crazy” guy, again mostly betas and above. Most people act too safe to allow for such shenanigans.


  85. Both the Glengarry and Ronin quotes were good