If You Want It Bad Enough

…you’ll do what it takes.

The truth is that most men don’t want it bad enough, and that is why they don’t do what it takes. They prefer the egoistic and corporeal comforts of routine, self-satisfaction, inertia, and dreary rutting with a fattening sow.

Oh, they will complain about these things.
And then they will still do nothing.

That’s how you’ll know their complaints are hollow.


  1. sometimesz da gbfm want it so bad dat he will take noble epic heroci action and unzip it halfway for her so she can take the tip of da lossta cockasz in her mouth as she unzip da rest 2 get at suckingz da ballzlzozolzo



  2. The most awkward, ugly men can get laid, but they need persistence.


  3. … And isn’t it uncanny how one of the whining, self pitying Betas will lash out at you for straight talking? The way they react to game is like a vampire does to holy water.


    • the gamers are no better in how they react to being an actual man instead of just a “player”…bettering yourself in any regard isn’t easy and it isn’t quick.


      • I agree, gamers need to stop simulating manly activities with their video games and get out in the real world.


      • Bettering one’s self should be done for its own sake. While you’re ‘bettering’ yourself for women, they’re being sodomized by illiterate guttersnipes.


      • Dafuq? I can read just fine, white man!


      • For the purposes of getting laid and social acumen, being an actual man is irrelevant. I do agree with you, I don’t respect a man much if he scores with throngs of women if that’s all he’s good for, but becoming an actual man is a desire motivated by intrinsic factors. Banging broads is motivated by extrinsic considerations.


      • TradCons need to go away.


  4. I am in a work rut and am not sure what to do about it. I work for a stable non profit but need to make more money. I have not seen many jobs that excite me and got discouraged a few months ago when I thought I had nailed down a position at a management consulting firm, but didn’t get the job after three rounds of interviews. Anyone ever work for a non profit and manage to land a job outside the non profit realm?


    • Here’s a game nexus to the corporate world: reckless overconfidence. You can learn any job in about 2 weeks. Now you just need to learn how to bullshit your way through the application process. It helps to have friends.


    • da GBFM’s lostas cockasz is a 501 C non-profit organziizaion and every suck and blow on it is fully tax dedcuctablelzlzlooz


    • I’m in the same boat except I ended up in my mid 20s with no real work experience besides selling life insurance for a few months. Given I played poker for a living, I think it’s better off to not even mention it. lol

      I doubt it matters if you work for a NPO now and want to transition to a corporation. Just highlight how brilliant your work was and how they couldn’t have lived without you there.


    • I worked at the most well known not-for-profit, not exactly sure if non-profit is the same thing. Seems implicit that a not-for-profit might ‘happen’ to make a profit. Semantics aside, I have to agree that the most important thing is to just own the interview. Maybe mention how the ‘charity’ company wastes money because it isn’t beholden to investors and how resistant they are to actual cost-cutting suggestions. How much better it would have been if it was run with profit as priority. Or just come out and say that ‘charity’ companies suck because they’re run by broads. Heh


    • Persistence and telling your story to highlight the skills you exercise at the non-profit that would bring value to the for-profit enterprise. Running an enterprise regardless of it’s tax status requires pretty much the same acumen (not sure what your role is at the non-profit). If you made it through 3rd rounds at a management consulting firm you’re in good shape (few people make it that far ) and should feel pretty good about yourself. It doesn’t help but you can gain confidence from knowing that strategy firms only bring people they can see themselves actually hiring to their final round interviews. The final decision probably came down to something frivolous and out of your control. Keep trying and eventually your interviewing will be unconscious. The confidence that comes from this will get you the job eventually.


  5. on November 9, 2015 at 1:22 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Be bold!


  6. Game is awesome an essential. This website is a beacon of learning for anyone wanted to learn how to deal with and bang chicks. But even for us that have been doing it for 15 years, the process is simple

    1.) Try
    2.) Fail
    3.) try again
    4.) Fail again and try until you get laid
    5.) Learn from failures
    5.) fail less, bang more

    Regardless of how long it takes you to get there, you just gotta go out there and put in the work. The upside is once you learn the skill, you’ve learned it forever. It may get rusty if not used, but damn once you learn what it takes, life is easy street with women.


    • lzzozl dat is waht da GBFM teachesz!!! Alomsot!!!

      da GBFM say:

      1.) Try
      2.) succeeed cum on her facezlzo
      3.) try again
      4.) succeed again cum on her titts 2
      5.) Learn from successs
      5.) succeed more, bang more

      da GBFM: “If I never would have tried and succeeded so many times, I would have never succeeded so many times.”

      Thomas Edison on inventing the Lightbulb: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

      Da GBFM: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways to cum in her face.” lzozolzolzolzooz


    • on November 9, 2015 at 5:14 pm CenCalCaucasian

      Agreed! Corollary: multiple irons in the fire speed up the learning curve, success rates, and confidence. Game multiple lasses. That’s my kinda diversity.


  7. […] If You Want It Bad Enough […]


  8. on November 9, 2015 at 1:29 pm Experienced Father

    >>The truth is that most men don’t want it bad enough, and
    >>that is why they don’t do what it takes.


    Ugly Truth.

    But Still Truth.

    Be the man who Fails to Success,..

    …and then keeps succeeding after that Success.


  9. ww.pornhub.com/insights/women-gender-demographics-searches

    It would be interesting to get CH’s thoughts on this.


    • I noticed that female profiles on porn sites like those things based on the female choice category on xhamster. I did have a talk with my ex about this and she said she likes girl on girl porn because it has foreplay and the kissing is closer to reality and that she won’t watch almost anything with:
      1)fake tits
      2)over the top fake moaning
      3)porn where the girl clearly hates it
      4)porn with too much anal
      She said she loves porn where the woman clearly enjoys it and gets her cum all over the guy’s dick and that she prefers creampie porn to facial porn.

      Regarding interracial, I assume part of the reason is that there’s a big overlap of white men willing to pretend to be female online/making a female profile and watching interracial porn, but that’s just my conjecture. I also think most interracial porn being black man, white female makes white men watch it far less and I assume white people are most watchers of porn. Since we usually watch porn with the person of the same sex as us resembling us so that we can imagine easier we’re them, white women will watch more interracial.


      • Blacks watch a lotta pr0n.


      • I’d venture a guess that most White men who like interracial pron (bm/wf) are in it for the degradation-of the-female kick. White women will watch i.r. scenes because they are into the female’s experience, where the male is incidental like a dildo. Female erotica in which the male’s identity is important is romance literature.


    • Eh. What I took away regarding interracial is that there are far, FAR more women who fantasize about having sex with another woman than who fantasize about sex with blacks. The mudsharking/coalburning epidemic seems to be a bit overblown.


    • CH: Seconded. Good subject for a post.

      To me it plainly shows that chicks are into (a) lesbians; (b) interracial; (c) gangbangs; and (d) rough sex more than most men. The reason is pretty clear – the first one has to do being with someone who is gentle and knows her body etc (you might as well call it beta sex lol – it’s no different from what a bored housewife will imagine to get herself off with her husband) and the remaining three are essentially submission fantasies about gaining enjoyment from giving pleasure.


  10. should be the first post read by anyone needing to man up, and should be revisited by anyone needing to re-up, like myself. was much needed


  11. It’s easier to nurse fantasies of What Could Have Been than to force the hand of fate. You get the pleasure of the fantasy and none of the downer of failure.

    Problem is it ain’t anywhere near as fun. And really, even getting shot down can be fun if you just approach women on a lark. “I wonder if I can get that hottie to talk to me…”


    • The problem is that if your ego relies on the validation of others, rejection will hurt your feelings, while if you don’t invest your ego in banter with women, getting shot down doesn’t matter much or it can be fun because the whole context will be one of self amusement. If you’re not outright horrible looking or totally uncalibrated, women won’t even be ruthless when they reject you.


      • That’s very true, even a miss will be appreciated a lot of the time by the woman because you at least stepped up. If you flirt a lot, you get the sense that women are just dying for someone, anyone to flirt with them, instead of the lame-o white knighting they must get normally.


  12. These cultural/societal posts discussing America’s/white nations decline enable this.

    “I can’t get laid because our women are brainwashed by the Jews to sleep with Dindus!”

    Not saying what is written is necessarily wrong in those posts, just saying it’s supercharging some the male hamsters of readers on this site.


    • on November 9, 2015 at 2:19 pm The Spirit Within



      • Yup.

        It’s what royally fucked me up, without a doubt. I was living it with my ex and reading about it here.

        What a nightmare.


    • Anybody who thinks like that better not reproduce. Seriously, not only there are enough women around(there are certainly more cute girls on this planet than men who cold approach), but the women dindus get aren’t even of much value. More often than not it’s some slovenly fattie or stupid welfare queen. I frankly find it beneficial to both races: we cull the shit genes from ours and blacks get better genes than theirs, where shit and better are defined based on the ability to fit into a modern society. The only problem is of separation. I like how Sweden had their citizenship laws. If a Swedish woman married a non-citizen, she lost her Swedish citizenship. Europe needs to return to such citizenship laws. It’s just 40 years ago when we had them.


    • Bullshit… there aren’t any males bemoaning not being able to get laid due to interracial agitprop.

      Most of the men here at the chateau who decry the Cathedral’s agitprop the loudest are those getting their fair share of ass. But they’re also the men who think beyond poon-uber-alles and see the agitprop and West’s decline for the horrendous phenomena that they are.

      The namby-pambies whining about their lack of scoring are those who whine the loudest about how they want to see “more game posts” and “less politics”.

      But nice try, Schlomo… and that goes double for you, cosigned Strapon. lzozlzolzozlozlozlozlozlozlozlozlozl


      • We can dance around it all we want but numbers don’t lie. White women of childbearing years are 3% of the population or so.

        Plenty of white males are not getting laid because of blacks, most guys [email protected] ugly slags and can’t nail down a quality white woman for sh1t.

        This whole “getting laid” is not helping anyone.

        Just makes the few remaining white women more crazed and likely to fuck blacks also.

        No reason why they shouldn’t when you get down to it.


      • We can dance around it all we want but numbers don’t lie. White women of childbearing years are 3% of the population or so.

        Plenty of white males are not getting laid because of blacks, most guys [email protected] ugly slags and can’t nail down a quality white woman for sh1t.

        Your percentage may be correct, hence the disdain I have for our current malaise and anyone who would applaud it, even in a gallows humour fashion.

        But “plenty of white mailes” is anecdotal, at best.

        And if you’re talking about White women in the “ugly slag” category, well… there’s your actual bumper crop of who we’re losing to The Others.


      • Depends where you live I guess.

        White women here are rare as hens teeth and often seen with dindus, yes even the attractive ones. I’ve seen what passes for hot on this blog so…yeah.

        Even a few white women taken out of the pool hits hard, since there’s tons of muslim and mexican women around here. My apartment is full of them and it’s expensive.

        So basically a white man’s dating pool shrinks by the minute.

        Obviously this will hit the lower SMV white males the hardest, since they have a limited ability to improve their lot.

        Their options are effectively nil.

        Game is also not great for these men. Busting your ass to [email protected] a 7 or a mexican is not fun.

        Without all this “getting laid” they wouldn’t be “ugly slags”, they’d be wives and mothers for these lower tier men.


      • Let us not forget, their are Mexicans, Muslims, Asians and the rest competing for white women.

        They come here bringing their women who are more (or less in the case of Asians) loyal to them and fuck ours too.

        So year by year in a given area, a white man’s options shrink.

        I can throw a rock and hit a hindu, asian, mexican or hadji woman, I don’t see any white women, the few that exist are old and ugly or on the arm of some nog.

        They are disappearing.

        It’s not a matter of how to get them, it’s how to even find them.


  13. The saddest cases are the one who do want it bad enough, but don’t really believe they deserve it (even though they do).


    • That’s an oxymoron. If you don’t think you deserve it, then you don’t, and if you don’t deserve it, then it would be impossible to want it more than what you think your limit is. Limiting beliefs are the mind killer.


  14. I’m currently in the process of getting all around better habits when it comes to putting plans into action. I seriously suffered between 18 and 24 with being seriously scatter brained and non-committal. I can focus better and stress out less now. Idk if I’m getting old or what. lol

    I’m also applying for a pretty nice job right in the middle of the bar place of my city so I’ll pretty much have cold approach opportunities on every lunch break. I really, really hope I’ll land this job.


    • on November 9, 2015 at 2:44 pm The Spirit Within

      A man’s brain isn’t fully formed until about age 25. I felt everything click into place at age 27 — better with career, better with girls, better with everything.


      • If you could only figure out how to post.


      • I think I suffer from some mild anxiety disorder and I’m positive I have ADD*, but both got better lately. Even on days I’m lazy and don’t work out, I feel better anxiety wise than I used to before on days I worked out.

        Basically, my emotions and mind got more ‘chill’ and predictable. This helps with socializing immensely. While in university, I amassed various mixed groups to party with and pretty much used social proof to get girls without blatant approaching in order to avoid my anxiety. What’s odd is that while I feel these changes occurring, my desire to thrill and fun seek and the like remained the same. I feel like I’ll never grow up… Which might be good given I’ll have to relate to girls that will stay the same age.

        *Besides pretty much having all the symptoms, it was amusing when in uni a friend showed up to my place with speed on the day before my final. I was to study the night before the final as I did on every single test during my university so I did it while on speed. Being able to study without thinking of five other things was amazing! My friend failed the test although we studied for the same time on the same speed.


  15. I’ll assume that this post is about being a patriot and saving western civilization and securing the existence of our people and a future for White Children, because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth, not merely learning game and getting a skinnier wife or lover.




    • ” saving western civilization and securing the existence of our people and a future for White Children, because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth”
      That makes me feel nauseous. You couldn’t frame a movement’s goals in more beta terms if you tried. You need to stop thinking that you have to justify your desire to preserve your people and culture by appealing to some universalist standards such as ‘whites are more ingenious’, ‘white chicks are hot’ etc. What the heck do you even want to save out of Western civilization? It currently is just a bunch of stupid feminists and equality whiners with hideous art and architecture. I’ll much sooner convert to Islam and marry four European women than listen to dumbasses babble about equal partnerships for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t look forward to being circumcised, but whatever.

      These movements need to talk about destroying our current societies and restoring the greatness of our ancestors, not ramble about preserving the beauty of some materialistic slags. I want my DNA to live on and I want it to be part of greatness, I could care the less about how girls will look like after my death. Sure, it’s neat our girls are pretty, but basing an entire political movement on that is farcical. It’s like saying you want to buy a car because it has an AC unit. lol

      I’d also dispute the beauty part. Even ignoring the inner beauty element at which a large segment of Western women fail lamentably, if you exclude the fatties, the butterfaces etc, you’re left with a minority of women. I see white women as the biggest threat to their own beauty.


    • I’ll cosign existence for white children.

      Women can be salvaged once the system is smashed to the ground.


  16. “If You Want It Bad Enough

    …you’ll do what it takes.”



    • Famous epitaphs.

      “He tried” – Kurt Vonnegut

      “He would rather have complained” – that one is mine, no srsly


  17. Ban GBFM for good. The child is a buffoon and adds nothing.


  18. I’ve been stuck in the rut of video games(league of legends, and Rocket League — the new cancer) and consistent fapping. I have books surrounding me; within my eye sight I see: The Alchemist, 48 laws of power, rich dad poor dad, activate your brain, never eat alone, the social animal, six pillars of self-esteem.

    All of them unread. I’m comfy and I don’t want it bad enough because I’ve never had to struggle(my parents bust their ass, dad works easily 60+ hours a week) so I just “go to school” and I work 20 hours a week.

    Question: how does one desire something? I got a gf after CHOOSING her from my personal karate class, but I KNOW i’m getting stagnant and I stopped reading Heartiste often and YaReally’s posts which got me to even talk to girls in the first place. I don’t have a social life and only interact with my school peers.

    Simple answer: read the damn books around me? I can’t understand yet how people can keep grinding on the daily with awesome work efficacy and tenacity. Should I Fight Club myself and destroy everything?


    • Sounds like you lead a boring life. If it’s enough for you then sure keep it up til you’re old and dead. However, I’d bet money that you won’t have that current gf forever and that, as you get older and softer, and eventually lose the support of your parents while not having cultivated your ability to earn or do anything of value, you will find you can no longer choose the women you really want nor do the things you really want to do. You’ll be a loner, as you provide nothing of value to anyone. You’ve probably noticed loner old men like this before. Imagining their pointless, regret filled existence is depressing but motivates me to get my shit together.


      • Nah we hate people and stay away from them to avoid jail time.

        You’ll get this some day.

        Start training in brazilian jiu-jitsu, you’ll never eat alone again.


    • Kid, you’re doing fine.

      You’re in school and work part time, have a girlfriend and train martial arts apparently.

      More than enough, there is nothing wrong with doing what you want as long as you are not screwing yourself over.

      Those books are bs, especially “rich dad, poor dad” that guy is a [email protected] who only made money selling books to credulous morons.

      Again, brazilian jiu-jitsu, give it a try. Whole lot like “fight club” and you’ll make as many friends as you want.

      Wish I started 20 years earlier, music was cool but ended up being a huge waste of time and degenerate lifestyle.

      Self improvement is a big part and you don’t have to do any psychobabble.


  19. Why do you think he is talking about getting women?


  20. Joy Division wrote one positive song that went ‘lose some sleep and say you tried’


  21. I invited a girl out for drinks last weekend, and she turned me down because she was out of town for her birthday. I waited until just now and text her “happy birthday”.

    20 minutes later she writes back, “my birthday was last Monday but thank you anyway.”

    Thoughts on how to move things forward?


    • Update:

      I wait an hour and respond, “woops”.

      She calls me a few hours later. I miss it and call her back, and she asks what I’m doing and I offer to meet her for drinks. “Did you want to go somewhere, or just chill?” She asks.

      I tell her to come over and we’ll make drinks and watch a movie. I text her my address and we nail down a time. So far, so good. Then we have this text exchange, over the course of an hour:

      Her: I just had a horrible day which caused a turn of events in my life so I was trying to drink to forget about it for a min

      Me: ok. come kick it if you want
      Her: I’m about to eat here soon then I’ll head that way
      Her: Do u have to be up early for work?
      Her:What do you have going on tomorrow?
      Me: coffee and bagels at 9 am
      Her: That’s what your doing tomorrow?
      Me: no work after that
      Her: ohhh
      Her: Cuz I don’t work till 8 pm so we could just hang out tomorrow if you want
      Me: work tomorrow. netflix and drinks tonight or another day
      Her: We could do another day this week its just horrible weather to drive in and I’m in [45 minutes away]. I’m sorry.

      Looks like she got cold feet and I couldn’t turn it around. Where’d I go wrong? I think I can still close, though it may take a date or two now.


      • Hey Benson you offered her the choice of another day. Girls are already flakey and if you suggest some alternative to the plan they’ll take it. Next time just tell her to bring something. I had two girls flake on me recently. I didn’t do anything . I set up a meeting for drinks in one case and coming over in the second. First girl suddenly claimed to be busy. Me:” if we ever meet up again you’re buying the first round.” We chatted after that. Second girl flaked saying it was cold and blah blah blah. I didn’t get mad. I followed up a week loafer. More flakiness so I left it .


      • Benson – sounds to me like she’s still interested. Obviously not super-attracted enough to make the effort, but still interested. Def worth another shot.

        1. I think you did the right thing in plowing with insisting she comes over tonight – don’t want to be bending to her whims on when to meet (don’t have to be over-rigid on this point when scheduling things, but after something is fixed, she doesn’t get to change it arbitrarily and have you jump to her convenience). Having said that I would have said something non-committal when she asked about tomorrow “not sure yet – may meet a friend” and then probably plowed harder to get her to come round tonight – not given her a choice of “another day”. Just something like “C’mon, come over tonight just for an hour..I make awesome margaritas” or something.

        2. Going forward, just re-engage as you would with any girl who flakes on you. Don’t reply to her last text, ignore her for a couple days at least (unless she texts you directly wanting to hang out – in which case, grab the chance) and then re-open with something light and flirty, and if she responds well, pitch a meetup. Don’t ask her – tell her to come over. And never schedule anything more than 72 hours in advance max – preferably less than 24. The YaReally Archive has some good stuff on doing this over text, from YaReally and from Ripp.

        The main thing is you need to go silent for a couple days..the silence is your disapproval of her flaking..Walawala has a phrase for this, something like “let your silence speak for itself”..


      • Just something like “C’mon, come over tonight just for an hour..I make awesome margaritas” or something.

        Yeah, I didn’t know how to phrase that without sounding needy. Yours wasn’t bad, but the “just for an hour” seems a little pushy.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 1:45 pm having a bad day


        “She calls me a few hours later. I miss it and call her back, and she asks what I’m doing and I offer to meet her for drinks. “Did you want to go somewhere, or just chill?” She asks. [translation = beta or alpha?…provider or stud?…]

        I tell her to come over and we’ll make drinks and watch a movie. [stud it is…lol] I text her my address and we nail down a time. So far, so good. Then we have this text exchange, over the course of an hour:

        Her: I just had a horrible day which caused a turn of events in my life so I was trying to drink to forget about it for a min [translation = beta bait…emotionally invest in me…shit test for alpha congruity…]

        Me: ok. come kick it if you want [if you come over, it’s sex for sure…with no plausible deniability…] (note – i know why you said it this way = ZFG/no investment, but once you are to this point you need to start ‘leading’…with outcome independence, but trying to get what you want…it’s a fine line…but giving her an ‘option’ = her frame…)
        Her: I’m about to eat here soon then I’ll head that way [you don’t need to ‘provide’ = alpha…]
        Her: Do u have to be up early for work? [my ASD is ramping up…]
        Me:nope [late night = ok = plenty of time for sex = ASD activated!…]
        Her:What do you have going on tomorrow? [ASD activated! please handle this, i want to get laid…]
        Me: coffee and bagels at 9 am [that’s not helping…ASD ramping higher…]
        Her: That’s what your doing tomorrow? [please handle this…]
        Me: no work after that [not helping…]
        Her: ohhh [you didn’t handle it… ;( ]
        Her: Cuz I don’t work till 8 pm so we could just hang out tomorrow if you want [one last shot…turn this around…please…]
        Me: work tomorrow. netflix and drinks tonight or another day [sex or nothing…with no plausible ‘it just happened’ excuse = he thinks i’m a slut!…ASD at MAX!!!…]
        Her: We could do another day this week its just horrible weather to drive in and I’m in [45 minutes away]. I’m sorry. [ASD for the loss…lol]

        Looks like she got cold feet and I couldn’t turn it around. Where’d I go wrong? I think I can still close, though it may take a date or two now.”

        if, instead of ‘nope’ you said ‘no, but you can only stay for one movie and only 2 drinks…bc i have to get up early anyway…’ = plausible deniability = you get laid…lol…’oh, and bring some food for me, too…’ = bonus tingles…lol

        “Yeah, I didn’t know how to phrase that without sounding needy. Yours wasn’t bad, but the “just for an hour” seems a little pushy.”

        what’s wrong with ‘pushy’?…lol…you are the prize! make her drive an hour just to say hi…she’ll like you more (it’s a compliance test…)…this is you thinking like a man (logical) = only an hour? = sex for sure…but girls think “only an hour? he’ll never get me to have sex that fast, so it’s safe…” lol…

        give her the ‘it just happened’ plausible excuse and you’ll get laid a LOT more…more on this in the archives here or at YaReally’s…

        good luck!


      • on November 10, 2015 at 1:47 pm having a bad day


        f’in stack…it’s killin’ me…


      • @habd, really useful info, and your girl speak translations are hilarious. I knew I was reading the situation incorrectly once she blitzed me with all the questions.

        I thought telling her I had an early start would have pushed her away. As in: “He just wants me to come bang and bounce and I’m not a slut.”

        Pretty sure I can turn this around.


    • Getting a prompt response is a good sign obviously. Move past the birthday wish thing. Don’t justify or explain it. Ask about her birthday weekend, playfully ask about drunken,slutty, sketchy things her and girls did that weekend. Make some insinuation about it but in a way she knows you’re teasing. Not everyone is good at that over text.


    • “Where’d I go wrong?”

      This part here… beta bait. You bit on it. Also she needed some more attraction.

      “Her: I just had a horrible day which caused a turn of events in my life so I was trying to drink to forget about it for a min

      Me: ok. come kick it if you want”


      Me:Sounds like a job for Don Julio. Your lucky night. See you at XXX.

      and if she kept up the questions you go with “so many many questions… yet still so thirsty… See you at XX”

      Basically anything that assumes more of the sale and more of the lead. and if she still persists with questions… more A&A and teasing…

      Her:What do you have going on tomorrow?
      Me: Getting kittens down from trees, making the world a sexier place, the usual…

      You’re in good shape, she appears interested.


      • Good stuff. I didn’t know if it was time to amp up the game, since she had already agreed to come over. Do I wait a few days before re-engaging?


      • Yeah just wait until she get’s back to you… Abundance mentality… and don’t look to set up right away, just build more attraction…. tease… joke… neg… then after a day or so of this banter float you are going someplace to do something, but don’t invite her. Let her invite herself. Have Fun!


      • Yeah just wait until she get’s back to you… Abundance mentality…

        Hot tub girl is coming over tonight, so that’s no trouble. But I’m out of town for work next week. It may be two weeks before I have time to meet this other girl. Does that pose a problem?


      • same plan Benson… wait until she gets in touch with you. If it is while you’re away just tell her sorry out all week you’ll catch her when you are back and then ping her when you are back around, then run the same script… attract tease etc and then pose something she can invite herself along to. Avoid any beta bait emotional tampon stuff in the meantime…


  22. Au contraire. There’s advice that goes to the tune of “if you’re not good at what you do it’s not worth doing” and “you might as well teach pigs to sing.”

    [CH: i didn’t say you had to be good at getting what you want. (dirty pool permitted)]


  23. OT: does this pass the jumbotron test?

    [CH: with flying colors. (even if it was staged)]


  24. poetic.


  25. “They prefer the egoistic and corporeal comforts of routine, self-satisfaction, inertia, and dreary rutting with a fattening sow.”

    On the other hand, my offspring thrive and are numerous, so maybe there is a collective need for more of us to do what you seem to disparage?

    PS I gave up the heroic life to settle down, but as of now it was unambiguously the right call. Every time I look at my sons I am reminded of the following quote “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


  26. on November 9, 2015 at 11:41 pm gunslingergregi

    want it bad enough
    yea lets go ahead and start our own bank and copy the jews


  27. Don’t want it at all, sex is boring to me and I’m only 40. You may want to plan accordingly but I feel blessed.

    Most I’ve been willing to do is pull my pants down and show my weiner or tell her I’ve been thinking about fucking her. In my younger days, I’d offer gas money for a blowjob to a damsel in distress. Usually works…that’s what she said.

    I’m that way with food too,eat out of a can, throw it in the garbage and go work out.

    A woman is nothing more than a corny ad campaign for her vagina. I’m not a nice guy, I mean…I enjoy hurting people, the thought of making small talk with some b1tch is puke inducing. If woman makes small talk with me I will humor it like I would a 5 year old.

    Fortunately most can see that I’m not a nice guy and…well…you know. They like that. Problem is I don’t like them. I don’t like my mother, why would I like them?

    I’m can get laid do occasionally but not much as you know…I don’t like it. I even have a girlfriend and I’ll fuck her if she complains too much or at least have a really good excuse for why I won’t.

    She say “you like training more than me”. Yup. And if I didn’t feel bad for her I’d prefer to be alone. She happens to be very kind and helpful but I’d get even MOAR training if she wasn’t around.

    My sh1t would be on the floor. So what? You think it bothers me? That’s it.


  28. Some well-meaning members of this community often complain about the recent uptick in the mentions of the YKW or Eskimo problem here. But the red pill rabbit hole is very deep, indeed. The facts are the facts; we didn’t make them. Truth is truth, whether it is scary to face it or not. And pretty lies are pretty lies. Truth is truth. The International Jew is a well-known problem that has been fought for 2,000 years, and 100 years even in the “modern era”, with 1913 and 1914 being key years, of course.

    Face facts, whether you like them or not, men.

    Consider your average-fair MSM World War II movies. This is a good way to illustrate just how dire our situation is, today, at this time. There are, oh, about 100 to 200 of them on Jewflix. Watch a few of them, if you can stomach it. Once a man becomes truly red-pill aware and “gets it”, doing so is vomit-inducingly horrifying. It would be laughable because it is so stupidly wrong, if it were not horrifying. You know what I’m going to say, but have you tried to watch a World War II movie lately, since discovering CH? The demonizing of Hitler is, of course, over the top, but this is done both large-scale (of course) and with subtle use of language. Others here have made good comments about how the leftists use language and subconscious brainwashing of the sheeple. For starters, Hitler was not a “dictator”; he came to power in Germany through legitimate means and his people love him. Because, as his speeches show, all he was doing was fighting “the bank” – he simply argued that nations exist and have a right to exist. The fight we have going on today with the leftists is “same as it ever was”. You’ll find the narrator saying things like the allies winning some battle was critical because otherwise “today’s world might be that envisioned by the Nazi scum slimy evil devils”. As if the Jew-world today, with our women being told to be the new Miley Cyrus, tatted up bernakified unmarriageable whores who are taught to fight their men and not be our partners, half naked in the streets, is a good thing.

    I don’t purport to have an opinion on whether the holocaust was a hoax. I wasn’t there and who knows what to trust, but there seem to be credible arguments. We know that 7 million Jews were “survivors” who now are in the United States (1 million more than are in Israel). If the Germans wanted to simply execute Jews, they could have done it without there being so many survivors. When you see those famous photos of half-dead or dead people who died of starvation, either they died of starvation (not just Jews) caused by war, or these are Hollywood propaganda? How are we to know, knowing what we do know now about the Jew’s control of information.

    Stereotypes are based in truth. We all know this on a big and small level. It is irritating to even be in an elevator or other public space with a Jew; they will be complaining about something, trying to assert control over someone else, not minding their own business.

    The “horrific world” as the narrator in WWII documentaries always says, “oooo we’d all be speaking German” – that would be fine. (If you were born to parents who speak German, you’d know no different.) Had Europe won the war, we can’t know the specifics, but it would be a whiter, more Christian, more beautiful world. Think of all that German brainpower, even in the last 40 years of them being humiliated, we still know that German engineering rocks. Think of all that brainpower making an even better world, uninhibited by feminism and the failed attempt to civilize Africans.

    It’s really horrifying to be an American of German/Irish descent, a Christian, and realize that, for us, the wrong side won, and it was done by white boys taken from their farms in Iowa (there was a draft), to fight and die and kill other white boys from Germany and Austria and Hungary, to save the Jew, so the Jew could make the gangsta rap/Miley Cyrus/rape culture BS higher education world we now have.

    CH said it directly the other day: a white man in the United States today (and, I guess, western Europe), is literally automatically a stateless rebel. It is beyond clear, beyond any argument, that our government does not represent our interests, and that means they don’t represent the interests of our women or children either (whether or not they realize it).

    And they throw in every little jab to pour salt on the wound. In every documentary regardless of subject matter (could be about lions eating gazelles, other nature movies, dinosaurs, other nature movies, etc), including history and including, of course WWII, 95% of all commenters (people interviewed in the movie) are Jews. The executive producer is a Jew. The latest movie I watched, the Jew World War II veteran (hmmmm interesting he survived without being killed or losing a limb; wonder what plum assignment he had), went out of his way to insult the white farm boy portion of the army that won his liberty, saying they were NOT the greatest generation because they didn’t truly understand what they were fighting for. He described in detail a man in his unit who had been killed by enemy fire, and said “There was nothing great about him. He was just a farm boy from Iowa.” No, Jew, he did NOT understand what he was fighting for. None of us did, in 1942.

    But now many are “awake”. 😉


    • Well said.

      I basically pointrd out in the “Shit Cuckservatives Say” page that Winston Churchill was the original cuckservative. I got excoriated for it.

      Any conservative who buys into the official narrative that WW2 was a “good” war is basically a cuck.


      • Of course. Churchill declared war on white European peace, and we all know why, now.


      • TLDR: I meant to add, everything you watch on a TV screen in any kind of documentary, regardless of subject matter, you will see the Jew telling us what to think and believe. Like someone said, when you truly see the matrix, It. Is. Everywhere. Watch documentaries on Jewflix and pay attention. Any subject matter (dinosaurs and evolution are popular ones, of course)–history, social science, “global warming”, history, obesity, “racism”, “war on women”, and, of course, World War II. Every single person who is a “star” of this (nonfiction) movie is a Jew — the college professors, the PhDs, the survivors, etc who are interviewed throughout the movie — it is the Jew telling us what to think. You will often find British people in these movies, and they, too, are Jews. It is interesting to see the Jew speak with a British accent instead of that ass-annoying New York Jew accent — but looking at their neanderthal face quickly confirms they are Jews.

        I have a question for our British friends here, because I don’t “speak British” in a way that I would be able to answer this question: do your British Jews have their own purposely created accent that is so aggravating that it makes you want to smash their face with a frying pan? In America, it is what is thought of as the “New York”/”LuwonG Iiiiiisland” accent. That is really a Jew accent, not a New York accent. Is there a similar British thing?


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