“I believe a burp is an EXCELLENT neg”

YaReally (and Mystery) over the intercom with a solid breakdown of the mechanics of the neg and the sociosexual context within which it is used:

3 things to keep in mind with Negs:

1) they’re more about disqualifying yourself from “hitting on her” than they are about trying to hurt/lower her self-esteem…you showing that you aren’t impressed by her has the side effect OF momentarily lowering her self-esteem (“wait why isn’t he hitting on me like the others??”) but the intent behind it is more positive (a challenge of “i’m high value, show me why I should be interested in you”) than negative (“haha feel bad and weak and easy for my low-value self to take advantage of you!!”)

2) the response to a neg should be LAUGHTER and stuff like an “OMG!! (arm-punch)” or grabbing at you going “noooooo!!!! :D:D ” etc. NOT hurt feelings. It’s a positive experience for her (“omg someone high-value is calling me out on my shit like my brother and dad do lol”), not a negative one (“this guy is a jerk and is making me feel bad”).

3) Mystery’s game was designed to hit on strippers, minor celebrities, etc. He wasn’t using a barrage of negs on your “8 at the local bar, 6 in Vegas” average girl. He was using negs on girls with massive value, in the environments where they have their highest value, while surrounded by men with massive value. Game is designed for 8+ girls. It works on <8 girls, but you tone everything down because those girls have a different view of their value. I RARELY meet a girl who legit deserves a 3-neg barrage and I’m in a large city with a lot of hotties. Most girls are friendly as fuck, esp when you have confidence and your sub-communications down…I would have to actively hit strip clubs or fly to an even larger city like LA or Vegas to run into girls who needed to be negged and even THEN most girls probably wouldn’t need more than one.

Anyway, straight from the man himself. You can make fun of his fuzzy hat all you want, but dude knew his shit:

“A NEG is a qualifier. The girl is FAILING to meet your high expectations. Its not an insult, just a judgment call on your part. The better looking the girl, the more aggressive you must be with using negs.

a 10 can get 3 negs up front, while an 8 only 1 or 2 over a longer time. You CAN go overboard if they think you are BETTER than them. you can drop the self-esteem right from under them (just like most 10s do to guys) and this isn’t good. You have to get as close to the breaking point as you can without crossing the line. Once you have gotten her RIGHT THERE, you can start appreciating things about her (NEVER LOOKS). There is a mutual RESPECT now. Something most guys never get from the girl.

I believe a burp is an EXCELLENT neg. A neg holds two purposes: 1. to lower the woman’s self esteem. 2. to convey lack of interest (which does 1) Burp and don’t apologize for it. when she says, “you are a pig”, you reply … “you think that? well, my reputation precedes me!” You are actually NOT hitting on her. You are making her feel subconscious and therefore thinking about how she can change your impression of her.
She will TRY to impress you. But you are so matter of fact that she finds it difficult. Stay playful. If she isn’t, be like Rhett Butler: The girl says, “You sir are no GENTLEMAN!!” And he says with a smile “And you ma’am are no LADY :) ” So be playful and confident at the same time.
The less you need others, the more they will be attracted to you. Gain social skills. Communicate with people. Learn how to talk.

I neg and otherwise are polite for the rest. when she is TESTING me I neg her, then Im polite again. She quickly realizes she gets more attention from me by being nice to me – and this gives her the opportunity to get her self-esteem back after the little neg put downs. You get a 10 through her EGO issues.

“An HB is there surrounded by friends. She has put on this BITCH act. Is she REALLY a bitch? Unlikely. All my girlfriends were wonderful human beings – beautiful people have it easier because they are beautiful and often times have better upbringings because of it. BUT – they need to have a standard with which to uphold when all these NOBODY guys approach her. So her values are very honed and understood. When a man walks up and says, “can I buy you a beer?” she WILL be annoyed by this. While the guy thinks he’s doing something nice for her, she gets this ALL the time. She is desensitized to this. You are the 8th guy TODAY! So she is very good at brushing all these guys off. Shit, she HAS to be… she isn’t going to sleep with ALL of them! So she may say NO or act annoyed and then the guy thinks she’s a bitch and walks off pissed and feeling like a failure. And that seems to work. Sometimes when the girl is particularly in a feeling of control (like in a club where she is PREPARED for the barrage of men – it IS after all something that occurs so often that when it is GONE she MISSES it) she will accept the beer and then flake the guy off. Hey, the guys are stupid enough to buy her one, she might as well take it. When they take a beer from you, the girl is saying to you, “I don’t know you and I don’t care about you. You are just another one of those typical guys and since I don’t respect you, Ill take the beer from you before I snub you.”

Since an HB is so GOOD at snuffing your approach (nothing ever personal either – it is a strategy that is built over years of stupid guys approaches EVERY FUCKING DAY, she will do the same to YOU. That is why SNUFFING THEM is important. You cant INSULT them because they are used to all the hurt guys INSULTING them (“ahh you are nothing but a bitch!”) so this rolls off their back like water off a muskrat’s ass. How do you SNUFF them withOUT INSULTING them? Well, let’s say she has long nails which are most likely fake. Now why do 10s dress so FINE if they don’t want the attention? Because they LOVE the feeling of control sometimes. They are in a club with friends and they want to be the leader of the circle (social hierarchy in primates) and so she gets all the attention. The guys come and buy drinks for them and she gets off on knocking the guys down. Its all in a days play. OK, so she is wearing fake nails to look even BETTER! Most guys will say, “wow you are so beautiful!” BORING, typical and in her mind by now (after years of the same shit) TRUE. Imagine a guy comes along and says “nice nails. are they real??” she will have to concede, “no. acrylic.” and he says (like he didn’t notice it was a put down “oh. (pause) well I guess they still LOOK good.” Then he turns his back to her. What does this do to her? Well, he didn’t treat her like shit and INSULT her. He complimented her but the result was to target her insecurity. She thinks, “IM HOT IM BEAUTIFUL (especially in that emotional state of control as in the public)… but I didn’t win this guy over. IM SO GOOD at this. ILL just fix that little smear on my image that he has of me.” then you continue to show disinterest in her looks as you give her a neutral topic like the Elvis script. During this her intention is to get you to become like all the other guys so she can feel in control and snuff you and you then give her another NEG like this … ” is that a hair piece? well, its neat… what do you call this hairstyle? The waffle? :) ” Smile and look at her to show her you are sincerely being funny and not insulting. You are pleasant but disinterested in her beauty. This will intrigue her because she KNOWS guys. And this isn’t normal. You must have really high taste, or be used to girls or be married or something. These questions make her CURIOUS. So this keeps happening and is known as FLIRTING. She give you little neg hits and these tests are qualifiers. You pass them by neg hitting her back. After all, you aren’t like the others showing interest. But… why? To get control again she says, “will you buy me a drink?” notice how she is trying to get you now! BUT, she only wants to sucker you in enough so she can SNUFF you. That is all she is about – this strategy is all she knows and it’s not working for you so she is trying to do damage control on the situation. But at the same time she doesn’t quite understand WHY you don’t think you are great. After all, her nails ARE fake. You say, ” ahhh, that’s so funny … you nose moves when you speak…… (pointing and being cute) look there it goes again … its so… quaint … hheeeee look ” :D She’ll say, “ahhh, stoppp!” :) *blush*. Now she is self conscious and having her in this state is where you want her. You have with 3 neg hits successfully created INTEREST (curiosity) and removed her from her pedestal (removed her bitch shield.) You were humorous, you had a smile, you dress well, you are confident and everything she would want in a man.

You didn’t take her shit. OH, and when she asked you for a beer, you said, ” no. I don’t buy girls drinks. but you can buy ME one”. You are qualifying HER now. If she buys you a beer, this is symbolic of her RESPECT for you. If not you say, “pleasure meeting you” and turn your back to her again. DON’T walk away, just turn your back. You are neg hitting them again just when they thought she was negging YOU. That is teasing each other. That is the first step to flirting. This is all textbook psychology.”

Whether the neg is about disqualifying yourself from “hitting on her” (i.e., conveying a lack of expected interest, aka “active disinterest”), or about lowering her self-esteem more directly, the goal is the same: To appease a woman’s hypergamous desire for a man of higher status than herself or other men in her romantic purview. Because, ugly as it is to naive and innocent sensibilities, women become as horny for dominant and lordly men as men do for women with hourglass figures, pert tits and firm asses. The fuses are different but the explosion of lust is the same.

The fact of the matter is that, as SCIENCE has now provided ample evidence for, a man can demonstrate his high value to a woman just as effectively by subtle insinuations that lower the woman’s self-esteem as he can by similar, if reoriented, insinuations that presume his higher value. Disqualifying yourself to pique a woman’s curiosity may feel more ethical to modern casanovas, but making a girl feel pangs of self-doubt about her worth is just as seductive to the female hindbrain. Whichever method you choose, know that you must execute with the right attitude. If you’re working from a mentality of scarcity, any line or routine or conversational gambit or psychological ploy you use will eventually betray your weak inner state.


  1. Don’t forget to fart, pick your nose, and scratch yourself in her presence too.

    Seriously…don’t burp unless you have to. That’s not going to attract anything.


    • on September 18, 2013 at 8:29 am RappaccinisDaughter

      Nah, go ahead and burp. There’s more room outside than there is in, for one, and sometimes (especially if you’re drinking beer), that burp is going to come out whether you like it or not. Women have stomachs, too; we know how that goes.

      If you’re trying to make a decent impression, turn your head and/or cover your mouth and follow it up with a brief “‘scuse me,” then just move on like nothing happened.

      Fair warning: If you burp right in my face and/or don’t excuse yourself, I will interpret this as a challenge. Do not try to get in a contest with me; you will lose.


      • My point is…I don’t want a bunch of newbie guys thinking that burping alone will attract a lady.

        Make sure a burp is in the correct context and situation…drinking booze in a bar would suffice. Burping just to impress upon her that she is lower value won’t.


      • you are so sweet to help the helpless



        ‘Nightmare’ scenario as gonorrhea at epidemic levels, resistant to antibiotics, CDC warns

        Welcome to the turn of the 18th to 19th Centuries.

        We just lost 200 years of advances in battling this nightmare.


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        She bitterly regrets rejecting him when he last begged to see her and says he’s the ‘love of her life’

        Launching a career as a sex columnist she says Clinton taught her everything she knows

        Bill told her Hillary was ‘bisexual’ and that he had ‘no problem with that’


      • I don’t want a bunch of newbie guys thinking that burping alone will attract a lady.

        That triggers a recollection. My freshman year of college, my first keg party, hosted by some guy in my biology class.

        This red-eyed, obviously drunk dude goes up to this chick, looks down at her, and asks in a very thick country accent, “Hey bayyyybe,” BELLLLLCCCCCHHHHHHH, “ya wonna git hitched?”

        They went into one of the bedrooms moments later, and I sat there completely dumbfounded that such boorish behavior could get a guy laid, and here I was being a perfect gentleman to this lady on my right, and getting nowhere. I remained a virgin until halfway through the next school year, actually.

        Fuck, I wish we’d known about the red pill in the ’90s.

        I conclude, therefore, that belching obnoxiously in a girl’s face can, in fact, get you laid. This has been demonstrated empirically.



      • “Do not try to get in a contest with me; you will lose.”

        I imagine it would go something like this.


      • on September 18, 2013 at 8:46 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Yup. Car alarms and all, earl.


    • > “Most girls are friendly as fuck, esp when you have confidence and your sub-communications down”

      True dat.

      That’s one of the reasons that I love Real World Real Life Game – just chatting up the cashiers and the waitresses and the nurses at the doctor’s office and the gal standing in line next to me at the DMV and whichever manner of chick that I cross paths with during the course of my day.

      Out there in Real World Real Life, the vast overwhelming majority of chicks just wanna spread their legs and get all hot-n-sweaty and have a nice bun or three placed in their ovens.

      The big outlier here, though, would be the University Towns.

      In the University Towns, you get your Dark Chicks.

      The ones who gleefully swallowed the bait which The Frankfurt School was dangling right in front of their noses.

      The True Believers.

      I’m getting to where I can smell The Darkness on a chick from a mile away.

      And as soon as I smell it, I back the hell off, steer a wide berth, and get the hell outta Dodge just as soon as I can.

      I’ve toyed with the idea of developing an “Evangelical Game” to try to save the Dark Chicks.

      But that voice in the back of my head is telling me that they’re simply lost to us.

      Lost to Life Itself.

      The Dark Chicks – DNFW.


      • shane, the dark chicks dont wanna be saved. dont waste your time.


      • What do they want?


      • Assholes like me.

        Fortunately the good girls want that too. 😀


      • Do you hang out in University Towns?

        Cause if you don’t have any experience with the True Believer Dark Chicks, then boy oh boy oh boy are you in for a world of hurt the first time you cross paths with one of them.

        STAY. THE. HELL. AWAY.



      • All girls seem to like the same core things. However, I believe I has discovered the righteous path —- vulnerability. HEAR ME OUT. I kinda think, just letting the chips fall and just expressing how I feel whenever I feel it (and whatever embarrassing bullshit that follows) will just feed me a constant stream of reference experiences that will make me stronger.

        My life is a drama shitstorm right now….(there’s only 3 girls in it!) But I can tell whenever I go out, whenever I talk to a girl (or they talk to me in passing), that there’s something different. I’m just hella gunshy atm….like, I’m sexually satisfied, and I’m also very exhausted.


      • Krauser calls that the elephant in the room concept


    • I don’t know how a burp is something desirable to do. Even when presented this way.

      “I believe a burp is an EXCELLENT neg. A neg holds two purposes: 1. to lower the woman’s self esteem. 2. to convey lack of interest (which does 1) Burp and don’t apologize for it. when she says, “you are a pig”, you reply … “you think that? well, my reputation precedes me!” You are actually NOT hitting on her. You are making her feel subconscious and therefore thinking about how she can change your impression of her.”

      1) I don’t find it lowering my self-esteem. I just think it makes him look shabby and unsophisticated. It wouldn’t get me to become intrigued/interested.
      2) It possibly conveys lack of interest on his part, but more so, it conveys looserish. I can see that caddish guy living on the beach in San Diego using Food Stamps burping away. Not a suave guy. A polished man doesn’t need to resort to burping to get a reaction from a woman so he can turn it into something positive for him.

      Surely, there are other ways to neg, lower her self-esteem, and get her fascinated with you, without you looking like you’re lower than her.

      Anyway, negs only work because a particular woman cares what a particular man thinks of her. That’s the bottom line. Sometimes, her self-esteem is hanging in the balance if she thinks he thinks she isn’t hot, which could cause her emotional disturbance until she resolves it with him. How is the burp doing that to her?

      This is why a neg is harder to inflict on a new encounter, which is why some men think resorting to belching might work. I doubt it. Wittiness is still the best way. And, stay away from mean.


    • I know one man like this, seriously. He picks his nose in front of women and has an air of arrogance when speaking to them. Other men get annoyed with him because they say he is like an uncivilized animal. But he actually gets a lot of women, it is crazy. I am sure it’s not an intentional facade with him, he just doesn’t have manners, and has an “I don’t care” attitude and women fall in love with him, it’s actually hilarious in it’s absurdity. It’s kind of endearing also, because some women can see him like a little boy who didn’t learn manners yet, and like he needs a mother figure to teach him manners.


      • Another one that makes women find men endearing is when their clothes are not ironed, or mis-matched, it makes us feel like awwww bless him he need’s a good woman to iron his clothes for him. It tugs at the heartstrings.


      • Nah, wrinkles are still in style.


      • I mismatch my clothes on purpose.

        I wear Chuck Taylor tennis shoes with my dress clothes…guess what gets commented the most by the ladies?


      • Your shoes? That’s an interesting style. It would catch my eye also I am sure.


      • “It’s kind of endearing also, because some women can see him like a little boy who didn’t learn manners yet, and like he needs a mother figure to teach him manners.”

        Oh God. I never had a drive to mother a man. This is exactly the kinds of guys I avoid – loutish, caddish, clownish, as well as childish. They don’t come off alpha. Just overgrown boys.

        I don’t wanna feel like he needs me. I want him to feel like I need him.


      • Well I like to think men and women compliment each other. I need a man, that’s for sure, but I also don’t want him to take my womanly duties away from me cooking and cleaning, that would make me feel a little bit worthless.
        Not mothering- but caring, not in a condescending way,but in a loving caring way, wanting to do for him the things that traditionally a woman must do, like cook his food and wash and iron his clothes. Don’t you ever feel the strong impulse to do this with certain men? when a man is endearing?


      • the feeling like you want to give a man warmth and care? so that he doesn’t have to worry about those things himself? and spend more time doing his manly things?


      • Lily is a j*wess.

        Don’t waste your time trying to think like her.

        In fact, don’t let any aspect of her darkness rub off on you whatsoever.

        We like you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.


      • I don’t like to discriminate, Zombie Shane..

        but thank you,, I like you just the way you are too. 🙂


      • Caring is very important. Caring about his success, his work, or his needs – yes. However, teaching a man to be tasteful and mature is something his mom should have instilled in him; not me.

        Now, a man will never be as classy or as elegant as a woman, nor should he. There is something hot about rugged masculinity. It’s just that burping ain’t it.

        Warmth and care – yes. Feeling like he needs me because he is not sophisticated enough not to burp, is somewhat ridicules as a pick up line. I don’t have a complex of needing to save a man. Many women do, apparently.


      • BTW, saving a man never works. It means changing him. Men don’t want to change and can’t. He is what he is; take him or leave him. Love him for who he is, not what you want him to be.

        What they want (speaking about men in relationships, not PUAs) is to be loved and appreciated for what he gives his woman.

        Most importantly is how you treat his sexual fidelity. If he is willing to give it to you, appreciate it (like a gift), not a foregone conclusion – since it doesn’t come naturally to him as it comes to you.

        Anyway, I don’t think this conversation is what this thread is about. This thread is about picking up girls by using various negging techniques. They are all good, except I think the burping is too slapstick and farcical (clownish). This is what I meant in my original comment.


      • This is why I have yet to find a woman worth committing to: they don’t offer anything that increases my standard of living day to day. They think including my laundry with theirs is some kind of huge sacrifice on their part. For the most part, they can’t cook, garden, budget, fix anything…and many of their homes are a mess.


      • I don’t think it is so much about “saving” or “changing” a man, I meant it more as just giving care and affection to a man who looks like he is deprived of it. Isn’t doing those jobs that women should do a display of our care?
        If a man burped in front me my natural reaction would probably be to laugh? If it was a man I just met I would think it was rude. but I think I would assume it wasn’t intentional.


      • Oh no, my favorite crush, EOF, is getting bigger hair. She’s becoming disinhibited, and soon– as I predicted– will be hunting alphas with the revolting eagerness of a pig sniffing eagerly but unnaturally for truffles.

        Heartbreaking. The bigger the hair, the bigger the sl*t.


      • Nooo. That is unkind. 😦 My hair is the same, it is unruly. Not all women can be blessed with flat thin easy to handle hair mr subway mas******or. Maybe this is the general rule where you come from but it is not so where I am from.


      • I was just negging you. And I admitted it ’cause I’m a nice guy. And being a nice guy is how you end up alone, smelly, and wheezing away on the subway.


      • Ahhhh, the final gynal nail: ” I never had a drive to mother a man.”

        This poor woman lacks one of the, if not THE fundamental components of being a good lover. The love of nurturing.

        Besides being a good, wanton slave girl, a woman must have a strong nurturing side.

        Too much Dark Sex can sour the mutually complementary Daddy-Girl and Mommy-Boychild nurturing necessary in a the right proportions for a healthy LTR.

        My condolences, these things can’t be learned.


      • The worse I ever do is rub the inside of my ear.


    • on September 18, 2013 at 1:03 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




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    • @Earl
      > Seriously…don’t burp unless you have to. That’s not
      > going to attract anything.

      Attraction is not what the burp is about


  2. OT: Was this written by a woman? It appears counter to everything taught here:



    • I spoke to soon!


      All this is going to get you is right into the friend zone. Women want to be treated like shit. It’s why they’re friends with the good guy, and drool over the asshole biker drug dealer. They want a guy they can “fix.”

      If you really want to make a woman melt, ignore her intellect, don’t be her friend, don’t appreciate her, never compliment her, never listen to her, and rarely if ever help her with anything. She’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.


    • That advice makes perfect sense – if you put a big “NOT” on the end of it.



  3. In line with ‘gay’ and ‘bring da movies’ is one of my favorite go-to lines when I do something a little out of line or a girl says something to see how I react…I simply shrug my shoulders and say “I know”.

    Her: You’re a pig
    Me: I know

    Her: You aren’t as great as you think you are
    Me: I know

    Her: You don’t do a ton of nice things for me like my last bf
    Me: I know

    Her: I love you
    Me: I know

    Works 100% of the time everytime.


      • > “Her: You aren’t as great as you think you are”
        > “Me: I know”


        Not sure about that one.

        Me: Oh Really?
        Me: Yeah, right.
        Me: Do tell.
        Me: Is that so?
        Me: Yes I am.
        Me: Like your last boyfriend? The bean-counter over in finance? LOL’ed.

        I dunno.

        I can see the Game Theoretic purpose of agreeing with her – you immediately cut off her line of attack so that you don’t have to listen to her for days on end as she categorizes every single excruciating mind-numbing detail of just exactly how you aren’t as great as you think you are.

        But my gosh, you’re ceding a helluva lotta territory right there.

        Might be a Pyrrhic Victory.

        And I know all you PUA/Game-Theoretic guys are devoted to this ideal of a devil-may-care sociopathic insouciance.

        That you never want to exude an aura of “butt-hurt-ness”.

        I just don’t know about letting her slide on an insult of that magnitude.

        At some point you need to be the devil who DOES care, and if she says that you aren’t as great as you think you are, then maybe it’s time to move on to a chick who realizes damned well that you really are as great as you think you are.

        I.e. the ultimate goal here is finding a chick who will look her BFF squarely in the eyes and declare in no uncertain terms: “You can have him when you pry him from my cold, dead, fingers. Now fuck off. Bitch.”


      • You’re missing the whole point. It’s the opposite of agreeing with her…it’s being completely dismissive of her annoyances while addressing her directly. It’s not said in a sad puppy dog way, but in a IDGAF way.


      • “Her: You aren’t as great as you think you are”

        Me: it does push the limits of the believable.


  4. Off topic but relevant. MTV is rolling out a new “reality” show about a bunch of hot/vapid chicks who wear slutty clothes and work at a bar in Texas. One of the conversations went something like this:

    Girl 1: I like bad boys
    Girl 2: Tattoos, check
    Girl 1: Oh, you have a record…even better
    Girl 2: What’s that, no job, HELLO

    Just driving home the point that these girls consider a criminal record a better attribute than a job. CH game theory proved yet again.


  5. I think all of this analysis is too chick-centric and implies that the neg is some kind of magic formula or something. In the field, I have found you have to be able to fully interact with girls and speak with them about all kinds of things. Negs are only one small aspect of an outcome independent mindset, and this is much more about raising YOUR value than lowering hers. I’ve actually seen the opposite of negs work before, where a guy assumes the position of a LJBF, which makes the girl comfortable and she starts chatting with him. I’ve found that the key is projecting that you are comfortable talking with beautiful women because you do it all the time. That’s it. By being comfortable and not trying too hard, you signal to her that you’re the type of guy that hangs out with high value girls…i.e. a guy with clout and status. She will then be curious to see where this status and clout originate. The first question I always seem to get is some kind of inquiry as to what I do for a living. But maybe that’s because I’m in a college town and the girls are more class conscious?

    I’ve always found the difficulty to be in going from this outcome independent mindset, to being assertive in seeking a phone number or lining up a bounce or something. It just seems inherently incongruent to me.


    • When the subject of real status seeking chicks comes up, guys who’ve quickly moved on from women who flaked (standard PUA advice) will say they don’t exist (or they’re ready to spread their legs for an alpha who wouldn’t qualify on the standard status measurement system). They don’t count the women who flaked on them because they didn’t have the status or money because PUAs are supposed to just move on quickly when women flake and not analyze what happened or work to alter the flaking behavior.

      Or they figure they just need to get more game (not more money) so they won’t be rejected for not having money.

      It’s a positive feedback system that keeps the egos of poor low-status men buoyed so they’ll be game ready for the many women who are open to them (of which there are many, especially in regions where feminists have drilled it into women’s heads that they must remain financially independent of males).


      • I agree that there is some denial in the PUA community as to the attraction-enhancing benefits of money, career, nice car/house/clothes…i.e. class. But class is something more than just money alone. I know some guys that are PROLE culturally that have money, typically through inheritance, that are still working class. They just drive a brand new truck. Its an elusive concept to quantify, as its not as simple as what profession you are, how much money you make, or what school you went to. But you add all those things together, as well as extensive travelling, exposure to musical instruments, even the way you speak…class is real and it is REALLY something that quality girls are looking for. I would say that it is almost a requirement for many attractive college-educated girls. They will not be taking home a motorcycle mechanic to Mom and their friends. Sure, there are hot 9s and 10s that are not college educated that don’t care about that stuff. NAHGALT.


      • Basically, you’re in if she can show you off to her friends and/or parents (as applicable). Sure, I’ve seen this.

        (When it sours, I guess you get the infinite checklists.)


      • on September 19, 2013 at 3:01 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        which facet of Mick Jagger is “class” ?!? Yet he still still pulls better than every guy here.


      • Mick’s reinvented himself as an English Gentlemen. He was always Middle Class as defined in Britain and was going to be a diplomat. Mick has also always been well read and Stones lyrics when they were in their prime were often downright brilliant. So the argument can be made now that he’s rich and semi-retired.


      • Mick Jagger is of the international celebrity class, which is the top .00001% when it comes to pulling chicks. Mick Jagger in Liverpool 1962 was probably pulling decent limey tail because he was a singer in a band, but nothing spectacular. It is precisely his rise in status/clout/class that accounts for that ugly man banging models.

        I’m not using the word “class” to mean “refined, stylish, proper.” I’m talking about our informal caste system and one’s social position within that system.


      • Agree with your point, but Mick Jagger and Keith Richard were middle-class kids who were art school students in London when they began playing music as the Rolling Stones. They hired a couple of slightly older working musicians to be their rhythm section. It was the Beatles who were from Liverpool.


      • They will not be taking home a motorcycle mechanic to Mom and their friends.

        but they’ll still bang him in his garage.


      • Some, sure. Particularly those whose horniness exceeds their hypergamous instincts. But the vast majority of “quality” girls (hot, from good families, intelligent) are pretty well-honed on finding successful guys. Maybe more mechanics would have a shot at them, but these girls mingle in social groups that don’t cross paths with working class guys.


      • “guys who’ve quickly moved on from women who flaked (standard PUA advice)”

        This is not standard PUA advice. You are an idiot.

        “because PUAs are supposed to just move on quickly when women flake and not analyze what happened or work to alter the flaking behavior.”

        Again this is bullshit. You are a fucktard.

        We write long-ass Field Reports figuring out why girls flaked and how to either recover and get the lay, or figure out how to prevent it in the future.

        The reason we conclude that money, looks etc aren’t important are because we are able to get girls who normally look for that stuff. I can’t even count the number of times girls have shown me their previous boyfriends and told me flat out that I’m not their type etc, and still gotten them. They’ll backwards-rationalize it all too. “Oh I don’t like those jersey shore muscle guys anymore, you’re cuddly I like that more!”

        Now if you’re talking about who she wants as a Provider so you can enter a legal contract that’s heavily biased against you and the future of your family/children, your finances, etc because you love to just roll the dice with your life, and you think there’s a specific type of girl who’s born without Hypergamy so you’ll be safe from her cheating on or leaving you because she’s “high-class”, then ya, good money and being high-class are super duper.

        But if that’s your goal, you have more Manosphere reading to do.


      • There is a graphic of the compliance cycle or whatever it’s called.


      • You big genius, but from my reading divorce rate when both lovebirds are college grads is only 20%. That’s a big gamble, but so is extinction.


    • on September 18, 2013 at 7:16 pm Hugh G. Rection

      A lot of people think of it in too technical terms. It’s not like operating a machine where when you do flip one switch something else happens. In practice it’s more like dancing or singing a song. It’s going to come out different every time.

      There is this Catch 22 where people just take all this stuff too serious (especially those who don’t put it in practice) when the whole point about it is enjoying yourself and have others enjoy you enjoying yourself.

      Take out the negativity of which this venerable Chateau had it’s fair share. It’s not about spiting the feminists or taking revenge on that girl who rejected you or whatever, it’s about enjoying your life.


  6. A “neg” I always use is…”interesting” as in “you look …interesting” or “that scarf is interesting….”


    • One of my best recently was, “You’re the most interesting girl…I’ve met this week.” Brief confused look, then BAM–huge smile and she jumped me.


  7. The key is acting (or believing) that you dont give a fuck with the girls, thats all it really is.


  8. Can someone do a study on why this concept is the most hotly debated and difficult to grasp concept discussed on this and all other game blogs?

    I don’t see any reason why it can’t be summed up with “don’t be a supplicant weenie.” Women are all surrounded by drink buying, opinion parroting simps day in, day out; just don’t be one. Be unafraid of of your honest opinions pissing her off.


    • It needs to be separated in these terms.

      If she is acting sweet, pleasant, feminine, smiling, and good natured…then go ahead and be “a supplicant weenie”…her actions are benefiting you. Most likely because you are leading a good interaction.

      When she goes on her shit testing, feminist, PMS tirades…or her actions are hurting you…then you bring the hammer down. She’s wanting the werewolf at that time.


      • I think even when she’s being nice, there’s no need to compromise on that little shit, just as nice as you feel back about, but still, own your shit. Even the most pleasant among them can sniff out when you’re altering yourself for their benefit, saying what nice guys think women want to hear, etc. They do that by instinct.


    • “I have SO much respect foer your career…” LOL!


  9. My sarcasm and snark has an edge that quite easily is too aggressive for a woman, and often interpreted as overly aggressive. So I can’t neg well, if at all, if negging is the backhanded, sly remark that provokes girl-thoughts and confusion. It’s a good way for me to go down in a fiery ball of twisted aluminum.

    I stick to irony, if some occurs to me, but what always seems better is what the other guys are saying here: simply not getting fluttery and wound up, not getting too loud, not showing stress, not expressing the slightest *urgency*. And then backing off if I get a response when a PUA would move in. This seems to challenge an attractive woman’s expectation of how men chase them in public.

    Two nights ago I was having a drink and the new bartender came on — a much younger woman, voluptuous figure, wearing yoga pants or some shit and a top presenting much decolletage. So she was presenting herself as Sex-Symbol Bartender, and we were all supposed to bask in her glory and look at her ass when she pranced around. If I approached someone like her online she would never reply: I’m *that* much older. So her SMV, at least in her head, is much higher than mine.

    I ordered another drink, said nothing personal. She brought it, I glanced at her and said, “Thanks. What’s the logo on your top?” as though I were buying gas down the street. She told me all about her school dance team and I looked at her impassively. (Seriously, I’m being served by a girl who is still wearing her high school dance team shirt?) For like two minutes. More than I ever wanted to learn about parochial school dance teams. My contribution to the conversation: nodding. “Uh-huh.” “Really?” Then I said, “Oh. Sounds good.” Turned back to my paper. She stood there, I think a bit confused. 15 minutes later she was standing nearby and I reopened her, again impassively, and we talked off and on for the next hour, when she was free. It beat reading the paper. (Except when we returned to the subject of dance teaming.)

    (Back when I was a beta Good Man I treated such interactions as “impolite” and never undertook them. Rude to invade the personal space of a vulnerable woman, dontcha know, creepy talking to much younger women, check, she’s just a professional on the job who didn’t realize she dressed to attract male sexual attention. One time out of 50 they would open me.)

    Maybe this doesn’t qualify as a neg: the concept is challenging for me, because I don’t see a clear divide between clever snark and churlish snark. But to me it means: interact with a woman who is used to being hit on nonstop, and capture her attention by not hitting on her. Which is, of course, hitting on her. Or at least qualifying oneself so that one can hit on her later.

    My experience with attractive (high SMV) women is that they’re like Jennifer Lopez in the bar scene in Detroit in Out of Time, being successively hit on by overeager dudes, and what they prefer is conversation without the pounding sexual agenda coming clear in the first syllable. Clooney closes her in that scene after they seemingly sat for hours. Of course, he’s wanted her for weeks, but he never acts like it while they talk.

    I’m clueless about negging SMV 6’s and 7’s: they seem pretty bitchy, often.

    I would appreciate comments on this, and whether or not this anti-game game is serving the same objective function as witty negging.


    • I’m a fan of the opportunistic neg, and she pitched a softball with the dance-top revelation. “Still reliving your high-school glory days, eh?”

      But more to your question, anti-game game can work, but for uber-hotties who are always getting male attention (ie, bartenders), something more armor-piercing is in order.

      It sounds like a quieter bar night when you had this interaction. A more chaotic environment and your anti-game probably would’ve just been more noise.


      • Definitely quiet. Don’t go to clubs. Thanks for the comment.

        I don’t think I’m going to accomplish ‘armor-peircing’ in this life: I go from observant and pleasant to way too aggressive. The charm rheostat here seems to be an on-off switch.


    • on September 18, 2013 at 12:19 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Well, you don’t come off as overly aggressive or snarky in print. Perhaps it’s something in your body language.

      “I’m clueless about negging SMV 6′s and 7′s: they seem pretty bitchy, often.”

      Well, I’m probably a 6 or a 7, and I think I can help you with this. The reason why we don’t respond well to negging is because we already know that we’re not high on the SMV scale. Even if we didn’t have mirrors at home to tell us all we need to know, society at large is more than happy to be our mirrors.

      This isn’t a sob-story; to be a 6 or a 7 is to be attractive enough to have the skids greased for us just a bit. But we’re always rather acutely aware that when a true beauty, an 8 or a 9, walks in the room…we suddenly become invisible. So you don’t need to remind us that we’re not all that. Doing so—especially when you are focusing on something purely physical—comes off not as friendly teasing, or even an impassive observation, but as bullying. Nastiness. If we perceive the neg as an attack, the response will be bitchy.

      That’s why the beta niceguy routine isn’t going to hurt you with a 6 or a 7 the way it would with a hotter girl. If all 45 guys in the bar are slavering over the HB8 princess in the corner, but you’re paying attention to us, well! This is your game to screw up. Just don’t be fawningly obsequious; this makes us suspicious that we’re going to wake up the next day in a tub full of ice, missing our kidneys.


      • The reason why most 6’s and below are bitchy is because Western media (rom coms, tv, etc.) tells them that having “big” personality is a means to compensate for their lack of looks. (Of course, based on the feminist trope that men are equally attracted to personality as women.)

        This leads a lot of 6- women to adopt the “sassy” persona, which many don’t calibrate correctly and thus come off as straight bitchy.


      • ” The reason why most 6′s and below are bitchy is because Western media (rom coms, tv, etc.) tells them that having “big” personality is a means to compensate for their lack of looks. ”

        That’s probably part of it, but I think women are projecting.

        A guy might only be 5 in the looks department, but if he struts into the room with cocky/confident attitude women will see him as an 8. Women incorrectly surmise what works on them, will work for them, when in most cases a cocky or overconfident woman is a huge turnoff.


      • Thanks, RD, but I’ve been paid to write since I was 16, so I know what I’m doing with a keyboard. In any difficult business situation I always try to frame matters in text, first.

        In contrast, I was raised by a violent schizophrenic, so I didn’t even learn to talk to people normally until my mid-20’s.

        Therefore online game was my thing until recently when I crossed some age rubicon and I refuse to lie about my age. (Addressable market is shrinking.) (Yesterday we were talking about the modern femme’s obsession with the boyfriend’s age, and why it must be equal or lower than her’s.) I’ve been working lately on just learning to talk to strange women in public, because they underestimate my age by 10-12 years. That’s been pretty interesting. Yesterday I told the anecdote of a girl who hit on me at the airport at 6 a.m. She opened me; she was young enough to be my daughter. (I won’t visibly shudder the next time it happens, perhaps.)

        I have a very high wariness quotient with regard to live strangers (see above, violent schizoid at home). This leads to defensiveness, which in my case borders on insane aggression. As an exec it took me 10 years to realize that when I was “joking around” with staff I was terrifying or enraging them. I need to think about slight comments such as Sad Clown suggested. I have a lot of work to do here.

        Your comment is very helpful because it tells me to visualize my writing voice when using my physical, live person voice.


      • > “Yesterday I told the anecdote of a girl who hit on me at the airport at 6 a.m. She opened me; she was young enough to be my daughter. (I won’t visibly shudder the next time it happens, perhaps.)”


        Jesus H Christ.

        Your ass should be all over that bitch like white on rice.

        Have a bun in her oven by the end of the month.

        Shit damn, dude.

        PS: Unless it was a con game, where she was trying to get you all alone in a hotel room so that she could steal your wallet.


      • No, we had a good conversation. I didn’t spill my coffee or anything. Turns out though she was headed upstate, I was going into the City.

        But this was a direct result of thinking about/planning for day game. As soon as she opened me (she opened me with a compliment on my jacket, which I was wearing at 6 in the morning at the airport in East Bumfuck Michigan because I was getting ready to practice some day game) I said to myself, “Hey wow, this is pretty fucking easy, I guess I should start talking now.”


      • Well at least get a fucking cell phone number or email address or some damned thing.

        Think of yourself as a salesman, who needs as many business leads as possible.

        And then, like a good salesman, FOLLOW UP ON YOUR LEADS!!!

        Gently and good-naturedly check in on them from time to time.

        Don’t let them forget about you.

        Keep yourself on their radar.


      • on September 18, 2013 at 2:48 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Paid to write since you were 16? It shows. I laughed out loud at two of your anecdotes today—the one about the “this won’t work” woman and the “lap desk” woman. If you can bring that narrative acuity out in person, that’s going to win you points with men and women alike. Everyone loves a raconteur.

        But back to “negs.” Here are a few that would probably technically qualify as negs, that were used on me successfully. (Well, arguably successful. I didn’t sleep with any of these guys, but they did cause me to “qualify myself” without inciting a bitchy response.)

        “Look at those SHOES. Those look painful. Can you even walk in those things?”
        “Now, that’s a 60-cent word if ever I heard one. Was that on your Word-A-Day calendar, or are you just trying to scare me?”
        “Phew, what is that you’re drinking? Smells like you could strip paint with it.”


      • Like the shoe thing. Some day a woman will explain her cravings for Manolo’s.


      • on September 18, 2013 at 3:47 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I can try.

        See, for the most part, women don’t dress for men—we dress for other women. This is because we know that men don’t really give a shit about what we’re wearing; they care about three things only: how much skin is showing, how tight the garments are, and (to a much lesser extent), what color the garment is. If women dressed for men, that whole stupid babydoll-top craze that happened a few years ago would have strangled in its crib. (You may remember that fad. Did you notice, around about 2007-2009, that all women everywhere were dressed like they were about 6 months pregnant? Looked like shit, didn’t it?)

        The exception to this is shoes, heels in particular. Heels are worn both for other women, *and* for men. CH once described high heels as a “full-body comb-over,” which I thought was adroitly done. They lengthen the leg, make you look slimmer, push your ass out and up, and exaggerate the feminine “sway” when walking. That part is for the men. We don’t do it for ourselves, trust me—I assure you that they are every bit as painful as they look.

        So why do the shoes have to be so expensive? Men don’t care if those stilettos were $15 at Payless or $600 at Bloomingdale’s. This is where the “dressing for women” thing comes in. In addition to being a sexual signifier, they’re also a status symbol. The expensive designers put certain styles out in fairly limited quantities, so it’s not just about your credit limit—scoring this season’s hottest Loubs also proves that you have lots of leisure time and plenty of connections.

        If you think that’s retarded, you’re right. The handbag thing is even worse.


      • RD, when I bought my daughter her first pair of Manolo’s, I was God-Dad for a month. Manolo’s, little blue Tiffany boxes, Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, Lanvin: I realize I’m creating a monster for her future husband. Don’t much care. She works her ass off and speaks three languages and runs marathons. As you say, I always sensed that these were status markers with her friends, as much as desirable objects per se.

        I like heels on a tall woman, which is mostly who I date, though ironically it means they’re taller than I when wearing them. (I’m 6’1″) But when I dated my first short girl (5’2″) and she would wear them, I just thought it looked like she was trying too hard. I think it’s the proportions of heel to inseam. It’s like a guy who leases a new BMW instead of buying a three year-old one. Meh.

        BTW, on the whole handbag/luxury goods thing, daughter works for one of the upscale but not luxury manufacturers. So she can’t carry her Chanel bag except on the weekends. Turned down a job at Fendi this year. I expect she’ll split for Europe when she gets her bonus this year. She freaks out when I attempt to do research on Game, but I get sub rosa information anyway when we go out in the City. Everyone thinks we’re dating and the reactions of the men and the matrons — in their opposite reactions — is truly hilarious. The last time we went to 21 the matron sitting next to me actually elbowed me, her doofus old husband stared at me for two hours, the waiter actually shook my hand on the way out. It’s a human carnival, I’m just a circus pony.

        Okay: heels to enhance the feminine shape and legs in particular; trophy heels to impress the girlfriends.

        Why do women check out a man’s shoes? I’ve been told my whole life that women check out a man’s shoes, so I have also paid up for shoes and boots. I almost always get compliments from women. What is a woman measuring in gauging the value and style of a man’s shoes?


      • Buena Vista,

        Stylish shoes on a man are attention to detail. I also think there is a evo psych function back to when hookworms affected all humans except the smart ones who developed/wore shoes.

        a fitness indicator.


      • > “My sarcasm and snark has an edge that quite easily is too aggressive for a woman, and often interpreted as overly aggressive.”

        > “Thanks, RD, but I’ve been paid to write since I was 16, so I know what I’m doing with a keyboard. In any difficult business situation I always try to frame matters in text, first.”

        Dude, I was talking about this a while back here at the Chateau.

        A HUGE part of Game is forcing yourself to talk DOWN to a chick.

        You simply cannot talk Rocket Surgery with chicks.

        Not even with the ostensible Rocket Surgeons who are female – they’re just window dressing quota hires to satisfy the EEOC requirements.

        And you can’t waste Monty-Python-level IQ-130 jokes on chicks whose IQs are down around 115 – it’s like casting pearls before swine.

        You have got to tailor your conversation towards the stuff which she is even capable of talking about in the first place.

        Sports bras.

        Linen -vs- silk in a blouse.

        Dark goth “vamp” cosmetics -vs- My Little Pony bright shiny pastel cosmetics.

        100% gold jewelry -vs- 100% silver jewelry -vs- [the mother of all faux pas’es] mixed gold and silver jewelry.

        Which Guido knocked up Snooki and whether or not “he will be good for her”.

        That sort of thing.

        Bottom Line: Learn to talk DOWN.

        Go full-on low-brow.

        Never any higher than middle-brow.


      • Oh, God. Sports bras FTW!!!!

        I’m actually going to do this.

        Too bad they don’t like cars, airplanes and PPK/S’s. Or cooking. Or gardening. Or books paintings furniture design sailing Italian bikes … No.

        Sports bras. As in, “Hey, that sports bra doesn’t make your boobs seem as small as most of them; it doesn’t even hide your nipples. Which one is it?”

        You are fucking killing me. I’ve been laughing for five minutes.

        Its interesting though, what you say. The girl who opened me at the airport? It wasn’t linen or silk — it was my *seersucker* she started with. So I guess that’s a QED.

        Fabric game!


      • Is it not better you alternate topics? You might get bored talking about fabrics.

        I get what Zombie Shane is saying, about not talking “Rocket Surgery with chicks.” But why not speak something interesting, but just simplify it/dumb it down? And maybe speak about her topics just a little but not allowing talk of fabrics to dominate your conversation.
        I like if a man is to complement me on my outfit, but when a man tries to start talking fashion and women topics with me, it’s makes me feel a little uneasy. I start to get the sneaking suspicion that he may be a little effeminate? It’s not better to find some gender neutral topic, or your topic, so she can also learn something in the mean time? This is nice- when a man shows his intelligence and is willing to teach you about intelligent topics when you talk, you can learn from him.


      • “The girl who opened me at the airport? It wasn’t linen or silk — it was my *seersucker* she started with.”

        She appreciates male fashion and good fabric, but also… “seersucker” is just a great word to flirt with. Suggestive with plausible deniability– good girl game. 😉


      • BTW, I bra-negged the bartender last night. (She was showing a camo bra under her tank top.) She blushed. QED.


      • > “bra-negged the bartender”

        Fellas, we got ourselves a prodigy on our hands.

        I predict the dude will have a book written on the subject within about 18 months from now.


      • Not so fast. Tonight, different bartender. Got her name, her home town, her fucking major (fascinating, you bet). Asked for another drink. Said, “How bout I get some rye with that ice? (Glass overflowing with ice.)” Definitely no blushing, tonight. BV: smoking crater.


      • BuenaVista: Your field reports and engagement on here are inspiring me man. I’m bouncin’ off your energy here. Tony Robbins said “HALLELUJAH”

        Zombie Shane: I actually lost it when you were talking about The Darkness. …I’ve only heard tales mate. See Roosh’s short story “Sour Dick Sucking Lips”

        I negged a cashier yesterday by saying “still here?” w/a cheeky smirk when I saw her. Then I played it more by saying “I expected a new tag saying manger by now! Disappointing.” She looked so happy that I was feigning my displeasure.

        Question though….what’s QED stand for?



      • > “Asked for another drink. Said, “How bout I get some rye with that ice? (Glass overflowing with ice.)” Definitely no blushing, tonight. BV: smoking crater.”

        Yeah, I think that that line would fall into the category of what these guys would call, “butt-hurt-ness”.

        Also, it falls into the category of you talking about yourself.

        Whereas the perfect “PUA-Game” conversation consists of her talking 100% about herself [with you gently but masterfully guiding her through the thing with a little negging and teasing and playful jostling here and there].

        I.e. you want her to bare her soul to you in the conversation as a prelude to baring her birth canal to you later that evening in her bedroom.

        If you want to think of it in engineering/statistical terms, look at it as the flow of “information” in Information Theory.

        You want 100% of the flow of [anything sufficiently interesting enough to qualify as] “information” to be from her to you.

        With you revealing essentially NOTHING interesting about yourself.

        But if you say, “How bout I get some rye with that ice?”, you’ve revealed at least one piece of information about yourself to her – namely that you’re a cheapskate who will complain about getting stiffed on the tab, and who carries with him an aura of butt-hurt-ness about it.

        It’s better to get up and walk away and say nothing at all to her whatsoever than to reveal any piece of information about yourself.

        Remember, you can’t be the tall dark and handsome stranger unless you are still STRANGE to her.

        If you start talking about yourself [rather than she talking about herself], then you’re rapidly going to become a boring, predictable, known-quantity, friend-zone beta loser, ripe for the abandoning.

        To summarize:

        1) Get her to bare her soul.

        2) You yourself need to remain strange and mysterious.

        3) To the greatest extent humanly possible, 100% of the interesting details of the conversation flow from her to you, and 0% of the interesting details of the conversation flow from you to her.


      • Wow, Claude Shannon and information theory. This isn’t heartiste, it’s Bell Labs.

        Great help there, Zombie: while I wasn’t being cranky, she definitely preferred talking about herself, and not being corrected. That’s an extremely interesting rule about one-way information flow. Noted.

        Going to a Big Ten football game tomorrow. Target rich environment. Plus they’ll all be wasted.


    • ‘negging SMV 6′s and 7′s’

      You don’t neg 6’s and 7’s unless you KNOW that they think they are 9s or 10s. Bitchy != inflated sense of self-worth.

      [CH: If you’re a lower value man, you’ll need to neg 6s and 7s, because they will be as 9s and 10s relative to your SMV.]

      A better rule is this — is she 2+ points above you? No? Do not neg. No need.

      [Not always. 8s and above are pursued (in various ways) by so many men that they require a neg just to open them up to the possibility with any man their SMV equal, or even a little higher. The only time this isn’t true is if you are a very high value man who comes to them pre-selected or pre-desired.]


      • Interesting. One Saturday I was chatting up four girls in a bar last summer. (I have been practicing day game every day, no shit.) One was friendly and we had a good conversation going. Two were in and out of the conversation, low-key. The fourth was going fucking crazy at my insolence. I would say they were all 5-6’s, but in Iowa they probably convinced themselves they were 7’s. Anyway, I can’t rate myself with the younger women. Seems to me that SMV is age-adjusted by audience. But I know that with some women you lose a point or two per decade. Too bad I don’t want to spend time with 99% of 50 year-olds. These girls were maybe 25.

        The bitchy one became so weird I looked at her in wonderment. “Charming!” I half-shouted. She shut up and I went back to talking with her friend. “Charming” was what an ex- would use to neg anyone she wanted to back up, ridicule, or throw off balance.

        So I would say the friendly one thought I was 6 or better, and the bitchy one thought I was a creeper, i.e., a 1. I thought she was a raving lunatic, so I guess we should have exchanged numbers, stolen some meth, and blown up an ethanol plant or something. I suppose I just put myself on an NSA watch list.


      • Ya, that’s the point I was getting at in the second part of my post — it’s really her SMV value relative to yours that controls whether a neg is appropriate.

        But you seem to think the rule is — ‘is she AT YOUR LEVEL or SLIGHTLY below’ rather than 2+ points above. Unsure about this. I don’t really neg much, tbh…very advanced tool.


      • Thanks. Don’t really know, in the example I was probably just shaming her. But in doing successfully I must have changed her calc of my SMV, or she would have escalated.

        I practiced some mild negging last night, with interesting results, but CH appears to have me on a word count, which is understandable given the flood the last two days.

        The thing about a neg from me is I tend to approach women who are much younger, so my SMV is probably all over the map, based on their view of older men.


    • I’m not a regular commentor but I just really like your comment here. This anti-game game if used correctly can make a smart girl think you value her for her smarts and thereby draw her in. But there is nothing in the world like witty snark. I absolutely die for it. It lets me know that the man is clever and has potential for a fun conversation. I know lots of guys don’t give a rats ass if a girl can banter with them but…. I’m one vote for your anti-game game AND your witty snark. I’d play along for what that’s worth!


    • BV, some guys can get away with rough teases/negs and some guys can’t even toss soft ones without shutting down the girl’s interest. It depends on his vibe. Sometimes I can tease a girl well, but I’ve learned that if I feel even the slightest bit of resentment or fear, my teases won’t go over.

      If you want to try negs, try the most deadpan, sincere, non-snarky negs possible. Examples:

      (1) Tell her what she would look better in. “That outfit would be perfect with a red skirt.” “Have you ever thought about streaking your hair? My ex has features like yours and she looks great that way!” Smile and make it sound superficially optimistic and complimentary, while indirectly signalling that you are the judge of her and she could be doing better.

      (2) Observation/grooming negs. “You blink a lot.” “Howcome you never blink?” “Could you smile just a sec? I think I saw some lipstick on your teeth.” Ask her to stand still so you can pick a big piece of lint off the back of her dress. Spoken deadpan like an anthropologist studying a strange new tribe, or her Dad making sure she’s fit to leave the house.

      Snark and sarcasm are seductive never.

      Everything else you describe sounds solid…it’s just not negging.


      • This sounds much more my style. I actually do some of this already. Just not with purpose (jesus, naive much?). I’m going to focus here. Thanks much.


      • Your advice in (1) is zupergay. These sound like the sorts of things chicks say to passive-aggressively compete with one another.


      • Yes. Chicks understand status cues.


      • FIELD REPORT: I didn’t do what you suggested. I’ve never evaluated women for sport, it’s a tough habit to break. Like, separate human being, they can decide what kind of bra they want to wear, not fair to judge, all the stuff that beta boys like Me 1.0 practice. Still I did attempt Johnny Caustic’s directive: “… while indirectly signaling that you are the judge of her”. I taught English in a shithole once. I know how to create tests.

        OBJECTIVE. The objective tonight was to try some sort of neg. First time. Really tough for me: I just don’t tease or criticize women. (That’s why I’m divorced, of course.) I persevered. Location: deep country. Two hours from nearest interstate. No wine bars. Used combines cost $400K. F-16’s train overhead. In winter it’s often 20 below. I talk to friends about whether or not it makes sense to buy a $255K tractor with leather seats when corn is $4.00. (Answer: NFW.)

        ATTEMPTED NEG SIMULATION. I gave a 23 year-old bartender two exams. She’s someone I feel protective about, I couldn’t just break her down. She did laugh explosively a couple of times and bought me a drink. The entire vibe within a 20′ radius changed. Really interesting. It really changed. For various reasons, I always know exactly is going on all around me. Everything. It totally changed. I have a rule: always leave while people still want to talk to you. I could have stayed there until closing drinking free Jim Beam Rye. Instead of people being kind and responsive to the brooding dude, quiet dude, dude with paper, dude with only german car, dude which is my usual self (“they say he works for the government and wrote a play”) they were slapping me on the back and trying to stuff their pizza slices into my Paleo mouth. Understand, I didn’t talk to humans until after I was 20. I really didn’t.

        The tests were simple. She’s a behavioral therapist who works bar a couple nights a week. Because I’m out on the prairie at the moment, and people are simple here and figure they will tend bar and talk to people and make $100 and drink for free, there’s a conviviality. (It’s hard to explain to people who live in cities. This is a simple place.) She’s 23, I almost got her a job in DC, I’ve taken her flying a couple of times, there’s definitely some Daddy Erotica lurking there, but that would be evil.

        Of course, she’s wearing stretchy pants and a camo bra and a tank top. So subtle! She’s also 10 pounds overweight (pizza!), by eastern standards, so we’re in Daisy Mae territory here. If I took her home, we’d have the cops looking for her by hour 36. I like skinny girls, but … wholesome porn? Goodness. Gracious.

        THE TESTS. So I tested her on a couple of SMV exercises another blogger named Bastiat recounted today on another site. What do women want, what do men want, blah blah blah. (Surprise, not the same thing. Surprised? Here’s my Walther. End the pain.) The tests were simple: what makes a man and woman attractive? I added today’s ludicrous HUS test of “self-esteem” as the killer app of female seduction. She passed one, failed one. (She failed the one about self-esteem being irrelevant to attraction, since men assume that women have their shit together. Susan Walsh: call your service.) We laughed. I note that she was confused, as in, What the fuck got into BV?

        So I evaluated her, got big smiles, a free drink, and a slap on the back from the dance team girl from three nights ago, and an oh well when I left to return home. To be honest, I think that attempting a couple of negs changed my public persona in this unpopular prairie town. This is somewhat profound.

        If I give a girl an evo psych exam, grade the responses, and she laughs and buys me something, is that a qualifying neg?

        Thanks to all who offered suggestions today. I think the only thing I took away from all that I could make manifest is the idea that a woman should feel that I am evaluating, or scrutinizing, some aspect of her. I don’t think snark is in my DNA. When I walk into a public place I’m on the balls of my feet. Balls of my feet. That’s probably hard-wired. I can change a lot of things, but not that.

        Thanks to CH for not banning me for over-posting. I’m not a dumb guy, but this stuff appears to be brilliant.


  10. I stumbled on a neg by accident just recently. I was at a wedding, and prior to the ceremony was seated near a girl and we started talking, introduced ourselves, and got along well. Didn’t see her too much at the party after the ceremony (I was hanging with my friends, she with hers), but at the end of the night we bumped into each other again,and this time had more of a flirty vibe going on with some alcohol in each of us. A few minutes in, I asked her: “what’s your name again?” You should have seen how her eyes lit up. “But I thought we hit if off!” she exclaimed. I assured her we did, but that I just forgot her name. No bang that night due to logistics, but I got the bang on the Day 2.

    Forgetting the name: a good neg in the right situation.


  11. True that, a neg is just a statement or action that has a subtext of you not being sexually interested in her. It kicks her hamster into overdrive and makes her seek sexual validation from you even if she wasn’t sexually interested before.


  12. “Mystery’s game was designed to hit on strippers, minor celebrities, etc.”

    I don’t know why strippers are always held up as such sex symbols. It might be true of Vegas strippers or strippers as portrayed in movies but I go to strip clubs a lot and most strippers I see are 30 year old slightly overweight single moms with too many tattoos. The stereotype of the sexy stripper doesn’t match the reality in most cases.


    • I take you don’t live in a major city, or you go to divey strip clubs? Even a mediocre LA strip club will be full of 8+ strippers with the occasional 9 or 10 that hasn’t realized she could be at a better club yet.


      • I live in Indianapolis. The two prettiest strippers I know here both want to move to LA. LA probably gets the best strippers from all over the country moving there so it would be be untypical and where I live would be more typical.


      • DC has a mix of strippers too. Maybe 1 in 4 is an 8 or better. Most are 6s or worse.


      • Best strip clubs are in the Portland area. Talent is a bunch of vegan failed lib arts majors that have bills to pay; the desperation is palpable. What’s better, some of the joints have really good food. I recommend the steak tips at the Acropolis.


      • But would you want to fuck a stripper? That pussy has been viewed by thousands and probably visited by 20 or more (the latter may vary, but it’s hard for me to imagine a chaste stripper.)

        I never wanted them. You can have them.


      • Pretty sure there is a proverb about seeing but not touching that applies.


    • It’s not that they’re objectively the hottest girls (because I’ve been to some brutal stripclubs before lol). It’s that value-wise, they are in an environment where they are 1000000x higher-value than anyone else in that environment, and that’s their day to day lives. So to even register on their radar as not just another sucker customer, your game has to be tight.

      More on the “stripper obsession” here:


      And ya, in bigger cities the strippers are hot as fuck on top of being in an environment where men drop their paychecks on them for scraps of their attention. Any stripper who’s smokin hot and good at her job usually realizes that the Tuesday afternoon shift in Podunk, Nowhere is a waste of her time compared to moving to a city like Vegas where literal millionaires are making it rain for girls like her. So Podunk gets stuck with the dregs.

      On top of it, a lot of stripclubs allow freelancers in…I’ve seen some nasty straight up spherical fatty strippers in places who don’t get to go up on the stage, but pay the DJ/management $20-50 and are allowed to work the crowd and do private dances and they travel city to city or club to club doing this.

      And I’ve seen guys going into the VIP room WITH those uggos lol it’s the most surreal thing ever…you’re surrounded by 8+ girls and you pick the fatty?? I figure aside from the chubby chasers, it’s a combination of the fatty being super aggressive in her sales tactics, and the guy being so beta and so socially conditioned not to be rude and say no and being so unentitled in his own mind to deserve the 10 (even when it’s her JOB to pretend to like him, he will literally never have the option to get near a girl like that in his life except there where its a 100% guarantee), that he caves and goes with the fatty in shame.


      • CH will probably spike this, but here goes anyway: on freelancers:

        Newly divorced. Had never dated. (Met ex- at 19, divorced at 42. I had never had sex with a condom.) I’m a scientific man: do everything! Build sample sets. This is my excuse. Besides, it was way cheaper than the $500/hour divorce lawyer I was paying. So I hired an escort. I had never paid for sex.

        Escort arrives. She’s a nice girl from West Virginia, about 40 pounds heavier than anything I would ever sleep with. I invite her in, give her a drink and the $300. I say, “I just want to talk to you.”

        We talk. She is embarrassed. Apparently I’m the only guy who refused to fuck her. I was desperate but even I could figure out that it wasn’t cool to go from an ex- who modeled in magazines to boffing the food-addicted farmer’s daughter. No prob, I’m doing research. We talk more. She says, “You don’t really have to do this …”

        Oh rearry?

        “Where do I go to meet women?” I say.

        She gives me the name of a couple of clubs in WVA, over the line from northern VA. “My friends go there on amateur night. They take turns dancing. You will meet someone there.”

        She was right. The guy I bought my antiques from went on vacation in Trinidad once, kind of guy who wears an ascot, pretends he still has an intact trust fund, and come back with a black girl, easily a 9 (visually). I met his wife in one of those clubs, taking her clothes off and soliciting. Like me, in my prior life, he was “just trying to make it work.”

        No, I didn’t fuck her either. But my god, I could have.


      • > “it’s a combination of the fatty being super aggressive in her sales tactics, and the guy being so beta and so socially conditioned not to be rude and say no”

        Mercy Game.


  13. So what you’re saying is that I should save the post-coital Dutch Ovens for the 9s and 10s?

    If only this had been brought to my attention sooner…


  14. One of the cuter girls in my HS spent three years of it spreading her legs for an absolute dirtbag. He was even a year younger than she was, but in his favor he was such a sociopathic asshole that even his asshole friends were slightly scared of him. He would let out four-octave belches right in her ear, and she used to complain about all his farting. And this girl wasn’t trashy, she was your typical girly girl. I don’t even know how I used to reconcile that with my beta upbringing.


  15. Post some examples of negs that worked for you
    I am cocky as fuck but found out ages ago that can not come up with any spontaneous quality neg at all.Always has been a problem for me.

    Its also culturally biased in a way.Beta man oriented girls dont like negs.If you will be negging a swedish hottie she will just look at you like you some sort of a psycho and will leave.Same goes for a ukrainian/russian hotties,she will realize she wont be able to milk you and will turn away too,an alpha is no use to them,as they also have very low level of natural feminine behavior in them,but high level of logic based of man dominating tactics,and neg is no help there.

    Best works for american,british but especially for truly natural women who are in touch with their feminitiy and senses: spanish,french,portuguese..a quality neg will make a spanish 9 wanting to shag you in the bathroom straight away.These women react the strongest to negs as I have noticed,even my clumsy ones.


    • “Did we meet before? You blondes all look the same.”
      “Is that a diaper bag?” (carrying a large purse)
      “Wow it’s dead tonight, usually there’s tons of girls here.” (i.e., I wouldn’t bother talking to you if I had more options)
      “You look like the type of girl who’d wear glasses.” (is he saying I look smart, or plain and boring??)
      “I think my mom has a shirt like that.”


    • My wife tries to make this claim but I know otherwise. I negged the shit out of her at first and still do. It makes a big difference how you neg them. Teasing them works well, for instance.


    • You have to be funny if you want to be cocky.


  16. One of the first things my husband said to me was “you’re kind of cute I guess” 😀 Is that a neg? lol


  17. The girl comments of course have it all wrong. Taking it from the frame of “would burping attract me?” shows you already why they aren’t getting the underlying point. The point is, the guy doesn’t care about impressing the girl at the time and is sub-communicating it. The burp is gross, but that’s the point he doesn’t care. (Agreed this is more advanced, newbs running around burping isn’t the point)

    Do you think the HB’s brother or dad kisses her ass? doesn’t burp in front of her? asks here what she wants to do every 2 seconds? No chance. So why would you think she wants a masculine presence in her life that is different than that. Be that masculine presence, because most guys are not. That is the point.

    The neg is out of control, I witnessed some pretty bad negs this weekend. I was having dinner with a few girls, drunk guys come up to the table seeing some candy thing they had and try to run openers. Literally came up saying, oh this is cute, but not sure if all of you are this cute. Then tried to take a picture of everyone. Douche neg and game. Got the death stare from me and a little nod to the waiter had them bounced in 30 seconds. (old guy game there). The lesson is, don’t neg when you don’t get it, and always try to neutralize the guy in the group when approaching, I already hooked up with two of the girls, but I’m going to salt you just for having such shitty neg game.


  18. […] 3) Mystery’s game was designed to hit on strippers, minor celebrities, etc. He wasn’t using a …read more […]


  19. I have a friend who’s a politician who’s Game is beyond all rational explanation or belief.

    He leans to the insanely hot bartender last night and loops her into our conversation by asking her, “Can I ask you, have you ever been lied to by a man?” She was putty in his hands after that.

    His trick, I’ve observed, is that he finds emotional triggers in people that are so overwhelming that even tho’ they KNOW he’s yanking their chain (and doing so with a smirk) they can’t help but respond.


    • A politician talking about lying…perish the thought.


    • This is my game. I call it Tao game.

      My friend who is a strong natural alpha (32, bangs ridiculously hot 18 yo ASU girls constantly) gets wiggy when i can get a stripper talking for an hour and making sure I get her number to talk more before we go.

      its all about watching and calibrating. if you don’t read yareally you should.although he sounds pissed off lately.maybe an existential crisis.


  20. I believe Lloyd Christmas game would work too.


  21. Fellas

    LoveSystems TenMagnet is doing an IAMA on reddit right now…

    Ask him anything for those that don’t know what an IAMA is



  22. YaReally always has the best comments!


  23. Mystery Method game is not for the faint of heart. If you strip away all of the false bravado most wanna bes in the world have, you really can’t hack it.


  24. How to balance this active disinterest? I end up being totally disinterested myself. Too much of a devil may cry attitude and with the constant attention they receive daily it’s complicated


    • Watch the first part of that Mystery Method vid yareally posted. You come in with an indirect opener (not hitting on her), throw out a neg and use a false time constraint along with (I’m adding this) body language that shows you are not interested yet such as giving her your profile or rocking like you are about to leave.


  25. Your daily hush crime:


    “Though some reporters, like NBC News, wrote that “robbery appears to be the motive behind the shooting,” county investigators refuted that claim.

    From CBS local:

    Police say nothing was taken from him even though they say Jackson had cased the parking lot looking for a victim.

    Police say the gunman rode up to Pilotos’s car on a bicycle and pulled out his weapon and shot him. It happened in the parking lot of the supermarket at Northwest 137th Street and Northwest 27th Avenue.”


  26. on September 18, 2013 at 7:29 pm Hugh G. Rection

    Something I’m now doing is talking with a fake British accent. I just let out that loud, obnoxious burp and if a girl gives me a dirty look I apologize in my “posh” accent. At least gets me a smile every time.


  27. Don Draper would not burp


  28. YaReally: I read some of your archived comments and they definitely helped explain somethings I’ve seen in the past. Especially about the concept of displaying “intent” (chateau, is there an article about this?) …totally new to me. Thanks for that.

    Question: I’ve been practicing and a situation came up where a girl I knew (A) approached me while I was talking with this girl in my class that I had just recently opened and talked to for about 20 minutes (B). I had already gotten (B) to invest (move with me to get food). I decided to engage (A) without introducing (B)…afterall, we had just met. I also wanted to play with the interaction to see what would happen. Before all of this, I would have introduced the two immediately. At a certain point – maybe 3 minutes – I decided to draw (B) into the conversation using a simple question and some eye contact. At this point (A) and (B) froze me out of the conversation with their eye contact while speaking. It was an odd sensation. I felt as though (A) was as upset about my decision..as (B). I feigned boredom, sat back, and relaxed. Then a guy friend of mine came up and we talked for a brief moment. This all asted no longer than about 10 minutes.

    Immediately after this, in class I sat next to girl (B) and continued some convo. I unwittingly displayed “intent”/negged (can’t tell which you would consider it actually) by saying things like “oh it’s so cute how organized you are” and “oh you don’t know cursive? I’ll have to… teach you one day (she had incredible print handwriting, which I stated outright)” to gauge her response. Her replies were “I mean, I want to stay on top of things,” and “no, I wont even need it. Actually, I can do it, it’s just ugly,” respectively. No sort of playful repartee. She then engaged the dude sitting next to her for the next 15 minutes. I sat back and completely relaxed. Deep inside I felt a pang to engage….but I did not. Probably punishment for doing the same to her earlier. Instead, I drew some elaborate doodle art like a 3 year-old. 30 minutes later, during lecture she looks over my shoulder, glances into my eyes and says “hey, that looks really cool.” I replied “thanks” and did my best to stare mysteriously ahead with a smoldering look in my eyes, like the Dos Equis in a crowded room.

    And the end of class, we parted with a few minutes of conversation and some witicisms on my part. I didn’t ask for her contact info because I felt I blombed the interaction.

    Was it a sperg move not to immediately introduce her to my friends? Do you (anyone else in the comments please feel free to advise me) believe it is best to refrain from doing so in the future? Also were my negs/displays of “intent” idiotic/10 or passable. Share your dark wisdom


    • Quick guess, based on the info provided:

      (A) and (B) didn’t know who eachother were, or if they were competition or what, because you didn’t introduce them, so the eye-contact between them was to try to figure out if the other was your new GF/crush/whatever (not that (A) necessarily wants to bang you, but you did put them in a confusing situation by not introducing them).

      (B) talked to the dude to make you jealous and see what you’d do so she can figure out where she stands.

      When you didn’t react/chase, (B) used your doodle to get your attention again because you weren’t falling for the jealousy trap with the dude.

      (B)’s re-opening you about your doodle and chatting after class means she might bang you with some more work. If she had talked to the dude and ignored you from then on entirely, that would mean she’s not interested at all.

      Keep going with (B), it sounds like green lights so far. I don’t have much experience with classroom/school game, so I’d assume you should grab a # and push for a meet-up, but if you guys see eachother regularly as it is, you can build comfort/rapport in person like this incident and just grab the # later for arranging a private date/”study session”. Just remember if you go for the #, do it in “isolation” (ie – at lunch when it’s just you and her, vS in the classroom where your guys’ other classmates will see/overhear and trigger her ASD). There’s no need to grab a # if you’re going to see her in class every day…just keep being cool/witty/fun and building comfort/rapport and a flirty vibe and grab the # on a high note down the road a bit.

      Slightly spergy, but not necessarily in a bad way since it worked out alright lol. If (A) and (B) were dudes, you’d want to introduce (B) right away so he doesn’t feel like a retarded 3rd wheel and think you’re a sperg. Or if (A) and (B) were both female friends you didn’t want to bang, you’d want to introduce them. But because they’re both girls you would (I assume) probably bang if the opportunity came up, it just creates a funny dynamic so it’s all good lol

      I guess it’s technically a neg, but the more important part is that it’s a Statement of Interest…ie – you’re implying you’ll be hanging out with her in private sometime. It’s not really a make or break event either way…she was coming off the weirdness of the lunch thing so she was just being snippy with the non-playfulness about her hand-writing at that point.

      Good luck!


      • Hey YaReally,

        Thanks for your reply. I think your first point totally explains them shutting me out for a bit. Looking back (A) was probably just really curious as to who (B) was. Like gossip curious. I’ll do as you suggested and keep up the fun and flirty vibe, then go for progress.

        Stay cool man,



  29. on September 18, 2013 at 10:02 pm unintelligible belligerent

    ok so after a shitty ‘fuck buddies’ arrangement where the chick tried to shang hai me into a relationship then tried to socially torpedo me after i cut things off, i decided i really didnt give a fuck anymore. grew a beard, stopped washing my (very long) hair.

    now i am getting laid more than i ever have in my life.i am literally disgusting women into sleeping with me. you just gotta own that shit and you can make just about anything work, effortlessly.


  30. on September 18, 2013 at 10:15 pm unintelligible belligerent

    ok here’s the scenario the first time i got laid after my off period. i’ve got a scungy beard, long unwashed and unkempt hair wrapped in a deceptively tight bun. the unveiling of the hair is a key part of my scungy routine.

    its 1am, i’m at my drinking hole after rocking up late, pleasantly buzzed and chatting with a drinking buddy. 4 chicks and one dude rock up, all very well dressed 30somethings. leader of the gaggle, pretty decent looking 33 year old blonde, 6 face 7.5 body, brings them to our otherwise empty table and swings herself around to my side. very quickly declares what nice looking dudes we both are, then launches into political tirade. i start by denigrating her opinions on immigration but its a misunderstanding and i rapidly swing around to agreeing with her. she presses on, declaring some steadfast political values or other. i declare that i dont even vote. ew, she says. then another buddy grabs my bun from the next table and pulls my hair out she say EW. what is THAT.

    let the games commence.

    cue about 10 minutes of her lambasting me and my revolting hair and my disgusting apathy for all the things she holds dear, me sitting there with a shit eating grin as i effortlessly deflect her barbs and my buddy chortles himself stupid.

    she goes and buys about 6 pints of beer at the bar. at this point her friends are like ‘what the fuck is going on here’. after i get thru 2 of the pints, she gets up and walks back to the bar. her friends are still like ‘wtf’, i sez I’LL GO SEE WHAT HER GO IS, she is at the door motioning to me so i go up to her and she says ‘we have to leave now or my friends will judge me for going home with you’ so i say OK i’ll get my coat.i go back to the table for my coat,tell her friends ‘she says we have to go now or you’ll all judge her for going home with me’ and we leave.

    she pays for a taxi back to her incredibly swanky apartment (overpaid public servant apparently), puts on bon iver and pulls out the champagne. etc etc etc

    in the morning she wakes me up at 10am, says she has to go to a movie with her parents and turfs me out. says she cant give me her number cuz her phone is out of batteries, my farewell: that’s ok i wasnt going to ask for it

    so yeah. im sticking with the beard and the unwashed hair. zen and the art of effortless douchebaggery ?


  31. Your sadly not daily truthspeak.


    “There is no room for multiculturalism in Quebec, a former Parti Quebecois premier says and keeping it out will ensure the province preserves its distinct identity.

    Quebec is multiethnic, but not multicultural, Bernard Landry said in an interview on The West Block with Tom Clark.

    Under prime minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada moved to preserve and enhance multiculturalism throughout the 1970s. It was officially recognized in 1982 in the Charter.

    That move, Landry said, was imposed on Quebec, which continues to reject the idea to this day.

    You like multiculturalism, go on, Landry said. My provision is that within some years you will regret that attitude, but its your problem.

    Landry doesn’t blame the general public for perpetuating Quebec’s reputation as a xenophobic society. Rather, he says it’s the media that is being “negligent and, in some cases, contemptuous.”

    [Federal Liberal leader Justin] Trudeau even connected the proposed [anti-multucultist] charter with segregation during a speech on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, though he later clarified that the parallel he was drawing was the fight to respect and accept all Canadians.

    Although both federal opposition leaders have spoken out, Landry saved his strongest words for Trudeau.

    “I can’t believe he compared that to the slavery era in the south of the United States. Incredible,” he said. “I hope you won’t have that person as a prime minister.”


  32. on September 19, 2013 at 12:48 am Kinesthetic Wonder

    I’ve grown beyond negs and even indirect game. I just find the whole “hide your interest” indirect game a waste of time. Better to go in with hella strong body language, kino, and cocky funny. It just seems to be more efficient.


  33. Lol

    A male liberal feminist psych lecturer and blogger whose blog is literally called “Hive Mind”.



  34. on September 19, 2013 at 2:49 am gunslingergregi

    dam gone for a week come back to house the copper pipes still in it I feel so special
    exchick been callin every day
    her mom callin every day lol
    she really ready well that’s nice
    any suggestions on what hoops I should make her jump through for her penance for being a bad girl more insane the better he he he


  35. on September 19, 2013 at 2:58 am gunslingergregi

    back when I was somewhat of a natural and good looking
    like the Saturday night live shit
    I did tell first wife when I met her as I was leaving with another chick that she missed her chance the next week she went home with me
    it definitely made her think about me he he he
    she remembered it forever


    • on September 19, 2013 at 3:00 am gunslingergregi

      I had already run game on her previous to that and she wasen’t interested
      oh gee surprise surprise go home with another chick suddenly very interested especially after talking shit to her


      • on September 19, 2013 at 3:06 am gunslingergregi

        I did a lot lot lottttttttttt
        of taking down anti slut defense that night
        16 years ago jesus
        but yea did the whole no we not having sex we just gonna cuddle or some shit
        kissing her for a long time
        playing the body but I have always been good at that shit touching a bitch to make her horny
        and passionate


  36. on September 19, 2013 at 3:11 am gunslingergregi

    ya know though I think about the English bitch who said I was number 27 or something sure that may have been some fucked up shit to say
    but she is the first chick to let me tattoo my name on her and that was after three days
    she would of let me do anything and that’s what I look for now
    and prob would of done anything for me
    i’ll never forget popping the skin with the needle
    and the bitch eating ants just cause I told her too lol
    should of kept that chick


  37. Negs work, but proceed with caution – many recommend on internet forums or even by famous PUAs often don’t work in the real world. The ‘nails’ example cited here, for example, almost NEVER works in the field. Why? Because the majority of girls who have fake nails paid a lot for them and are proud of the fact and happy to talk about it.

    The other thing to bear in mind is that unless you’re very careful and your neg is on-point and delivered proficiently, it’s very easy to piss the girl off and lose the set, as acknowledged here.

    Overall, you need to remember that girls aren’t stupid – if you approach her, then whatever you say she’s going to assume (rightly) that you’re interested. A lame neg isn’t going to change that. Active disinterest is great in theory: in the field it’s not so straightforward.


  38. ‘recommended’, that is.


  39. It’s pretty easy to practice negging. At college, when I see an above average girl that I’m too busy to approach, I just practice neg in my head. Come up with some little tease or fun insult you can throw her way. Saw a good looking redhead wearing a bright red shirt. “Hey, do you normally plan your outfits to match your hair?”

    Or you know how some girls have that trashy look with the blonde hair and the dark hair mix thing? “So were you born with two hair colors, or did it change as you got older?”

    Then one funny compliment I threw at a hot hot hot platinum blonde the other day was, “Hey. You know what? With all these shitty Scrillex haircuts on campus, your hair is a bit of a sight for sore eyes.”

    She got a good laugh out of that.


    • What you’re doing? It’s-not-working-game.

      I’m starting to understand that the entire playbook can be written on the palm of one’s hand. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, or a single note in a dirge.


      • Not sure I get what you mean. I’m not really talking about approaching in my post, but merely thinking of negs when you see someone worth negging, so you train yourself to come up with them on the spot a bit better.


      • Meant it as a humorous compliment. Because of course the women are gaming us, often unsuccessfully (like, baby, black roots and peroxide?).


  40. Burping shows exactly one thing: What kind of upbringing someone had.
    (hint: not a good one.)

    When I hear a man burping in public his social status to me becomes exactly zero. Admittedly I am a male and therefore not the target group of game, but a neg that at the same time lowers your status isn’t worth it.

    There are so many negs, why should we choose a bad one?


  41. Da, you little twerp.