Think Like A Hot Girl

Mark the Concern Troll writes,

It’s hard for a guy to see things from the viewpoint of a hot girl. Do a little experiment. Go to a strip club. While you are there you will see many girls you aren’t interested in trying ineptly to be fake friendly to you and feigning an interest in you. It will be obvious to you they are only interested in extracting money from you and you will be mildly amused but you will also wonder what they are thinking in imagining that they can succeed and wondering why they don’t just get a regular job and a boyfriend. After awhile you will get tired of them all approaching you and leave. Hot girls see most guys the same way as you saw the strippers at that strip club. Instead of trying to extract money, though, the guys are trying to extract sex and add another notch to their bedpost. The hot girl looks at them and is mildly amused but also wonders why they don’t spend their time pursuing a career and getting a girlfriend instead of hanging out at bars spouting lines they learned at some game blog. Now if you want to call me a “concern troll” go on ahead. I don’t care.

The problem with this analogy is that most men stick around to pay strippers to keep displaying their naked bodies. Men do this because they like to look at slim, naked women. Men who frequent strip clubs rarely leave feeling “annoyed”, unless the strippers who hit them up for cashmoney were fat whales or grandmas. Most men leave strip clubs feeling “aroused”.

So it is with hot girls getting hit on by men. If the man knows what he is doing, the hot girl will feel flattered, happy, and aroused. If the man is inept, the hot girl will feel annoyed.

However, buried in the crack of Mark’s game denialist butthurt is a dingleberry of truth. To seduce hot girls, it helps to know the mind of a hot girl. And that means getting in her peep toes and taking a look at the sexual market through her eyes.

Hot girls don’t get hit on as often as merely cute girls, but that doesn’t mean they don’t notice the head swivels and leery eye rape from throngs of across-the-way admirers. So, hot girls intuitively know their SMV, even if they only perceive it in the vaguest sense. Hot girls, like most girls, also instinctively know that most friendly men approach them with sex not far from their thoughts. Yes, even male feminists. Women may not be able to verbalize this without resorting to scads of hamster droppings rationalizing male attention as something else, but they feel it in their bones.

Hot girls know as well that tiny hors d’oevres of reciprocal friendliness will encourage many men to lunge for the booty buffet.

For all these reasons, hot girls have defensive shields (bitch shields) that enable them to make it through the day without having to deal with the come-ons from hundreds of amorous men. The strength of the bitch shield is directly proportional to the hotness of the girl X the frequency with which she gets hit on. (The most fortified bitch shields are therefore found on 7s and 8s.)

A hot girl’s working assumption, like the male patron’s working assumption in the strip club, is that she/he will get propositioned for sex/money. Now that you know what the world looks like through a hot girl’s eyes, you can better tailor your approach. As with the skilled stripper or escort who makes her customer feel like he’s truly wanted for more than his money, so to must you make the hot girl feel like she’s desired for more than her sex. This, in practice, means that indirect approaches on hot girls should theoretically work better than direct solicitations, and there should be a general progression in your game that, initially, obliquely convinces the hot girl she is not a sexual interest and, later, convinces her that she shares a deep emotional and intellectual connection with you.

Seduction, in this manner, is two steps forward, one step back, with a plume of smoke and mirrors tossed in for effect. And it has to be as long as hot girls are your primary desire targets.


  1. This is very close to the “nice guy” approach though.


    • Not really.

      and there should be a general progression in your game that, initially, obliquely convinces the hot girl she is not a sexual interest and, later, convinces her that she shares a deep emotional and intellectual connection with you.

      Being nice to a hot girl doesn’t convince her that you’re not interested in her sexually. They all know that men try to act nice to get sex. They actually get very irritated by nice guys because the nice guys are nice to them, yet try to convince them they aren’t after sex, which, in their minds, is lying or hypocritical.


      • I agree with you.I have just ff in my head my interactions with true 8+ from societies where chicks don’t get impressed by materialistic stuff but quality men (like scandinavian chicks f.e.), which is in my opinion a true measure of your game (a russian 9 would be after you not cause you are truly cool or have game but cause you have money/american passport etc).

        And being nice did not work much really. I just remembered now my interaction with a gorgeous norwegian 9 (god, what a woman), I was stealth like a cat. But I felt myself there was a massive degree of hypocrisy on my side. It’s like you are conscious of your own moves, which probably makes you fake and transparent.

        The only answer is to surround yourself with 9s. Like get fed up of them, get absolutely fed up. So you won’t feel anything special hanging around a 9.

        But how can an ordinary guy (even with a good job and portfolio of hobbies) achieve that? Fame is the only answer.

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      • Caramba, where there’s a will, there’s a way. For example, like me, you could get a job in showbusiness, which really includes any kind of job you can imagine (electronics, construction, accounting, animal handling, whatever), not only the artistic types. I would be a typical spergy computer nerd, instead I got into sound engineering, and regularly work with chicks in the 7-9 range (+1, if like me, you have a fetish for sensual voices), doing sound on film/tv sets and in theater. I’ve got only “2nd hand fame” at best (I’ve worked with a few famous people, or on projects that made a splash), but with some game I’m doing pretty well. And let me tell you, it takes a lot for a “civilian” women to impress me after I’ve spent all day surrounded by a bunch of professional flirts.


    • It’s “Hard to Get” Game. “Scarcity” Game. We [both men and women] always want what we can’t have. The man’s mission here is to flip the tables on her – reframe so that she is no longer the prize, because she has finally crossed paths with a very scarce, very hard-to-get True Alpha – and he is the prize.


    • LIFO’ed, but the difference between a Playah and a True Alpha is the difference between a chimpanzee in the NFL who goes nuts and dances a hip-hop routine after scoring a touchdown…


      • … versus an Old School Vince Lombardi/Tom Landry kinduva guy who simply hands the football to the referee after scoring because a touchdown is no big deal to him – he’s been to the endzone before and he’ll be returning to the endzone again.


      • gotta add barry sanders, he earns extra credit for being later into our collapse as well as from a culture that celebrates the dancing.


      • Fuck you lame ass crackers; if I fight my way into the back yard of the enemy Ima make sure EVERYBODY fuckin knows it


    • No, it’s not. It’s the approach of a peer, of a man who has done it before, of a man who won’t be weeping if she takes a pass.

      The higher up the ladder you go, the higher up the ladder you must be.

      The hottest women are tired of flattery and in need of peer-reviewed competence, demonstrated independence, and leadership.

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      • (My comment refers to hot women who have actually done something in life, not simply be beautiful. I know something about the former, nothing about the latter.)


  2. The key with hot girls is to treat them as if they were just like any other female human being. Which, of course, they are. No big deal.

    Back in the day I knew a guy in Belmont Shore who fucked and dated a hot Penthouse magazine model by sympathizing with (and later sharing) her intense interest in reptiles (in particular, large snakes).


    • Is “reptiles” a euphemism?


    • I can see that. I had a long conversation with a stripper one time about baby skunks and scorpions, of all things. I genuinely thought that weird psycho chick was cool, and even though I didn’t really do things right by the book, she still ended up sporting the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen.

      Of course, I fell in love with her instead of trying to get my dick into that dripping snatch, and then it was over soon after. Checkmate. Just another loser under the spell of pussy after all.

      I never got anywhere with another stripper after that either.

      On the bright side, I only spent like $12 on her.


      • on September 2, 2014 at 4:08 pm The Spirit Within

        Having long conversations with a stripper, admiring how wet her vagina is, falling in love, getting obviously rejected, then trying it all over again? You’ve been drinking from a really tall glass of stoopid.

        If you can’t get a regular girl on the side, hire three hookers on three separate occasions and annihilate their crotches with your frustration. Watch that pedestal crumble into dust. It will leave you with a better frame of mind than the one you’re currently inhabiting.



      • Everybody fucks up from time to time. I had the girl eating out of my hand, but I let her flip the script and take control. Oh well. She does that for a living, and I got played by a pro. Shit happens. I haven’t been back to that place in almost two years now.

        I have to agree that fucking some whores could help me get pussy off the pedestal. I finally gave up and tried to do exactly that, and the misadventure ended when law enforcement got involved.

        I have too much to lose. If that’s the only way I can get pussy, I can’t have pussy unless I travel to another country, or Nevada.


      • LOL nice try, loser.


      • @ The Spirit:
        Is that a proven tactic actually? Sounds reasonable though.


      • on September 3, 2014 at 10:35 am The Spirit Within


        He’s an omega. Anything is better than being an omega. The sooner he finds out that all vaginas pretty much feel the same, the sooner he’ll stop falling in love with strippers.



      • “Jesus?” Pretty odd coming from a Frankfurt School, Obama-worshiping, Axelrod troll!


      • on September 3, 2014 at 7:28 pm The Spirit Within

        Zombie, remember to take my circumcised Catholic dick outta your mouth before you start joo blathering…


      • I see, Troubadour, you’re really jaded. But not every move you make to get an escort is followed by law enforcement. I thought escorts were even legal?! Or you could make a trip to Europe where there is not so much prudery.
        Anyway, The Spirit is right anything will be better for you than dwelling in misery.


  3. HB 8 – the bitch shield is up and yet she is fine so I’ll persist. At the very least I’ll getting some practice with my shit test rebuttals. Here’s the saga thusfar.

    Her: Your approach is intimidating, does it usually work?
    Me: Why, you planning to steal it? (courtesy of Libertardian)
    Her: I don’t really need an approach. Mostly just defensive strategies.
    Me: Continuing the badinage is an odd way to defend.

    To be continued


    • You lost her at “badinage”.


      • Yup. “Matt King Game” seldom pays.


      • I think he meant ‘bandiage’, as in “playful or frivolous repartee or banter”.


      • suggestions?


      • 1) This girl [Brahmin?] sounds like she’s more than smart enough to google your exchange and find this thread [which means that she’ll know what you’re going to say before you even say it].


      • 2) Do you even enjoy the company of women, or do your interactions with the fair sex always involve such an excruciating tedium of drudgery?


      • The sex is secondary. I’m so jaded that only tedium and drudgery can get it up for me.


      • Well, I will give you this piece of advice – if you don’t want us to despise you Brahmin the way that we despise the Ashkenazim, then ditch the sarcasm.


      • Which actually is the vibe that I’m getting from this txting session – Brahmin nihilist boy negotiating with Brahmin nihilist girl over the legalistic details of their impending Hate-Fuck.


      • You wanna make it real?Tell her to get off of the pill. Command her to do it. [“No Hate-Fuck for you until you’ve been cold turkey sober off of the BCPs for at least a month.”]


      • Three replies to my one. Your text game needs work


      • I’m going to tell you again: Ditch the sarcasm. Ditch the “too clever by half”. Quit interacting with other people as though you were an AI algorithm. Work on your human side [if you Brahmin nihilists even have a human side, which is doubtful].


      • any more to this? She come back?


    • You are ping-ponging. Her hamster is not spinning.

      You: Behave…

      Her: “What?? I always you..”

      You: Don’t make me come over there and spank you

      Her: Try is blah blah blah

      There’s only one way this could go if you put her in a position of qualifying herself.


  4. The same can be applied to direct game.

    When you approach her, she knows what you intention is. She knows exactly what you want, whatever you say. The impression you must create is that, in going after sex and basic attraction, you saw a side of her that you really enjoy. It is even more realistic if you actually like the girl.

    This is basic qualification. You start by disqualifying her all throughout, only to give her a tiny bit of validation after a while to justify your continued interest.

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  5. You’ve got a half-Fizzbin already.


  6. on September 2, 2014 at 1:28 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    Strip clubs in my country suck so I know exactly what this guy is saying. I went to one that is among the best and bought a beer and didn’t tip any of the girls despite one sitting next to me and trying to make small talk before a friend started to tool her that she can’t offer enough to make him interested.

    Anyway, the problem with your criticism of the analogy is that men who frequent strip clubs are a self-selected sample so it is normal for them to enjoy going to strip clubs. Women are hit on randomly.


    • I went to a club in Vegas, first and only strip club for me. A stripper tried to work the crowd after her dance. She was a 6 early in the evening when there was a huge tech convention in town and the club was full of 9’s and 10’s from around the world. She was ignored and dismissed as she tried to get a lap dance. She threw a big fit, cussed everyone out, and stormed off.

      Now I know what it’s like to be a hot chick.


  7. Hot girls are best had by getting to them before they are impossibly self-infatuated.

    This may mean targeting very young babes.

    18 something hotties are normally going to be bowled over by the toys that a 28 something brings to the table. (Car, apartment, social connections.)

    Gals do get jaded very, very, quickly. Go young.

    Introverted hot babes are the very BEST.

    They tend to dress down, perhaps not even use make-up.

    I regard the latter as a ‘tell’ — indicating that one should promptly work a soft close.

    For such gals, stay away from all classic pick-up joints.

    Be her social and sexual mentor.

    A true introvert will still be a virgin even when 18, 19 years old.

    Such a quiet soul can be turned into a wanton — with the right man.

    Any such ‘low count’ girls is prone to intense bonding with her first love.

    Having never bought much ‘display clothing’ — a serious introvert may require total nudity before you come to appreciate nature’s package.

    This is easily done, for all introverts succumb to the escalation ladder.

    They fall super hard.

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    • yeah and then when you dip and flip, they freakin go ballistic and end up hating you and going sometimes psycho. I agree with the sentiment, however.

      If you want to go young, there is south America…the girls in Bahia, even at 15 they are wanting to play ball knowing you’re over 40.


      • Yeah, but bahia is full of blacks by any standard other than Brazilian. I’ll pass.


      • is this the same Trav777 I’ve seen on other forums? It may have been BullionDirect, or Zerohedge. Gotta be the same dude…


      • it is tha muthafuckin same trav777

        yes, Bahia is very black but the non black chicks there are gorgeous; the guys tend to be pretty ugly. Target rich. The rich there are white like everywhere else


      • It is cool to see the same people in various forums…great minds think alike.


      • trav777

        yes, Bahia is very black but the non black chicks there are gorgeous;

        and this is why you should dismiss ALL talk of white genocide, race replacement, white genetic annihilation… as fraud. You just can’t take it seriously as long as white males continue to fuck nonwhite females.

        You can’t have any sympathy for it cause its a fake world view.

        Its fraud.

        If white men were serious about preventing so called “white genocide” they would refuse to have sex with nonwhite females.

        They deserve your contempt and ridicule.


    • on September 2, 2014 at 2:22 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I agree with the sentiment. I’m curious about how girls perceive age differences. I’m at the age where it’s not really an issue, but it will become in fewer years than I’d wish. I assume most of their protests to guys being older than X years are mere shit tests.


      • Exactly. And if you’re significantly older (15-20+ yrs), the shit tests will be that much more brutal.


      • I just got one age-related shit test from a CL chick 22 years my junior. “To be perfectly blunt however 20 yrs prob a few too many between us.”

        Here’s a line from my original response to her ad when she mentioned camping in the country she is currently at and I’m probably moving to:

        “Also I’d hope to mingle with some of the local movers-and-shakers a bit, to talk geopolitics and culture over martinis – besides your hiking boots, got a flattering cocktail dress?”

        I put the qualification on her to come up to my social and financial level. I reframed back to my statement of my higher social value as “if you don’t mind putting out a touch of the ‘trophy wife’ vibe” and she came back with “let’s meet.” Remember, “trophy wife” status works for both parties.

        What was the age difference between Bill and Monica? A perceived gap in social value can easily overcome age differences.


    • on September 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm gunslingergregi

      Hot girls are best had by getting to them before they are impossibly self-infatuated.”””””””’

      yea I tend to make a chicks self esteem go through the roof
      which is kind of odd considering how much I make em work


    • 18 something hotties are normally going to be bowled over by the toys that a 28 something brings to the table. (Car, apartment, social connections.)

      This is only amplified by X when you are 40 or 50 and X more of the above… The guys that are 50 and own bars and restaurants for example with fat $ and social proof and aren’t complete slugtards… they clean up. Let alone not aspie finance guys… Just keep a proportionate male shape, waist smaller than shoulders and you will do great.

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    • on September 2, 2014 at 6:57 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      “Introverted hot babes are the very BEST.”

      These tend to be very hard to find, partly because they usually stay away from the bar/club scene.

      Hot tends to correlate strongly with unstable/crazy/or something to be found in DSM IV.


      • Way to go profiling women. I guess you must be swimming in “10s” since you’re such an expert.


      • Try the old Barnes and Noble pickup.

        Introverted babes usually have astounding libraries — which may contain lurid female sex fantasies.

        Expect them to entirely succumb to the escalation ladder.

        Because of their prior research into how a proper gentlemen seduces a lady, do NOT use any liquor, weed or naughty language.

        Just stay on the escalation ladder.

        Such souls entirely give it up – stone cold sober – even in the afternoon – on her own bed.

        If you’ve learned anything about a Harlequin romance novel it must be that the stud beds the lady without much conversation, without anything other than his powerful (alpha) moves.

        There’s not an introverted woman born who is not ready to play her part in such a script.

        Your primary targets will be dressing down, often WAY down: pants, easy shoes, loose shirt, no make-up, etc.

        This will be true even if the gal is actually a hottie.

        With her get-up and attitude, she is ‘under-serviced.’

        My Penthouse cover girl ex fit this profile.

        It was only after I became her lover that her social profile exploded straight up. Overnight she became the girl all of the other babes wanted to talk too. Their favorite topic was, of course, me.

        When she split, I simply bounced over to the next babe in the dorm. She was even hotter, prettier and more social. I just don’t have any snaps to post. She didn’t pose for Penthouse or the iCloud.

        Gal #2 had been angling to pull me away from Penthouse cover girl for months. They do scheme.


        Every gal that is steeped in Harlequin romance is pre-primed for the escalation ladder.

        While all of my lovers appreciated breast action – I rose to their need working the classic leg escalation. With time I came to know that I could never seduce anyone. Every quiet girl was already determined to let me get my hand all the way up – even before they laid back. And all the while I thought I was mister charm!


      • on September 2, 2014 at 8:10 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        Meyersliebowitz; I just had a look at your website.
        Only DSM VI will give you the recognition and validation you crave.


      • Holy fuckballs batman!

        That jewess whale and her profile make cigstache and nicole seem like a catch…


  8. Speaking of hotties.

    Looking back on my old ex-lovers… and the latest Hollywood set…

    It’s obvious that Hollywood has dropped its standards, too — a LOT.

    I’ve already posted a snap of my first ex… I thought she was merely acceptable.

    I came to have even hotter lovers.

    Open Question: is Hollywood ratifying/ pushing anti-beauty?

    Lena Dunham!


    Open Question: What can be done to end this flagrant ‘normalization’ of a genetic abomination?

    Who do we have to boycott?


  9. Hot Girl: Please Mister! Just let me go!
    Mark The Concern Troll: She puts the lotion in the butt-hurt basket.


  10. Hot girls don’t think.


  11. Be desireless
    Be awesome
    Be gone

    Be STEVE


  12. on September 2, 2014 at 2:18 pm gunslingergregi

    I think hot girls go through a lot of shit from the ugly girls which is almost all the rest


      • on September 2, 2014 at 3:02 pm Joachim Peiper

        The article reminds me of some of Arbiter’s posts. British girls used to be hot. They need to put down the Turkish Delights.


    • GSG with the lucid, pithy comments…

      Girls hate being judged. Pretty girls are judged harshly by less pretty girls plus men…. This is a key area to connect over…

      Man: what’s up?
      True 8: blah blah blah
      Man: [smirk] I see you have PSG…
      8: What’s PSG?
      Man: [deep eye contact] “PSG – [pause] pretty girl syndrome”
      8: LoL, What?
      Man: [deep eye contact] i mean, it must really be hard, going around with all these other girls judging you, being jealous of you. I mean you’re a person too, with feelings [touch arm or cheek].
      8: OMG you are so right blah blah blah, [she snuggles closer – turn your head and point to your ear – she will get cheek to cheek to speak to you, perfect to put your opposite hand on her arm or hip].
      Man:[nodding] uh hu. i hear you. What would you do if you could do anything? [free arm pulls her in closer]

      that is all…


  13. on September 2, 2014 at 2:42 pm gunslingergregi

    think like a hot girl
    should I save this 3k im making today
    or should I just spend it
    i’ll spend it all there will be more tomorrow


  14. The hottest girls will always have plenty of high-status male orbiters. Some of them are probably hitting it. Best thing to do is stand out from them someway. But don’t be a weirdo, just have a more unique vibe than your average cargo shorts squarejaw.

    Also, I know generally it’s good advice to ignore her beauty, but I play it differently. I make no effort to hide the fact that I think she’s hot. I’ll remark on her body and the things I like about it. If you’re doing it from a position of strength it can be effective and is almost like foreplay before getting to the bedroom.


  15. After I took up Ballroom Dance I didn’t go into a strip club for 10 years. When I finally did their stupid dance moves enraged me. And feminists “reclaiming” pole dancing as if that ever incited a boner.


    • on September 2, 2014 at 4:46 pm Jokah Macpherson

      The last time “pole dancing lessons” came up in a conversation I asked the girl if it was really something that required “lessons” – it seemed to me it was mostly just did. I got a long speech on how it requires strong muscles or something but I mostly tuned out.


  16. on September 2, 2014 at 3:21 pm The Spirit Within

    I usually challenge hot girls right away to tell me what else they’re good for other than standing around and looking pretty. When they can’t answer quickly, which is always, I make a dismissive hand gesture and walk away to other people/activities (within her eyesight, of course). In my head, she’s dead.

    This gets the hamster going, and she’ll keep eyeing you if she’s interested. You can always pick up the conversation again with something like “Did your brain start working yet?” or “Knitting with your grandma doesn’t count.”

    Whatever way you go, H is right … you can’t lead with sexual convo. The hotties are totally inured to it. The sexiest girl I ever laid (a full-on 10) was sold after an hour of convo about Tori Amos. (AP note: Almost ALL women like Tori Amos, so wise up.)

    It also helps to be good-looking or tall or in shape (pick any two of the three) yourself. If you’re fugly, her hamster probably won’t start running as hard.

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  17. Strip clubs are an exercise in expensive self-delusion. You spend your resources on getting nothing but an illusion. You are neither likely nor recommended to get any pussy from going to strip clubs.

    This is where your analogy breaks down. An attractive female does have the chance to get satisfying sex, some provisioning, and maybe a relationship while a patron at a strip club goes home and masturbates.

    I’ve gone to a few and will probably go again sometime but in general it is like planning on getting rich by playing lotto.

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    • on September 2, 2014 at 4:09 pm The Spirit Within



      • Look, I get that men like you need to, ahem, “get off” by going to strip clubs, I just find it amusing I guess, like you guys are paying just to be teased. I wonder what else you pay for…

        ~Desiree Meyers-Liebowitz


      • Guys who frequent strip clubs in the areas where I’ve lived (on 3 continents) tend to be the scrapings off the very bottom of the sleaze bucket barrel, so any comparisons to hot girls are….awkward, to say the least……


      • It’s porn in Smello-vision so there’s that. Worth it? Not usually.


      • Let me add one thing useful about strip clubs – taking your girlfriend. Most girls have a touch or more of bisexuality in them. If you and your GF have built some trust, it is a blast to get the GF a bit drunk, let her look and maybe get a few lap dances, Then go and hire a professional off Redbook or wherever (let her pick) and have a threesome. Tell the pro to treat your GF first then join in.

        It’s the best way to induce your lady to three-ways.


    • on September 2, 2014 at 8:15 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      A cousin of mine was so tight with his money, he once tried to haggle with a stripper.


      • strippers are fun. I have most fun negging them. One time in NYC I told one that I didn’t want a dance from her friend, “she ain’t all that.” The one I was talking about had a conniption.

        My buddy one time was “dating” (he thought lol) a stripper (she was really just digesting him, which is what they will do to you) and I said at one point, thank god she’s not trying to make a living with her brains. GFD she went apeshit. My bud was like “man I thought she was gonna overturn the table and shit.”

        These chicks go from 0-60 faster than a Veyron in everything…heart is on sleeve, emotions on sleeve, rage on sleeve, you name it- it’s all on the sleeve.


      • on September 3, 2014 at 9:34 am gunslingergregi

        lol I haggled with a stripper in nyc
        she got the manager who told me its a set price or some shit for lap dances
        but really I didn’t want one from those
        nyc strippers got to be the hardest looking strippers anywhere
        even had some famous I guess whatever something but her lack of soul was disturbing


      • on September 3, 2014 at 9:36 am gunslingergregi

        dollar a dance latina place now they were pretty fresh looking I will admit


      • A cousin of mine was so tight with his money, he once tried to haggle with a stripper.

        An amateur! I regularly go down to the Dollar Store to haggle.


    • you are HIGHLY likely to get pussy from strip clubs. You morans are just using the wrong approach. Use cocaine. That is what works.


    • My experiences with strippers are few, but I enjoy talking to them. We shoot the shit, they’re not like the divorcees at the country club, we get drunk, I get insight.

      Insights can be large or small, but it’s also useful, once in a while, to see a dozen women naked and demystified. Kinda like seeing Kate Upton nekkid: thank god I don’t have to sleep with that woman, and she’s going to weigh 180 in 5-10 years.

      I guess I’m a fan of any demi-monde, and that’s a good one. Also, what’s the big insight that women only take their clothes off for money, and don’t value us for “just being ourselves”? I’d say society is constructed on that very idea. At least the rules are plain in a dive joint with hustling single moms.

      I draw the line on champagne, though, at those mega-joke prices. I prefer girls who just want to do red bull and captain shots. I buy, they talk, it beats a football Sunday.

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      • Dude, I CLEANUP with divorcees at country clubs!

        A bit older than strippers, I admit, but so am I. They are usually better groomed, more hygienic, and on point.


  18. Or, you could offer value.

    Like, be a Rock Star. Hot girls are suckers for Rock Stars with a direct approach.
    Failing that you could try to make her believe you are a Rock Star. The direct approach can help with this, assuming you have the right attitude.


    • 1 li’l problem: If she doesn’t actually recognize you from ET, Access Hollywood or People mag, you can run Rock Star Game all day long, she ain’
      t gonna buy it.
      Hot girls aren’t nearly as stupid as you guys think, especially not the (real)Blondes.

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      • I was using the term “Rock Star” figuratively. The kind of hot girls I prefer (ones who also have something on the ball up top) are just as interested in really really smart or successful guys, or guys who convince them they will be soon, which might work in your favor.


  19. If a woman doesn’t match your effort with her own, move on to the next one. She’s making herself too expensive for you. If you bite on the bait, she’ll only set the hook. You WILL regret that!

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    • on September 2, 2014 at 4:54 pm jimmy the saint

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all of this the medium is the message…………………………………


    • Yep, all the way. If I’m putting out energy that she’s not reciprocating, I figure she’s either not really interested in me or she’s hella boring. Either way, bail.


      • If I’m putting out energy that she’s not reciprocating, I figure she’s either not really interested in me or she’s hella boring. Either way, bail.

        Funny you should say…

        The few times in my life where I’ve bailed because the gal wasn’t reciprocating, and I thought it was just because she wasn’t into me, I’ve invariably later been pursued by same… discovering only then the initial unremarkable responding was because they were, indeed, merely boring.

        I was, in my naivete’, giving them the initial benefit of the doubt… heh, go figure.


  20. on September 2, 2014 at 4:49 pm gunslingergregi

    I think key is make them feel needed for more than sex

    and, later, convinces her that she shares a deep emotional and intellectual connection with you.”””

    he he he


    • on September 2, 2014 at 4:53 pm gunslingergregi

      and nothing compares to taking them and leaving bodies in the wake

      like my bitch said she dreams about me going in her moms house
      and carrying her out wrapped in her blanket back to the house

      that’s always her fantasy only prob is she ain’t my wife lol


      • on September 2, 2014 at 4:58 pm gunslingergregi

        if it was a woman I wanted to keep for life yea i’d part the fuckin red sea
        American bitches too dumb to understand getting most of them is not the prize


      • on September 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm gunslingergregi

        i’ll take advantage of her goodies when I want but not gonna ransack a village to get it there is no need he he he


      • on September 2, 2014 at 5:04 pm gunslingergregi

        maybe i’ll get some lawyer drafted written permission one day
        then knock her the fuck out and throw her in car to make her happy one day so she gets her dream
        she makes any dream I want happen for the most part


      • on September 2, 2014 at 5:08 pm gunslingergregi

        I guess a bitch waiting on you to take her works
        she knows if you really want her I guess
        mine knows I don’t


  21. on September 2, 2014 at 4:51 pm Jokah Macpherson

    I’ve read game blogs for a decade or so but didn’t make any headway against really bad approach anxiety until this summer. Now that I finally have a large enough sample size of my own, it’s been amazing to discover that the hottest women really are among the least bitchy. Just another incentive to approach them.


  22. a true anecdote out of the vault.
    I knew a fellow who started a business booking strippers to clubs. He was an agent and always insisted it was strictly business etc One time he tells me he has found a girlfriend who is a stripper; seems her parents owned a dirty bookstore and dabbled in strip clubs etc. I razzed him about the stripper girlfriend and he insisted yes he liked her, yes she was a stripper but they also had a professional relationship where he hawked photos of her etc.
    A year later I call him to hear she broke up w/ him and she quit the business; he couldn’t understand why. But I knew why.
    At first she reveled in the idea that my friend liked her for her beauty and then she liked the idea that he “respected” her for her business attitude but after awhile the fact that he looked at her as a commodity or piece of meat turned her off. At first she enjoyed the tantalizing aspect of her being naked in the spotlight and here was a man who could handle it and enjoy the inside joke of her playing ”the johns” but when he truly didn’t mind pimping her out (at least visually) then she rebelled; it was no longer fun nor funny.
    moral to the long story? CH is very right. Strippers are just women who look damn good naked but still operate on the same cues as do all females Therefore, go for the hottest babe in town; shoot for the starz at least you ca get rejected by the prettiest girl in town.

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  23. Aha! You used *think* and girl in the same sentence. Never happens. Instinct maybe, stimulus ~ response certainly, but think? Introspection? Her iPhone has more going on.

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  24. The challenge approaching hb8/9’s (if they can look away from their Iphones for 2 sec) is that they are NEVER alone. She will always be with a frumpy 5 or cute 6/7 cockblocker all too eager to nuke your best direct or indirect approach. Unless your Game is solid enough to engage & disarm the cockblocker whilst DHV, negging and isolating the hb8/9 – your pushing a slimy turd uphill.

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    • ” She will always be with a frumpy 5 or cute 6/7 cockblocker all too eager to nuke your best direct or indirect approach.”

      You are welcome.

      Your Mother Hen extraordinaire,

      ~Desiree Meyers-Liebowitz


    • If she’s a 8/9, her friends are likely to be in the 7/8/9 category.
      Anything lower VERY rarely.
      Very few girls of any category go anywhere alone. If they do, they’re either in a very committed relationship (read: they have a guy who is taller/younger/hotter/richer than you) or utter slutbags with 7 STDs on their finger nails alone or Single Moms(TM) or hideous.
      What I find fascinating is how a group (= more than1) of girls always manage to arrange themselves in such a way that the most attractive among them is the hardest to get to from the outside. This proves they all know which one of them is the most attractive – beauty being exactly the same in the eyes of all beholders – and that this is instinctive behavior, otherwise, there would be more variation.

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      • I’ve noticed in small college towns, where the womenz feel very safe, that attractive college girls will do stuff by themselves.


    • return with cocaine. Seriously. The FIRST time you have a really hot chick hanging the hell all over you because you’re holding, your eyes are gonna be opened.

      Women are not who you think they are; they’re far, far worse. The women you thought were “unapproachable” and “untouchable” and whom you revered and worshipped will many times prostrate themselves for a little llello. Seriously, they become highly unattractive in the snap of a finger and you are gonna hafta be like “get off me bitch.”

      All this money and time wasted, I know…all you have to do is spend a hundo on drugs and you will be able to bang 10s.

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  25. on September 2, 2014 at 5:55 pm stevie tellatruth

    The indirect route works because it throws a curve at a hot girl’s expectations. If you go that route, in her head she’s thinking, “Wow, this guy hasn’t tried to hit on me at all. He’s…different.”

    Before I actually started studying game, I instinctively knew not to approach a hottie the same way every other dude would. I’d observe their failures and not copycat them.

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  26. Sorry to go off topic but does CH and the crew know about the waist indent point?

    I just found the video where it is used to claim Serena Williams was born a male.

    Scroll to 7:35 for the waist indent point analysis.

    this is deep. You really can’t fool white people (except if you wanna fake a terrorist attack or a moon landing)


    • on September 2, 2014 at 7:10 pm haunted trilobite

      but the black box hit building 7, dozy


    • … You really can’t fool white people (except if you wanna fake a terrorist attack or a moon landing)…

      or when you want to get a non-US citizen and Muslim elected as President…


    • um…Serena is black. This means very high testosterone. Her sister is not as butch and has also won GS championships. I have seen more than a few women who were built like Serena and who had vaginas. Hormonally, they have probably more free T than the average beta white guy.

      Asserting the moon landing was faked merely marks you as a spectacular idiot


      • trafag777

        Asserting the moon landing was faked merely marks you as a spectacular idiot

        Ruh roh?

        did I hurt Chad’s feelings by doubting whitey landed on the moon?

        You think the Apollo moon landing is the ONLY lie you’ve accepted as truth??

        From Lance Armstrong to Neil Armstrong to a Kenyan homosexual in the white house; its all jooish theater.

        Your applause merely marks you as munching on jooish dick.


      • on September 4, 2014 at 10:27 am Randy the Random

        Africans haven’t even invented plumbing, so of course they will have a hard time believing that multi-stage heavy lift GTO vehicles can exist.

        Honestly, the white man’s compassion is his downfall. If the blacks had their way they would’ve killed every single white a long time ago. Too bad sticks and stones can’t exactly do much against A-10s and Napalm.


  27. Hot/pretty girls are used to being hit on. From personal experience the element of surprise is the key to sparking attraction and escalating. They’re used to guys supplicating so teasing them is a surprise. Generally most hot/pretty girls love the banter because they find it intellectually stimulating. Boldness: saying whatever’s on your mind, being prepared to leave or walking away or even not hitting on them all work.

    There was a girl I met on a business trip around 8 years ago in China. This was before I knew game.

    Whenever I went to visit her she was always available and because her English wasn’t very good then we didn’t talk much. We’d go for dinner, drinks, or walks. At that time I didn’t know about escalation and she was culturally shy.

    This went on for a while. Then one day she came to visit me with a friend—after I had taken the Red Pill. I banged her that night. She was so into it and said “I thought you were gay….”

    I’ve continued to bang her whenever we meet up for 4 years now. She sometimes puts up a bitch shield but always is up for it.

    Lesson here, playing it too cool or projecting your own insecurities (“She’d never go for someone like me…”) only holds you back from getting what you want.

    Also…playing it cool does work in getting her hamster spinning. So finding that right balance is crucial.

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    • Good stuff, man.

      I don’t have as much exp as you I don’t think, but do have 1 or 2 of those, “I was wondering when you were going to make a move”-things that did work-out. And with some reasonably good-looking, non-grenadesque chicks, to boot.

      Definitely a check on one’s Limiting Beliefs.


  28. Meanwhile back at the buffet, fatties say “weight” is the new “rape”


  29. “However, buried in the crack of Mark’s game denialist butthurt is a dingleberry of truth.”
    Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, or even Hunter S. Thompson would have touched the “send” button on that bit of word-craft without a trace of doubt or hesitation.


  30. YaReally, HABD, reco, Hunter, Ninja, walawala and the gang.

    New FR – first date with another online girl (VERY pretty HB8 24 year old – she called herself “a little blonde doll” in her online profile and that’s what she was. Among the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen and touched, and was wearing a miniskirt).

    Some of you may remember an FR I posted last month about another HB8 – a 25 year old redhead and how it basically went really badly with zero chemistry and she tried to shame me for commenting on her ass etc (HABD broke it down for me).

    Anyway this basically felt like Round 2 of the same thing. Very similar girl – both in looks and personality only I forced myself to do the stuff HABD suggested last time – result, *vastly* improved date and results (although still much improvement to go).

    In short, made out in the bar, made out all over the streets when walking her back, grabbed her ass and legs etc. She was into the making out and stuff and zero resistance to my groping her but I could tell she wasn’t really *turned on* solidly like the girl from a couple nights ago who was rubbing my cock etc.

    It’s like YaReally says about the hotter girls – even when they like you, they meet enough attractive guys that the overall reaction is just more muted..they don’t get *really* excited as easily.

    Basically the biggest change from last month’s redhead is that I *forced* myself to sexualize early and sexualize fast (3 min after meeting her I made her twirl round for me and complimented on her sexy legs) and the reaction was okay but not overt. Kept it up in the bar – stroked her legs, pulled her into me and put my arm around her. Talked about how I liked her perfume and kissed her neck etc. No resistance but no positive reaction either (a smile at best).

    Teased her about stuff..made her laugh. Made her laugh talking about sex. But it was just more muted than it is with someone *really* into you. Plus I’m not really expert enough on this yet.

    Had my arm around her and she was up against me on the couch. She told me “don’t get too touchy feely” – I held frame and was like “Why? I like touching you” and she was like “How many girls have you brought here?” (it’s my usual date bar and she had previously noticed that the bartender knew me). I was like “Oh I can’t keep track..hundreds” and she smiled and dropped the subject.

    Two minutes later (on a high point in a story) I went in for the kiss and got clearly rejected with her saying “Uh huh..only cheek”. I didn’t react at all and continued with my story..arm still around her – she didn’t move away at all. It may also be that she didn’t want to kiss in front of everyone in the quiet bar.

    15 min later we stepped out of the bar so she could have a cigarette. Again she was happy to stand cuddled up to me outside. She finished her cigarette and just as she was moving to go back in, I pulled her back by the arm and told her “Wait..I’m going to kiss you now” and went in for the kiss without waiting for a reply. Smooth resistance. I pulled away first. No tongues initially but over the next hour as we made out more loads of tongue action. This is my first experience with first kiss being rejected and then the girl going for it the second time.

    My date “routine” is becoming much more automatic now..the stories, the jokes, the sexualization paths..

    Oh and there was a point during the making out etc when she properly sort of actively cuddled up to me and rested her head against me – and even that little bit of initiative on her part felt like a major victory.

    Next hour or so chatting, joking, making out..great fun but she’s clearly not getting turned on so I decided to cut it short – she was in no hurry to leave (Oh and LOL – she asked me if I had heard of “Pick Up Artists” – she said because I was such a good storyteller, she thought I might be a PUA! I told her I’d read The Game and found it interesting but I didn’t believe in wearing funny hats or neon necklaces..:)).

    So walked her back with my arm around her and occasionally making out. Think I may have gone a bit beta at this point – not so much in speech (except to tell her something I found sexy about her) but more physically. Too much physical affection and contact and validation for her. In my defence, I was just enjoying it so damn much. I am still not that used to dating HB8s and it felt fantastic to be holding a slim, hot blonde 24 year old in my arms and making out with her and having guys walking past giving me admiring I probably over did it a bit..:)). It’s just that feeling of pulling her to me and kissing her thinking “this is what I got into game to learn – I still have a long way to go, but I’m finally seeing some results..”

    Anyway, we tentatively agreed to meet up soon so let’s see where that goes.

    Overall pretty happy with it to be honest. Lots of things still to improve (and I still need to set aside time to study Juggler’s method of building rapport) but I’m pretty happy with the progress I’m making – esp on the sexualization side of things. Any thoughts (particularly on how I could have tried to turn her on more) appreciated.


  31. CH – you should do an article on how flappers made the first cat ladies. History repeats itself.



    “Where Are All the Hacked Pics of Men?

    From Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Lawrence, the victims of hack attacks are almost never men—part of a bigger problem with sexist internet culture”

    Jesus fuck, femcunts have devolved into caricatures of themselves.,1012/


  33. This only seems to work when she believes you are higher value. If she believes you are lower value, you stand to gain value by being overt about how you see her as just a piece of ass — unless she can show you otherwise. I started getting way better results by just pretending all women were fuckholes with legs until they showed me otherwise. Having the balls to just day 2 them at a cheap dive bar and invest nothing more than a 2 dollar beer…and then aggressively pursue kino, kissing, etc.? Huge ROI for your value with hot girls.

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  34. Question that’s off topic but definitely relevant to today and game in regards to social media:

    If someone you know (a guy) amog’s you on, say, Facebook (ex: he posts a picture of you looking like a complete beta fag on fb) how would you handle this. (I know deleting fb is best, but hypothetically speaking).

    You’re kinda stuck with this cringing beta fag picture of yourself being exposed to all of the girls you know.

    Do you agree and amplify? “1 pic is worth a thousand words”

    Or reframe “stealing pictures huh?”

    Or retaliate with a gayer pic of the other guy

    I hate it cause shit like that makes me feel so out of control of the situation. Is there any positive that could stem from it? Keep in mind my social media network is rather large b/c I’m young so literally every girl sees it


  35. […] Mark the Concern Troll writes, It’s hard for a guy to see things from the viewpoint of a hot girl. Do a little experiment. Go to a strip club.  […]


  36. Of course. We’re reliant on our looks for attention, but we want to be liked for more than our looks.


  37. I’ve been reading the book, “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” by Kevin Dutton. One psychopath said, that all he does is find out some traumatic or important event in a person’s life, then quickly changes the subject, then a few weeks later, he makes up his own tale that is very similar and tells it to the mark. Instant rapport.

    So the example in the book is that he meets a CEO who as a teenager had a prized record collection. He comes home one day to find this father had sold all his records for booze. This makes him very ambitious because he’s afraid someone will come take all his stuff again. So the psychopath makes up a story about how he came home one day to find his wife in bed with his boss, and his wife asks for a divorce and his boss fires him at the same time. The CEO was putty in his hands after that.

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    • on September 4, 2014 at 1:17 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      Having watched House of Cards tv series, I think a few pages can be taken out of Frank Underwood’s modus operandi in dealing with people.
      In this day and age, naivety and being a “genuine, nice guy” will generally get you nowhere.


      • on September 4, 2014 at 9:02 am The Spirit Within

        Being a genuine nice guy NEVER got you anywhere. Enough with the manufactured nostalgia.

        It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat people with respect, though. Karma is a bitch.


      • In this day and age, naivety and being a “genuine, nice guy” will generally get you nowhere.

        It depends on if people believe you. I find the best strategy is to be a nice guy but leave a few clues around to generate doubt, like some blood on your shirt, or a holster with no gun in it…

        Try to be a black knight in white face.


    • Just bought it. Thanks for the recommendation.


  38. LTR bound gents, consider the 9 and the potential to age well… Here is the lovely Lynda Carter, at age 61… Grandma’s keep your hair long and stay in shape, and Grandpa will be very, very happy…

    And here she is in her mid 20’s splendor…


    • That old saying about checking a young woman’s mother to see the mature woman she will grow to be as your wife is half true.

      Check the biological father too. Last wife turned out not like her slender mom but like her whale father.

      And them remember aging is not ALL genetics – how you spend your years is a major factor too, building upon the genes.


    • on September 4, 2014 at 7:08 pm The Spirit Within

      Wow. She’s also got a really healthy hair for a woman past 60. Would bang, any age.


  39. wolfie65

    Hot girls know they’re hot when they’re 5.
    No joke.

    That’s some creepy shit there.


    • he may be onto something. pretty little girls carry themselves with a self-regarding precociousness that less cute little girls don’t.