Counterpropaganda (COPROP)

Counterpropaganda is memetic defense against the reigning propaganda, which today happens to be the propaganda of anti-white “anti-racism”. COPROP is similar to COINTEL, the former sharing the latter’s goal of protection against enemies within and without who might engage in espionage, subversion, or psychological warfare.

COPROP uses the tools and tactics of manipulation of the anti-white propagandists against them. As an anonymous Unz commenter explained,

Immigration, or rather population replacement, is one issue where most of the political class is brain-dead, as well as a large portion of the general population. We’ve allowed a situation to develop where antiracism has gradually mutated into an ideology that seeks to destroy the entire European world. Antiracism is the communism of the 21st century.

Lots of analyses around. Lots of people seeing the same problems. No feasible solutions being offered up.

Mr. Frost,

There is a group, acronym BUGS, that works to develop a counter-culture to “antiracism” by spreading memes.

The most popular one is “anti-racist is code for anti-white”. The term “anti-white” is getting record levels of media hits, due entirely to the efforts of this group. Fighting “anti-whiteism” squares the circle of creating a moral ideology to rally around that is also self-preserving.

Another popular one is “diversity is white genocide”. That’s a tough sell to media. I’ve seen it repeated, perhaps not by BUGS affiliates themselves, with softer finishes like “targeted race replacement”, “white-only race replacement”, “anti-white ethnic cleansing”, and such.

A softer diversity meme is “diversity means chasing down the last white person”. This covers all three necessary bases:

Diversity targets only white people
“Last” means reduced to eliminated demographically
“Chasing down” means its involuntary

So we have an undemocratic ideology targeting only one group of people based on their race, ethnically cleansing them in their historic homelands. These simple memes rightfully expose feel-good buzzwords as something sinister.

BUGS also develops memes to counter common anti-white rebuttals like “America belongs to the Indians”.

In terms of countering “antiracism” and “diversity”, the BUGS meme strategy of exposing the sinister meaning behind those terms is the most effective strategy I’ve seen.

QFT. Branding matters. People may feel something wrong deep in their bones, but cannot express their anxiety. Slogans and catchphrases and snappy aphorisms — COPROP — bridge the gap between feeling and expression. These performance-tuned words, so simple, direct, and honest, beat back decades of propaganda foisted on us by the Lords of Lies, and catalyze resistance. Even rebellion. Clear messages help a psychologically imprisoned people to clear their minds of culture trash, and from that follows boldness of belief and, finally, action.


And, of course, CH’s own contribution to anti-anti-white COPROP:


Now all this movement needs is a logo, a symbol encapsulating great power and righteousness, as its war banner.


  1. on November 24, 2014 at 3:13 pm Frédéric Bastiat

    The game advice on the blog is gold.

    The political commentary is shit.

    [CH: stop trolling, or your time to make comments here will be over soon.]


    • The media lied to you your entire life about women but they’ve been honest about everything else.


      • The theme I see repeated is that people will accept hard truths when they help them accomplish goals/needs/wants but as soon as those truths have the potential to worsen their lot in life, suddenly they become invalid.

        It’s the old Upton Sinclair quote ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’.

        Minority guys reject CH’s take on race/politics because what exactly do they have to gain by accepting it? If everybody endorsed it as truth then their circumstances in life would be much worse. So it’s in understandable self interest they go against it.

        However, I don’t understand why they have to internally accept a lie. That seems foolish and dumb. They should exploit the lie but know the truth. That’s the smart Machiavellian play.


      • Nice quote.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 4:47 pm Hammer of Love

        I think the late William Pierce said it best. Our biggest enemies are our own people.


      • lol. saving to the file. gold.


      • I think the late William Pierce said it best. Our biggest enemies are our own people.

        Give credit where due, my friend… credit where due.

        “And a man’s enemies shall be those of his own house.” – Matthew 10:36


      • Great quote.


      • idk you guys should be rallying behind tha Coz then, it’s the perfect example of everything.

        Cos is a powerful guy who probably slept with a lot of women in his day. he also probably made more than a few feel used or whatever.

        all was well.

        then Cos had the audacity to tell “his people” what they needed to hear rather than the narrative.

        and the rape allegations got picked up.

        his career died.

        his career revived.

        the rape allegations got picked up again.

        his new career is dying.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 11:54 pm evilwhitemalempire

        Sorry for off topic but we take you now live at Ferguson Missouri.


      • The theme I see repeated is that people will accept hard truths when they help them accomplish goals/needs/wants but as soon as those truths have the potential to worsen their lot in life, suddenly they become invalid.

        It’s the old Upton Sinclair quote ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’.

        Well put, Ferret.

        And look, Scray defending the rapist Cosby. Funny how these Blacks always have criminals as their idols: the drug-selling burglar and would-be murderer Trayvon Martin, the robber Michael Brown, the rapist Cosby. And their foremost concerns in politics: increasing the welfare checks, increasing the theft of jobs through Affirmative Discrimination, and decreasing the punishment for crimes. These fellas sure show their colors. No wonder the whole world hates them.


      • “The media lied to you your entire life about women but they’ve been honest about everything else.”

        Nailed it.


      • ya okay arby’s, what a rapist:

        “I did stand-in work on The Cosby Show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me.”

        She said she had lunch in his dressing room daily, and was subjected to “weird acting exercises where he would move his hands up and down my body, (can’t believe I fell for that),” she said.”

        nah it’s not the same old shit. of course not.


      • Well said man. That was the waking up point for me as well, if I was lied about feminism and ‘equality’, what other truths were really false?


      • on November 25, 2014 at 10:50 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @FuriousFerret, I can’t understand why people can’t internally accept reality either, especially if they are exceptions to the norm in the case of sex or race. My mother doesn’t mind when I make fun of women as a group simply because she knows it doesn’t apply to her.

        Back on topic, I always found these memes rather puerile and Stormfrontish, but it’s far superior to idiotic sayings like ‘diversity is unity’. Yes, and slavery is freedom, no is yes, genocide is peace etc.

        I’d avoid Christian imagery in Europe because not only Christianity is irrelevant in Europe, part of Christianity is the problem. The moment when white Christians will say black Christians aren’t their brothers in faith, that’s when Christianity will be of any relevance. The reality is that Christianity became worthless as an in-group faith the moment Europeans started converting others. Now white Christians are bound by the message of universal brotherhood and equality of souls in front of God to screw things up. We need a moral framework that praises strength, glory and heroism, not the weak, poor and the meek.


      • Minority guys have everything to gain in accepting CH’s take on race and politics. The truths and strengths gained from them are Universal, that is if you really understand their political implications.

        Allow me to illustrate. Jewish power dislikes and dominates conservative whites, generally. However, conservative whites generally accept parallel group truths similar to those of ethnonationalist Jews. Notice that conservative whites don’t take the minority tactic of subscribing to liberal universalism and victim-hood in response to being dominated by another ethnic group, for whatever reason that domination occurs (the reasons are various). Instead, they look to reinforce their own group using the most of the dominants tactics. Hence, they follow the superior’s strategy of looking to strengthen their own group toward victory instead of the inferior’s strategy of looking to destroy the strong. Notice that mainstream conservatives support Israel rather than decrying and defunding it. The result is that these whites do not sit at the top, but close to it.

        What conservative whites tend not to do is to promote liberalism externally while hypocritically promoting nationalism internally. Jews do this, and so do some minorities although many of the latter groups seem to be constitutionally incapable of being effective nationalists. Conservative white refusal to be dualistic in their politics is arguably their fatal flaw, but it is morally consonant with their Vaisya heritage. They may be eventually eliminated, but they will go down as perhaps the last remnants of the consistently truly moral warrior caste. Ironically, the nature of their morality is Universal because they promote it rather than keeping it only for themselves.

        The reason why minority guys don’t accept CH’s edicts here, and why esp. most blacks don’t accept nor put them into practice in real life, is likely due to the fact that they see more profit in liberal Universalism than in ethnonationalism. I understand. Blacks are obviously pretty feckless, and it might be the smart play from a individualist survival perspective to abandon them for Universalism. This is a doomed strategy, and it destroys the host, but I understand.

        Though, I don’t have sympathy for politically dualistic weasels. They might be Satan’s children. I’m not a religious man, but If Christianity is the true religion then political dualists will be the people to burn in hellfire. In fact, the myth of Christ is largely one of him manifesting as man to disavow Rabbinical Judaism, the largest politically amoral (from a Christian perspective) group in the world. Their morality is based strictly around what is best for the Jews, which just happens to coincide with what is most horrific for everyone else because it eliminates their competition at the deepest levels. If (when) they win, history will be rewritten to make them god-priests on earth. That’s their explicit eschatology. They are the anti-christ. The Christ-like approach is morality and hence nationalism for everyone, which is what they teach via sharing and promoting their morality. In contrast, Jewish morality is strictly only for Jews and black nationalism tends to only be for blacks. The people who complain about CH tend to be dualists or otherwise incapable of effecting morality within their group. Hence, they weaponize their existence against out-groups. In detaching themselves from their body, they become a roving virus.

        CH’s politics are merely an assertion of traditional Christian morality. The absence of which will not ultimately be a picnic for anyone, to put in mildly, except for a single specific group.


      • To clarify, Christian morality is inherently traditional family values oriented – which is implicitly a racial ideal. The community is an extension of the family, and the nation is an extension of the community. Therefore, Nation = Family = race. Although there is legitimate value in innate racial talents (cognitive, etc) as well as aesthetics.

        Most of white rejection of minorities, ideologically speaking, is a rejection of their seemingly innate group inability to meet “community standards” of moral behavior. Other groups come close, or have their own take on community morality (some even arguably superior to white community morality), but ultimately it is a rejection of consistent community standards violations to include sexual behavior. Notice how even white racialists rarely have significant critiques of North Asians. Though, the extended climate of general racial hostility toward whites is breeding more contempt and increasing appreciation of white racial aesthetics in the political core. At least on the interwebs.

        What I am getting at is that the politics voiced here are white-centric because CH is white, and hence their rejection of minorities and especially minority morality as inferior, but they are for everyone. Jews reject white conservatives as inferior, but we realize that their inner-group values are valuable within our group and they make us stronger and more equivalent. So equivalent, in fact, that our more homogenous nations are pretty much superior to any on the planet including that of the Jews. This will change with time and Universal racial and moral assimilation, and eventually Israel will be held to be historically morally and culturally superior as the assault on memory takes its victory. Think roughly 225 years from now. We’re at year 5774 out of a possible 6000. For now, the correct, superior response is to take traditional morality and grow it within one’s group. It’s not to destroy a group because its moral system rejects you. Once your group is strong enough relative to other groups, it will reject morally inferior groups as a matter of survival. At that point, seemingly magically, many of the current racial grievances of, say, blacks will have dissipated completely. At that point they will have made themselves more equal.


      • ^^^The last sentence of the first paragraph (of my second response beginning with “To clarify…”), should be the first sentence of the second paragraph. I unwittingly broke the paragraph at the wrong sentence.


      • “We need a moral framework that praises strength, glory and heroism, not the weak, poor and the meek.”

        And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.”
        Matthew 21:12&13


      • For some reason, you deleted my two long comments. I’m wondering why.

        Certain truths must be more commonly acknowledged and better dealt with. Those truths include 1. white’s are currently losing to Jews and may lose the total battle and 2. the ‘battle’ is rooted in morality – therefore discussing the respective nature of the winning and losing moralities is essential. Even if you disagree with my analysis and overall model, my posts should have sparked discussion rather than censure.

        Implying that Jewish ultimate victory is a matter of time is a way to get people here, who often rant only about present degeneration and the past, to think about what the end game ultimately is – in its very specific state as laid out in Jewish theology.

        Toward that end, I presented certain aspects of Jewish eschatology that are rarely mentioned in these discussions but need to be better understood and openly discussed. What is fringe today is tomorrow’s mainstream discussion. Their plans are not hidden. Yet they the specifics are rarely discussed by whites in their full context. Why? Why isn’t their Messiah countdown and the conditions for his arrival more openly discussed? Why isn’t their view for their role in their Messianic times more often openly discussed?

        If you continuously discuss only degeneracy without discussing the game in its full context, you will slowly boil. Social morality and behavior will continue to slide, and the only recognizable difference between Chateau Heartiste in 2014 and the equivalent website in 2034 is that the Overton Window will have shifted more to the left and, likely, so will Chateau denizens idea of that degeneracy. The game must be discussed, not the battles ad infinitum.


    • on November 24, 2014 at 3:17 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      I can’t even.


    • Wha d’ya expect from someone with accent marks in his name? :duckface:


    • probably tucker max has just what you need then brother


    • Even worse, he used the same troll in two different threads.


    • Frederic reporting in from Roosh’s prestigious ethnicel forum.


    • on November 24, 2014 at 9:33 pm Hymen Mingesky

      Give ole Freddy a break. He isn’t a troll, but a mere imbecile that learned a new phrase.


    • Concern troll faggot shows it’s concern.


    • I find your handle ironic, as that writer would actually agree with the CH stuff here, not your bitching and inability to see reality.
      Maybe you better go read ‘The Law’ again noob.


  2. That’s my flag! Cry God for Harry etc.


  3. I always thought the symbols of the Crusades, even the name Crusades or Crusaders, was perfect for a movement to take back our societies (which even Churchill called Christendom as recently as ’45.)


    • The fuck is “our” society? Population replacement began when rich white men imported Africans to do the dirty work.

      The Crusades was nothing more than a ploy by rich white men to redirect the anger of dispossessed angry whites away from the rich & to kill off whites.


      • “rich white men” Funny how you forget the Jewish owners of the slave ships, and the fact that the average Jew in the South owned far more slaves than the average White.

        Blah blah, White men. Rich White men have supported conservatism and nationalism up until the last few decades when media attacks and Tribe influence in the boardrooms silenced the dissenters. Like George Orwell said, for all their talk about workers the fascists have their greatest supporters among the upper classes. It was workers who voted for socialist parties that imported immigrants to the West. Always workers. They betrayed their people for money.

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      • LOL, so American slavery was also a Jewish conspiracy now?

        And if you think the white proles are the ones responsible for importing non-white immigrants, you are willfully blind. Leftist parties play a big role but so does the corporate class, which is overwhelmingly rich, white men. They may support the “anti-immigrant” GOP politically but that doesn’t stop them from taking advantage of cheap labor


      • lol


      • Actually the Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression. Why is it that Muslim conquest is seen as glorious but any attempt to fight back by white Christians is seen as barbaric?

        You also conveniently forget (or seemingly ignore) that far more Muslims/Arabs have had black slaves in history not to mention the fact that black men captured, enslaved, and sold the slaves to Europeans (and others) in the first place for profit. Should Europeans be blamed for making better use of such slaves (before abolishing slavery themselves before any other race of people) than black Africans could ever dream of doing?


      • Jews ran the slave trade, but he won’t read that in the history books. And the purpose of importing the blacks was not population replacement as it is with today’s agenda.


      • Ball in your court now, Faber.

        Cathedral shaming about people blaming “Da Joos”, as if they’re off their rockers, doesn’t work here.


      • LOL, so American slavery was also a Jewish conspiracy now?

        Did I say that, liar? I am pointing out how you ignore parts of history that don’t fit your convenient worldview.

        “willfully blind” – Idiot. In ALL Western countries it has been the workers voting for leftist parties that have brought on mass immigration. Try lying away that fact.

        “but so does the corporate class”

        Bullshit. You pretend that because you’re a leftist little parasite. Industry owners have historically opposed mass immigration as they know it brings the socialists to victory. It is only today that the majority will declare their support for mass immigration because everyone else does the same, and they would be destroyed otherwise. And they have been brainwashed now like everyone else. But the ones that caused mass immigration were the left-wing parties, thanks to workers betraying their countries. Pretend that’s not true all you want, little parasite. Meanwhile the evil capitalists you hate voted for and funded right-wing parties that opposed mass immigration, until they were defeated by the Left’s media and parties – only then did they come to support it.

        Boy, you’re ignorant. All over the West the leftist parties have brought the laws for mass immigration, and still you lie about it. The socialist Kennedy destroyed America’s immigration law together with his fellow socialists in congress, following the pattern in Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and everywhere else in the West. Of course, if you were able to learn facts you wouldn’t be a dumb working-class parasite.


      • @Arbiter

        Pretty sure big business benefits from immigration now.

        Workers vote for socialist parties, but I doubt they wish for immigration. They were just screwed over by the scum they voted for.

        One needs to distinguish between big business and small business. The latter is screwed by leftist governments. The latter isn’t.


    • Arbiter, my erudite and articulate friend, please, please please do NOT perpetuate the canard that the nation-wrecking 1965 Act was Ted Kennedy’s. You’re falling smack into the nation-wreckers’ trap.


  4. Thank you for this post.

    I was recently banned from Return Of Kings trying to make similar (but perhaps a bit more inflammatory) points.

    Glad to see that your “red pill” philosophy extends beyond “muh pussy.”


  5. Actually, I favor the shield Constantine used to take the Roman empire starting from England. Jesus as a war god. The first time he was used as such:


    • At its height, the Roman Empire was the most feared empire in the history of the world. The Roman Legions had nearly unbreakable will. Opponents, even those that (rarely) routed its armies, feared its iron testament. Its people allowed national pride and mental toughness to give way to laziness, debauchery, and softness. Eventually, invaders from the outside (the goths specifically) broke down the defenses, but only after invaders from the inside softened the Empire’s resolve to the point where the will to win corroded irretrievably.

      Sound familiar?


      • r/K shift patterns keep emerging, but my question is how to stop it after this next great culling?


      • r/K shift patterns keep emerging, but my question is how to stop it after this next great culling?


      • Yeah, glad you see that. History can teach us so much. Namely that its game for America.


      • on November 25, 2014 at 11:00 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        The Roman legions were so badass because they weren’t bound by Christian morality. The only great military leaders Europe had since we converted to Christianity were quite bad Christians(e.g. Vlad Tepes slaughtered defenseless women and children; Swedes converted to Christianity so that they could enslave the Finnish and sell them as slaves to European Christians and engage in the crusades there to get some Finnish land etc).

        And you don’t need internal invaders. You simply have to have a mercantile elite. Vilfredo Pareto is pretty good at explaining this cycle of civilizations along with Spengler.


      • The Roman legions were so badass because they weren’t bound by Christian morality. The only great military leaders Europe had since we converted to Christianity were quite bad Christians

        True, if they would have “turned the other cheek” and obeyed the commandment that “you shall not kill” there would have been no Roman Empire.

        Christianity softened up the Empire. But then the priests fooled the Goths into thinking that Rome had been great because it was Christian, and the Goths of course had no way of knowing that Rome had grown and prospered under polytheism, so they became Christians thinking that was what would made you powerful, and they brought the religion to the Franks and to Iberia. It’s too bad. But typical of how Christianity operates.

        Swedes converted to Christianity so that they could enslave the Finnish and sell them as slaves to European Christians and engage in the crusades there to get some Finnish land etc

        Oh please, that’s nonsense. Do you think Swedish pagans said “Hey, let’s become Christians so we can invade Finland!”? The Vikings like everyone else lacked good maps, most ordinary people had never heard of Finland. Christianity spread because it was uncompromising, Pagans were forbidden from trading with Christian towns while Pagans had no such restrictions. Christianity had the same totalitarian view like communism, only their way was allowed, while others would allow any belief. That’s why it spread. Not because Swedish Vikings planned to make slaves out of Finns. That’s the first time I have heard that claim, by the way. Funny, because slavery stopped in Christian times, so that’s an odd plan you’re talking about. If Swedish Norsemen would have wanted to enslave Finns they didn’t need a new religion to do so – they were already capturing slaves. Why would they need to become Christians in order to take slaves?

        As for invading Finland, of course they did. ALL people have ALWAYS spread when they had the chance. For tens of thousands of years. Today Finns have 90 percent Germanic DNA as a result, a pretty good deal.


    • I like the Chi Rho symbol. I would submit the Teutonic Knights shield as my own version as it is untainted by the Kabbalah and YKW. Its the same as the Teutonic knights but with a black cross. However, this is a question of mere semantics.


    • I acknowledge your respect for something powerful in the past, but it is too specific for that time and place, and has no connection to us today.

      The English cross on the other hand – America was founded by Englishmen, the language is English. In Britain today, the English flag is a symbol for resistance. Putting it on a shield makes it clearer. It is about the Germanic Saxons who built the country. It doesn’t cover everything, but it is still very good.


    • And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.” Matthew 21 : 12-13


  6. Nothing was more powerful to me than what Steve Sailer wrote: (paraphrasing) “I stopped caring whether something was racist or not and started focussing whether it’s true or false.”

    Mind = Blown.


  7. > “We’ve allowed a situation to develop where antiracism has gradually mutated into an ideology that seeks to destroy the entire European world.”

    This is utter and complete bullshit. The Frankfurt School knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they created “anti-racism” as the means by which to destroy the White Race. Just as they knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they created “feminism” as the means by which to destroy the male sex which was the gatekeeper of that Race. Nothing “mutated” here – these anti-civilizational pathogens are functioning PRECISELY AS THEIR CREATORS INTENDED FOR THEM TO FUNCTION.


    • Spot on ZS. You could add Marcuse for the acceptance of all forms of degeneracy, Boaz for bogus equality theory and Adorno who established the critical theory framework


    • Recently heard the jew jerry springer tell the jew Howard stern that all the ‘progressive’ ideologies are being proven right. He said, ‘ look at the past 80 or so years. fdr policies, era, gun control act, etc…’ Made me pissed that he didn’t shine the light on the cultural marxists by name. On the other hand, al michaels seemed to have a traditionally conservative point of view. Rarely will I mention celeb bs but these two stuck out enough for me to mention. Show me the way to go home, i’m tired and i want to go to bed…Cheers.


  8. I posted a version of this comment elsewhere and it’s apropos here: anti-white psyops and white/European inaction in light of outrages such as Emma West’s persecution or Rotherdam:

    The mechanism by which people are demoralized beyond action is something I’ve been thinking about. This kind of outward docility was the norm in Communist Eastern Europe, though even there you had violent uprisings, most notably in Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. That, and you had a robust inner resistance — privately in trusted company people spoke freely, sort of like we do now on blogs.

    Still, in the USSR people would cross the street to avoid being seen talking to a foreign journalist; the reach of East German Stasi is now legendary.

    Some factors that contribute to the demoralization of England (and not just England):

    – Isolation. Even if 90% of adult English men privately hate the regime, most feel they are alone; in a way they are right. Not many would come to your side, I guess, if you stepped out of line.

    – Rulers Look Like they Do. It would be one thing if most of the authority figures were armed foreign invaders. It’s another thing when your entire leadership class looks like a wealthier, happier version of you.

    – There is no Free World as an Example. Dissidents under Communism knew that there is an America/West that opposes their regime and where people are free. That counts for a lot in terms of morale.

    – Lots left to Lose. In the West, most of us have a lot to lose. In Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” the protagonist, a frivolous medical doctor accidentally gets mixed up in anti-commie activism and loses his job, And so he takes a job as a window-washer and seduces the women in the apartments he cleans. But losing your job in England (and America) means you lose the means to support your family out of reach of non-whites. A commie-era Czech who lost his job would have no such worries.

    – Disintegration of Extended Family. Extended family is a fallback means of support and identity. The importance of family ties vary by European cultural groups and the English were likely less reliant on kinship ties than others, perhaps. But under a hostile regime, you have no uncles to help you develop an identity as a boy, and no cousins to have your back when you are in trouble.

    – Go after the Women. Invading armies generally inflicted similar suffering on both sexes of the conquered people. Therefore, men and women had solidarity with each other. Modern globalist leftism, however, pretends to shower English (and more broadly white) women with privilege (unless your name is Emma West) and appeals to their baser appetites. Young English men therefore find themselves in opposition to their own females. I have no fucking doubt that a nontrivial number (if not nearly all) of the Rotherham girls–and their single mothers–at one point thought Omar was such a charming fellow, whom they chose over English boys.


    • This.


    • When even white-hatin’ Louis Farrakhan sounds like MPC or Heartiste these days… (hat tip: MPC)

      I have been able to generate more positive responses by sounding like a black nationalist to subtly endorse white nationalist doctrine (I support both, in their way). The multicultural and anti-colonialist/anti-imperialist narrative contains within it the ineluctable logic by which the traditional narrative can support white/European nationalism without even beginning to dismantle the previous structure. USE their rhetorical and conceptual structures against them, have them argue against their own ideas and conclusions.

      I had been doing this for awhile until I encountered the cartoons which go under White Rabbit(?) that do the same regarding Native Americans and settlers accusing them of racism for wanting to preserve their lands.


    • Very good analysis of the differences, PA.

      The solution to this will come when Third World immigration brings a Third World economy. Most people don’t know how first Clinton, then Bush and then Obama had to print and borrow enormous sums of money to keep the economy hobbling along:

      -Clinton (or rather Greenspan on his behalf) printed more money than in the entire post-War period before him, and that’s how he won his re-election
      -Bush borrowed more than all other presidents before him combined
      -Obama borrowed even more than Bush – in just three years

      This cannot be done forever. Which is why China and Russia are buying so much gold. They know what is coming.


    • Very interesting explanation PA and I’d say very accurate as well. Another factor is that under Communism virtually all the people KNEW they were being lied to whereas in the West today we have, you know, a free press.

      In Russian Izvestia means ‘News’ and Pravda ‘Truth’. The old joke there was there’s no Truth in the News and no News in the Truth.


    • Fine work. I’ve seen enough of your stuff here and there over the years. You need your own blog and a larger audience.


  9. Very interesting. I once read through some papers from one of those diversity/social justice type journals, I think it had an african studies in media theme. Basically, research is done by attempting to find “codes” used to hide racism by whites. So the idea is the racism used to be out front, then it just moved behind code-words and double entendre. So it is their job to find it and be the hero. So for example, the words “government spending cut” are actually supposed to mean “we hate blacks”. Yes, of course it is stupid and silly but you could probably perform the same analysis on their writing except always conclude they mean “we hate whites”. It seems like a fair bit of lefty propaganda memes have come from these sorts of pseudo-studies. Why not use it against them?


    • on November 24, 2014 at 4:29 pm The Spirit Within

      Yes, you can find extreme racial prejudice and code words used on all four sides of the white-black-Latino-Asian divide. Congratulations on noticing.


      • So this queef is posted but the tenth out of the last ten substantial comments I made is eaten.


      • I only see the anti-white ones out in the open. Sorry but I’m tired of paying for negroes’ inability to accept civilization and that being the hammer used by YKW to beat us over the head with in order to divide and conquer us.


      • on November 24, 2014 at 4:42 pm Hammer of Love

        The Yid Within strikes again. How cute….


      • on November 24, 2014 at 4:52 pm The Spirit Within

        Part of our culture still tells us to be individuals. I say to take other people the same way — as individuals.

        Hard to do? Yep. That’s the lesson of the New Testament.

        (Aaand Greg Eliot in 3 … 2… 1 …. with “NT is the Mickey Mouse part of the Bible, my God smites NAMs with brutal lightning bolts, there is no forgiveness on the day of the rope, blah blah blah…”. All fantasy.)


      • Since WordPress has muzzled GBFM, I’ll say it for him.

        The lawyercunt asked Jesus, “How can I live forever?” Jesus answered, “What does the law say?” The lawyercunt replied, “‘Love God with your heart, soul, and mind,’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” Jesus said, “You know what to do.” But the lawyercunt persisted, and asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied with the parable of the good Mexican.

        “‘There was once a woman who was travelling from DC to New York, when she was set upon by men, gang-raped, and left in a ditch by the side of the road. A feminist passed by, but she didn’t stop. Next a lady Senator passed by, but she didn’t stop. Finally, an Mexican traveller stopped and carried the woman to a motel. He left the manager $150, and told the manager he’d return to pay any other expenses.'”

        Jesus asked, “Which of these three was her neighbor.” The lawyercunt answered, “The merciful Mexican.” Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

        Tell me, where in the words of the Christian savior, son of God, and redeemer of the sins of mankind do you find the command, “Treat people as individuals?”


      • I told you once before, boy… stop embarrassing yourself by attempting to tell Christians what their Scripture says.


      • Serious question: if you eat your own poop, do you libs consider that recycling?


      • on November 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm Troll-bends-fir

        >Sorry but I’m tired of paying for negroes’ inability to accept civilization and that being the hammer used by YKW to beat us over the head with in order to divide and conquer us.

        I have a gut feeling that negroes would have accepted civilization a long time ago, if only they weren’t more useful as the hammer to break the whites.
        Integration is easy, but, if the negroes are integrated, who do you use as a smokescreen, how do you generate the war? You need diversity, or people might actually notice how bad you are fucking everything up. YKW don’t like being noticed.


      • …Part of our culture still tells us to be individuals. I say to take other people the same way — as individuals….

        Yes that is what officer Wilson did when he shot a violent criminal; an individual – not a race, not an ideology – was attacking him and he used self defense.

        Same with the Zimmerman/Trayvon thing, each took the other as an individual.

        Funny isn’t it that individuals of a certain color commit over 80% of all violent crimes?

        …Part of our culture still tells us to be individuals. I say to take other people the same way — as individuals….

        Do you sleep in pajama that has that printed on it?


      • The Socialist Within drags out the New Testament for support, that’s hilarious.

        And he claims that bias in the media goes in every direction. Meanwhile reporters can write openly pro-Black columns. But anyone who’d write an openly pro-White column would be immediately fired and blacklisted.

        In TV shows and movies, there are openly pro-Black and anti-White statements made by protagonists. There are none in the other direction … except by the evil antagonists.


      • The Sperg Within insists that we treat everyone as individuals, even though a very specific group of individuals – whites – is being subjected to de facto genocide.

        That’s the anti-white racket: when whites are in decline, demand that they not notice and remain quiet. Insist that they submit. After all, the important thing is individualism! But when non-whites get a raw deal, scream bloody murder. Condemn whites as a race that bears collective responsibility.

        In fact, condemn whites for things no living white ever engaged in, while ignoring and/or whitewashing both current and historical crimes committed by non-whites.

        The amazing thing is that The Sperg still apparently believes that people can’t see through his ruse.


      • And the disingenuous dweeb knows full well that most of my past Scripture quotes to gainsay his interpretation of Scripture… (aka “Mickey Mouse Christianity – usually by those who don’t believe to begin with)… come directly from the NT, not the OT… yet he still writes:

        (Aaand Greg Eliot in 3 … 2… 1 …. with “NT is the Mickey Mouse part of the Bible, my God smites NAMs with brutal lightning bolts, there is no forgiveness on the day of the rope, blah blah blah…”. All fantasy.)

        His own prejudices are so deeply ingrained in his mind that he can’t even be bothered to accurately read any replies before he goes off, half-cocked and half-witted, giving his unlearned and unwarranted opinions.


      • Good link, Earl – Very informative!


      • Is Zombie white? He seems to write too well to be a typical black blogger.

        If so, he should be CONDEMNED. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF THE LEFT IS RACIST? Another white’s racism is NOT YOUR CONCERN and NEVER SHOULD BE.

        White people who concern themselves with racism are IDIOTS, COWARDS, and ultimately, pieces of shit. Stop crusading for the fucking blacks. Stop wagging your finger at your own people “YOU WAYCISS” trying to fucking feel morally superior. Zombie is doing the SAME THING the left does.


      • Zombie is anonymous. Zombie has posted many pictures of Mohammed online. Nobody knows who he or she is, but I strongly suspect male Jew neocon. Zombie is hosted by PJ Media, so there’s that.

        Zombie may or may not be anti-racist. I can’t tell. But one thing is for sure- Zombie uses the left’s rhetoric against them, without shame, as a weapon. Zombie is an atheist and wants to fight fire with fire.


      • on November 25, 2014 at 5:50 pm Hymen Mingesky

        I am concerned with leftist racism to the extent they like to bludgeon others over the head with the term. Being able to point out that they are racist too is a great rhetorical weapon, if not an avenue for reconciliation. It is also more or less game technique


    • Most of what passes for left wing intellectualism is nothing but excuse making for the failure of their fairy stories to conform to reality. Hence the need to find all these hidden codes, etc.


      • Indeed. Anti-whites are anti-reality. They lie because they HAVE to.

        I’m not sure whether the anti-white worldview makes liars out of otherwise normal people, or whether it simply attracts unusually dishonest types in the first place. Regardless, they lie constantly, about pretty much everything. Inevitable when one’s belief system so blatantly contradicts reality. Truth becomes not just something to avoid, which would be bad enough, but to outright deny.


  10. “and from that follows boldness of belief and, finally, action.”

    we are close to the tipping point. there will be action.

    the oligarchs hate the white man because of his past. he has proven impossible to beat and clever and inventive beyond belief. the other subspecies (east asian, african, ashkenazi) not so much.

    the white man ventured into the far northern latitudes, braved the glacial onslaught and then thrived in every environment he encountered.

    the white man built the modern world from nothing.

    “common anti-white rebuttals like “America belongs to the Indians”.”

    the white man had futures markets at the same time the north american natives were still chasing buffalo around.

    the oligarchs have gone too far. there will be action. they can run and they can hide but we will find them.

    always bet on white.


    • “the oligarchs hate the white man because of his past”

      Or to put it different: whites hang tyrants; muds shoot each other over sneakers.


  11. If you want to fight back against the system, you need to start pushing back against the bullshit messages in the popular media. Here’s a prime example.


  12. on November 24, 2014 at 4:41 pm Hammer of Love

    Is that a Templar’s cross on the shield ?? They might actually be part of the problem.


    • Todays Xians are lackeys of YKW, but not back then. The crusaders slaughtered Jews, softer and more local targets than Muslims in Holy Land.

      However, there is socialism/communism in Xianity, and so trouble. The meek are great and the great are meek BS, thus be a good little poor grunt until the next life.

      But the Templar’s cross also is what the Portuguese sailors had on their sails when they kicked of the Age of Discovery and European kicked ass, sometimes each others, from then until First Wave Feminism. It is a historical exemplar. Maybe this is better for our needs (not that the Xian wing of the sphere would think so):


    • If you’re going to fight a religious war, you damned well better bring a religion.


      • Touche`, and COTW contender.


      • It’s not original to me. It’s something I saw in comment section on Vox Day’s blog. It’s a great comment though and perfectly fit as a reply.


      • on November 25, 2014 at 1:19 pm Hammer of Love

        ” If you’re going to fight a religious war, you damned well better bring a religion. ”

        I wasn’t talking about the religious aspect, as all the crusaders were religious. I was speaking to the theories that the Templars might be the forefathers of the Freemasons and / or the Illuminati power structures. Those to groups are very far from being Christian .


      • Yeah, there are a lot of theories like that out there. I’ve never looked much into them due to lack of relevance to my beliefs.


      • If you’re going to fight a religious war, you damned well better bring a religion.

        No, you better bring another vision. Communists didn’t need a new religion, they had a new vision. People want symbolism that makes them feel they belong and are accepted, and the opportunists want meetings where they can praise the dominant belief and get ahead that way. That’s what needs to be created.

        You can’t use religion to convince Westerners today. Those who aren’t religious won’t be persuaded. Those who are religious won’t change to your version. No one will be persuaded by “God says so” anymore, because they can read today and can therefore easily find Bible quotes that disprove it. The arguments have to be based on clear facts. The spirituality has to be based on the people.


      • Or bring a lack thereof:

        “Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.” -Albert Pike


  13. 100% white = 0% diverse
    0% white = 100% diverse

    *takes a bow*

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  14. The cross of Santiago Matamoros would be another. Symbol of the Spaniards taking back their country from the Moors.

    No, “Andalusia” was not a multi-culti paradise.


    • “Symbol of the Spaniards taking back their country from the Moors.”

      It wasn’t their country anymore. They conquered someone else’s land.

      Seriously, go be a wannabe Crusader elsewhere.



    What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

    The barbarians are due here today.

    Why isn’t anything happening in the senate?
    Why do the senators sit there without legislating?

    Because the barbarians are coming today.
    What laws can the senators make now?
    Once the barbarians are here, they’ll do the legislating.

    Why did our emperor get up so early,
    and why is he sitting at the city’s main gate
    on his throne, in state, wearing the crown?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and the emperor is waiting to receive their leader.
    He has even prepared a scroll to give him,
    replete with titles, with imposing names.

    Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today
    wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
    Why have they put on bracelets with so many amethysts,
    and rings sparkling with magnificent emeralds?
    Why are they carrying elegant canes
    beautifully worked in silver and gold?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and things like that dazzle the barbarians.

    Why don’t our distinguished orators come forward as usual
    to make their speeches, say what they have to say?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and they’re bored by rhetoric and public speaking.

    Why this sudden restlessness, this confusion?
    (How serious people’s faces have become.)
    Why are the streets and squares emptying so rapidly,
    everyone going home so lost in thought?

    Because night has fallen and the barbarians have not come.
    And some who have just returned from the border say
    there are no barbarians any longer.

    And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
    They were, those people, a kind of solution.


    • I read this in my last semester of college. Heavy duty stuff. I think I need to re-read as I’m sure I’ll have a different perspective on it. Thanks for bringing it up.


      • Don’t bother. It’s a lame piece about alarmism and illegal immigration not being the problem alarmists think it is. More Progs closing their ears and saying la la la


  16. America for the Native Americans; So when are you all you whities leaving America?


    • on November 24, 2014 at 5:11 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      USA was founded by and for Whites.

      When are the rest of you leaving?


    • We won.


    • That’s the one thing that whites come up a cropper… genocide of their enemies.

      Geez, it wouldn’t surprise me if the population of “Native Americans” (ha) nowadays is actually higher than when the white man first appeared on the shores of North America.


    • Red savages of pre-history are only pure because they did not record their own atrocities and they have NOTHING to show for themselves, but enjoy the fruits of my culture ahole.

      There never was an America until Americans. Red tribes were killing each other and eating each other’s babies. We are the natural progressives. lmwao

      Lots of good truth in Francis Parkman’s France and England in North America:;view=toc;q1=france+and+england+in+north+america

      From page xxxix of the above link:

      Like the torture itself, it was, among the Hurons, partly an act of vengeance, and partly a religious rite. If the victim had shown courage, the heart was first roasted, cut into small pieces, and given to the young men and boys, who devoured it to increase their own courage. The body was then divided, thrown into the kettles, and eaten by the assembly, the head being the portion of the chief. Many of the Hurons joined in the feast with reluctance and horror, while others took pleasure in it.


      Try page 253 and following on above link.

      And for all that cruelty savages still be savages.

      Quod erat demonstrandum, dumbasses.

      But you are dumbasses, so here’s more:

      This instalment:;view=toc;q1=france+and+england+in+north+america

      Its page 294:;view=image;q1=infants

      But hey, look on this:;view=toc;q1=france+and+england+in+north+america

      On page 246-8:

      A band of Algonquins, late in the autumn of 1641, set forth from Three Rivers on their winter hunt, and, fearful of the Iroquois, made their way far northward, into the depths of the forests that border the Ottawa. Here they thought themselves safe, built their lodges, and began to hunt the moose and beaver. But a large party of their enemies, with a persistent ferocity that is truly astonishing, had penetrated even here, found the traces of the snow-shoes, followed up their human prey, and hid at nightfall among the rocks and thickets around the encampment. At midnight, their yells and the blows of their war-clubs awakened their sleeping victims. In a few minutes all were in their power. They bound the prisoners hand and foot, rekindled the fire, slung the kettles, cut the bodies of the slain to pieces, and boiled and devoured them before the eyes of the wretched survivors.

      [skipping some text]

      The conquerors feasted in the lodge till nearly daybreak, and then, after a short rest, began their march homeward with their prisoners. Among these were three women, of whom the narrator was one, who had each a child of a few weeks or months old. At the first halt, their captors took the infants from them, tied them to wooden spits, placed them to die slowly before a fire, and feasted on them before the eyes of the agonized mothers, whose shrieks, supplications, and frantic efforts to break the cords that bound them were met with mockery and laughter. “They are not men, they are wolves!” sobbed the wretched woman, as she told what had befallen her to the pitying Jesuit.


      Savages with freedom be savages.


    • When are the “Native Americans” going to grovel and apologize for genociding the original Americans – White Europeans here at least 15,000 BC according to relics?


      • Matamoros: “When are the “Native Americans” going to grovel and apologize for genociding the original Americans – White Europeans here at least 15,000 BC according to relics?”

        Good question. Same could be asked of Turks, Arabs, Jews, and a very long list of other non-white genociders. Non-whites certainly have a lot to answer for, by the very standards which they apply to whites.

        But grovel and apologize? Never. Being non-white means never having to say you’re sorry, at least as long as the current anti-white orthodoxy reigns. They can have blood literally dripping from their hands, and the anti-white says that they are innocent, and the white is to blame. Grovelling is reserved for whitey.

        Separation is the only solution.


      • Me anti white? HA!

        The problem with “whites” is that it’s a pretty loose term. I can tell you who is DEFINITELY white. (NW Europeans) but it becomes harder the further you go away.

        Some guys on /pol/ refuse to call Italians or Spaniards white and I don’t think they’re shills either.


      • ho: “The problem with “whites” is that it’s a pretty loose term. I can tell you who is DEFINITELY white. (NW Europeans) but it becomes harder the further you go away.”

        The same game can be played with non-whites, but it never is. For example, at exactly what point does sub-Saharan Africa transition into North Africa, racially and culturally speaking? It’s obvious that the two regions are quite different, yet that might be hard to see at the razor’s edge.

        All tribes have to deal with “borderline” cases. So what do they do? They deal with it, in a way that makes sense to the tribe. As for whites, we’ve had borderline cases for centuries, and we’ve always dealt with it. It’s not an insurmountable problem, by any means.

        ho: “Some guys on /pol/ refuse to call Italians or Spaniards white and I don’t think they’re shills either.”

        Those whites that live on the periphery of Europe have undoubtedly suffered more intrusions of non-white blood than those living further removed, and southern Europe has historically been subjected to more vicious and sustained invasions by non-whites than most of Europe.

        But again, tribes do what they always do – try to draw reasonable, workable lines. I think it is clear that the Spaniards and Italians are fundamentally European peoples. So as to where I draw the line with them? They’re in, obviously. In contrast, the Turks are out. I would hope that, once we get our act together, we can achieve greater and greater racial integrity over time – but first we have to commit to our very survival as Europeans. We must walk before we can run.

        And that’s what we do in life: we draw reasonable lines, as best we can in an imperfect world. What’s the difference between buying something for 10 dollars, as opposed to 10 dollars and 1 cent? How about 10 dollars and 2 cents? You can keep playing the game of “just one more cent” all you like, but if at some point you don’t draw a line, you’re going to pay a million dollars for a toaster.

        Same with the game of “just one non-white gene more.” Keep playing that game, without drawing a reasonable line, and you start with a Norwegian and end up with a Zulu. It’s just a parlor game only used against whites, in order to justify white genocide.


    • Zulus conquered territory from Hottentots no one says they should leave. Ojibwe conquered territory from Lakota no one says they should leave. Turks and Arabs conquered territory from white people no one says they should leave. Only white people are demonized for conquering territory.


      • ethnics get demonized muslims get hate for their old territorys japanese get hate for theres mongol descendents the hazaras sihitie still get hate.
        but whites get hate for actually wipin the races out. even genghis khan the biggest rapist hasnt.


      • Not only are there still Indians in North America, they are allowed to have exclusive territory. Whites are not allowed to have exclusive territory anywhere on the planet.


      • Haven’t you heard, eyeslevel? When non-whites conquer territory, it belongs to them forever. It is their sacred land, for all time.

        But when whites conquer land, they merely “stole” it, much like a crack negro knocking over a liquor store. They are illegitimate interlopers, now and forever. They deserve to be genocided.

        Well, so says the anti-white.


      • Turks and Arabs ARE white people. if it isn’t mongoloid or negroid, it’s white.


      • ho: “Turks and Arabs ARE white people. if it isn’t mongoloid or negroid, it’s white.”

        Not in the context of this conversation. Here, white is being used as simple shorthand for people of European descent. Turks and Arabs not only don’t qualify, but have historically been enemies of Europe, brutally invading and committing acts of genocide (in fairness, it must be said that it has worked the other way, as well). If you are literally too dumb to grasp the distinction between Europeans and Arabs, and delude yourself into believing that we are a single people, then you are too short for this ride.

        Anti-whites love to try to define whites (Europeans) out of existence, in order to justify our genocide. But the reality is that tribes define themselves as they please. They don’t ask for, nor do they need the permission of outsiders or internal traitors. The Koreans and the Navajo don’t ask my permission as to how they define themselves, and we aren’t asking for yours. We know who we are.

        ho: “So the entire world should belong to white people.”

        That’s not the issue. What is being opposed is white genocide.


      • Never heard a Turk or Arab accused of having white privilege. Or being a white supremacist.
        Anyway, should everyone leave the land they conquered or just white people?


      • But many Turks ARE of European descent. Most of them are descended of the people that were conquered between 1100-1500. Slavic, Greek etc.

        They are somewhat white.


      • ho: “But many Turks ARE of European descent. Most of them are descended of the people that were conquered between 1100-1500. Slavic, Greek etc.”

        I’m quite aware of Turkish history. Also, many whites (Europeans) were brought into Turkey as slaves, and their genetic imprint is still visible. This is not typically taught in school, which prefers the lie that slavery was something uniquely practiced by whites, and would never dare to discuss white slaves owned by non-whites. It is possible, even likely, that there are some (few) Turks that are entirely, or almost entirely, of European descent. But I doubt that there are many, and I say this as someone who has known Turks personally, including one that could easily pass as European. Beautiful girl, by the way.

        In any event, broadly speaking, they are not a European people. On the other hand if, through accurate genetic testing, it could be established that one is of entirely European descent, that’s cool beans too. For that one, welcome aboard. For the rest, stay out.

        ho: “They are somewhat white.”

        Again, the way we are using the term “white” in this conversation is as shorthand for European, not the overly broad definition of the census or certain anthropology texts. The tribe always determines who is in and who is out. I could call myself a Korean or a Navajo, but that doesn’t mean they have to accept me as such. They’d laugh me off of the stage, and properly so, just as I laugh when you try to pretend that Turks and Arabs are European peoples.

        It’s telling that anti-whites love to try to define whites out of existence, but never pester the Navajo or the Koreans, or any non-whites for that matter. When it’s time to condemn us, pass laws to discriminate against us, or hold us guilty for historical crimes, they know exactly who whites are. But when we seek to defend ourselves, suddenly we don’t exist as a distinct people. Suddenly we’re lumped into every non-white group that is a shade paler than a Zulu. Positively Orwellian.


      • t’s telling that anti-whites love to try to define whites out of existence, but never pester the Navajo or the Koreans, or any non-whites for that matter. When it’s time to condemn us, pass laws to discriminate against us, or hold us guilty for historical crimes, they know exactly who whites are. But when we seek to defend ourselves, suddenly we don’t exist as a distinct people. Suddenly we’re lumped into every non-white group that is a shade paler than a Zulu. Positively Orwellian.

        That’s one of the sleight-o’-hand n1663r-babble tricks that some of the usual suspect darkies try to pull, here at the chateau… if only to derail threads and/or perpetuate their voodoo cogdissery.

        It probably works, in a classroom full of SWPL’s in their late teens and early twenties… but it invariably blows up in their shit-colored faces when they try it at the chateau.


    • America should belong to the people who use it best for the advancement of Life. Those who can lift Life above the mud and aim for the stars through science, technology and exploration. That is the White race, which stands for 97 percent of all scientific discoveries since the late Middle Ages. It is not the Indians, a Stone Age people.

      In White History Today, a Dutch explorer discovered Tasmania, and other Whites made scientific discoveries other years. Great inventions and discoveries by Whites appear on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the calendar. That is shown clearly by the White History Today blog.

      There can be no such blog for Blacks or Amerindians. It would be almost completely empty.


      • “America should belong to the people who use it best for the advancement of Life.”

        So the entire world should belong to white people.

        How refreshingly non selfserving.


      • Little ho takes a dump on the fact that his ancestors couldn’t inventing anything. How refreshingly self-serving. (Spell the word right, idiot.)

        Non-Whites like Ho are of course the most selfish, despicable creatures in the world, wanting to drag down all of Life for their own selfish pleasure. He wants to invent lands where people build and create so he can live like a parasite, feeding off the work of better people while destroying their efforts. Disgusting.


      • “Little ho takes a dump on the fact that his ancestors couldn’t INVENTING anything. How refreshingly self-serving. (Spell the word right, idiot.)”

        The ironing!

        How is your asinine argument NOT self-serving? Accroding to your rationale, all lands that don’t belong to whites or east Asians, really belong tó whites or east Asians, because they can serve “Life” better than the brown and black masses. (seriously, what the hell is “Life” even supposed to mean?)

        Also, how exactly am I non-white?


      • I personally have met a number of Turkish women I thought were attractive. If you had children with them they would come out looking white. That’s the litmus test for me. I have seen some stunning Turkish women- blonde haired and blue eyed to boot. One I saw at a resort near Antalya about 20 years ago and I still remember her. Arbiter and Trainspotter are really referring to North-Western European white people. I don’t entirely agree with these exclusions either.


      • Another practical problem in a white nation of our own would be maintaining its ethnic purity and defining it. What about part Amerindian Americans? In demanding a nation of our own, one would have to address these issues sooner or later. I personally would not have a problem with Turks in the admixture.


      • Carlos Danger: “I personally have met a number of Turkish women I thought were attractive.”

        I have too, as I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m guessing that the girl I knew was probably entirely, or close to entirely, of European descent. If that is in fact the case, and if she wanted admittance to a white ethnostate, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with that (though a racially based state might have other requirements, pertaining to culture/language/religion). The point is that a reasonable line has to be drawn, just like in every other area of life. It is clear that, broadly speaking, Turks are not a European people, and a reasonably drawn line would exclude them (or the vast majority of them, anyway).

        Carlos Danger: “Arbiter and Trainspotter are really referring to North-Western European white people.”

        No, I’m referring to the broader family of European peoples: north, south, east and west. The Turks are not a European people – historically, culturally, linguistically, and for the most part, racially.

        Carlo Danger: “Another practical problem in a white nation of our own would be maintaining its ethnic purity and defining it.”

        Racially conscious states of the past had little problem determining who was white and who wasn’t. Reasonable lines were drawn, just like in every other area of life. Sure, there were always some borderline cases, but that’s just in the nature of things. It certainly didn’t threaten the system itself, or prevent it from working as it was generally intended. The white population was secure in such societies, as opposed to the genocide which threatens us now.

        Tribes of all kinds, white or non-white, make these sorts of distinctions all the time, as to who is in and who is out. It’s far from an insurmountable problem.


    • on November 25, 2014 at 4:40 am JIDF Yuda Avraham Shlomo Goldstein

      Never, but they’ll insist that Jews leave “Palestine” because MUH OCCUPATION POOR POOR INNOCENT PALESTINIANS. Never mind that Israel “was founded by and for” Jews, who “won”, and “should belong to the people who use it best for the advancement of Life”, while Palestininas are “doing better than ever” despite the occasional bombings.

      Europeans cry exactly 1488 tears about teh Juice being hypocrites, while themselves tripping over themselves to support Muslim Arabs against a country that has, in fact, a significant minority of Whites. Under the banner of “White interests”, obviously.


      • Jews would not “win” Israel without white American U.S. tax dollars. The existence of Israel has a very high price tag for white Americans. Jews could have never “won” the slab of land on their own. Whites understandably resent being drawn into their struggle. The ones with half a brain do, anyways.


      • on November 25, 2014 at 11:18 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        As long as Jews will sing the tune of human rights, equality, democracy etc while doing what they do in Israel, I will support the Palestinians simply because filthy hypocrites don’t deserve any support. It’s the reason why I hope Russia prevails with the Ukraine situation despite it not being in my personal interest. If Israel owned up to their quasi-apartheid, I might respect them, but as it is, I hope the EU bans all trade with Israel unless it goes back to the 1967 borders, dismantles all settlements and so on.

        I find it hilarious Americans fall for the agit-prop Israel puts forward. Treating people like shit will make them lob rockets at you. Of course, Americans think their country is some enforcer of international law despite not even recognizing international tribunals. lol


      • on November 25, 2014 at 11:32 am JIDF Yuda Avraham Shlomo Goldstein

        US annual foreign aid to Israel (about 3 billion) amounts to a meagre 3% of Israeli GDP. In exchange, Israel remains politically & militarily dependent on the US. Meanwhile, US foreign aid to other countries, including Middle-Eastern countries hostile to Israel, exceeds this sum. But keep telling yourself that it’s all a conspiracy by Jewish Neocons; maybe you should also bring up the USS Liberty incident that happened decades ago as PROOF that HAMAS IS GOOD and ISRAEL IS SATAN. I agree, though, that Whites have nothing to look for in the Middle-East, except tourism perhaps.


      • Israel profits more from R&D. The surveillance software the NSA uses was written by an Israeli company. I’m sure none of that information ends up in the hands of International Finance.


      • US annual foreign aid to Israel (about 3 billion) amounts to a meagre 3% of Israeli GDP.

        Lying Jew is lying. Israel also gets hundreds of billions in “loans” that they never have to pay back. Israel gets trade privileges and stolen industrial secrets. Israel gets free trade with the EU but only in ONE DIRECTION: Israel can sell freely on the European market, but European producers can’t sell freely on the Israeli market. Parasites.


      • but European producers can’t sell freely on the Israeli market

        Israel does not produce cars.

        The desperate motivated reasoning around here is.. expected.


    • they wiped out the previous inhabitants who were from Europe. So it was a “Reconquista.” We were merely taking back what was stolen from our people.

      The notion that the “land” has any value by itself is primitive cargo cult bullshit. The spics don’t want the LAND of California, they want all the wealth-generating artifices that white people BUILT on the land. This should have been what the Rhodesian blacks learnt; acquisition of all of the possessions of the white merely makes you nigger rich


    • When we leave, do we get to take all the technology, buildings, roads, etc with us?


  17. On point

    Sadly only the Muzzies and Putin have the balls to stand up to women today. He even called out communism. On point. The United States is suffering under communism as we speak. It’s false forced equalism.

    Feminism is an attack on women. An attack on motherhood and the traditionally feminine.

    When all saying animals know that motherhood is the best goal in the world. Our poor American women and thereby the men have been ATTACKED By Jewish feminism-communism for 40 years.


    • Cosign 100%. Each and every feminist radical (yet I repeat myself) should be dragged before the court in violation of their precious VAWA every time they do one of the following things:

      1. Shame stay-at-home moms fulfilling their feminine imperative
      2. Encourage sluts and single mothers (yet again I repeat myself)
      3. Champion abortion rights, yet another form of violence against both women and babies
      5. Discourage legalization of prostitution to protect sex workers
      6. Convert O2 + C6H12O6 to CO2, H2O, and heat.
      7. Shame healthy body weight women via fatcceptance

      You get the idea.


  18. Meanwhile in Sweden … they don’t have enough with their propaganda at home that now they start wars abroad as in The Netherlands

    African Swedes slam ‘racist’ Santa helper


    • It’s just cheap moral posturing the Scandinavian way.


    • It’s socialists, not Swedes. It’s the establishment, controlled by the Jewish media owners. Do you say that “Americans” do this or that, or do you acknowledge that it’s the leftist elite that commits the attacks on traditional life?


    • on November 25, 2014 at 11:11 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I wish there were groups boycotting things made by the left or associated with the left. The reality is that corporations don’t give a fuck about the message they peddle. They will fire all the leftists they hired if the boycotts were big enough. Boycotts and lawfare are two really good strategies the right sucks at.


  19. CH, thank you for fighting every day for FREEDOM.

    and thanks for the hope. The optimism

    This blog lets us sane men know we are not alone.


    • Obama did us a huge favor with amnesty.

      Step 1: White Americans will be unable to distinguish between legal and illegal Hispanics ( illegal Hispanics will continue to flood in and lie their asses off). Therefore, Americans will have no sympathy for “Hispanic Americans” at all.

      Step 2: Emboldened with amnesty, Hispanics will mobilize into nationalist “mestizo pride” type groups to create political clout. White Americans will be disgusted at the low class displays of populism.

      Step 3: The disgust is really just ego-saving, because whites will look inward and realize their national pride (read: kinship bonds) is weak compared to Hispanics. Part of this is because they have been force fed African American nationalist pride for years. Remember how long and hard blacks fought to make white man acknowledge the divinity of being African.

      Step 4: Whites will clearly grasp the divide and conquer strategy kicked off by civil rights, aka African rights. Zoom, up goes national pride type white politics, who will quickly vote down all forms of gimmedat. Not two shits will be given for poor little Maria, much less poor little Chantelle.

      Step 5: Yippe kay yay, shit gets fun.


      • on November 25, 2014 at 11:09 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        I never understood this issue Americans have with illegals. If their immigration status is the problem, then amnesty is the solution. That would make the illegal immigrants exactly like the legal immigrants, if the latter are so good. lol


    • on November 30, 2014 at 3:43 pm Hilary Clinton

      Polar Bear is waaaaycis. I send Michael Brown and No-Limit-Ni**a to hunt you down like Antonio West!!!


  20. “All diversity means is putting white people in their place.”

    Bet you could slip that one in anywhere. SJWs will just nod in agreement. Sane people may suddenly realize that all the SJWs are just nodding in agreement.


  21. How do I join this BUGS?


  22. lol at St. Louis having to go on red alert in anticipation of the Brown verdict. You’d think they were preparing for the apocalypse. Worldstar y’all


    • Ain’t it funny that all those blacks and their white liberals friends are assuring us blacks are not violent, that they are actually victims of violence

      yet we need the national guard to keep those blacks from being too violent.

      When was the last time the national guard had to intervene to stop mobs of violent out of control whites?

      White liberals assure us ” all race are equal” yet we only need the national guard to protect ourselves from one race…


  23. I would also submit “Wrong kind of white guy” as a slogan


  24. Anti-racist is code for Anti-White is on a big billboard on I 20 about 15 miles before you get into Birmingham, AL.


    • That gives me hope that all is not lost.

      More will join this movement.

      It is the right thing to do.

      Who would oppose stopping a genocide?


      • “Who would oppose stopping a genocide?”

        Unfortunately, plenty of people – the anti-whites. They love what is being done to us.

        But you should have hope, for all is not lost. It is inevitable that at some point we will win our own lands.


  25. Great post CH.

    I think for White Men to wake up and take their birthright, top of the world pyramid, the Western quality of life is going to have to greatly deteriorate. And when enough White Men have nothing left to lose we can then go full on Aryan Brotherhood.

    As I see the world today, the only thing that can delay this is technology (AI). Real wages haven’t gone up in America for 40 years, but the adjusted costs of life have declined to the point you can buy a trailer with a fireplace, automated windows in a dump truck, cheap Cancun trips, and all the walmart crap. We are also anesthetized with football, beer, weed, and porn. But eventually, if robot cops can’t keep the non-White parasites in line sooner or later the White Man will.


    • “Worse is better”


    • Just remember that no Aryan Brotherhood will ever work without a developed culture to back it, including an imbedded priesthood. Otherwise, it’s akin to attempting to build a…ahem…Cathedral without a foundation. See if you can recruit the Amish.


  26. on November 24, 2014 at 6:59 pm Silver and Red

    How about:

    “Fight the Federal Governments Population Replacement Program (FedGovPRP) “


  27. No indictment. Not a good month for the Narrative.


    • No charges against the police officer?…White liberals must be crying in their pillows right now…. Well if that is any consolation, those mobs of mostly black people will probably beat up, rape or kill a few white people in the coming days…… dry your tears white liberals, dry your tears…


      • The first in line for punching-bag duty will be people like Chris Schaefer, who hung around to express their solidarity and now find themselves inconveniently wearing the wrong skin color in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Afterward, they’ll blame whitey for inciting the riot.) But until those people can get their jaws unwired, the loudest bleating will come from people safely ensconced thousands of miles away in their 99.99999% white gated enclaves.


      • Right on cue.

        “Joyce Carol Oates
        Who thinks that over $500,000 would have been raised for Darren Wilson if he’d shot & killed white 18-year-old? Informal poll.”

        If he had, we’d never have heard of him.


      • Why do you persist calling them liberals?
        Word liberal has liberty in its root, the concept totally alien to them
        Why do not you try to use some of the established terms such as
        Libtard, Leftard, Lefty or any other which describes their true nature
        Words are important as the post emphasizes it


    • I’m the biggest racist and anti-semite on this board, but:

      1) Apparently there were black witnesses who testified for Darren Wilson?

      2) Apparently there were black members of the Grand Jury who refused to indict Darren Wilson?

      If so – if they gave the finger to Obama and Holder and Mo Dees and Andy Stern and all the rest of the professional race hustlers – then they are some righteous peeps.


      • Think of the 80-20 rule… there are, indeed, dregs and righteous members of all races.

        This doesn’t gainsay the percentages, though… and therein lies the rub.


  28. No charges. Chimpout expected…


  29. Wow holy balls, Obama actually told people that they better start learning Spanish? (Unless it was taken out of context). Bet it made a lot of people flip their shit either way.

    I was horrified not long ago by this: “David Cameron says he hopes to see an Asian PM in his lifetime” –

    Just…what the fuck..why? Even in true “equalist” terms, it should be “I’d rather see the right person for the job be prime minister, regardless of their race”. This guy is focusing on the fact that the person will be Asian, and seems they’ve already got someone lined up.

    The muslims here are making their own laws already in many areas, “Muslim Patrols” walk the streets of our capital, confiscating alcohol and pork from people already:

    Just wtf will it be like when one of them is PM, and the white elitists are actually supporting that? :/


    • If they confiscate pork/alcohol from self admitted muslims it’s not that bad, lol…

      Seriously though, if there is gonna be a massacre of muslims in the UK, it’s gonna be on David Cameron and the others.


  30. Oh, don’t be sad, be glad. Get mad. The War is on. I was waiting for them to pull the trigger. The nigger gone done it now. Ferguson is a trial run for the Gubmint to see what the war will be like. Pay attention. The enemy is about to show you everything he’s got, and you’ll see just how weak and pathetic they really are.
    These tools can’t even beat a bunch of turban wearing mountain boys in Pakistan using homemade guns. They have got nothing. Those drones and missiles cost a fortune. Where are they going to get the money now that they have to pay for the Mestizos?


  31. Once thing is certain. Diversity brings economic hardship to the non-diverse.

    I have three married children.

    The only one who can afford to have children and support them on one income lives in a non-diverse community (a time capsule, small town like 1955 America). Low taxes, low crime, and they can walk 3 blocks to school.

    Another needs to have 35,000 per year for private grade school (three kids) or needs to buy a home costing 500,000 to have a good school.

    The third won’t have kids. They would have to move from their diverse neighborhood (They can’t afford private school.) and it would make work commuting impossible. They keep guns in their home for protection.

    Let’s hear it for diversity. Destroying the white race one child at a time.


  32. And Ted Cruz bought a fedora


  33. Looks like Black Friday shoplifting, er, shopping will be getting started early in Ferguson


  34. Time for a nigtastrophe.


  35. on November 24, 2014 at 8:12 pm Vagina dominator

    Never accept the usage “gun control”. It’s “civilian disarmament”.


  36. http: //

    (remove the space). Ferguson riots heh. They’re being splattered allover with tear gas.

    Advancing on the police telling them “If they don’t want to get rocks thrown at them then they should leave”, hahah, what did they expect.


  37. ‘ Bumble will be a million girls talking to the same ten alpha males. Fine lesson in hypergamy’


    this would be the ultimate passive value test.


  38. on November 24, 2014 at 8:54 pm Diogenes the Cynic



  39. It’s too black here said the racist. It’s too Mexican here said the racist. It’s too white here said the anti-racist. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  40. The War Banner presented here is, more or less, an example of a standard shield emblem of the 1st Crusade. The first Crusaders were almost entirely illiterate but their instincts ran strong. Got to start somewhere, I guess.
    I had to stop watching the live feeds from F. Town. My mind kept re-seeing that first street-battle scene from the movie, “Enemy at the Gates.”
    That comment is better left un-explained.


    • If memory serves, is that the one at the battle of Stalingrad where Jude law hides in the pile of bodies in the fountain in the center of town?


      • Yeah.
        Except that when I think of the meaning of a huge crowd of blood-lust-crazed left-wing progressives coming towards me on the street, I think of myself being in the Alamo, and not being a Hollywood actor in la la land.
        Mr. Lighting bug; meet Mr. Lighting.


  41. the most european nation is france with 15% nonwhite population. which is nothin to the americas australila new zealand south africa(20%non black) thailand(25% nonthai) saudi arabia bahrain qatar uae singapore malaysia (natives outnumbered) fiji is 48% non native and hawaii is only 16% native which include mixed race.
    all the natives have a right to complain espically since they didnt invite the foreigners.
    and comparing white genocide is insulting to real genocide where men knock down your door n kill you like bosnia armenia rwanda haiti etc.
    migrants are only here cuz feminism ruined white women by makin them into career sluts which resulted in low fertility.


    • I guess the U.N. definition of ‘genocide’ is insulting. I’m not sure people were comparing white genocide to something like Rwanda. It just so happens that what’s happening to Europeans fits the U.N. definition of ‘genocide.’


  42. on November 24, 2014 at 9:23 pm Hymen Mingesky

    Strong poast. CH, can you confirm or deny that you are Horus The Avenger? A nod will suffice as much as a wink.


    • Oh, he isn’t Horus. Neither am I.

      The beauty of a consistent message is that ANYONE can pick it up and start fighting.

      Our race, white people, are being attacked with psychological warfare.

      Anti-Whites do NOT have a monopoly on these tactics however.

      There will be more voices, I assure you.

      Visit for more.

      White Genocide is the result of the Anti-white Proposition; that there may be no ALL White countries ANYWHERE on the planet, NOR any all white areas within the formerly White countries.

      This is a Genocide of assimilation.

      WHY is it Genocide? Because over time it destroys our race. Erases us.

      According to the UN definition Genocide need NOT necessarily be violent. ANYTHING which destroys a RACE in whole OR IN PART counts.

      Psychological warfare aimed at creating Mass Immigration, Forced Integration, and openly promoting miscegenation is OBVIOUSLY Assimilation which IS a form of Genocide. Especially when it is clearly targeting ONE group.

      Are there some Black countries which are multiracial? Yes, but it does not apply to ALL Black Nations.

      Same for Yellow Nations and Brown Nations. Sure there might be some of their countries which are multi-ethnic, but only one group of people who are not allowed ANYWHERE exclusive to preserve their people. Those are White people.

      Those who say it “isn’t really Genocide” are Anti-Whites who support that Anti-White proposition.


  43. Am I allowed to post yet? Or have PA and Piggy’s payoffs extended my banning period to a longer term?



  44. St. George’s Cross, on a shield to make the message clear, is a great symbol for Americans waking up. It was a symbol for beating back the Moors, and it is a symbol for national dissent in England today. It would be natural for Americans to use it as well, the land founded by Saxons.

    Rudyard Kipling’s poem, When the Saxon Began to Hate, comes to mind:


    • but the libtards control the media and the government and the government does not fight with muskets anymore. what do we do? we are slaves.

      all white men are doing is getting more and more demoralized.


      • all white men are doing is getting more and more demoralized.

        Not at all. The internet is waking up more people than anyone could have imagined, and now that younger people are growing up with the internet they see its information as just as real as newspapers. Older people don’t see anything not written in their newspaper or seen on TV as “real” information, but younger people do.

        Third World immigration creates a Third World economy. The U.S. has only survived for the last decade or so through enormous loans. In eight years, Bush borrowed more than all presidents before him. In only three years, Obama borrowed more than that. This is the only way they can sustain their globalist project, and they can’t keep borrowing forever. There will be great changes in the future, and when people are unemployed in record numbers you will see the reaction. The Saxon is slow to hate, but when he does, he is methodical about it.


    • In Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, the Crusader army carried a ginormous gleaming cross into battle. The Muslims could see it for miles. I’d like to see it come back.



    Good to see Guliani launching some shots of truth off the bow. Not a surprise to see the article then spin the narrative to suggest his statements of truth render him a racist and white supremacist.

    You have a white mayor who has the ‘street cred’ of significantly reducing violent crime in NYC (on blacks specifically, making their communities safer) through municipal policy vs. black guy with a PhD whose effectively done nothing for ‘blacks’. Who is more educated and experienced to discuss the issue?

    And the article provides no critique of Dyson’s ignorance and refusal to accept facts.

    Next time a black guy kills or murders a white person, us white folk should riot and loot our own community. Yaa fooo!


    • Giuliani has the balls to say what’s on his mind. Too bad he likes to cross-dress too.


    • the truth, aka biology, is white supremacist.

      The basic, fundamental notion of the equality of man is a MARXIST precept. It is false. Thomas Jefferson was WRONG.

      Who gives a SHIT which of them has done ANYTHING “for blacks”?? Nobody SHOULD care about doing a damned thing for blacks. It doesn’t change the TRUTH.

      The Truth stands by itself irrespective of anything you can say to besmirch he who speaks it.


  46. Speaking of counterpropaganda and memes,

    You can take the feminist defintion of “rape culture” and replace every instance of rape with the word cuckold and it will perfectly explain what their agenda is.

    Cuckold culture is a concept that examines a culture in which cuckoldry is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.

    I also propose that the manosphere create a new term.


    1) The promotion, advocacy, or support for an ideology of cuckoldry.
    2) An ideology that seeks to enable, encourage, celebrate or normalise cuckoldry.
    3) An ideology whose central organising premise is cuckoldry and its enabling.
    4) Promotion of cuckoldry.

    1) A person who believes in, advocates or supports cuckoldism.
    2) A person who ascribes to an ideology of cuckoldism.

    It will provide a conceptual rallying point for combating feminism, (or atleastly the parts of feminism that I believe many in the manosphere have a problem with). It will do for the manosphere what coining racism did for anti-racists or sexism did for feminists.

    Then it’s just a matter of propagating emotionally reactive images of cuckoldry in practice and attaching it to that word.




    And Boom! Pretty soon we can shut down any feminist in a debate by accusing her and her argument of being cuckoldist.

    This agenda of cuckoldry is easily observed in #Gamergate;

    Zoe Quinn cuckolded her boyfriend with 5 other men. He put her on blast for this and this pissed guys off as men don’t like cuckoldists. Then it took on a life of it’s own as being about ethics in gaming journalism.

    But what has been the feminists response? To accuse the men of just wanting to slutshame Zoe Quinn. But just think of that for a moment, feminists oppose slut-shaming, by saying this event was about men trying to slut-shame Zoe Quinn they are extending the definition of slutshaming to women who cheat, to women who cuckold. By extending the definition out to such women feminists have made their agenda clear. Their agenda is cuckoldry and they will fight, agitate and advocate for the imposition of a culture that cuckolds men.

    And the reason why the term cuckoldry so aptly encapsulates what the left/demoncrats/liberals/SJW’s/SWPL’s is doing to the right/Whites/heteronormative/traditional men and women. men is because cuckoldry is a form of parasitism, and the left/demoncrats/liberals/SJW’s/SWPL’s ARE trying to parasitise those on the right/Whites/heteronormative/traditional men and women.


    • Impressive comment. That last link to ebaumsworld: priceless. This does not end well. I say reproduce like a cad or don’t reproduce at all. I feel sick and MGTOW looks better and better. The SHTF will come too late for my needs or satisfactions. Most ppl make me sick. Where are the real humans?


      • If this comment meant something to you, and you think it is true, then copy it and paste it into other blog posts or discussions where doing so would be relevant. This meme does have the potential to be a conceptual rallying point against feminism.

        Be an ideological cad. Get out there and spread your memes!


  47. BOTM candidate:

    Chinese man voluntarily submits to torture by electric shock in order to “experience the pain of childbirth” and empathise with mothers’ burden


  48. Worth recalling (for those in the U.K.) that as recently as last friday one senior opposition politician lost her job for mocking that very flag. #Rochester.


    • on November 25, 2014 at 7:51 am Joachim Peiper

      Only because Red Ed is afraid of the UKIP.


    • Up to a point, m’lord. “Red” Ed, Bloo Dave and Yellow Nick are peas in a pod. And they’re all deeply concerned at their collective loss of traction over the scum (aka honest white working class).
      Hence the nervousness. (Gordon “I am not autistic” Broon was the tipping point, “just some bigoted wumman”; result, lost election through lacking the acuity to keep on pretending that they don’t hate and fear their serfs. Enjoy the continued flailing as they try to keep the masses onside).

      UKIP, dim and naive as they are, have the advantage of the adlocutio at the moment. Although I don’t trust Farage not to lead them right back to the Landowners’ Party, once NuLabia are expunged from brit political discourse. Sort of shunting the peasants into a political siding.

      Luckily the Owners have dimwitted foreigners lined up as a scapegoat when it progresses to filling the tumbrils, and are as a consequence busily blowing smoke up their baggy-panted arses, telling them they’re “special”, and separate.


  49. There was a time when I hated imperial eagles, swastikas and retro german uniforms with all my heart. Those days of youthful ignorance are long gone.


    • Same for me. I started reading. I have this strange habit of reading facts just as they are, without distorting them to fit into what is profitable to believe. Apparently at the most ten percent of any population shows this behavior.


  50. Every Ferguson looter right now:


    • Of course every MSM photo is showing pretty white women among the protesters. Ignorant, brainwashed–their vote counts as much as yours.

      And this rapper. No, honey, you are a 110 pound woman. You are not a 300 pound “gentle giant” who will be beating the shit out of a cop in his own vehicle, trying to take his gun, after the cop simply asked you to stop walking down the middle of the road after robbing a convenience store, after which you immediately attacked him like an animal–so you are in no danger of a cop shooting you in self defense.

      Her (almost) pretty little brain cannot even come close to understanding how stupid she is.

      The pretty women in the one photo with signs about revolution. Argh. The revolution needs to come from white men, bitch.


  51. Silly whites just dont get it. They assume all that occurs has impact only locally when all media is international. Go and check the internationl channels if you have them…..they are all reporting the Ferguson matter in detail.

    The white once again has shown itself to the globe to be lacking in all integrity and lacking even a basic sense of decency and justice.

    Instead allowing the matter to go to full and fair trial for the world to see all the facts, YT jimmy rigs a grand jury in typical Jim Crow style to see that not only is justice not done, but that it cant even be examined.

    YT think he has pulled a fast one the Negroe, but has forgotten that the entire planet is watching YTs obsession with “keepingthe darkie” in his place.

    The Negroe once again has forced YT to expose himself as the self serving sociopathic murderers the Negroe has always alleged …..and now the world see it again….front and center.

    Result: Less global influence and respect for YT. Stay tuned for more YT heads getting sliced off……..

    YT has shown that life, liberty, and property of others mean nothing so there life, liberty, and property of YT shall also mean nothing…..


    • An extremely flaccid attempt at trolling, Sambo.

      Sounds like somebody (ahem) jerry-rigged the board that awarded you your Associate’s Degree in Coloured Peoples Studies.


    • cry about it


    • You have shown yourself to be unworthy of continued existence, darky, because you do not have an innate understanding of or instinct toward the law. I am not only referring to the US law, but the US law reflects the law in question.

      It is actually those who are siding with Ferguson, and proving their moral incompetence to those who matter, who are sealing their fate. Ferguson is a poison pill, and its supporters are swallowing it with gusto. By siding with the anti-law, you are taking the side of anti-civilization. This is the central embodiment of the biblical concept of evil. Not only will it not win, but it cannot win. Further beheading of individuals will only strengthen the resolve of good, and it won’t matter in the end.

      Mark my words.


  52. Has GBFM been arrested? He should still be able to come here and comment.



    • He’s evaporated into the force like Obey One Kanobi. He will appear visually and audibly when needed…

      GBFM kanobi: “use the force anon”

      White HQ: “Anon, you’ve turned off your ni66er truth computer, is everything OK?”

      Anon: “yes i’m fine, the ni66er truth will be with me, always.”


    • People can’t continue to comment at all times.

      Regarding GBFM, I share his views on racial realism, but I really didn’t like his spamming writing style. Yes, some people read his stuff and declared it brilliant just because he had a special style and so must be an artist, but I suspect most people ignored it entirely. So what does he accomplish when to all except the choir he looks like a clown?

      Also, his strange religious obsession, leading him to denounce Rollo Tomassi and Dalrock and others for not promoting the religious books he wanted to see promoted. He didn’t confine his criticism to their blogs, he brought it here where CH has a free speech area. That’s low. Especially since Rollo Tomassi is a good writer, one of the leading manosphere writers, and there is no need to try to turn CH readers against him. In doing so GBFM followed his ego. Probably he had been spamming those other blogs and they made him stop, so now he needed to tear him down.

      GBFM, if you come back, better just write like an ordinary guy and stick to the topics at hand. You will do more good that way.


      • I generally ignored his stuff and also found it irritating. But he had moments of brilliance and encouraged good books.


  53. I suppose it’s white males vs the world


  54. Yeah, there’s a real issue alright, a scary one, and the libs damned well know it. The issue is IQ.

    Africans have an average IQ of 70 and African “Americans” have an average IQ of 85, because they have some white mixing. 85 IQ gonna 85 IQ.

    Because they are no longer forced to work manual labor on farms, there is nothing for the 20 million 80 IQ African men in the United States to do, productively, to earn a living in this new post-robot “information economy.”

    85 IQ gonna 85 IQ.

    Liberalism is the religion of denying biological reality.

    Feminism = forced equalism = communism = evil. It is stealing from those who can to give to those who can’t. It is nonrecognition of PRIVATE PROPERTY rights–the idea that property can be earned and protected by law.


    • Liberalism is the religion of denying biological reality.


      And so they need a replacement explanation for what makes the world tick. Instead of explaining history with the struggle for survival that makes individuals, peoples and nations grow, they turn it into a story of Oppressors vs. Oppressed. “Romans against slaves, nobility against peasants, capitalists against workers”. And then later men against women, old against young, normals against perverts, etc.

      They said that once the oppressors were removed – through the ballot box (social democrats) or through murder (communism) – society would flower, become amazingly prosperous.

      There is an obvious counter-point here. If history is about nations being weighed down by a bad system for thousands of years, wouldn’t another system have been tried somewhere at some point, and when it prospered wouldn’t it have out-competed the neighboring nations and grown? And when people saw it grow, wouldn’t they have emulated it, knowing that they must either adapt to that which works or perish in the competition?

      Because that’s what happens between individuals and businesses. And societies.

      (By the way, the same can be said to no-state libertarians, who acknowledge evolution through competition between businesses, but forget the lesson when it comes to nations. If having no government – not even chieftains – would be a superior system, it would have been tried at some point and out-competed the neighbors.)

      Of course, communists were preaching to illiterate peasants moving to the cities. These could not even find their own country on a map and knew nothing about history.


  55. I found this gem of sarcasm at Yahoo news in the comment section, in light of the events in Ferguson, I thought I’d post it here,

    …”…I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society.

    Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature.

    Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation. … “…


    • on November 25, 2014 at 11:01 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      rofl, great satire. I hate wordpress with it’s comment swallowing.


    • Ha, that’s funny. I read the White History Today blog every day, with its record of inventors and explorers and achievements every single day, and sometimes I think “And in Black History Today….” and it’s blank.


  56. Multiculturalism is a code word for less white people.

    Diversity is a code word for less white people.


  57. When will your presidents home and office be renamed to… say… Diverse House? White House is just sooo raaaacisssss!


  58. “Diversity is white genocide”

    Uhm when a black/white couple have a mulatto sprog, the black part of him is also cancelled out. I can’t be the only one thinking this.

    “CH: stop trolling, or your time to make comments here will be over soon.”

    So if we disagree with you, we won’t be able to make comments anymore? Isn’t that a Jezebel thing?


    • Because Black people are allowed to have their own Nations. While some Black countries are multi-racial, not ALL of them are.

      Under the current Anti-White paradigm Whites are not allowed to have ANY Exclusive spaces. No All White countries, nor any All White areas within said formerly White countries.

      That couple with Mass Immigration, and Forced Integration leads to enough of that interbreeding overtime to destroy our race.

      The fact that the system destroys an entire race of people, in all the lands they reside in, is why it is GENOCIDE.


      • @beefcake

        Then that sounds like an internal problem.


        Forced assimilation how? Last I checked the standard of beauty is pretty much caucasian (the closer you are to looking white, the better)

        I am not trying to incite an argument btw, just trying to see exactly what your points of views are. Are you saying “white people are better” or are you saying “a country is so much better if its just white people around”? Or are you saying “its unfair white people should start moving to black countries as well”


      • Schools in Arkansas were force integrated at bayonet point in 1957.


      • Umadbro: “I am not trying to incite an argument btw, just trying to see exactly what your points of views are.”

        Um…read beefcake’s post again. He’s quite clear about his point of view. In fact, he’s quite exact.

        Umadbro: “Are you saying “white people are better” or are you saying “a country is so much better if its just white people around”?”

        He didn’t say that. Those are separate issues. He said what he said which, again, is perfectly clear.

        Umadbro: “Or are you saying “its unfair white people should start moving to black countries as well”

        LOL! A definite pattern emerges…


      • on November 25, 2014 at 6:42 pm Hammer of Love

        ” Last I checked the standard of beauty is pretty much caucasian (the closer you are to looking white, the better) ”

        You’re an idiot dipshit. No one is forcing other races to accept ” Caucasian” as the standard of beauty. Not our problem if that’s what the other races aspire to.


    • Jackass… the mulatto sprog looks, acts, and identifies with the negro side… just because he’s a lighter shade of fail doesn’t mean “the black part is cancelled out.”

      Would that it were…

      Oh, and Derek Jeter doesn’t count… there’s only one of him.


      • Then you have a shallow sense of race. Somebody didnt take Bio 1 in college nor genetics.

        A lot of young white urban males who acts and identifies with negros and into their culture. So does that make them black? Granted they are a shade lighter or so.

        Also, based Obama he sure “talks white” at least when it benefited him.


      • You’re making my point for me, deacon… I’ve NEVER heard Obama referred to as anything but black.

        And no, I didn’t take the genetics they taught at Afrocentrist Community College… now tell us all about how mulatto’s aren’t negro.


      • “I’ve NEVER heard Obama referred to as anything but black.”

        Does not mean he is. Nor do I agree that he is black. He is half-black and half-white.

        How am I making your point for you, again?


      • One drop rule… one drop rule…

        I hope you’re smart enough to know it’s a phrase meant to convey a concept, and not literally “one drop”.

        Yes, when you say half-white/half-black, you’re making my point for me… because said mulatto (and I repeat) invariably identifies with AND IS IDENTIFIED AS “black”.

        Of course, since YOU don’t consider Obama “black”, well… :duckface:


      • You consider “mulatto” as “black”? Just because they identify as “black”? Well then, I consider myself kryptonian, because I identify as kryptonian.

        There is your problem. Again, you should’ve taken Genetics 1.


      • Ah, my somewhat dense and overly solipsistic poster…

        They identify as black because they ARE black… the world sees them that way and they see themselves that way in all but the rarest of occasions.

        (And if you’re going to try the old NAMALT routine, be advised, that tactic is well-worn and well-ridiculed, here at the chateau).

        They may act white at times, but throw them together with their own kind and the brutha comes out without delay and without fail.

        And as per your mischling mentality, you focus on one aspect of what was said (“identify”) and try to make that the entire argument… stop the insanity.

        One last time and slowly… it’s not because they identify with their black side that makes them black, it’s because they ARE black… this isn’t a question of mere theoretical genetics and semantics… it’s a question of realpolitik… of sociology and psychology… in short, reality.

        It’s the old saying: you mix chocolate with vanilla and you’ll never get vanilla… you’ll just get varying degrees of chocolate. (I’m trying to be kind here and not use the “mix shit with ice cream” maxim).


    • Blacks have 50+ countries no one is flooding them with non-blacks, force integrating them, and screaming “Nazi! Racist! Bigot!” at anyone who objects. Only white countries are doing this. It’s genocide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


    • After the last white person is chased down with “diversity”, there will still be a billion blacks and billions of Asians. Only white people are facing genocide by forced assimilation.


    • Uhm when a black/white couple have a mulatto sprog, the black part of him is also cancelled out. I can’t be the only one thinking this.

      You can’t be the only one pretending this, no. So you pretend that Obama doesn’t look Black.

      Learn some basic biology. The pigmentation, the cranium and muscle structure and reaction to medicine, the IQ pattern, all are closer to Blacks in the offspring than to Whites.

      Unmixed Blacks have an IQ average of 70, while Blacks in the U.S. with an average of 23 percent White blood have an IQ average of 85. I am sure you are capable of seeing that while the average hasn’t been dragged down to the Black level entirely, it is still dragged down toward the Black level. Whether you call that being Black or not being Black is irrelevant.

      “CH: stop trolling, or your time to make comments here will be over soon.”

      So if we disagree with you, we won’t be able to make comments anymore? Isn’t that a Jezebel thing?

      Dumbass, he was telling a spammer to stop using the same copied phrase in different threads. CH allows anti-Whites to post here while you anti-Whites would never allow pro-Whites to post in White-hating blogs. And then you accuse CH of censorship. What an amazing capacity for lies.


  59. Erm… immigration is bad enough for you guys, but it’s not “population replacement”. Population replacement is what you guys did to Native Americans. Or do you believe that the Jewish or the Illuminati are behind all this? …

    And to be honest, you can’t come up with a real basis for defending your demographic future. That doesn’t mean you should’t aspire to do so, but trying to justiy it is a just complete farce. The land doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to natives. According to your terms, if viewed objectively, white people are EXACTLY the same as hispanics and other immigrants in terms of nationality status, which is: “immigrants or immigrant descended population”.

    Immigrant descended population. Do you view young American hispanics the same way as white Americans? Or the same way as their border jumper grandfathers? I reckon the latter. And rightly so.

    When a white American says something like “but we’re not immigrants, we’re already born here”, they are technically correct, but irrelevant. Because they fail to recognise that immigrant descended population is the same as immigrant population in terms of nationality status. Think about the Hiscpanic example above if you ever forget this.

    “the white man had futures markets at the same time the north american natives were still chasing buffalo around.”

    And that, my friend, has absolutely nothing to do with land ownersip. Your ancestors could’ve just done business and immigrated in peace. That’s how the Portugese started to roll, but they got greedy later, as we know. What you wrote here is a prime example of white immigrant descended people trying to justify their native-like entitlement: a complete and utter farce.

    “When are the “Native Americans” going to grovel and apologize for genociding the original Americans – White Europeans here at least 15,000 BC according to relics?”

    Bro please… even if that’s true, it has nothing to do with your little story. This is just projection. You know, the kind of stuff sluts do when accusing you of being a player 😉


    • 1. You’re Justifying a Current Genocide with a Historical one.

      2. Native Americans ARE still currently allowed to have exclusive land. Over 50,000,000 acres have been set aside specifically for their own Racial preservation.

      3. Whites are not allowed to have ANY exclusive land anywhere on the planet. Not even in Europe.

      4. You just admitted that Races can collectively posses land, and that it is necessary for such exclusive land to preserve their people and the traits and customs which make them unique.


      • 1. Noo… what I said is specific to Native Americans. I actually encouraged you guys to defend your future. I was just referring to the point in the post above addressing Natives, and the difference between population replacement and immigration.

        2. Yeah, that seems fair.

        3. That’s true, and I strongly disagree with it.

        4. Yes, they can, and that seems fair in America. Which is why many of you want secession. I think a kind of “internal secession” would work better though, with autonomous units making up the country, in a similar manner to the UK with England and Scotland. You could have autonomous provinces for each race, with the land area being divided based on population ratio. Administration could be like:

        US consisting of provinces, for:
        Provinces consisting of the current states, states consisting of counties, etc. Maybe they could even have sub-provinces for anglo-saxons, italians, poles, etc, but maybe that’s a bit too much.

        There could be two level of federal laws:
        interstate laws for provinces (like now with the whole country)
        and interprovince laws for the whole US

        Migration from one province to another could be strictly controlled, to avoid demographic mess. There would be a federal government, provincial goverments, and state governments. No mixing, no multicuralist bullshit, but still the same country with the same economical power. That would be a way to avoid the white genocide I think.

        Multiculturalism has proven to be a fail many times throughout history. A prime example of this is Hungary (small country in Eastern Europe). They had many nationalities, namely Slovaks, Ruthenians, Romanians, Serbs, Slovenians and Austrians (and Saxons, Gypsyes and Jewish, but those are irrelevant here). All nationalities arrived to Hungary later than Hungarians, apart from the ancestors of Slovaks (Slavonic people).

        Long story short: after WW1, Hungary was divided between Ukraine (who try to assimilate Ruthenians), Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, and the Czech Republic (who created the former Czechoslovakia with the Slovaks). These countries wanted to steal Hungarian land. Their nationalities in Hungary encouraged it. Even though they only succeeded because of the ambitions of the French prime minister at the time, the important thing to remember is that Hungary could’ve avoided this tragedy if they would’ve created autonomous provinces for nationalities, with Hungarians being in charge. That way, nationalities would’ve been less encouraged to take what’s not theirs. That might not be the only mistake Hungarians did, but it was by far the biggest one.

        America’s story is a bit different, but I think that racial autonomy is the only way to sort this chaos out, and avoid the white genocide.


    • Oh yeah, one more thing: defend your borders. Defend your demographic future. Do everything to stay alive. That’s completely understandable. But please… stop trying to explain yourself, and justify it as if America belongs to you. You’re just making fools of yourself. Simply admit that you don’t want to go extinct, and that’s it. Admitting that you don’t want to lose control and power might just be a bit more difficult though… at least with straight eye-contact, looking in the mirror, feeling fair, etc.

      (Maybe it’s safe to say that America doesn’t belong to any nation particularly – due to the low ratio of it’s actual owners and high population and high national advancement contribution rate of immigrant descendants, particularly whites – but that’s the most favourable thing you can say without knowing deep down that you’re lying.)


      • The history of Mankind is the history of conquest, so I certainly agree that “explaining ourselves” is a fool’s errand.

        That said, all too many of your ilk are the first to cry “RAY-CISS” and attempt to disrupt our livelihoods the moment a white man DIDN’T kowtow to the Cathedral shaming.


      • We don’t want to lose control and power. We know where that will lead and everyone will be worse off, to include you. There I said it. Are you happy now? The other arguments are still valid too. If you were so altruistic, why did you defend your land against the white man?


    • good god are you stupid


    • on November 25, 2014 at 1:46 pm Hammer of Love


      Learning some updated history wont hurt you, you should try it. One of the reasons the Conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztecs and Incas so easily, is because the Aztecs / Incas thought they resembled the God “Quetzalcoatl”, who was to return in the future based on a prophecy. This means the god who started those two civilizations, must have looked Caucasian. Now how is that possible, if the ” white man ” wasn’t the first inhabitant of the Americas ??


    • Greg Eliot: “The history of Mankind is the history of conquest, so I certainly agree that “explaining ourselves” is a fool’s errand.”

      To the anti-white, when non-whites conquer land, it is theirs forever. But when whites conquer land, they “stole” it.


    • “Population replacement is what you guys did to Native Americans.”

      Nope. This is better described as a superior race conquering an inferior one, utilizing the discovered resources more intelligently for the benefit of all mankind through prtactical applications of living, further tech innovation and trade; while still allowing the native feather heads to have some land and live among themselves. If it weren’t for whitey they’d still be fighting other neighbor tribes, eating mescaline and eating eachother. Now they get Fed gubmint subsidies and the opportunity to leverage white tech so you can play black jack and poker in 24/7 HVAC tee-pees, I mean buildings.

      “And to be honest, you can’t come up with a real basis for defending your demographic future. ”

      To be honest, yes we can: we’ll start with the foundational systems of government and commerce that was pioneered and advanced by euro-whites which created one of the most powerful states in world history. The glorius mother F’n whites of the USA have our rubber stamp on countless advancements making QOL better for way too many ungrateful parasites. With each new wave of euro-white races that came to the states there have been net positive value-add contributions for the benefit of the nation. It shouldn’t be hard for you to recognize that NAMs have done little to nothing to contribute to the prosperity of the US with the exception of a very small amount of right bell curve IQ men that have the capacity to understand truth, a solid work ethic and the fortitide to see their lineage prosper more than themselves.

      “Think about the Hiscpanic example above if you ever forget this.”

      You clearly have. Educate yourself on how the SW of the USA became part of the territory from the stupid beaners. Like the feather Indians, they were conquered by superior humans, and in some instances the territories were purchased through diplomacy, AND many native beaners had options to stay and assimilate with whitey.

      Why is that NAMs can never get their shit together? With exception of the SWPL tourist havens: Mexico = piece of shit. At very least the current trash bin state of mexico should be a de facto example for you to consider.

      Knock yourself out with white bashing and reach for the tortilla and peyote cactus during your ‘native american’ candle light vigil.

      Truth is that the whites made the value on this land. The brownies had their opp, and got the boot.

      Lastly, you’re welcome for the opportunity to get your ass handed to you via mobile QWERTY telecom infrastructure- invented by whites.

      Now shoo and go play the slots or grab some good ol’ carne asada and shit-cry yourself to sleep.


      • yup, that about does it. I used to be one of the guys always sticking up for the minority groups, the migrants, the women, simply because of their race or biology… jeeezusss… that behaviour is almost unfathomable to me now. The distaste I have from seeing so many leeching beggars attempting to leverage entitlement from the privilege they have been handed by simply being let into the society my forefathers bled & died for, I’m sure will never leave me.


      • A superior human is the one that conquers. Given that your people don’t have it in them to fight back, they’re inferior. QED.


    • The land belongs to those who built the civilization inside its boundaries
      Those were not “Indians” unaware of such a simple concept as a wheel at the time of the conquest
      Every acre of this planet has been conquered and ” natives” in most cases forgotten
      History of civilization is a history of conquest
      White man came, conquered and built the civilized and a powerful country out of wilderness
      So next time leftard think of it before you spout your nonsense
      A house belong to those who built it, that has always been and always will be


    • Population replacement is what you guys did to Native Americans.

      Dumb leftist stooge. “We” didn’t do anything. No one here was born in the 18th century – no, you weren’t either, so don’t try to sound like a victim.

      you can’t come up with a real basis for defending your demographic future. That doesn’t mean you should’t aspire to do so, but trying to justiy it is a just complete farce. The land doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to natives.

      Bullshit. Land doesn’t “belong” to anyone. It is GOOD that Whites have land because we invent and move Life forward. Without Whites there would just be an endless mud cycle until the planet becomes uninhabitable and devoid of life. Only we can make sure that life can live forever. You advocate the road to death, we advocate the road to Life.

      According to your terms, if viewed objectively, white people are EXACTLY the same as hispanics

      Good one. The same as welfare parasites? Hilarious. The same as low-IQ Mestizos who can only destroy? Boy, you sure know how to parrot whatever your teachers told you in school. You don’t think, you regurgitate.

      Bro please… even if that’s true, it has nothing to do with your little story.

      Ah, the dumb little leftist REFUSES to accept the FACT that Indians exterminated the Whites who have been shown to have lived in North America. Because if he sticks to his la-la fantasy about who has the “right” to a land, then he would be forced to recognize that his beloved Indians don’t have the “right” to the land either, by his logic.

      You want an advanced civilization to be destroyed and turned back to mud by low-IQ Mestizos like yourself because you pretend there’s something like “rights” written into the universe … how? You never explain how. You can’t explain that. Your whole fantasy falls when someone asks WHY your “right to land” would exist or be important.

      If ANYTHING is important for Life as a whole, it is the continued survival of Life, without which not a single value you can dream up can ever exist. And only Whites have invented the tools for bringing Life out of the mud and toward the stars so to speak. That is why Whites should exist and have the means to continue our task. Parasites like you, however, are only a minus for Life.


    • “To be honest” you’re completely out of your league here. Your extremely tired trope has been presented and rebutted countless times, many years ago.

      In fact, our basis for defending our demographic future is the essence of morality because our communities, when left alone, are more innately moral than those of almost anyone else.

      Not that it matters, but scattered tribes of Indians over a vast land does not make it “their” land. They came from Asia, and killed those that came before them. In addition, you act as if the rest of the world at large would have left them alone if the white man didn’t first come. If it was not us, it 100% would have been the Asians. Are you proposing that china would have left North America to the NA’s? You believe that very few naked men in animal skin tents justifies North America being essentially a reservation? You’re a moron and your arguments are sophomoric across the board.


  60. on November 25, 2014 at 1:36 pm Hammer of Love

    In other news: Feminist madness strikes again. News at 11.


  61. I am not entirely understanding it, do you consider it “White genocide” because of interracial marriages or because of black people killing white people?

    [CH: nice concern troll. but, i’ll bite. demographic displacement via the mass importation of nonwhites is tantamount to genocide in its effects.]


  62. Negroes this. Black people that. Blah blah blah.

    It never ceases to amaze me how fucking stupid racist White men like you on here and in the world are!

    Go ahead and keep talking about and complaining about Blacks.

    While your dumb sorry asses are doing that, more Muslim Jihads will be chopping your fkng heads off and committing REAL FUCKING TERRORIST ATROCITIES in what you deem to be “your ” fkng planet earth.

    It looks like the Racist White males are meeting their match! These Muslims are about the same sociopathic entitled losers many of you on here are.

    The Muslim jihads are going to be your real problem in years and decades to come. So keep bitching like bitches about “BLACKS” b/c when all is said and done, it will be the MUSLIMS who will do you in!

    And it’s scarey the number of your Precious White Women who are dying to run off and join them.


    This is what I have to say to all you RACIST WHITE LOSERS HERE:

    every dog has his day!



    • on November 26, 2014 at 9:49 am Hammer of Love


      And what are the glorious blacks doing to prepare for the Muslim onslaught ?? Absolutely nothing, except hoping that someone else solves it for them, like usual.


    • Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the chateau… but I, for one, feel roundly chastised.


      • You make good goyim Neecy 🙂 Come to Tel Aviv and become sex slave. Nice boobies but why you hide belly? You fat????


    • #chimpout


    • How Stella Got Her Bix Nood Back


    • Haha – what do Muslim Jihadis and Anti-White Racists have in common?

      Answer – You Anti-Semite!!!!!


    • Needy: stick to helping fat ugly black women on your blog.


    • It must be tough being a proud black female and thus belonging to the least sexually desirable group of people on Earth. Sorry, Neecy.


    • While your dumb sorry asses are doing that, more Muslim Jihads will be chopping your fkng heads off and committing REAL FUCKING TERRORIST ATROCITIES in what you deem to be “your ” fkng planet earth.

      I oppose Middle Eastern immigration to the West. I also oppose those who make ridiculous claims about how there would be a Muslim plan to take over the world. That is a lie used to make Westerners go along with invading Israel’s targets, the few uncontrolled nations in the Middle East that have given support to the Palestinians. Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein was secular and anti-Islamist. But he gave money to the families of suicide bombers, whose homes are illegally destroyed along with everything they own, by the Israeli occupiers. They are given only an hour to evacuate and then their homes are destroyed. When they live in apartment buildings, every other home in the building is also destroyed. Hussein gave them some money. And for that the Israeli lobby wanted him dead and the secular Iraq destroyed. Paul Wolfowitz is a Zionist and is widely recognized as the one who organized support for the Iraq invasion – planning that started BEFORE 9/11.

      Osama bin Ladin left a wealthy life to fight back against those who starved to death 500,000 Iraqi children through starvation sanctions, something Zionist Madeleine Albright said was “worth it”. Even baby formula was banned, and power plants and water refineries were bombed so people died from drinking dirty water and having no air conditioning in the blistering summer heat. bin Ladin opposed President Hussein but couldn’t stay silent when hundreds of thousands were starved to death. He REPEATEDLY said that he didn’t oppose the American people, he opposed the mass killings in the Middle East committed by Americans. He opposed the U.S. propping up thieving tyrants all over the Middle East on the condition that they stay silent about the Palestinian genocide. He wasn’t fighting, he was fighting back.

      So don’t yap about Islamism. I applaud those who resist the globalists.

      Meanwhile a female Black state senator welcomes “race war” against Whites in St. Louis:

      Don’t try to turn us against Middle Eastern nations when the real enemy that wants to kill us is in the U.S., speaking openly about the plan on television.


    • Wait…. why do you even post here?


    • That sloped forehead of yours is keeping you from realizing that blacks will eventually be killed off when they aren’t useful anymore. It won’t be us doing the killing. You have no culture = you are merely a tool in the shed to be used and discarded. Celebrate away, but we’re the thin white line between you and anti-civilization. Keep chipping away.


  63. on November 25, 2014 at 5:54 pm Roosh is Iranian not White.

    What about Roosh and Return of Kings ( Looks like they hate the white race too.


    • on November 25, 2014 at 6:39 pm Hammer of Love

      Nothing against Persians. But, fuck him and his website. All those types of articles are always the same. The advantages of being black, the advantages of being brown. Minority this, minority that. Asian game, latino game, arab game. However, when racial facts and statistics are mentioned, these bozos are the first to scream how everyone is the same and equal. Not to mention, they’re all chasing white women most of the time. I better shut up now before my “white privilege ” starts showing. Good day sirs.


      • Don’t be so niggardly with your opinion.


      • It’s funny how they’ll write something about feminists, and it sounds like good criticism to bring up… but then they’ll turn it into how women are evil creatures who must be treated like The Enemy. Their repeated failures with White women turn them hateful, and they never bother to look at actual stats or scientific facts that contradict what they want to believe.

        It is telling that Roosh spews hatred over Western women – in reality, over Westerners – and praises East European women. Because that’s where it’s cheap for him to get some women to agree to be in pictures that he can post online so he can sell his books to non-Whites looking for a key to get da white wimmin.

        He is Iranian? Most Iranians are better people than Arabs, Turks, Kurds and the other globalist allies. Of all the asylum-seeking groups in Western Europe, those from Iran are the only ones who go to college in the same proportion as Westerners. Iran means “Land of the Aryan” and they are proud of the fact that they descend from Whites mixing with their conquered slaves and servants (though they forget that last part). Persians were treated very badly by the Arab invasion that came after they were weakened by the Mongols, and Persians are our natural allies in the Middle East, constantly under attack from the globalists for generations. But of course there will be rotten apples in that group as well.


      • I agree that Persians are pretty good, from those that I’ve known personally, as far as people from that part of the world are concerned.


  64. In all seriousness, what is a man to do in todays society if say his wife assaults him,..? Say your wife & mother of your children, throws a jar of tomato sauce at you as hard as she can, or throws some heavy object like a heavy glass object or maybe a knife or punches you or hits you with a bat or something?

    What would you do?

    Would you clock her (like you should & like she wants you to & what you’re biologically programmed to do) and go to jail because it’s worth it..

    or do nothing and not go to jail(& of course she wouldn’t go to jail even if you
    did call the police)

    or what?

    You see this is the crux of the problem with women & post feeminist society today and sums up why we have the problems with women today that we do.

    I am really curious though…
    What would YOU do in such a situation?


  65. “Racist” is a racial epithet used against white people who support their own ethnic well being.

    “White Supremacist” is a racial epithet.

    The term “White Privelege” is hate speech.


    • the tribe invented some effective shaming words to beat whites over the head:
      “racism” – Leon Trotsky, 1930
      “white privilege” – Theodore Allen, 1965
      “sexism” – Pauline Leet, 1965
      “homophobe” – George Weinberg, 1972

      but then someone invented “loxism”. so use it.


  66. Looks like the cross of Bernard de Clairvaux and Hugues de Payens to me. That ended well, didn’t it?

    The X of St G has absolutely sod-all to do with Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Norwegians, Wuffingas, Iclingas, Fine-gall, Dubh-gall, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.
    It’s the late-1200s army flag of the House of Plantagenet. No Germanics necessary (except as levies and loyal servants).

    The Fighting Man, the Dragon or the Raven would be alright though. Even a white horse’s head and tail on a stick would do.


  67. My favorite one:





  68. Indigenous (adjective): whatever non-white group was the last to violently conquer an area from it’s previous inhabitants


  69. Some samples from White History, from the blog White History Today.

    On this day in history:

    1966 – The Rance tidal power plant was officially opened in France, the world’s first electrical generating station powered by tidal energy.
    1876 – Willis Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning which helps countless millions of people, was born in Angola, New York.

    In White History yesterday:

    1887 – Botanist Nikolai Vavilov was born in Moscow. He is best known for having identified the centers of origin of cultivated plants. He devoted his life to the study and improvement of wheat, corn and other cereal crops.
    1844 – Karl Benz was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is the inventor of the gas-powered car.
    1814 – Julius Robert von Mayer was born in Heilbronn, Germany. He was one of the founders of the science of thermodynamics, formulating one of the first versions of the first law of thermodynamics.

    Two days ago:

    1859 – Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” was published, explaining evolution.

    Three days ago:

    1616 – John Wallis was born in Ashford, Kent. He was one of the inventors of infinitesimal calculus, in addition to his contributions to trigonometry, calculus, geometry and the analysis of infinite series. He invented ∞ as a symbol for infinity.
    1553 – Prospero Alpini was born in Marostica, Italy. He made the first observations of the sexual differences in plants.
    534 BC – Thespius became the first man to stand on a stage as an actor, instead of just telling a story. In his honor actors are called “thespians” to this day.

    Four days ago:

    1935 – The China Clipper, taking off from Alameda, California became the first plane to deliver airmail cargo across the Pacific Ocean. It reached Manila 7 days later after traveling via Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam, and delivered 110,000 pieces of mail.
    1917 – Sir Andrew Fielding Huxley was born in London. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work on the basis of nerve action potentials, the electrical impulses that enable the activity of an organism to be coordinated by a central nervous system.

    This is why Whites should have land. Not because of any “rights” or “who was there first”, as if anyone living today, of any people, was anywhere first. “Rights” are something Whites have invented, and they are used by the media owners and their stooges to kill us through mass immigration. Wherever Whites have left a land to Third World savages, there are no “rights” anymore. Rights don’t exist in the foundations of the universe. Life exists. Without life there can be no other values. If life is to deal with any obstacles that may stand in our way, if life is to survive when the growing sun makes this planet uninhabitable far into the future, it needs White science. If the North American continent becomes a never-ending battle ground for Mestizo and Black gangs, that would be a great loss for life. The land founded by Saxons is in the forefront of scientific discovery and must remain so. Our morality must be goal oriented.


  70. on November 26, 2014 at 7:34 pm JenkPac Shakur

    As a proud National Socialist my views on the BUGsters are mixed. Yes I think its good that they spread the memes that they do, but the major issue I have with them is that they are otherwise of the pansy milquetoast Don Black + ramzpaul + Jared Taylor racialist strategy which means that they fear naming the Jew at all costs. They think tap dancing around the identity of our true eternal racial enemy is somehow an ok thing to do. This is their fatal mistake as a pro white group which is why I desperately hope that they are replaced by a better pro white propaganda force sooner rather than later. In this war for white survival there is simply no time for milquetoasts who only go half way.


    • there is simply no time for milquetoasts who only go half way

      Incorrect. There is no time for those who actively try to derail people. But those who go part of the way are definitely good for the West. When a young guy has been led part of the way he can find the rest of the way by reading online.

      Communists with their crazy beliefs wouldn’t have the numbers they have in the West if there weren’t social democrats and liberals creating a general Marxist atmosphere without going all the way.


    • The anti-Jew meme is one of the more ridiculous and dangerous memes. Jews have a higher IQ on average than Europeans in general, Their only problem is public relations. As one of their traditional activities has been moneylending – a very useful social function – this is bad for popularity. People LOVE moneylenders until it is payback time.


      • Indeed, let’s have a bit more pushback against the stupid antisemitism one finds here in the comments. Some of the original Bolsheviks were, indeed, Jewish or with some Jewish ancestry. Stalin wasn’t; neither was Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, or Mugabe. Let’s show just a *little bit* of discernment here, ok?


      • Heh, heh… “some” of the original Bolsheviks…

        Guys, this “pay no attention to the Jew behind the curtain, after all, we’re smarter and deserve to be there” crap closed out of the chateau long ago.

        Yes, the are many Jews who go about their business and make a living and are fine contributors to any society.

        Yes, not all Jews are “in” on the conspiracy, or what appears to be one, in re control of the media and key governmental advisory positions.

        This doesn’t diminish the fact that

        a) as has been shown at the chateau innumerable times, Jewish individuals just “happen” to invariably pop up as puppet-masters and agitpropsters behind nearly every anti-white, anti-Western meme, be it cultural or political.

        b) no matter how “good” and “mind his own business” the Jew, he/she will invariably NEVER, EVER go against his/her kinsmen… the exceptions to the rule being notable for their rarity.

        Granted, I understand the reason they, as a people, show such solidarity… but geez, could you stop and just ask yourselves for once why the world, throughout history, seems to eventually tire of your collective presence and then attempt to expel you?

        Your survival doesn’t necessarily have to entail upending the survival of all other peoples who are not subservient to you. And if you’d learn that sooner than later, you needed fear another “holocaust”, either real or imagined.


      • *needn’t


      • So you say problem with public relations and money landing as an useful social function
        Indeed white episcopalian owned media throughout the west painted so bad picture of moneylenders while these exemplar members of society only exercise the useful function known through the history as usury
        Listen retard if that is your face I would not display it publicly unless my very existence threatened
        Betrays low IQ as well as does your scribbling
        No wonder that you admire “high IQ” usurers, oh pardon moneylenders


      • NEVER, EVER and the exceptions to the rule in the very same sentence?

        .. notable for their rarity ..

        easy to falsify, greg. couple-a biggies:

        – knesset debate over acceptance of german reparations in the 50’s: vicious & violent (by our standards)
        – u.s. j-brains dominated original anti-trust legislation and enforcement, slowing down oligarchism
        – hannah arendt, eichmann in jerusalem, early 60’s: brutal challenge (intellectually, that is — again, our standards) to j’sh mainstream
        – mordecai richler / duddy kravitz, shining a bright light on a certain type of ignorant showy wealthy jew
        – a left-wing israeli academic became a member of pal nat council (and later converted to islam and married in)
        – chomsky, finkelstein, pummeling mainstream aipac-ism
        – in last 10-15 years, emergence of noisy organized anti-zionist groups here in u.s. (there was a sit-in, with arrests, at an idf office in jew york)
        – j-haters love to compile lists of j-centric financial malfeasance, but when you look at who actually hustled to obtain the records and the smoking gun insider testimony, and wrote the articles and books (in jew controlled media), that crowd is chock full of jews (so you haters, sitting like vultures, can then say: “see, see!”); (btw, euro & judenfrei nations have plenty of trouble keeping their pols & bankers clean: greece, iceland)
        – u.s. state department (which you will say is a zombified ziobot) putting the squeeze on putin’s klepto-oligarchs (which is, i don’t know, 1/4 or 1/3, jew)

        we could also say a few words about jew-on-jew political killing:
        – altalena affair (from the “left”)
        – assassination of prime minister rabin (from the “right”)
        – side note to watchers of isr-pal: if pal-arab levels of in-group killing were as little as ten times as much as j’sh in-group killing, there’d have been peace there decades ago

        i suspect you know a lot of this.


      • Their only problem is public relations.

        Yes, indeed… that’s their only problem… :duckface:

        It’s about time, then, that they start using what little media muscle they have and try to make themselves look good, especially in movies, as each opportunity presents itself.

        :even larger duckface:


      • I have an idea… perhaps they could generate some extra sympathy for themselves if they would just turn the holocaust-awareness-for-gentiles up a notch?

        You know, like an occasional film, maybe with an Oscar nomination or two?

        Just a suggestion.


      • Ha! Good stuff, Greg.


      • Bb, all you’re showing is that, when bored or challenged by a fellow shark, they’ll even eat their own… and the truism of “where there are two jews, there are three opinions.”


      • Bystanders, note also the usual suspect technique… take a small portion of the original post, quibble over semantics, show the exceptions to the rule, and ignore the majority and overall gist of what was said, since the message as a whole cannot be gainsaid.

        Here endeth the lesson.


      • Finally, one last point, since it encapsulates the whole problem with Schlomo’s attempt at neener-neener, to wit:

        – hannah arendt, eichmann in jerusalem, early 60’s: brutal challenge (intellectually, that is — again, our standards) to j’sh mainstream

        Yet Eichmann is nevertheless dead… and any “allowed opposition” (much as we see today) is well-within the realm of intellectual cogdissery that means little except to serve as a) distraction, b) plausible deniability, and c) further bolster any claims of jewish intellectual superiority… note the “again, our standards”.

        The standards of scribes and Pharisees versus the intellectual likes of Goethe, Dante, Wagner, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Aristotle, Plato, etc., etc., etc.


      • That Jews, or any race’s worth, is tied up entirely in their IQ is a stupid fallacy. Additionally, public relations are far from their only problem.

        The full emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and arguably hormonal (interchangeable with behavioral, really) profile determines individual/group behavior. I wouldn’t give a shit if niggers were smart if they still behaved as niggers. I don’t consider moral black individuals to be niggers. Though, in spite of the exceptional individual, I still do not see any evidence that African genetic code would lead to community moral standards acceptable communities from a white Christian perspective. I digress.

        Community standards adherence is the ultimate test. Due to the in-group focused nature of Jewish morality, they tend to violate white community standards in their often refusal to extend their idea of in-group moral behavior to the out-group.

        While some of the best, kindest people that I’ve known are Jews, they also tend to push the limits of being amoral and nasty from a Nordic (and sub)-gentile cultural perspective when they are bad. Their personalities tend to be more polar across the group. Nordics also have their problem children, but we’re talking about inter-group tolerance. It’s no secret that Jews revile the lesser white-goy individuals as well (if not all white-goy). They don’t tolerate Christians in Israel to any significant degree (Christians are Idolaters to them as well as to Muslims, and idolaters cannot live in Israel if the Jewish Messiah is to come). Christians have had a difficult time with Jews. Essentially, it’s both a theological and community moral standards clash. Jews keep Christians to a minimum in Israel, and work to dilute Christian morality outside of it. They choose to destroy the moral foundations of the culture rather than to either tolerate it or simply vacate the tribal space of Christian Europeans.


    • I’m pretty sure they aren’t dancing around it. It’s implied by the pink rabbits.

      Also, in essence, preventing deracination and further cultural decline is working against their agenda. Some people have to do specific work. Not everyone can be a Chief. If you think that hammering away at the Jews is the only strategy to take, then you will lose. Please wise up a tiny bit.


  71. The Frankfurt School knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they created “anti-racism” as the means by which to destroy the White Race.

    It turns out there’s more than one Frankfurt..

    Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist (18 October 1777 – 21 November 1811) was a German poet, dramatist, novelist and short story writer.

    b. Frankfurt an der Oder; d. Berlin

    In Betrothal in St. Domingo (Die Verlobung in St. Domingo) (1811) Kleist examines the themes of ethics, loyalty, and love in the context of the colonial rebellion in Haiti of 1803, driving the story with the expected forbidden love affair between a young white man and a black rebel woman, though the reader’s expectations are confounded in typically Kleistian fashion, since the man is not really French and the woman is not really black. Here for the first time in German literature Kleist addresses the politics of a race-based colonial order and shows, through a careful exploration of a kind of politics of color (black, white, and intermediate shades), the self-deception and ultimate impossibility of existence in a world of absolutes.

    The ideology of intended racial destruction is garbage. Motivated reasoning.

    First come the impulses: they carry themselves like winners, and their houses are so grand. No fair. gibsmedat.

    Then comes the hunt for rationalizations (never too hard for the intelligent, motivated and socially maladapted): they, like, totally ran the slave trade! Us goyim? Sure, we may have dabbled in it some, but they — the schemers — forced us. Noble helpless us.

    Hume would furl his eyebrow.


    • It seems Cass has called in a better class of cogdisser… it’s about time.


    • Bp says that because some German wrote a race-mixing story some centuries ago, this exonerates his tribesmen from their realpolitik activities over the past hundred years, and ongoing to this day.

      Nice try, Schlomo… but tell Sunstein the auxiliary troops aren’t faring much better at the chateau.


      • And if you’re going to argue that white separatism is a lousy or unworkable idea, you might want to try finding a more convincing example than a story about Haiti… or at least try not making our case for us, if you would debate. :duckface:


  72. Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt aber, ist das eigene Volk.

    You can persecute us, you can even kill us, but we will never capitulate.


  73. I just re-read “The Bell Curve”. I also read “A Troublesome Inheritance…” by Ward. Scary reading. The bottom line is that the Western countries are on a suicidal path, politically, demographically, culturally and financially. No the books cited do not claim this, but it follows naturally. The West is no in obeisance to a multitude of destructive forces. الموت للكفار.


  74. “The game advice on the blog is gold. The political commentary is shit.”

    No. They are connected. Game is ‘learned charisma’. An essential teaching is that the masculine attracts the feminine. The most un-masculine trait is Self-Doubt, and the most corrosive form of self-doubt is Guilt. That goes double for guilt that is ascribed to an identity group rather than earned by personal behavior. For decades now, we have been marinated in a popular culture that seeks to demonize, delegitimize and demoralize Anglo men for _being_ Anglo men.

    We will be better, happier men — who are more attractive to women — when we learn to Resist the Narrative.


  75. Monsieur H,

    My Frankfurt School comment was held in mod for four days; my comment in reply to the Jew will invariably NEVER, EVER go against his/her kinsmen for two.

    These delays cost me shekels. The mathematical models that evaluate a writer’s White Genocide Impact Factor must, of course, take timeliness into account.

    Still, thank you for allowing my comments to eventually appear.