CH Game Wisdom Confirmed: Never Apologize If You Want To Win Hearts And Gines

CH Poon Commandment VIII (first printed oct 2008):

VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell her you “feel bad” about what you did. You are granted two freebie “I’m sorry”s for the life of your relationship; use them wisely.

Recently, in the Washington Beta, an article was published confirming that the CH game advice to never apologize is effective at winning people to your cause.

Donald Trump never apologizes for his controversial remarks. Here’s why he shouldn’t.


Research shows that a person who backs down in a dispute becomes less likable to observers, who may want to punish that individual.

Second, overconfidence, even to the point of breaking rules, causes people to view an individual more positively, as does social risk-taking. In particular, males who show social dominance are judged more attractively as potential mates. An individual who does not back down in the face of controversy shows confidence by not giving in to social pressure, and takes a risk by refusing to follow the conventional path. Some on the right openly suggest that part of Trump’s appeal lies in his refusal to apologize and his unwillingness to be “politically correct.”

“some on the right’. hey, throw a chateau proprietor a bone here!

Here is where my research comes in. […]

Respondents… read about the suggestion by then-Harvard President Larry Summers in 2005 that genetic factors help to explain the lack of high-performing female scientists and engineers at top universities. After reading the comments and hearing about the outcry, half the participants were told that Summers defended himself by saying he believed that “raising questions, discussing multiple factors that may explain a difficult problem, and seeking to understand how they interrelate is vitally important.” The rest learned that he had apologized and read a brief statement Summers made expressing regret for his comments and reflecting on the damage that they had caused. […]

The results for the Summers controversy were even more surprising. Of those who read about his apology, 64 percent said that he “definitely” or “probably” should have faced negative consequences for his statements about women. However, that number dropped to 56 percent when respondents were led to believe that Summers stood firm in his position. Moreover, the surprisingly negative effect of Summers’ apology was even larger among the groups that arguably should have appreciated the apology: women and liberals.

No one who is familiar with Le Chateau’s teachings should be surprised that women and liberals react the most positively to alpha male Realtalkers who don’t back down like sniveling plushphag manlets from their hurtful, triggering words.

CH has long been on record stating that liberals, women, and especially liberal women are secret submissives and CRAVE the guiding pimp hand of a strong, deliberate, unshakable, dominant alpha male to calm the storm of their feels whirlwinds. And now here’s ¡SCIENCE! to give its imprimatur — the same imprimatur that shitlibs adore more than life itself when it’s used to discredit biblical creationists — to one of the coldest, stoniest, Heartiste-iest ugly truths.

perchance, to *preen*.


  1. on October 21, 2015 at 4:07 pm Diversity Is Good

    And never, ever, ever apologize to an SJW. Any apology to them will immediately be twisted into a confession of guilt / badthink like something out of the 1930’s Communist show trials. That’s really what happened to Summers, his apology was immediate proof of crimethink, and he couldn’t back track fast enough.

    Of course science confirms Heartiste rules – reality always wins one way or another, and weak people such as women & libs crave, crave a strong lead they can follow.

    As the world turns away from r and towards K we should see this ever more clearly.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 4:24 pm Captain Tautological

      > “CH has long been on record stating that liberals, women, and especially liberal women are secret submissives” ——— Yes, and very early on, Eskimo Psychiatry had identified this weakness in the Left side of Our Race’s bell curve for obstinacy – probably as soon as Marx realized what a laughably pathetic squish that Engels was in his hands. Certainly by the era of Marcuse and Gramsci, the Eskimo Psychiatrists would have realized that the far Left was completely submissive when fed a steady diet of Eskimo narratives. And who was the marxist theoretician who said that White intellectuals were the easiest to corrupt because White bookish people had such a strong tendency to believe anything that they read in print? Ergo all an Eskimo had to do was print up the lies on paper, and the White intellectuals would swallow them hook line & sinker?


      • on October 21, 2015 at 4:32 pm Captain Tautological

        Heck, Der Fuhrer probably realized it too, and, by the mid- to late-1930s, doubtless had previously-marxist German professors eating out of his hand. I guess the flip side of the phenomenon is that if we ever Right the sinking ship of Western Civilization, then when the Left finally comes back around to Our point of view, and learns to mimic some basic modicum of sanity, we will have to remember that they are, at heart, completely untrustworthy. You know, the Psych guys at the CIA and the NSA ought to have psychological tests for this sort of thing – for detecting intellectual malleability in the face of relentless propaganda and disinformation.


      • Very good observation. It made me think of catholic Ireland in the 40s-70s. Ireland was once known as the land of saints and scholars. These bookish people swallowed the dogma hook line and sinker, with everyone behaving impeccabley, maintaining social mores, etc. Italy, also a pure catholic country, behaved differently and took the dogma with a grain of salt. They sucked and fucked to their hearts’ content and got a pardon at weekends in confession. Italy of course incorporated much swarthy dna. Same doctrine, different interpretation. The American (ny, etc) clergies also faced congregations of Italians Hispanics etc, and in those scenarios, the Irish ex pats also gave less of a tuppeny’s.
        The cia worked with Nazi war criminals they rescued from trials, and continued the mind experimentation that mengele et al had been conducting (of course we’re only ever told of the medical/body experimentation . This was how they developed monarch, mk, etc.


      • Alternatively, you can apologize, but for their shortcomings, not yours. Example: “I’m sorry you aren’t capable of understanding the situation properly”.

        This can be powerful because it re-frames their argument as a lack of sufficient intellect on their part.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:29 am Captain Obvious

        TT, I was shocked at the speed with which “the most conservative nation in Europe”, Southern Ireland, flipped on a dime [within just a decade or two] and enthusiastically and overwhelmingly embraced s0d0mite “marriage” in a recent voter referendum. It reminds me of the ease with which the Eskimos were able to manipulate Southern Irishman Ted Kennedy into betraying the White Race with his sponsorship of the Eskimo’s 1965 Immigration Act here in the USA.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:48 am Captain Obvious

        TT, it’s also fascinating that the Brits never picked up on Philby, Blount, et al, whose Cambridge ringleader might have been the Eskimo soothsaying hypnotist, Ludwig Wittgenstein [although others suspect G H Hardy, and God only knows what really transpired beneath Bertrand Russell’s thick skull]. Anyway, I wonder whether the Brits were late to the Game as far developing psychological analyses for e.g. intellectual malleability in the face of Eskimo troublemaking.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

        Read about Arnold Deutsch and Adam Purpis and Litzi Friedman and all the rest of the Eskimos who were leading the Cambridge s0d0mites around via chains on their frigging BDSM submissive nose rings.


      • Fascinating discussion.

        I’ve always been disturbed by Wittgenstein’s decision, when he was already a much-feted “Genius” in Britain, to return to Austria to be an elementary school teacher to little boys

        I’ve been thinking, too, lately about Plato’s famous distrust of the written word. The simple power that Print has had to hypnotize people with the appearance of objective truth is fascinating and terrifying.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 4:25 pm Captain Tautological

        Charles K!kehammer on Faux News right now, working furiously to deflect attention away from his old “The New Republic” colleague, Sidney Blumenthal. What a c0hencidence. Like clockwork. K!kehammer knows that Sidney Blumenthal was moving Libyan weapons through the ancient Eskimo stronghold of Turkey in order to create ISIS for the purpose of eradicating all remaining vestiges of Middle Eastern Christianity.


    • yeah, this.

      Vox Day has articulated it very well: to a leftist, an apology isn’t a chance at reconciliation or forgiveness; it is aconfession, an admission of guilt. And leftists see themselves not as equals to you, but as prosecutors in show trials—like the evil Vyshinsky from the Soviet Union. And what does a prosecutor—especially in a show trial—use a confession for?

      To punish the criminal completely!

      Vox’s book about SJWs is gold, Jerry, gold!


      • Speaking of Vox, “SJW Always Lie” is available in paperback. I’m ordering two copies.

        I will pay $100 for a paperback compilation of CH Game posts from the archives. Absent that, I’m open to paying for a simple PDF file I can just print our myself if it’s formatted similar to its original WordPress look.


      • Haha, I’m not the only one who though of SJWs Always Lie. Here’s the link to VD’s blog where he announced his book is available in paperback tonight.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 9:46 pm Captain Tautological

        WF, I have always wondered why it was so fundamentally important to the Eskimos to get a signed confession from a Russian before sending him off to the Gulag [or simply shooting the poor Russian right there in the Lubyanka]. There is something about that Eskimo/Leftist psychopathy which drives them to achieving a complete intellectual & spiritual destruction [signed & sealed] of a foe before they finish off his life with a bullet to his head. It’s as though the Eskimo/Leftist relishes the PSYCHOLOGICAL victory as being even more scintillating than the physical victory.


      • Give me liberty, or give me death!


      • on October 21, 2015 at 10:02 pm Captain Tautological

        I’m also reminded of a Garry Kasparov quote from – sheesh, about 20 years ago – wherein Kasparov was saying that a woman could never become a chess champion, because, to win at chess, you had to want to destroy and eviscerate your opponent. That comment by Kasparov made a deep and lasting impression on me, long before I ever started thinking about the Eskimo Question. Probably at the time I would have thought to myself, “But why couldn’t you just be happy simply in experiencing a fascination with the game of chess itself?”, but looking back on it now, I suspect that Kasparov gave us a very brief glimpse into the true nature of the Eskimos, and their all-consuming desire to obliterate the Shkotzim PSYCHOLOGICALLY.


      • @Captain Tautological:

        yeah, you might have noticed that, as the Eskimo hold on pop culture has grown —overtly, rather than covertly—, more and more movies seek the audience to “identify” and “understand” the serial killer, almost ending in a moral equivalency to the killer’s actions. Whereas before a bad guy’s past might explain his character, but in no way excused his behavior or condoned it—he was still wrong—the eskimo seeks us to identify with the killer and sympathize with their struggle (I noticed this sharply in the movie about aileen wuornos, a modern female serial killer, versus, say, the classic old-timey Edward G. Robinson gangster Little Caesar). This psychologially plumbing and confusion is an Eskimo trait.

        you might also notice that as overt Eskimo dominance in pop culture has grown, so has overt gay dominance—almost in tandem. Coincidence that 2 groups of sexual perverts have come out publicly and extended control of the culture at the same time? I think not.


      • Re. utterly obliterating one’s adversary: I was disturbed Bach in the early 80s by the ruthless way in which antagonists are treated in teenage comedies.

        In Porky’s, the strip club owner had his daughter humiliated and his business destroyed; strict teachers were humiliayed. In Animal House, the antagonists had their wives seduced, got fragged in Vietnam (hahaha!), got raped in prison (hahaHAHA!!!!), and then the entire town was obliterated, red-white-and-blue streamer covered bleachers collapsing in Samsonite apocalypse.


      • A memorable exception was Lucas. The high school comedy featured the eponymous twerpy gamma male who say the pretty girl he had hopes for date the alegs quarterback and endured some low-intensity bullying by the rest of the football team.

        The ending scene of reconciliation was very well done.


      • A memorable exception was Lucas. The high school comedy featured the eponymous twerpy gamma male who saw the pretty girl he had hopes for date the alpha quarterback, and endured some low-intensity bullying by the rest of the football team.

        The ending scene of reconciliation was very well done.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 9:06 am Captain Tautological

        WF & PA, I feel that this subthread is so very crucial to our understanding of the Eskimos and their S0d0mite [Bohemian Grove] allies: They seem to get something akin to intellectual [email protected] [and who knows – maybe even actual pen!le er3ctions and [email protected]?] from the act of destroying their foes PSYCHOLOGICALLY – the psychological victory seems to be so much more satiating to them than the actual physical act of murdering you after they get your signed confession. Rush Limbaugh has spoken about this so much recently [in the last six months or so] – that the “Left” [Eskimos/S0d0mites] aren’t “happy” until they have obliterated you.


      • And then, there was Heathers. Psychological destruction extended to the antagonists’ post-mortem memory and their families’ humiliation. Two football players who were mere immature jerks (in other words, normal alpha teenage boys) were murdered and falsely exposed as homosexuals. At their memorial service, their grieving father was the punchline (HAHAHA HAHA!!!).

        And then, a teenage girl who was not nice (or something) to another girl was also murdered by a physically agonizing method.

        At some level, even then I was creeper out by the American film industry as demonic.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:03 am Captain Tautological

        As for “Lucas”, are you talking about American Graffiti? Other kinder but gentler Shkotzim teen flicks include Breaking Away and of course John Hughes’s body of work. Even a Shegetz sex perv3rt like Billy Bob Thornton [he banged the female marriage counselor-ette to whom Angelina Jolie had sent him, which was the straw that broke Angelina’s back] can go to very Dark places in his movies [One False Move, The Gift, All the Pretty Horses], but then pull himself back from the edge of the Abyss and tie the whole mess together with a sense of purposefulness and a re-affirmation of the sanctity of Life. Similarly, Clint Eastwood has probably slayed about as much p00ntang as anyone in Hollyweird, and his films go way Dark but always pull back at the end [TGTB&TU, Jose Wales, the Dirty Harry franchise, Unforgiven]. And Hitchcock was as Dark as they come, yet there was always a clear and strong sense in Hitchcock as to the difference between Good and Evil.


      • hughes fled hollywood after so much success. Compare with Eskimo Apatow, who is far less talented but is often compared to Hughes; Apatow will forever be a Hollywood insider. I wonder what the difference is…


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:27 am Captain Tautological

        BTW, I am convinced that now that the Eskimos own the Star Wars franchise [Lucas sold out because of an impending rise in the Cap Gains tax, which is a typical Eskimo property accumulation scam – just wait patiently until the Shegetz is facing a massive tax bill, and then pounce] – now that the Eskimos own it, they are going to throw everything they have into turning Star Wars into a new religion to replace Chr!stianity: Some ghey/dyke kneegrow Luke Skywalker will die and be resurrected so as to become the Ghey/Dyke Kneegrow Jesus, the “Force” will be the H0ly Ghost, and the humble Mitochloridians will function as the Darwinian Nihilists’ G0D ALMIGHTY.


      • Eskimos have had a secret envy/hatred of Catholic liturgical trappings for a long time, as well as the theology. Mostly because Catholicism’s trappings and theology compete very closely with Eskimo’s (too close for their comfort), but yet unlike Eskimos has managed to become dominant in most places. So replacing Catholic theology has always been a goal.

        Also, note that many Hollywood movies and TV shows depicting the Catholic church are really thinly-veiled symbols of the Eskimo writers’ own religious growing up, but transferred onto goys.


      • Not to put too religious a point on it, but the concept of forgiveness of anyone is a very Christian one that is alien in the Eskimo religion (except of any close Eskimo relative). So a Christian seeking forgiveness of an Eskimo will never receive it, and the Eskimo religion doesn’t feel an act of sorrow or penance is anything less than admission of guilt. Multiply that by 1000 years of specifically selecting for genes designed to prey upon a weakness (Christian naivete/forgiveness), and, well….you’re not going to find Eskimos too willing to “let something go” if they feel like they can milk it.

        As a side note, many people throughout history who attempted to convert Eskimos commented on their “stubbornness.” We must remember that the word “stubbornness” then had no overtones as a possible compliment, as the word might have today. Stubbornness was seen as a very bad trait: it meant that you were willing to not accept that you might be wrong about something to the detriment of yourself and everyone around you. It was seen as being destructive just to save your own ego—a symbol of pride, the greatest sin of all.

        In fact, most people who had contact with the Eskimos came to dislike them the closer they got. Very famously, Martin Luther (yes that Martin Luther) took his break from the Catholic Church to assert that now, free of doctrinal error and the heavy hand of the Papacy, Eskimos could be converted gently, and that their refusal to convert was due to the errors of the Church, not the eskimos. Then, after trying for a while, Luther did a complete 180 and violently denounced the Eskimos and their stubbornness, making one of the best-known anti-Eskimo tracts in the German-speaking world.


      • “Stiff-necked” was the go-to word, in re the Hebrews of yore and their remnants today.


      • Already sold out. Damn.


      • Eskimos have had a secret envy/hatred of Catholic liturgical trappings for a long time, as well as the theology. Mostly because Catholicism’s trappings and theology compete very closely with Eskimo’s (too close for their comfort), but yet unlike Eskimos has managed to become dominant in most places. So replacing Catholic theology has always been a goal.

        Camille Paglia had an interesting take on Judaism vs Catholicism, with the former being a Word orientation and the latter being an Image orientation.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 6:55 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      Never apologize, never explain.

      No mercy, no remorse.

      Je ne regrette rien.


    • As Lenin put it, push in a bayonet. If you hit lard, keep pushing. If you hit steel, pull back and try another day. You’ll never hit steel in an SJW.


  2. Bravo! Though yes, no surprise to us at all.


  3. Maybe Trump is a secret Heartiste reader 🙂


  4. “A pimp’s love is very different from that of a square. . .”


    • on October 21, 2015 at 7:07 pm Frito Pendejo



    • Everyone wants to be a nigga on Saturday night….


      • All due respects Freddie but blacks don’t have a monopoly on vice. Papillon wrote about parisian pimps and their contrast with squares during the early 20thC. Blacks are good at vice no diggity, probably to do with their low socioeconomic position for so long.


  5. The first major public figure in the ongoing apology festival was senator Trent Lott for jokingly insinuating that Jim Crow had its upside. I met him once. Creep vibe. Probably a fag.

    If you ever heard of The Greaseman (Doug Tracht), he was a very popular morning DJ in the 80s on a Washington DC station. See him on Wikipedia and gag at his grovel tour, which was a few years before Lott’s.


    • He didn’t get much heat over his 1984 MLK holiday joke and the perfunctory apology. The joke was: “Why don’t we plug four more and get the whole week off.”

      But the climate has changed by 1999, when he played a snippet of a rap song and said “no wonder people drag them behind trucks,” a reference to James Byrd. This time, the perfunctory apology whet the sharks’ appetites, and poor Grease (I really liked him in the 80s) doubled down on contrition:

      Doug and his wife [went] on a quest to apologize and show that he wasn’t a racist. The week following his firing, Tracht held a press conference and made an apology to his listeners, “Every day you deserve my best, and last Wednesday I gave you my worst. This experience, compiled with my past transgressions upon racial and human decency, have forever taught me the value of respect and restraint.” They spoke to several black organizations, then appeared on BET Tonight with Tavis Smiley on Black Entertainment Television where he faced angry questions. After being confronted by one caller, Tracht begged, “Let me down off this cross, will you?” Counseling was recommended. The show asked its audience what Tracht could do, but almost 75 percent said “nothing.” -Wikipedia


    • on October 21, 2015 at 5:14 pm Captain Tautological

      > “I met [Trent Lott] once. Creep vibe. Probably a fag.” ——— Male cheerleader at Ole Miss, just like Dubya-43 at Yale [at least GHWB-41 was a good enough athlete to play baseball for the Eli]. At this point, we know that Dennis Hastert is a ch!ld m0lester who s0d0mized the boyz on his h!gh school wrestling team, and Mr Pennsylvania GOP himself, Joe Pa, had a s0d0mite ch!ld m0lester on his staff in Sandusky, and we know that B!tch McConnell & Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty & Kuckrl Rove all bat for the other team. Plus GHWB-41 put the s0d0mite David Souter on the SCOTUS, and then Dubya-43 one-upped his daddy with Chief Justice John Phagberts. At this point, I am convinced that all of those stories about Skull & Bones paddling initiates in their underwear and Bohemian Grove oligarchs running around naked and worshipping the Owl King are 100% the God’s Honest Truth.


  6. It’s quite simple. When embroiled in some sort of tiff, whether or not it’s with the opposite sex, then regardless of the merits:
    Never apologize.
    Never explain.

    There is exactly one attitude which compels respect: “Take me or leave me as I am, and be damned to you either way.” All else elevates others’ opinions above your own assessment of your character, and that’s an express ticket to self-abasement and defeat.


  7. “and takes a risk by refusing to follow the conventional path. ”

    Never apologize unless you have to.

    Thanks for helping me.


    • “opinions above your own assessment of your character, and that’s an express ticket to self-abasement and defeat.”

      My own mental point of Origin


  8. […] CH Game Wisdom Confirmed: Never Apologize If You Want To Win Hearts And Gines […]


  9. this is exactly how ni66ers act; they never admit they are wrong.

    you missin on this one CH


    • Being aware of their station Africans do apologise, being entitled African Americans do not. It’s the combination of Black genes within a culture of liberality, entitlement and trendy disrespect for authority that creates the African-American.

      Nobody is all that rational or objective or realistic in their self-opinion(it’s why you cannot allow capitalism and individualism to go unfettered). But the Blacks are the most unrealistic and as such can handle freedom and self-regulation the least. Consequently the Blacks need the rod more than anyone(life in Africa provides the rod). Anyway, because they’re of little discernible merit and ability all they have is confidence to bully on through.

      And this blog is only superficially right wing and socially conservative. In actuality it is training people to be less self-regulating and personally accountable and feel more entitled. It’s feminism for men, a design to make white men more like niggers. Much of the stuff on this blog – apart from the closed borders – is the way of the shit-hole.


  10. on October 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm Sean Fielding

    Since (((Larry Summers))) is mentioned in the Wapo article, it’s worth noting that, as one would expect, the rules apply less to Eskimos. He was already filthy rich and filthy connected by 2005 through enabling the ruin of Yeltsin-era Russia via the joligarchs, so didn’t suffer much by the Harvard fiasco. Goyim have been ruined for less; even Mel Gibson was eventually brought quite low.


  11. For many people, morality and truth is externally driven, and is much more a function of fashion and social approval than it is from some higher, transcendent truth.

    Apologies = empirical proof of wrongdoing.


    • I’m not even sure if all of them are cynically latching on to an apology as a foothold for social prosecution. For some of them, the apology may actually color their perception of the underlying moral position.

      As society descends from the noble to the feral, externally displayed confidence becomes a moral law unto itself. The constitution becomes a “funny piece of paper”, and certainly cannot withstand the contemptuous smirk of the properly positioned alpha male.

      It’s like “boyfriend destroyer” game, except it is the rule of law that is the target.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm Captain Tautological

        Jack just nailed a century’s worth of relentless Eskimo attacks against the very concept of a Rule of Law. And Ariely/Thaler/Sunstein/Kahneman/Axelrod know these psychologicals like the backs of their hands: A “FUNNY PIECE OF PAPER” CANNOT WITHSTAND THE CONTEMPTUOUS SMIRK OF THE PROPERLY POSITIONED ALPHA MALE.


      • I was actually thinking more about how little the average woman cares about rule of law, and would gladly sell out centuries of the Englishman’s rights for a few coins of alpha male approval.

        Five minutes of alpha > five hundred years of civilization.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:35 am Captain Obvious

        J, you are contemplating some deeply profoundly foundationally horrifying observations about human nature. Talk about the Dark Truths of the Dark Enlightenment. Not for the faint of heart. Whew.


  12. on October 21, 2015 at 5:14 pm Wrong Side of History

    How about sorry with an ironic, agree and amplify twist?


  13. OT: Precious yerrow snowflake spends every waking moment seeking attention from strangers, does not like a tiny fraction of how that attention is given.


    • I don’t have yellow fever and generally don’t find Asian women all that attractive, but she can soy my maguro anytime.


  14. on October 21, 2015 at 6:04 pm RussianLimbaugh

    Great call on Rush. They talk for around thirty minutes.

    “If GWB brought us Obama…Then what will we get after Jeb?”


    • on October 22, 2015 at 11:37 am Captain Obvious

      I might need to ante up for Rush 24/7 – listening to that was completely awesome, without needing to waste any time listening to the commercials.


  15. Don’t completely agree. My father will never apologize for some things he did to piss me off. I cut him off years ago. Now he has a grandson he will never see. If he would sincerely apologize then I would forgive him, but he is too proud to say the word sorry and mean it.


    • Your father will only be on this earth for a certain time.
      But your son will likely live a good while longer. In this brief window of time do you really want to cheat your son of his only time with his Grandfather?

      You don’t have to like the person… but if he is genetically related to you he is family. And decisions like yours can tend to be permanent once not-so-dear dad is in the ground.

      Food for thought… time has a way of catching all men unawares.


      • My father did not talk much with his father, so I met my grandfather only once during my childhood. What goes around comes around…


    • An important distinction to make here. Never apologize to those who hate you, who want to undermine, weaken, and destroy you.

      Don’t apologize to a girlfriend because she’s just a girlfriend and you don’t owe her anything. If you do apologize to her you may end up looking weak to her.

      Apologize to a wife only if what you did seriously undermines the trust in your relationship and you value that trust. For small things? No. It gets you nothing and can make you look like a simp.

      Apologize to family if you really did fuck up and hurt them but you know they love you and don’t want to shut you out. Normally, family shouldn’t want to see you dead.

      Regarding your father:

      Cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon.
      Little boy blue and the man in the moon.
      When ya coming home, Dad, I don’t know when.
      But we’ll get together then, Dad.
      We’re gonna have a good time then.


      • One more: apologize to partners / coworkers if you dropped the ball on something important. If you dont, you’ll never get past your fuck-up in their eyes. Accept your due blame, and move on.

        Still, it’s the same theme: you only owe an apology to those who have a good-faith relationship with you, and whom you let down either intentionally or not.

        Liked by 1 person

      • on October 22, 2015 at 1:52 pm mendozatorres

        Good caveat right there.


    • OK OK I’m sorry I buttfucked ya ! I was drunk,OK? That whoThaThat whore mother of yours never gave me no pussy no how!SORRY OK?? Bitch!


    • Your son will treat you, his father, about as well as he sees you treating your own father. So keep in mind the behavior you are modeling.


    • Had not read this when I first posted a reply:

      “My father did not talk much with his father, so I met my grandfather only once during my childhood. What goes around comes around…”

      Exactly. And so it will likely be with you and your grandchildren if you don’t break the cycle now.


    • So did mine. I don’t know how old you are, but my dad comes from a long line of males that were the cut and dry sort. And I never tried to punish him by not letting him see his grandson. Pride on his behalf didn’t have a damn thing to do with it . Why do you want to punish your son by using him this way ? You are trying to get back at your dad through him, and it’s gonna bite you in the ass,dude. Just my two mites and take it as such.


  16. I too have started to feel that leftoid women crave a reason to present themselves.
    One time I told a female leftoid that I “have guns because I can” (making no “but criminals” or “but… muh freedom” excuse as even armed men chumped up on being law abiding in a lawless land are conditioned to do) and that on the notion of giving them up I flatly said “I will not be subjected. Period”.

    She looked at me like someone gave her a dick in a box. I never forgot that look. “I don’t need to be liked by you” game probably. Of course I don’t want to have sex with shitlibs.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 8:23 am Violator Invictus

      Unrepentant fascist game is powerful with lefty bitches. Smashed my way through a few circles of them based solely on calling out their bullshit, telling them I own firearms to kill people if the need arises, and not being a frail little bitch like the men they knew. The women ate it up. You’d be shocked how often bitches w religious devotion to birth control can “forget” to take their pills when they are around a man they actually want to bang. Their beta orbiters resented me and would talk shit when I wasn’t around, but never said anything to me in person. It was fun, but there are significantly higher quality people out there to spend time with. Reconsider the not banging them part. Can be fun, bro.


  17. One of the best things I did early on in my relationship reset (four years and counting now) was take the do not apologize advice to heart. I had gotten into the bad habit of saying sorry just as a conversational device, like excuse me or pardon me, probably from working in the UK a bit and with a bunch of Brits and of course the Churchian fallacy of never going to bed angry, which meant that every argument had to have a complete “I’m Sorry, I forgive you” loop tying it up. Nothing ever resolved of course.

    So I just stopped saying it completely. So much so, my wife will still bait me and say things like “yeah of course you never say your sorry for anything”, to which, if I reply at all, I say something like “I’ll apologize when II’m wrong” and move on. She is pissed for a bit but soon settles down. and all of the passive aggressive little bullshit arguments are pretty much gone for good. a lot of the “i’m sorry” stuff is just women beta baiting you into their frame, subtle dominance move on their part.

    Just because you don’t want to hear it or don’t like something doesn’t mean I’m wrong toots… LOL


    • This reminds me of how my father raised me. Alpha male that he is, I learned young that emotional outbursts wouldn’t get me anywhere with him and he would not respond to my silliness but instead had me come back when I was calmed down. This is why young girls really do need a strong, positive male presence in their lives.


    • The key idea is that, if you do apologize, do it from your frame and don’t suck up to a woman. “I was wrong”, not “Can you ever forgive me?”


  18. “Never apologize; it’s a sign of weakness.”

    —John Wayne, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

    There’s a reason why it was a classic movie.


  19. This apology thing has become a monster in it’s own right.

    The script has been.
    Repub says something true like perhaps genetic disposition explains certain minority population’s lack of success in academics.
    Libtard talking heads all convene and don’t debate the facts only that Repub said an inconvenient truth.
    Libtard host asks panel “should Repub apologize for saying truth?”
    Libtard talking heads all intone, “Repub should apologize”.

    Then Lib media picks up the chant and starts asking “when you going to apologize insensitive Repub?”

    Repub with deer in headlights look does the following:
    – Says he was misunderstood (distances)
    – Does not answer (delays)
    – Starts talking about issues (delays)
    – Filibusters (runs out clock)

    All are scripts that Lib media knows well AND they know it’s only a matter of time before Repub apologizes.Lib media KNOW how this plays out they setup talk shows and press questions. And Timelines counting down when Repub is gonna apologize.

    Then BAM Trump does not play that game. Not only does he not apologize he goes further with his statements.

    Dang, now all the talk shows that had guests to debate a Trump bow and scrape have to debate his even more truthful comment.

    What to do? What to do? Does Trump not know that the Media controls the message???!!!!??? does he not know how HARD it is to get these Lib talking heads to convene another comment witch hunt?

    Oh the Humanity of a Republican not following the media script.


  20. “father will never apologize for some things he did to piss me off. Now he has a grandson he will never see”. well. nobody can know your shoes- but- just “piss you off”? sounds narcy + cucky to boot. did dad feed you? put a roof over your head? spend money on you at all ? stay married to your mother while you were at home? maybe you don’t think you owe him the time of day. maybe you don’t want to talk to him- that is your business BUT you are also denying knowledge of generations and a grandfather to your own son… and evidently afraid of backing down or coming off second to your sons mind when in the old mans face. respect and civility are how our civilization is kept alive. unfortunately today, everybody just chimps out. he doesn’t have to be sorry unless he physically abused you, or your child, and neither do you. butthurt is for … well you should know the answer if you are on this blog.


  21. “Duke” Trump !!!!


  22. Anyone have a legit place online to bet on the primaries/election? Seems like there would still be some nice odds to get in a bet on Trump.


    • Last I checked had Trump at +750 to win the general and +400 for the GOP nod.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:12 am The Spirit Within

        If Trump wins the nomination, he’ll lose the general. He doesn’t have the ground game to get votes. Fact: He’s spent twice as much money on hats and swag as he has on building networks of actual get-out-the-vote people in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

        But I think he won’t get even that far. He hasn’t yet arrived at the most difficult stage of the game for him: the close scrutiny of every aspect of his life. And his narcissistic prick ego won’t react well when people start challenging him to explain past actions and statements. He’s gonna show his true prick colors (probably in some statement about women, even worse than the one about Kelly’s menstruation), and the media will finally turn on him. Remember that media love to build up, then tear down. Rise-and-fall gets eyeballs.

        Also, the true cost of mounting a political campaign is going to eat into his businessman’s heart. It’ll run $1.5 million per day once it gets going, should it get that far, which it won’t.


      • Strapon, you sound like the guys who said the Iron Curtain would never fall.



      • won’t react well when people start challenging him to explain past actions and statements

        Trump handled being confronted in a debate by that Fox bitch who said trump used disparaging comments about women very well.

        He even made her smile so good was his reply

        He will handle such things well again.


      • Trump is the most popular yet he is the one who has spent the less on tv ads and such things.

        Strapon you talk out of your straponed ass.


      • Now, now, Canadian Friend, propriety above all else…

        … that should have been strapped-on,.



      • on October 22, 2015 at 1:38 pm Sean Fielding

        Oh no. Da Trump has 90 G’s or more locked up in hats. However will he find people to drive voters?

        And for sure no one will want to make any campaign donation to him whatsoever under any cirumstances.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 3:44 pm The Spirit Within

        @Sean: Real campaign funding comes from the big-money donors. That’s the problem in politics, BTW. Trump’s gonna have to swallow his pride (which’ll be a porn-star-length swallow, lol) and start begging. There’s a whole host of stuff that he won’t be able to say when he makes those phone calls, either, which he’s not used to.

        Also, you also don’t seem to understand the long period of time needed to build voter ground game. Why do you think the odds are so long against his win when he has such a commanding lead in polls? A media-led popularity contest a year before the election =/= actual votes on game day.

        @Canadian Friend: You’re not worth the debate. Move to the US and learn our system before you open your hole.

        @Greg Eliot: Sniper with an air rifle, as usual.


    • +300 now for GOP nom


  23. OT but you can’t make this stuff up …

    “S.F. middle school delays election results because winners not diverse enough”

    In brief …

    Chelsea Clinton visits a San Francisco middle school a couple days before its student government elections were held, and in her speech she told the students “I don’t think anyone should ever rule out politics as a way to make a difference.”

    Then the students voted. And the winners were too-White for the principal’s liking, so she withheld the election results while she tried to figure out some way to rig the student government so that it was more diverse and less democratic.

    “It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she told the Chronicle.

    This is what it has come to.

    They hate Whites.

    I welcome their hatred.


    • Dogface went there beforehand? I didn’t know that. This thing keeps on reeking. Surprised white people still are allowed to live in SF.

      Principal fucked up twice. What’s the over/under she’s got a thug for a bf?


  24. on October 21, 2015 at 10:12 pm gunslingergregi

    light moment
    a chick comes up today
    yea i dont clean shit so house is kind of messy without the girlfriend here
    she says let me clean this house for you i can’t let you sleep in this
    i say i like to make woman feel needed
    she cleans does the laundry singing as she goes
    i tell all the chicks i love em now i guess i really do just in diferrent capacities
    the diferent kinds of love its true i think
    still only certain ones i really really love but felt some love from her today
    got the warm fuzzy it was nice


    • Hey bro, it sounds like chicks really dig you and want to do stuff for you all the time because you’re soooo alpha.

      That’s rad!


  25. I apologize for being completely off topic but I need to vent

    I had never been to an Apple store as I do not own any Apple product

    I went today with my girlfriend, her iphone had some problem.

    Two things I want to say about the Apple store

    the first thing did not affect the second thing, and the second thing does not make me say the first

    first thing,

    What I saw there was a sort of freak show; a few female employees had face piercings…3 male employees were wearing tuques ( that they sink down as far as they can and that makes them look retarded ) , a few male employees had neck tattoos and face piercings, most male employees had arms so skinny the heaviest thing they ever lifted was an I phone. More than half of the male employees looked gay as hell ( I know understand better why some call it an Iphag ). two female employees looked like men and were ugly as hell. about half of the employees were non whites. They all look very liberal.

    The customers were not much better, and there was a lot of snotty customers there who think they are royalty because they own Apple stuff. They do not behave like cutomers at the hardware store or the shoe store, they act like they feel they are above everyone around them.

    It is quite a show.

    I have never seen such behavior in other stores

    the Apple staff does over do it with the obviously FAKE politness and they intentionally make people feel like royalty or celebrities to better manipulate them

    It was a shock to me, it was a freak show. It was so rich in bizarre human behavior, it was like being at that bar in Star wars. All that was missing was two headed monsters.

    Second thing,

    my girlfriend was given an ” appointment” by an Apple employee

    what they do is take your information and tell you they will text you 3 times on your apple device, the last time to tell you it is your turn.

    it was moderately busy but we waited twice as long as they said we would, ( one hour instead of 30 minutes ) but I can not blame them for that, they can not control how many people walk in their store and how much time each will require.

    but here is where their customer service system falls flat; we got the third text telling us it was finally our turn, and what you have to do is find an employee who takes care of that.

    But it was getting more and more busy , and every damn employee had a short line of people waiting to talk to them and more people kept coming in the store.

    Ok I hope I will explain this well

    there is no service counter, there is no dedicated space where you stand in line, it is utter confusion, and they do not give you a number on a piece of paper; they text you to tell you it is your turn…but when you we tried to approach an apple employee to tell them we had been called, the employees who were already “submerged” with clients pretended to not see us as they probably thought we were two imbeciles cutting in line.

    at least 3 times my girflriend tried to approach an employee to tell them we had been called, that it was our turn, she tried approaching 3 different employees already busy with new just arrived customers, but the employee ignored her and kept on serving people, or would quickly walk away, then return and serve new customers who had just walked in

    You must understand that employees are serving people who have been waiting maybe 5 minutes at most while we have been waiting for over an hour

    T o employees we look no different that people who just walked 3 minutes ago, they have no way of knowing we have priority over all those new customer who just walked

    and my girflriedn is not assertive enough to do what is necessary

    so after a few minutes of this imbecilic situation, I decided it was time for me to take control of this absurd situation, I walked up to a male employee ( one with neck tattoos and face piercings and bad body posture ) who of course pretended he could not see me or hear me, and he kept on walking as if I did not exist

    I became a bit angry but remained calm, I followed him to his next customer and talked over him, interrupted him and with a firm voice told him we had been called and our appointment was 30 minutes ago and we can not get service from anyone.

    he became ultra fake-polite ( to try and compensate for how bad service is and they know it is very bad ) and he had us sit at a table which is exactly like the other dozen other tables there ( nothing in that store is identified which is very retarded if you ask me) and there we waited another 20 minutes.

    Their texting us for our appointment is a system that does not work as I explained above, it is a very stupid and inefficient system. because as I have said they have no way of knowing why we are not going at the end of the line and why we look like we are cutting in line.

    texting us sounds cool and modern but it does not work since we have to fight a crowd of people and then impolitely interrupt and impose ourselves as this is the only way to get an employee to listen.

    anyway this is already too long.

    It was my first experience in an apple store and it will be my last, every thing there is either freakish or stupid

    If they gave us a little paper number like at the butcher or pastry boutique things would be a thousand times more intelligently done

    ironic that they call their employees “genius” because I never saw so much imbecility

    Even the door to the bathroom was designed by not very birght people; it has a immense PULL handle but it is a door you must push…and of course it does not say restroom on the door…like everything in an apple store you have to find the hard way what is what

    There are other stupid things I noticed but enough for tonight

    I hate stupid people and I hate Apple stores

    Also the fact they make this place like place where you are welcome to hang out causes a lot of wasted time and long delays because customers and employees chat more than they accomplish anything, like in bar they never want to leave.

    I have never so much inefficiency in one spot, so much confusion and so much imbecility

    even if the staff and customers looked like normal people I would still hate the apple store.

    Most are very very young…to think those are the leaders of tomorrow is a scary thought.

    Effeminate dysfunctional weirdos most of them.

    I hate Apple stores

    I will never buy an Apple product.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:26 am The Chrome Microphone

      I love that this was the last comment when I got to it

      Yeah, Apple stores are a free for all, especially in busy cities

      I remember someone stole my appointment once – came forward when my name was called and got served while I waited another 5-10 minutes

      When my technician explained it I just laughed

      Fair play to him, I say


    • Complain to Apple HQ and try and milk free stuff out of it…


    • But they are a bunch of dynamic people doing creative things and these are the leaders of tomorrow!

      I had never been to an Apple store as I do not own any Apple product

      I went today with my girlfriend, her iphone had some problem.

      Yeah they are a bunch of fags. I went there once and looking back i was sucked in by their “brand”. Well we all learn at a pace.

      But the gayest aspect to a very gay place is the Genius Bar. Like there is a genius there with genius answers. And of course the genius at the store was some mulatto hipster. He is so good at facebook and iphone! a real computer genius there (at the genius bar).

      That that stupid little branding exercise “works” for Apple is something wrong in itself. Because he is not a genius. There is not a genius at the bar. The people at the store though like to think of themselves as participating in a genius project.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 7:05 am Laguna Beach Fogey


      I get very aggravated whenever I go into my local iPhone store. It’s not just the pushy employees. It’s also the stupid customers–most of them foreigners, Asians, and kids–who mob the place.

      I think a lot of people go to Apple stores just to hang out, for the experience.

      The American obsession with electronic gadgets is both hilarious and pathetic.


    • Man, that was good story. I was transported to that place in coney island where they have bearded ladies, and what not. I could excuse the ugliness of the staff, if customer service was good. But I wouldn’t excuse the body… mutilation. I mean, modification.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 8:42 am having a bad day


      i had roughly the same experience last time i had to deal with apple issues…even going so far as to sign up online for an appointment a week ahead (it was a 3 hour drive for me so i wanted to be sure…lol) and i realized when i got there that short-cutting the system (i.e. pretend you are a walk-in) is the ONLY way to get service…bc it pushes responsibility for your bad choices (lack of planning) onto the ‘group’…

      “Their texting us for our appointment is a system that does not work as I explained above, it is a very stupid and inefficient system.”

      this system works just fine…for what its purpose is…to self-select out those ‘traditional’ customers (who respect organization/rule-following) who are not cool enough to own their product (i.e. tradcons…)

      “he became ultra fake-polite ( to try and compensate for how bad service is and they know it is very bad )”

      no, he was fake-polite bc he was dealing with a ‘square’…lol…

      “I have never so much inefficiency in one spot, so much confusion and so much imbecility”

      yep…a square…lol…embrace the diversity…lol…

      “texting us sounds cool and modern but it does not work since we have to fight a crowd of people and then impolitely interrupt and impose ourselves as this is the only way to get an employee to listen.”

      kind of like a bazaar in a third-world country, eh?

      “Even the door to the bathroom was designed by not very birght people; it has a immense PULL handle but it is a door you must push…and of course it does not say restroom on the door…like everything in an apple store you have to find the hard way what is what”

      next time, just pee in the corner…and pretend you can’t speak english…lol…they’ll probably give you a free iphag 6…lol…

      good luck!


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:24 am gunslingergregi

      rofl at swpl problems no apple store here no bar no bowling alley no starbucks
      soon prob to be no mall no movie theatre


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:25 am gunslingergregi

      no skating rink


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:29 am gunslingergregi

      shit even lost a liquor store lol
      at some point the only thing here will be public housing drugs police hospital and jails


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:30 am gunslingergregi

      oh we do have a catholic college that did help to get rid of everything too


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:45 am gunslingergregi

      i dont get what you guys worried about obviously in the cities they kicking out the minorities anyway so gonna be all white areas as long as you can afford to live there


      • The vast majority of whites *can’t* afford to live there, dumbass. Those all-white enclaves are reserved for the white elite–you know, the filthy hypocrites who preach to non-elite whites like me and other posters here about how we should embrace diversity, but don’t do it themselves.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:20 am gunslingergregi

        yea the gated comunity maybe not but there is the middle that can’t be reached either by minorities
        unless you go to mall or amusment park he he he


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:24 am gunslingergregi

        plus can keep out a pretty high percent of blacks just having a background and credit check on renters
        so really racism is still allowed


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:26 am gunslingergregi

        pretty easy to have segregation with all the rules they got and puts serious pressure on whites to not fuck up once ya do cast off to the no mans land and can never leave


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:29 am gunslingergregi

        other side of coin i’m pretty sure i am more free living side by side with blacks than i would be in all white area with a thousand more rules


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:32 am gunslingergregi

        reading the rulebooks for apartment places in town i took my girl its pretty insane
        no guests no smoking no pets
        no this no that no anything just shut the fuck up and pay us rent or we kick you out and take your money and you owe us for the priviledge


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:44 am gunslingergregi

        then ya got the 33 percent rent thing to income which also keeps people out so yea discrimination based on income allready
        nobody crying about it really


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:45 am gunslingergregi

        hell that shit even keeps the whites safe from me i couldnt move there he he he
        keeps out all the poor and fucked up be happy


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:49 am gunslingergregi

        they do appear to change rules to let africans in though rofl

        maybe they could start doing psyche evals to get apartments that would make it even more equal and shit
        i guess its like that dude long time ago said not about black and white bout economics so ya allready got the seperation of people into classes so really does it matter


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:52 am gunslingergregi

        ya can also get people kicked out apartment by them having police called there one time
        so its easy can get rid of anyone you want by calling the cops on em for something anything


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:54 am gunslingergregi

        here in thug life land i can do pretty much what i want in my house and i can buy one for 15k or under
        its not that bad of a gig he he he


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:58 am gunslingergregi

        my dad said back in day some white bitch would drive around and anyone doing work on their house was asked if they had a permit to do it
        if not they were made to stop working back when it was whiter
        that shit dont happen now lol


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:59 am gunslingergregi

        i think white people need to apologize for making up so many fucking rules to rob the shit out of people and take their freedom


      • on October 22, 2015 at 12:11 pm gunslingergregi

        yea my powers of perception are turning on the white areas he he he
        pros and cons pretty facinating shit
        fuck white people and their ten gazillion fucking laws


      • on October 22, 2015 at 12:13 pm gunslingergregi

        i think the invasion is needed otherwise at some point ya wouldn’t be able to do anything and white people would charge you to leave your house at the rate things are going now


      • on October 22, 2015 at 12:15 pm gunslingergregi

        not far fetched to see white landlords putting cameras in your apartments to watch you live with the rules i saw would be no problem


      • on October 22, 2015 at 12:17 pm gunslingergregi

        no visitors so they already telling people they can’t date lol or take anyone home or fuck i mean shit how the fuck is that posible


      • on October 22, 2015 at 12:20 pm gunslingergregi

        so yea to wrap it up white people are out of fucking control and yea politically correct and knockout game has been covering up what has really been going on landlords owning people worse then back in the day with serfs


    • I’m glad to see I am not the only one who realizes the Apple customer service is rotten.

      I think the Apple store formula appeals to leftists who are crazy about equality, ( gender race equality, race equality etc ) and social justice, but just as in the real world an equalist utopia does not work at an Apple store.

      It is an Illusion.

      They do not have a service counter, or a cash register, nothing is identified ( tables where they provide course or tables for other purposes are not identified, it reminds me of how every Chinese had to wear the same grey clothes in the days of Mao’s communist China,), all employees seem to be at the same level, if one is a manager it is impossible to tell, everything that could indicate higher or lower status is removed, everything that vaguely resemble rules or order is absent.

      As if rules and order were oppressive they have been completely erased.

      But it does not work, instead of making every one equal it creates more inequality and injustices.

      There is no where to stand in line, because a velvet rope would be oppressive I suppose, this creates confusion: people who just walked in 3 minutes ago can walk up to the Apple employee while people like us who have been waiting over an hour are ignored.

      People who are assertive or rude get service instantly while decent civilized people get the shaft.

      Apple stores are obviously trying to achieve some sort of ” social justice” but the exact opposite happens.

      An Apple store is sort of a microcosm of what a supposedly egalitarian, communist, ” social justice” society is; it is an utter mess that causes a thousand times more and worse injustices than a velvet rope with a line to a service counter and people holding a little number in their hand ever would cause.

      And those customers who spend their whole day hanging out there, they are like people on welfare; they use a lot of resource but are nothing but dead weight. Because of them, Apple employees are less available for real customers.

      The Apple store horror show is what you get when you let dysfunctional effeminate nerdy leftoids in charge of anything.

      Later I wasted half an hour at the Apple internet site trying to find where I click to send a complaint.

      I never found it.

      It seems it is impossible to email them a complaint or a concern.

      Which is more utter imbecility from Apple.

      I’m 56, I have been to a lot of places, I have seen a lot of things, and I swear I have never seen so much imbecility all packed into one place ( including their website)


    • return the favor by leaving the heartiste site open on several of their floor iFags.


  26. This post is gold.

    I have a rule about relationships: in each one I can only offer two apologies. Knowing that, I only use them for things like her finding out I was cheating or me backing up over her cat.


  27. […] CH Game Wisdom Confirmed: Never Apologize If You Want To Win Hearts And Gines | Chateau Heartiste […]


  28. This is basically my first rule. The one thing I tell many Beta-types who are looking for answers, as think it’s a good and simple rule to start someone down the right path. Although it is difficult to explain exactly. If you spill hot coffee over someone by mistake, apologize, if you say something that upsets someone, don’t apologize.


  29. Every time a feminist champions a rape hoax just repeat to them to the sotry of the boy who cried wolf.

    Better yet, change the title to the feminist who cried wolf.

    Or just the girl who cried wolf.


  30. Never say “I’m sorry.” If you have to say “Forgive me.” and move on.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm Sean Fielding

      Great suggestion – has greater verbal and emotional weight from the religious connotation, but remains a command. CH should consider changing Commandment VIII to two ‘Forgive me’s’ per GF.


  31. That picture of a seal preening got a good laugh out of me. It seems to me she might have finally met the bad boi walrus she craved at a tupperware party (he went there expressly to find a tight seal)


  32. Never to apologize is one of the most important rules for success in life. Weeklings apologize all the time – it is a drop-out factor in the game of power. Good for the ones who never apologize (and win elections). So never apologize and your life will be very different.



  33. on October 22, 2015 at 8:32 am Violator Invictus

    It’s kind of strange how many men don’t know this. Just look at your friends and male relatives. Most of them probably apologize constantly as a reflex to just about everything. We all know it makes them look weak. And they’re probably suffering because of it. Women walking all over them and coworkers giving them shit as well.

    A few years ago when I found the chateau, I internalized the lesson of not apologizing. I’ve been much happier for it. Now when there is a problem with my wife, I refuse to apologize. She is pissed at first, then silent, then she apologizes to me. Can you believe this shit? I act like a dick and she loves me more for it. This is powerful, gratifying stuff. Rambling done.


  34. Well now, the difference between 64% and 56% is less than overwhelming. I would like to see it separated by gender. Probably it would just about double.
    In any event, it is good to see evidence of what I call women’s “confidence fetish”. And it is good to be reminded that to a significant extent women, like men, judge members of the opposite sex by how attractive they are. For women, “tingle-worthy” = “worthy”. That is what worked to get us here. Evolution works. What a concept.


  35. The Summers fiasco becomes even more tragic when you realize that the reality is that boys underperform even in maths and the ‘gender gap’ should be larger with ‘gender equality’.

    The facts are simply turned upside down. That’s why we need more third viewers who instead of just defending against feminist claims are on the offense with studies that show it’s the opposite.


  36. on October 22, 2015 at 10:24 am Bobby Cuddlefuck aka The Hamster Whisperer

    OT, but PUA for chicks. It has begun, haha.

    [CH: i’ll save him some time (and his customers some money).
    pua advice for chicks:
    1. be young
    2. be hot
    3. don’t be a feminist with a chip on your shoulder.]


  37. on October 22, 2015 at 11:18 am The Spirit Within

    What gives with the seal?


  38. an interesting vignette from today… always fascinating how quickly attraction can develop…

    In the local coffee place this morning, I usually run into half a dozen people I know here in the neighborhood, so I keep game on a low simmer. Long line today, backed up to one of the entrances. I get on line. a few minutes later a real cute 7 comes in, short super fit body, pale blue eyes, strawberry blonde short hair, pale white skin. Was wearing a really nice short dress and a scarf and heals. Love when women make an effort, she was stylish.

    so she comes in, right behind me and looks at the line and her phone to check the time. I turn to her, square up and say “don’t worry it will be worth it” with full eye contact. She says “Oh yeah I know I have a client to meet though”. we are about 16 inches apart and I give her full laser eye treatment and slow down speech. I sensed she was in some psych profession, she just seemed really tightly wrapped but I don’t cold read her with this, I go with “You say you had a client, you look like a hairdresser” she is like no no I am a mental health counselor. So we banter a bit I say “well you look very stylish that’s why I thought maybe you worked in a salon”. She says she buys vintage clothes and we chat about that a bit, gives me a chance to graze her stomach and feel the fabric, “what’s this made out of”. Her eyes are getting bigger and I can see that start of the smile they do when they don’t realize it.

    “what do you do?” she asks. I tell her to guess. Now I’m squared up to her, arms crossed across my chest, in workout out gear and a hat. She says “cop”. I laugh and ask if I’m intimidating her (emotional anchoring) she’s like “why?” and I say because cops are getting a lot of bad press lately. I can see her licking her lips more and swallowing, keeping direct eye contact with me. we chat about her job as a counselor and she checks the time again. Then another guy comes in, young dude with a man bun. They know each other so she says hello to him. Now instead of just abandoning the convo or turning away i engage the guy directly. Turns out he is a barrista but works nights so I’ve never seen him. I keep him engaged in conversation about the place at night, crowd etc. and this keeps the girl quiet just watching. a good way to neutralize the guy, not even amoging, just keeping him focused on me. This also keeps the attention off of her, so she is pent up.

    The line moves we shuffle forward. She blurts out “The DSM just made a new entry today on caffeine”… so I engage her on this, now her attention is back to me. Teh guy, though right behind her, now vaporizes… he no longer exists. I ask her what it’s about and she says it’s an addiction entry. So I say why an entry for caffeine, addiction is a behavior seeking a response, it could be anything”. We are close again, lasering. She say “yeah like sex addiction” BINGO… there it is sexualized convo in the coffee line. LOL! Huge window.

    We are lasering each other now, and the vibe is forming, focus closing on just the two of us. I say really really slowly “tell me… how would you… treat something like that… …. I mean… for me… I think like full immersion therapy or something would be required… you know… to get it out of your system…” while nodding my head and lasering her and she is smiling and nodding and saying “hmmm hmmm yeah”. I continue ” i mean… it would need… like… really really aggressive treatment… right? (nodding)” and she is really grinning now and nodding back. She says” well it doesn’t always have to be sooooo aggressive”. I say, smirking, “sure, I mean it can be gentle too… start aggressive and then get gentle… mix it up” And she is like “yeaaaahhhh (nodding and grinning) right… gentle…”.

    The line moves and we shuffle forward again. Now I am up to order. I turn away from her (roll off), order my coffee and do NOT turn back to her at all. Go way down the long empty counter 25 feet and take the last seat. Farthest from the door we came in. Did this as a compliance test, she was in a hurry so let’s see if she comes down there and waits by me for her order instead of right next to the counter. And she does… she comes down and sits by me and we continue some more banter, not much now, ask her if she could do anything for work what she would do, some comfort stuff. We get talking. She mentions crime increasing in the area as a result of “people” from the wrong side of the tracks coming over, and quickly says “I’m not a racist”. I get to go into “you are a realist” and we talk a bit about this. Interesting that SWPL psych girl feeling fear from the environment, second one I’ve come across recently… I think there is a change in the air… bodes well for TRUMP.

    She tells me her name and I shake her hand, hold it too long and she asks my name… her coffee is up she gets it and comes back. We chat a bit more.

    Now she is looking at her phone and the time has come to part, she has a client to see across town. she is waiting, waiting, waiting for me to ask her number… I smile at her “you better get going then. I’ll see you around” she says “take care” and heads out the door behind me then walks back the other direction outside to her car.

    Some times game just bubbles up even when you aren’t trying to do anything…


    • on October 22, 2015 at 4:29 pm mendozatorres

      Good shit as usual, Sent. I like the part about when the guy shows up, you don’t seem to miss a beat, handle it all suavely. Excellent.

      Since this was a psych girl, I’ve read/heard that in some circles, coffee is a euphemism for sex….or that your viewpoint on coffee reflects how you view sex. I might be mangling this notion, but reading your story brough it back up.

      Great subtext. That shit is my bread & butter, however I just need to get past the first round.


    • Sentient – great vignette as usual. I’m finding the more practice I get, the easier it becomes to switch on instinctively.

      1. Usual coffee shop earlier today. 4 very cute college students sitting nearby, all 7-8s. Logistically tricky for me to open but could hear snatches of conversation and observe them. At several points ALL four were on their phones simultaneously. I could see one of their phones..she was on Tinder exchanging messages and showing them around to her friends with pics of the guy and they were all discussing it. She also spent quite a lot of time taking multiple careful selfies of herself and sending them. Nothing new, but just reminded me of what YaReally says about just enjoying happy, warm feminine energy..

      2. At a fancy very high end hotel bar yesterday – billionaire hangout, not just millionaire. A buddy had invited me over for a quick drink to celebrate a major work triumph for him. Normally I’m fine in those places..I’m no billionaire but I’ve been around that world enough to feel comfortable in “work mode” in a suit. But this time I rolled up in jeans and sneakers because my buddy called me unexpectedly and said to come over. I felt a bit uncomfortable walking in as by far the most underdressed man (to say nothing of the women) there. But it was funny..something about all the recent practice and state-building. I made EC with the bouncer, nodded at him, walked in..and felt totally comfortable. Like stopped thinking about my clothes and 24 hour stubble or anything.

      3. Later we moved to a nearby dive bar and almost instinctively I started messing with the waitress. I was a bit drunk but I remember doing really silly stuff like holding on to my near-empty beer mug and telling the HB7 waitress she could only pry it from my cold dead hands and she was laughing and smacking me on the shoulder. Some other woman stumbled as she walked behind me to her table and I was like “Oi! Too much to drink!”, horrifying my friends. I wasn’t even opening her as such..just totally in state and self-amusing.

      4. Even later we went for a late night burger and I was messing with the early 20s HB7 waitress..she had a quiet 10 mins and was telling me how chefs grope her ass but she can punch them if they one of the other waitresses was banging a married chef..I kept teasing her about punching out men and stuff, all with solid EC..just a fun interaction.

      You know it is just all about state and getting into state. I wasn’t really “sarging” last night. I was just with my buddies, celebrating something good, and a bit more drunk than I usually get..and the good vibes just flowed (one of the girls in our group was also giving me massive IOIs but for various logistical issues I’m not going there so had to dodge her..)


  39. He never apologizes for being wrong. MMM that’s great logic guys.


    • In business never apologise to someone who knows much less than you do. If you’re both in the dark, speak confidently as if what you’re saying could not be otherwise, and then the insecure and the idiot will be convinced that what you’re saying is correct.


  40. “What gives with the seal?”


  41. LOL this looks awesome. Can’t wait to watch it. seems pretty RP.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 1:57 pm mendozatorres

      Back when Dennis Miller had his radio show, he talked about this film, and several other classics. Must watch for shore!

      He always had great things to say about The Swimmer.


  42. on October 22, 2015 at 4:23 pm mendozatorres

    Dave Chappelle had this in four steps:
    -suck his dick
    -play with his balls
    -make him a sandwich
    -don’t talk to fucking much


    • on October 22, 2015 at 4:25 pm mendozatorres

      Ah hell. This was meant to the PUA for women.


      • I’d Don’ madda. it’s MOI , One hell of a lot more keeping with the thoughts and purposes of Le Grande Chateau.Now let me go back and read ol’ gunslingers post (they are legion } on this here thread and I’ll get back with ya.


  43. To ye ole gunslinger, I am truly impessed by you worditude, dude. FUCK OFF, IDJIT. Lordy gotta have set a rechord for stunted posts, EVER.


  44. Never apologise to the weak, the ignorant and the amateur, they only respond to confidence and power.


    • However, know your station and be able to apologise, defer, and accept personal responsibility when dealing with your superiors.


      • Everybody is shit only some people are more shit than others. Save your respect, deference and apology for the least shit amongst us.