I think that I shall never see
Women as varied as these three.

A woman whose slender waist is prest
Between her shapely butt and breasts;

A woman who looks at God all day,
To thank Him for her face He made;

A woman who may in Summer wear
A tent of canvas round her rear;

Beneath whose bottom darkness falls;
And megafauna repair to doze.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But that big mama fell out the ugly tree.


  1. Joyce Kilmer wept. Nevertheless, in our diverse country there are many sub-populations that would choose Serena over Anna, Tyra over Heidi, and Pepper over Salt.*

    *The commentors age limits pop references of beautiful women to sometime after the fall of the Twin Towers.


    • on September 6, 2013 at 1:20 pm Customer Service

      Wipe this anti truth PC bullshit statement from the neurons in your brain.


    • on September 6, 2013 at 2:05 pm North Vinlander

      All of Tyra’s traits which would be commonly seen as attractive are more typical of White women than of Black women anyway (and she’s obviously got a lot of White blood). As for Serena, yea right!


      • As for Serena, yea right!

        Now now… there are beta bitchboys who are into dominatrices.


      • And there are very masculine men who view other men as girls.

        This is a relativity thing.

        Beauty is beauty, but what a man needs as an individual, and what is going to be considered a more or less advantageous trait, varies.

        Some men view the square jaw and horse face common among average European women as deal-breaker ugly. A European man looking at the same face may consider it non ideal, but not boner killing.


      • It is incorrect to constantly compare a black female with an athletic skill (Serena Williams) to white women who just stand around all pale and stiff like the English Patient.

        Serena cannot spend all her time being “hot” because she has a career taking white women to court and spanking them in front of an audience.

        You may now continue with your hate fest


      • Yes, we will continue our truth fest of hate facts. Does it hurt when numbers like these slide between your ribs?



      • Well good for you thwackie,speaking up fo da sistazz!! But Serena? I see her sweating a lot…not good.


      • The Williams sister are not hot despite their athletic abilities mainly because they are taking performance enhancing hormones. This is why they look so masculine. They are very unattractive, regardless of what SWPLs say.


      • The Williams sister are not hot despite their athletic abilities mainly because they are taking performance enhancing hormones.
        A typical white man, won’t give black females credit for ANYTHING.

        (((shakin my head)))

        Look, its one thing if you don’t want to credit them for being attractive; but to dismiss their tennis game by claiming they take PEDs?

        Come on man, don’t punk out on me. These girls have been training since they were 7 years old with a very strict and disciplined BLACK MAN; what did you expect would happen?

        Maybe this is why white people don’t want black children to have fathers in the home?


      • The Williams sisters are ugly. Serena is a jacked up hulk, all traces of femininity destroyed in her. Most female tennis pros don’t look like them, although it’s trending in that direction thanks to a societal push to turn women into men via the magic of hormone therapy.


      • Okay, then I can’t wait to see all the comments about how female athletes in general tend to look like dudes.

        Do I hear the sound of crickets?

        For some reason, African women who aren’t models or trophies of European men are being compared here to European women who are models or trophies of European men. If we were to do the same, you would notice how stupid that is.


      • Richard Williams noticed early on that womens tennis is largely a self selected sport of elite upper class white females; and as such was not subject to the full spectrum of female athletic ability.

        In other words, the pool of potential GOOD female tennis players is much greater than what you ever see in womens professional tennis. The many barriers to entry for the average female and especially a black one, means they must think outside the box and not be confined by “styles”, programs or conventions that have worked in the past for others.

        One way Richard Williams did this was to have his daughters train with men. Go back and review the prophetic comments Richard Williams made when Venus and Serena were teenage girls. He knew exactly what he was doing; including his prediction that Serena would be the greater champion than Venus.

        Also, Serena needs to get credit for playing such great tennis while carrying those big titties around. They have no utility for the game and probably weigh a ton.

        But she still gets the job done.


      • “she still gets the job done”

        In King Kong kind of way. If big-ass mutant apes are your thing, er, “thang”.


      • Well, Rogue, that “King Kong” has more money, brains, and talent than you.

        Despite being female and, as I understand, heterosexual, she also has at least access to hotter women. Some of them would go through all the bother of cloning and in vitro to make babies for her, yet for you there isn’t enough alcohol in the world.

        Jealousy is such an ugly emotion in a man.


      • Serena looks like King Kong.


    • All the pretty white girls keep eat-pray-loving while staying childless while Lawfaunduh has 9 kids who will control (ruin) the future. Great. http://www.postcubist.blogspot.com


  2. I would normally golf clap that fairly witty piece of doggerel, but as these primates and their enablers launch us into another bankrupting and ill-thought war, that gets a standing o.


    • Exactly. Thank God ALL white people ain’t fooled by the banana in the tailpipe routine that will see your pensions blowing up on top of brown people in some shit hole 3rd world country.

      Think about it?

      Your children are being made peons in the land your forefathers conquered and all you are being encouraged to do is talk about how ugly black females are.

      Am I the only one who smells ooJ?

      Wake up white man.


      • Just for the sake of fairness, some interethnic ribbing is healthy within certain limits. Those limits are adhered to automatically when men grow up to be men. The only reason it gets out of hand here is because of a combination of fragmented masculinity and actual psychological trauma from having multiculturalism shoved down their throats.

        To a degree, guys here trash talk African women for the same reason men in some African and diaspora forums trash talk European women. The trash talk in the African forums though, is usually less girlish because by now, we’re in the 3rd plus generations of various flavors of militants, so there is less fragmented masculinity. They will speak up when someone is going overboard.

        There are many exceptions though. Some are every bit as self pitying and buying the rewritten history just as much as some of the commenters here. What’s strange about this is that they will talk to Africans who know the fuller history and some rather dirty details of it, and still insist on victim mentality.

        In any case, it is not bad for a man to stand up and say that he personally prefers women of his own or a similar looking ethnicity, and doesn’t like the looks of others. It’s a good thing for men to be able to freely like whatever they like and not like whatever they don’t.

        Where it crosses the line is when they make the mistake of their oppressors in deciding what is right or wrong for the whole world based on what is preferred and not preferred by them. One man’s Shanaynay is another man’s Sheba.


      • When I was tricked into watching “The English Patient” I was at the same time enjoying the eager, moist, loving attention of a tall, thin, blonde girl with dimple tits. I liked her enthusiasm. She was more sane than most of them. She cared too much about what needed to be cleaned up afterwards so she was nexted.
        It is the way of things.


  3. That poem brought a tear to my eye.

    And spittle to my monitor.


  4. I vote for the one in the Red dress for 1st place. Blue dress 2nd place and Aunt Jemima distant 3rd. Disclaimer: I have been brainwashed by media to prefer slim women that have 70 % waist to hip ratio.


  5. Two beauties with amazing grace and one brute wit da booty dat does double duty.

    (That Spanish princess is a diez from behind and anyone who says otherwise is el retardo.)


    • (That Spanish princess is a diez from behind and anyone who says otherwise is el retardo.)

      She’s too old to be a diez. Maybe when she was 20.


  6. Not that it invalidates the sentiment, but it seems the photo is fake: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/photos/derrieres.asp

    (Obviously that’s still what the 3 individuals in question do look like but the composition is faked. YMMV as to how important this is.)


    • If you’re comparing their fashion sense, I’m sure that would be very relevant. But in comparing the beauty and femininity of the two on the left to Obama’s wife, it’s not relevant at all.


    • the photshop actually downplays her size because she’s taller than those two and they look taller than her in the pic.


    • frankly she’d be worse in a dress like those, but it’s good to acknowledge and then ignore the snopes. the important thing is she could never approach either of the others, in any clothes, on any day.


    • Faked or not, Shanaynay still loses.

      On an unrelated note, my daughter missed the bus. I ran over to the high school to drop her off, and… Spent an hour crawling through a line hundreds of cars long.

      Hundreds upon hundreds of spoiled, coddled, overprotected little children who are so precious they can’t be made to ride the stinky old bus. It’s shocking to learn this, I know, but every single one of the girls I observed getting out of cars was FAT.

      Normal weight females have become an endangered species in the USA. Maybe if little Jessica and little Cyndy-Lou there had to WALK somewhere once in awhile, they might not weigh so damn much.

      I have concluded that suburban America is completely insane, and I’m seriously contemplating a move to Argentina.


    • As the sentiment is the entire point of the composition the fact that it was composed invalidates nothing so long as it was not manipulated to exagerate the sentiment.

      If the images show the truth, the composition is truthful, despite being “fake.”


      • “As the sentiment is the entire point of the composition the fact that it was composed invalidates nothing so long as it was not manipulated to exagerate the sentiment.”
        The above is the white equivalent of black “jive talk”. Next time you mess up a project at work, try making this statement to your supervisor and see how far it gets you.

        BTW, Obama is very good at this kind of speaking; notice how it infuriates white people.

        They hate the fact that a black man can get away with this kind of white double talk.


      • “Next time you mess up a project at work, try making this statement to your supervisor and see how far it gets you.”

        I might have made the above image and gotten a bonus for bringing it in on time, under budget and exceding spec.

        Here’s how you can fix the photo to meet your specs: Insert a seperator between Obama and the other two women. Now it’s two panels instead of one and your brain will be able to focus on the message rather than the medium.

        “Obama is very good at this kind of speaking; notice how it infuriates white people.”

        Actually, it’s about the only thing about him that I consider a positive trait. Charlie McCarthy is much more presidential that Mortimer Snerd.


  7. on September 6, 2013 at 12:47 pm Captains Courageous

    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But -yours- is the name of number three.

    Off topic but topical nonetheless:

    I’ve long ceased the fruitless task of engaging the shrieking hoards of cyber-shrews, in debates concerning the inevitably catastrophic consequences of unchecked feminism.

    However every now and again a story appears that illustrates the point so sublimely that it must cause a mental overload in even the dimmest hairy-nippled femhag.

    The story:

    Due to the disproportionate numbers of male babies being born to Asian women in the UK, it has long been an open secret that there must be wide spread gender selected abortions being carried out within that community.

    To shed some light on the matter, a couple of undercover (pregnant) reporters took it upon themselves to see how easy it was to obtain an abortion on the sole grounds that the baby was female.

    Needless to say the “doctors” (to the horror of feminists everywhere) were only to pleased to rid the world of these female abominations (for a price).

    The question that must cause the fem-nuts brains to explode is this: If, as they preach – a woman should be allowed to do what she likes with her own body and the foetus is nothing but a “worthless” bundle of cells – why shouldn’t we be allowed to destroy them regardless of the reason?



    • on September 6, 2013 at 6:09 pm haunted trilobite

      There is a tragic irony in that story. What kind of Asians? “Thank you, come again”, “Sucky, sucky, 5 dolla” or “death to all infidels”?


    • Most of the “gender-selective” abortions in Britain are done by Indians(Sikhs and Hindus) not Muslims, because Islam prohibits abortions and infanticide .

      If a Muslim wants to have a baby boy, they’ll just have more children, whereas as Sikhs and Hindus have fewer children on Muslims, so they’re under a lot of pressure to have a boy baby, that’s why female foetocides and and infanticides are really common in India and even China, but not so much in Pakistan.

      For some reason, many Americans can’t distinguish Indians from Muslims, and that’s why Muslims get a bad rap.


      • Yup.. Itz them Indians who be blowing up shit all over the planet, declaring jihad and grooming lil girls in the UK, not the effin Muslims irrespective of ethnicity.

        The model minority in the US with the highest per capita income and pretty much no effin crime – thought that was the Indians.. my bad, guess it was the muzzies!

        There are sewer rats… and then therez Moe!


      • Muslim isn’t an ethnicity, there are many predominantly Muslim ethnic groups that fit the model minority stereotype such as Iranian-Americans,Pakistani-Americans,Malaysian-Americans and Bosnian-Americans, but then there are many Lazy Muslim ethnic groups such as Arabs and Chechens and Somalis and the Pakistanis in Britain(they’re less productive then their cousins in America).

        If you think Indians don’t blow shit up, just google the Air India bombings, or the Tamil Tigers(they killed many white tourists).

        You think it’s only “Muslim guys” raping white girls, just look at the recent rape cases in India, all of them involved white girls, India is probably the most rapey country in the world, you’re more likely to get raped in Mumbai than in Dubai.

        Muslim isn’t an ethnic group,so instead of focusing on the “religious identity” of the criminals, look at their ethnic part.

        When an Indian rapes a white girl, nobody refers to him as a Hindu or Sikh rapist, they just focus on his ethnic identity, but when an Arab or Pakistani guy does the same thing, the mainstream media likes to focus on their religious identity, even though they may be vaguely Muslim.


  8. I don’t get all the black women bashing that takes place on this blog. If black women are group of women that you all deem so physically unappealing, why are they even on your radar at all?

    [CH: She’s the First Lady. She’s gonna be on everyone’s radar. Lemme explain what this is about. In short, it’s about sticking it to hypocritical SWPLs who pretend to fawn over M.O.’s amazin’ grace. They know she’s not amazin’. But they lie for status points with their fellow SWPLshits. Then, one sunny morning, they stumble into this outpost of raw humanity, and walk like unsuspecting children into a hail of hot id-lead. For no quarter is given to hypocrisy or lies here. No quarter at all.]


    • Because if black men offer next to nothing, and black women are … an acquired taste, why create so much social economic drag propping up blacks.

      Some people will never play at the same level as others. Do you see NBA teams spend time training 5’6 white man to be a basketball player. At some point you need to devote resources to social causes that will pay off.


  9. on September 6, 2013 at 12:56 pm Lucky White Male

    Who are the broads on left – looks like Putin’s new 20-ish Russian gymnast girlfriend


  10. I just found from Polynices’ link (above) that our Spanish beauty is (or was at the time of the photo) 36 years old! This goes to show you that it is good to be rich. It keeps you looking great. I am constantly reminded of this when I walk around places like Manhattan, Greenwich, CT, and Beverly Hills. A trip to Detroit, however, is a stark reminder of the ugliness of the hinterlands.


  11. Pavlov,

    You represent the typical white and their stunted weirdo sexuality.

    [CH: This should be good.]

    Red dress: has the body of a prepubescent – is that a boy/girl/ or tranny ??

    [Never saw a prepubescent boy with such an obvious hourglass figure. Where do you hang out?]

    Blue dress: body of a teen boy

    [Fascinating. Do you secretly yearn for boylove? I mean, if everything in the world looks like a teen boy to you…]

    Third dress: actual female with hips and ass, that is unambiguously female upon sight.


    Why do white people have such weirdo sexuality ????

    [Japanese have even weirder sexuality. Tentacle porn is about as weird as it gets.]

    you seem to prefer women with bodies of boys, children, trannies,

    [When you take the Rorschach test, do you always see a lightly tufted pre-teen boy’s member?]

    OR just plain does not seem to indicate fertility.

    [It appears that the lower down the evolutionary scale of humanity you go, the more you prefer your women have the size, shape, color and texture of Africa’s great thunderous megafauna. Don’t forget the texture.]


    • Don’t worry al my Pepper loving friend. If you read Heartiste’s twitter feed, you’d see that now I have to teach social justice and racial profiling in my history of astronomy course.


      It should even out the “bigotry” of this blog now.


    • What the hell are you talking about, al? Look at our Spanish princess (what’s-her-name). Just look at her awesome body ratios: you don’t need a tape measurer to see they are nearly perfect. That hair: I even would like to fuck her hair. Moochelle’s ass is at least three time the size of either of the other girls’ fine asses. Our wonderful First Lady hasn’t one attractive body part. And Moochelle’s hair? Well … I think I can clean my sink with it. But it might scratch.


      • I do believe al is one of those elusive weirdo chubby-chasers.


      • Negros don’t grow hair, they grow wool. It seems the mass media has adopted the policy of never showing a negress with their natural wooly fro’s. That wool must be ironed out and made to look like European hair before their allowed to go in front of a camera. I suppose the media masters are afraid those wooly fro’s will make negros look strange and alien to the host nation they are pushing to miscegenate with them.


      • Its true that black people are the least hairy of all people. And what little hair we retained tends to stand out from our skin in contrast to laying upon it like white people. White people seem to have retained the archaic trait of large amounts of hair all over their bodies from their simian ancestors.

        Its animal.

        The black man is the true HUE-MAN. The white man is a corrupted copy, or even a failed experiment; this is the reason for his hostile aggressive attitude towards all other people, and even nature herself.

        note the female in this video is wearing makeup (color)


      • Its true that black people are the least hairy of all people.


        White people seem to have retained the archaic trait of large amounts of hair all over their bodies from their simian ancestors.

        Yeah but at least whites shed the sloping brow.


      • CH, Black people don’t have sloping brows. I never understand when you make comments about “unappealing prognathism or sloping brows,” what black people are you looking at??


      • Lack of body hair is a poor argument for ‘evolutionary advancement’ because they are physical characteristics. Evolutionary advancement is mental. Tigers and elephants are stronger than man, but man is smarter then both.

        What are markers for mental fecundity? Scientific achievement, health, productivity and literacy. By these metrics white culture wins over black culture every time.

        “But whites are also the most barbaric, look at WW2”. While whites were fighting global wars most black communities were still mastering farming techniques. Black societies implode when the white influence is removed or diminished – and armed black cultures are genocidal. See: Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa.

        >The white man is a corrupted copy, or even a failed experiment; this is the reason for his hostile aggressive attitude towards all other people, and even nature herself.

        Again, the insistence on the physical but I’m going to touch on this point because the vague scientific assertion found inbetween heaps of butthurt is that white skin is the aberration is wrong. White skin came first. Not that it matters, but I enjoy sticking a shiv into your soul.

        You’ll cry yourself to sleep tonight, but unpigmented (read: white) skin came first. Underneath the hair because our bodies didn’t need melanin so our early ancestors were white underneath the hair. (pause for dramatic effect).

        In the same way that dogs, cats and apes skin is pink (they don’t need melanin!). As humans lost their hair and some moved into the warmer climates somewhere along the line a dark skin occurred giving rise to more melanocyte production thus creating what we call black people.

        Let’s reiterate the main point… one’s “evolutionary advancement” should not be judged by physical characteristics. Mental fecundity is much more important and there’s insurmountable evidence that the best mental genes reside within subgroups of white populations. This evidence is irrefutable just like the evidence saying that blacks are the best short and long distance runners as proven by Olympic results. It’s just truth.

        Blacks win physically, whites win mentally. Brain vs Brawn. You pick.


      • FTM
        Blacks win physically, whites win mentally. Brain vs Brawn. You pick.

        I don’t have to choose one or the other, thats for white people like yourself.

        As a black person, I can be smart, athletic AND a talented singer, poet, painter…

        This is an example of what I mean when I say the white woman uses black males to force white men to “step up their game”. That old white metric of being pale and stiff with a paycheck does not “spend” like it used to.

        Your woman wants more because she sees more all around her:

        *flexes collar, smiles and bites lower lip*

        Don’t get mad bro, don’t hate the player or the game; man up and improve yourself. I have no interest in seeing the white man taken down, but every time you get vaginal and butthurt with me, Im gonna pull your card.

        Im sorry I can’t hold your hand and wipe your snotty nose like Nicole, but if you say you are a man, you’re gonna hafta act like one around me.

        Note to black people: If you are both smart and physically gifted, its going to make many white people uncomfortable with you. Ignore it. Do not depend on these types of white people for validation because it will not be forthcoming due to the fact it violates their white supremacists mindset. In addition, if your children are smart and physically gifted, you must warn and prepare them for the white attack that will surely come; especially the passive aggressive one that is a major language in white supremacy culture.


      • “hostile aggressive attitude towards all other people…” The mind reels. You trippin bro? Yeah hostile and aggressive cept for the lil white girls who go to Africa to help da natives,get cut open and their parents say,”We forgive them…”


      • That “help” is tainted with foreign religion, experimentation on humans, theft, and all manner of crap Africa doesn’t need more of.

        This is why they get cut open.

        They don’t need to forgive. They should have just stayed out of Africa.


      • This is what our natural hair looks like. I think it’s beautiful. It’s actually the same as non-Black hair, it’s just the shape of the follicle that makes African hair curlier. But really African hair just very curly hair.


        The thing I love about my hair is how I can do anything with it. I can do kinky twists, braids, french braids, cornrows and if I want I can just run a flat iron through it and my hair is long when I do that. African hair is deceptive in a way because it looks shorter than it is because of the tight curl pattern that many of us have.

        Most Black people have hair like the woman in the video. I just love her hair.


    • What type of porn do you masterbate to if you wouldn’t pick blue and red dress.


    • Thanks al for enlightening me. All this time I taught that is was biological drive that drove me to prefer women like the ones in the red and blue dress. But I guess it is my white privilege and being brought up in Western patriarchy that led me to believe in all these social constructs of beauty, race etc…
      I apologize for hurting your feelings and making you feel inferior, I should take a class in sensitivity training so I could be cured of these social constructs…………………………………………………………………………………………..on another taught NOT!!!!

      P.S. Thanks CH for responding to al.


  12. The woman center and right look like clients entering a exclusive club. The one on the left looks like; ‘The Help’.


  13. Who invited Aunt Jemima to the party?

    Libtards are ugly inside and out. No surprise that they contribute the least to charity, care more about animals than other human beings and having the majority of felons vote for them.

    Typical libtard couple: Ball cutting manjawed alpha married to a sissified closet homo beta.


  14. on September 6, 2013 at 1:51 pm The Burninator

    I’d allow the red dress first dibs on having a shot at me, blue gal second. Their personal maid would have to stay at home that day though. Carting the help around is rather passé in this modern age, you’d think they’d leave her back at the estate.


  15. lzozlzozlozlzozlzozozozozozlzozolzlzlzozlzl LMFAO


  16. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
    A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
    Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”
    – John Keats


  17. Late 30 something Pricess Letizia of Spain and 40 something Carla Bruni-Sarkozy of France both welcome your infatuation with their asses.

    Aging feminists rejoice


    • Of course feminists will rejoice. They’re too stupid to understand the concept of exceptions to the rule.


      • A more interesting photoshop experiment would be Carla and Letizia v typical sweatpants wearing American coeds.

        Never underestimate the value of a hot dress and heels

        And THAT would put the aging feminist hamster wheel into overdrive….


      • Women built like this at these ages are pretty common in Europe.


  18. Do men notice posture? How much does it matter? I think it makes a big difference, but I’m not sure if men notice or care.

    [CH: Good posture is more an indicator of general health and emotional wellness. It’s also attractive in its own right, but not as critical as other physical cues of luscious hotness. A cute chick with the right body proportions will still be fuckable even if she slouches. Sometimes, slouchiness can even evoke feminine vulnerability, which is one of those temperament cues that turns men on.]


    • Yes, a fair amount and of course we do


    • The way they carry themselves is really the thing that drive’s a person’s impression of this photo… if Moochelle carried herself better this photo would have a third less impact than it does now.


    • Amy: “Do men notice posture?”

      Fuck Yeah!


    • Men don’t consciously notice posture, but it is a hyoooge factor, as I have been saying for a long time.

      It comes across as poise and self-possession, makes small tits look proud, and indicates a royal air, untouchability, manifest grace, the glorious, physical snobbishness of dimes. It affects your walk — beauty in motion — it is the bones upon which a girl drapes the rest of her qualities. The Foundation. I say it is worth at least a full point on the 10-point scale. BRING BACK FINISHING SCHOOL.

      See FemX’s recent blog post on the ballerina Polina Semionova.

      But then, I am a radical dissenter on the greatest shibboleth that this community worships: visual attributes are 50% to 60% max of a woman’s attractiveness, not “97%.” Despite the veto power of the physical (a slovenly obese woman cannot be a 5 no matter how charming she is). And, most importantly, despite the far greater importance of the physical for a woman’s attractiveness than a man’s.

      Confidence, fashion, femininity, wit, modesty, submissiveness, mental acuity, authenticity (contra high-maintenance cosmetics), and the aforementioned poise can make average women spectacular.



  19. I think white people have weird sexuality issues due to their genetic inheritance from the Neanderthal (as recently proved by modern science (but theorized by many before)). OR

    Their sexual issues may be a result of having spent so much time in Glacial Europe during the ice age. This is how whites came about. “White” after all is essentially – ALBINISM – a genetically recessive feature that was able to thrive in Ice Age Europe due to the fact that the lack of sun light.


    You are trapped in an ICE AGE environment. Food of any kind is extremely difficult to find ALL the time. You live in caves.

    Where as for other populations in warmer climes: reproduction is met with great joy, in the ice age environment it must be met really with horror. Even one extra mouth to feed can cause the starvation of the group.

    The only reproductions necessary is the absolute minimum to continue the genetic line and ABSOLUTELY NO MORE.

    But, how can reproduction be limited when a: everyone has a sex drive and b: most time is spent in close quarters in a cave ????

    Sexuality itself has to be repressed OR changed. The object of sexual outlet must move from a fertile woman to infertile or less fertile objects. Hence:

    -Pedophilia: prepubescent children cannot reproduce: not birth threat
    -Homosexuality: no birth threat
    -Zoophilia: no birth threat
    -Sado-masochism: no birth threat
    -Infertile/Lower fertility women: women with obviously boyish shapes are likely less fertile overall: less birth threat.

    It is possible that white sexuality has in it an adaptation for birth control.

    The other solution: channelling repressed sexual energy into violence:
    Hence the white propensity for Organized Violence.

    Freud theorized as much that the European penchant for Organized Violence as the result of a thwarted or mal-developed or supressed sexuality.


    • This is an amazingly cogent theory, if by cogent we mean off your rocker.

      ps false premises are a non-starter here. you should know that.


      • Certain deviances are much more common among Europeans than they are among Africans. If you’re going HBD, you can’t flinch just because the truth doesn’t make Europeans look better than others.

        You might want to ask yourself why Europeans prefer subdued sexuality and so heartily embraced a religion that demands it.

        Traditionally, Mary was a virgin, and Jesus died a virgin.

        Our older and corresponding deities were certainly not.


      • on September 6, 2013 at 8:13 pm Hammer of Love

        That’s easy Nicole, its the same reason why American blacks took on the religion of their slave masters. Most Europeans were forced to convert by their rulers. Christianity is a foreign religion from the middle east, it has no connection to the original European spirituality.


      • I’m just saying, the same disease will do different things to different people.


      • “Christianity is a foreign religion from the middle east, it has no connection to the original European spirituality. “

        Excuse me; Europeans never had any spirituality. They had paganism. They worshipped idols and they offered their kids to them. Christianity, which you love to trash, brought the savages of Europe some spiritual understanding of God.

        Now, it’s funny that Uncle Adolf understood this point exactly. He said, “Conscience is a Jewish invention.” He hated the spirituality of the Jews. Paganism he wanted.

        Take a listen:

        – “. . . THE DISCOVERY OF THE JEWISH VIRUS is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged today is of the same sort as the battle waged, during the last century, by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus! … We shall regain our health only be eliminating the Jew.” (Adolf Hitler, quoted in Burleigh and Wippermann, Racial State, p. 107)

        – “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity. I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortification of a false vision called CONSCIENCE AND MORALITY, and from the demands of a freedom and independence which only a very few can bear.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 222)

        – “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS HAVE LOST THEIR VALIDITY. CONSCIENCE IS A JEWISH INVENTION, it is a blemish like circumcision.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 220)

        – “They refer to me as an uneducated barbarian. Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians, it is an honored title to us. We shall rejuvenate the world. This world is near its end.” (Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 87)

        – “We are the joyous Hitler youth,
        We do not need any Christian virtue
        Our leader is our savior
        The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
        We want to be pagans once again.” (Song sung by Hitler youth)

        – “The heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity; Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jews.” (Norman Cameron, Hitler’s Table-Talk, p. 7)

        – “The law of selection justifies this incessant struggle, by allowing the survival of the fittest. Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.” Norman Cameron, Hitler’s Table-Talk, p. 51)

        Uncle Adolf, wasn’t so pretty, eh? He hated civilized behavior and wanted to replace it with the law of the Jungle.

        It’s peculiar. I find most modern antisemites and n-NZs are of German or Eastern European persuasion. They are still fighting Uncle Adolf’s war against the Jews for him. Most of them don’t have any Christian values (or even respect for Christianity’s greatness), just pagan savagery running through their veins. Ugh!


      • How can you say they were Pagan, and had no spirituality?

        What are you saying about your own people? That somehow they stopped having souls or their psychology reverted back to sub primitive from living in a cold climate?

        That is horrifying and bonus, a stereotype that you would do well to rethink.

        Thought I was reading Farrakhan for a minute. That was chilling.

        Europeans had great belief systems before Christianity that, like Vodun, had plenty of room for science. Also, like some streams of Vodun, many did not believe in bowing to any God or man.

        You should really read up on Asatru. If you do so with an open mind, you will probably like it quite a lot as it echoes some of your sentiments about life, honor, and allegiance to kin. Even if you keep your Jewish prophet, incorporating some of it where it can fit in can only do good.


      • Please shut the fuck up, you pagan nut. They were pagans. Pagans have no spirituality.

        Hey, but don’t think your stupid African brethren had any spirituality either, they had even less, the cannibals they were. If they have any civilization today it’s because of Europeans.

        Fact is, joodism brought the savages of Europe a soul, a conscience, and an understanding between doing good and bad, wrong and right. And this is exactly what Hit-ler was rebelling against. Please read his diatribes. It make perfect sense now.

        Stop attempting to put pagan gods in the same category as monotheism. You sound like one of those shaman witches that teach mambo jumbo university courses.


      • Lily, Paganism is a type of spirituality. If it is not, then this makes Africans superior to Europeans since monotheism was invented in Africa. In fact, the Unfathomable Universal Force that you call God was first speculated in Africa. Some call it Olodumare. Some call it Nyame. Most Africans have believed, since before Europe existed, that there was a Universal Creator who is unfathomable, and therefore belief systems developed that addressed the forces of Nature instead, since the Creator was indeed considered unfathomable and it was blasphemy even to speculate overmuch on what it is since no human mind could possibly imagine it.

        As I understand, most Europeans’ belief systems weren’t that extremely far away from this

        Asatruar/Odinists are more strict about right and wrong than any Christian. Christianity merely offered a cop out so people could get away with their sins instead of having to actually do deeds to compensate for them.

        You should study something before you condemn it. Europeans did not need Jews or a specific magical Jew to save them from anything. If anything, it damned them to centuries of servitude to foreigners.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:18 pm Hammer of Love

        Its best to ignore this dumb zionist animal Nicole. Her ramblings are tantamount to the babblings of a syphilitic, asylum patient on amphetanines. The dumb bitch doesn’t even understand that you actually live in the “chosen land”, and have greater grasp of the people there then she can ever hope for. All your going to get from the ” Kazarian princess ” is incessant propaganda about the superiority of the Joos. Your better off talking a freshly painted wall.


      • Yeah, she lives in the “chosen land” and she understands its people. What a laugh! She knows what a stone in your back yard knows about the Chosen, America, or Christianity. The woman is a dumb pagan of the African persuasion, just as you are a pagan of a Polish toothless persuasion. A pagan is a pagan is a pagan, no ifs or buts about it.

        LOL. “Vodun had plenty of room for science.” You can only make someone like our dumb resident Pole believe that. He needs you to throw him a bone to feel good about himself. After all, his people didn’t invent or discovered anything significant, except for Copernicus by a fluke.


      • As I have advised others, Lily and Hammer, you would do well to read my posts very carefully before commenting. I give this warning because I understand the power of programming, and that what you may wish was written there so that you can justify your worldview, is not what is actually there.

        I will give you a chance to reread the posts and answer again, based on what was actually written.

        Those of us who have actually “taken the red pill” or never needed to, will now sit wherever is our respective here and be fascinated.


      • Oops…sorry about that Hammer. I’ve become too much of a “comma fucker”, and thought you were saying I was Zionist, and that you believed the U.S. was the holy land.

        I’ve been reading too many nutbars. Maybe you are right.


      • on September 6, 2013 at 6:16 pm haunted trilobite

        This may or may not be true, but what’s very interesting to me is that no matter which comedic black actor who ever made it big, they were all made to dress and act as women by the illuminati who run hollyweird. Possibly re-enforcing this tendency? Who knows what their reasons may be. Dave Chapelle turned them down and had to hot foot it to the “motherland”.


      • Note the “American” in that.

        In Africa, there is almost no such thing as homosexuality. I say almost because there are homosexuals, technically, but they are usually considered androgynes, and an extremely small proportion of the population.

        It has been well known in African traditions for aeons, that fatherless men or men with absent, weak, or dysfunctional fathers, are more likely to engage in homosexual behavior for reasons other than androgyny/natural homosexuality. So there just aren’t many where there are strong fathers even though most indigenous cultures don’t mind it or believe it makes someone special.

        The higher proportion of homosexuals among African Americans directly relates to slave genes and absent fathers. So it can’t be said at all that this is something that is so because they are African.


    • Trying to stir the pot a bit, al? Nice try. The cave dwellers flew to the moon. The hut dwellers … still there.


    • Whites are creative and fructifying. On the margins we will have all manner of extreme deviation. Same as we have almost all of the geniuses, we have almost all of the autistics. Same as we have the most sublime artists, we have the most depraved lunatics. Our marginal tendencies are practically irrelevant to our tendencies in the general.

      Do you have a point, or have you entered this racial hornet’s nest because you know we have the strongest sting here? How’s that for a commentary on your own masochism? By your logic, such a deviancy means you must be white.



      • Let’s say that you are correct in that you have more deviants because you have more geniuses.

        It may be your opinion that the deviance is irrelevant, but the fact is that this deviance has caused considerable damage to the environment as well as your own and others’ cultures.

        Now, you can take the criticism and find ways to make it less damaging, or you can close your eyes and clap your ears while your daughters all twerk on video, removed from any kind of a healthy, fertility and family promoting cultural frame.

        The hut doesn’t look so bad when you consider the alternative…but I think there can be a compromise somewhere. It has to start with reclaiming the things that sustained you for thousands of years instead of gleefully wanking on what is collapsing in mere hundreds.


      • the fact is that this deviance has caused considerable damage to the environment as well as your own and others’ cultures.

        Nice try. But we aren’t going to be glossing over this highly controvertible “fact” and allow you to draw your typical, Marxist conclusions therefrom.

        Yeah, yeah, “The white race is the cancer of human history” and all that, Negro Sontang, except for that whole modern civilization business — you know, miracle drugs, indoor plumbing, automobiles, and air conditioning for the poorest of the poor, and splitting the fucking atom.

        Of course there are disadvantages that accompany such break-neck hyperdevelopment. Modern culture is one such complication, which always must lag behind innovation. But even this concession is problematic for your race, as you exemplify the worst excesses of culture. Maybe you can blame the white man for that, too, as your chief skill is supplication, playing the victim, taking all the advantages of modern life handed to you by white superiority, fucking it up, and then blaming it on everything but yourselves.

        “The hut doesn’t look so bad when you consider the alternative.” THAT’S WHY YOU LIVE IN HUTS apart from white mastery. And when we give you highrises, you shit in them; liberty, you become sociopathically libertine; luxuries for pennies on the dollar, you spoil yourselves to death on them. Bling bling, y’alllll.



      • Most Africans and Native Americans and Asians prefer to live in harmony with their environment. Quite a few Asians live in huts, yurts, and other portable and seasonal housing because that is the best way for them to do that in the area where they live. Where it is not so, Africans, Native Americans, and Asians did just fine at building large permanent structures, sometimes even for our dead who have no physical needs.

        I don’t see dependence on industry as advancement. I see it as slavery. Europeans had to modernize the way they did because they are dependent on a few things others are not.

        First of all, you believe that useless people deserve to live. When an African, Native American, or Asian becomes useless, if they have any intimate connection with their roots, they die. They opt out of taking up space and resources in a world they bring nothing good to.

        So when you see an African “exemplifying the worst excesses”, that is a suicidal person. The rest, who are the vast majority, are making ourselves useful.

        I’m not idealizing a “primitive” mentality. I’m saying it is not as primitive as you think. We have already been through the lessons of large civilization, and learned what we needed to learn from packing people close together like rats. We’re being dragged back down only because if we don’t compete, Europeans will wipe the rest of us out. We’re forced to live in a way that is against our nature, or not live at all.

        So thank you ever so much for not having the sense of what would in China or among the elite in Africa, be considered a moron who shits on his plate.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:21 am The Burninator

        Which environment? Cathedral catch phrases like “the environment” are meaningless and demonstrate a lack of critical thinking ability on the part of the individual who uses them in earnest.

        If you want a pristine mud hut society, you are welcome to it. I hear plane tickets to Rawanda are cheap this time of the year.


      • It’s meaningless to you only because you don’t have kids who’ve been damaged by the “advancement” that you know of. When you do, the state of the environment will mean a whole lot more.

        An increasing number of people are choosing to grow as much of their own food as they can, and voluntary austerity because there is a limit to how much “progress” a human being can survive.


  20. It is interesting CH that you mentioned JAPAN responding to my previous post.

    But there are in fact many interesting similarities between JAPAN and Ice Age EUROPE – in particular the very violent history and the fact that JAPAN is a small nation with essentially no resources – food being so scarce that for much of Japan’s history, food – rice – was money.

    In Japan we find a prevalence of deviant sexuality like among whites – even more extreme:
    -Sado-Masochism: extreme: really a cultural core: i.e. Samurai ethic/Kamikaze
    -Infertil/Lower fertile: Cultural obession with small, childlike women which suggeest infertility

    And we are all familiar with the Japanese propensity for extremely brutal organized violence – so much so, that they have been banned from even having armed forces.
    (maybe a similar solution should be considered for Whites)

    Its possible that the stunted/warped sexuality of the two groups and penchant for organized violent behavior is a result of an need to control/reduce population of the groups during their formative biological and cultural evolutionary periods.


    • Al,

      Provide data showing higher rates of deviance amongst Western European males compared to other world populations. Your arguments may have merit, but I doubt it. Whites have the lowest penetration among the butt-fuckers: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2220120/White-people-likely-gay-Huge-study-reveals-highest-proportion-homosexual-people-African-American-community.html Since American blacks are about 20% European, but are more likely to be shit-stabbers than are whites, we can infer that blacks’ white genes are reducing their odds of being gay. It is not white genes that are making blacks gay, it is black genes themselves.

      As for some of your various questions, NW Euros have personalities that are open to experience and many are intelligent. The more intelligent one is, the more curious and experience seeking one tends to be. You can find evidence for these throughout the hbd-sphere. I think they are pretty basic. You then have to consider the disgust factor which seems to run about 65/35 whites with and whites without. Since 65% of whites (estimate for Republican vote among married whites) experience disgust we can likely infer that rates of zoophilia are lower than for races with an oppositional ratio. It is very common to hear of Arabs fucking sheep, but you don’t really hear that the average Swede fucks a cow. You should post data on deviance; I think your assertions will be proven wrong.

      As for your contention that white men like women with subdued sexuality, you are dead wrong. Provide evidence. White men greatly prefer sexual dimorphic women with small wastes and big hips and big breasts; just check the top searches at Freeones. The top porn stars are basically all clearly dimorphic women with big hips and tits. Your contention is so idiotic and without merit. What you are mistaking is thinking that a giant donk is sexual. Yes, a giant donk might be sexual, but in a bonobo kind of way. A great round ass is awesome; a giant donk is animalistic. There can be a differentiation between that which is clearly womanly (small waist, big breasts) and that which is more rear-entry animalism (giant donk). To pretend otherwise is a joke.

      Whites may have problems with sexual deviance, but I don’t see any evidence that it is worse than any other population. Post some data.


    • on September 7, 2013 at 12:45 pm Captains Courageous

      al, I’m confused.

      You’ve said:
      “Hence the white propensity for Organized Violence”
      “European penchant for Organized Violence”
      “Japanese propensity for extremely brutal organized violence”
      “the two groups penchant for organized violent behaviour”

      Are you really trying to say that – Europeans and Japanese are more violent than Africans? Surly not even someone with your impressive fact-denying abilities can really think that.

      Or are you saying that European and Japanese violence is more organized than Africans. If so, isn’t this equally true for just about every human activity?

      Or are you really just saying that Africans as a race:

      a. have no propensity for organizing themselves?

      b. lack a penchant for organizing themselves?

      c. can’t even organize their propensities?

      d. have a propensity for disorganising their penchants?


      • What he’s saying is that it is easier to convince a European with a 100+ IQ to be a sheep than it is to convince an African with an IQ of 80.

        That says something about the “superiority”. By the going definition here, a virus is superior to any human.


    • on September 8, 2013 at 6:41 am Captains Courageous

      al, it this true? Were you really just trying to present stupidity a virtue?

      So to recap:

      Africans (due to their low IQ) are incapable of organizing themselves and so live in the most impoverished, war-torn, disease ridden, Lawless continent on earth. But this is all fine because their lack of grey-matter also means they are incapable of organizing a world war. Cool


  21. Corvinus,

    The study is specious, but to the extent that their is homosexuality in the Af Am community is likely a RECENT phenomenon caused by the destruction of the Af Am family since the 1960s:

    -fatherless homes: homosexuality often being the product of subconscious desire for fatherly affection. i.e. sagging pants

    -high rates of sexual abuse: mothers bringing over boyfriends – many who may be pedophiles- i.e. attracted to women with bastard kids – because they can have access to kids.

    -high incarceration rates: like living in caves – the only sexual outlet available is with other men

    If u are familiar with any African history (unlikely). Homosexuality was called and is still today (see Mugabe – ani gay rights)called, “White Man’s sex”.

    Colonial advernturers, missionaries, soldiers, etc imposed/introduced it upon Africans during the colonial period – latter 1800s.


    • Faggotry has historically been considered a Muslim vice, because of their religion making them cover their women in tents but left nudge-nudge-wink-wink loopholes for Muslim men to screw each other, young boys, or non-Muslim women. In medieval Europe, it was called the “Turkish vice”, associated with the Ottoman Empire. The term “buggery” comes either from the Bogomils or from Bulgaria, in the Turkish-dominated Balkans either way. Faggotry was known to have been introduced to East Africa by the Arabs.

      Or are you one of those leftists who consider Muslim Arabs and Europeans the same, because both happen to be Caucasoids, or monotheistic?


      • I didn’t know ancient Greeks and Romans were Muslims! Neat-o.


      • No, Islam strictly forbids homosexuality, under sharia law you can get executed for being gay and most Muslim countries outlaw homosexuality.

        There are some Muslim men in Afghanistan,and Saudi Arabia that practice pederasty or homosexuality because they live in sexually repressed cultures, but not all Muslim countries aren’t as repressed as Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, in many Muslim countries Muslim girls don’t cover themselves up and they aren’t as conservative as the Saudis or Afghans.

        The rich Saudi sheikhs have multiple wives and harem girls, so they don’t need to have gay sex, it’s usually the the ones at the lower end of the economic totem pole.

        In Iran,Lebanon and many Gulf states, contract marriages are allowed and they’re gaining popularity.

        Calling Faggogtry a “Muslim vice” is like calling pre-marital sex a “Christian vice”, or anal sex a “Catholic vice”.

        Christianity doesn’t allow pre-marital sex, but there are many Christians that have sex before marriage, in fact it’s very common in western culture, even though many westerners identify as Christian, so their actions aren’t necessarily “Christian” even tough they are Christian, the same way many Muslims may be Muslim in name only(M.I.N.O) , so their actions aren’t necessarily “Muslim”, and Faggotry certainly isn’t a “Muslim vice”.


      • No, Islam strictly forbids homosexuality, under sharia law you can get executed for being gay and most Muslim countries outlaw homosexuality.

        They’re rather like black Americans in this respect. If you’re an obvious swishy queer, you get ostracized by the society, but if you do it privately but give a facade of being a normal straight male — go on the down low — that’s okay. Muslims drink alcohol when they’re in Western countries too, even though that’s also supposedly haram.

        but not all Muslim countries aren’t as repressed as Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, in many Muslim countries Muslim girls don’t cover themselves up and they aren’t as conservative as the Saudis or Afghans.

        True, countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia aren’t as extreme, but Wahhabi states like Saudi Arabia are the purest form of Islam and the moderate Muslim countries aren’t.


      • “They’re rather like black Americans in this respect. If you’re an obvious swishy queer, you get ostracized by the society, but if you do it privately but give a facade of being a normal straight male — go on the down low — that’s okay. Muslims drink alcohol when they’re in Western countries too, even though that’s also supposedly haram.”

        Well, Muslim isn’t a race unlike Black, so if you drink or go “on the down low”, that makes you a M.I.N.O and not a practicing Muslim, whereas if you’re Black and Gay, you’re still Black and Gay.

        “Wahhabi states like Saudi Arabia are the purest form of Islam and the moderate Muslim countries aren’t.”

        Saudi Arabia is the only Wahhabi state in the Muslim world, and most Muslims consider Wahhabism to be a cult, in fact a lot Muslims despise the Saudis, and it not considered to be the purest form of Islam.

        Wahhabis have certain customs that mainstream Muslims find crazy, like in Saudi Arabia they’re demolishing the house of the Prophet Mohammad, and many other Muslim monuments because they don’t believe in preserving historical landmarks, because they equate that with paganism.

        Wahhabism is a new sect of Islam, it was formed in the 1930s with help from the British, in fact most wahhabi militants such as the Taliban and the Syrian rebels have received help from the CIA.

        A lot of Muslims view Saudi Arabia as an American puppet, so calling Wahhabism the “purest” form of Islam would be unfair.


      • ancient Greeks and Romans practiced homosexuality as well as pederasty, but Arabs too. They also fuck their goats in some Muslim cultures. It’s terrible, but true.


      • There is NO such thing as “Muslim culture”, that’s as absurd as saying “Christian culture”, because both the Muslim and Christian world are VERY diverse.

        I guess you haven’t read my previous comments, just because somebody that happens to be Muslim does a certain thing it doesn’t make his/her actions “Islamic” nor is it “Muslim culture”, I’m pretty sure there are middle easterners that think that San Francisco is probably the capital of the “Christian world”.


      • I agree that Islam as a religion frowns on homosexuality and bestiality, as Christianity and joodism do.

        However, I have read enough by some Muslims who say their kids are prey to older men in the madrassas to say that it’s indeed becoming part of Islamic couture. Now, I know it’s too diverse to call it an Islamic couture, but I think it’s accurate enough, since Islam is a way of life, something Christianity isn’t.

        Do you know some Islamic sects have other troubling practices. For instance, in Shiite Islam a divorced woman getting remarried must have sexual relations with the imam as a barrier between her previous husband and her new husband before she can remarry.

        It’s rumored the conquistadors had sex with the llamas and that’s how syphilis was created. They supposedly learned it form the Muslims’ practice of fucking goats. As you know, the Muslims ruled Spain for hundreds of years.
        I’m not saying all Muslims do this, but they have lots of strange parctices.
        Wahhabism might be a new sect of Islam, but Saudis do consider themselves the purest Muslims. And, since it’s where Mohamed lived, the way they practice Islam is probably the purest. Also, the Arabic they speak is the truest Arabic there is, unlike Egyptian or Lebanese Arabic, which has been corrupted by other languages. The closest you are to the Gulf, the closest your Arabic is to the original, not to mention the accent is the purest. Language is very important to a culture. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is indeed the center of Islam, religiously speaking. You might not like the royal family and what it represents, but it’s the closest to Muhammad.


      • Lily La phew

        Your back again i see again with your ramblings against Arabs, Adolf Hitler, Germans and what not well just because Joos hate every damn living thing doesn’t mean you should too, I say lets burn some joos up too because there are many joos who are cuckolds and there are many Joos laws that allow homosexuality.

        Barista Here i come


        Jumbo Beef


  22. Novennovum,

    Not trying to stir the pot. Just making convo. Not clear that the “cave-dwellar” flew to the moon – as that event is widely believed to have been a hoax (as are many of the so called cave dwellers “acheivements” – but I get your point.

    But, dont change the subject. Just trying to figure out why Whites have such weird sexuality.

    For Example:

    1. Look at streakers at public/sporting events

    always WHITE – why ??

    2. Nudist beaches/colonies

    always white – why ??

    3. Cuckolding- Wife Swapping- Swinging

    almost exclusively a white thing – why ??


    • 1. Because blacks aren’t there.

      2. Because blacks aren’t there.

      3. Because black men don’t get married.


      • Poorly phrased. Let me amend:

        1. Because black don’t attend those events.

        2. Because blacks don’t go to the beach.

        3. Because blacks don’t get married. You can’t be cuckolded if you are not married.


    • al = obsidian. all the hallmarks of semantic fallacies and womanish passive-aggressiveness are there.


    • Not clear that the “cave-dwellar” flew to the moon – as that event is widely believed to have been a hoax

      “Widely believed.” Right. Among those who think 9/11 was an inside job.


      • The Apollo moon landings represent the penultimate technical achievement of white people; and as such cannot be questioned.

        But the clues to reveal this grand fraud are available for those who have the imagination to raise questions of the historical record not shown.

        For example, why have we never seen any film/video of the astronauts INSIDE the lunar module while it is sitting on the moon?

        Could it be that faking 1/6th gravity while inside the LM would be too difficult to pull off?

        Think about it?

        Once on the moon, you never see their faces? You never see them eat or drink anything, no comment on sleeping positions…

        Even the “Nixon phone call” is not conducted inside the LM with their faces visible.

        It never happened, but since you white people want to believe it, its not a lie.

        Run hamster run!


      • Jumped. The. Shark.

        Alas, my dear Thwackie.


      • Im sorry to disappoint you Matt, but all pretty lies must perish:

        1. The check is in the mail.

        2. Black is beautiful.

        3. White men walked on the moon and returned safely to Earth.

        If Lance Armstrong had a son he would look like Neil.


      • LOL

        If you’re gonna jump the shark, do it in style. I won’t deny it, blacks make superb comedians. Stick around for the yuks, my brotha.

        I still think you might be a white hipster from Williamsburg performing an excellent long-form comedy routine. But SWPL aren’t this funny. So now I’m all confused.


      • thwack are you an African-American man?

        I admire that you speak your mind so freely when you’re vastly outnumbered by such opposing and myopic views.


      • Peanut

        thwack are you an African-American man?

        I admire that you speak your mind so freely when you’re vastly outnumbered by such opposing and myopic views.


        Don’t make me laugh; these aren’t even the real sophisticated white people; this is too easy, Im bored. My major problem on this board is finding a suitable opponent. Greg Eliot, Jay in DC… they all duckin me. They study my style but can find no flaws because it is “style of no style”.

        Even you are confused; why else would you ask me if Im a black man?

        Stop believing in “styles” and instead just express yourself honestly.


      • “You never see their faces” on the moon. This is what you offer as intellectual prowess?


      • thwack,

        I just admire your zeal. I honestly had a feeling you were a Black man the whole time, but you never know on here. You seem like a confident man. You’re not the type of man that has to hide behind a computer and try to belittle entire groups of women. I’m sure you don’t have any problem getting women offline either. It’s usually men who are starved for sex/affection in my opinion, who direct their hostility and anger at entire groups of women, especially vulnerable women.

        I have never in my life met a man who was getting his fill of sex/companionship who belittled entire groups of women or who has to refer to studies to back up his attraction to this or that woman… never. Knock on wood. It’s interesting to see that here so much…


      • thwack,

        you’re awesome.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 5:21 pm Hammer of Love

        There are many inconsistencies in the way the moon landings were presented to the public. But, to argue that negates all the the other civilizational and technological achievements of the European race is just plain silly. I’ll take a relatively primitive “Sputnik” launch over anything that Africa has offered recently any day.


      • I’ll take a relatively primitive “Sputnik” launch over anything that Africa has offered recently any day.

        will your Sputnik save you from feminism, gay marriage, liberalism and the general vagination of white culture?

        Will it save you from the ooJ?

        It may be true the white man has great abilities; but introspection is not one of them.

        Go tha fuck back to africa.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:01 pm Hammer of Love

        Come on now wacky thwacky, introspection is one of the great abilities of the European race, just look at all the philosophy it produced. Europeans might even be too introspective for their own good. Anyhow, once the overlords, who forced all the feminist and gay marriage nonsense upon the white race are done with it, they will come after your black brothers next. Be patient, will see if your people survive the onslaught.


      • “The Apollo moon landings represent the penultimate technical achievement”

        So what is the ultimate technical achievement?

        (Shhh…don’t tell it…see if it works it out for itself).


      • So what is the ultimate technical achievement?

        The ultimate white technical achievement will be your very own extinction.

        Wake up white man.


      • Oh look, it’s trying to think.

        How exactly would whitey’s “very own extinction” constitute whitey’s ultimate *technical* achievement, ferociously improvising negro?

        At this point, wouldn’t it just be easier to confess that you misused “penultimate” because you didn’t know what it meant but thought it sounded the inelekshul way to say ultimate?


      • Rogue Smell
        At this point, wouldn’t it just be easier to confess that you misused “penultimate” because you didn’t know what it meant but thought it sounded the inelekshul way to say ultimate?
        I know how to catch what I hunt. It was just bait, and you swallowed it hook line and sinker.

        You want to ignore me but I can get a reaction out of you any time I want one; you are just like a reggin.



      • Not bloody likely. It probably asks for the soup du jour of the day, too.


  23. ……ok……


  24. Nomennovum

    can you try and be serious …for a moment.

    why is “White” sexuality so weird ….. almost like the Japanese ?


    • I’m thinking of a single phrase… Oh yeah: fatty-fucking.

      That’s sick, neph.


      • African men from a few cultures have a greater *tolerance* for fat women. Most African cultures have a custom of feeding women more when they are about to marry or want more children.

        A very few cultures purposefully fatten women and keep them that way.

        African men actually like roundness in the right places. They are not generally lusting after obese women for the sake of their being obese. When they are represented in art and in statues of deities, it is symbolic of fertility and abundance.

        So there’s tolerance, but one is not to let things get out of hand.

        Now you know why I don’t freak out about the fact that beauty is universal. Some differences will exist, but Africans with options don’t take to sloppy any more than anyone else.


    • Because most whites are libtards without any religion. The 1960s revolution made things much, much worse than they ever were before, except during the times of the Roman Empire.


      • But again, one has to ask how such ideas take hold so much more easily.

        I personally think there is a kind of vulnerability due to repeated mass cullings and segregation (though military service, prison, etc.) of masculine men among your ranks. There is serious cultural pressure among Europeans for the men to be docile.

        Over docility in the males leads to all sorts of weirdness.


    • al lives in the backwards Bizarro world. Up is down; down is up. He says “Hello” when he leaves, “Goodbye” when he arrives.


  25. “Al”
    Every culture tries to blame some other culture(s) for its vices. When syphylis first appeared in England it was called “The French Pox.” The examples are endless. Saying that certain sexual behaviors are “imported” or would not flourish if unknown is deeply silly.


  26. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-22820207

    Gee. Speaking of women. Guess who the girls really went for.

    A man who games without remorse is hard to criticize once you face the reality of the female psyche. Just sad, that’s all.

    Speaking of attractive types of women, with whom has Serena Williams been linked romantically lately? Meanwhile, TIger is on his (at least) 2nd Nordic beauty. Damn those Ice Ages!! Could there be some universal standard of female beauty?


    • Celebrities and athletes are not really good examples for average people. Average people can’t get away with what they do, and they have a whole different set of issues.

      Yes, there are universal standards of beauty, but no, barring a very few features related to organ status, there is not only one thing each body part can be that is ideally beautiful. Many things are beautiful, but some things in the wrong place, on the wrong person, surrounded by other wrong features will just look horrid. A slim woman with well shaped, blue eyes, pale skin you can see the veins under, covered in tumors is not going to be beautiful to you as far as raw beauty. If you love her though, and I have seen many men love ugly women, you will pick out her best features and focus on those. Bonus if she didn’t let life break her, and she has a brilliant personality.

      Despite your and others’ wishful thinking, there is no such thing as a healthy, especially nice woman, who does not have dick chasing her everywhere. Hot women have more dick, but the rest have enough that none of us is alone any day of the week except by choice.

      So the average woman is, psychologically, rolling something like an overly selective alpha male. This is why there is no alpha female unless you take too seriously the greater options of hotter women. It is because it is not an accomplishment for almost any woman to get a dick.


  27. KT Tunstall is not conventially pretty but I would empty my balls in her girly parts in a nano-second. And though she thinks she is a lezbiian, she would definitely want me to so.. Because nothing is as erotically potentiating as playing music together for an audience that gets what you are trying to do.


  28. Obama’s marriage to Michele is basically a political one designed to promote his career in politics. An ugly white, or attractive light skinned black woman would have prevented him from becoming president. Michele is perfect because she is non threatening and thus helps collect votes for Obama.

    When you run for president, it is very important that all women be able to identify with your wife. Michele plays this role very will.

    Get off her dick.


    • Yes but he couldve found a goot-lookin black chick,one with some style. I guess in-the-closet-gays like shtrong womens! Now Mamie Eisenhower,shed a put some lead in ya pencil,eh thwackie??


      • He did find and marry a good looking African woman…but like all women do eventually, she got older. When African women age, they either get fat or they masculinize a bit before the wrinkles come.

        Again, if you believe in staying in your lane, stay there.

        ****Personal anecdote warning****

        When I was a kid, my mom, being a feminist, sucked at braiding hair. One day she sent me to school looking really messed up. I was embarrassed because, apparently being born to be non feminist, I knew what my hair was *supposed* to look like. I paid attention to my cousins’ and aunts’ hair.

        I knew I was going to start getting picked on again even though I’d handled that little situation earlier.


        Nobody said a word about my hair. Nobody noticed.

        I returned home, and my grandmother saw my hair and laughed. She fussed at my mom for sending me to school like that. She told me it’s a good thing “white” people don’t know what “black” people are supposed to look like.

        You don’t know anything about us, including how to judge our beauty for us. African women who African men would spill a drink on in the club to make her leave, some European men think are gorgeous. Some of us have enough of the universals for across the board appeal, but most women of any ethnicity don’t get more than a basic set.

        What is good for one group is not necessarily good for another. African men have less tolerance for certain kinds of ugly. European men have less tolerance for certain kinds of ugly. Generally, we can take a bit of mannish or chubby, but we have issues about wrinkles and sagginess because this doesn’t usually happen to a healthy African woman until menopause. Sometimes not even then.

        We have a saying: Good Black don’t crack.

        That’s how this works in our lane.


  29. What is becoming obvious is that the white men here and that includes the blog owner have a fixation with black women–most likely sexual. You cannot spend so much time talking about a group of women you claim not to be attracted to unless you actually are. Some of you need to come out of the closet–you are protesting way too much.

    What happened the sisters won’t give you the time of day?

    [CH: Seems you have just confessed that you are a liar. There are hardly more than a handful of posts out of nearly 2,000 total on this blog that directly reference black women.]


    • U mad bro? Not even black men want black women.


      • Yeah, that is what black men do to keep men from other groups away from their women is making you think they don’t desire them. And even with that black women rarely ever denigrate black men’s sexuality or manhood the way white women do who are always getting their asses kissed by white men.

        There are black men that are committing murder in order to keep other men away from their women, why would they for women they claim they don’t want?


      • Single black women are the largest growing demographic in the US. OKcupid had a post about how black women are the least picky on their dating site. Black men are voting with their libidos leaving black women single.


      • You must really feel good about yourself right now reporting that piece of information.

        Score one for Whitey!

        But, I bet they would rather be alone than contact some pathetic white dude, though. I bet you that.


    • What I don’t get with white men is how most of you spend so much time pedestalizing white women and their beauty and whatever else. Women who do nothing but denigrate your manhood and sexual prowess while upholding the sexuality of men from other races (i.e., talking about how their biggest sexual fantasy is to fuck black guys).

      There is nowhere on the net that I know of where white women are talking about how desirable white men are. You are a bunch of weak pathetic losers and that is why your women don’t respect you as men.


      • My interest in black women is not aesthetic. They have the least appealing qualities, from physical to mental to personality.

        But I am thinking about a national campaign to Cream The Coffee. It’s no secret that getting a white man is a huge DHV in the ghetto, they are making bastards in their mid-teens anyway. Why not hold one’s nose and mass-spermify their open-for-business black holes and give their sprogs literally half-a-chance at life?

        Black men fucking white women is a racial crime, a putrid corruption of the most precious storehouse of the most attractive race’s more expensive gamete. But the opposite is noblesse oblige, white loads bringing light and life to the dankest darkest crevices on the planet. White sperm is the best disinfectant.

        Funny thing is, I never really entertained these thoughts before the inexplicable, abject horror of last November. I’m a reasonable fellow, didn’t have much to say about the savages savaging each other. But now dey all up in mah grille trying to Detroitize my back yard. Thanks for the wake up call. It may just divert us from our previously soporific trajectory toward the cliff.



      • *sighs*

        here we go again.


      • Black men fucking white women is a racial crime, a putrid corruption of the most precious storehouse of the most attractive race’s more expensive gamete.

        My white brother, have you ever considered your woman may be trying to use the black man to force you to step up your lame game?

        White girls have game too.

        Im not going to sit the bench so you can look like a superstar. If a white girl says I EARNED the right to melt some snow Im going balls deep, hittin it with the shaft, Im stabbin it…

        Do you turn down offers to drive Ferraris?

        Do you turn down lines of cocaine at expensive parties?

        Do you turn down the big piece of chicken at cook outs?

        Stop holding the black man to a higher standard than you hold yourself. Who do you think you are, Greg Eliot?


      • You “earn the right” to fuck? Hahaha!


      • You “earn the right” to fuck? Hahaha!

        See, thats the problem with you; you think all you gotta do is waltz up all pale and stiff like the English Patient and get a free slice of poon handed to you because you are white.

        Ain’t nothin of value free in this world.

        Wake up white man.


      • What??? I’m shocked. Are you suggesting white men mix their genes with black women to give savage genes half a chance? Are you embarking on a mercy voyage here? Messiah complex?

        Don’t we White women have enough to worry about without Black women being a charity case for you White men?


    • then why even bring up Black women at all? Just don’t write anything about Black women. I mean, it’s the same script again and again, I don’t get it. If you have nothing positive to write about Black women, then maybe you shouldn’t write about Black women at all.


      • then why even bring up White men at all? Just don’t write anything about White men. I mean, it’s the same script again and again, I don’t get it. If you have nothing positive to write about White men, then maybe you shouldn’t write about White men at all.


      • Nice try, but I don’t go around harassing white men or stereotyping them or calling them ALL ugly for no reason. I don’t do that and I have said some positive things about white men. I have white male friends who are nice people, but what I disagree with is what constantly goes on on posts such as this. It’s nothing constructive, it’s rude and it’s ignorant.


      • To be fair, the CH does a considerable amount of writing on the pussification of European men. It’s just framed differently, so you don’t notice.

        Take care that when pointing out his mistakes, you’re not making some of the same.

        A problem isn’t solved…


      • I do not recall CH ever making statements that portray white men as being objectively inferior in any way. He has done that with Black people, especially BLack women multiple times.


      • He doesn’t have to say they’re inferior. He has made it very clear that far too many of them behave in an inferior way.

        You have to read between the ego. Someone is going to speak differently to people they love than to people they don’t, even if one is saying the same thing.


      • Yes,male pussification and the hideousness of the liberated white female. But still,the PROBLEM of race is the BLACK MALE! he is the one who is killing us,terrorizing us,costin’ us,and bossin’ us! So I gotta agree I dont see the need to knock the black female. Given the ghetto ‘tude,the looks of many BF’s ,and her propensity for churning out kids named TarQuan,the distaste for BF is real. And so what if there IS some latent subtext of sexual attraction? Michelle & Rihanna are both black, but..maybe its less verboten to knock a fat black chick than to talk about black men AND womens very disturbing behavior. My POINT:It seems the most important sex in each race is knocked down and the lesser sex glorified in society today:The white man,who built this society is a 2nd banana to the empty headed WF! And if there is any entreprenurail spirit,ability to cooperate,and build any sort of self supporting structures in the Ghetto,it lies with the FEMALE! We should be building bridges to the BF,and fences ’round the BM.


      • I don’t think that the fencing of any males is any sort of solution to American society’s ills. Y’all have had enough of fences, and this is why you’re in the situation you’re in.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 5:30 pm Hammer of Love

        Oh man, you just said you have ” white friends ” who are nice people, is that opposed to all the other whites that aren’t nice ?? lolz


      • To be honest, the portrayal of Black women as the ultimate unwoman is nothing new. It’s a meme that has been perpetuated in various forms for many many years. It’s a stereotype that we’ve been burdened with carrying. It shouldn’t surprise me, but with the advent of the internet, it’s just damaging to have these stereotypes put out there for unsuspecting Black women who haven’t had the chance to mentally prepare themselves to come across and have their womanhood, beauty and dignity maligned in such a way…and these stereotypes, whether you see it or want to admit it or not are rooted in a terrible history. They are socially-constructed byproducts of a racially-charged history, they are not inherent.

        Really, this is just about respect. I would never say that all white men were evil, ugly, inferior or sexually pathetic losers. I’ve never said anything like that. I try to look at people as individuals and it would be nice if people could extend the same courtesy to Black women, but this is asking too much for people apparently.


      • Hammer of Love,

        I just said what I’ve heard white people say about Black people time and again “i have plenty of Black friends.” If that offends you, then I hope you get offended when you hear white people saying the same thing about Black people. we have people on here saying far worse things about Black women , why don’t you get offended by those comments?

        any way, the point I was making with my comment, although it may have been crudely worded, was that I don’t discard my friendships or relationships with all white men just based off of some bad experiences I have had with SOME white men. Even with my bad experiences, I still know that not all white men are the same, but for some reason…all Black women are the same to some people on here…we’re all these same stereotypes.


    • I don’t care if white men want to put white women on pedestal and kiss their asses all day and twenty-four hours–the main reason why their women have so little respect for them. I just wish they would not put down black women in order to do so. The photo in this post was used to do exactly that, period.

      White men have been doing this for centuries. They have also denigrated the beauty and reputation of women of other races while placing their women on pedestals to be viewed as pure and the epitome of beauty and femininity.

      This blog is supposed to be about destroying “pretty lies” but I guess old habits die hard.


      • One of the major pretty lies is that we’re all equal. We’re not all equal otherwise the finalists in the 100m at the Olympics wouldn’t all be from the same part of the world. Also see long distance runners.

        There are genetic differences between people, brothers and sisters, blacks, mulatto and white. The differences are both physical and mental. To say black women are just as beautiful or more beautiful then white women is abject lie just like saying whites are faster runners than blacks.

        And that’s the lie we’re bringing up here, albeit subtly. Black women are not as beautiful as white women. It may hurt, but it’s the truth. You can point to a litany of racial persecution of blacks by whites – but that’s not at issue here, nor is my own insecurity or the insecurity of white people. That’s reframing the argument – something detractors do when their ego is hurt.

        I don’t know what the answers are or how to fix this uncomfortable truth. The facts are in – the growing population of aging single black women is well documented. Let’s acknowledge something is true, ask why & then fix it.


      • It’s not the truth though, if it’s the truth, then why is it that beauty standards are not the same across cultures? You live in a bubble, if you don’t see that…it is not the truth, YOU WANT it to be the truth…why, I don’t know.

        I think you need to get over yourself.


      • and there are other factors that go into making great 100m olympians aside from genetics. give me some time and I can go and find peer-reviewed articles that will back that up. sure, there are genetic differences between PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS, but not between races really…we’re more similar than different. Skin color is so superficial, it’s no different than the different levels of pigment that make betta fish blue, red, green of copper…they have different colors, they are still betta fish.


      • I don’t give a shit about whether or not white men think black women are as beautiful as or more so than white women. My point was, white men can continue to pedestalize your women (and to your own detriment) just stop putting down black women in order to uplift them.

        According your view inference to physical appeal of black women, it would be like comparing apples to oranges anyway, so why go there?


  30. and btw that picture of Michelle was photo-shopped. I honestly think she looks quite good, especially considering she’s over 50 and I don’t see a wrinkle on her. She has nice, long legs and toned arms. I think she’s very nice looking. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion.


    • Black people age very well… does that make me a racist? Also, Michelle Obama is not ugly.

      We’re commenting on the fact that the other two are trophy wives and by comparison Ms. Obama is frumpy looking.

      The uncomfortable implication tangential to this photo is that white women are more attractive than black women. In response, individuals (mostly black females and some males) are accusing those who support such as statement as 1) racist 2) conditioned by society 3) practicing a continual denigration of blacks 4) insecure because of their own white genetic inferiority (the latter is a favorite of commenter ‘yeah right’ – projection, anyone?).

      But what if it’s neither of those explanations… what if the average white woman is more attractive then a black women. What makes this so unpalatable to access and fathom?


      • @ FTM,

        saying a positive thing about Black people doesn’t make you racist. Notice how you said “black people age well,” you DID NOT say anything negative about white people. You didn’t say Black people were SUPERIOR because they age well, you didn’t do that…but that is what people do when they talk about white people all of the time. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between saying something positive and implying that someone is inferior.


      • it’s unpalatable because not everyone agrees with it and it’s not in line with what people think. The average white women to YOU may be more beautiful, just like TO YOU the average Black person ages well…that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone.


  31. Honestly though,

    Can someone please honestly explain to me, what do you gain by lambasting Black women ( a group of women whom you find so repulsive) again and again?

    Just tell me, what YOU as a man gain from doing that?


    • We’re lambasting the First Beard, not black women in general. If we dumped on Rosie O’Donnell, you wouldn’t think we were dumping on all white women? Black women do have an obesity problem and a single-mom problem worse than other races, except maybe Hispanics. I actually find non-overweight black women hotter than Asian women because of their far better figures.


    • I can tell you what they gain, but neither you or they are going to like it.

      It’s what I like to call “social brownie points”.

      When a group of people is up against a phantom like enemy they can’t see, or a great enemy they can’t reach, the closest they can reach are the “other”. So they pick out the least threatening/weakest of them to direct their rage towards.

      Though most of their actual enemies, meaning those who put money and votes towards keeping them down, are too numerous and look like them, and may even live in their homes, African women are an easier target because they are fewer in the west, and somewhat distant. They have nothing to lose from expressing their rage towards women on African women because they are not their wives, and usually not their bosses, and probably not the people who would jack them up for “thought crimes”.

      We represent the face of the enemy for them.

      Since so many of us have drunk the koolaid, we volunteered to be the low women on the totem pole of feminism, so we catch this kind of flack. When social status replaces beauty, or when there is an attempt to make this so, the lowest status women catch the hell for it.

      So brace yourself…

      All you can do is try to insert some reason here and there, and not be the stereotypical African harpy looking to chew European men’s heads off for historical crimes the vast majority of their ancestors couldn’t even afford to commit.


      • thank you for the analysis Nicole, you may be on to something. I would truly like one of the “men” on here to answer the question though. I really want to know what they’re gaining or what they think they’re gaining. I probably won’t get an answer from any one of them though.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 5:32 pm Hammer of Love

        I think the real question might be what are Nicole and you doing here if we’re such evil, bigoted , misogynistic, racists ?


      • Because better an honest evil than a deceitful “good”.

        Also, most of the guys here aren’t misognynistic or racist, just trying to dig their way out of an ideological hole.

        The real racist is the one who wants to make everyone the same, and play pretend in the process of doing so. It is the one who erases the European in European American culture for political gain as much as it is the one who erases the African in African American culture.

        You have been much more thoroughly erased than African Americans who are reminded of their heritage every time they look in a mirror, whether they choose to deny it or not. You just don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

        I was talking with a young man today about how despite going to high school on a military base, the only thing we learned about Polish involvement in WWII was “the Polish capitulated”.

        You are not taught how utterly bad ass “white” people can be without a U.S. President telling them to be so, even when it’s not for hanging “black” people from trees.

        Americans are basically educated to believe European men are pussies unless it’s in a uniform or racial panic.

        …and then one day, if you’re lucky, you see an old photo of a four year old or less “white” baby carrying a makeshift bomb in a sewer in Poland, and cry.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:41 pm Hammer of Love

        You make some excellent points here which I agree with whole hardily. The real enemy is the the invisible hand behind the curtain, which puts a tiger and lion in a cage, and prods them both with a stick, till they tear each other to shreds. This is the essence of multiculturalism and forced racial and cultural integration.

        Many Africans Americans have been purposely programmed to believe that the European Race is inherently racist and evil, mainly based a an event that happened in the ” New World “. However, they need to realize that a large percentage, or even majority, of “white people ” had absolutely nothing to do with it. Think about it, how many European countries participated in the slave trade ? Now, think about how many nations and peoples there are in Europe.

        You mentioned Poland which is appropriate, since I was born there. My people have been enslaved and attacked by many different races and nationalities. For a very long time, the only Africans they ever saw, were the ones that were part of an invading army, which was raping, killing, and enslaving my people long before the ” new world ” slave trade “.

        I think that black americans can free themselves if they realize, that the blame and bitterness is a trap that was set for them. They are being used, just like we all are.


      • Well, this is the problem with erasure of history and with grouping people under over wide umbrellas and calling it a “race”. If race exists, and I do believe it does, it is a lot more complicated than color. If we’re grouping people by color, then the fact is that “black” people were never, by and large, the victims of “white” people.

        It is, and has always been that less powerful people are victims of more powerful people. People do whatever they feel will get their needs and desires met, and none of the colors is exceptional in this.

        Color grouping is a good way of obscuring the facts. One can rewrite the history to mean whatever they want it to mean. What was Moorish troops who went to the Americas with the Spanish, and helped conquer the Native South Americans, magically becomes “black”, and is then no longer distinguishable from the likely Mina, Igbo, and Arab bred slaves who were imported later.

        The descendants of the very much free Yoruba person who helped transport slaves, pack them into horrid conditions, go down below deck to retrieve the dead, and apparently without any remorse, toss the bodies to the very sea he worships as Olokun and asks for luck, get to claim to share in the heritage of the descendants of the “passengers” who survived. These descendants of course become the most fervent Christians because deep down in their psyche, they know Olokun or whatever part of the human psychology he/she represents is pissed.

        Nobody is allowed to weep for the child of the sailor who died getting treated like crap and of a fatal disease on that journey, who had to work like a slave, or may have even been sold as one, from the age of four. That child doesn’t exist in American history until he reappears all of a sudden for the sake of the feminist political platform. Even then, he has no real history. He is a child laborer who just popped out of nowhere due to some poverty that nobody knows how it came about…but you as a man in the early 1900’s should vote for women’s suffrage because this is the only way to end their suffering because men obviously only care about money because you’re inherently evil, right?

        In history, the details matter. In politics, the details are extremely inconvenient.

        So I kinda watch the news about the mistreatment and racism against Africans in eastern Europe with a sideways smile. Most Americans read this and are horrified because in their minds, there is no room for Africans who were complicit with or aiding the oppressors, even while it happens in Africa and abroad. Once they get hold of the idea, it is hard for people to let go of their victimhood.

        This is one reason I don’t like to see Europeans go down that road of forgetting the details and wasting energy on the wrong people.


      • @ Hammer of Love,

        I already stated in my post earlier that I am going to respond because I do not want younger Black women who come across these posts to see these type of ideas and misguided theories and take them to heart. I want them to know that not everyone agrees and this is a one sided very biased opinion of a certain group of people. That is why I respond. And you called yourself evil and all that other stuff…I did not.


      • on September 7, 2013 at 8:43 pm Hammer of Love

        It was comedic sarcasm Peanut. Plus, I dont think that many black young women visit this site. I could be wrong though.


      • ‘It’s what I like to call “social brownie points”.’

        Shouldn’t that be “social whitey points”?

        Actually, it’s because this is a safe space where men can call a spade a spade without fear of the Thought Police.

        And as I’ve trumped you brown clowns with before, if all 33M balcks in the US went to sleep and never woke up, it would, in the aggregate, be a huge net gain for the country, not a loss.

        You’re getting sleeepy…sleeeeee-pyyyyyyy…


      • why would you need to use your safe space to vent about Black women?? As a collective, Black women have very little power and as a collective have done nothing to white men. Why would you even need to waste your time with a group of women who really aren’t a threat to you at all?? That is what I’m not understanding…why not vent about people who actually are threat to you like the bankers and the men who look like you who overwhelmingly run things in this part of the world. Black women don’t oppress white men, never have, not in the least…

        again, what are you all gaining by lambasting and stereotyping Black women, really?


      • I don’t particularly care for black women bashing, but in some ways you’ve brought it on yourself. I’ve heard a lot of talk over the years, about white men raping you, and treating you as sex objects. I think some of it may be a backlash to that.


      • A Black woman who is discussing being raped by an individual white man or groups of white man does not deserve to be bashed and no she isn’t bringing anything on herself. Recy Taylor and the Black women like her did not bring anything on themselves. It is the truth that there were Black women who were raped by white men, for the majority of American history Black women have legally been able to be raped, so that is true. For the longest time a white man could rape a Black woman and get away with it, not even be challenged by anyone for it, that’s the reality of history. Can’t change history. Does that mean ALL white men are rapists…no and I’ve never heard a Black woman say ALL white men are rapists, but the reality is it happened …and it damaged our culture and the perception of Black women. It really did.


      • and to add on to that, I would even say that a lot of the stereotypes about Black women and Black men, which are espoused on this blog are rooted in that history. Many of the stereotypes, which are advocated on this blog, the sapphire (the emasculating, overbearing, sassy Black woman) and the Jezebel (the over-sexed black woman) and the mammy (asexual, unattractive Black woman) were started because SOME white men who abused Black women’s bodies needed a way to excuse their mistreatment, so they dehumanized and objectified Black women by perpetuating those stereotypical caricatures and some people still adhere to these stereotypes in the present day. You can read up about it if you want.

        These stereotypes are part of Western culture. Not all white men participate in this type of stereotyping, but it is a part of the culture here.

        Therefore, when I hear a lot of the stuff that is said about Black women on here, I feel I must say something, but I know some people need to hold onto stereotypes for their own comfort.


      • and I know that this history and mistreatment of Black women probably doesn’t mean anything to most of the posters on here, so I’m wasting my time. But I just wanted to go on record by saying what I said.


      • Personally, I’d be more angry about the long, hot days of picking cotton, but I don’t think that appeals as much to your sense of vanity.


      • @ Lara, it’s not about being angry and it’s certainly not about vanity, it’s about pain. It’s painful to see these same stereotypes that were used to dehumanize my ancestors, the people in my family like my grandmothers and grandfathers being perpetuated and advocated and lauded. maybe you don’t understand what that feels like.


      • I’m not going to try to explain to you how it feels to have to deal with that, but from one person to another, we should both be able to understand what it means to be respected and I believe that everyone deserves respect and that is all I’m asking.


      • Hey Peanut. The other day I saw a fat, slovenly black woman loading bags upon bags of Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise into her big minivan. And I asked myself, what value does she bring to the table? I mean, to earn that minivan and those bags of goodies.

        In Africa, she’d be beating her wash against the river rocks.

        Stop bitching, you are in Negro Paradise.

        But I understand where you are coming from. Racists fascinate you, and you want them to want you,


      • PA: I think you’re projecting in your comment. I never said anything about wanting “racists” to want me…where did you even get that from?


      • It’s the fact that you’re here.


      • @ PA,

        what’s the fact that I’m here? Why are you here looking at a photoshopped picture of Michelle Obama? Why even put that image up there in the first place?

        CH could have just kept the other two ladies and looked at them, that should have been enough…but Michelle Obama got put in there (and a fake picture at that) why drag Black women into this at all…


      • I think that some white men just need to focus on white women and I think you need to stop thinking about Black women. Whether it’s a negative or positive thought. You just need to focus on your issues and your women. Don’t drag Black women into your discussions and don’t insult Black people and we both can mind our business. But don’t initiate a discussion about Black women and Black people in general and get offended when someone presents an opposing view point.


      • well in fairness black females WERE put in a very low social position;and when a woman has little or no social value,guess what? Thats right,here comes Mr. Penis! In fairness tho,for every white guy that in any way sexually degraded a black female,guess what,there was a battalion of BLACK males hittin it too! Blacks owned slaves,i think we have the maturity to ack that right?(“Oh Lawd it cant be true!!” lol) And at one point blacks could own YT slaves. Can u imagine a goot-lookin white womens OWNED literally by the black male?? “Whaaa? Again? Can I get some goddamn SLEEP!?”


      • We gain the truth…that the majority of you are stupid, ugly, violent and have poor impulse control. Just like most black men.


      • that is your warped perception of the truth, not reality.


      • you couldn’t come up with something more original than referencing a pseudo-scientific, long debunked theory?


      • It’s the negritude, stupid.


      • you’ve got a lot of nerve calling me stupid, Rogue Male. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


      • I have a dream…


      • you know what…you’re probably getting off on the attention that you’re getting for being an idiot. I’m done engaging you.


      • and please lets not go there about “negro paradise” america…please. Any way, it is very apparent that some people will still stereotype Black women no matter what some people need to stereotype black women because it’s a comfort blanket. i get it. I’m done with this for now.


      • I said that I think Black women deserve the same respect as other people. That is all I’m asking, why is that complicated?


      • on September 8, 2013 at 4:42 am Imperial Leather

        Respect is EARNED… NOT deserved….. irrespective or race or color….. your results will then be different…..test it yourself to see how right I am……surely your at an age where you know this simple fact by now


      • None of this is about deserve or earned. I kinda wish you neo victims would let go. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is about will.

        African women, in my opinion, should let go of this idea of fairness and justice, and truly think about what is in their best interests.

        It is in my best interest that men, in general, butch up and stop letting themselves get punked by the elite through women. A world wherein men are men and doing what men naturally do is a better and safer world for me and our children. So I seek to do my part to correct the damage.

        The reason I see how “white” people have been conned through their egos is because at some point I made the connection between those politics and the politics of feminism.

        You’re being conned, and so is she. You’re firing at the wrong target, and she is defending herself from the wrong thing. So you’re both misguided.


      • who says that respect is earned? who decided?


      • @ nicole,



      • on September 8, 2013 at 4:38 pm Imperial Leather


        the peanut said this was about black women deserving respect

        your blathering projections are important only to you fattie

        why don’t you tell us why its in your best interests again fattie that your husband has a platonic relationship with you and doesn’t butch up and stop letting himself get punked by you

        why do you continue to con your platonic husband fattie


      • on September 8, 2013 at 4:40 pm Imperial Leather

        @ nutty

        who said that black females deserve the same respect as other people nutty…….who decided……..who who who…nutty


      • you know what leather if you have to resort to ad hominems then that just makes your argument and opinion weaker. Focus on the topic that is being discussed not someone’s physical appearance and not someone’s screen name.


      • on September 8, 2013 at 4:51 pm Imperial Leather

        you CAN’T and you WON’T answer the question….will you nut……

        That’s all that anyone here needs to know


      • any way,

        if Black women need to earn respect, then white men need to earn respect too. So white men need to relinquish their white privilege and start from the bottom up like everyone else. maybe some white men need to stop complaining and pretending they’re oppressed when they’re the most privileged group. If you want respect, switch places with Black men or Black women for a day and deal with what we deal with, then come back and talk to me.


      • Impotent Leather,

        I responded to your question….see look now you’ve forced me down to your level. *sighs*


      • on September 8, 2013 at 5:21 pm Imperial Leather

        your feminist and victim talking points are all you have…nut

        you are quite the flesh puppet it seems

        your cry baby equalist mantras may impress your feminist and racialist racketeering masters…that’s not so here

        tell me again why black women deserve the same respect as other races….NOT what you think about, and project about white men


      • Imperial, the first person a dominant individual must learn to control is themselves. From there, others are a piece of cake.

        I enjoy the benefits that I do because I have a strong will, and I use it to my advantage.

        I do see a difference though, between what is good for me and what is good for the herd. Most people don’t have a very strong will, and need to be managed accordingly, if one is to have a humane society.


      • Impotent Leather,

        “tell me again why black women deserve the same respect as other races….NOT what you think about, and project about white men”

        I already told you, when you relinquish your white male privilege and start to work your way from the bottom up, like everyone else, then you can come and talk to me.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 7:37 pm Imperial Leather

        …….when others do as you say then you will get the respect you deserve…a commie…..a joke….and a nut….walked into civilization and proceeded to try and destroy it with this nonsense


      • Imperial, quite a significant proportion of the African Americans who are problematic in the U.S. did not walk into civilization. They were dragged there in chains by barbarians who were largely illiterate tools of the elite of their time, and could generally not themselves afford the cargo they were transporting.

        Owning slaves was the privilege of those who could afford them, and this was barely 2% of the European population back then, and quite a few slaves themselves were European. The popularity of African slaves did not come about because Europeans felt such a strong kinship with one another or something. It was just practical since they were better survivors and easier to identify.

        The sense of kinship didn’t come about in any real way until after the Civil War, when it was politically convenient for carpet baggers and their descendants. It is no coincidence that feminism was right on the tails of this. The seeds of women’s over entitlement grew in large part from the crap of carpet baggery, which grew from northern pomposity. The roots of the collectivist equalism that plagues you now are in the once complexion descriptor, now elevated to “race” multikult of “white”.

        The privileged and protection-worthy, despite being poor or almost poor, or low natural value for behavioral reasons, “white” woman simply did not exist before this.

        Free Africans have lived in the Americas since they were called the Americas. So your failure to afford free and productive citizens such as Peanut or myself any respect has nothing to do with deserve, fairness, justice, or a reasoned perspective of the history of the American continent. You don’t give us any respect because you don’t have a worldview that can allow for the existence of a respectable African person who is not interested in playing pretend with you.

        I am not going to pretend that you have reached a level of awareness that you have not. Since you’re here for truth, go hard or go home.


      • on September 10, 2013 at 12:38 pm Imperial Leather


        when everyone else becomes enlightened and aware and takes on my equalist worldview then I will be respected

        when the rest of the world changes for me and my ‘people’ I will be respected

        until then my lifes narrative will have endless bitching and moaning because…the past…and…the real world really sucks for me, why doesn’t it change right now in exactly the way I want so I can feel good about myself


      • Imperial, it seems that you, like a few others, have made up an imaginary Nicole.

        This is the problem with focus on the wrong thing. You take things too far out of context and fill in the gaps with assumptions.


      • You’re getting sleeepyy…sleeeeepyyyyyy….


      • no, i’m not sleepy…are you getting sleepy? go to sleep then.


      • Ch. 13 of The Bell Curve strikes again…


      • A black women like Nicole, who doesn’t claim: “i’m fat as a bus, and still very attractive to guys who are self centric, and just have weird sense of beauty so they don’t want to touch me, nor take me as serious romantic prospect”… Is worthy of respect, all others that say: “I’m human i deserve everything as anybody else” – thinking actually about lean, sucsesfull, attractive girls because they – like nobody else – don’t see other women that are neither of that ARE to be ridiculed, because that’s how things go in this world…

        And a reality that feminism tells these women “that they still do deserve things – because everybody is actually equal but don’t know yet” is another story. It’s nobody’s fault that they don’t want to use their eyes and brain to see things don’t go like this.

        On the other hand you have beta males that are in identical situation, but the main difference is that white (and other probaly) beta male is not agressive in demanding their imagined rights from girls, while black fatties are.
        In the end if they both stick to that ideology they both don’t get well, and they both suffer much because of that ideology.
        I would know since i’m still a beta male, although i do know things and don’t complain about it(well mostly, except when it’s hard not to).

        If your not ugly and entitled but are a black women don’t count yourself into this category. If your able, and if not… – peanut.


      • on September 13, 2013 at 10:40 am Imperial Leather

        you talk as if you imagine i cared


      • Unlike you, Rogue, I don’t attribute all good in the world to people who look like me, and all evil in the world to people who look like you.

        It’s one thing to call a spade a spade, but when you call a fish a spade, we have an argument.


      • If the fish is stupid, ugly, violent and has poor impulse control…it’s probably a spadefish.


      • And if the cat is deaf, its probably white:



      • @ rogue male,

        then are YOU a spadefish? If your incoherent comments are any indication, then you seem to be a violent, ugly person with poor impulse control yourself. you can’t even carry on an consistent conversation or respond to someone’s comment without resorting to antiquated, debunked stereotypes.


      • Damn…and I wanted to rub your head for good luck…


      • yeah, you wish. I could say some things about you, all I’m going to say is…thank you for proving my point.


      • Then what does your behavior here make you, Rogue?

        Exactly what in your behavior here is not “spade” like?

        See, this is why I say it’s not about deserve or earned. It’s about will because it is obvious to me that so-called “white” nationalists such as yourself, don’t truly believe that you are or should have to behave like superior people in order to be considered superior. You believe that for some undeserved and unearned reason, people should just think you are better than them, and kiss your ass because you exist.

        Just keeping things clear here.

        Your mentality is on the same level as any chronic welfare recipient junkie who thinks the world owes them something. I got news for you, but I doubt you are capable of understanding it.

        This is one reason I have so many dilemmas about even discussing these matters with you or with your “black” equivalents. If you were meant to rule, you’d be doing it. If you were capable of doing better, you would be doing so. As it is, you are exactly where Nature put you, which is under the boot of whoever has a stronger will, and maybe this is the way things should be, and I should ignore all of your complaints.

        Maybe I’m the overly compassionate bleeding heart who actually gives a crap, and I am wrong for doing so. Maybe you are just tools, and I should join the club utilizing your weakness for profit.


      • Three brown clowns constructing their own private anti-reality field can’t hide the fact that by every objective measure, urban American negroids are, in the aggregate, disproportionately stupid, ugly, violent and prone to poor impulse control. No one is asking the negroids to kiss whitey’s ass. Whitey doesn’t want them anywhere near his ass. Whitey avoids them like the plague they are.

        If that hurts your feewings, tough shit.


      • Start leading by example then, Rogue.

        Ah, but there is the peasant genes problem. You can’t control your anomic behavior.

        If you’re going to point the finger at others for low impulse control, then you might want to do something about your own. Generally, the peasant class of all colors has this issue, just that African peasants tend to be more difficult to keep from becoming violent when forced into unlivable conditions. They’re less likely to go softly into oblivion.

        I don’t personally see this as a bad thing.

        You see it as a bad thing because you were brought up to believe that you shouldn’t have to put any effort into your existence.

        I find this sad because there was a time when more Europeans had a special sort of heaven for people who died putting effort into their existence.


      • The only good one, etc.


      • Yeah well killing people who haven’t actually done anything wrong to you would be another argument against your precious superiority.

        It’s just sad when people think they should be considered superior for being born.

        Cows and pigs and other cattle are also born.


      • Comedy isn’t pretty.
        –S. Martin


  32. THIS is what black women looked like before they became obese animals or jacked Serenas.


    • That’s what most African women still look like…but this isn’t good enough for some of the men here.

      It’s okay. We’ve survived worse than European men *not* over sexualizing us. 😉


  33. @ matthew king,

    “Why not hold one’s nose and mass-spermify their open-for-business black holes and give their sprogs literally half-a-chance at life?”

    seriously…Black women have been there and had that done to us already…enough white men mass spermified the entire Afro-Brazilian population into existence, a good number of African-Americans, creoles and Eurafricans all over the continent of Africa…we’ve had enough mass spermificaiton.

    Thanks though.


    • @Peanut – You’re an African-American woman right?

      It’s not called “Afro-Brazilian”. That’s a made up term by African-Americans and their one drop rule/”black pride” stuff thanks to NGOs, international organizations and corporations outreach.

      In Brazil, mixed people are mixed and integrated into different cultural norms. Stop confusing mixed Brazilian people for African Negroid Northeast Brazilians. The Black Brazilian North-Easterners give a bad rap to the entire North and they internally emigrate to other parts of the country (to the North, to the Centre-West, to the Southeast and to the South).

      It’s like Section 8 Housing and Detroit. Except, it’s Brazilian style.


      • I’ve heard brazilians refer to themselves as Afro-Brazilian, Adriana Lima being one of them…and regardless of what you call it, the point remains the same. They exist because of slave owners, white men, forcing themselves upon African women in Brazil.


      • Adriana Lima is a white blue eyed woman.Great example of african beauty lol

        Brazilians don’t refer to themselves as Afro-brazilians.I speak a bit of Portuguese,I had a Brazilian gf,I know them very well.

        White Brazilians are 2nd most racist people on earth after south africans


      • not sure why my response to you is not showing up.


      • what i said was that i never said that she was an example of African beauty. I said that she was a woman who identified herself as afro-bazilian and her great grandma was Black. More than likely her european admixture is a result of European men forcing themselves on African women, now I don’t know if her great grandmother was in a consensual relationship or not. I also speak Port. proficiently and I’ve traveled to Brazil, so I’m not pulling my perspective out of thin air.


      • I also speak Arabic/Spanish and I love to travel to different countries, been blessed to have traveled to 3 different continents so far and planning to go to my fourth very soon and also interacted with people from different cultures so I’ve traveled enough to know that a lot of what is said on here, is nothing more than the myopic perspective of some very sheltered western men.

        I can see beauty in every culture that I’ve come across and I certainly see beautiful people in all cultures and ethnicities and “Races.”


      • A trained monkey is still a monkey.


      • An educated sheep is still a sheep.


      • The Prissy is strong with this one.


      • That’s so sweet. It has been almost 30 years since the last time anyone called me prissy.

        I ate his liver.

        (Not really. I just thought that would be funny to say since folks here take themselves way too seriously.)


      • rogue male,

        you don’t realize how stupid you seem when you can’t respond back to anything that is said without resorting to lame, old, tired stereotypes. it’s like you can’t even think clearly and like you have no coherent thoughts. you realize, you haven’t contributed anything of substance to this discussion at all?


      • The Whoopi Goldberg is strong with this one.


      • and the stupidity is strong with you…


      • Yeah, like insisting Michelle Obama has nice legs. Ever heard of such stupidity? Wishful thinking is what it is.


      • I don’t think he’s trying to contribute any substance. He’s just lashing out and hoping he convinces you to commit suicide because he doesn’t like you.

        Heheheh…the internet.


      • @ Lily,

        You really must be a fool if you don’t understand the concept of preference. You may insist that her legs aren’t beautiful. But, I and many other people think her legs are beautiful. I love her legs, I think they’re toned and beautiful. You trying to bully me into conforming to your ideas and trying to get me to agree that her legs aren’t beautiful when I think they are isn’t going to change my preference. The pictures you posted didn’t impress me, maybe Michelle Obama’s legs don’t appeal to you, fine…they appeal to me. Get over it.

        I never said Michelle’s legs were superior, I said they were beautiful in my opinion…and there are many people who share that opinion.

        Get over yourself…


      • and I think my last comment pretty much sums up what people need to do. Get over yourself. Stop trying to force your beauty ideals on other people, stop THINKING that your preference is superior. Everyone has their cultural and aesthetic preference. You may prefer thin, white women, that is fine…but don’t tell ME and the women who look like me that we’re inferior or objectively attractive just because Black women are not YOUR personal preference. Don’t try to make YOUR preference into a science. Just like what you like and leave Black women out of it…and stop trying to bully me and the people who appreciate our type of beauty into conforming to YOUR standards.

        get over yourself.

        What continues to be a mystery to me is WHY people on here have repeatedly tried to tell me what preference I and other people should have. Please…as long as I’m not going around saying that your type of beauty is inferior (like many of you people on here), don’t tell me what is beautiful and don’t tell me what I can like.


      • “Stop trying to force your beauty ideals on other people, stop THINKING that your preference is superior. Everyone has their cultural and aesthetic preference”.

        This has been going on for centuries with Europeans imposing their standard on beauty on the world…that is why men from other races and ethnicities cannot fully appreciate the native beauty of their own women because they have some so-called “Euro ideal of beauty” in their heads.

        It is like a major marketing campaign that just won’t end. It is similar to when a product is constantly marketed to you as the best over a long period of time whether the product is good or not starts mattering less and less because you have been so brainwashed you start believing it is the best even though may not be.


      • Dedicated to Lily:


        Wow…and she’s 50 years old with a beautiful body like that, her skin is smooth and wrinkle free. I JUST LOVE IT! In my opinion, she is amazing!

        How old are you Lily??…


      • This has been going on for centuries with Europeans imposing their standard on beauty on the world…that is why men from other races and ethnicities cannot fully appreciate the native beauty of their own women because they have some so-called “Euro ideal of beauty” in their heads.

        It is like a major marketing campaign that just won’t end. It is similar to when a product is constantly marketed to you as the best over a long period of time whether the product is good or not starts mattering less and less because you have been so brainwashed you start believing it is the best even though may not be.


      • Half her age sweetheart, therefore I can’t relate to 50 year-olds advertising their legs, let alone black 50-year olds. In addition, how can you call those tanks, legs? She has 2 tanks on her, which probably weigh 100 lbs. each . That’s a little less than what I weigh. Sorry, can’t relate to your standards of beauty.


      • @ Lily,

        It’s fine that you can’t relate, but don’t degrade my preference in beauty or my beauty standards. i think her legs are luscious and sexy. She looks fabulous, especially considering she is 50, but you’re entitled to your own preference.


      • @ Lily,

        oh and sweetheart, i can’t relate to your beauty standards either, but of course, i respect your right to have them…


    • I’ll give your wackjob Brazilian theories a passing sniff, but only because Adriana Lima is the most beautiful woman in human history. I give aesthetic props to half breeds. That’s the point, though. I want to perfect you. I want to give the world lovely little Christina Milians and Derek Jeters.

      Tell me about your body. About how centuries of forced labor has perfected it. Now I want to enlighten that beautiful pack mule. I want to give our baby bright eyes and straight hair, a quick wit, a love for itself. Most importantly, I want to deliver your lineage’s downward spiraling trajectory from its culture of twerking, purple drank, and death.

      Who posted that Jamaican “Rivers of Babylon” video? We can start there. I can see the parallel between your people and the chosen people. Now through the Lord Jesus Christ you are free, as they are, if they accept it, if you accept it. If you and they can handle it. We can and always have been able to handle our freedom. It is almost literally in our blood. This is your opportunity to join the winning team. Let a little Salvation of the Lord come into your dark heart.

      Open that thatch of kinky pubes and accept my white love. I’ll even let you call me massa.



      • How do you call yourself Christian and write that sort of filth? Think Jesus (who, FYI, was not a blue eyed aryan with flowing blonde locks as some dumb artists like to portray him) would have approved?

        You’re all talk and no walk. Disappointing.


      • Well, here we have the paradox. He worships a foreign deity with foreign values, while at the same time trying to look as if this makes him not a slave. He is hoping that being the most aggressive of the slaves will bring him to the level of his masters and frustrated that it does not.

        Still, at the same time he expresses anger that the foreign influences his foreign religion threw the doors wide open to penetrate his now enslaved society, are as usual, wrecking what he believes should be a pristine “white” world, while serving the foreign deity with foreign values.

        He sold his heritage to a magical Jew who promised him that all his sins will be forgiven if he only sells his soul to Italians.

        Best scam running.


      • “foreign deity with foreign values,”

        What if he sensed that it’s not that foreign as it appears, but own to every living creature walking?

        “to penetrate his now enslaved society”

        Oooh if at least that would have been true… If at least they choose to be slaves if they don’t want Him as a friend and Father, even that would be better than this. Instead they don’t respect Him in any efectual way.

        Matthew i’m white, and i agree that this should be valued while we’re on Earth, but you do know that that won’t matter once He arrives again? Right?


      • See, the problem with your view on this is that though technically, Nature is Nature, and therefore whatever we may speculate to be Spirit is Spirit, there are very different climates in different parts of the world, and the people living within them are going to have different perspectives and experiences. These are not to be disregarded, so if you believe that race/ethnicity exists at all, and that they are important, you must also believe that the needs of esoteric Jews and the legends that spring from them, are different from the needs of esoteric/shamanistic northern Europeans.

        Don’t let the wide umbrellas fool you. Due to real, geographic and climate differences, the expression of masculinity, femininity, and even androgyny differ widely in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, within cultures that are mere meters from one another. What was good for Iswa was absolute barbarism for Cherokee, and the same is true of say, Ukrainians and Germans even today. Even more foreign would be the Jew or Roman.

        I am not saying that there is nothing at all to learn from the Jewish or Roman perspective of spirituality, just that in order for it to be relevant and non enslaving for Northpersons, it must be viewed in context with northern faiths, or it is invasive, and looking at what actually happened, parasitic.

        Christianity was a psychogenic parasite that to this day, sucks the life and mind from Europe every bit as much as Islam sucks the life and mind from the middle east and north Africa. In my heart, I believe that these forces *should* be rooted out and purged, but because I am humane and live more in is than should, I would at least like to see the currently enslaved make some room for their Ancestors. They should stop self hating and allowing this parasite to feed off of them while telling them that the needs of the church/mosque outweigh the needs of the kin. This would be a good start.


      • “…whatever we may speculate to be Spirit is Spirit”
        I don’t have any clue what does this means, if it means; Spirit is whatever we imagine to exist, than you didn’t get what i was talking about.

        That Spirit is alive, powerfull, and you feel like you’we found the real part of your person that was always missing. It’s interesting that you didn’t even know what was missing, you just always felt empty, and once you united with Him, you felt that He provided that part of the jigsaw and that no Truth needs to found out of Him. Yet He presents you various truths from all over, that are half truths and points it to you. It happens in your mind but you feel it’s from out of your experience.

        “different climates in different parts of the world, and the people living within them are going to have different perspectives and experiences”

        Truth is one. And nations do accept it in their own way. African Catholicism has it’s own emphasis from South American, or European, but they all ascribe to the same Lord.

        Besides types of paganism is true varied over the globe, but still all of them had a Sun god, and god/godess of fertility, of war and so on… So you see they weren’t that much different from each other. They created deities from what they could see around them. And when we’re at it, isn’t it a roberry and a slavery when a shaman comes to you and takes your money(big money) for his rites of cleansing or what not from people that are in dire need?
        They believe there is something, while a shaman himself knows he sells fog, and makes them even more impoverished than they were before?
        When you believe in something that can’t help you? isn’t that slavery?
        I wasn’t talking about what suits them better, because of the climate or culture, i was talking about is he, or those gods alive? Do they hear and do they save?

        Mine does.

        Offcourse i will never worship false slavic gods of old – that would have been abomination, and my spirit would have rather wither than regress into that mess of old. We had barely managed to get rid of it, what a disaster would it be if we get these shackels of Satan back on us. Like our nations don’t suffer already enough…

        And here is a food for your thought. Christianity didn’t force itself on the Rome, nor on barbaric states after Rome, yet it did prevail in that world.
        It achieved impossible it achieved miracle. What was once a religion of few rejected Jews conquered the empires. And not with arms. And even where it was forced, the enforcers passed, and it remained.


      • Oh, and I’d like to add that this “filth” is what gives me a little hope that somewhere within Matt, there is a Heathen crying for blood vengeance against his swarthy Bible wielding oppressors. If, through my permatan-ity, I can goad him towards some internal rampage that will scorch the minions of Beelzebub mid flight, so that they fall like so many black snowflakes, he would then be as worthy of someone’s kinky pubes as any true African whose wives, daughters, or slaves he could win in bloody combat.

        Bring back the “white devil”…because “white” Jesus just makes sheep who commit many times worse atrocities on a much larger scale than the devil version dreamed.


      • “but only because Adriana Lima is the most beautiful woman in human history”

        What, Adriana Lima is the most beautiful woman in human history??? You’re crazy. She’s pretty, but not gorgeous. You probably think she’s so beautiful because supposedly she was a virgin when she got married. A virgin if you don’t consider anal sex, sex. I do. Do you consider a woman that only had anal sex a virgin?

        She said it’s what she did in lieu of vaginal sex. She even had an Arab sheikh she slept with anally.

        I don’t know; maybe some Catholics have anal sex because they think it’s not considered sex. It’s nonsense if that’s what they think. Anal sex, is sex, and to do it with many partners is just filthy, because it’s an easy way to speared STDs. That should strike down your Adriana Lima worship 😀


  34. since we’re making comparison, I just want to say that I love this pink dress on Mrs. Obama and I love how close she and the President are, they’re pratically pelvis to pelvis. They obviously really love each other and seem to be hot for each other too…



  35. she has such nice legs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXCle1JXXVw) wow if i hadn’t come across this post here on CH, I never would have found this video.


  36. That picture above is a reason why East African women (e.g. Ethiopian model Liya Kebede), Indian women (e.g. Canadian actress Melinda Shankar) and other attractive yellow-brown women (outside of the USA and the African-American community) don’t tend to date black African men (lower status, bad features, dark skin, etc) and only date within their own ethnic groups (or similar types).

    Having children with a black man is not only bad for family dynamics (they’re more likely to abandon, divorce and the children are raised by a single mother), it’s bad for status (downwards social mobility) and bad for looks (the children come out ugly, because it takes a lot of white, Arab or Asian blood to reduce black facial and physical characteristics, not to mention guarding the gene pool from being constantly infected by blacks).


    • I have Ethiopian relatives, they don’t think the way you’re describing and ugly comes in all races. I’ve seen some ugly looking white people before, but I know you need to believe that the only time a Black person can be attractive is when they’re infused with white genes. I know you need to believe that, so I won’t take that away from you.


      • I’m talking about the natives and the naturals, not the Americanized types. US Ethiopian-American are a bad description of Ethiopians as Indian-Americans somehow represent Indians. Americanized ethnicities are a different bunch altogether.

        Yes, ugly white people exist, just like beautiful black people exist, but most white people aren’t ugly and most black people aren’t beautiful. Exceptions and rarities don’t make the rule.

        And no, it’s just not white genes. Asian genes, Arab genes, White genes and anything else that is mixed with black does generally make it better and softer. The problem, is when black people (particularly black men) want to spread their genes around.


      • you assume that my Ethiopian relatives are American born? What made you think that?

        That’s funny that you would say that non-Black genes “soften” and make black people look “better”. I’ve always thought that Agbani Darego, Oluchi Onweagba, Leila Lopes, Isha Sesay, all of whom are non-mixed African women had very soft, feminine and beautiful features. I think Halle Berry is pretty, but I just love the features of women like Oluchi and Agbani. just beautiful to me.

        I think that Genevieve Nnaji has very soft, cute and beautiful features. Soft, full lips, high cheek bones, and round noses are appealing to me. I wouldn’t want to look any other way, but If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing… we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        I love her features (http://1fabulousthickie.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/veronique_boubane_miss_belgique_2008.jpg)

        and I love her features too, a non-mixed African-American woman:

        not to say there isn’t beauty in other ethnicities, but I love these features, guess it’s just as well seeing as full lips, high cheek bones and round noses was what I was born with. It’s a mystery to me how people can call those features masculine…or ugly…weird.


      • Ethiopian and Nubian culture, history, and people should be studied more by African Americans as a representation of high culture in Africa’s past. It seems, blacks in America are purposely steered towards, sports, rap, or stone age African tribal culture to prevent them from visualizing higher possibilities in their own development.


    • Hypergamy don’t care.

      Females are after security and resources; this is why they make unreliable racists, which makes the white man insecure.

      He knows his hold on his woman is only due to his domination of resources.

      The white man must practice racism if he is to survive on planet Earth.

      He must act in an aggressive and hostile manner against all other people, and indeed, nature herself.


      • Using your logic the white person doesn’t need to pratise racism because they win based on the dominant position of their resources. Only when they lose their resources is racism needed. You may have a valid point.

        You neglect to mention that the current races without any resources – blacks. Racism would most benefit them because they have no resources – so by your logic blacks would be the most racist. You conveniently left that out.


      • FTM

        Using your logic the white person doesn’t need to pratise racism because they win based on the dominant position of their resources.

        You have the logic backwards.

        The white man doesn’t need ALL women, he only needs white women in order to CONTINUE to produce white people. White women, like all women, are only after resources, so if the white man ever loses control of the resources, it will mean the end of white people.

        The same is not true for black people. I can marry any woman and the offspring will still resemble me.

        Only the white man lays awake in bed late at night worried he may be fucked off the planet by big black cocks.

        Indeed the white preoccupation with the film genre’ of “Aliens invading from outer space”, “little GREEN men from Mars”… is the subconscious projection of this white fear of genetic annihilation that white people have been dealing with ever since they went around the world and discovered they are a small MINORITY of genetically recessive pale skinned people.

        This is why they practice racism; interacting in a hostile aggressive manner with all other people, and even nature herself.

        The white man pretends to hate you, but he really hates himself.


      • I lost you.

        >White women, like all women, are only after resources, so if the white man ever loses control of the resources, it will mean the end of white people.

        You come under the misconception that white people and ‘having resources’ aren’t intimately linked and if you take away the ‘resources’ of a white person they will be like black people – they won’t. Look at the white people that landed in Australia 200 years ago – they had no resources – and look at Australia now. White people are the resource.

        White people have STUFF because they know how to keep jobs, work hard, be smart and ingenious – white people make, invent, create. That’s why some white people have stuff. The white people that don’t work or are dumb, don’t have stuff. Black people that work hard, are ingenious, creative and productive also have stuff. By proportion whites have more stuff then blacks – make your own inferences. You say, “whitey is keeping me down”. So Zimbabwe, when whitey got the f out – what happened? The sad truth is, if we’re getting into the racial aspects of it – an all black technologically advanced society has never existed. Are there genetics behind it? There must be. It’s uncomfortable knowing that your potential is capped by your genes. Just like the white long distance runner that will never win a medal at the Olympics – some truths are difficult to swallow.

        >Only the white man lays awake in bed late at night worried he may be fucked off the planet by big black cocks.

        That’s the thing. White men don’t care much about other cocks – that’s why many white men have embraced open borders – and that’s what’s ruining American productivity – the dilution of white productivity. You however have opened up the window to the black id – you fear losing your women to the white cock. # Projection.

        >… the white preoccupation with the film genre’ of “Aliens invading from outer space”, “little GREEN men from Mars”… is the …

        Bringing up an obscure movie with zero relevance to popular culture means nothing. If you are going to make inferences about whites from pop culture, it needs to be pervasive. AND if you make an intelligent point, I will agree with it.

        BTW, you give zero insight.


      • @ Thwack

        “Only the white man lays awake in bed late at night worried he may be fucked off the planet by big black cocks.”


        you’re too much, Thwack!

        to be fair…I think it’s only the insecure white men who obsess over this.


      • The urban American negroid is the Frankfurt School’s weapon of mass destruction.


    • Ethiopians are “black African”, hillbilly. As are Kenyans, Somali’s. etc.

      Dark skin is also considered more masculine on men (hence the adage “tall, dark and handsome”).

      Your entire non-African “gene pool” is a subset of Africans. Africans are the more genetically fit and older race. If anything, they are doing you a favor.

      lol @ “infecting”.


  37. and Ethiopians are more Black-looking than you think. There are mixed Ethiopians and then there are the Ethiopians that are Black.


    • No, they’re not. I’ve seen East Africans from the Horn. They’re not black. That’s like saying North Africa is black. Yes, a couple of parts from North Africa are black, but other parts are just Arab (or, at least mixed with it).


      • you’re delusional if you think Ethiopians aren’t Black. I would know better than you, trust me.


      • If Ethiopians are not “black”, Portuguese and Italians/Sicilians are not “white”.

        Same basic logic.


      • good point Mr. Deadly


      • Wrong observation. Here’s the deal, unlike African-Americans with their one-drop rule, their black pride, their black history revisions and their binary skin tone mentality, the truth is quite too different out there.

        East Africans (particularly from the Horn of Africa) are considered sometimes the descendants of North African Arabs through the paternal line. They’re not black, and hence have a different culture.

        And what do Mediterranean have to do with this classification? Not much in this instant. Mediterranean are white. Ethiopians are not black. End of story.

        Btw, Ancient Egyptians and even modern Egyptians are not black either.


      • You have absolutely no evidence of this “north african arabs though the paternal line” nonsense. It’s just your fake belief system. Most East Africans are fully black African, and deep down, you know it.

        Mediterraneans are and have long been considered “off-white”, just as you consider East Africans “off black”. So the logic still stands.

        I’d wager Meds have more black in them than than East Africans (and there are more than just Ethiopians) have white/arab. Are you a betting man?


        This quote might sting a little:

        “The study also found that the apparent sub-Saharan ancestry in these populations was actually the result of North African lineage.”



    • I’ve heard and this blogger has mentioned before that Ethiopion woman are the most beautiful in Africa. Much like Russian women are the most beautiful of white women (he’s mentioned that before). You may have a valid point.

      However we talk in generalities and any visit to the Caribbean followed by a visit to the Netherlands will confirm that ON THE AVERAGE white women hold their weight better and are more attractive than black woman overall


      • or it could be that white women in the Netherlands are coming from a completely different socio-economic level and have benefitted from white men procuring their privilege. privilege which enables them to maintain their upkeep. If you compare equal socio-economic, equal backgrounds, then it becomes much less obvious and much more obscure which ethnicity has beauty…why because beauty isn’t race specific.


      • That’s wishful thinking.

        Give me a village of poor unkempt Ukrainian girls over a village of poor unkempt Antiguan girls any day of the week.


      • Ukrainian women are beautiful when they are very, very, young. The problem with them is they age fast and furious. Much faster than other white women. They are like roses – short life – they last 4-5 days and die.


      • You have no idea what you’re talking about here.


      • ehhh…not really


      • That priviledge is earned somwhere along the way too.

        We had WWII that completely laid waste to whole of Europe, and where was that priviledge than?

        But we(well my ancestors) rebuilt it again and almost completely restored it’s old splendor.
        Say Americans aided you. Yes they have out of political necessity, and because of the good investment climate at the time, and we used it – and voila! Got our priviledge back, almost from scratch.

        Now the Asia and more and more Africa has at last acquiered that favorable investment climate, so use it. Don’t squander it, and than you’ll have the priviledge of your own.

        And read history too.


  38. I really wouldn’t sweat white people putting down the looks of black people. First of all, most white folks age like shit in comparison to blacks. By the time most of them reach their mid-twenties they are already showing signs of deterioration. So, they can go on talking about how superior their looks are.

    They need to stop obsessing over black people. The obsessing comes them needing to feel validated.

    There is a lot of jealousy involving how much better black people age, sexual and athletic prowess.

    As for black men not wanting black women, it is the dark skin black men ONLY referring to dark skin black women as ugly and undesirable to them because they hate their own dark skin so much they cannot find those black women attractive. The same dark skin black women that most white men seem to prefer to date and marry and find desirable (i.e., the Williams sister who are always dating good-looking rich white men).

    What do you think black men wouldn’t give up a nut to date or bang the Rihanna, Beyonce or Halle Berry types.


    • As for black men not wanting black women, it is the dark skin black men ONLY referring to dark skin black women as ugly and undesirable to them because they hate their own dark skin so much they cannot find those black women attractive. The same dark skin black women that most white men seem to prefer to date and marry and find desirable (i.e., the Williams sister who are always dating good-looking rich white men).

      It depends if the white man is American, or European, or Canadian/Australian/New Zealand. An European man like David Bowie (he’s British), married Iman. Iman is an East African model. She’s Somali. The Williams Sisters are American.

      When it comes to dark women, I think for Europe, their ideal is more Indian and East African. For US America, their ideal is more West African. For Canada, Australia and New Zealand, their ideal is East Asian. It’s a different scene.

      I still stick to my claim that Indian women, and East African women, are the best looking (and sometimes cultured) dark women.


      • as long as you understand that your “claim” is your opinion and your preference and that your claim is not the same for everyone.


      • I’m just describing different preferences among different people. I think that South Asian women (Indian, Bangladeshi) are better looking than East Asian women on some occasions, but men from Canada, Australia and New Zealand would disagree and would pick the East Asian one. Likewise, an Arab man may like the East African one and another man (a white American man) would pick the West African woman.


      • everyone has their preference, i agree. I think it’s more cultural than anything else though.


    • ” There is a lot of jealousy involving how much better black people age, sexual and athletic prowess. ”

      Stereotyping much are we ??


      • If I said all black people were ignorant and lazy (negative stereotypes). What would your response be then? My guess is, you wouldn’t refer to them as stereotypical at all, right. Or respond at all.


      • good point.


      • on September 8, 2013 at 2:42 pm Hammer of Love

        Are you here to assume and bitch ?? I’m sure you weren’t being sarcastic when you made the above mentioned statements. You just don’t like being called out on it. If one stereotype is bad, then aren’t they all ?


      • Whitney Houston said when she met Bobby Brown they stayed up for two straight nights doing coke and fucking. Know what? I believe it. So whats the big deal if you occasionally have a bit of jealousy as you sit at your desk? Blacks athleticism? Very impresive. Jealousy,in normal amounts,which is a passing thought or feeling,is perfectly normal. You think I aint jealous of the Slimey Jew and his ability to put together a business? And the Orientals ability to slog thru his calculus studies? But if you’re gonna be jealous of something,I think 48 hours of coke fueled fucking is probably a sensible thing to be jealous of. As for aging..I have never once in my entire life held a thought of jealousy re blacks aging. Do they age well? I havent noticed that. I don t think anybody ages well.


  39. Peanut, there is universal agreement across cultures as to what constitutes beauty. BLACK men prefer black women with white features. INDIAN men prefer indian women with white features. CHINESE men prefer chinese women with white features. HISPANIC men prefer hispanic women with white features.

    Check it: http://jezebel.com/sigh-venezuelan-women-are-getting-nose-jobs-to-look-mo-686722094

    Bottom line: NOBODY goes to a big party and asks, “Hey, where all the dark women at?”


    • where did you get the idea that Black men prefer Black women with “white features…”and what do you mean by white features???


    • there is no universal agreement as to what constitutes beauty if that’s the case, how come when I went to a predominately Black country just six months ago, I saw dark-skinned African women held up as the beauty standard and featured in the local festivals and dancing in sparkling swimsuits with confidence, grace and sensuality? There was a significant population of white women in the country, but they weren’t really held up like they are here in the US. so how can that be if there are universal standards cross culturally?


      • Bring a nordic blond there and all the locals will go insane,will forget all their local beauty queens in a second.

        Just look what happens in India-those pathetic loosers just rape anything what even remotely represents a european woman.


      • there were nordic, bleached blondes there, they didn’t go insane.


      • I’m not saying that there aren’t beautiful women in other ethnicities. There are beautiful white women, not taking that away from any one, but what I am saying is…beauty is not exclusive to one group and there are beautiful women in every ethnicity, there really are. you can have a preference, but don’t tell me that my look and my preference in beauty is inferior just because it’s different than yours.

        and rape doesn’t equate to beauty, not in the least. we aren’t even going to go there cuz there is much to be said about that type of hypocrisy coming from a white man


      • can you answer a question, what is the point of pushing your beauty standards on other people? What does that accomplish?


      • Actually, symmetry of features seems to be a major component of beauty across all cultures, both in art and in physical appearance.


    • It is really okay if you as a white man prefer white women, they’re the women that you come from…but I’m still at a loss as to why you need to believe that you’re superior, while Black women are inferior… why wouldn’t you just have your preference and let it be??

      That is why I don’t even understand why Michelle Obama was featured in this article, why not just look at the other two women, who are white and be satisfied with that? Why bring a Black woman into it at all?


      It’s really only in areas, countries and cultures that have been touched by European standards due to mass enslavement and colonization that western beauty ideals prevail. everyone has their own standards otherwise. sure there are some features that cross-culturally are preferred like having a symmetrical face, not being extremely obese, having a healthy, shapely figure if you’re a woman, but otherwise it’s very cultural.

      I’ve traveled enough to know that beauty standards are definitely not the same everywhere you go.


      • Black men,latin american,indian and arab men will f*ck any woman,fat or ugly,as long as she is white.Pure observation and male point of view.

        Why do you think British grannies travel to Jamaica for sex and Russian fatties travel to Turkey and Egypt?


      • well from my understanding the british grannies are paying the jamaican men for sex.


      • So why don’t they pay,say,white albanians for sex?Albania is a poor country too


      • Its because no money will make an albanian man be able to have an erection to a british granny.Not an issue for a black man.


      • because maybe they want Black men for sex…maybe because of certain sexual stereotypes…


      • There are eastern european male escorts in the UK who have sex with British grannies, they can get it up…I saw documentary on it.


      • No there are not.Link the documentary please.
        Albanians are not eastern european,they are balkan/southern european.Like greeks

        And the reason I gave example of Russian fatties going to Turkey for sex in massive numbers is exactly this-it has nothing to do with money or income.It’s just truks are ready to have sex with anything which moves,as long as she is white.


      • The CIA classifies Albania as being Southeastern Europe.


  40. When it comes white men dating black women, they are most likely to want to know where the dark skinned black women are.

    It’s true African men are not falling all over themselves to mate/date with white and lighter women. It’s African-American men.


    • When it comes white men dating black women, they are most likely to want to know where the dark skinned black women are.

      What is considered “dark” among African-Americans is not necessarily “dark” for others. African-Americans think that “dark” is blue-black. It’s so binary and one-sided. Skin color is a spectrum. It goes from white to olive to yellow to brown to black.

      From that perspective, yellow isn’t “light”. It’s just medium. And brown? Well, brown is dark.

      For Europeans, Mediterranean are dark. For South Asians, Indians are dark. For East Asians, Filipinos are dark.

      An East African female model like Liya Kebede is “light” for blacks, but she’s dark for a lot of Arab, Asian or White men. A Canadian-Indian actress like Melinda Shankar may be “light” for blacks, but she’s dark for everybody else.

      When it comes to dark women, I think for Europe, their ideal is more Indian and East African. For US America, their ideal is more West African. For Canada, Australia and New Zealand, their ideal is East Asian. It’s a different scene.

      It’s true African men are not falling all over themselves to mate/date with white and lighter women. It’s African-American men.

      Quite true.


      • Liya Kebede isn’t light by any African-American standard that I’m familiar with. She’s brown-skinned.


      • Good point. Anyhow, I’m just showing how it’s all relative and it’s a spectrum (not binary).


      • Okay, however, it does not matter which part of Africa they originated from or whether they possess “white features”–they are still black people, period.


  41. @ Caramba,

    I never said Adriana Lima was an example of African beauty. I said she was a woman who considered herself Afro-Brazilian. She is mixed, her Great Grandmother was Black and more than likely a significant portion of her European ancestry is a result of White Portuguese men forcing themselves on African women. You had your buddy on here going on about mass inseminating Black women and I responded that we’ve had enough of that, we do not need any more of it.


  42. never said adriana lima was an example of Black beauty.


  43. on September 8, 2013 at 2:33 pm gunslingergregi



  44. The part of the with the most Neanderthal genes = Northern Europe, especially Germany.
    The part of the world with none = Sub Saharan Africa.
    The genes inherited from Neanderthals almost all encode for Central Nervous System formation.


    • ^ Your point is?


      • Rum’s point is that Sub-Saharan Africans (aka Black Africans) are quite low-status, and quite possibly retarded. I agree with him. They have the worst genes, the worst appearance (skin color, facial characteristics, body features, mental capacity), the worst culture (it’s not even a quasi-civilization they have, it’s full-blown savagery) and that’s why almost nobody wants to mix with them, unless they are brainwashed by US American NGOs, corporations, international organizations and the like.

        Arab blood, Asian blood and other types are good to so-so, but none are as bad as sub-Saharan Africans.


      • It’s about your opinion. You won’t and can’t back up anything you say with facts.

        I could flip everything you said on its head and just as easily say it about white people (especially Northern Europeans) in 1500 BC. Dumb, savagery, terrible culture, worst appearance etc. Hell, I could say it about most white people in the 12th century.

        The Celts, for example, used captured heads as footballs and displayed them outside their houses for passersby. Kings of Irish clans would engage in ritual sexual intercourse with horses (following their coronation). Let’s agree to not go there.


    • Good point, Rum.


  45. The part of the world…


  46. D.G.



  47. D.G.

    Yeah. I feel SO busted and exposed at this moment. I think I will retreat back
    into the dimmest corner of this vile, rotten basement I have been forced to live in ever since… the accident.


  48. Gonna bust my fucking Euro NUT here mainly on “yeah right” and then in a more fair way where anyone can receive 140 IQ sperm to either make babies, rub into their skin for a massive derma-cleanse, or I dunno, what the fuck ever really.

    yeah right– Weak fucking sauce brah. Lots of CH readers have never seen nigger trolls before so they are not skilled in the ways of the dark side of the force. Left most woman is a teenage boy? If your teenage boy was actually more like a teenage silverback gorilla. Euro and Asiatic men crave the LEFT-most body 34-30-34 (give or take) above all. Silverback gorillas crave the right most image because any hole is a hole. Fake image, ok, fair enough, but the concept is STILL valid. The fakery was magnifique… Mooshelll wearing a similar outfit with her busted nap-head pulled up into her head.

    Meanwhile, even OLD Euro women destroyed her, outright. Left is 36+ going on 16. Only Asian and European women have this level of fuckability over 30. US/UK women THINK they do, but they carry themselves like nig-nogs. I.E. WAY too much self-esteem without the body/face/age/reality to make it happen. *shrug* Don’t shoot the messenger—

    Now quickly on “yeah right”– As you may imagine I read far and wide on the interwebs. Generally, black chicks parading as men, and to a lesser extent actualy black males accuse white men of wanting “teenage boys” because why?

    This is going to H U R T more than you can handle. A long time ago, European Men who have always been your better made a decision that worked like this, and you won’t find it in modern history books, but it IS reality, if you look it up.

    “We need nigger slaves”. Men- tall, well built, muscled, low IQ, able to work the fields but not question our authority too much.

    Women– able to survive the “Middle AKA Triangular Passage” and still bear children. Massive mammaries and fat deposits in the buttocks to survive transatlantic malnourishment but still bear many slave children in the New World.

    Been to Africa? Likely not. I have. Most africans are average. Men are of average height/build women the same. Not the muscular violent cretins that are AA males, nor the hyper breeding machines that are AA females. I.E. PAY ATTENTION You exist in your current form today because why? European Men bred you, like horses or cattle RealTalk™ nigga.

    What were you saying before about Europeans? I forgot…


  49. Deadly Guy

    I am not Irish, but proper-fucking a female horse, in public, right after being crowned King – is not the kind of thing that I think should embarrass any man.


    • Your not Irish but your still white 😀

      White people have been known to like that kind of stuff (or worse).

      I say go for it. Just don’t claim to be more “civilized”. lol.


  50. I never said anything about being Civilized. I said that folks with lots of Neanderthal genetics have substantially different brains from folks who do not. Not better; not worse. Just different. Like Zuffenhausen is different than Zimbabwe.


  51. You are going to need a war face..


  52. Looking very nice sexy ass :)).


  53. Honestly, even with the black nationalist tendencies I’ve built up over the years, I’d never fuck Michelle. I’m sure she’s a kind woman and a good mother, but she doesn’t stimulate me.

    Yeah, most black men want a woman without dominant features, my only answer to that notion is, well, men response to visual stimuli, and that form of stimuli defines their sexual ambitions. This disclosure speaks for itself.

    CH, keeping niggas honest, as always.


  54. If you put Michelle Obama in a lineup of 50 year old women with 2 children, she would come out at least in the top 10 percent. Most 50 year old white women look 60 even if they are not fat.

    Michele looks 40.

    Yes she is starting to have that “secretary spread” but she is managing to hold on much better than many women.

    Think about all the women that blow up at 30?

    50 year old women have to diet and work out to look like her; this is why she has so much support among women.

    Come on white people, try to be more responsible with you hatred of black females, She could look like a 400 pound surly negro postal clerk named “Laqueefa”


    Im on my break!


    • I would agree. Michelle is no beauty, but she has aged well. In some ways, she looks better now than she did in younger pictures.


  55. Assuming Al isn’t a jewish fraternity brother trying to make his fellow interest earners laugh;

    Wow. Well, my friends welcome to the world of the “afro-studies” graduates. If people think it is bad now, give it a few years. Early years of self esteem education, pushed through high school for showing up, college scholarship for finishing top ten percent of his all black senior class by passing sixth grade math and then straight to the afro/gender studies department of his wonderful university ensuring he never, ever has to form a thought and certainly not an abstract thought ((genetically not capable) –“as recently proved by modern science (but theorized by many before.))”

    Great work Al, Im sure you are now exhausted after such and incredible piece (assuming you wrote it and you didn’t copy Prof. Finkelstein’s work), but put the grape drink down for a minute and try to get through what I am writing. Yes of course I know it wont help and it is a futile effort, but humor me.

    Yes whites and Asians have up to 4% Neanderthal DNA. Guess what else Al? There has never been a strand of Neanderthal DNA found in subsahara Africa. Whoops. Do you know what that means Al? Of course not. It means that the out of Africa fantasy is just that, a fantasy. More proof of course that whites and blacks really aren’t the same species but I wont get into that as Im sensing you’re already getting sleepy.

    “Their sexual issues may be a result of having spent so much time in Glacial Europe during the ice age. This is how whites came about. “White” after all is essentially – ALBINISM – a genetically recessive feature that was able to thrive in Ice Age Europe due to the fact that the lack of sun light.”

    Yes “albinism” like the very very pale Eskimo that seem to thrive in Alaska. Hmm weird. They don’t seem like albinos. Also Al, Im sure you are aware that no one, not even defective Europeans lived on glaciers. Maybe, just maybe they moved south and created things like oh I don’t know Egypt, Greece. Oh wait I forgot the pyramids done be built by Africans. Right Al, isn’t that what youre esteemed afro studies professors “taught” you? I guess much like the current population (85%) of pavement apes, err, architects in Detroit built that city as well, right? Doesn’t it make sense? After all they are currently occupying Detroit’s streets (literally). Since you brought up modern science look into Tut’s DNA. Look into the Egyptian art dated long before the simian tribes came north. Sure Africans ended up in Egypt (one of the original white flight scenarios) but when the glaciers were gone Al, so went the Euros back up north to continue their “weird sexuality issues.”

    “You are trapped in an ICE AGE environment. Food of any kind is extremely difficult to find ALL the time. You live in caves.”

    Ummm, Al, whites have never been trapped (until recently in america) anywhere from the beginning of time. However there is another group of advanced apes (sometimes referred to as human, homo-erectus, pavement apes, African-american etc) that are seemingly trapped in perpetuity. You know Al, that means forever, no end to their entrapment or their “oppression” as you most likely learned in your esteemed institutions.

    Now we get to the good stuff Al. The big words you used to show off that 74 IQ. As I reread your expertise Im thinking this is a troll attempting to be funny, but somehow my gut is screaming you really are a typical modern day negro that truly believes you done been educated.

    -Pedophilia: prepubescent children cannot reproduce: not birth threat

    Let us talk about pedophilia in the sun peoples community shall we Al. Have you ever been to Africa? Ever been offered a 12 yr old girl by her brother? Ever have a co-worker tell you in graphic detail how he and his brother (aged 7 and 9 at the time) would sodomize and double penetrate their 16 yr old babysitter? Talk to ANY inner city retired (of course) cop about life in the ghetto Al. Afro studies theory and reality are as similar as hot and cold my friend. Every day is another case of incest mostly, followed closely by incest with pedophilia. Like you said Al, “reproduction is met with great joy,” oh yes it is Al yes it is. Mainly by uncles sodomizing nieces generally in the 10-13 age range. Of course a fully developed female pavement ape at the age of 12 is a common site in the hood so maybe pedophilia isn’t a fair charge. It gets much worse Al, but lets move on I don’t want to give away all the hood secrets.

    Homosexuality. Certainly whites have their fair share of faggots. However “downlow” brothas are far and away the biggest collection of pillow biters on the planet. Now like everything in life Al, racism accounts for the down low brothas not getting a fair shake and white faggots seemingly holding a monopoly on all things queer, but again that is just racism of course. Per capita gay male pavement apes far outnumber human fags. Of course if you want to throw in sodomy or forced sodomy as a form of homosexuality well then Al, your brothers and sisters just won the grand prize.

    Sado-masochism- Gee Al, when was the last time you tuned into blacks on blondes? Yes I know you have it bookmarked. Enough said. By the way when pavement apes rape white human women by the thousands and in most cases sodomize their boyfriends what would you consider that Al? Spreading the love? Maybe ask your professors about the Knoxville horror or the Wichita massacre.

    “Infertile/Lower fertility women: women with obviously boyish shapes are likely less fertile overall: less birth threat.” Hey Al, have you ever heard of this place called China? No fertility there whatsoever. Maybe look into the Amish, they are of course from that sexually deviant European stock of German and Dutch, but by some African magic/voodoo perhaps, their women routinely have 8-10 beautiful blonde babies. Weird.

    Zoophilia: Finally Al, finally your education seems to be paying off. I totally agree. There is a large, very large portion of human women that sleep with animals. Sometimes these animals are referred to as negroes or homo africanus. This is definitely a sickness among white women and is certainly (as you would say) a “weird sexuality issue.” What is weird Al is that it seems the more white women graduate from the same type of curriculum that you clearly absorbed so well, the more zoophilia takes place. Didn’t Prof Schlomowitz teach you that zoophilia is a sick, weird sexual deviancy? Why then didn’t the chubby white girls listen? Probably anti-semites. Call it zoophilia, mud sharking, oil drilling, but yes Al, it is a problem.

    Now I can assure you Al I am under no illusion that you followed anything that I have written. At this point Im certain you finished a gallon of grape drink, smoked a rock and are at this very moment passed out with your hand in your sweatpants. I’ve seen it before. That is OK, and perfectly natural. What is not natural for you is attempting to read, write, formulate a coherent thought and debate in the presence of humans. I have written a fifth grade level rebuttal to your nonsense Al. Serious question: When you and your pack mates are indoctrinated with this stuff, do you honestly not have the ability to form one obvious counterpoint, or are the results of all the cognitive ability tests, ever devised from the beginning of time, correct after all? Rhetorical of course.

    Almost forgot:

    “The other solution: channelling repressed sexual energy into violence: Hence the white propensity for Organized Violence.”

    This has got to be a set up Al. You could not have written this to be taken seriously, could you?

    bloods, crips, zulu, watusi, nelson mandelas band of “necklacing” merrymen, black panthers, every single area that has a group of blacks aged 15-40 etc etc. , “the youths” of Detroit, St Louis, Houston, Gary, Newark, Camden, S. Dallas, Chicago, LA, Oakland, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Jackson, Birmingham, Haiti, S Africa and on and on and on….

    Hey AL what sexual term would you use to describe cannibalism still practiced in 2013 Africa? Cant be a good reproduction strategy to eat your mates can it?


  56. Although I really wanted to ask…what do you gain by dissing the First Lady? Just wondering.

    I know you aren’t the politically correct type but you must have a premeditated agenda behind this post.

    To each, their own, I guess…


  57. The reason why the media and people won’t acknowledge Black women like

    (Once again for all you Black woman HATAS!)


    Is because she would kill the self esteem of ….. ah never mind. Just feast your eyes again HATERS and you can’t claim her as a halfie. She is 100% brown sugar (with some Native American) but no WHITE. So don’t even try it.


    • She might not have any white blood in her, but she has noticeably white features. I mean, that nose is straight outta Prussia.


      • Sooooo having a straight nose doesn’t make her black? Lmao! I guess white women like Angelina Jolie with big lips aren’t really white?

        [CH: When a commenter’s reading comprehension is so poor, and their resort to strawmen so quick, and their facility with sloppy argumentation so refined, I find it pointless to bother engaging them. So consider this the most attention you will get from me.]


      • That’s fine! I’m still going to respond to you 😀

        But I know exactly what you are sayying. I don’t have poor reading skills. I can clearly read through this typical racist kind of comments that people say about Black women who are undeniably beautiful.

        Usually when you can’t literally claim they are “mixed” the first thing a White person points out is “oh well she has “WHITE” features”!

        IOW’s “well even though she is Black she only looks that way because of her Whitish features.”

        But yet beautiful Whites women with obvious traditional Black features like full and big lips don’t get “well she’s hot but look at her Black woman like lips!”

        My point was whether her nose was straight or not doesn’t take away from the fact she still looks Black and is beautiful. Instead of you just saying wow what a beautiful woman, you had to JUSTIFY with pointing out her “whitish nose”.

        Whites have been doing it for years – especially White men who feel a need to JUSTIFY anything that is Black female and beautiful. You guys will look for ANYTHING that you can take away from her simply being just a beautiful Black woman without trying to say she is somehow watered down with WHITE or some other “WHite feature” that makes her look the way she does.

        I’m just tired of this pathalogical obsession Americans and WHite men especially have with constantly putting down the looks of Black women to uplift White women who you pedestalize. Its so unnecessary. If white women are the creme le cream to you – then stop even talking about Black women!!!? WHy even mention us at all??????

        In regards to this post you are comparing a 50 year old woman Black woman to two 30 something year olds!!??

        REALLY? Sorry but WHite women her age can only pray to have the smooth skin textures and toned body that Michelle has at her age. We all know what those two WHite women in the photo will look like at 50 and it won’t be pretty! of course they’ll rely on the works of a plastic surgeon to help them “hold up” but that still doesn’t help!


      • -.-” she is obviously mixed, damn she even has light eyes


      • I think that your idea of what constitutes “black features” is warped and rooted in realist observations.

        [CH: ftfy]

        Is it that perhaps every black woman who doesn’t resemble Aunt Jemima has white features to you?

        [Another idiot who denies that patterns exist in nature.]

        Other than her hair, there is nothing “white” in that woman’s features…and what are you implying with your comment, elaborate. I have my ideas, but I’d like you to say it.

        [Actually, there’s a lot that’s white in her features. Obvisouly, her skin is mocha, but her nose and small jaw are white-looking.]


      • (http://24.media.tumblr.com/76706207bce584ac815c6cb108754798/tumblr_mg23lqsq5Q1rcpg0lo1_400.jpg)

        so we can see it again

        [CH: THis woman is not as goog-looking as the woman you posted earlier.]


      • EXACTLY! Its just another way for a WHite man to try and justify what his eyes sees – a beautiful Black woman. Its so just …ugh! He erased my post where I pointed out that they only do it because WHite men have thier heads so far up White women’s butts they will even go as far as putting down Black women to keep WHite women up on that pedestal. LOL

        Most WHite men cannot reconcile their racist superiority White women ideals, so they focus on putting down Black women. And then when they see a Black woman who they obviously can’t deny as beautiful they try to justify it by sayng “oh yeah but look at her features they are WHITE LOOKING”.

        They can and never can just give credit to Black women when its due wothout trying to add in some racist ideal that Black women are only beautiful when they have Whitish features.

        Most White women are simply overrated and benefit from being apart of a dominant culture that pushes their beauty ideals onto others. PERIOD. When WHite men start talking about how “hot” a White woman is i truly take it with a grain of salt because most of the time (like 70-80%) they are just average WHite women.

        The bottom line: All a White woman in American society has to have to even be thought of as attractive, pretty or beautiful is have white skin, blonde hair, teeth and a vagina. What does that mean? Any ugly to average White woman can blonde up her hair and starve herself to be “HOT” in most WHitemen’s eyes.

        That is why Black women need to start calling them out and stop allowing them to put us down!

        I’m not saying the owner of the blog is 100% rcist because there ar things I like about him, but he gets on my damn nerves with his anti Michelle Obama uncessary hate!


      • yeah, I’m not here to bash the other two women in the photo, but what gets me is why Black women are even brought up at all? I don’t care if a white man doesn’t care for Black women’s beauty…in general (for whatever reason), have your preference but to imply that we’re inherently less attractive or that we’re somehow inferior to white women to me is very ignorant.

        Then, to add insult to injury, to imply that the only way a Black woman can be beautiful is if she has so-called white features or is part white is even more ignorant. First of all, blog owner doesn’t even know what Black features are…that much is clear, secondly, as you mentioned Neecy, I basically think that’s a cop out because in the mind of an ignorant and close-minded white man, black and beautiful just don’t compute, so of course if a Black woman is beautiful, there must be some way to whiten her beauty…she either magically becomes mixed when she’s not or she has so-called white features, when she doesn’t.

        It’s fine to prefer white women, but it’s puzzling to me why a white man who prefer white women wouldn’t just focus his energy on white women, instead of focusing energy on how “ugly” black women are supposed to be.

        I remember once I was on a forum about Leila Lopes (Angolan woman) and lo and behold the racist white men come on… and what’s the first thing they do…they turn Leila Lopes, who is a Black African woman, into a mixed woman…”oh she’s got some Portuguese in her,” that’s why she doesn’t look like a m-nkey… and Leila Lopes is not mixed-race..

        looks pretty African to me…



      • White people have been doing this since the beginning of time! They will NEVER openly admit that there are black women who are beautiful without their “help”.

        [CH: There’s no point discussing anything with you, because your ego is too butthurt to accept reason into your life. But for the studio audience, it is useful to make an example of your immunity to straight talk. So, to wit: No one at CH is saying that there are no beautiful black women. What we ARE saying is that there are fewer attractive black women as a proportion of their total population compared to the proportion of attractive women in non-black races. About the only races that have a larger percentage of ugly women are aborigines and amazonian jungle tribes.]

        White men especially do this because they are constantly trying to prove something with white women. Lol. That is why they can’t simply talk about their preferences and likes if white women ALONE without bashing black women in the process. They believe it makes them look good in the eyes of white women but most importanyly they believe doing that will give them FAVOR with white women. So bashing black women makes insecure white women and white men feel safe.

        It’s like “hey look white women I’m proving my love and loyalty to you as women by not only uplifting and exhaling your beauty but picking on this other group to show you how amazing your whiteness is!!!”

        — somebody hand NEECY a barf bag please!—

        I really don’t see how this has been working out for them as men at all other than looking petty and hateful and insecure.

        [Reality is petty hateful and insecure to those who suffer its greatest indignities.]


      • Your black woman hamster is in overdrive. This post really revved the little feller up, eh?


      • Neecy,

        “Milder years ago when I first started posting.”

        I think the word I’m looking for is “lol.”

        What the hell is going on with you, huh — no more boyfriend? 😉


      • “Stormfront posters?”

        Neecy — if Greg is the worst we’ve got, we’re doing pretty well.–


      • Good question. He’s around I’m sure, being his usual witty self.–

        One of the best things about CH is that very different people have acquired soft spots for one another.–


      • And now you’re negging him with “harmless?”



      • http://www.bestafricanmodels.com/var/albums/Agbani-Darego/Agbani-Darego-Vol-1/Agbani%20Darego%20-%20Vol%201%20(16).jpg?m=1346941155

        Is this black enough for you? I know she doesn’t have the “unappealing prognathism,” that you think is so common on Black women, but I’d say she’s pretty Black looking and quite beautiful.


      • Also. If he’s trying to insinuate that Brandi’s beauty simply comes from having a straight “whitish” nose then he has to explain why black women like rihanna are beautiful with clearly African like wide round noses.


        Look at black women like rihanna. She has a wide round nose and is still gorgeous. So what’s his point? Wide or straight nose, if a woman is black and beautiful her nose shape doesn’t give or take away from her beauty or her being black.


      • and not all Black people have so-called “wide noses,” there are non-mixed Black people who have “narrower, pointy” noses, WEST african included

        look at this west african woman: http://khamitkinks.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/tumblr_lb4v8aagrm1qcerqgo1_400.jpg


      • I’m aware that not all blacks have wide noses just as not all white people have straight noses.

        [CH: Are you a dumb shit or are you just playing a dumb shit? The “straightness” of her nose is not the relevant metric; it’s the model’s SIZE of her nose that is relevant, and in that regard her nose resembles white noses more than it resembles black noses.

        ps michelle obama looks like an ugly gorilla. #truth]


      • Also the only thing narrow on that woman’s nose you posted is her bridge. I wouldn’t call her nose straight at all. It’s very full and wide towards the bottom.


    • Neecy, baby, that’s a nice blackish bitch. Just don’t let her get her hands on the Jack Daniels.–


      • ????? Jack Daniels? LOL

        And why does she have to be a bitch. Can’t she just be a beautiful Black WOMAN?? n/a!! 😡

        I still love you though. But you know how I get when it comes to sticking up for the sistas!!!


      • Neecy, kiddo, why are you spazzing out here?

        Daddy’s gonna walk you through this and calm you down.

        First, trivia:

        1. Jack Daniels b/c she’s part Injun and you know how they love the sauce.

        2. Nice blackish bitch is the kind of alliteration that beautiful black woman somehow can’t match;

        and, more seriously —

        You don’t need to stick up for the sistas. A man has an instrument in his pants which acts as an infallible guide when the time is right.

        Until then, what anyone says is just talk baby, and talk is priced low.–

        [CH: Black women’s hamsters are roided up, because they possess the worst of both characteristics: huge, overinflated egos + disproportionally representative physical ugliness. It’s like mixing oil and water.]


    • But what is the point? She doesn’t even look black African, like you do.

      Last time i was to Rome, and saw some good looking Ghanian women, looked good and behaved femininne. That was a sight to see.

      But when i was to Lyon a month ago i saw fat, agressive African American girls. what a monstrosity.