Amish Amass!

If the Democreeps can flagrantly rally illegal aliens, recently and suspiciously pardoned convicts, and the mentally ill to the voting booths, then the GOP can do the same for their die-hard constituencies. What’s keeping Trump operatives from busing THE AMAZIN AMISH to the polls? A sense of fair play?


Fair play is dead, friendo. We duke it out in Diversitopia now.

Corvo gives good info for Trumpentroopers to FIND, MEET, ATTRACT, and BUS the Amish en masse to the polls.

OK so it appears that the game-plan is pretty simple. AFTER you vote yourself (and get out all the votes you personally can), if you are going to join this effort to GOTV and drive the Amish, head here:

Continental Inn
2285 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602

God bless. Any Chateau readers who happen to reside in or near PA, you have your marching orders. Just think….as I foretold, the Amish (!), if they can swing PA for Trump, may very well be the saviors of America and of Western Civilization.


  1. on November 7, 2016 at 1:36 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    DJT is paving the way for a future CH presidential run.

    I’m jockeying for a cabinet spot.


  2. The Amish would probably fare pretty terribly in the future global-linked world, wouldn’t they? I imagine when they get stopped for National ID Cards, told where to send their children to school, educated in how to politely usher in a hundred (or 5 hundred) Somali families into their lands, they might get a TAD BIT UPSET.

    They’re as recalcitrant as they are mulish about change. And that’s a good thing.


  3. on November 7, 2016 at 1:42 pm meistergedanken

    A couple months ago someone in the comments posted a photo of an awe-inspiring mountain sunrise, with Trump’s face in place of the sun, rays coruscating from his golden locks onto the majestic tableau. Been trying to find it since so I can use it as a FB banner to piss off people come election time. Could someone please (re) post it here? Many thanks.


  4. The meek shall inherit the earth.

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  5. I’ve noticed a trend about those who are white and anti-Trump.

    They reside in “equalitarian” states.

    That is, even if you excel in life and have a superior mind (like CH and many posters here), you’re supposed to go humble and play it down, and not piss off your less bright, less ambitious fellows.

    For example, if you started your own website (in Idaho, or Maine, or Iowa — all equalitarian stronghodls) you’d be sure to say something like Stephen King of Maine or Warren Buffett of Nebraska does: “I’m just a regular joe, nothing special here, move along folks.”

    That “equalitarian” stance makes them hate Trump because he blazes like a super egotistical load of gold from each of his Trump towers, and because he doesn’t have the “modesty” they love so much.

    So those whites are going to risk stopping the Trumpslide.


    • True also a very Catholic Irish trait.
      My mam would say ‘pride always has a fall’ and the thwack! To the face.
      Ireland is known as a ‘nation of begrudgers’.


      Boy: Ready to submit to a fascist?
      Girl: oh I don’t like Trump
      Boy: I’m not talking about Trump (unbuckles belt)

      Finally (Tune : Sons of the Desert)

      We are the Sons of the Desert
      Having the time of our lives
      Marching along
      Ten thousand strong
      Without our wives and girlfriends (God bless them(
      Trump Trump Tramp the boys are marching
      Marching onto victory…
      Na na na na na na na na na na na na
      Sons of The Donald are we


    • So you’ve been going around Iowa, Idaho and Maine and noticed this, or are you just pulling it out of your ass?

      Most whites I’ve met who dislike Trump are shitlibs and a few clueless blue pillers who still think the media is unbiased.

      Most states that are egalitarian, like the ones you mentioned, have very large white majorities so there’s racial cohesion which promotes equalism. But all of that is slowly going away in those states, especially in the urban areas, because whites are waking up to the fact that diversity erodes that cohesion.


      • The problem with places that have (or had) very large, homogenous White majorities – Iowa, Maine, Idaho, Sweden, Germany, etc. – is how naively well-intentioned they march towards their own demise by staunchly believing that everyone is just like them and throwing the gates wide open to those who will annihilate them.
        Cucked to da max, yo.

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    • The problem with those fools are they modern day pharisees. They are extremely prideful in their supposed humility.

      Pride is fantastical belief with the ultimate expression being self deification. Owning ones strengths however is not pride but actually a virtue because it seeks truth which is why it’s vilified by the cucks.


  6. thank you CH, Corvo, and everyone else here.

    let’s pray that this long, horrible, nightmare social experiment of white genocide is dealt a deadly blow tomorrow.

    God bless Donald J Trump. Hail Victory!

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    • Far from the deadly blow. Either candidate is just the beginning. The awareness is on. All cards are now on the table. Motives behind d1versity and equality are exposed even to the most obtuse sh1tlibs.

      I still believe the way is to get Latinos thinking pro-American and in the meanwhile start white repopulation.

      The easiest thing democunts can do is to make it all about race and racism. Blind the minorities (Hitlary prefers the name loosers) by the anti-White agenda and lure them into the slave pen. Most of the Blacks are actually happy with that as long as they get new jordans and foodstamps.


  7. Vote for Trump if you don’t want to be gay!!

    [CH: 100% TRUEFACT]

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  8. on November 8, 2016 at 2:12 pm The Burninator

    Here in Ohio, we have a master Trumpboy punking a local television station at a voting place. Funny stuff. And to really tick off the sniveling little MSNBC types “hoping for a large black turnout in Cleveland”, Trumpboy is black. Lol!