Self-Acknowledgement Game

Self-Acknowledgement Game — the art of verbalizing the technique and timeline of your seduction to a woman as it’s happening — has a storied pedigree here at the Chateau. A skilled practitioner can perform miracles with Self-Acknowledgement Game, because it’s at once flirty, edgy, jerkish, charming, and all while maintaining just enough running narrative emotional distance to avoid triggering a girl’s anti-slut defense or bitch shield.

Commenter Thoroughbred writes,

In the category of taking social risks, I’ve been using an opener for awhile now that works like dynamite because it’s so straightforward: “Hi… Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” At a minimum it gets a laugh just about every time, and most of the time it gets an enthusiastic “Sure!”.

The reason “Hi. Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” is so potent an opener is not because it’s direct, but rather because, despite the apparent directness of the message, it’s obviously humorous and therefore ambiguous in intent. And you know how chicks dig that tantalizing ambiguity.

I will say, though, that self-acknowledgement game probably works best if you’ve first gotten some minimal signal from a woman to approach. Otherwise, cold approaching inattentive girls with this line will come across more like an apocalypse opener.

And I wouldn’t try it on mixed groups. SAG is better for weeknight, one-on-one situations.

Thoroughbred continues with another anecdote that is more representative of cocky, preemptive disqualification game.

Tried another one recently that was pushing the limit and I was amazed at how well it worked. I had a good buzz on with just a bit of psilocybin in my system which always brings out the caveman in me for some reason. Don’t know if I would have tried this stone cold sober, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.

Sitting talking to a friend at the bar and a drunk 8 sits down next to me. We’re minding our own business, she’s loud and obnoxious. I’m taking up maximum space at the bar (actually have my feet up on the bar and leaning back on the bar stool) and giving her no attention. Catch her eye and she says “You’re a typical douchebag player aren’t you?”

Me: “That’s Mr. Douchebag to you.”

Her: “That’s what I thought. You don’t even deny it.”

Me (with a smirk): “Nope… And you obviously have no manners. I know your type. Rich little daddy’s girl who always got everything she ever wanted. You need to be disciplined.”

Her (Contemptuously): “Oh really… Who’s going to discipline me? You?

Me (Leaning in and whispering in her ear): “I’m out of your league sweetheart, but if you’d really like, I’d be happy to bend you over my knee and spank that pale little ass of yours until it leaves big red hand prints.” Her mouth drops open.

I turn around and start talking to my friend again and feel a tap on my shoulder. Turn back to her and she says “Will you dance with me?”

I couldn’t believe it.

The progression of male incredulity about female sexual nature:

Stage 1: “I don’t believe it.”

Stage 2: “I couldn’t believe it!”

Stage 3: “I’m beginning to believe it.”

Stage Player: “Wasn’t it always obvious?”


  1. Reminds me of a natural I went to high school with. This guy banged probably every 9+ in the school I never really understood how he did it.

    I remember a particular evening, he and I went to a party. We’d been drinking beforehand and he was ready for some action and apparently horny. Upon entering said party he commenced to stick his tongue down the throat of EVERY SINGLE girl in the place, none missed and no words spoken. Wasn’t a half hour into the night when he was nailing one or em in the car.


    • The fact that the guy probably had somewhat of a good relationship with each of them kinda sends this story back to reality.

      What would even be the point of game, every advice given to guys who can’t get laid would just be to shove your tongue into a girls’ mouth…and then have her push you away, and proceed to be ostracized for life from every person in the room.


    • he had a really big dick; girls tell other girls the nitty gritty details


  2. I self acknowledge but one thing to the ladies…..

    care to guess what it is?



  3. Love it – will have to give a whirl this weekend.

    One I’ve been doing justforfun in stores/bars recently is to say “Spank you” instead of “thank you” – usually good for a reaction of some sort.


  4. Last night at a dive bar this loud (but hot/drunk) chick and I had a good time.

    Chick: “You’re pretty full of yourself, aren’t you?” (at top volume)
    Egotist: “Later tonight you’re going to be pretty full of me too!”

    I was shocked at the reaction. Not from her, but the applause of 3 other guys at the bar who couldn’t help but overhear.

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    • on September 12, 2014 at 3:31 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      Good one.


    • That WAS pretty good.

      For more everyday situations, here is a response I gave to a chick a couple of days ago. Talking in a small group, one girl says this flirty/mock worshipful “PA is very impressive” in response to some trivial thing another girl complimented me on. I said “I get that a lot.” This is a good stock phrase for when a chick in a mixed group shit tests you with mock praise.


    • Spot on mate!


    • That’s funny!

      Reminds me of a comment I use sometimes, but only when I can work it in naturally. The first time I used it was when a girl who I always used to spar with verbally asked me, at a private party, to pass the peanuts: “I’m gonna grab a fist”, she said.

      “So, you’re gonna wear a one-piece swimsuit this summer?” I said.

      At that moment, it was one of those times when there was a sudden lull in all conversations at the same time. So the whole room heard me. And then burst out in laughter. Because they knew we would always try to get at each other in a friendly way, and now I had found a pretty good one.

      Her face got all red, and for once she couldn’t come up with something to say. I smiled a wide grin and passed her the bowl.


    • on September 15, 2014 at 1:51 pm ALPHAbetacal Order

      Slayed it with that one-liner


  5. Cue Yul Brenner as Ramses talking to Nefertiri from The Ten Commandments:

    “You will be my wife. You will come to me whenever I call you, and I will enjoy that very much. Whether you enjoy it or not is your own affair… but I think you will.”



  6. Off topic, I just got a message from a girl I have been seeing on and off.

    “Are you sleeping?” she asked.

    No, I’m awake, I replied.

    “I’m in town with my cousin”. She lives right outside town. At this point I wonder if she wants to come over to my place.

    Have fun! I simply reply.

    “We were going dancing”, she writes. Were going? Are going?

    I don’t reply. She’s not coming over, and you shouldn’t indulge a girl when she just wants to show her friend that she has a guy to text with, or when she is bored. I am seeing her next Wednesday – we decided that today, so no need for further contact.

    Although girls do love the texting just to feel close to a guy. You can reply briefly to make them feel that closeness and to assure them that yes, the deal is still on. But no more than that. They’ll drag it out if they can, and too much electronic contact kills the spark.

    If she gets pissed because I don’t reply, so be it. Better that she gets pissed than that she is the first to stop the conversation.

    In my beta days however I would have thought, “The more we talk the closer we will be!” One of the best pieces of beginners’ advice in the manosphere is to help guys realize that electronic contact should be limited.


    • Could have replied, “Sleeping with your …or just in general?” Been interesting to see the response. As YaReally says, “Sexualize everything as quickly as possible.”


    • Her: Are you sleeping

      MB: (5 hrs later) Yes


    • so why didn’t you just go straight to “wanna bang?” when she said she was in town with her cousin


      • “so why didn’t you just go straight to “wanna bang?” when she said she was in town with her cousin”

        that’s what i was thinking. saying she was in town wasn’t a brag about doing something with her cousin. it was code for…i’m in town so maybe we could hook up.

        i don’t get why anyone would want to blow an opportunity like that by being a butthurt dick about it.


    • on September 15, 2014 at 1:54 pm ALPHAbetacal Order

      Can’t believe you didn’t tekl her to snd pix


  7. When a girl calls someone a douchebag – it is code for “he’s hot but I hate to admit it.”


  8. Lately, I’ve taken to doing this thing at work. Not because any of the women I work with are even remotely worth sleeping with, but because I’m amused by it. Often, for whatever reason, people will have a question for me and then see me and forget what they wanted to ask. Generally, this results in one of those generic statement, “I had something I wanted to ask you but…”

    I have begun to reply in every instance to both men and women, “Eh. It’s because I’m so pretty.” About half the time now, the women respond with, “Yes, yes you are.” Or, “Yes, that must be it.”


  9. OT but I had to post (fuck me)

    some down twinkles HuffPo article here:

    with this pic and the caption:

    12. Dads know a genetic bond isn’t required to have a strong bond with their kids.


    • The language of #12 is wack; but if what they are TRYING to say is “a genetic bond isn’t required for a male to have a strong bond with another male.”

      Its a true statement.


    • That pic looks more like an ad for yet another remake of The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant.

      HuffPo, just get… the fuck… away from me… you.


  10. From the feed

    “The shootings Tuesday afternoon took place in two homes in a middle-class neighborhood.

    Speaking to Fox4 KC, the devastated man tearfully recounted how he came home Tuesday only to discover crime scene tape around his block.

    One of the police officers on the scene broke the news to him that his wife was among the victims.

    More details also emerged today about the violent past of the man at the center of the triple murder investigation.

    Brandon Howell was accused in the late 1990s of killing two teenagers in Johnson County, but in 2009 a jury found him not guilty.

    The 34-year-old also has a prior conviction in connection to a 1999 burglary where a cat named Tony was beheaded. He was released on parole in 2011.”

    Doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in. Get a security system on your house, get armed, and get trained. Animals like this can hop on the bus and visit your neighborhood just like anyone else. The survivor thought he still lived in a society where cops, courts, and jails would keep his family safe, and you can see how that worked out. The only person who can do the job is you.


  11. The apocalypse opener works. Just say, “We should hook up.” She’ll try to qualify it with something like “for drinks?” Say, “that sounds fun too.”


  12. At business conferences, I often use “I’m gonna network you so hard” or “let’s network each other so hard”


  13. Play just fuckin play …get out of ur head’s nice out here


  14. I wonder if this line would work on Tinder.

    Some of the lines I’ve been using on Tinder to good effect:

    “you look interesting…”

    “i was going to ask how tall are but judging from pic x I can verify you are fun-sized” (thanks CH)

    “wow imagine the looks we’d get.”

    “I’m ticking boxes aren’t I..”

    “too bad you’re a blonde/brunette etc otherwise I’d be flirting with you.”

    “selfie in the bathroom/gym/bedroom….never seen that before”

    90% of chicks that message first say “hi, how was your week/weekend/day” and they’re used to guys answering them literally, so I don’t.

    Saying something funny/cocky/mild neg about their photo sometimes works also.

    Also, when I get a chick’s number, I make up a funny nickname for them based on our brief conversation ie “Nicole Fashion Police” and then I screenshot it in my address book and send it to them with “this is what I have you saved in my phone as.” Seems to get a good response and then you can segue straight into catching up.

    After a while I had that many matches I just started giving out my number. 100% of the chicks I’ve given my number to after some witty banter, have texted me. I think if you can manage it this way, the results are far better. When they’re the ones initiating, I find the ASD is always much lower. (There deserves to be a discussion on this. How chicks instinctively lower their own ASD when they’re the ones pursuing.)

    Tinder can be a monumental game changer for you if you’re good looking but slightly introverted.


  15. @Having a Bad Day Took your advice with positive results.

    Months ago, I started using the following line with great success both online and when gaming in person:

    “Have you ever had a foreign lover?” This is in the context of living in Asia.

    I used to say “boyfriend or lover?” but that ended up with me mixing messages over the provider/lover dynamic. Now I say “lover”. The response doesn’t matter. They will say yes or no. But the assumption in that question is that if she proceeds with me it’s sexual.

    I ran into the 20’s theatre student girl I’ve been gaming at a club the other night. It was by chance she was there we hadn’t been in touch for a while after she’d flaked on me. I then pulled her out to go for drinks. We’re chatting, and I tell her: “I’m eye fucking you now”. Her eyes widen. “You’re eye fucking ME now”.

    I go for the kiss and she responds. Then she says “Stupid question: do you like me?”

    Me: No….

    Her: I mean do you like me just sexually?

    Here is where I seized on what I picked up from Krauser and have employed to great success.

    Me, staring into her eyes: Im a man you’re a woman. I want to fuck you. Too many guys hide their sexual desires and it confuses the woman and it’s frankly dishonest.

    She stared at me for a momen, then said

    “I can’t fuck you tonight because I have to go home and be up early blah blah blah”

    Me: I did’t say I would fuck you tonight, just that I will fuck you.

    Major make out. She then arranges to come over Monday to cook with me.

    I have started becoming more bold with girls and they respond very positively. But the key to this is to use the game models: Mystery Method of Krauser’s Date model. Once you establish early your dominance and confidence, this approach comes off as congruent with the confidence you’ve displayed.


    • ” I did’t say I would fuck you tonight, just that I will fuck you.”



    • Sounds like a great turn of events Wala. Some good stuff here.. That assume the sale line, reminds of that scene from Girls… someone posted it somewhere.


      • @Sentient The surge has been the result of a better understanding of how r-selected vs k-selected works in practice.

        By sexualizing the interaction at the appropriate moments during the interaction, you can escalate as though it’s normal.

        Walk up to a girl and say “wanna fuck?” is idiotic.

        But around 5 months ago I met this 31 year old cute girl. We met for drinks. She was quiet but I knew it was on when she ordered a Bailey’s and I said “That’s gay..have a beer”. She said Ok. Then we went to another place for beers. I went for the make out. It was on.

        I banged her that night. Then another night. After that she wasn’t up for it.

        You have to understand the escalation models and get confident with them. After that it’s a situation of getting better at recognizing IOI’s.

        Not every girl is going to go for it. Whether it’s a reflection of your game depends on how tight your game is in general.

        A few others I met online and just invited to my place. They initially balked (hamster in overdrive) but when I made clear: “I’m a man you’re a woman…” they got it. Then it was a question of whether they were comfortable with the idea. It requires confidence to pull it off and a knowledge of how to smash her frame.

        But in every case the girls were actually nice girls, they weren’t shitty, they flaked out of a fear not anger or spite. When you understand that, you don’t get mad, you just make it clear in a fun way that they owe you. If they don’t make it up some way, it’s no real loss because I have more on rotation.


      • Very good posts, walawala. Hmm, so it works through online dating too? I have to ask: are you goodlooking?


      • @Arbiter I’m fit, tall so for many girls here I’m considered good looking. But perhaps more importantly here, I’m well-dressed and clean looking. At my age it could be a turn off for a certain type of girl. But for others it’s a turn on. But I think why this works is the delivery and confidence.

        I’d like to introduce you guys to a field tested phrase I’ve used both online and on dates which sexualizes the interaction and helps to separate the time-wasters from those girls who are on.

        Starting with “Have you ever had a [foreign] lover?” early is a pivot point to sexualizing the interaction and taking her sexual temperature. That one sentence immediately separates me or introduces a key differentiator (Foreign) but for you it could be anything: “older guy” “philosopher” “American” etc etc.

        It’s been field tested many times. “Have you ever had an xxxx boyfriend or lover?” also works but using the word “boyfriend” I’ve found didn’t work as well to sexualizing the interaction so I started dropping it. Some girls would not respond well.

        I’ve used this online but also in person. Try it.


    • on September 13, 2014 at 2:49 pm having a bad day


      [thumbs up]…lol…


      • @having a bad day. Update: banged her like a shaolin monk bangs a gong…you were totally right. Once I sexualized the interaction, all barriers were down and she was well up for anything. Not hugely experienced but enthusiastic. She even helped me cook and made dessert which she created. Then left to be with her beta bf. It was awesome. I left by saying: “See ya soon…” Learned a lot with this one. First, push-back and flaking isn’t necessarily disinterest. It can be a shit-test. The key is in her actions. Be prepared to walk away for a while and re-engage fresh. Then seize control and lead. I did my post-bang interview and asked “When did you know you wanted to fuck me?” She said “I didn’t plan on it, it just sort of happened”—right. 2 minutes in the door and I had her up on the kitchen counter with her panties at her ankles. Another case of judging by her actions not her words. Girls say idiotic things but if you understand the IOI’s, you can get a good sense of whether this is on or off. Thanks.


      • @walawala

        A few threads back you were asking about “being compartmentalized” and avoiding emotional investment (on your part)…

        You nailed it with this “First, push-back and flaking isn’t necessarily disinterest. It can be a shit-test. The key is in her actions. Be prepared to walk away for a while and re-engage fresh. Then seize control and lead. ”

        The key though is not in her actions, though I know what you are getting at (watch what she does not what she says), but really in YOUR actions.

        You wrote her off in your mind, so you shorted out the emotional investment on your part. When you don’t have emotional investment leading the interaction is easy, because you are TOTALLY in YOUR frame.

        You are leading to a place YOU want to go to, not trying to arrive at a place you THINK she wants to go, really because your thinking she WANTS to go there VALIDATES you (hey this girl wants to fuck ME, instead of I am going to fuck HER, or not).

        Awesome. I suspect we will soon see a similar post of triumph in your next interaction with the crazy Ex…


    • This is the scene… Shit test at 1:00, shit test destoyed, in the manner of Wala at 1:17, and bonus St afterglow at 2:00

      I don’t watch this show, saw this on another site, but it is very interesting that the head writers are women…


      • @Sentient, watched the first episode of this based on this clip. Wow. The first 5 minutes are “Beta of the Year”…hypergamy in action. It’s all in this.


  16. 31 year old russian woman demands her 53 year old lover abandon his family. he refuses. she jumps out the 13th story and survives.


  17. low dose of mushrooms seems like it could be potent for nights out. I’ve experienced that talkative effect from them before, and they seem to improve my acuity overall. I’ve tried cannabis before but it has mixed results, sometimes it leaves me too blazed to function. Any thoughts?


    • Set and Setting

      Look it up


      • Exactly. And keep the dose super low. You don’t want to watch the trees breathing, you just want that third eye to open up a bit so you can look into their souls and accurately read them.

        A quarter gram to start. Be in a good mood. Not tired.


  18. […] Self-Acknowledgement Game — the art of verbalizing the technique and timeline of your seduction to a woman as it’s happening — has a storied pedigree here at the Chateau.  […]


  19. Yoyo so why do girls adjust their clothing around men? Sometimes even covering themselves up like pulling a skirt down

    I can think of two possible conclusions

    – They’re attracted so it acts as self grooming/antislut shield
    – They feel intimidated so adjust themselves to look more presentable to you
    – They feel intimidated and don’t want you to approach (I’d still approach for the challenge but for the sakes of throwing a spanner in the works)


    • They are feeling conscience of there sexuality in you proximity. They may not want to acknowledge this yet in the forebrain. An IOI.


    • If a girl puts titties in my face I assume she wants me to stare at them.

      and thats what I do.


    • Another possibility: They feel creeped out, and don’t want you to approach.

      I’m thinking of the time I went to a strip club on a bad inner game day, and I was practically crying on their shoulders, trying to get one of the girls to be my mommy.

      It was pathetic.

      Anyway, I remember this one chick in particular who got up to go do something and pulled her shirt thing or whatever down to cover her ass as she walked away. She knew I was staring at her ass, and could feel my creepy desperate loser eyes on her, and it made her squirm. She was trying to hide. I even asked her about this. “You were just naked two minutes ago, and now you’re trying to cover your ass? Why be modest now?”

      I eventually figured out why. I think it’s the right read of her behavior. I was coming off as a massive creep. I can be flirty fun on a good inner game day, but on a bad one, I come off like the guy who is sizing you up to decide which one of those delicious tasty organ meats I want to eat first. Liver? Kidney pie? Maybe a nice spoonful of fresh brain?

      Some guys need to smile more, and I’m one of them. The reaction I get from chicks is night and day different when I’m not looking like a guy trying to figure out where to place the shot when I go on my murder rampage.

      I guess. Maybe. I don’t know. Just because she’s smiling doesn’t get you in her pants, and I’ve found a girl or three who didn’t mind talking to an obvious psycho. Talking though. Too much talking, and never any fucking.

      Speaking of talking too much….


    • You’re looking at a nervous tick: they fall back on it because they’ve got to do something with their hands.

      Lighting up a cigarette addresses the same need.

      You should take it that she’s reacting to your eye being on her.

      I’d always take it as a cue to move into conversation range and open her up.

      The typical opener would feature a string of obviously true statements — delivered a tad slow — followed by an action statement — such as it’s time to dance, to order a drink, to leave for another joint, to head to your place,… to cough up her number — (’cause you’ve got to go… you’re so pressed for time.)

      This last gambit — ‘you’re missing the train’ — is a great way to accelerate events. It’s almost like fly-casting for trout. Pulling the lure away is absolute catnip.

      [ Alphas are always pressed for time. The ultimate alpha being a tardy president. (Bill Clinton) He was the absolute master of the departure. Which led to him being always too late for the next venue. ]

      [ The fast departure has its own tonic. This was hinted at in “Goodfellas” as our anti-hero explains to his target that he has to tip $20 so that his car is not only watched — but that his wheels are at the ready when they leave the club.

      This fast departure is scripted into fiction, too. Witness Keaton’s Batman: he pumps Vicki Vale straight to his jet car which also has ‘parking issues.’

      In all period films, the hero tosses the babe onto his steed an races off.

      In all of these fictions, the hero NEVER discusses where the babe is being taken. It’s simply time to go — with him.

      And, of course, wherever it is — it’s not her place.

      Contrast that with your own experiences trying to leave a hot club without an action let-down right at the curb.

      It’s a Western tradition: the hot babe expects to be hauled off by her lover to places most interesting — and in a most powerful way.

      This latter tick largely explains huge horses and sports cars. In period fiction, the knight ALWAYS picks up the babe with his huge war horse. She, of course, is hauled around like a rag doll.

      (Whereas, in reality, no knight used his war horse for anything but fighting — and training to fight. Normally, they rode their ‘compact.’)


    • Sentient’s comment that they are “conscience of there sexuality in you proximity” is right. (Conscious would be the correct word though.)

      A girl will pull her shirt down and cover her ass as if to say “Not for you” or she will hike her jeans up to emphasize her rump as in “Have a look.”

      Either way you are on her hind brain. As for the more common move of covering up with a shirt pull-down, take that with a grain of salt. In terms of pick-up, it means don’t be so obvious (with the staring) – subtle up there, cowboy.


  20. on September 13, 2014 at 10:45 am Holden Caulfield

    Amanjaw Marcunt finds out she’s been wrong her whole life. What does she do? Lashes out at other women:


  21. on September 13, 2014 at 12:22 pm Transparent Society

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  22. One shit test keeps coming my way, mainly on tinder, and I’m curious how you guys would handle it.

    I’ll be getting a girl to come over, and at the last minute she’ll throw out,

    “How do I know you’re worth it?”


    • “You like it when I tell you what you think.”

      “I send flowers every Mother’s Day.”

      “My 401K has outperformed the Down Jones six years running, and total assets are now over $50,000. Plus I have nearly $40,000 in home equity plus approximately $30,000 in net unrealized capital gains minus transaction fees should I choose to sell in the near future. Kelly Blue Book says my fully-loaded 2008 Sentra, in excellent condition of course, is valued at $5,400. Ready cash reserves currently stand at $23,000 and gross weekly earnings average $1,500.”


    • How do I know you are…


    • “You don’t.”


    • I’ll be getting a girl to come over, and at the last minute she’ll throw out,

      “How do I know you’re worth it?”

      Do you have her picture on
      your phone?

      Send her a “thwack shot”, crash dive and maintain radio silence for 24 hours.

      She will hunt you down.


    • “Looking for a payday?”


    • “Ask your mom/sister/best friend”


    • She: “How do I know you’re worth it?”


      Me: “Girls usually give me $100 for a half hour of sex. Free trial for you.”