The Cuckold Fetish Epidemic

Have testosterone levels fallen so far, so fast, that men are now down with doing the equivalent of sitting in a corner and watching their wives rut with better men? Does the fapping feel better when lubed with their salty cuckold tears?

askjoe pithily remarks,

Hey, my wife wants to hang out with some guy who’s on tv, maybe I should tag along, what?

Something is going very wrong with Western white male culture. The signs are everywhere. Manboobs to the left of me, male feminists to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with SWPL “anti-racists”. It’s as if a giant cosmic vacuum has hoovered the manly essence from every white man’s nut sack and left a dangly wrinkled uvula in place of their scrotums.

As orc armies vault over the Cathedral’s two-inch fortress walls, as subversives and traitors stockpile the airwaves with lies so egregious they border on farce, as drone operators and internal spies use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper, white men valiantly respond to the crisis in their nation’s character by hoisting their battle flag and….

bending over so that their enemies may have the pleasure of ramming it as far up their rectums as propriety will allow. And in this gleeful anti-white male climate, that’s a lot of ramming.

Forget about inflection points. Western white men have passed the insertion point.


  1. t least we haven gotten to the point where guys aren’t inviting men over to anally rape the husband while the wife watches.


    • Give it time


      • I think the term for that fetish is “divorce court.”



        Kim Jong-un’s ex-lover ‘executed by firing squad’

        Hyon Song-wol, a singer, rumoured to be a former lover of the North Korean leader, is said to have been arrested on Aug 17 with 11 others for violating laws against pornography.

        The reports in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper indicate that Hyon, a singer with the Unhasu Orchestra, was among those arrested on August 17 for violating domestic laws on pornography.

        All 12 were machine-gunned three days later, with other members of North Korea’s most famous pop groups and their immediate families forced to watch. The onlookers were then sent to prison camps, victims of the regime’s assumption of guilt by association, the reports stated…


    • Yes you have.


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      • This is the song that is rocking the nation. Post the video!


    • Sweden isn’t there yet? So basically the fatness has hurt us. But Heartise how can we increase our testosterone levels?


    • Hey heartiste. I have a question about the research. If t-levels are dropping then why is it men are getting bigger than ever? My 13 year old cousin is already at my height granted I am around average 5’9. He is obviously going to at least be over 6 feet. 20 years ago the average height for men was 5’7.


  2. A few years back, I interviewed a sex expert by the name of Dr. Susan Block ( on my talk radio podcast program, “Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie” ( She and I were talking about male sexual fantasies VS. women’s sexual fantasies, and Dr. Block said that the #1 most “underrated” fantasy by men was to be cuckolded. I was like, “Really?” She said many of her male clients have confessed fantasizing about allowing their wife, fiancee’, or long-term girlfriend to be sexually satisfied by another man while they watched and masturbated. So, I guess this is a growing trend among many men in society…..


    • Interesting observation, but I don’t like the sentiment on that last sentence. Seems like a nudge. The establishment creates an illusion of inevitability and then throws even more of our resources (via new money and tax money) at making it so. We don’t know what is really the trend, and it is not a natural trend. It would be orthodox neurosis, if it really exists, and mother nature will restore balance in the force by having such psychosomatically incongruent men go postal for no apparent reason or for supposed reasons that fit the narrative. A woman sex expert? Who pushes the narrative? Who is credentialed by the establishment? I’m a sex expert next to her, and I’m willing to make that boast without knowing who she is. She ain’t no girlwriteswhat.


    • This flies in the face of all rational male motivation. But then again, there are people who cheer on America being the world’s bitch, so I guess anything is possible.


      • I read somewhere that white males are the main consumer of BM-on-WF porn. It’s consistent.


      • WHo buys porn??


      • on August 28, 2013 at 5:46 pm Hammer of Love

        That’s probably because in the US, white males are the main consumers of alot of things due to percentage of the population they comprise. Here’s a statistic for you, the white male is the main individual contributor to the tax base of the nation. See how that works ?


      • This anecdote — and I know it’s only an anecdote, but it’s indeed telling, especially considering mandingo clubs mentioned below — was from a guy who worked at an adult film store. He said black customers got intraracial porn, whether involving only blacks or only whites, and white women also got porn involving only whites. It was almost only white men who went for the interracial smut.


      • To understand it without blowing things out of proportion, one must consider how much of this is truly a desire to be cuckolded, and how much is a by product of over reliance on porn for sexual release.

        My rather substantial gut tells me that the over reliance on porn has the most to do with these trends. Men’s fantasies are generally all over the place. This is natural. Men fantasize about doing all kinds of things and being all kinds of people, but porn gives it a real live visual focus. There’s something to the seeing actual people doing these things that crosses some mental bridge.

        When a guy is wanking to porn often, and not using his fantasies much, and there are not enough suitable women (or men) around to trigger natural arousal and fantasy much, some things are bound to get in there and take hold, that normally wouldn’t. I think this is one of those things.

        When another guy is doing thw work, he gets to experience his wife or girlfriend in the context that he is used to getting sexual release: watching while masturbating. Because this is physically going to feel better in some ways because it is low effort and worry free, it may develop into a habit.

        He may tell himself all sorts to justify it in his mind, but the truth will be that he became addicted to masturbation and is happy to let another guy undergo what he views as stress. It is just sad.


      • Yeah, the “laziness + addiction” idea as one explanation makes sense to me too.


      • You may be right, Nicole, I really have no idea so your theory is as good as any. But I sort of doubt it.

        I’ve looked at plenty of porn, though I am not addicted to it. I was never the slightest bit interested in that sort of porn. It’s easy to have barriers, to like one sort of porn and be repelled by another. I never felt the slightest bit of “slippery slope” where I might be a little bit interested or curious about that sort of thing. Zero.

        There might be something latent in some men that the availability of porn brings out. But it’s not something that happens just because of looking at porn.


      • Nicole, you’ve got me thinking. Maybe it’s as simple as desire for domination vs. desire for submission. Most men desire to dominate, but maybe some desire to submit.

        Is it the mirror-image for females? Do most women desire to submit, hence the success of game principles? How about these feminist women, who seem quite numerous — I think there’s a desire to dominate in all of us.

        So I would guess there’s more desire to dominate in women than there is desire to submit in men. Do you agree?

        Also, if we assume that a submissive man is the one who wants to be cuckolded, still it’s certainly untrue that a normal feminine woman (at least somewhat submissive to her man) wants to share him with another woman. Women want to dominate each other, even if they desire to submit to one man or many men.

        So it seems the dominant / submissive thing is more than I understand, but I suspect that men who want to be cuckolded tend to be submissives.


      • My best friend is a natural alpha in every sense of the word: tall, good-looking, athletic, leader of men, high-powered business attorney who took a huge risk in leaving his high-profile big firm partner position to go work for himself and make several times his former salary while assisting companies with very difficult and complex transactions, owns a big house in one of the poshest neighborhoods of a major American city, lifetime notch count approaching 100, no approach anxiety whatsoever, immediately turns every conversation with women sexual, etc…except for the fact that he is ruled by his cuckold fetish. His 15 year marriage to the most physically attractive woman I know ended when he finally convinced her to have an affair with another man–which she did and then immediately left him for the new man (no prenup, yay for her). So after briefly trying out a few very attractive women, he quickly settled on one that he knew would entertain his fetish.

        The thing is, he doesn’t even need to be watching the cuckolding to be turned on by it–the idea alone is enough. I don’t pretend to understand it, but he describes it as being turned on by the submission and humiliation, even though he is uber-dominant in every other aspect of his life. Truth be told, I think there is something to be said for being so confident in your ability to obtain new women that you are not remotely threatened by the idea of your woman cheating on you. In fact, ever since I myself have become more alpha, the idea of a woman I am with having sex with another guy really doesn’t worry me that much due to abundance mentality and to my internal belief that I am better than any guy who would be willing to commit to her…although the idea doesn’t particularly turn me on either.

        Anyway, just saying that I don’t think the cuckold fetish is necessarily symptomatic of the pussification of Western society–I think there are probably a lot of powerful guys who get off on submission because it’s so alien to their experience.


      • > “the idea of a woman I am with having sex with another guy really doesn’t worry me that much due to abundance mentality and to my internal belief that I am better than any guy who would be willing to commit to her”

        At the risk of sounding like a doctrinaire libtarded Feminazi cunt, you’re describing some staggeringly nihilistic objectification of the women in your life – as though you’re at the point now where you consider your women to be little more than made-in-China sex-shop blow-up dolls, which you work your way through for your own amusement, and which you then discard as just soon as they start to bore you.

        God gave us Woman so that we could have PROGENY – so that we could join together with Woman and enter into The Tree of Life with one another.

        But when you completely detach the sexual act from the birthing of real live flesh-n-blood human children nine months later – when, instead, you start treating Woman as though She were something porcelain, or plastic, or rubber, or papier mache – then you’re getting out towards the point where your soul is becoming irredeemable.

        Again, there’s a reason that they call them The DARK Arts: You are messing with some seriously sociopathic nihilistic evil when you start dabbling in “Game”.

        PS: Once you start to approach the act of sexual union with this sort of nihilistic detachment, then it probably won’t be too long before you can’t even get it up at the thought of intercourse with a woman, and fantasies such as you yourself being penetrated by another man, or you yourself penetrating a little boy, will come to dominate the dark recesses of your tortured mind.

        Which is probably about where your “Uber-Alpha” best friend is at right now – well on his way to getting arrested for molesting a little boy at a local playground and being frog-marched off to the Pen.

        You heard it here first.


      • @ZS – Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Personally, I’ve never understood how someone can claim to be red pill with one breath while touting the virtues of a feel-good sky fairy with the next, but to each his own; that’s a discussion for another day. This site kind of confuses me sometimes–is it Game, or is it wildeyed conspiracy theory? It seems to vary from day to day.

        Anyway, you may be right about the effects of nihilism and interchangeable women. My personal belief is that because this life is all we get, each of our days on earth are that much more precious, so we should make the most of it and take control of our own destinies. There are no do-overs or rewards in the next life. Make this one count; that’s my daily mantra. But I feel no compulsion to single-handedly save western civilization or the white race or modern women or what have you.

        As for “working my way through women for my own amusement,” I root hard for each woman who enters my life to be the kind of woman who will make me reconsider my decision not to marry or have children. I met one or two in my younger days, but alas, I was not then alpha enough to keep them. Now that I am, some twenty years later, I am faced with the very real possibility that modern feminism has rendered modern western women unfit for motherhood and wifehood because I see the same entitled, delusional bullshit over and over and over again–even from women who claim to be conservative, God-fearing, traditional Christian women. When I pump and dump, it is RARELY because I have grown bored; it is almost always because they have shown their hand in terms of how unworthy they are to receive my commitment. Next and all that.

        As for my friend, yeah, he’s a lot more amoral than I am; I do have a baseline conscience which guides my actions even if I ultimately place my own needs first. But I seriously don’t think he’s into little boys, or ever will be. That’s a pretty severe stretch there. Pretty sure nihilism doesn’t make you gay if you weren’t already.


      • > “Make this one count; that’s my daily mantra. But I feel no compulsion to single-handedly save western civilization or the white race or modern women or what have you.”

        So what would you save?

        What would you defend?

        What would make your life worth living?

        How about dabbling in some unprotected sex with one [or more] of your beeyotches, about 0 to 72 hours prior to ovulation, and then hanging around 9 months later to help her raise that teeny tiny little innocent defenseless bundle of joy which emerges, screaming bloody murder, from her birth canal?

        > “As for my friend, yeah, he’s a lot more amoral than I am; I do have a baseline conscience which guides my actions even if I ultimately place my own needs first. But I seriously don’t think he’s into little boys, or ever will be. That’s a pretty severe stretch there. Pretty sure nihilism doesn’t make you gay if you weren’t already.”

        He’s into watching ANOTHER MAN’S PENIS enter into his women, rather than his own penis.

        Now maybe he could stick with the hetero stuff, and move towards hardcore BDSM, and then on to something like “snuff” films [only real-life, not fake, i.e. he could take up where Richard Ramirez left off].

        But dollars-to-donuts says that he’s bored to tears with women in general, and that he’s trying to get up the “courage” to jump into bed with men [or with little boys] – if he hasn’t done so already.

        Finally, let’s return to your original description of his prior family life:

        “His 15 year marriage to the most physically attractive woman I know ended when he finally convinced her to have an affair with another man–which she did and then immediately left him for the new man (no prenup, yay for her).”

        What’s the obvious thing that’s missing there in 15 years of marriage?


        Did he have CHILDREN / PROGENY / HEIRS with this “most physically attractive woman” you know, and then, afterwards, still insist on ordering her to cuckold him?

        The mother of own children?

        Or was theirs a childless marriage?

        BTW, if there were children involved, then both Mom & Dad need to be lined up against a wall and shot.

        And the kids seized and placed in foster care.

        See Kim Jong-un, as above.


      • You’re an intense dude, Zombie Shane. I can appreciate that.

        I have enjoyed the thoughtful conversation, but I got me some life that needs living. Peace.


      • Nicole, that’s good thinking. The movement is not organic, but you have outlined a plausible basis for its adoption.


      • Good feedback Nicole. Again, when I interviewed Dr. Susan Block, she essentially echoed many of your sentiments. I wrote my own article about it last night:


      • lol at the giddy triumph in repeatedly plugging an interview with a useless “sexologist” to promote fetishes.

        Said Obi-Wan: Who’s more useless: Dr. Ruth, or the fool who promotes her?


      • david … why are you trying to get a “rise” out of me? You one of those internet trolls who gets off on antagonizing others? I’m not into that shit. You’re invited to call into my radio show ANYTIME, and we can debate ON AIR, LIVE. Otherwise, you are just a troll with nothing better to do.


      • Wierdly,,the PUA sex guru David Shade talks about swinging and having you and your “friend”(!!) fuck your wife together! He seems to think its hot. (Head shaking…)


      • Was that just a plug within a plug? Do plugs self-nullify, like touching oneself when traveling through time in ‘Timecop’?

        Love how you say you hate my trolling, but then want me to call your fetish-promoting radio show. Ha ha. You’re liberated.


      • By the way, “david” replying to TKOVS here is not me. I’ve made no replies to his post except this non-reply.


      • Mofo … I have had at least two male clients of mine who are JUST LIKE your described. They are both “alpha male” types, but they love the idea of their women getting fucked by other men.


      • Sure. We believe you.


      • I know a guy who was a rock star in the 70s and very alpha and loves watching his wife get gang-banged.

        I know another guy who is a dom and makes his wife/sub get gang-banged by black guys, though she clearly is into it.


      • I wonder. Maybe there’s an alpha thing here? “My woman can be f*cked by another guy, and she still stays with me!” (confirming my alpha-ness?)


      • @ Random Guy – it’s also a way of establishing dominance over other guys. If you allow but control access to the pussy, you control the other guy. Not recommending a course of action, just explaining a thought process.


      • Like many who grew up with the internet, I spent thousands and thousands of hours stroking it to all manner of gross, unnatural fetish porn. I spent much of my twenties rarely able to be aroused by natural sex. I’m too embarrassed to list specific fetishes, but I think most every man under age 40 can write a list of popular fetishes, which are all tidily categorized in the sidebar of sites like RedTube, xHamster, et al.

        ….But I never ONCE allowed myself to indulge the grotesque cuckold fetishism. The interracial aspect of it amplifies its grotesquery to a whole new level.

        For any man with porn/fetish addiction (which are now normalized in movies and TV shows), I strongly give you this advice: Just stop consuming porn. Period. If you have to cum, just lie on your bed, and force yourself to think only about natural sex. It will be very hard at first, but in time your natural sex driver will resume. This great TED Talk will help:

        (Also, go on the paleo diet to get your testosterone levels to natural levels.)

        Let’s all hope that men can overcome addiction to porn and, consequently, the fetish epidemic will fade.

        But that leaves one big question: Where the FUCK does this sick shit come from? Nobody pays for it, so who is producing hundreds of thousands of hours of it? And why?

        The answer:


      • It seems the people who wrote that article are trying really hard to make it about race, when it’s about money. The corporations don’t want any of us forming strong families or ethnicities, because this is against their interests. They need all of our masculinity, femininity, and even androgyny for actual androgynes/Gays fractured to feed the machine. Nobody can have a healthy sexuality in the new order.


      • Wrong on both counts.

        It is about race: the Jewish race, and their twisted ways of making their race supreme, complete with a race-based homeland.

        And porn is not about money, as casual empiricism has it that porn cannot possibly be profitable in the internet age.


      • It’s not about corporations; it’s about the market. The corporations are another convenient scapegoat. For as long as there are people who consume porn, there will be people producing it. The moment interest wanes and it stops being profitable, there will be no people interested in producing it. That’s business.

        We live in a free society, so it can’t be outlawed or regulated off the market. The only way a service or a product disappears off a free market is when there is no interest in it. So when the clown above says “Nobody pays for it, so who is producing hundreds of thousands of hours of it? And why?” You know he’s clueless. The only thing he knows well is find ways to blame the Joojoos for everything.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 7:28 am Jochen Peiper

        I’ve often wondered about the modern business model for porn myself. I get that the sites one has to pay for might make money, but Youporn and other sites like it don’t seem to make any money from obvious sources except for advertising a few other websites. I get that they also download malware or spybots, etc. that other people pay for, but I can’t imagine that makes much money either. Can you enlighten me on that issue?


      • You have the right idea, but the wrong actor: corporations don’t mind strong families (married people buy stuff, too).

        The villain here is the Party. The Party cannot stand any competition. Only when people’s entire identity is packed into a victim-group organized by the Party and hating all the others will the Party be content. All good things must come from the Party — which is why the Party loathes private enterprise, private philanthropy, and private wealth outside the hands of Party bosses.

        Whenever people gas about those evil corporations, the Party leaders are happy.


      • Related to the corporation thing,

        Although it was not planned – as in a conspiracy theory – women’s lib turned out to be an immense source of profit for corporations, not only because “liberated ” working women began buying stuff for themselves , which meant corporations were now selling more stuff thus made more profits , but the high rate of divorce almost doubled the amount of stuff consumed,

        think about it, when the family was a unit living under one roof, people only needed one of everything from a house to a fridge and they only used electricity or gas to keep one house heated or cooled

        with divorce now for every family there are now two houses ( or two apartments), they use twice the electricity or gas to heat or cool their two homes and run all the appliances, they own two of every possible appliances from fridges to Nintendo games,

        they keep twice the amount of food in their fridge than they would in one home with one fridge

        they pay two internet , two cables, two phone lines etc etc

        kids of divorced couples have two bed room sets – one at each house – two sets of toys, two sets of clothes etc etc

        and so on and so forth

        women’s lib has pretty much doubled the amount of everything we consume in Western civilization

        It does not matter what big corporations are selling – cars, phones, fridges, furniture, paint, food, electricity, bottled water, vitamins etc etc – to them women’s “liberation” means their sales pretty much doubled within a few years.

        If for some reason all women stopped working outside the home and suddenly went back to living with their husband under one roof where only one of everything is owned and only one of everything is using ressources – as it was in the 1950s – our economy would go trough a crash, a serious crisis

        And this last thing will make leftist- “liberated” women very angry,

        if they really care that much about saving the planet, they can reduce our carbon foot print in half by staying home and raising kids under the same roof as the kid’s father.

        This is not an opinion, it is basic maths; owning and using one of everything has half the carbon footprint of owning and using two of everything.

        Yep what I am saying to leftist women is that women’s ” liberation” was very bad for the planet you claim to care so much about and it is very good for big capitalist corporation you hate so much.

        And I know some of you are reading stuff on this site…


      • @Canadian friend great comment. yep


      • A whole website made a shrine to Uncle Adolf (and Joo hate) shouldn’t be taken seriously. All its articles are tainted. Bullshit, as I ever seen it. This website is worse than the Occidental Observer. Talk about low class.

        It’s funny how a man spends decades of his life on porn, and then he tries to blame someone else for pushing it on him.

        It’s exactly the same as smoking. People smoked for years, developed cancer, and then filed class action lawsuits against the tobacco companies. Who told them to smoke cigs? Who is NOT taking responsibility for their own actions?

        Who told you to watch porn? Did they force you?

        Some of you antisemites have the same mindset as lefties. You always like to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility. Is there anything you won’t blame on the Joojoos for example?
        What’s next?


      • Actually, no…

        Those who’d like to run cogdis diversion of guilt are attempting the Al Capone gambit:

        “All I do is supply a demand.”
        (said in re his illegal booze, gambling, and prostitution mob activities… unable to nail the gangster on these endeavors, for various “unable to find a witness” type roadblocks, the US government finally derived an end-around strategy and got him on tax evasion.)

        Rather than take the word of anyone here with an axe to grind, let’s take the word straight from the horse’s… eh… mouth:

        And to revisit the canard of “the market” merely doing what markets will do, let’s take a quick look at what Jehovah thinks of “just supplying a demand”:

        Genesis 3:

        14 The Lord God said to the serpent,

        “Because you have done this,
        Cursed are you more than all cattle,
        And more than every beast of the field;
        On your belly you will go,
        And dust you will eat
        All the days of your life;

        15 And I will put enmity
        Between you and the woman,
        And between your seed and her seed;
        He shall bruise you on the head,
        And you shall bruise him on the heel.”

        After the main culprit’s sentence was pronounced, only then did He punish the “demand” side of the equation:

        Later, His son, our Savior the Christ, reiterated to the “suppliers” of His time:

        John 8:44
        “You are of your father, the Devil… and the lusts of your father you will do.”

        So believe what you will, people… but letting anyone off the hook, and blaming their (ahem) customers as the greater fault… doesn’t fly in either Man’s law or God’s law.

        ESPECIALLY considering those touted to have such high IQs will rightfully be “held to a higher standard”, as their own marketing boast goes.


      • Adolf’s your uncle?

        The Jews celebrate their leading role in porn production. They also are very clear that they create it as a weapon because they have an “atavistic hatred” for whites.

        If porn didn’t work in stopping the births of virile whites – clearly the goal of the Jews, as stated by Freud and others – then they wouldn’t do it.

        Don’t blame the victim.

        And barking hatred for TheOccidentalObserver isn’t a logical argument.

        But this is all secondary. The immediate point is that dudes have to stop consuming the porn created by Jews. See ‘The Great Porn Experiment’ TED Talk at YouTube.


      • @david

        “The Jews celebrate their leading role in porn production.”

        No. No one is celebrating it; the writer is looking at it as a peculiar thing, because it’s not in-line with Juish law. The writer is surprised that Jooz are involved in porn, and he’s reporting on it. He’s not celebrating it.

        “They also are very clear that they create it as a weapon because they have an “atavistic hatred” for whites.”

        No. The secular Jooz who participate in it use porn to rebel against standards of society. They have various fetish, one of them is sticking it to the “Puritanical base. “ Don’t you know most liberals/seculars/lefties/non-traditional types have the same fetish? Did you hear the terrible diatribes of Larry Flynt? They sound exctly the same.

        “If porn didn’t work in stopping the births of virile whites – clearly the goal of the Jews, as stated by Freud and others – then they wouldn’t do it.”

        That’s your perception. You think Jooz are involved in a conspiracy against “virile whites.” It’s nonsense. The conspiracy is a collusion of various liberals/seculars/lefties/non-traditional types of all backgrounds.

        Anyway, If you’re not virile, you have only yourself to blame. Why did you watch porn?

        “Don’t blame the victim.”

        I often do blame the victim. Even women that get raped, I usually blame them for not being careful, or for putting themselves in harm’s way, or for just having buyer’s remorse after the act. Yeah, I believe in taking responsibility for one’s actions. It’s too easy to point the finger at someone else to make one feel better, or to feed one’s fears.

        • You get trashed in a bar and later wonder why you have been involved in unwanted sex
        • You smoke and later sue the tobacco companies for selling you cigs.
        • You have a free market and later sue Microsoft for antitrust.
        • You take out a home loan and later blame the banks for forcing you to take the loan.
        • You can’t watch porn for 20 years and one day you wake up and blame it on a groups of rogue Jooz.

        People (as well as the Government) do this all the time, in every aspect of life, but that’s why the culture is ruined. The slut walks, the class action lawsuits, the government suing companies operating the free market, ACORN suing the banks…… these are manifestation of not taking responsibility, as is Joo blame for porn.

        “And barking hatred for TheOccidentalObserver isn’t a logical argument.”

        I don’t respect “publications” who devote every article to slanting “news” in an anti-Jusih way. That’s not news, it’s an agenda.

        “But this is all secondary. The immediate point is that dudes have to stop consuming the porn created by Jews.”

        So porn created by gentiles is OK? Is buying Flynt’s trash good?


      • Ha ha:”Agree and amplify”. When the jooze are accused simply say, I bet you think the jooze are guilty of everything! Theyre guilty of enough!


      • So, I don’t get it Gregi, what are you mad about? This should be self-explanatory.

        1) Yeah, it is about supply and demand.
        2) Yeah, there are jooz in the industry, as there are many non-Jooz in industry too.
        3) Yeah, it’s a sin against God. However, pay attention to the article. The Jooz involved are secular Jooz who are rebelling against their religion and against their society. Aren’t there lots of White gentiles all over the West doing the same?

        Two quotes from your article:

        “Like their mainstream counterparts [Gentiles], Jews who enter porn do not usually do so as representatives of their religious group. Most of the performers and pornographers are Juish culturally but not religiously. Many are entirely secular, Jooz in name only.”

        “‘Porn is just one expression of [the] rebellion against standards, against the disciplined life of obedience to Torah that marks a Joo living Juism. It is also a revolt against (often middle-class) parents who wish their children to be lawyers, doctors and accountants. As performer Bobby Astyr put it, ‘It’s an “up yours” to the uncles with the pinky rings who got down on me as a kid for wanting to be musician.’

        You have to put things in prospective.

        In addition, let’s not forget the two biggest names in porn: Hefner and Larry Flynt. Here is a list of American pornographers. Definitely some Jooz on the list, but many Gentiles too.
        What I am getting at is you can’t blame porn only on Jooz, and accuse them of corruption while overlooking their Gentile counterparts, who are doing exactly the same.

        In addition, I don’t have a problem you bashing porn. I bashed it here too many times. But, you can’t deny there is a market for it. People don’t do things unless someone is willing to pay. Secular people who don’t believe in God and have left their religion aren’t concerned about doing the right thing, so indeed, “the market” merely doing what markets will do” is all they care about.
        “So believe what you will, people… but letting anyone off the hook, and blaming their (ahem) customers as the greater fault… doesn’t fly in either Man’s law or God’s law.”

        You must also blame the customer. A man watching porn for 20 years can’t turn around and say he was fed porn when he didn’t want it. This only flies with liberal-minded people suing the tobacco industry and the like for selling exactly what people wanted and were willing to pay for.


      • “Theyre guilty of enough!”

        And so are lots of gentiles, right along with them.

        I see liberals/seculars/lefties/progressive/non-traditional types of all backgrounds responsible for the decline for the culture. It’s immorality vs. traditional Judeo-Christian values.

        It’s NOT Joo vs. Gentile, although many of you try to make it about that in every post like obsessive little fiends.


      • What’s a human psychological principle even a junior high school girl understands? Which will never, ever change?

        “Envy/Jealousy is always manifested in dislike of the rival”

        So go to medical school, law school, study engineering, little white trash people.

        I met an Iranian girl who went to med school in Eastern Europe, living in a shithole. I suppose SHE was a Mossad agent lol.

        Now she’s in LA with a medical license. Work like that and you’ll be surrounded by Jews who used their heads, instead of there in Whitetown talking with your friend about AK-47s and The Cabal.

        Or maybe you can’t. Maybe they’re just smarted than your provincial little paranoid ass, and you can’t keep up.


      • Individuals also serve the interests of the race. Evo-psych often misses that humanity has a drive of its own. easy to see in social insects that do not even replicate as individual “workers”. Like you, I am glad that drive did not chose me for that pitiful duty.


      • Will Powers,

        those two things are symptoms of the same disease

        that white males want their wives to be fucked by another male or that they want their civilization “fucked” by other males ( what else is welcoming third world immigrants? it is watching them fuck our civilization ) is all the same.

        now why are so many white male afflicted with such a mental disease, no one has a definite answer but we know many factors that contribute, many have been discussed here such as female hormones in our water, various chemicals, anti-depressants, feminism…yes feminism

        and here is why;

        when men do manly things such as beat an opponent ( at a sport game or a fight ) or lift heavy weights, their testosterone levels rise

        when men are forced to behave in more feminine ways or they are or feel dominated such as when they lose to an opponent, their testosterone levels drop

        Feminism is forcing men to behave like girls, and this is lowering their testosterone, and in turn men are more likely to want to be dominated – just as women fantasize about – either by being fucked in the ass by their woman or by watching other men fuck their woman

        the more men behave in this way – wanting to and being dominated – the lower their testosterone levels go, the more they want this, and on and on, it is a vicious circle

        I am sure other readers will provide other theories or other possible factors that are contributing to making men wimps who want to be dominated ( or watch their wives being dominated ) but I would think basically this is what is going on

        Modern life is destroying white males…


    • I know of that tendency on the part of some males, typically white maies.

      They also tend to be manginas in other ways too. Is there a high correlation between this view and being gay? At least this is the dating population that would be interested in “single moms”. It’s like being pre-cuckolded!

      Can “game” and red pill awareness convert such a creature, or is there some incurable crossing of wires inside the brain?


    • First, I don’t believe what this DR say, that the majority of men have this fantasy, or even a large minority. I call bullshit as I see it. Nancy Friday says similar things about male fantasies. Both are feminists, and they don’t put these fantasies in the right context.

      Second, there are only two reasons a man would want to act out this fantasy:

      1) He’s not that deeply in love with his woman so he doesn’t feel that possessive of her. If anything, he needs some excitement and he enjoys passing his wife around for thrills. These are couples married a long time and looking for new thrills to do as a couple. The man might have other women on the side, or they introduce a second woman into their bed. Usually, they are liberal or progressive couples and have no concept of male erotic dominance as a true aphrodisiac.

      2) A couple in a D/s temporary relationship where the male orders the woman to act out his will and she loves the thrill of it. They are casually dating, but he’s not in love with her, and both get thrills from being in some BDSM scenario.

      In other words, these are not normal people in normal relationships, and definitely not red-pill men. Maybe even men who have been desensitized and bored, and who keep looking for new thrills.


    • What kind of men go see a female “sex expert” and how common is it? Seems to me that they would be a heavily selected bunch.


    • its said that of a man is seperated from his woman/wife for a while,when they re-unite and screw he will have a bigger thicker load than he wouldve if the wife had been in his presence. Why?Obv the fear that she had fucked someone when away has caused his system to mate guard by ramping up the jism to defeat any other sperm in the vagina. Maybe the idea of your wife fucking another guy sets off an internal alarm that causes the man to double down and get extra horny,and not lose this pussy to another man. Guys get jaded and begin to tap into this sytem to get excited. Like if a girl rejects you,you pine for hr all the more,–like Hitler did,lol–your system is saying,”Dont let this pussy getaway,we dont know when the mext pussy is coming!!”


      • Not so obviously.

        Try not looking at porn, not going to a strip club, not jacking off, not looking at a Miley Cyrus video, and not getting laid for a month. Then go turn on some porn and measure the load. It will be large.


  3. i’ve been down this road in an oktoberfest parking lot, the couple approached me, she was good looking, he apparently couldn’t give her what she ‘needed’ (constant sex) so to the king cab we went. guy even handed me the condom, then watched in the rear view, huffing occasionally. disconcerting, to say the least, in retrospect.

    i’ve got a friend who worked in asia and had husbands watch him with their wives over skype and make requests in the action.

    i have no idea what the deal is, and any guy into this kind of thing should just get a vasectomy


    • Two possible explanations.
      1) deeply buried hatred and disgust with their wives or women in general, after being betas so long they want to see the women be further degraded.
      2) Their wife has made it clear that hubby isn’t enough, so rather than completely losing access to the vagina that grants them access now and then, they share their wife with others so that they have some sense of control of the situation. Hoping all along that their wife will come to realize that the beta boy is actually the better lover and quit having the wandering heart.

      Both are losing life paradigms. Sad.


    • on August 28, 2013 at 5:50 pm Hammer of Love

      ” i have no idea what the deal is, and any guy into this kind of thing should just get a vasectomy ”

      Sounds like they should be castrated, instead of a vasectomy.


      • No, I can’t see they are harming others, even though I cannot possibly comprehend their mindset.


      • A while back, I thought of a possible Evo-Psych explanation for the “cuckold fetish”: Suppose the cuckoldee wants to be cuckolded because the alpha seed will produce a more masculine child than his own seed would have produced?

        So that after being cuckolded, the cuckoldee would be able to give his family name to the biological child of the alpha, and, 15 or 20 years hence, thereby fool folks into thinking that the star quarterback of the high school [or college] football team was actually his own biological son?

        BTW, someone cuckolded that Blyth fellow who was Bill Clinton’s ostensible father, because Blyth himself was serving with the US Army in Italy nine months prior to Bill Clinton’s birth in Arkansas.

        I’ve often wondered whether guys like Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Soetoro Dunham Marshall Davis Reggie Love actually know who their real biological fathers were: Whether maybe their mothers – a Virginia Kelley or a Stanley Ann Dunham – might have made deathbed confessions to them?

        “Honey, your real biological father was __________…”


  4. it’s really sad that instead of valuing southern white men for their contribution to this country, at least on the battlefield, they only serve as the boogeymen in these SWPL’s heads. That’s got to be it, any testicular fortitude on the part of a white guy instantly turns you into the villains of Deliverance.


    • Too much outbreeding — a la NW European Yankees — is bad for a nation’s long term cohesion and viability. The very mild (relative) inbreeding of those fighting Southron men is a healthy balance to Northerners’ excessive outbreeding and resulting Stockholm Syndrome-ish love for the Other. But try getting an ignorant, close-minded liberal SWPL to understand that essential dynamic. They’d rather read Dan Savage talk about anal froth.


      • Ignorant, hate-filled SWPLs seem to use the blacks as their displaced manhood…and they are obsessed with the gays. As if the care and worship of gays is a replacement religion. Maybe the generation after Gen-X was poisoned by something in the water or the school lunches were filled with too much soy and fructose.


      • So the men outsource their masculinity to Negroes, and the women outsource their femininity to queers?


      • “In the meantime, honey, let’s do our taxes!”


    • The vast majority of the couples who make the cuckold amateur porn videos are southern. The accent from the feminine voiced “husband” is often southern. it’s troubling.

      It’s also very annoying. Once you hear or see the husbands, it’s obvious why the wife is getting drilled by 9 inch black dicks.

      Furthermore, once you watch amateur porn, it’s obvious why so many women are desperate to be fucked properly. White men seem to go at 2 speeds.

      1. 0

      2. pro porn super fucking

      Idiots cant fuck properly. They watch porn and imagine women want to go from 2 seconds of kissing to choking and rabbit fucking.

      Now I am disgusted by white girls who go for niggroids just as much as the next self respecting white man. But for whatever reason, whether it’s innate (i don’t think it is) or they have some secret black guy teacher, they appear to be better at fucking than boring loser white men. even without a huge dick.

      Fucking retard! youre marriages are failing because you think you’re supposed to drill as hard as possible! you’re worthless! SIMON COWELL IS FUCKING YOUR WIVES!


      • umm…
        sure why not. I would posit that being in the closet and marrying a woman is still the preferred thing for southern men of both races. So watching your wife getting drilled by BBD may be a thing for the whole family.


  5. Those guys who think it’s hot for their girl to be fucked by another dude are the dregs of society. May their genetic code be wiped from our race.

    If your girl wants to go meet this TV guy, go with her. Make fun of her in front of him. And then increase your game by two-fold from now on, you’re slipping.


    • The cuckold fetish is not necessarily about being cuckolded. It can be about doing the cuckolding. It’s the difference between the omega/queer perspective and alpha male perspective.

      I can’t find the clip, but in the movie Internal Affairs Richard Gere fingerblasts some poor fellow’s wife under the table while they’re all having dinner together at a restaurant. Now, does the viewer imagine himself the hapless husband or the smirking Richard Gere?

      At least as far as porn goes, it depends on whether the man is projecting himself into the fucker or the observer.

      Further, observing gang bangs and the like on video are not about a man projecting his wife into the role of hyperslut. It is about seeing a woman overwhelmed by male sexuality.

      Like everything else in porn, the scenario is amped up to cartoonish proportions (already did the DVDA, now let’s pull a train of 50 men!) because there is no limiting factor to the theatrical presentation of an unrestrained male id. But the common fantasy is not, hey, let’s check out my wife getting a dozen dicks in her, so much as it is, this is what how girl would react if I had a dozen dicks. Strange as that sounds.

      Finally, all porn is essentially queer anyway. But that’s another topic.



      • > “Finally, all porn is essentially queer anyway. But that’s another topic.”

        Actually, that’s the central point of this entire discussion.

        And I’d take your assertion one step further: All lewd activity which doesn’t ultimately end in a live birth nine months later is “essentially queer”.

        Either you are engaging in sexual congress with the hope that a new soul will eventually emerge from it, or else you are engaging in an act of utterly purposeless* nihilism.

        There is no middle ground.

        *Actually, you could make the argument that the absence of child production is utterly PURPOSEFUL, where the PURPOSE is to rob your family tree of progeny and to drive you and yours right into extinction.

        At least if you care to call that sort of thing a “purpose”.

        I’d tend to call it more of an “anti-purpose”.

        But it’s certainly the “purpose” of the Frankfurt School in all of this: To see to it that as few children as possible [preferably none whatsoever] are born to the Shkotzim.

        And that the Shkotzim are driven into extinction.


      • Righhhhhhhhhht, it’s a Juish conspiracy to stop white men from having kids. Duh!


        Sorry, maybe men wasting their seed on porn shouldn’t have kids.
        Maybe it’s time to take responsibility for your own complicity in mutilating your body.


      • > “Sorry, maybe men wasting their seed on porn shouldn’t have kids.”

        And yet, who is the leading purveyor of porn in the world today?


        Very pregnant silence…


        The Frankfurt School, FTW!!!


        Canned Applause from the Applause Track!!!!!!!

        And who wins when the Shegetz dumps his seed in the palm of his hand, rather than depositing it in the belly of some filthy vile [but fertile] Shiksa whore?


        Very pregnant silence…


        The Frankfurt School, FTW!!!


        Canned Applause from the Applause Track!!!!!!!


      • How do they win? You think goyim are the only ones watching porn, and Joos aren’t spilling seeds the same way at the same rate? Just about every Joo I know watches porn. Do you know of a study showing that more pro rata seed is ending up on tissues of white people who aren’t Jews? Do you know of a study showing that blacks, Asians, and other non-whites aren’t dropping seed at the same rate as white Christians? Have you gone to AVN and made that determination? Ron Jeremy is 59 and has no children from fucking over 2000 women. How does that square with your theory?


      • 🙂 funny!

        However, the anti-Fruitful school is yesterday’s news.

        Regardless, let’s say all your conspiracy theories are the real deal. Still, who is spilling his precious seed outside the pussy of a harlot? Do you know of a better place for a peen to hang out than inside a pussy (whether pristine of harlotty)?

        And yet, some think it’s better placed in the palm of one’s hand like a smart phone. Is this the fault of the expired Fruitless school of yester year?

        Point is, you get what you deserve. If you choose palm over pussy, you won’t be harvesting your seed.


      • “Either you are engaging in sexual congress with the hope that a new soul will eventually emerge from it, or else you are engaging in an act of utterly purposeless* nihilism.”

        Is putting seasoning on your food so it tastes better an act of nihilism? Or how about getting a massage? Is any act of pleasure inherently nihilist to you?

        I think an integral component, yet far from primary, of a person’s life is the pursuit of some sort of pleasure. Even the most high birth-rate people I know, such as LDS, have sex all the time for pleasure as well as procreation.


      • The pleasure is not the issue. It’s getting that pleasure through handling your peen like it’s a smartphone.

        You should be getting pleasure from a woman.


      • Just wondering how the Joos are disseminating porn to destroy the Shkotzim (whoever that is) theory squares with the banker conspiracy theories regarding Joos, given that banks are increasingly refusing to loan money to the porn industry (including a guy named Marc Greenberg) and even refusing to let porn stars deposit paychecks.

        I can’t wait to hear this one….


      • Here’s an article on the banks refusing to do biz with porn people:


      • on August 30, 2013 at 9:03 am Jochen Peiper

        It’s not a very big problem for the industry, more of a minor inconvenience and its more because of the connection with prostitution and fear of RICO repercussions. BTW, YKW are perceived as parasites, not as superior.


      • They are working on a theory as we speak. David Duke is hard at work devising a concept that ties in all the players from the Zionists to the banks to the pornographers etc, etc, etc…..

        It’s going to be a theory to end all theory. A “theory of everything,” as they say in physics.

        Wait, it’ll be posted soon in a thread near you, by GBFM or Zombie or David, or another one of their paranoia-infused cohort who should be chasing pussy instead of Jooz.


      • Shkotzim is an ancient word from the Old Testament that means abomination, usually used in connection with idolatry and homosexuality.

        Some antisemties/n-NZs/WNs are convinced the Jooz mean them, the Gentiles.

        The funny thing is most Jooz are secular and don’t have any idea of this word, its OT implications, or the implications antisemties/n-NZs/WNs have attached to it.

        It’s a mess; don’t bother. Paranoid R Us!


      • I’m am ex Joo-Yorker 30 years post bar-mitzvah and I’ve never even heard that word before. (wink, wink – its really our secret code word).


      • on August 29, 2013 at 10:02 pm Carlos Danger

        I knew it!


      • on August 29, 2013 at 10:04 pm Carlos Danger

        Those characteristics, among others are ascribed to Gentiles in the Talmud.


      • I want to correct the comment above about shikutzim. It’s usually used in connection with idolatry and all sexual immorality, not just homosexuality.


        The Talmud has been:
        • vilified
        • misquoted
        • taken out of context
        • misunderstood
        • interpreted in a conveniently anti-Semitic way

        by a variety of Joo haters.

        Recently, it’s been a major interest for antiemetic conspiracy-theory websites. They try to tie the words Goy and Shikutzim into the idea that Jooz are anti-Gentile. As usual, it’s bullshit.

        If there is anything derogatory in the Talmud against non-jooz, you have to remember it took centuries to compile, when the Greek and Roman Empires were ruling the holy land, and such words are directed at their idolatry and sexual immorality, just as it is used in the Bible. In any case, such instance are not very common, but antisemties take things out of context, slant, or fabricate stuff without basis.

        Meanwhile, please explain to me why it’s currently one of the most studied work of philosophy and theology in the world among non Jooz? For instance, in south Korea it’s “mandatory” for kids.

        “Almost every home in South Korea now contains a Korean-translated Talmud. Their reason for mandatory Talmud study may be a little off-putting – “So we too will become geniuses” – but hey, maybe they know something far too many Jooz have forgotten.
        More South Korean kids are now studying Talmud than Israelis, and considering the population of South Korea (over 45 million), probably more than all Jooz in the world combined.”

        Granted, it’s a very condensed form and watered-down Talmud, but still the Koreans derive a lot of good from it.

        The fact is the Talmud is full of wisdom. Many of our laws (especially in the common law countries) are lifted directly from its pages – from double jeopardy to compensatory damage doctrine. The Talmud is essentially a legal volume, much as the Old Testament is. Conservative Catholic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud for years and said Talmudic training gives one a head start in U.S. jurisprudence.

        And how many Roman Catholics (monks, persist, cardinals, friars, fathers, theologians) have studied it over the centuries to form religious dogma, or to soak up knowledge about law, medicine, astronomy, etc? Where do you think Dante (the Divine Comedy) got his ideas about heaven and hell? All from the Talmud.

        Yet all anti-Semitism, whether of the western variety or the Islamic verity, attack the Talmud for imaginary nonsense because they don’t understand it, and mostly because they are jealous of it. Because none of them were able to put together something this complex.

        In addition, most of Jesus’ sermons are taken directly from the Talmud’s predecessor, the Jusih Oral Law. The Talmud is a compilation of that law, and Jesus studied it with his rabbis. He knew it inside out, which is what he taught. That’s why normal Christians (not antisemties) at least show it some respect since the lord was deeply steeped in it.

        It might do you antisemites some good to study some Talmud, instead of frequenting anti-Semitic Juish conspiracy websites.


      • No middle ground? What if you’re engaging in sex with a fattie for the purpose of gaining confidence so you can have babies with a hottie? What if there’s no one even remotely acceptable to you for raising a child with that will let you fuck her but you need to cum so desperately that you can’t even think straight enough to work anymore?


  6. If this is the future of men on Earth, I’m off to Mars


    • Waiting for GBFM’s response.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 8:56 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lzlzozoz lzozozolzolzllzzol

        ONE COCK RULE!

        i do tinkz dat next yearsz VMA’s will see da tide shift when MILEY CYRUS SINGSZ and TWERKS ON DA GBFM’S TO DA TUNE OF ONE COCK RULE!!!



    • Mars Needs Women.


  7. This shit keeps getting funnier. I wonder how much compromise would a man have to do in subservience to his wife to get into such a position that she’ll openly caress another man right in front of his eyes.


    • It isn’t funny at all, it’s terrifying that society is going down this path.


      • Why?

        Makes it all so much easier for the man who wasn’t born in a castle, but somehow gets it.

        Frankly, I’d rather live in our society full of weaklings than live in a society with proper masculine hierarchies. I’d have to work too hard and the rewards would be too slow.

        Now, I just act as if. And women buy it. And men buy it. And audiences buy it. Hell, even my own family members buy it. All because I bought it first. In the “better” society, acting as if would have probably gotten me into trouble… or at least gotten me labeled delusional.


      • I would rather live in a good society.


      • So who truly is the omega male?

        The one who wishes to compete with fit men or the big fish in a small pond?


    • It starts with the over integration of the male and female worlds. In stable, more “primitive” cultures, women have duties and men have duties that do not allow for much interaction between non family members of the opposite sex.

      Before you call me hypocritical, I do believe that my situation sucks, and though I do what I must for survival, I would give anything for things to be different.

      In any case, when there is too much crossover, the wife’s position as status symbol starts to look kinda like, “My wife can out-whore your wife.” This is how these things get started. This leads to men criticizing the looks of each other’s women, and judging the quality of their woman by how many other men want to shag her as opposed to how many men are actually competing for her hand and hoping they pass her father’s scrutiny.

      Add over reliance of porn that involves watching other men shag instead of women posing or masturbating and wishing someone was there to ease their longings, and it’s not a big stretch to cuckold.


  8. Isn’t that what pornography is though? And aren’t all the young white boys of this generation masturbating to porn every day?

    Porn is essentially getting off on some other guy screwing a woman you desire.


    • No. Are those porn starlets your wife or girlfriend?


      • Not exactly the same obviously but there is a parallel there, don’t you think that pornography is weakening for this generation of young guys?


      • Yes, I think it’s likely that porn, both the male and female versions (Fifty Shades), has damaging effects on the psyche which we are only beginning to uncover. But that’s not the same as saying that watching porn is one step from homosexuality or cuckold fetishism.


      • Well, cuckold fetish is watching another man be with the woman you want – which is exactly what pornography is. I’m not saying it is exactly the same, but I think there is a parallel there.


      • which is exactly what pornography is

        No, that’s not “exactly” what porn is. Men watch porn for the genital insertions, and not for the O-faces that the male actors make. This is why men prefer porn where the man’s face is mostly or entirely removed from the action. It’s the visual spectacle of the naked woman’s body and her vagina getting plowed that provides the stimuli for arousal, and this arousal is completely independent of any need for feelings of love or protectiveness toward the female porn star. There is no parallel with homosexuality or cuckold fetishism.


      • Yeah, I agree. If you routinely bate while watching a dude screw a hot chick that you want on a computer screen, it’s not all that farfetched to bate while watching a dude screw what’s (supposedly) your hot chick in real life. And in between the two situations is voyeurism.


      • Chances are Mrs. 36 and sagging isn’t “THE” woman that other New York millionaire wants, either. Supposedly he took his wife along to frolic with some famous guy, leaving their son at home alone for a month. They’re all simply a bunch of degenerates both up and down.


      • I was just about to point this out. You’d be surprised at what you can condition yourself to (consciously or not) if it’s what you fap to on the regular.

        The parallels here are pretty stroking: Not just seeing a random guy smashing the object of your physical desire, but also watching it while fapping.

        You say that the appeal of regular porn is the insertions and not the male o-faces (ruling out homosexuality), but surely that’s the same for cuckold fetishism?

        Regardless, it’s an abomination.


      • But having been an adult webmaster myself, and watched the truly creative movement crash and burn, I have to ask why…

        Why does any man want to watch another man’s penis going into a woman’s vagina.

        I can, off the top of my head, think of many other things that would be more fun and fantasy fuel to watch than another man shagging the woman.

        Woman writhing in longing or pleasure from some unknown/unseen stimuli…

        Naked or fetish dressed woman dancing…

        Woman masturbating…

        Two or more women masturbating each other and encouraging the watcher to join the party…

        Women with animals, aliens, and testing out a plethora of toys…

        Why a man shagging?

        How did we go from pinup and masturbating women in Penthouse to a guy penetrating a woman being a mainstay of porn?

        ****Personal Anecdote Warning****

        Whenever I’m going to read a new magickal work with techniques that will require meditation and other preparation, I try to find out as much as I can about the author and their belief system as possible. There have been quite a few cases that I have waited until I’d met enough people who had tried or or decided altogether that I did not wish to open my mind to someone’s work, even to read some things out of curiosity.

        I am very careful what I allow into my headspace when it comes to spirituality.

        Perhaps, since it is so important, men should take care about this with their sexuality as well. You could get accustomed to something that will stick in your mind like a virus.

        I’m not against porn, but guys should be careful what kind of porn they’ll watch, and what it might do to them. Watch other dudes shag enough, and despite what you might consciously want, you may someday feel like something is missing if there isn’t another dude there.

        I am not a prude or a moralist when it comes to sex between consenting adults. Do whatever you want to do, but don’t let yourself be manipulated or programmed to do things you don’t want to do.


      • Caveat for my last post – I think it’s only likely if you’re that way inclined.


      • @Antifeminist,
        “The parallels here are pretty stroking:”

        Anyone else notice the hilarious freudian slip here?


      • No, CH is right. For “normal” porn, it’s a vicarious (or reverse vicarious, which is kind of Heideggerian spin) fucking. A (male) porn viewer imagines himself to be in place of (usually) hardly visible porn actor (hence man’s face is frequently hidden or removed from the action) & it’s imaginary viewer who’s doing the actress, at least in his mind. Cuckolding is a psychiatric disorder, a form of masochism, maybe exploited by porn industry, but existing as long as human species. Just look at wiki.


      • Since a good bit of porn is body parts without a face, I contend that to the male subconscious, it doesn’t matter whether the face or other parts of the body are obscured or not. A woman could be using a dildo, or another woman using a dildo on her, and there would be just as much penetration happening, without another guy in the picture.

        I suspect that men have been programmed to more easily accept the idea of another man being present, and getting off on watching other men shagging, by habitually watching it happen on screen. One has to remember that there are many factors involved, including social dependence, and the mild sexual orientation fluidity of most people.

        The Spartans sometimes shared wives, and in Ethiopia today, though it is considered taboo and underground, there is de facto sharing of intact (uncircumcised) women, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that large groups of men could come to find this acceptable.

        It may be okay if it happens for natural reasons, and I wish those who do it all the best, but as I said before, if it’s snuck into your psyche without your informed consent, this is another story.


      • Better comparison is that neither your wife nor starlets are related to you. In that sense that getting off on regular porn vs. cuckold porn is one and the same.


    • Which is why we should all stop looking at porn. It’s been over a year running for me, and I’ve banged the most chicks in the last 12 months than in any other 12 month period of my 29 year long existence. I do have to give some credit to Heartiste for daily motivation as well, but the results speak for themselves. The only porn we should look at is the pics and vids we take of the ourselves boffing some fine young ladies.


      • ding ding ding

        good photos of beautiful women are acceptable in my book – motivating and testosterone inducing

        save the loads for real girls


      • ding ding (no dongs)

        good photos of beautiful women are acceptable in my book… motivating and testosterone inducing

        saving loads for real females = more encounters with real females


      • I like to watch porn with my GF. We usually have to interrupt the viewing two or three times.


    • I have always wondered that myself. The only porn I even had interest in was solo, and I absolutely hate “blow job”. Why do I want to watch dick?


    • I don’t know about you but I never watch porn with a guy in it. Because I’m not gay. Solo or Lezzie ftw!!


  9. I had no idea what this word meant. I just searched it. This is beyond absurd, it’s sickening. I have never heard of such a thing before, I thought most men’s natural reaction to something like this would be to want to cause the man and his wife too, serious harm. :/


    • Seriously this is so disgusting,

      for a man to want this must be mental illness


      • EOF, will you please get your tight little Cyprusienne ass on a plane for a Red State within the USA and get yourself hitched to a REAL MAN?!?

        Pretty please with sugar on top?

        Every month that you keep toiling away there in obscurity on Cyprus means another egg rolls down the old Fallopian Tubes, fails to meet any seed, and is ejected right out of the uterus with the menstrual flow.

        An opportunity lost forever.

        So please get yourself over here and let a REAL MAN start putting buns in your oven.

        Before it’s too late.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 8:25 pm FuriousFerret

        “Red State within the USA and get yourself hitched to a REAL MAN?!?”

        I’m pretty sure Cyprus guys have brass balls and she doesn’t have to leave it find a real man in America. Listen to what you just said. You wanted her to come to the USA of all places to find a REAL MAN. Is this some kind of a joke?

        I don’t know what her deal is. I guess men there don’t really have the monetary resources to fulfill basic hypergamy, it’s not their masculinity that is in question. It’s basically the reverse of the problem that middle class American guys have where US men have all the beta provider checkboxes double marked but they are giant feminine pussies.

        She would actually do really well in the DC metro area though. Here women are masculine, feminist and don’t really put any effort into their appearance making them ugly. She would stick out like a shining ray of light pulsating in the darkness.

        A good way to describe the DC women is you know that girl that always sat in the front of the class draped in the collegiate sweatshirt hiding her fat rolls with her greasy hair pulled back into a ponytail scribing every word the professor said using five different colored pens to emphasize key points. Well they all went to DC.


      • Problem is, Cyprus has been hit with a banking crisis. That’s the country where the banks were forced to dip into people’s accounts to pay back some crooked rich bondholders. Kinda like a mini-Ireland, but even more blatant.


      • Yeah now there is a crisis here. But Cyprus will come out of it and everybody will be okay.


      • I think there are real men everywhere, even though this post has given me a shocking insight into just how far some men have fallen from being men over there with this perverted cuckholding phenomenon.

        I feel sorry if the women are as you describe. 😦 Surely, there must be some nice ones? What about the Christian women, don’t they take care of themselves? I have never really understood why a woman would like to look masculine, even if she is a feminist.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 11:51 am FuriousFerret

        “I have never really understood why a woman would like to look masculine, even if she is a feminist.”

        It’s not necessarily that they want to look unfeminine, it just pans out that way since very few people can have it all. When you think like a man and act like a man well the end result is that you become engulfed in masculinity. One trait of men is that they don’t care about their appearance as much if they are achieving tangible real world results and the status and success that comes with it. Hence these DC chicks putting their job/career as their main priority and ditching appearance maintenance because that’s what they have time/mentality for.

        If I was a woman, my appearance would the most important worldly trait that I would focus on because that gives me the most real world power. I would behave like a professional model in terms of skin care, beauty styling and eating habits. With the epidemic of land whales, even if I didn’t have a model’s face I would still make out like a bandit staying thin and prettying myself up.

        Then I would have the personality of a giver and add value to other people instead of retreating into female narcissism. Also no slutting around.

        Then I would laugh at all the other office harpies with their rat’s nest and thunder thighs while I hung out the pool of my wealthy husbands’ huge house because I knew how to behave like a Russian woman instead of a femicunt careerist American chick.

        I for one have no real problems with gold diggers because that’s a woman’s natural inclination. I just have a problem with bad gold digging. I mean if you expect a rich alpha then you should be willing to put in the proper work in the proper places.

        I believe this is the ultimate in girl game. Russian women already do this and because of social values and messed up paradigms western women have abandoned these roles. However, for a savvy girl that doesn’t mind breaking from the large herd, the rewards are immense. Just appearance, acting vulnerable and caring (even if you’re just faking it), and no being a slut gets you potentially MILLIONS of dollars. And with the stupid divorce laws you can just take your cash and prizes whenever you want and leave. I have no idea why more women aren’t abandoning the feminist mantra and going for the gold here when it’s probably easier than it’s ever been because of the obesity plague combined with masculine attitudes.


      • Furious ferrett.. very interesting comment.

        My appearance has always been extremely important to me, other women often criticize me for it. I will not take the go outside my door without fixing my hair and looking presentable, and if I break a nail I’m fixing it fast. I also rarely wear flat shoes. It drives other women crazy, they think it is shallow. And for a long time I did question if I am shallow, I thought it was a part of me which I had to suppress.
        But I didn’t, and I never will.

        I disagree with you about it being okay for women to be goldiggers, it is not justifiable in my opinion. I’ve never been particularly materialistic, but there were occasions when I wanted to buy something that was very expensive, and unnecessary out of vanity. And I thought deeper about it, and realized it wasn’t acceptable. There are people struggling to survive, who am I to think I can justify spending obscene amounts of money on things that are not necessary? It’s not easy to develop that mentality, I struggle with it because I’m human, but it’s a mentality that can serve us very well when we learn to develop it. Of course it’s sometimes nice to have some nice things, but I don’t agree that we can never justify that it is ok for a woman to be want, want, want. What helped me develop this was exactly one moment that I can pinpoint, it sounds really cheesy, sometimes I make myself cringe, but I want to share it. When the banks were closed and nobody could withdraw money or pay with creditcard, the supemarkets were not getting stocked, and people went on a mad rush to go and buy supplies for a longer period of time. One day I felt annoyed because I didn’t have any meat in the house, and no cash to go and buy during that period. Then I went outside and looked around, and I saw the vegetables had grown in my garden, and I felt so in awe, at how God provides us with everything we need to sustain us, how he gave us the earth to plant vegetables, and I cried tears of happiness. It was truly overwhelming because it was like suddenly I realized how many unnecessary things we want, when God provides all the things we need, and sometimes it feels like we completely forget that. Obviously I lose track of that sometimes when I see something nice I want for a minute, but when I remind myself it brings me back down to earth.

        The women who are goldiggers who financially RUIN men should feel remorse for what they are doing. It’s not ok to destroy somebody’s life for our own personal gain, this is truly, truly selfish. It may be a natural inclination for a woman to be a goldigger but if you care about your soul you will instead prefer to be a good person and opt for financial security instead.


      • Furious, the problem is that powerful men…truly powerful men are freaks.

        Once you enter that world, your cage is gilded, but it is indeed a cage.


      • Nicole freaks in which way? in a bad way?
        I think a clever man will know when a woman is a goldigger.


      • I can’t say if it is good or bad. The ones I’ve encountered (rich, high status, and with a public image to maintain) have all been scary in different ways. The first wife is almost always a gold digger because they’re the only women who want to be with someone like that badly enough to do what it takes to get there and then take what it takes to stay there. Quite often, this was arranged or semi arranged or the woman was essentially “bought” fresh out of high school.

        Certain realities of their position mean that he doesn’t exactly have a normal life, and neither will you. Once it becomes known you belong to him, you become a potential target for his enemies. Then even if you break up, you will have people giving you the pass signal to tell you that they are watching you or looking out for you. If they were in the same or related organizations, guys in those you meet later will not touch you if their intentions are not honorable.

        For some women, this is great. One gets to be a guy’s property and have this enforced by his associates. For me, it has its good and bad. The bad is that you have to give up your own dreams. Your life becomes about supporting him, and that is it. Maybe that is how it should be, and I’m just greedy. I don’t know.


      • Arranged? Which country are you in Nicole?

        Well I think that in a married woman’s life her husband and children will be number 1 priority, when a woman marries she is under the authority of her husband. and even if you divorce, you are still kind of his woman, so people will still think of you as his woman.

        It is kind of the same like this here, the vast majority of decent men wouldn’t want much to do with you if you were married to somebody else before. Which I guess is normal, unless you are widowed or divorced for reasons such as your own safety or safety of children at risk.

        If the man is rich and high status and is well known, but for the right reasons, I wouldn’t mind these conditions to marry him. But if he is a bad man, mafiia or something noooooo way.


      • Embracing, I live in Israel, but arrangements happen everywhere. The rules are different for people who can make sure one’s parents never have to work again.

        On legitimacy, the owner of your poshest local cafe may be a well established money launderer who starts businesses basically just to clean. As the woman, you would never know.

        About the marriage thing, you don’t need to be married to the guy to be locked down or put on a kind of watch. If he loves you, you will never get away from him fully. It’s just these guys seldom really love anyone, and if they do, it’s in a weird way.

        They operate on a different plane. They suppress a lot because of the realities of their situation, but they’re still men, just a little twisted.


      • Zombie Shane now this is not in the equation for me, I have met a man now.

        But thank you 🙂


      • > “I have met a man now”

        And legions of Red State manhood will silently cry a tear this evening:


      • That’s a nice song. I like it.

        thank you zombie shame, I like your comments a lot.:)


      • This man singing has a wonderful accent..


      • It’s ok ZS…there are more fish in the Mediterranean Sea.


    • That’s the reaction of a normal man with a working pair. But working pairs are HARD to COME by these days.


    • Armchair theory #365 — cuckold fetishes are held by the most blue-pill of men, whose only glimpse into raw hypergamy comes in the form of a woman getting with a man of objectively higher value. The man’s encounter with even a slice of truth from the red pill, is invigorating.

      Accordingly, you’d find this fetish held strongest/most prevalent among uber manboobz and man femis.

      K someone take a shot at crunching those numbers.


      • Scray, reading your field reports along with YaReally’s breakdowns… blown away. You were just like the way I am now… struggling to get out of it.


      • YA, lol. It takes awhile of dedicated effort, my dude.


      • Excellent theory.

        I think this Scray dude is sneaky smart. But he hides it because he takes that -1 for intelligence SMV test too seriously.


      • Remember the girl from Duke(?),or one of those classy schools, who made a list of her lovers and it got published. (CH talked about it.) One of the guys, a strapping white lad form the rugby team,had this very fetish. What dies it mean,–I dont know. I dont think this is that big a deal,people have crazy fantasies.


    • Not if you’re a millionaire whose wife is a sagging whore who leaves her kid at home to go whoring around the Caribbean. In that situation, you smile, because your lawyer has told you the best possible outcome is to pass her off to some bigger schmuck; with enough money that her coming after you for child support and alimony will look farcical even to a gaggle of monkeys as well indoctrinated as those making decisions in New York family courts.

      The bag’s in Cowel’s hands (and wallet) now. While the cuckold at least has a shot at getting off without being robbed too badly.


  10. Ridicule as a weapon is never overused.


    • A short term tactic, broadly successful with distracted or apathetic people, ridicule backfires with an overly sensate audience who always seeks an esteem boost by backing an underdog.


  11. This sort of thing has to be quite rare.


  12. Does the cuckold fetish exist in women? As in a woman wanting to bring other women home to her man?

    My current fictional story has a female character that does just that.


    • There’s no such thing as a female cuckold fetish, for the simple reason that women are the ones who get pregnant and carry the next generation in their own, verifiable bodies. When a woman wants to bring another woman into her man’s bed, that’s called pleasing her man.


      • Idk, I’ve seen this before though on CL ads. It’s rare, but there are married women that get off on being made jealous by watching their man fuck some other woman in their marital bed.

        The married woman just wants to watch, and not join in (so at least explicitly this isn’t supposed to be an FFM threesome). It’s from the same psychological place of a lack of value, or at least lack of value relative to other women.

        Then again, CH, what are your thoughts on men that engage in other sexual activities involving other men, primarily swinging? Or MMF threesomes that don’t involve a woman they care about?


      • Has to be rare. But even then, it’s not the same thing as male cuckold fetishism. The sexual jealousy that women feel is qualitatively different than the sexual jealousy that men feel. A normal man feels rage when he thinks of his woman getting defiled by another man. A woman, otoh, primarily feels fear that her man will abandon her. This difference in experience has to do with the underlying biology at work. A woman is always assured of her progeny’s genetic linkage; a man must wrestle with uncertainty.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 7:44 pm Charlesz Martel

        “Women love their children more than men because they are more certain the children are theirs.”
        Max Scharf, German social hygenist

        I think that’s the right quote.


      • Unless the nurse in the delivery hospital screws up. In which case she’s shit out of luck.


      • If we want to adopt an evo psych perspective, that could still be a risk for women as it runs the risk of her man having to share limited resources with another woman.


    • Women can’t be cuckolded


    • How could a woman ever be cuckolded? The fucker pops out of her own pussy. It’s hers by all means… no matter who knocked her up.


    • Yes:

      A man raising another man’s genetic throwaway is the equivalent.


      • I’m pretty sure “cuckold” and “cuckoo” have the same origin.


      • I am going out on a limb here but since cuckold seems to be a relatively new term and the French have had the word ” cocu” for decades, maybe it originates from the French word?

        Although the French word “cocu” has a slightly different meaning; it means another man is fucking your woman but NOT while you are watching as in the American word ” cuckold”

        it also means the man knows his wife is having an affair but he does nothing about it, there is nothing about wanting to watch it happen

        I could have googled cuckold but I did not, as I said I am going out on a limb here, I might be wrong on this


      • According to Wiktionary, “cuckold” does come from French, and does have to do with cuckoos, who leave their eggs in other birds’ nests for them to raise. The old French spelling is cucuault.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 6:32 am Hugh G. Rection

        it also means the man knows his wife is having an affair but he does nothing about it, there is nothing about wanting to watch it happen

        Usually it means that the man doesn’t know. Just like the bird.


    • on August 28, 2013 at 8:00 pm gunslingergregi

      yea always get your chick to bring other chicks home it keeps em in line


    • on August 28, 2013 at 8:00 pm gunslingergregi

      just for you though no lesbian shit


    • Had a couple girlfriends with a strong cuckold fetish. I don’t think it’s uncommon, at least in those who are familiar with bdsm. With women, they can read of a fantasy and be turned on by it. Both were hot, and in both cases it involved some humiliation. Its perfectly understandable in the context of gina tingles.


  13. Well, is it that much worse than wanting a male third for a threesome? Because that’s pretty common. (No, I haven’t)


    • Men call it the “devil’s threesome” for a dern good reason, Amy.


    • I think it’s gross personally

      But I think that some guys are turned on by defiling a slut?

      I don’t know what it means psychologically.


      • I get the “defiling a slut” thing… but I’m talking about a couple wanting a male third for a threesome. Not two guys just looking to have sex with some girl they have no connection to– an actual couple looking for a male third… where both the boyfriend and the random guy have sex with the girlfriend. That seems very cuckoldish to me. I don’t get the allure of any of it.


      • Sometimes that’s just the first step toward swinging, something demanded by the woman after the guy raises the idea of swinging but before she allows the guy to get strange pussy.


      • I think that happens a lot. She wants prior proof of the hubby’s willingness to share in the strange stuff.


      • That seems very cuckoldish to me too. Or gay. I once had a married girl who was showing strong interest in me ask what I thought about a M/M/F threesome. (Hypothetically, of course) My response was that IMO any two guys who would be willing to agree to that would be more into each other than they would be into her. Any straight man who isn’t a completely emasulated pussy doesn’t want another man’s dick coming anywhere close to his wife. Ever.


      • I don’t. A slut is already defiled. Defiling and corrupting good girls was really more up my alley. Though I do , as I have stated, understand why gang bang s increase the make sexual response.


      • Twice the penetration for the woman. I assume, twice the desire/tingles.

        Doesn’t work for M/F/F, since guys can only screw one at a time.


      • M/F/F works fine when you’re doggying one of the Fs while the other F is licking your balls. Trust me on this one.


    • Two men and one woman is called a gangbang, or train. A threesome is when 2 of the 3 are female, not male.


    • look, sometimes sword crossing just happens

      it’s not gay if it was just the tip


  14. Occam’s Razor says Cuckold Fetish fans are women looking to fantasy trade up to the dominant Alpha Ahole while retaining hugs and money from hubby.

    Women like porn, a lot, its just different porn than that which appeals to men. So, Cuckold Porn = female porn. Or the few that are bi/gay men, fantasizing about the guy.

    Human nature has not changed that much. Its like chubby chasers, etc. A few outliers and freaks does not a mainstream make, no matter how much freak-loving few Upper Class White women want it.

    How many actual, real people do you know that are “furries” or LARPers of any of that junk?


    • I’m not sure about the male/female breakdown of the cuckold fetish (personally I find it a huge turnoff) but I’d bet that it appeals to people who are generally into female sexual domination. It really is about female domination…. the woman is openly having sex with another guy in front of her husband and saying, “this guy satisfies me much more than you do” while he just helplessly sits there.


    • No, the vast majority of consumers of cuckold porn are male. It’s a niche fetish for sexually submissive men – they get off on the humiliation of watching their wife pleasured by a “better” man.


  15. No matter how much interracial cuckold porn is consumed, WWII vets are still being liquidated by vibrant teens in the streets for equality. BTW, the look on Andrew Silverman’s face in the second photo should be etched onto the Beta Male monument in Washington, DC.


    • I think the beta male monument should be bronze statues of an Ethiopian man managing a 7-11, a businesswoman in a pants suit, Eric Holder, an Arab managing a radio shack, a white chick with college text books with a black football player all overseeing a bunch of white men heroically keeping fragmenting pieces of the map of the country together with their outstretched limbs.


  16. It turns women on when their man is being flirted with by other, more attractive, women. It seems to me that these men bit down too hard on the feminist bullet and somehow think the reverse is supposed to be true.


    • on August 28, 2013 at 3:14 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      No. No, it doesn’t. Not at all.


    • No way, it doesn’t turn us on. It makes us feel jealous and insecure and yes, it might encourage us to step up our game and be a better girlfriend… but it’s definitely not sexually arousing.


    • I think we like it when women flirt with you, but you’ll annoy us if you flirt back too much.


  17. I am not 100% sure I agree with this, Epidemic? One example, from England?

    Other comments mention a lot of cuckold porn.

    Well, Is there a difference between what the (jew run) porn sites are pushing and making available, and what the men are actually watching? Can we see any data where more and more males are selecting this form of pornography over others? Can we compare this to other forms using any kind of data?

    Also, I understand that watching porn the watcher takes the place of the “man”, so, maybe the fantasy is to be the guy fucking the chick in front of their hapless worthless beta husband?

    This need to be examined a little more I think.


    • Think of cuckold fetishism as the canary in the coal burner mine. Still rare, but getting more accepted by the wider culture as a legitimate means of sexual expression. Its acceptance is a harbinger of societal decay.


  18. And I have a feeling, the wives and girlfriends, of these men, will happily take them up on their offer.


  19. There are “Mandigo Parties” where white men take their wives and pay to watch them being plowed senselessly by some well-hung black dude. This is often done because the white husband has been convinced by his white wife that sex with a black guy is the only way she can ever be sexually satistisfied. Sick!


    • I read about this a couple of years ago, it was in Penthouse or possibly Hustler magazine. Even in the article itself it mentioned how many of the guys genuinely don’t like it, and only do it because their wife wants to (or they claim such bullshit lies as that they can no longer satisfy their wife due to their own physical limitations as older men).


      • I agree with Roosh, “it” doesn’t matter. If the chick has needs you can’t meet, then she is just trying to break up with you. Otherwise, she should be trying to make you happy.
        The point being made in this post is that the male is at fault here not because of his teeny peeny but because he is mentally unstable as he gets off on his woman being used by other men.


      • Even in the article itself it mentioned how many of the guys genuinely don’t like it, and only do it because their wife wants to

        Beta husbands. Check.

        (or they claim such bullshit lies as that they can no longer satisfy their wife due to their own physical limitations as older men).

        Why they can’t get it up, and hook their wives up specifically with black men: Fat wives. Check.

        Although I’ve heard anecdotes that occasionally young, attractive white couples indulge in this perversion, it does seem to be mostly beta husband / fat wife cases.


      • if this were true: just buy a goddamn sybian. Put on a strappy.


  20. on one hand we got crackers preferring to be cuckolded and on the other we got the brothers convinced that bitches just love them.
    Check out this guy who doesn’t understand that white women are not his weapons:

    @DAWGONDUTY @DLoesch You wouldn't know a real man if he fucked you or your daddy in the ass you Gog and Magog Cracker. Be with ur ancestors— Pascal Robert (@probert06) August 28, 2013


  21. on August 28, 2013 at 3:20 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Yeah, you and I think the whole cuckold fantasy thing is weird, but then again, I think it’s weird that some women have rape fantasies. From what I read, they’re both pretty common and if that’s what people want to do…where’s the harm?

    If you’re not into it, don’t do it. Easy enough.


    • Way more women have rape fantasies than men have cuckold fantasies. Check the archives for links to studies. As for the comparison, it’s inapt. Rape is not genetically annihilationist to a woman’s reproductive fitness like cuckoldry is to a man’s reproductive fitness.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 3:45 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Actually, I’d argue that rape is genetically annihilationist, not just to an individual woman, but to her tribe. There’s a reason why systematic rape is one of the tools of total war—it’s not enough to simply defeat the Other in battle; you also seed the Other’s women in hopes of creating an entire generation co-opted by your genetic material.

        What’s more, should any diseases be transmitted by the rape—and they frequently are—those diseases can permanently affect her future fertility. Even relatively curable diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause PID, which causes sterility, and diseases like HPV can cause cervical cancer even in young, healthy women.

        (For the purposes of this discussion, I’m not getting into the other physical and psychological effects of rape, which can be similarly devastating.)

        And yet some women fantasize about it, the same way some men fantasize about being cuckolded. But in both situations, the person who is employing that fantasy isn’t fantasizing about *the real, devastating, event*. It’s about a simulacrum of the devastating event, one which is actually completely under the fantasizer’s control. In the case of the cuckold fetish, the cuckold *chooses* his wife’s partner, and frequently is the one who has to persuade her to go along with it. In the case of the rape fantasy, the woman usually has to persuade her loved one to go along with it…and the whole thing unfolds complete with a “safe word” and rules about how it’s all going to go down.


      • I’d argue that rape is genetically annihilationist, not just to an individual woman, but to her tribe.

        You would be wrong. When a woman is raped, any child that may result from the act, however heinous such an act, is still hers. Her genes live on.

        When a man is unknowingly cuckolded, his genes die. Period. Unless he somehow knows he’s been cuckolded and leaves to find another woman who will bear his children.

        If he welcomes his cuckolding, he’s a headcase who wishes for his meta death.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 4:02 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I understand your point that the issue of a woman’s body is always undeniably hers—that’s why some societies pass family names and fortunes through the matriarchal lineage. My point is merely that both rape and cuckoldry represent devastation to the person to whom they happen—and yet, people fantasize about them.

        My theory as to why is in the last paragraph above–the TL; DR would be that it’s a way to gain psychological control over something terrifying over which you only have a modicum of real-world, physical control. Which, if true, would mean it’s not a nihilistic act, but a psychological coping mechanism.


      • You should set aside some time to trawl the CH archives for posts looking into this issue of female rape fantasies. You’ll find that a) a lot of woman have them and b) a significant percentage of those women get an erotic charge from fantasizing about violent, nonconsensual rape. Women get off on the sexual predations of dominant men. That’s why they fantasize about it.

        Is this comparable to male cuckold fetishism? Only superficially. As I pointed out, from the perspective of the gene, long term cuckoldry is way worse than rape. From a physical perspective, rape is worse (there’s no physical contact with the cuckold fetishist). From an emotional perspective, I’d argue that being the victim of cuckoldry and finding out about it years later is a lot worse on the psyche than being a rape victim, for which the pain of the latter usually lasts only minutes compared to the unending feeling of betrayal that must gnaw at the soul from lifelong cuckoldry. Even a rape that results in an unwanted child, as bad as that is, is not as bad as a cuckolding that fools a man into believing he is the father of a child which is not his.

        Finally, the percentage of women who have rape fantasies is far greater than the percentage of men who have cuckold fantasies. This may be changing, but if it is that’s only an indictment of how decayed our culture is becoming.


      • RappaccinisDaughter,

        What CH said about rape fantasies is 100% true. I once wrote here about a study/interview I read of women and their sexual fantasies. Most admitted they have rape fantasies. Furthermore, the things that surprised me the most is that even women who have been violently raped confessed they fantasize often about forcible sex. This tells me it’s extremely common for women to fantasize about aggressive/violent sex because emotionally and psychologically it’s how women get off.

        Most importantly, this also validates the need for male physical dominance. Use physical dominance on a woman, and you have her wrapped, never mind if she is a feminist. Subconsciously she is still a woman. Of course, feminists feel embarrassed admitting their real needs and feelings (even to themselves). In the interview, some of the women were embarrassed to confess that male sexual aggression got them off so much. However, when they read the sexual descriptions and feelings of other women they felt more normal about it.

        In contrast, I think it’s impossible for NORMAL males to have a cuckold fantasy. What….they have an emotional and psychological need for their women to cheat on them? If so, such men aren’t normal; such fantasies obviate their maleness, no? A normal man behaves exactly as CH says; he is not merely jealous, he’s enraged. And, you know what else? In my mind, no man worth my love will take cheating on him calmly. I think a woman in love with her man expects him to be possessive, as it’s normal for men to feel ownership. No possessiveness, no relationship.

        I believe fantasies are an indication of our true desires. Most women would love to act out those fantasies with a partner they trust. On the other hand, if a man wants to be a cuckold in RL, I think he has serious issues, which is why I don’t believe the male cuckold fantasy is anywhere in the same league as the female rape fantasy. I think it’s the fantasy of only a small minority of men.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 7:36 am RappaccinisDaughter

        CH: “From an emotional perspective, I’d argue that being the victim of cuckoldry and finding out about it years later is a lot worse on the psyche than being a rape victim, for which the pain of the latter usually lasts only minutes compared to the unending feeling of betrayal that must gnaw at the soul from lifelong cuckoldry.”

        Well, the physical pain of rape lasts longer than a few minutes. You’ve got the assault itself, and then, depending on the brutality of the assault, anywhere from several days to a few weeks to heal.

        Depending on how psychologically resilient you are, the psychological effects can last anywhere from six months (which is how long you get to wait before both HIV tests come back negative) to several years’ worth of PTSD. Nightmares, insomnia, panic attacks, claustrophobia, sexual dysfunction.

        BUT…you have the sympathy of society. And chances are good that none of it’s going to cost you any money.

        The cuckold stuck unknowingly raising a child that isn’t his does NOT have the sympathy of most of society. The law holds him responsible financially for that child from the moment he claims it’s his—no DNA test in the world will absolve him of that financial responsibility. (A revolting injustice, in my opinion.) If he walks away from the child, people will cluck and shame him, and will actually cast the cheating mother as a victim.

        I could see where someone might have your perspective on it. At a minimum, I’m in enthusiastic agreement that the laws as related to paternity need to change now. Mandatory DNA testing at birth, and if the putative father isn’t the actual father…he’s free to go with no alimony or child support.


      • I do not agree. If the men are slaughtered and the women are taken as slaves, its a sexual draw. Foreign women have ruled the palace in this way. And yes, this happened quite frequently. In fact I recall reading this the first time in the accounts of French women having a thing for German troops when they marched in Paris after the Franco Prussian war.. They of course did so at great risk from the French men. Yes there also has been scorched earth, but it was much more rare.


    • RP, cuckolding is an actual fetish… husbands are actually into this with their wives. Rape fantasies are just that– fantasies. Actual rape is not a fetish. Okay, yes I’m sure there’s one or two nutjobs out there who have arranged to have a complete stranger grab them off the street in the middle of the night, but it’s hardly a mainstream thing.


      • Chicks dig bedroom role playing. *winky winky*


      • This.


      • Definitely.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 3:51 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Actually, a lot of women will do things like persuade a partner to pretend-rape them. The ones without a lot of sense of self-preservation will go on Craigslist to find a stranger to do it.

        It’s a weird world, Amy, where Rule 34 reigns supreme…


      • RP– I know, but neither is really “rape”– although the CL woman is full-on crazy to do it this way. But do you see… she is still giving consent. She’s roleplaying with the person she meets on CL.

        Whether it’s the CL nutjob seeking a stranger or roleplaying in the bedroom, it’s not really rape because it’s consented to beforehand. If rape were really a fetish, women would deliberately seek out situations where rape was more likely to occur. You don’t see women doing that, obviously.


      • on August 28, 2013 at 8:07 pm gunslingergregi

        you don’t?


      • Amy, I’m RP, she’s RD.


      • I know, sorry. Blonde moment(s).


      • “If rape were really a fetish, women would deliberately seek out situations where rape was more likely to occur.”

        Like American women going to India on spiritual trips?


      • on August 29, 2013 at 7:23 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Of course it’s not really rape if it’s consented to beforehand. That’s why I used the phrase “pretend-rape.”


      • I’m agreeing with Amy. Permission of any kind = consent, which magically makes everything okay.

        And Rule 34 more refers to there being fanart of Bert and Ernie shagging. Even with that, most women who are into it want it clearly specified that consent has been given. You been on Tumblr lately?


    • The male analog of female rape fantasies is the dude fantasizing about he himself giving some girl hot sex. Not the dude fantasizing about some other dude giving some girl hot sex.

      The female analog of a cuckold fetish would be getting off on another woman giving love to your desired man.


    • Fantasizing about rape is, for a woman, an exaggeration of the natural inclination towards a dominate partner. Alternatively, it’s an internal reaction to a world that says a woman must be independent; rape fantasies allow a woman to accept her own desires to be overwhelmed by a male partner during sex. IE, it’s an expression of the female desire for submission, possibly corrupted by the modern-day sexual environment.

      Cuckold fantasies are an inversion of natural male desire. It’s a male acceptance of complete, personal weakness. Which also could indicative of societal corruption of natural sexual desires.

      Rape fantasies are female desire amplified, whereas cuckold fantasies are male desire removed. Different things entirely.

      And plenty of people engage this kind of behavior without knowing the consequences. Just because a man thinks he’s okay with some black cock plowing his wife doesn’t mean he’s going to feel the same after it’s done. Sexual taboos may make things less fun, but they keep the majority of the population from putting themselves in positions that destroy their ability to maintain a healthy relationship with their SO.


  22. I read that any human emotion can be sexualized and humiliation is like the nuclear bomb of emotions. If your brain starts sexualizing this emotion then the orgasmic height reached is extremely high. Cuckolding is a guy fetish and fantasy. Women don’t get off that because there is no humiliation in the role she does. She’s just a fuck object and she does it to solely please her man.

    My advise, don’t even entertain this fantasy any more than general knowledge or you’ll start sexualizing these disgusting feelings.


    • “Women don’t get off that because there is no humiliation in the role she does. She’s just a fuck object and she does it to solely please her man.”

      But she gets the full power and that’s her kick. She already has a contempt for her weak, beta husband, and having another guy’s dick in her ass in front of her husband is the ultimate ceremony of her coronation. On a subconscious level she may despise the whole thing, but she knows that if she’s the boss in bedroom, she’s also boss of his finances. Taking the bad with the good, she’s doing it for bonbons and Gucci bags. While sleeping with others on the side anyway. The next step is formalizing that, and final step is her husband paying for her and her lovers’ lavish trips.


  23. A former boss of mine was a retired state trooper with a military background, and he was one of the better managers I’ve ever had. I started hearing rumors, so I created an account on Adult Friend Finder to see if they were true.

    Sure enough, this guy had some kind of private sex blog where he detailed his accounts of sitting at home whacking off while his wife sent him pictures of the Baskin Robins variety of semen (mostly chocolate varieties) leaking from her cheating asshole.

    I was a total beta at the time, but even so, I instantly lost all respect for that pathetic loser. I may be guilty of a lot of things that make me less manly than I could be, but sending my wife down to Myrtle Beach to get ravaged by negroes and wetbacks.


    • Yegads. Paging GBFM…


      • on August 29, 2013 at 8:57 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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        ONE COCK RULE!

        i do tinkz dat next yearsz VMA’s will see da tide shift when MILEY CYRUS SINGSZ and TWERKS ON DA GBFM’S TO DA TUNE OF ONE COCK RULE!!!



      • Yay for autotune and robot voices… lzozlzozlz


  24. This is part of our evolutionary suite of behaviors. We’re pretty jaded from all the stimuli but one real kick in the pants is sperm competition within the woman’s womb.

    So a hubby has his wife get plowed by another dude. When the hubby gets his chance (aka sloppy seconds) his body tells him to drop the biggest load possible to compete with dude #1.

    Group sex is something that humans do a lot more than we recognize. I suggest the book “Sperm Wars” for some of the scientific background on this.

    In support, when you see the pornos with this theme, the guy is excited to get his chance later and the bitch is egging him on.

    Not good for civilization as we understand it, but human, oh so human.


    • Yes, I’ve heard of this theory. Assuming it’s true, then the question to ask would be whether the rate of cuckold fetishism is increasing. If it is, or if the cultural acceptance of it is increasing, then we next have to ask what it is about modern society that’s pushing men into behaviors which result in genetic dead ends? That study of rats that stopped eating for survival after being forced to live in a densely populated cage comes to mind…


      • As I wrote, we’re overloaded with stimuli and need something even more naughty to get our juices flowing. Miley has to trump Gaga who trumped Madonna.

        Also, is it really happening at an increased rate or is it just a trend in the latest porn and so more visible. I was given the opportunity to wife’s fresh meat a couple of times in the 70s so its nothing new but it has become a theme in porn only the last 3 or 4 that I’m aware of of..

        And note that it is not necessarily a conceptual dead end. Note that in almost all hetero porn, the man jizzes outside the woman. With proper contraception, almost ALL sex acts are non-reproductive, If this thrill is now safe of physical side effects, people are saying, “Why not?”

        I’ll agree that more males are allowing themselves to imagine the lack of self-esteem and shame necessary to be a cuckold in these circumstances.


    • I’m sure that theory is all bullshit. That men may feel the need to out-compete the sperm of other men, sure, perhaps, but that is probably only reactive. No man should actively seek to be in that position, as Heartiste explains.


      • Exactly, they’re just worthless losers desperate to survive.

        These are the men who immediately become someone’s girlfriend in prison.

        Prison turns tough guys into girlfriends too, so these low-T chumps stand no chance.


      • You’re not being logical.

        “No man SHOULD…” is your moral projection and not an argument for or against the theory of sperm competition in cuckold scenarios.

        What is the reality? It happens, it has happened, and it will continue to happen.

        Got a better theory or a good test of this one?


      • “Should”, in this context, refers to what is predicted from evolutionary theory. Just as when I release an apple in mid-air, it “should” fall to the ground. Get it?

        The point is that there is no way a cuckold fetish could evolve on its own. A pathogenic source is quite possible, if not likely, then.


      • The female behavior might have something to do with it.

        Women more easily and reliably conceive when they have an orgasm. Do they have more orgasms at gang bangs or with new partners? Do additional partners change the chemistry of the cervix and womb?

        The beta or gamma hubby sharing his wife also now has a a dominate male with an interest in the survival of the couple. The beta to provide for the offspring from the femaie. Like the serfs letting the nobleman have the first night with their virgin bride – the nobleman has the swords and protects his serfs.

        There are fetishes that are definitely from non-evolutionary cross-wiring but I suspect that this one has some basis.


      • Don’t be so sure…


    • on August 28, 2013 at 5:39 pm homopervtastic

      No it’s not a desire to compete with the other guy, it’s a desire to submit to him.


      • That’s plausible but why get the wife involved? The hubby can submit all by himself although giving your wife to another man is pretty effective.

        Remember that wife sharing is far from unknown in other cultures. Eskimos and Mandan are two that come to mind.

        Would the hubby be MORE or less satisfied if the cuckold was a dweeb?


  25. I have long been puzzled by this fantasy. And being a fairly regular reader of CH, I am surprised why this topic hadn’t been addressed earlier. If you look at internet porn, you’ll find that cuckold porn/ hotwifing/ sharing your wife, etc is a major section of porn videos, pics and stories. What @The King of Verbal Seduction is saying is probably true. Cuckold fetish is probably a widespread and popular (masturbatory) fetish for most men.
    Now it is very weird and puzzling based on what we understand about male/female behavior. But a few years earlier I read a study which said that Rape-fantasies is one of the most popular fantasies in women. It is surprising to discover that what might be one of the most traumatic experiences for a woman could ever be a fantasy. If you look at both these facts, you can see the similarity. I have a theory. The deepest biological fear of a woman is to be raped, i.e. to be forced to bear the seed of a man against her will. Similarly, the deepest biological fear of a man is to be cuckolded, i.e to be fooled to raise another man’s child. My theory is that, the reason both these fantasies are so common in the sexes respectively, is not because they actively want to live it (which would be traumatizing in most cases) but because it acts as a kind of release for their subconscious evolutionary fears. It soothes their deepest anxieties. Because most people who have these fantasies probably don’t want to go through with it in real life. It would be too disastrous.
    Last point. Robin Baker mentioned in his book, Sperm Wars, that the reason men are evolutionary designed to be turned on (apart from getting angry) at the thought or sight of their partner having sex with other men is “sperm competition”, i.e. so that they can thrust much harder while fucking thereby scooping out the sperms of the other male (which also explains the typical half-mushroom like shape of the penis). Interesting thought.


    • You might be on to something, but I think they’re still quite different. Rape fantasies have a more biological basis, the core of the fantasy is being sexually dominated by the man, “taken” by force, powerlessness etc. Cuckolding is biologically inopposite, the man is surrendering sexual power to the woman (and another man). I think rape fantasies make much more sense psychologically.

      And cuckolding is an actual fetish, there are couples who actually do this. Women do not arrange to actually be raped, and if they did, by definition it’s not rape. Roleplaying in the bedroom– even very extreme roleplaying– is completely different. Obviously you are giving broad-based consent before you even start and it’s your boyfriend/husband, not a random sexual predator.


      • You mention an acting out of a rape fantasy is inherently safe, due to it being in a controlled environment.

        However, the cuckold fantasies are inherently the same way, right? As in, the goal of the event is NOT to get her pregnant and force the man to raise another child, but rather to live out the ‘traumatic’ event in a safe way? (if I am wrong here God help me, imagine the poor soul finding out that’s how they were conceived…)

        I think when you say the rape fantasy is about being powerless and dominated, it is possibly similar to the male cuckold fantasy. All of this even seems in line with red pill thinking:

        Many women, due to inherent male/female dynamics, have a rape fantasy as means of release from their fear of being raped by a man and desire to be dominated. A much smaller percentage of men, being completely devoid of genuine psychological strength, also have cuckold fantasies as a means of release from their fear of, once again, men and a desire to be dominated. It would absolutely make sense that a higher percentage of women than men would fear men, at least on the primal sexual level.

        This leads to more women than men having these sorts of fantasies.


      • I think the point people are making is that the rape fantasy is rooted in the female desire to be dominated, and that desire makes biological and psychological sense. The cuckold fantasy is reflective of a male desire to be submissive and/or dominated by the woman, which isn’t viewed as a natural sexual dynamic.

        Also, rape roleplay isn’t really rape anyway, by its very nature. Rape roleplay is an oxymoron. if you’re roleplaying, you consent and it’s not really rape. You’re just playacting. OTOH, you can’t engage in cuckolding roleplay without actually having a guy in bed with your wife.


      • Okay. The question is how many of these couples who engage in cuckolding fetishes actually end up getting pregnant?.. Technically the man is not a cuckold as long as he doesn’t end up raising another man’s child. As you said, the woman is not really raped as she gave a broader consent. See? I think there are two components to these :- 1) The fear component of being cuckolded which comes as a result of the evolutionary fear of having to raise another man’s child, and thereby a death of one’s genetic lineage. 2) The pleasure component which comes as a result of “sperm competition”, the evolutionary tactic to prepare a man for more forceful and repeated sex with his partner (when he perceives his partner to be cheating on him) thereby scooping out the sperms of the other man, and filling her with his. Plus, even the nature of his sperms change- more killer sperms and kamikaze sperms (check Sperm wars for more info). So I think men who are actually engaging in cuckold fetishes are engaging with the second component. Because none of them would actually want to raise another man’s child.


    • Is it wrong if you wack it to it but alternately imagine being the cuck and the bull?


    • ” Cuckold fetish is probably a widespread and popular (masturbatory) fetish for most men.”
      Source? Because it would be extraordinary for men to have a fantasy that IRL would make them genetic deadends.


      • I am saying this on a hunch here. Because most of the websites for porn videos, stories and even books like Penthouse etc has a considerable portion devoted to wives fucking other dudes. This wouldn’t be there if there weren’t men consuming such material. Plus, i read a report on the most searched word in google during a year. The phrase “cheating wives” was on the top few. And I suspect, a large portion of these searches were men getting off on the idea of cheating wives.


      • I dont think its that big of a portion and I imagine that for most cuckolds the only way to get release is through porn, which would increase the demand for that particular fetish up and above what a more normal one would get.


  26. People may snicker at my Christian beliefs…but I’ll tell you that because of them (along with my masculine pride)…I would never accept that garbage.

    Any man that thinks this is a good idea might as well turn in his raisins. Get out of my gender and stay out.


    • A lot of “in-progress alphas” need a certain segment of the male populace to be complacent with the advancement of the female imperative. Because it makes them, seem more exciting in contrast.

      By opting-out of that complacency, it flattens the socio-sexual hierarchy so that only the naturals seem exciting in contrast. Thus the in-progress alpha reverts to being a greater beta.


  27. The emergence of this seems to correlate to the Baby Boomers, which was right around the time when it became passé to justifiably kill the man you found in bed with your wife and your wife as well.

    Just another bit of wisdom from one of the Great Books For Men:
    Leviticus 20:10 “If there is a man who commits adultery with another man’s wife, one who commits adultery with his friend’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

    Such incredible wisdom and freedom in life. It provides a method of the cuckolded man to retain a sense of honor (through the blood of those who sin against him).


  28. At least “Major” Hasan got the death penalty today. A minor part of fighting back. He won’t get the firing squad for a long time so maybe a prisoner in Leavenworth will have the balls to do what the Army won’t and off the guy immediately.


  29. Behold, a prime specimen of non-testosterone produce testes bearer.
    Heart should have drinks with Stace.






  31. I don’t see, without genetic modifications or super-intelligence tech, how the west will stay afloat for than 1-2 generations. Even there was just one ethnicity, the cuckoldry and idiocracy would just happen within that one group, albeit slowed down. How do you indian-give freedoms of sexuality and voting?


    • I have an alternative explanation to that in the CH-tweeted article about how bacteria causes cuckolding.

      The bacteria makes the pussy – which husbands are usually sick of fucking in short order anyway – smell so bad a guy looks for excuses to not fuck his wife, like making believe he is into being cuckolded. Those guys figure that if they go swinging, the strange dick at the swing club won’t be enough to ward off the wife wanted sex from them entirely. So, they encourage the wife to get strange cock. Meanwhile, those same guys are banging hookers, or maybe not fucking at all but not really caring as long as they don’t have to do and smell it.

      Just a theory, and another reason not to get married. And no, not a strategy I’ve utilized; if the pussy stinks on any kind of non-isolated basis, for me its NEXXXT!


  32. on August 28, 2013 at 5:19 pm homopervtastic

    I am a cuckold fetishist, but I may not be typical. I’m a sadomasochistic homosexual and I get off on scenarios of psychological domination and humiliation. Letting another man fuck your wife or girl is a form of submission, maybe the ultimate submission, much like getting it up the ass or sucking cock. I enjoy witnessing scenes of domination and humiliation.

    Actually since I’m technically bisexual, I’ve used girls before to get to straight guys that I’ve wanted. I did this a couple of times. Even if I didn’t get to do anything with the guy, it was a thrill to watch him in action. And one time I did get to suck him off together with the girl, you’d be surprised to know how many straight guys are willing to let me do this if there’s a possibility of fucking a hot girl.

    So for me it’s an extension of being a homo. I can only guess what drives other guys who are into the cuckold thing, but I’d put my money down on latent homosexuality, no matter how much they protest. There’s no other way really to explain it if you think about it. A lot of cuckold fantasy does involve homo or nearly homo elements, but even the ones that don’t, it’s clearly an expression of homo submission and a desire to be humiliated.


  33. The amount of cuckold porn being produced is shocking. When did this trend start? I can understand MILF porn*, but this stuff, trannies, pegging? Da fuq.

    *Super horny older woman teaching naive young guy how to fuck/get girls.


    • The most disturbing thing I’ve heard to date was from a supposedly straight man who told me he’s rather sleep with a tranny than a chubby. I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t.


      • It’s called HOCD or homosexual OCD. People get so desensitized from their addiction to porn that they need increasingly shocking and different content that they eventually start looking at transsexual or homosexual porn even though they are straight.


  34. on August 28, 2013 at 5:52 pm Hugh G. Rection

    This is kind of a huge counterpoint to any white claim to superiority.


    • Again, this is the best argument to preserve your actual cultures. Then you don’t need to be superior. You can just, with honesty, be preferential.


      • You’re winning the thread today. White Preservation is way more interesting than White Supremacy.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 6:30 am Jochen Peiper

        You can’t have white preservation without white supremacy.


      • Can’t have white preservation without white supremacy?

        Now tell us, does this apply to blacks as well? we would really like to know.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 11:08 am Jochen Peiper

        Not sure what you mean here.


      • I you say your “rule” only applies to white, then you must be an anti-white racist.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 12:56 pm Jochen Peiper

        You misunderstood me then. I was saying you need White supremacy as your goal to achieve the reality of racial parity. We have a lot of Orcs trying to displace us and take our stuff.


      • Well…


        I do not like the word supremacy.

        The simple fact we whites do not want to go extinct does not make us supremacists.

        the fact we oppose race replacement trough immigration does not make us supremacists

        Most of us do not want our race to survive out of hatred for people who are different, but out of pride and love in what we are, and there is a big difference between the two.


        the word supremacist is never used to describe other races but they too are proud of what they are, and they do not want us to replace them with white people

        that word has become something the left and various race baiters use to bash whites, to silence us when we try to explain we simply want to preserve our race and simply want our kids and grand kids to look like us

        when someone calls a white a “supremacist”, he often means ” evil racist who wants to hang blacks from trees ”

        us whites are always on the defensive because we are attacked on all fronts. which explains why I wanted you to explain what you said

        that is all


      • How can White Supremacy ever succeed when its core philosophies are: 1. Joos aren’t white, and 2. said whites are inferior to Joos?


      • on August 29, 2013 at 9:47 pm Carlos Danger

        Sorry, but you are simply taking the superior status of whites in Canada, by virtue of their still being a majority, for granted. Life won’t be so rosy when you’re no longer the majority. You don’t have to hang blacks from trees to want them to behave. We’ve simply been more generous than the other races would have been towards us in return. Don’t expect that to change.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 6:21 am Hugh G. Rection

        You can hardly preserve that which is self-destructive.


      • Europeans were not self destructive on this scale before Christianity. Some cultures did better than others at stabilizing, but by the time the missionaries arrived, most who’d survived the pre Christian Romans were doing pretty well.

        It wasn’t, in my opinion, Christianity itself that did it. It was the way that Christianity was injected and spread. What could have been the adoption of a few positive ways of thinking and living, from a Mediterranean prophet became a means of social control and destroying the competition.


  35. This may fall outside of the scope of US political intersts, but it’s a dirty secret that George Galloway (UK Member of Parliment) has a cuckold fetish. Not enough people have seen this. It’s unreal. These are the people that rule over you, folks:


    • He’s a liberal, so what do you expect. If there are men with those fantasies, they have to be the type of men that don’t want to be dominant, and rather enjoy being subjugated by other men.

      He’s an idiot, so I am not surprised he has such emotional issues.


  36. @Stuki got it right. Silverman is brilliant. He is passing off his aging whore of a wife onto Simon Cowell. Amicable divorce. Low alimony. It’s genius.


  37. Once again, leave it to the internet to dreg up the weirdest, most off-the-wall creep shit anyone can possibly imagine. Guys with that fetish HAVE to be less than 0% of the population.


  38. Could it be that this is one of the last sexual transgressions left that doesn’t involve dogs, children, sex-change operations, or painful-looking toys?


  39. on August 28, 2013 at 8:22 pm gunslingergregi

    its ironic that the prettiest bitches do the most for me
    why it always ironic


  40. on August 28, 2013 at 8:25 pm Greatest Beta

    Perfect age to get married?


  41. Hey, my wife wants to hang out with some guy who’s on tv, maybe I should tag along, what?

    Hey, that’s great. Offer to buy them dinner and a swanky hotel room with a hot tub and champagne. Might as well cut off your nuts and serve them on a platter while you are at it, seeing as how you have no use for them.


  42. Kind of related, but I’ve long suspected that Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and Johnny Depp have a weird cuckold three way thing going on. I think Burton faps in the corner while Depp lays the D.


  43. Another dynamic I have come to believe is that sex drives/ pleasure response increases with male competition. If another man is around, you can either fight him or just blast a massive load engaging in sperm warfare. A gang bang is war at the sperm level. That is after all what chimps do in lieu of mate guarding. At the conscious level it may show up as pleasure. So cuckold fantasy must be this dynamic gone haywire. I think the reverse happens with the Madonna complex where the desire of chastity swamps into their own sexual advancements to their wives.


  44. I feel dirty for having been a part of this post.


  45. I was dating this broad a couple months and she had a FB “bud” with romantic overtones. His FB page said he lived in a town a couple hours away. This girl told me she wanted to go see a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time who happened to live in this same town. I never said a word up or down about her leaving town for a week or weekend, but I was damn sure going to dump her ass if she did it. Turns out that his FB page wasn’t updated and he lived much more local. But that’s not the point. This woman knew (even though I never said a single word) that Trouble Was Coming if she went. Chicks are way more sensitive to men’s emotions than we can possibly and completely understand.


  46. It should be clear that a large proportion of American women are not fit to be your marriage partner. Call them what you will. When people engage in offensive behavior to their spouses that should be the end of the marriage, no further discussion.

    Be selective. Marry with great care, if at all.


  47. This is a good example of a cuckold fetish story written by an unwilling male:

    As you can see, it’s not race-based. Also, as you can see, it can be exciting even for someone not interested in this “fetish.”

    It’s a primal situation of domination.


  48. There is too much thinking going on here. The obvious truth is that any male person who is into this is a terminally deformed psyche.
    Maybe that is the main clue. On some level they already know it, and are therefore begging for genetic extinction. As a service to their tribe.


  49. Paging Sweetheart Jason! Paging Sweetheart Jason!

    Actually, wait, Sweetheart Jason needs the guy cuckholding him to be black…



  50. Slightly off-topic, but Michelle Jennecke is undoubtibilty the most intelligent and analytically insightful female sprint-hurdler who has ever lived. A few minutes watching uTube will seal the argument for all but a few of you homos and haters.

    Do not lie ( Your dignity would be mutilated.). The real truth is that any of you would do this creature until you came to need CPR, if she asked you for it..


  51. People, here’s the deal with cuckhold fetish. When the male sees or imagines his female being dicked by another male ( or imagining this to be the case) there is a natural surge in hormones to produce more sperm to combat the perceived intrusion. So the male cuckholded male is jacked by hormones to get stronger erections, larger sperm volume, more hardness and longer lasting erections to combat the intruder and increase the chances of himself fertillizing the female.

    In fact, several scientists have opined that the shape of the male organ is optimized for pulling OUT semen from the vagina while inserting its own. Sort of a sucking out of any existing semen prior to ejaculation.

    Anyway, the whole cuckhold thingy is a big hormonal hit to step up the strength and intensity of the sexual experience by leveraging this evolutionary artefact.

    The fetishist are just using this to get to another level of high.


  52. Hamsta
    Chimps, who do most of the sperm competition games,have long needlish units that are useless for sperm extraction. Besides, sperm extraction is a fools errand whether you are a monkey or a man. To get favorable results: Always quiet her down, Then plow deep and don’t let go of her no matter if she cries.


  53. If cuckold behaviour comes from the genes it would have to have some great positive effect on fitness to offset the negative hit from, well, being cuckolded. I personally cant think of anything that could do it, and considering that in the past only 40% of men reproduced the behaviour should have been selected out a long time ago. IMO the parasite theory seems more probable.


    • Male evolution based mating behavior is usually designed to benefit the female – to get her the best sperm.

      More competition is better for business.


      • “Male evolution based mating behavior is usually designed to benefit the female”
        Could you explain what you mean? Because if you are implying that men have evolved to help the female pass on her genes instead their own you are wrong.


  54. In Japan, Netorare or NTR is just as popular, because of the Japanese psyche of “suffering humiliation in silence”.

    I honestly think the rise in popularity of cuckold porn is because of red-pill men:

    Here are some quotes from 4ch and a Japanese guy:

    -“NTR shows the true nature of girls, that’s why is good for me.”
    -“Though if I had to write an article for Sociology Today on this I would say that NTR is popular because it is a form of role reversal for most men. In civilized society woman have complete control over sexual selection, so for most men it is pretty funny to read or watch NTR because the traditional social order has been upended. In most NTR the woman isn’t “broken” per se, she just seems broken because she is now even hornier than the male characters. There is an old saying that men want to sleep with the whore, but the want to marry the Madonna. In NTR the Madonna becomes the whore, so there is that fantasy, as well as the ability to engage in a little harmless voyeurism and corruption.”

    Given that many Asians are beta/omega and getting a girlfriend requires that you must first own an $800,000 apartment and a BMW first, seeing a fat old ugly man bypass all that and make his own personal sex slave with tatoos and piercings out of a good, chaste woman from a religious private all-girls school and the whole process is eye-opening, not to mention cathartic.

    Cuckold porn is as thoroughly red pill as they get, albeit on the dark triad side, since the interloper is often a dark triad alpha in these stories. I say keep em coming and let all the betas watch and break down their pedestalizations.


  55. on August 29, 2013 at 1:42 am Anti-Blue Pill

    Now some comic relief…….hahahahaha


  56. As an actual cuckold fetishist, I think most posters in this thread are just projecting onto us whatever fits best with their own worldview. Let me provide my perspective:

    In addition to being fetishsizing cuckoldry, I also fantasize about orgasm denial, penectomy, amputation, and slavery. Cuckolding would simply not work if you were not heterosexual; there would be nothing wrong with not having what you didn’t want in them first place. The point of the thing is to fill the cuckold with pain and longing, being denied what he most desires, so that his desires multiply and become unbearably great, far greater than they could be if they were actually satisfied. This is the sexual analogue of unrequited love, where passion for an idealized and distant object can be so enormous it can hardly be sustained by a mere human being.

    The musical analogue is Tristan und Isolde.

    Vanilla heterosexual porn is already implicitly voyeuristic. Cuckolding merely takes this to another level of abstraction, so that instead of having a voyeuristic fantasy, one fantasizes about being a voyeur(To make this more explicit, instead of masturbating to internet porn, you masturbate to the thought of masturbating to internet porn). Instead of imagining a concrete arousing stimulus, one merely imagines being aroused, and it is far more powerful this way. I have never been more horny than when I have been pretending to be horny; it is a form of self-hypnosis(fake it till you make it).

    Is it any wonder Wagner wore silk panties?

    These fantasies of denial are a way of amplifying normal heterosexual impulses, taking them to a new plane entirely. This is the only way I’ve ever been able to achieve a hands-free orgasm — it is that intense. In fact, I think the root of all religious feeling is unrequited love, the longing for the impossible, the spiritual, the superhuman. Jesus’ evangel, is probably the greatest and highest religion on this planet because it embodies this more than any other.

    I couldn’t understand the Riemann sphere if I didn’t have Bruckner.

    If all energy is sexual, then this is the greatest solution to the problem of increasing human energy that I know of. “Genius” means “spirit”. There was never a genius who did not love some stillborn hope more than life itself, and geniuses are the only real men, the rest of mankind never feeling so strongly, never existing so much. Genius is stigmata.

    “I love the great despisers, because they are the great adorers, and arrows of longing for the other shore.”


    • You talk very sexy and over analyze like almost every effeminate male I’ve ever encountered. I’d be more than happy as an alpha male brute to come over and ravage your wife or girlfriend whilst you lap up my high IQ Euro-spunk out of her. See how I just did that? I am a fetishist too…


      • I’m a switch.

        Actually, I find the fantasy much more effective if the woman isn’t interested in having a relationship with me in the first place.

        I don’t like cunnilingus.

        I don’t like the interracial angle because I could never think of a non-white as being truly superior to me,

        The only part of my fantasies I currently, and ever would, put in to practice is abstention from masturbation.

        >high IQ

        3 SD above the mean isn’t high.


  57. Even without any D/s element involved, the could be one factor explaining the thrill (and not just pain) involved: the psychology of sperm wars. Fetishes do not appear out of nowhere. They are based on normal reactions, only escalated beyond normal proportions.


  58. Jesus fucking his damned stupid bitch Jew York Christ.

    Lololzzozzz. Spot the chateau lessons here.


  59. Whom GOD would destroy he first makes mad…


  60. Any chance this writer’s son grows up to be a schlubby beta or full-grown faggot?


    • I was diggin’ the massive contradictions between telling his son to be a gentleman, then explicitly telling him Miley Cyrus and others like her are acting like whores to get male attention and it works.

      The massive pedestalization of women was also incredibly insulting, to both women and men.


  61. on August 29, 2013 at 8:16 am Jochen Peiper

    Good article on MLK and the J-Wish Communist Conspiracy that doesn’t exist.


  62. Maybe it is about control. IMO, so many sexual fantasies are about not being in control. Women love to fantasize about being taken by force, multiple guys ravishing them and/or even being raped. So, it is not absurd to think men have similar fantasies. Being submissive, cuckold or pounded with a strapon are probably rooted in male sexual fantasies of not being control. I believe that so many people walk around anxiety ridden; stressed daily between work, family life and all of the made-up-sh*t they see and hear and wonder what they are missing out on. I think the act of losing control and allowing others to dictate what they want to do with you is a fantasy that many women and men share. Just my $.02.


  63. I’ve wondered about this myself, and my theory is that cuckold or “slut wife” fantasies are fantasies of _enthusiasm_. Women nowadays are so passive and entitled about sex that guys fantasize about watching them act like literal whores just to see them _respond_ to something.

    You know the old saying about the ideal wife: “A lady in the parlor, a whore in the bedroom” — I think the cuckold fetish is part of an attempt to literalize that.

    But yes, it is disturbing.


  64. Interesting… I know that women seem to get off on the idea of cuckolding their man – whether married of just dating. It seems that more and more women will call their BF or Hubby when I’m putting it to them. Of course they try to “hide” it – but it never crossed my mind that that may not only be her game but his as well. Not that I mind – as long as he isn’t in the room, and I’m raw dogging her, what do I care?

    Just something to consider… Maybe when they take home my little bastard and pass it off as being their hubby’s it’s with his knowledge… Weird, but again – doesn’t really matter to me as long as she’s willing and I get to be the one pumping it into her.

    Just when I think that I cannot be more disgusted with my fellow-man… It certainly would explain why the blue-eyed guy, and his blue-eyed wife, that have a brown-eyed kid are still married… I always figured they were too dumb to understand genetics…. Maybe not… If it gets him off, it’s probably the ultimate turn on for him – there is the proof he’s been cuckolded in plain sight…

    Ah well… Hey, as long as the women are young and attractive, what do I care? He’s paying for the kid – if it turns him on to do it, more power to him… I’ll enjoy my part and tip my hat to them when I’m done…


  65. only white people are into that nonsense………



    • LOL @ al …. I’m not sure if that assertion is true or valid, but a female friend of mine (who is Black) just said the same thing to me. She said, “I’ve never met a Brutha who was into being a cuckold to a woman. Only men I’ve met who are into that are White dudes. And that is because they will try any perverted thing at least once….” I was like, “WOW. What a strong statement….”


      • on August 29, 2013 at 11:31 am Hammer of Love

        You have to be careful with such assumptions though. For example, we all know what goes on in prisons, we also know, statistically, that large percentage of black males are, have been, or will be in prison at some point in their lives. So it begs th question of how many ” bruthas ” are really on the ” down low ” .


      • It’s a fact that many Black men are gay and bisexual. Won’t deny that for a second. But I have to admit … I have never had a Black man admit to me that he was a cuckold. Not saying that no Black cuckolds exist … but I have never had a Black man openly admit to being one.


      • Blacks don’t seem as possessive of their women, which I would assume is a prerequisite for the cuckold fetishists. If you don’t really have any attachment to or investment in a woman, do you really care who she gets plowed by after you have had your fun?

        Additionally, I really do believe anti-racism and cuckoldry go hand in hand and blacks are the most racist people I meet.


      • I do not agree with anything you said.


      • Although I have never seen numbers on this, Blacks do seem to be more into gang bangs than whites are, so they do not seem to mind sharing a woman as much as white men do.

        also in many Western nations as more and more third world Muslim immigrants are “welcomed” the rate of gang rape is on the rise, black and brown people are more into gang rape than whites are, white males who are into raping women tend to do it alone

        again it seems blacks and brown do not mind sharing a woman as much as white males do

        this may not be cuckolding but close to it as they are watching other men fuck the woman they wanted to or have fucked or will fuck in a few minutes.

        Until someone provides numbers on white males who are into cukolding I have serious doubts more than about 5 % of white men are into that.

        Numbers on anything the left supports are always inflated ( like the percentage of gays which is nowhere near what the left claims ) while numbers on things they don’t want to talk about are swept under the carpet (such as the high rates of crimes among blacks)


      • Black men refer to women as whores and bitches, hardly a sign that they care more about their woman than white men do


      • Not true at all. Black men are VERY POSSESSIVE, if you are talking about wives, fiancees’, and long-term girlfriends.

        Black men will openly share “casual” fuck buddies and booty call women. That, for sure. I do that. But not more “serious” partners.


      • “I do not agree with anything you said.”

        Outstanding. Now show me where I’m wrong and make me believe it with some hard evidence indicative of black men’s investment in women. Marriage stats, whatever.


      • Number one, there is a difference between sharing women (e.g., being a swinger) versus being a ‘cuckold.’ I have never met a Black man who openly admitted to being a cuckold. Never.

        YOU give ME some stats. Give me statistics showing that Black men share their wives or long-term girlfriends more so than White men do. PLEASE show me stats to back up your assertion.


  66. Americans are weird as hell…


  67. on August 29, 2013 at 11:36 am Hammer of Love

    Is it possible that the seeming cuckold epidemic, is an off shoot of performance anxiety ? It seems to take alot of the pressure off the husband and boyfriend, while they get plenty of time to arouse themselves. I think that between the prevalence of porn, and Viagra like drugs, alot of dudes just worry themselves into a state of anxious impotence.


  68. A man that goes; ” here take my woman and fuck her in front of me”

    and a man that goes; ” here take my civilization and fuck it in front of me”

    both suffer from the same mental disease


    • The one’s offering up the civilization ain’t the ones who nurture it or love it…

      More like some OTHER guy, who you thought was your friend, offering up your wife… while he owns the mortage to your house and business (or your boss’s house and business)… and has the media, the police and the courts in his back pocket, just in case you try to take a stand.


  69. It could just be that watching porn all the time you get further and further desensitized….

    You require more and more stimulation.


  70. About female cuckolds, what about Sarah in the Bible lending her maidservant, Hagar, to Abraham for the purpose of getting her pregnant?


  71. cant tell u how many times ive been offered this and turned it down out of pity


  72. I may be a loser, but at least I fight.


  73. ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’” – Saint Augustine


  74. on August 30, 2013 at 7:15 am The Burninator

    The only possible turn on would seem to me to be casting oneself as the bull and dominating a hot broad, thus humiliating the schlub. Why a guy would get off on watching me bang his whore though I just do not understand. The exhibitionist angle I get, but that is best practiced with one’s own broad, as an act of making her submit to my every whim. Dunno.


  75. Let me take a stab at the attraction to this – full disclosure I have never engaged in any cuckold activity or any sexual activity involving a dude. But I could see something satisfying about having such power over my harem that I could direct one of my girls to take it from another guy or girl for my amusement. Particularly if I was being serviced by another one of my girls while I watched. Is this cuckoldry?


  76. on August 30, 2013 at 8:53 am Jochen Peiper

    Good essay and review of Alexander Solzhenitzyn’s 200 Years Together.


    • This book is hardly proof of MacDonald’s assertions about the Jooz, since it was written by an antisemtie, and his anti-Semitism is exactly why Kevin Macdonald approves of him. Solzhenitzyn also wrote an anti-Semitic essay titled “Jews in the USSR and in the Future Russia.” He is very much like Dostoyevsky, who was a fervent Christian and rabid anti-Semite.

      Remember I said antisemties are either religious zealots, or suffer of a deep jealousy of Jooz? Here’s another proof. That’s why their opinions shouldn’t be taken at face value.

      Solzhenitsyn is deeply steeped in the Russian extreme right’s view of the Revolution, which is that it was the doing of the Jooz. And this is the exact reason why antisemties love him; because they can unapologetically use his accusations to justify Hit-ler’s murderous rampage against the jooz.

      Finally, just in case you guys think he is such a nice guy who likes Democracy and hates Communism, then accept the fact he wanted to replace Communism with Fascism of the Czars’ verity, which I am sure doesn’t alarm you since most of you like fascism, the supporters of the 3rd Reich that you are.

      Maybe other points of his might deter you from idolizing him:

      – He approved of the Russian army gang raping German women to death as revenge for German atrocities (much like NZ try to justify Hit-ler’s crimes for supposed Juish atrocities in Russia). In a poem entitled “Prussian Nights” he expressed his desire to take part in the plunder himself. Of course, Kevin Macdonald doesn’t mention that.
      – He also opposed the admission of Catholic priests and Protestant pastors to Russia from other countries. So much for loving other Christians. I guess, only his brand of Christianity is the true religion.
      – He had his own TV show which was canceled because of low ratings , as it seems most people in Russia didn’t want to hear about his nostalgia for the Czars.

      That said, he has some good points about the feminization of the culture and about old fashion values. I’ll give him credit for that. Other than this, he’s too fanatic. As with all fanatics, whatever good points they have, they’re eclipsed by their fanaticism.


      • lol, you are such a puke. who holds more weight, “lily” or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?


      • on August 30, 2013 at 6:53 pm Carlos Danger

        Lily, you lie just like a Joo should. Assuming all of those things you accuse him of are true, then all he said about the Tribe is also true. In fact its nothing new, it has all been reported before but has remained suppressed by the Tribe. I truly enjoy seeing you wiggle and writhe on the hook of your tower of lies and deceit. Make sure you report all of this back to your ADL handlers. I feel angry and liberated all at once to finally see how much the Tribe hates us and works against us. So many dots are connected now that were previously a mystery. You stole Russia and now you’re trying to steal the US. Shame on you.

        You do our movement so much good Lily. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


      • on August 30, 2013 at 7:42 pm Hammer of Love

        I think our Khazarian princess reports to the ADL, JDL, and the SPLC. Plus she has more then one website assigned to her. Really busy gal.


      • Ach, this erstwhile silly little girl persona is now indisputably showing her (his?) true colors as a lying kike cogdis hasbara apparatchik.

        Even Wikipedia is forced to admit the truth:
        The poem is based on Solzhenitsyn’s own experiences – he was a captain of an artillery battery which formed a part of the Second Belorussian Front, which invaded East Prussia from south-east in January 1945. The Soviet offensive followed the path of the disastrous offensive by the Russian Second Army under Alexander Samsonov during World War I; the comparison with the Soviet victorious offensive is one of the underlying themes of the poem.[

        Solzhenitsyn was arrested soon afterwards, in early February, three weeks after the offensive had started. His arrest was partly due to his critique of the treatment of civilians. In the poem he recalls the pillages, rapes and murders committed by the Soviet troops taking their revenge on German civilians, the events which later resulted in the first part of the German exodus from Eastern Europe…

        I’ll let others judge if they believe the following is, to quote our kike shill, “He approved of the Russian army gang raping German women to death”:

        The little daughter’s on the mattress,
        Dead. How many have been on it
        A platoon, a company perhaps?
        A girl’s been turned into a woman,
        A woman turned into a corpse.
        It’s all come down to simple phrases:
        Do not forget! Do not forgive!
        Blood for blood! A tooth for a tooth!

        With this latest abominable screed of hers (his?), attempting to malign one of the true moral authorities of the 20th century, a line has been crossed for me.



      • Good post you fairy!

        Another dot connected- the rapes being unofficial Red Army policy, no doubt they were secretly encouraged by the J-wish dominated NKVD and Red Army political officers.


      • the Jooz were all dead, remember?

        Actually, I think it would have been better if they had taken their revenge on the Germans. The Russians did! They would have gotten it out of their system instead of still obsessing over German atrocities 70 years later. But they had no power then, so your half-baked theory is just another anti-joo conspiracy theory. And the funny thing is even Solzhynitzyn, “your greatest moralist of the 20th century,” according to gregi, confirms it was carried out by Russians as revenge for their spilled honor. He says as much in his twisted poem. The Russians wanted to make sure it’s known they condoned it.

        So much for Russians being such upstanding decent people who got mascaraed by the jooz. Apparently, massacring, raping, pillaging, and murdering is a Russian forte. Save your tears for your America brothers, or are you a traitor? You seem too concerned over Germans and Russians who have started conflicts/wars that caused tens-of-millions of people to die worldwide.



        In addition, there is a consensus that this poem is his partly rejoicing at seeing the German women get raped. Something is omitted from that Wikipedia article, namely the next paragraph:

        “That is not to say that the poem is in any way or form white or black; Solzhenitsyn was a patriot—he rejoiced in the victory and noted that the Soviet troops were taking what they saw as a revenge for earlier German crimes committed in the Soviet Union.”

        This Wikipedia quote is taken form another article.

        This is a 1200-line poem (it used to be 1,400, but he shortened it). One stanza taken out of context is not the whole poem. You have to read the whole thing in its entirety to get all the range of feelings he expresses. Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. It’s racy too. And he recorded it to music at some point as well. It’s his Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, with a sexual twist. It almost has a sexual-violent-orgy feel to it. He definitely took pleasure in avenging the Russian honor through this poem.

        BTW, there were 15 million German women living in Soviet controlled areas, and between 1945 and 1948, 2 million woman had illegal abortions every year. That’s at least 6 million women aborting. And how many kept their spawn, or died because of the rape? Soviet soldiers saw rape, often carried out in front of a woman’s husband and family, as an appropriate way of humiliating the Germans, who had treated Slavs as an inferior race with whom sexual relations were discouraged. Who do we have to thank for all of this carnage? Your friend Adolf and his 3rd Reich which some of you worship, revere, and hope will come to America. That’s your twisted mind.

        It seems the German women paid the highest price of the war at the end. They voted for and supported Hit-ler more than any other group, therefore, perhaps God’s measure-for-measure response was at play. That’s how God dispenses his moral judgment, in case you didn’t know. He rewards and punishes in an appropriate manner; not in an inconsistent or irrational manner.

        Here is some more info on that Poem. As you can see what I said has a basis in truth, as always.

        “once the Byelorussian offensive sweep had reached the Baltic, so many of its officers and men were sent away; they had seen the fat richness of the West: paper, good pencils, shoes, clothing, schnapps–a world where even servant girls wore shoes, very unlike Mother Russia. This is one of the preoccupations of the youngish officer who speaks. The other is the memory of the first Great War, where Russian divisions were slaughtered, chewed up, in order to divert German soldiers from the Western Front, enabling the French to win the first battle of the Marne–and save Paris. The bitterness the narrator feels about those memories enables him to condone, at least to close his eyes to, the cruelties of his own men”


      • on August 31, 2013 at 4:17 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

        …but, just to be safe, there will be no English translation.


  77. on August 30, 2013 at 8:54 am Jochen Peiper

    From the essay on 200 Years Together:

    Notice particularly the comment that Russians were supposed to engage in “self-renunciation” — precisely what we see now in the common expectation that Whites are expected to accept their dispossession without complaint because of their complicity in the pre-revolutionary, traditional culture of America. As would also happen in contemporary America, the speech was quickly denounced as nothing more than “anti-Semitism.” Those who opposed the dispossession of the Russians or criticized the position of the Jews were framed as counterrevolutionaries. “And for counter-revolutionaries there is 9 grams of lead — that much is clear.”


  78. on August 30, 2013 at 8:56 am Jochen Peiper

    Solzhenitsyn cites a Jewish writer, Maslov:

    “The expression ‘Kike Power’ is often used in Russia and particularly in Ukraine and in the former pale of settlement not as a polemic, but as a completely objective definition of power, its content and its politics.” “Soviet power in the first place answers the wishes and interests of Jews and they are its ardent supporters and in the second place, power resides in Jewish hands.”

    Notice the bit about Ukrainian resentment. No doubt a big reason for ethnically cleansing them in late 20s and 30s. The Tribe has a lot of blood on its hands, far more than Hitler ever dreamed of.


    • on August 30, 2013 at 2:34 pm Hammer of Love

      Bingo !! on the Ukrainian resentment part. “


    • “Notice the bit about Ukrainian resentment. No doubt a big reason for ethnically cleansing them in late 20s and 30s. The Tribe has a lot of blood on its hands, far more than Hitler ever dreamed of.”

      That’s the bullshit justification of antisemites, namely the Jooz have lots of blood on their hands.

      In Poland and the Ukraine every time antisemites wanted to instigate violence against the jooz, they allege that the Jooz were conspiring with foreign powers. This is nothing new for Eastern Europe. It has long antisemtic activity and blaming the jooz for helping invaders.

      • 1648–Cossack massacres led by Bogdan Chmielnicki murdered thousands of Jooz in Ukraine and Poland–about one half of the population–utterly devastating hundreds of Juish communities.

      In addition to the death tolls, the impoverished Jooz communities had to cope with excessive taxation, and extortion from bandits and Christian clergy.

      • After 1654–Poles massacred more Jooz, who were accused of collusion with the Swedes during the Swedish invasion of Poland.
      These events were followed by church-instigated pogroms.

      • 1668–Russian peasant revolts produced further riots that killed thousands more Polish Jooz.


  79. on August 30, 2013 at 9:14 am Jochen Peiper

    Solzhenitsyn is emphasizing the ethnic angle to mass murder in the USSR: Russians were disproportionately victims, and non-Russians, and particularly Jews, were disproportionately perpetrators. He also emphasizes that a prime motive for Jews was revenge against the old order. Describing a family of Hasidic Jews who became prominent in the Cheka, he notes, “They thirsted for revenge on everyone — aristocrats, the wealthy, Russians, few were left out. This was their path to self realization.”

    Sound familiar boys and girls?


  80. on August 30, 2013 at 9:15 am Jochen Peiper

    Again, the analogy is striking. As emphasized repeatedly on TOO, Whites can expect to be increasingly victimized by non-Whites with historical grudges as they sink to minority status and lose political power. The difference, of course, is that because the Bolsheviks had totalitarian control, they were able to carry out their war on ethnic Russians even though the Russians comprised a dominant majority of the population.

    This is your future if we let it happen.


  81. on August 30, 2013 at 9:30 am Jochen Peiper

    Writers like Yuri Slezkine and Jewish activist organizations like the ADL claim that the Jews who played such an important role in the USSR left their Jewish identity behind and completely assimilated to Soviet culture. Solzhenitsyn rejects this myth (see also here, p. 79ff). Despite government hostility toward all religion, Jewish ethnicity remained intact: “A remnant of Jewish self-awareness was preserved and remained. Even in the flood of the internationalism of the 20’s, mixed marriages (between Jews and Russians or Jews and any non-Jew), as measured from 1924–1926, were only 6.3% of the total marriages for Jews in the USSR, including 16.8% in RSFSR, but only 2.8% in Byelorussia and 4.5% in Ukraine (according to another source, on average in USSR, 8.5%; in RSFSR, 21%; in Byelorussia, 3.2%; and in Ukraine, 5%).

    Just in case Lily decides to make some more outrageous claims denying the J-wish -Communist conspiracy…


    • on August 30, 2013 at 2:38 pm Hammer of Love

      OY VEY ! that Khazarian Princess will be here any moment. She will counter any points that you present with shrill screeching, and a complete lack of supporting facts to any of her assertions. Cover your ears while you still have a chance.


      • Khazars don’t exist dummy. It’s a fable, started by a self-hating Joo that antisemites latched on to. There are lots of self-haters in the West, and it’s no difference among the Jooz.

        As far as proof, I provide lots of proof. I post lots of links. But you only read demented antisemitic conspiracy theory websites.

        Furthermore, If you believe in the Kkazars myth, you’re even more of an ignoramus than I thought. Fuck! You’re an embarrassment to us Whites.


      • on September 4, 2013 at 6:22 pm Hammer of Love

        Listen Khazarian Princess, you promised a couple threads back, that you wouldn’t address me ever again. Cant you even keep your own word ? Additionally, the joos consider themselves a totally separate race, they’re not white, therefore your not white. Here’s a little link for you from a Jooish genetic researcher. Of course, he’s probably a self hating joo also, lolz . I know your love for me is immense, but please keep your word and leave me be. Go find your self a nice jooish doctor to marry or something, I’m sure he’ll love your post-wall outbursts more then me, and please feed your numerous cats, they’re hungry.


      • How many monikers do you have? I counted 3 so far. Can’t decide if you are a hammer or thrush?
        Since I asked you not to address me, you have addressed me a gazillion times with stupidities and inanities that only a crazed antisemite NZ can, to which I replied accordingly. Therefore, that’s already irrelevant.

        As far as Jooz not being white, that’s nonsense. The article says they have distinct characteristics; not that they are a different race. This happens when one group within a race breeds just within itself. It form a sub race. Anyway, it is also in line with biblical account of the jooz, which is that they are a race taken from within another race. They were not created as a separate race like other distinct races were – Blacks, Asians, Whites, etc…. In other words, the family of Abraham bred within itself. This is like the Germanic people and the Celtic people. They are both Whites, but they became distinct groups. Therefore, scientifically, there is no difference between Jooz and other whites.

        As far as the Jooz considering themselves a totally separate race, only spiritually they do, not physiologically. They have a point there. Most of the West learned their religion, not the other way around. They also have higher IQ than other whites. Seem they have a reason to think that spiritually and intellectually they are different, or leaders in those 2 aspects.

        Finally, not post wall, don’t have cats, and not jooish, so continue to stew in your own Juices.

        p.s. what does this article have to do with the khzar theory being totally off the wall? None. You just wanted to use this post as another opportunity to spread more misnomers. Poor thing; you must not be getting enough attention from that toothless ho you’re bedding in the shed. All of you Poles are trash.


      • watch out lily! here comes david DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!! gather up your talmud and your hagana and head for the hills!!


  82. on August 30, 2013 at 9:51 am Jochen Peiper

    Solzhenitsyn makes clear the Jewish role as ethnic outsiders who could be counted on to carry out the war on the predominantly Slavic Russian peasants:

    At the 25th Congress in December 1927, the time had come to address the looming “peasant question” — what to do with the presumptuous peasantry which had the temerity to ask for manufactured goods in exchange for their grain. Molotov delivered the main report on this topic and among the debaters were the murderers of the peasantry — Schlikhter and Yakovlev-Epstein (250). A massive war against the peasantry lay ahead and Stalin could not afford to alienate any of his reliable allies and probably thought that in this campaign against a disproportionately Slavic population it would be better to rely on Jews than on Russians. He preserved the Jewish majority in the Gosplan. The commanding heights of collectivization and its theory included, of course, Larin. Lev Kritzman was director of the Agrarian Institute from 1928. As Assistant to the President of the Gosplan in 1931–33 he played a fateful role in the persecution of Kondratev and Chayanov. Yakov Yakovlev-Epstein took charge of People’s Commissariat of Agriculture in 1929. … And thus he led the “Great Change,” the imposition of collectivization on millions of peasants with its zealous implementers on the ground. A contemporary writer reports: “for the first time ever a significant number of young Jewish communists arrived in rural communities as commanders and lords over life and death. Only during collectivization did the characterization of the Jew as the hated enemy of the peasant take hold — even in those places where Jews had never been seen before”

    Just in case someone wants to say the Holodomor was spontaneous and had only minor J-wish involvment.


  83. on August 30, 2013 at 9:56 am Jochen Peiper

    Solzhenitsyn acknowledges that Russians could have been found who would have done the same thing. Nevertheless, “Jewish communists participated efficiently and diligently” in collectivization. It was a war against the Russian people — a war that was carried out with “a certain enthusiasm among Jews.”

    De-Kulakization was not a socio-economic measure, but a measure taken against a nationality. The strategic blow against the Russian people, who were the main obstacle to the victory of communism, was conceived of by Lenin, but carried out after his death. In those years communism with all its cruelty was directed mostly against Russians. It is amazing that not everything has perished during those days. Collectivization, more than any other policy of the communists, gives the lie to the conception of Stalin’s dictatorship as nationalist, i.e., “Russian.”

    This was not only a war against Russians. It was a war against the concept of being a Russian. “The study of Russian history, archeology, and folklore was suppressed — the Russians could not have a past. … Even the word ‘Russian,’ as in ‘I am Russian’ sounded like a counter-revolutionary cry which I well remember from my childhood. But without hesitation everywhere was heard and printed “Russopyati” [an anti-Russian slur]! Thus a Jewish writer demands the removal of “history’s garbage” from the city square in Moscow — the removal of statues and other tokens of Russian historical memory.

    Russian patriotism was abolished forever. But the feelings of the people will not be forgotten. Not how it felt to see the Church of the Redeemer blown up by the engineer Dzhevalkin and that the main mover behind this was Kaganovich who wanted to destroy St. Basil’s cathedral as well. Russian Orthodoxy was publicly harassed by “warrior atheists” led by Gubelman-Yaroslavsky. It is truthfully noted: “That Jewish communists took part in the destruction of churches was particularly offensive… No matter how offensive the participation of sons of Russian peasants in the persecution of the church, the part played by each non-Russian was even more offensive.”

    Any of this sounding familiar boys and girls?


    • on August 30, 2013 at 2:41 pm Hammer of Love

      I’m sure no synagogues were demolished during this period. Pure coincidence of course. lolz .


      • “By 1934, 28 percent of the Orthodox churches, 42 percent of the mosques, and 52 percent of the synagogues in the Soviet Union had been closed down.”

        “At the end of the 1920s, Hebrew becomes the only language which is officially outlawed in the Soviet Union.”


      • on August 31, 2013 at 6:24 pm Hammer of Love

        According to Lily’s standards the site your quoting from cant be atmitted as evidence, as its written by a Joo. Might be biased and all that jazz. Here are a few quotes for you. Nice try though.


        Professor Henry Srebrnik, a Canadian-Jewish scholar, writes of a meeting called by the United Jewish Committee at Grosvenor House in London on November 5, 1942, the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution:
        “at which Chief Rabbi Hertz fulsomely praised the Soviet Union for outlawing anti-Semitism; Hertz reminded his audience that ‘the lives of millions of our Jewish brethren depend on a Russian victory’. Another speaker, Mrs Israel M. Sieff, wife of one of the directors of Marks & Spencer Ltd., asserted that the polity of the Soviet Union was based upon moral values propounded 2,000 years earlier by the great Jewish prophets.”

        Stalin wrote in 1931:

        ” In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.”

        Molotov (who had a Jewish wife), also said:

        “In the Soviet Union actual anti-Semites are shot. ”

        Trotsky the Joo said in 1918:

        “The very first order of the Bolshevist government was that pogrom makers shall be shot down on the spot without trial.”


      • Whether it meets Lily’s standards notwithstanding, the first sentence on that particular page is “The Yevsektsii, the Jewish sections of the Communist Party, are the main instrument of the new government in applying the Marxist doctrine of forced assimilation.” So, the site seems objective and credible, since it is laying the blame on certain Jews while noting the damage to others, including by noting that “thousands of Zionists are exiled to Siberia.”


      • Pay attention, stupid. That meeting happened in 1942, at the hilt of hit-ler’s atrocities. Of course, the Jooz wanted Stalin to win. Even America was in partnership with him to defeat Germany. So what kind of proof is this supposed to be? That jooz indeed wanted Stalin to win??? Duh! Didn’t the UK and the USA too? He was a lesser of 2 evils. As usual, you don’t evaluate anything accurately. You just throw darts hoping to hit the bullseye. You are a complete fool to put forth this nonsense.

        As far as what Stalin wrote in 1931, since when do you take the word of a murderer and a known antisemites regarding his love for the jooz at face value? He’s tooting his own propaganda horn, stupid. Doesn’t mean you can take seriously anything Stalin said. He was one of the greatest antisemites in history, period. Same goes for Molotov and Trotsky; they heavily propagandized in favor of the communists with their own brethren. They were big liars too.

        Frankly, I have to say, most Russians are not big on truth telling, if anyone knows much about their culture. They are known prevaricators (especially Russian men), conspiracy theory enthusiasts, and very superstitious. Does Rasputin ring a bell? This Solzhynitzyn look and sound like him, or very much in his tradition – a Christian fanatic peddling lies and superstition.


      • Lily’s ADL reinforcement returns. As usual, you’re leaving out the fact that the victims of the Red Terror were almost exclusively Gentiles selected by Jews for elimination for reasons of ethnic hatred. In the relatively fewe cases where J went to the Gulags, they were given better rations and treated better. I realize now why the Palestinians and Muslims hate you so.

        This J-wish led effort to marginalize white men and gradually forcing them to renounce their ethnicity is nothing but the same tactic used in your theft of the Russian Empire to marginalize and kill off the Russian, Ukrainian, and Byelorussian peoples so no one would be left to point your theft and crimes out. Not unlike that other J-wish brain child, political correctness. I’d love to see these facts rubbed all over Tim Wise and David Sirota’s faces the next time they’re jabbering on about White Privilege.

        You advocate flooding the nation with foreign Amerindians so we lose our majority but for Israel, deportation of Africans is their sovereign right and the correct solution. Funny, how you demand your rivals be prevented from making the sensible management decision but you reserve that right for yourself.

        For my next trick, we’ll discuss J-wish domination of the slave trade!


      • Who is “you?” I think our current immigration policy is insanity and defend that Arizona law vociferously. What kind of idiotic policy is it to allow so many low-skilled foreigners to enter the country during a time of high unemployment, and then give them preferential treatment so their kids have a better shot at a good job than the kid whose grandfather had his head blown off on Omaha Beach?

        As far as political correctness, I was also over Facebook today trashing Obama for his stance on breed-specific legislation against pitbulls on the grounds that its discrimination. I want to ban species-specific legislation, so I can go around killing pitbulls in my neighborhood. If I can go fishing, isn’t it just discrimination if I can’t kill pitbulls, or, for that matter, go around killing fellow people? And I don’t think anyone (except an incredibly miniscule number of freaks) is really gay, either, just fucked-in-the head.

        I guess I’m just one of the ones who’s going to get better food in the next gulag.


      • I believe most gays or bisexual men are actually simply so obsessed with sex that they would do a ham sandwich, they are not really into men, they are into sex with anything anywhere.

        same with most lesbians and bisexual women. They simply have a huge appetite for sex and anything from a man, a woman to a dildo will do.

        Kind of like those homeless people who need to get drunk or high so badly that they will drink perfume or inhale gasoline to get their buzz

        anything will do as long as they get what they want/need.

        I doubt more than about 3% of the population is 100% gay/lesbian and are born that way.

        Most are simply extremely horny people who lack self control. ( this would probably explain pedophilia too…)


      • “same with most lesbians and bisexual women. They simply have a huge appetite for sex and anything from a man, a woman to a dildo will do.”.

        I totally agree. Take a horny girl, add the liberal sexual morays of our time, thrown in some misandry, and, juala, you have girl-on-girl. I hadn’t given much thought to bisexual men until about a week or so ago, but I read a blog and comments about how many “gay” guys are in straight porn now, and my conclusion is the same. The perceived prevalence of default homosexuality is one of the biggest scams of our time.


      • That’s why I say homosexuality is a choice; a learned behavior. And, the most horny are bi males.

        No one is born that way. Unless, one is born with both male and female sex organs. In that case, maybe a person with exterior male organs has a uterus, and might be feeling more female than male. I can accept that because it has a physiological basis.

        But most homos are just overly horny males that want to have sex without limitations, as women have limitations. You can’t always have sex with a woman, which is why men look for lots of lovers. When one isn’t into it, the other one might be. With homos, they found another person that can do it without having a menstrual cycle or pregnancy to limit him.


      • Yes in the case of males, it is mostly because they are overly horny, which would explain why in bath houses gay men can have sex with as many as 20 different men in one night.

        I am not making this up, this was something that was on the news in Canada a few years ago ( not front page news of course, more like section H 27 of your newspaper and in small print), it was from articles written by gay men in magazines for gay men.

        of their own admission; as many as 20 different sexual partners in one night, that is common in bath houses….no wonder they transmit so many diseases

        They are more horny than they are homosexual. If there was nothing else around they would do goats.


      • “If there was nothing else around they would do goats.”



      • These were incidental crimes against their own to maintain official consistency, but the ethnic dimension of their inter-relations remained intact.


      • Oh yeah, they turned the gun on their own brethren to hide they were really singling Gentiles. You’re such a great thinker Carlos. I’m in such owe of you.

        If anyone knows anything about Jooz, he knows they usually help and support each other. They don’t murder their own like Russians and Germans do. We should learn from them.


    • on August 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm Carlos Danger

      These bastards wanted to destroy St. Sofia’s Cathedral in Kiev, an 11th century cathedral that was built to commemorate the Kievan Russ’s conversion to Christianity built by Princess Olga and Jaroslav Mudry. The bastards dynamited the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael a short distance away. I believe that building was a 12th century Cathedral. It was rebuilt in the 90s and they did a wonderful job, but its not the same.

      Shame, shame, shame…


      • Guys like Solzhynitzyn did not make up out of thin air the fact of the disporportionate involvement displayed by the “Joos”in the USSR in the Communist project. Even philo-semites like Sir W. Churchill were bothered by it and spoke out about it.
        But consider that there is no one on the planet more narrowly xenophobic and chauvanistic than Russian Orthodox believers like Solzzy. So, how does one live amongst them if you are stranger (anykind of stranger)? Suicide? Move away at the first opportunity? Actually, that is what most Russian “Joos” did, in fact… they emigrated to America to work in garment factories and live in tenements.
        For the ones remaining in the Pale, the idea of changing Russian society in fundamental ways had a naturally strong appeal because, for them, it could hardly have been worse from the way it was.
        Until the Nazis showed up, I guess.


      • on September 1, 2013 at 2:16 pm Hammer of Love

        Here’s some interesting reading on the subject:


      • “Guys like Solzhynitzyn did not make up out of thin air the fact of the disporportionate involvement displayed by the “Joos”in the USSR in the Communist project.”

        Rum, no one is denying Jooz were involved. The problem is holding only them responsible. Most Russians besides the Jooz wanted to overthrow the Czar. And revolution was not a rarity in Europe. It was going on for almost 300 years. Even the Reformation was a type of revolution to overthrow the Popes. That was the norm in Europe. So, the Russian Revolution was inevitable to happen, and overthrowing Europe’s last absolute monarch was long coming.

        The Russian Revolution was in that tradition. It wasn’t a singularity event perpetrated by Jooz. It can’t be taken out of contextual background. It happened against the backdrop of European upheaval. How come no one here laments all the atrocities committed in the French Revolution. It was just as bloody as the Russian Revolution, if not worse.

        It seems only things that have some Juish involvement get mentioned here, and get unhinged about. It seems the only thing antisemties mourn is supposed Joo massacraes. They never mention their own killing each other, or other enemies killing them. So, it seems Arabs persecuting half-a-million Christians in Egypt is not important. And they never become enraged or mourn Hit-ler’s atrocities against his own people, or against the Slavic people either. Only when some Jooz-in-name-only join a political movement, and act exactly as their Gentile lowlife counterpart, then they become enraged and grieve, but make sure to clean out all of the Gentile involvement in the event. They engage in nothing but propaganda to provoke joo hate. They know exactly what they are doing. It’s not a knee jerk reaction; it’s done purposefully and deliberately.


      • “Shame, shame, shame…”

        You know what’s shameful? Your pretense to care about Christians. You’re nothing but a fake lover of “your people.” The only thing you are for sure is a hater of Jooz. You only cry your crocodile tears over Christians when you think they have been the victims of Jooz, otherwise you couldn’t care less.
        How come you’re not lamenting the current plight of the Christians in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world, pray tell? Are they not Christian enough for you? Not white enough? The wrong type of Christian?

        You are hypocrite; a hater exactly like Solzhenitsyn. You hate everyone who isn’t your type of Christians.

        God! You antisemites are the most detestable types. Not one of you talked about the mascara going on in Egypt against Christians, except Zombie Shane once to his credit. I guess it’s an unimportant massacre because it’s not a “Juish massacre”. Of course, some of you will find ways blaming Egypt on the jooz too. Shame, shame, shame on you.


  84. on August 30, 2013 at 9:58 am Jochen Peiper

    Solzhenitsyn closes with a comment that also has a very clear analogy to the present situation in the US and other Western nations.

    In the 90’s another Jewish public intellectual, writing of the 20’s said: “In university halls Jews often set the tone without noticing that their banquet was happening against the backdrop of the demise of the main nationality in the country. … During the 20’s Jews were proud of fellow Jews who had brilliant careers in the revolution, but did not think much about how that career was connected to the real suffering of the Russian people… Most striking today is the unanimity with which my fellow Jews deny any guilt in the history of 20th century Russia”

    A similar comment could be made about the role of Jews in the erection of the current multicultural, anti-White climate in the US, and especially their role in bringing about massive non-White immigration and the erection of the “proposition nation” idea in place of the historical American nation with a sense of White racial and cultural identity. In the USSR Jews actively participated in the destruction of the idea that there was any ethnic or national basis to the USSR and they were eager participants in the destruction of the older culture as well as in the mass murder of millions of ethnic Russians. But Jewish intellectuals deny any special role for Jews in these transformations, and this line is rigorously enforced by Jewish activist organizations.


    • As long as there’s a gentile or two to be found doing (X) as well, then that exonerates all ooJs of (X) or (X+n) or (nX), don’cha know?

      Even if the gentile happens to be taking his cues/orders from the ooJ behind the curtain.

      The issue is/was/remain that it’s not a matter of “it’s only a few secular ones that are the problem”… even the most bigoted people already know that NAJALT… duh!

      The issue is that, until you know for sure the good from the bad, it’s too late.

      Exacerbated by the fact that the good will NEVER EVER side with you against their own, no matter how bad the latter.


      • on August 30, 2013 at 2:44 pm Hammer of Love

        Thats the only reason Bernard Madoff is sitting in jail now. He got too greedy and actually tried to swindle members of the ” tribe”. Otherwise his long running scam would have continued with out a hitch.


      • on August 30, 2013 at 7:02 pm Carlos Danger



      • Yeah, as if no Joo ever went to jail for those type of crimes (only Madoff because he swindled Jooz), and as if no Gentile was ever involved in such crimes before, only Jooz. Hehe… guys are so butthurt. It’s painful 😆


      • How did we allow this post to turn into something derogatory about Jews???


      • “Exacerbated by the fact that the good will NEVER EVER side with you against their own, no matter how bad the latter.”

        Ironic that in this very comment, you are replying to a comment containing a criticism of Jews by a “Jewish public intellectual” so “NEVER EVER” doesn’t mean “never.”


    • Except that, in practical terms, there are no “Szooj” living in France or the Scandinavian countries – which are the places headed for the most trouble regarding immigration by un-assimilatable orcs.
      And Israel itself has given citizenship to vast numbers of Moslem Araabs.
      The thing is, I have nothing against prejudice and profiling. And I know myself well enough to realize that, in the right conditions, I could hate The Other with un-limited ferocity.
      I just do not feel that towards the women who have most skillfully sucked my cock.


      • on September 1, 2013 at 7:38 pm Hammer of Love

        No joos living in France ? When, during Roman times ? Thats some good stuff your smoking dude. Any economically viable European country had joos living in it. They’re like moths to a candle, when it comes to money.


      • Modern France is post a 4 year Nazi occupation. SzooJ living there now are mostly Sephardic immigrants from (mostly North Africa. These kind of people do not have a lot of influence over public policy. What is more, they have the most to lose of any of the Frenchies when their neighborhood goes Paki.


      • In the interests of the facts, and for what its worth, I’m not sure how accurate this is. Very few of France’s native Jewish population were killed or taken to camps; the French did an admirable job of refusing to hand over Jews to the Nazis, and as the pressure built, almost all of those who were turned over were refugees into France. As an example, Strauss-Kahn was expected to be the next President until he was hit with the bogus rape charge in NYC, and

        That having been said, if there ever was significant Jewish support for Muslim immigration to France, it is surely now long gone. Only the deranged would not have long ago realized the folly.


      • I see what you’re saying, but Rum is right. Most of the jooz living in France are Sephardic immigrants from North Africa. There aren’t that many Strauss-Kahns there.

        The 500,000 Jooz living there know what Islam is all about. They come form an Islamic country. They don’t support Islamic immigration at all. The Jooish community there has been the target of suicide bombings and Islamic terrorism for more than a decade.

        Same goes for most jooish communities across Europe. The Jooz are terrified of the Muslims. Many have returned to Israel because of that. Maybe there is something to those prophecies in the Bible.


  85. I’m a bisexual with the exact reverse of this fetish. I like seeing white men(the only men I’m attracted to) be humiliated and emasculated. I still feel the masochistic pain they feel, but only as far as seeing the men I idolize and worship feel that pain and be disgraced. Something like Superman being raped. Very depraved stuff.

    Anyway, my theory is that “small penis + high testosterone = cuckold”. I believe the fetish is a method of coping with their insecurity, while dealing with their high sex drive. A lot of cuckold fetishists are military men, business owners, police men, lawyers. Demanding jobs that appeal to high T people. And almost every cuckold fetishist has a small dick. The ones that don’t are usually openly bisexual. This would also explain why asians, despite being mostly beta, don’t suffer from this fetish. (NTR has a different appeal, seeing the female’s primal sexuality released. Rarely does NTR focus on the emasculation and sissification of the husband/boyfriend)

    As someone said earlier in these comments, this is probably just a symptom of our society’s depravity. This is about as low as you can go before you get to the illegal stuff, and is arguably even worse than most illegal sexual fetishes. Even discussing this stuff anonymously on the internet brings the gut wrenching disgust/anxiety that is at the core of this fetish. I believe it’s truly the most subversive and dangerous of all fetishes that can only manifest in someone desensitized to all other sexual stimuli. I’d estimate that 40% of straight white men(the ones on the lower side of the penis size bell curve) are susceptible to this fetish, if they’re exposed to the right conditions.


    • on September 1, 2013 at 2:23 pm Hammer of Love

      ” I’d estimate that 40% of straight white men(the ones on the lower side of the penis size bell curve) are susceptible to this fetish, if they’re exposed to the right conditions. ”

      We’re going to trust the estimations of a ” bisexual ” brown dude on the subject ?? If they’re true straight males, there is no way you could ever arrive at that conclusion bi-dude. Simple logic. Second, male bisexuality in the modern age is a myth, there is no way you can get equally aroused by some dudes hairy package and beautiful female form. No way.


      • Why speak on something you have no first hand experience with just to tell me my first hand experience is wrong?

        Though I admit, my theory is pure speculation based off of trends I’ve noticed during my adventures. Which may be biased because of my preferences. I like this other guy Markku’s theory about the effects porn had and how cuckolding is essentially emulating the porn masturbation experience.


  86. on August 31, 2013 at 6:36 am Carlos Danger,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    Straight from the Horses mouth above Y-net and an Israeli reporter named Sever Plocker from a widely read Internet newspaper Thank you Sever Plocker for being a man of integrity. The Name Genrick Yagoda ring a bell? He even has one of those funny Hitler moustaches. He is directly responsible for killing at least ten million people.


  87. on August 31, 2013 at 6:41 am Carlos Danger

    He forgot to mention the Kobzars, who were often blind, itinerant Bards, who sang traditional Ukrainian songs and recited poetry in exchange for food and shelter. They were often accompanied by orphaned boys who helped them get around. They were all murdered in order to stamp out Ukrainian culture.


  88. on August 31, 2013 at 6:46 am Carlos Danger

    Genrick Yagoda is the name to remember. He has at least ten million deaths of Russian and Ukrainian Christians on his hands. He is the founder of the Gulag system and the NKVD. He and his men starved them to death at gunpoint or worked them to death in horrific conditions. He has a funny moustache too. Must have been cool back then. Mass murderers be stylin!


  89. Why would you all assume that the “cuckold porn” fans are all men willing to be cuckolded by black guys?
    I myself am a huge consumer of (free) cuckold porn, and I would never fathom having my wife plowed by a n_ggr, or any other man.
    I think most people like to watch these sites because they fantasyze about fucking other men’s wives… they dream about being the “bull” (jargon for the wife fucker), not the “cuckold”.

    I am Brazilian, and I am half-white-half-black, like Ronaldo or Neymar (google if you don’t know who I am talking about).

    I would probably be considered black in one-drop-rule-US-of-A, but here in Brazil, I am neither black or white, but “pardo” (sort of “brown”).

    I don’t like seeing porn where the male actor looks like “Dolf Lundgren” (the blonde guy from Rocky), because I would feel somewhat powerless, it is not a good feeling.
    But I like seeing women being fucked by black actors, because I think, if even this filthy m_nkey can get such pussy, she would be much more willing to be fucked by me!

    So, when I see puny white men giving their wonderful white wives for free, I clearly enjoy it. It’s a great fantasy! I love slutty women, as long as they are not my wife, my daughter, my sister or my mom,… otherwise, I truly love them.

    I love fucking other men wives, and I only don’t do it often, because down here in Brazil, it is a very dangerous “sport”! If the husband finds out, he comes to kill me! My chest is not bullet proof! Other danger is If the woman falls in love with me, she can tell her husband, or my wife, which would divorce me. Not good.

    Anyway, I like fucking other men wives so much that even went to swing clubs with prostitutes pretending for them to be my wife, so I could fuck other men’s wives (hoping they didn’t have the same idea as me).
    But going to swing clubs with my real wife? Never, ever. This thought never crosses my mind. I would probably go nuts if I saw someone fucking her, and I would cut the guys dick with a knife and murder both him and her right there, on the spot!

    In few words:
    – YOU fucking MY wife is not something to fantasize about, not exciting at all, but vomit-inducing and infuriating.
    – But ME fucking YOUR wife, well that would be great, awesome, paradise!
    – Cuckold porn is a safe and cheap (free!) way to act this fantasy.


  90. […] you have blithering idiots, then you have your ignorant, bloviating, blithering, moronic idiots. This guy is the […]


  91. Cuckolding.

    That is some weird shit only white people are into [and according to Neymnar – tragic mulattoes[


  92. {Sand

    I’m a bisexual{

    No. there is no such thing. You either fuck the opposite sex exclusively OR you are a HOMO.

    If you as a male have anything to do with another man{s penis, You are a just a HOMO- FAG.


  93. I will SERIOUSLY.. no joke.. MURDER anyone that touches my wife in a manner that only me, HER husband!, should.

    I have never understood the downfall of man that is taking place in the US.


    • I’m sure she loves hearing this from you 🙂 Seriously, this is how a husband should feel. This cuckold fetish business is nasty.


  94. […] is on about the same moral level as the idea of getting aroused why your wife cuckolds you and destroys your wedding vows. Go off and read the thread, for it enters the antechamber of hell, where the only person who makes […]


  95. A lot of men have become addicted to internet porn. Money quote:

    What’s happening in the brain to cause chronic ED?
    As no one has yet studied this rapidly emerging phenomenon, we can only guess. I think it’s caused by a combination of factors. Real sex is touching, being touched, smells, pheromones, connecting and interacting with a person. Internet porn is 2-D voyeurism, clicking a mouse, searching, multiple tabs, while only interacting with your hand. To use a sports analogy, what event has your brain been training for? Besides addiction-related brain changes, years of Internet porn can create a mismatch between what your brain expects, and what you actually encounter during real sex.

    Voyerism. That’s it. Having some other dude fuck one’s woman makes her part of a porn script. I think this could be a contributing factor.


    • “years of Internet porn can create a mismatch between what your brain expects, and what you actually encounter during real sex.”

      and/or an inspiration for making what you watch in porn happen in real life.


  96. Because women are increasingly allowing taller men to cuckold them, having taller guys’ babies out of wedlock, and otherwise having babies with taller guys.