Sincerity (Feigned Or Sincere) As A Charm Offensive

Sincerity is over-employed by groveling betas and under-utilized by arrogant cads. Sincerity is a potent seduction device, but only when used sparingly, and at unexpected moments.

Vulnerability Game (which is really a Game subroutine that no good badboy should leave the masturbatorium without) is a specialized application of Sincerity Game. Whatever your intention, a girl will perceive your expression of manly vulnerability as coming from a place of uncompromised sincerity, (as long as you aren’t smirking the whole way through).

Dropping a hot wet load of sincerity on a girl’s awestruck physiognomy after hours playfully teasing her, taunting her, and transgressing her expectations of gentlemanly behavior is the seduction equivalent of Trump’s “only Rosie O’Donnell” massive crushing of an SJW-gynecracy shit test.

I long ago learned that one of the best moments to downshift into sincerity is when the girl is insistent about knowing your sexual success rate with women (and, related, your plans for her). For instance,

GIRL: “Oh, with that smirk, I bet you were a hit with the ladies, hmm?”

HADES’ HERALD: “I don’t like to brag.”

The “I don’t like to brag” quip is dynamite with the right fuse. Don’t cripple the delivery with a tension-relieving cocky smile. Say it deadpan, like you really hate bragging about yourself. The power of the line is contained within the implied admission that you clean up with women, and contained without by the aesthetics of asserting, with genuine feeling, that you value discretion over braggadocio.

PS A Reddit user believes he has uncovered evidence that Angela Merkel is intentionally allowing ISIS to operate in the EU.

PPS Another Sincerity Game gem: If a girl tells you she’s a journalist, ask with all sincerity, “Is that just a gig until you find something better?” Works well on any gogrrl who believes her chosen career defines her as a woman.


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  2. on December 23, 2016 at 10:32 pm Jolly Jaded Jurist

    “Let’s let the past be the past”, said with full sincerity with a hint of regret-tinged wistfulness, followed by a long, silent stare into her pupils, would be the nuclear option.

    Mine, at least.


  3. That PS post was fantastic

    I still think Merkel is a puppet for public consumption. Schauble is the one pulling the strings to ensure Germany has a front row seat to the globalist shit show.

    It’s gonna be Russia, the US, France and Britain once again pulling Europe out of a mess that allowed Germany to get themselves into again.

    Take 3.

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    • “Fantastic,” yes, because he put so many links in there (with no quotes from them) so it gotta be true! All a plan to create an EU army “and start occupying countries.”

      No. The plan is mass immigration to control Western elections. And that is going just fine. A conspiracy theorist stuck in the Cold War needs to stop posting. And how exactly would Merkel control an EU army, which would be run by the EU with the usual inefficiency and turf wars and budget breakdowns? I suspect the “fantastic” PleadingtheYiff is having fantasies of a Third World War, which is much more cool to think about than what is really happening. All that hardware! Tanks and missiles! Just like in the movies.

      Merkel smuggling in weapons to “equip an EU army”. If you believe that you’re dumb as bricks. And don’t know anything about armies. Also, smuggling in from where, and how without anyone noticing?


      • You must be a shitlib from the ETS sub ( also: Spez is a pedo!)

        Read the comments in that thread without getting triggered.


    • on December 24, 2016 at 12:49 am Vagina dominator

      “It’s gonna be Russia, the US, France and Britain once again pulling Europe out of a mess that allowed Germany to get themselves into again. ”

      The “This is what they told me in school” stupidity of this comment is so complete that it defies fisking.

      However, allow me to remind you that the last time Russia, the US, France and Britain “pulled Europe out of a mess” they did it by firebombing Germany’s history and culture almost out of existence and entering Germany on a mass-rape spree.

      Note that – per the explicit decision of Hitler not to attack the British non-fighting populace- Germany scarcely touched Britain from the air.

      The Allies however took a different tack and made the German civilian explicit targets.

      Before the war, Germany had 150 Medieval towns with populations greater than 100,000. Post the war, there were none.

      Per the famously unreliable (((wikipedia))), Allied air raids killed the measly figure of only 350,000 to 500,000 German civilians. Surely a gross underestimate when you consider that they killed 50,000 in one night in one raid on Hamburg and the usual figure quoted for Dresden alone is 135,000.

      Civilian deaths, due to the flight and expulsion of Germans and the forced labor of Germans in the Soviet Union range from 500,000 to over 2.0 million.

      It is of course perfectly obvious that Merkel has been installed to destroy Germany but to suggest that the Zionists who ran the named countries in WW2 (including the USSR) of course and still run them today could possibly be a positive aid to the German people is simply braindead.

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      • Europe – relatively fine for 19 centuries (yes, there were wars, invasions and diseases, etc), but the individual cultures of the societies which formed it were strong, from proud, patriotic nations, even the smaller ones compared to the opposition. Despite great upheavals, they carried on, by tradition and faith. The 20th century changed that – warfare weaponry that can kill thousands in just a few minutes (and from ever greater distances) changed the ROI for military men.

        It’s one thing when you can defend yourself when facing a foe at close range – especially when you know you got something worth fighting for. What man with a pair doesn’t want a chance to prove his steel?

        Not to mention how veterans from wars gone past used to be respected, while now many are neglected?
        If it’s not a fair chance, you don’t truly believe in the cause, in what you really fight for, or albeit armed with strength, courage, guns – doesn’t matter. The rules of the game have changed, and open confrontation is a poor return of interest.

        Now it’s time for subversion.


      • Wikipedia understates the casualty figures by at least a factor of ten.


    • France is finished along with most of Western Europe. The UK has Brexit but London has fallen and there is way to much shit already in the country.
      It’s a completely different world from the one I grew up in in the 1980s.


    • I can’t add too much more to what VagDom so aptly said…

      but geez, as bad as Germany is, England and France are already done and couldn’t pull their own socks out of the dryer.

      And ‘Murrica better get on the stick soon… but even she is up to her ass in the swamp… filled with negro, muzzie, and spic alligators.


      • Little Pakistan – formerly known as Great Britain – started importing large numbers of non-Europeans in the mid-1950’s.
        France followed suit after their disastrous showing in Algeria in the early 1960’s and has basically become a colony of North Africa, even their Génération Identitaire Movement (=alt-right) is infiltrated by Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, etc.
        Belgium and Holland succumbed to post-colonial guilt-tripping sometime in the later 60’s, I think, and Olof Palme’s Sweden voted to become a multicultural society in 1976.
        I’ve recently learned that the original Parmesan cheese is still made in Italy, but by immigrants from India.
        Haven’t bought any since.
        There are many on German alt-right websites who are still engaged in too much navel-gazing, thinking that the whole thing is directed only at THEM, sort of a final implementation of the Morgenthau plan to eradicate once and for all the ‘Tätervolk’ (perpetrator people), meaning the Germans.
        What they fail to realize is that the Morgenthau plan has been expanded to include every White person on the planet.
        Britain and France will have to save themselves before they can save anyone else and trusting Russia is, and has always been, a double-edged sword.


      • … trusting Russia is, and has always been, a double-edged sword.

        Well, when there’s only one piece of wood in the water, you grab it nonetheless, splinters and all.

        The good thing about Russia is they have no deep-seated ideas of revenge against the USA… we never really did anything to them besides some Cold War neener-neeners…

        … and even if they wrap the entirety of Europe in a new Iron Curtain, it’s got to be better than the poz-infested mess that exists now… assuming the demographics haven’t reached the tipping point for future generations…

        … admittedly, a MIGHTY BIG if. In which case, multiple civil wars within those nations first, for a cleansing.


      • Greg, have you read people like Matthew Braken who feel we are possibly being set up for an Islamic Tet Offensive?


      • I’m not familiar with that name, but I will say this…

        At this time, the muzzie presence in the West, aggravating that it is, does not constitute any major “Tet Offensive” level threat… multiple instances of “terrorism”, yes… hundreds, perhaps thousands of dead, yes… but even THEY are not so foolish as to think they’re at the point at which they can militarily overthrow the West.

        As a matter of fact, the so-called acts of terror (actually, they’re acts of guerilla war that, thus far, has only been declared on one side… but I digress) are acts of foolishness of the most heinous kind… because if the dumbass sand niggers just behaved themselves and let the current malaise of the West progress apace, they’ll capture the entirety of Europe in a few generations without firing a shot…

        … well, at least not from THOSE kind of guns.


      • All the muzzies had to do was keep quiet…like the Hispanics and have lots of kids and they would eventually take over. These terrorist attacks could now even start waking up white liberals.
        Btw white liberal schools are now only offering Spanish classes near me. Getting ready for the capitulation!


      • Who needs a Tet offensive when you can simply breed the enemy out of existence ?
        Turkish and Arab women – those many millions of ‘peaceful’ (read: inactive) Muslims already ensconced in Europe – have 5 or 6 children for every 1 ([email protected])European child.
        Even if generations X, Y & Millenium start breeding like rabbits TODAY -despite the sternest of warnings from their 68er baby-boomer parents and grannies – their kids are STILL going to be minority in just about every school from Palermo to Trondheim, from Galway to Rhodos.
        Militarily, Afroasia has NO CHANCE against Europe, but I recently read that as much 25% of the German Bundeswehr and police are already Muslim – and they’re hiring more – so that may also change very quickly.
        Not sure I want to know how many mixed couples there are already.
        I foresee a rerun of the Middle Ages, with fortified castles (or modern equivalent), where small groups of European resisters fight off huge contingents of invaders, coverts (voluntary or other) and useful idiots.

        And all that because the baby-boomers didn’t want kids and didn’t want to give up their vacations in Mallorca or the Seychelles.


      • You seem to be forgetting that North America is literally DRENCHED in yellow orientals ants EVERYWHERE. At least “spics” originate from Western Europe, unlike the aforementioned yellows, or the blacks and Muz browns you’ve already mentioned. Why oh why do the Latinos who are basically European get the short straw whilst the oriental-Americans do not even get a racist mention. Are you guys scared of the lil yellow peril? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? You wet hypocritical Yankee twats….


    • Total bullshit. The problem with Germany and Germans is that they have NO ambitions in terms of territorial domination. Would be far better for everyone if they did.

      No, the Plan is driven by (((NWO globalists))) who want to dumb down White countries through mass Turd World immigration and miscegenation. The resulting nation of white n*ggers as envisioned by Lenin, Kalergi etc. would be simple t control.


  4. on December 23, 2016 at 11:06 pm Captain Obvious

    > “Is that just a gig until you find something better?” ——— Works with Real Estate as well – if she has a new house, or a new condo, or similar, some digs that she’s real proud of, and if you blurt out something to the effect that surely it’s just a fixer-upper until she can trade up for a proper house, then it will decimate her.


    • A woman told me she was in marketing. I asked, is that like a professional liar?

      She acted outraged, but a couple of years later quit for good.


  5. “Always room for one more in my harem” gets the hamster spinning…

    A variation is “Is this your way of angling for a place in my harem?”


  6. on December 24, 2016 at 12:42 am helpmeoutmagnanimoussires

    which WordPress theme is this .. need it for my blog (#whothemeizthiz)






  8. Well, considering whose ally ISIL is (willingly or not), and whom Merkel/Germany outta be a vassal to. . *


  9. on December 24, 2016 at 6:30 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Happy Hanukkah, everyone.


    • Menorahs are ugly. And so are your people. Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside. Proof is in the bitterness.


    • on December 24, 2016 at 9:37 am Ominous Cowherd

      Happy hannuka to you too, and may next hannuka find you in Jerusalem, to stay.


    • on December 24, 2016 at 10:46 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      Why don’t you proud Europeans go back to the mother continent (where you have a stronger claim to the land) and help your racial kin resist the brown invaders and their elite backers?


      • (where you have a stronger claim to the land)

        Uh-oh… Chief Whining Arrow on warpath!

        Jeez, Louise… that 78 LP recording broke awhile back… ain’t you Synadthedral stooges got nuthin’ new?

        /Princess Rain-In-The-Face rape!


      • Kike…you need a healthy host to parasite off. Do you really think your peeps will flourish in the third world? If you did you’d be in Somalia…not here.
        We go down…you go down.


    • The three chief jewish holidays are all celebrations of genocide. Passover is about slaughtering Egyptians, Purim is about slaughtering Persians, and Hanukkah is about slaughtering Greeks. The jews really are good people, I can’t see why anyone would dislike them.


  10. Merry Christmas to all you Deplorables!

    be sure to hit that ‘donate’ button today. we want the Chateau’s treasury and CH’s stocking to be full of shekels for the coming year.

    2016 was a great year. we’ve got even more work to do in 2017!



    • Every time paypal dings, the chateau gets a new wing.


    • No-oh-el… noel… no-oh-el… noel…

      … Strapon and D-Kike can go-oh to hell!


    • Merry Christmas to you as well and to all us chateau denizens.

      Y’all know who you are.

      2016 is ending on an amazing uplift and I’m truly looking forward to surfing that crest in 2017 with everyone.


  11. Since it’s Christmas and I don’t know that this iteration of TV’s most complex bad boy has come up before on CH:


  12. Reading about the 1924 Immigration Act. Wonderful. Essential reading and excellent ammunition for the ‘a nation of Immigrants’ shitlib mantra.
    (((Cellar))) of course made it his personal crusade to repeal it which of course he did in 1965.


    • Comment on mod but the 1965 act us treason in black and white and if we go down the parasitical kikes are ginger down with us.
      None of this makes sense


      • Jesus Christ, haven’t you been paying attention?

        It makes perfect sense, and it’s been explained dozens of times already.

        It’s the logic of Evil… the Devil knows he’s finished, but does he repent? No, he continues his quest to ruin Creation and take as much down with him, when he goes. It’s the Big Tell of Evil… taken to its logical conclusion, it destroys even itself… that’s why it’s Evil.

        And who are the minions? “Ye are of your father, the Devil… and the lusts of your father ye will do.”


  13. Little Christmas punishment for red state rurals.


    • If they treat non-Christians better than they treat Christians, what the hell is the point of being a Christian? You get to virtue signal and feel proud of yourself I guess, but that’s about it.


    • GB, I went to the website for that traitorous, mentally-deranged organization of leftist fanatics hiding behind the worst form of twisted Christardation, known as Church World Services, to find their staff contacts list. As you can see (just as in refugee organizations in Europe and elsewhere), the organization is totally dominated by…..women! Surprise, surprise! Out of the 12 listed staff positions, only one is male:

      Our White women are killing us, pure and simple.

      I look forward to seeing most of these refugees being repatriated back to their home nations under a Trump administration, and having these disgusting organizations defunded by the federal government (because, although they do not make it well known to the public, they do get a lot of $$ from the federal government to house, feed, train, etc. these damn Third-world invaders), and out of business.


    • ^^^Good video. As with memes, sometimes the best shivs have a finely honed edge of comedy on them, making the shaft of Truth penetrate easier and deeper.


  14. Merry Christmas, my friends.


  15. Merry Christmas. May God bless us, everyone


  16. Merry Christmas, CH and commenters.

    [CH: merry christmas to you as well, PA, and to the others…..especially tsw, because nothing triggers a yenta like a big warm christmas greeting!]


  17. Don’t youse yeggs forget to throw a little something in the stocking hanging on the chateau’s mantel.

    /Ya cheap bastids rape!


    • And an especial merry Christmas wish to my fave bros:

      Carlos Danger, LuciusSomesuch, Cap’n Obvious, PA, mendo, Corvo, plumpjack, VagDom, whorefinder, gbfm, gunslingergregi…

      … and the inimitable Matt King…

      … and of course, that Broseidon of all Broceans, CH.

      /Now I know how they feel at the Oscars and hope I haven’t forgotten too many names rape!


      • right back at you GE, and everyone on the list, and all the other awesome guys here. and especially our most gracious host, CH. maybe one day we do some deplorable caroling together. one hopes…

        Merry Christmas and G0d bless you all!



      • amen and right back at you, GE.


      • Big ole tip o’the ten gallon, there partner!

        Merry Christmas and God bless to you and yours!


  18. Once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.


  19. So has there been any actual evidence yet of what exactly Russia did that was so bad? I keep hearing about fake news and hacking but I haven’t seen any evidence anywhere of anything nefarious. Sure, Russians probably hacked someone somewhere, and it may well have been ol’ hillary but wasn’t she expected to be the winner anyways? Personally, i haven’t seen any fake news anywhere so not sure what they’re all going on about. But I do know that suddenly there are a lot of forces combining to stop it, wherever it is. I don’t like the look of it. It just sounds an awful lot like the Ministry of Truth. How exactly can the left be all of the government, the media, and the fact checkers? I am starting to wonder if maybe the internet is getting to be overregulated and too public.


    • also, Happy Christmas


    • Take heart… the Left’s monopoly on “the truth” has been broken forever.

      Even if we on the Right have to return to the samizdat route, they’ll never be able to sell their bullshit wholesale again.

      Besides, the sides have pretty much been drawn now, and neither side is listening to the other anyway, except to snark…

      … and as this election has proven beyond doubt, WE’RE better at it than they are. 😉


    • All the evidence that has emerged points to insiders leaking the information. The Russian angle is straight out of the comic books.


  20. I’m watching a Norwegianchoir and it’s full.of clean attractive young white people.
    No blue hair, no piercings…no visible apparent obesity.

    I feel sad.


  21. young qt with a nice rack sent me a text saying “I can’t tell if you’re a white supremacist or just a really fun person to be around” this is after I told her Odin put her on this planet for me and that my barbarism will thrill her.

    I’ve got a few responses off the top my head like ‘WHY NOT BOTH’ but wanted others opinions of the most tingle inducing response.

    Thanks lads, love the site!

    [CH: first, that’s a great set-up. i’d follow her reply with something like “you’ve got a riddle on your hands”, or a birthday cat. remember, when in doubt just ask yourself what an asshole would say.]


  22. Merry Christmas and may this great year be just a pale shadow of the one that is coming

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  23. On the twelfth day of Christmas
    my true Kek sent to me:
    Twelve Illegals Fleeing
    Eleven Pepes Scheming
    Ten Shitlords Gaming
    Nine Ladies Preening
    Eight Chicks a Texting
    Seven Vages Moistening
    Six Babes I’m Laying
    Five Screeching Cucks
    Four Despondent Libs
    Three Clintons Gone
    Two Dindus Out
    and a President-elect named Trump!

    Merry Christmas!