Alpha Male Of The Month

It’s been some time since CH has featured an exemplary alpha male.

Alpha Male of the Month, Candidate #1: Sean Stephenson

A reader writes,

Check out the alpha male smirk while taking a picture with his wife. Dude got shit on by god and decided to take life by the balls.

Stephenson is a motivational speaker (yeah yeah) and is familiar with the pickup community and game concepts. I believe he has appeared as a guest at (pre-married, pre-new age weirdo) David DeAngelo’s seminars.

Sean is living proof of the extreme end of what a man can get himself with game (and fame). As an extreme, he is an inspiration, but one should caution against using him as an aspiration. If you’re deformed like Sean and think you can score what Sean scored, you will very likely be disappointed. This disappointment will turn you away from game into the arms of PUA hate websites where misfit omegas with chips on their shoulders go to assuage their loneliness by raging against better men.


Alpha Male of the Month, Candidate #2: Humphrey Bogart

A reader astutely notes,

He’s ignoring Marilyn Monroe and [Lauren] Bacall is staking out her territory.

Pretty sure Bacall was Bogart’s wife when this photo was taken. No wonder she’s got the kung-fu grip on his thigh. Bogart will never be mistaken for a handsome man, but his skill with women was legendary. Naturally, Bogart had his fame and achievements to scaffold his rough mug, but according to those who knew him he also had game, aka charisma.

A lot of actors who play smooth-talking lovers on screen are also that way in real life. Actors either have an innate aptitude for channeling charming mofo archetypes that is there long before they choose their careers, or their work reverse-leaches into their personal lives.

The voting:

Alpha Male of the Month is...


  1. Shouldn’t the fact that Bogart doesn’t need game play a role? He’s one of the most famous actors to ever live.

    Give it to the cripple.

    Now I want everyone to imagine them having sex


    • The dwarf’s wife actually has a very pleasant face. I guess the true test of her character will involve the ongoing temptation of Divorce Industrial Rape.


    • Yeah, it’s a hard one. I could not totally make up my mind. On the one hand, the cripple must have a game of legendary proportions. On the other, regardless of his fame, Bogart did take that “crippled” mug of his and made it to the top of the Golden Age of Hollywood (where all men seemed to be “The Olympus of Alpha traits,” and more than “made it” with the likes of the biggest starletts to ever grace the screen. The types who made our Great Grandfathers (rest their souls) mature through the fappening.

      I guess I have to settle for the tie?

      But if the cripple’s wife ever cheated on him, what would he do?


      • My guess? He’d find a new source of poon.


      • I know a number of guys with serious disabilities who have nailed and nailed down some very hot chicks. A blind lawyer I work with has a smokin’ hot wife. I asked him one day how he pulled that off, or how he even knew she was hot and to get after it. “Christ Joe,” he said. “I’m fucking blind, not stupid.” Yeah, he’s alpha.


    • You don’t get to that level of success in any field, much less showbiz, without having some sort of game. Remember, he had to “seduce” not only the audience, but all the producers and directors on his way to that particular point in time when that picture was taken.


  2. Speaking of abominations, I was browsing through information about that regrettable franchise, Star Trek, and came across pictures of Star Trek cosplay. Which leads to the list of rules for cosplay:

    1. Cosplay should only, if ever, be done by sexy young women.

    Sadly this list is ignored by many a geek out there:

    There is even brony cosplay, but pictures of said should be forever buried.


  3. Being dead is so omega


  4. The dwarf is impressive, in relative terms he’s 5 points below his GF physically and Bogey is only 3 or 4 below Bacall, but the Marilyn factor tips the scales in Bogey’s favor.


    • Physically, he’s a 1. He’s got brittle bones disease. A hundred years ago he wouldn’t have survived infancy. In fact, when he was born the doctors gave him 24 hours to live. However, I’ve heard some of his seminars (guest speaker on some David DeAngelo courses), and he’s got tons of game. Very funny (and cocky), owning his disability, at some point he even trolls DDA about it.


  5. Poor Norma Jean – was there any man in Hollyweird or Hyannis Port who did NOT pump-n-dump the girl? What a tragic life that sorry attention whore lived.


  6. Funny: “Check out the alpha male smirk”. Says more about the speaker than anything else. What definition makes a smirk an “alpha male smirk” rather than a mere smirk? It’s in the eye of the beholder. A guy raising his eyebrows while sticking out his meaty lower lip isn’t exactly the acme of alpha poise.

    I don’t have anything against Sean Stephenson or his business idea to use his deformity to get money from people who, I’m sure, would have listened to him anyway, just like they surely would have voted for Obama in 2008 even if he hadn’t been Black. But it’s ridiculous, this impulse some people have to elevate the handicapped – sorry, “physically challenged” or “special” – because leftist slave morality says that’s how you get a star in your book for all to see.

    Now go take up the ice bucket challenge too. Purely out of your love for charity, of course, not because of your attraction to fashionable opinions.


    • I’d say all political bullshit aside, landing a chick that looks that good by such a monstrous looking man is impressive and speaks to the truth that looks don’t matter much to women, it’s charisma and wallet.


      • In this case, wallet. No amount of charisma would have helped if he didn’t have $$$$. (Fame being a subset of wealth. Famous people are almost always rich, but not all rich people are famous.)

        [CH: nope. more charisma and quasi-fame. stephenson is not ostentatiously wealthy. if money were the sole determining factor, he’d need a lot more than what he has to land a woman like mindie. not that money hurts…]


      • Could also be that she is an attention whore. After all, here we are, talking about her. He made her famous after all. Maybe not for a good reason, but any publicity is good publicity, no? She’s the most altruistic hottie around now, right?


      • Shit, he’s an expert at neuro-linguistic programming. That explains it, end of story.


      • I don’t think she’s an attention whore… all women love attention to some degree, but she doesn’t look like the kind that would marry him just for attention.


      • One of my best friends is a paraplegic. We met at one of the local spots we kick it at- and essentially we’re among the top tier of men banging all the high SMV women.

        He makes a modest living and supports himself. Lives alone and has his own pad.

        When it comes to talking women out of their panties he kills it.

        As always the charismatic arts of solid alpha attitude prevail in triggering the attraction switches of a female.

        What really impresses me is he’s able to record most of it on his phone. Heh.


      • Florence Nightingale effect > game x1000


      • It’s true. Para’s kill it. My dad’s best friend had a car crash on the great ocean road in Victoria, Australia and fell off a cliff, at 18 being a para it would’ve been obviously hard, but fuck me, I’ve never seen a disabled man pull absolute beauties like he does. Has a hot daughter too.


      • gotta intercede here- he’s known and famous…therefore he has status.

        It’s like this in everything. If you run a martial arts program and are at the front of the room, YOU are the alpha male and can scoop chicks.

        HE’s the speaker everyone came to see; she wanted him for his status as a man who other men pay to listen to. Got it? His looks are irrelevant. Spuds McKenzie was famous enough to have probably banged many human females; they are that stupidly enamored of status.

        I had a friend who was a pro jockey, small time only, never in the major races. He had chicks hanging off his dick constantly. His words “ANY pro athlete has tons of women.” He talked about some chicks he used to fuck in the ass and he was like “you just do it, you just take it.” He was self-acknowledge short, small, ugly. But he pulled mad ass.

        Small time bands have groupies galore…it’s a status thing. Were he a nobody, no girl would want him. He could look like Tom Brady and you strip that status away and an ugly pro QB is takin all the women.


  7. It’s entirely possible the dwarf got the p*ssy because she’s into sick kittens, birds with broken wings, etc…


  8. How about Jimmie Dougherty Norma Jeans first husband. he was a cop. she was around 15


  9. Have to give it to the dwarf. Did what he did with nothing but rapier alpha wit. He does not have the subtle psychological pressure that a physically dominant male has, nor the sheer driving force that is Hollywood fame. He doesn’t have the strong genes that a woman wants. What he has is a set of balls that would drag on the ground if he were Yao Ming.

    Points to Bogart for giving the half-shoulder turn to Marilyn, though.


  10. zero beta supplication body language in either photo. Bogart ain’t supplicating his wife, nor Marilyn.

    One thing about Stephenson is that his message is upbeat. He got onto Oprah without being a beta pussy. Even though he has to overcome his physical issues, he does it without becoming a dancing monkey nor without turning it into pity party.

    We’re talking internal frame control that doesn’t just generate pussy tingles, but sets the girls’ whole body tingling….


  11. Gotta be Bogey, appreciate the malformed man’s accomplishment however that is not Bacall or Monroe standing next to him.

    That and rejecting the sort of “aww, look what the dwarf did that is awesome!”, it’s a harsh SMV out there fellas better him then me


  12. That scene at the end of Casablanca.

    He’s the Alpha to Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman), the Alpha Widow.

    She boards the plan w her beta-by-comparison provider husband, Victor Laszlo.

    Hypergamous duplicity in action.

    Bogart’s Rick was that woman’s Passion.

    Her husband was the Practical.

    Let it be a lesson to us all.

    If you think you might be a girl’s Best Sex Ever, don’t count on her becoming your wife. The Feminine Imperative won’t allow it these days.

    It has happened to me more than once, and it stings in a way, as I’m sure it did to Bogart’s character.

    But I’m free.

    Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.
    We’ll always have Paris.


    • Ilsa, widow? Laszlo is her husband.

      He’s also Alpha, too.

      He’s so indifferent to Ilsa’s beauty and love pangs that he’s off organizing the European wide resistance even though Rick is in the picture.

      At the end Rick joins Laszlo’s cause, giving up the cafe and the babes to do so. THAT’s sacrifice.

      It’s the only flick I know of that posits what goes through the brain of a hot babe who is bouncing between Alphas. She has to settle on one or the other.

      If the love triangle were reversed, an Alpha would have no dilemma: he’d bang both babes — right off into the sunset.


    • Um…what? Dude, she chose RICK.

      Bogey is the one who put her on the plane with her husband. HE made the sacrifice and ultimately did the right thing, choosing her best interests over pussy.

      Bogey was passion; Laszlo was duty.


      • Casablanca was shot in 1942. It just had to have a patriotic “let’s all go fight the Nazis” ending. Frankly, the last scene with Rick and that French policeman deciding to leave their relatively comfortable lives and join the cause seems slapped on as an afterthought.


      • Alpha Laszlo has international fame.

        In every cafe scene, Ilsa is blatantly shown idolizing her (secret) husband.

        How sexy, a hidden love.

        Laszlo scarcely pays attention to Ilsa – beyond that owed a wife.

        When he realizes that Ilsa has been ‘active’ he’s not butt-hurt, no, not at all.

        Laszlo never makes a beta move in the entire flick. BTW, Paul Henreid traditionally played ONLY alpha roles. He had to be pressured into accepting this role — which he accepted under duress. The audience of the era EXPECTED Henreid to be the alpha.

        It was Bogey that was new on the alpha scene. This is the flick that made him A list forever after. His only other super role had been in The Maltse Falcon. (Sam Spade) His prior bread and butter roles had been as wingman/ beta boy.

        Ilsa’s sexual dilemma is brought up first with her husband, Laszlo. He’s so unconcerned about her fidelity that he leaves the matter up in the air. No tears, no histrionics, no grasping, and absolutely no sense of betrayal. Not a slice of beta-boy in the whole dynamic.

        He then promptly marches off to do men’s work — leaving Ilsa to weep for Rick. Rick then has to break her down — to find out where he stands. His position is drastically inferior to Laszlo. After all, Ilsa flatly dumped him in a heartbeat back in Paris — feeding him lies to do so!

        The apex of the film is when she has to revisit her dilemma — and throw herself upon Rick’s judgment, for Laszlo has given her no marching orders at all. His mind is a million miles away from her love pangs.

        The very small scale of her problems — and Rick’s — is brought up at the end of the film. Compared to Laszlo, they don’t have any problems.

        The basic love triangle is evident: two alphas and one hottie — and the boys have to make her decisions for her.


      • BC- I like that synopsis. However, at the time, a duty bound wife would have left a lover when she found out her husband was really alive. She was a good girl, that’s what good girls do.

        However, she was ready to leave him for Bogey because he had her heart. Laszlo had AM cred, sure, but Bogey made her wet. Women don’t do math and say “ok this guy is famouser or alphaer than this other guy so I do xyz,” they make emotional judgments. You can get into the heart of a woman married to the damned POTUS; but don’t expect it to end happily.

        Bogey loved her enough in the movie to send her where she should go, with her husband. A charming gesture indicative of a more innocent time. And the SMART play in such a situation where another alpha has his ring on her finger.

        But yeah, when Laszlo found out Bogey had boinked his wife, that “nobody is to blame, so I demand no explanation,” damn that shit was “bitch I ain’t even sweatin a drop on this,” unshakeable stuff.


  13. “I never met a dame who didn’t understand a shlap in the face or a shlug from a .45”


  14. It’s a much better blessing to be a deformed man than a woman. Although, I would love to bang a hot blind chick.


  15. I went with Sean. Dat smirk tho.


  16. Actually that look on Bogie’s face say to me, “Bitch, please, I’m talking to Marilyn, stop grabbing at me…”


  17. A dead dude or an imp. What a choice.

    Can’t wait ’til next month.


  18. Not handsome in the traditional sense, but Humphrey wasn’t a bad looking cat. Do a google image search and you’ll simultaneously see the ubiquity of that smirk in his photos as well why he was such a charmer.

    As for Sean, it’s only the size of his balls that matter as witnessed by that cutie next to him.


  19. Her name is Mindie Kniss. According to google, she’s a self-appointed “heart” guru – as in finding your deeper lurve in yer heart.

    Cold bucket of ice water reality – this has Eat, Prey, Leave written allllllll over it.

    Enjoy her while you can, Mr. Stephenson, ‘cuz the divorce won’t be pretty – just pretty expensive.

    [CH: they aren’t divorced yet, so let’s leave the lurid speculation aside and just marvel that, for now at least, sean is getting higher quality poon than most non-deformed beta males.]


  20. Somewhat up the scale from “empty guitar case game”

    The rising Eastern Euro Alpha’s!


    • on September 5, 2014 at 11:56 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

      Nevermind that stupid shit. Was Michel Petrucianni “alpha”? Listen to his solo rendition of “Caravan”. Had kids with an attractive wife despite “glass bones” and being two feet tall. Bad mf, that guy…not some specimen in Oprah’s petting zoo.


  21. At the moment my vote is a tie-breaker!
    For once voting matters.


  22. Not even close. Sean.


  23. I know nothing about the dwarf. Don’t know the context of either pic. That being said, I’ll go with Bogart.


  24. Bogart started schtupping Bacall when she was 19 and he was 44; Bogie married her when he was 45 and she was 20. Bogie FTW.


  25. Do you guys think he’s physically capable of having vaginal sex with a regular sized woman?

    Can a wheelchair stricken man even thrust his hips?


  26. The Rat Pack originally formed with men, most of whom would be considered alpha in their own right, who wanted to stay within Bogart’s shadow.

    How could I vote for a beyond catagory Hall of Famer for Alpha of the Month?

    It would be an insult to him.


  27. And I’m betting she’s getting banged by some hot guy behind the dwarf’s back. Sorry, had to be cynical.


  28. LOL “Hamster” Bogart….thinks he might be gay….sleeps with a thousand woman. That’s a lot of falsifying going on.

    Might be gay game.


  29. Humphrey Bogart doesn’t count as handsome?

    Well, shit.


  30. Lol, dwarf-girl is def getting fucked hard and in the ass too by some hot guy behind retard-dwarf’s back.


  31. Haha, what a great pic! Bogart is saying “what in the world, woman,” Bacall knows he can’t resist her, and Marilyn doesn’t mind at all. Its probably a party for “How to Marry a Millionaire.”


  32. on September 5, 2014 at 5:29 pm gunslingergregi

    i cant get alpha of the month to save my life
    ain’t no dude had a bitch willing to wait as long as it takes for him to come back with all the dudes money he he he
    but I go with the dwarf dude since ya know I hate movie star chats


  33. on September 5, 2014 at 5:33 pm gunslingergregi

    think about how needed that chick feels though
    bitches like to feel needed look at all the animals they get to clean up the piss and shit of and feed and pet
    that’s why I piss and shit all over the house gives em something to do


  34. This was a tough one. I know a couple of seriously vertically-challenged dudes who made out all right in the mate department, by sheer force of personality. On the other hand, Bogey . . .

    Sean, by an inch.


  35. Hands down Sean. Not even close. He has to have exponentially higher alpha frame than a Bogart to pull tail… And to those suggesting that his woman is fucking other dudes, that just strikes as some serious butthurt projection from dudes that aren’t getting any at all… “If I can’t get laid and I’m way higher value than a dwarf, there’s no way HE’s getting laid!”

    Only it doesn’t work that way…Check out the tail that Wee Man or Mini Me pull sometime. Sure they may be outliers… “Well, they’re famous, have money, etc.” but that’s the whole point. Fuckers have overcome a huge life shit sandwich, and come out killing it with titanium frame.

    I’d wing with any of these dwarfs and not because I think they’re some great inspiration. I could give a shit about that. Id do it to get a masters education in frame control.


    • Exactly what I was thinking!

      Yes, Bacall and Monroe have highest SMV, so every guy would want these women themselves, but Bogart’s SMV is just on par with them, so it’s nothing to him to get these women, actually it would be dissapointment, if he, as a Hollywood star, wouldn’t!

      But Stephensons SMV is completely ZERO (without his personality), so guys who put Stephenson down just are mentally challenged to be able to consider more than one variable!


  36. I’ll just leave these here. Dude is 5 feet tall but his body language and tonality is better than 90% of the tall good-looking chodes I see at the bar:


    • Dude is making the best of what he was given. But do you get the sense they’re into him or simply using him for short term entertainment?


      • It would take actively letting up on the gas, stepping on the brake, or just complete brain-fart retardation for someone to get 80% of the way around a race track and not be able to cross the finish line.


      • Women always say they want tall guys, but ultimately masculinity > height. I’ve met 6’5″ guys who came across as wimpy and weak, and 5’6″ guys who radiated alpha confidence. I think shorter dudes benefit a lot from heavy lifting though; if you’re short, you CANNOT afford to be skinny because it reminds women of a little boy’s body and that’s a huge turnoff.


      • @yareally inspired me to check out the site. Look at the below video, it is crystal clear HE is the one using THEM for HIS amusement. This one is pick up using the titles of rock songs as openers. also shows him getting blown out a lot and just cracking himself up. Thanks YaReally….


    • I’m going to model this guy FOR SURE for the next few months to a year until my body language and tonality is as good as his.


    • That student in the second half of the video is a fucking boss!


  37. OT

    I came a bit late to the post before last about optimizing your womanizing. In the comment section I posed a question, and since it didn’t get answered I will post it here. For the record, I am being sincere.


    “Look around latin America and see the elites. WHO do you see?”

    That’s not the endgame we want though. In the end we want nothing less than our homelands and a top to bottom White social pyramid.

    When you drive out to the countryside, you want to see our faces everywhere.

    I tend to stay away from all the race talk but I am genuinely curious about something. Why would you want this? I don’t really understand why whites would want to have a white hierarchy, especially in a white country. I get it on some level. I do understand the desire for a white-only country, but it still means that a white man is on the bottom. How is that good for all white men?

    Imagine it like this, as a thought experiment. You find a crystal ball that allows you to see two possible futures.

    Future 1: In Whitetopia (the former USSA) a nice blue-eyed, blonde-haired man in a nice, but futuristic, tailored suite stands with his arm around a beautiful white woman in a nice and modest dress. They watch their six kids play with their 2.5 dogs in a large, white picketed fenced in, back yard with a large pool and well manicured garden. You notice a manager type yell at a few white guys who all wear the same uniform. He is yelling at them to do a good job trimming the garden maze. You notice him go over to one of the trucks and you see the name on the truck reads, “Troll King Jr.’s Lawn and Gardening.”

    Future 2: In Brazillitopia (the former USSA) a nice blue-eyed and dirty blondish-brown haired man stands with his arm around a beautiful and light-skinned woman of some sort of Asian or Hispanic heritage. They smile as they watch their lightly-tanned children, of which there are 5, run around chasing the 2.5 dogs in a large backyard with a large pool which is fenced in with a tall brick fence. As you see this you notice a somewhat light skinned Hispanic man, or maybe he is of a middle Indian caste or Arab or something, yelling at a handful of dark and darker skinned men about how they are not doing a good job manicuring the rose bushes. You notice that the rose bushes are at the end of the driveway and the name on the mailbox next to said rose bushes reads, “Mr. and Mrs. Troll King Jr.”

    Again, I am not trolling. I just wonder which one most white nationalists would prefer? Me personally, I think I would go with option two. I would rather, at least intellectually, think of my future children as being a part of a high-socio-economic white caste system than being a suburban landscaper, even if they do own the company. This is especially true, for me at least, if we add in a patriarchy (in a true sense) that would allow a father to “dispose” of any darkies that might look at my wife or children. IDK, maybe I am a bit too southern for you WNs…


    • on September 5, 2014 at 6:27 pm gunslingergregi

      th problem is if the #2 happens we get killed by another country that doesn’t have that crap


    • on September 5, 2014 at 6:29 pm gunslingergregi

      and your kids won’t be allowed to be lawn care owners that will be reserved for another group

      ””””””’This is especially true, for me at least, if we add in a patriarchy (in a true sense) that would allow a father to “dispose” of any darkies that might look at my wife or children.”””””””’

      you vs ten darkies that run up on you who gonna win


      • on September 5, 2014 at 6:31 pm gunslingergregi

        i’m bout to start taking field trips of darkies to the mil dollar house areas to wake you fucks up


      • on September 5, 2014 at 6:35 pm gunslingergregi

        look over here we have a house with only family and one man in it
        they have multiple items you can money for and probably a safe full of guns and money
        over to your right we have another large house with one man living there and leaves his wife at home to go to work
        note the lack of any security guard


      • on September 5, 2014 at 6:38 pm gunslingergregi

        oh look it is Mr. and Mrs. Troll King Jr’s house
        oh they are in the pool
        don’t see any other cars looking like they have company
        so that means we should just walk over and have a talk about how much they have in the bank


      • on September 5, 2014 at 6:39 pm gunslingergregi

        we’ll go ahead and hold mrs troll king hostage while mr troll king empties out the bank accounts
        and while we wait we’ll go ahead and rape mrs troll king cause ya know are morals are vastly diferent than mr troll kings morals
        so we really just don’t give a fuck except to mrs troll king


      • Eh, no offense but I think you are not looking at the possible(not definite, your points are definitely taken) types of power available to a minority-majority class.

        History is replete with examples where a small minority of people ruled over a majority, often times many different types, of people. Hell, if I remember correctly the Spartans only made up something like 15% of the Spartan population. The rest were some form of slave, with several different castes.

        I think some would say, rightfully so, that we are already well-headed for a minority white majority rule. Whether in Washington or the Fly Over states in the south where I live, pretty much no one with any power, no matter how small or big, is black. Hell, even most blacks with power act more white than many whites. Obama is the rule, not the exception.

        Anyways. I have lived in this type of country before, or at least something approximating it. It seems like lately I keep bringing this up in different parts of the sphere, but it always seems pertinent. So, the fact is that during middle school and high school I was an expat.

        To be more specific, I lived in Egypt with my mom under the Mubarak regime. I could give you many examples, but I will stick with two.

        1st: One time me and several friends were hanging out with a local Egyptian guy that we would smoke and drink with. We decided it would be fun to steal one of the many Mercedes around (seriously, everyone either owns a freaking benz or a Fiat, with the exception being the Amoco families who owned Toyotas cause they were a perk from the company).

        So we are driving about 120 mph drinking Stella and Heineken and smoking hash through one of the side highways that basically went into no where in the desert…gotta love all that USAID money…and we passed some soldiers/cops (they are the same over there, well most places in the world that is how it is…).

        So we get pulled over. We were all freaking out. The driving age is 18 there, as it is most places outside of the US, and we are high and drunk as fuck. The Egyptian dude we were partying with actually was more scared than we were. We kinda new the drill by this time but we hadn’t done anything this bad before. So, the Egyptian guy actually asks us if we would like him to go to jail for us…we said, fuck no man. You cool. Just chill.

        So, there we are. Soldiers yelling at us from their big armored trucks and pointing their AK’s at us. We were trying to figure out what to do when one of the officers (you can tell cause they only carried a 1911, don’t ask me about his rank cause I don’t know) walks over and yells at his men to lower their weapons. He asks us to get out of the vehicle and we comply. We show our passports and he smiles and says that it is all ok. He loves Americans. No Problem. He is then going back and forth between telling us our it is illegal for us to drink, smoke hash, and steal cars and the other half of the time he is asking us about American movies and rap music.

        So, without prattling on too much more. What happened was that we bribed the soldiers with what was to them about a half day pay(for the officer) and two or three days pay for the lower ranks. This amounted to about $3.50, or less than a pack of American smokes, per person. Oh, and we didn’t bribe them to let us go. We knew that would happen anyways, or at least that it was more likely than not. We simply bribed them to let us keep the beer and hash and to promise to return the stolen car to the owners. We ditched the car and set it on fire and then walked for a few miles until catching a cab that took us back to Maadi.

        2. I literally went to school with some people who were kids of billionaires. It was weird actually. I went from being upper middle class here in the south to being on the bottom of socio-economic ladder because my parents were white collar and had to work for a living while many of the arab-americans were kids of millionaires and more. Hell, the Amoco kids whose parents pulled in half a million or more a year were the middle of the curve and the military brats were at the bottom.

        Anyways. As I said, the driving age is 18 over there. This didn’t stop the personal security guards of some of my classmates from bribing every cop on the block so that some of my classmates, at the age of 13 or so, could take the brand new Lamborghini that their dad/uncle/whoever recently bought them for a spin. They would (these personal chauffers and body guards) get the cops, sometimes close to 100 of them, to shut down a major road just so the kid could show off their lambo, and some times wreck it, and make us jealous. That is power. It didn’t matter if everyone talked shit behind their back, when told to do something it went like this: I tell you to jump, you ask how high and how many times.

        Actually, I have a third story. I remember my mom putting on a party. I was grounded for some reason or another ( I know, shocking based on what I just told and she had a bunch of higher ups in the Mubarak government over. See, she worked with a company that contracted out to USAID. This meant that everything in every office she set up had fucking USAID stickers on it. Seriously, practically 80% or more of most of the infrastructure has some fucking USAID sticker on it. I used to joke that the way to becoming rich was to get the government contracts to print those fucking stickers. Go to the library, every book as a sticker in it. The shelves that the books sit on, have stickers. The computers, desks, and I swear to god one time I saw one on a fucking toilet seat.

        Here is the truth. USAID is often times a scam. How do you think all those dictators become so fucking filthy rich? If they took just .01% of the billions we give just one country per year for themselves, well they would be filthy rich. Anyways.

        So, there are all these really high ranking political and economic types. These are the types that are heads of ministries and what not. They sat down with Mubarak on a regular basis. I guess, it would be like wining and dining the white house press secretary or something.

        So, I am mainly hanging back and eating the food and sneaking drinks here and there and I overheard a funny conversation. This was during the Clinton/Lewinsky years. So, these couple of high ranking guys are asking my mom and her colleagues why it was such a big deal. They just couldn’t understand, no matter how hard my mom and her colleagues tried to explain it, how a fat intern could cause so much trouble for the president.

        One of the guys got kinda flustered and simply asked, “why not just tow her car or revoke her parents business license?”

        Corruption is a way of life in most of these types of “brazils”. The fact is that when I got caught by soldiers/police doing crazy shit, shit that would have gotten me tried as an adult in the states, the cops simply looked at my pale Anglo-Saxon face and then my passport and they shut the fuck up.

        I would often wonder why. It later dawned on me just how corrupt they were and how much power as a white expat I had. They didn’t know anything about me. Here is some middle management cop, who probably was educated better than most and because of that he went into the officer ranks while serving his mandatory military time. He doesn’t know whether or not my family is connected to the royalty. He doesn’t know if my parents are regional directors for Exxon or Shell. He doesn’t know if we have military contacts (or contracts) or whether we occasionally dine at the presidential palace or whether we are just asshole tourists who got lost on our way to Sharm El-Sheihk. He simply doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know.

        The reason? Because fucking with the wrong white person means that at best his life is a living nightmare for the foreseeable future. At worst, it meant that he and/or his family gets arrested for some trumped up charge, like having a license out of date, and they then spend years in prison as their paper work (along with the bribes to get the paperwork) keep ending up missing.

        So, I guess to tie this all back together. In my experience there is more than just the stick and how has a bigger one in the whole carrot and stick scenario. Power isn’t just about being able to fend off ten darkies who breach your home. Often times that is simply the lowest form of power.

        So, back to my original question. Would you rather live in Braziltopia with its corruption while having the ability to be white royalty, or close to it? Or would you rather be the lowest rung in a all white society called whitetopia?

        It seems to me that the problem with whitetopia is that, unless we are talking about a society where robots do all the dirty and dangerous labor like coal mining and sewage/waste management, that someone has to end up as the “nigger”.

        Personally, the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that when I look into the future I would rather see Mr. Troll King Jr. being able to walk up to Mr. James Lee (who is 75% white and 25% Korean) who owns MR. Lees landscaping business and have a conversation with Mr. Lee about his workers Deshawn and Orangellow and how he doesn’t like them staring at his wife/daughter/pet donkey/whatever.

        Then my future son, MR. Troll King Jr. will take some money from his specialized “just the tip” account and hand it to Mr. Lee and politely ask him to fire them and back up what he says to the police. Mr. Lee will then politely say, “Mr. Troll King Jr., sir I am so sorry that these two worthless bums caused you any distress. Please be sure that I will handle this issue in any way you deem appropriate….also sir, if I am not overstepping…my nephew wants to open a grocery store, you know Mr. James from the licensing borough? I see you with him at the country club, if it isn’t too much to ask. My nephew is a good kid…he just imported a wife from Korea, she works in software management…..blah blah blah.”

        Then you will see my future sons face as he cocks a alpha grin and say sure, I can talk to Mr. James for you and they both cackle as the police arrest Dashawn and Orangellow for mental rape and ocular sexual assault of my future sons wife.

        Or….someone has to be a gardener is whitopia, we can’t all be Donald Trumps…..think about it guys.


      • “oh they are in the pool
        don’t see any other cars …”

        Best answer.


    • on September 5, 2014 at 11:48 pm Alex Jones SuperFan

      >maybe in a multicultural society I will finally get laid


    • It starts with Brazil, it evolves to South Africa and it ends up like Zimbabwe.


    • “Future 1” would be more accurately labeled “The Past, Before 1965” (or earlier). Labor is not a commodity; it is people who live in your country. The people who live in your country constitute its demography, which constitutes its destiny. Not even close: “Future” 1. The other way lies Zimbabwe (by way of Baltimore).


    • It looks like The Troll King’s fair question was very well answered by Gunslinger and three other commenters.


  38. on September 5, 2014 at 6:22 pm gunslingergregi

    got my balls licked clean for almost an hour yesterday
    there is nothing quit like it


  39. Had a moment like Bogart did in that picture. The tingles you evoke in both girls when they are fighting for your affection, nothing like it…


  40. Yo YaReally,

    Ive read other people hit you up about this.

    Whats the resource for hitting on THE HOTTEST girls. Not shit 6-7’s, 9’s.

    I’m in my 20’s, in shape. Good height


    • Balls and execution.
      Game seduction process and its principles are the same.

      The challenge will be calibrating your beta non verbal behavior as to suppress it while exhibiting alpha attitude. Beautiful women will pang your hind brain attraction system with more intensity and more frequency. Thus making your beta tendancies towards pecking/groveling/shit eating smiling/supplicating/agreeableness/boringness take over quicker.

      The only way my friend is to drill it. Do it. Quit thinking about and approach and open. Familiarize yourself with how you react after many attempts….and then you can control your emotions and behavior as it becomes unconscious competence. It takes work. That’s the secret.

      Krauser had a great term I like: self diagnostics. Be able to know what beta shit you did that you need to correct. Be able to know what alpha shit you did good with. Be able to reflect on the stages of the interaction so you can identify what specific questions yoi need to ask and info you study. You can’t fix everything in one day or a weekend. Takes several weeks to build the good habbit forming body and verbal mechanics.

      Other notes:
      -day game is better for this IMO (better chances target will be solo)
      -high SMV targets almost always are ‘dating’ another guy or have a BF. Its competition at its finest.
      -you actually dont have to be a dick and/or neg harder like most think. In some cases you do of course, however many very hot women are cool and confident and they’re looking to be challenged and intrigued by something different. A smooth operator not rattled by her vagina beauty spell.

      Good sarging.


      • @Nathan If you’re looking for a “resource” check out Krauser’s DayGame Mastery. It’s brilliant, detailed, step by step and full of useful examples.

        But as Ripp says…it’s balls and trial and error.

        You can read about this stuff, blog about it, but until you actually go and meet girls, bang them get shot down, then try new things…all this advice won’t mean anything.

        Learning game is about being conscious of social cues. Naturals may be more intuitive. But until I learned game, I was all about hitting and missing without any structure, understanding or methodology of why things weren’t working.

        You’re young and ripped. I’m late 40’s, in good shape, in a different place in my life. But I’m still banging hot girls in their 20’s.

        Take things step by step. Try one or two things each approach. If you read and then apply you’ll be memorizing and then when you get hit with a shit test or a blow out, you won’t know how to react and you’ll feel like crap.

        Avoid that. Take things step by step. Krauser’s book is a great start.


      • This.

        Balls. Execution.

        There are no magic spells.

        I know an ugly, balding, jew doctor who gets tons of pussy simply because he approaches a zillion times. I’ve seen girls humiliatingly blow him off, he just keeps trying. He has hit up women on the sidewalk, stopped his car and gone to the one behind him at a light, you name it.

        The problem is watching movies like Hitch and thinking oh if I was just SMOOTHER, I would get girls like it was scripted. You have to be Chip, approach, get shot down, keep trying.

        Learn to fight though, seriously. Learn to fly planes or do cool shit. You will simply exude confidence when you can do cool shit.

        I am *not* a fan of game in the sense that all these idiots purvey it. I think it’s ridiculous because it’s fake.

        Men need to improve themselves because that’s what makes better men. Fuck these hoez…women are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

        The REAL reason you see these alphas pulling chicks is because they have the inner state to do it. The BSD guys exude BSD charisma and that is what is attractive. it has nothing to do with clothes, words, or anything else. Alphas are funnier telling the SAME jokes.

        Watch the SNL skit- Tom Brady does it, it’s alpha, beta guy does it, it’s harassment. So beta guy should work on becoming badass like Tom Brady. Remember, Tom Brady is an ordinary goodlooking dude if you take away the three SB championships. His respect from other men is what elevates him to mega-alpha


    • “Whats the resource for hitting on THE HOTTEST girls. Not shit 6-7’s, 9’s.”

      Indirect Mystery Method (despite how cool it is to make fun of Mystery now and call MM over-thinking it etc., MM is a phenomenally rock-solid understanding of female/group/social psychology and is built for hooking the hottest girls not average ones, and hooking them to the point where they’re in love and obsessed with you not just into you enough to let you stick your dick in them) + building huge social circles + being the social connector (throwing parties and merging social circles together) + having prime logistics (living 5 min away from party venues or uni/college campus) + day-game (and bringing those girls out as part of your social circle to the bars as social proof and pivots for your night-game where the REALLY done-up hot young girls are partying) = regularly getting the hottest of the hot.

      Cold-approaching 9-10s in the bar/nightclub scene is basically the least efficient way of getting them lol Some of us just like that challenge. A lot of my solid internal beliefs about looks/money/clothes/etc. not mattering are because I challenge myself that way and don’t let myself rely on crutches like a lot of guys do. I think it’s badass to be able to enter a venue anonymously and build all my value from scratch in the moment to try to get the girl…and because I do that, I don’t have the same limiting beliefs that a guy who’s only ever been good-looking or only ever used his money or only ever approached girls who make eye-contact with him first or only ever approached girls in an environment where he knows some of the staff etc. often has, because all I let myself rely on is pure game.

      It would take me less than a month in a brand new city to build a big social circle that would give me easy access to smokeshow girls, but building and maintaining social circles comes with downsides along with the good parts and those downsides aren’t shit I want to deal with right now.

      When I’m too old and lazy to hit up bars I’ll work the type of game I describe above.


      • @YaReally – solid insights as usual. I’m finding it hard to create the social circle that you describe, but then I’ve been limiting myself to one to two nights out a week, usually Fri & Sat, & at varying venues – still doing the solo thing after some 4 months of deciding to make changes. Going out more often is prob the first thing that has to change. Re- building & maintaining social circles – to clarify, the way you’re describing is to be a regular at a venue, slowly befriending new crew each week? Do you go so far as throwing parties at your place or just try to be the connector for group meetups at venues? What are the downsides you’re referring to? Any further insights would be super appreciated.

        On the plus side, had a night out recently with some old boys & had what was to me a mediocre night approach-wise, but got unsolicited words of admiration from the guys on my social savvy with regards to women, so I think I’m slowly making headway. Met a couple of bisexual 5/6s who I had good attraction & comfort with, & later regretted not getting their numbers despite not being super into them- I’m starting to realize I’m the ‘thrill of the hunt’ guy more than the guy who just wants sex.


      • @YaReally – mid-30s, still heading out solo for the last 4-5 months, but finding it a challenge to build a new social circle like you describe. To clarify, would your advice be to just be a regular at a couple of venues & try to be the social connector there, or am I missing something else? What are the downsides you refer to in building & maintaining new social circles? Any insights would be appreciated.

        on the plus side, on a night out with some old boys it was a mediocre night approach-wise for me as I didn’t want to be constantly splitting off from them, but still got unsolicited compliments from a couple of guys on my social savvy with those women I approached, so looks like I’m slowly making headway.


  41. We have a dwarf – Omega to the hilt by default – who scores a mildly ok young girl (6 in my book)who is probably jam-packed with delusions of creating a ‘better world’, most likely by virtue of being quasi-famous and a lot richer than anyone else she has ever met, and we have one of the most famous all-time Hollywood stars (from 60+ years ago) amidst equally famous Hollywood stars.
    Good grief.
    Just give the ‘Alpha Male of All Time’ to ThTeveMacMuthafuckin’KWEEN and be done with it.
    You know you want to.


    • She is a 6 but he is a 2 (assuming he is worth between 1-5 million).

      The bleeding heart girls always seem generally attractive. I don’t know why that is. I know a guy who legitimately is impotent (cancer survivor) and doesn’t have a lot of free money (again due to constant monitoring) and his long time girlfriend is a 6.


      • Bleeding heart = high estrogen. Her physical appearance exudes it too. But I cannot stand her political views as she once spent 6 months in Africa doing community service for kids with AIDS. This is not a race thing, as I would be equally appalled if she did it for European kids with AIDS. Since AIDS is uncurable and tends to infect druggies and promiscuous people (and their offspring), I would suggest that AIDS is eugenic.


      • I cannot stand her political views as she once spent 6 months in Africa doing community service for kids with AIDS.

        The reason so many people in Africa “have aids” is because white people provide money for treatment for Africans with AIDS.

        But If you are an African with malaria, sleeping sickness, cholara, dysentary, teberculosis, malnutrition, war, famine, dirty water… anything Africans have always died from; there is no money for treatment and you are federally fucked.

        Wake up white man:


      • SC
        Bleeding heart = high estrogen.

        Hold on.

        This very quality you describe as a “fault” maybe the exact thing that allowed you to be here mouthing off today.

        It use to piss me off at the anti racism conferences when the white woman would start crying and the black females would go over and start hugging them trying to make them feel better… fuck that; throw that white bitch down the stairs and give her something legitimate to cry about.

        But upon further review, the will and ability to put another persons physiological disposition ahead and above your own may have been THE beneficial trait that allowed humans to survive just a few more days, until it rained, or somebody caught something to eat…

        Don’t sleep on that mammy shit; it may be the only reason your sorry ass is here mouthin off today.


      • What percentage of people in Africa diagnosed with AIDS and/or HIV positive have ever seen, and/or know what a hypodermic needle looks like?

        Wake up white man.


  42. If she is a 6, 6’s suck


  43. on September 5, 2014 at 7:26 pm Lurking Gorilla

    A thousand, literally? What does banging a thousand women do to your psyche? I can’t imagine having the time and physical health to get through that many women, even with godly fame


  44. I don’t consider famous people whether they are A, B, C or D lister levels of fame capable of being alphas or at least true alphas as their fame gets in the way of properly being able to judge them ie you can never be sure the women get with them because they are just that awesome or because the woman in particular knows she can get her attention needs met while also raising up her own personal status by parasiting off of said famous man’s fame by being in his company.

    The midget only gets to be a C or D lister celebrity for the same reason blacks are worshipped these days ie Christ insanity’s disasterous effects on society or as Uncle Adolf put it: “Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure” ergo due to Christian slave morality and our culture’s disgusting and resulting worship of the underdog the midget is artificially propped up as being an alpha male under Christian slave morality and a woman naturally being an amoral airheaded idiot that simply desires societal approval will do whatever it takes even spreading for a D list minor celebrity midget if THAT is what it takes, if THAT is all she can get to get herself even a meager degree of fame in this world.

    If the midget were not a motivational speaker and had not society’s eyes upon him for that reason neither then would her’s be.

    That is the nature of the female of our species ie you don’t got you a measure of fame? Then I’m sorry son but you= lame!


  45. The Green Day song “American Idiot” can be the anthem for out time with one change to the lyrics: replace “redneck agenda” with “neocon agenda.”


  46. Financial chick = a rich middle-aged VP of corporate finance who wants her last few remaining dick-fests to be Rum flavored.
    Her daughter, whom I actually care about, is struggling to survive her psychosis. She just wants to find enough hope and optimism in the midst of her on going existential nightmare-crisis-of-nihilism to avoid having to do a Robin Williams on her own jarringly cute body and deeply troubled self.
    Gods work be done.


  47. @YaReally, @Scray, Etc.

    Second night attempting to cold-approach. Only managed to do one before friends dragged me out everywhere.

    Only, like, my 6th cold approach since deciding to work on this:

    Saw a three-set (Dude, 5, 7) inside at a small daytime event. Walked up, didn’t make the best eye contact, said “Hey. I have a quick question.” The 5 immediately makes a fuck off face, but I keep talking through it, mostly looking at her or the dude. I thought of it as a warm-up set, so I told them I had hours to kill before my friends and I were going to hit up a neaby bar, and asked if they had any suggestions for places to check out. Dude never says a word, 5 mentions the name of a different bar to check out, and when I look over at 7, she is BEAMING. Totally smiling at me, starts describing the bar in elaborate detail, holding eye contact. I keep shifting eye contact around to everyone else, small talking a little bit, but 5 is just giving me the ugliest look. I smile, thank them for the info, and bounce.

    My read on this is that 7 was totally into me, and wanted me to keep talking to her, but I didn’t know how to shift from the polite question-banter to something else without, I dunno, overstaying my welcome or getting totally blown out. I know I should try just staying in set — maybe the 5 woulda walked off. Maybe 7 would have given me something to chew on if I let the moment hang for a bit.

    Later I thought I should have said something like, “Hey [to 7] — I’m enjoying talking to you, but I don’t wanna bother your friends. Wanna go over there?”

    Or something. I know questions are lame, but it seemed, I dunno, too early in the convo to be like, “come over here with me.”

    Suggestions for alternate things to try? Also keep in mind my friends are probably within earshot and I have a reputation as a decent human being to uphold, haha.


    • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this situation. You got one, the one you want, who’s really into you. Then you have the other people in the group who want you to fuck off (sometimes because they are jealous that the chick digs you).

      Here’s the only thing that has worked for me — run normal game protocol but just treat her as though she were the ugly friend. Like, you got someone in the group to like you, so use them to get the group on your side.

      This may sound like a mindfuck, and I have no idea where you are in this, but it’s possible that you come off as ‘too cool’ or ‘superior’ to the others in the group (and the 5). So, once you pretend like you’re not that interested in the 7 and just have the 7 act as your ‘go-between,’ the others should open up.

      So….talk to the 7 a little when she opens, and then -ask her- “are these your friends? Introduce me.” Boom, she’s introducing you. What you’re really doing is shoving your value down their throats like ‘ya the hot bitch in group is into me, deal with it, but hey I’m a cool guy and that’s what’s important..’ After you get acquainted with them all and shoot the shit, then you can isolate.


      • oh shit, thanks. That sounds way more socially plausible and congruent for me now than trying to isolate someone thirty seconds into a polite conversation.

        It’s entirely possible I come off as too cool. I get that a bit among my friend groups and they all already love me haha. I’m new to game (reading about it since march, testing less risky changes out on friend circle, just now starting to go out and cold approach) so I think it’s one of those pendulum-swings of being in a slightly over-the-top.overconfidence and needing to pull back a little depending on the situation.

        Also, your FRs with YaReally as commentary have been really useful. Thanks for posting those.


      • Also, am I crippling myself by opening with polite questions like that? It’s been my go-to thing so far. My way of dealing with approach anxiety so far is just like, “oh, this is a totally innocuous thing — nobody is going to freak out at me for asking simple questions.” Especially in the daytime.

        My last time out at night in a bar I definitely was more, like, “Hey let me show you my dance move it’s the best.” But in the daytime this seems out of character. Though I’m open to experimenting when I work up the nerve.


      • If you’re already kind of a cool guy among your friends, then you’re the perfect candidate to start with MM and game. Many of us (me included) have to just learn how to be seen as “cool guys” first.

        But if I were you, I wouldn’t even pull back on the overconfidence or anything. Just direct it away from the group. Like, if you have the hottest chick in a group who likes you, the way to present yourself is “yeah I’m the shit, but I’m also the kind of guy you -want- on your side.”

        The thing about openers is that they really don’t matter at all. The true game is about sub-communication. So your ‘polite openers’ could be sexy as fuck, if you’re communicating with intent. If you’re wanting to get good though, experiment! Walk up to a chick and ask ‘do you do anal?’ (I’ve done that), walk up to a group and make a jack-off motion complete with semen splooge (done that), etc. You do enough things like that, and you will start just naturally telegraphing the ‘lol fuck it’ attitude.

        I’ve gone so meta about this that now, it’s just…’shit man, if you want to talk to her just talk to her.’ So I’ll say normal shit….like ‘hey, you just here doing X?’ But the way I say it is WAY more self-assured, because I’ve just gotten used to talking to people whenever I want to talk to them. As a consequence my value starts off as high as possible, because it’s like ‘wow this guy must talk to a lot of girls to just randomly start conversation like he knows me.’

        Also remember that while game will increase your ROI, there’s still a lot out of your control in any one interaction. Treating it like a numbers game will also give you ‘the attitude’ that makes it something more than a numbers game.


    • shit… phone post gobbled up.

      The 5 is angry because she knows how ALL of these interactions end, with interest in the 7. also I find that in mid sex rank range with ranks close like this the 5 is often the alpha in the relationship and more dominant and will often be passive aggressively bullying the 7, in a way that she simply could not with an 8 or a 9. 7 may also have Ugly Duckling Syndrome.

      You could try something like grabbing the 7 by the arm and saying hey come with me and help me pick out a drink, and give a “be right back” over your shoulder to the guy and the 5 as you lead the 7 to the bar. Once the 5 starts talking in this case it will be cockblock city.

      But this is an area of game I need more work in myself, the mixed set and cockblock responses. I am usually a sniper and a self confessed “easy opener” looking for that slight IOI. Not all the time but I get a lot of them that it just flows in a natural progression. Something I am trying to work on. So would welcome some response form the peanut gallery to the below situation:

      setting – dim, vibrant foodie bar and restaurant. 8 PM. I take the remaining seat at the bar, next to a couple of early 30’s Asian girls. A 6 and a 6.5, but both slim. They are starting on an early dinner, both foodies. I listen to them chat while I think about a drink. They are doctors in a local hospital. One of their dishes comes, it is a house specialty, well known dish. The 6.5 is next to me, the 6 the other side of her.

      I ask the 6.5 “hey is that the XYZ dish. I hear it is good.” She says yes it’s great you should try some. I smile and open my mouth and have her feed me. we go on with lite banter as they eat and my drink goes down. The 6 is noticeably more reserved and not playful. The 6.5 is playful. some lite kino going on, arm touches etc. some good eye contact.

      My dish comes. it is a 12 inch whole sausage on a bed of lentils. 6.5 says wow that looks good too. I say “Try it”. She wants to. I stab it with my fork and feed it to her whole like a cock, with a devilish grin. she opens up and takes off a bite and is laughing smiling at the innuendo etc. The 6 waves it off when I dangle it in her face. some more lite kino, arm on leg etc. They finish and leave. Bid them good night see you around etc. Warm up.

      about an hour or so later I run into them at another bar. They are sitting at a table with a little Indian chode. probably another doctor. 6.5 sees me and smiles I go sit next to her and talk with them. I neg them with a “I hear you talking about the hospital before, are you two nurses?”, knowing they are doctors. The 6.5 qualifies “nooooooooo, we are both doctors, she is a GI and I am a surgeon”. I kid her “that’s impossible there are no female surgeons I never met one” etc. stuff like that. The 6 is frosty. The chode says nt a single word the whole time, like 10 minutes.

      Then the 6 blasts me with “we were trying to have a serious conversation here” as in I should get going. I get caught out at this, and frankly they are 6’s so not really interested anyway, just playing. But I don’t have a comeback ready, caught surprised. So I end up just being cool like “allright well you get back to that then I’ll see you around.” squeeze the 6.5 on the leg and drift off.

      So give me some pointers here gamesters, what is the play


      • on September 9, 2014 at 11:59 am having a bad day


        “Then the 6 blasts me with “we were trying to have a serious conversation here” as in I should get going. I get caught out at this, and frankly they are 6’s so not really interested anyway, just playing. But I don’t have a comeback ready, caught surprised. So I end up just being cool like “allright well you get back to that then I’ll see you around.” squeeze the 6.5 on the leg and drift off.

        So give me some pointers here gamesters, what is the play”

        [surprised look] (this should be natural if you were in fact surprised…lol) [pause a beat (pausing never hurts you, since it is naturally alpha…) to regain your composure] [smirk at the 6 for ANOTHER beat or two to up the tension level, since what she did was socially awkward…lol] then…’well, i’m not really into being serious right now (then look into 6.5 eyes still smirking)…i’m just all about PLAYING right now…” (and watch her blush…lol)…”but I’ll let you get back to your serious conversation. give me your number…”

        aaaand you’re out…lol…


      • @habd…. beautiful man… that is in the knowledge bank now… I need to keep in mind the younger generation is often quite rude… gone are the days when the girls were all pretty nice to your face. #nostalgia


    • Just straight up ask for her number. Be bold.

      Look- you got nothing out of this, right? So what you SHOULD HAVE done was gone for broke, no loss, no fear.

      Say hey you seem cool and I’d like to talk to you again, put your number in my phone and i’ll hit you up next week. The words don’t matter, it’s your inner affect that will dictate.

      If Bogey asked for her number, it wouldn’t matter how much cockblocking her friends were doing. Just believe you’re Bogey.


    • OK third fucking time trying to post this…. WTF?

      First… The 5 is pissed off because she knows how ALL these scenes end…. with the 7 getting the attention. Second, I believe when the SR is close like this 5 to 7, the 5 often is the more dominant in the relationship and will often be passive aggressively bullying the 7 in way that she could never do with and 8 or a 9, who probably won’t be caught dead with a 5 at all….

      That said, appreciate some comments from the assembled @yareally @habd, @scray etc… on cockblocks… My game is mostly sniper, picking off singles and need to up the mixed set and +1 set interactions.

      Recent story for input. Go to a well known bar / restaurant, grab sole seat at bar, 8PM. 6 and a 6.5 next to me. I’m next to the 6.5. They are Asian, but both slim. I’m thinking about a drink, Their meals come. One dish is well known. I ask them about it, if it is good. The say yes. The 6.5 asks if I want to taste it. I say sure, and rather than grab a fork, open my mouth. The 6.5 laughs and feeds me from her fork. The 6 seems to be making a face. I listen to them talk, they are both doctors at a local hospital.

      We continue with some lite banter and kino, arm touches, hand on leg etc. I order and my meal comes, it’s a 12 inch long whole sausage on a bed of lentils… the 6.5 looks at the dish and says it looks good. I say try some, she says “great”. I stab it with my fork and feed it to her like a cock. She laughs and takes a good bit off of it… I wave it over to the 6 and she declines…
      They finish up and leave, say good bye, see you around. Just a warm up, night is young.

      I finish and head out, see them about an hour or so later at another bar, with a little Indian guy, probably also a doctor. The 6.5 sees me, so I come over and sit down with them. we start to chat again, I neg them by sayiing ” i heard you talking about the hospital at the other place, are you nurses?”. The 6.5 qualifies immediately “nooooooooo we are doctors, I am a surgeon and she is a GI”. We chat a bit about this, more banter.

      So The 6.5 is open and fairly friendly, the Indian guy says not a peep, the 6 is still frosty. We chat a bit more and then the 6 blasts me with “we were trying to have a serious conversation here” meaning I should go. Frankly I am kind of surprised at this and don’t have a comeback ready, and we are talking about a 6 and 6.5 so I am not really invested. I say something like ” well OK then you go on, have a nice night” and give the 6.5 a leg squeeze and a wink and move on down the road.

      So what’s the play here if you want to continue the interaction? I need to improve in this area…


      • Now, always remember that there’s a shit ton of things out of your control in any interaction. So, it may not be you. BUT, if you want optimal….

        You made the same mistake as the first guy. The 6.5 was digging you and the 6 was jealous. As soon as the cute girl likes you and you’re in a situation with her group, you need to IMMEDIETELY focus on the others.

        Think about it. A cool guy knows bitches like him. They always like him. He’s not worried that, if he stops focusing on a bitch, her attraction will evaporate. She’ll always like him. So, he can take some time to chat up her friends, shoot the shit, etc.

        Once you start focusing on the 6, the 6.5 will start vying for your attention. That’s when you focus on the other guys in the group (if there are any). This is how you build up your value.

        Now, when you get to the ‘we were trying to have a serious conversation here,” part….don’t worry about having a comeback. At this point, you’re kind of being blown out. Just politely say ‘oh my bad, I just really dig your friend. I’ll let you guys have a good night.’ Why? It’s the hail mary. If she’s TRULY into you and you have done this, demonstrating that you’re a COOL GUY (cool guys don’t overstay their ‘welcome,’ they’re direct and don’t ‘need’ to linger), she will say something like ‘oh no you don’t have to go….blah blah blah.’ And if she doesn’t, well….who cares? You have dignity.

        Always maintain your dignity. If you run into them again, they will remember that and you will have value.


      • @Scray: Shit, this all sounds so obvious now that it’s been a couple days. I clearly just got excited that the one I wanted was into me and I forgot to play to the group. Will definitely try the “introduce me” bit and the hail-mary of just straight-up asking for the number in the future when things go awry like this again.

        Also I never bothered to really read any MM stuff because the canned lines stuff irked me, but I’m checking it out now.


      • on September 9, 2014 at 1:01 pm having a bad day


        ok…didn’t see this one before the last post above…if you want to stay in the interaction, instead of just getting the number…

        almost same as above, except…

        [surprised look] (this should be natural if you were in fact surprised…lol) [pause a beat (pausing never hurts you, since it is naturally alpha…) to regain your composure] [smirk at the 6 for ANOTHER beat or two to up the tension level, since what she did was socially awkward…lol] then…’well, i’m not really into being serious right now (then look into 6.5 eyes still smirking)…i’m just all about PLAYING right now…” (and watch her blush…lol)…

        this gets you through the initial exchange…

        then you have to make some choices…lol…basically which person in the group do you focus on…

        but first, some armchair QBing…lol…analysis on the interaction…the 6 was probably getting a bunch of validation from the chode (if the 6.5 didn’t want him…lol) so she wanted to keep the focus on herself, but when you showed up that changed…and also, until you showed up, the chode was the highest value guy at the table…lol…who was focused on HER…lol…if you are going to win past the cock block, you’re going to have to replenish that feeling for her…(same as with any cock block…lol)

        the easiest choice (general focus on the 6.5) is to just follow above, then ignore the outburst and change the subject (to a non-serious one…lol) and talk to the chode (and get him into the conversation…) then have the 6.5 tell him about the dinner you all just shared…etc. or something else…note – this violates ‘polite social norms” (of you leaving bc of her outburst)…lol…or in other words is very alpha…lol…but calibration is important bc the 6.5 (being a 6.5) might not be into a ‘super alpha’ jerk…whereas an 8/9 would eat up that social dynamic…lol…this is the easiest choice bc it follows their normal dynamic of all 3 of them focusing on 6.5…lol…

        also note – that saying to 6 ‘ok, let’s get back to your serious conversation…’ or something like that…is letting the 6 set the frame…not that it would hurt you in this instance, but best to make conscious choices…lol…

        another (most fun/challenging) (focus on the chode) option is to try to get the chode laid by the 6…lol…in other words, try to get the chode out of his shell and build him up and pair him off with the 6… (whether or not you want to pull the 6.5…)…plus it’s good AMOG practice…lol…make him your involuntary wing…lol…

        worst choice (focus on the 6) same idea as focus on the chode but harder to execute, since focusing on her will increase her standing relative to the chode, and she is naturally resistant, being the second choice usually…better to extract…so, i’ve never really considered the game plan…lol…

        props on practicing…and getting better…

        good luck!


      • Thanks @having a bad day . That is some good stuff. I need to do more meta analysis and find it better to have some rough contingencies in place before just blustering in using natural charm and taking advantage of situational dialogue and energy. A framework so to speak from which to operate in.

        This kind of review is quite helpful. appreciate your taking the time to give your thoughts.


  48. My Vote for Sean:

    Bogart is dead. And circumstantially Sean’s challenges are insurmountably more difficult than Bogart’s. In many ways its apples to oranges.

    Re his wife Mindie: first thoughts were she was a total Jesus lover Bible thumper type. And it was a ‘praise tha lord Jesus shit kickin’ relationship.

    After skimming through her blog she appears rather ‘progressive’ and you go grrrl entrepreneur type. The whole Life Coach motivational horse shit industry.

    Knowing the true nature of women and our current times of unleashed hypergamy, I don’t see how a physically abled woman can be sexually satisfied by the 3ft dude until death do them part.

    She’s definetly going to cheat and/or already has. On another note I see the whole career catalyst scheme for her by marrying the guy- with plausible deniability to that since their in the same industry.

    Women can manufacture a rationalization chain to end any LTR no matter how black hearted it may seem to their man. And she’ll profit professionally and socially from a divorce as well. It’s all upside for her…

    How long do you really think she can go ovulation cycle after cycle without physical alpha male sexual dominance?

    Time will tell. I wager 5 years max.


  49. sings a different tune.


    • Now you can see the seats more clearly. My guess is its at the 1953 premier of “How to Marry a Millionaire.” Bogey and Bacall would have been married since they tied the knot in ’45, and, unbeknownst to them, he would die in 1957, just four years after this picture.


    • Note his eyes. I guess he was a boob man, Bacall notwithstanding.

      This is my favorite Bogey seduction, involving as it does a brainy bookish girl and rye. Woman is Dorothy Malone, W. Faulkner co-wrote.


  50. Definitely voting for that little guy who was on the X-Files that one time.


  51. Alpha is a state of mind. In the case of Sean if you’ve seen his videos and how he projects himself, this is a dude who does not feel sorry for himself in any way. He’s not playing a role, he’s now adopted a mentality so it’s no surprising that he’s able to bag a cute chick.

    Humphrey Bogart is an archetype. If you think “masculine” you think of him as an image. The photos, the voice, the roles he plays.

    My vote goes to Sean because he’s real and he has the “mindset” of an Alpha.


  52. Sean is relatively more alpha, but in absolute terms Bogart was far more of an alpha male.


  53. She’s a 7.5 at best. But a solid 10 for that lumpy little dude. My hats’ off to him.


  54. Looks like Stephenson is winning…thought about voting for him but, comeon, Bogart is KING.
    There’s no shame in losing to Bogart. That’s like losing a “cool” contest to John Wayne.


  55. hey yall, looking for advice:

    I made a date (nfl game at the stadium) with a stripper I met only once at the club. I set it up through text.

    Me: “Hey”

    Her: “wats up”

    Me: “Big news”

    Her: “?”

    I sent a link to a story about how only half of 18-25 yr olds can identify a vagina on a diagram.

    Her: “ok”

    Me: “Onewordreply”

    Her: “well y did u send me dat”

    Me: “Icebreaker”

    Her: “lol I got new phone so idk who this is”

    Me: “It’s Mr. Worldwide”

    Her: “doesn’t ring a bell”

    I then sent her a youtube link to the song “Ring my bell”

    Her: “who is this lol”

    I then dropped some clues as to where we met (strip club)

    she responds with a hello and someone elses name. I told her who it was.

    Her: ” o ok sorry I lost a lot of contacts” (new phone apparently)

    Me: “Bummer”

    Her: “so wat u been up2?”

    Me: “work, vacation, chillin. wondering when I can see you”

    Her: “we should hangout sometime next week”

    Me: ” do you like football”

    Her: ” yea

    I then invited her to go to the game with me.

    Her: ” sounds gud”

    Me: ” unless you had something else in mind”

    Her: ” no I lyk doing things lyk that”

    So I set up time and place to meet before hand

    Her: ” k 🙂

    I’m giving it a 30% chance she actually shows up. I’d appreciate some feedback from the room. thx.


    • yeah, she’ll probably flake. Don’t try to date strippers man, just get them in bed with direct sexual Game or move on. Why the fuck are you taking a stripper to a football game lol. you better fuck her ass in the bathroom to make it worth your while.

      I actually made out with a stripper the other night and got her number but I’m not going to follow up on it because the odds of flaking are so high. If I see her again I’ll just escalate in person. That’s how you deal with strippers.


    • Sounds like a fun afternoon. Very deft texting on your part, I thought.

      I’d have a buddy on stand-by, and then confirm with her day of the event. If no prompt response (1 hour window), activate buddy, still have a fun afternoon.


    • Errrmmmmm. To sounds like .”bring your wallet “…. Be wary.


    • Great texting…except…Football? It’s WATCHING something instead of getting to know her. How will you escalate? How will you build rapport and then sexual spikes in a crowd?

      She’s a stripper so if you think you’re going to split tickets on this “date” you’re nuts.

      This had the beginnings of something but your choice of venue doesn’t lend itself to anything that will be sexual.

      Think: club, drinks, coffee, dark, bouncing from venue to venue, playing pool, people watching, playing “marry, fuck, kill”—anything that will allow you to bounce her back to your place.

      Football game: “Wanna go for a drink after the game?”

      Her: ‘Nahhhh, I have to work tomorrow, that was fun, thanks”

      You: uh er uh er…


    • I give her about a 1% chance of showing up. She already blew you off and lied half a dozen times at entry…why the fuck would you waste time and/or money inviting a whore to a football game?!?!

      If you want her, SHOW UP at the gd club with COKE and just tell her, we gonna party tonight, you and me.

      Srsly, you are trying to make a DATE with a fkin stripper? You are asking to get played.


    • So what happened here Alex…


  56. Peer reviewed study shows light touch on the forearm while requesting phone number or requesting slow dance shows dominance and increases effectiveness.


  57. I am pretty sure that the smirk of Sean is saying . . .

    Top That Mother Fuckers!


  58. on September 6, 2014 at 10:38 am yeahrightgetlost

    The dude married to Melissa Theriau is a strong contender too-shorter than her, battered-looking, disabled arm, established standup comedian. You saw him in Amelie, if you watch stuff like that.
    Nick Vujicic, a preacher born with neither arms nor legs, and only one partially formed foot to manipulate stuff with, is another one-married to some hot half-Japanese woman. You wouldn’t be enthusiastic about having their physical shortcomings, even with their romantic success, but they are some of the greatest motivational examples because they don’t sweat what they can’t control, and they go 100% on what they can.


  59. I had to vote for Bogart over the bloated hobbit because of my strong sense that, so toad-like is his grotesquery, an element of insanity in the woman must be playing a critical role in that risible and regrettable pairing.


  60. She’s “fucking” a pile of dough with bones strewn randomly within that stinks like a loaded diaper.


  61. And I say that with all due compassion.


  62. I mean seriously, he looks like a neanderthal baby that was abandoned in some tall weeds and then inadvertently eaten by a dinosaur that could only handle a vegetarian diet, which then took a shit and the pile was hit by lightning and miraculously reanimated.


  63. Thank you YaReally, Ripp and Walawala


  64. * Antonio Banderas, 54 + Nicole Kempel, (early-30s?) Dutch investment consultant
    * Melanie Griffith, 57 + Unknown, over-tanned Blob (mid 60s)

    Men Aging = Stock Going Up
    Women Aging = Stock Going Down

    Love it.


  65. Mods. A little help. Twice posted a long post with no uptake. No links in it either…. Grrrrrrrr.


  66. […] It’s been some time since CH has featured an exemplary alpha male. Alpha Male of the Month, Candidate #1: Sean Stephenson A reader writes, Check out the alpha male smirk while taking a picture with his wife.  […]


  67. a – post a pick of your girl Kevin
    b – you’re a dick


  68. I nominate GG Allin for the next alpha contender.


  69. I nominate blind, former UK Parliament Minster, David Blunkett as the next alpha contender. Google his love life to find out why.


  70. The reason for this debate is the loose definition of Alpha / Beta

    Alpha – induce masochism
    Beta – induce sadism

    Lauren Bacall (probably the five most beautiful woman on earth) marrying Hollywood royalty- 24 years older. That;s very good. Bacall eventually became unwieldy because he couldn’t manager her. If he can’t control his girl, he really isn’t Alpha.

    Stevenson.. marry a midget. It is difficult to describe in words the shotgun in mouth that is marrying a midget. Nothing can really compare to it. He’s also probably much older. In raw masochism induced, you can’t top that. He’s the winner.

    [CH: peter dinklage also married (and has children with) a normal sized woman. men and women are different folks. it helps to remember that, at all times.]


  71. on September 8, 2014 at 7:48 am Shawnsosaurcunt

    From Wikipedia:

    “He operates a therapy practice from offices in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.[5][8] He also continues to work as a motivational speaker, earning $15,000 to $30,000 per appearance.[9]”

    This guy is a millionaire many times over.


  72. on September 8, 2014 at 9:37 pm Lester Prairie

    I file this under the Florence Nightingale syndrome … motivation by pity. She was destined to seek out a sacrificial cause. The need to demonstrate her nobility. I have a niece like that … she’s white, hard worker, top of her class, liberal as can be, dates black guys. You get the picture. This is ideologically driven, not sexual.