A Knock-On Benefit Of Ending The Friendzone Industrial Complex

We share a hearty chuckle over the avoidable miseries of friendzoned beta males, but there are dead serious implications should the practice ever fall out of favor or get deprived of its seemingly endless source stream of dupes, chodes, and tools.

The fewer beta orbiters willing or available to provide sexless emotional and financial support to dual-mate strategizing (“alpha fux, beta bux”) girls, the more pressure is applied to the alpha male lovers of those girls to assume the “beta bux” relationship responsibilities abjured by the former friendzoned betas.

In theory, this gutting of the friendzone industrial complex should result in three dating market adjustments:

– Girls choosing less conspicuously caddish jerks as lovers. Men who can’t or won’t offer any relationship dependability will have a harder time “locking in” girlfriends for the long haul.

– Girls becoming less disposed to take beta male attention for granted. This will mean that when betas do show romantic interest, they won’t immediately get stuffed into the LJBF hugbox.

– Girls experiencing more difficulty advertising-by-beta orbiter proxy their “no muss no fuss” sexual accessibility to roving alphas. As shartiste explains,

I’m growing more fond of my theory that girls use friend-zoned guys as signals to draw in low-investment alphas. Call it the Conspicuous Cuck Strategy. Look at her, framing him as a prop while she eye-fucks the camera and displays cleavage for any alpha onlooker. Come and get it, I know you’ll fuck and run but the cucks all ready!

I no longer hookup with attached girls, but I did a few times in less discriminating days. The girls ALWAYS talked about their bf/husband in the most beta terms possible, even though reality was probably a bit more shade of grey. They’d talk him down so hard and pitifully, not for any illusion that she’d dump him or I’d whisk her away, but it seemed more to signal just how bad she needed an alpha fuck, and simultaneously assure there’d be no reprisal. This is “flirting” to them. Its kinda disgusting, honestly.

It takes two to tango, and the female exploiting the asexual provisioning of the cuck is just as complicit as the cuck accepting his role and enabling the girl’s dual mate strategy. In this analysis, the girl is more malevolent, but the cuck is more contemptible.

Nevertheless, I don’t think girls are using beta orbiters as dinner bells for fly by night alphas. Not consciously, at least. It’s more reasonable to interpret a woman’s motivation to establish and sustain friendzoned eunuchs as exactly what it is: a status display to other women, and a practical consideration to “cover all her bases”. One can easily imagine a reproductive advantage in the EEA to women who gathered the resources of both sexual and asexual admirers.

Ideally, women want the cad and the dad in the same über alpha male; and women with very high SMV can pull off this coup. But for the majority of women who can’t, acquiring an entourage of harmless castrati isn’t without its twisted appeal. Think about how much the friendzoned beta orbiter offers women:

extreme listening skills.
endless ego-boosting flattery (without demanding reciprocation).
and, perhaps most crucially, a white knight perimeter defense against hopeful betas (and conversely a character-testing gauntlet for aggressive alphas).

So in theory reducing the frequency of friendzoning in the dating market should redound to the benefit of beta males and the detriment of alpha males.

But theory often gets abused trying to make sense of female sexuality. In practice, as the supply of beta male emotional tampons shrinks, what I think likelier to happen is that the alpha cads remain objects of female desire, but girls will have to find alternate outlets to absorb their bitching and moaning about their jerky boyfriends, which could mean girl friends and family. Hearteningly, or maddeningly depending on your degree of cynicism, it could also mean girls “amp up” their sexual coquettishness around beta males to secure the same amount of harmless male attention they used to get for less effort (and for less risk of misconstrual).

On balance, it’s a good thing to reduce the incidence of friendzoning, even if it means more lesser betas wind up alone with their dignity, instead of alone with a cute girl tormenting them with her unattainable nearness. If betas are unwilling to prostrate themselves to self-aggrandizing girls who will never put out for them, there might follow a morale boost and an impetus to learn and acquire the whole panoply of masculine traits that coaxes from girls the kind of hugs that really matter: post-orgasmic leg hugs.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, girls deprived of pushover eunuchs might start to view those betas in a more sex-positive light.


  1. […] A Knock-On Benefit Of Ending The Friendzone Industrial Complex […]


  2. on November 3, 2015 at 7:30 am elmer t. jones

    The venerable R.Don Steele replied to my email about my recent book publication.

    Decades ago he deconstructed the “friendzone” problem. His advice when they lay the “let’s just be friends” line on you was to reply with an emphatic “I have friends” and bail.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 8:12 am elmer t. jones

      With that I will plug my book no more forever here.

      You have been most gracious in allowing me to shamelessly post links to my ebook. So far I have sold 5 copies. But I have steadily seen traffic from your site to my blog and I really haven’t started marketing the book yet. Peak about 100 views in one day from your site, and that was on a week-old post.

      Once again and for the last time, a 60-page preview containing the kernel to the Employment Game system can be downloaded free here :



      • on November 3, 2015 at 8:43 am Captain Tautological

        Congrats on the interest in you tome. BTW, someone here [maybe trav777?] was talking about being a lawyer and writing a similar book on “Gaming” the various pillars of the Divorce Industrial Complex so as to make sure that [first and foremost] you get custody of the kids. His Dark Triad shiznat was so intense that he was ENCOURAGING the ho to get all scripted up [SSRIs? Benzodiazepines? Grey Goose?] and then using the formal documentation of it to convince the judge [or judge-ette] that the ho was unfit to be a mother.


      • elmer, you need more sex in your pitch. More sparkle and pizzazz. Example:

        If you married men aren’t getting laid by your wives, check out



      • on November 3, 2015 at 1:57 pm elmer t. jones

        “… writing a similar book on “Gaming…”

        Insider knowledge on how things actually work can be very entertaining and useful. The pre-internet manosphere abounded with wild writings that could be found in the back pages of men’s interest magazines.

        One example was “Loompanics” which got harassed by the feds. Another old one was “Paladin Press” which acquired much of Loompanics stock and is still selling books.

        PA has initiated his blog with some pointers on the difficult transition to a supervisory role. Today I get a LinkedIn email come-on hiliting a “leadership” essay by Richard Branson. His essay headlines with shot of his harem. I will leave it to you to decide which essays provide utilitarian self-improvement advice.




      • elmer t. jones — I’ve heard from multiple sources that calling your book an “ebook” will do more harm than good. Sources: 30daystox, Chris Guillebeau. I personally dislike Guillebeau and think he’s a fraud, but I would agree with this tip concerning the ebook vs. book distinction. Call it a “guide” instead.

        I’m a fellow writer who wrote and published 2 short “guides” on Kindle so we’re in the same boat (of trying to get readers/exposure).

        Chris from GOOD LOOKING LOSER recommends just straight up giving out your information for free and building a readership that way. You’re not going to get many SALES if you don’t have an existing fanbase/readership for your site/blog — something Cernovich also pounds the table about…and it took him 10 years of blogging to build up enough readers so that his first book got 10,000 sales in first year of launch.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:32 pm elmer t. jones

        Branson’s essay is inspirational. I want to contribute to that conversation.


      • Branson is a limey liberal POS.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 7:48 pm elmer t. jones

        ” I’ve heard from multiple sources that calling your book an “ebook” will do more harm than good”

        Thanks for the tips Ben.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 8:22 pm elmer t. jones

        Ben, do you have any experience with book aggregators? I was able to get my epub uploaded and selling quickly on Amazon but am still struggling to choose a distributor.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 8:25 am Captain Tautological

      > ” It’s more reasonable to interpret a woman’s MOTIVATION to establish and sustain friendzoned eunuchs…” ——— We can’t talk about female “motivations” unless we all agree that this is pre-conscious hindbrain shiznat at the heart of it all. Now what about the Friendzoned Beta White Male as a status-signalling upgrade to the classical Fugly C0ck-Blocking White BFF – just as having an Eastern European White nanny is an elitist status-signalling upgrade over a Filipino nanny which is an upgrade over a Mexican mestizo nanny which is a MASSIVE upgrade over a Nigerian nanny which is a slight upgrade over hiring Hattie McDaniel?


      • on November 3, 2015 at 8:34 am Captain Tautological

        I don’t do the Night Life anymore – I’m 100% Day Game now – but Fugly White Female C0ck-Blocking BFFs moving in as Left Tackles for the New England Patriots [protecting Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady] feels very 1990s to me – right before the Eskimos unleashed the mother of all whining Beta loser agitprop campaigns, “Friends”, on NBC, in 1994. Most of what I read now [as far as anecdotes from the Night Life] is dudes talking about Beta White Males as C0ck-Blockers, which is why e.g. YaReally spends the first ten or fifteen minutes chatting [strategic faux-bonding or “Bro”-ing?] with them before he moves in for the k!ll.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 9:57 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        I’ve long contended that “Friends” was one of the most diabolical and effective propaganda weapons unleashed on tens of millions unsuspecting, impressionable young Americans and Canadians. It glorified and promoted as normal the most degenerate, anti-family, anti-white Christian male lifestyles. It is definitely “degenerate art” which needs to be destroyed.


      • Hattie McDaniel, that was her name? it’s all been downhill from there.

        Compare Vivian Leigh to Brady’s squeeze, in the pictures. Ms Leigh is about 500 thousand times better looking. Wish i was in Hattie’s place oo la la.

        Brady’s “date” or whoever – so she cracks nuts with her teeth, and that’s a good thing?


    • I am going to agree to disagree here.

      This statement should *never* be uttered from a chick’s mouth. It is NOT HER FUCKING CHOICE what “we” are. If you let HER choose, she will friendzone you because letting her choose is BETA.

      A girl should KNOW your intent from the outset. If she’s not down, she will disengage. She will not ask you to be her fucking friend because you have already precluded that.

      YOU establish the frame, not her. She operates within it or she steps the fuck off.

      For example, I met a chick one night, sunday or something, for a drink. I conveyed through actions my INTENTIONS toward her. She was not cool with that and I never saw her again. She did not suggest that we be freakin friends; that was long since obviously off the table. I did not present friends as an option. I did not attempt to ORBIT my way into her pants by being her friend first in some hope that this will lead to pussy. I did not pretend to be a nice guy and keep my hands off of her for the first date. I conveyed clear intent. Men should do this. Women are actually thankful for it, because it shows you are not some scheming gamer who isn’t who they pretend to be.

      Perhaps you don’t press for the ass on day 1, that’s your call. I do. I want there to be no ambiguity. Many girls may misconstrue this as “one night stand” behavior, and that’s fine. So what? I actually will call them back and see them again if I like them, but whatever. There should be no question about being anyone’s friend. If you don’t get the ass on day 1 it should be because YOU chose that, not her.

      All these games…be a REAL man, not a game man.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 9:20 am Captain Tautological

        t777, I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written – my point is about what “motivations” the Hamsters might have for enforcing the FZIC: As status-signalling upgrades from an All-Big-Ten Left Tackle to an All-Pro Left Tackle. And then the question is whether to use YaReally’s R-Selected subterfuge to mount a successful Outside Linebacker Blitz around the Left Tackle, or whether we should be [in the spirit of CH’s essay] something more akin to a Matthew King Alpha Leader of Men in teaching our Beta brothers how to quit being the hapless loser Left Tackles and instead to start being the [email protected] Quarterbacks.


      • Concur. Black and White…period.


      • CT- I have no idea wtf you just said, man.

        Do you make friends with her betas, what? Why? They are a non-issue. Her bf is a non-issue to me, why tf would i care if she has betas who kiss her ass?

        I don’t know what Yoreally said nor do I particularly care. If I see pussy I want, I try to go for it. Many times I am too chickenshit to even open, like this girl on the bus to the airport the other day, she was hot and i know she was Brazilian. In brazil I would have said something but oh she wasn’t giving me IOIs, blablabla. Who cares? I regretted not making a move to just say hi even though I had no expectation it was goin anywhere, you can’t just sit still and do nothing or you gather dust.

        My point is to stop overanalyzing every spergy detail and just go for shit. Like most here, I used to believe a lot of stupid shit about women. I used to think they would respect being nice and I was nice as fuck and it got me nowhere. So I just said effit and became the asshole that I really was the whole time. Acting nice isn’t any better than being nice. And I worked on myself. I have done and I do impressive shit. Fuck talking about linebackers or this crap, if you want the girl, go get her. She wants to be go gotten. They all do.

        Yeah, I used to say obviously hot chicks were “so so” because (like 75% of the guys here say), I have “high standards.” Bullshit. I was lying to myself and everyone else. I didn’t have standards, I just couldn’t land those girls so I pretended like they were beneath me. It’s bullshit. Dudes need to cut the self-deception and just be real. Be a real man, a real asshole, stop pedestalizing women and stop pretending like you don’t wanna bang them.

        women crave the authentic, this is why ugly ass negroes are seen with hot blondes. They keep it real. The realer you keep it the hotter your hoez gonna be. Imitate the DiCaprio character in Departed…emotion. Reality. Raw, real vulnerability. Conviction, integrity, and no fear. A person who acts purposely and does shit.

        And never turn down pussy…if it’s attached to a fat chick, then hit it but just don’t get caught. Even if you do tho, remember that the dudes who are negging you for it were masturbating last night while at least you got a piece. And your success will snowball.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 10:55 am Captain Tautological

        t777, CH’s essay is about BURNING THE FZIC TO THE GROUND. Destroying it. Frigging spraying DDT all over the very idea of Mosquitoes carrying it. Agent Orange on Kudzu. Zykl0n B on the proprietors of the Media who promote the FZIC. CH isn’t talking about how to get laid. CH is talking about Big Picture shiznat. And I’m saying: In the Big Picture, we, say, print up business cards with 16 Commandments [or similar] – maybe even a small portfolio of them to fit different situations – and we take out our Italian leather business card holder, and slide out the correct business card, and engage the Beta, and spark its curiousity. And then we walk away as the Mysterious Strangers who are above it all.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:07 am Captain Tautological

        It would be even better if we could get their phone numbers and TXT them a message, “ATTN DUDE IN GREEN HAWAIIAN SHIRT – do you want to know how deep the Rabbit Hole goes? No H0m0. SRSLY.” followed by the URL to the 16 Commandments. Or even talking to him directly on his phone. Doing it blind would require a massive upgrade in technology – we’d need cell phone signal triangulating software [working in groups of threes?] to figure it out anonymously. The easiest way would be to talk the Female Alpha HB6+ into divulging her Beta C0ck Blocker’s phone number, and then calling the Beta from a slight distance. Or recruiting HBs to talk to the Female Alpha.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:36 am Captain Tautological

        Maybe paying Escorts to accompany us if necessary [free is always better than paid, but paid is better than no progress at all]. College chicks would probably Escort us for $40 per hour – maybe hit four spots per hour, and choose a “Rabbit Hole” at each spot – it would cost $12.50 per Greater Beta to make contact and get the cell phone number. Again, free is always better than paid, but what would you rather do with your charitable donations – hand the $$$s over to Reince Priebus and the RNC?


      • @ Trav

        Good frame, buddy! My frame says I open if I feel like it and don’t if I don’t. I assume that women will always want my attention. YaReally calls it “Entitlement woo-woo”, I think. Kind of jedi mind trick stuff that emanates from your frame.

        I opened a hot Brazilian broad in a white minidress the other night–you reminded me of that. The BB was smoking hot! At first, she wasn’t up for dancing, but her male friend (likely beta orbiter–a coworker) encouraged her to dance, so she eventually did. BB ended up asking me to dance later, chatting a lot with me, hugging my escort arm tightly against her breast, and wanting to hold my hand. We danced maybe five times, which was a lot. BB’s friend took a pic of BB and me. A female friend of mine noticed it and commented that I might get lucky. (My FF and I are open about all this stuff–no chemistry, just friends.) My FF read the IOIs given off by the Brazilian broad, I’m sure. I didn’t ask for the contact–I was after material for my book, which I got.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 3:11 pm Captain Tautological


      • “I regretted not making a move to just say hi even though I had no expectation it was goin anywhere, you can’t just sit still and do nothing or you gather dust.”

        This statement says it all, and it guides me every day. I talk to people with no expected outcome other than strengthening my ability to initiate conversations with strangers. I analyze what worked and what didn’t work. Next step: build upon that foundation. Therein lies the bedrock of confidence upon which the structures of game, openings, outcome independence, and everything else are built. Once implemented, there is no looking back.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 9:03 am Captain Tautological

      Getting back to CH’s meta-objective here of obliterating the FZIC, YaReally’s faux-bonding of the Beta Male C0ck-Blocker would be, from MK’s point of view, the ultimate betrayal [cf Dante’s 9th Circle] of the Beta by the Alpha who OUGHT to be his leader, not his betrayer. [Which betrayal is only going to hasten the Eskimo’s ultimate goal: Destroying K-Selection as the foundational biological principle of the White Race.] Recently I had the idea of printing up something like the 16 Commandments of P00n and a URL on business cards, and then Alpha Leaders of Men could discretely hand the business card to the Beta C0ck-Blocker, and say to him, “Do you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes?” and turn around and walk away into the Night.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 9:37 am Captain Tautological

        Greatest TV Commercial of All Time. If Matthew Weiner didn’t so despise the White Race and wish so fervently for its annihilation, then that’s what Don Draper would have envisioned in the final episode of Mad Men.


  3. on November 3, 2015 at 7:35 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Perfect post for today. Someone who sort of friend-zoned me back in college is trying to get back in touch (I say “sort of” because I had a girlfriend, but with other guys that didn’t stop her from screwing them).

    Anyway, I’ve long refused to acknowledge her many attempts to initiate contact. The latest one, sent via Fagbook, starts out “Please, please, please, can we be friends again…”

    I guess she’s still listening to awful bands like The Smiths, because that sounds cribbed from one of their terrible songs.


    • Tell her, “sorry, the ‘friend’ space is presently occupied by my goldfish, Max”


      • on November 3, 2015 at 9:32 am Captain Tautological

        t777 with outstanding advice. Another variant, “Nah, I already got a German Shepherd.” And then in all seriousness, you need to move aggressively towards her sending you nekkid pics. SRSLY.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:23 am Days of Broken Arrows

        No, I’ve just refused to answer any of her messages. She used to thrive on drama, and I won’t give her a fix. Besides that, radio silence is the absolute WORST punishment for women, since they thrive on attention and they don’t get it. Remember — even negative attention is still attention. Silence and indifference is their kryptonite.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:43 am Captain Tautological

        DoBA – I agree on the power of Radio Silence – but now let’s DO SOMETHING with that power: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/how-to-get-a-girl-to-send-nudes-of-herself/


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:49 am Captain Tautological

        Also work towards seducing her into phone sex – she’s lying in bed at night, 1000 miles away, talking to you on the phone, and you convince [really you ORDER!!!] her to slide her hand into her underwear and rub her cl!toris and cum for you.


      • Could you call me while I rub myself? It’s not a clit, but it *is* half black and half eskimo 🙂


      • Nicole, I’m confident that that simian appendage is almost as large as a cl!t.


    • You should do a Mike Tyson on her.

      I can’t be friends with a woman unless I have fornicated with them.
      So you shouldn’t ask…..unless…..you know.


    • this is the sour grapes approach. if you can’t have what you want you convince yourself don’t want it to lessen the pain.

      girls don’t respect betas because betas are basically liars. they’re lying to themselves that the girl is something she’s not (that is, a human being). they respect because alphas see them for the earthy vermin that they truly are

      I was in the FZ with a girl and I knew she was bangin lots of douchebags. I was pissed off about it, then one day I just straight out asked her “can I fuck you?” and she said “sure” and after that I became a member of her secret society. I kid you not.. it was that fuckin simple

      so dudes, before you ditch a vagina in your vicinity, just go for it cuz you got nothin to lose.. if your really pathetic you can even play the sympathy card and say “hey I want to get better with girls can you show me how girls like to get fucked?” you might be surprised at her answer. girls are pretty practical when it comes to sex. if nothing else at least now she’ll respect you for being honest.

      you got nothin to lose. worst case is she disappears. not a big loss


      • Better than “Can I fuck you” is “I wanna fuck you.”


      • sure “i wanna fuck you” followed by “take your clothes off” might work fine, but that’s a weird leap when you’ve been in the FZ for a long time.

        guys are scared of how easy sex is for girls, until they make it just as easy for themselves. so “can I fuck you?” takes sex out of the realm of the supernatural where most guys put it and transfers it to the pragmatic, which is how many girls relate to it. kinda like “can I have a ride to the store?” you’re asking her for a favor.

        just today I sent this text: [girls name]… wanna have sex with you. will you come by?

        her response: I’m in court fighting red light ticket 😒

        no shit. she’s almost apologizing!

        point is, once your comfortable with women’s true nature you don’t have to be so “I’m-the-alpha!” about sex. you can just ask for it. seriously


      • on November 3, 2015 at 4:02 pm The Other Anonymous

        Your mom sounds very accommodating – how many roofies did you give her?


    • My friends space for girls is maxed out with FWBs.


  4. “They’d talk him down so hard and pitifully, not for any illusion that she’d dump him or I’d whisk her away, but it seemed more to signal just how bad she needed an alpha fuck, and simultaneously assure there’d be no reprisal. This is “flirting” to them. Its kinda disgusting, honestly.”

    My experience as well. Recently ended up in a car with a bartender I convinced to give me a ride to another bar and hang out for a bit. She was pissed at her BF for something rather and called the dude on Bluetooth speaker while I was there. It was awkwardly entertaining.

    After the call she was birthing about the guy etc while her skirt was hiked up and legs open in the driver seat. Heh.


    • *bitching about the guy


    • I once seduced a girl engaged to a much older guy, sugar daddy type. Engagement ring and everything.

      Lots of LMR. Just followed standard LMR neutralization of agreeing with her every time she said “This is bad” e.g. “Yes this is so bad we shouldn’t be doing this” and kept doing it.

      While doing the deed I whispered in her ear that I would knock her up. She and her hubby would raise our child and he’d be none the wiser. Holy smokes that turned her on. Fucking incredible.

      Yes, the alpha fux and beta bux strategy is hardwired in women. No doubt about it.


      • yes, the “Its kinda disgusting, honestly” was the real standout observation, anyone that has experienced attached women knows it. and they do love entertaining the secret illegitimate pregnancy fantasy

        i’ve had them whisper in my ear mid-stroke “i’m maaaaaarried” with the biggest smile on their face. the way they talk about their partners you’d think they married the worst dude on the planet

        so yeah it’s despicable hooking up with them but in general they just cause less problems and they stay in their box and they can’t call all the time. so it works for my particular mindset


      • lmao, I had the same reaction with an ex girlfriend of mine that’s currently attached to this man and to my cock when I told her that I’d knock her up too. What’s hilarious is that I keep making fun of her that her boyfriend seems like such a nice guy and that they should marry that she’s ruthless in destroying him in front of me.

        Once I was making out with her and was fingering her through her panties until she made them moist and sticky and she said that we should stop, which irked me so I said ok, got up, washed my hands and started fixing this lamp I bashed against the stairs by mistake. She just stayed there, dumbfounded, before she got teary eyed so I asked her if she’s crying because she’s missing her boyfriend. Then I kissed her again and all resistance went away. I’ve been thinking of how comical it is that she cums harder with me now than when we used to date because I think cheating turns women on.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:54 am Captain Tautological

        > “I whispered in her ear that I would knock her up. She and her hubby would raise our child and he’d be none the wiser” ——— Moses is talking some powerful Dark Triad Voodoo right there. Heck, it’s the most powerful Voodoo of all. Listen to The Prophet.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 11:57 am Captain Tautological

      Ripp, if that ever happens again, ORDER her to lick her finger, slide it into her panties, rub her cl!toris, and cum for you. Or you get up your courage, and risk the Regret [email protected] indictment, and you do it for her. To shield you from the accusation, slide your own finger into her mouth while the Beta is whining.


  5. One of the most important game lessons the manosphere teaches is actually … when to walk away. For example, it is often said that three dates with no progress is the time to walk away. The advice seems obvious when it is spelled out, but many guys keep messaging girls in the hope that something will happen. Often she replies just to be polite.

    Guys who hang on when they shouldn’t will eventually become jaded. It hurts their chances in future prospects.

    Learn when to walk away – not just in dating, but in relationships, and you have more time and energy to spend finding a better relationship. And people say game isn’t needed? That it’s mean to women? Game advice rids girls of clingy guys, and rids the world of bad relationships, to make way for better ones. Game benefits all.


    • huh? Dudes…if you don’t make progress, it is YOUR FAULT.

      I get laid on the first date every time…in fact, I cannot remember a date where I didn’t get laid the first time. Hmm…I’m thinking…I let one or two not get banged for a couple hours while I sobered up, but then I took that shit in the morning after I came to. One of these was a very good girl, I was her 3rd, she is 28, intelligent and quite pretty. She was even apologetic in that she hadn’t been with a man in a long time after getting out of a 5-year relationship. A lot of these girls, yeah I can hear it “she’s lying.” If she were really a ho she’d have shaved. There are tells. No girl goes out expecting to get laid with a scraggly ass puss.

      Chicks want to be DESIRED and EXCITED. If you do those things, you get the pussy. ANY chick can be fucked first date if you set things up right. You should be looking for the close…Glengarry, ABC.

      The sooner you have her wrapped around your dick the sooner you will find out who she really is.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 10:42 am The Spirit Within

        Too strong, broski. You’re setting yourself up for a false rape accusation when you push that hard, that fast, with so many different women.

        Agree that intentions must be made clear, but it’s wiser and a lot easier to just go for second date bang. You can plant a lot of expectations this way. Treat it like a story. Build suspense. And almost zero chance of FRA.


      • huh? Dudes…if you don’t make progress, it is YOUR FAULT.

        I get laid on the first date every time…in fact, I cannot remember a date where I didn’t get laid the first time.

        But up-thread you say “most of the time I am too chickenshit to even try”.

        Even guys like Matt Forney say they succeed in cold opens less than ten percent of the time. It’s just a fact that you won’t succeed with every woman you hit on, or even every woman you get a date with. In that case you gotta recognize it early on and move on.

        “Spin the plates” as the PUAsphere expression goes – when you have several prospects you learn to see each one clearer. A lot of the time a guy’s problem is that he thinks he has no other chances, so he’ll keep hoping for too long, make a fool of himself, and he’ll know it. Lowers fighting morale for the future.


      • Too strong, broski. You’re setting yourself up for a false rape accusation when you push that hard, that fast, with so many different women.

        That depends entirely on how it’s done.


  6. on November 3, 2015 at 7:48 am private joker

    “endless ego-boosting flattery (without demanding reciprocation).
    and, perhaps most crucially, a white knight perimeter defense against hopeful betas (and conversely a character-testing gauntlet for aggressive alphas).”

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Interestingly, went western norms of courtship were destroyed, the friendzone eventually came into place to act as a proxy for what was lost.


    • Women’s “liberation” made it not only possible but acceptable for women to have multiple male friends.

      And feminism removed almost all of female accountability

      Today’s women feel no guilt to be using and abusing ( and psychologically torturing) beta males.

      Like a toddler given free access to a candy store today’s women indulge in getting as many beta orbiters as they can to satisfy their craving for attention and compliments.

      Like eating candies all day, It is irrational and immature and in the long run; damaging.

      Damaging to the women, and in the longer run damaging to the whole society.

      Feminism gave a free pass to women to do what the hell they want, and beta males get the very rough end of that deal.

      If anyone should oppose feminism – and fiercely oppose it – it is beta males.


      • agreed…the provider beta role has always been and will always be with us. what’s new is the anti-reproductive technologies now available to women which allow them to choose who to fuck when, how often, and whose seed to ultimately choose to pass on through her womb.

        if your a beta-bottom in today’s world your sexual and biological fulfillment basically lives or dies at the mercy of females and alpha males


      • If anyone should oppose feminism – and fiercely oppose it – it is beta males.

        yes. the failure in their thinking is that they believe ‘liberated’ women translates into ‘vagina for all’, when in fact it really means ‘vagina for the few’.


    • Nature abhors a vacuum. Interestingly, went western norms of courtship were destroyed, the friendzone eventually came into place to act as a proxy for what was lost.

      Don’t know about that. Manosphere terminology is useful, but when there’s terminology for something people tend to magnify it. Like “friendzone”. I can only think of one guy I know who is in a girl’s friendzone. Maybe the others will praise women on Facebook or whatever, but I never see anyone do that in real life. Most of them have girlfriends anyway.


  7. if you want access to a girl’s pussy for the lowest possible investment then her beta orbiters are your best friends because they provide and handle all the shit that you can’t be bothered with lol


    • Lo and behold, a perfect example of a braggart keyboard jockey roleplaying a pua.


      • lo and behold a cerebral Close Encounters of the Third Kind laptop alpha whose only dick-hardening experience with women is theoretical


      • LOL Sure buddy. You are too lazy to even write a name, and you are too dumb to come up with anything worth reading, proven by how you immediately talk about who is “alpha” or not.

        It’s a 100% sure sign: the retards like you, who have zero experience of actual social life, keep pumping out posts with the words “alpha” and “beta” because you have nothing real to say. What a dumbass.


  8. on November 3, 2015 at 8:27 am mendozatorres

    But theory often gets abused trying to make sense of female sexuality.

    This has made my morning. And cleared up a great many things.


  9. When I was in my early twenties I was in the friend zone with a number of women. Besides just going through a major breakup work and school were taking all of the energy I had. The girls I knew would use me to vent about their boyfriends and tell me stories that they probably wouldn’t tell their therapists. Any illusions I had about women and the way they act were completely destroyed. Yes I had heard these things by people like CH but it is completely different hearing it from the horses mouth.

    My favorite was the girl who thought that her boyfriend was taking her for granted. She went out and had sex with the drummer of a bar band and went home and told him” Hey I just got laid” hoping to get some reaction out of him. She didn’t get any.

    So if you are in the friend zone with some girls just sit back and listen for awhile and learn.

    My second favorite was the woman who wanted her husband to spank her when she got out of line. Of course she married some wimp who wouldn’t even consider it. She was lucky though, with some one else she could have ended up with black eyes.

    An extreme example perhaps but women want someone who will stand up to them.


    • Shit, sometimes I wonder what kind of hellholes some people here live in. It seems like everyone around you of the opposite sex is like a devil. Of all the women I have slept with very few were like the stories I hear from some here, who say it’s “all” women.

      Maybe it’s because those who are the most disappointed in dating are the most likely to visit a site like this one.


      • Arbiter – I think many of the guys just don’t like women or refuse to accept them for what they are…

        I’ve enjoyed all the women in my life… Even those that crushed me at the time with the reality of what women are. But you can’t hate a cat for being a cat and not a dog.


      • One thing I’ve noticed in the PUA/manosphere is that those who are the most successful with women also are the most positive about them, because they have met all kinds and have a better perspective. That doesn’t mean not being aware of psychological differences between men and women, but it means not using those differences as a pretext for venting hatred built up through a failed social life.

        It is worth keeping in mind that while the best manosphere bloggers are intelligent and would be great guys to have a beer with, a large portion of the audience is not interested in learning, has little capacity for learning, and only shows up to vent. Of course, those will also be the ones with the most time on their hands. It’s the usual problem with internet comment sections.


  10. https://artisanaltoadshall.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/solutions-to-the-dilemma/

    Artisinal Toad suggests the next and most obvious response when betas aren’t playing.


  11. on November 3, 2015 at 8:54 am mendozatorres

    Caught a nice surprise under the Pages sections. Welcome back, CH!


  12. Theyve already found the solution of male orbiter rsources in the gay-bff task force


  13. Alas, the proprietor’s musings here are theoretical — interesting, but theoretical.

    The Friendzone Industrial Complex is here to stay, It is so embedded in the culture, from schooling, to the media, to the entertainment factories. These factors drive young men into beta-omega habits, and, as we all know, habits are easier to get into than they are to break out of.

    Meanwhile, the same confluence of schooling, media, and entertainment industries inculcate in the female a distorted perverse set of values — the “you go girl” false equivalence to males, while simultaneously snuggling up to them like a teddy bear when they become poor poor “victims.” And don’t worry, you’re beautiful with your muffin belly, back fat, jiggly jowls, and short short hair.

    So those of us who read the Chateau, or Vox, or ROK, those of us who have taken the red pill and understand its profound validity — even as all of us aren’t always strict followers of its principles — we, fellows red pillers, will be the minority. The minority may be growing, but we are outside the mainstream. And the mainstream is a polluted sewage trough.


    • @passionman;

      Agreed. The “anti-cuck” rebellion is a noble and worthy cause, but in reality – it’s no more than a few grains of sand against the ocean’s tides..


      • dudes in Europe are carrying purses now…we have this consultant here from silicon valley…my god if this dude isn’t gay his test level gotta be lower than his bodyweight. Got the whistly S sounds, thin as a twig, hipster tech guy.

        JFC if you can pick a chick up nowadays you’re gonna make them swoon…wow


      • “duded in Europe are carrying purses now…”

        It’s always fun to read trav’s posts, you never know what he is going to come up with next.

        This is the guy who claims he always gets sex on the first date. So yeah. Let’s take it all with a grain of salt. This statement above is verifiably false, clear proof that he’s pulling things out of his ass. But I guess it feels good to feel superior, even if you have to make shit up about people far away to get that feeling.


  14. ‘unattainable nearness’

    Good phrasing.


  15. Will I ever live down the shame! In my defence I had had a fair amount of sex with her that year, but come Xmas she sent me the Mr Men – You are a friend – book. How cute; how fucking annoying; I threw it out with the garbage. Had her crying a few months later when I called her (as she was) a slut. Even so. Never again got friend-zoned. That was a long time ago, before the Net or before the term friend-zone had been invented.


  16. http://freedompowerandwealth.com
    It’s astonishing how little people learn – even if life punches them directly into their head. I have written a lot about how people can improve their life and why most of they fail, even while having the best informations available. But that is only something for the one’s who are wise enought to read between the lines.


  17. OT: Trump’s press conference from this morning. Made some great points.


  18. Its a throwaway line that gives an explanation to so much of modern mating/dating. To the female hindbrain giving is a sign of weakness and taking is a display of strength. They despise a man that gives and love one that takes, and women will choose the company of a rogue that takes what he wants, over that of nice guy that gives when she asks. Use your eyes rather than your ears and there is no denying this simple truth.


  19. I’m growing more fond of my theory that girls use friend-zoned guys as signals to draw in low-investment alphas. Call it the Conspicuous Cuck Strategy. Look at her, framing him as a prop while she eye-fucks the camera and displays cleavage for any alpha onlooker. Come and get it, I know you’ll fuck and run but the cucks all ready!

    This sounds like the female version of preselection. She gets tingles from seeing men surrounded by women, so she thinks that if she surrounds herself with beta orbiters that the alphas will be attracted to her. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because alphas have learned that a girl with beta orbiters is more likely to put out. In reality, having multiple men orbit a girl is a bit of a turn-off, but we put up with it because it usually means an easy lay.


  20. I’m 29 now and already sick of the chase. I get numbers/makeouts etc but it’s always women who are above 7 so they have plenty of options which I can’t be bothered competing with. What’s even worse is that it’s hard to tolerate all the incessant selfies and crying for attention. Think I’m getting old.

    Anyone else with the same problem? What’s the alternative / how do you find motivation? I have regulars that I don’t even want to bang I’m that bored of them.


    • dude if you’re bored it’s time to discover your inner artist-prick and start seeing what you can get away with

      for example, every time a girl wants a selfish do something unexpected, like drool and look like a tard

      if you’re bored of the girls your banging then see what kind of outlandish shit you can get her to do. ever see Crank, where Jason Statham bangs his girl in the middle of China fukn Town? or Crank 2 where he bangs her in the dirt in the middle of the horse races? there ya go

      listen, women are FAIR FN GAME. if your bored it’s your fault. use your imagination


    • on November 3, 2015 at 11:34 am The Spirit Within

      Drop out of it for a while. Pursue other activities. Your body will tell you when it’s time to start chasing tail again.

      For me, it takes a two or three weeks, and then I find myself revved up again. Exercise accelerates the process, as it elevates T.


      • this, give it a break for a week or so, your body/mind will do a 180 and you;ll be ready to get back into the hunt


    • Machete rarely texts. Girls respond promptly and rarely.


    • I’m 49 – and experience tells me that just when I’m most sick of women – a really worthwhile one appears. Plow on Abi.


    • You just take a break for a while – for months, even a year, if that’s what it takes. The wish to get back in the game will come back, no question about it.

      And while you’re on your break you might have some opportunities drop in your lap without even trying to find them. So you won’t go celibate.


  21. on November 3, 2015 at 10:44 am The Spirit Within

    H, we’re not in any danger of losing the beta male population, lol.


  22. Hell, even in the TV show Friends they wuz all bangin’ each other.


    • Greg would know because he watched every episode


    • Friends, Melrose Place, and Seinfeld — 3 *key* Jewish weapons of communism that told our Gen X women who were in college between 1990 and 1996 or so to live the party slut, alpha fux, don’t-get-married life, get bernakifiedzlozzoz, everyone sleeps with everyone, nobody goes on a traditional “date” or picks a single mate anymore, life. I called it as a 19 year old. I was correct. Like all men ahead of my time, I was seen as weird by most.

      Thursday night was Friends/Seinfeld night and 100% of people in college in 1994-1996 timeframe (100%, not 99.99999%) had to watch it every single week.

      These were the gateway drugs to “Modern Family” that we have today. Of course, I took an actual class called “Marriage & Family”, which of course was taught by a bull dyke lesbian who published things like “all white men should die” who “taught” the class (55% women) that two-parent household family was dead and something to be laughed at, and that the new modern family would be the fag family promoted openly today, just 23 years later.

      I paid college tuition to be told to read books by this enemy, who literally has nothing to teach the white men who are the heirs to George Washington, James Madison, etc. Of course at age 19 I had no clue that my nation and I were under attack and it was being done on purpose. No white 19 year old does, or did, especially in 1993 pre-internet. I have one of this cunt’s books on my book shelves right now, because I kept all of my college books.

      Really unbelievable what has happened since 1913, when you get right down to it.



      • God she’s hot! Then again, for a brother, any white b*tch is hot!


      • on November 3, 2015 at 2:02 pm Sean Fielding

        @James – she’s not White, ma’ ni66er.


      • Close enuff, homie!


      • on November 3, 2015 at 7:21 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Publius, I was in high school mid ’90s and I can tell you that up here in Canada every girl was watching those propaganda tools. I remember being 13 and wondering, “why are all tv shows set in New York, why are the people ‘trendy’ and ‘hip’ (meaning liberal) and why are they all Jews.” The effect was devastating and is seen today. Getting married an having a family is, for most modern urban women, uncool and unhip. They are all obsessed with career and travel.

        By the way, thanks for posting this a while back. Finally confirmed what I’d thought for most of my life. My late grandfather was right.


      • Les, no prob. I’ll post it here every day if CH will let me.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 3:15 pm Observasaurus Rex

      All the female characters were written to be very late 20s (season1) and ended up as mid to late 30s. If anything, it’s surprising the writers were genuine enough to have them start out dating bad boys and then all settle for their betabux boyfriends (Chandler and Ross would fight to be the poster boy of betatude, if they had the balls to fight anyone). Oh and the oldest one (phoebe) ending up alone singing about smelly cats? Priceless. Meanwhile the clownish bachelor keeps on banging a new girl every other week, and after the show moves to some beach city and starts over with early to mid 20 year olds in a new terrible sitcom.

      Ugh I’m embarrassed that I can recall so much about these crappy sitcoms.


  23. Have been watching a Spanish TV series (El Tiempo Entre Costuras) with the wife the past few days. Main character leaves her loving, devoted and practical-minded beta fiancé Ignacio for an alpha salesman named Ramiro who promises her romance, big dreams and excitement and then proceeds to knock her up, steal her inheritance and ghost on her while she’s out on a walk. Later he turns up dead and she cries and pays for his funeral. Ignacio is never given a second thought. Author of the book the TV show is based on is a woman.


  24. @marek
    Beg to differ. Small subset of us who’ve read tons of mainstream lit in the box stores and absorbed cultural meme’s only to suffer the wreckage of failed relationships. (not necessarily PUA) Yes, on the one hand, society least prepares us as having capability and self-mastery, and two, before Red Pill zero knowledge of the dark arts & crimson weaponry as practiced and confirmed on this board. Our discussions are too nuanced for mainstream ears and regulated to speakeasy’s for those willing to abandon the manboobery-sphere.


  25. This is how America dies:
    To long; didn’t read:
    California to let illegal immigrants vote in national elections.

    Also relevant:



  26. Beta-Orbiters are to women as Pre-Selection Game is to men:

    As women desire (alpha) men who are desired by many women, they assume that a woman desired by many (beta) men will be that much more desirable to the desired (alpha) man.

    The same logic loop applies to Sluttification:

    Many women desire high notch-count (pre-selected; alpha) men, so many of these women (falsely) assume that their slutty high notch-count proves their desirability to desirable (alpha) men, even though their sluttiness only proves accessibility instead of desirability.

    To these (beta-inaccessible) women at least, it appears that betas are the men they have but don’t want & alphas are the men they don’t have but want because other women have or desire them.

    Is that all there is to the PUA mindset, then? To think like a slutty logic-looped woman who pretends inaccessibility, wants what she doesn’t have and haves what she no longer wants?


  27. Will the FZIC ever weaken? I think not.
    Sad fact: for every useful manosphere site, there are 20 of these:

    “I treat women with my full respect and I have respect for them as much as I do for anyone. I don’t refer to women with demeaning terms or anything, my friends do. They get girls all the time. I don’t…”


    And that’s a guy who would like to change, but is gamelessly stuck on FZ square one.

    No, the dating market, like the luxury goods markets, run on the existence of some type of inequality. There wouldn’t be a dating market – there wouldn’t be natural selection as we understand it – if men’s abilities with women and interest from women were equally distributed across the population. It resembles a power law distribution; alphas getting the predominant share of interest from prime females, middle to lower betas precipitously approaching zero.

    That is nature’s way, but we are capable of learned charisma. Those of us who found our way out of FZ situations and the other incel horrors visited on betas did it by mimicry of alphatude in order to show greater value than those among the beta masses (i.e., using inequality to one’s advantage).


    • One can treat women with respect and respect himself enough to stay out of the friendzone. There is no need to try to convert men to the ways of ‘game’. It is only necessary to teach them to respect themselves enough not to be friendzoned. If men just say no to this nonsense in mass women will have to adapt.

      There have always been men who gamed and men who respected women. But there were natural and societal counter balances where by friendzoning men didn’t work for most women if any. Today nature has been short circuited and societal counter balances have been removed for women while men still live under the same old obligations. Men haven’t adapted to the new reality nor politically removed themselves from 19th century notions.

      It’s not 1930 or 1830 or 1500 or whenever any more. It used to be viable to become established, build something, and just be a decent respectable productive man. In another time it worked to become the kind of man a father would want to see his daughter with, not the kind of man who tingled the daughter’s emotions. But that time is gone.

      Modern men have to understand they cannot allow themselves to be friendzoned. That it doesn’t lead to anything in the 21st century. They don’t have to stop respecting women, they have to start respecting themselves enough to say no.


  28. “Let’s just be friends.”

    “You’re not pretty enough to be one of my friends.”

    Then push her onto the bed.

    neg rape!


  29. Learning game may prevent mass shootings: http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/03/us/minnesota-foiled-school-massacre-john-ladue/index.html

    “They’re attracted because [Harris and Klebold] went after the people who were most bothersome to them at that time — and that’s their peers who are not appreciating their ‘greatness.’ It’s not just parents. It’s not just society. It’s actually getting back at the girls who won’t go out with them, the boys who exclude them from peer groups.”


  30. All in all, it would be for the greater good, given the need for successful reproduction and so on, what a concept.

    Part of the reason women friend-zone is that they truly do not understand how much pain they are causing. Compare how part of the reason that men pump & dump, or keep harems, is that they do not truly understand how much pain they are causing.


    • Part of the reason women friend-zone is that they truly do not understand how much pain they are causing.

      In my experience, some of them know, but others don’t. The ones who are very egregious (like the ones who, for example, use betas as cuddle bitches) know. They are straight-up malevolent bitches. There are others, however, who are truy ignorant of the basic facts of male psychology and honesly don’t know.


    • Ah, the typical ‘ignorance makes them do it’ canard of every stripe of brain dead leftist on this planet. No, it’s just that one isn’t responsible for the feelings and expectations of others. If some broad expects me to meet her parents because I made her toes curl it’s purely her problem, not mine, much like the expectations of these delusional men aren’t the problem of the broads that toy with them. We can blame society for lying to these men, but they’re essentially volunteers in this situation.


  31. on November 3, 2015 at 1:26 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    I have long thought that men need to go on a “general strike” from orbiting and associated behaviour. We need to put these women, who are invariably BPD spectrum, out of business. (I’ve also thought that men need to boycott hookers, escorts, strippers, although I’m not sure what this would accomplish other than sending a lot of slüts to the unemployment office.

    Men need to get out of the friend zone and, for God’s sakes, cut out the phàgbook “liking” and obsequious comments/compliments on some broad’s latest lame bathroom mirror pic. Some of these guys really ought to know better and show some self-respect, but many guys, even “normal” looking ones who appear to have their shît together, are some of the most flagrant offenders.

    As I mentioned earlier, many of these orbiter-collectors appear BPD. They cannot maintain normal, healthy friendships with other women. Women, as we know, are herd animals and cannot as much go get a cup of coffee without assembling a group of friends to go along. Women without friends are considered “female losers” to other women. So if they can’t hold female friends, they have to turn to men. And men, of course, do not get consumed with the jealousies and other emotional factors which make female friendships stormy. Men will also put up with a lot of shît from female “friends” because, of course, the faint and remote prospect of hopefully scoring some püssy. For many of these guys, this is as close as they’ve ever been to a woman, and, aside from hoping she falls in love with him, they likely think it’s preferable to no female contact at all (but heavily on the former).


    • on November 3, 2015 at 1:55 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      To finish the thought- men orbiting women is like the old adage about giving away the milk without having to buy the cow. Men are giving emotional and social support to these manipulative yet delusional broads (many who may actually believe the “men and women can be just friends*” bûllshit) without getting sexual and physical intimacy in return.

      To illustrate just how insane many of today’s womyn are, most will shriek and scream that men and women can be friends (perhaps to justify their own insidious orbiter-collecting), but just watch how they react to hubs/boyfriend striking up “friendships” with comely lasses.


  32. Today I got message from side chick
    ” Im not fucking again, unless we are in official relationship ” I tried to plow ” bring the toys and dress well” but I did not flip the script. I’m going to cut off unless she’s back in booty call mode. Def not interested in relationship with her and im not selling soul for average poon. Do you guys have similar experience??


  33. Thanks again, Kurt. Brain of a poet. Looks of an Abercrombie-n-Fitch model (no homo). Soul of an omega. Kurt’s little Bean is all grown up now (20+ years- wow how time flies!) and has put out a documentary on dear ol’ dad. Kurt’s real-life friend and mentor, Buzz Osbourne from THE MELVINS, did an interview to separate truth from fiction about Kurt’s life, as Kurt was a well-established bullshitter when it came to feeding juicy stories to the media. Anyway, Buzz confirmed that Kurt had not in fact lost his virginity to a drooling retarded girl as Kurt had once told someone in the press. What does it say about someone that they would actually make up a story like that? But more apropos is Buzz recalling Courtney flaunting her tits (as in, being completely topless) to their tour photographer while Kurt looked on (probably busy writing his next hate-song to high school jocks). Oh, and the tour photographer was the HOLE bassist. Oh, and the HOLE bassist was Courtney’s former boyfriend. Like all things recently beta in our culture, I blame it all on Kurt Cobain.


  34. on November 3, 2015 at 2:04 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    OT: Not sure if you saw this, CH, but another white female teacher caught banging her students:


    [CH: behold the transformation of the american sexual market from K to r. blame scale, blame population density, blame feminism, blame daddy government, blame diversity. the writing is on the wall.]


    • The real news here… A female gym teacher is not a lesbian!


    • I say this every time because I think its true: Female teachers banging their high school students is partly due to them being surrounded by younger, hotter, tighter girls. Actually, the youngest, hottest, tightest girls in the sexual market, and so they feel anxious and desperately need to prove their sexual worth. So they fuck those girl’s male peerage to prove they “still got it”. This is not the whole story, but it is definitely a factor.

      Some of these teachers are cute for their age, or downright fuckable (Debra LaFave, anyone?) but they see themselves compared to their “competition”, which is glowing 17 year olds, and suddenly they transform into low self-esteem easy-poundtown girls.

      Imagine being surrounded every day by famous and high status men, but you’re not part of their entourage. It would mess with you. This is life for female high school teachers.

      Some of this is of course, low class red-neckedness and r-selection, but don’t underestimate the power of low self-esteem blasts.


  35. It is worth (I think) observing that the rise of the Beta Orbiter is concommitent with the rise of career singletons and late marriage for women. Our parents generation did not have to endure this (and were therefore clueless about it) as they married young and courted for the purpose of marriage. Women now court if that is the word for the purpose of tingles. Being Friendzoned should be regarded by men the way women regard unwanted sexual attention.

    We need a new law to criminalise the activity!


  36. CH – I hope the actuality of the changing dynamic of which you speak would be impetus for women to grow up and finally take their rightful place as real adults. I have seen just about enough of this female tendency to excuse themselves of any self-examination of agency around the male competition for their attentions. Women pretend they have nothing at all to do with it (no agency whatsoever) all the while manipulating the social environment around them to fit their strategies. This is deeply narcissistic and machiavellian all wrapped into one nicely wrapped package of pure unadulterated childishness.

    I’m going to make this about my favorite simplification of the moment – about the fucking golden rule. If women want adult rights they must take up the burden of adult responsibility with respect to the golden rule and stop pretending somehow that they are excused from that.

    I would say the times (culture-wise) are calling for a change here gentlemen. We should all be holding the women around us accountable to take up the real moral accoutrements of the adulthood they claim is within their natural rights.

    Circumstances would vastly improve for all if men could collectively force this change.


    • Related to me comment above – why do women feel they have a right to the precious pussy syndrome they all seem to suffer from? Why do they suffer from this syndrome in the first place? They want a “real” man to despoil them of their precious pussy yet they also want to reserve the right to feel deeply offended by this – which has to come out in some way, being a syndrome and all, so sometimes it gets redirected within the edifice of their own psyche in the most byzantine fashion so that the output (the crazy) is unrecognizably detached from the input (the awesomeness of the despoiling). Some crazy shit.


  37. One thing to remember about chicks who put you in the friendzone: They’re not friends. Friends wish you well and don’t want to use you, while friendzoning bitches do not want you to get laid with other women – they want you to stay a eunuch, their eunuch. It’s actually a cruel and abusive relationship, not a friendship.
    Perhaps it should be re-christened the “eunuch zone” or the “castration zone”.


  38. on November 4, 2015 at 3:25 am jessie pinkman

    Alpha Ayrabs showing Europe how its done.You’d NEVER! see Europeans cuck/betas having the sheer testicles to even attempt this.It could also be easily assumed the girl”Victim” had very little issue with the whole ordeal


  39. I used to see a lot of orbiters 10 years ago. I saw one a few days ago, and I got a double take stare from her, and she stared at the bulg.

    I think now that most betas are on the net, then that leaves fewer orbiters, so now the phone is the new orbiter for women.


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