A New Pickup Genre: Trump Game

Twatterer City_DayGame passes along his version of Trump Game, suggesting that there is a rich new vein of text game to exploit by summoning the power of Trump.




Bestride the sexual market with the spectre of Trump at your side, and never go thirsty again.

A quick count of all the little alpha male cues of high mate value that are evident in this short text exchange:

  • ZFG (Trump opener right outta the gate)
  • Shit test nuke (He responded to her “gross” remark with a pitch perfect “pussygrab” voltage amplifier)
  • humor (‘shopped video clip)
  • Rapport break + assume the sale (“remind me are you a wine or cocktails kinda girl?”)
  • Leads the interaction to a meet (“I’ll explain why I’m glad Trump won over cocktails”)

This was a master class in Trump Game. Not all iterations of Trump Game will sound like this one, but they will all share the same themes: proud ZFG Trump support and provocation, shit test destruction, unshakeable frame, and bold leadership. The God Emperor would approve.


  1. When I first saw that on twatter, what stood out was the 3-to-1 replies to his first message and later on, the timestamps.

    Strong use of emojis too.


  2. […] A New Pickup Genre: Trump Game […]


  3. Whenever a chick punches your arm with a “you’re terrible!”, you reply with “no, I’m deplorable.”

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  4. hahaha awesome. I told my buddy about 3-1 text ratio and he thought it was rude and insane. I showed him how with 2 of my plates im at 10-1 where they send 10 texts for every one i send. That’s how you know they are under your thumb, like mick jagger says. I was talking to another friend about a couple of choice comment various girls/plates uttered to me this weekend. It feels good to be in the driver’s seat and hear the ladies show their appreciation.

    -We have to decide what you want for dinner (ahhh women love a choosy man!)
    -youre baddddd
    -I have never done this before (a classic and personal favorite)
    -I hate how much i love you (main plate)
    -You are the man *cue gaga eyes* (girl from work after i put dat ass to sleep)
    -wow you look amazing (no i didnt, lol showed up in yesterday’s clothes, unshaven in stinky gym gear)
    – (with a hint of dread/jealousy) So who was that blonde in the living room?


    • on November 21, 2016 at 12:17 pm Captain Obvious

      Weren’t you just talking about a 24yo HB9 – who was your favorite plate – but who wants to make HUWHYTE [email protected] with you and you’re too chicken sh!t to man up and put the dadgum BUNZ -> HER OVEN?!?!?


      • on November 21, 2016 at 12:22 pm Captain Obvious



      • oh Captain my captain, love you man. I see where you are coming from.

        I never claimed the 24 yo was a HB9, not trying to act like a pimp. She is def pretty and built like a pornstar, I would rate HB 7.5 cuz you fellas grade harsh. Ya I ended up banging her last week lol. She is def an alpha widow was talking about how none of the guys trying to hit on her currently stack up.

        I was talking about my main regarding bunz> oven. The young one i am more physically attracted to but my main has traits that indicate she would be a great mom and she is still pretty and in shape. I am working on it lol now seems like a great time to start a family no doubt because of the Trumpening. I am trying to “grow up” and quit banging other chicks, any advice is welcome. But this is what i notice happens to me whenever i get wifed up, regardless of how hot the chick is.

        1. Once i am not gaming other chicks, my swag/charisma/whatever starts to fall. I spend more time with chick, less time with the boys causing trouble. Eventually the spark starts to fade.

        2. I get tired of fucking the same girl, sex gets less interesting/intense, i end of resorting to porn.

        This leads me to feeling depressed. Whereas i notice that when i am gaming other chicks, my main chick actually benefits cuz i have more charm, more horny cuz it stokes the fire, see each girl less often so “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, i dont watch porn cuz i am saving the good stuff to keep multiple women satisfied.

        I understand that being a real man requires a sacrifice. I know that the well being of my children and their mother would benefit from my full attention. I am trying to sow all my wild oats and learn to life another way. I am getting closer to being able to have side chicks on occasion but not fill my main plate with dread so that she is checking on me.


      • 1. CH has written about this. I cannot think of the titles of the posts, but references the archives as he’s touched on LTR game. In other words, nothing changes. You’ll still have to keep at it. Which in many ways keeps the fun since you’re holding all the cards, guiding the whole thing.

        Which leads to. . .

        2. You gotta make it fun and interesting and spontaneous A cousin of mine once opined with the old analogy “what if you had to eat chicken all day for the rest of your life?” Of course, there are several ways of preparing and eating chicken aside from just having it one way. You just gotta use your imagination and figure out WHAT YOU WANT.

        Remember and sear in your mind Poon Commandment III: you shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.

        Those be my 2 cents.

        Godspeed, good sir!

        And MAGA!

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  5. Girl was def already into him looking at the reply ratio going on and what she said. Still, his responses are on point.

    Last responses are of course pure evidence she will go home with him.


    • The whole ‘I was so drunk last time’ gave me the impression she’d already gone home with him once.


      • yup, almost certainly. hence why I said she was probably (definitely) already into him. It’s important to note that because that means it may apply different to your own situation if you try and weaponize these sorts of things for cold approaches/tinder-esque shit. not to say it can’t work there, but I’d generally steer away from anything even related to politics at first if you wanna bang a girl. teasing them for their politics can certainly do you well, however.


  6. C grade game. The opener and the pussygrab bit was good. But he validated her retarded opinions too much by even responding to them, e.g.

    “Don’t believe everything you read”
    “I make perfect sense”

    Plus they’ve obviously fucked before so the level of game required is lower. That said, it’s easy to preach from the pulpit.

    Bitches who describe everything as “gross” and “disgusting” x2 are overwhelmingly spoiled cunts with horrible personalities. I wouldn’t revisit this hoe.

    Pump ‘n’ dump then tell her I must leave to Make America Great Again.


    • yeah, this kind of effort for open race traitors (all clinton fans) is beneath men of character. “up for a drink”, (said as if he’s doing her a favor, because he is) is about the most this whore deserves.

      when she said “I can’t go home with you” a better response is “who says I’m dying to go home with you?” followed by a takeaway of “eh, on second thought I’m a bit too tired. maybe another time. hugs!”

      MAGA starts with the little things, like not pandering to entitled sluts.

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      • not to diss on the post. it’s legit game. but where can it possible lead if bad girls are still being rewarded by good guys for being stoopid? I say we starve them for attention until they wake up and see where their bread is buttered.


      • If they show some potential to become unpozzed I’ll give them a chance. But anyone who describes my right to support the God Emperor in my own interests (and hers) as “disgusting” with such condescension wouldn’t hear from me again.

        Case in point, an old flame from Portugal messages me from time to time to relive the good old days, even though she’s miles away and spoken for. But after she told me Trump is quote “worse than Hitler” I just stopped replying to her. I won’t tolerate it.

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      • “when she said “I can’t go home with you””

        You: we’ll see how you play your cards…

        But really once she is at OK, just stop and nail the logistics… don’t overgame….


      • I’ve been thinking about this lately, how guys might need to get laid less in the short term in order to get laid more in the long term. sluts need to be shunned. they’ve worked openly to destroy the patriarchy, and here we are, again, preparing ourselves for battle in order to save the republic that feeds them.

        the only way I can see bringing these cunts to heel is to be willing to walk away from the one valuable thing they have to offer us: their pussies. or, if we are going to partake, we make it absolutely that without loyalty to their country they’re worthless as partners.

        as popcorn says, pump-n-dump with extreme prejudice.


      • absolutely *clear


      • not to diss on the post. it’s legit game. but where can it possible lead if bad girls are still being rewarded by good guys for being stoopid? I say we starve them for attention until they wake up and see where their bread is buttered.

        That’s why this whole “game” thing won’t bring back the lost bishes…

        There are too many thirsty betas in meat world ready to bed, and even w-e-d ’em, no matter what they do… and apparently no matter what they look like as well.

        And all the positive attention they get on social media is just acting as an amplifier.

        Just hope each worthy man finds a mate to his liking before she’s too far gone, and then, well… REALLY let the game(s) begin.

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      • @ plumpjack

        Ideally yes this. But in reality, thirsty betas are thirsty betas. They are everywhere and they would throw their own mothers under the bus for a sniff of second rate pussy.

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      • agree with everything you’re saying here plumpjack but this is what most girls are like now so single guys have to put up with this shiz unless they want to be alone.



      • They are everywhere and they would throw their own mothers under the bus for a sniff of second rate pussy.

        Heh… they’d throw THEMSELVES under the bus for second rate pussy.

        I’m constantly shakin’ mah haid at the third- and fourth-rate cooze walking around with otherwise normal men.


      • I’m constantly shakin’ mah haid at the third- and fourth-rate cooze walking around with otherwise normal men.

        Your generation and mine (genx) grew up in a different habitat. Most of the girls were sensible, thin and cute. What would you do if you were 19 and single right now and in competition with Tinder?

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      • on November 21, 2016 at 12:26 pm Captain Obvious

        > “What would you do if you were 19 and single right now and in competition with Tinder?” ——— DAY GAME!!!!!


      • “> “What would you do if you were 19 and single right now and in competition with Tinder?” ——— DAY GAME!!!!!”

        or just position yourself somewhere where you can game many girls simultaneously IN PERSON without ever having to go through the digital gauntlet.

        a girl will always favor a guy she knows IRL vs one she met online. if you are seeing her on a regular basis, say at work, your close rate can approach 100%. if youre trying to game her by text, and maybe a few other girls too, good luck having a lucrative career. all your time will be spent trying to out-text your competitors. fuck that.

        set it up so THEY have to come to YOU. bartender, or something along those lines. desk clerk at the library. talent screener for an ad agency. getting paid while gaming is a businessman’s approach. time is money. and if you can set it up so they’re actually paying you to game them? now we’re talking kung fu master game.


      • on November 21, 2016 at 1:25 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        All this time I thought GE was a boomer for some reason.

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  7. She better be a hot piece of ass to put with that vapidity. She even texts like a Millennial twat. “Are you serious?” “Whaaaat?” Ugh.

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  8. on November 21, 2016 at 11:45 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))




  9. Happy Smile Day 14 🙂

    Today I discovered that:

    “All major indexes trade at all-time highs as energy surges 2%”




  10. on November 21, 2016 at 12:19 pm Kermittheefrog777

    Real tinder from last week:

    Me: You look high energy

    >Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing..

    It’s terrific, believe me.
    And we’re going to have great relationships with all 3 countries youre from. So that’s good.

    >Why will we have great relationships with the countries I’m from? Are you from similar places?

    I have been all over this great world, been to many many beautiful places, like you wouldnt believe, and let me tell you, people love this country and we have so much potential, so much potential

    >Referencing trump got it, in a facetious way or are you a supporter?

    Some things I support, some things I oppose. What about you?
    Are you fun?

    >I fully oppose him but yeah I’m a good time



  11. That broad is so extreme in her opinions of EVERYTHING


    Calm the fuck down, bitch. I don’t think I could stand her company for more than a fuck no matter how hot she is.

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  12. I negged a girl the other day.

    “You’ve got the second best hair I’ve ever seen….behind President Trump.”

    Bonus: she was soliciting for Planned Parenthood.

    Grab them by the uterus rape!


  13. “You’ve got the second best hair I’ve ever seen….behind President Trump.”

    Tremendous…I’m stealing it.


  14. I’m sure “bigly” would kill online… so much ambiguity…


  15. These are exactly the reactions I’ve had from the broads. “Gross.” “Disgusting.” “OMG.”


    When I visited the US, a shitlib girl who spent an hour sermonizing to me about how bad Trump is, revealed to me post-lay she was never attracted to liberal men.



  16. Two women I know that hate Emperor God Trump with a passion:

    Girl 1: I might get a puppy for my birthday. My friends sister has to get rid of hers cause..bla bla bla

    Me: What type of dog is it

    Girl 1: Minpin 20 lbs

    Me: Dont do it.

    Me: I dont think u r responsible enuf

    Her: So rude haha


    Me: Trump2016

    Girl 2: Bla bla bla about her flaky gypsy lifestyle then: “I cant wait till the election is over so i dont have to listen to that ridiculous clown anymore. I hope he fades into oblivion.

    Me: Dont say that about my main man Donald. I thought yoga (she is a part time instructor nice body but butterface) was supposed to make one nice and caring of all?

    Girl 2: I care about all the people who are going to be screwed if your main man Drumpf get in.

    Me: You just dont get it/him Lisa..but thats ok

    Girl 2: lol im glad youre ok with me not being ok with him Bla bla bla more talk about her flaky life.

    ***Then morning of Nov 9th**Thats not napalm folks, thats the smell of victory: ***

    Me: Its like Christmas day today…and for the next 4 to 8 years. Go out and kiss a patriarch Lisa.


  17. Not bad overall.

    One point: he used 3 emoticons in 8 texts. To paraphrase a Commandment: and apply it to these little emblems of femininity: you have 3 emoticons per relationship. Use them wisely.