Thought Experiment: The Alpha Male

Which man is envied by more men and desired by more women?

a. The childless player who has a history of bedding beautiful, unencumbered women and is currently in a relationship with a pretty girl on the Pill, a relationship which he seasons every so often with side flings.


b. The low class oaf who has five children with two different land whales.

Envy is a palimpsest that reveals aspiration. Few men, even those who profess belief in the familial dynasty model of alpha maleness, would envy man B. Children do not make the alpha male. Children, quality children at any rate, are a byproduct of the condition of being an alpha male in a world where reproduction thwarting technologies don’t exist or are expensive and unreliable.

We’re no longer in that world, but we still retain the intuitive discernment from our not-so-distant pre-prophylactic past of which men are winners and which are losers. The winners — the envied — are those men who live varied and fulfilling sex and love lives with beautiful women. Just as CH once elegantly defined the alpha male.

After all, the hard work is persuading a woman to relinquish her sex and fill her heart with love. When she has, it’s a mere formality — in the environment of procreative adaptation from which our post-procreation minds are still molded — to fill her womb.


  1. “The childless player who has a history of bedding beautiful, unencumbered women and is currently in a relationship with a pretty girl on the Pill, a relationship which he seasons every so often with side flings.”

    Give me a break CH, I’ve yet to find a woman worthy of my seed.


    • I, of course have to stridently disagree. Alpha is ALL about finding a good girl and puttin’ buns in the oven so she will never stray and always suck your dick, amen.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 8:44 am Joachim Peiper

      It took me unitl my 40s. But having a kid is a fabulous experience. I can only recommend it. You’re not truly an adult until you have children. You go from being someone’s kid to being someone’s father. You have a lot to offer. Men like you need to breed the most.


      • Every man I know who became a father became less of a man. You seem to fit that as well, loser.


      • You might well ask,whom do you envy more:The player who has bedded many beautiful bitches and has multiple kids in his wake,or the player who has indulged equally but with NO kids,given both men are financially well off? The aging male with so many broads but no one who relies on him for love & guidance etc seems a bit of a fop compared to the guy who has at least some connection with kids and is needed and looked up to by them. Think Rod Stewart.Or Bob Marley if ya wanna go black. Jack Nicholson–featured by CH of late,is a bit sad,too old for the Lothario bit,but cant be the patriarch. (NOTE:Compare the low class oaf with 5 children or the low class oaf with NO children. The first at least has gotten his genes into the mix.)


      • Mark, you sound like a bitter gay. Guy made a solid point, and you, without making any kind of reasoned point, showed yourself to be a winy bitch


      • mark, don’t become a father. You’ll do the world a favor.

        You fuckin so-called wannabe alphas with your peter pan neuroses on getting pussy…wow. Never have I seen more transparent and pathetic need for ego validation.


      • Being an Optimist is the only requirement for breeding.


      • Every man I know who became a father became less of a man.

        In your case, certainly a less visible man.


      • Mark, you deserved that. If a man becomes less after having kids, he wasn’t fit for the bill.

        Joachim, thanks I agree with you but the culture in America is too twisted. Church girls tend to be the biggest sluts of them all. Should a unicorn fall in my lap is happily oblige.


      • on November 18, 2014 at 2:33 pm Joachim Peiper


        I found a great wife in Ukraine. She’s beautiful and has very good character. I met many others who would be good wives too. Just go there and start getting to know the women and culture. Make several trips and take your time.


    • “I’ve yet to find a woman worthy of my seed.”

      Elbows too pointy?

      “Every man I know who became a father became less of a man.”

      And you are more of a man that DeKwon who sires 8 kids with 4 different baby mamas? More than Adrian Peterson?

      In any event, the oaf’s genes will win out in the end, supported & bred by your tax dollars. The de-evolution of the West. All because rich white people were too greedy to pay people to pick their cotton yesterday and too greedy today to pay people a fair wage to mow their lawn. So much for out of Africa.


    • then you’re a loser. The winner, the envied, according to evolution, is the one who passes his DNA on the most. Consequently EVERY woman is worthy of your fuckin useless seed.

      It’s good that narcissists keep it in their pants.

      If I didn’t have to pay for it, I would knock up every woman I had the chance to. The WORLD deserves my progeny.


  2. When’s the book coming out?


  3. I didn’t read the post. I dont need to.

    [CH: war cry of the ignoramus.]

    None of you get it yet you discuss it and discuss it and discuss it. You people are like fucking girls. So let me break it down for you:

    [breaking it down for us… like a girl?]

    you people are all retarded.
    Girls dont like jerks or assholes.

    [loud protestations to the contrary won’t change reality.]

    Girls like dominant alpha men that are nice, strong, don’t take any bullshit from us can build a house and fight a war.

    [chicks also dig jerks. newsflash: a lot of powerful, admired men are jerks.]

    That are nice to a few real friends they have, that seem like they would take good care of the children (not cook and clean, thats my job, but take them to the woods, build them a three house and teach them how to fight and make a water still). But if he is an asshole, if he cheats if he doesn’t help his friends if he doesn;’t remember to get me an occasional (cheap but cute and thoughtful gift) I dont care how successful he is (unless he is Zuckerberg).

    [you write like a fat girl.]

    The problem is that you pussies dont know how to be alpha males without being jerks.

    [so you agree that being a jerk works on women?]

    But my pussy is reserved for a real alpha MAN not a game spewing omega or beta ot theta or whatvere eta idiot who is an asshole because he thinks that is how he will get girls.

    [your pussy is reserved for snacky cakes.]

    I subsribe to this blog and post after post, essay after essay, comment after comment and still you don’t get it. You are all complete retards. And losers. And none of you make my pussy tingle.

    [would you feel a tingle through three layers of blubber?]

    btw english is not my first language so excuse any mistakes.

    [feel free to unsubscribe anytime.]


    • One who understands, unlike the adolescents.


      • This post doesn’t make any sense – extolling rural white fatherhood virtues [like roaming in the woods and building treehouses], but also desiring to spread her legs for an utterly sociopathically nihilistic monster like Fuckerberg? UNLESS maybe she were an hebrew-speaking jewess [ESL == English as a Second Language], who lived near one of the very rare forests in Israel [pines of Lebanon? maybe near the Golan Heights?] – apparently a “water still” is a device for collecting dew and mist and whatnot in the desert.


    • If we are all just tingle-killing retards & pussies, then why do you keep reading 🙂


    • “The problem is that you pussies dont know how to be alpha males without being jerks.”

      You don’t get it: YOU’RE NOT WORTH IT, i.e. commitment. You never can be of yourself. It is the men’s job to have civilized patriarchy, and it is the men’s gift of a man’s world. You can’t earn it ever, and until this global economy collapses, neither can we.

      The men you remember are the jerks. Thanks for cuming. Bye.


    • “nice, strong, don’t take any bullshit from us”

      One of these things are not like the other.

      [CH: pointing out the river of contradictions that so often flow out of a fat feminist’s mouth is an exercise in futility at worst, self-amusement at best. nothing will get through.]


      • True, but I’m obligated to point it out anyways.


      • No, a man can be both nice and intolerant of bullshit. As someone just said, the problem is that our culture coddles women’s bullshit, so alpha men don’t get a lot of opportunities to be nice.


      • A.M.Y.:

        our culture coddles women’s bullshit, so alpha men don’t get a lot of opportunities to be nice.

        Oh, the delicious irony. Makes me want to spank you, lol. Serve up a great big target….


    • btw english is not my first language so excuse any mistakes.

      That explains it.

      It’s true, we can tone down the jerkitude (somewhat) with girls from for example Poland, or Colombia, or Japan, but with English-speaking women, you need a higher level of jerkitude, otherwise you come off as weak.

      There’s a reason British male tourists in Europe are notorious for bad behavior — their country’s women trained them to act that way.


    • xnikix,

      Have you read “Fifty shades of Grey” and did it give you pussy tingle?

      Even if you say no, tell me why tens of Millions of women who read it did get pussy tingle if it is not because they love jerks/bad boy who are not so nice to them.

      And tell me why so many women post on their facebook page or their dating profile that they read that book and that they liked it.

      Why do they want us to know?


    • xnikix

      “I want a nice guy that will treat me right , blah, blah, blah”
      “I’m tired of games, been there done that, only contact me if you are serious”
      “You are afraid of a strong independent women”

      LOOK lady that doesn’t work here.

      We know the disconnect between what women SAY and what they DO.
      See the link bellow for what they want . Dr. Roger F. Devlin explains it “The Question of Female Masochism” :


      • “Is the Violence Against Women Act an attempt to get back at men for their failure to put women in their place?”

        The above link is a good read. CH, take a look- worthy of a post.

        Since alpha males can’t smack women around to keep them in line (and produce gina tingles) we’ve adapted to ‘beat them at their own game’ pun intended: cunning manipulation, deception, confusion etc (game).

        Funny thing is that us men who bang lots of women know they all enjoy rough sex- at varying degrees of course. OK to give her a good smack across the face, ass, pull hair etc while ur pounding her cervix…and she’ll love you for it.

        But…can’t do those things when she’s obnoxiously bitching at you for the weather or because you didn’t text her back while you’re at work or the laundry list of stupid shit they come up with. That’s domestic violence.

        Relating to the OP:
        Game is the fist of us alpha males of modern day. The advanced skills of layimg hot women while minimizing resource expenditure and long term exposure to liabilties. And also useful to keep them in line.


      • “What women say about men comes from their cerebral cortex; how they choose men depends upon their evolutionary more primitive limbic system.”

        Game is limbic. Same with modern marketing/”mining”.

        From P Roberts’ “The Impulse Society (ch. 3, power corrupts)”

        “Simply by causing a person to feel rich or powerful even temporarily produces more self-centered or aggressive behavior.”

        “How and why power leads to self-centered behavior involves a complex process, but the basic outlines are fairly well understood. The experience of power and status activates our approach system, a neural mechanism motivating our efforts to gratify basic needs, such as sex, social approval and attention, along with learned needs, such as money. Once triggered, the approach system moves you forward. You just go after things. What’s more, even as power is making us more aggressive, it is also reducing our sensitivity to other people or to social norms. This mix of more approach and less sensitivity is quite potent. Anything that seems rewarding and good, if you’re feeling powerful; YOU JUST GO AFTER IT.”

        Fake it ’til you make it is real and causal.

        Approach and take what you want.


      • @Pavlov “We know the disconnect between what women SAY and what they DO.See the link bellow for what they want . Dr. Roger F. Devlin explains it “The Question of Female Masochism” :

        That’s an excellent analysis. Wow. I’d love to see a Jezebel writer try to rebut that. Lol


    • I subscribe but I don’t read? WTF?

      Intentional ignorance? Also I love the slur against the differently abled. Apparently that’s OK as long as it’s a social justice warrior that’s doing it. English homework:

      _____________ (n.) the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 2:56 am DoublePlusGood

      Good news! Charlie Manson has yet to commit and is still accepting offers.


    • “I dont care how successful he is (unless he is Zuckerberg).”

      As the man said, now we’re just bargaining about the price.


      • on November 18, 2014 at 9:29 am haunted trilobite

        Glengarry, could you furnish us with the full version of that anecdote?


      • Glengarry can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the anecdote is the old joke along the following lines:

        He: “Would you sleep with a man for a million dollars?”
        She: “Well, of course!”
        He: “Would you sleep with me for $20?”
        She: “Of course NOT!!! What kind of girl do you think I am?”
        He: “We’ve already established that… now I’m just negotiating price.”



      This you? Blue hair, bad attitude, zero tan, Michelin man neck folds… And European. I would be shocked if it isn’t.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 8:53 am Joachim Peiper

      Actually, I think she has a point and is correct. She’s not American. AW seem more interested in jerks because their templates for what a good man is has been warped by our failing culture. They don’t know what right looks like. European women don’t shit test as much and they don’t need to be put in their place as much. This is why I prefer them.


      • I also think her internal definition of a real man includes all those rough things, they just go unspoken.


    • I concur with the fat bitch from Europe.

      Women want a REAL alpha, not a fake one. Instead of imitating alphas with clever language, try BEING a fuckin alpha for once in your miserable lives.

      The world needs real alphas- this is why shit has gone to complete shit in the west, abdication of alpha. Instead a bunch of spergs get on websites learning how to ape alphas.

      Women flock to soldiers, fighters, race drivers, pilots. These guys are NOT uniformly assholes or jerks. In many cases they are straight as an arrow. But they have something that beta neurotics desperate to get some pussy do not have- courage, morals, honor, strength.

      Think Chesley Sullenberger- this mfer is alpha as the day is long. He landed a fuckin dead plane on a river and saved everyone’s lives. Was he a jerk? Asshole? Player? No. He was respectful, humble, calm, confident. He has status because of how he behaves and what he does.

      Alphas wouldn’t CARE if they came home alone; it wouldn’t be taken as an ego invalidation. This ACTUAL not having to have bitchlike reaffirmation on a constant basis is paradoxically WHY they get more pussy than you, not because they are chasing more cleverly.

      [CH: how many times am I gonna have to hammer this into your head? overconfidence is sexy to women. faking it till you make it works. millions of testimonials + science confirms it.

      yes, confident, charming pilots are sexy to women. so are confident, charming layabouts. you don’t like this. well, that’s your problem. you’ll have to get over it.]


  4. on November 16, 2014 at 6:57 pm fucku4urservice

    Cunt has lips, doesn’t mean it shoud talk.


  5. Jack Nicholson or Bill Cosby?
    George Peppard or Robert Wager?
    Roberto Cavalli or Pierre Cardin?
    Dr. Dre or Emimem?


  6. having 3 kids (all boys and one mid 20’s, 8, and another in the oven) by what the “guys” here rate as “hot” women, I’m pretty sure I win the reproduction wars.

    now, that said, I don’t stop playin’ with the young girls I can still pull, but I will say that i set up my ltr’s much differently.

    women love an asshole on the surface but live for the slivers of kindness. it fits their social standards for congruence. calibrate calibrate calibrate. make fun of retards and the handicapped, pussy religious dudes and ugly girls. expect your dishes and laundry done. expect her to carry the lefovers/things you buy/kid stuff even if it isn’t hers. giver her empty soul a reason to exist. hot girls need it even more.

    wake up at 4 AM once every week or two and grab her for a non-sexual snuggle, all it takes.

    win for once in your lives you…you….you….you lazy fuckers. 😉


    • “having 3 kids (all boys and one mid 20′s, 8, and another in the oven) by what the “guys” here rate as “hot” women, I’m pretty sure I win the reproduction wars.”

      Sisters don’t count.


    • > “3 kids (all boys and one mid 20′s, 8, and another in the oven) by what the “guys” here rate as “hot” women”

      If it’s two women, then that’s a 3 / 2 = 1.5 TFR. And If it’s three women, then that’s a 3 / 3 = 1.0 TFR. Whereas you need a TFR of 2.10 just to tread water.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 9:04 am Joachim Peiper

      You need to raise them too, not just reproduce. That is what distinguishes us from R selected races.


    • No sir you haven’t. I have many more than that and you’re evidently much older than me.

      If you’re married and she isn’t popping one out every year & a half or so…you’re doing something wrong.
      If money is a prevention issue.. make more! Isn’t that what all us white men are supposed to be doing anyway (getting rich)!? Making lots of $$ and lots of kids is what all white men should be doing to make a better future.


      • $$ is nothing, only worth what itcan be traded for. the ability to make or aquire items with or without it… is.


  7. It is obvious that that (a. the childless player ) is more desirable, but I do not think it is a fair comparison. We should be comparing two alphas not alpha and the lesser beta or omega. Apples to apples so to speak. Same man taking two different roads in life. One the player and the other family man. I have hard time parting with the law of natural selection that recognizes only one currency: babies. (Buns in the oven as Zombie Shane would put it).

    [CH: i purposefully chose an extreme comparison to illustrate as efficiently as possible the intellectual bankruptcy of defining the alpha male by his number of progeny. i’m sorry for pro-white pro-natalists, but the innerspace of the human psyche doesn’t work that way. not for men, at any rate.

    this post has a second objective: to remind demographic doomsayers that the way to get whites to have more kids is not to proselytize the wonders of child rearing to white men, but to change the current structure so that the average white man is once again the top of the mate choice pecking order, to restore his status as king of his domain, so that the faithful love of women is his reward. in layman’s terms: you’ll win a lot more male converts with pickup strategy than you will with lamaze classes.]


    • No the way to increase higher social class progeny is to educate women LESS.

      It’s a sad sociological fact as the average female education level rises in a country. The average birth rate declines in lock step. Which is why Putin is begging Russian women to have more babies. Why the president of Singapore once said every college educated woman needs to have 2.2 children to replace population.

      Look at Japan it has a negative birthrate.
      Then look at Afghanistan where 13 year old brides are common with it’s birth rate of 8.

      The west has self stratified and only the stupid welfare queens are having kids early and often.

      I say that White men should continue the trends. Say F*ck that to any privileged burb princess and get a female who was raised in a society to be a mother. Mail order or local minority… why fight the princess socialization? Just shop elsewhere.


    • And CH wins COTW


    • > “the way to get whites to have more kids is not to proselytize the wonders of child rearing to white men, but to change the current structure so that the average white man is once again the top of the mate choice pecking order”

      It won’t work. You can’t use nihilism to fight nihilism. There has to be something more. In fact, it’s not entirely clear to me that you can even “fight” nihilism per se in the first place – to a certain extent, about the best you can do is to get the hell out of its way – far enough out of its way to be able to hope that it won’t drag you over the cliff with it.


    • in layman’s terms: you’ll win a lot more male converts with pickup strategy than you will with lamaze classes.]

      Ha. +1


    • “you’ll win a lot more male converts with pickup strategy than you will with lamaze classes.”



    • What a load of horseshit, CH…

      FAKE alphas. FAKE FAKE FAKE…as transparent and FAKE as the day is long.

      Neil Armstrong didn’t spit “game.” He didn’t fucking have to, and he was too busy flying to the fucking moon to have to give a shit about this nonsense.

      If white men wanna get back on top, start by being a REAL man instead of a pussy.


  8. […] Thought Experiment: The Alpha Male […]


  9. That earlier post CH links to is good reading. I read it long ago, and I have started to make bookmarks of the best manosphere writings now, adding that one. Frustrating when you want to provide an example and you can’t find it.

    “Keep in mind that there is no line in the sand that separates betas from alphas — the distribution of men by their attractiveness to women follows an uneven continuum”

    Quite so. I wrote just yesterday:

    Many forget that alpha and beta are on a sliding scale.

    Also, let’s remember that the terminology as used in the manosphere was meant to ONLY be about the ability to pick up women. Not about general success in life. There are generals, brilliant inventors, CEOs, movie stars and statesmen who are betas when it comes to women.

    Sometimes we see the stories in the media, showing highly successful men act foolish. Like the billionaire who lost a fortune to his first wife, and then again to his second wife, because he didn’t have a prenup. Or General Petraeus writing sappy love letters to his mistress. Or James Franco trying to hook up with a teenage girl online, holding up a sign with her name on it in a picture, which she then showed to the media. The chat shows he didn’t flirt with her, no escalation whatsoever, just asked her to meet with him in a hotel.

    The reason we use “alpha” and “beta” is that “PUA” wasn’t usable anymore. When the name “manosphere” was invented for those who started in PUA forums but then moved on to a wider message, they wouldn’t keep using the word PUA for men who had pickup success as it belonged to the old community.

    Making up a new name that will stick is hard. The best way to do it is to take something that already has real-life validation. So someone came up with “alpha” because of wolves, and then of course “beta” follows.

    To a large degree these work. Alpha wolves get most of the females. But when the terminology is applied to everything a man is, it cracks. Success with women often comes to those who are successful in other ways too, yes, but there is not a perfect correlation.

    It is when people don’t understand this that we get confusion. “But a guy who creates a successful business or who wins the Olympics is alpha too!” That guy is successful in his profession, yes. But again: alpha/beta in manosphere discussions about pickup are measurements of success with women only.


    • Adding from a post by Skinner yesterday:

      If we’re gonna sperg out over categorisation of male behaviour, Vox Day nailed it a while back. It’s not simply Alpha fux, Beta bux at all. Most betas are actually doing ok with women. They’re just keeping one on lock-down and putting up with female nonsense for the privilege (which yes, isn’t good.)
      But what’s often being called beta in here is beyond that. It’s really gamma or omega behaviour. And that dark triad shit? More likely sigma than alpha.
      So well done CH for calling this out, not as beta behaviour, but as some sort of OCD omega BS

      Agree with this. Though Vox’ inclusion of his own invented categories, gamma and delta, is unnecessary and didn’t stick. Alpha, beta and omega (and sometimes “sigma”; sneaky outsider behavior that can sometimes get women because of how screwed up our current society is) are enough. Making a longer list of detailed categories never works, three are enough.


      • Yes, it’s far too much of a burden to remember 6 categories, we need to dumb it down so thwack can understand.


      • Yes, it’s far too much of a burden to remember 6 categories, we need to dumb it down so thwack can understand.

        First of all, absolutely no one uses those categories. Yes, making up six categories really was too much for this particular scale, and no one would ever agree on the definitions for the six. Second, because Vox made up some extra categories, he moved around the traits in the alpha, beta and omega definitions. Vox is often a good writer, but that particular post wasn’t quite right. And that is why you don’t see him push for it – it was written years ago. But it shows up in Google searches for alpha/beta searches, which is probably where Skinner saw it.


      • Vox ain’t quite nailed it, but it’s still better than a simple binary which places high betas in the same category as basement dwelling incels. I think we need at least to distinguish between betas getting some and betas getting none.


    • clarification: this is good advice for a beta as its written from that perspective.

      Arbiter describes some variance situational Alpha vs. true Alpha succinctly.


    • @ skinner

      Vox ain’t quite nailed it, but it’s still better than a simple binary which places high betas in the same category as basement dwelling incels. I think we need at least to distinguish between betas getting some and betas getting none.

      Vox conflates SMP value with SMP activity in his SMV naming algorithm. To some degree activity adds value, but high value can be achieved without activity.

      There are “greater betas” (where marriage puts them in the beta category) who have higher SMVs than some alphas. They have potential, unrealized as opposed to actual, realized sexual activity.


  10. on November 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Some Old School wisdom here…

    How to pick a mate, the guide to a happy marriage (1946) by Vance Packard.

    Links to different formats on the left side of the page.


    • I demand the opportunity to be led by my genitals into the optimal solution.


    • Good find!
      ” Some men saw so many “loose” women near their stations and embarkation ports (and frequently had affairs themselves with such women) that their attitude toward all women was cheapened.”

      Talk about this happening on a massive scale! Our grandfathers would have thought we are all insane & in one hell of a predicament!


  11. on November 16, 2014 at 7:56 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Bill Burr talks about “great men” and gold diggers, here.


  12. Long time reader – and generally agree with you. But this issue of who is more alpha – the childless cad or the family man is the main issue on which I think you could not be more wrong.

    First you’re setting up a false dichotomy.

    [CH: see my comment above.]

    You define the family man as an oaf and the mothers are “land whales”, what does that imply about the quality of this children. You might as well ask what is better a new Honda or a rusted out Ferrarri? ( well… i suppose it depends.. how rusty? )

    So let me make two observations:

    1. You protest too much methinks. You sure there isn’t a kernel of doubt in there that you periodically must assuage?

    [nah. i just like thought experiments.]

    2. I come from a very large family and my 28 uncles and aunts are all in their 60’s now. And I have the chance to see who is most satisfied with the course of their lives. And it really is the ones surrounded by grandchildren.

    [is this satisfaction something that is equally evident in your uncles as it is in your aunts?]

    Just like women should take the old advice about marrying hand having a family in their 20s. Men really should take the same advice for no later than their 40’s.

    [older childless men who have full love lives with attractive women don’t seem too dissatisfied to me.]

    Maybe its cultural. I’m from a large southern European family. A man without children is not considered a real man. If over 40, he is an object pity, and not judged much differently than we might judge a homosexual. ( That is someone whose sexual urges have been “perverted” into an unproductive direction. That is by the way the original meaning of that word ).

    [having children, like being in a monogamous LTR, isn’t necessarily “beta”. but judging a man’s sexual market value, or even his social market value, by his # of children is putting the cart before the horse.]


    • You are purposefully mixing up two ideas as suits your purpose.

      [CH: not at all. see below.]

      On the one hand you’re posting about “which man is more envied” and on the other about what is “alpha and beta”.

      [as i explained, envy is the veneer of aspiration. the alpha male is envied because men aspire to be like him. why do men aspire to him? because he has that thing which is more valuable than gold: limitless choice in women.]

      When it suits you define “alpha” tautologically – e.g. alpha is only about being high SMV because high SMV the definition of alpha.

      [no. high smv is the definition of a darwinian winner (in the pre-contraception environment.) ps tautologies often distill to great truths.]

      But in the context of a post about which man is most envied our definition must be wider – whose life is more satisfying. Or to narrow it a little – if I define an alpha as a man who has choices ( e.g. a man with SMV that he can chose the life of a cad if he wants it ) – what life should an alpha chose?

      [that’s irrelevant to smv, and the alpha-beta-omega categorization. your arguing for the good life, which is not foundational to human worth.]

      For myself it has in fact been to be a family man. I’ve had the chance to live the life of a cad – in college. I’d I’ll put up my experiences there against any of you players today. The trade for me has been absolutely worth it. ( and not without trouble – two wives now – the full gamut of the problems. )

      It is my elderly uncles who are the proudest of their children and grandchildren. The men of my family are mostly large strong men. But even the strongest and manliest of my uncles is today a physically shadow of his former self. But I see in them today huge pride standing next to a new generation of strong young men.

      [pride of paternity is not evidence of alphaness. nor is alphaness evidence of a lack of paternal instinct.]


      • “When it suits you define “alpha” tautologically – e.g. alpha is only about being high SMV because high SMV the definition of alpha.”

        No. He is saying that the man with high sexual market value is the most admired, and that man is an alpha. Where’s the tautology?

        “But in the context of a post about which man is most envied our definition must be wider – whose life is more satisfying.”

        No. Our definition “must” not be “wider”. You are the one setting up false definitions here. You are saying that the person with the most satisfying life is the one who is the most envied. Really? That is an assumption you make because it suits your case. I have never heard anyone talk about that definition. That would mean that anyone is “the most envied”, no matter how he lives his life, provided he is “the most satisfied”. However you prove that he would be satisfied. A lunatic in an asylum, who thinks himself a victorious Napoleon, would be more satisfied than someone trudging along in the real world. Is the satisfied then the most envied man in the world?

        “Or to narrow it a little – if I define an alpha as a man who has choices ( e.g. a man with SMV that he can chose the life of a cad if he wants it ) – what life should an alpha chose?

        “For myself it has in fact been to be a family man. I’ve had the chance to live the life of a cad – in college. I’d I’ll put up my experiences there against any of you players today. The trade for me has been absolutely worth it.”

        Irrelevant. First, avoid bragging when you want to make a case, since it proves nothing. Second, you are veering off there with your “to narrow it a little … what life should an alpha chose (sic)”? What does that have to do with who is the most envied?

        And you are putting words in CH’s mouth. He doesn’t say that someone with children is automatically worse off. Take away that assumption and your whole case falls. He is saying that having children is in itself not a proof of anything.

        Also, you are equating high SMV with being a cad and player. Yes, men with a high SMV are more likely to have more sex partners. But CH is talking about who has the highest SMV, period. Not what he does with it.

        A lot of the time, criticism by drive-by commenters is about how men should not be “cads” and “players” when that is not what is said in what they criticize. Though what they criticize might not exclude sleeping with many women, and though that may be the likely outcome (and not one that should be automatically criticized like you do), that is not what is said. So stick to discussing the claim being made, without setting up strawmen.


      • Oh wait, is Darwin deciding who is alpha?

        [CH: darwin was just a messenger for cosmic forces.]

        The fact that my 4 children have 11 first cousins, or that I have 47 full blood first cousins has me feeling pretty good about who is the darwinian winner.

        [an alpha cad who sleeps with 100 women would have 200 heirs in a premodern state of nature.]

        It seems like me and my people are running a pretty good k-selected reproductive strategy. And we’re choosing it consciously – because we still come from a functioning culture.

        [all well and good. and irrelevant to this post.]

        You’re advocating for something that at best would have produced a bunch of bastard spawn of single mommery – with all the manboobery and slutwalking that results for your crippled spawn a generation later.

        [i’m not advocating anything. i’m describing.]


      • Balzac, again, stop bragging about your family, willya. It’s like someone writing “I can kick the ass of anyone in this forum!” It never works.

        Oh wait, is Darwin deciding who is alpha?

        The question is who is the most envied. What we envy is the result of instincts shaped by evolution, yes. You can’t reply to that, so you belittle it by saying “Darwin deciding”, making it about a person supposedly setting arbitrary rules for other people. It’s like when leftists say “don’t judge” instead of “don’t criticize”. The greatest crime in the egalitarian ideology is for one person to claim that he has the right to decide for others, so leftists often twist discussions to make them about that. E.g. “Who are YOU to decide that?” when someone is simply stating an opinion. You do a variation of this. Clever.


      • CH: Let me give you a theory about why men have “approach anxiety” and why that anxiety is so strong: in pre-modern times men who approached and tried to seduce women would be killed by her male relatives.

        [CH: the dominant or seductive men of the tribe would not have approach anxiety.]

        The only men through history who were impregnating women by the dozen were the captains of conquering armies. And those men didn’t require seduction.

        [incomplete. there’s a perfectly good theory that high male death rates in hunter-gatherer europe allowed the remaining men to procreate with more than one woman.]

        I suspect cads though history were less successful than men who build families. That is why there are so many of us.

        [who’s to say prehistory cads didn’t have big families?]

        Arbiter: We’re talking about “who is most envied?” Well his example is broken.

        [keep telling yourself that.]

        How about who is most envied: “a greasy NYC barista hipster who for years spends his nights trolling bars to have empty ONS’

        [define ’empty’.]

        with leathery bar skanks,

        [define ‘skank’.]

        or the successful business scion whose wife produces him 8 children to inherit his empire?” I can color the story too.

        [the successful business scion likely had a fulfilling and varied sex life before marrying.]

        Or if the measure of success if the ability to get the most of your favorite kind of ass, then the most envied men should be urban homosexuals.

        [ass gender matters.]

        The childless player is not much different than a homosexual.

        [except in the most crucial ways. *eye roll*]

        Fixated on getting into the pants of strangers – to no useful purpose.

        [moralizing is easy and fun.]


      • Or if the measure of success if the ability to get the most of your favorite kind of ass, then the most envied men should be urban homosexuals.

        Hm, no. Those who don’t desire to sleep with other men won’t envy a man who does so, they will be, and are, naturally repulsed. Though I can imagine other homosexuals will envy the more successful homosexual.


      • on November 19, 2014 at 4:00 am nooneslisteninganyway

        The alpha is most envied because even if a man want to settle down and being the process of creating progeny, the high-SMV value man will have the greatest choice of the available females.

        Who is more envied? The man who marries the sweet but plain girl, and has two kids, or the man who marries the sweet but amazingly beautiful girl, and has two kids?

        The high-SMV man has all options – player, total cad, or getting the apply the most selective filters to his choice of wife.

        Thought experiment: Assume Tim Tebow truly is/was a virgin. He would be seen as high-SMV, and certainly could choose a sweet, virginal woman of incredible beauty.

        The false dichotomy set up by Balzac is the assumption that high-SMV automatically means high-N.

        The whole point is to be in the position to choose what one wants most, be it pump’n’dump or picking from the finest of wifeable females.


  13. I am,like,kinda old. so I have also had a long time to have been active in all sorts of ways that raise good memories. There are a good number of righteous, strong children willing to chant the old family names as my viking long-funeral ship is set light.
    With my family names on pennnants, and the best volunteer lorlilies on board the flame – preppered temple-hull that will carry my names and chant my praises when it comes time to set alight the ceremonial viking longshiip that alone can burn me to paradise – or at least to put on a good show.. I will take the offer/


    • Speaking of funerals, I was at one last spring. Could have punished the emasculated minister in the face, I was so disgusted. He talked about the woman who died and used “we” as if he had ever met her. And then included some Bible story he no doubt rotates with other stories for funerals – it only barely applied but didn’t say anything profound, or anything insightful about her. No power in the speech at all. Completely unworthy for a woman who had done so much better in her life than the grey worm who was hired to talk. A relative should have held the speech instead and put some effort into it.

      We should bring back the time of singing at funerals. Not everyone, as if everyone should be heard, just the best singer. Or just play a moving melody. Two film clips come to mind:


      • And this one:


      • That’s the problem with state co-opted religion. The holy men are reduced to being bureacrats and have no inspiration. It’s a government job for them. Then again, how worthy are most of us of a profound and moving eulogy?


  14. Hmm envy?

    Is man a. also free of venereal diseases, false rape charges, one of his gals going BPD on him or ‘forgetting the Pill’, going into apathy and despair from hedonism and a growing lust that can’t be satisfied?

    [CH: another myth of the cad haters is that they are dogged by stalkers and venereal diseases. at least in the middle and upper classes, this isn’t the case.]

    Is man b. an oaf and only bedded landwhales because he is lazy and had no motivation or desire to self improve?

    After reading this…I’d go option c. I envy this monk.

    [children are an additive to, not a cause of, a man’s social value. comparing two alpha males, one childless and happily playing the field and one happily settled down with wife and kids, you might discover even numbers of admirers for each man. but that’s getting away from foundational tenets. the two men in this scenario are alpha through mechanisms already in motion before they made their later-in-life divergent choices.]


    • ‘another myth of the cad haters is that they are dogged by stalkers and venereal diseases. at least in the middle and upper classes, this isn’t the case.’

      It’s not cad hating…it’s talking about what happens in reality.

      [CH: but as i said, that doesn’t happen often in reality. not in the middle+ classes. the lower classes are a different story.]

      If the diseases or the crazy women don’t get them the despair certainly will.

      [despair is another myth anti-caddists cling to. of all the players i’ve known, none seemed despairing to me.]


    • Yeesh, earl. I don’t even have herpes, as apparently a majority of people have. You just make sure to improve your odds by sleeping with the right women.

      On that thought, for all the ruckus about AIDS, the chances you’d get it are very small. Where I live it’s only homosexuals, African immigrants, heroin users and a handful men who have slept with SE Asian prostitutes who have it. I remember mentioning that to a girl in college and she was engulfed by silent fury: mustn’t point out the truth! Mustn’t mention which groups are the biggest disease carriers! Even if it could potentially save someone’s life by keeping him away from such groups. Lives don’t matter to the Left, only propaganda.

      Speaking of that, I read about cases where couples had sex for months where one had HIV without knowing it, and still the partner didn’t catch HIV. Apparently it is actually very difficult for it to transfer through vaginal sex. But again, the fact that homosexual depravity is vastly more likely to transfer HIV is something people are not allowed to hear about.

      I had a teacher who said that in school, though: explaining why homosexual men caught disease easier. Another teacher explained why Negros lack energy, because of the sickle cell, and that they have smaller brains than anyone else. Heh. I guess if someone had reported them they would have been in serious trouble.


      • Re teachers: there was a substitute teacher we had in junior high school (1985) who would always end up chatting with the class about sports and he’d always say that he likes the Celtics because they are the only white team in the NBA.


      • @PA: Awesome.

        The first teacher in my story was a woman, by the way. I had some unusual teachers. Another teacher cautioned the class about believing everything the media and schools tell about WWII, because history is told by the victors. The left-wing fanatic in class shook as in shock.

        Another teacher in high school, a woman, told us that not all students have the same capacity for learning, and she thought that we who studied in a class with a more advanced program were smarter than students in another class she mentioned. She also said that “I think you carry on the Western drive to learn and explore.” She said this on the last day of the semester, in the presence of a leftist teacher who was clearly disturbed by the mention of anything Western as something positive.

        That last leftist teacher was also very disturbed when she had the class fill out a survey on political opinions (!) and the majority of us supported the death penalty (and nuclear power). She said, “I think I haven’t … talked to you enough about this.” With “talked” she meant propagandized, of course. This made many in the class raise their voices. A girl who was against the death penalty told the teacher that “we should be allowed to think whatever we want.”

        Good times. A sense of community among us back then. When even a leftist in the class stood up for her fellow students’ right to express their opinions. It didn’t hurt that the driving force in class consisted of two groups of guys, one with casually right-wing jocks and one with strongly right-wing academicians. Me belonging to the latter group. Our group would constantly make casual jokes about how fascism would solve this or that problem in school and the world.


    • “one childless and happily playing the field and one happily settled down with wife and kids, you might discover even numbers of admirers for each man.”

      Absolutely false. Alpha males hit a wall just like post-30 something single women. A fifty something childless bachelor still desperately hitting on twenty something women at bars is pathetic. However, a fifty something man with a beautiful woman and children at home flirting with a twenty something at a bar is envied. Subtle difference. One is a man who has nothing at home other than the next pussy. Both men have been there, done that. The other is a man with the greater experience of family toying with the idea of adding another filly to the stable.


      • bingo was his name-o.

        One is a real man who cares about his race and civilization, the other is peter pan and his sidekick is tinker bell.


      • @ J


        Even as a 40 yo if a man in his 50’s tries to hit on me or date me if he hasn’t been married with no kids I automatically assume something is up with him (nit in a good way) but the same 50 something man hitting on me who has previously been or is married and gas kids – doesn’t evoke the same negative emotion in me as the former.

        You are very correct. Older male players have a wall too. As a 40 yo woman who also hangs with 20 and 30 and 40 year old women, older never married men with no kids are either gay or have issues. Older married or divorced men with kids are not viewed the same way.


      • Brings a tear to me eye.

        Case in point: Mid-twenties chick wants my sexual attention for validation. Doesn’t ask my age (she’s younger than my kids), so LTR is not on her mind. She knows I’m married.

        Yeah, age is just so important to women. Not.


      • “Yeah, age is just so important to women. Not.”

        “Mid-twenties chick wants my sexual attention for validation….Doesn’t ask my age… LTR is not on her mind.”

        yeah so…

        she sees you as a source for sexual attention and validation, your age DOES matter – if you were a man closer to her age, she’d probably see you as a potential mate not just a man who can give her an ego boost and feed her need for attention.

        LTR is not on her mind – again, if you were a man closer to her age, she’d probably see you as a potential mate (LTR material) not just an ego booster.

        i’m not saying older guys can’t get young chicks. obviously they can but the age does come into play. we do the same thing with women. some are for fun, some are for LTRs. that’s just the way it goes.


      • @ blart

        I think we’re approaching the same thing from two different angles.

        For sex, age is simply a 5h1t-test–nothing more. If a woman is looking to have kids, it’s a serious question; it’s an LTR issue. For only sex, not at all. Physical fitness is always a concern for sex or whatever, so age plays a role there, potentially.

        If a woman doesn’t ask about age, when it’s obviously in the room, she has already passed the man on the 5h1t test and is DTF. The woman I’m discussing is a type of town bike and is insecure. Good looking, fun, a good dancer, and totally without discretion. I expect that most of her sex is validation sex.

        A woman who is looking to have validation sex needs a high SMV man to do it. If he’s old and she wants it from him and could get it from younger hot men, obviously, age has little to do with his SMV. For me, dancing is a DHV and easily compensates for my age in a dancing context.

        Actually, I get plenty of IOI’s from hot young things outside of a dancing context as well, so age is even less of a factor and doesn’t need a dancing context for DHVs to compensate for age.

        For 38+ women, age is even less important, obviously.

        Something I just thought of. A young woman may want an older man to knock her up if she desires his genes (AF), then let a young man raise her kid (BB).


  15. New pussy is delightful. But it is a different kind of joy from the feeling of looking at your kid and feeling love and pride well up in you.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 9:08 am Joachim Peiper

      Amen to that. I love watching my new daughter grow and develop and looking into her eyes and see her respond in kind. It is deeply moving. Nothing else like it.


    • This.


      • on November 17, 2014 at 1:56 pm Half Man- Half Amazing

        Of course the real alpha has a wife and kids. And mistresses, with the wife’s knowledge. Behind her back ain’t alpha. Simple rules here, e.g. the mistress can’t walk through the front door or interact with the kids. This way of life is fading out, it’s true.

        I understand a young’s guy need to reorganize his ideology to scrap the wife and kids and just keep the pussy now that the economy and feminist ideology makes it impossible for your average guy to hope to support all that. A shame.


  16. By coincidence, another blogger, one whose self-descriptions paint a convincing portrait of an apex cad alpha, obliquely describes his own thoughts on fatherhood.


  17. There is something degenerate about wanting to remain a childless cad type that spends all his time banging bitches. It’s soulless and disreputable.

    The children of such unions aren’t good children, just more r-selected scum to live on the welfare roles, or (as they become the majority) let civilization decay, and starve.

    When man and woman had one pair bonding for life and this was the norm and respected, human civilization reached it’s peak of landing on the moon. There is something to be said for that. Monkeys can put their penis in and out of wet holes forever…any animal can reproduce. Humans can do more, and should want to do more….

    [CH: again, once more for the nosebleeds:

    alpha maleness is an amoral property. alphas can be admirable or despicable. so your comment, while not necessarily wrong-headed, is irrelevant to the substance of this post.]


    • So glad to see more men on here defending the sanctity of proper mArraige and especially child rearing.

      Very refreshing.

      Witting men down to just their penis and sexual appetite isnt really helping men in the long run.


      • on November 18, 2014 at 2:43 pm Joachim Peiper

        It doesn’t help any of us in the long run. PUA as taught here is an effective antidote to the excesses of Feminism but it doesn’t move beyond it and create the circumstances for a healthy society.


  18. The childless player never will experience the joys of fatherhood. As he ages into his fifties and sixties, he will no longer be with pretty young women without offering monetary compensation in some form, whether status or money. Thus the childless alpha will have to acquire beta traits to keep the company of young, beautiful women as game will not be enough. The childless alpha will spend later years alone, and will have to pay taxis to take himself to doctor visits. I see this every day in my office. Pathetic existence.


    • Keep telling yourself that.

      The abundance of divorced cougars lapping up alimony and taking a second ride on the cock carousel exhibit otherwise.

      Just like a fat, stupid chick to make a claim based on her “I see this every day in my office”.

      Get to the gym.


      • This has nothing to do with the gym, genius. This has everything to do with the richness of your life experience.

        The biggest alpha I had met was when I was traveling in Salvador, Brazil for Carnival with my group of like-minded pussy hunting friends. We stayed at a beautiful house on a white sand beach owned by an old, skinny French man. He was hanging out with us drinking beers surrounded by his grandchildren, who were also French. They were laughing, playing and coming to sit in his lap while he talked to us. Even though I could not understand him, he seemed to be the most content person I had ever met. Then I saw a smoking hot, young, blue-eyed yet dark skinned Brazilian girl come sit in his lap. Turns out she was his current girlfriend, and he was a retired former president of Renault motors.

        That is alpha. Achieving financial freedom, being surrounded by friends and family, and having the relaxed feeling that you’ve done and experienced all life has to offer.

        And no, it’s not about hitting the gym, you keyboard jockey moron. Go ahead and make your plans to inject your sterile cum into aging cougars. Because you are incapable of producing children, you feel that fucking aging pussy is so much better. You will keep telling yourself with sour grapes that having children is not so rewarding, just like the feminist career-sluts who sleep with their cats in their beds. You don’t understand the value of family, or the feeling of pride and joy children can bring. Sadly, you never will.


      • The troll entertainment value of this post was underestimated, CH.

        Lowercase j:
        Get to the gym. Work off that pent up keyboard conjecture and masturbate to French pedophilia stories on another blog.


    • on November 16, 2014 at 9:49 pm The Spirit Within

      Think harder. Who’s to say that an elderly wife will be willing or able to take care of her elderly husband? There’s no guarantee of that, at all. False assumption.

      Furthermore, growing old is pathetic, no matter how you slice it, but it’s a helluva lot better than the alternative.

      [CH: old cads never die, they just get hookers and booze.]


      • I think J means that the children would drive the old to the hospital. But I agree, it’s pathetic any way you slice it. That’s why it’s important to eat right and lift weights, with a focus on exercises that strengthen your back.

        As luck would have it, Science once again enlightens us: studies show that people with and without children have about the same happiness average, just that those with kids have higher emotional highs and lower emotional lows. But that doesn’t mean the happiness level is the same for each man no matter which way that man goes – a particular man might be worse off if he chose children, or if he chose to be without them. Each man has to think of his own personality.

        Now considering what’s best for the world: How many great philosophers had children? Would the world have been better off if they had spent their time taking care of children instead of writing the thoughts that make up the foundation of the West’s philosophy, which has no equal in the world? Would the world be better off if those who now fight to save the West would instead spend their time taking care of children? And yes, some of them do have children. Would we be better off if they had a few more children each so that they had no time for politics?


      • on November 17, 2014 at 7:29 am The Spirit Within

        Yep. That’s why we have to identify our talents and follow them mercilessly. Kids come second to that. Society is better served this way.

        3…2…1… for the pro-white natalists to start sputtering “but but but half-breed Orcas smash my kids’ swingset, ammo ammo squeeze triggger grrrr, sputter sputter buns in oven, Kipling yay”. Grow up, children. See the globe for what it is — shockingly overpopulated with ALL types of people, and in need of some new methods of organization. Let’s step up to the task.


      • Just be a black daddy. Plant the child and then…vamoose.


  19. I’ve been thinking about having a kid lately and taking my journey into fatherhood. I’m 36, so within the next three years I expect it’ll happen if I stay with the same girl.

    She just turned 25 and lost her virginity to me at 23. Yes, I know, very rare. I’d say she’s a 7, but for perspective, I usually rate girls about a point less than the average around here.

    I hesitate because I lust for new women constantly and to give up even the possibility of new pussy puts me in a quasi state of dread.

    To use a cliche, I’m approaching a fork in the road. I ask myself if I should enjoy the pleasures of many young women, or, commit to one and start White family in an anti-White world.

    I think when all said and done … I want to expire surrounded by grandchildren and even great grandchildren if I’m lucky.


    • I’ve done both the single alpha and the raising kids route, and both are sublime when working. However, over the long term nothing makes me feel better than watching my kids grow, with a beautiful woman beside me who backs me in work and play. New pussy is great – but it is, in the end, just flesh.

      The trick is to let your woman know you’d be happily right out there on the hunt again if she starts to disrespect you. 7 years so far and no issues.


      • Indeed.

        The Game never changes … only its application.

        I’m going to have to sublimate my lust for variety, the best I can, when I have a kid. I’m not a paragon of moral virtue, but I won’t cheat.

        Fatherhood will be worth the sacrifice.

        Thanks for your comment.


      • I agree. I’ve outgrown my desire for new pussy for the most part anyway. I have what you describe and bagging new women is just empty after a while. Few if any can even compare to my wife as it is. If get the hankering for strange, there are always escorts. No need to rock the boat at home for a selfish weakness.


      • >>The trick is to let your woman know you’d be happily right out there on the hunt again if she starts to disrespect you

        Exactly this.

        I chased women across many continents in my travels but something I couldn’t escape was that i knew eventually I’ll have kids, even with I was a teenager, I knew one day (though I had to live first). It was as if the seed was planted in me!. My life now, though different is much more full-filled in certain ways. I would say to my younger self looking back, stop wasting time chasing the golden pussy and focus on your dreams and desires, everything will fall into place (and most likely you will get MORE of what you what you want by being more focussed on your own goals). Set forth and do what you desire Pluviophile! Make each day your best and constantly keep pushing yourself to be more succesful.


  20. Never seen CH answer so many comments before. Writer must be new…


    • You are insinuating that someone would be writing under CH’s name? But you don’t dare state it openly? Come on, be a man, make your accusation clear.

      And that is a ridiculous thing to use as proof. Maybe he just feels like replying. Especially with all the “anti-cad” types getting upset and twisting what he’s saying.

      [CH: yes, the answer is that i enjoy a little back and forth in the comments when free time and two richly hopped beers allow.]


      • You gold digger. Would you still love your beer if it were poor and didn’t hop? 🙂


      • on November 17, 2014 at 9:09 am Committe of 300

        Stevie Wonder could see the dramatic difference in tonality, grammar, attitude and level of vulgarity from one CH post to another. There are quite obviously multiple CH blog posters.


      • He’s mentioned in the past he has other writers writing for him. What are you new here? Plus, brown nosing is beta…


    • on November 17, 2014 at 8:38 am Crackhore john smegma

      He, he, not only new, but also functionally illiterate, having used “your” instead of “you are” in one of this thread’s replies to Balzac.


  21. What you weirdos don’t understand is the joy of having a tough son who picks up where you left off in athletics etc. nothing like seeing your boy dominate on the football field…or basketball, baseball, hell even soccer. It’s F’n invigorating.

    Have kids – they’re really fun and we may need soldiers.


    • Effing sake. Can all you semi-literates read CH’s post and reply to what he’s actually saying, instead of acting like the low-IQ lemmings who always try to fit all they read into comfortable categories they have already made up their minds about? It’s like when someone comments on the huge murder rate in South Africa, and the reply comes, SO, you like SLAVERY?


      • Off topic …

        Lovers of beauty will enjoy this documentary:


      • Very interesting, Pluviophile. Only read the description now, but will watch later.


      • We may need to change your handle to CH’s lieutenant as much as your sucking up today. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what DaninDC said. Whether or not its relevant to the topic is immaterial, although it is. It’s an age old basis for pride. Not all team sports are for cuckold fetishists. My high school was all white. We wre the voted the top football team in the nation my graduating year. A great deal can be learned from team sports about socialization and self knowledge and good old team work. No nation can be great without teaching individuals to work together, especially a dictatorship. Team sports are the best means to teach this to children.

        The Greeks and Romans encouraged them for a reason. A phalanx is useless unless the ranks are kept and the men work in well orchestrated unison. Individuals are easily mopped up but a formation is not. Romans dominated all of their opponents for centuries because they drilled incessantly and learned to work as a well oiled machine in unison. Breaking ranks and fighting as an individual is what the barbarians did and also what lost them battle after battle against much smaller Roman forces. The same is true of the German Army. They routinely beat opponents while heavily outnumbered because they had been drilled to work as a team and keep their heads. How can you claim to admire Germans as you do and not know this basic fact of their society? Waterloo was won on the paying fields of Eton, I’m sure you will recall somebody saying. You know- that dude on the 5 pound note. Was Wellington a chump too? Danin DC has every reason to be proud. Perhaps you will have children yourself one day and understand it viscerally if you can’t intellectually.

        I’m also of the opinion that a man should eventually grow beyond playing the field forever. Otherwise, he is condemned to a life of perpetual adolescence, exactly what we criticize women for being. How can you claim to be better than the women you sleep with if that is all you do? Eventually you have to graduate to leadership and that requires setting an example.


      • It’s obvious here who played sports and who got beat up by jocks. Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.


      • One could argue that Waterloo was won on the steppes of Russia.


      • Napoleon’s Army was well positioned to win and its morale was high. Odds were in Napoleon’s favor actually. He had hardened veterans and more of them. All well equipped and plenty of artillery too. Wellington had mostly fresh recruits.


      • Good documentary
        At anytime between the 1750 and 1930, If you had asked educated people to describe the aim of how poetry, art or music. They would have replied, Beauty.

        And if you had asked for the point of that? You would have learned that beauty is a value, as important as truth and goodness
        So we can safely assume that we are all here born in the age of ugliness
        and we have to look back to replenish our souls
        It is my belief that if a new world is to be born first a new art must appear
        and that the first revolutionaries must be new artists
        As always has been; glimpses of a new world are first seen in art, then come new ideas before finally guns pronounce the sentence to the old and rotten

        You can fight a mighty strong army on your borders but you cannot fight an idea which time has come
        Victor Hugo


    • lol. Every boy can “dominate” on the football field….just like every boy is “more athletic than average”.

      Loser white dads pushing their kids into black man’s sports are embarrassments. I’m teaching my son to defend himself (wrestling and BJJ) and will guide him to find a useful craft that suits his talents (automotive, plumbing, electrical work). Beyond that, he can do what he wants, and I don’t think any sane white kid wants to spend all of his time around blacks in pointless contests for an audience of cuckold fetishists.

      He looks up to me, not the other way around.


      • COTW, at the very least…

        … especially “I don’t think any sane white kid wants to spend all of his time around blacks in pointless contests for an audience of cuckold fetishists.”



      • They didn’t used to be black man’s sports. How else will you learn about your opponent if you never deal with him?


      • @ Greg Elliot– Shakin’ my haid. I expected more of you.


      • Sorry to disappoint… but I’m more of the “teach him wrestling” and such vein… anything but football and basketball.

        I’ve grown to hate f-ball and b-ball, ‘though I played them myself back in the day… mostly because of the universities and colleges becoming farm clubs rather than institutions of learning, and kowtowing to minorities who otherwise wouldn’t be allowed within the hallowed halls, as they used to be deemed.

        Like the original poster said… ‘Murrican men have become cuckold fetishists in that regard.


      • They didn’t used to be black man’s sports.

        America didn’t used to be the negro’s nation either…

        .. nevertheless, l advocate separation.


      • What’s wrong with being proud of your son? How is it different from the path your pushing your own boy down? He’s showing leadership by encouraging him into character building endeavors. As far as cavorting with negroes goes its an invaluable way to learn your enemy.


      • If you want to cavort with negroes and learn your enemy, just join the service… Army or Navy will do the job, maybe the Marines as well.


      • on November 18, 2014 at 2:21 pm Joachim Peiper


        I did join the service. Did you? Why is playing high school football a bad thing? What if its an all white high school or close to it? I think you’re confusing the commercialized aspects of the game at the college and pro levels level with the valuable character building lessons that can be learned at the high school and little league levels. I remain unnconvinced and unimpressed with your attitude. You take this Brigade crapola a little too seriously. It won’t be happening in your lifetime anyway.


      • I seem to have hit a nerve on the football thing… understand, my rancor is reserved for the college (and ultimately pro) levels.

        As far as the “did you” service thing, you should pay a little closer attention if you would address me… it’s been long known that I was in the Army, back in the day.

        And I guess I’m just going to have to somehow muddle along, knowing you’re not impressed with my attitude. :duckface:

        As far as “Brigade crapola” and “not happening in my lifetime”… I’ll just say I’m more of a “Revelation crapola” kind of guy… and they said the same thing about the Iron Curtain, chum… so don’t make yourself out to be either Nostradamous nor an interpreter of God’s timetable.

        I’ll spare you the “you fairy” routine, because you’re usually on the right side of things, here at the chateau.


  22. Great Men On [X], here’s a few lines by Nietzsche:

    Worthy did this man seem, and ripe for the meaning of the earth: but when I saw his wife, the earth seemed to me a home for madcaps. Yea, I would that the earth shook with convulsions when a saint and a goose mate with one another.

    This one went forth in quest of truth as a hero, and at last got for himself a small decked-up lie: his marriage he calleth it.

    That one was reserved in intercourse and chose choicely. But one time he spoilt his company for all time: his marriage he calleth it.

    Another sought a handmaid with the virtues of an angel. But all at once he became the handmaid of a woman, and now would he need also to become an angel

    Careful, have I found all buyers, and all of them have astute eyes. But even the astutest of them buyeth his wife in a sack.

    Many short follies – that is called love by you. And your marriage putteth an end to many short follies, with one long stupidity.

    Your love to woman, and woman’s love to man – ah, would that it was sympathy for suffering and veiled deities!

    But even your best love is only an enraptured simile and a painful ardour. It is a torch to light you to loftier paths.

    Beyond yourselves shall ye love some day! Then learn first of all to love. And on that account ye had to drink the bitter cup of your love.

    Bitterness is in the cup even of the best love: thus doth it cause longing for the Superman; thus doth it cause thirst in thee, the creating one!

    Thirst in the creating one, arrow and longing for the Superman: tell me, my brother, is this thy will to marriage? Holy call I such a will, and such a marriage.


  23. Go with option C.

    Flip the feminist script concerning marriage timing and marry the hottest young prospect to have your children just as a guy is reaching the male wall at 45 – 50.

    If you have been working on your value and turning a doughy loser this is a very doable option.


    • “marry the hottest young prospect to have your children just as a guy is reaching the male wall at 45 – 50.”

      yeah but 45-50 is pushing it to be just starting a family. you really need to start a lot earlier if you actually plan to participate in raising your own children.

      you wait until your late 40s or 50s, there’s a good chance you won’t be around to walk your daughter down the aisle or give your son career, marriage, parenting advice and you sure as hell won’t be around to see your grandchildren. your young wife’s new husband will be the one doing those things when you’re wasting away in the nursing home and later on when you’re dead and gone.

      being an old father who ends up senile and then later on kicking the bucket while the kids are still young is just as bad as being a deadbeat dad. you aren’t going to be there for them like they need you to be and it’s not fair to the kids to give them life and then ditch them like that. trust me, i’m speaking from personal experience.


    • Have you been reading xplat?


  24. So this post is your way of saying that you’ve finally decided to ban Zombie Shane. Sweet!


  25. Interesting post. I’d throw this idea out. “Envy” of the alpha yes…but also resentment. There’s always someone trying to pull me down: white knights, cockblocks, crazy chicks who I’ve banged and whose hamsters spin into over-drive.

    For every chick I bang, there’s at least 3 or 4 who are pissing in her ear about me being a “player” or “old” or whatever.

    The Blue Pill is sooooooooooo much easier. Just fall into line, submit to the Matrix, take the shit you’re given…HOPE things get better.

    I have my good days and bad days.

    It’s interesting that to the outside world I’m like the carefree jerk who bangs chicks without a care in the world. I just bailed out a friend of mine who’s life hit the skids when he separated from his wife and 4 kids, had to front up money to put them into an apartment and as the sole breadwinner is in for a world of pain. He borrowed a sum of money. I was able to provide it instantly because I dont’ have debts and am free from bullshit.

    My biggest headache this weekend? A girl I banged acted crazy and talked shit to me so I ignored her while I set up banging another girl. Then I worked on planning a huge cool event I created. Then I texted and talked to a few other plates I banged. Planned an upcoming vacation.

    I do what I like and like what I do.


    • Walawala, kudos for helping out your friend, that’s very decent. I would have done the same, but I have noticed this: not even people who talk about how great it is to be unselfish will make big sacrifices, or even small sacrifices, for other people when it’s not comfortable. They will give to a popular charity though, because it is fashionable, and they’ll make themselves believe that they are doing it because they are so good.

      “It’s interesting that to the outside world I’m like the carefree jerk who bangs chicks without a care in the world.” Indeed. That’s the same for everyone who looks carefree.

      Life is like a duck swimming in the pond: on the surface the duck looks to be gliding forward smoothly, but under the surface it is kicking like crazy.

      Another topic: you wrote yesterday that Chinese women do major shit tests. (Or maybe it was someone replying to your comment.) That surprised me, because my experience is that Chinese girls don’t really play games. And while they vary, more than people think, they are on average more peaceful and polite and more focused on quality: getting high grades, a good job and a family and all that. So that above all they want a guy who seems to be focused on quality in his own life too, even if it’s just a temporary boyfriend. So that game with Chinese girls is much easier, no shit tests, and more warmth.

      But maybe that’s because the only Chinese girls I have met have been foreign exchange students. Maybe it’s different when they are here, away from their own environment. And maybe the girls who come here will be especially admiring of Westerners, so that it is easier to talk to them because of that.


      • @Arbiter yes Chinese girls shit test and play games like they invented game.

        All the girls I talk about—if they were blokes…would be the smoothest pua’s you could imagine.

        Text game, shit-testing, manipulating, jealousy plotlines…they are all masters in this. Without tight game you get sucked into their frame easily.

        I held out on my ex ex gf leading…then her relentless shit testing became too much and I had to dump her. Then she spent two years trying to cock block every girl who came my way…only to leave again for some dumpy, pussy-whipped loser.

        The ones you meet who are abroad have clearly been told “Behave you’re abroad spending dad’s money on school.” But that too isn’t always the case, they’ll go nuts when they can.

        Also you have to peel back their layers. When you meet them they are exactly as you describe. But I’ve been the first foreign guy for a lot of girls I go out with and they are wildly mental in bed.

        My game got good because of gaming Chinese girls. You can’t bang 11 girls and have a full-time job like I do unless you have tight game.


    • > “a friend of mine who’s life hit the skids when he separated from his wife and 4 kids, had to front up money to put them into an apartment and as the sole breadwinner is in for a world of pain”

      What went wrong with their marriage?


    • “Interesting post. I’d throw this idea out. “Envy” of the alpha yes…but also resentment. There’s always someone trying to pull me down: white knights, cockblocks, crazy chicks who I’ve banged and whose hamsters spin into over-drive.”

      Agreed. What starts as envy can quickly turn to resemtment and then to hate. One measure of alpha can be seen by the amount of haters you describe. It means you’re successful with women- and they hate on it because they can’t do it.

      I share the same issues you describe: always someone trying to hate and pull me down. It’s the only play they have and it’s easier than bettering themselves.


      • @Ripp This is the biggest obstacle to my achieving more solid “inner game.”

        In my mind the idea of being a success is something to be admired.

        But what I have failed to recognize is that showing up with the hot girl, or creating the cool event, or landing the whatever award is far from being an object of aspiration or admiration like it would be for me—turns into an excuse by SOME women (and many men) to undermine that achievement, success etc.

        EVERY time I have had a hot girl…the social circle, her friends, family etc far from being supportive start pissing in her ear about: “Player, etc etc etc” and then instead of defending me, that girl will start asking questions, shit testing and things spiral downward as I get irritated and eventually lose it.

        I think this is one reason why the “manosphere” is so misunderstood by Blue Pill/Feminist types. They see this as a challenge to THEIR positions rather than a platform for self-actualization.

        Teddy Roosevelt said it best when he said it was not the coward who counts but the dude who’s in the arena…

        This sums it up:


  26. There is a third option besides these two extremes, which is the option for real winners:

    Marry a hot wife younger than yourself, make some pretty babies with her, be adored by her, enjoy the upsides of stable family life and fuck some other women aside with your wife knowing and accepting it (she must not know the details of when and whom, as that would be mentally cruel – but knowing generally that you are emotionally, but not always physically faithful).

    In the end, great alpha genes deserve to persist…


  27. False fucking misnomer.

    Come on. Alphas have five kids too. I’ve seen it in my own life.

    Maybe that’s a bygone era, and that’s fine. But don’t compare the two.


  28. It all boils down to what the person wants. The main reason people don’t want to be the guy with five kids by two women is because in today’s world that often means baby-momma-cheques and awkward visiting times. How many guys would LOVE that setup if it was a polygamous home with one woman bringing a second income and the other keeping house and raising and educating the babies? Or, indeed, how many guys would love to keep a wife at home with five of their own kids? Even in eras when sex outside marriage was easy to find and illegitimate children easy to ignore, the rich, powerful, successful men tended to marry. They didn’t have to. They could just remain bachelors, spread their seed among prostitutes (paid or unpaid), peasant girls and the odd noble lady behind her husband’s back. But they wanted to have legitimate children under their own roof, a legacy, a home hearth worth returning to. They were still drawn back to that primitive urge to have a hut and a fire and a woman cooking food and little versions of themselves running around outside.


  29. Doesn’t making envy your criteria open things up to “leaders of men” and guys who are just rich being considered alpha? I think most men would rather be Elon Musk than pretty much anyone his age whose main skill is getting hotter women than Elon does.


    • CH wrote a post about this long ago; can’t find it now, but it said something like this: “Suppose you would have a ho-hum sexlife but you would be a millionaire. Or suppose you had an average income but you could lay down an endless line of the hottest women for the rest of your life if you so desire. Which would most men choose? The question is rhetorical of course.”

      I come to think of King Midas. His touch turned anything to gold, so he was the richest man in the world. But that also meant he couldn’t enjoy the pleasures in life since they would turn to gold in his hands. What wouldn’t he give for a cup of water. Or for a woman who didn’t turn to gold.


  30. Show me a woman who watched Gone With the Wind and would rather have Ashley Wilkes than Rhett Butler.


    • (damn fast trigger finger) …Or a man who wouldn’t rather be Rhett than Ashley.


      • Rhett Butler was an overjoyed father, like all alpha males. He doted on his daughter endlessly, and his and Scarlett’s marriage fell apart only after their daughter died and Scarlett couldn’t mother any more of his children.

        Have you even seen it?


      • I’d rather be Ashley all day. Loved by a kind, innocent, and faithful woman (Melanie) until her death (and she died trying to give him more children). And Scarlett was his alpha widow for the whole movie.

        Rhett eventually realizes that he’s playing second fiddle in Scarlett’s life and leaves. Which part of that should a man envy?


      • Ashley was a wuss, but he had Melanie’s love and Scarlett’s adoration.


      • Rhett Butler was a doting father, dumbass.


      • I’d take Melanie over Scarlett any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

        I always thought it would be a good mind-fuck to the ladies to have cast Gable as Ashley and Howard as Butler… my suspicions tell me that looks and mannerisms might have been more of a chemical trigger than words.


      • “I always thought it would be a good mind-fuck to the ladies to have cast Gable as Ashley and Howard as Butler… my suspicions tell me that looks and mannerisms might have been more of a chemical trigger than words.”

        You’re absolutely right. Clark Gable isn’t very attractive physically. His on-screen persona made him hot. Take Jon Hamm as a current example. As Don Draper he’s the ultimate alpha, and he’s physically great looking. But I’ll never forget seeing him as himself for the first time… I think on SNL but maybe a talk show. He may have looked the same, but he was giggly and chatty and effeminate, a complete 180 from his Mad Men character. And my attraction level immediately went from 100 to 0.


      • Did you ever see him on 30Rock? “The Bubble,” his first guest appearance, was a funny look at how the perceptions of pretty people become distorted.


      • “Rhett eventually realizes that he’s playing second fiddle in Scarlett’s life and leaves. Which part of that should a man envy?”

        How about the part where he goes after what he wants, and he leaves when he wants? Ah, but the betas are too bitter to understand.

        “Rhett Butler was an overjoyed father, like all alpha males. He doted on his daughter endlessly, and his and Scarlett’s marriage fell apart only after their daughter died and Scarlett couldn’t mother any more of his children.

        Have you even seen it?”

        “Rhett Butler was a doting father, dumbass.”

        Aww, poor David. I hurt his widdle feelings. And you are the dumbass, 85-IQ. Can you even read? Apparently not. For the last time, CH did NOT say that an alpha can’t have children. CH said that having children is not the measure of what makes a man the envy of other men. Got that now? Understand? Good boy. As for Rhett and Ashley, Rhett is the clear alpha and definitely the one to envy. He has it all and on his terms. He lives a life of his own making, entertaining and always coming out on top – even when he is a prisoner of war he is playing cards with the guards. He seeks out the woman he desires and gets her, despite her resistance for so long.

        ….And when he sees that it was a mistake – and all men make mistakes, alpha or beta – he leaves her. Her begging won’t make him stay when he has made up his mind. True alpha.

        Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone With the Wind, said in reply to the question of what Rhett did after leaving Scarlett: “For all I know, Rhett may have found someone else who was less difficult.”

        Booyah. She obviously approved of alpha behavior. She didn’t want Rhett to go back like a toadie and settle for a difficult woman.


  31. You see, that’s the thing about your blog and the Manosphere in general: you make the sexual market the ur-market. And so commenters debate whether passing your genes and having lotsa children is “Alpha” or “not Alpha”. Since obviously your definition of Alpha is, err, *unorthodox*, measured by willingness of (desirable) females to spread legs for you, it also suffers an internal contradiction. Here’s a thought-experiment to demonstrate: imagine a Hollywood star who makes all the girls in town wet, but due to some hormonal imbalance, is “asexual” and thus celibate. And on top of that, he keeps this a secret. Or maybe just imagine an in-the-closet rich ‘n famous homosexual who’s very popular with women.

    Now, is such a man an “Alpha”? Why, millions of women would jump his bones! They are HORNY for him! So what if he doesn’t actually get laid, right?? That’s the absurdity of your reasoning.

    So you resort to relying on “envy” and other logical gymnastics (and axiomatic thinking) to explain and extort why a childless cad is an Alpha, though by the same reasoning I can show that a 30 y/o virgin (or secret butt-fucker) is also an “Alpha”, a notion probably too bizarre even for you to rationalize.

    Y’know, maybe instead of trying to prove why such-and-such is an Alpha, it would be more productive to observe which male should or shouldn’t be emulated. As satisfied as your cad friends (and maybe you as well, I don’t know and don’t care) are with childlessness, a psychologically healthy man desires to have a wife & children to rely upon when he gets old and in need of help.


    • And so commenters debate whether passing your genes and having lotsa children is “Alpha” or “not Alpha”.

      Commenters debate a lot of things. This time it’s a debate about a particular topic. It’s a typical debating trick to accuse people of “obsessing about” and “only talking about” when they actually don’t.

      Since obviously your definition of Alpha is, err, *unorthodox*

      That’s because you don’t understand what the word alpha means. I wrote about it up-thread, starting with “Also, let’s remember that the terminology as used in the manosphere was meant to ONLY be about the ability to pick up women.”

      By the way, you – and some other semi-literates who can’t wait to voice their frothing anger without bothering to think of what they are actually reading – are wrong. The discussion is not about what is alpha. The discussion is not about who are the best for this or that purpose. The discussion is about which men are envied.


      • Way to miss my points, Sperg-bitter.

        “debating trick to accuse people of “obsessing about””

        LOL, I don’t care whether you obsess about certain topics or not, your reading comprehension is severely lacking. The point is that all discussion of Alpha vs. non-Alpha is mental(?) masturbation because your definitions are all absurd anyway, as I’ve shown.

        “That’s because you don’t understand what the word alpha means.”

        Sounds like: Whaa, you don’t understand my unique jargon! *tears*
        Except I DO, and pointing out that “Alpha” in ManoSpergian terms is different from “biological Alpha male” is useless because everyone knows this already, you have your speshuul words and bad people like me must not misuse them, I get it.

        “the ability to pick up women”

        So as I’ve shown, a celibate “asexual” / homosexual can also be Alpha. Go rationalize! I can hear your beeping and booping already.

        “The discussion is not about what is alpha… The discussion is about which men are envied.”

        Which happen to be defined, axiomatically, as “Alpha” in this very post, which also links to another post titled “Defining The Alpha Male”. But no, you’re right, it’s all about “envy” which is totally irrelevant to having an Alpha status according to the post I’m responding to, right?

        “The discussion is not about who are the best for this or that purpose.”

        Maybe it’s time to have this discussion already, instead of mentally / physically masturbating over why such-and-such is an “Alpha”, as if everyone should behave according to One Special Definition.


    • Well said Sam.


    • Sam, I see your point here –

      [CH: sam (sockpuppet handle, btw) is confused. the terms alpha and beta are SMV designators of men, as they have colloquially come to be used. if a gay man has hordes of female admirers who would fuck him in an instant, he’s alpha, even if he takes it in the butt and leaves no genetic legacy. this reality is off-putting to tradcons and assorted fellow travelers, but it doesn’t change it.]

      and I’m not saying it’s not a valid one, but CH has covered how fame trumps pretty much everything else in terms of getting women interested. Unfortunately – regardless of your definition of “alpha”, bio-based or manosphere-based… it isn’t enough to be considered alpha by anyone in relation to their interaction with women.

      Look at James DeFranco’s shameful text situation with that young girl (under-aged?) he was trying to pick up through text game. He failed miserably – he was basically begging a girl half his age to come sex him up and he got rebuffed and pretty coldly if I remember. I’m not sure it’s fair to distill his arguments down to “Why, millions of women would jump his bones! They are HORNY for him! So what if he doesn’t actually get laid, right?? That’s the absurdity of your reasoning.”

      I suppose your argument about figuring out which male to emulate is just as open-ended and problematic – what’s your purpose in emulating them? Life satisfaction? Continuing your legacy? Going forth and multiplying? Burning up in a Bacchanalian fire-storm of pussy and mind altering substances? A man’s end game, your reasons for living can vary widely and I think that has the biggest impact on a man’s specific acceptance of using a workable definition of “alpha” – to some it means to have a happy home with a lot of children and devoted wife, to others it means having 10 beautiful women a phone-call away for no-strings-attached monkey sex.

      While I agree that most psychologically healthy men have a desire for a wife and children I would say the current cultural and economic climates don’t make that as attractive as it used to be and maybe not as attractive as other alternatives.


      • @ CH

        CH: sam (sockpuppet handle, btw) is confused. the terms alpha and beta are SMV designators of men, as they have colloquially come to be used. if a gay man has hordes of female admirers who would fuck him in an instant, he’s alpha, even if he takes it in the butt and leaves no genetic legacy. this reality is off-putting to tradcons and assorted fellow travelers, but it doesn’t change it.

        Gay is Gamma. Let’s consider an omega who has a notch count of 2, so he’s omega by definition.

        A minor edit. “If an omega has hordes of female admirers who would fuck him in an instant, he’s alpha.” I know of one like this. However, he’s omega, so how can he be alpha? Outlier.


  32. on November 17, 2014 at 4:51 am Uriel, Archangel Of Wisdom

    What’s that, CH, you’re “not promoting” the cad lifestyle? LOL, nice try.

    A man who’s in his fifties or sixties and is not compelled by sheer loneliness to have biological children (to say noting of a second other) to accompany him to the grave must be a psychopath not to feel misery and despair, having a rich sex-life notwithstanding to the contrary.

    Is that a way to live, with no one to look up to you (IRL), no hugs and kisses and smiles from grandchildren, no single person who intimately shares with you your very existence? And for what – to have affairs and ONS, again and again chasing your own tail (or being chased by it, whatever)? It’s better than masturbation, but not much better.

    It’s disgusting when women do it, but that doesn’t mean all men should strive to be psychopaths who are incapable of genuine love as experidnced by mentally healthy people. But I guess “Alphaness” compensates for this broken lifestyle, like “career” and cats are for old professional sluts.


  33. Porfirio Rubirosa had his pick of the women of the world, including a happy marriage after 50 with a 19-year old beauty. But he was also sterile, so ultimately his legacy was to be the subject of interesting articles and to name the enormous pepper grinders in Paris restaurants. You could say he won every battle but lost the war.

    The whale riding omega could be said to have won his, but just barely. And, one might ask him, what about next year?


  34. It seems fairly obvious that CH was offering this non-repost post as a riposte to poster-boy posers that posit and proselytize that alpha traits are evidenced by how many offspring a man produces. He simply stated with an elegant example that the existence of a man’s children is neither necessary nor sufficient to describe him as alpha.


  35. Nice demonstration of the power of the frame. Having appropriately framed the choice between lots of beautiful women and an ugly hausfrau, you ensure that most people choose the option you intend for them to chose. Would it change anything if we made it a choice between childlessly bedding lots of beautiful women vs. having kids with one beautiful woman?


  36. Alphaness is simply the (amoral) measure of one man´s desirability to women.
    Discussion closed.


  37. A verbal iq of 1000 still cannot win this argument.

    [CH: what about a shiv IQ of adamantium?]

    Natural selection favors whoever adapts.

    [natural selection is an unthinking culling process. it favors no one but the genes which reproduce themselves.]

    If you are the alpha male of yesteryear but not today, you are no longer alpha.

    [a few decades is not long enough to erase millions of years of evolution shaping our sex-differentiated desires and our envies.]

    If welfare beluga has 7 kids and swpl has 0, Bubba is the new alpha.

    [funny how no one seems to feel that way, though.]

    It may take tens of thousands of years for our psyches to evolve to envy the bubbas, but it will happen as Bubba keeps winning.

    [you have made the mistake of conflating human envy with genetic continuance.]


  38. This scene from Moneyball sums up for me the Alpha and struggles of the alpha. There is a sort of idea that alpha’s blow through life or have their charms to navigate them through.

    In my case as in this scene, a lot of what I think makes me alpha is fighting for what I believe in. That is what attracts a lot of girls–not white knighting but rather standing up for causes, trying new things…calling people out on their shit…not being afraid to take a stand even if it means being unpopular.


    • lol at the faggot’s self-aggrandizement of his pontificating of whether he should wish to have children.

      What sort of man is not embarrassed to show a movie clip and say that it expresses his conflict on whether to be a Darwinian failure. No woman would carry your weak seed, drama queen


      • Troll…lol.


      • Exactly. You see it all the time here. Goons posting YouTube clips of fictional alpha males created by homosexual Jewish degenerates. “This clip of Hank Moody gaming some slut really epitomizes me as a man and I think this low rent Showtime drama is a sterling example for men to follow!”
        I think it comes from not having any valid masculine role models growing up. Who knows, everything is so fucked nowadays. Sometimes I think CH commenters should be required to post pictures of themselves just to put things in perspective.


      • @John:

        “Sometimes I think CH commenters should be required to post pictures of themselves just to put things in perspective.”

        Be a man and lead by example: post your picture and put things in perspective.


    • Love that movie brother. Putting up with all the shit and still plowing through. Look at that post in the previous thread by hunter. Dealing with all of the shit, being self aware and still pushing through.

      It’s like a fucking war sometimes. But you can’t hit any of these fucking weak ass people who so badly need to be hit. You just have to find a way to win.

      Right on.


      • @Reco Problem of course is without strong inner game sorted you may intuitively THINK you’re right…but something doesn’t FEEL right about that decision: dumping a girl, calling someone out, taking on a job/assignment.

        It’s why I always seem to second guess breaking up or being dumped…I tend to fight it rather than accepting it and moving on. That time involved in accepting and moving part is becoming shorter but it’s a struggle.


  39. I’ll explain this post for the sake of the people who look like trolls but who I’ll pretend are just stupid/autistic.
    CH is setting up a dichotomy for the sake of argument. He’s using two men who are near opposites to make a simple point, he is NOT saying that they are representative. One case is a fat loser with a lot of children to landwhales, the other case is a guy who can and does date and hook up with many attractive women but has no children. He is saying that the man with no children in this case is the one most men envy. That’s undisputable fact.

    Now quit trying to find cases in the middle ground between the two, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THIS POST’S MESSAGE!

    Even the spergs should get that message.


    • It’s not about finding a case in the middle ground. Both of the men CH outlined are losing. It’s about finding the guy much better than both of them.


  40. Having children doesn’t make you an alpha. But a true alpha will eventually have children. An alpha is a winner. Winning the game of natural selection means that you have quality children (or maybe just lots of children).

    Birth control and abortion are excuses. A real winner adapts to the situation and that means having children and raising them well in spite of an environment that makes it harder for men to have children and to maintain control of them.

    The appeal to the gut as to which of these men is winning is just an indication of the fact that men’s guts haven’t caught up with the reality of the modern world. Luckily for us, we can think and not just feel.

    Having sex with lots of women but not having children is like being fat. Thousands of years ago, food was scarce so eating whatever you could would increase your health and fitness. It was highly unlikely that you could get enough food to be fat so there was little evolutionary force to push people to limit food intake. Today, people have gotten so good at feeding the hunger urge that they have lost sight of the reason it exists: to improve health.

    Similarly, a man who sleeps with dozens of women but avoid children has gotten so good at feeding the urge that he has lost sight of why it exists in the first place. It may feel good, but he isn’t really winning.

    (Obviously, it’s much easier in the modern western world to obtain enough food to get fat than it is for a man to consistently have sex with a variety of beautiful women, but that doesn’t change the fact that both are situations where fulfilling the urge has eclipsed the larger goal.)


    • See my above comment in reply to your reply re: George Clooney. I challenge you to prove to me that he isn’t a winner in the truest vaginal sense.

      This entire op-ed is based on CH’s definition of an alpha male as strictly described by his desirability to women. That’s it. The rest of it is window dressing when this is the definition in which one operates.


    • on November 17, 2014 at 9:20 am Joachim Peiper

      Good post. A man of substance will see the truth in your words and live by them. The others will squeal with outrage.


    • ye i agree with this post

      im 25 and currently playing the field in a big way and i plan to keep doing this until i am 35-40, by this time with all the experiences i had i will be an expert in dealing with women. around this time i plan to pair bond (maybe marry) with the best woman i can get (probably screening for good mothering instincts) and raise some kids with her (hey she may be a 30 year old retired cock carousel rider but im willing to make that sacrifice so i can have some heirs)

      to me this is probably the best way for a modern day man to successfully navigate this cesspool they call modern day dating


  41. on November 17, 2014 at 9:12 am Committe of 300

    What I think is most enviable is how many sloots a man’s son(s) slay.


  42. I am my father’s heir, and I desire to have an heir for myself. In order to do this correctly, I think that heir ought to have a man to look up to with good morals. In addition, he should have a good and decent mother. If the “alpha” wishes to live that lifestyle, so be it for him, but, fair warning, do not meddle with my relationships.


  43. But then I’d look like the world’s loser race.


  44. on November 17, 2014 at 9:29 am Committe of 300


  45. on November 17, 2014 at 9:32 am Committe of 300


    • it’s funny cuz it’s true.

      contrast this with atheist chicks who treat their vaginas like grand central terminal and save their cornholes for guys they really like.


  46. on November 17, 2014 at 9:51 am Committee of 300

    There will come a time in every man’s life when slaying pussy no longer takes precedence. What will you have then? Or in other words, there will come a time when being attractive to women won’t matter.

    A true alpha will then live vicariously through his progeny and enjoy the freedom from slavery to his penis.


    • Seems like reproduction is a minor obsession for you. Great men create great thigns and do great things. Even guys working at Wendy’s can have kids. It’s not some great achievement, we share that ability with rats. Having kids with a good, loyal women would be worthwhile. There is a limiting reagent there, and it ain’t the desire or ability to bang or impregnate someone.


  47. Seems you’re just gloating. Is your main goal in life to be envied by other men? So be it, but it is nothing more than rank hedonism.

    Not all men have the resources, environment and circumstances to be a rootless cad swimming in top shelf pussy. Good for you if you do, but why the thought experiment if it’s such a thoroughly satisfying lifestyle?


  48. ….. “The poll was open to the internet and soon after it went up the web responded by voting “feminist” to the top of the list of words to ban.”….


  49. Heartiste, It’s as if the good man project gave out an assignment and told everyone to come her and comment. Never seen this many of this type of comment before. Interesting.


  50. without peer-reviewed scientifical statistics this is all just a waste of time.


  51. More a no brainer than a thought experiment really.


  52. on November 17, 2014 at 12:33 pm Committee of 300



  53. You forgot all about me which is option C.

    C. The prototypical Viking Norse god man with 40+ beautiful wives and hundreds and hundreds of quality children.

    Sorry guys I won the reproductive wars a long time ago even if I died today.


    • did you share the wives or were there just a whole bunch of viking norse god men without wives and hundreds and hundreds of children?


      • Well usually the weaker men who laid claim to them end up capitulating and surrender but I always kill them anyway. It’s only fair.

        To take all a mans money belongings and woman, it’s only fair to kill him too.
        Otherwise it’d just be stealing!


    • Yes, but did you get the Power Up?


  54. Le Mort Vivant est mort?!

    Vive le Mort Vivant!

    – Grohaila


  55. on November 17, 2014 at 12:43 pm The latent sadist

    How many lays (or lack thereof) would qualify as a waste of alpha potential, for a late 20s, objectively highly attractive man?


  56. Heartiste,
    The world needs more of you, have some kids and teach them as much as you can. The feminist divorce rape system IS truly horrific and painful to navigate but there are many things in life worth enduring hardship for. To change the system also requires pain blood & tear shed but also is necessary. Trial by fire = growth for humanity = evolution.

    Have some kids now while you can get the hottest intelligent feminine women possible. The key is to find women that understand and will accept that you will also be having children & having relationships with other women simultaneously.

    It’s not only possible but very doable for men like us.


  57. I need advice. I am being set up with a girl who is a 7 at best, nice body but face leaves something to be desired. I can’t really turn it down. She also isn’t the most interesting conversationalist. I am told she is looking for a long term relationship so if I was inclined to pump-n-dump then I don’t know if this is the best way to go about it. What to do here? meet with her and say I didn’t like her? Try to get her interested in me and see where it goes?


    • on November 17, 2014 at 1:40 pm Committee of 300

      Set up with her by whom? What bridges are you going to burn if you pump and dump?


      • It is by a very close friend and his wife, this girl is a friend of my friend’s wife. I don’t think my friend would mind but I think his wife would because she has been framing this in terms of a relationship, but honestly I don’t know.


      • on November 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm Committee of 300

        Personally I’d pass unless you think you might want to go LTR. I imagine your friend is a beta nice guy (only due to statistics) so if you piss off his wife badly enough he might not be allowed to hang out anymore.

        I’d say “I’m not looking for a relationship, too busy having fun” and let the chips fall where they may.


    • This not ’bout 7 but ’bout wifey.

      Wise guy money is on your goose being fried – you and friend are kaput, no matter what you do, as per wifey decision.




      • Heh, heh… some “friend”, eh?


      • I was just thinking about this and I think you are right. If I complain, wifey gets mad. If I back out, she gets mad. If I don’t impress her friend, she gets mad. The only circumstance where she isn’t mad is the one where I end up in a relationship with this girl I don’t like. And she will take it out on her husband too since I am his friend.


    • You could always go out with her and be clingy. Anti-game. She’ll do the “We just didn’t have chemistry” and you’ll be home free.

      Suggestions include: You’re so beautiful. Like, really really pretty.
      Wherever you take her, apologize profusely that it isn’t good enough.
      At the end of the date “Can I kiss you?”
      Right after the date, text her “I had so much fun. I can’t wait to see you again”

      That queezy feeling in your stomach is natural


      • on November 17, 2014 at 3:32 pm Committee of 300

        Fucking gold, lol. Don’t forget to mention your mom a few times too, and compare the two of them.


      • Let’s pretend you say this beta stuff, but frame it nonverbally so it comes out alpha. So you’re clingy with your date and also with the waitress and eyeing the other women in the room.

        “You’re so beautiful in this light.” (Hamster: What light wouldn’t make me look beautiful?) “Like, really really pretty.” [Wink, wink.] “Can I kiss you?” [as you cross your eyes and move into the kiss zone.]

        Right after the date, text her “I had so much fun. I can’t wait to see you again” “Your name is Julie, right?” Her name isn’t Julie.

        Field report:
        Yesterday, at a restaurant after a hike, in a social circle group of 3 men & 1 woman, I told my “I was stripped by my frat bros. because the frat pres’s gf had a crush on me” story. This led to 1 man and the woman and me telling more fun, crazy stories. The woman mentioned that she had traveled in Italy. I asked the woman whether the stories about Italian men being great lovers were really true, smiling huge when I asked. She said, “Yes, and provided some details.” EPL fessions, lol. Just call me “Padre.”

        Lots of IOI’s coming my way from this broad. The other guy telling stories is a pilot and he went to lengths to 5h1t test me about my age, trying to disqualify me to the broad. When I was leaving, the broad said “good bye” a fair amount louder than the two men. I could tell that she was obviously a quiet girl normally, so this was a strong IOI.

        Then there was this other broad I talked with on the hike and didn’t mention her own bf for over an hour while we chatted, and 5h1t tested me about being married, but that’s another story.


    • tell her you’re not relationship material.



    ‘Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Today Show decided to wear the same “cheap Burberry knock-off” suit every day for a year, “with the exception of a couple of days of dry-cleaning and the like.” Apparently, no one noticed.

    Yet co-host Lisa Wilkinson still receives regular and unsolicited fashion appraisals, as she revealed in her well-received Andrew Olle lecture last year.’



  59. RSD’s statement lol:

    Nothing has convinced me more that RVF is full of LARP’ers than reading the fantasies they’ve written about how they would dismantle a CNN host on his own show, defend everything by pointing out logical “if those girls were offended they can press charges” arguments thinking they won’t be immediately destroyed with SJW stats and feels stories about unreported rapes, cut the host off and dominate the conversation, with unflinching unapologetic body language after being holed up for a couple weeks with more combined hate from the entire world than anyone has ever had on the Internet before, and walk out of there with SJWs respecting him (lol) going “ya, you know, he seemed really alpha, let’s lay off, we sure have been schooled”.

    Like I thought the fantasies they wrote about how a magical statement at the start when everyone was in full rage mode would have squashed this all out instantly followed by directly character assassinating the SJWs (ya that’s worked great for getting rid of Anita Sarkeesian, that won’t instantly get you labelled as a harassing/attacking women lol) and thrown literally hundreds of thousands of SJWs off their game like they wouldn’t quote-mine to fuel their rage any further and there was some way for RSD (with thousands of hours of free content to quote-mine offensive clips and quotes from) could have escaped completely blemish-free, were funny, but this shit tops it.

    I like MikeC, but he’s blown a lot of time and money attacking the SJWs directly and the media is STILL regularly painting GG as misogynist woman haters 2 months later and he has the free services of a lawyer (himself) and his law buddies that can focus their attention on it. RSD knows it’s never going to be mainstream approved or accepted, that’s a fucking fantasy wish lol they just want the attention to drift away so they can go back to business as usual teaching nerds how to say “You’re adorable, I had to come say hi” to girls and get laid.

    Julien looks like a scared nervous kid because he IS lol He’s like 24 I think, and just had the world shit on him relentlessly. It also benefits him…if he had come out cocky like Paul Janka they would work even harder to try to take him down and make him crack and that’s just more and more weeks of bad publicity. Now he’s just a scared little boy and the Twitterverse has turned to snark about how un-alpha he is and how no one will take his classes because he’s been revealed to be a pussy etc. Once the SJWs have turned to snark instead of rage, you’re in the safe zone. A week or two of snark and victory-pats on eachother’s back and no one will be talking about Julien or RSD.

    Julien apologized (even if it’s clearly a bullshit apology, throw some snark about it in a comment section and you’ve done your part, now what’s happening with Kim Kardashian’s butt this week??) and said everything they want to hear about reconsidering what he teaches and all that shit. It wasn’t great, obviously he could’ve been better prepared, but it wasn’t horrible at all.

    He mentioned that the girls in the vid were girls he was hanging with in Japan, which when you watch the actual footage would make sense. Pretty ballsy to grab a girl behind a counter and whisper in her ear and try to kiss her and wow she froze up terrified right? …unless, you know, you’ve been hanging with her for a couple days and dropped into her work to embarrass her the same way you might embarrass your girlfriend by flirting with her at work. Weird that he pulls the same girls’ head down to his crotch twice in the bar and no one says anything and she doesn’t leave in-between those times…unless, you know, he went to the bar WITH that girl and her group and they know him and she likes him.

    But hey, why use any critical thinking, right? No one is even reading this far into this post anyway lol If it doesn’t fit into a Gawker headline then fuck it, too much work, someone tell me what to be outraged about next!

    Julien isn’t even actually banned from anywhere but Australia. Read the statements by officials closely. They’re all “this man offends us, we don’t approve of his values, we’ll take a serious look into this and do everything in our power to stop him from entering our country”, they’re not “Julien’s VISA has been revoked and he is officially barred from entering our country.”

    This is the same “declaring early victory for good feelz” thing they did with RSD taking down the tour dates. They didn’t take them down because they were cancelled lol, they took them down so SJWs would have a harder time finding their schedule and so they can reschedule or move some around. There’s no reason they can’t go to Chicago then New York instead of New York then Chicago, but the SJWs like the good feelz so they declare victory early just like the “Julien is banned from the entire world!!” stuff.

    Brad hasn’t been teaching pickup for like a year, Alex was always doing his own thing and had to bail ’cause he’s an Aussie. Jeffy is just always mad at everything and just put out a new product that probably took a hit in this shit-storm. Tyler’s plans to go into self-help are probably fucked but he’s too awkward for a mainstream audience to take self-help advice from anyway (Tony Robbins is a likeable guy, Tyler is weird and still has awkward aspergers mannerisms) so that dream wasn’t going to pan out in the first place.

    Julien will keep teaching. Is he going to go get a job at McDonald’s? No, lol. All this has done is bring him a shit-ton of publicity. If someone says “pickup coach” the first name on everyone’s tounge will be Julien instead of Mystery now and RSD has enough solid free content up that anyone looking into what they teach will find a few videos that make sense to them.

    RSD’s money comes directly from students. They travel the world for the exposure, and the people going to their Free Tours are fans. Does anyone think they’re posting up advertisements in fucking Starbucks saying “Want to learn how to talk to girls? Come to Julien Blanc’s seminar this Thursday at 3pm!!” like it’s a school rally? lol The guys attending the Free Tour sign up through the website or are brought by a friend, so they’re already open to their ideas.

    Does anyone really think there’s any shortage of nerdy asian/indian IT guys with money who want to learn how to talk to girls and get a girlfriend just in Silicon Valley ALONE? lol Their bootcamps are only 3 people. Julien could teach in Vegas every weekend and be just fine, let alone traveling around the USA, esp with this exposure (“Women love him, men hate him! Learn the secret techniques created by the most hated man in the world!”).

    Their other big money maker is the HotSeat and the only people going to HotSeat are huge fans who know Julien’s humor is dark and extreme so they’re not listening to anything the media says about him.

    The *FREE* Tours that were cancelled make RSD no actual direct money aside from convincing a few people to take a bootcamp but they only need to convince 3 people anyway, so they’re losing out on like 20 sales over a few months maybe, by not being able to send Julien to Australia. Like they can’t find 20 people in Vegas or Silicon Valley ALONE that want to learn how to talk to girls? lol

    Is anyone going to protest Julien’s bootcamps? No. People are too apathetic to care for that long. All RSD has to do is not post up the locations of them in public. Literally Julien could just text the students an hour before the seminar “ok the location is here, GO!” and they hop in a cab and attend. No one is going to be combing the bar scene for them lol

    Bars are going to ban Julien and Tyler? The guys they know by name because they’re there all the time, regularly bringing a bunch of dudes with money to their club every weekend? They’re going to ban them for talking to girls? In a bar? And possibly making the girls have a fun time? In a bar environment where they see WAY worse every single night? Do you even nightclub bro? lol

    So many lols on so many levels. Did they handle everything right? No, esp attacking 8chan legally, that was silly (you don’t fuck with Hotwheels lol). But the end result isn’t going to be the end of RSD by any means.

    Less feminists and SJWs and white knights will take their bootcamps, but none of them were going to anyway.

    Critical thinking skills, people. Come on now. SJWs are the ones who are supposed to just blindly lash out at people they hate with no thought or research. You guys have done exactly what the SJWs did to the comet shirt guy.

    No one is even going to debate anything I’ve written here, even if they read it. It’s just going to be “lol look at the RSD shill! We know you’re Tyler bro!!” lol It’s not going to be “you know, the business model you’ve described that basically can’t be attacked by outside influences actually has a flaw in this part of it, let me explain and run some numbers”. It’s going to be the same emotional feelz character attacks and snark the SJWs did to the comet shirt guy lol

    This was basically the equivalent of crossing a line in-field into genuinely offending some girls and having a group of girls hen-pecking at you simultaneously, over something you said that was miscalibrated. You just quietly let them spaz out (because if you try to talk they’ll just squak over you) and then when they’ve calmed down for a second so you can actually get a word in you apologize and admit you crossed a line and smooth it over.

    If it’s a shit-test (faux outrage), you don’t apologize. If it was actually miscalibrated then you just own it and smooth it over, no big deal.

    This is why you guys go to Thailand to fuck the 6s with broken english at the local “white guy fetish” bar where 3 of you have all fucked the same girl before. Because you either cave to shit-tests and social pressure, or are so uncalibrated that you think the solution to every situation is “JUST CHARGE STRAIGHT AHEAD FISTS SWINGING BRO!!! ALPHA NEVER APOLOGIZES!!”

    Judging by the sky is falling chicken-with-your-head-cut-off nonsense in that thread, a hot 9 in a North American nightclub would tear you guys APART lol

    In conclusion:

    U mad brahs? lol


    • @YaReally Interesting interview. Lots of chatter about this on the Red Pill forum. A lot of what he did was exaggerated behaviours the he knew would shock his targets and make him stand out. To the outside world—the feminist-imperative-driven world—it looks bad. But this is the kind of thing stand up comedians and even feminists do when they talk of cutting off men’s balls etc etc.

      What he should have done was to say “I apologize to those I’ve offended but I make no apologies for the mission I’ve made to help guys discover or recover their masculinity”.

      CNN anchor: So you think putting a woman’s head to your crotch is helping people?

      Julien: What I’m saying it you can interpret these things according to your frame of reference. There’s so much of what we do that is so open to misinterpretation. Take for instance the lack of uproar when feminists try to raise the point of sexual violence with talk of cutting off men’s balls etc. I mean it’s an exaggeration and so too was this. I’m sorry it offended.”

      This interview suddenly made me shudder and think…wait…I looked up to this guy and now he’s renouncing everything he ever talked about???

      That will fuck with guy’s heads even more.


      • Just to be clear…the above is what I think he SHOULD have said in response to the CNN interview.


      • @walalwala

        Prob is this is how far you would get in your speech:

        Julien: “What I’m saying is you can interpret these things according to your frame of reference. There’s so–”

        CNN anchor (who’s clearly openly hostile toward Julien and admitted in the interview (read the transcript linked below) that he hasn’t bothered even looking at his stuff and is coming from the frame that Julien is a Rape Coach): “My frame of REFERENCE is this video of you telling men to choke women!! Why do you think that’s acceptable??”

        It’s like guys thinking they’re going to walk into Nazi HQ and convince them Jews are super cool. Or they’re going to walk into CH and convince the crowd that black people are super cool. Or a black guy convincing the lynch mob holding ropes and torches that he didn’t rape that little white girl lol It’s just not going to happen.

        These people don’t WANT to be convinced. They’re not open to it. What they want is a story, a villian, a victory, and a celebration, then off to the next battle.

        Would it have been a great strike for men in the face of SJW pressure, like a big moral victory? Sure. Would it earn Julien the respect of a bunch of people who until this week didn’t know or care he existed? Sure. Would he pass people’s “that’s a real man” test? Sure.

        But have logic and facts EVER stopped SJWs? Just look at GamerGate. With social media, facts aren’t as important as who can shout louder and longer. This isn’t some political debate in the 90s. Social media has changed the world.

        He’d make a moral victory and get a pat on the back from a few guys, but he’d also end up dragging an entire company of like 20 employees and a huge community of men who’ve been helped or are looking for help, thru the mud in the process fighting a battle against hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who don’t WANT to like him or be convinced by him.

        So he tells them everything they want to hear. He’s sorry, he knew the girls, shit was out of context, you can see in the transcript he stressed over and over how RSD teaches calibration and consent and backing off etc. (which is true, they have entire vids on it) and none of the consent stuff made it to the final CNN edit.

        The stuff about his students being awkward etc is to protect them. Right now people think these guys are all American Psychos in training, he’s trying to get people to lay off by explaining that these are just socially awkward nerds they’re not raving psychopaths wanting to hurt women. It’s not insulting them, it’s protecting them from the media.

        SJWs get to celebrate their victory (“we made the little manbaby cry male tears!!”) and then move onto the next white male they can harass for wearing an offensive shirt or for making too much money. Then RSD goes back to business as usual, helping teach men and putting out useful free content that helps guys change their life under the mainstream media’s nose.

        Like is this:

        “I looked up to this guy and now he’s renouncing everything he ever talked about???”

        SERIOUSLY a reaction you have when you read the CNN transcript:

        Where he says, about what he teaches (with the implication that he’s teaching men how to abuse and assault women):

        Julien: “You know, I teach guys how to socialize, how to approach women, but I also teach them how to back off and when to leave. I have been doing this for five years, and I’ve easily pushed thousands of clients.

        There’s never been a single incident and there is a reason for that. It’s the bigger part of our seminars are focused on when to back off. How to read the signs of consent and this year, again stupid posts, I made stupid pictures I put up do not represent what I teach in anyway whatsoever.”

        Julien: “So we do teach when to back off like everyone is hammered in, unfortunately, it isn’t condensed into those pictures there.”

        Julien: “This is not what sells the seminar. The seminar sells with the results they produces and no one, there will not be thousands of guys signing up for some seminar that promote those things.”

        Julien: ” As I mentioned, I did not teach them what you are mentioning here. I teach them how to socialize. I teach them how to express themselves. I teach them when to back off when the girl is not interested. That’s what I teach.”

        Julien: “Which they never would without a sign of consent and that’s what I hammer on.”

        Julien: “That’s not what I teach. Don’t again confuse what I teach versus some stupid attempt at humor.”

        Julien: “I do want to clarify, that’s not what I teach. None of my clients do this and I don’t make my clients do this either.”

        Julien: ” I just want to clarify I do teach when to back off. The world’s reaction is to broaden more focus on that and I’m definitely — if I continue with to teach this.”

        Julien: “I’m going to reinforce that I do teach consent and I teach it, you know, in a very clear way for like any guy to understand, if there is how to read girl, what signs she is not into it.”

        Does that really sound like he’s “denouncing everything he ever talked about”? Or is that maybe a bit of a hysterical overreaction.

        If you didn’t read that transcript before I posted it here, that’s kind of the point. The MSM won’t let your message get out, they’ll edit it to show the narrative they want. All the speeches these guys are coming up with for how they’d have handled it would be lost in a transcript somewhere while the edited version that cuts all that out will be what’s promoted around the internet.

        Look at how many sites/tweets/etc. cover allegations of rape, and how many actually give even REMOTELY the same attention to the “turns out he was innocent” story.

        People are approaching this like the same PR that worked before Twitter/Facebook will still work today. Technology has changed things, if people can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell them lol Look in-depth into GamerGate and see how that’s been going. Sure, they’re making some slow progress toward success in places, but every emotional post Anita Sarkeesian (or the other LWs) makes gets 10000x the coverage anything “the evil harassing white neckbeard male misogynists crying man tears” gets.

        You just get the SJWs off your back and go back to teaching men. Same way the MGTOWs do it. MGTOWs don’t care if a CNN news anchor doesn’t approve of their lifestyle, they’re busy teaching men how to stop paying attention to the MSM and just do their own thing instead of caring about mass acceptance.

        The Manosphere is trying SO HARD to get mainstream approval, when every second post/article is actively repelling that goal. Just give up, our ideas are completely unacceptable to them. Jezebel will NEVER write an article saying kino is okay or approaching a woman on the street is acceptable behavior. CNN will NEVER do a news segment on how negs and push/pull are attractive or how “fat shaming week” and “reasons to date a chick with an eating disorder” articles on ROK make valid points. That’s fantasy world dreaming.


      • You gotta understand: the guys seriously taking up PUA already know SJWs and the mainstream media won’t accept their ideas/views.

        That’s why we aren’t throwing Julien under the bus over this. Because we’ve all already experienced that “I tried to tell my friends about this cool new thing I was learning that will help them and they laughed in my face, insulted it without listening to it, and then called me a misogynist and told me to just be myself around girls and quit hating women and using creepy manipulation even though I have all this amazing content to show them that it isn’t creepy manipulation but they won’t even LOOK at it wtf!!” moment.

        We’ve also had the “dude, quit that shit, why are you so obsessed with pussy. Just be yourself man, some girl will come along some day. Just be yourself, like me, let’s get wasted, don’t approach girls man, Suzie in your social circle likes you, why don’t you just ask her if she’ll let you take her on a date and bring her flowers? She’s a cute 6/10, and you’re an average looking guy, you should be happy with that. Don’t try to make money or be successful in life either man, that’s making me feel bad about how average MY life is, just sit on the couch smoking pot with your fat girlfriend like the rest of us” moments that have taught us that no one wants to accept this stuff.

        Like the Red Pill guys can spin their angle on it as “we teach general men’s self-improvement” so a guy presenting the Red Pill will probably get less “you’re a creepy manipulator of women”, but PUAs openly cover self-improvement with a massive focus on pickup, sex, and relationships with women, which in today’s society if you’re a man and you TRY to improve with women, you’re automatically shit on. You should just “be yourself” and hope some girl comes along, so they know who the betas and the alphas are.

        No one in the mainstream wants to see Bob the nerdy asian IT guy learn to slay hot young poon left and right. They want him to stay in his little chode bubble for life, legally marry and hand his assets over to some post-wall feminist shrew who’s fucking the alpha poolboy, and will shame him for trying to escape that fate.

        The guys who are actually trying to learn PUA from a community like RSD, already know Julien isn’t going to stunt all over CNNs faces, flip the bird to Feminists, and have the SJWs carrying him on their shoulders out of the newsroom chanting “you’re the king, you’re the king!” Manosphere guys still seem to think they would be able to do that lol SJWs are an irrational emotional mob hellbent on “winning” whatever moral victory is their focus of the week.

        So there’s no disillusionment by Julien apologizing for his offensive content and stressing that he teaches men to have confidence and talk to girls, not that he teaches them to rape or abuse women. That’s not even a rational argument…the media is telling Julien he teaches men to rape and abuse women. He’s not denouncing what he teaches, he’s denouncing the idea that those domestic violence charts and rape-choking are what he teaches these guys. He should “own it” and defend that he teaches domestic violence charts and rape-choking?? Like, that doesn’t even make sense.

        There ARE some guys on RSDNation who are like “JULIEN HOW COME U DIDNT PUNCH CNN IN TEH FACE WTF!!!”, but those are the fanboys who probably aren’t even going out and just post to belong to a club and have no idea what debating with an irrational emotional SJW mob is like. I’m sure those guys are disillusioned, but they probably weren’t actually signed up to an event to take action and work on their life. The guys who are doing that already know our views are socially unacceptable and that the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. You just do it underground when no one is looking.


      • @YaReally The most unfortunate thing about all this is that the idea of game is inheirently understood by women on a subconscious level but they deny that they would ever be attracted to a guy like Julien (or me?) in public.

        When you see the girls I’ve banged and how they fawned over me. When I walked away or called them on their crap or otherwise wouldn’t put up with their nonsense—suddenly they turn into these SJW about what a dick I am etc etc, rally their friends against me etc.

        Then when it all dies down, they quietly reach out to me—like the crazy ex gf did a few weeks back buying a ticket to my event in person instead of online.

        Guys like Julien make game look easy, but this shit is hard—especially in the face of social pressures to “JBY”.

        These tempest in teapots sadly shed a negative light on what has been for me at least a hugely positive influence.


      • This is the guy who is teaching men how to be more confident and social:


      • @YaReally – “..our views are socially do it underground when no one is looking..”

        BINGO. My social circle is talking about Julien (professionals in their 30s, mix of Democrats and socially liberal Republicans). Even the people who think the visa denial hysteria and stuff is overdone think he’s still a massive dickhead.

        You CANNOT explain this stuff to someone without a huge amount of context and reference experiences – their minds can’t handle it unless they hit a point where they are willing to accept it.

        This group has seen (and commented on) how I’ve visibly become better with women in the last couple of years…how they didn’t know I was such a “dark horse” when they first got to know me etc. Yet I’m not stupid enough to talk about Game or pickup (although I sometimes mention some of the more palatable concepts in very sanitized language).

        I never use any PUA jargon and if the subject comes up (it does sometimes), I admit to reading The Game (and that it taught me that I could practice talking to women) and no more. Nothing about bootcamps and pickup blogs and negs.

        I understand this (what I quoted from YaReally) instinctively – how come more PUAs don’t get this??


      • Ya is correct to place CNN on the same level of ridiculous leftist extremism as Jizzibell.


      • “You CANNOT explain this stuff to someone without a huge amount of context and reference experiences – their minds can’t handle it unless they hit a point where they are willing to accept it.”

        lol. Yeah because it’s so hard to understand that acting like a boorish lecherous fiend will net you some lays if you keep spamming the nightlife scene. The reason people are repulsed by this guy is because he IS repulsive. He self-mythologizes himself as a PUA guru and enlists vulnerable men into a cult mentality to feed his own narcissism. There is no skill to be learned here, it is simply “don’t be a faggot and approach women with a masculine frame”. Everything else is dressed up gobbledygook designed to keep people coming back to the drawing board when the methods inevitably fail. “I just needed more push/pull” , “oh I should’ve pulled a DHV here”. What they don’t tell you is that its purely a numbers game. Some will bite, some won’t. To attempt a lifestyle out of it is utterly nerdy and self-destructive, as you’re now witnessing.


      • @ walawala

        What he should have done was to say “I apologize to those I’ve offended but I make no apologies for the mission I’ve made to help guys discover or recover their masculinity”.

        Let’s correct this. What he should have done was to say “I make no apologies to loser troublemaking critics for what I’ve done and I make no apologies for the mission I’ve made to help guys discover or recover their masculinity”.

        CNN anchor: So you think putting a woman’s head to your crotch is helping people?

        Julen: “If he’s been a sexless nerd wasting away his 20’s because he’s socially clueless, you bet!” A&A


    • @YaReally…. when controversial figures make controversial statements…. shades of Lennon in this.


  60. I can also tell you that any man over 45 in business who is not married gets the side eye. It has always been in a mans favor in his career to be married with a family by a certain age.

    men are the gatekeepers of mArraige which means a man who has never been married by a certain age is viewed as suspicious and not viewed with envy.


    • Lol…

      And Needy is the authority that speaks for all womenz and their behavior.

      Project all you can, Needy, won’t make you younger or prettier.


    • “men are the gatekeepers”

      Remember that, needy.


    • you are right to some extent.
      many of us certainly envy a middle aged playboy for his freedom and enjoyment of women but there is no denying that we also have a sense that he is, to some extent, broken.

      i think it’s natural to question why a man of that age hasn’t been able to maintain a relationship for any length of time. doesn’t mean we can’t think he’s a superstar at his job or that he’s successful in many areas of his life but it does make you wonder…


  61. Preaching to the choir has its advantages.

    [CH: the choir is expanding.]


  62. What’s with this upsurge in “children are the future” posters? Maybe it’s an unintended consequence of this blog’s flirtation with White Nationalism – it attracts boring people who are ONLY interested in the racial dimension of any topic and who offer nothing but “breed White Man!” to any discussion