Demography Is Destiny

What does a nation in slow-motion self-destruction look like? A diligent reader supplies a handy graphic and description of the demographic doom that foretells the last days of America as we know her.


Here’s why the country is doomed. Below are demographic breakdowns of the two major parties in 1976 and 2012, based on presidential preference vote. Republicans basically look now like the way they did in 1976, but see how the Democrats have changed! Was 85% white now just 56%. Soon the Democrats will be a minority-majority party. But blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will always vote 70-30 or more with the big-government/emperor/caudillo party. It’s part of their genetic/cultural heritage and will not be changed by things like ideas or arguments. It’s just how those folks are wired.

This is also why the country is so polarized generally, even in the absence of a major polarizing issue like slavery or Vietnam, and why the country has gone from high-trust to low-trust. We’re all just too different from each other now and there’s no turning back. Like I say, we are doomed. But you knew this already. Keep up the good work. Many thanks for your ongoing posts and tweets.

Racial Breakdown of Major Parties
1976 vs 2012
Based on Presidential Preference

Democrat                              Republican
1976           2012                       1976           2012

85                 56         White          94                88
15                 24          Black           3                  2
2                   14       Hispanic        1                  6
N/A              4           Asian           N/A            2
N/A              2           Other           N/A            2

Source: Roper

PS: Demographic breakdown of voters then and now (in percent):

                 1976      2012
White       89         72
Black        9           13
Hispanic  1           10
Asian        N/A     3
Other        N/A     2


Because whites still comprise a (precarious) majority of the electorate, if Republicans can increase their share of the white vote by 5-10%, they can win at least for a few more election cycles. But the demographics are baked in the cake. As the youth bubble of latinos and asians bulges into voting age and whites retract as a percentage of the population, it will require ever greater super majorities of the white vote for the GOP to maintain electoral viability. This is not likely unless catastrophe were to change the hearts and minds of liberal city-state SWPL whites to join with their core white Americans as a voting bloc. As whites are perhaps the most ideologically diverse race in the world, and as white leftoid egos are virtually impenetrable to logic or even notions of self-preservation, it would require a catastrophe of truly epic proportions.

Then there is the question of whether Legacy Republicans even deserve the white vote. Their actions to date say no. At best, GOP pols are niceguy orbiters hanging around the hot chick Democrat nodding along to every inane thing she says, occasionally showing flashes of desperate masculinity, then getting shot down and trying to laugh it off with a feeble “just kidding”. At worst, they’re closet degenerates, traitors, and cheap labor whores.

More likely is an American break-up. Secession is a better bet than hordes of single white ladies and pasty manlets scared at the last into voting Republican. I can envision a regional and city-state partition of America in my lifetime. The omens are too clear now, and too many omens are pointing toward and converging on the same dire outcome.

The unmistakable impression of America is of an empire in rapid decline. As I believe we are entering the acceleration phase of decline, it’s useless to entertain ideas of reversal. The clock won’t be turned back because it can’t be turned back. Poolside, in these times, beckons.


  1. when secession does occur, the term wrong kind of white person is going to take on a whole new, reverse meaning. No traitorous open border, big gov white libs allowed.


    • i don’t this can be overemphasized. in any new state, lefties cannot be tolerated or allowed in in any significant numbers. any responsible adult that even feeds or aids a lefty in a disaster is exacerbating that disaster further.

      they are incurious. they do not learn. they operate on the assumption that if they voted for X, X is fixed, and they are pious for having fixed it themselves. they do not want to know results or costs or anything else, they want to see themselves as good, period, and reality be damned.

      when you think of what their ideas to to civilizations, when you realize they want you in prison for wanting to be free and left alone, you start to understand how populations begin shooting each other.


    • Few people know there was a Finnish civil war after WWI. Because the White Army won, the media don’t want to tell people about it – just like they talk endlessly about the successful invasion of South Vietnam in schools, but bury the failed invasion of South Korea. In the Finnish civil war the Reds wanted to join the communists in Russia. Finland had been an autonomous part of Russia, with Finns often serving as bodyguards to the czars (since they didn’t get drunk like Russian soldiers), and one officer named Mannerheim was part of the honor guard during the coronation of the last czar. He left for Finland during the breakdown and helped make the country independent.

      Having seen the communist slaughter in Russian towns and villages as he traveled back home, Mannerheim was determined to stop the same thing from happening in Finland. The White Army learned to be as ruthless against the Reds as fascist movements were. Instead of adopting the weak-kneed attitudes of conservative parties, who preferred to think you could solve everything by talking and looking the other way.

      One example: a group of men left a village to join the Reds. Other villagers were on the White side and waited for them around a bend in the road, just outside the village. They had rifles, the communists did not. They brought the communists to a meadow, lined them up and shot them. Then went to their families and told them where the bodies were.

      No trial! cry the conservatives and libertarians. Why not talk about it, eh? Write a book maybe? Hold a village referendum? If that kind of do-nothing attitude had prevailed among the Right in Finland, the country would have been delivered to the Soviet Union. The rape and murder would have begun. But the White Army fought ruthlessly and wiped out the Reds. As the communist leaders got on a ship heading for Russia, the White Army bombed the ship in order to get rid of the last of the infestation.

      When right-thinking Whites do fight, they always beat leftist forces of the same size. And non-White forces many times larger. When Whites do fight, they are the most efficient killing machine in the world. On this the Left and Right agree, though the Left says it’s because Whites are “evil”, when in fact it’s because we are the best at that particular endeavor. Non-Whites wish they could kill like Whites.

      Well, we’ll see what the future has to offer.

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      • Arbiter
        Few people know there was a Finnish civil war after WWI. Because the White Army won,

        Did the whites rape the colored women?


      • Closely related, the Reds FAILED in their first attempt to conquer Poland, and had to wait almost two more decades, for Molotov-von Ribbentrop.


      • “When Whites do fight, they are the most efficient killing machine in the world.”

        That’s the thesis of Victor Davis Hanson’s “Carnage and Culture”, though of course he had to find-and-replace “whites” with “westerners” before publication.


      • the only thing more vicious than what you speak of is the hate of the progressive. How long did they go after Pinochet? To the liberal, nothing is as great of a crime of self-defense.

        And thus, you get shitlibs wearing Che to this day but they’ll in the same manner call forces of freedom all manner of names, like death squads.


      • There is a bill in the U.N charging white people with crimes against the universe.

        I agree, you guys are all GUILTY!

        cept for Becky; she’s different.


      • The White Army learned to be as ruthless against the Reds as fascist movements were. Instead of adopting the weak-kneed attitudes of conservative parties, who preferred to think you could solve everything by talking and looking the other way.

        Finland in World War II was basically the same deal. Finland did lose some of its territory, but made the USSR pay through the nose in blood.


      • And bless Simo Hayha.


      • What does Simo Hayha look like?


      • He wasn’t much to look at after being shot, Thwack, but it’s what was inside him that counted.


      • Similarly, after the American Revolution, a lot of folks (as Obama would call them) left America for Canada because they were always loyal to the King. Maybe they were pushed, and maybe that has to happen when a secession occurs.

        Too bad we’re white. eh? Because the rub is, as we’ve seen in North Colorado secession idea, that the wrong-right kind of people have started winning elections that anathema to the citizens that have lived there longer than 10 years because of the importation of hispanics and various drug abusing crackers. If North Colorado ever seceded, there’d be no way to keep denver scum out.


      • Some of us were aware of it. A lot of the losing Reds are in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are no Polish jokes up there, the jokes all feature dumb Finns. Mostly because we go the Reds. It has taken generations to start to get them back toward reality, and they form a solid part of the Democratic vote up there. On the other hand, the graves of a number of the only Americans to fight the Soviets can be found in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Veterans of the Polar Bear expedition.


      • -“Finns often serving as bodyguards to the czars”

        The head of the last Czar personal guard was Spiridovich- a Russian. Not even one Finn has been a member of a personal guard of Czar.ALL,I repeat ALL members of the Czar personal guard were orthodox (it’s important) Russians or Ukrainians,mainly from Cosacks.

        – “(since they didn’t get drunk like Russian soldiers)”,

        This is clearly a wild statement, which could be made only by a poorly educated chauvinistic person. Everyone who knows Finns, and knows the history of this nation would not argue that Finns are one of the biggest drinkers in the world. Alcoholism has always been a problem number 1 in Finland. It has been managed just recently with the introduction of alcohol taxation, education and other serious measures.
        19 century Finland was a dark, depressive backwater of Europe, populated by people who adored vodka and made it the central subject of their lives.

        -“And one officer named Mannerheim was part of the honor guard during the coronation of the last czar”

        He was chosen to be a part of the Chevalry Guard during the coronation mainly because of his height and due to connections of his royal relatives. He was not a talented student, and right after the graduation was sent to some forgotten outpost in Kalisz,Ukraine. Only the connections helped him to get back to StPetersburg.
        It’s curious that Mannerheim studied in Chevalry corps together (and was a friend) with Pavlo Skorpodasky who later became a Ukrainian “Getman” (sort of a President).

        Mannerheim was indeed a great man, paradoxally -a real Russian in his heart, who happened to be a Finn. He realized the danger of reds, the danger of Stalin and has fortified finnish defense strong enough to slow down Soviet invasion in 1939.

        Finland was lucky.Others, like Ukraine, were not. Ukrainian nation is still fighting reds today.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 11:03 pm Jaakko Raipala


        Mannerheim wasn’t actually a Finn, he was a German/Dutch/Swedish aristocrat who spoke Swedish at his childhood home and French at his adult home. He was a loyal Tsarist who jumped on board with Finnish nationalists with the hope that Finns might at least defeat the Reds in Finland even if the empire was lost.

        He didn’t even learn a word of Finnish before Finland became independent. He is liked by Finnish nationalists not because he’s one but because he kept his word and did not sell out Finland to White Russian generals.

        Mannerheim was not some radical murderer during the Civil War, that is just Bolshevik propaganda. He is the one who kept giving orders banning summary executions which were mostly ignored by other Whites. It was the left that started killing “enemy” classes (officers, priests, landowners etc were to be killed off to wipe out the bourgeois order) and White terror was mostly in revenge after the war, with secret courts and all.

        That earlier description of White killings is the reverse of the actual situation, White terror left a lot more dead but it was not a part of the war strategy in the same way it was for the Reds. After the left lost the first election they decided to simply start going through the country with lists of people to kill to destroy the right. I only exist because my great-grandfather was liked enough that he got tipped off by one of the leftists about the murder squad, most landowners in the town were not so lucky and were killed in the Red terror wave.

        This sparked the war and the White terror was mostly about revenge and justice in a situation where you can’t really do justice because there’s no way to investigate thousands of murders. So you just execute whoever was likely to be one of the Reds.


    • This article, and comments like this, betray the author’s lack of understanding. Except for the four major states, and other than Texas, I would say no state outside of the Union would last very long in the modern world. Even Texas, with it’s oil would not last that long. Especially if their reserves have actually peaked. They would still require tax money from the country as a whole.

      Succession is no longer an option. States like Wisconsin, and those of that size have a below average share of the population as a whole. WI has 1.8% total of the US combined population. If they were to succeed, they would agree to whatever terms in no more than two years if they were starved right.

      Also, both you, and the author make burgeoning errors in your statements. It does not matter what the Republicans do. It won’t matter what their biological make-up will be.

      You see, it is really all about cycles. Liberalism has failed. It’s biggest tenets are propped up by a media blockade on negative criticism, Medicaid/Medicare, all social spending programs, and the dying vestiges of the cold war economic model. Already the inroads of blacks being republicans are everywhere. Though the kid is going to lose, a black republican is running against a WI secretary of state, and a descendent of Senator La Follette. The fact that he is black has apparently made no distinction.

      Consumerism, and the economy built off it since the fifties depends on the ability of the dollar to be the staple for foreign investors. If we did not secure our currency as the world standard after bombing everyone during WW2, we could not have borrowed into the trillions. Also, cheap oil is a one time gift from mother nature. If we don’t find a legion of better, more affordable alternatives soon, it really won’t matter what color pulls the voting lever for the elephants in the room. It will be a free for all as all will starve at the current model’s make-up. That si why so many “community centers” in low income neighborhoods are turning their buildings into rain water collection houses, and food gardens.

      Other than that, most people, including the monkeys (as you describe minorities it seems?), will vote in the future as Republicans. It is inevitable. Already, from Wisconsin, to other states, blacks are running red. Not blue. It was never about race as much as it was about money, and opportunity. Stop bitching, and make cash. Others will follow.

      All the old hatreds of the past will fall under the weight of necessity. It has always been thus. If you look back far enough, ancient Egypt under the Ptolemy, Europe before, during, and after leading to the Renaissance, have all been a blending of genes through sex. Asia under the mongols, and other places have all had to adapt through inter breeding between groups. Of course, you will be an alpha in the future. Like you will also be one of the few survivors if everything goes under. Blah, bliggity blah.

      By all means, disagree, I don’t care. Anymore than I care to listen to Sharpton’s dumb ass. Petty hatreds are only good as long as one can afford them. When the money runs out, or the energy, those who live under the boot heal of thugs and drug dealers will “rediscover” the white side of their history as you might call it. And start concealed carry, patrolling their own neighborhoods, and getting more meaningful college degrees. I already see it happening. It is happening.

      Time, is passing you by. I really don’t care if you listen.


      • “Time, is passing you by.”

        You’re a low IQ maggot, that wants to square the circle of wanting to be an “enlightened” person without actually having the courage to hold beliefs deserving of that title.

        There is nothing “petty” about the observation that non whites are statist, big government filth.


      • So many false premises, so little time.


      • ISIS, the Uighurs, the Catalans, the Tibetans, AQ in Mali, Boko Haram, all disagree. Its boom times for racial, ethnic, and religious hatred. Back, 780 AD, to the future. Which will be a few centuries of genocide. If we are lucky.


      • jjwhatever,

        blacks are morphing conservative? Where exactly? You mention some candidates but where do they vote this way, act this way? Here’s the real problem with blacks in America, more so than their lower evolved IQs and impulse control, blacks hate Whites more than they love blacks. Its as simple as that. Oh, you don’t agree? A White or near White person of any stripe kills one and its all black hands on deck to protest. Thousands of blacks kill each other in kind and they don’t give a sheeyit. In fact, to notice their pathologies is racist. The future is very bleak for the negroes. For the past 6 years there’s been 1 holding the most powerful position in the world and things have only gotten worse for them. When the US becomes half mestizo there will not be enough Whites to take care of the blacks. What will they do? Without Mighty Whitey half of the blacks in this country would be dead in a year, starvation and lack of medical care. Give it another year and one half will have killed and eaten the other half. Just like the continual cycle of behavior in Africa.

        So, for whatever suffering is due Mighty Whitey it will be 100-fold for blacks…


      • jjrockmale: “Time, is passing you by. I really don’t care if you listen.”

        LOL! Dude, time has ALREADY passed you by. 1965 is calling, and it wants its outdated cliches back.

        But I have to say, your post really affirms that a lie can get around the world before truth can get its boots on. Rarely have more absurd whoppers been packed into a single post. Which, I suppose, is an accomplishment of sorts.

        jjrockmale: “I already see it happening. It is happening.”

        Yes, jj, yes. I don’t doubt you for a moment. But on what planet? We speak to you from earth, after all. More’s the pity. Perhaps one day we too can journey to Bizarro World.

        In any event, I now have to wonder whether it is possible to literally overdose on political correctness. It’s almost as if this guy took a hit off of To Kill a Mockingbird, shot up some Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and then topped it off by freebasing assorted nonsense from Dinesh D’Souza. Then on a lark he watched The Sixth Sense. Instead of seeing dead people, he sees stuff that is demonstrably, provably, obviously not happening.

        I mean, it’s just so bad…


      • LazyHero
        blacks hate Whites more than they love blacks.

        Not me; I hate mirrors so much I smashed every ni66er in my house.


      • I have read all of your comments, and your mockery. Merely passes off my back.

        Blacks do not vote to the right but 8% now. They will not do that forever. They can’t. The Social Spending is not going to be there.

        I pointed out that everything is a cycle. But not all cycles happen in one’s lifetime. I know this because I do research, and I read. Something other than readings from the echo chamber.

        I’m neither liberal, nor conservative. Not a libertarian.

        I don’t hold beliefs deserving of the title do I? Fool, I have kept my beliefs against feminism, racist bull shit from blacks (even when ganged up on by ten at a time) my entire life. I’ve gone back to school for another engineering degree, and said all the same shit while in academia. The breeding ground of most of the shit you obviously hate. But apparently are not capable of reading anything you don’t already approve of with an open mind. Go ahead, get that knee jerk reaction son. The only low IQ maggot is you. You just don’t know it yet.

        ISIS, Uighurs, Catalans, Tibetans, AQ, and Boko Haram all disagree? What the fuck dumb ass, are they getting our spending? No mother fucker, they don’t live here. You are essentially taking groups from all over the world, and pretending they live here, and vote. They don’t want to be here. They would probably kill each other if they had the chance. They all have different opinions. But they all hate the USA. Oh, and for one of your predictable retorts, Boko Haram descends from the mother fuckers who sold their neighbors to the slave trade. The only reason they went after 300 females after killing men in their school before, and numerous othe locations where they killed men exclusively, all stopped the moment they saw the West’s reaction to the death of a grandmother protecting her grandson from death. I can only imagine what the hell you are thinking. I’m sure I will get a good laugh out of it when you reply.

        Browndar, yeah, don’t respond. Probably for the best.

        Blacks are not morphing conservative. Not in large numbers, not yet. But they will. It always starts small with groups, then becomes bigger. As the media blockade of information breaks down, and the liberalist’s agenda continues to burn to it’s crash, they will get the picture. Those who know, but do it anyways will have to make a choice. I don’t care about them. It is merely a observation of groups through history. They pick what supports them the most. Whether they do it fast, or 30 years from now is not my concern. But they will have to do it. They did many decades ago, and then switched en masse during the 60’s for opportunistic reasons. They will do it again. Republican and democrat are both the same. IT is whomever gives you the most shit.

        Trainspotter…Dude, way to keep the rumor mill in Hollywood in business. Turn the HAM Radio off, and put your tin foil hat back in its dispenser. I’m not an alien, and your brains are not tasty enough. I like something with a bit more IQ. Try it, you may find better insults then. But I doubt it.

        You all fail to realize that you are repeating echoes in the chamber.

        There are no liberals, nor conservatives with my point of view. By all means, let the ad hominem attacks begin.


      • jj: “Trainspotter…Dude, way to keep the rumor mill in Hollywood in business.”

        You got me. My real purpose is shilling for the Kardashians, with a little sideline for Art Bell. Foiled again! And I’d have gotten away with it too, were it not for the bizarre ramblings of you crazy kids. You have quite the keen eye, jj. It’s obvious that not much get pasts you.

        jj: “There are no liberals, nor conservatives with my point of view.”

        True dat. There is just bizarre and incoherent rambling, nicely laced with false claims of fact.

        jj: “I’m not an alien, and your brains are not tasty enough.”

        That hurts. I always assumed my brains were plenty tasty.

        jj: “Succession is no longer an option.”

        Chief, I think the word you’re struggling for here is “secession.”
        Bet my brains are looking tastier now, huh?


      • “The only low IQ maggot is you. You just don’t know it yet.”

        You referred to CH as “petty” for observing that race matters. You idiot.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 9:06 am Kalki's Horse

      The task Whites face today is similar to people in the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Model is how we should frame this. Our job is to take down psychological Berlin Wall…the anti-White assault. No one is really in complete power at this point, everything is up for grabs. Like 1985 or so in the Soviet Union. The Mantra is by far the best weapon we have at this point. It points out the inconsistencies and double standards, it arms White people verbally and psychologically. All white countries and only white countries must become multi-cultural, diverse etc. This is only happening in white countries and leads to a future without white children….ie. White Genocide. We now have a platform to spread it, the internet. What is needed next is a mass of Pro-Whites to take up the banner (minimum 10,000 people posting 10 mantras a day each. We will force the issue to come to a head in 12-18 months. All the other problems like jewish BAMP (banking, academia, media, political lobbying) black crime, libtards, feminists, gays are real problems but secondary to mass immigration and forced integration. We get this White Genocide sorted out and everything else will be a relative cakewalk. Everyone who is Pro-White needs to post at least ten Mantras a day. Right now about 100 people are working their asses off posting everyday, they have had more real effect on pro-white discourse then everyone else combined. Because they take action! Terms like anti-White, White Genocide, Diversity Equals White Genocide, Anti-Racist is Codeword For Anti-White are some of their best slogans. These terms were nowhere even three or four years ago. Not to say the Mantra model will be the only thing, more winning strategies will come. But for now, disarming are enemies and taking the moral high ground are the first step after 65 years of 24/7/365 anti-white assault. We need to arm our people verbally and psychologically. Unfortunately, the Stormfront model has really taken over the rest of the pro-white discourse. React to The Daily Outrage (TDO) comment on it, bemoan it, rinse and repeat tommorow ad infinitum. Through in the occasinal 5,000 word essay and that’s it. This is excatly what are enemies want. Talking and not working.


      • Great comment


      • On TDO, it has its use. One, for awakening the complacent. Two, for us to keep focus.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 10:26 am Kalki's Horse

        PA: Absolutely TDO is good for newbs to witness the reality that has been hidden from them all these years. But it can be a sinkhole of inactivity for anyone who has been aware for more than six months or so. It’s not enough to merely be informed, action is required. Even onlline action.

        PS. Heartiste, thanks for your hard work in writing this site. It’s probably in the top ten most important pro-White websites.


  2. By synchronicity with this post, this is a passage in Vonnegut’s prophetic “Slaughterhouse” that I just read:

    ” ‘Did that really happen?’ said Maggie White. She was a dull person, but a sensational invitation to make babies. Men looked at her and wanted to fill her up with babies right away. She hadn’t had even one baby yet. She used birth control.”


  3. Sound like the derb wrote this.


  4. Here’s why the country is doomed.

    My family has been in the US since before the 1600’s – if you count the American Indian it goes much farther back. Yet, I will be the last American since I am setting up to expatiate – for a simple reason. I believe in keeping what you work for, and the power of Capitalism – the US is doomed. I wish there was a way off this useless rock – leave it to the dregs…

    There are too many dead-beats in the US and the world. It is as simple as that… An air-borne Ebola would do wonders for clearing out the chaff… Sad, but it’s the only hope – to kill off about 90% of the population…


    • Far too many deadbeats. Among my own family and first cousins, out of a total of 15 children: there are 7 deadbeats living off the system and sponging off their parents.

      Some are out-and-out drug-addicts, some are single-mommy welfare queens (7 children sheeeit!), some are no-hopers that can’t manage anything resembling a steady job. Stupid parents helping them to “make ends meet” because “they’re having a hard time”.

      My tax dollars and inheritance go towards keeping these piece-of-shit no-hopers alive.

      Cut ’em off. Let ’em die. Let their poverty-ridden children die.


      • in an ebola mess, the dregs will destroy themselves. reusable grocery bags might cull 99% of the rest of a certain kind of person.


    • “I believe in keeping what you work for, and the power of Capitalism…”

      Ah, yes, that wonderful power of Capitalism. Oh to be ruled by Wall Street!

      In large measure, we already are.


      • “Ah, yes, that wonderful power of Capitalism. Oh to be ruled by Wall Street!”

        I do not think “Capitalism” means what you think it means.


      • “I do not think “Capitalism” means what you think it means.”

        Obviously, the word means different things to different people, but under none of its definitions is “Capitalism” going to save us.

        A healthy free market (i.e. not the Wall Street driven monstrosity that we have today) may well be a beneficial side effect of a sane society, but it can’t get us from where we are today to that sane society. The battle is elsewhere, and modern “Capitalism” is likely to be on the wrong side of that battle.


    • Not Pretty

      My family has been in the US since before the 1600’s – if you count the American Indian it goes much farther back.

      So you’re part Mexcrement?


      • Theres a Guatemalan on my worksite who was quite happy to point out the Navaho workers that replaced the negroes get a hell of a lot more done. As one of the whites who calls the shots I must agree.


      • So you are a part white mexican? or a part mexican white?

        Or are you just bitch made?


      • Didn’t figure you for a butthurt twit, but here you go and prove me wrong.


      • Thwack is a very special kind of troll, and we’re privileged to have him. For a while I thought he must be a jewlatto, but now I begin to suspect he’s white and actually on our side.


  5. There’s no point in participating in elections, either. The progs brought in a new population to vote them permanently into office; any white person who votes now simply legitimizes what they’ve done.


    • “The progs brought in a new population to vote them permanently into office; any white person who votes now simply legitimizes what they’ve done.”

      True, and they operate on the premise that whites will continue to play by the rules of a game that is intentionally rigged against them. But of what validity is democracy when your opponent has demographically stuffed the ballot box? Where is the legitimacy in that?

      There is none.

      What we are going to witness in the coming years is an increasing loss of confidence in democracy itself. This will be revolutionary, as the entire thrust of our society for hundreds of years has been in the service of expanding democracy. We are heading straight for a major paradigm shift.

      In the past, there was always the idea that we could “throw the bums out!” It’s slowly beginning to dawn on people that this is no longer possible, and furthermore, that this is intentional. It may take a few more election cycles, but eventually light will dawn over Marblehead for a significant chunk of the white population. Secession movements will likely become viable in a way that is unimaginable today. Future shock!


      • True, and they operate on the premise that whites will continue to play by the rules of a game that is intentionally rigged against them. But of what validity is democracy when your opponent has demographically stuffed the ballot box? Where is the legitimacy in that?

        The only way to win is to not play.


  6. Tyler Cowen and John Scalzi just blew their loads in excitement.


  7. Poolside, in these times, beckons.

    So does the idea of taking on our adversaries.


  8. “But blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will always vote 70-30 or more with the big-government/emperor/caudillo party.”

    Doubtful. Asians are so so and while Hispanics are pretty left wing, they can be won over by focusing on the “white hispanics”. Cubans have no problem voting Republican.


    • But sir, Cubans (in this country) are white. For the most part, Castillion (spelling?).


    • on October 8, 2014 at 9:50 pm Diversity Is Good

      Doubtful. Asians are so so

      Yeah? How come they vote straight Dem in Hawaii and California every time?

      and while Hispanics are pretty left wing, they can be won over by focusing on the “white hispanics”.

      It depends on a lot of things. In those parts of the Southwest where inbreeding is big, Hispanics are straight party Dem all the way. Some others can be convinced to vote R after 2 or 3 generations. I know some of them. But they are swamped by the new arrivals who will pull the party lever. That’s one reason the progs keep bringing more in.

      Cubans have no problem voting Republican.

      In years past, true. Now, not as much as before.

      A wild card to watch: if Obola gets into the Central American cities, watch for a wave of refugees heading northward.


    • “Cubans have no problem voting Republican”

      Actually, the data I’ve seen shows that Cubans have been trending Democrat over the long term, while whites in general have been trending Republican. As the generation that actually lived under and fled Communism dies off, the younger set seems to find the Democrats as their natural home.

      And anecdotally, I’ve known some Cubans. While some have considered themselves “white,” many do not. As for those who don’t, it’s not that they consider themselves black or indian, or whatever. Instead, they seem to have a distinctive Cuban identity, almost as if “Cuban” constitutes a race of its own. I’ve noticed this with some other Latin American types as well.

      My prediction: if/when the breakup comes, most Cubans will throw their lot in with the multiculturists. Even those who vote Republican don’t seem to strongly identify with conservative white America, but rather see themselves as distinct from it, even if they check off “white” on the census form (yes, I asked about this).

      As chaos spreads, identity becomes an ever more confusing thing.

      There are plenty of exceptions, obviously, but verily I say unto you, put not ye faith in Latin Americans. The racial chaos and miscegenation of centuries down there, far from creating a racial rainbow utopia, seems to have led to nothing more than petty hatreds and rivalries of astonishing variety – and very, very low trust. Without secession, that’s the America of the none-too-distant future.


      • Instead, they seem to have a distinctive Cuban identity, almost as if “Cuban” constitutes a race of its own.

        Hmmm… kinda like “WHITE”


      • thwack: “Hmmm… kinda like “WHITE”

        Not really. Facts are facts, i.e. your ancestry is what it is. A person’s opinion doesn’t change that. Your biological father is your biological father, and your biological mother is your biological mother, regardless of what you may think of them. Regardless of whether you even know who they are.

        You can attach whatever label you wish upon yourself, but factual reality still exists. You can change how you identify, but you can’t change your ancestors.

        The traditional peoples of Europe, and their descendants world wide, exist. A person is either descended from them in whole, in part, or not at all. That’s factual reality. What a person makes of that, on the other hand, is up to them.

        Same with any other group. What’s the difference between an Apache and a Navajo? I don’t know, but they seem to. They don’t require my permission to identify as they do, and we aren’t seeking yours either, thwack.

        Tribes form as they form, always have and always will. This is accepted as normal and uncontroversial when done by non-whites, but attacked when whites do it.


      • Protip: Never vote for anyone with last name “Gutierrez”, “Rodriguez”, “Villa”, not even “Cruz”. And positively no one named “Rubio”. No matter how “limited government” they sound while campaigning and interviewing for the job.

        They are but one extended-handshake/side-hug/back-slap with a Statist Latino brother away from “reaching across the aisle” and going full RINO right before your eyes.

        The ONE SOLITARY JOB of an elected Congressman is to accurately represent the wishes of the employers who hired him. As with any other job, should he fail to fail to convey the will of the people, to carry out his boss’ vision, he has failed to do his job properly and shall be summarily fired.

        This whole idea of the vaunted Senator and Representative as being above the average person has grown sickeningly tiresome. They are nothing more than politically-correct, beta schmoes, often who have gone to law school on Daddy’s dime and never held a Real World job, working 137 days per year with lifetime pensions, their only job duty to say “yay or nay”.

        If they are vigorously defending freedom and ensuring common sense is baked into the code of law, if they cannot charismatically and confidently defend their positions and do so right to the face of snarky, hypocritical, mentally ill Big Government Democrats, then they have failed to do their job properly and shall be relieved of duty.


      • “While some have considered themselves “white,” many do not.”

        Blame Nixon or whoever was resposnible for creating the Chicano/Hispanic class.

        If you call white hispanics white, brown hispanics brown and black hispanics black, many hispanics would identify as white. It’s a marker of high status. When you designate them a victim status, they’ll run with it.


  9. I don’t think black people are genetically pre-determined to vote for big government. They are just woefully ignorant of the issues and believe in a large white conspiracy against them so they will vote for their race even if it is an overall bad idea. These two statements are not strictly equal. Also, look at how the campaigns are now using data mining to find black people who haven’t voted and bring them to vote, if I recall, blacks vote the least as percent of pop. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a demographic problem. It just means if you want to fight, you have your work set out in front of you. I think it can be done. BTW what does poolside beckons mean? There won’t even be a poolside if you don’t fight for it, tax collectors will ruin the poolside for you.


    • Whatever happens, we have got
      the Obama Phone and they have not.


    • They claim to believe in a large White conspiracy. They make themselves believe in a large White conspiracy because it suits them. Because then they can excuse voting for taking White people’s money and getting privileges for themselves.


      • Right I think so. I should have phrased it simply as: they will vote to line their own pockets. But it takes two to tango, their co-conspirators, the left, line their own pockets too once they win the election. They are really all just wolves in sheep’s clothing.


    • Good post. White libs (mostly female) wanted this system and voted it in. Not Blacks or Latinos or Asians. The other day I saw a middle age SWPL couple in a burrito place and the man (who looked like a Republican) was getting really frustrated with the lack of service from a little Mexican woman. The man’s wife who told him to “just stop” looked like your typical liberal. That little interaction in a way demonstrates exactly how the country was lost.


  10. on October 8, 2014 at 4:36 pm Lucky White Male

    You want Secession and Secession is the only alternative

    But the question is:

    Will the forces that be * allow you to Secede? *

    Let me put it this way:

    If Group X is trying to exterminate out of existence Group Y – why would they let you secede?

    No – Group X will continue to ramp up very curious speech codes, media narratives, tax schemes, and one- sided laws that bleed you dry – financially, physically, spiritually


    • which is why they will ratchet up the pressure on all fronts and try to elicit violent acts from our side prior to any peaceful secession, so they’ll have the pretext to be going after ‘dangerous splinter elements’


  11. The food is in the country, and the cities are easily cut off from the source of food. You don’t have to fight the demographic cancer in the cities. All you have to do is cut off the food and wait a few weeks.


    • Have you looked at the labels on your produce lately? Most of it isn’t even manufactured in America anymore.


  12. on October 8, 2014 at 4:56 pm Troll of the Manosphere

    LOL ya like during the turn of the century, the different groups of whites coming in from europe were so different, according to the peoplez back then. Pretty much same deal here.

    The sky is falling!


    • Um, no, it’s not “same deal”. Germanic peoples work perfectly fine together. Less well but still okay with Mediterraneans, who arrive when the land has been cleared and the foundation has been built. Less well with Slavs who come for the cities, but non-Whites, that’s a whole other matter. There’s a reason Africa doesn’t work without Whites. If it wasn’t for Western aid money, and the threat of Western intervention, Africans would be in all-out wars all across Africa like they have always been.


    • False equivalency argument.

      Whites look like each other even when they are from different clans. Once the clans of the old get replaced by the new clan culture they can’t tell the difference because once again they look like each other.

      Do you really think people can’t tell the primal difference when it’s completely different races even after three generations?


    • on October 8, 2014 at 5:26 pm Troll of the Manosphere

      de blacks tho, they look moar like chimps than homo sapienz. You is corretc


  13. Preventing the city-state design is the fact that the majority of the population that favor secession are more rural, and those that favor non-secession aremthose in the cities. What is more likely is isolation cities and a unified rurality.

    What prevents the cities from forcibly taking the goods of the rurality is that though the cities may have AK47s where the rurality has squirrel guns, the AK possessors are seeking control of the cities from the authorities. Also, squirrel gun shooters don’t screw bullet flight by turning their guns sideways.

    Another reason. City dwellers fear the gun. Very few know how to actually use them. Practically every corn stalk knows how to shoot, and seeing the gun as a tool, they are not afraid to use them when they are the right hammer to hit the nail.

    I could go on, but I will end with this. The SWPLs tend to congregate in the cities. If a man chooses to live outside the comforts of the city, chances are, he is an alpha and will act accordingly.


    • “the cities may have AK47s where the rurality has squirrel guns” lozolozz

      Apparently you haven’t been to the “rurality”. No my friend, there are way more high power rifles out here than there are plinkers.


    • On the Internet, everyone is an expert. It’s a series of tubes connecting each Dunning-Kruger infectee with every other one.


  14. You act as if either party gives a fuck about you, your freedom or anything about you. Both parties cater to the same interest, all the elites have gone to the same schools, vacation together and laugh at all of you believing that there is a two party system. You think George Bush, Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton are different from each other? They all went to the same schools, have the same financial backers, and vote the same way on major issues. There is no hope for breaking up the country, If you think it is not diverse enough get married and make some white kids. Good luck with that.


  15. Whites in the heavily black south vote GOP at rates well over 80%. Whites in Pure White Maine vote Dem at 60% or so. When its go time, whites will rally to the racial flag.

    Hispanics and Blacks hate each other and neither group has put for any leaders that would be able to kick out the White overlords that control the Tribe’s party. I have never seen the Black Caucus buck the Dem hand despite the fact that Dems often require them to vote against their own racial interests.


    • The only whites who vote Dem nowadays live in parts of the country where you don’t have criminal vibrants infesting every town.

      Heck, in the 2006 0bama-vs-Hitlery contest, 0bama won either black-dominated or white-dominated Dem votes, while Hitlery won the Dem vote in states where there was a medium amount of blacks, but still a white majority.


  16. 30 years war.

    White people go off on each other for 30 years; african levels of disease, pestilence, war and famine…

    Scroll to 25:47 for a woodcut of over 20 people hung from a single tree; thats got to be some kind of record.


    • They musta had black hats on. Or boots…..
      There was also a 100-year war, while you’re learning actual history.
      You want disease?
      The plague wiped out about 1/3 of Europe at some point, imported from south-east Asia by rats (their fleas, actually) on ships.


    • thwack is snidely intimating that, since whites fought and killed each other during the 17th century, deys just like negroes.

      For the sake of argument, let’s assume the negroes in Africa at the time were equally savage, though somewhat less well-documented.

      And so we start the race… (no pun intended… well, maybe somewhat 😉 )

      Fast forward four centuries now…

      Eh, what was your point again, Sambo?

      Learn or depart… a third alternative is defenestration. lzozlzozlzolzozlzolzolzolozl


      • My point Greg is that the white on white savagery is still there, its in your DNA; and no amount of pointing at “sambo” can compensate for the fact y’alls problem is with yourselves.

        Y’all even have a word for wanting to get away from white people:


        Now will you please rise for the white peoples national anthem:


      • My point Greg is that the white on white savagery is still there, its in your DNA; and no amount of pointing at “sambo” can compensate for the fact y’alls problem is with yourselves.

        Your point is merely Sunstein shillery and n1663r-babble.

        We’ve gone over this “point” so often at the chateau, that it’s gone beyond your usual tedium.

        No one ever denied whites exhibit all the signs of having fallen from grace… and thank you yet again, Captain Obvious. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        But the only SALIENT point is/was/remains… a white society is far, far, FAR preferable to those (ahem) societies where coloureds hold sway.

        So much so that even y’all can’t beat feet fast enough to insinuate yourselves into our environs… or hold on like grim death to YT’s world, while talking out your ass about past injustices and current RAYCISSISM.

        So give it a rest already on this disingenuous bullshit… or put your ass where your mouf is and extricate yourselves from our alleged odious presence.


      • So much so that even y’all can’t beat feet fast enough to insinuate yourselves into our environs… or hold on like grim death to YT’s world, while talking out your ass about past injustices and current RAYCISSISM.

        Exhibit A: why dafuq do we have Liberians in the USA? I thought Liberia was established for blacks not to have to live among whites?


    • As an aside:

      I recommend The Warwolf, for those of interest in said Thirty Years War.


      • If you can read German, there’s also ‘Gustav Adolf’s Page’ by Gottfried Keller.
        White people aren’t angels by any means, but at least we’ve moved on from constant tribal warfare, constant ignorance, constant genocide, constant gang-raping, constant disease, etc. Sub-Saharan Africa has not. They’re still in the Stone Age, except now they have suits (made in Asia), machine guns (made in Russia) and cars (made in Europe or Asia) and kill, maim, rape and infect each other more rapidly and efficiently.


      • wolfie65

        White people aren’t angels by any means, but at least we’ve moved on from constant tribal warfare, constant ignorance, constant genocide, constant gang-raping, constant disease, etc.


        You believe you’ve “moved on?”

        “Don’t talk like one of them. You’re not! Even if you’d like to be. To them, you’re just a freak, like me! They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

        Truer words have never been spoken


  17. Personal secession already occurred for me…packed up the fam & dog, defected to Costa Rica. Talk about poolside, I’m 50yds from the worlds biggest pool.

    Enjoy the show.

    “Swim out past the breakers, and watch the world die…” – Everclear


    • Tambien… Saw the writing on the wall in 2007 and went Vamoose. Live in another little Central American country nearby. Funny thing is, they may be poor here, but they are a hell of a lot more self-reliant.

      Government is corrupt as shit, but it’s also small and terribly inefficient so folks don’t rely on it. They largely fend for themselves. Every house in every little town has its own vegetable garden, fruit trees and chickens.

      Try playing the SWPL victim card here or bitching about the patriarchy and you’ll be laughed out of the country — after you’re given a good smack.


      • Yeah, you’re fine for the moment — but only because the tattered umbrella of the Pax Americana still shades you a little bit. One that’s really over, it’s anybody’s guess.


  18. makes a compelling case for nihilism in my eyes, we are dust in the wind


    • also some great game philosophy here


    • Great find! Its not nihilism per se. I can’t achieve my civilized potential, but I can not only enjoy the ride but attempt to manoeuvrer to survive until the turning, when those who have faced death as expressed may weed and seed humanity to their liking. What is foolish to do today will become foolish to not do tomorrow, unless you only care about your body and not your values. If you only care about your body, then there is no hope, but you missed the point. Play your hand to win and enjoy exercising that freedom. As for me, I want to know what superlative winning feels like. I fear I am too old to ever know. Fighting is a young man’s game, and digital shivs are not enough. In the meantime, enjoy sheeple the way others might enjoy goyem. These are not The end times, and human civilization will almost certainly bloom again. It was end times for the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Amerinds, Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, ancient Egyptians, and do you give a shit? You think these ends times will be different? Fucking live, at least by choosing from a full menu unlike the vermin. Philosophy is required to go from love of outcome to love of process informed by desired outcome but not beholden to actual outcome. Dignity that depends on results depends on subhuman cooperation, and that dignity does not exist. Weed the blue relentlessly.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 12:08 am Goddess Kalifornia Surfer

        “Philosophy is required to go from love of outcome to love of process informed by desired outcome but not beholden to actual outcome.”

        Bhagavad Gita?


    • Nihilism?

      Say what you will about National Socialism, dude… at least it’s an ethos.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 2:44 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      “Life is too short to spend it with people that make it seem too long.”

      – Mean Mr. Mustard


  19. CH, are you up to date on currencies? During Clinton’s time Greenspan printed more dollars than in the entire post-war period before that put together, in order to create an artificial boost so that Clinton would be re-elected. Under the de-facto leftist Bush, more money was borrowed than under all presidents before him combined. He did that in eight years. Obama borrowed even more money than that – in three years. That was the only way he could get re-elected.

    This excessive money printing and borrowing would have sunk a normal currency, but the dollar is held afloat because it is the world’s go-to trade currency. But with new technology it becomes easier to “frog leap” from one currency to another in trade. Russia and China are now working out ways to trade with each other without the dollar, and there are other efforts. China, of course, could sink the dollar at any moment by selling off its dollar reserves, the world’s largest. They don’t do so because they need U.S. demand for their goods – in large part paid for by money borrowed from China. It’s absurd. Chinese economists write openly in their business magazines about how they should change customers to the domestic market and other nations, because they are convinced that the U.S. economy is a house of cards. They know that the current state can’t go on forever.

    Oddly Russia and China have been increasing their gold supplies greatly in the last decade. The Russian central bank’s gold reserves have tripled since 2006. China holds about 8.5-9 times more gold than in 2000. This looks like a preparation for great currency instability.

    When the dollar sinks things will happen fast. Once a certain point is reached there will be a stampede, as no one will want to hold a rapidly weakening currency. This has happened in many, many countries. We could learn from several South American nations. But they had the luxury of living in a world with a West that could give them loans via IMF and the World Bank, and their economies were held up by Western demand. The United States of America does not have a bigger region ready to hold up its economy. So as bad as things have been in Argentina and elsewhere, it will be much worse in the U.S.

    And American households are more in debt now than ever before in history. More mortgages than ever before. So it won’t be like the Depression, when people weren’t indebted.

    But things look fine, right? It’s like the guy down the block who keeps borrowing and borrowing. He dresses in suits and drives a nice car. To his neighbors everything looks fine, week after week, right up until the day when the bank takes the house.

    When will the party stop? Hard to say. There are many more factors and facts that could be shown, which all point to the same thing. But to say exactly when, that’s impossible. You could always see that the “Community Reinvestment Act” that forced banks to hand out subprime loans to people who shouldn’t have them (which McCain wanted to investigate in 2003, but Obama and others voted against an investigation) would cause a disaster, but no one could say which year. So it is today. We can see that things will go downhill, but we can’t say exactly when. But I would guess before 2020. Things will be very different for a lot of people that year.

    Until then, keep your house in order.


    • on October 8, 2014 at 5:37 pm Troll of the Manosphere

      Build an underground bunker and stock up on canned foods while you’re at it.


    • This is why the Bathhouse Regime wants to fill the military with undocumented illegal feces-skins, so when Uncle Samantha gives the order to murder and attack white people, the military will be more than happy to obey those orders.


    • hey Arbiter, could you explain the effect of Bretton Woods II and petrodollar recycling for the group please?


    • Arbiter, I think you are exactly right in how the decline will begin in earnest. There are a lot of unknowables but one thing that is knowable is that the days of the US being the world’s reserve currency is numbered, and when that goes, the whole house of cards goes with it. I suspect that the dollar would have been dumped by the world by now if it’s nearest rival, the Euro, wasn’t also in deep shit.

      When the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency, the demand for holding dollars drops like a rock. Who needs them then? As the world dump the dollar holdings, the dollar will decline even more. Without the massive buying of US Treasuries by governments and banks around the world, we can’t run up the massive deficits we’ve been getting away with.

      And that is Bond-Ageddon; what I call that fateful day in the future when the demand for US Treasuries collapses, leaving us no way to finance our deficit or debt. If you want to know what sort of austerity that would cause in our government, imagine if we were told that we could no longer run a budget deficit, right now. Immediately the government would have to cut spending. And considering the size of our deficits, that would mean everything would be sliced, Medicare, defense, roads, pensions, you name it. There just would be no more money, and no way to borrow enough to cover our bills. Not just for a few weeks, but for the foreseeable future. We would become a 2nd world nation.

      Mexico will make fun of us.

      But you know, we DID ask for it.


    • You’re making the classic error of conflating trading monies with THE reserve currency. The world has had gazillion trading currencies on into the past.

      Other than swift periods of transition, the world has always devolved down to just ONE reserve currency.

      A currency becomes THE reserve currency by group consensus. The nation emitting it has to be militarily dominant, usually with an overwhelming navy.

      A currency become a “reserve currency” when it’s the asset that traders and bankers want on their books — net long — at the end of every trading day (typ.) and certainly at the end of every financial reporting period.

      It also must be emitted by a nation that runs a trade deficit. No trade deficit means that it’s impossible for (alien) traders to accumulate long positions!

      Consequently, Russia, Red China, et. al. can scream until they’re blue. They have absolutely no prospects. They don’t run deficits. They don’t have overwhelming navies. No-one wants them on top in the first place. Every small power likes the Pax American they’d known for decades.

      Emitting a fiat currency at this time functions as an American tax upon the larger world. In a loopy, round about way, the world is financing the US military.


      • Yeah because reserve currencies never changed. 🙄

        And how were Portugal and the Netherlands ever militarily dominant?


      • Portugal never had a reserve currency.

        Even at her peak, she was paying straight up… that is trading currency status.

        She had basically displaced the Venetians and Genovese.

        As for the Dutch… strictly a trading currency in international markets.

        She did start the banknote action in Europe. They scarcely traded over the border. Instead, they traveled inside Holland, indeed, inside only the elites.

        Nice try, though.


      • “Nice try, though.”

        You’re a massive faggot.

        Bottomline: there were multiple reserve currencies. The dollar hasn’t always been that. Things change.


      • Paying in gold or silver specie means that gold or silver is the reserve currency.

        The first reserve currency to supplant gold or silver was the British pound Sterling.

        Finally you had a naval power and a financial power such that money ON ACCOUNT was equated to specie in hand… by a universal audience.

        This was all tied into the City of London’s “(Trade) Bills Market” — which, itself, died at the beginning of WWI.

        America was not a reserve currency in the modern sense until Bretton Woods.

        This was why both America and Britain were obsessed with gold production all through the inter-war years. It’s why gold policy was such a big deal.

        { Curiously, both Churchill (1925) and FDR (1932/3/4) totally fouled up the gold markets. Churchill tried to go back to pre-war levels — an epic error. FDR repriced the US Dollar downwards from $20.67 to $35.00 per ounce — another epic erorr. FDR’s (gold) comments on the campaign trail (1932) triggered as much mischief as everything that followed. Hoover couldn’t get him to talk responsibly. This dirty history is swept under the rug.}


  20. “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. … The cause … was no inherent exhaustion of the soil, no change in climate, but the negligence and sterility of harassed and discouraged men. …

    The holocausts of war and revolution, and perhaps the operation of contraception, abortion, and infanticide, had a dysgenic as well as a numerical effect: the ablest men married latest, bred least, and died soonest. The dole weakened the poor, luxury weakened the rich …

    The rapidly breeding Germans could not understand the classic culture, did not accept it, did not transmit it; the rapidly breeding Orientals were mostly of a mind to destroy that culture; the Romans, possessing it, sacrificed it to the comforts of sterility. Rome was conquered not by barbarian invasion from without, but by barbarian multiplication within. …

    [I]mmigration brought together a hundred cultures whose differences rubbed themselves out into indifference. Moral and esthetic standards were lowered by the magnetism of the mass; and sex ran riot in freedom while political liberty decayed. …

    The political causes of decay were rooted in one fact-that increasing despotism destroyed the citizen’s civic sense and dried up statesmanship at its source. Powerless to express his political will except by violence, the Roman lost interest in government and became absorbed in his business, his amusements, his legion, or his individual salvation.”

    – Will Durant, the Story of Civilization, volume 3


    • If there is going to be a secession, what are the resulting countries going to be?

      [CH: New York, Greater Liberia, Chihuahua Norte, and that white country the other three try to get into.]


    • Durant did not know that Rome and Constantinople suffered a catastrophic four-year famine in the Sixth Century.

      Even the sacking of Rome could be bounced back from.

      The loss of so many urban citizens was a culture killer.


  21. When whites are committed to accomplishing anything, whether it’s sending musloids back to Dumbfuckistan or putting a man on the moon, they get it done. So when whites want to commit national and ethnic suicide, you can bet they’ll get that done, too.


    • We were kings and queens in africa, black is beautiful, and you put a man on the moon;

      ok, go ahead, but you better not cum in my mouth:


  22. on October 8, 2014 at 5:50 pm Troll of the Manosphere

    Guys, we should treat our fellow muslims with the same respect they treat us with.


  23. Lighten up people. Sarah Silverman has donned a strap-on to bring national attention to the “vagina tax”. It’s funny cause she’s America’s comedienne laureate. You WILL laugh.


  24. There’s already a low grade civil war in the U.S. baked into our schools and culture. Little white kids are taught guilt and little black kids are taught victim status. Little boys are taught shame and little girls are taught entitlement. Even if the U.S. doesn’t break up politically, expect even lower trust, more interracial crime (these random black on white sucker punches are just the beginning), worse women and more party polarization.

    The late 20th century was a one hit wonder and I’m glad I got to live it. If anyone has recommendations for expatriation, I’m all ears (no place cold).

    Molon labe.


    • It basically impossible to find a place white people haven’t already ruined; but some people say Botswanna is still fairly virginal with Africans who don’t YET hate the white man.

      But Im sure y’all will fix that.

      You’re welcome.


  25. on October 8, 2014 at 6:28 pm Just Went Rogue

    yes, demographics are everything. Blacks are stupid and will make up the massive useful idiot underclass. Whites will continue to self-flagellate under Jewish rule. And the Jews will take the money and run when America becomes Uganda-ized past the point of no return.

    There will never be a white uprising because the majority of whites are utopian and gregarious to a fault. The small pushback from aggressive white factions will amount to so much tears in rain. Blacks will rape and pillage what’s left of the country until they are left to their own devices, which will then end in them self-destructing.

    Sweet dreams!


    • on October 8, 2014 at 6:40 pm Troll of the Manosphere

      whoa there nostradamus, someone’s really got it all figured out


      • on October 8, 2014 at 6:47 pm Just Went Rogue

        Hi welcome. I don’t have all the answers, regrettably. There are questions that still haunt my sleep. For instance, why do people insist on backing into parking spaces? Why make your bed if you’re just going to muss it up anyway? And most importantly, why knock on the door of a public restroom? It’s either locked or it isn’t, do you think I’m going to invite you in for tea if you knock first?
        Please respond in a timely fashion with your thoughts on these matters.


      • on October 8, 2014 at 7:03 pm Troll of the Manosphere

        I like gummy bears


  26. Here is a YouTube video featuring Jared Taylor, founder of the conservative website American Renaissance, confronting the hollow-headed Republican establishment over the changing demographics that are projected to consign the GOP to permanent oblivion.

    The Republican politicians answered Taylor with the typical nonsense we hear from all the other lamestream “conservatives.” Basically denial and the absurd idea that it’s okay if 100,000,000 uneducated, Democrat-voting peasants immigrate to the US, but only if it isn’t done illegally.

    The idiot who started talking at 3:16 basically advocated for open borders by rejoicing at the values held by immigrants. Jared Taylor promptly reminded him that the immigrants’ values obviously aren’t conservative because they vote Democrat 70% of the time (I predict that percentage will grow higher as the country gets poorer and more populous because more people need to rely on government assistance). The moderator at the podium then responded with even more denial and condescending laughter. He certainly won’t be laughing when the changing demographic tidal wave makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for Republicans like himself to get elected.

    I don’t know whether the GOP should be called the Stupid Party or the Pathetic Party. Either way, there is no future for them.


    • All five demonstrate that they’ve never personally had any exposure to Latino cultural norms.

      We see the same crazed optimism WRT Muslim immigrants — a culture apart.


    • Seriously? You know its the banksters party left and banksters party right? The Republican Party is not a person, and its destruction does not hurt elite Republicans if they are accepted elitists in the role of Republicans. It is a fiction circus. Please don’t articulate in the terminology of their believers. It is not they who are clueless: they know exactly what they are doing and want to do it.


  27. on October 8, 2014 at 6:56 pm Just Went Rogue

    OT: I was this close to landing a mother-daughter threesome tonight at some shitty chain restaurant happy hour. The mother was all on it and the daughter was game to, but then this old silver haired faggot spilled a drink on the mother and threw a wrench in the whole ordeal. Got both numbers so I’ll keep you faggots posted. Taking questions.


  28. I don’t see it. Upper middle class, university educated American whites are getting married, staying married and having white kids. The divorce epidemic is really the domain of the middle and lower middle classes, but even that peaked decades ago and there’s been no increase.

    The lower classes don’t bother to marry.

    From where I stand the future of the United States looks very white and very educated. Upper middle class Whites, East Asians and Indians will dominate ownership of the economy while the lower class whites, blacks, hispanics will work for us.


  29. In a time of turmoil, it’s the cities that get wiped out.

    It happened to the Romans, the classic Chinese, the 14th Century in Europe, … on and on it goes.

    When the Muslims destroyed the Hindus, the killing was in the cities, something like 75,000,000 — which still stands as the global record for war fatalities.

    America is a nation that has virtually all of its Blue voters in the big cities, all of its Red voters outside.

    Of course, even Red and Blue are inverted terms: thank you ABC.


    The Pentagon made the colors famous in its wargames:

    Great Blue (USA) vs Big Red (USSR)

    Red is ALWAYS the attacker in those scenarios.


    • If ebola is permitted to get loose, the only safety will be by isolation.

      In classical times, entire cities crashed. Everybody simply split.

      In the Sixth Century, the Eastern Roman Emperor was at the dockside ready to flee Constantinople — it took his wife to nix the voyage. The city was, at the time, over flowing with the dead due to mass starvation.

      [ circa 535-539]

      Unknown to them, Krakatoa had erupted [535/6] — even more spectalularly than it did in the 19th Century. [1883]

      It temporarily changed the climate in southern latitudes. No rain fell for years on end. This was recorded by scribes in the Orient and the Occident.

      It didn’t affect those living way up north: London or Beijing.

      It did cause the Petrans to flee south to the Hajiz, (mountain springs) taking their stone craft and alphabet with them.

      It largely destroyed the Romans and the Chinese: massive population loss.

      The big winners were the fishermen.


    • Some Indonesian volcano can change the global equation on short notice.

      Ebola may prove to be pandemic. As far as I can tell, the guys at the top are clueless idiots without ANY scientific knowledge.

      Dallas or Madrid: it’s the Stooges.

      Keep in mind: Spanish flu, the Black Death, … no cure was ever found… even up to the modern day. (!)

      History tells us that these demographic conditions trigger massive civil wars.

      So, the current popular impulse is to speed things up.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 12:25 am Goddess Kalifornia Surfer

      “When the Muslims destroyed the Hindus”

      Destroyed? There’s almost 1 billion of them worldwide!


      • Pakistan is ex-Hindu India.

        India has more Muslims than any other nation on Earth, even still.

        ALL are legacies from the bloodiest conquest in human history — that we have a written history of. It’s astonishing that it totally eclipses WWII.


      • “backchecking” was likely referring to the work of K.S. Lal:


      • on October 10, 2014 at 9:58 pm Goddess Kalifornia Surfer

        “India has more Muslims than any other nation on Earth, even still.”

        That’s because India has more PEOPLE than any other nation on Earth (besides China, who I think it has overtaken by now, no?) Still, Muslims clock in at a mere 15% if that.

        Yes there was bloodshed, but the bulk of Hindu “conversions” to Islam (or Christianity) were not at the end of a sword. Even then Hindus clock in at about 1 billion world wide and growing, via birth rates and conversions. Ever since the 1960s there has been huge non-South Asian conversions to Hinduism. Hare Krishnas, 3HO, Ammachi, etc groups spring to mind.


  30. The bottom line: the only thing that will save the white race is for men to learn game and charm their women away from fatassery and feminism, and marry them, and put buns in ovens.

    And hope the nonwhites adopt Marxist birth rates. (And as a matter of fact, while there is a Hispanic youth bulge, there is not one for Asians. The Asian population would start heading into rapid decline in a few decades if immigration dropped to zero. Japanese-Americans are in fact already.)


  31. ” But blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will always vote 70-30 or more with the big-government/emperor/caudillo party. It’s part of their genetic/cultural heritage”

    I don’t know about that.

    The biggest issue is the redundant two party system we have here in the States. Its really a one party system: Republicrats, as there is absolutely no difference between the two.

    Nobody should vote. I’d love to see what politicians would do if that happened.


    • Nothing could please them more.


      • Having lived almost a half century in several different cultures, and having listened to politicians from many different countries and parties, in several different languages, I can tell you that they are all pretty much the same.
        Greedy, lying, two-faced bastards who will say and do A N Y T H I N G to get elected or re-elected. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, it doesn’t matter which party they belong to, it doesn’t matter which ideology they supposedly belong to, nothing matters, except their burning desire to control you and your wallet.
        Vote with your wallet, believe N O T H I N G they say (even ‘Hello!’ is a lie), practice civil disobedience at reasonable (= self-interest) levels, look out for No.1 and keep the (human) wolves from the door.


  32. on October 8, 2014 at 7:47 pm Eastside School

    Oh, don’t be such a hater. The Jews decided they weren’t comfortable with a 90% white USA, and they made it happen, spending half a century preparing for October 3, 1965. From preparing the political atmosphere with the “civil rights” movement, to paying off influential Goy psychopaths, to introducing the idea that America is a proposition nation, to the final masterstroke, the chain migration provision. Demonically brilliant, start to finish. Hopefully someone will post that YouTube of Norbert Schlei laughing gleefully about his triumph.


    • So far Satan has been pretty successful in his plan as well…

      We’ll see who laughs last, though.

      Habt acht… in the best Wagnerian sense of the term.

      You fairies.


  33. This is where it gets interesting. The white elite do not reproduce at replacement level. At what point does the white elite get throw out by their enemies? If white males hegemony is overthrown entirely then what holds the country together?


  34. Good news here:

    ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – At the St. Louis Cardinals’ game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night, Cardinal fans came face-to-face with Ferguson protestors chanting for justice for Michael Brown outside Busch Stadium.

    A video of the confrontation was captured for Argus Streaming News.

    Near the beginning, the video shows a small group of protestors chanting “Justice for Mike Brown,” as a large group of fans chants, “Let’s go Cardinals.”

    Some fans later switch the chant to “Let’s go Darren,” referring to Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown.


  35. Oh wait wasn’t having children the greatest failure of a playa? The harsh reality is whoever makes the babies controls the future. No “if’s”, “but’s” or “maybe’s”. Old playas taking their message to heart ought not act surprised that those who hold lineage in high esteem have a stake in the future.


  36. Heartiste, you are factually incorrect in saying that Blacks/Hispanics/Asians will always vote for the big gov’t party 70-30. First of all,

    [CH: for the record, i didn’t write that, the reader did.]

    Black Americans likelihood of voting for big gov’t is more like 90-10 or 95-5. Second of all, while Hispanics and Asians currently vote for big gov’t 70-30, it was not always so for Asians. In fact, there were elections when they voted for the Republicans at higher percentages than Whites!

    [i’d be interested in seeing the data for this claim.]

    So to break it down, this is what is actually happening when people of color vote for the Democrats:
    Blacks: 90-10
    Hispanics: 70-30
    Asians: Depends entirely on which White people are in the Republican party.

    [if asians can be brought into the pro-white fold, great. but i don’t see evidence for that happening any time soon.]


    • Pro-white fold? The only fold that Asians will remain loyal to is epicanthic.


    • on October 8, 2014 at 10:14 pm braveagnosticg

      But why Whites don’t watch Asian TV series, while lots of White TV series are exported to Asia? me and some other open minded Whites embrace them, I don’t like that about being ethnocentric


    • on October 8, 2014 at 10:40 pm braveagnosticg

      Oh and speaking of Asians again, their music is not know in the West (Psy is the exception) while Asians know who Justin Bieber or One Direction is, I see some imbalance in favor of Whites, diverstiy could open Whites for real to accept Asians stars


      • That video lacks diversity. It would be stronger if it had some thick black sistas in it, twerking away, interspersed with various shots of black and mestizo males sneering and grimacing. Don’t you understand what true art is?

        Get with the program.


      • Someone once posted a video of a Korean girl band rapping and ass-shaking and I said “now I understand what Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh fought for.”


    • on October 9, 2014 at 3:21 am Peter Akuleyev

      Asians have no love for blacks, and no baggage of racial guilt. Asians like “big government” in the sense that government should pay to run and maintain society’s infrastructure (and public education and healthcare is part of the infrastructure to the Asian mind) but they don’t like direct hand-outs and welfare. In all Asian countries, even Japan, homeless bums are surprisingly prevalent. In Asia if you can’t carry your weight, and your family won’t take care of you then society doesn’t want you. To the extent Democrats become captured by black interest groups, they will lose the Asian vote. The future belongs to the self described “socially liberal/economically conservative”, i.e. Michael Bloomberg types, uniting Asians, Jews, and the white upper class. This party will play radical left/blacks off against working class/indigenous whites to make sure neither faction can ever get the upper hand. In fact, this pretty much describes the US today, come to think of it. The “centrists” are for the most part smart enough not to be too public about what they are doing. Better to work via the existing political parties.


      • I would love for there to be more political parties. Right now the Democrats cater to the Blacks and Hispanics, the Republicans cater to prole White religious zealots. I want a party that caters to the interests of high class Whites, and I believe that such a party would also be popular among Jews and Asians.


      • on October 10, 2014 at 3:32 am Peter Akuleyev

        @SC – both parties cater to the interests of elite whites right now. The GOP caters to business owners and providers of capital. The Democrats cater to the professional classes – lawyers and academics. There is some overlap, as no ones interests matches perfectly with that of their “class”, but that is basically it. The policies both parties agree on – globalization, immigration, low marginal tax rates on the rich, credentialism – are all in the interest of the white upper class, and no one else.


  37. This deal was sealed 3 generations ago when the catholics took over. There’s is a faith that feeds directly in to centralization. They simply don’t honor individualism in the way we did. But fuck us. Ultimately we didn’t stand up for ourselves and let them take over.


  38. I am not sure if CH or his readers were familiar that feminist movements existed before Betty Friedan


    • What’s your point?

      It matters not where a thing starts… it matters where, when, and by WHOSE efforts it gains momentum towards becoming an irresistible force.


  39. on October 8, 2014 at 9:27 pm Travis Bickle

    Troll of mano: You. Suck. At.Trolling. Even with remedial curriculum, it is hopeless. See thwack for for correct methodology. I give her a solid B-. For the rest of you, a quote which I have yet to see at the Chateau, but which is apt.

    ““So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct.

    -Malcolm Muggeridge.


  40. on October 8, 2014 at 9:34 pm Rusty Shackelrod

    The powers that be couldn’t change the voters’ minds, so they changed the voters instead. Not my original thought, by one that bears repeating.
    What the white leftoids don’t realize is that the teeming mocha masses won’t be content, in the long run, with gibsmedat scraps from the master’s table. It’s already playing out in Minnesota, where Somali immigrants are making inroads into local political power much to the shocked surprised of the self congratulatory whites who brought them there. “You’re not supposed to want to be in charge, just take our handouts and let us run things!”, they cry, not realizing they have sown the seeds for their own demise. But, rather than own up to the mistake they’ve made, they cower and let it happen, for fear of the worst thing in their little world, which is being called a “racist”.

    White liberals will remain so as long as they have their own in power and have a very un-diverse gated community to retreat to. Those days will come to an end, the only unknown is when.

    It’s likely that the demographic winners will be Hispanics. Both of the major parties are pushing to bring more of them here, albeit for very different reasons. Democrats see future voters, and Republicans see big business donors.

    Blacks, ironically, seem happy about this as they think they can team up with Hispanics to form a super powered handout demanding alliance. This will work for a while, but what they fail to realize is that the Hispanics have no cultural equivalent of white guilt, and then the long game will play out. When they take over politically through sheer numbers, they will whittle down the black’s piece of the gravy train pie to nothing in order to benefit their own people.

    I’d like to say something glib here, like “it’s too late to vote, but too early to start shooting”. The truth is, it’s too late for both.


    • I’d like to say something glib here, like “it’s too late to vote, but too early to start shooting”. The truth is, it’s too late for both.

      Don’t hold your manhood too cheaply… we may enjoy a most merry St. Crispin’s Day yet.


  41. It is truly a shame to see such an otherwise insightful and beautifully-written blog get dragged down into what I can only describe as the single most ignorant, bigoted kind of filth I have ever come across on the internet.

    This comment section is disgusting. Please do yourselves a favor and read over these comments and take note of the appalling level of hatred and anger and misery emanating from these comments. You guys must be some of the saddest people on the planet, I am genuinely concerned for people who think and write the way you guys do.

    Not one of you here even possesses a remedial level of economic or political literacy, nevermind a heart or clear mind. If you are actually stupid enough to believe that one of the two “parties” in the American political system have any of your interests in mind you might as well give up on political analysis altogether.

    I will gladly take the time to educate you about the problems of our country and economy, and it doesn’t have anything to do with blacks and big government, despite what your Rush Limbaugh/libertarian/zerohedge newsletters may tell you.

    Please CH, for someone who understands so clearly the art of attraction and winning the heart of a woman, do not let your site be run down by this kind of ignorance and total lack of compassion and love. It doesn’t suit you, my friend.

    [CH: gasbuttox to the courtesy phone…]


    • Well I for one am truly disgusted; now please excuse me while jack off


    • Vapors are in isle three… and today the chateau is having a Buy-One-Get-One special.

      You concern-troll fairy..


    • You forgot the obligatory “Wow just wow I can’t even”


    • “I will gladly take the time to educate you about the problems of our country and economy…”

      Ah, the economy. That soulless entity that cares for neither tradition nor family nor ethny nor anything higher than the radical individual. Yeah, fuck that stupid talk about whites getting replaced. I mean, who cares, right? We’re all just white economic cogs in a soulless machine who can be easily replaced with brown economic cogs. Why should we even be the slightest bit pissed about being replaced? Hell, maybe we should focus on being even nicer and more compassionate! That’ll show the people who hate us.


    • “It is truly a shame to see such an otherwise insightful and beautifully-written blog get dragged down into what I can only describe as the single most ignorant, bigoted kind of filth I have ever come across on the internet…I am genuinely concerned for people who think and write the way you guys do.”

      LOL! Feel free to refute away, then. Nobody is stopping you.

      By the way, in case you run out of crocodile tears, I think you can buy more over on aisle 9.


  42. The optimal strategy for whites who are in the conservatarian spectrum is to support a tolerable democrat in their primaries while abandoning republicans. As non-white demographics grow, they will increasingly spar for power in the Democratic Party. A moderate (in the right ways) white democrat could easily win the primaries with the support of former republicans and moderate liberals who don’t vote republican because of social issues. The Republican Party accidentally unifies a diverse, selfish, ignorant herd of people into voting for one party. Without the white, redneck, Christian bogeyman who’s totally taking your Medicare, Blacks would never support a party that allows mass immigration of jobs competitors, and Mexicans would sneer at the thought of their newly taxed earnings paying for welfare to a group they don’t like or respect.

    Remember this name- Jim Webb. He is likely to run and would be a better President than most of the Republicans running.


    • The majority of the population being mixed race is pretty much the only way to get past the tribalism. No. New tribal distinctions would just gradually form again from the mixed groups.


      • The majority of the population being mixed race is pretty much the only quickest way to get past the tribalism this thing of ours we call Western Civilization.



      • The only reason white people get along so well today is because they are “all mixed up”:

        The European Union
        The European central bank
        The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

        Y’all use to slaughter each other, salt each others fields, shoot each other, stab each other, drop bombs on each other, point nuclear weapons at each other, hang each other from trees…


      • anonymous: “No. New tribal distinctions would just gradually form again from the mixed groups.”

        Correctamundo. We see this all over Latin America, where racial mixing has been going on at a large scale for centuries. The results are low trust, high levels of crime and dysfunction, and a wide variety of clashing identities.

        thack: “The only reason white people get along so well today is because they are “all mixed up”

        Ridiculous misunderstanding, as you’re comparing apples to oranges. Whites mixing with whites leads to wildly different results than whites mixing with blacks or other non-whites. Hence the difference between the traditional European population of the United States, and the dysfunctional racial chaos south of the border. In other words, there is mixing, and then there is mixing.

        Or to use South Africa as an example, the difference between the Afrikaners (a mix of a number of European ethnicities) and the Coloureds (a mix of different races).

        How are these readily apparent distinctions so difficult to understand? Could it be willful? *sigh*


      • Of course thwack’s drive-by inanity is willful and disingenuous… hell, even a purebred negro can’t be THAT dense.


  43. on October 8, 2014 at 10:42 pm Peter Akuleyev

    Two elderly Jewish men meet up in a steam bath. First one says “Morty! How are things?”

    “Oh, can’t complain. I had to retire, but I am still in New York working with an activist group in my spare time, fighting the good fight and building socialism.”

    “Good to hear, have you seen Lenny in a while?”

    “Yes, but he moved to Los Angeles. He is still active and out there, building socialism”.

    “Whatever happened to our old friend Jerry?”

    “You didn’t hear? He moved to Israel.”

    “Still building socialism?”

    “What, are you crazy? In his own country??!!”


    • on October 8, 2014 at 11:49 pm Goddess Kalifornia Surfer

      Peter, Israel is quite socialist though.


    • Good one. lzolzozlzoz


    • Israel is astoundingly socialist.

      It’s also ethno-centric, don’t kid yourself.

      So Israel’s welfare state has low hurdles for the Jewish needy & retireds;

      it has high hurdles for non-Jewish needy & retireds.

      Israel does not have open borders — far from it — and this was a primary reason for ejecting Gaza, and the West Bank security fence.

      America should take notice: their fence works. America simply can’t survive as America if everyone who wants to ‘show up’ actually does so.

      At this time MOST of the planet wants to move to America. Look at Liberia.


      • In other words they are National Socialists


      • In other words they are National Socialists


        So those Palestinians and their supporters who call them Nahtzees may literally be right.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 11:12 am Eliezer Ben-Yehudah

        Israel isn’t “astoundingly” socialist.

        Example: The government does arrange that everyone can mostly kinda sorta afford basic health care in one of the big insurance pools.

        But lots of the doctors only see THOSE patients at the fund-clinics in the mornings.

        They see CASH-PAYING customers all afternoon.

        How many doctors in USA have succeeded to get out of the noose of the “managed care insurance” system at ANY time of the day?

        Another example: the housing market here.

        Economically, we are more like Singapore than like USA.


      • Israel has a slew of state owned defense contractors… just for starters.

        That’s socialism… as defined.

        Taxes are in orbit — to support immense, per capita, state spending.

        That’s socialism (once removed)… as defined.

        A startling amount of Israel’s defense budget is a gift from America or Europe. This includes direct weapons shipments — and open account R&D budget authorities!

        No wonder state spending is in orbit.


  44. The saddest thing is that NONE of this HAD TO HAPPEN.

    It started with Abraham Lincoln- why not repatriate the slaves?

    Why do we NEED illiterate less than minimum wage workers and a criminal underclass?

    Washington ought to have been king. He overestimated the power of democracy and the constitution.

    What good is paper when we can read, we know the laws, but don’t care? There is no rule of law. We live in a country with more than 300,000,000 people. How can it possibly anything but a jungle?

    The only thing that makes it more tolerable is knowing that the majority of humanity is made up of a bunch of jerks I don’t care about. It’s a shame that the boat is sinking with me and my family, CH, commenters here, people that are good and care about things…how much longer will there be respect for someone who grows a garden for pleasure, or writes novels to entertain and instruct youth, for people that like architecture or opera? We are returning to a world of short and brutal years, no civilization, no kindness in our hearts. I like taking a shower every day, I like heat in the winter, and air-conditioning in the summer, and it’s a shame that one day that is all going away and people won’t be able to experience it.

    And the world seems so big and complex with so many people, the problems are large and unmanageable. No one cares, or they pretend not to see it. So if they don’t, how can we?

    Poolside seems so defeatist, but what *can* you do? We are like grains of sand…


    • jjbees

      It started with Abraham Lincoln- why not repatriate the slaves?

      Because unlike today where everything is mechanized and computerized; there was a time when shit didn’t get done unless some PERSON did it.

      Women used to have 10 children because 5 would die. Life was hard…

      Huge sections of the country were destroyed, cities, farms… Lincoln could no more send the slave back to Africa than he could send the horses back to Urope.

      What country you from?


      • The Abolitionists had been financing Black repatriation all along.

        They were frustrated by finances and the mere trickle of enslaved victims they could get their hands on.

        Forgotten today, it was routine for freed slaves to tell their stories — up north — to Abolitionist gatherings — to raise money for the cause.

        Between “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and these confabs, a whole lot of money was raised. Some went for repatriation — to Liberia; a lot went to Kansas and the fight to stop the expansion of slavery into the Federal territories.

        The election of 1860 turned on the latter issue. See Cooper Union speech. It’s the only one Lincoln made to get elected!


      • Alas, thwack chimes in again with his delusion that negro labor was necessary in post bellum Amurrica…

        … but at least now he’s admitting it was comparable to the contribution of horses and such…

        … ‘though he’s giving the sweat of horses short shrift in the equation… bloody equinist.



  45. how can we invest in this decline to get weathy?


  46. I finally met the family that moved into Dad’s house after he lost it in foreclosure. They have six kids with another one on the way.

    In this day and age, just the very fact of having seven kids in of itself says a lot about your attitude. “If I crap out another kid, fuck it, somebody will give me money.”

    See, we only had two kids, because kids are fucking EXPENSIVE. If you don’t own a farm, what the hell are you going to do with a large family anyway?

    Apparently you open a Latino grocery store and put them all to work there.

    I have a buddy who brought his wife over from the Philippines legally. It took two years of legal bullshit. What do you think the chances are this family next door went through two years of legal bullshit to get here? What do you think the chances are they have fake papers?


    ¡Vengan, vengan todos a Estado Unidos donde el gobierno les paga todo, y todo es gratis! ¡Votan Hillary Clinton 2016!

    At least I speak the language. It’s actually sort of cool, from my perspective. This is the closest my broke middle class working man’s ass will ever get to traveling to a foreign country, because airplane tickets are fucking EXPENSIVE.


    • You could always hop on La Bestia, only going the other way……
      Arranca ya!


    • You nailed it.

      The ‘system’ approves of Latino welfare, Black welfare, at the drop of a hat.

      Not so for Whites.

      It’s easy to figure out why: back in Washington, the actual civil servants are Black — with a sprinkling of DWL Whites. They both hate ‘crackers’ the REAL victim group.

      Poor Whites are wildly under-represented in every kind of Progressive program… college scholarships being an extreme. Most are, in fact, race based. While quite illegal, this is the practice.

      There’s no hope for reform: the activist movement loves this outcome. Poor Whites get absolutely NO media time. They are a DWL embarrassment.


    • An essential, but vital and elegantly made point, mr. backchecking. MLK, whose message has been sanitized and misrepresented on many fronts, spoke often about the inequities of poor whites in America being an invisible tragedy. Before his murder, he confronted LBJ on matters related to Vietnam… that is was the black kids from inner city areas and poor whites kids from making up the infantry–the so-called ‘grunts.’ An extraordinary piece of history is that blacks comprised roughly 12% of the population but nearly 29% of KIA’s in the Vietnam conflict. As to your comment about the Abolitionists–again, superbly done, sir. A reality about slavery that few wish to address is that matters of class defined classic ante-bellum society. The wealthy land-owning slave population of the South were statistically few–but, politically well connected and powerful. The economics of slavery, made relevant and appetizing some 30 years earlier by the Mr. Whitney’s cotton gin, were fading into the sunset. It was, by the time of Fort Sumter, a failing economic enterprise and a flawed, ineffectual business model. The industrial and mechanized world was on the near horizon and the South– seeking to protect the lives of precious few– shed much blood in that endeavor. The Civil War was an American tragedy that transcended race because so many kids died tragically and horrifically to protect a ‘mythical’ lifestyle that they would never be accepted into…on another note, I wish to say it seems odd to me that kids from wealthy black or latino families get preferential scholarship treatment over white kids from low-wage family, struggling to make ends meet. As a black dude, I don’t get that one…if American kids need help for college, and the threshold for this help is family economics, then the decision should be race-neutral.


  47. The end won’t be partition. The country becomes undefendible (no way to defend the Great Plains) and is too jumbled up by internal migration. One side will conquer the other either via civil war or military coup.


    • Military coups only ‘work’ when the point of decision is entirely within the capital city. (Rome, Paris, Tokyo, etc.)

      America has so many significant cities that a coup can’t get off the ground.

      Ironically, this is best demonstrated by the fictive “Seven Days in May” film.

      The plot shows how impossible it is to co-ordinate a coup across vast distances. Mere communications gave the game away.

      Even meeting in the same room was impossible to explain.

      No, for America it’s going to be civil war, every time.. hence the 2nd Amendment. It was drafted to stop an out of control Washington from the very first, as contemporaneous documents show.

      All anti-gun rights attempts turn on prole suppression. Neither Adolf nor Josef could’ve gotten to first base with guns in the hands of the citizenry.

      Remember that when some DWL calls for gun control/ a despot enablement act.

      It’s not for nothing that our President’s first action was to gut the 2nd Amendment.

      Fast & Furious originated in the oval office, no doubt. It took Presidential authority to get it launched in the first place. No civil servant or political appointee could’ve launched it. It was too controversial from the start. It was too far out of the routine.

      After the fact, the White House is trying to conflate Bush’s stupidities into a scaffold for 0bama’s antics. No that’s passing strange, for it’s the only area in which the WH is not ‘reversing’ a Bush policy.

      ( We’re talking about what the WH is saying they’re doing… not what they’re actually doing. So, this excludes drone warfare, etc.)


  48. on October 9, 2014 at 6:18 am Experienced Father

    Ebola has cancelled this future.

    There will be a billion deaths in Africa, the Mid-East, and across wide swaths of the 3rd world in the next 12-18 months.

    There will be millions dead here in America thanks to PC driven incompetence that won’t quarantine all traveler from the hot zones for 42-days.

    All economic activity in Liberia has ceased.

    Ebola has stopped the harvest and they have no money to buy fuel to move in food from outside.

    There are going to be hundreds of Thomas Eric Duncan’s in every West African community in every place in America they live.

    And it is going to happen in the next three weeks.

    The Feds and local Democrat machines will keep throwing the lives of health care workers and emergency first responders at Ebola like they are trying to put a wild fire out by throwing logs on top of it to smother it.

    Just ask Dallas County Deputies about that, they sent the poor slobs into an Ebola slimmed room in their uniforms, then the collected their uniforms to be burned and took their squad cars out of service to be decontaminated…and told them to stay home,stay quiet, self monitor and then the Mother F*ckers at CDC removed them from the Ebola watch list!!!

    Worse, one of the White Democratic politicians, Dallas County Judge Jenkins went into the apartment that Thomas Eric Duncan was staying in in his street cloths and no PPE — just like the Dallas County Deputies — before it was decontaminated.

    Then he drove in his car to a public relations event with the elected and appointed heads of Dallas municipal and country government.

    If Judge Jenkins comes down with Ebola, Dallas local government is decapitated for three weeks or more, along with a fair portion of Dallas media.

    Worse, Jenkins has been out in public shaking hands and running for re-election in November!!!

    Still and all, it may be the best thing to happen to Dallas in the Pandemic, because it is taking out the stupid political f*cks at the on-set so the rest of us in North Texas can do what needs to be done to survive this Pandemic


    • Dach, then a 25-year-old Yale University law student, declined to be interviewed, but through his attorney he denied hiring a prostitute or bringing anyone to his hotel room…


      • Dach’s father, Leslie Dach, is a prominent Democratic donor who gave $23,900 to the party in 2008 to help elect Obama. In his previous job as a top lobbyist for Wal-Mart, he partnered with the White House on high-profile projects, including Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign. He, too, joined the Obama administration this year…


    • on October 11, 2014 at 12:57 am Goddess Kalifornia Surfer

      Zombie, that’s small taters compared to the Franklin Cover Up


  49. Many hotels in Colombia, for security reasons, maintain detailed records of additional overnight visitors. At the Hilton, prostitutes are required to show identification to ensure they are not underage


    • The Post reviewed copies of the hotel logs for Dach’s stay, which showed that a woman was registered to Dach’s room at 12:02 a.m. April 4 and included an attached photocopy of a woman’s ID card. Through his attorney, Dach declined to discuss these details as well…


      • Like

      • Again to wolfie… you might want to check out the first names as well… for example, google a typical Jewish first name, like Ben, and couple it with Dach, and see if you don’t come up with heapin’ helpin’ of Jewish Dachs.


    • And in case anyone is even wondering: Yes, Dach is a JEWISH name.


      • Dach means roof in German. No idea if this particular guy is Jewish or not, but the vast majority of people with German names are German.


      • If he’s a Yalie, and his daddy is a bigbux$$$ Dem donor, I’d put my money on him being an Ashkenazi.


      • Would it work if you hung half of them from shower heads and threw the other half out the window?


      • Whenever a name is an actual word in German, it’s often a Jewish name.


      • Schwarzenegger?


      • thwack, you’re a dweeb.

        As I said… OFTEN a Jewish name… not ALWAYS.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Now tell us how Black Plowman simple MUST mean he’s an octaroon.


      • well he does have an ebonic accent?

        reporter: “Arnold, which gun will you be using in your new movie; the AK 47, or the Mossberg?”

        Arnold: “I will yoose bowf ov dem.”


      • (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Where do you guys get this stuff?
        Müller (miller) is a word and just about the most common German name there is. Schmidt would be a version of Schmied (smith), also – predictably – common as dirt, millions of ’em in Germany. A few of them may be Jewish, most are not. There are many thousands of examples.
        I lived in the German-speaking world for about 20 years, and there’s nothing about a name like ‘Dach’ that says ‘Jewish’ to me. This being a US citizen, the name may also have been altered/shortened upon arrival of the family (Jewish, German or other, there are others, you know…..) in America.
        Maybe they’re Ukrainian (most Ukrainians are also not Jewish, you may be amazed to learn) and it was originally something like Dashchinskaczewicz, which would spell disaster in the US, they have a hard enough time spelling ‘Jones’.
        Maybe it has something to do with how extremely heavily Jewish US media are, which is where you get most of your info from.


      • Eh, wolifie…

        Schwartz, Berg, Stein, Stern, Gold, etc., etc., etc.

        And I repeat again… I said OFTEN, not ALWAYS.

        Note too that manual profession simple words, like Schmidt, Egger or Mueller, are often NOT Jewish.

        Compound words like Schwarzenegger, NOT found in a dictionary, are seldom Jewish.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Misposted this above:

        Again to wolfie… you might want to check out the first names as well… for example, google a typical Jewish first name, like Ben, and couple it with Dach, and see if you don’t come up with heapin’ helpin’ of Jewish Dachs.


      • Greg – I went to school with several Schwarzes (no t), don’t think any of them were Jewish.
        If there’s a t, you may have a point, just like Cohan is an Irish name, Cohen a Jewish name.
        Berg (mountain) and Stein (stone) are also not dead giveaways, not in Germany, anyway.
        I think the reason why Americans look at German, Polish and Russian names through a sort of ‘Jewish lens’ is because of the disproportionately high number of Jewish immigrants from precisely those areas, coupled with the fact that German (non-Jewish) Americans, Polish (non-Jewish) Americans and Russian (non-Jewish) Americans tend not be nearly as vocal about their ethnicity.
        Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian Jews go largely undetected, because Americans know too little about that area of the world and don’t connect the dots.
        Some dead German giveaways would be if the last name has something to do with jewelry or precious metals (Goldberg, Sliberstein, etc.) or describes provenance from a particular German city (Wertheimer, Hamburger, Berliner….). Flowers and trees, sometimes. Rosenzweig (rose branch), Birnbaum (pear tree).
        Some first names are clues, non-Jewish Germans are very unlikely to name their son Abraham or Saul or their daughter Hepzibah or Rachel.


      • Similar in terms of Polish-origin Jewish names. Lots/majority of ethnic Polish surnames end with -ski or -wicz, so those are not Jewish tells. However, -sky or -witz will almost certainly be Jewish, maybe unless they were originally Russian rather than Polish.

        A last name derived from a city (Krakowski, Warzawski or better yet Varshavsky) will likely be Jewish. Sometimes an old aristocratic name can be Jewish, similar to how many US blacks are named Washington or Jefferson.

        Old Testament first names used to be exclusivy Jewish (Dawid, Jakub) but they’ve become popular with younger generation ethnic Poles, so with a younger person it’s not necessarily a tell.


  50. on October 9, 2014 at 8:26 am The US of A has Anal Prolapse

    The powers of the Federal Gov’t should be reduced to national defense and foreign relations. All other powers should be devolved to the local level.


  51. Abraham Lincoln and the NY-London financiers started a war that killed 600,000 white people because they refused to renegotiate a contract. The Civil War was a contract dispute, as the Wesbter-Haynes debates prove. Secession has less chance of success than a Return of Kings writer would have with a young Monica Bellucci – none.


    • “Secession has less chance of success than a Return of Kings writer would have with a young Monica Bellucci – none.”

      That was standard thinking in the Soviet Union in 1988.


    • The financial markets in New York and London HATED the American Civil War.

      For London: a massive disruption of their cotton trade, their number one economic engine at that time. Cotton zoomed to ruinous prices, triggered bankruptcies, reorganizations.

      For New York it meant war taxes. At the time, no-one up north ever imagined that Lincoln would build out northern industry at a manic tempo.

      By doing so, Lincoln beat Wilson and FDR to the punch. The huge industrial gap between the North and the South was created DURING the war. The South stayed pat. The North went into hyper-drive, mass production of rifles, a first.

      Lincoln had already given up on freeing the slaves. Read the Cooper Union speech. (1860) He only hoped to take American policy back to 1856. The North (Lincoln) realized that the votes were just not there. Then the South left Congress — even before Lincoln could make his first move.

      Fort Sumner was a totally fake ‘battle’ between southern boys in the militia and southern boys in the US Army. Neither faction hurt each other! The whole thing was pre-arranged. They’d spent the previous week having dockside meals together!


    • “Secession has less chance of success than a Return of Kings writer would have with a young Monica Bellucci – none.”

      Oh, you’re one of THOSE…


  52. Secession and ultra strict closed borders? That didn’t work well for the Afrikaners. Famous Afrikaner movie director Blomkamp made a movie Elysium about the demographic takeover of the US and the dystopia that ensues as the rich anglo elite shrink and flee to smaller enclaves. Genetic engineering of mankind is a much stronger pick for the great hope that can save mankind.


    • massimo: “Secession and ultra strict closed borders? That didn’t work well for the Afrikaners.”

      Um…secession wasn’t even meaningfully attempted, much less enacted. They probably could have carved out an independent, all Afrikaner state back in the 80’s. But they didn’t, and their failure to do so was arguably the greatest mistake the Afrikaners ever made. They have paid, and continue to pay, for that mistake in buckets of blood. The very continued existence of the Afrikaner people is very much in doubt, as they rapidly dwindle.

      I’d call that a pretty big mistake.

      Instead, the siren song of cheap black labor defeated them. Today, the descendants of that “cheap” black labor run the country, slit Afrikaner throats and rape their daughters – making it some of the most expensive “cheap” labor the world has ever known. (reality: there is no such thing as cheap labor, you always pay mightily in the end – just ask the ghosts of the hundreds of thousands of white dead in the War Between the States, not to mention the huge number of victims of black criminality here in the U.S. Just ask the underage white girls of Rotherham, England, ad infinitum)

      The failure of the Afrikaner can be largely summed up in the old saying/joke: “The Afrikaner would prefer to be murdered in his bed rather than make it himself.”

      The private settlement of Orania, on the other hand, is a brilliant step in the right direction. Afrikaners do their own work, and no helot class is imported. That’s a vitally important step toward real self-determination and sovereignty, and a lesson to advocates of authentic community and identity all over the world.

      Separation is the only solution.


  53. On the cultural front however, minorities are less likely to buy into ridiculous left wing bullshit. Most only vote liberal out of self-interest, the same way whites vote conservative.

    So perhaps in that way, the predominantly white leftist radicals that spreading idiocy from college pulpits will eventually be less influential, or maybe edged out of existence.


  54. on October 9, 2014 at 7:13 pm Edward (Teddy) Bear

    Could it be that the juice are not mentioned because the proprietors are of that variety themselves? I head a surname mentioned – it wasn’t Welsh let’s put it that way.

    [CH: i am multitude.

    ps you’re off-base.]


  55. White people are a warrior race. With genetic traits like blonde hair and blue eyes that are double recessive. Our genetic traits can only be maintained by fighting off other races. That is the white mans legacy, to fight or die. America may be lost with the massive influx of brown people. White people may have to start a movement to a new homeland where nonwhite immigration is not allowed. There will always be Asians in Asia. There will always be Africans in Africa. White people need a homeland of pure white people. For now whites have to fight to continue to exist.


    • wolvergene10
      Our genetic traits can only be maintained by fighting off other races.

      Thank God SOMEBODY finally said it.

      Now, is your statement true?

      or is it a delusion in your mind generated by your ego and inflated sense of self worth?

      To sum up, what is your evidence that nonwhite people want to eliminate “our genetic traits” from the planet?


      • This is why thwack is only worthy of jests and/or disdain…

        In the mind of the nonwhite of his ilk… which is most of them… a white man’s desire for the continued existence of his folk and a future for white children is sloughed off as “ego” and Cathedral-shamed as an “inflated sense of self worth”.

        And thus the continued enmity between our respective seeds…

        You swine! 😡


      • And once again my white brother demonstrates the very delusion my statement referenced.

        Im not interested in getting rid of any people or physical characteristics…

        only BEHAVIORS. You can be as black as a negro grave site and I’ll have no problem with you; but if you can’t ACT RIGHT, I don’t care how white you are; you gots to go.

        If you wanna rock the Pebbles and BamBam look, go head on player, Its fly when done right.

        But if you have BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS, Im taking your hat and throwin you out the window.

        Don’t hate the hangman, hate the rope.


  56. Non-whites might be able to vote Republican, but they can only breed non-white. Anyway, what good is it for white people to vote in another anti-white who happens to have an “R” in front of his name?


    • eyeslevel: “Anyway, what good is it for white people to vote in another anti-white who happens to have an “R” in front of his name?”

      Exactly. An anti-white who wears a Republican lapel pin is just an anti-white who wears a Republican lapel pin. Nothing else, and nothing more.

      Whites need to figure out who their friends are, and by extension who their friends aren’t. Very few friends to be found in the Republican Party, that’s for sure. One of the few that seems remotely decent is Sen. Sessions, but I don’t know all that much about him.

      Maybe there are a few more good guys, but in general the Republican Party is fully on board with the globalist, corporatist agenda that is displacing white populations all over the West. They provide effectively zero effective opposition to cultural marxism, or any other leftist project that is undermining our people.

      Faux opposition; just another wing of the anti-white system. Best advice: throw a vote their way if you must, but put no faith in them and definitely don’t send them any money.


  57. Let’s accept that the America of the 1950’s is over and done and move on.
    I am really surprised by how fast the demographic change is coming to my neck of the woods, but, it’s a fact. That America is ending because white people, especially white women, lost interest in it. Giving women the voting franchise sealed the fate of this country.

    For a white Northern European American, it is not hard to live decently in a brown third world country, which is what we have today.

    The Asians are smart but short and the men are not really very masculine. They are tough competition anywhere brains are involved. So, raise your game. They aren’t that smart. Outwork them. High testosterone traits are more than just big muscle. They give you energy and creativity and stoke your competitive fires. Be focused. (For example: How many women can, over the long term beat a man in head to head competition. The man will just outlast her.) Direct that energy intelligently. Learn from them. And, like whites, they educate their daughters in this country, and so, they die out. And, if brains and looks are your thing, Asian girls are a fine choice.

    The other browns, from South of the border, are really not serious competition in anything except baseball and minimum wage jobs.

    The Africans compete mainly for white women but not much else. But because they are mostly stupid and broke (broke especially), their take of the white woman population is limited. The vast majority of wealthy black men have white girlfriends or wives, but there are only a few wealthy blacks save for athletes. They are mainly an economic drain, but a very big one. So, live where they don’t to the fullest extent possible.

    And, once we become an official third world country, and the US govt cannot print money, traditional gender roles will reassert themselves due to economic necessity. Women will have to look for provider men, so betas, take heart. Your day is coming. (That is, if you call being a wage slave to support a woman as having your day.) I just don’t know when. So, learn game and use it. Enjoy life, and don’t worry about the distant future too much. Just accept that the Brazilian model is where we are headed in this country.

    And, forget what was America. That was a unique place. It won’t come back, ever.


    • Oh great; another old loser, geezer, white baby boomer telling everyone the U.S is finished.

      The only thing finished is you are your nonsense. The only thing not coming back is you and your nonsense.

      Now go change your Dependz and STFU.


      • thwack: “Now go change your Dependz and STFU.”

        Tact was never you’re strong suit, thwack, but you certainly know how to get to the point.

        Still, I think you’re being a little hard on OldGuy, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s obvious that he is correct in that traditional America is gone and not coming back, but he should be ashamed of himself for encouraging the docile acceptance of Brazilianization. That sort of defeatism is unjustified at this point, though I admit it can be tempting at times.

        There are still huge numbers of whites left in the country, and not all are worthless pieces of garbage. Even if only ten percent of whites are worth a hill of beans, that’s still almost twenty million people. That’s something to work with, and something to build a future on. If twenty percent are worth their salt, that’s forty million. It won’t necessarily take much, once we understand and accept that America as it is currently constituted is inevitably done for. We can’t save everybody and we don’t need everybody.

        The writing is on the wall for the U.S., but not for whites. We were here before there was a United States, and we can be here after as well. Secession or some form of breakup are real possibilities in the coming decades, and that is what the white remnant should be aiming for – sovereignty and self-determination.

        Wish us well, thwack. Let go of your petty hatreds! Wish us well. LOL!

        Separation is the only solution.


      • Im not at war with Oldguy, Im at war with the concept people like him promote (who allowed 11 runs in one inning) who say its “game over” now that its Newguys turn to bat.

        Its the ultimate cockblock and its annoying.

        Looks like you and your family are doin pretty well for yourselves Oldguy; you got your chance, now gimme mine


      • thwack: “…you got your chance, now gimme mine.”

        You’ll get your chance. By the way, when do the victims of black on white crime get their chance? How many more innocents must die or be raped?

        Separation is the only solution.


      • Trainspotter, the brutality black people visit upon each other is far FAR worse than any experienced by white people; but you don’t care until a “round falls short” and hits “Becky” or “Chad”… Maybe you should help put out fires when they start instead hoping black people burn each other up?

        [CH: we’ve been through this before. interracial violence perpetrated by blacks upon whites is disproportionately more frequent than the reverse. i won’t link the data for you because, let’s face it, you won’t be persuaded.]


  58. Since the comment sections under the older single mom related posts are closed, i’ll have to relate here.

    Anyone wondering how delinquency, failure and suppressed rage culminating in violent outbursts (or straight up murder of the mother) ever come to be, consider the following:

    You are all familiar with the pleas of broken and humiliated beta husbands who all bend over to their wives and still the more they try to satisfy her, the more shit (contempt, hate, nagging and mind games) they get in return.

    The twist with the sons of single mothers is that the moment puberty hits (appearance of the first slightest sings ranging around 8-12 years), mommy’s subconscious switches from “son” to “man” in a blink of an eye. And as that goes, there you got a woman stuck with a quasi-man whom she has no intention to have sex with (in most cases), and instead of being provided for by him, she has to provide for him herself. You all know how women regard to men who they have to provide for.

    Here, in the absence of the father, all that nagging, bitching, emasculating, mindgame playing and such shit women do to their mates is directed on the father’s effigy, the one who bears his image: the son. No measure of maternal instinct will override that.

    Now, those who grew up with a steady father in their lives may have a chance to counter (or dodge) this behaviour, but one who literally grows up being in the crosshair of all that female bullshit (especially when it comes from mom) is absolutely defenseless. And clueless too. They first believe everything the woman spews at them and start hating themselves with a fierce rage, then later if they are lucky, get their eyes opened and start hating their mom instead. But all those years of torment will never go away completely, the kids end up with a broken spirit, screwed up like hell, suffering from substance abuse and struggling with connecting to other people. Or killing their moms.

    Just my two cents here.