The Golden Age For Charismatic Jerkboys

There are three abiding truths about chicks and their attraction for jerks.

  • Women have always had, and will always have, a big place in their hearts for charismatic jerkboys.

  • The romantic allure of charismatic jerkboys is stronger than the romantic allure of dependable niceguys, in nearly all circumstances.
  • There are environmental conditions that can repress or amplify women’s innate love for jerks.

In this post I make the case that we are living in a Golden Age for Charismatic Jerkboys.

Note: I did not say we are living in a Golden Age “of” charismatic jerkboys. Rather, the age is ripe for jerks, should they assert themselves, to exploit the presently configured sexual market to their hedonistic benefit.

It’s not a surprise that, among those nethers-deep in the American dating scene, there is a shared opinion that jerks do especially well with women. It’s neither a coincidence that this opinion has disseminated through the dank and vile with the same gusto that the overarching culture alternately chest thumps and whimpers its way toward a new norm of masculinized women and feminized men.

All one need do is peruse the SJW oeuvre on the usual striver media outlets for accumulating evidence of an epidemic of low T faggotry sweeping through Millennial manlets. Men, White men mostly, have become cringing, feminist boilerplate reciting, race cucked suck-ups to every group making a claim against their impudent White male privilege.

Opposing this gathering effeminacy are the women, who seem hellbent to secure the blessings of frat bro licentiousness to themselves and their twerking posteriors. No one seriously argues that megaphony feminists aren’t mostly a collection of ugly manjaws with masculine behavioral profiles. But there remained hope that screeching feminist stridency was a niche market, leaving the wider society unscathed.

That hope may be premature, if vagnettes like this one recounted by Jonathan Haidt, the popularizer of the five moral senses that distinguish shitlibs from normals, are indicative of scenes across the fruitless plains.

Mean girls and cowed boys. A sure recipe for sexlessness and false rape accusations, leavened with romantic entreaties for pre-kiss consent forms and Title IX Damegeld.

This is the manginarrific milieu the amused jerkboy find himself navigating. And if he is perceptive, he’ll know this means his time is now.

How so? Think about the CH maxim that the best way to understand women is first to accept the disconnect between their words and actions. When leaned-in careerist tankgrrls shriek against slut shaming, the patriarchy, and phalloaggressions, as sycophantic eunuchs scrape and bow before the clitdick juggernaut, these women are really projecting a mournful need for the ministrations of the very type of men they hold up as exemplars of chauvinist misogyny.

The weakness and effeminacy of the males around them is the very triggering (or one such triggering) that impels women to lash out at men in the aggregate; and, as is the wont of the supremely rationalizing sex, to lash out specifically at a fantasy simulacrum of the exciting, dangerous, sexually irresistible badboy who is regrettably missing from their alpha-parched lives.

The charismatic jerkboy will stand out as a sexual savior from among this melange of mewling manboobs. His product, so rare and valuable in a sexual market saturated with softies, will be sought after with a vengeance by economically self-sufficient and urban heat island-anonymized women intoxicated to apoonplexy from the merest whiff of unapologetic, sexually entitled alpha maleness.

We are currently living in an environment that is amplifying women’s desire for jerks. What was once a latent female lust, controllable with the proper societal and peer inputs, for the ZFG jerk has exploded into a delirious hunger that no social control, even if it was available and willing to be deployed, could possibly dampen now.

Women HATE HATE HATE weak men, with the same passionate revulsion that men HATE HATE HATE uglyfat women. Of course, few women have the cognitive awareness or discipline, or the sadistic stones, to come right out and say they hate male weakness, so they engage in a little of the ol’ ultratransference of their negative feelings onto socially approved targets of hate, i.e., sexy patriarchal jerkboys.

So every time there’s a public showing where beta manlets once again perform down to feminist lapdog expectations, the howl of women for the heads of wished-for patriarchs on spikes intensifies. And, every time an amused jerkboy steps into this chaos to plunder the down under, he walks away from the scene of his 50 shades of crime glowingly reviewed by those very same shrews. In fact, his pleasure vessels might send him a post-cortical thank you note for his efforts to restore their faith in mankind.

Lesson for aspiring jerkboys: Stop paying attention to what women say, and start giving them what they truly, deeply, want. Your journey begins on your feet, instead of at hers.


  1. Music is filled with red-pill wisdom, for those with the wit to understand it. For the record (pun intended) I was not one of those. It kills me to listen to music I knew in high school that transmitted truths that I wouldn’t really understand for another thirty years.


    • Jackson – for a bisexual especially – had a lot of wisdom in his lyrics… I mean this song here came out in 1978, and It’s Different for Girls in 1979… Why did so many not hear what was plainly being said?

      What the hell is wrong with you tonight?
      I can’t seem to say or do the right thing
      Wanted to be sure you’re feeling right
      Wanted to be sure we want the same thing

      She said, I can’t believe it
      You can’t, possibly mean it
      Don’t we, all want the same thing
      Don’t we
      Well, who said anything about love?

      No, not love she said
      Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?
      (Don’t give me love)
      No, not love she said
      Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?
      You’re all the same

      Mama always told me save yourself
      Take a little time and find the right girl
      Then again don’t end up on the shelf
      Logical advice gets you in a whirl

      I know, a lot of things that you don’t
      You want to hear some?
      She said, just give me something
      Well give me all you got but not love

      No, not love she said
      Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?


    • Lyrics are equally BS. Separating wheat from chaff is no small trick. Your father failed you. Welcome to the club.


  2. on November 28, 2015 at 7:18 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    So true. Master your ‘inner asshole’ and let him go forth boldly.


  3. […] The Golden Age For Charismatic Jerkboys […]


  4. on November 28, 2015 at 7:37 am Captain Obvious

    I am very worried that all we are doing in the Manosphere and the Dark Enlightenment is simply cataloguing the EFFECTS of a century or more of Semitic poisoning of the culture, a systemic poisoning which was designed to CAUSE the White Race to turn away from its God-given right to Occidental K-Selection [one man/one woman] and to instead head straight into the stinking foul sewer of Semitic R-Selection [big man rules & polygamy].


    • on November 28, 2015 at 7:41 am Captain Obvious

      Think about it – all the HBs stumbling over themselves to take off their bras, go commando [panty-less], shake their booties in [what their hamsters perceive to be] the face of the best possible candidate for Alpha Charismatic Jerkboy [within their immediate social circle], and compete in a furious hypergamous cat fight to see who [within their immediate social circle] can first achieve the preciously coveted 1000-C0ck-Stare of Death.


      • Couldn’t you just try to limit yourself to one comment?


      • on November 28, 2015 at 7:45 am Captain Obvious

        Meanwhile, the bottom 75% of all boyz – the solidly Beta and lesser Beta and Gamma and whatnot – their hindbrains can sense the dark clouds of polygamy on the horizon, and their hindbrains can equally well sense that they simply aren’t Alpha “Big Man Rules” material by nature [and certainly not by nurture, given the ubiquitous poisoning of the culture], and so they hang their heads in shame, and go home to their mothers’ basements, and stuff their faces with junk food, and play video games, and grow manb00bs, and start talking with lisps.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 7:46 am Captain Obvious

        > “Couldn’t you just try to limit yourself to one comment?” ——— Apparently not.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 7:50 am Captain Obvious

        JW, we’re trying to fight the Good Fight, to take back the culture, and instill some Old School Occidental K-Selective masculinity in our little boyz, but JESUS H CHR!ST is the deck stacked against us. If you’re the kind of fella who likes to ask favors of the Creator, then get down on your hands and knees and pray to Him that it’s not too late.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 9:24 am gunslingergregi

        dont worry too much cap majority of my extended family aunts uncles cousins doing fine
        except the one that died after iraq
        but yea mostly married succesful professional
        brains are in the genes along with liberal tendancies
        in the ghettos prob not so much but that is collateral damage i guess
        some escape some don’t


      • on November 28, 2015 at 12:27 pm Traficante Musashi

        I believe that there must be something to what you are saying, Captain.

        Consider that the human smile is something that evolved in humans from what, in primates, is simply an expression of fear. (And perhaps we truly are the only animal that laughs.) The human animal, comparatively weak, full of tender sentiments and musings which defy the faculties of the most robustly adapted species on this planet is seemingly born of weakness somehow transmuted into strength.

        It is in the line of we homo sapiens that alpha and omega somehow find a dynamic equilibrium, pushing us upward and forward. It is very true what you say: The seemingly “beta” K-selected have managed to thrive where others could not; where others failed due to egotism and lack of awareness, where the whole was forsaken for the immediate, and the past and future disregarded for the appearances of the present.


      • Agreed. Couldn’t you put it all in one comment so we easily can next if we please? Your older brother must be GBFM.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 12:53 pm Traficante Musashi

        Collating his comments won’t unviolate your mind, Doug. What’s done is done. 🙂


      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:32 pm Captain Obvious

        Meanwhile, all of our little girlz’s hamsters are also sensing the writing on the wall – POLYGAMY IS COMING – and they are now engaging in furious social cat-fights to see who can be the first to hit that magical 1000th notch count on their bedposts, in order to earn the 1000-C0ck-Stare, all in an effort to “impress” the biggest baddest nastiest Alpha they know, each little girl doing so in the hopes that Mr Big Bad Nasty will make her a “plate” within his “rotation”, which of course is simply PUA talk for what an anthropologist would call Mr Big Bad Nasty’s “harem of sister wives”.


      • …to see who can be the first to hit that magical 1000th notch count on their bedposts

        yep… and I just read this minutes ago,

        …The Centers for Disease Control reports that cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are at an all time high, with reported cases rising for all STDs in 2014.

        The CDC stats list gonorrhea cases up 5 percent from 2013, a total of 350,062 reported cases in the US. For contagious forms of syphilis, the rate has jumped dramatically, up 15 percent from the previous year – now totaling over 20,000 cases. The government has reported that increases in rates of syphilis primarily occur in men’s homosexual and bisexual communities.


    • You go Cap! Let the haters HATE!


      • This. #winning



      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:35 pm Captain Obvious

        This is the Semitic cultural pollution which our at-risk boyz are inundated with:


      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Combine that pollution with, say, being raised by a single Mom [thank you, Eskimo Divorce Industrial Complex, for destroying the American family], and those little boyz don’t stand a chance. They’re already completely broken before they even enter puberty. They’ll never get a wife in a system of neo-polygamy. It’ll be like Afghanistan, where the bottom 75% of men sit around giving each other bl0w j0bs [because the Koran authorizes the top 25% of men to take 4 wives each].


      • Kid’s name is Cooper. Of course. Was ‘Colton’ already taken?


      • Pres. Donald Trump can teach these boys self-respect:


    • I am very worried that all we are doing in the Manosphere and the Dark Enlightenment is simply cataloguing the EFFECTS of a century or more of Semitic poisoning of the culture, a systemic poisoning which was designed to CAUSE the White Race to turn away from its God-given right to Occidental K-Selection [one man/one woman] and to instead head straight into the stinking foul sewer of Semitic R-Selection [big man rules & polygamy].

      This is the circle CH cannot square between his competing ideologies. He wants both/thinks he can have both.

      Well, slow-motion, Western cultural catastrophe is what happens when a society thinks it can have a little Mammon here, a little Jehovah there; material when God’s not watching, then last minute switch to the spiritual when the life and death of the republic is at stake. The occasional offering to the Kingdom of God only preserves the ability to worship of the The Kingdom of Man, which draws-out the pain for maximum effect.

      This realm — the greatest, most powerful representative of Christendom, and the world-bestriding advantages gained therefrom — has developed suicidal schizophrenia, alternating between the church and the whorehouse depending on which pole of the mania strikes.



      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm Captain Obvious

        MK, I feel like CH* is seeing the Big Picture now. How can anyone of CH’s intellect not see the Big Picture? CH* is constantly writing about Big Picture topics now. My point, though, would be twofold: 1) All of this was planned in advance by the Eskimos, and they have been executing the plan for upwards of two centuries now, and 2) Things are REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE out there now. Our Betas are completely broken. We don’t have much time remaining to Right this sinking ship [if it’s even Right-able at this point].


      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:59 pm Captain Obvious

        *Either CH, or his guest writers. I don’t know whether CH is writing 100% of the content anymore – and he certainly seems to have well-placed samizdat spies within the professional behavioral psychology community.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 2:15 pm Each Pond Gone

        In a technocracy, the division between church and whorehouse is painlessly effaced by the inescapable screen.

        “Science is the only truth and it is the great lie. It knows nothing, and people think it knows everything. It is misrepresented. People think that science is electricity, automobilism, and dirigible balloons. It is something very different. It is life devouring itself. It is the sensibility transformed into intelligence. It is the need to know stifling the need to live. It is the genius of knowledge vivisecting the vital genius.”

        –Remy de Gourmont


      • on November 29, 2015 at 12:52 pm Captain Obvious

        *CH or his guest writers. Not sure whether he writes 100% of everything now, and he definitely has some excellent samizdat sources within the professional Behavioral Psych community.


      • Great quote and very French.

        Also, the “People of the Screen” angle is highly underappreciated. We changed our brains in the space of a generation-and-a-half, and it will take decades or centuries for a viable culture to develop around the shift. Right now we are lobotomizing by pixel via trial and error. The sanest people will unplug altogether.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 4:25 am gunslingergregi

        The Trump worship smells. Like a people desperate for an easy solution because they don’t have it in themselves to kill, to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots themselves, to reclaim their birthright by their own hand.”””””””’

        dont you get it though
        because of christianity it make people vulnerable because they dont have the power to take it upon themselves to enforce killing
        its not legal
        if you are actually a believer you can’t defend yourself from non headlong attacks and make preemtive strikes
        which people are pushing for but the only thing it is doing is making it shittier for believers who will not take it upon themselves to fight back


      • on November 30, 2015 at 11:59 am gunslingergregi

        has developed suicidal schizophrenia, alternating between the church and the whorehouse depending on which pole of the mania strikes.””””””’

        well ya have to work shit out
        hypothesis theory practice real
        kind of like how i got my former girlfriend off the hard drug lifestyle
        lot of internal pain with thoughts struggle physical manifestation of plan
        its slightly more complex than two pole
        have you not heard of magdaline at the cross
        ive experienced that kind of love
        and my life involved proving parts of the stories of the bible
        the loving parts
        i am having a hard fucking time reconciling eternity of hell
        which would allow a person to commit acts of unimaginable attrocity on people of this world who didn’t think like them


        ””””’Imagine a doctrine that teaches that the very God Who tells us to “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES” will Himself in Judgment HATE AND TORTURE OUR LOVED ONES? ””””’

        i don’t think it is something i have the capacity to understand but will try


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:03 pm gunslingergregi

        Furthermore we are to be a witness to this travesty of justice. Some totally demented pastors suggest that we will derive PLEASURE FROM THEIR TORTURE. Do you hear what I am saying? Do you understand the gravity of an ETERNITY OF TORTURE IN LITERAL FIRE? If you say, “Yes, yes you do,” I will call you a LIAR right to your face. No human can comprehend anything so perverted, demented, deranged and just plain vile wickedness. What kind of an alien monster would torture humans for all eternity in fire?””””””””””””

        ahh another dude that gets it


      • What kind of an alien monster would torture humans for all eternity in fire? “

        mmmhhh…a liberal?



      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:05 pm gunslingergregi

        And not only do billions of believers have no problem with this unscriptural monster, but they actually believe that we should WORSHIP such an alien satanic beast as though he were a god!! Unbelievable! ””””

        yea i think so it is fucking unbelievable


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:08 pm gunslingergregi

        The Christian Hell is a Christian HOAX, and it is the very EPITOME of “DAMNABLE HERESY.” And the teaching of this evil and vile doctrine is the greatest sin ever committed in the history of the world. And be forewarned: Teaching that God Almighty will either cause or allow most of humanity to be TORTURED IN LITERAL FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY is the ULTIMATE SIN! There is no greater sin possible. It is the blasphemy of ALL BLASPHEMIES. ”””””””””’

        that makes sense


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:24 pm gunslingergregi

        lol canadian
        but seriousy this has got to be the funniest shit i have ever read only cause what else can ya do besides cry or tear your eye out

        ””””””””From just this one teaching of Jesus we can know absolutely whether “hell fire” is literal and whether it is everlasting or eternal.

        Let’s pay close attention to just one statement from Jesus that should help everyone to see that this is figurative language that teaches us a great spiritual truth. Jesus did not say what most Christians think He said.

        Jesus did not say: “And if your eye offends you, repent of your lust or God will cast you into an hell of immortal worms and everlasting fire which will never stop burning.”

        But that is what most Christians think Jesus meant even if He didn’t actually say it. Nonsense.

        “And if your eye offend you…”

        This word “offend” means: “to entice you to sin” (Strong’s Greek Dictionary).

        Now then, is it even “literally” possible for a physical organ of the body to be the cause of a moral or spiritual sin? No, it is not possible. Lusting after a woman does not have its origin in the eyes but rather in the heart.

        “…whosoever looks [with the eyes] on a woman to lust [in his heart, not in his eyes] after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.”

        The lust of the eyes is itself a “figure of speech.” We “look” with our eyes, but we “lust” with our heart. And the “heart” in Scripture virtually never means the organ of the body which pumps blood. The “heart” in Scripture is the inner most man, the seat of emotions and passions, conscience, and moral character. No physical organ of the body has even one of these spiritual attributes. More proof:

        “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders” (Mark 7:21).

        Did you notice that “looking on a woman to lust after her” IS adultery, and it comes not from the eyes, but from the heart. So then, is this teaching in Matt. 5:27-30, literal, or figurative? It is figurative. More proof…

        Here’s what Jesus said to do if one finds himself looking at a woman to lust after her:

        “…if your right eye offend you [entices you to sin] pluck it out … if your right hand offend you cut it off…”

        What? “Pluck it out … cut it off?”

        And lying two-faced hypocritical theologians tell us that the Bible must be taken “literally?” That both hell and hell fire are “literal?” That we are to pluck out our eyes and cut off our hands and feet, literally? Are they crazy?

        If this teaching on hell by Jesus Christ is to be taken literally, how come you don’t see millions and millions of Christians around the world having NO EYES, AND NO FEET, AND NO HANDS? Is there even one Christian in a billion that takes these Scriptures literally when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is?


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:37 pm gunslingergregi

        ya can’t even be idealistic about your church that you dont attend but sometimes in real life ideals become reality
        the only empathy i find is among people who have been fucked up
        but that kind of makes sense by definition


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:45 pm gunslingergregi

        for us raised christian i think the hell thing is probably one of the biggest things possible out of all the fucked up things fucking us up
        because who has actually taken the time to actually think about it
        and what we were told was going to happen to another human and how often we were told that
        and did it have a negative impact to an infinity we didn’t realize


      • on December 2, 2015 at 3:48 am carlos danger

        I reconciled that question watching NDEs on Youtube. I learned a great deal from Ian MacCormack’s testimony and from Howard Storm’s testimony. I have personally met Ian MacCormack. Nathan Wheeler’s testimony is also good, but about 15 hours and involves explanations of the occult and astrology etc. I am well versed in these practices and knew he was right because of them. I correlated this with what I learned in Greek mythology about Hades and specifically, Odysseus trip to visit his mother in Hades, which is very descriptive and one of the most powerful scenes in the entire poem. In the Ancient world, no one went to heaven. The New Testament Bible also generally refers to Hades, not Hell. There is a difference apparently.

        What I believe happens is that most of us who go to Hell are sent for our refusal to acknowledge God, ask for forgiveness of our sins and to forgive others. You are basically put in a drawer with a lot of other angry and embittered souls who spend eternity picking at one another deprived of God, all light and all goodness. You are left to wallow in your self created misery. This is the key. It is due to the physics of the universe and the energy that anger and hatred send out through it. It is felt light years away on some planes of existence and causes a lot of destruction. There is a spiritual war going on between God and the fallen Angels, who control our planet and other regions of the universe. On this planet they take on the form of demons and lesser Gods like Baal. Understanding this point is also key. The whole point of the Bible is about how God comes down to reclaim what is his and has to deal with all the mess that Satan has wrought, how the Jews accepted hi then rejected and betrayed him and the offer of a nerw form of life after death. God helps people in the moment of need too. He helped both Ian and Howard Storm in their stories. He gave them hints and coached them both to keep them alive long enough to say the Lord’s prayer. I believe children get a pass automatically. God seems to really have soft spot in his heart for children. The fires of Hell are reserved for those who commit the sin of the Holy Ghost and for those who ar truly evil and vile. If there is the slightest chance you can be saved, God will try to save you. You have to let it happen though. Remember, this is like the Army It ain’t democracy. Anton Levay died screaming for his mother to save him. Remember that.That’s on Youtube too.


    • White male emasculation may largely be a matter of the individual identifying as a member of a powerless group, a group which is in fact a non-group, because it’s denied solidarity by the national religion of political correctness.

      I’m as warlike as it gets, but I feel a fog of hopelessness when I encounter a baying mob of Bolsheviks or Black Lies Murder types. Not because they are superior or righteous, but because I feel that I face them alone. And I feel a weakness seep into my individual identity, despite my objective superiority on every level vs the enemy. To where I might stay silent when the enemy is speaking fraud, because to argue is to fight a mob alone–not in rational debate but in sheer mob warfare. In general it takes a mob to fight a mob. So, the individual’s sense of power/masculinity is related to his group’s power. And group power is dependent on group solidarity, which whites are denied by cultural law. In this way, the white individual is demoralized, the male is emasculated.

      If I, with full knowledge of racial biology and an accordant moral code, can be temporarily demoralized by unchecked shows of force, then the average millenial who is steeped in anti-white hate from birth stands little chance alone. For those of us in the vanguard, I suppose our natural fires of war burn hotter than average, fueling our disciplined adherence to truth.

      I’m appalled daily to see media mouthpieces and others impotently trying to reason with the neo-Bolsheviks when targeted by mob action. That is in the cases when the target doesn’t immediately cut and run. We know there is nothing rational about the Black Lies Murder agenda; it is purely mob aggression, driven by the rage and despair of a group that is not genetically equipped to compete in civilization. The kid with downs syndrome is wildly swinging his participation trophy at the heads of the all-star players, and the coaches are encouraging it. Those with the megaphone posture with collegiate debate, implying that there might be a shred of truth to the fraud. The white individual watches this, as evidence that the white group has no defense against aggression, and so the white group is obviously weak. No control of the megaphone.

      Naked power grabs should be met with naked power. Trump game, the arrogant dismissal of the opponent’s arguments; it works because it’s a show of force. If every BLM mob is met with a larger mob, chanting “black supremacists!” and “racists!”, the show of force and solidarity would do more at this point than a debate moderated by CNN. If every instance of anti-white hate speech is countered with “you just hate white people”, and “that’s just the black supremacist agenda”, the dismissal of their aggression does more than allowing them to frame a debate. This is not a debate, this is war.

      I love the sound of a polar bear eating an eskimo in the morning. The Bolshevik bleeds black and gold. Some day this war’s gonna end.


  5. As I read this in a “funky” coffee shop, the bluehair barusta, with the normally dead tumblrina expression, suddenly becomes animated telling her boss about how confused she was by one boyfriend who would flinch when she’d pretend to punch him out of nowhere.

    Boyfriend a twink? Maybe. And maybe cunts shouldn’t be testing men that way. I slap them, personally.


  6. Its better to die like a man on your feet, than to live on your knees like a slave.



    Notwithstanding the wise words of CH, the fact remains that you are dealing with women and therefore with fundamentally irrational beings. No matter how alpha you are there is always the possibility that if you accidentally fuck a shrieking feminist, the cunt will press rape charges against you just because you didn’t call her back or due to some other hamster brained rationalization.


    Audio only recording may be illegal in your state but if you keep it secret who is to know? If you have to make it known it’s because you want to. Rape charges are 100 times more serious than privacy violations.


    Safety means condom + recording app. You may not like it but that’s the way the world is. Your job is to live in this world as it is not as it should be.



  8. For the newly red pill enriched passive readers: ‘aloof assholery’ is the soundbite to digest.

    Many (including myself in my novice days) easily misinterpret this knowledge by applying a direct asshole-ness of insults, sloppy try hard gestures and socially diminishing antics of rudeness that yield no better results than nice guy-isms.

    Now it’s better to error in the side of crass assholery than supplication nice guy. Yet the win comes in the smoothly crafted charismatic “uncarring” jerk boy assholery that eminates an aura of sexual entitlement, mystery and alluring desire for more in your subjects.

    This quality craft is learned and refined in field, and there is no plateau. It’s a practice that every cad should continue to sharpen and maintain throughout his tenure.

    It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. Non verbal commnication. Bio mechancics.

    *back turn*


    • Well said Ripp. Charming or charismatic jerkboy means fun flirty playful non butt hurt but rock solid zero supplicating frame.

      Neg, tease, horse around playfully, take aways, reframes… This stuff.

      FWIW – cometh the hour cometh the man and all… ALL the media coverage of TRUMP this weekend boils down to “you’re such a jerk!”. King of the Jerkboys demonstration in progress…



      • One of my plates was giving me the cool shoulder today. At a party I said “let’s get out of here…” she waffled. I didn’t waiver. Said “Ok, sweety gotta go” and left…I have something else lined up the next day.

        You have to be the right kind of asshole. Overplaying your hand, lack of calibration looks try hard. I’m now learning to dial back.

        On another note, I met a girl at this same party. I gamed her first by teasing her about her height–she’s tall–I called her shorty. Teased her about where she’s from. Then I invited her to a function. She was immediately keen and before she left made a point of coming over to say goodbye. I gave her the party details and told her to come out. This was one of the few times I didn’t number close because if she doesn’t come, she’s a waste of my time. If she comes it’s easier to escalate. But this comes from abundance.


      • @sentient
        Ya man I fucking love the Trump in action. I don’t have cable but it’s awesome watching the you tube clips of him just owning fools on MSM network tv. I bet he’s got some awesome stories. Damn I’d love to kick it with him have a scotch and listen…

        “You have to be the right kind of asshole. Overplaying your hand, lack of calibration looks try hard. I’m now learning to dial back.”

        For sure. It’s the grind of being a good practitioner. Like a baseball player at bat you have to adjust to the environment and pitcher and do what you can to get on base and score.

        One of the best practices I’ve learned is like what you did, never linger around a set or exchange. If it starts getting stale or she is being wishy washy…just back turn and shift focus to something else. Give her the gift of removing your attention of her.

        Sounds simple but 99% of men don’t do this. They’ll stand there and hover…worst thing to do


    • Well stated. I’ll add one does have to stumble through a certain amount of crass to get to smooth. Do it.


    • It’s not “aloof assholery.” The original and proper formulation is “aloof mastery.” Only the weak-minded insecure equates strength with being an asshole. Worshiping the Jerk is a judgment on oneself, relative to oneself. It’s feminizing, it’s employing the connotation of “jerk” that a helpless little girl deploys as a last resort before succumbing to strength. Do you accompany your use of the term with a faint little punch on the chest, too?

      See, this is where you otherwise proud white men can’t get the last trace of nigger out of you. You encourage the behavior of sambo (indiscipline, fueled by instinct and the lower passions, like having a good shit) but nominally worship whiteness. But you don’t even have a good idea what whiteness means — or if you do, you think of it as beta.

      Whiteness means discipline, particularly discipline of self. It means you have your act together enough that you do not have to be mastered for your own good. It means liberty, and the individual strength required to possess liberty.

      Like the lower orders of humanity, you believe freedom is the license to “do what thou wilt.” But there is no liberty without restraint, just as there are no gardens without fences keeping the jungle out. Yes, in this weak piping time of peace, we can stand to have a little more jungle in our hearts, but you nog-worshiping hypocrites have no conception of what is to come, much less a direction to take through it. Like the apes you mimic, you have no future-time orientation.

      Thanks to this hypocrisy, our nation is fucked. White men would rather be “milksops” than act like the crazed, self-destructive groid you offer as an alternative. Eloi or Morlock and nothing between. You can’t conceive of a third way, the uniquely white way, even though there are millennia of examples preceding us.



      • yup.

        This article leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

        Getting laid is not uber alles; it is not the ENDS, it should be a symptom of the ends. If you are an impressive MAN, you will get laid. And if you don’t you WON’T FUCKING CARE!

        It is betas who worship at the Temple of Groid of “muhdick” who elevate getting laid-dom to the pantheon of activities. It’s not. JFC, you ain’t even gonna remember them. I had to start a list before I hit 20 just so I could.

        Disposable hoez, picking up and banging them? This is sophomoric.

        Oh great, our society elevates cads and sluts to royalty…awesome.


      • Trav,

        Right you are about the importance of sex. It feels good, scratches an itch, but at the end of the day it’s just like oxygen…only matters if you aren’t getting any. Women are fun, but only in small doses, otherwise they drag you down and make you soft. “Let’s cuddle and watch netflix babe!”…Christ, what a waste of time. Their bread an butter is usually a time suck and an inconvenience for most driven, passionate men. We need to elevate male acheivements, discipline, passion, competition, etc. to the level that “getting some” is currently revered at by the swaggering, chest thumping dumbassed mall rat masses.

        There’s a reason why most men immediately lose interest in cuddling, intimacy, kissing, etc right after ejaculation…there’s a million things that are more satisfying, important, and beneficial to self and others than penis in vagina.


      • As is often the case, i feel chastised after reading King’s comment. I don’t know that i disagree with any of it, except the characterizing of our concept of jerkboy and assholery, as feminine.

        And the basis for the my disagreement there, is (laughably enough) simply feelings and intuition. The way that i feel when i am being a jerk and an asshole is not feminine. It feels aggressive – but yes, not confident. It seems to me to be only alternative to the Insufferable Fool aka the Nice Guy aka “a good catch” (or is it a good catcher? ok sorry for that one – but if you can’t make jokes at your own expense then step aside).

        And i will repeat that i agree that what seems to be missing is mastery of one’s self. But the solution to that Quest for the Grail is ever elusive. There is something in the nature of that quest that is a process and forever missing. You are never there. Always practicing is what the faggot monks in the mountains are on about, your mileage may be in kilometers.

        It’s not “aloof assholery.” The original and proper formulation is “aloof mastery.”

        That is a brilliantly direct counter, and really ought to be at the head of the thread. The thread-head of this screw job that is Life in America.


      • Well, indulging in casual sex doesn’t mean you’re undisciplined. It shows more discipline in pursuing pussy than staying at home and writing long posts here while jerking off to interracial porn.


      • ::applause::


      • First of all, I appreciate the reasonable tone of your criticism. That’s as rare around here as a Jeb Bush fan.

        I don’t know that i disagree with any of it, except the characterizing of our concept of jerkboy and assholery, as feminine.

        I wouldn’t characterize jerks and assholes as “feminine.” I’d call it manliness directed toward no end, tempered by no purpose, a virtue spoiled by over-application. It is a hollow show of strength with nothing substantive behind it. Those who are strong and know it are generally not misers, they are generous with their surplus. There’s plenty more where that came from, and cruelty is not naturally occurring to anyone but the once butthurt, the jew who never forgets.

        They ransack the entrails of their past and present, looking for dark, dubious stories, in which they are free to feast on an agonizing suspicion and to get intoxicated on the poison of their own anger—they rip open the oldest wounds, they bleed themselves to death from long-healed scars, they turn friends, wives, children, and anyone else who is closest to them into criminals. …

        The smallest pleasure, if it be only continuous and make one happy, is incomparably a greater happiness than the more intense pleasure that comes as an episode, a wild freak, a mad interval between ennui, desire, and privation. But in the smallest and greatest happiness there is always one thing that makes it happiness: the power of forgetting, or, in more learned phrase, the capacity of feeling “unhistorically” throughout its duration. One who cannot leave himself behind on the threshold of the moment and forget the past, who cannot stand on a single point, like a goddess of victory, without fear or giddiness, will never know what happiness is; and, worse still, will never do anything to make others happy.

        — Nietzsche, Genealogy and Untimely

        But the popularity of the Jerk Idol in some quarters is attributable to the pandemic of male weakness in our age. In the land of retreating fags, the asshole is king (in more than one sense). It’s a short cut. Nobody else is singing his praises, so he resolve to do it himself — rather than letting them speak for themselves by quiet demonstration.

        This is where PUAs and men diverge. The PUA only has to fake strength to slip inside a drunk coed once, which is easier than ever today. Post bang, the well-adjusted female psyche is rebooted and the PUA can proceed with higher-order manipulations. Or failing that (i.e., with the insensate slut), he simply moves on to the next flooze with her cunt hanging out. A notch is a notch.

        On the other hand, if you are a curator of souls, the less fakery the deeper the snare. Girls sober up, the lights are no longer low, and flaws are laid bare. Now, the carnival ride is appropriate for certain times and places — maybe — but, like I’ve said from the start, using these powers to score chicks is like killing a gnat with a sledgehammer. “Game” rightly understood is the skill set to conquer the world. It is beneath its long pedigree to use such advantages to snatch easy snatch.

        It’s like finding the Ring of Gyges, and going around honking women’s tits with it, with the imagination for nothing else.



      • Well, indulging in casual sex doesn’t mean you’re undisciplined.

        You’re right, it doesn’t technically mean you are undisciplined, not on the face of it. But it is almost always the sign that you cannot discipline your passions and make reasonable decisions about priorities in life. Freedom first means freedom from self, the liberty gained by mastering impulse and instinct.

        In any event, the lessons on this site are predicated on encouraging the rule of the low passions, not on the boring and disheartening work of mastering them. It rejects the possibility of higher motivations. CH proudly calls himself a hedonist, and the apotheosis of Pleasure Uber Alles is a wrinkled leather bag with potbelly and sunglasses tanning himself poolside, and not the life of a man in full. What happens when the ennui of masturbating into the 111th woman’s cunt sets in? That’s never discussed here (except maybe by Admiral Obvious between bouts of Tourette’s).

        It’s The Thing that Shall Not Be Named, and late-blooming “players” can’t believe such a condition is even possible. But the best PUA-teachers, like Roosh V and Nick Krauser, speak about it frankly, and their newer interests are evidence of a course correction.

        CH has the same course correction, as the direction of recent topics on this site demonstrates, but none of the explicit discussion — as if not talking about it will prevent people from noticing how shallow game is as material for a lifelong/mature conversation. There are only a few interesting observations, done to death, and better told literally years ago.

        Hell, even the recently reticent patient zero YaReally has slowed his roll, apparently making his life during daylight become a little more purpose-driven. (We can hope so.)


      • Oh come on now Matt, this is your favorite field to plow. Sometimes you get a little rich even for yourself.


      • When the audience is hard of hearing, the speaker has to shout.


      • “It’s not “aloof assholery.” The original and proper formulation is “aloof mastery.” Only the weak-minded insecure equates strength with being an asshole.”

        Queen B and her sad admissions of being a sexless, inexperienced hermit through long form projection. Taking things on a semantic roller coater to try and posture for the forum.

        For those just tuning in Matt Queen B has demonstrated continuously throughout the years it has no social acumen and no experience with women.

        The old shrill still can’t grasp that on a practical level men of today seek guidance and support to navigate the sexual market place and manage relationships with women; and here at CH they can find it. And learn. Instead of participating Queen B has to cherry pick a term and cry.

        We’ve all recognized the effects of Western culture degeneracy and the changes in behavior of women. Men come here to learn and by learning game they enhance their lives. By joining discussion and sharing knowledge we support eachother.

        Queen B offers nothing except useless pontifications and conjecture. Time and again the hunchback has been challenged here to share examples of its vast supposed knowledge of success with women. But there is none. There is never discussion with Queen B. There are never examples shared or common dialogue with others about social activity.

        There is only a deluded butt hurt narrative from a washed up bible thumping prune in pain lashing out at the world.

        Queen B life passed you by and it couldn’t be more obvious you’ve never enjoyed it. Get a nap, have a snack and have the nurse wheel you outside for some fresh air. You can beat off in your brain about the imagined success with women you’ve never had but it won’t change your failed and miserable past.

        CH has more writing talent and knowledge then your used adult diapers. If you’re so great…then where is your blog and following?

        Oh that’s right…your only hand is to ride the coat tails of a greater power and project.


      • @Ripp, its not quite like that, although you are correct. This is a good fishing pond for fishers of men because the men who come here are seeking the truth and much of the truth aligns with what Matt talks about. He is just prodding us to the next level of development.


      • “He is just prodding us to the next level of development.”

        Yes. Matt’s style is abrasive but you do yourself a disservice by taking it personally and ignoring the substance of his comments.


      • It’s only abrasive when the barb hits the mark too sharply…

        … and by the replies of any given poster, one can tell where the most blood is drawn.

        The only one irked by being called a muh-dik dweeb is a muh-dik dweeb.


      • Matt’s style can get grating at times but he is right and his comment resonates. It is unfortunately both Matt. To paraphrase Wilde, we are in the gutter but we can see the stars above us and some of us aspire to better things. The problem is exactly as you put it: do you focus on self-improvement irrespective of chasing tail (which can have the side-effect of making it rain pussy – but if you are beta to your core you will just be exploited when you get the attention instead of knowing how to wield it) or do you make chasing tail your primary goal?

        I agree that following your personal goals (i.e. becoming a doctor, a musician, “making your mission your priority”) is more rewarding than just getting random sloots to bang you. But like you said, we are living in a world run by people who want us to focus on acting like base animals obsessed with status and status signifiers. So we either chimp-out and focus on being asshole thugs who get mad pussy OR we act holier-than-thou but never get laid, like how some commenters perceive Matt. I think the middle path is trying to control your base instincts while acknowledging them occasionally (i.e. focus on your mission but get laid as often as you feel is needed to make yourself able to keep focused on your mission; like how you have to eat/shit even when you are in the zone at work). One of the most confusing things is if god only made sex for procreation, why did he make it feel so good? was it a fail-safe to ensure we replicate? or a gift? a curse? Its where our animal biological urges meet our big brain’s wish to rise above and do greater things. this is the place that leads to frustration.

        CH’s post hits the nail on the head: Watch what women do, not what they say. They act like they are following their higher-functioning brains (SJW feminist thinking), but when a guy goes caveman (asshole game) their hamster is fried and tingles ensue. There is no denying that asshole games works. It is extremely hard to “play by the rules” (be the disciplined better man) when you know of a simple shortcut that works 100% of the time (asshole game). Like Matt said, that is where discipline comes in. And this also where the players lament comes from: Once you see how easy women are, its almost sad. It takes away from romance, from believing your “unicorn” is out there. The hunt becomes empty eventually or at least not as meaningful. Very interesting part of game.

        1. Short term. We live in a world we feel we cannot change so we must adapt to survive and thrive. The fastest way to do this is acting like a charming asshole. It is sickening how well it works on women.

        2. Long term. Long term all these notches are mostly hollow. Its the thrill of hunt not the actual kill that we long for.

        Sometimes I stop acting like an asshole and revert to my nice-guy beginnings. Women always remind me via their behavior that they prefer the asshole. Makes me sad sometimes but this is the world we were born into. When I have been a nice guy doormat on principle, they would treat me like a doormat and all i would have to show for it is my principle. When I act like an asshole, all doors are opened before me. Which would you choose?


    • a good mental frame is to claim her vag as you own. “that’s mine” is all you need to tell yourself.

      almost like a mining claim, you simply decide that it’s yours, then proceed to remove whatever obstacles so that you can extract the riches buried within


    • I was down at the University campus yesterday and those 20-year-old girls are hot.

      I have been borderline personality problems and can’t get with people, but the amount of attention they pay me, a middle-aged medium-sized guy with a dick slightly more swinging than usual, is insane. “Save me from these losers!”

      A comment on this board some weeks ago was interesting. Someone said that all the hot young sex was hate fucking. That attitude has to be come to terms with, if one is going to play. I am looking forward to retirement, but it is well known folk wisdom that one has to gets his share or one cannot be at peace, in this world or the next.


    • That is some good description by Ripp.

      I have not been able to find an even middle ground, and find that it is absolutely necessary for my sanity to not be a nice guy, even though i want to be that nice guy, very badly – but the consequent “matronizing” dismissal and mockery, that INEVITABLY follows the nice guy routine – would just TRIGGER me. And that consequent matronizing dismissal? i wish i could describe it better, here now, because it is such a crucial part of the experience of all this shit, and everyone knows what i am talking about – or everyone except maybe James Bond. I think all Americans know about it because this the Land of Mama’s Boys.

      So for my personal strategy with bank tellers and coffee clerks, is real assholery, and it gets respect, and then with that, the nice guy comes back into play. I am not a sperg, but relations are difficult. I don’t like people anymore, and am not willing and or able to “hate fuck” them.

      I would like to hear what some of the more successful “fuckers” have to say about hate fucking. Not that what they might have to say, is too likely to be unexpected. “Yeah you fuck them it feels good on the dick and they get on your nerves and you leave.” Or is there more to it?

      Everyone’s emotional range is not the same, so it is each to his own, i guess.


      • I am misanthropic too…to hate fuck, you just do whatever the hell you want with them to entertain yourself and you take pleasure in their destruction (so do they). The real problem is when you have one you don’t want to objectify and destroy because you care; she still wants and needs it.


      • Its not like that with women from Europe. The aggressive need to challenge you and put you in your place just doesn’t exist there. If you’re not worthwhile, they will let you down nicely and move on. That’s how our women used to be too. SE, its best to hunt grounds where the game is worth eating. Too many of you are sifting through mountains of turds to find a pearl.


      • Carlos – not sure if you are in the US but in average girls are pretty engaging and pleasant. I’d say less than 10% are rude cunts.

        Now you still need to game them and spike attraction and all… That’s what you hear guys bitching about, they think because they are so awesome they are entitled to forgoe seduction and the rules of attraction… Persistently treating cats like dogs.

        That’s why Matt King’s impotent ramblings are so disingenuous and harmful, he wishes to throw out the board because he can’t play the game and attempts to shame guys away from being happy.

        Game is perhaps the most important social skill you could ever develop. You will use these social dynamics in pick up, in dealing with people at work and trade, in any LTR and even child raising.

        Anyone who attempts to blunt your development in this area is not your friend.


      • Let’s not go crazy now, Sentient… if you’re trying to pin a “he’s just jealous/can’t get laid” Cathedralese shame on Matt King, that couldn’t ring any more false.

        And he’s the last guy who strikes me as wanting to prevent others from “being happy”… damn man, that whole “haaaaapy-uber-alles” philosophy is probably the hallmark of our depraved, feminized culture.

        I think the bigger issue is most men these days never had enough disciplining and “Dutch Uncle” in their lives, and resent the hell out of it when they think somebody is trying to “tell me what to do”.

        And that’s the fatal flaw of Mankind, from day one… anyone who tells us what to do becomes an object of ridicule or disdain… and anyone who dares preach against the Cathedral (and there’s a nagging form of the Cathedral within these very walls of the chateau from alleged red-pillers) is in danger of crucifixion.


      • @sentient

        “That’s why Matt King’s impotent ramblings are so disingenuous and harmful, he wishes to throw out the board because he can’t play the game and attempts to shame guys away from being happy.”

        Agreed. You see it. Many others see it.

        It’s a reoccurring theme here at CH. The sexless old guys hate on the ones that are active in field; to mask the truth they’ve never been successful with women.


      • “attempts to shame guys away from being happy.”

        Interesting. Do all evangelicals do this?


    • @PA, @Carlos
      I get your point. Mine is that Matt Queen B/King/King A has ZERO EXPERIENCE in this arena and does a disservice to all. This is a CH blog post about game. Not about Queen B’s projected troubles with the world.

      I’ll pose a rhetorical: if you’re trying to meet women and have successful relationships in today’s climate, do you go out and approach and seek advice from those that are successful or do you go to church and create grandiose scenarios in your brain?

      @Sperg Ediot
      We’ve been at these cross roads before, and like Queen B, you have no experience here. You’re not active in field and have a little value to add. Yet you’re always swift to defend your senior citizen degenerate friend.

      It’s ok to admit this is a subject you lack knowledge in. Try to learn something old timer.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 10:43 am gunslingergregi

        Raj-like outposts where a thousand white bureaucrats dominate a million muds, with the occasional shock and awe to remind them whose God is stronger. Heads on spikes, children face down on the beach. Hashtag: #sorrynotsorry”””””’

        which kings church is a death cult


      • on November 30, 2015 at 10:53 am gunslingergregi


        There are many examples of Jesus upbraiding the Church leaders for their gross sins [selections from Matthew 23]:

        “But WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… FOR YOU SHUT UP THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AGAINST MEN…

        …THEY BIND HEAVY BURDENS and GRIEVOUS to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but will not move them with ONE OF THEIR FINGERS

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… you DEVOUR WIDOW’S HOUSES… you shall receive the greater damnation.

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES…

        WOE unto you, ye BLIND GUIDES…

        You FOOLS AND BLIND…

        You FOOLS AND BLIND…

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! You… have omitted… JUDGMENT, MERCY, and FAITH…

        You BLIND GUIDES, which strain out a gnat, and SWALLOW A CAMEL.

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… within they are full of EXTORTION AND EXCESS.


        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! You are FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, and ALL UNCLEANESS… and HYPOCRISY and INIQUITY…

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES!… you are the children of them which KILLED the prophets. FILL YOU UP then the measure of your fathers.

        You SERPENTS, you GENERATION OF SNAKES… you KILL AND CRUCIFY… you SCOURGE in your synagogues… Behold your house is left unto you DESOLATE”!!


      • on November 30, 2015 at 10:58 am gunslingergregi

        There isn’t a denomination in all Christendom that would hire Jesus as their pastor if He were to return today.””””””



      • It’s a reoccurring theme here at CH. The sexless old guys hate on the ones that are active in field; to mask the truth they’ve never been successful with women.

        It never fails, how you alleged red-pillers always resort to Cathedralese “can’t get laid” shaming when someone give you your come-uppance.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        We’ve been at these cross roads before, and like Queen B, you have no experience here. You’re not active in field and have a little value to add. Yet you’re always swift to defend your senior citizen degenerate friend.

        It’s ok to admit this is a subject you lack knowledge in. Try to learn something old timer.

        Fool, I forgot more about getting women than you’ll ever know… difference is, it was quality babes, not the tatted boozy floozies that you clowns seem to need so much instruction about.

        As you say, we’ve been over this before, so stop repeating your same tired Cathedralisms and try to learn a thing or two yourself beyond the walls of the boudoir about being the kind of man that’s going to be a stalwart vanguard of something more important than poolside.

        You fairy.


  9. “toward a new norm of masculinized women and feminized men.”

    It seems to me that father has lost his seat at the head of society’s dinner table, so to speak (thanks to liberal conditioning and feminazis).

    Time for him to take it back.


  10. O/T, for resident connoisseur of Eskimo psychiatry, the latest
    effort has just been published.


  11. Sometimes a lefty academic trollop will just come out any say it:

    It’s not entirely self-aware, but it inadvertently validates almost every lesson of Game.


    • Alpha tells littered throughout the story:

      “he stood as though the sole point of standing were to take up space.”
      “Looking back, it was the smile that did it, the boyish arrogance of it, the pulse of entitlement in his eyes.”
      “He led me up to his room with a practiced assurance; it was very clear he had done this before.”

      Beta bux (“D” is the liberal insignificant other):
      “Four years later, D. and I watched a genuinely decent (and quite hot) man celebrating his ascension to the White House with a fussy, gassy infant swaddled between us.”

      I doubt the Shitlord gave her another thought after she left his hotel room. She, OTOH, still pines.


  12. Haidt describes how only six students self-identified as conservarive. In response to his question “how many of you speak freely in class?” only one hand went up, but that student clarified that everyone gets mad at him when he speaks up, but he does it anyway. The other 5 said eggshells.

    I wanna buy that brash young Shitlord-in-Training a beer, once he’s of legal drinking age.


    • Why wait?


      • Maybe because it’s a crime. If Haidt is under 21 there could be felonious consequences. The law is an ass, but legal problems are the biggest headache in the world.

        The linked article to Sailer at Unz is worth a read. Particularly the description of the auditorium full of high school girls doing the finger snapping routine at him.

        Where the hell did that bizarre ritual spring up from. Haidt says it is (was) very disconcerting, worse than disconcerting actually – upsetting and a little scary even. Threatening. That is what it is meant to be, of course.


      • I am not such a square that i would say don’t buy an adult man a beer. However, the times in my life i have been approached by teenagers asking for me get them some booze (a different situation, yes) and that is a no way in hell. If one of the girls was willing to – hell one of the boys even – suck my dick, maybe.


      • the auditorium full of high school girls doing the finger snapping routine at him. […] Haidt says it is (was) very disconcerting, worse than disconcerting actually – upsetting and a little scary even. Threatening.

        The teenage girl’s simple minded absolutism and devotion to the master.

        Accounts of Mao’s and Pol Pot’s atrocities consistently paint teenage female cadres as the most terrifying among the henchmen.


  13. on November 28, 2015 at 9:26 am The Night Porter

    This is mostly true – but it means we’re becoming collectively a society of white n*gg#rs.


    • on November 28, 2015 at 9:29 am gunslingergregi

      we are becoming multiple societies where if you fuck up once you get tossed out to the wasteland


    • on November 28, 2015 at 9:52 am Each Pond Gone

      “…becoming collectively a society of white niggers.”

      He’s not saying to go stock up on doo-rags and start pouring 40s on each bitch’s head that looks at you wrong. It’s simply ZFG soused (further) into your persona. This can even enhance relations with women you have less “romantic” interest in.


      • wrong; that’s exactly what he’s saying.

        Electricity and powered flight didn’t come from jerkboys who chased pussy. Wanna know what did come from jerkboys who chased pussy? NOTHING.
        EVER. Jerkboys who chase pussy are WORTHLESS pseudo-groids. The greatest genius of all time, Isaac Newton, was a fuckin virgin. White society wasn’t built on gushing admiration of cads or sluts. It was built on k-selected restraint and future time orientation.

        Do great things and let pussy chase you. Stop trying to invent psych tactics to accomplish what your sorry ass can’t do on its own. if you have to get ass, use Tinder. Spend the rest of your time mastering yourself.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 7:46 pm Each Pond Gone

        The Big Bang = “psych tactic”


      • Ha ha ha. Oh please… travicature fucks black girls and fatties vis tinder (or pays) and then comes to lecture on being and “awesome” man. Good lord… Such irony.

        And gets a chubby on MK’s virginal theoretical imaginings.. Oh wait. Makes sense now.


      • Trav is dead on right. Be your own man, set your sights and quit chasing pu$$y. The more you chase and act like some convict idiot, the more you lower yourself. Pursue your work, dreams and hobbies, workout hard, and let the chips fall as they may. Suddenly, you’ll find you’re shooing women off with a stick when you enter this laid back, relaxed, high endorphin mindset. Meanwhile, the D-Bag convict wannabe is running some script in his mind to bang a useless slut. “Think Alpha, what would a drug dealer say, do I look thug, do I look as badass as the last dudes that trained her etc, etc”.

        Never done that, never lived like that, never lowered myself to that and I cannot count the number of girls I’ve been with. Hmmmmm? Air on the side of charming and aloof vs. D-Bag convict, 85 IQ idiot. 2 cents from an older guy who’s been around the block a couple of times. And if the American “ladies” don’t like that you’re smart, savvy, entrepreneurial or have a good job, and act like a decent provider type, then travel overseas my friend. They GREATLY appreciate it there still.


      • it’s good to have fans.


      • White society wasn’t built on gushing admiration of cads or sluts. It was built on k-selected restraint and future time orientation.

        The two aren’t mutually exclusive; practicing restraint is a key part of learning to attract women–eating a healthy diet to improve your physique and develop confidence, for example.

        By the way, a lot of brilliant inventors, musicians, entrepreneurs etc. are fucking insane. That doesn’t mean we should encourage the general public to emulate their unhealthy behaviors. You can, in fact, be a good scientist and have sex.


    • on November 28, 2015 at 1:21 pm Captain Obvious

      > “white n*gg#rs” ——— TNP, exactly, that’s what I’m saying above. We’re in a race to the bottom, which is R-Selection, from what had been the lofty [loftiest possible?] perch of K-Selection [certainly the loftiest which I’m aware of].


      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:26 pm Captain Obvious

        Note that I am NOT saying that these methods [e.g. Charismatic Jerkboy] do NOT work – obviously they work, and they work flawlessly, every time they’re tried. But combine the ubiquitous, relentless cultural poisoning with 13 years of K-12 Yenta/Nurse-Ratched abuse and degradation and humiliation of our little boyz in John Dewey’s Gubmint Indoctrination Centers, plus Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry narking them up on Ritalin/Adderall/SSRIs/Benzos/etc, and the Betas and the Gammas just don’t have the heart to keep going. They see the writing on the wall – POLYGAMY IS COMING – and they just give up and quit.


      • on November 28, 2015 at 1:32 pm Captain Obvious

        Meanwhile, all of our little girlz’s hamsters are also sensing the writing on the wall – POLYGAMY IS COMING – and they are now engaging in furious social cat-fights to see who can be the first to hit that magical 1000th notch count on their bedposts, in order to earn the 1000-C0ck-Stare, all in an effort to “impress” the biggest baddest nastiest Alpha they know, each little girl doing so in the hopes that Mr Big Bad Nasty will make her a “plate” within his “rotation”, which of course is simply PUA talk for what an anthropologist would call Mr Big Bad Nasty’s “harem of sister wives”.


    • This is mostly true – but it means we’re becoming collectively a society of white n*gg#rs.

      It is not true, and we don’t have to exchange our whiteness for victory. In fact, trading in our whiteness — that golden mean between the bestial and the divine — will insure our defeat.

      If anyone here were even mildly theologically literate, they would have a framework for understanding this eternal human dilemma. The heavenly and the animalistic come together through The Incarnation of God into man, Who is not a mixed race but all-human and all-divine. The paradox is solved by fiat and beyond reason, so we can put that behind us and live “life to the full,” rather than lurching between bipolar extremes.

      And once that square is circled…

      No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.

      …you share in the life of God, which is incarnate in the unparalleled success of the white man on earth. With apologies to St. Irenaeus, God became man so that men could become God — and the white man has inherited the earth because he hewed closest to the formulation that destroyed the dilemma.

      The answer is there and has been there for twenty centuries. Those that understood conquered the world. Those that forget have to start at the beginning and reinvent religion to their own provincial linguistics — just the “A” rather than “The A and the Ω,” or “game” rather than “The Way, The Truth, and The Life.”

      Everybody is confused because are working from a wonky translator key, supplied by a handful of German Jews from the middle of the last century. We the naive blond beasts accepted this time-bomb of self-hatred out of insecurity. After all, “There is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America,” and that is no accident. That is the divine will.



      • on November 28, 2015 at 4:17 pm Captain Obvious

        > “It is not true” ——— And yet it’s undeniable that our White womynz are becoming more masculine, like noggette simians such as Venus & Serena Williams. It could very well be that this increased masculinity in our White womynz emanates from an ancient coding in their DNA, which causes their hindbrains to sense the impending transition to R-Selection and polygamy, and their hindbrains are instructing their endocrine systems to respond accordingly – ditching femininity in favor of masculinity, so that they will have the strength [physical & mental] to cat-fight their way to the top of the heap, and be chosen by the baddest nastiest Alpha thug to join his harem of wives.


      • Yea. Everyone here – Chateau Heartiste – is confused. Bloviating cunt.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 3:44 am gunslingergregi

        so explain further the hell thing
        with all the other things great said about god please show the relavant things on it what is the actual stance
        it took my dad at the end of his life with 165 iq to come to an understanding of god as not sending people to hell and that people who are not with god are just removed from god which becomes a hell in and of itself
        it took me less time to understand these things and probably the one who made him understand
        i didn’t come up with the seperate from godlike becoming a hell just because of the seperation not from any intent of the god
        it is kind of an interesting way of looking at it


      • on November 30, 2015 at 3:58 am gunslingergregi

        i can understand in a way how it would free up thoughts about revenge by allowing god to get the revenge so you dont have to
        which i have seen i think in action by those who really believe that their is a god who punishes
        and not people faking it and have to punish themselves for everything
        but why does it have to be eternity of suffering of torture which i can understand only partially but also understand things like compounding interest becoming insanly large numbers very quickly so if take that and even compound time at that rate till a computer breaks down because it can’t handle the number any longer and there is no way to fit the number on a screen big enough it still does not encompass eternity of hell for doing something against almost any religion

        there is no comprehension in a human i don’t believe of what an eternity of hell could be like endless time is not something that can fit into a finite amount of brain matter or even a finite universe computer in all the space available to be used to the end of the universe if such
        you could take an ai computer the size of the universe and it could not understand the infinite suffering of an eternity of hell
        so why would people be so callous as to say someone would go to hell when they die when it negates any good thing said about god
        there have obviously been very smart people involved in the churches my dad was being groomed at a cemenary to be a priest he wanted kids though
        now why do they have to say hell and must know part of the implication of saying something like that and believing it is true is completely insane to also say god is kind jesus came to save us
        it seems that jesus would not be being followed if people are saying the eternity hell thing
        but hey show me the doctrine


  14. Interesting post.

    The Wikipedia article entitled ” Moral Foundations Theory”, quoting from Jonathan Haidt and others, outlines six foundations of morality as follows:

    1) Care/harm: cherishing and protecting others

    2) Fairness/cheating: rendering justice according to shared rules. (Alternate name: Proportionality)

    3) Liberty/oppression: the loathing of tyranny.

    4) Loyalty/betrayal: standing with your group, family, nation. (Alternate name: Ingroup)

    5) Authority/subversion: obeying tradition and legitimate authority. (Alternate name: Respect.)

    6) Sanctity/degradation: abhorrence for disgusting things, foods, actions. (Alternate name: Purity.)

    My take on all this is completely different from both the conservative camp and from the shitlib camp. I think the last 3 are really not within the realm of morality but within the realm of anti-morality, reactionary in nature, reactionary towards the moral impetuses as outlined by the first 3.

    The individual is what is of value (as celebrated by the first 3) and #4, #5 and #6 are anti-individual, are thereby impetuses for a means of control, for domination of the individual. Believing that #4, #5 and #6 are within the realm of morality (as per conservatism) is like saying, – “we must have these reactionary impetuses because #1, #2, and #3 can never be the genuine article because these are only ideals and in fact individuals really cannot be truly moral without the moderating influences of #4, #5 and #6”. This is hogwash.

    The shitlib politically correct camp is particularly abhorrent to my way of seeing things, because their way of seeing the above mentioned dynamic is akin to to saying – “no, #1, #2, and #3 are the genuine article, morality-wise, but we all have our personal failings and need help and support from each other in upholding this, let me be your crutch (i.e – your agency-usurper masquerading as your friend), to lean on (lean-fucking-in), submit to my brand of #4, #5 and #6, (masquerading as empathy and compassion, which it is not it is condescending domination plain and simple)”. I can see why the right condemns these shitlibs, as idiotic assholes. Stupid (masquerading as the machavellian) and condescending all at the same time. At least the conservatives call a spade a spade and say, – “humans as they are as individuals, really aren’t moral” (i.e – conservatives are more forthright in the truthfulness of their position on this).

    But both the left and the right are missing the point. Where the fuck does everybody think #1, #2 and #3 came from? From individual humans. We obviously individually do have the capacity. So both the left and the right should step off already and get the fuck out of my individual face, so to speak.

    Let’s see how the confrontation on this plays out for each group;

    Conservatives – if you challenge #4, #5 and #6 too much – that is grounds for a fight (“for the right for us to protect and live by out particular culture, are particular brand of #4, #5 and #6”). Look at the Islamic culture for god sake. Very conservative man, and they are definitely up for a fight around this.

    Shitlibs – if you challenge #1, #2 an #3 too much, shitlibs kneejerk is – “we will love you to death” (i.e – rip your personal agency from your personhood until you are as good as dead – now a member of the shitlib zombieland). And then, if a real fight breaks out, we will cry to the conservative camp to come save us.

    Equanimical camp (i.e. – the camp that supports only #1, #2 and #3 as anything close to real human morality – and sees #4, #5 and #6 as reactionary impetuses, and thus of the ilk of anti-morality, means of domination). If you challenge #1, #2 and #3 to the point that shows you don’t have what it takes to abide (what is needed to abide is forbearance, impulse control, and appreciation of what the love of the people actually is – a deep respect for the island-like autonomy that is the birthright of each of us), then you must be culled. This is the only confrontation worth fighting for. The way of seeing this is that #4, #5 and #6 becomes:

    #4 Ingroup: The only real in group , is – that for “Them vs. Us” idea, the “Us” is all of us. All of humanity. Unless you can’t abide. It’s you choice. If you can’t abide, you are removing yourself. No one is coercing you and dominating you into that viewpoint – it’s always your choice.

    #5 Legitimate Authority: Is the Individual. Appreciate the deep respect for that. Social organizations are very necessary and there is individual agency alignment that occurs within social groups, but the point being – everybody needs to be conscious of this dynamic and never blindly give up personal agency. That is fucked.

    #6 Sanctity: The real sanctity is that of human agency. Nothing else.


  15. I’ll copy and paste my post from Steve Sailer on the Haidt talk, slightly edited:

    This sounds like something I call the Princess Syndrome.

    Thank goodness I’m out of high school.

    I’ve noticed this behavior amongst younger 20-something women in bars whenever I engage. If I say something off color, their nose wrinkles and I get the “That’s offensive!” line, followed by a pause, within which I’m supposed to grovel and beg forgiveness. The first few times I got this response, I myself paused , feeling like I was in the Twilight Zone, but thankfully never apologized.

    Now I’ve gotten a bit more aggressive, and if one of them pulls the “That’s offensive!” line, I laugh and tell them to blow it out their backside, or else to toughen up. If they persist in telling me how much what I said was “offensive”, I ask them and their friends if they’re always such a lousy person to hang out with. Then I stop talking to them.

    And for the record, I’m usually just making a minor joke involving sex or race or homosexuality. It’s nothing worse that what you might hear on Family Guy or Archer or South Park or some other partially-politically incorrect show. And I’m definitely not threatening them.

    A few of these girls even went to a bouncer/bartender to complain about what I’d said—in other words, they tried to tell the teacher. Note this was after I’d stopped talking to them and refusing to engage if they tried. The bouncers/bartenders usually tell them to just let it go, at which they get even angrier: it seems as if this is the first time in their lives that they couldn’t have an “offensive” person hung, drawn, and quartered at a whim.

    This is a Princess Syndrome: in school and in work environments, we’ve given women a princess-like power over men, the ability to yell “off with their heads” at any moment, and be completely obeyed without question. A privileged American woman might grow from childhood to mid-20s these days and might never have a moment where her feelings aren’t paramount over a male’s feelings or beliefs, and when she didn’t have the immediate power to ruin his life for hurting her feelings.

    Princess rape!


    • Ugh, Heartiste, please edit: I only meant for the term Princess Syndrome to be in bold.

      Bad HTML rape!


    • Yeah – shitlibs make me sick. The Princess Syndrome is the epitome of how this attitude is stupidity (masquerading as the machavellian) and condescending, all at the same time (you would think stupid and condescending would be mutually exclusive, but in bizarro world they are bedfellows).


    • Note this was after I’d stopped talking to them and refusing to engage if they tried.

      Except that now they are ripe to bring the “teaching moment” home. Go in for the kill [or rape]!

      The princess has to be shown — not told — that she is powerless, and only then is she ready for the truth. Much like Trump has demonstrated the impotence of the knickers-in-a-twist media only as a prelude for annihilating shibboleths.

      This is how the sexual marketplace and reaction politics come together. The effeminate milksops and princesses alike will have the truth either seduced or raped back into them — their choice. And it will surprise no one here that many will choose the latter, the sweet struggle and succumbing. Living in darkness since birth, they cannot be counted on to willfully stumble toward the light, which is strange and provoking, rather than keep cozy with cold comfortable lies.

      The people who are least consciously aware but most intimate with inequality are women themselves, who feel the feminist lie acutely while being personally responsible for covering up the massive truth of La Différence. And yet, 80% of them never signed up for that lifelong, self-administered, internal torture. They are liberated by mind rape and will one day thank you for it. Faster, Whorefinder, kill, kill.



    • I was out with a girl and some girl was putting some shit on her head like a lampshade or something? I made fun of her as she was walking by and she engaged me and I just smirked at her and owned the convo. My gf said that the girl looked like she was about to cum in her pants right there.

      She STILL came out of the bathroom and went and told the teacher/bartender on me. Fkin women…even when you give ’em what they want, they still flip.

      At a certain point, I do not entertain the anger anymore and I engage directly with “who the exactly in the fuck do you think are, bitch?” game. Ray Rice’s error was in hitting too hard


  16. Nice guys finish last.


    • TWO of my friends – that I would have described as “NiceGuys” ..
      .. have blown their brains out over failed relationships.

      Some NiceGuys *don’t* even finish — at all !


  17. P.S. This post just made the Faggot Within cry.

    Wait, it might have been his mother pegging him that made him cry….

    Faggot Within rape!


    • When does the queer that posts here not bawl like the sorry bitch it is?
      I would call rape on his pathetic ass, but the wf did it, and he’s right on the money, as always. DOTH THIS FAG EVER WEARY HIS SORRY ASSED SEFF ?


  18. I have never in my 22 years felt more alpha than i did last night. (props to CH and Yareally). Go to this hipster bar/indie music venue (lots of hot chicks and effeminate dudes) solo. And i’m just scanning the area for which set I want to open then all of a sudden I see this 7 giving me this blatantly obvious IOI/eye contact. And I know I’m definitely not the best looking guy in here lol, so what gives. then I think “contrast is alpha”. she’s possibly picking up my alpha subcommunications body language/vibe. Then without hesitating (3 second rule) I don’t walk directly to her but around people to get to her, and when I get right behind her (she was dancing with male friend) she turns around to me about to say something (maybe shit test me) but I don’t give her the chance. I just turn her back around (dominance) and dance/grind with her to the music. I can sense everyone is looking at us (no one else is dancing this aggressively in the bar lol) feel her up, then notice she has a drink in her hand, so I reached around and take a sip without asking (which spikes her buying temperature. “hey!!!”) Window of opportunity is now open. go for intense makeout (no resistance) lots and lots of making out (i know the rule is not to go heavy on makeout if logistics aren’t in your favor, but like fuck it lol). so then i walk away to get a drink. she goes back to the guy she was dancing with. I want to make out with her again. So i go to AMOG the guy (I just tapped him on the shoulder then stook my hand out) and get this… he just walks away lmao. I just laugh shrug my shoulders then return to grinding/making out. This all happened in a span of 2 minutes and I only said like 2 words to her. Awesome.


    • Keep fightin the good fight


    • on November 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm Captain Obvious

      J, you’re doing great, but long term, you better hope that you have a [email protected] good immune response against sh!znat like Herpe$ and Venerea1 [email protected] [which can grow in the eyes and the mouth and near all mucous membranes]. Otherwise you’re gonna be living at your dermatologist’s office [or, if you get shingles, at your neurologist’s office].


      • “but long term, you better hope that you have a [email protected] good immune response against sh!znat like Herpe$ and Venerea1 [email protected] [which can grow in the eyes and the mouth and near all mucous membranes]. Otherwise you’re gonna be living at your dermatologist’s office [or, if you get shingles, at your neurologist’s office”

        Lol, so wait a second. Are you saying not to make out with anyone because diseases have got that bad?


    • So i go to AMOG the guy (I just tapped him on the shoulder then stook my hand out) and get this… he just walks away lmao.


      Never overestimate the courage of the millennial. One, two, many cuckoldings. Cuck them to death, or until their testicles finally descend.

      When they do, and if they have an honest bone in their body, they will be ready for your mentorship. This is the hard part. Be generous then. You destroy the enemy also by making them friends, and whites will never win if we make war on ourselves, or if our (temporary) enmity is anything other than therapeutic.

      That’s the mark of a true AMOG: no butthurt all around, no resentment, just a universal acknowledgment that the right guy got the girl, and we’re all better off for it. Win-win-win.



    • attaboy!!! I love it man, keep it up!!


  19. on November 28, 2015 at 10:44 am The Other Anonymous

    Perhaps I cut class that day in charm school or skipped over the chapter in my book of etiquette – but women seem to always be reminding me what’s appropriate. Usually I just smirk – but the other day, while gaming a soccer mom – some mewling herbert interjects with “That’s inappropriate!”


    Soccer mom laughed hard at that one. File under – the ministrations of the very type of men they hold up as exemplars of chauvinist misogyny. I use the line every chance I get. I hope you will also.


  20. on November 28, 2015 at 10:48 am Diveersity Heretic

    The post suggests that the female electorate might well fall for “a man on a white horse,” who would impose a de facto, if not de jure dictatorship. I doubt that women would put up much resistance. Military coup, anyone?


    • +1 That is propaganda all right. The tacit assumption is that getting the girl ‘in the end’, as in last rather than as in sex, is somehow good, somehow winning ‘the prize’. Scrap out the archaeological jizz layers. Non-sexual time with a liberated woman is not an asset. That is why I don’t like the chatty aspect of Mystery’s 1990s style. The quicker the better.


      • In centuries past, a young man wishing to marry had to “show he was better than all the other guys” in the sense that he had to impress her father more than her other suitors did. Today the phrase is the same, but now it means that he has to show her that he’s a better marriage partner than the dozens of sexual partners she has already had.


      • Well, ‘in the end’ does mean ‘after she’s had her tubes tied, having had 3,4 or more drug dealer/ multiculti kids, having lost her looks, gotten fat, developed drug habits and enough bad attitude to lead the Taliban, IS and Boko Haram singlehandedly’. That’s when she’ll be ‘ready to settle for a Nice Guy’.


  21. We are sliding toward an ugly end.


  22. I love reading this blog. A ray of light in our self inflicted dark ages…

    Question for everyone here:
    I’m a recent 23 year old college graduate. There is a girl that I used to see around campus but never approached in person.
    I saw her on LinkedIn and added her, she accepted.
    Here is my question: I want her. And the only way I can get in touch is through her cell phone number listed on LinkedIn. Is it kosher to call her up and ask her out over the phone out of the blue?
    Is there a better way to approach this situation?
    Looking forward to the Chaeteu’s collective wisdom..


    • If it’s not kosher, then it (meaning violating a social norm) would actually be a very alpha–and thus good–thing to do. Just make sure she’s not spoken for first.


    • Just text her a pic… then game as if you were in person, looking to spike attraction, tease, – check the CH and Yareally Archives for examples of strong text game.

      doesn’t matter if she is “spoken for” – who cares. let her bring that up not you.


  23. I was courting this girl recently and asked her if she was seeing anyone. She said, “I’m keeping my options open.” So I said, “I’ve never heard someone call their legs ‘options’ before…” I’ve never played major league baseball, but conversationally, it felt like I cracked a ball out of Fenway. I saw a glint in her eye at that exact moment and knew within 24 hours, we would be fucking.

    I went home and she texted me about the line. She was telling her friend about what I said. The friend’s mom overheard and said, “Who said that?? Stay away from that man, he sounds like nothing but trouble.” I was a living, breathing, shitting, inoffensive, tax-paying man, but I have to thank that girl’s mom for cementing the idea in the girl’s mind that I was an unobtainable asshole. She already knew she wanted me, but now it was how many times.

    Speaking to the white male faggotry, I had a roommate at the time and when I told him of the situation, he said, “You said that?? IIII dunno, man.” The funny thing about those guys is they always “dunno”.


  24. Correction
    nice guys don’t get laid


    • True but men should not loose all heart for culture because it is not defensible per evolution as a forever absolute. In the rise of civilization nice in the ostensible large in-group is rewarded and meanness is penalized. We did not discover what stupid men of the last 7k years have missed about nice guys finishing last. There are cycles to civilization and the reproductive strategies in those societies. Nice to the wrong hominids is the problem, and they are a ubiquitous plague right now. Look at the Middle East. Crabs in a bucket. That is not the wisdom I seek.


  25. I know this is off topic but how about overthrowing the Federal Reserve system by creating a new type of shopping cart called “how would you like to be paid”.? It would give people and organizations the option of being paid for stuff with precious metals instead of yellens?


    • WARNING. Obviously the logic of epochehusserl is circular fallacy. More importantly, the comment is bait for statements that can be severely punished. The one word is key. I suppose those who are clever enough to recognize the problem but dumb enough to not recognize the rest of the problem will be culled, and if so I hope to the ultimate benefit of Western patrimony.


    • It would never work. Google “Gresham’s Law.” You’re never going to get people to use gold or silver as money as long as there’s a viable fiat currency they can use. Note that you virtually never see pre-1965 dimes and quarters (which are 90% silver) in circulation anymore. There’s a reason for that.


      • Trade. Cut the Jew. I mean cut out the Jew. Freudian slip?


      • Gresham’s law is true people do hold onto things if they think they are more valuable and get rid of things if they think they are worth less. But was Gresham’s law written in a world of FDIC insurance, QE stimulus and negative interest rates? Some people may very well prefer to be paid in things other than USD and holding different things of value is actually a form of insurance because unrelated metals do not rise and fall in value in tandem with each other.


      • There is a way but it requires a pull rather than a push, make something and demand payment in something other than dollars. At present private charges actually don’t run afoul of legal tender law (if it became a threat they’d change it immediately) since it only covers debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. The trick is to get something everyone wants/needs denominated in the currency of your choice, like how USG did with oil.


      • Some people may very well prefer to be paid in things other than USD

        They absolutely will. In fact, most will. But on the other end, no one will be willing to give payment in things other than USD. That is the crux of Gresham’s Law.


      • eh: some people may very well prefer to be PAID that way, but in 2015, almost no one with any gold or silver will prefer to PAY that way. Willing buyers, but no willing sellers.


      • Some guy: took me over four minutes to create my short post that appeared four mins after yours. Second time today on this thread. Hope it’s ‘great minds think…’ and all that. H/t.


      • Im sorry maybe I didnt explain myself properly. I meant what about integrating this shopping cart or app with a precious metal store? makes money from transaction costs not metals appreciation. No need for anyone to own anything. They sell metals all day long. The banks didnt shut down Transferwise which is another type of value transfer product.


      • Governments have the power to tax. They have the power to require that taxes be paid in the national currency. What is used to trade among the folk has never mattered much as long as the taxes are pain in full with USDs, or whatever.
        Same with oil purchases. As long as that one is paid in dollars, the other trades are not important.
        Same with the reserve status of the USD. Just use it for international trade and you are free to use other currencies for other trades.

        See how you are free?


      • Just use it for international trade and you are free to use other currencies for other trades.

        This is true, but it makes no economic sense to do so. Why the hell would I part with highly valuable gold or silver, when I can get away with paying someone in worthless FRNs? I (and anyone else) would be stupid to pay in precious metals when we’re not required to.


      • >>> when I can get away with paying someone in worthless FRNs?

        I’m such a nice guy, I’ll give you 10 cents worth (at the current London price) of gold for each dollar of worthless FRN you got stuck holding..

        It’s because I just want to help. I hate seeing nice guys like you, getting stuck holding worthless FRNs.

        Us nice guys should stick together!


    • Jus accept USD and buy gold with your surplus. How much easier would THIS be to trying to convince everyone to trade in gold?


      • The only precious metals of the future will be brass and lead.

        Too bad they’re just about as tough to lug around in meaningful quantities as gold and silver.


      • Greg nails it. Karl, with all of his snark, is apparently not aware of all the times in history when the government’s paper money became good for nothing but toilet or wall (or notepad) paper. One time was in Germany before Hitler came to power and made Germany’s economy the envy of the world.

        Karla, you don’t want to be “stuck holding” tens or hundreds of thousands of unused fiat dollars on the day when a loaf of bread suddenly costs $200.00.

        .223, .45, and other common cartridges (and tools made of steel, aluminum, and plastic that are able to make use of them) will be worth their weight in gold.

        One day I might trade you my cow for 2,000 rounds of .223, but I won’t trade you my cow for either gold, silver, or paper fiat dollars, both of which are useless, because they are not energy, cannot be eaten, and cannot provide any protection or hunting capabilities. I guess paper dollars can be used to start a fire, so they will have *some* value.


      • I agree with Greg.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 11:47 am gunslingergregi

        ill be still walking around without the brass and lead and be fine
        and it will be hillarious


  26. I’m not sure the conclusion of this post is entirely accurate. The metaphor I suggest is: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The female craving for jerkboy is the unstoppable force. However, left unsaid is the immovable object of repulsive lower social value.

    Politically DHV in social standing is impossible except for politically elite men (Kennedys, etc), and nearly impossible economically except for the same elite slick Willie Clintonesque crew. I posit beta provisioning strength might be suspended in the big city alone. Beta provision standing is highly important in the non-anonymous more rural environment. Being in the big city is expensive in money or ghetto risk to life and limb. To vacation where women with money go is also expensive. Does jerkboy overcome a $50,000 income deficit and political standing before police, white knights, etc. compared to the female target? After university, after age 23, I don’t think so. In and around university, you are taking a big risk, especially if not a student there.

    Insights from players with experience to know would be appreciated. The question is will women get down with low social rank badboyz with noticeably lower political and economic standing, or will they hold out until they only nurture cats? From what I have seen about the female psyche, I think they would rather ‘not settle’ and eventually farm cats as escapism regardless of cost. There will be exceptions, but exceptions ‘prove the rule’, and I think the golden age is over, at least peaked. The lock down on communally owned pussy is taking away the minority victory possible per the communal pasture problem. The anonymous globalist elites are vicious and being quite immune to blowback will only press forward with the agenda.


    • on November 28, 2015 at 1:09 pm gunslingergregi

      immune until no superpower and nowhere to run


      • @gunslingergregi, there are logistics in the collapse. How will ‘they’ be correctly identified and located? How will dispensers of justice get there? Most people are just sheeple. The more ‘they’ extract now the less ‘they’ have to fear retribution in the inevitable collapse. I fear revolutions don’t do enough good when the getting is good, but the turning points are the only times of opportunity for change. With superpower sovereignty ‘they’ could be methodically sought, but that kind of power requires appeal to the masses, which is right back to square one unless the rational out breed the irrational and make their own state. I don’t think philosopher-warriors are common enough for that. I try to promote such values in my small way.


    • The female craving for jerkboy is the unstoppable force.

      Slutdom can be dissuaded by cultural pressure and a good upbringing, as it has in white culture for time immemorial. And “good” here doesn’t mean teach her to be a good girl so much as introduce the facts of life so that she is not wildly unprepared like today’s round-heeled millennial twat.

      I know it shocks the choir when I preach contrariwise, but there are women who can control themselves, even under the onslaught of dimestore canadian casanova-hosers like Mystery Markovich and Owen Cuck.

      As far as wondering how the econoclass playboy on a budget can juggle his finances, haven’t you ever heard your Uncle Tony’s summary of game?

      First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.”

      I know insists otherwise, and you pay them a pretty penny to hear it, but ask yourself what kind of life you really want to lead. Better yet, bang a hood rat and ask yourself that question after you blow, and your brain isn’t congested with nut.

      Not all providers are provider-minded. For some of us, it is an ancillary achievement on the way to greater accomplishments. *mind blown*



      • Your reframe is a bit strawman. I’d be shocked if I believed you all right. On average men won’t have money, don’t already. You ignore the nature of musical chairs for the masses. You may as well recommend guys, perhaps me personally, become elite like a real gangster living above the law. Solid plan. Mystery and Owen are such hucksters. In a catch-22, it pays to start anywhere one can start and leverage some small victory. Opportunism is important in this environment, not slavish devotion to a prior ideology that does not love you.


      • Tony Montana’s credo isn’t a chronological directive. It is an assertion of priorities. You get a little of each as you build towards a man’s life in full. You don’t put the cunt before the cart before the horse.

        This comports with the biological narrative as well. There’s a reason for the gap between men’s and women’s primes. In that space a man establishes himself as a man, he does not wallow with women who have no purpose beyond what is already (and instantly) unachievable in adolescence.

        “On average men won’t have money, don’t already,” and it’s okay because this part is relative. Every man the king of his own castle is not a war of all against all for King of the Universe. There is only one King of the Universe, whose feast we celebrated last Sunday.

        “On average men” would be overabundantly satisfied by something so simple as having the respect as head of household, something being denied him out of sheerest spite by a handful of culturally well-positioned uglies and the generations they poisoned. That castle, once a man’s birthright, is plenty of relative money and power to get choice pussy in its prime.

        What you recommend is that a few skanky men cut in line to briefly plant their pole on the cock carousel, and that such low-minded revenge will somehow be just. But you are fueled by ressentiment, and nothing noble ever came of that. In your attempt at justice, you inadvertently advocate the perpetual carnival ride until we all expire into a heap of nihil. If you are higher than an ape, you want more. And there is more than the equality of the ghetto.



      • And how many times have you had sex?


        So keep quiet, please, and don’t make comments above your pay grade. Virgins should listen and learn, not preach.


    • short answer- no, he doesn’t.

      Just like the feetsball players in small town high schools are suddenly less attractive than the ones going on scholarship to far away prestigious schools with significant earnings prospects.

      Women’s basic value judgments on attraction are highly mutable.

      I believe that part of the modern phenomenon of gelded men is that women are frequently outearning guys and the men are having to adjust to the fact that in a very literal sense, she has more power. Women with power are always tyrants.


  27. Speaking of sexually entitled alpha maleness, here’s a bit which I’d like to see field tested by the CH community. I can’t field test it myself right now for my own reasons, but I call it Hickey Game. There are two parts: With Hickey, and No Hickey.

    Part 1, No Hickey:

    If you don’t have a hickey, approach the girl you want, just briefly say your name as introduction and immediately tell her that you need her to give you a hickey.

    You: “Hey, my name is ___, and I could use your help. I need you to give me a hickey.”
    WideEyed Girl: “Uh, what? Why? Isn’t that kinda creepy?”
    You: “No. The deal is, I’ve got a bet with some female friends that I couldn’t get a hickey tonight. Honestly it would be easy, but I just can’t bring myself to ask a less attractive girl to do it.
    Even More Interested Girl: “What kind of deal is that?”
    You: “Well it started off as a joke and then turned into an actual bet. You could really help me stick it to these women trying to get one over on me. It’s not a big deal, just a small one right here below my neck. Takes five seconds and you’re done. Here, c’mon.”
    Agitated Girl: “Right now!?”
    You: “Well, yeah. Did you expect to sleep with me first? Here, just do it. It’s so quick no one will even notice.”
    Seduced Girl: [Gives you a hickey.]

    Just a quick analysis by my reckoning: You get multiple bang for your buck, in that you immediately start off with sexualized conversation but not crude, you get preselection by saying you have female friends and options with other girls, you qualify her by indirectly stating she’s attractive, and you take advantage of the natural competitiveness between women by propping her up against your female friends, and finally, assuming the sale and suggesting that she wanted to sleep with you. If you get her to give you a hickey, you can probably get her laid that night. If not, you can at least get her number.

    Stay tuned for Part 2, With Hickey.


  28. The jerkboy preference can be useful. I find it tiresome to be a jerk even though I know it’s almost required to establish/maintain interest of the warped princesses. So I revert to revoltingly nice guy (including cooking and cleaning) whenever their true colors show (usually after a few fucks/couple weeks) and I get bored. Inevitably, they behave worse and I leave. No drama split, I get mine, and ZFG by either person. Next tramp.


  29. Going to an indie coffee spot shortly. Its near a small college. I do spy some attractive coeds there and thankfully not alot of landwhales. But the young men, if you can call them that… Pear-shaped skinny jeans exposing muffin tops, some wear fedoras, some have sleeve tattoos, most have weird beards. Its disgusting. I’m twice there age and have twice their T. They actually make room for me w/o my asking, I’m not big or intimidating. I look them over and feel equal amounts sorry for them and repulsion to them. I don’t know what can remedy this. I got in fights from kindergarten through college, fighting if anything will make you not want to appear weak. Fight gaming for them? I’d just don’t know. It is extremely disenheartening.


    • Those are your recruits, Lazy Hero. Whip them into shape. They have those affectations because they know no other. The future of the race depends on you.


      • on November 29, 2015 at 3:22 am The Exemplar of Chauvinist Misogyny

        What do you mean they “know no other”? Didn’t you in your earlier post said that we have a millenia of examples preceding us? Saying that these 24/7 plugged-in digital phagots don’t know something is bullshit. They choose to be that way in order to have benefits of today. No diff than anyone who sold their soul. No mercy.


    • on November 30, 2015 at 9:44 am The Night Porter

      I read your comment almost thinking it was my own. As a concerned genxer, the only way to help them is take their viable women, fuck them well, and lead by example.


  30. Flagging book sales are pushing me to offer my men’s employment hunting guide through a free promotion in hopes of garnering sympathetic reviews on the Amazon product page. As part of the launch buzz I have penned a “work-life balance” essay aimed at young women.

    Positive outcomes would be prominent feminist outrage and associated media exposure. I tried to be thoughtful and pragmatic, but not sure if the essay lends itself to the smarty-phone format. It may be too wordy for today’s young women. Perhaps some stock photos would add to the multimedia experience. Your comments and criticisms would be most appreciated.

    Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know


    • Sorry about that. This economy is brutal oppression, the game as played by marshalled liberated wymns and Eskeemoz. I think men of the community ought to think in more wymnz-Eskemo terms and ‘meelkdagoy’, a larger market and fed by gov money. Something like Bitches’ Tingles Hunting Guide but if I could write 50 shades of hamster I would be doing that right now. Like WallStreet Playboyz sayz, give the dumb masses what they want not what they need. Being productive is no longer the point. Property rights for producers will not be imposed any time soon. How about The why bureaucrats are awesome coloring book or The Adventures of Welfare Mommy or The Empowering Book of Fifty Clit Enlargement Exercises That Will Double Condom Sales?


    • “You have to be old to appreciate the dramatic changes in our society wrought by feminism.” Doesn’t sound promising before you factor in women and manginas. If you must go this route, sticky narrative-style epigrams that let the sheeple emote she is thinking and deciding would be better. Trump is the best example I can think of right now. Text does not allow for body language or lizard brain connection except to limited extent as chick porn.

      He plucked out her breast from her bodice. He unflinchingly looked her square in the eyes. She couldn’t move with all the confused emotions coursing through her veins. After an eternity he grabbed the hair at the back of her neck and brought her ear to his mouth. He whispered with titillative breath, “Feminism would waste this baby factory splendor.” She was surprised to suddenly feel his firm grasp on her crotch. But not startled. It was so right. His breath spoke again. “What are your thoughts on foreign policy? I love it when you vote.”


    • Though this accompanying graphic may express the ideas more readily to today’s internet-savvy girls :


      • I like that, elmer. Just might stun the female hamster. Pics are spot on. To show the flow I might: (1) add solid frames around each pic, (2) add a number in a circle in upper left corner or alternate upper corners to show the steps of 1, 2, and 3, and (3) I might use a different color for frame and/or text to color code each step and perhaps suggest a feeling (green is happy and calm, red is scary and intense, etc., font color and style matters).

        Cat herding is impossible. Pussy herding is an art. It is hard enough to get laid. To control liberated women as a voting bloc and political force one must have the printing press. The tea party and MHRAs can’t win for similar reasons. Planting seeds in young people does sometimes make a difference, just don’t expect to turn a profit personally like an Eskimo.


      • It occurs to me that you almost have an effective ad for your gurl guide.


      • Agreed. well done, Elmer.


      • on November 29, 2015 at 1:52 am gunslingergregi

        maybe prettier woman for the second pic but i think good layout
        more black kids in the third pic would also be closer to real life in the projects i was in one time it was unreal like a black producing factory
        i think the chick was baby sitting or some shit i dont know


      • Thanks for the feedback guys. To promote my “work-life balance” essay I trolled some ladie’s career blogs. It is exhausting work.

        I used the above graphic in a comment to an essay about African child-brides.

        my comment :

        It’s not the increase in child brides that is intolerable but the population explosion that they represent.

        Through childlessness and taxation women in modern societies will bear the brunt of supporting the coming tsunami of African population growth, as seen in this infographic.


  31. In unrelated news: German minister of the interior has admitted that darkies are dumb. The standard of education has to be lowered for the intruders.


  32. CH and readers, need your help here. I always find the BOTM stories hilarious. However, it’s not hilarious when your own brother deserves his own BOTM story. I don’t know how to shake him out of his beta-ness and I need help.

    My brother has been married for 5 years with kids. I have always questioned his decisions and wanting to marry her but have been “supportive”…as in keeping my opinions to myself. Although recently, his wife pushed me over the edge. It was recently revealed that she has been cheating on him for 2+ years. The texts that she sent her lover was revealed to my entire family. She has no respect for my brother and openly despises him. Even admitting in text that she couldn’t divorce him yet because she wanted to wait to get more money out the deal. Her cheating even brings into question the true paternity of his youngest child.

    When this was all revealed my brother approached me for help in getting a divorce. Somehow, less than three months later, he changed his mind and is now back with his wife. Nothing that I do or say has swayed his decision. I have tried the following approaches:
    –Shamed him for not being a man, lacking balls, and allowing his wife to have all power and how his wife has openly insulted him in front of everyone.
    –Tried to bribe him by telling him to come live with me, quit work, and I would support him until his mind was back on track.
    –Told him how accepting her back was him saying to her and everyone that it is ok for people to treat him with disrespect.
    –It sets a bad example for his kids showing them that they have a weak father.
    –etc, etc, etc

    I cannot even look at my brother anymore and want nothing to do with him or his wife. My parents are urging me to “support him and his decisions” because “life is too short.” I am sick to my stomach and want to repeatedly punch him in the face to wake him up.

    What do I do here? I want to believe that he is not a lost cause and there is something that I can do to help him grow a pair. Do I continue to ignore him and focus on my own life? I don’t want to lose my brother, but at the same time I cannot bring myself to interact with him.


  33. Minor correction: women are REPULSED, REPULSED, REPULSED by weak/insecure men, just as men are REPULSED, REPULSED, REPULSED by fat/ugly/old women.

    In any event, it is grimly amusing (from a sufficiently remote perspective, which I am fortunate enough to possess) how feminists inevitably continue being attracted to, and having sex with, manly men, while fervently denying that there should be any such thing as manly men, or that if there “still” is, they are attracted to such creatures as such. Heavens no, it’s just the we “should” all be attracted to “strong, confident” persons, and “some” men just haven’t “realized” this “yet”. But don’t worry: the millennium is, as always, in the process of arriving!


    • on November 29, 2015 at 1:31 am gunslingergregi

      fat/ugly/old women””””

      i loved my mother in law

      change to repulsed by unreliable/lying/destructive woman


    • on November 29, 2015 at 1:34 am gunslingergregi

      they should use her as an example of a single widowed mother who raised 9 kids with her bare hands fishing and no government free house or assistance
      a beacon of equality
      fed the poor with own money and own hands without grant money or starting a non profit


    • on November 29, 2015 at 1:37 am gunslingergregi

      instead of the heros woman get on tv whooping dudes asses how bout some real heros that are in real life that woman boggled my mind


  34. The big irony is that women, including (or perhaps especially) feminists sexually punish feminist men and sexually reward non-feminist men, doing their part to guarantee that their millennium will never arrive.


  35. on November 28, 2015 at 3:42 pm haven monaghan

    Nice story, maybe fiction, but illuminating. 8 years later, she relives her five minutes of alpha, cheating on her now husband with a Republican.


  36. Low-T feminine cuck white boys and high-T prissy preening short-fused black boys.

    Single motherhood is an evil plague.


  37. OMG, even when I was a horrible beta I FUCKING hated this guy because of how much I FUCKING hated this song! Anyone that liked that fucking song is an incurable omega IMO.


  38. ALPHA


  39. Tumblr page : Sluts Love Slaps. Indeed.


    • Klitsch is a jew.


    • There are a lot of rumors to that effect. I believe his grandfather is Jewish. I can respect a jew who will get into the ring and punch it out like a man. No doubletalk there. You’re talking to a guy who never saw a White HW Champ until late adulthood. I would not want to fight Klitschko. He beat the shit out of that Polish guy a few years ago and the Polish guy took every blow too. There was one punch square in the face that would have killed most of us.



    Another good example what women really want in a man. Listening to what women say is usually not very intelligent – Know what they want and give it to them. That is all that finally counts.



    ISIS oil trade is a nice racket if you can get it. This is a must read article if you are interested in this subject.


  42. The Stormer has a really good (I mean horribly sad, but true and powerful) article about the race-cucking phenomenon we’re witnessing, brought into sharp relief by the “refugee” invasion:

    What is so sad is that after all men only want women to be happy, but what women say they want is the exact the opposite of what they actually want and modern White men, having lost masculine common sense, are incapable of seeing through this charade. They’re being subjected to a giant shit test (meta shit test, macro shit test, ur-shit test, what have you) and are failing spectacularly. They will remain utterly bamboozled as muds swoop in and put burkas on their women.


    • on November 29, 2015 at 1:48 am gunslingergregi

      there is a flaw in your concept the refugees are being poured in not because of woman but because of men in charge
      and they pay people to hold signs
      now it might be true that those men in charge want the shit to happen or they just might be held hostage
      sum of all fears was a book written by tom clancy and yea i saw another reference someone imagaine someone with a nuke in washington londer francfurt moscow isreal and paris
      and it might actually explain what is going on


    • on November 29, 2015 at 1:59 am gunslingergregi

      look at hollywood actresses richest woman who do they pick?


  43. I recently started dating a girl I met a year and a half ago, and lost touch with after I met a Romanian born gymnast. A few days later I posted a satire I found on FB about how to handle your glitterbearded SJW nephew at thanksgiving, having been triggered like a 1 legged lesbian eskimo at a hunting and fishing expo, the Bernie Sanders drones came out of the wood work, calling me everything from “uncompassionate” to an out right racist, while claiming the Bern will fix everything and give them free everythig, without explaining how that will be paid for. I shouted them all down over the refugee invasion calling them cucks, and telling them they were pro-gang rape anti-white racists hell bent on destroying any future for my children, while posting the common swedish gang rape memes, of beautiful women left bloodied, and sad eyed white children with stories of the horrors committed on them by the brown hoardes. I also told one to draw a cartoon of Mohamed and post it online with his address and see how that goes. One of the manlets after mocking my uncle with lewy body dementia for a typo says “the guy who raped me wasn’t a muslim” and proceeded to go on an anti catholic tirade, so I told him to eat a bag of dicks using a Giorgio Tsoukalos meme, at which point he blocked me. Anyways the point is that that night after she read all of my 14 words style pro white “hatespeech”, this girl said, “I promise to fuck you better than any girl you’ve ever had, and I don’t break my promises”. Never back down, never apologize, never let a manlet get the last word.


  44. “Israel has in one way or another become the main marketer of IS oil. Without them, most IS-produced oil would have remained going between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Even the three companies would not receive the oil if they did not have a buyer in Israel,” said the industry official.


  45. on November 29, 2015 at 2:19 am Charismatic coxman

    Melinda Gates on how Bill first asked her out,

    aka Asperger Beta Dweeb game:

    “His invitation was less than enthralling. HE ASKED TO SCHEDULE DINNER WITH HER IN TWO WEEKS and she told him that “that’s not spontaneous enough for me.” She gave him her number and told him to ask again closer to the day he was free.”


  46. on November 29, 2015 at 3:06 am gunslingergregi Techcrunch (TechCrunch)#.kjtf5n9:R63g
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has reached a point where the deployment of such systems is — practically if not legally — feasible within years, not decades, and the stakes are high: autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.”””””””””’

    this could be the sudden need to have one world order since any country almost can take over the world in a blitzkrieg
    can’t believe noone called me ten years ago wtf he he he
    they gettin a free think tank the bastards
    prob what happened is this is allready happened doesn’t take supertech i wouldnt think or anything that looks like a terminator

    ”””””’Researchers were not arguing for an idealistic end to all high-tech warfare, but were specifically focused on being sure that the trigger always remained in the hands of a human controller. ””””’

    cept it probably allready doesn’t need to be

    If any major military power pushes ahead with AI weapon development, a global arms race is virtually inevitable, and the endpoint of this technological trajectory is obvious: autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.

    Hawking and Musk have already expressed heightened caution regarding AI technologies. Musk has recently referred to artificial intelligence as humanity’s “biggest existential threat,” while Hawking has said that the technology “could spell the end of the human race.”

    wait what are they cutting edge
    i sent the plan up and cia still wouldn’t hire me
    im not a liar though he he he i guess i don’t know
    prob more usefull here whatever

    prob be japan they have godzilla and pearl harbor the legend is there and they got the geographic lone area
    or china has the production capacity and large empty cities to place the production in
    hell it could be being built in zimbabwei would be kind of funny

    im still thinking what explains the sheer seeming untouchability of certain folks is them controlling nuked in capitals
    just money wouldn’t have that kind of effect kadafi had mad loot still got allowed to be fucked up
    there has to be something else
    and not just the ability to assasinate that can be thwarted potentially


    • on November 29, 2015 at 5:06 am gunslingergregi

      Just stop dead in your tracks and really THINK and stop feeding the Beast.””””””’

      that chick prob had it right


    • on November 29, 2015 at 5:53 am gunslingergregi

      what do ya do to fix it
      my solution go live on a farm with lots of relatives around disconnect relax and watch family grow up and try to influence them in a positive way
      and maybe absorb some positive influence

      if ya believe shit gonna get crazy might be time to go work on an amish farm
      for room and board


      • I think that is what I will try to do too. Get them out of the toxic environment and take control over the one they’re in.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 3:22 am gunslingergregi

        well at least knowing how to feed yourself would be an antidote against being consumed by fear
        i guess the naked and afraid show might be something interesting
        the only problem i see is that the humans actually don’t seem to come up with working things everyone does the fish trap that doesn’t work lol
        except for the ratman who only lost 8 pounds and the chick was constantly messing with him and so did the show
        he also didn’t get to go to the big group show because he actually excelled at living on nothing and was the man who made life easy under those circumstances
        then they made him fake a hip problem to have the woman “save” him
        when yea right not believable
        so in the fake survival situation where prob the only guy that didn’t need them to magically produce food at the 17th or 18th day
        was hated for making it look easy rather than learned from


      • on November 30, 2015 at 3:26 am gunslingergregi

        he was the only non liar and just made shit happen from my point of view
        and could of stayed there indefinitly
        i think pretty much everyone else if hungry took the food that was given or the help
        but then at the end they had to turn him into a liar to prove they could break anyone


      • That show had so many dumbshits it was painful to watch the couple of episodes I did watch. These folks were out in the jungle or rain forests. Lots of food, you just have to know what to eat.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 4:42 am gunslingergregi

        i like the psychology of it
        why did the rat dude be the only one that could figure out almost mass production of traps that worked
        everyone pretty much always built one thing
        then they were watching the old shows and noone reproduced the ratmans traps
        its kind of profound in a way
        are most of the people being educated with ideas that don’t work because people obviously dont want them to work
        working idea ratman nobody adopted it
        non working idea fishtrap everyone tried it
        are we being conditioned to not find the wining thing but the loser so hard that people who are hungry will literally starve just to do the thing that loses because that is what they have been taught
        of is it what is being taught in the show by not talking about it and that is the teaching to make us lose
        just like colleges maybe
        i think it is pretty dam facinating
        didn’t logic used to get taught to come up with the best solution but now multicult is to come up with solutions based not on best or working but on many other variables
        unless there is a higher solution considered the best that actual progress is not in the end progress must have degression to win even when ya lose or starve to death or do drugs or fuck up peoples lives


      • on November 30, 2015 at 4:46 am gunslingergregi

        its also good for showing how hard they push feminism in it and showing it doesn’t work lol
        the chicks always end up getting em both killed by saying things like they are great at starting a fire when they cant do it
        of course chicks in the world can start fires and live off the land but chicks indoctrinated by feminism can’t seem to do much of anything


  47. on November 29, 2015 at 6:00 am gunslingergregi

    the dui laws are killing society cohesion if anyone wants to do something bout that


    • on November 29, 2015 at 6:11 am gunslingergregi
      South Korea’s autonomous robot gun turrets: deadly from kilometers away

      well there is how you defend a border sheottttttt
      they did implement it
      mua mua ahahhahahahahaahahahahahahhaahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahah


      • on November 29, 2015 at 6:20 am gunslingergregi

        If there’s one place you don’t want to be caught wandering around right now, it’s the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea. Especially since South Korean military hardware manufacturer DoDAMM used the recent Korea Robot World 2010 expo to display its new Super aEgis 2, an automated gun turret that can detect and lock onto human targets from kilometers away, day or night and in any weather conditions, and deliver some heavy firepower.”””””””’

        orgasm yup i guess that is why gov is feeling invincible
        it happened
        2010 jeez too worried bout pussy to see it happen or did i dejavu
        so ok its just sick now then that makes sense
        so then they found russia can defeat it or something on the ships with the aegis?


      • on November 29, 2015 at 6:28 am gunslingergregi

        so that makes sense yea the automated robot guns will make it to where power is more centralized in the hands of a few people which is happening now
        along with the cameras then yea a leader will literally be able to watch the whole world in a world gov and yea prob doesn’t matter what pops are there because any amount of pop can be killed at any time
        yea apparently there is truly scary capability being developed
        don’t need no fake boogyman the real boogybot has been around and getting more viscious by the day


      • on November 29, 2015 at 6:30 am gunslingergregi

        so i guess my idea for the 8 million wave blitzkrieg prob happen too at some point
        so gov boot stomping your face this make life more humane in a way though
        can trip fall fuck up and die he he he


      • The problem is, when you outsource the work to mercenaries or robots you’ve also outsourced your balls.


  48. on November 29, 2015 at 6:33 am gunslingergregi

    holy fuck the dude got a tear in his eye the whole vid


    • they’re already here…

      what will be required to counter this is you blow up the important people. Everyone will wage war with autonomous robots. Don’t like Buffett? You know where he lives. Important people have data trails too.

      Lethal robots will democratize war.

      This guy talking should and shit…lol. He’s fucking nuts. The system is alive and it will act to remove threats to it. You’re in the matrix now, motherfucker.

      We can’t put genies back in bottles.


      • on November 29, 2015 at 11:14 pm gunslingergregi

        well wtf people told em what was gonna happen
        they had he terminator movies and had to realize the reality is much worse than the movie
        i guess the movies were telling us stuff shit


  49. on November 29, 2015 at 6:37 am gunslingergregi

    no wonder holy fucking shit around 8 minute mark


    • So what is a guy suppose to do? I really like this one girl but I only get sexual responses from her when I act a jerk. I want her to be high value but when I demonstrate high value she ignores me. So I am part of the problem…the race to the bottom. Non white foreign women want to give me massages, cook for me and do my laundry. So effectively it is becoming impossible to meet a good white lady.


  50. on November 29, 2015 at 6:57 am gunslingergregi

    even has ch but yea group of vids
    but at end all seem to be sayng go ahead and implement the ai robots and we just have to be responsible with it when that is the foot in the door to hell


    • on November 29, 2015 at 7:10 am gunslingergregi

      well guess we really really live in interesting times


    • it cannot be stopped. Human societies are emergent phenomena like schools of fish or herds of beasts. They have a mind of their own independent of the individual wishes of the members.

      The system is alive. If you talk enough shit on FB, computers will direct bad guys to your doors. Computers are already doing SIGINT; that’s what that blimp that drifted away from Aberdeen was. I know/knew the guy who oversaw that program in Afghanistan. They want to test it here on us.

      It doesn’t matter if the people in the meeting all agree with you; if you oppose the “institution,” they are just like white blood cells in your body. They will take you out. You think all these spooks at NSA are really bad guys who want to live in a police state? Yet they still do what they’re told, whatever the system wants.


      • on November 30, 2015 at 2:44 am gunslingergregi

        yea i noticed the attempts to save me he he he
        kind of feel the love


      • Astute observation.Murry Gell-Mann (Nobel Prize in Physics 1969) on emergent properties and the fundamental laws of physics: “You don’t need something more, to get something more, that’s what emergence means. Life can emerge from a lot of accidents and from physics and chemistry. The human mind can arise from neurobiology, and a lot of accidents.”


  51. on November 29, 2015 at 7:14 am gunslingergregi

    dam they actually saying humans are a speedbump to more complex
    fuck man they are taking the shit past full retard


  52. on November 29, 2015 at 7:28 am gunslingergregi

    jurasic park warning


  53. on November 29, 2015 at 7:43 am gunslingergregi

    cool stuff


  54. on November 29, 2015 at 8:21 am gunslingergregi

    so the push for multiculturalism to keep the brainiacs occupied with something else kind of makes sense
    extreme liberalism also making sense since the distance is growing between groups at an insane level capability wise
    but also between inter group
    so really one world order seems absolutely needed and not a bad thing since it is the only thing that will posibly stop the end of world perhaps by one of the various groups
    lot of europeans involved in it
    did multicult cause the us to fall behind
    is game the answer for something to do
    i don’t really envy the leadership dam
    can imagine the kind of pressure elites under
    our leadership doesn’t prob get enough credit for the descisions they do have to make i suppose


  55. Heartise, this needs a thorough, serious analysis. Everyone go read:

    I would add two things :

    (1) historically, countries with a large number of males with no females to date/marry —well, that’s a recipe for a country that’s going to start invading other countries real soon for wives.

    (2) Also, this might also explain the persistent Princess Syndrome in our culture today.

    Rape of the Sabine rape!


  56. Heartiste, VIP comment stuck in mods, please let out. Going to cross post it on my blog.

    We need this info out rape!


  57. Check this black murderer out, he killed 2 white teenagers, and gets a life sentence, and instead of apologizing to the victims family, he does some little black lives matter speech. Looks like he already has a muslim is a religion of peas beard as well.


  58. Tankgrrrls, riotgrrrls… Many are now old enough to be grrrrrannies. It is not pretty.


  59. Get me out of moderation rape!


  60. One of my favorite anecdotes from my college days was interacting with a fairly pretty student who tended to hold leftist views, though she wasn’t obnoxious about it. I didn’t know about “game” at the time, but I figured I could yank her chain a little by saying I was a pro-life conservative and was skeptical that women should get the vote. She acted somewhat offended, but since I already had a girlfriend at the time, it wasn’t my intent to get inside her pants so I never formally apologized or grovelled to her.

    Fast forward 6 months later, she was sending all sorts of obvious IOIs towards me. I heard from other students that she kept mentioning how unique and interesting I was.

    Conservative contrarian jerkboy game works!


  61. Three of the verses from a poem called “The Heart Player” by H.T. that I found in a 1925 magazine, proving that aloof jerkboy game was alive and well a hundred years ago:

    But he on hearts was skilled to play:
    Their pulse of passion well he knew;
    And all the unsounded chords that lay
    In their hid deeps to life he drew.

    And he? — to him it seemed a game:
    An inborn impulse, uncontrolled;
    For while he set all hearts aflame,
    His own remained unmoved and cold.

    His still indifference lured them on:
    They sought him, as the moth the star;
    But ever like a star he shone,
    Aloof, unreachable, afar!


    • Nice find.


    • on November 30, 2015 at 3:05 am gunslingergregi

      thats just a man with a mission though he he he
      doesn’t have to be heart of stone to all just the ones who don’t make it into his circle of love allthough can still show other woman love just can’t include them in my life plan
      i can make a womans pussy catch fire with kind words alone


  62. Tim Tebow needs to read this blog.


    • Ben – TT’s problem is TT though. He has mad women stacking up for him, but he has chosen not to pull the sex trigger.

      Liked by 1 person

    • the old saving yourself for marriage thing is fine, whatever, but it only works if you’re looking for a virgin. The chick was obviously not a virgin, pageant girl pressing an alpha for sex, then dumping him when he won’t?

      Demanding high standards for his own purity while excusing a girl’s lack thereof during courtship is straight dumbass.

      Also, virginity till marriage is a fine ideal, but it stresses young marriage, expecting men to go through their horniest years, and women to go through their most beautiful years, without sex was never the intent. Holding on to virginity despite tons of options into your thirties is either a status whoring thing, or a closeted homo thing.

      You guys might remember AC Green, NBA player who stayed a virgin until his late thirties, married a girl of similar age who was not a virgin. That is doing it completely wrong.


  63. HABD – your thoughts here on this situation. Trying to nail down the language around the feelings invoked by this scenario here. I view it as a positive vis a vis attraction to me, with a dose of self mate guarding and perhaps guilt thrown in. Your thoughts?

    So about a year ago I was running long simmer game on a sweet little 25YO 7 bartender. She was new to the area, living in a pretty crap part of down, married a couple of years to an earnest but beta military dude (transport or something) and clearly not enjoying life.

    I was killing her with laser eye game and teasing/innuendo. Like to the point she would flush, and shake a bit, toss her hair around and lick her lips. I’d go in once or twice a week, usually with my WK buddy have a beer or two and drop a little game on her. Since it was in my backyard, I was determined to never act on it. But things kept escalating… like my WK buddy told her I was going out one night with the wife and the next time she was all jealous and pissy to me… “soooo how was the night with your wife… and I was laughing at her because it was obvious she was a bit jealous. One time she was putting her hair in a pony tail and I said, “i like that…. pony tail…. much easier to pull on” and she about lost it. stuff like this. And hand shake kino, arm kino and such. More one on one isolation… Building up to a point where I said fuck it, I’m going in solo tonight and pulling her, backyard or not.

    So I go there again and find out she had just quit suddenly the day before. Gone. LOL. I’m full of myself enough to believe she quit because she saw things heading the same way.

    Anyhow that was a year ago. WK buddy and I hit happy hour the other night and she comes in with her husband. I turn around from the bar and she is there chatting with the other waitress. I say “hey, how’ve you been” and take her her hand, shake it, hold it a bit long. I’m locked in leaning back on the bar. Interesting her husband is right next to her and she does not introduce him, or acknowledge him and he does not acknowledge me. He walks off and goes up to the bar about 10 feet further up. WK buddy and I chit chat with her a bit, catch up where you been, still in town etc., she mentions she is working another place closer to her home. I’m giving her strong eye contact during this innocuous convo, but otherwise not pushing things. I’m chill…

    Then she breaks off and goes to her husband who is at the bar, and she is draping herself on his back, rubbing his back and giving me a glance over the shoulder during this… So I’m like hmmm interesting and watch this. What is really telling is the husband appears a bit surprised by the physical attention she is giving him, like “uh what’s this?” kind of thing. I’m amused, thinking she is trying to communicate she is with him, etc. WK bud and I finish our drinks and head out. as I walk by her I squeeze her shoulder and upper arm “Take care, see you around” head nod while heading towards the door. Again husband is just looking straight ahead across the bar, never looks at us.

    I head out, not looking back.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 10:55 pm having a bad day


      “Your thoughts?”

      first rule of [email protected] Club™…don’t talk about [email protected] Club™…lol…

      first, if the teasing/attraction spiking goes on toooo long without escalation to bang or at least a make out, she’ll slot you into orbiter status bc she doesn’t have any control, so she’ll figure out how to avoid the situ bc of the cognitive dissonance…

      second, jealousy is basically preselection without a path to daylight…lol. if the girl (or guy for that matter) has a path to compete on… there really shouldn’t be jealousy…that’s why you can have mLTRs and the girls don’t bring the drama = they have a path to daylight for their expectations to be met…your bartender knew she didn’t have a path to daylight…so she was jealous…bc you were MEANLY withholding your alpha c*ck from her baby maker…lol…

      third, when you were in the bar with her and husband, the ‘secret society’ play was to acknowledge her and her husband without flirting (as if you had met but not flirted before = don’t talk about [email protected] Club™…flirting = talking about it…), find out where she was bar tending, then drop by there and get her number and set something up…her hanging on her husband was her (not so silent…in girl language anyway) reproach to you for flirting/trying to ‘out her’…lol…and he likely knows all about his wife’s predilections anyway…

      fourth, it might not be far fetched that she left bc of you, but she might not have seen things heading the same way as you…from her perspective, she wasn’t getting any alpha genetics, just being teased with them…so, her hindbrain couldn’t take the rejection…just think about it like this – you have some candy that a toddler really likes/wants…and you hold it juuust out of reach, so the kid almost gets it every time…how long before it stops being funny and starts being cruel?…

      with great power comes great responsibility…

      ironically, banging that girl would have been less cruel to her…even if she was cheating on her husband…

      fifth, her husband had some good game…ignore the encroaching male as not a real threat…lol…maybe that triggered her hypergamy…lol…

      good luck!


      • Interesting…Thanks


      • Why wouldn’t she introduce her husband though? Like as a means to just brush off the situation?


      • on December 8, 2015 at 8:02 am having a bad day


        introducing you elevates your value to her = talking about [email protected] Club™…if she doesn’t introduce you = you have no value to her = not talking about [email protected] Club™…

        reverse the situ…you walk into a bar with YOUR wife…what are your expectations? your wife doesn’t really acknowledge the guy hitting on her vs. your wife introduces you and makes it seem important that you meet this guy?… who has more value to her? there are some archives here talking about this dynamic also = beta bux/orbiter dragged over to meet the alpha stud…

        it’s just a function of calibration…and also a form of abundance mentality = do you NEED to have the acknowledgment of having her react to you in public?…OR are you confident enough to just let it slide and NOT talk about [email protected] Club™?…

        first rule of [email protected] Club is…? (there’s a REASON it’s called SECRET society…lol)…

        with great power… and solid game really IS a super power…treat it with the respect it deserves…

        props on putting in the work (and helping other men get better = value giving = [thumbs up])

        good luck!


  64. on November 29, 2015 at 2:04 pm proposals and denials

    I somehow felt the need to crib this youtube comment. As usual, it started as a discussion on how divorced women were damaged goods, bringing to the table nothing but reminders of failure from their previous relationship and soon degenerated into name calling. What makes this snippet noteworthy is that the supposed wronged female reader points out that she has witnessed many failed marriages first hand and the woman actually got the short end of the stick on all these occasions (at least according to her point if view). At the end, she blurts out the wives had been married to jerks and ended up wrecked. In her brief example, the man actually got full custody of material possessions. Had he been an archetypal nice guy, maybe she would have felt more pressured into jumping down his throat at a divorce venue.

    I don’t have kids and Ive never been divorced. My mom was divorced. Because her husband lied to her about everything, and was sleeping with everyone. He manipulated her into financial instability, then threw her out when she discovered that he was a lying piece of trash. I watched as he harassed her afterwards. He made her start over completely. He got everything. Her car, her furniture, everything. They wouldn’t have gotten divorced if it weren’t for him. From every divorce Ive lived through, the women gave the most to the relationship and the men barely gave anything back. Then when confronted for their laziness, they call their wives nags, controlling, and crazy. Why should anyone have to put up with that? Then these women realized that they don’t want to be married to jerks. Would I claim that this is always the case? Absolutely not. But then again, unlike you, I have the capacity to understand that not everything happens for the same reason.


  65. I read these Mano sphere blogs and the amount of effort some dudes put into chasing women and getting attention from women is ridiculous. In days gone by men hung out with men and men put every waking moment into achieving things, building things, sports fitness and success. Men put their efforts into being higher value men and women flocked to you . That tennis player in the local club…spending ever free hour practising and if you are a champion, or even just catch the eye – the hot women would ask around about his status, career and availability and would pursue. Attention from women was a side distraction from men. That is how it was and still can be. If you are a higher value guy in shape with a decent career and have charm…you are a prize. Speaking with some considerable experience, women are not very good company. Their conversation is banal and eventually you realize they are not very interesting. So why make all this effort to chase them or gain approval from them?

    Also regarding the impending destruction of Western Civilization I think the biggest damage has been done by Internet porn. Boys grow up watching it and want to act it out…to get the guy, the girl has to behave like a porn star and to maintain this sexual excitement sex becomes more extreme hence 50 Shades etc.
    Young girls are more experienced than ever before and know all the positions and different types of dicks. A hyper sexualized culture exists and any mystique toward the opposite sex is gone. Sex also dominates so other values like intelligence, wit, fun are glossed over and special dating moments like walking hand in hand on a promenade eating ice cream is lost. Sad times.


  66. My problem: my ingenopathy is stronger than my drive to get laid. Ie if I am to tap into jerkboy charisma, I have to do it in a way that is congruent.

    I suspect a lot of my life choices are influenced by this. At work I am the “jerkboy” because I am the self-employed contractor in a sea of salaryman. So I can be a bit rebellious and free but the thing is it’s built on a defensible foundation.

    Call it the K jerkboy.


  67. Whats the chat program in that first “charismatic jerkboy” link?


  68. Captain I saw that commercial too. I was like,”Here we go again!” Oh, you could be a dad in your son’s life just as long as you’re not straight. Trash.


  69. Horrifying and hilarious at the same time. Epic Hungarian trucker runs the migrant gauntlet at Calais, providing color commentary. Sweet move at 5:00.


    • The Hungarian (?) folk-techno in the background is awesome too.


    • PA, the techno & his anger make that video classic.


    • Eastern Europeans never got rich enough to fall into the prosperity trap. God bless them.


      • on November 29, 2015 at 7:31 pm Mr Bigglesworth

        @ Amasius

        Russia has one of the fastest declining populations in the world, an HIV and drugs epidemic sent straight from the seventh circle of hell, and a male mortality rate comparable with a 3rd world slum.

        Poland has a fertility rate lower that Canada, as does Ukraine.

        God bless them indeed. They’re going to need all the blessings they can get


      • That’s the deep gaping wound of Judeo-Communism. Hopefully they’ll heal in the decades ahead, but I wouldn’t rule out a cultural fatality –like what happened to the Incas and Aztecs. They’ve got problems.


    • on November 29, 2015 at 7:19 pm Vagina dominator

      But organize a protest against this and see a swarm of police turn up to clear you out. Sent by your local bureacrats.

      It should be clear who your enemy is, no?

      Come the days of horror, anyone who ever “worked” in government should be branded on the forehead, so everyone who deals with them will be warned that they are untrustworthy, backstabbing scum.


      • You will need friends in the government. You have more than a few of them here and I’m talking of the right kind.


    • Does this guy post here? He’s great! Your women are fighting terrorists with machine guns…


      • on November 30, 2015 at 12:49 am gunslingergregi

        at least their woman have the dignity of being armed then
        how bout in us where they have to use bare hands or in this case soon one hand
        had one come over yesterday ive known for years
        she has to get her arm cut off
        cause of infection
        shes like what am i gonna do
        i did aww oo thing with the total calmness and let her feel my compassion
        to reduce her anxiety
        talk about her being stressed i made her laugh at least ul get disability
        she made me promise not to laugh at her when i saw her with one arm
        holy shit the one sided war on drugs
        why is that the only war with no killing of the enemy
        the human trafficking crap is only gonna make white woman actually human traficked and noones gonna know cause noones gonna see em
        the good intentions pave the way to hell over and over
        but if mats talking about conversion sure
        i been telling em get right with god
        and ill see em in the next life for those i care about
        its kind of wild but true that one man can make a diference i suppose


      • He posts as Hungarian Friend


      • on November 30, 2015 at 2:48 am gunslingergregi

        dam he living it so why is the gov intent on bringing in the people that are doing that


    • It’s an infestation, like lice. The road needs more Grand Theft Auto action, and the camp needs 24 hours of napalm, it’s the only way to be sure.

      Kill it with fire.


  70. Your song selection needs a very serious update. The 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s are long, long gone. But if you insist, check out ‘Living Next Door to Alice’, first introduced by an Aussie band I can’t remember the name of, made famous (sadly) by British 1970’s supergroup Smokie.


    • Alice, Alice!? who the fuck is Alice!


      • “Alice, Alice!? Who the fuck is Alice?”

        The core refrain of an iconic pop song that was wildly popular in Germany a few years ago.
        I know something about this. We took on six (6) exchange students from Germany over a period of six years. It turned out good. I taught the 16 year boys to be excellent shots with AR 15s and long colt revolvers. They loved it.(Against the rules it really was… fuck off!!!)
        I think my 16 year old(at the time) son might have been deflowered by one or more of the 16 year old bold, blond girls that lived in our house for a year of their Ami high school experience.


      • on December 2, 2015 at 3:15 am carlos danger



    • I mean, we had a big house…


  71. Himmler had it right…his chosen women would go to a finishing shool and learn cooking and house maintenance. They would also read and play sports to maintain their fitness and grace; swimming, fencing, horse riding.

    Can we bring this back?


    • on November 29, 2015 at 9:37 pm Mr Bigglesworth

      Himmler and the rest of those bastard SS pyschopaths not only murdered millions, they doomed the white race to a suicidal self hatred that will soon wipe us from the earth forever.

      He was perhaps the single most disastrous human being ever to have lived.

      Excuse me if “Himmler was right” gives me a sense of humour failure.


      • Anyone who admires Himmler should read what a real man, Leon DeGrelle, said of him.


      • The SS’s only mistake was losing. I am sure millions died when Stalin got going or when the Americans used agent orange in Vietnam. That is war and the only ‘problem’ with SS was they were taking on an Eskimo cultivated ideology.

        For me white guilt and the femininization of men only came to the fore from the 1990s when 24/7 tv was everywhere and the Internet was born under control of you know who. The holocaust was also repackaged – a totally different branding than the 1960s and Hogan’s Heroes when it was rarely mentioned in popular culture. Every month now we have a film about the Nazis…a film about Jessie Owens is now coming out.

        Another event which created white guilt was the invasion of Iraq in 2003 under a bed of lies which was harder to pull off in this information savvy world. Michael Moore even brought out a Stupid Whites Men book on the back of that.

        The heterosexual white man is now seen as the oppressor of anyone who is not a heterosexual white male and must be destroyed.


    • Hitler, he only has one ball
      Goering, has two but they are small
      Himmler’s, are somewhat similar
      But poor Goebbels has no balls at all!


  72. Barock Obama is a Mohammedean Rent Boi
    Hitlery Clinton is a hate-filled, blood-thirsty lesbian who would impulsively and near orgasmically exterminate everyone on earth with my genetics if she could, ie, – a hyper – Neanderthalic white guy with options…
    V. Putin may be a flawed human being. But I am so much less worried about him than almost any of the prospective candidate for the job of leader of my “country”.
    Jeb Bush — Lots of bleeding from-the-groin as a freash Castrati; Cruz– Immigration Cuck, Carson: Negro fatique X 10… Crump: He has not won yet….

    ” Hey Rum, Why do you have so many (full) ammo boxes (including explosive rounds and tracers) in your house”?

    Rum says, “There are non- Neanderthals creeping around the neighborhood. Once, there were a lot of feral hogs doing the same thing.
    Would you like a taste of barbequed meat???


    • I was wrong. He posts as Rum

      Seriously: the most incisive erectoral analysis I’ve seen yet on this site or any site. Top marks.


  73. Just use it for international trade and you are free to use other currencies for other trades.

    This is true, but it makes no economic sense to do so. Why the hell would I part with highly valuable gold or silver, when I can get away with paying someone in worthless FRNs? I (and anyone else) would be stupid to pay in precious metals when we’re not required to.
    ————————————————————- is a precious metal store that has pool accounts. They make money from transaction costs. No need for anyone to own anything. What about creating a new type of checkout that would integrate with these pool accounts?


    False-flag terrorists use predictive programming, transparency and number symbolism

    For those of you who think CO is nuts…


    • on November 30, 2015 at 1:54 am gunslingergregi

      look at that though
      triple the amount of drugs
      pay an aue pair to live with em he he he would help more
      almost all the addicts i talked to the story is mostly the same they started with some kind of pain pill or they were on xanax
      and then they are cut off cold turkey
      then have to go to street to get the help they need
      another thing that seems completely planned to do what it achieves
      again nothing by accident
      and yea sometimes they dont send my shit so that i am without
      there is always some problem where can’t get it for periods of time
      so they put you on medication that is addictive maybe and then boom cold turkey
      or i guess the va will have people on made shit then get new doc and boom cold turkey and put on another set of shit
      human experiments in action it would seem


      • on November 30, 2015 at 2:03 am gunslingergregi

        or another road to hell good intentions
        so they pass laws to stop people abusing prescription drugs but the docs scared shitless so constantly cutting people off of shit that actually helps em
        which xanax
        apparently really works for people to deal with life
        but like my girl said even though it is what helps her get through life no doc will give her a prescription for it even though docs are supposedly supposed to help people with their problems right
        so they know by now that if she doesn’t get xanax she will use heroin
        and even if she did by then
        anyway i pretty i had her completly clean
        i think the major fucking in her brain is that she was fucked by an uncle when really young and it hurt at first but she enjoyed it
        then she was told that is the most evil thing that can ever happen by society the uncle goes jail and dies in jail and her dad is mad at her
        but yea the what disconnect between the reality of she felt loved to the media of it was evil
        probably is why she needs something to keep those thoughts suppressed


      • on November 30, 2015 at 2:16 am gunslingergregi

        did she feel what the uncle did in her conscience was evil no
        i think is what tears at her soul
        and why she acts somewhat psychopathic even though she is not and has a heart which the pain is inside and she is actually kind of powerless to do anything about but in the life she has had to live she at least has to act tough and be as tough as she can


  75. on November 30, 2015 at 4:31 am gunslingergregi

    highly suggest everyone in government go live in one of the big welfare highrises for a while they would learn a lot


  76. Stop the press! Sperm quality increases when men are more turned on!.

    Not sure if Huffington Post are aware of the corollary; Beauty is eugenic, fat-and-ugly is dysgenic.


  77. Proof scientists are reading Heartiste :

    Why We Are Attracted to Deviant Personalities

    Though Salon headlined it with :

    Everyone loves an a**hole: Science explains our attraction to creeps and deviants