Slut Eye

In a post about female eye contact tells, reader Ripp made a valid objection to my description of direct eye contact as necessarily indicative of a woman’s propensity for sluttery.

This is rooted in neuro science. Primary attraction responses. Subconscious stuff. Fascinating.

-downcast and away is good
-double take is good
-initial downcast and away, then a later 2s long stare is an invitation to approach

Also note that if women give you a look away to the side (not initially attracted) this doesn’t mean she ‘cant’ be attracted to you. Attraction can still be built into her with a good approach, opener and attraction routines. Women weigh more attraction value into attitude than a man’s looks.

I somewhat disagree that an initial intense long stare is an auto slut tell. I’ll agree that is mostly the case. However sometimes if it’s a subject you’ve seen before and not met, and she is ovulating and you are DHV with preselection, social validation, the intense stare can indicate simply that she’s ready for seduction, by you, as you fit here physical archetype of desire. Infrequent that it’s a lesser slut type but still exists.

Typically though a women that is outright with intense ‘slut eye’ is usually lubricated up with booze and is repeating a monthly slut behavior. For women of smv6+ and higher getting laid with drunk slut eye is simply a choice. A simple decision like whether or not to eat at home or go out for dinner.

Ripp is right. Direct eye contact from a girl could mean she’s an indiscriminately horny slut… or just horny for you. So be careful about assuming a girl is slutty if she stares at you lasciviously.

However, I do think there is such a thing as “slut eye”. This is one of those tell-tale characteristics that falls under the category of “you’ll know it when you see it”. It’s hard to describe the look in words, but I’ll try (as well as provide an illustrative photo).

There it is. If you get a look like that from a girl, make your move and free up the next few hours, because she is DTF.

The best way to explain the slut eye is by the Japanese term sanpaku. The Japs believe that the whites around a person’s eyes say a lot about his character. People with whites visible above the iris are troublemakers and aggressive jerkboys. People with whites visible below the iris are the opposite: trouble comes to them. The former is destructive, the latter self-destructive.

What do all sluts have in common? That’s right, self-destructiveness. You haven’t met a drama queen with delusions of hysterical martyrdom until you’ve met a slut with a mile-long rod sheet. That lower sclera sanpaku is like the stigmata of sluttery, an S-beam glittering in the dark near the Tanghauser Gate.

(Of note: when women are aroused into a submissive state of mind by a powerful man, they will look upward at him, thus revealing their lower sclera for all and sundry, and in this submissive state they are more open to conjugal transgression.)

Other marks of the slut eye: it has a wetness quality to it. The eyebrows downwardly converge combatively in the middle, setting the eyes off like gun barrels. The woman possessed of slut eye will alternate between widening and squinting them, as if she were simultaneously assessing a threat and issuing you a challenge.

Interestingly, men have a subconscious ability to discern which women are likely to be sluts and cheaters simply by looking at their faces. Men have a cuckoldry and slut detector! Now where have we heard this sort of astute observation before? Another gender-unbending study slipped past the Hivemind censors and put the lie to feminist bromides, while validating the wisdom of CH house lords. To *preen*, or to *preen double time*, that is the question.

Related: Nearly 50% of women feel depressed post-coitus. The wages of sluttery?


  1. That chick looks like she’d give a great blowjob. Those bee-stung lips probably feel as good as her hatchet wound.

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  2. nose ring like a cow. Our young women were taught to be that way by Jewish media, as one of the attacks on our civilization.

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    • Lol, the nose ring IS garbage. Looks like trash on 9/10 girls, and the girls it works on would do better to remove it.

      Exactly like short hair


    • on October 9, 2015 at 6:14 am Captain Tautological

      2015-10-09, The Donald with “Alpha hands on shoulders” Game:


      • on October 9, 2015 at 6:17 am Captain Tautological

        If I were that senorita’s husband, I’d get busy gathering some DNA swabs from “my” children’s mouths, and sending them off for paternity testing…


      • Yesterday a shitlib was laughingly telling me about the bounty el chapo(I know its not really him) twattered on el trumpo. He thought this development was just great but stopped short of revealing his high hopes that it be carried out. They would side with a filthy, murdering mexican scumbag rather than their own countryman.

        These fucking people are constitutional traitors and collaborators.


  3. The overall impression of the thousand cock stare is that the eyes seem disconnected from the brain. The don’t seem to be like the lively, processing orbs on vigorous people’s of potential, they become their own as if they are separate, sad entities unconnected to the slut’s brain. This can be hard to quantify, but it is felt.


  4. on October 8, 2015 at 12:59 pm Siegfried Kesselfieber

    That first hoe’s face looks awfully pale. Or is that dried jizz in her face? So empowering, you go grrrrrrl!


  5. I like to make my girls give me the slut eye.

    or else.

    *unrolls duct tape*

    Fake it till you make it rape!


  6. May God have mercy on the souls of hapless betas. The reader comments are even more disgusting, like this is totally standard and “ummmm, like, totally NBD!”

    The letter…

    “Dear Prudy,

    I am a woman in my 40s with a brother of similar age…I always knew my mother had cheated on my father back when we were young (I was told that caused the divorce). A few weeks ago, a family member revealed that my father is not my brother’s biological father. This was completely shocking news to me. I never once suspected it, and I doubt my brother has either. I asked my father about this, and he admitted that at one point he started to suspect he wasn’t my brother’s father, based on the way my brother resembled the man my mother cheated with. He confronted her and she told him it was true but said not to tell my brother….

    Sad Half-Sister”

    Now the response…

    “Dear Sad,

    I think that shared DNA doesn’t make a family and unshared DNA doesn’t unmake one. This issue comes up so often that when I do live events I often ask for a show of hands from the audience as to whether they’d want to know or not want to know if the man they thought of as Dad was not their biological father….”

    Read her response again.


    Fuck this gay earth.


    • What’s funny is that my pops must have gotten around. Girls come up to me and be like, we’re you at … i dunno … the waterfront yesterday? Like, no.

      I have twins running around all over the country.

      It was just pointed out that some minor you tube star about 10 years younger than me is my exact fucking twin. I saw it and thought it was me. Like when was I petting a cat?


      • on October 8, 2015 at 5:03 pm Captain Obvious

        In all seriousness, rampant R-Selection run amok quickly results in ACCIDENTAL INCEST AMONGST THE CHILDEN AND GRANDCHILDREN:


      • on October 8, 2015 at 5:05 pm Captain Obvious

        The Nogs in the public housing projects are probably inbreeding/incesting all sorts of mental retardation into the Noggish race.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 5:14 pm Captain Obvious

        If you’re a tenured Social Sciences professor, and if you want to have your tenure revoked, then go deep into the public housing projects and conduct a thorough DNA analysis proving just exactly who is each inhabitant’s true biological father, and then figure out how many children are the product of incestuous relations, and finally attempt to publish your results in a major USA social sciences journal. Your university will have your office cleaned out and the locks changed by the time you come to work the next morning.

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      • If you’re a tenured Social Sciences professor, and if you want to have your tenure revoked, then go deep into the public housing projects and conduct a thorough DNA analysis proving just exactly who is each inhabitant’s true biological father, and then figure out how many children are the product of incestuous relations, and finally attempt to publish your results in a major USA social sciences journal.



    • on October 8, 2015 at 2:09 pm The Spirit Within

      I’ve heard a social anthropologist suggest anywhere from 10% to 20% cuckoldry rate for children throughout the history of civilization. That probably varies by class, race, and religion.

      [CH: keep in mind that the current american cuck rate — 1-3% — is still an order of magnitude larger than the current rape rate.
      perspective matters.]


      • “varies by class, race, and religion.”

        —-Race is a social construct, you rethuglican neocon liar! Traitor! Capitalist!

        Faggot Within rape!



      That’s because this issue is nearly as old as mankind itself. “Fuck this gay earth” indeed, but this stuff was going on before civilization itself was even a thing. I saw a study a few years back that anywhere between 1 and 5 percent of men in western countries are unknowingly raising kids that aren’t theirs. I’m not talking about adopted kids, or mixed families where a man marries a woman that already has kids. I’m talking about men whose wives cheated on them, became pregnant by another man, and then deceived their husbands, telling them the child was theirs. “Mommy’s Little Secret”, as one article put it.


  7. What does lip biting mean when you’re talking face to face with a girl?

    Is the girl disgusted and eager to get away from you, is she truly shy and nervous, or is she a slut who is affecting a shy and nervous demeanor?

    [CH: lip biting = arousal. or she’s trying to hide a herpes sore.]


  8. Are there any video’s that might be used as examples of IOI’s?


  9. In the article about the study about men being able to tell which women cheat, it’s noteworthy that none of the 34 female models had cheated once. All of them had cheated 2+ times or never. Maybe there is a self-reporting effect at work as well, but it seems to confirm that sluts don’t reform.

    [CH: or, women who have cheated only once find it easier to ignore, lie, or rationalize away their indiscretion.]


  10. It’s Tannhauser, not Tanghauser.

    /Grammar Nazi deactivated

    [CH: the spelling was intentional. tang is slang for the poon(tang).]


  11. yah, this happened to me. Or something similar, maybe worth comment. Or not.

    At da bar…looking at band, some bitches some guys between me and band, casual environment, well lit.

    Girl makes eye contact with me, gives me the most intense soul scouring direct eye contact ever. Breaks it and goes to make out with dude who was next to her.

    I was like, what just happened.

    Also, had a gf who would do seductive puppy bowl eyes at me. She just knew how to tilt head, open mouth, and make eyes. But that’s another subject.


  12. on October 8, 2015 at 1:49 pm Holden Caulfield

    Regarding the post comment that “nearly 50% of women feel depressed post-coitus”. This makes me wonder if its not the sex per se, but rather the accidental honest self-assessment afterwards that creates the depression? I wouldn’t be surprised if this depression/introspection is followed by a false rape accusation to assuage the bruised ego, i.e.,she tries to make herself feel better by plotting your demise. Just a thought.


    • the dead giveaway of your theory above was that they sampled “college women”… think about it…


    • on October 8, 2015 at 2:11 pm mendozatorres



    • It’s the “oh, 5h1t, I’m a slut” come-to-Jesus moment.


    • on October 8, 2015 at 5:23 pm Captain Obvious

      When I was a kid, it was called “post coital depression”, but that concept seems to have been completely wiped out of the official public memory banks.


    • This comes from guys not doing proper Buyer’s Remorse management because they don’t study game and understand BR lol

      It’s pretty much 100% preventable if you study how to avoid BR (make her feel like a special snowflake, let her cuddle for a bit instead of kicking her out immediately, txt her something flirty-sexy after she leaves your place (ideally getting into a back and forth convo where you can get her to admit she had fun and that “that thing we did with the goat was hot” “omg yes I loved that” etc which’ll help prevent BR and help make your case if you get a False Rape Accusation) instead of playing aloof and not txting her for a few days (you can be aloof AFTER you do the txts that night, but during that 24hrs after you bang that’s the Buyer’s Remorse zone you want to be attentive in), do proper after-care, avoid lying and promising Provider value (telling her you love her, letting her think you’ll date her or that you two could be together beyond just sex) when you’re actually only offering Lover value (if she fucks you thinking you’re a potential Provider then you take that Provider value away it’s a huge loss and a huge feeling of being “duped” which helps skyrocket Buyer’s Remorse), even let her stay overnight and go for an Egg McMuffin in the morning lol it’s cheaper than defending yourself against an FRA.

      And most importantly because this is one of the most common ones I see: if you fuck her with minimal Comfort, like you run a pure flash-game Attraction sarge and basically spike her Buying Temperature all the way to the bedroom with no Comfort, cuddle after the sex and BUILD COMFORT THEN. Just chat and ask her questions about herself and get to know her and share some Comfort, in those situs where I have to do that (I actually do that with every girl the first night we fuck regardless of whether I need to or not, it’s why I never get Buyer’s Remorse even if it’s a one night stand, girls ALWAYS have a good memory of our night together and are happy to see me and talk good about me to their girlfriends instead of talking shit and starting drama in my life) I’ll usually fuck her then let her cuddle up to me and I’ll shoot the shit doing Comfort making her feel like a special snowflake to counter-balance the fast “he must think I’m a slut :(” situation we just went through, until we both fall asleep. I find I don’t generally need the Egg McMuffin if I do that, which is good because I’m cheap lol

      Do that shit properly and there’s no “post-coitus depression”.

      Like 90% of dudes don’t do that shit properly, and a lot of them do it actively IMPROPERLY, like Naturals who view chicks as dumb bar sluts etc will often give no fucks about Comfort and will toss the girl out etc…that’s why a lot of Naturals have a lot of drama with girl hating them and shit lol And that’s why there’s so many Mattress Girls and “I regretted it a month later so it was rape!” shit out there now. Bunch of angry women who have Buyer’s Remorse because the guys didn’t manage it properly. It’s even worse now that the 30+yo Sex & The City crowd is actively going to be trying to lock guys down as Providers and more and more guys just pump ‘n dump them and don’t manage their Buyer’s Remorse properly.

      Learn to prevent Buyer’s Remorse. Shit will save your life.

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      • on October 9, 2015 at 10:19 am mendozatorres

        And now with McD’s doing all-day breakfast, you can get the Egg McMuffin beforehand!


      • @YaReally

        Great post on BR. This was a big problem I had for years until I figured it out on my own. In the past before I had that post coitus epiphany, I had 2 cars damaged(keyed the side and hood) and I had bad results with women messing up my chances with other women in social circles after we did the deed.


      • Can I borrow this for my post on false rape claim prevention?


  13. When I was a boy my conservative parents opted out of big food, and returned to more natural, whole food eating. One book my dad had was titled, You Are All Sanpaku.

    Over the years, every time I see a mass murdering nut I look for those eyes. Usually, they are there.

    The slut eyes seem to be open slightly bigger than normal, as looking at something to devour, like cake…but the lower part of the face doesn’t join in, as if subconsciously they know they shouldn’t do it, it will end like every other pump and dump.


  14. Women also give that stare when we see a new expensive handbag we want really, really bad. So yeah.


  15. This sanpaku is very interesting. According to Wikipedia…

    John F. Kennedy had it.
    Abraham Lincoln
    Osama Bin Laden


  16. Interestingly, men have a subconscious ability to discern which women are likely to be sluts and cheaters simply by looking at their faces. Men have a cuckoldry and slut detector! Now where have we heard this sort of astute observation before?

    This kind of study is always interesting, and for those who scoff at science ’cause dey got da street smarts: observing a hundred people is worth more than your observation of three people combined with your selective memory. Every person on earth can claim “but I knew someone who…” and bring that up as “evidence” of their claims. That’s called anecdotal evidence. It isn’t worth shit. You can find examples of everything in every direction, and considering that the average person gets to know about 2,000 people in a lifetime, you’ll probably find the examples you desire to fit your preconceptions. Your observations are only worth something as an example to reinforce that which has been proven by observing far larger groups than what you have accomplished. This note is both for leftists, who use anecdotal evidence to contradict real evidence all the time, and for the bulk of right-wingers, who are only slightly more honest than leftists.


    • on October 8, 2015 at 5:26 pm Captain Obvious

      Arbiter, the difference between Leftists and Right-Wingers is that Leftists will FALSIFY THE DATA if the honest data doesn’t fit their Narrative.


  17. “People with whites visible above the iris are troublemakers and aggressive jerkboys…”

    Agree with this; it’s another factor in why my modified body language over the last year has gotten me both more attraction (from women) and a greater sense of respect (from all). My insouciant / alpha-style walk is: head held chin up and straight over my spine, throat exposed. I am always looking down my nose at people at now. When you meet my eyes, you never see the lower sclera. Conversely, when I’m chatting and using eye expression to go with saying, for example, ‘hmmm, I see…’ and giving the upward head nods, you would tend to see more of the upper sclera.
    These things all work in concert.


  18. @Heartise, check this out. Want to see if you guys also see this. Go to youtube, click on any of the videos they have, then immediately click on the home link. The first video I see at the top is labeled “Girls to men | Jamie’s Transgender Transformation.” Unbelievable. They purposefully put that front and center and it’s gotten over a million views. No agenda there.


  19. I’ve read that a woman’s pupils will dilate when she’s turned on, also.


  20. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  21. Another point on sanpaku and body language; If you hold your chin up your eye will naturally show more of the white above the iris to anyone you’re looking down your nose at.



    Beta male of the week nomination. Odds of this finally getting this kid laid? It takes pedastalization to a new level. During my engineering undergrad, I was thoroughly unimpressed by every female I met. Not to say they weren’t competent, more “middle of the bell curve”


  23. I would say though… seems this look is most associated with the 6.


    • Why, why why must they always apologize?

      There a single man left with a fucking pair? The guy is a race car driver for gods’ sake you figure he wouldn’t be so quick to “Man-Down”


      • on October 9, 2015 at 6:28 am Captain Tautological

        Alpha Male Race Car Driver: “Gosh, I’m so sorry that all the lonely old cat lady spinsters took offense at my characterization of the Pu$$y Wagon here at the race track, but if there are any nubile young not-quite-cat-lady-spinsters-yet, who would like to TXT me and chat about their feelings, then my cell phone number is 1-888-555-1212. Please include a recent photo of yourself, preferably in a bikini. Thanks so much!”


  24. Merkel better hope she doesn’t meet Ceaucescu’s sorry end.

    Massive anti-invader rallies throughout Germany are unreported by the press. Riot police in Slovakia remove their helmets and march with the protesters. Hungarian government lights the way. Czech Republic circulates petitions to leave the EU. A football (soccer) stadium in Poland thunders “no to this savage horde” in unison:

    [CH: beautiful. i hope this is all true. and if merkel is put against the wall a great and promising message will have been sent to western globalists.]


    • I am against the “invaders/invasion” too, but referring to them as such seems very try hard. Kind of disqualifies you when talking to normal people. You might not pass perimeter defenses. “Refugees” (with quotation marks) gets the same effect.

      Btw, TPTB want to give Merkel a Nobel Prize. That’s how much they hate normal people.


      • I mean to say, “refugees” also shows disdain for those allowing this invasion and proves that it’s fraudulent without sounding too far gone.


    • yep, eastern Europe is not taking this $hit well!


  25. OT but worthwhile watching
    Putin humiliates Eskimo billionaire Oleg Deripaska ( 9billion worth)
    Whatever you may think of him you must admire the man


    • Is there a way for that Joo to avoid getting punked here?


    • “Give me back my pen.”

      Interesting how the personal dynamics of power and status go down to that level. Putin humiliates the guy by calling him over and having him sign (and with a bowed head), and he does but then tries to walk away with the pen! and Putin calls him on that too.

      Also Putin’s voice is pretty cool. Not bombastic or anything.


      • I think the guy was just too tense to notice that he was taking Putin’s pen.

        I think he could’ve signed that paper more dismissively by picking it up and facing a different direction from Putin. But when the other guy is a president, your hands are kind of tied, which ironically makes your submissive behavior more palatable. Or: there’s no(t much) shame in getting punked by Putin.


  26. on October 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm Forge the Sky

    We were talking about this in a Rational Male thread a few weeks back. I and a few others were distinguishing between the sorts of looks women give you if they’re DTF, and the sorts of looks they give to keep getting attention from betas.

    Basically, the ‘slut eye’ here is just a look of strong sexual attraction. If a woman gives it to you instantly then yes, she’s likely a slut. Or you’re just very exceptionally attractive to her.


    • @Forge
      Gave the post linked a skim. I don’t disagree with it but I would explain it differently from how that guy did:

      One of my buddies (and I’ve seen this a lot, it’s actually really common in guys starting out in pickup) gets Attraction but he gets it as a “cool social high-value guy” and not as like a “sexy piece of meat she wants to ravage”. Which at first doesn’t make sense, because it’s like “but if he’s a cool social high-value guy, she should want to fuck him!!”

      Best way I have of explaining the difference is that a girl is subconsciously looking for a Provider and Lover. If she can get both in one package, great, but usually they come solo.

      When that waitress is legitimately laughing at your jokes (VS just faking it, which you can usually spot if you go out enough and learn to tell real iois from bullshit ones (hint: go to a stripclub or Vegas to experience a shitload of bullshit ones lol my go-to method to determine it is “understanding how game works, did I actually do anything to deserve these iois? If not then this shit is fake”, tho it’s usually given away in their subcomms anyway)), she’s ATTRACTED, but she’s attracted to you as a potential Provider.

      She can think you’re super cool and fun and even go out on dates with you and maybe even bang you, but like, you’re in that Providery zone where you’re attractive but she doesn’t have that raw animal ravaging feeling for you. This is what most guys experience and interpret as “She’s attracted to me so I’ll marry her and shit!” To them “attraction is attraction” so HOWEVER they get attraction, it counts because they don’t get much of it and have to take what they can get.

      That’s also why guys go the passive external value route, they go “man I flashed some cash or wore my suit and all these girls gave me iois, they all wanna fuck me”. When in reality a lot of those iois are just the “this guy would be a good Provider” attraction and not intense sexual attraction. But like that post you linked said, a lot of those guys haven’t EXPERIENCED that kind of intense sexual attraction so to them getting those Providery iois are good enough to them. The guys who don’t understand this dynamic and do pickup are the guys who rally on about how you need suits and 0% bodyfat and money etc (meanwhile they can’t explain why so many good looking rich suit dudes are going home alone and standing on death row at the bar and losing girls to bums like me and simply pretend you can’t see tons of examples of it EVERY NIGHT OUT in EVERY BAR IN THE WORLD lol), and the guys who don’t understand this dynamic and are normal AFCs are the guys who work really hard and get a good job and marry some girl who gave them Providery iois (and then can’t understand why she cheats on them with a guy she has Lover attraction to with that intense sexual chemistry, because they don’t even know what that IS or what it LOOKS LIKE because their GF (now wife) has never had it for THEM).

      It’s also why betas will think strippers are in love with them, and if they’re fun the stripper might legitimately be happy to see them and enjoy talking to them, and to them that’s good enough, that’s “attraction”, but it’s in that Provider zone.

      It’s a subtle nuance but it’s the difference between why my buddy and I will run a 2-set and I’ll end up making out with my girl while he’s stuck with a number from his girl…because I’m getting that Lover attraction while he’s getting the Provider attraction. You can tell when it’s happening when you’ve experienced both, like you can just tell “this girl likes me but we don’t have that sexual chemistry so this is going to be going on lame dates and I’m going to have to turn my image around in her mind to get myself out of Provider and into Lover (to avoid having to date the girl, since our goal is just fuckbuddies right now)”. It happens to me when I’m just starting my night sometimes or if I haven’t been out in a while etc, I’ll find myself mid-conversation talking about puppydogs and ice cream and the girl LIKES me and I COULD still manage to turn it into a lay, but it’s going to be on shitty Provider terms and not that animal lust terms that I’d rather have her liking me for.

      I’m helping my buddy get himself into the Lover category. It’s a funny sticking point because he’s a cool guy and he’s running game so he still gets laid, but he’s felt the difference between that Lover animal attraction shit and the Provider attraction and he knows the Lover is better, especially for running harems and shit where the girls all know you’re fucking other girls (harder to pull that off when you have Provider attraction because they expect you to act like a Provider so some behaviors they accept from a Lover are drama to them).

      I find the Doggy Dinner Bowl look (classic PUA lingo) is more Provider based attraction…she looks at you wide eyed and stunned like you’re the most amazing thing she’s ever seen. That can translate into lays obviously, BUT it’s not the same as that sexual animal Lover attraction which to me feels a lot more “active” on her part. DDB is passive, she’s just staring in awe stunned like a deer in the headlights (my buddy gets that one a lot…), but that eye-fucking is like an intense active “I want to fuck your brains out” communication from her (…whereas I get this one a lot).

      Best ways I’m finding to get a guy out of Provider attraction and into Lover attraction is:

      1) talk about sexual topics, early and often. Your opener should be something related to sex or sexual topics. Most of my conversations are entirely sexual from the word go till the end. It stands out compared to the puppydogs and ice cream shit other guys talk about (puts them in the potential Provider category where they end up with Provider attraction) and it shows I’m comfortable/familiar with sex in general and subcomms all sorts of good shit…plus it lets their inner horny girl feels run wild because I’m providing a non-judgemental safe space to talk about sex. Last night I had two cold-approached girl who had never met before making out because separately both of them had mentioned they were into girls as well as guys (so I introduced them and removed responsibility etc., one of them had a BF too lol). But like that’s the stuff I’M talking about with girls while other guys are talking about COOL TOPICS but not SEXUAL topics.

      2) LASERS. Watch/read everything in these links:

      Locked bedroom-eye-contact + closing the distance to build tension = retarded amounts of sexual Lover attraction and gina tingles.

      3) disqualify yourself as a Provider. Don’t flaunt your money, job, suits, etc. Don’t come off like you have Provider value. If a girl knows you aren’t a potential Provider, she can only view you as a potential Lover so when you combine steps 1 and 2 into this, you end up in the Lover frame. It’s not just external Provider traits like money and suits etc, it’s internal Provider traits too…like don’t use the word “date”, push for the Same Night Lay instead of the #-close Day2, talk about relationships and how you have commitment issues and hate clingy girls and your ex was crazy and how this girl better not fall in love with you ’cause you’ll break her heart etc. Like remove any possibility in her mind that you have Provider potential. (if you decide you like her and want to LTR her, you can ALWAYS become MORE of a Provider by letting her win you over or revealing Provider traits slowly over time because that’s her GAINING access to resources she didn’t know you had, but it’s very hard to the point of almost impossible to go from Provider to Lover because that’s her LOSING access to theoretical resources she knows you have).

      That’s it really. Those are the three big things that shift a guy from “cool social guy that girls like and will date and even fuck, but don’t really think of ravaging sexually” into being the “guy who she wants to fuck her brains out that night”.

      And here’s two mind-fucks about it:

      1) no kino is necessary. I pretty much never kino these days. Laser eye-contact and sexual topics gets more attraction than kino. In the old days we didn’t focus as much on eye-contact (there was a lot of “don’t look at her, be aloof” stuff that applied in certain situations (like gaming smokin hot cocky 10s) but got mass-applied to situations where it shouldn’t be applied (like gaming the 7s and 8s at your local pub)) . And we were doing a lot of asexual routines, so we needed more kino to make up for that. But if you’re talking about sex and lasering properly kino is 100% irrelevant. I’ll even do an entire Day2 with a girl sitting across from her and not touch her till I put her arm in mine to walk to my place after we leave the Day2 venue lol like those things build enough sexual attraction for her to already be down to come home with me to fuck…the first time I really “kino” her is when I pin her against the wall in my secluded lobby to makeout on our way up to my place (to make sure the tone is set).

      2) None of the 3 things I listed has anything to do with looks/money/muscles. In fact flaunting your money car condo etc can actually sabotage you and put you in the Provider frame where you get that Provider attraction (which you can still get laid off). Looks can help you get a decent foothold but they’re not necessary if you’re taking action and applying these things. Because, and this won’t make sense to guys who don’t do a lot of lasers: when you’re doing lasers and spiking their attraction etc the girls aren’t focused on your looks at all. They’re focused on your eyes and the emotions you’re making them feel. I’ll occasionally cover a girls eyes and ask her what color shirt I’m wearing or what kind of shoes I’m wearing or even my hair color and they’ll often have no idea. Because I was hitting them with emotional impact with the sexual topics I’m dropping on them and the laser eye-contact I’m doing…their brain is so focused on the feels of the whole situation that they don’t notice all that other shit. They don’t even notice that I have a beer belly instead of a 6-pack and they won’t notice the jacked dude beside me, they get tunnel vision and it’s even hard for them to pull their eyes AWAY from you when you’re locked on like that.

      Go out and try it. Add those 3 things to your game for a while. It’s making a huge difference for my buddy. He’s still got a ways to go with it but I mean, the learning process is pretty fucking fun lol


      • YaReally – I’ve recently started to practice laser eye stuff actively after reading your posts with no results (literally only for a couple of dates). I’d appreciate your thoughts on my FR below – I posted it a couple weeks ago and got some great advice from Sentient et al but if you have anything to add that would be great.

        2 Questions re laser eyes and the Question Game

        Question re laser eyes. I’ve been trying to actively practice what YaReally posted over on RM about laser eyes – looking at girls eyes with bedroom eyes while she yaps on, till she trails off, speaking slower and lower etc. Trying actively not to stare. All in the last few days.

        I’ve only tried it twice (consciously) but I’m having trouble making it work – I never reach that lock-in point Ya talks about where their RAS focusses on me – they just seem to yap on and on (sometimes they might stop and ask “why are you staring?”).

        First time was with a 33 year old I’ve already banged and who really has the hots for me – we were meeting up again for a drink pre-bang. No doubt of her attraction to me – already banged plus she was pretty close to humping my leg from being turned on. But: laser eyes didn’t work.

        Second time: 24 year old 7-7.5, sassy, first date from a sugar daddy site (I’m still working through my backlog of old numbers in other cities although I’ve stopped using those sites).

        Date itself didn’t go great – about 1 in 4 of my first dates tends to devolve into a kind of friendly chat and this was one of them (I’ve posted about them before). Details not that important – I know I didn’t up my dominance and escalation hard/fast enough and basically didn’t put her into a defensive crouch enough to give her tingles. There were a few moments very early on when I “felt” an open door a bit (she qualified a bit, blushed when I called her sexy etc), but I let those opportunities slip.

        Although I did pretty well in terms of staying unreactive and talking about sexual topics. But never got through to her emotionally (her pupils were dilated but that’s not a cert in itself). The biggest tell was that she wouldn’t come in and cuddle up to the couch and insisted on sitting back at the far end as if she was sitting for an interview – I find generally that this tell has a 90%+ correlation with whether a girl is into me and will kiss me or not – if she cuddles up, it’s on, and if not, not.

        I kept trying to kiss her, but kept getting the cheek (each time I just moved on as if nothing happened and tried later, but no cigar). Like half a dozen times.

        Of course, this being a sugar daddy site girl, the whole interaction must also be looked at (as Sentient says) as motivations being a bit polluted – all of this could also be NOT my fault and simply her being too keen on wanting a sugar daddy (24, pretty, works boring admin job, lives with parents), although she never said anything about it.

        Anyway, the point being, I did a LOT of laser eyes with her with strong EC, and low deep voice etc, and it simply didn’t work. Once or twice she stopped and asked why I was staring at her etc, but mostly she just yapped on, partly looking at me and partly looking away. Anyway, the date ended with polite goodbyes and I’ll obviously never see her again.

        So now I have two girls from opposite ends of the attraction scale on whom laser eyes had no effect? Is it just a question of more practice or am I doing something else wrong?

        Separate issue: I played the Questions Game with this girl and it was terrible. She actually said “I hate to sound harsh but there’s nothing I really want to ask about you – I feel asking each other questions is artificial and its better to get to know each other naturally”. Of course, this was towards the end and her lack of attraction for me was established by this time, but as a general point I find that the Question Game works spectacularly well if the girl actually PLAYS it with me, but a very substantial number of girls (in person and text) don’t WANT to play it. Like they just don’t want to be put under the pressure of having to think of questions and being cross-examined.

        What do I do with these girls? Just try to weave the questions into the conversation and ask them without formally saying it’s like a game?


      • @Culum
        “I’ve only tried it twice (consciously) but I’m having trouble making it work – I never reach that lock-in point Ya talks about where their RAS focusses on me – they just seem to yap on and on (sometimes they might stop and ask “why are you staring?”).”

        Try closing the distance. Watch that Gambler vid I link, the point where the girl loses her train of thought is when he starts taking slow steps inching forward…when he’s standing a few feet away she can yap with no problem. It’s when you get up in their grill cutting the space that the tension goes through the roof.

        Think of it like how Gambler describes it: if it would feel icky and weird to do it with your male buddies, then it builds sexual tension when you do it with women. So you could stand 5 feet away from your male buddy and look him in the eyes as he talks and that wouldn’t be anything unusual…it would come off confident at first and as he talks if you don’t look away he might ask you “why are you staring at me?” etc like the girls do. But now take a step forward, then another step, then another step. There’s a point where your buddy will go “WOAH, dude, back off wtf!!” and cringe up and YOU’LL feel like “oh god this is too weird!!!” and cringe and need to back up. Because closing the distance is what blasts that sexual tension.

        Watch the Robbie Williams kissing attack example in the lasers link I posted…notice how he stares at her, and she does lose her train of thought, but it’s when he moves his face closer to hers that he enters that zone where her brain fries and the entire crowd is on it’s toes because they can FEEL the sexual tension he’s building.

        Sitting at tables on a Day2 can make this tricky. I like to pick round tables in a pub instead of square tables in a restaraunt, because I can arrive early and arrange the chairs (put my jacket on one if there’s 3 chairs, or even move a chair to another table lol) so that I end up with two seats facing eachother and arranged in a way where we’re both on the same 1/3rd of the table. Like imagine a circle divided into 3rds, I’m at one point and she’s at another, so 2/3rd of the table is empty or has another chair with our jackets and her purse etc on it. So by default I’m already face to face closer to her than I would be at a square restaraunt table, or a really large fat pub table (some irish pubs have those, fucking terrible for day2s lol).

        I’ll also do stuff like lean forward onto the table when we’re talking about sexual topics, so I get my face another foot closer to hers (if she leans forward TOO so we’re both just inches away from eachother she’s ready to fuck, but this isn’t too common lol it’s just awesome when it happens).

        Another move is I’ll go to the bathroom on a high note where her Buying Temperature has spiked so she’s feeling a few gina tingles in general, and I’ll do it by standing up as I slowly get into her space getting off my chair so that I’m basically standing with my thighs against her knees and as I walk around her I’ll lean in and whisper something bedroom-voice growly into her ear like “by the way, you look fucking hot tonight” or whatever, something direct and sexy (again this doesn’t come out of nowhere, like I’ll have had a conversation topic about how dresses are sexy, so then when I lean in I’ll whisper something about her looking sexy in that dress…VS talking about puppy dogs and ice cream and then leaning in and whispering a sexual comment lol). Like the 3 steps work together, the sexual conversation topics help set the tone for that laser eye-contact to be more effective.

        “Of course, this being a sugar daddy site girl, the whole interaction must also be looked at (as Sentient says) as motivations being a bit polluted”

        This is kind of why I can’t really advise much here. You’re meeting them through a system that’s LITERALLY designed and advertised as “I’M A PROBABLY ASEXUAL PROVIDER!!!!!” Like, you’re almost shooting yourself in the foot because you have to undo her Provider view of you she had coming in and then also build a Lover view.

        It’s like the dentist in this Tyler in-field vid, how the girl won’t let the dentist say the things she loves Tyler saying because she classifies the dentist as more of a Provider type:

        That dentist guy has to undo his Provider image girls view him through AND build his Lover image. Whereas Tyler coming in is just coming in as a Lover from the start.

        I know that the sugardaddy sites are convenient and the girls there are generally open to meeting older men and everything…but like if you’re a decent normal looking dude, you would probably get better results just heading to a campus bar or pub or lounge and befriending the staff and waitresses etc so that the girls that are there see you as high-value. The ones who are into older men (which is a LOT of them these days) will self-select and order a drink beside you or sit beside you when they could’ve sat anywhere else etc.

        You’ll have to be active though, you can’t just sit there silently, you’ll need to be social and chat with the bartenders waitresses etc. so you have high value.

        Here’s a pro-tip: when you pick a seat at the bar, pick the seat that’s nearest to where the waitresses pick up drinks from the bartender, which is usually beside the waitresses’ ordering computer. During lulls the waitresses will usually chill in that little corner because it’s their “home” so if you’re sitting in a seat right there and joking around with the bartender about whatever, those waitresses see that and you can engage them in the conversation you’re having and rack up social proof much faster than if you sat at a table by yourself or sat on the opposite end of the bar where the bartender just comes by once in a while to see if you want a drink.

        Think of the sugar daddy sites this way:

        – Jenny is a hot 24yo who wants a sugar-daddy. She’s open to banging older men and getting an allowance would be awesome. So she signs up on the sugar daddy site. When she sees your profile on there, she instantly thinks “he’s attractive enough, and this is a Provider who’s offering Providership just because he’s ON this site…he might also be a Lover but he’s DEFINITELY a Provider type.” So when she comes out to meet you she’s already viewing you as a Provider and you have to undo that perception/label and create the Lover one which is difficult because she’s viewing you through that dentist lens like the Tyler vid

        – That same hot 24yo Jenny girl who’s open to older men and would love to have a sugar-daddy goes to her local college pub. Sitting at the bar is an older man who’s joking around with the bartenders and the waitress is flirting with him and he’s chatting the guy to his right and there’s an empty seat to his left. She thinks “he’s attractive enough” just like she would when she sees your pic on the sugar daddy site, except NOW she has no preconceived label that you’re a Provider. She doesn’t know if you’re a sugar daddy Provider or a Lover or both, BUT the social proof she’s seeing (that you can’t demonstrate on your sugar daddy profile) makes her think “he COULD be a Lover because this is how a Lover looks when he’s out whereas a Provider is like that quiet guy in the back of the stripclub (lol)”. So when she orders a drink beside you and you bring her into your conversation especially if it’s a sexual topic, you’re setting a Lover frame with no Provider frame. You can throw IN some Provider frame, but like, you’re starting off on a better foot in general, you know?

        Just food for thought.

        “Of course, this was towards the end and her lack of attraction for me was established by this time”

        This is classic sticking point Mystery describes: this is what a lot of guys do too, they try going for COMFORT before they have ATTRACTION. It goes A1 (DHV so she sees you as high-value), A2 (she’s giving you indicators of interest)…if she isn’t giving you A2, you don’t move forward, you keep DHV’ing until you get an ioi. THEN you start qualifying her (A3) so that you can let her pass your qualifications (and she WANTS to pass them because she’s giving you A2 so she’s attracted). At that point you start C1 (stuff like the questions game), and she’ll play along with it because she’s given you enough A2 that she’s attracted enough to WANT comfort.

        When you try to qualify her before you have A2 she won’t care about passing it. Like you say “hmm you can’t cook? I don’t think this’ll work out, I like a girl who can cook”, she’ll just be like “oh well, that’s fine” because she’s not attracted. But if you have proper A2 and then qualify with that she’ll be like “but but I want to LEARN how to cook!! This one time I made these muffins and–”

        And the same mechanic is at play with the questions game…that’s a C1 thing, but if you do it before you have solid A2, then she doesn’t WANT to play the game and doesn’t WANT to build Comfort with you.

        What most random AFC guys at the bar do is they don’t do Attraction at ALL, they go up and say “Hi! What’s your name? Cool…my name is YaReally! ….So what are you drinking? Cool, do you come here much? That’s cool, so uhhh are you a student? Cool cool, that’s cool, so uhh what do you study?” And the girl freezes up cold on him because she doesn’t WANT to know his name, she doesn’t WANT to give him her name, she doesn’t want to tell him about her childhood dreams and ambitions etc etc because he hasn’t done A1-A3 and built proper Attraction first.

        “but as a general point I find that the Question Game works spectacularly well if the girl actually PLAYS it with me”

        It’s a fucking amazing tool. I don’t even use it myself but a buddy of mine does and we both used to use stuff like that (Cube, Strawberry Fields, etc) before The Game made it too obviously a PUA thing lol But like, that shit WORKS. You just have to run it at the right time, after you have solid A2 and make her feel like a special snowflake who’s earned your interest in A3.

        “but a very substantial number of girls (in person and text) don’t WANT to play it. Like they just don’t want to be put under the pressure of having to think of questions and being cross-examined.”

        Again through the sugar daddy online dating system you’re kind of demonstrating lower value just from being ON the site (badass rich cool attractive older men like Clooney aren’t on there, they can get hot girls in real life because they have high-value). So like, you have to do a lot of DHV’ing to get the A2 necessary for those girls to want to play that game.

        “What do I do with these girls? Just try to weave the questions into the conversation and ask them without formally saying it’s like a game?”

        Ya, you can try that, but my guess is that you don’t have the A2 necessary to make them WANT to play that game with you is all.

        Actually you know what I would do if I was on a sugar daddy site? I would have my profile be pretty much one line that just says “No problem meeting women, I have an active social life, but right now I’m focusing hard on my business and don’t want to waste time out drinking at the bar. Don’t contact me if you aren’t interesting to talk to and adventurous, I have limited free time right and am choosing to spend it only on girls that impress me. Message me with something interesting about yourself that I would never guess from looking at your profile.”

        That would be my sugar-daddy profile right there lol Just like look, I’m a high-value guy who’s just on here because it happens to be convenient and I’m already screening you from the first message because I’m a high-value guy who’s time is valuable and I expect you to earn my attention.

        No idea if it’ll work, but I would try it out for a month to see what happens lol If the site is designed in a way where you have to message them first then I would leave off the last line of that profile and use it as my opening message, just: “Tell me something interesting about yourself that I would never guess from looking at your profile.” It’s a bit abrasive but she’ll look at your profile and be like “hmm, this guy sounds like he isn’t just some lame Provider talking about how he loves crossfit and skiing and has a puppy dog named Rex and is looking for his dream girl who bla bla”


      • YaReally – much thanks dude. Illuminating as usual. So basically I need to try cutting distance (I remember both Robbie Williams with the German reporter and the Gambler vid very well) and keep in mind that the M3 model is followed (speaking as a Mystery Method weekend course graduate in the mid 2000s).

        You may have missed my post on it, but I’ve stopped sugar daddy sites in the last month or so, for many of the same reasons you’ve described – that FR is a few weeks old now, but I’m just working through old numbers on the site now. The thing is, despite all the disadvantages, it just wasn’t a challenge anymore and my Game wasn’t really improving. With a few exceptions I’m pretty good at screening out the gold diggers, so I know I can consistently bang decently attractive girls off those sites because I only meet girls who are not total gold diggers and, with (generally) real desire for me..and I’m pretty good (mostly) at disqualifying myself as a Provider..but it’s a Game dead end. I need to work on my cold approach..which has atrophied and my escalation (once my weakest point) is now my strongest point. And I really want to practice more with emotionally spiking girls, devalidation and stuff like that, so I’m watching some Julien vids and re-reading Juggler.

        So I’m moving on – look out for real newbie level FRs about cold approaching/day game/solo game from me in the next few weeks.

        Saying that – my final and most effective sugar daddy profile looked a lot like what you describe..I very aggressively stated that I wouldn’t pay cash and didn’t want a hooker and was looking for a fun girl to casually date. It worked very well, although I didn’t do the “message me with something interesting” thing – I tried something similar for a while and it wasn’t too effective (just hadn’t established enough attraction for her to qualify like that basically).

        PS – You might remember my potential FRA situation with the 32 year old virgin from a few months ago that all the guys here advised on. I think I’ve defused that now with some friendly texting followed by a “friends” date to see a movie (I literally didn’t touch her) a few weeks after the scary night. We text each other occasionally now and she’s been talking recently about how she wants to meet up with me. I have to remind myself NOT to text her to come round when I’m feeling horny one of these nights..easy bang but not worth starting that up again.


      • @Culum
        “You may have missed my post on it, but I’ve stopped sugar daddy sites in the last month or so”

        Good man.

        “And I really want to practice more with emotionally spiking girls, devalidation and stuff like that, so I’m watching some Julien vids and re-reading Juggler.”

        You’re on the right track. Read my posts and try to fully understand how Julien’s stuff is just running A1-A3, but instead of giving the girl an EASY Qualifier to allow her to have his “Male to Female interest”, he’s giving her HARD Qualifiers that he won’t allow her to pass no matter what, so he can loop back to A1 and DHV some more and attract her more and rev that loop a few times, escalating it, until she’s begging for his number etc. Devalidation and Disqualifying aren’t entirely the same thing, like Devalidation works better on some chicks than others but Disqualifying works on pretty much any chick, if anything it works BETTER on the high self-esteem girls, IF they’re attracted and giving you A2. Disqualifying can be super subtle like “oh, you smoke?” and just kind of show less interest with your body language…she’ll feel that.

        Devalidation is a lot harsher, like Julien’s “You’re too old. (staredown)” stuff. Thing is, in 2005, Mystery’s version was great. A girl didn’t have 400 Instagram Tinder Facebook Texting etc validation streams at any given second flooding her…she didn’t even have a cell phone with texting probably so when Mystery interacted with her at the bar it was one on one if her friends weren’t nearby and he was the big shiny thing for the night and she viewed it as like “here’s my one opportunity to meet someone intriguing this month”.

        In 2015 shit has changed, and while Mystery Method still works (because it’s reverse engineering, not theory), I’ve found (and I think Julien’s found, though he doesn’t articulate it as such) that Julien’s revving that devalidation loop helps counter all the free validation women are getting 24/7, and it helps make an emotional impact on her (which is the important part of game) that when she looks at her 200 txts on her phone at 2am, his text actually stands out as memorable because like, she had to bark like a dog to get his number or qualify herself over and over to get it, etc. (not saying make them bark like dogs lol but Julien is requiring them to invest HARD…then when they do he revs the loop again and gets them to invest HARDER, and HARDER and HARDER until of COURSE they’ll respond to his texts or fuck him, they’ve invested so much into him that they have to to justify it otherwise they’re just a retarded girl who barked like a dog in a club lol but if that gets them a high-value man then it’s a cute story of how they met)

        Like, I personally think, esp with the <25yo crowd, Julien's "enhanced" version of Mystery's A1-A3 section is necessary to be memorable to girls now. In like 2008 I knew when I texted a girl she'd see my text and maybe one of her friends at 2am. Now her phone will blow up all night long and I'm just lost in the shuffle unless I make some serious emotional impact on her (it can be positive, it doesn't have to be negative, but like, the point is negative isn't necessarily BAD, she wants to feel ANYTHING but monotone feelings, we go watch horror movies to be scared then relieved, we want the full rollercoaster of emotions and PAY for it lol).

        "I tried something similar for a while and it wasn’t too effective (just hadn’t established enough attraction for her to qualify like that basically)."

        Ya, that part was probably asking too much. That's really the big problem with online stuff, no one can actually display real attractive value, so it becomes just a physical "which guy looks better than the other" competition which would be pretty much irrelevant in life when you factor game into it. I think down the road online will just be a lot of ugly people fucking eachother and the bars will end up with just hot girls who want a guy with balls enough to approach them instead of online chodes hiding behind texts and cool guys who can approach and don't need online game lol But I'm an optimist.

        "PS – You might remember my potential FRA situation with the 32 year old virgin from a few months ago that all the guys here advised on."

        If you're in the clear like you've smoothed it over enough, then next time she texts you you can write back and mention you're going out drinking with the boys tonight and then that night text around midnight like "oh god my ex is here lol so awkward", then a week or two later when she texts you again be like "so I know it's lame but my ex and I are going to try to give things another go, I probably didn't tell you about her cause she broke my heart but I was super sad about it back when it happened…I don't even know if I can be a good boyfriend you know me I'm kind of an idiot with girls lol" and you MIGHT be able to get her even telling you like "oh no you would be great I'm so happy for you!!" if she isn't still stinging.

        If you don't feel that's something that'll happen based on your guys' vibe now though, save it for a bit later. I actually always mention an ex-GF with any girl I feel I might have to peace out on lol like a girl who I'm worried might FRA or stalk me or is married or is a one-off I don't want to bang again etc So that if I decide I DO need to pull the cord, I can use that eject move to get out of it without pissing her off.

        No idea how it'll work on a virgin though, if she hasn't been in a relationship (can't remember) she might find it harder to relate to "getting back with an ex" like most people do.

        "I have to remind myself NOT to text her to come round when I’m feeling horny one of these nights"

        I will punch you in the dick.


      • Haha. Thanks YaReally. I have another plate coming round on Thursday so should be able to resist texting FRA girl after that..(PS – I saw your Rational Male posts on the Vetting thread about wings – starting to try going solo because of lack of wings, but it is hard..)


  27. on October 8, 2015 at 7:11 pm The Other Anonymous

    The slut-eye goes back a long way in our evolution. Watch what happens when, at first, the Alpha doesn’t take the bait …


  28. Anyone else notice “horny hips”? I notice girls who are obviously attracted turn their hips so that their butt is at my 8:30 but they can still make eye contact. It’s even more pronounced at concert/club type venues, when they’re inviting a grind session. I’ve never had the nerve to ask to grind, its just sort of a back and forth body language thing to get it started.

    I’ve also noticed the “drunk girl lean” where girls who were coy when sober, start finding ways to lean into you.


  29. Eye contact is critical.

    I’ve pulled a lot of women from eye contact. I’ve even had women tell me how confident I am because my eye contact is unwavering. I’m very good at it.

    Women will willingly submit to a man with strong eye contact & style. One day I’ll post several examples where my eye contact regardless of the woman’s sexual history and style have dramatically helped me get laid.

    I think women don’t experience it a lot. Way too many Betas won’t even look women in the eye. A major sign of weakness in the female hypergamous brain. You would be stunned how many women I’ve bedded from eye contact, & how many women mention that’s their first attraction switch I flipped for them to sleep with me.


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  31. In regards to the second picture here of a “girl”– the one with unblinking technicolor eyes:
    No matter what happens between you, she will not be calling any lawyers.


  32. Strong eye contact (stare) from a woman is ALWAYS an IOI.

    Women do not reject men, they ignore them. Unless you have a parrot on your head, no woman will lock eyes with you and hold that look if you are an invisible beta to her. You are as invisible as the fire extinguisher on the wall.

    Once that look was held, the time is ticking. First, for you to keep her in the corner of your eye for a follow up glance within 60 seconds. Some researcher a while back (CH: science prompt) doing extensive field research in bars found that women with genuine interest will always look back at the newest tingle-tease in the room within a minute for another crotch-zapping dose. Engage her again and hold the gaze.

    Once you’ve done this, YOUR clock is ticking. From experience, you’ve got a limited shelf life on that very strong IOI to act on it like a man before you get written off as “beta who stares at women”.

    I agree with you, CH, about the glances, but you left one out. ANY time she looks UP after meeting your eyes (and looks away) you are doomed. Just forget it. Universal tell of disgust.

    I tried this once at a bar. Attractive but too-old woman across the bar….we lock eyes. I hold her. For a few minutes I was getting a semi from how “I’d fuck you right on this bar” her STRONG eye contact was. Due to circumstances, I wasn’t acting on it, just playing with her.

    In less than ten minutes she stopped looking at me. Soon after, I caught her looking my way and looked back to meet her eyes again. 1 second of gaze was followed by a glance up and to the right……classic subconscious eye-roll.

    Didn’t look at me for the rest of the night.


    • “Didn’t look at me for the rest of the night.”

      Ya, they get pissed if you don’t take the window of opportunity because it’s basically them throwing themselves at you.

      If you break this down logically, it’s “slutty” for her to actually approach you and throw herself at you so she’s restrained. She can only take a certain amount of action to make the lay happen and still tell herself (and others) that she’s not a slut. Direct eye-contact like that is, in her girl-mind, THROWING HERSELF at you, like it’s embarrassingly putting herself out on the line there because she’s so into you.

      So when you don’t take the window she at first thinks you’re retarded and keeps trying or tries harder. But there’s a point where if you don’t take action she not only stops but actively HATES you because she THREW HERSELF at you and you basically stiff-armed her like a football player lol

      It’s like she takes an extra big ego hit because in her mind she’s risking a lot to throw that kind of direct invite your way and you were like “eh not interested” and she feels humiliated.

      It’s the same mechanic behind why guys will get shot down or not even shot down, just eject a set, and then instead of just opening the girls beside them they’ll go walk to another area or room in the bar where no one saw them get shot down, because subconsciously they’re trying to save face after a huge ego hit.

      You can see strippers do this too, when you turn them down for a dance they won’t usually just go to the table beside you, they’ll go to the other side of the room or hide in the back for a bit before trying that table beside you. Part of it is so the customer feels like a special snowflake but part of it is “I’m half naked and throwing myself at this guy offering to rub my sexy body all over him and he’s SHAKING HIS HEAD???” Like huge ego hit.

      One of the key things Naturals have over normal guys isn’t that they have amazing game, often their game is retarded, but they have solid radar for those windows of opportunity and know to jump through them when they see them. So they pull off what looks like magic to guys who don’t see those iois or who hesitate to pounce on them and miss the window opening, but all they’re really doing a lot of the time is noticing “ok she’s giving me a window here, I’m going to take it because that’ll get me closer to getting laid”.

      Whereas a lot of normal guys (or dudes learning pickup) will miss those windows or talk themselves out of them or refuse to believe they deserve them or hesitate too long and the window shuts and then they try to #-close etc and the girl flakes and they’re like “I don’t get it wtf she LOVED me at the bar!!!” (but she has to flake because she took a huge ego hit when he didn’t try to fuck her after she gave him all those windows “throwing herself” at him).

      If that guy had simply seen and taken those windows properly they’d have gotten laid that night.

      Not saying you should’ve banged her ’cause whatever she’s old, but like that’s the dynamic going on in these situations. Guys should fully understand how this works when they’re out there getting these windows of opportunity.


      • If a broad gets pissy because you ginored her (deliberate misspelling) after she “threw” herself at you, you can recover many times simply by teasing them, making it seem like you ignoring them was part of the game because you’re so high value. Been there, done that many times.


    • reply in mod going into depth on this dynamic


  33. Neanderthal women in general have a lot of trouble maintaining strong eye-contact.
    As do I; God be praised. I mean, I have been tested and I passed.

    With Neanderthal women, the main thing to do to make the encounter come round right is to force everything to be as tactile as possible. Blatantly stroke her naughty bits in a crowded biker bar –without explanation.
    Short-cuts to pure understanding are rare.


  34. […] “language of the eyes is discussed at Chateau Heartiste here and also here. From the former […]


  35. @chunkymonkey

    “One question before I go, whenever I get chatting to a girl, almost without execption they start rattling on and on about the minutae of their lives (even the more intelligent ones). I find it annoying as well as intensely boring. What’s a good way to stop a girl from doing this, aside from slapping her several times?”

    Just caught this mod release…. this is usually a symptom of low attraction… she feels safe enough to just blather… one thing you can do it work on building attraction… so when she starts this, tease and neg her about what she is saying… then lead the conversation… “yeah cool, so the other day…” with DHV stories… also work on sexualizing and kino early. Final thing – throw in some push pull – lean back when she is talking to you, look over her shoulder at other girls, turn to the side, excuse yourself in mid sentence to do something… these kinds of this will communicate you are not so invested in her and she will work harder and her working can increase her attraction.

    Worst case… if you are not feeling anything, just use her as a pivot to another girl and eject. Now she can watch you and another girl. which also increases attraction.


    • @chunkymonkey – I saw the post of yours Sentient is replying to. To add – you can either torrent or find on Youtube pretty much all the Mystery stuff you need.

      Also, check out the list of videos and resources YaReally posted in a comment here on the “Essen Beten Ficken” thread from a few months ago. It’ll also be on his YaReally Archive site. Basically read everything YaReally’s written too (on his site).

      Between Rational Male (for the deeper understanding), CH and the comments here, and YaReally’s archive, you have all the resources you need.

      The trick is to actually practice all of this and talk to girls – you won’t understand the theory until you do that, come back here and post field reports for comments. You seem to have made a great start with that so stick to it.


  36. Slut eye in simple line form


  37. So the saga ended. She hasn’t flaked, she… moved to another country lol We had a long convo via messenger and even when I TRIED to be boring beta (I don’t care at this point), she’d tease and basically ask for more witty banter. Like a kitten wanting to play. Avoided “when/are you coming back?” question — souded like she might — but dunno now if I’m gonna continue talking to this chick.

    Analyzed the conversation game-wise line by line afterwards and it was a lot of fun. Turned out to be a mix of serious/deeper stuff with teasing and negging. I consider keeping in touch just to practice texting.

    Anyway, I saw a few principles of game 101 working like a charm in this case. Getting a really hot girl interested in me is definitely a step forward, gotta keep on looking for a replacement. A very good experience overall, confidence boosted.

    And yeah, speaking in native language helps a lot. It actually felt easy.


    • Keep text gaming her long distance as a test… Get her to send pics…


      • Still a so much to learn, but having a cute girl engaged and playing along is really fun. Almost as fun as my weekly heavy squat session.

        I’ll write something more about re-discovering myself and opening my eyes. Maybe some frustrated, introverted STEM grad students will find it useful.


  38. lol “slut eyes”. What you gotta do is find the secret tells that let you know if she’s a super slut whore or a golden unicorn madonna. That’s the real secret that feeds nicely into everyone’s socially conditioned view of the world so you can just find the right unicorn she won’t cheat on you ’cause you’ve found the loophole in the game and now you can relax because YOUR unicorn is the magic NAWALT!

    Come on, what IS this.

    Her staring you down just means that in that moment she wants to fuck you and you should be locking eyes and pushing the interaction forward toward the lay (if you don’t jump through that window of opportunity, she’ll take it away as Agent X described)…it has no relevance to how slutty/prudish she is in general, she’ll still dry up like a desert for a guy with shitty game and she’ll still give that staredown to a guy she wasn’t initially attracted to who DHVs enough (even if it’s passively, the way Ripp described like a perfect alignment of the planets) and runs proper game, and a girl who’s not giving that eye contact can still be just as attracted and down to fuck. She’s not giving those “slutty eyes” to guys she isn’t attracted to and guys she’s attracted to will lose those slutty eyes if they run shitty game and turn her off (like by not jumping through that window).

    If you’re talking to a girl who’s holding direct eye-contact and you turn her off and she stops holding that direct eye-contact that doesn’t mean she’s suddenly become prudish and is off to join the nunnery, it just means that in that moment you no longer have attraction. That’s it. There’s no extrapolating from it. If you see her giving that direct eye-contact to 50 dudes that night, then she’s horny and on the prowl but it’s just that night in that moment and it’s with guys she’s attracted to. She may not give any eye-contact to anyone the next night out and she’s not giving that look to her cab driver on her way home alone sexually frustrated because you didn’t take that window and escalate on her lol

    “Slut tells” are superstitious nonsense lol Like look at this shit, this is the kind of mindset that stuff fosters:

    “Anyone else notice “horny hips”? I notice girls who are obviously attracted turn their hips so that their butt is at my 8:30 but they can still make eye contact. It’s even more pronounced at concert/club type venues, when they’re inviting a grind session. I’ve never had the nerve to ask to grind, its just sort of a back and forth body language thing to get it started.”

    Horny hips. Are we back to analyzing their pheromones and mirroring their body language level game? All girls are sluts for you when you have attraction and all girls are prudes when you don’t have attraction, that’s it. Learn to build attraction and capitalize on open windows (iois) like eye-contact. That’s why half the replies to this article have to add “OR it means she’s just really attracted to you”. It JUST means she’s really attracted to you, that’s it.

    But guys want to believe it means she’s “slutty” because that feeds their madonna/whore complex view of the world where they can categorize her as “one of those slutty bar girls” and preserve their pristine view of the NAWALT unicorn they envision themselves settling down with. Accepting that madonnas and whores are the same thing is too scary because if a girl who doesn’t give direct eye-contact will put out on the first night then how are you supposed to find the NAWALT unicorn to settle and have kids with? Gotta figure out the slut tells so you can bang all these whores and then settle with a nice madonna and live happily ever after…till that madonna runs into a guy who spikes her attraction and she gives him “slut tells” and he fucks her and your world collapses because reading this stuff reinforced your madonna/whore complex.

    Shit like pAImAI (happening to stand near you hoping you’ll open her when she could be standing anywhere else) doesn’t happen because the girl is slutty, it happens because in that moment she’s attracted to you. You may have passively DHV’ed enough that her subconscious is intrigued and wants the chance to have you open her, but she’s not pAImAI’ing beside a bunch of random homeless dudes and shit. It’s just an indicator of interest. It’s not like “oh that girl is less slutty and won’t cheat on me because she didn’t stand near me in the grocery store” lol


    “If she holds eye contact intensely: She’s instantly attracted and slutty.”

    should simply be this:

    “If she holds eye contact intensely: She’s instantly attracted.”

    Adding the “and slutty” on there kills the otherwise useful advice’s credibility and is just feeding guys social conditioning and bad wiring that will have them getting burned by unicorns (“this one doesn’t have the slut tells so she’ll be faithful to me!) and not escalating properly on girls that would have fucked them (“oh she’s not giving the slut tells so I’ll just go for the Day2 instead of pushing for the lay, she’s not like those slutty whores who bang the first night!”) or chasing girls that are dead-ends (“who needs to find out her logistics and run proper game, she has SLUT TELLS so it’ll just happen…hey why is she talking to that other guy now. WHAT A SLUT, I KNEW IT FROM HER SLUT TELLS”)

    lol Biggest game-changer for intermediate guys is when they finally let go of the madonna/whore complex and accept that all girls are hardwired to be slutty for guys they’re attracted to.


    • “if she’s a super slut whore or a golden unicorn madonna”

      I can respect principled nihilism but not when it takes you to anti-reality. Nobody is saying anything about madonna-whore polarity, which in practice is more like a madonna-whore continuum.

      Unless you don’t believe that a 1,000 cock exists.


      • 1,000-cock stare


      • @PA
        That 1,000 cock stare chick will still not give direct sexual eye-contact to guys she isn’t attracted to.

        (unless she’s faking it because she’s a hooker/stripper/porn actress/etc where it’s her job to give that to everyone…but I assume we’re talking about gaming normal girls in normal scenarios and not trying to fuck hookers with 10,000 cock n-counts lol)

        My point is simply that the eye-contact described is just a tell for “attraction to the guy she’s looking at in that moment”, it’s not a tell of sluttiness. Extrapolating past the moment (“she was attracted to me quickly so she must be a raging slut who’s attracted to everyone quickly and I can just run slut game on her”) is just feeding bad socially conditioned wiring and results in warped mindsets that can damage guys game and internal mindsets in the longrun.

        Like I said: without the “and slutty” part the statement is fine and useful.


    • on October 9, 2015 at 9:15 am mendozatorres

      This was a good follow-up, Ya. Final paragraph is solid.


    • on October 9, 2015 at 9:34 am Forge the Sky

      Right. This is a look of strong attraction, nothing much more. The rest is about context. I call it the ‘green light face.’

      It’s important to remember, when the light turns green you need to push the gas. It’ll be yellow soon enough.

      I have a married friend who’s wife throws me hardcore IOI’s whenever I’m around and basically chases me around parties trying to touch me and shit. I can’t get her to stop. But I don’t think she’s a slut, quite the contrary. She never does it to anyone else that I’ve seen. Just something about me really trips her trigger.

      Things like ‘slut tells’ are often ways of telling yourself gratifying or self-righteous stories about people rather than interacting with them and seeing what they’re actually like. You need to experience people, not make up stories about them in your head.


      • I know that situation, although I always try to think that it’s more of a way to induce drama and jealousy than an attempt to trade up. That line of thinking (whether true or not) at least prevents me from doing something regrettable.


      • @Forge
        “Things like ‘slut tells’ are often ways of telling yourself gratifying or self-righteous stories about people rather than interacting with them and seeing what they’re actually like. You need to experience people, not make up stories about them in your head.”

        This. I didn’t want to flat out use the term “mental masturbation” but…lol

        Like look at asdgamer’s post (not picking on you, just a good example of why this mentality is dumb):

        “Some girls do have a slutty look to them. I haven’t figured out exactly what it is, but some have it. I’m never attracted to them and they DQ themselves and don’t register attraction to me either. Could be others are sluts and don’t exhibit the slutty tell. Pondering.”

        Ok so these girls have a “slut tell” to them. But they aren’t attracted to you. Then how is it a slut tell? If she’s a slut shouldn’t she be trying to fuck you and giving you that eye-contact? If she’s not trying to fuck you then how many guys does she have to be giving that eye-contact to before she’s a slut? Is she giving that eye-contact to a homeless woman? No? What’s the consistent difference between the people she gives it to and the people she doesn’t? And if she does it sometimes and not other times then it’s not a tell of ANYTHING except your brain trying to shove inaccurate information into the socially conditioned world view it’s been programmed with.

        And then at the same time other guys will post “this one girl rarely made eye-contact but I found out she had like a 40 n-count”. It’s just inconsistent misleading mental masturbation.

        Like I’ve said in the past: when you get inconsistent results in something (like one guy has money and gets attraction while another guy has money and doesn’t get attraction), you have to drill deeper and deeper until you find a consistent core diamond principle (like “preselection is attractive”, “confidence is attractive”, etc, shit that is true basically 100% of the time).

        Otherwise you’re just “theorizing”. That’s now how pickup works. Pickup is backwards engineering and drilling down into consistent principles.

        The slut tells stuff is stupid because it’s not consistent, which means it’s surface level masturbation theory like saying “money is attractive” where there’s TONS of evidence of money not being attractive and slutty girls not making this eye-contact and girls making this eye-contact not making it with everyone just select guys.

        If you drill deeper you eventually get to the 100% consistent core diamond principle of “when a girl makes that type of eye-contact, she is attracted to that guy” (note that even reversing that sentence to “a girl who’s attracted to a guy will make that type of eye-contact” is wrong because girls who are attracted won’t ALWAYS make that eye-contact so it’s no longer a consistent principle).

        This shit seems like anal nuances, but they’re important to break down because when you start out basing ideas around one small inaccurate piece of information, the inaccuracies snowball and pile up until the shit newbies are taking away from it is WILDLY inaccurate and sends them down the wrong path and fucks up their progression in learning the game.


    • You cannot be “slutty for the guys you’re attracted to”. Sluttiness is another word for “r-selected”. The “Madonna/Whore Complex” has got to be one of the dumbest things that “non-judgmental” PUAs keep mentioning.

      [CH: just telling it like it is brah. the madonna-whore continuum is real and has relevance to a man’s romantic decisions.]

      We know that expressed judgmentalism is bad for Game.

      [not necessarily. immediate slut-themed judgmentalism is counterproductive to rapid sexual escalation, but other forms of judgmentalism are good for pickup. fyi, judgmentalism is just another term for the game concept called qualification.]

      We also know that an advanced player/alpha male needs to worry less about sluttiness, because they will rarely be the victim of their shenanigans, so being offended by that shit is a beta tell.

      [female sluttery has real consequences to men’s romantic lives. sluts are known infidelity risks in marriages/LTRs. (check the archives for the relevant studies). sluts carry diseases. sluts are often trashy, unfeminine, and prone to drama whoring. sluts are a greater risk for cuckoldry than non-sluts. sluts also put out faster (to the right man). so yes, men have valid reasons for wanting to discern which women are sluts and which are not. it is personally beneficial to a man to know which women are sluts so that he can maximize his short-term sexual gain AS WELL AS the gains of his long-term romantic objectives. women instinctively know this, which is why they get so offended when called sluts and also why they are so quick to demean female competitors as sluts.]

      That doesn’t mean there isn’t such a thing as a slut.

      [so you agree there are sluts. now your disagreement is about the pertinence of sluttery to men’s romantic fortunes. i say it’s more of a mixed bag than mainstream puas let on.]


      • It’s a misunderstanding. I agree with you. I disagree with YaReally, Tyler, Chase and a bunch of other guys. When I said “The ‘Madonna/Whore Complex’ is retarded” I meant it’s retarded to use the term in order to criticize normal people disdaining sluts. I think it’s retarded to ignore the significance of slutdom. It’s also retarded to strawman us: nobody here claims that women are either hos (heh) or housewifes.

        The only thing they have a point with that one shouldn’t judge chicks for being slutty if one wants to take em home. And the higher up the food chain you are, the less you will be “threatened” by women’s sluttery. Omega incels hate sluts the most. Some one like Leo DiCaprio couldn’t give a shit if he tried.

        [CH: well, the claim that lower status men are “threatened” by sluts is a feminist myth, similar to their claim that men are “intimidated” by smart (but coincidentally homely) women. no, men are not “threatened” by sluts; men are rightfully wary of sluts’ ability to be faithful and romantically loyal (while also being excited by the imminent prospect of slut sex). and this actually is MORE true for high status alphas, who have the sexual market options to demand more femininity from their women. and one component of femininity is sexual fidelity.
        now, i will say if you are a black man, this probably doesn’t matter as much to you (or make much sense). blacks seem to have more tolerance for skankiness and infidelity in their women. but i can assure you that white men care about this stuff a lot, even if most of the feeling bubbles up from the subconscious rather than in the middle of barroom chit chat.]


      • “female sluttery has real consequences to men’s romantic lives.”

        The problem is attributing women cheating to “female sluttery” and not “what consistent game principles did her man fuck up or did the environment present that caused him to no longer trigger her Hypergamy so she sought other cock”.

        By saying “oh it’s just those SLUTS with those SLUT EYES”, the guy gets to absolve himself of responsibility and accountability and chalk it up to random luck of the draw or her being wired wrong and he’ll never actually learn or understand the dynamics that will allow him to run a successful LTR in the future. He’ll keep finding his unicrons turn out to be slutty slut sluts and think “oh I should’ve noticed she has those SLUT HIPS duh!!!”

        A “slut” will stay faithful to a guy who keeps her Hypergamy triggered. Hypergamy is a consistent hardwired principle. And a nice girl will “slut it up” if a guy who triggers her Hypergamy comes along. Neither girl will stray if the other guy has shitty game that turns her off, and both will slut it up if the guy has solid game and triggers her shit.

        The “some women are just sluts” could at BEST be described as “some women have a lower threshold for, or warped view of, what their hindbrains consider to be high-value” but again that comes into the man needing to understand what high-value is to that particular girl and how to keep triggering her Hypergamy. If he can do that, she won’t stray. But chalking it up to “that girl is just a slut” is actively rejecting learning to understand these dynamics and will fuck a guy up because he’ll enter an LTR with a false sense of security (“I found my NAWALT, she’s not like those SLUTS”).

        “sluts are known infidelity risks in marriages/LTRs.”

        Are they known infidelity risks in marriages/LTRs because they’re slutty slut whores with slut eyes and slut lips? Or are they known infidelity risks in marriages/LTRs because guys in marriages/LTRs with women who have certain subcommunications think they can take it easy (“hey this girl loves sex, she fucked me the first night, I don’t need to run any of that silly dread game stuff on her bro, I can just let my game skills slide while I get nice and comfortable in LTR mode”) or simply don’t understand the dynamics of Hypergamy and attraction and get steamrolled.

        I would argue it’s the latter, not the former. The former is a way of avoiding blaming our own lack of skill/knowledge/competence: “she cheated on me because she’s a slut, not because I’m not as attractive as I thought I was”

        It’s funny how many “sluts” cheat on guys who are laying on a couch eating doritos working shit jobs with no passion or ambition in life, and how those “sluts” seem to fuck that guy’s cool outgoing buddy who’s exciting and fun or a badboy from the bar who triggers her Hypergamy. If she’s a “slut” why isn’t she cheating on him with the homeless retarded sloth man on the street corner who hasn’t bathed in a month? She’s a SLUT, so she should just fuck the most convenient dick!

        …orrrr maybe she’s just a slut for guys she’s attracted to and the guy she’s in a marriage/LTR with (an arrangement that INHERENTLY removes a guy’s ability to easily leave the relationship which removes his ability to have hand and set and enforce boundaries and make her feel dread which lowers his value below other guys who don’t need her and won’t take her shit). 😛

        “sluts carry diseases.”

        Run across plenty of near-virgins with diseases, and plenty of chicks with high n-counts who don’t have any. A chick fucking a lot of guys has a higher % risk of catching something but there’s no “she has slut eyes so she probably has diseases”. That’s like superstitious wives tale stuff.

        “sluts are often trashy, unfeminine, and prone to drama whoring.”

        This is a tangential rant. It’s just “I hate this type of girl!!” lol This isn’t consistent stuff, it’s just fear-mongering.

        “sluts are a greater risk for cuckoldry than non-sluts.”

        Again, is this because they’re “sluts with slut tells and their slut hips!!!” or is it because men who don’t understand game (because they decided as long as they just look for a girl who doesn’t have those SLUT EYES they’ll be at less risk) stop triggering their Hypergamy and end up cuckolded.

        You’ve got the formula backwards. And AFC guys love this because it feeds into their victim complex of “I’m not unattractive and have shit game, it’s just that my girl was a slut!!!”

        The reason this is important is because what’s the first advice EVERY random person gives a husband/boyfriend who gets cheated on when they hear about it?

        They say “bro you just got to find THE RIGHT GIRL”. So what happens?

        That guy gets into ANOTHER LTR or marriage and thinks “but THIS time she doesn’t have those SLUT HIPS or those SLUT EYES so THIS time I’m fine”.

        Then he gets burned AGAIN because he hasn’t actually learned anything about Hypergamy or attraction or making an LTR work. He’s just hopping in the car for another drive into the wall.

        That’s why you get these guys who go through 4 divorces…if you get divorce-raped once, why would you EVER marry again? It’s insane, right? But they do it because they never stop to think “hmm, lemme look at the actual DESIGN OF MARRIAGE/MONOGAMY and how it affects Hypergamy and value and how I can counter that so that I can consistently stay my girl’s Hypergamous best option…”

        They go “but I LOVE this girl, she’s not like that SLUT I used to date! THIS time it’ll work!”

        And then he gets divorce-raped or cuckolded AGAIN. And no one will fucking tell him it’s not that he’s just missing the magic slut tells, it’s that he doesn’t understand how to keep attraction in an LTR and how Hypergamy works and WHY his NAWALT fucks around on him.

        “sluts also put out faster (to the right man).”

        This has nothing to do with being “slutty”, this has to do with being attracted to the guy and the guy having the game to understand what switches she needs flipped to “put out fast”. Any PUA who’s been gaming a variety of girls has banged a shy innocent virgin girl on their first meet and has been put thru the wringer chasing down a slut for months to get the lay. This is just nonsense and allows guys to keep socially conditioned blindspots (“I won’t push this set to sex because she’s not giving off those slut eyes so I’d better take her on a few dates instead of learning how to disarm that shit with game so that she fucks me the first night, oh weird she isn’t responding to my texts hmmm maybe she DID want to get laid that first night, but I don’t get it she didn’t have those SLUT HIPS!!! Oh well, I’ll just go out and blindly drive my car into the wall again without learning anything so I can have more flakes and more inconsistent results!”)

        “so yes, men have valid reasons for wanting to discern which women are sluts and which are not.”

        This is just feeding the madonna/whore complex. A random AFC blue pill guy who hates the red pill and is a proud feminist might benefit, but that’s because his game is so shit, non-existent, or anti-game that he will quickly stop triggering her Hypergamy. Guys learning game should be learning about Hypergamy, how to trigger it, and tightening up their game, not looking for a shortcut loophole like slut tells that will just send them down confusing paths that get inconsistent (and sometimes damaging to their lives) results.

        “it is personally beneficial to a man to know which women are sluts so that he can maximize his short-term sexual gain AS WELL AS the gains of his long-term romantic objectives.”

        They’re all sluts, for the guy who’s attractive to them and triggering their Hypergamy. And they’re prudes for the guys who aren’t and don’t.

        “women instinctively know this, which is why they get so offended when called sluts and also why they are so quick to demean female competitors as sluts.”

        Women instinctively know that men have a madonna/whore complex, that’s why they do this stuff. Eavesdrop on a group of women yapping over drinks about sex and they’ll say shit their significant others would never even IMAGINE they’d THINK let alone say or DO. They aren’t ACTUALLY ashamed about anything, they’re only “ashamed” around guys they know will or suspect might judge them.

        When I’m talking to a girl about what type of panties she’s wearing in the bar, she’s not having that conversation with other dudes there. She’s not walking into a convenience store and telling the guy behind the counter about her panties. And if Captain Chode comes up and starts talking about world of warcraft she’s not changing the topic to her panties (WOT BUT I THOUGHT SHE WUZ A SLUT!), she’s avoiding the subject until she knows if he’ll judge her. If he shows he won’t judge, she’ll talk about it with him. If he shows he’ll judge, she will play up being an innocent good girl.

        If something isn’t consistent you have to drill deeper till you find a consistent principle. The consistent principle here is: “If she holds eye contact intensely: She’s instantly attracted.”


      • response in mod, point by point breakdown of CH’s consequences list lol


      • @ho
        “I meant it’s retarded to use the term in order to criticize normal people disdaining sluts.”

        Pointing out your blind spots is not criticism. It’s pointing out that you have a blind spot in your understanding of attraction/hypergamy/seduction/game/etc and is something that can have serious consequences down the road if you choose to cling to that blind spot instead of studying in depth why that blind spot is wrong.

        “I think it’s retarded to ignore the significance of slutdom. It’s also retarded to strawman us: nobody here claims that women are either hos (heh) or housewifes.”

        Then that simply proves my point. Either “slut eyes” indicate that a woman is a ho not a housewife, or girls are a mix of both depending on the guy they’re interacting with and the statement is, as I said, irrelevant masturbation.

        Again, my point is simply that the “and slutty” end to that sentence is inaccurate and misleading and reinforces mindsets and viewpoints that will negatively impact a guy’s development and learning process.


    • Some girls do have a slutty look to them. I haven’t figured out exactly what it is, but some have it. I’m never attracted to them and they DQ themselves and don’t register attraction to me either. Could be others are sluts and don’t exhibit the slutty tell. Pondering.


    • YaReally dude, welcome back to CH. We need more of this stuff


      • @Culum
        I’m over at Rational Male lately, my archive should auto-grab everything if you just want to find all my stuff. Just dropped a bunch of words in the Vetting article’s comment section tonight.


      • Wish Rollo would do nested comments and show all comments on one page. It really is impossible to follow a conversation over half a dozen pages.


    • fwiw, best “eye contact” indicator of female interest is a quick glance at you, then immediately turning to nearest window or mirror to check how she looks


  39. @Heartiste, this is worth a post:

    [CH: already did. do a search in the ch archives for “cuddy”.]


  40. on October 9, 2015 at 9:21 am mendozatorres

    OT: watch the youtube video of Trump and the Colombian lady. No, not Columba!

    The more I hear him talk and conduct himself, the more I smile and love it all!


  41. By her lip licking and erratic breathing, the woman doing that TED presentation was almost too nervous to be giving that talk.


  42. ” Japs believe that the whites around a person’s eyes say a lot about his character. People with whites visible above the iris are troublemakers and aggressive jerkboys. People with whites visible below the iris are the opposite: trouble comes to them.”

    Yeah OK well that’s because they’re Japs, and that’s what it means to them, because like Maori and so on they all route circuitously back to Taiwanese aborigines, a silly amount of time ago.

    obvious troublemakers, non?

    Primitive europeans, for instance (in this case, suspiciously neandertal) French guys do the “below the iris” thing in the same situation.

    Which one would you rather tackle?


  43. Thanks for this great post.

    And what a cast of characters in the comments!


  44. YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Wala and the usual guys

    Just saw this fantastic RSD video of Tyler and Julien riffing on devalidating girls and why it works and the difference between high self-esteem girls and low self-esteem ones (particularly with daddy issues) and how devalidation works more on the latter.

    Really good stuff – made me understand the devalidation thing and why it works a lot better (and how to look for signs that a girl will respond to it, because plenty of girls won’t..although that’s a spectrum of course).

    The video is made with them chatting and walking round the streets in LA and at one point they literally break off the talk and approach a hot Mexican girl they’re walking past, just to make a point (she is a high self-esteem girl who doesn’t respond to the devalidation) and get her number and show literally live in action how a girl like that responds.

    I actually started laughing when Tyler got her number (less than 3 minutes of talk, and she looked sober) – I’m good enough at this now to see just how awesomely smooth they are – it was just a well-oiled machine in play.


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