Trump And The Romney Chew Toy

God Emperor-Elect Trump has reportedly been considering Mittens Romney for Secretary of State. Trump supporters are livid that a traitor like Romney would be handed such a plum post. Trump’s confidant and campaign consultant Kellyanne Conway, tweeted her dissatisfaction with the rumors of Romney’s front-runner status for SoS. Trump’s loyal supporters question his judgment when they aren’t concocting a Byzantine 50D-chess move.

First, this is the legacy media reporting the news about Trump’s transition team. They lie like rugs. I would take anything they say as fake news until an alt-righter with inside info corrects the record.

Second, everyone needs to remember the force of nature that is Trump. He is a good-hearted, magnanimous alpha male (with a horny level for the ages) who never forgets a backstabber. I believe he enjoys planning his revenge on his enemies as much as executing it.

Given these premises, think about what you would do in Trump’s position to maximally and publicly humiliate someone who had betrayed you at your weakest moment? You’d invite Romney to your gilded hotel headquarters, promise him SoS, release him on a fume of hope and greed, and the next day have Conway issue a few tweets revealing how many Trump supporters loathe the idea of Romney receiving a position in Trump’s Cabinet.

Romney now thinks Trump really wanted him, against the wishes of his base and the advice of his campaign team. Suddenly, without warning, on a day of his choosing, Trump announces Dana Rohrabacher for SoS. Romney suffers a public humiliation so profound his power to influence anyone in Trumpworld is reduced to zero.

I could be off-base. Maybe Conway really did go rogue, and is in her special way trying to get Trump to rethink the wisdom of selecting Romney, while Trump for his part perhaps views Romney as cuck-approved insurance against a GOPe insurrection during his reign.

We’ll find out when Trump makes his SoS choice and announces it on Twitter and YouTube, bypassing the legacy media and adding insult to the parade of humiliations that the media have rightfully endured this past year.


PS Photo caption time. Enjoy these two post-meeting paparazzi shots of Trump beaming victoriously and Romney wincing like a boy just spanked by his mommy.


Up yours, magic underwear!


Hey Mitt, I got the multiple wives without signing up for your stupid religion! Win-win!




  1. […] God Emperor-Elect Trump has reportedly been considering Mittens Romney for Secretary of State. Trump supporters are livid that a traitor like Romney would be handed such a plum post. Trump’s continue […]


  2. I think Trump is just doing a persuasion thing. He’s realized the Left is freaking out and calling him a Nazi, Hitler, etc. and thus excusing the violent dindu mob attacks as justified.

    So what does he do? He calls in meetings with prominent anti-war leftists, Hollywood Emmanuels, and former staunch enemies (Romney) to show that he can reach out and isn’t a fascist thug dictator. The Left and the Media keep screaming he’s an uncompromising thug, and yet people keep seeing him reaching out to those on the other side of the aisle—and even forgiving them for their unforgivable acts (Caesar is magnanimous).

    So the Left and the Media lose even more credibility, because the evidence undercuts all their arguments. Persuasive without him saying a word.

    And the best? Trump doesn’t have to pick any of these people. He probably already had his cabinet picks in mind beforehand—the man plans way ahead. He could change his mind–he’s flexible–but these meetings are to calm people the F down and take a poop on the dominant narrative of Trump-as-Hitler.

    Master Persuader rape!

    [CH: this is a sensible take on it. trump defuses media and cuck attacks long enough to slip in who he wants without the same intensity of backlash that he would have received had he cast the cucks to the wastelands the whole time.]

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    • on November 28, 2016 at 6:47 pm Captain Obvious

      At this point, I’m just sitting back and placing my faith in the Divine Emperor G0d-King. From what I’ve read, his greatest strength [even greater than his Atlantean work ethic] is to make snap judgments CORRECTLY based on his instinctual reaction to a situation & the players comprised therein. So far, every situation I’ve witnessed, his instinct has been spot-on in, so lets hope that his lucky streak keeps on streaking.

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    • he did the same thing with VP pick. he likely already had someone in mind (Pence), but did a troll parade of all sorts of candidates. i think condi rice was even mentioned here at the chateau at some point. hilarious.

      alphas create reality, so there’s little point in speculating what they’ll come up with for their master plan.

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    • Caesar is magnanimous, but as for Romney …

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    • We know Trump A/B tests and is a media master, so I would say we are also seeing something of a beauty contest, appropriately enough.

      Basically, let the outsider allies, like the alt-right, have an informal say about a nominee; maybe they make more sense than the insiders.


    • First, not a Romney fan; he pussed out against Obama, which was unforgivable; and yes, was a pathetic bitch this last campaign season. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump understands that wringing out the rot at State (and the foreign service) is going to require lots of heads rolling of political operatives masquerading as civil service hires. If Trump picks a clear alt-righter at the outset, you’ve potentially got a firing nightmare on your hands (litigation-wise-all these employees are going to have the right to sue for wrongful termination/due process/liberty interests, etc.) and the media gets to say this is a personal attack, revenge, etc. Mitt gets a bit about bureaucracy; he can do a wonky reorg that is boring as hell for the media to cover, but which still has the outcome of firing those fuckers; Trump gets to be above it all, and say “Mitt didn’t like me, he’s being a professional, not personal;” blah blah employees being let go were in wasteful redundant positions. And, as you note above, it gives some “I work with everybody/not vengeful” cred . Then after Romney has cleared them out, he brings in someone new at year 2, and hopefully by then he’ll have an even more R senate who can confirm someone more to the right vs center. It also gives Trump more flexibility to say, I gave you moderate at state, so give me a far-right Supreme Court justice. DOJ, DOD and Supreme Court pick are the ONLY ones that matter. The rest are just gravy.

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    • a yuuuge advantage Trump has over everyone in govt, everyone in the media, and almost everyone else, is a deep appreciation for time and patience. as a successful developer you HAVE to have patience. from the time you get an idea to build something to the time it takes place can take 10-20 years. Trump thinks in this time scale. almost everyone else thinks in 6-12 month time frames, in not weeks and months. this is one of the hallmarks of successful people: long term thinking.

      politicians are at a big disadvantage in Trump’s chess game. they’re always thinking only of the next election. and, since many aren’t wealthy, how to please (((donors))). this shapes their thinking around very short time frames, and so they are easily tooled by someone who thinks long-term, big picture.

      Trump may succeed in bringing back long-term thinking to govt. MAGA is exactly that frame of mind. invest for the future. he has a vision for America. he’s not letting on what it is, but you can get an inkling by looking at the real estate empire he’s built. Trump’s America won’t be mediocre, that’s for sure.

      we’ll see how far he can take it. keep in mind that the day-to-day comings and goings are all part of his master plan, and it will take years to unfold.

      and take lessons from the master. if you want to succeed in life, think big, build a strong foundation for your big dreams, and plan very far ahead.


    • Trump told his rioting supporters to stop (even if it was fabricated and he knew it)
      Will Obongo do the same?
      Will he disavow dindus burning US flags and destroying property
      of US citizens?

      BTW alpha delivery and body language 101


  3. Banging hb9s still feels good!!!


  4. Kellyanne Conway gone rogue?

    N!gger please.

    That broad has more discipline of a plethora of dominatrixes.

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  5. There’s been a conspiracy that the sos was always chosen by zog coming out of london.

    This pick will be yugggge


  6. Any picks that even vaguely smell of GOP establishment or NeoCon (Romney, Petraeus, Carson, Gingrich, McCain, etc. etc. etc.) HAVE to be either a ploy (keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer) to mollify the Fakevangelicals or a big mistake.
    Personally, I’d pick younger people, unconnected to the establishment, but who KNOW THEIR FIELD.
    Secretary of State, for example, should be someone who knows very well that the Umma are a worldwide virus bent on destruction, the Chinese are no ones’ friend and the Russians want their Empire back, ca. 1900.


    • on November 28, 2016 at 6:52 pm Captain Obvious

      > “a ploy (keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer)” ——— This has been one of my theories, but, again, at this point, all we can do is sit back and trust that The Divine Emperor G0d-King knows what He is doing.

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    • Petraeus is not a neocon. While the head of the CIA is clearly establishment, the facts behind his fall from grace indicate he missed off the power structure.

      I don’t believe his thoughts on the lead up to the Iraq war are known. He was given the freedom to develop a strategy to solve the insurgency, something he did so well that even Obama tried to claim credit.


      • Petraeus is well respected and I think will get it.
        Looking forward to when the team is finalized.
        Good alphas so far and very Christian and anti Muslim.
        Mattis hopefully…Bannon…McGahn….Flynn….Sessions…TJ can roll with them. I like Pence saw him take on three libs on.msnbc two days after pussygrab. Very good.


      • He made Top Secret pillow talk with some chick, for crying out loud.
        That’s the equivalent of Billary’s emails.


      • And nobody really cared about Hillary’s e-mails either, when shove came to vote.

        [CH: i wouldn’t say that. hillary haters cared about them. hillary lovers didn’t. winner? the hillary haters who cared about them, because it robbed the hillary lovers of moral surety.]


      • Hillary haters and lovers weren’t necessarily the gist of the election… there were a lot of people who voted for Hillary that didn’t love her at all, they just hated Trump… and to THOSE folks, the e-mails were immaterial, they just blew ’em off as a dumb technicality about some private server or something and “classified” material that had pretty much nothing to do with anything important (hence TWICE given a “meh” by the FBI).


    • Carson is the only good one. Ironically, he’s a negro.


      • Mattis is a living legend. Read the stories about the man. Read his quotes. I am amazed he rose as high as he did, having dealt with the pencil necked paper pushers prevelant in today’s military.


      • Carson believes the pyramids were grain silos commissioned by Moses.
        Nutcase closed.


      • @wolfie65

        Intelligent people can believe in nutcase ideas like grain silos AND also be brilliant in other fields.

        Isaac Newton was the greatest genius the Whyte race ever produced (and the best brain of the human species, making Einstein and Faraday look like yiddish chopped liver). After his early brilliance with mathematics and theories of color, poor old Isaac dedicated much of his time to the study of biblical chronology and alchemy, which is pure batshit nonsense. as well as an interest in the occult.

        This sounds contradictory but it is often true about high IQ individuals. Furthermore, he “was never sensible to any passion, was not subject to the common frailties of mankind, nor had any commerce with women—a circumstance which was assured me by the physician and surgeon who attended him in his last moments”.

        He never had any pussy and it looks like he never kissed a girl on the cheek. No game. Probably jerked off every week to release his seed and he thought nothing of it (he never even considered unloading inside a woman). Actually, no desire for women at all. I guess his brain used up all his energy and he had no energy for sports/sex/adventure/physical life.


  7. When he picks Ann Coulter for the Supreme Court, then the wailing and gnashing of teeth will begin again.

    All he needs are 9 Dems rape!

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    • on November 28, 2016 at 6:54 pm Captain Obvious

      Or evidence that B!tch McConnell visited Comet Ping Pong Pizza. When The Divine Emperor G0d King shows B!tch that dossier, B!tch’s opposition to the Nuclear Option will collapse like a deck of cards in a hurricane.

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    • Ingraham is no slouch and gives me a twitch


    • No more female appointees.

      Only white male Protestants.


      • Hey, give those fish-eaters some credit; Scalia, Alito, Thomas are proper heirs. Yes, yes, Kennedy and Roberts are sell-out cucks through and through, but 3-2 ain’t bad, especially since it was protestant-fascist Earl Warren who was the sole biggest cause (on the Supreme Court) for the crap we have today.

        Besides, watching Coulter eviscerate Affirmative Action Sotomayor in the court’s very own opinions would make for historical awesomeness.


      • I’m hoping for better than 3-2.

        Also, Coulter is a woman. There are no wins in that column.

        Related: Trump appointed McConnels’ waifu for Secretary of Transportation. WTF?


      • 3-2’s not bad when the WASPS have given away the whole court and you’ve got Liberation Theology (a KGB invention) gumming up the works.

        Coulter’s a Virago, a rare leader woman. She’s the real deal. One of the few.


      • No. Either the man has the courage of his faith, or he doesn’t. For a man who rejects the papist church, which is the position of every protestant, appointing a papist to judge Americans is spitting in the face of God.


      • American Protestantism is cucked; the Evangelicals are giving up their daughters to feminism and race-mixing, and Mainline church-types use their empty dogma as political justification. Only Trad Catholics, Orthodox, and Amish are holding the Christian fort in this nation.

        Remember: it was the Illyrian emperors who kept the Roman Empire going for a few more centuries after the old Roman stock had become decadent whores and sold out their homeland. It is not unprecedented.



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  9. on November 28, 2016 at 6:48 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


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  10. Obama once again proving that his blind hatred for the American people knows no limits.

    ‘President Barack Obama is on track to impose a last-minute regulation which would help foreign graduates capture good jobs at American companies, universities and hospitals that are sought by American-born graduates.

    Obama’s expansion of the H-1B outsourcing program would take effect just three days before he leaves the White House.’


    • ‘It’s going to be very hard to get the identity politics genie back in the bottle without partition.’

      The one downside to Trump’s ego is that it won’t let him do this (who wants to preside over national breakup?) But the attempt to steal the election should tell him there is no living with these people. Like the scorpion, they just can’t help it.


      • But the attempt to steal the election should tell him there is no living with these people. Like the scorpion, they just can’t help it.

        Yeah I came to the same conclusion. We can’t live with these people.

        Let CA secede, then turn into Mexico. If that doesn’t wake people up nothing will.


      • Re: OSU: ‘A vehicle ran into a group of pedestrians–people gathered on a street corner–resulting in several injuries. The driver then got out and used a weapon to cut several people, who were then transported to local hospitals.’

        A Somali refugee goes on a rampage with a car and a knife, and shitlibs from Vox to Tim Kaine cry about “gun violence” – either baldly lying, or referring to police shooting the attacker!

        We are way past the Onion here.

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      • @Moses they can pay for their section of the wall too.


      • “Let CA secede, then turn into Mexico. If that doesn’t wake people up nothing will.”

        so let the Mexican border creep up into the northwest? give them San Diego, the largest naval base in the US? los Angeles, the central valley, millions of acres of forest, oil fields, refineries, thousands of tech labs? Stanford university, Apple, twenty nine palms marine corps combat center? Travis Air Force base, Jet Propulsion Labs, the port of Los Angeles, that feeds the entire south western US? and on and on? Lake Tahoe, San Fransisco, the golden gate bridge? Yosemite, the Sacramento and central valley bread baskets?

        all that and more, just give it all to Mexico and move the border to Oregon? genius!

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      • Make CA Great Again.

        It wasnt long ago that CA was a thriving red state.

        Its poz is the result of open borders and tech-fag industry boom. Those tipped the scales in the 90s for the already existing (((hollywood))) poz machine.

        I hope Trump plays hardball and suffocates LA and SF strongholds by cutting Fed funding. Make those cities tear themselves apart until they agree to enforce US immigration law.

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      • PJ, this is mostly tough love to show you guys how far you have sunken. We can take Cali back or we can give it up. I prefer to give it up to teach the progs a lesson and soften it up for the reconquest but I am open.

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      • Make California great again.

        Make California 80s again.

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    • on November 28, 2016 at 8:41 pm long dong silver

      Most. Perfidious. President. Eveeeer.

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    • Years ago I said Obama hated the USA, my words actually were; ” Obama is the first anti-USA USA President ” and I said before he would leave he would do as much damage to the USA as he could.

      I also predicted 8 years ago that Obama, before he got elected, that he would embolden blacks and that he would cause more racial tensions, and more violence.

      I was right on everything.

      How I knew? I don’t know. I just knew.

      I was called crazy, racist, paranoid …and that was people on the right.

      A liberal woman at gateway pundit threatened to put the police on my case.

      I was banned from little green footballs.

      and now look at what Obama is doing to the USA, he fvck’n hates the USA.

      He is the worse president the USA ever had.

      I was right on every fvck’n thing.

      Don’t mind me I am just letting some steam out.


    • ‘“[I] think the recount mania is one more example of the collapse of the Democratic Party as a realistic institution,” Gingrich said. “Next we’re going to be told that not only were the Russians engaged but there were Martians who were secretly voting in a variety of hamlets and they were right-wing Martians. And therefore, we need a whole new election.”

      “You’re seeing this also with Keith Ellison running for Democratic National Committee chairman,” he continued. “You’re seeing the sort of nutty wing of the Democratic Party begin to take over.’


      • Trump wiped out the Bush family and the Clinton family, and nuked the GOPe for good measure. Of course he’s on the payroll of right-wing Martians.



      ‘University lobbyists have also pushed for the legal right to provide Green Cards — and a path to citizenship — directly to their paying customers. This dramatic proposal was endorsed in Obama’s 2013 “comprehensive immigration reform” bill that passed the Democratic-run Senate, but which was stopped by the GOP-run House in 2014. In 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton backed this proposal, which would have slashed middle-class salaries by flooding the nation’s white-collar labor market with foreign professionals.’

      Selling victim’s studies degrees at +20% cost every year isn’t enough, we need to sell your birthright too.


  11. Every time I have second-guessed The Don, I’ve been proven wrong. I’ve developed a lot of trust in his wisdom. I agree with Whorefinder’s take that essentially he is magnanimous in victory and the Romney nod is a way to demonstrate that. The revenge angle would be a lot more fun though.

    Trump is a good guy, despite all the bluster. He enjoys winning, but he’s a good sportsman. He’ll beat you to the mat and then offer you a hand up when the bell rings.

    He’s said decent things about Cruz, Jeb, and others who tried to squash him. He was even nice to Hillary in his victory speech. The Romney move is probably an olive branch to the NeverChumps, in hopes that they will stop being cunts and start working with him.

    The thing is, I just don’t see Romney being that good as SoS. And I know Trump is a stickler for performance. So I’m going to place my bets on Mittens not getting the job.

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    • The problem with mittens is he has no imagination. He is a superb tactician, look what he did at the SLC Olympics. Give him a clearly defined task and he succeeds. SoS is not for him. Labor Secretary would work. With added bonus that his past union busting would cause prog heads to explode.


      • Good point. SoS is a job for an extremely creative and proactive problem solver. You put somebody in there who can’t play 4D chess, and you end up with the shitshow we got with Hillary. Because she was totally incapable of solving any of the issues, she just turned the job into a personal enrichment scheme.

        I believe Romney’s Mormonism would prevent him from being as flexible and creative as he would need to be. You can’t be a rigid ideologue and make a good SoS. He’s also got a hardon for nuking Iran to appease the Zionists. Bad choice all around.

        I really hope he doesn’t choose Bolton though, I hate that asshole. Another Zio-puppet.


    • Trump has disavowed and condemned the Alt Right following Spencer’s Nazi antics. Perhaps the Alt Right should disavow and condemn Spencer?


    • What is principled about the mass murder of innocents?

      That is what “Nazi” symbolizes in the American mind.


      • on November 28, 2016 at 8:37 pm Captain Obvious


      • Better question: What is “innocent” about organized jewry? You just admitted yourself that they are wily tricksters.

        “Judea Declares War on Germany”


      • Friday March 24 1933

        I was told that Nazi started war 1939 attacking Poland


      • 1919 (((Eisner))) and the Soviet Republic of Bavaria.
        Or (((them))) murdering the Thule Society.
        (((Rosa Luxembourg)))
        The ‘stab in the back’ non myth.
        The (((Warburgs))) representing both Germany and the US at the Paris Peace Conference aka the kosher conference.


      • Balfour Declaration

        How J_e_w_s get Palestine from British in the midst of WW1
        What did British got in return?
        Promising (((delivered))) to bring USA into the war and weakening of Germany from inside through (((5ft column)))
        Hence “back stubbing”
        Germany capitulated without having fought a single battle on its soil and without losing any major battle of the war

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      • Interesting (((Coehncidence))) that all of these factual milestones are completely missing from K-12-University history curricula.


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      • Most were not innocents, especially in the USSR where an innocent Jew was as rare as a fat Ukrainian. Spare me the guilt schlomo. Your people have more blood on their hands than all others combined.


      • @Carlos

        Congratulations, you just gave other races permission to exterminate your young without moral consequence.


      • Wake up, Ron… that’s what they’ve been doing anyway… and it’ll get more obvious and overt as time goes on… unless…


      • Greg, Im well aware of what some of my kind are putting you through.

        Im saying mass murder is not only unnecessary it actualky makes things worse. The people whoe have large families tend to adopt views that encourage cukture, tradition and beauty. Those are the people who get killed when everything goes to shit because they dont abandon each other and cannot maneuver. Them and anyone else who is honorable. Honorable people do not survive “selections”.

        Its the dishonorable who have the easiest time surviving, the whores, the traitors, the enpmbezzlers, the child pimps, the thieves, the murderers. Think of George Soros. He survived, because he was the biggest piece of shit with absolutely no conscience. Thats who gets filtered through.


      • Greg, Im well aware of what some of my kind are putting you through.

        Then you’re pretty much just as guilty as the rest of (((your kind))), I suppose, since you’re so well aware of the skullduggery.

        That said, didn’t know you were one of that (((kind))), so never mind my mistargeted “wake up” call.


  12. on November 28, 2016 at 7:15 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    How the Media Covers Violent Acts

    Men’s violence against women: Proof of the patriarchy’s oppression. Lock him up!
    Women’s violence against men: Proof of the patriarchy’s oppression. MEN MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO DRIVE A WOMAN TO VIOLENCE!! Lock them up!

    White violence against minorities: Proof of white privilege. Lock them up!
    Minority violence against whites: Proof of white privilege. WHITES MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO DRIVE A MINORITY TO VIOLENCE!! Lock them up!

    Kidding aside, this is basically an abridged version of what you hear on the news and see in places like Salon every day. As such, whenever bloggers post stories on these topics, I think this should be appended to the posts as a prequel.

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    • “The Skype cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

      Polish proverb

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    • Btw this is just crazy leftie “thinking.” It applies in other areas too:

      Husband divorces wife –> husband must be a failure, bad man, woman is victim

      Wife divorces husband –> husband must be a failure, bad man, woman is victim

      So on and so forth…

      Dalrock chronicles how mainline Christianity has been utterly subverted by leftist narratives like this.

      Funny how many pieces of the puzzle start connecting with Red Pill awareness…


      • on November 28, 2016 at 9:20 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Funny how many pieces of the puzzle start connecting with Red Pill awareness…” ——— And then you get to wondering about the true causes of WWI, the French Revolution, Calvinism, etc etc etc.

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      • @Cap’n: Yeah it’s one helluva rabbit hole. Just keeps going deeper and unraveling…almost everything I thought I knew.

        My big one last year was “Lindbergh was damn right. The USA had no reason worth a damn to enter WW2 in Europe.”

        To pull French frogs outta the fire? Come on.

        Reality is Germany didn’t care a whit about USA. Their interests were all in Europe and Russia. We coulda let them kill each other. Who cares?

        After the war we wound up with an adversary just as bad (maybe worse) than the Nazis who was dead set on subverting our government and way of life.

        And now look at the west. Weak low-T Euro freeloaders with their 2 month annual vacations courtesy American soldiers and taxpayers. Multikult worship, cultural degradation, mass 3rd worlders invading for “gimme-dats” and stabbing innocent whites.

        As a kid in the 70s & 80s I was drilled a million times about how WW2 was a “just war.” We were the “good guys.”

        After looking at the wreckage of the western world today I just can’t help but think all those lives were lost for…nothing. And worse than nothing, maybe.

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      • Moses
        The Left are quite open about this. They got their way in Europe after WW2 and wanted the exact same here.


      • on November 29, 2016 at 3:40 pm Enfant Terrible

        We will never know, but I don’t think Germany would’ve been able to beat the Russians, even if the UK/US weren’t helping them. The Russians are fanatical about their motherland, and they would have fought the Germans to the very last man and woman available to shoot at the enemy.

        The Germans were tough but, I’m not sure grinding out a war of attrition against Russia would lead to victory. They would run out of men at some point.

        And if the Germans did win, then we’d probably have something like a cold war standoff for a while between them and the UK/US, and eventually a collapse of a Nazi regime at some point in the future.

        And another scenario that could’ve happen is, no war at all. They could’ve just let the Germans negotiate with the Poles, and nothing would have happened.

        Once they all committed to war, there was nothing else to do but to go for total victory.


      • If you want to understand the relative strengths/weaknesses of the Germans vs. Russians, read “Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege” by English historian Antony Beevor.

        Goddamn, what an awesome book. Beevor digs into correspondence from the period and shows not just the big strategies and battles, but what life was like on the ground for the soldiers on both sides.

        I was in awe of German martial prowess after reading it. They chewed up the Russkies like a hot knife through butter again and again on the plains of Ukraine. Their weapons, tactics, training and leadership ran rings around the Russians. They encircled and destroyed and/or captured hundreds of thousands of Russians at a time.

        The problem was Russia was just too damn big. Killing Russians was almost like shooting cattle for the Krauts, but they just didn’t have enough men and bullets. Also, the further the penetrated into Russia the bigger problem supply lines became.

        The book shows clearly the massive strategic error of the German 3rd Army trying to take and hold Stalingrad, a city with little strategic value (Hitler wanted it for its name and symbolic value). All the German advantages of superior armor, maneuvering and tactical leadership used on the plains were of no use in bogged down city fighting.

        Russian leadership improved and encircled the Germans, cutting of rail links. The German general in charged wanted to break out of the encirclement but Hitler insisted that the 3rd Army hold Stalingrad and insisted it could be resupplied by air (which it couldn’t, but anyone who told him this was sacked for being defeatist).

        It was amazing the Germans lasted as long and fought as well as they did with nearly zero supplies. Goddamn amazing fighters.

        Would the Germans have conquered Russia if the US had not entered the war? I doubt it. By 1943 their Russian invasion was not going well. Without a Western front they I bet they’d have done better, maybe even fighting to a stalemate. Russia is just too big. If they had got more time they might have got the bomb which would have been curtains for Stalin.

        Another advantage Stalin had was Communism. He stationed machine gunners behind the lines with orders to shoot any Russian who fell back. That would not happen in, say, France *heh*.

        Great book on many levels. I really enjoyed it.


  13. on November 28, 2016 at 7:29 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Can’t imagine how you boys are going to feel when Trump reveals himself a cuck.

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    • You mean like how you felt when the toxoplasmosis results came in?

      Keep a clean litter box: Ban Hasbara Teen Force!

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      • Nobody should have a cat shittin’ or peein’ in the house. Not only is it unhealthy but the gott-damn smell, lawdy mercy ! I had a chick I was screwin’ in High School whose Momma bred ” Show Cats ” and that fuckin house smelled like a fertilizer plant, Hell it smelled worse, I’ve worked in one.The momma kept these worthless critters in small cages like you’d see in a chink food market. After one visit, I honked the horn in the the driveway for the bitch, never went back in the house.
        If I was gonna have a cat, the fuck would live outside and have to feed itself.


      • jOHN,

        My folks keep housecats. I rarely visit.


      • Not a fan either. They almost always stink unless they live outside.


      • Among several cats, there was Minnie, who died this past summer of a sudden tumor.
        She was paralyzed , I adopted her when she was 6 weeks old and helped her go potty a minimum of 3-4 times a day.
        Poor thing went to the vet more often in a year than most cats go their entire lives, I spent more time with her than I did with my parents.
        If I could have saved her by laying down my life, I would have.
        A wonderful creature and worth more than 10,000 people.


      • woofy, I always wondered if you were a dumb fuck. I don’t have to wonder anymore.


      • I’m sorry about your cat, wolfie. They can tug on the heartstrings.

        I hope you’ll have a big family someday, pets and all, you can give that love to.


    • @ (((deranged kike)))

      huh. Sure. Because the abundant and repeatedly established shitlordism hes been known for the last several decades would certainly suggest a flip to the cuckside.

      again, you really need to try and conform a tad better to be taken seriously.


    • Kind of like the first time you had sex? BTW, how long did your s$$ hurt afterwards?


    • Nowhere near as bad as you felt when Hilldog lost.


  14. You want to understand how Trump thinks? Read his books. They are congruent with his public speaking and behavior.

    He has a whole chapter dedicated to Revenge in “Think Big and Kick Ass!”

    He goes on about how much he prizes loyalty and enjoys punishing those who are disloyal or who cross him. He lists 2 reasons for getting revenge: 1) it feels good (yeah he actually writes this), 2) it teaches others not to fuck with you. He’s right on both counts.

    No doubt in my mind that KellyAnne was acting on Trump’s instructions. If she crossed him she’d be out on her arse in a heartbeat. She knows that.

    The Nikki Haley thing I don’t get, unless it was a sop. Who cares about the UN Ambassador? The UN is an irrelevant joke.

    The Romney thing? My money’s on humiliation. He’ll nominate someone else.

    Trump’s masterful trolling proves again and again that he is smarter than the media. They KNOW what he’s doing, yet every time still think “Oh this time Trump’s made a mistake.” They fall into his traps again and again.

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    • on November 28, 2016 at 8:46 pm Captain Obvious

      > “The Nikki Haley thing I don’t get, unless it was a sop.” ——— 1) He gets the incompetent Anti-American witch out of a really important job [where she can be replaced by a Heritage American who actually cares about this country] and into a nothingburger bu11sh!t fake job where she’ll do a lot less harm. 2) She’s a mystery meat, so all the other mystery meats at the United Shitistans will feel at home with her, and the press can go all ga-ga about diversity. 3) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 4) Whenever Trump is in NYC [which apparently will be pretty often – he’s hinting that he wants to move the Oval Orifice to the Trump Tower], he can use Nikki to play Dread Game on Melania.


    • Haley is strong, independent, non-white female. By appointing her Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Trump has sent her into exile to serve at an institution he has no respect for and, from what I can tell, intends to defund and seriously scale back US involvement in. He also gets affirmative action points. Most importantly, Haley will no longer be governor of SC. The new Governor (current Lt. Governor Henry McMaster) is a hard-nosed former prosecutor. Interestingly, his website mentions that he went after internet child exploitation. Perhaps relevant to a future #Pizzagate prosecution? Admittedly that’s speculation, but who knows? Also, Romney looks like a pervert so who know what info Trump has on him. More speculation, but I’m enjoying the winning almost 2 months before the Inauguration!


      • Why do not you ask (((Kushner))) for the reasons of her appointment
        I see that your hamster spinning crazy trying to rationalize what is a simple fact
        There was no reason whatsever to appoint that cunt to one of the most important diplomatic positions (despite the decreasing importance of UN)
        There was a lots of talented people who helped Trump to get presidency who would be more suitable for the position
        She has zero ezperience she visiously attacked Trump during the campain
        and she represent everything we abhore
        Take a red pill I think you need one


      • Trump went before a Senate committee some years ago blasting those UN idiots and chastising the very senators he was speaking to, except Sessions, on why they weren’t doing anything to put a stop to the mess. It had something to do with the UN building undergoing renovations. It was awesome, and of all places, I heard it on the old Hugh Hewitt show.


      • @cortesar

        I don’t see anything wrong with dropping a brown turd on the UN.


      • @cortesar: I agree with everything you wrote. Then again, I think Trump does too. So if I’m right, the only logical explanation is that Trump wants to downgrade the UN, bigly.


    • on November 29, 2016 at 12:49 pm ConantheContrarian

      With Nikki Haley gone as governor, Henry McMaster, a White Man, moves up from Lt. Governor to Governor, assuming his rightful place.


  15. I have thought for the longest time that Romney being SoS was only a giant head fake.

    Conway’s “rogue” comments were also theater. And I have a feeling the “Trump was livid” statement was a plant.

    Frankly I’m stumped about what Trump is up to. This could be one Gigantic Head Fake to get the press looking at the drama for SoS while Trump picks his cabinet. To me I think Trump intuitively knows how politically deadly a SoS, SoD, and VP are when they don’t stay on your message. So I don’t think Trump at all trusts Romney nor will nominate him.

    I don’t know if this is all a “hey look over there”, while he nominates a General nicknamed “Mad Dog” to SecDef. I also don’t get why the press is so knicker twisted about Romney being SoS. SoS is a pretty meaningless job in a post Cold War world. (which is why Killary basically killed her political career taking the post).

    Perhaps this is just the Art of the Showman in Trump. The press desperately need raw meat to consume. The nuts and bolts of hiring a whole bunch of people is actually an HR function mostly. So I suppose this is Trump allowing the press to be obsessed about SOMETHING while the real work goes on.


  16. Re: Trump and the MSM

    Anyone else notice that the MSM is doubling, tripling down against Trump after his win? We’re approaching shrillness and bleating levels that shouldn’t even be possible.

    Everything they don’t like is a “conspiracy theory.” Yet they treat seriously unsubstantiated allegations like Russian hacking and do NOT call them “conspiracy theories.” It’s so obvious and try-hard it seems like a joke.

    We’re witnessing a cage match. A fight to the death.

    MSM knows that a successful Trump Presidency will destroy them — their belief system, their prestige, their very livelihoods.

    They literally are fighting for their jobs and way of life. Things will get much, much nastier. The only way to stop it is to break them, destroy them utterly.

    Go Trump!

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    • He has repeatedly called them some of the most dishonest and despicable people in the country, directly to their faces. They are right to be scared. He has forced their hysteria level into the stratosphere and its only a matter of time before they start making fatal errors.

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    • He needs to expand his war to the universities. That’s where this shit starts. Call them out.

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    • Meh.
      So far, not so very different from what they did with Reagan or Bush Jr.


  17. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is now under pressure because of Spencer’s Nazi antics. Don’t be surprised now if the Trump administration (in cabinet picks, policy, and rhetoric) is forced to move leftward to distance itself from Spencer. Good job, everybody.

    From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

    Trump can win support among African-Americans and Hispanics, Bannon said, if the new administration can deliver on a “unifying message” of strong schools, safe streets and jobs.

    “And condemning any kind of form of racism or hatred that’s out there,” Bannon said.

    The fears of those who think racist groups have been energized by Trump’s hard-line campaign stances against immigrants and Muslim refugees were heightened last weekend when the National Policy Institute, led by alt-right figure Richard Spencer, held a gathering in Washington that included Nazi salutes and shouts of “Hail Trump!”

    In a Breitbart post titled “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right,” written by openly gay right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, Spencer was included in a rundown of “dangerously bright” alt-right intellectuals.

    When asked about the scenes from the alt-right conference, Bannon said he does not follow Spencer’s group and does not know much about it.

    Breitbart’s mission, he said, calls for “more voices, not less,” with no single line of thought dominating the site. Race-based nationalism, he said, is a “non-starter.”


    • So you’re whining because a bunch of googles and beans who have always hated Whites, are feeling scared and anxious? Jesus man. Scared is exactly what we want them to feel. They need a good reality check to knock them off their lofty, entitled perches that libturds set them upon.

      As for Bannon, wtf else is he going to say?

      It’s not about what people say, it’s about what they do. That’s Red Pill 101, son.

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    • The only way that Spencer doesn’t continue to fester in the body of the Alt Right and render it powerless is for there to be a clear separation between the “Alt Right” and Spencer/NPI.

      The Alt Right brand is going nowhere until that happens. The movement will continue to bleed out until then. No one can publicly be associated with the name now that its figurehead is neo-Nazi, pro-ethnic cleansing Richard Spencer.

      Mark my words. Many of you don’t see this because all is much as before. You are still here commenting, etc. There will be no movement in it though, no growth, and that is harder to perceive in this very instant. Just wait another year, if you do nothing. A few more months. You will see. Who in their right mind would associate with it?


    • I wouldn’t think Bannon would have to answer for anything Spencer thinks or does. Nice try, but you big time fail. Thanks for playing, tho.


    • The media cycle has already moved on. The only one still agonizing over spencer and the salute is you, faggot.


    • The only way any Republican can gain support from Blacks is by being Black himself.
      That’s it.
      NOTHING else will work.
      The only way any Republican can gain support from Hispanics is by either being Hispanic himself or at least having a Hispanic wife and/or family.
      That’s it.
      NOTHING else will work.
      I think (hope) they understand this (’bout time, it really is quite obvious) and act accordingly.

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      • This is right on.

        Blacks and hispanics will NEVER EVER support the GOP in material numbers. NEVER EVER.

        The mass of browns and blacks (there are exceptions of course) just aren’t wired for limited government and property rights. They want gimme-dats.

        Yet cucks just won’t give up trying to “enlarge the tent” and “win minority votes.”

        It reminds me of the omega loser who keeps thinking the HB10 won’t date him because he wore the wrong shirt or something stupid like that. He just keeps working up courage to try again and humiliate himself, totally oblivious that it will never, ever happen.

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      • On that note, if it isn’t balls-ass obvious by now that nonWhites vote en bloc… at a rate of no less than 70% up to 95% (the darker the tribe, the higher the rate)… then so much for any shitlib’s much-touted higher education.

        And spun any which way, the recent Trump election was a racial move on the part of Whites in said tribal direction… which is why none of the scandals that were supposed to upend him didn’t pan out.

        It’s just that Whites still aren’t saying anything out loud about being White…

        … except of course for the alt-Right… which is part-and-parcel of this last-ditch effort of the Synathedral to at least shame that portion of White folks out of the picture and all the other Whites back onto the reservation.

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      • Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote


      • That’s why I mentioned 70% of a bloc vote among the (ahem) lighter darker ethnics.

        I’d be willing to bet that a hefty share of that 29% “Hispanic” vote was no darker than Ricky Ricardo… and predominantly Cuban.


      • MANY Hispanics here in California voted Trump, go to church, have large families, hate googles, and keep their women in line.

        i don’t want them here, especially not the 4′ tall 80iq guatamalan wetbacks, but when more of them are American-flag-waving nationalists than whites, it’s worth taking notice.

        googles are heavily split also. the hardworking 1/10 HATES the gibs-dependant 9/10s. they feel the same way about lazy niggers that we feel about cucks: traitors to their people, and they’d just as soon see them eliminate each other.

        the ((())) made it about race. they took our meritocracy and turned into a human rights violation by claiming that law and order is racist, education is racist, religion is racist.

        we need to take back the frame. unapologetically enforce the laws we created and society will naturally stratify itself. and if it just so happens that prisons fill up with googles then so be it. we don’t need to discuss race ever again. we just need to stay true to our roots, and stop frigging apologizing for it.

        split the ((())) off from the victims they agitate for and just watch how well we all get along.

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    • “…Trump administration…”

      There is no Trump _administration_. Even your presumptions betray you.


  18. Trump is just short-circuiting Romney from ever badmouthing him again.

    Mitt can never take the principled #NeverTrump stance again after he has so flagrantly & publicly grovelled and bootlicked for the Donald.

    So after the God Emperor stiffs him for SoS, Mittens won’t even have his dignity left. He will have bent the knee — and sucked the cock — for nothing.

    It couldn’t happen to a cuckier cuck, either. Talk shit, get hit.

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  19. Did the Alt Right fumble with the Heil Trump salute?

    Good commentary from Uncle Hotep:


  20. “Fuck off to the purple sage ya mor_0n”

    “Wait til Kryst the Conqueror starts digging through your fraud holdings from la jolla to Santa Barbara, you two faced (((satan))) worshipping open border mexi loving mor_0n!”

    “Go home”


  21. Its a good guess CH and you might be right….but I just thought Trump was trying to unify the party by handing out the crappy and meaningless jobs to the RINOs. so far he has appointed RINOs to the jobs of Ambassador to the UN (yawn) and the Secretary of Education (pretty low priority to Trump) and his going to put his heavy hitting men into the jobs of Attorney-General and in charge of Homeland Security. Normally the SoS job is an important one but in a Trump administration it might be such a flash job.

    Still, humiliating Romney does sound appealling.

    [CH: you make a good point, namely that in Trumperica, the SoS isn’t going to be that important.]


    • DJT has always been playing some form of judo. That is, his first move is carefully crafted to put his enemies on their wrong foot. Always.

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    • I think the main job of the SOS will be explaining to the leaders of various countries why Trumps domestic orientated decisions that hurt them were made. Just imagine Romney having to explain to an international conference on climate change why the US will not be impleneting any of its decisions. Multiple this many times


    • I explained the same to my parents re: UN ambassador pick, but it goes deeper.

      Every RINO cuck (&cucker) he appoints to a meaningless post is another RINO without power who may be replaced by a loyal American.

      That’s why Rimney will not get SoS. He’s already powerless.


  22. “This thumb represents the number of speeches you needed to give to lose a slot in my cabinet.”


  23. Many are saying that (((Jared Kushner))) favors Romney for Sec. State. Big surprise.

    There’s a wave of jews idolizing Kushner as the “brains” behind the Trump campaign. Like they’d have any idea. Dude never says a word. It seems to comfort jews to think jews are the brains behind every kind of power in the world.

    Really, I don’t give a shit what kind of dick Ivanka takes or what makes the occasional Jew Trump fan feel better… the Trump movement was the least Jewish political movement in 80 years.

    Trump seems to like Kushner so I’ve been giving him a chance, but I am extremely skeptical of him both for ethnic reasons and his father’s scumminess (apple doesn’t fall far…)

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    • The eskimo that Ivanka lays with should be gassed, so she can get a real man.


      • He’s not worth an eternity of damnation


      • No. Invite all Jews to accept Christ and be saved.

        The greatest victory isn’t the death of you enemy. It’s his conversion to your cause.

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      • No. Invite all Jews to accept Christ and be saved.

        The greatest victory isn’t the death of you enemy. It’s his conversion to your cause.

        I get the heebie-jeebies thinking about these so-called “conversions”…

        … wasn’t Torquemada such a one?

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    • So the plan is to get the most powerful Jews in Washington all in the same room and….


    • Father? Tell us more.


    • on November 29, 2016 at 9:45 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      “No. Invite all Jews to accept Christ and be saved.”

      You already tried

      We mostly complied

      And got persecuted anyways.

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      • on November 29, 2016 at 9:49 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Christians have wronged Jews so much.

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      • Riiiiiiight… the OT is chock-full of how (((you))) “mostly complied”… corroborated further by NT information from the (((few))) who actually did comply.

        Oy vey… vee wuz soooo poisecutred… G*d Himself seems to be an antisemite! Oy gevalt!

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      • So you’re actually Jewish?

        After years of calling people they don’t like or can’t understand Jews, I guess they got one right.


      • on November 29, 2016 at 4:14 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Ethnically, yeah. On my father’s side.

        The funny thing is, nobody really gave a shit about it when I posted on AR/Manosphere blogs 3 years ago.

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      • saruh says: “So you’re actually Jewish?

        After years of calling people they don’t like or can’t understand Jews, I guess they got one right.”

        Good God, saruh, you’re so pathetic. How many times did you complain in your diary (which, per Sontag, I’m sure you left out so people could steal it, because Sontag, being a (((woman))), felt that’s what diaries are for– which explains your exhibitionism for hire online, btw) about how you just couldn’t be “understood”?

        And why are you so much more offended over being outed as Jewish than for being outed as a woman?

        You’re a dumb dirty cunt, and all you do is complain, “BUT AT LEAST I’M NOT JEWISH!!!”

        lozlzolzlz no wonder you people lose at everything

        Now quit talking to yourself


      • on November 29, 2016 at 5:04 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        for fuck’s sake

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      • on November 29, 2016 at 5:10 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Lucius, do you really believe that I’m a female?

        I can’t tell if you’re serious or taking the piss.

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      • I have to admit,myou have bigger balls then I do. Im sorry I insultrd you the other day,


      • “Lucius, do you really believe that I’m a female?

        I can’t tell if you’re serious or taking the piss.”

        Why sweetie, what a rude question!

        Don’t you remember how you begged me to put a “hwyte bun in your oven”?

        And how you denied being Jewish or gay?

        You’re dumb as bricks, and you write the way a negress four year-old in a ballet class walks.

        Now suck shit and die, you stupid twat


      • on November 29, 2016 at 5:33 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Likewise, Mr. 40-something shut-in.


      • Oh, I don’t care at all. These people are nobodies. Who cares who’s what anymore? Avoid the groids and care for your own. End of story.


  24. Trumps ability to make savvy choices on the fly is actually explained here:

    He shares the same personality type as Churchhill, Patton, Teddy Roosevelt, and many other leaders who stepped up in moments of need. And nailed it.

    The guy is an answer to prayer!!!

    I bet he told Rom… “All set to MAGA! Exciting, huh? Let’s do lunch sometime… Don’t call me, I’ll call you…oh look, cameras! Thumbs up! Team Trump, Rom, right?!?!?!” Pence is relishing it, too. Lol.


  25. It’s the keep your friends close and your enemies closer principle. Romney is a powerful cuck.


    • Never could figure out the choice of model for that painting, though it’s kinda cool to think a grizzled, skillful old veteran of a gladiator – Russell Crowe with man-boobs – can be the victor.

      Still, at this exact time, Rodin was choosing young fifth generation stonecutters with physiques that make Arnie look like a chemical broth for his models.


      • Gladiators were fat on purpose. This painting is accurate. That extra Inch of fat protects vital organs from a sword stroke. You will bleed for the show and live to fight. All important considerations for gladiators.


      • @Carlos: thanks – never knew that. Opens up a whole line of thinking re Hemingway on fixing fights and races, whether in fiction (eg `The Killers` or `Fifty Grand` – plenty of counter-Semitism there) or non-fiction (`Movable Feast` or `Death in the Afternoon`). Or there`s doping greyhounds in Roald Dahl`s `Dog Race`. Or my own familiarity with cutmen in boxing – perfectly legit, but a real art.

        But here`s the thing. When I think of gladiators, I think of the `civilized barbarism`, the decadence of it all: men dying for entertainment. But if there is that much fixing in modern contests where the stakes are only money and fame, can you imagine the endless inventory of tricks and manipulations the seasoned gladiators must have utilized to save each others` lives? Of course, you only had to fail once.


    • Jean-Leon Gerome. A highly gifted WHITE MALE.


  26. “…stupid religion.”

    Thank you.

    …but Trump never did achieve the forbidden, ’cause he had to trade-in each wife for the new one.

    I really wanted to see him accept the win with all three wives beside him. Instead we got minion and mini me. There. I said it. Ya’ll can berate me for blasphemy now.


  27. on November 29, 2016 at 6:45 am Captain Obvious

    Germany: ‘Mr. Flirt’ Teaches Migrants How To Sleep With German Women


    • on November 29, 2016 at 6:46 am Captain Obvious

      “[German] women have sex all the time — on the first, second or third date, that’s normal,” Mr. Flirt says. Germany is reaching levels of cuckoldry never thought possible. While taxpayer money is being spent throughout the country to teach migrants how to pick up German women and use them for sex, Horst “Mr. Flirt” Wenzel is helping cuck his fellow Germans just for kicks…


      • on November 29, 2016 at 6:47 am Captain Obvious


      • this goes hand-in-hand with the rise in faggotry and pizzas. as women race towards the demoralized bottom with their weaponized sex betas/cucks find other ways to get their sex needs met. this doesn’t end well.

        alphas: double down on the asshole game with these whores, and apply it to cucks as well.

        no prisoners.

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      • He is correct about the first date (or earlier…) sex part, at least that’s how it was in the 1970’s/80’s Europe I remember.
        A quick trip around YouTube – or any Euro news outlet, be it MSM or Alt-Right – will get you VERY depressed or BOILING MAD in a hurry.
        Full-on genocide is proceeding at breakneck speed, France and Britain led the charge, beginning as early as the 1950’s/60’s, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark followed them into the toilet, now Germany is drinking Afro-Asian diarrhea by the tanker loads.
        This CANNOT end well.


      • Gaypedoface is a thing then

        For max. Black-Knighting, the auty manlet should be assuring the malodorous, penniless, fat asiatics in the room that German girls automatically fuck after the first handshake, and take it up the gary right after you buy them a single beer. “Don’t take no for an answer, my noble rapefugee comrades, that’s just echt deutsch foreplay!”.

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      • Indeed… if alleged red-pillers can’t see through this queer fuck’s spiel of agitprop then they deserve ass-reaming he’ll give ’em.

        The fact that the fucker is still drawing breath without a suit of tar and feathers just goes to show how far gone the German men have fallen.

        Achtung, Kamerades! Wach’ Auf!

        Geez, at the very least, beat this fairy’s ass for his effrontery. 😡


      • just goes to show how far gone the German men have fallen.

        How many Americans have slapped a mudshark or her pet? How many Latvians have garrotted a sex tourist? A few maybe but not enough to send a message. It’s like our switch is not yet set to ON.


      • That’s a fair point… but policing one’s own should be priority one, and slapping this closet fag around should have been easy enough for those otherwise afraid of taking it out on the shitskins.


  28. on November 29, 2016 at 7:10 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    These transgression addicts really believe that they’re taking the sting out of the [email protected] label by embracing it and making a mockery of it – they’re not.

    The AR is a negligible (but self-important) sliver of the population. 99% of people don’t live on fucking /pol/ and AR twatter. [email protected] imagery is off-putting to them. It’s an absolute no-go.

    DT won in spite of some of the AR’s more retarded antics. To believe otherwise means you’re a fucking idiot and you’ve been inside the bubble for far too long. You’re as out of touch with reality as campus shitlibs and need to take a breather.

    Humorously debunking [email protected] is effective and something that everyday whites can more easily digest.

    Roman salutes and hcaust denial make you look like dysfunctional fuckheads to the intelligent but uninitiated.

    Cut it the fuck out.

    If Spencer wants to be the face of a burgeoning dissident movement, he needs to learn how to hold his liquor and exercise better judgment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, it looks like DKike and OpiningMater are in violent agreement…

      … now, if they can just get Schlomo Steinbergshitz on board, the issue’s settled!

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      • They’re passing notes to each other under the desk.


      • TSW/”Opinionator” and Stage Three saruh are converging before our eyes.

        And the prissy feminine ‘splaining syntax is hysterical!

        Sweet little k!ke side, who the other weekend simultaneously “conceded” that saruh is “too hard” on White women and then called White women “cunts”, is suddenly becoming quite garrulous!

        It’s particularly amusing how our “fellow huwite guyz” are suddenly all about “youyouyouyouyouyouyou”. Any minute, saruh side’s gonna order us to clean our rooms or else– or what? She won’t get us dem tickets to the Beyoncé show?

        The chatty cathys are starting to feel the flames licking their bottoms like never before. Because yes, the gas chambers are a myth. But fire is not.

        And sully side: History is more than a google image search for your next avatar, shitwit.

        Burn, baby, burn!


    • Quit trying to speak for the alt-right, (((shill))).


  29. Another Alpha Of The Week
    British darts player Eric Bristow on the sex abuse felt by footballers


  30. on November 29, 2016 at 8:06 am long dong silver

    Well damn Evan Rachael Wood just ruined Westworld for me. She’s using her new found popularity to pull the “look at meeee I was raaped!” thing. Stinks of a false claim. She even wrote Rolling Stone about it.


    • I always thought she was damaged goods to begin with, ever since The Wrestler.

      Still, it’s always ironic to hear about some whoring starlet talk of “rape” as she sits atop the casting couch of fame.


      • On a side note, Jennifer Connely (sp?) also has that “rode hard and put away wet” burned out look to her… and cohencidentally, to my eye, both she and Evan Rachael Wood could pass as siblings.


      • That movie redeemed NJ for me. I loved that character Mickey Rourke played.


      • Speaking of The Wrestler, how about Marisa Tomei? She didn’t finally hit the wall until she was 50. What a specimen.


      • Yeah, Marisa Tomei was killing it in that film.

        All around a good film that hits heavy and doesn’t pull any punches. I enjoyed.

        Fun soundtrack, too, since it’s mainly 80s metal.


  31. Tulsi Gabbard for SoS! Antiwar, smart, easy on the eyes and the biggest middle finger imaginable to the Romneytards.


    • i’m coming around to this. on paper she looks pliable, like she’ll pull an oar for the )))team(((, and she has that woman-of-color/manjaw look that, in the era of constant televised news, will help neutralize one of shitlibs’ main rallying cries, the “omg they’re all straight white males!!!”.

      also, she has a track record of being ethical, which will provide a nice fk you! to HRC supporters. basically it says, “women and ethical behavior doesn’t have to be an either-or decision”. though most of us here know that an honest woman is one who is willing to be kept on a short leash. gabbard seems like a short leash would suit her just fine.


  32. So there is am thinking…I miss the rallies…I hope Trump keeps in touch with his voters…and I then read about his thank you tour.
    The man is brilliant and this is glorious.
    The excitement generated is unprecedented.

    The shitlibs are bitter they are missing out and have empty lives.


  33. on November 29, 2016 at 11:30 am Diversity Heretic

    I just read that Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnell, has been nominated for the Secretary of Transportation position. Granted, SecTransport isn’t important, but I’m starting to get bad vibes from this. Any thoughts on this move?

    [CH: i don’t like these choices either. but i’m not worried…yet. my guess is that trump’s strategy is to load the less consequential posts with cuck favorites and keep the important cabinet positions for his inner circle of america first quasi-white identity nationalists. If I’m right, then Trump’s strategy amounts to paying a Cuckgeld to the GOPe to stop them from subverting his reign so he can get his big anti-globalist capitalism and pro-borders policy proposals passed. unfortunately, i don’t think this is a good strategy, because cucks, like shitlibs, will undermine trump no matter how many olive branches he extends.]

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    • I’m startin’ to (((shake mah haid)))…

      … then again, like someone already mentioned, he can give out the diversity quotas to all other positions which are pretty much machts nichts… but save the important stuff for the type of people WE elected him to use.


    • on November 29, 2016 at 12:28 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      Cucking quicker than I could have ever anticipated.

      He’s not suicidal.


    • on November 29, 2016 at 4:03 pm Enfant Terrible

      Patience is needed.

      Donald Trump needs to be inaugurated as President first, at which point he becomes the head of state, and has all the power of state at his command.

      Once this is accomplished, then he can work the government like he’s taking care of a vineyard.

      Water the good seeds, prune the bad growths, and weed out the pests.


      • remember, the way the God Emperor defeated the democrats is by dividing them, splitting the bernie people from HRC nutcases. he’s doing the same with the cuckservatives: divide and conquer.

        it’s possible that cuckservative spokes-mormon mittens is a potential wedge. if DJT can get him to publicly bend the knee, then Ryan’s clique has to choose a side. this is speculation, but I’m sure the 4d chessmaster is trying to figure out how to splinter the GOP faggots.

        you guys who are trying to guess Trump’s next move need to read Art of War. and adjust your time frame. Trump’s not building a kumbaya-save-the-white-people cabinet. he’s building a 4d chess arsenal. there are a lot of sacrificial pawns in Trump’s chess game. and there are sacrificial blocks of time also.

        taking everything at face value, and expecting everything to happen yesterday is ghey. look at the bigger picture. if you’ve learned nothing else from your YKW it should be that breaking up the ranks of your enemies, and keeping them fighting with each other is a winning strategy.

        [CH: pro comment]


  34. on November 29, 2016 at 11:50 am The Philosopher

    Do you think Paul Ryan polls lower among alt right than Bill Clinton, or Obama?

    I think so.


  35. On a side note, Jennifer Connely (sp?) also has that “rode hard and put away wet” burned out look to her

    Rode hard indeed. Those were the days…


  36. Richard Spencer’s poison continues to spread. It is now threatening Trump’s immigration restriction policy agenda.

    The path of destruction is straightforward.

    –Spencer brands the Alt Right as a neo-Nazi, ethnic cleansing, White separatist movement.
    –He links the Alt Right to Trump
    –He states that limiting immigration is a step toward the goal of White supremacy (neo-Nazi, ethnic cleansing, ethnostate).
    –Trump’s immigration restriction proposals come to be seen as a step toward the goal of White supremacy and eventual ethnic cleansing in the United States.

    [CH: vox is discredited. the blog equivalent of neurotic jew toilet paper. i’d sooner take the rantings of reverend jeremiah wright as serious discourse on trumperica.]


    • So what’s not to like?


    • Well, that link from that site certainly tells the tale, eh?

      Get outta here with that trash, Strappy. We’ll find you a place on the wall.

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    • Doesn’t Ezra Klein work for them? This guy?


      • Doesn’t Ezra Klein work for them? This guy?

        Indeed, indeed. A Jewish ethnic activist extraordinaire.

        You might ask yourself: Why is he more than happy to give Richard Spencer as much airtime as he wants?

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      • A jew is playing guilt by association and no one gives a shit? There IS something new under the sun… NOT!


      • You might ask yourself: Why is he more than happy to give Richard Spencer as much airtime as he wants?

        I’d guess for the same reason I heard nothing but pussy-gate and other hoped-for campaign-killing Trump faux pas snippets in Hillary’s commercials for a solid month before the election.

        They… and (((they)))… thought this shaming would work.


    • [CH: vox is discredited. i’d sooner take the rantings of reverend jeremiah wright as serious discourse on trumperica.]

      In whose eyes? Yours? Mine? Big deal. It still has influence with the general public.

      You can see in that article the media strategy beginning to take shape. Taint immigration restriction with Alt Right Nazism, portray it as motivated by and a step toward White Supremacy, ethnic cleansing of non-White Americans.

      Does that improves the chances of restriction mustering enough public support to be implemented by Trump and Congress?

      (You never corrected the misleading facts in your original post on Spencer. Bad form.)

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      • It still has influence with the general public.

        In whose eyes?


      • Besides, the Vox staff is about 90%, so they’ve got a lot of nerve.

        But it figures. It’s not your fault.


      • 90% white.

        Damn auto mod


      • WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE (((MEDIA STRATEGY)))? These jewish clowns are discredited and they discredit themselves more every day. Trump won in spite of all of it. “Immigration restriction” already enjoys huge popular support among the electorate, even though it’s been called “Nazi” all along.

        A “misleading fact”? What the hell is that? And why should CH “correct” anything when you’re the one who does nothing but lie? Fuck you, idiot.


      • Is there ANY doubt now that this OpiningMater is Strapon?

        My lord, yenta… we know you’re embarrassed about your Nostradumbass predictions before the election… but geez, you think you can carry on a charade and start from scratch with your shilling, post-election?


    • Try’n stop me!


    • (((shill))) sez wut


  37. on November 29, 2016 at 2:51 pm Enfant Terrible

    The big test of fire for the God Emperor will come when he’s in power, and has to deal with a crisis in the middle-east, or perhaps some terrorist attack in the US that traces back to the middle-east.

    It’s unfortunate, but I think we can pretty much bet that something will take place (((involving))) the US, and that part of the world that contains America’s “ally”.


  38. on November 29, 2016 at 3:07 pm Enfant Terrible


    From the Forward:

    Israeli Mohel Tells Student Circumcisers to Practice on African Babies…

    A veteran mohel is in for some tough questions after an investigation revealed that he ordered his circumcision students to use African children in low-income homes as practice.

    Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin, a rabbinate-approved mohel with 33 years of experience in the central Israeli city of Hadera, suggested honing their skills on black infants because their parents “don’t understand anything.”

    “Why practice on these families?” Asulin is heard on tape discussing his training program for mohels, or ritual circumcisers. “They have no mother or father, so that whatever you do, there won’t be a problem. Do you understand? Even if you make a crooked cut, they won’t say anything, because they don’t understand anything.”

    According to the broadcasting service, Asulin instructed his students to lie to the parents of Ethiopian Jewish babies — as well as Sudanese and Filipino ones, who though non-Jewish circumcise their children as a matter of preference — and claim to have certification to do the procedure, called a bris in Judaism.

    More at the link…..


  39. Greg Johnson
    The Alt Right: Obituary for a Brand?


  40. I long ago stopped paying attention to the MSM (aka Fake News) but confess that I am not done drinking liberal tears over the Trumpening and have been catching up on election night coverage that I missed.

    (((Richard Engel))) takes the cake as the most unhinged Jew I’ve seen thus far. He appeared on NBC late on election night after it became clear that Trump was likely to win; he looked like he had just spent the previous hour crying his beady little eyes out. (It fell to the old goy Tom Brokaw to walk him back from the edge, basically telling him “Hey, Jew — quit complaining this is who the American people voted for whether (((you))) like it or not.”)

    This short clip has some (but not all) of this kike’s ranting:

    For the full (((Engel))) I recommend watching the video of the full NCB election night coverage starting at 6 hours 23 minutes.

    In particular, the bits from 6:23:13 to 6:33:33 (OMG OMG unconstitutional deportations, generals in revolt, the US won’t be fighting Wars for Jews!);

    and 6:38:40 to 6:39:00 (OMG it’s even worse that he beat Clinton by an unarguable margin because he’ll be emboldened);

    and 6:46:09 to 6:47:00 (OMG his only ideology is “power” — even gets a look of bewilderment from some problem-glasses wearing chick on the panel)


  41. on November 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm Ron Blasczykowski

    Number closed a chick at a college mixer a couple weeks ago (she asked for my number at the end of the night). No make out, no f-close.

    I hit her up about a week later on a Sunday night to see if she wanted to hang out or “study together”– her reply: “I’ll see if I’m free later that night.”

    Anyway, long story short that never happened, but over the next couple weeks we’ve been texting back and forth, and snapchatting in between. I ask her a second time if she wants to hang out. No reply.

    Was it too much comfort, not enough mystery, that she completely ignored the 2nd time? I’m a newbie to game. Would appreciate some feedback.

    [CH: yeah be careful. she’s positioning you into a role as one of her beta orbiter emotional tampons. no dates, no sex, but casual texting and snapchatting for weeks? bad sign. i’d cut off contact completely for a while and if she initiates texting again, respond with a birthday cat emoji. you’ve gotta give yourself that jerkboy hand.]


    • on November 29, 2016 at 7:00 pm Ron Blasczykowski


      Turns out she did respond.

      her: I’m literally swamped with work so I’m going to be at the library

      me: lotta West World to catch up on huh [one of those b.s. “rly makes u think” type show she watches]

      her: no I have 5 exams next week!

      me: gay

      her: ur gay

      me: you wouldn’t say that to my face [don’t know where i was going with this]

      her: probs not. because i’m nice

      me: [referencing myself] “gay”
      [referencing her name here]: “omg hahahaha omg!”

      her: you’re a funny one

      me: eyes open, tonge out emoji

      It could be salvageable. I still have the self-amused jerk boy vibe going.
      And the snapchatting— overall hasn’t been too hurtful. Luckily I’ve been careful what to send, not petering out whatever hand over her I had.

      [CH: this banter isn’t bad. i’d just add that the word per text ratio is in her favor (she’s saying less) and there’s a risk because of that you could end up coming across try-hard. keep it light, lively, and terse.]


  42. on November 29, 2016 at 5:40 pm gunslingergregi

    Secretary of Education (pretty low priority to Trump) ”””””””””””’

    Education didn’t seem low priority to Trump



  43. This Youtube clip shows Mitt Romney as the Mormon robot douche that he is. Thank God that he lost.