CH Prediction: The Sex Gap Will Be Larger Than Ever In This Election

This post isn’t a prediction of the winner of tomorrow’s vote for or against civilization. I won’t jinx it. It is a prediction that the sex gap will be yuge, and mostly driven by White men flocking to Trump; less so by White women to thecunt.

I won’t bother discussing the sex gap of the nonWhite races, because it’s moot. No matter how you slice the Vibrancy demo, nonWhites vote overwhelmingly for the Twerk and Gibs Party.

Ever since the 19th Amendment granted the franchise to women, the nation has lurched leftward. This isn’t idle speculation. It’s proven by analysis of the trends. Women are in general more lefty, more mush-headed, more equalist, more MUH FEELZ than are men. Their inclusion into political life has been, and continues to be, an unmitigated disaster for the survival of America as a republic.

And I say this with love in my heart, ladies, because I do love you (the hot ones at least).

Which brings us to The Trumpening. I predict, owing to a variety of mutually reinforcing factors, that the sex gap will be larger in this election than it has been in any previous American presidential election.

So here it is: White women will vote for thecunt at close to, and maybe slightly above, the number they did for the Gay Mulatto. White men will vote for Trump in greater number than any Republican has received in White men’s votes in past elections going back to Reagan.

If the pro-Trump White men sufficiently outnumber the pro-cunt White women, (enough to negate the minority voter advantage thecunt enjoys), 2016 America is given a chance at redemption. But as I mused almost a year ago, I think there’s a real danger that White women will abandon their White men (and their country) for ephemeral, feminism-inspired reasons to vote thecunt into office.

Here we are, the future of America hanging in the balance, to be decided on the estrogenic whim of the depressed pill-popping cat-hoarding White woman demographic.

Suffrage exacts its final tribute, in the currency of America’s dying breaths.

PS National Propaganda Radio also foresees a huge sex gap for this election and for the same reason: men supporting Trump bigly.

PPS Women naturally and autonomically follow strong leaders. If White men regain their balls, then there’s a good chance, femcunt “lean in” and “muh free oral contraceptives” protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, that White women will follow their men into battle for The Trumpening.


  1. Sexbots For Trump!


  2. “, I think there’s a real danger that White women will abandon their White men ”

    That ship sailed back in the 90s. Pretty much why we’re here. You are a total white knight.

    I mean it doesn’t take a Nostradamus to call this one.


  3. But Hitler outperformed with German women compared to other leaders (or so I’ve heard.)

    You would think this would benefit ‘literally Hitler’ Trump.


  4. Well, folks, tomorrow you can vote for Trump, or you can vote for this:

    33K deleted emails
    Banana republic justice
    Men in girl’s restrooms
    Mandatory LGBTWTFBBQ inclusiveness seminars
    Endless manufactured outrage, I literally can’t even
    The Current Year, forever
    Surrendering sovereignty to the UN
    Bringing Ebola to America
    SCOTUS packed with wise latinas
    Diversity for thee, not for me
    Doubling down on Obamacare
    De facto repealing the Bill of Rights
    The Lying Media
    The Knockout Game
    Wall Street
    Angelo Mozilo, Franklin Raines, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Chuck Prince et al, all free to enjoy their stolen billions
    The corrupt DOJ
    Eric “My People” Holder
    Paul Ryan and John Kasich

    Feel free to repost elsewhere and add to the list. Not like one person could remember half the shit that’s gone wrong in the last eight years.

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  5. […] CH Prediction: The Sex Gap Will Be Larger Than Ever In This Election […]

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  6. Back when this all began, wasn’t there some talk about how Trump would use his alpha male charisma to “seduce America’s women”? The goalposts have shifted. Trump is an inspiring leader, but he’s also not what you may have thought he was back in July 2015.


    • But the MSM was the fatty fat cockblocking mother hen that took her girl away just as he was about to close.

      Not all girls, but that is one fat cockblock to have caused some damage. Bigly cockblock fatty.

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      • good analogy mendo. MSM = fat chic cockblock. lolz…

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      • “..use his alpha male charisma to “seduce America’s women”?

        The typical female Hillary supporters could be summed up collectively as the 4 Trump is trying to pickup at say a grocery store..making stellar moves/ tight game…only to be told by the oblivioius pig, “Plz move youre in the way of kraft cheese slices.”


  7. The MSM last attack is this ‘people of Germany’ anti Trump shit as if one German speaks for a whole country. Germany of all places …fuck him..hope he likes his sharia law..

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    • You’re fucking hilarious.

      Muslims can’t even accomplish sharia law in their own countries or not without a fight. But they’re going to impose it on “superior” Germans? Not gonna happen.

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  8. Since women shit test as automatically as they breathe, I’m sure many women out there are shit testing their men by saying they’re voting for thecunt, and hoping that their men will put them in their place.

    If the guy caves, then she will vote for thecunt. If she stands firm, she’ll vote for who her guy votes for, which is Trump.

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    • yep. my girl is also voting for trump because we are on the same page with what we want for our country and with our ethics, morals, etc.

      unfortunately, i’m seeing a lot of men voting for trump and their wives or girlfriends are voting for killary, jill stein, or gary johnson.

      shows some strength if a man votes for trump even if his girl doesn’t support his decision. but when it comes down to it, if she’s not following your lead in something as important as this election, she’s not a girl worth keeping. in fact, she’s a danger to our country and any future you might have with her.

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      • I can’t imagine being such a cucked out pussy that my girl would vote for Hillary. I would have dumped her months ago if she even considered such a thing. If you can’t even control your own woman, how the fuck you gonna convince anyone else?

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      • my thoughts exactly. can’t fathom keeping a girl like that around.


      • Completely agree. Last month I agreed to meet an old girlfriend, she contacted me on linked for “business advice” she wanted to meet and etc. I told her it depended on her political affiliation, she answered Trump.

        If you are not absolutely positively sure your wife, girlfriend, hell kids or parents are not going to vote for Herr Trump then kidnap them until after the election. Divorce or whatever afterwards, because they sure as hell ain’t worth keeping.

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  9. Anyone know where the false flag countdown clock is?


  10. If thecunt does happen to get in, her Presidency will be sabotaged by men the whole way through. The FBI revolt and wiki leaks only examples of how she is going to have to struggle for things that up until now, every President has taken for granted. We want to see her cry.


    • You got some of the bullshit you are spewing on your chin… good thing you have a PhD to wipe it off.


  11. My son and I just ate at a restaurant. There was a large table of women nearby, probably teachers, with one beta male. The usual inane self-important chatter. We realize that if Clinton wins our government will be like a table of these women.

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    • My first gig out of university I worked for this bloated health insurance company…almost all women bosses…right up the chain. It was awful. Nothing got done, hoards of stupid, unproductive people slowing things down, no hard action taken ever, absolute disgrace. I left after 1 year…

      This is basically how government and education operate. Bloated, stupid, slow and worthless. I’d argue that many government (local, state and FED) are net negative as far as their production value in their respective capacity.


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      • “Nothing got done, hoards of stupid, unproductive people slowing things down, no hard action taken ever, absolute disgrace. I left after 1 year…

        This is basically how government and education operate. Bloated, stupid, slow and worthless. I’d argue that many government (local, state and FED) are net negative as far as their production value in their respective capacity.”

        Dude… federal government. SO many fat, stupid, lazy black women… they’d be better used having their fat rendered to make fuel for something. Don’t want to imagine the stench, though.


      • “they’d be better used having their fat rendered to make fuel for something.”

        I say this all the time. Like on the matrix where people are used as batteries.

        Bro thats what the democrats have been doing for decades. Creating shit government jobs and force placing fat stupid brown and black women in there that can never be fired. Pathetic.


    • Will be fun though…all that jealousy and cat fighting. No skills really to speak of…wtf does Clinton know about say mining or manufacturing?
      Clinton and Warren will become bitch enemies.


  12. and then there’s the convicted felon gap -Virginia Gov. McAnalwhiff has granted voting rights to 60,000 convicted felons (!)

    Jebus, between this and Gay Mulatto telling illegals that they can vote..I say never mind draining the swamp…take a blowtorch to it.

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  13. I was back in NYC today for work after campaigning in PA all weekend. I have a few interesting anectdotes from PA, but this one from this morning is relevant to the topic.

    On the way to work this morning, on the subway, I’m wearing my MAGA hat and a campaign “TRUMP” button on my jacket. Across from me is a 20-something “black-presenting” black man (i.e. Just what you would think of when you think of a black man of that age, this wasn’t a talented-tenth kind of guy). He comes up to me and flashes a wide smile and shakes my hand, nodding up to my hat saying “I like that hat.”

    I had leftover from the weekend in my jacket pocket, so I pulled out a couple of button-sized “TRUMP” stickers and give them to him. “Thanks man!” he puts one on his jacket right away. Most black men want to go with a winner.

    A frumpy late 30s Jewess in what looks like a 10 year-old “NYC Marathon” shirt (try-hard) and skype-glasses is next to us, watching this interaction incredulously. I catch her glance and wink at her. She quickly turns away, unhappy.

    I’m hearing black turnout overall is down, but that blacks are voting for Trump by higher margins than they’ve voted for any other Republican presidential candidate in recent history.

    What man, of any race, wants to side with the crooked, wrinkled, fainting, smarmy schoolteacher?


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    • That is a beautiful little anecdote man.


    • Did you mention how I vowed not to say n1gger anymore? 😉

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    • “.. crooked, wrinkled, fainting, smarmy schoolteacher” you forgot “farting” and “acoholic”.


    • I know at least one (ex-Navy) Black guy who is an ‘angry White male’ inside….
      As for gender gap – no, not THAT one, stick with the program, guys – the thing is, that the girls who MATTER (read: Young & Hot) won’t vote in large numbers at all, they never do.
      Which could be interpreted many different ways.


  14. More on this topic here:

    The problem with Feminism. Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization.

    1 Why females are less nationalist than males.
    2 Why there is collusion between females and mniorities.
    3 Why females are more relational (personal), while males are more tribal (group oriented).
    4 Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization.

    Differences in behavior between males and females, as far as nationalism is concerned. All types of data, studies, voting patterns, etc.


    • Maternal instincts too. Immigrants especially poor little refugees have no English or broken English so they literally sound like harmless toddlers.

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      • Yes, white women are broken. They do not have enough kids – they have negative birth rate in all western countries. Their most important job in life is to have enough kids, and they are failing at that.

        So their maternal instinct backfires: instead of caring for white children, women adopt liberal causes, refugees, animals, try to be nice to everybody, try to save the world, the poor third-worlders, etc. Some women also see the refugees as their pets, as exotic mystery meat, as fuckboys, etc.

        This is a comment from a swedish man about the situation in Sweden and Europe:

        ““And blaming women is not popular. It will not get you a date. But in Europe, women have taken over society in nearly every sense. Men are worse feminists than the women. It is a proven fact the the people most active in Migrant welcoming organizations, feeding stations, mangers of temp. housing, and demonstrating for migrants rights. Most of them are middle age women without any husbands. Watch videos from Europe carefully, you will see hundreds of migrant young men, and it is always the white middle aged woman who is handing them bread, or serving the soup. In the Calais migrant camp it is a few Middle Age French women who keep the migrants fed. They come every day to do what they can for thousands of young single Islamic men.”

        “These women all have college degrees in feminism and social welfare theory. They want migrants as that employs women in the social services. Liberal and leftists women whose jobs are in government and social welfare.”

        “Jesus, that is all you need to know about Women in Europe. And notice who is always out front to help migrants and to welcome them. Yes, usually middle age single women. They have nothing, no family, so they adopt migrants as their cause, expecting migrants to love them in return.”

        But women are not meant to be doing that. They are meant to have children and to think about them first. So when white women do not have kids, and have lots of free time, this is the kind of degeneration that you get. Women caring for non-white refugees. I guess women are not meant to have lots of free time, or they start doing stupid things. 🙂

        So the way to fix this is to reaim their natural maternal instinct towards white children, and towards having more of them. When white women are busy with children, then they wont have enough time for doing stupid things.

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      • Well said, Passer By. Men need to keep their women in line AND be prepared to be a father to a large brood. 3 children minimum but ideally more than that. That means stop acting like overgrown adolescents.


      • Europe in General has Stockholm Syndrome on this issue. It is why the press here is viciously opposed to Trump. They know he will snap them out of it, like a bad dream. The People also see it as it is always stated in the article comments. He has a lot of hopeful proto Support here.

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      • I weep for Sweden, as well as the rest of Scandinavia.
        What is being done to their unique, valuable and irreplaceable gene pool is a crime against humanity.
        If I compare what I saw in the 1980’s to what it’s like there today……
        Such a horrendous shame about the Swedish girls and so very, very sad for the Swedish guys.


    • I have been saying for years that feminism is an anomaly, an error that will eventually be corrected.

      I don’t know when, I don’t know how, maybe a world war or a big famine will be what will put things back in their place but feminism is unnatural, it can not go on for ever. Feminism is a self destructive thing. It is an anomaly.


  15. ” I think there’s a real danger that White women will abandon their White men (and their country) for ephemeral, feminism-inspired reasons….”

    They’ve been doing just that for decades. The (((Cultural Marxists))) have trained them to hate their White male kin-folk.


    • yes


    • the matriarchy (((peddlers))) have sold them the dream of ruling over a harem of weak men while get plundered by the occasional alpha. alpha fux beta bux is the feminists’ nirvana. everything on their terms, all the time. from their perspective, there’s nothing not to like (except themselves).


  16. on November 7, 2016 at 3:10 pm Can't Stump the Trump

    Let’s just call it like it is. Plenty of hotties will vote Trump. This isn’t so much a gap between men and women. It’s a gap between men and (ugly, fat) women.

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  17. Another related anectdote, from this weekend in Pennsylvania.

    We were knocking on doors of what was supposed to be Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, but of course, sometimes the data is outdated and inaccurate.

    One house was set back from the road, and the guy inside must have seen us walking up the driveway because as soon as we rang the bell the door swung open. It was a 20-something mestizo holding a Rolling Rock beer in his hand, looking pretty plastered; the Eagles game had just ended (they lost). He’s not happy.

    “Ya’ll better get the fuck up off my property!” I tell him alright man, no problem – we’re just doing a get-out-the-vote. . . .

    “I’m telling you man get the fuck off my property with that shit.” (I know one of the guys I’m walking with has his carry permit, but we are on his property and we’re not supposed to antagonize anyone anyway, so we’re very deferential.)

    We turn to walk away, and I can’t resist telling him: No problem sir, we’ll put you down as a Hillary man.

    “Man fuck you Hillary motherfucker fuck that Hillary shit get the fuck off my property.”

    Have a nice day, sir.

    So this hombre was definitely triggered to near-violence at the mere sight of MAGA approaching . . . But he seems in no way inclined to vote for anyone, much less get out and vote for the Cunt. He knew I was insulting him when I called him a “Hillary man.”

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  18. I’m happy to report my somewhat liberal wife both voted for Trump, and against all democrats on the ballot today, with my son in attendance to verify this.

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  19. on November 7, 2016 at 3:17 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    White women are dimwits.




  20. CH I don’t know why you are complaining.

    Honestly I am just excited for when cats get the vote. It will probably be one of Hillary’s best accomplishments. Unless the felinephobes block it or smth. But CNN will shame them so I guess we are cool.


  21. Election prediction from today:


    • I am nobody, no expert at anything, but I am telling you, I am convinced Trump will win and win big.

      It will be spectacular.

      I could be wrong, and I admit last year I was sure Hillary would win, but now, in light of a lot of new facts, I am convinced Trump will win and win big.

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  22. And the latest from Hannity on possible Trump paths to victory:

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    • Dingle.
      Celebrating her dinglefest.


    • no comment necessary. one look at her ‘who i am’ page tells you all you need to know.


      • Over here calling somone a “Dingle” is a way of insulting them as a halfwit, a member of an inbred, rural, unwashed, pikey squatter tribe. From the monstrous family in the TV soap “Emmerdale”.


  23. Mike Pence in NH tonight: “we’re going to hunt down and fight ISIS at its source”

    I thought this was peculiar. Why did he add “at its source?” To a normie, that sentence would seem to make more sense without it.

    Is he implying that we *haven’t* been fighting ISIS at its source? Does he know (that ISIS = CIA/State/Mossad)? Is he dog-whistling to the redpilled?


    • The source was all those, plus Sunni Iraqis, Hillary, Obama, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I’m probably leaving somebody out – oh, yeah the (((neocons))), oilfags, Afghanistan and the rest of the mixed-nuts jihadi jerkoffs.

      But most of all, the swamp rats in Washington that think they’re the reincarnations of Talleyrand and Palmerston.

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  24. Women follow strong men, which is why no alphas never got divorced. Yeah right. Most women are cunts, period, and do nothing righteous consistently.

    How about democracy is government of, by, and for the weak, and only a strong state can deliver civilization long term?

    That not only makes more sense but is also empirically true.


  25. This essay is intended solely for our male readership. Our three female readers can sit this one out. Go bake us a pie or knit us a sweater or something


    I hope you all read Jim Goad


  26. Did you guys see last night’s “Walking Dead”? We have a new avatar for cuckoldry:


  27. Get used to it. Women have created a war with men and we damn well intend to fight it out with them from now on. No more backing up.

    More poignantly: Women have created a war among men. A war among competing tribes of men.


    • Haplogroups R1a & R1b and hg I, versus introgressors J1 & J2 and their dimwitted “Igors”, y-haplo E.


  28. “Women naturally and autonomically follow strong leaders.”

    Trump is a strong leader. Women are not following him. Your theory is flawed.


  29. Just finished watching Trump´s final Rally.
    A sea of men and mostly their wives and family or girlfriends.



  30. I would remind people that the typical “women vote for liberal policies” doesn’t hold true in most of the South, where traditional Christianity still has cultural force.

    A week or two ago I spoke to two girls attending a religious college in the South. Both derided Hillary and were voting for Trump, which is probably true of most of the female students there.

    Most interestingly however, one of them said she didn’t want for there to be a woman president.

    Anyway, here’s a song about Trump


    • The “late-term abortion” thing is Yuuuuge among Christian women of all denominations, even here in the Pedo Isles. They see it for what it is, an abomination, and pretty much right up there in confirming the tinfoilers’ “infant cannibalism/child sacrifice” rumourmongering. If they could, they would Trump it all day long, even if he had personally sodomised each and every one of them in front of the congregation.
      Don’t mind it m’self, I’m broadminded enough to understand that even Lizard People gots ta eat. So yum it up, Hilldog, don’t leave any little unfused bones around.


      • Abortion was already their no. 1 battle cry in the 1970’s.
        Female classmates of mine got on the pill as early as 13.
        Having more than maybe 1 child was considered déclassé – if not downright evil.
        My very own mother – who wasn’t even a baby-boomer – believed that the absolutely worst crime anyone could possibly commit was to get a woman pregnant.
        Part of the reason Europe is as deeply down the toilet today as it is.


  31. Women just go along with the crowd. Up until recently, the crowd has been leftist and anti-White. When White men wake up and rebel, White women will turn to the right like a school of fish.

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  32. on November 15, 2016 at 7:34 am thelastoftheonly

    First time I can remember you being wrong but I’m sure you’ve never enjoyed being incorrect so much! Where the white women at?! They’re MAGA! Shit even overall the women split about a 50/50 between crooked and the Don.