Masculine Men And Feminine Women Are Happier

CH wrote a few posts explaining why the losers of humanity act out the way they do. WELP, here comes ❤science❤ to… once again… wrap her luscious DSLs around the Heartiste Hambone.

Masculine men and feminine women have greater life satisfaction.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relevance of self-identification in traditional gender roles of masculinity and femininity in women’s and men’s life satisfaction. Participants consisted of 1233 women and 1233 men from the Spanish general population aged between 20 and 60 years. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses showed that although in both genders the most important predictors of life satisfaction were self-esteem and social support, both masculinity and femininity were associated with higher life satisfaction in women and men. Besides, in the prediction of life satisfaction, femininity interacted with social support in women, and masculinity with self-esteem in men, and it was found that the association between femininity and life satisfaction only occurred in women with high social support, and self-esteem was associated with life satisfaction only in men with low masculinity. These results provide information concerning the significance of adherence to gender roles in life satisfaction.

Every goddamned lying filthy loser feminist cunt and mewling diaper loading male feminist manboob just wept on cue. (John Scalzi and David Fatrelle are at this very moment hugging it out, bitch titties intermingling in a dance of erect nipples and pimpled cleavage.)

The evidence is mounting (heh): Happy people are people who more closely adhere to the normal expression of biological sex traits and sex roles. Anyone who veers far from the archetype for her sex will experience unhappiness, dissatisfaction, bitterness, and an unrelenting urge to undermine social norms, get back at her dad, and post tumblr pics of her gross body in a fatkini while insisting she’s sexually attractive to hot, studly men.

If you’re a man, the more you look and act like a masculine man, the more satisfied you are with yourself. If you’re a woman, the more you look and act like a feminine woman, the more satisfied you are with yourself.

It’s as simple as that. And that’s why it drives the rejects on the archipelago of misfit mutants crazy with resentment. It’s a beautiful truth so elegant in its simplicity and unassailable in its parsimony that there’s no way for the degenerates to escape its merciless judgment. They are left swinging futilely at their timeless tormentor, retreating into a false bravado built with lies, sophistry, desperation and the company of their miserable sideshow scoldmates.

Fortunately for the entertainment of the CH reading audience, the Cosmic Shiv doesn’t suffer these tools gladly.


  1. […] Masculine Men And Feminine Women Are Happier […]


    • From what I have observed, (limited no doubt, based on just my social circle, so I could be wrong) most women who champion radical feminist ideas when it comes to gender roles, often seem to carry other beliefs and character traits that when taken together really make it hard for them to be happy.

      For example, I have noticed that the level of femininity is inversely proportional to the amount of ego you have. If a woman is easily offended, has a very high opinion of herself and always puts herself ahead of everybody else, she probably have a nice sized ego and that makes it really hard for her to be pleasantly feminine.

      I explore this more here

      and pose a question at the end of the article that really ties in well with what the researchers found about women’s happiness

      Sometimes I wish other women could experience the joy and bliss I feel from submitting to my husband. Not only does it make me a better human being but without nagging him or making him feel inadequate, I get so much affection from him.

      It boggles my mind that when the answer to a woman’s contentment is so simple, countless women turn away from it and struggle all their lives to feel happy. All for what? political correctness?!! what a heavy price to pay!


  2. An elegant shiv; though slightly distasteful – the part about the Scalzi/Fatrelle intermingling was too descriptive.


  3. on August 5, 2014 at 11:42 am Pervert from a high school playground

    Meanwhile, a Portland woman is making a fine living selling cuddles to cuddle-depleted American men.


  4. >>>John Scalzi and David Fatrelle are at this very moment hugging it out

    True dat, but it’ll be followed by a discussion on who is going to be the bottom and if a reach-around will be included.


    • on August 5, 2014 at 3:03 pm Zombie Shane

      Gotta get permission first or else the honor court might vote to yank your student aid package.


  5. In addition to the usual traditional sex roles, I’d note that promiscuity is a very unfeminine trait and this is why you’ll see girls who rack up high partners are unhappy, regardless of how lithe and feminine their physique may be.

    I think this point slips by somewhat


    • Excellent point… and a most droll monicker! +11


    • on August 5, 2014 at 3:07 pm Zombie Shane

      That gets into the big [MASSIVE] question of how short-term post-coital depression and long-term clinical depression both interact with the urge which compels them towards hypergamy. A big [MASSIVE] topic of conversation.


      • Good point.

        Getting pumped and dumped a lot takes it’s toll on women for sure and it’s not just psychological. It’s related to the chemical process that goes on during and after sex.

        What you say about short term post-coital depression is right on the money. You should read this article. It says exactly that.

        It mentions how women cycle from happy/elated right after sex to sad/bitchy in a matter of days. That’s useful for LTR and non-LTR guys.

        From what the article says, it looks like non-LTR guys could cause a lot less damage and end things with girls on a more positive note if they would just do those check in texts right after the fact before the girl starts down her depression spiral and guys like me can keep our girls wanting more if we catch them right before the downward slide.

        The article says not to go more than 3 or 4 days between wife servicing. Sounds good to me!


      • on August 5, 2014 at 10:17 pm Imperial Leather

        I have a theory that another reason for women to bear multiple children in late teens to early 20’s negates to a large degree their innate solipsism, nature/evolution knows what it is doing

        the technological marvels that are unprecedented in today’s age are the thin veneer supporting such anti-male civilization, should any or all of it come crashing down watch how quickly everything reverts to the norm


      • pumped/dumped boned/disowned is one harsh but unsurprising (for a fair maiden who parts at the knees too easily) scenario they occasionally face. the predominant flangeular scarring in incurred voluntarily as they board the canoli carousel with LGBT abandon.


    • Heartnado would possibly have been better.

      I don’t think he was going for a SyFy-esque shark+(add your whatever here)…

      I think he was going for a shart joke.


    • Maaaybe. Men want to love someone who deserves to be loved, women want to be loved by someone who deserves their love. Whatever ‘the state of nature’ is, everything beautiful we have seems to derive from that quid pro quo.


    • That is because most of those women are copying men. Women are satisfied with one partner, men are not, while men might have affection for one women, he will biologically feel the need to fuck others. Truth is, women are being bullshitted into believing that they are better than men, so in order to at least be equal, they think they have to copy our traits. Sleep around, being an asshole boss, etc.

      Men today too do not check their women. Since most men want to fuck them, they don’t check her and their egos become inflated and so they think they are the shit. But once you start breaking her down, she will be more attracted to you than anyone else.


  6. “. . .miserable sideshow scoldmates.”



  7. on August 5, 2014 at 12:16 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Every goddamned lying filthy loser feminist cunt and mewling diaper loading male feminist manboob just wept on cue

    If only.

    The feminist fuckwits will ignore Science when it contradicts their beliefs, but cite it when it supports them.


  8. on August 5, 2014 at 12:24 pm Charlie Don't Surf

    How strange it is that the self evident truths held by generations of our fore bearers should be called to question by these confused and conceited fools.

    Timothy Chptr 5: … a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions, and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth…


    They are left swinging futilely at their timeless tormentor, retreating into a false bravado built with lies, sophistry, desperation and the company of their miserable sideshow scold mates.

    There is nothing new under the sun.


    • They’ve cut the past away in a foolish attempt to create something better. I could be unkind and say this is a product of the slow creep of Marxist ideology into Western culture, and maybe it is, but I think most of the people who engage in this are well-intentioned, but ignorant.

      And they can be ignorant, sitting in their air-conditioned houses, eating food from their fridge that they didn’t have to hunt or harvest themselves.


    • Chapter 6, my brother.


  9. In Aristotle’s virtue ethics, “virtue” really just means function. A virtuous person is simply one that is functioning properly. In the Nicomachean Ethics he goes through the different virtues/kinds of virtue, culminating in the argument that eudaimonia – happiness/flourishing – is only the total and proper functioning of the human in practice.

    Had Aristotle witnessed the non-functioning of today’s sexes (vice = not functioning right) he would accordingly have surmised this will cause internal discord.


  10. Swimming against the current of biology will never be viable in the long-term (as in over the course of a person’s life – not as in eons). That’s why ideologies like neofeminism, which laugh in the face of sexual dimorphism, are self-limiting.


  11. “and self-esteem was associated with life satisfaction only in men with low masculinity”



    • Translation and analysis: Men who thought highly of themselves and who were not very masculine expressed satisfaction with their lives — makes sense. But men who were highly masculine, regardless of their expressed self-esteem, were more satisfied with their lives than self-satisfied effeminate manboys. That’s how I took it, anyway.

      [CH: yeah, i took it that way too. it’s an interesting nuance, because it obliquely vindicates another CH precept: that overconfident men are more attractive to women, regardless of the justification or lack thereof for their confidence.

      women, otoh, seem to get some of their self-satisfaction by trading in their femininity for group support.]


  12. on August 5, 2014 at 1:06 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

    preprogrammed wowjustwow response: genderfreaks are just less happy because the paaaaatriarchy is marginalizing them!


  13. […] Women aren’t men, men aren’t women. When women judge themselves on whether they can do the things men do, or achieve the things men achieve, they are limiting themselves. When women decided that having a job/career, “just like men”, was the thing to do, they found out that it wasn’t all that much fun. Men have known this forever. Men have always needed a job if they wanted the basics like food, shelter, and clothing. And having a good paying job is still a requirement if a man wants a family of his own. For most men, this is a duty and an obligation, not a “Privilege of the Patriarchy”. When you see stats about how marriage benefits a man because of the increased earnings, remember that those increased earnings are not a benefit, but rather a duty. In the absence of a spouse, the lower income a man earns actually provides more disposable income to the man, since his spending isn’t controlled by someone else. […]


  14. on August 5, 2014 at 1:51 pm Mitch Cumstein

    When I was in college, I met this girl who was very masculine. She hung out with my buddies and me. None of us were attracted to her…she used to go to the gym and lift all the time. Could probably beat the shit out of every man here. But she was a good wingwoman, so we’d let her tag along every now and then.

    She always used to say, “I’m never getting married or having kids. To hell with that!” We all just kind of said, “Okay, do whatever you want.”

    Fast forward 8 years…she’s about to turn 30. Every one of us from college has a girlfriend now. She’s got no one. All the relationships she’s had have been over and done within a matter of months. You can see the sadness in her eyes when she’s seeing these relationships progress.She’s since changed her stance to “I’m open to getting married, but we’ll see…”

    If you ignore her words and look into her eyes, you see a woman who’s about to be left without a chair when the music stops. Or one who’ll end up picking a really shitty chair.


    • on August 5, 2014 at 3:13 pm Zombie Shane

      Dude – you know any big strong-willed hoss you could set her up with? If not, then could you shoot a load in her cootch a few days before she ovulates?

      My lady needs some buns in her oven.


      • on August 5, 2014 at 3:16 pm Zombie Shane

        SRSLY, don’t wait another five years and suddenly she hits the wall and her ovaries start shrivelling up and you can’t find a date for her. Get her to pushing out them future NCAA Div I football players now, before it’s too late.


    • on August 5, 2014 at 3:24 pm A Random Guy

      I’m sure thwack would be happy to help out…


    • on August 5, 2014 at 5:22 pm Steve Johnson

      “None of us were attracted to her…she used to go to the gym and lift all the time. Could probably beat the shit out of every man here.”

      Guys have got to cut this bullshit out.

      No, she couldn’t unless every man here is in a wheelchair (and even then it’s not a good bet).

      Women are really weak and slow – even the “athletic” ones.

      Go down to a bjj gym where there are women who are members and you’ll have your eyes opened. The only women beating untrained men off the street are brown belts and up – in other words, women who have dedicated half a decade or more to training.

      Pretending manly women are actually up to the standards of men just feeds their delusions and lets them forget about how pathetic they actually are – which doesn’t do anyone any good.


      • This shit sums up how ridiculous Hollywood can be…and most people watch this and it goes right past their atrophied logic filters.


      • Funny you should say… this was my reaction upon reading that too, but in a rare fit of “aw, forget it” I somehow restrained myself from replying.

        +11, and well put.

        This whole girl-kicks-ass thing in the MSM is starting to stick in my craw.

        [CH: propaganda built with lies tends to do that to normal people.]


    • i know women like this, same variation of one theme. i feel bad for them but not that bad. the 20s go by fast when they party, goto college and work – or some variation of that. my advice for them is to find a divorced late 40s beta get married and push out kids. the beta will die in his 50s and if u set up ur financials right you can be set for life. my beta dad only lasted to 55, God rest his soul.

      i always tease them about being overschooled for childbearing, its a good neg.


  15. This underscores how utterly hopeless our situation is as a society.

    A couple transgendered women begging for money from the grievance community so they can afford to attend a conference to promote “Trans, Queer, Indigenous & People of Color, Sick and Disabled Communities or “TQIPOC SDQ” if you’re into ridiculous acronyms the way the grievance crowd seems to be. (Parenthetically, don’t know what the “Q” stands for… I guess TQIPOC SDC was already taken by another grievance group.)

    The fetidness and rottenness of these two loathsome and voracious monstrosities is abundantly clear. One of them calls herself a “healer”, but has to waddle around with a cane. Her “disability” is obviously that she’s morbidly obese. It’s probably playing havoc with her knees. And notice the picture with the caption “We waaaaant it all!!!”

    I’d wager that there is a direct correlation between unhappiness and the length/complexity of the acronyms these moronic beasts use to describe themselves.

    “Man” happy… “Woman”… Happy. But start referring to yourself as a “trans cis disabled taco bell dildo indigenous person of color milk shake”, and demanding all of the rights thereof while shouldering absolutely none of the responsibilities to be even a basic human being (e.g. losing the fucking blubber so you can heal yourself) and you’re going to be a miserable and tortured soul.

    It really does seem that these humans intentionally try to make themselves as utterly awful, un-human and miserable as possible.


  16. “bitch titties intermingling in a dance of erect nipples and pimpled cleavage”

    Jesus man, can you at least put a trigger warning on that for those of us with weak constitutions?


  17. So this means that bull dykes and limpwristed sodomite nancybois are the least satisfied with their lives. This confirms perfectly my experience with these confused degenerates.


    • They’re miserable people through and through.

      (Pro tip: replying to your own post makes your post look popular)


  18. This is interesting, but common sense study, yes. It IS interesting that they do the study so that other people can understand though. 🙂 .
    It seems people are willing to dis regard millenia of male-female gender roles, in favor of trusting in a feminism, or a scientific study. And so it is disconcerting that studies like this are even necessary.

    Why would one be happy in a role that contradicts their own biological constitution? (Does that make gramatical sense?) Women have wombs to make babies, men have high T/sex drive to try and impregnate those women, women have breasts to feed babies, men have more spatial ability and logic and women have more emotion based brains to nurture those babies. Men have stronger muscles to go out and labor. Women have less to work in the home. etc.

    Whether you are religious or a science lover, everything in nature indicates women and men’s correct gender roles.That is nature, the way God made us. When we try to fight the nature, we just can not be happy.

    That is probably why with the rise of feminism more and more people are depressed.


  19. on August 5, 2014 at 4:12 pm Reservoir Tip

    Very nice prose on this one, CH.


  20. But CH, this is only evidence of how oppressive society is. Masculine men and feminine women are only happy because they fit socially constructed ideals of beauty. If we embraced body diversity and somehow convinced people that every body is equally beautiful, everybody would be happy.


    • on August 5, 2014 at 5:47 pm Hammer of Love

      Yes, ignore all historical notions about beauty and symmetry .

      If only the patriarchy wasn’t oppressing us all , flying unicorns would shit glitter and gold coins would roll off rainbows.

      Your probably going to blame the ” white man ” next.


  21. at the gym yesterday – my buddy works there (my old gig). picture chris farley, with a beard, 50lbs less. very outgoing motherfucker. nice kid, 22.

    i was in at a different time than usual – was saying hi to one of the boys, asked him about his new mercedes – he said yeah, its black on black. my buddy chimes in and says, loudly, with girls around, and his choice of rap music raping my ears, “big…black…cock!”

    i didnt say anything – like watching a retard order food – have patience.

    this is our society – my buddy is a good guy, though he’s very emotional and is a social media whore. like a girl. he absorbs mainstream pop culture, like a girl.

    heh, when i changed the music to my playlist of helmet, new mastodon, strapping young lad, old metallica etc. he gives me this look , a “how dare you change my coon tunes”

    i winked.


    • Man, rap music is good stuff. I’ve been on a steady diet of metal similar to yourself for the last 15 years. I recently switched to hip hop for a change and my goodness. To say the least every 15yo boy should listen to this stuff purely for the attitude towards oneself and women that it instills.


    • Testosterone does matter, and women are deficient, as are men due to the fucked up shit in our food and environment, not to mention the effects of hormonal birth control.

      It’s precisely why the upcoming generation of teen girls and 20 something co-ed’s look like a pile of lard. They have cellulite and no muscle tone, a la Lena Dunham. It’s not just overeating, there are underlying pathologies and deficiencies seriously fucking people up.


      • 100%

        i was being a smart ass.


      • while testosterone is great it is surprisingly difficult to get into free t(free testosterone). its common for people to have enough t but low free t. free t is what allows recovery, sex, performance in athletics.

        a person can optimize their free t but the process is complicated and time consuming. before a person worrys about t or free t they shoul ask two questions, am i getting 7-9hrs of restful sleep each night? and are they staying hydrated properly with good electrolyte managemen. if no for both dont even worry bout testosterone.


  22. “If a woman is easily offended, has a very high opinion of herself and always puts herself ahead of everybody else, she probably have a nice sized ego and that makes it really hard for her to be pleasantly feminine.”

    Dang straight. I had a conversation with a gal like that a few days ago. She’s some sort of scientific researcher. Totally snotty, self-absorbed and condescending. High IQ, sure… but she couldn’t use it like a man would. I was listening to her casually debate a fellow and her arguments were basically “see, I’m so smart that what I’m saying is right and my brain is faster than yours so you lose.” Great vocabulary but solipsistic to the extreme.

    Plus she was carrying a few extra lbs around the middle. Femininity fail.


  23. OT.

    We’ve all seen this before.

    Hot, high school teacher bangs 16 year old student.

    Then another 17 year old.

    Hamster says it’s not her fault since he wore down her defenses.

    Tries hot librarian look in court. Trial is now delayed.

    I think we all know how this one ends. Suspension, Playboy/porn offers, that one teacher a decade back even got the cover of People magazine or something like that, posing with the student because they ended up getting married, maybe a book deal.

    (Protip: Just picture the polar opposite of what a 34-year old guy would get having sex with a 16 year old student.)


    • WTF… are the Beavis & Butthead/South Park generation of snarky metros so pussified that this apparently hot young woman has to look to teens with barely a hair on their (ahem) chests for sexual satisfaction?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  24. on August 5, 2014 at 5:46 pm gunslingergregi

    i’d say lower iq most satisfied hence all the hate from higher iq’s
    and always fucking with them


  25. on August 5, 2014 at 5:50 pm gunslingergregi

    but yea my chick used to run a harem of dudes serving her not happy with life wanted to die
    now in the feminine role serving me happy here


  26. I am very feminine and love a very masculine man. However, many of my girlfriends who I love because they are very protective of me and mentor me at work are alpha females, some love the masculine guy (but they end disagreeing about everything with them and seem to split) but many love the Beta guys. They seem to appreciate a man who will go with the flow, someone intellectual and someone who she doesn’t have to fight women off (us women love knowing he will stick around if we have babies with him). She likes playing out her life the way she likes with a supportive male.

    I personally don’t get it as I want my man to be kind, intelligent and ultra masculine (without being a jerk). I love talk, dark, muscular and tatted who is dominant over other men. The leader of the pack is the man I end up with.

    I think my friends who are the women you seem to dislike the most are equally if not happier than me but then again they haven’t had men in their lives putting them down like I have. They seem to have more self confidence and equally /similar social support so you’re not really right.

    I love them dearly. Feminists are just strong willed women, they teach me stuff and I teach them stuff, they are not evil. Actually they have my back when I need them.

    If you google what makes people happy, social support comes up as does achieving goals. If her life purpose doesn’t fit with a tough guy, she isn’t going to be happy, just like I would feel like I had to step up and be a man if I hung around a more feminine man.

    Neither is right or wrong, just what a preference is. There are so many more women know seeking a supportive man over a masculine man because we make our own money now.


    • I like how your comment just completely ignores the findings in the article.

      And Women wonder why we don’t take anything they say serious when men are having a serious discussion.


      • She’s saying her personal experience is different from the article.

        I happen to think the article’s right, but that’s kind of the point of a comment section.


      • Give me a moment and let me see if I can grok this…

        A woman ignores the points of the topic at hand and the findings of research because HER experience differs?

        Hmmmm… (Jeopardy theme optional at this point)…

        Okay, got it now.


    • quite the bouncy


    • on August 6, 2014 at 5:51 am The Burninator

      That shit is hamster crack right there. I like the comment that stated “the boy you date gets laid, the man you marry gets the room rental on his credit card bill”, heh.


    • funny


    • The last one just killed me. It may as well say “…will make you question and shit-test him until he can’t possibly live up to your inflated self-worth. Then you’ll work harder to hide Chad Thundercock from the guy bankrolling your every whim. If you get caught, you can always blame him for not being the guy you fell in love with.”


    • That “date” portion of that article is chickspeak for “fuck”.


  27. I think Zombie Shane had a nightmare that looked something like this:

    (4th pic down is the best)

    These are rich, famous, young SMV prime girls who could be anywhere on the planet at anytime with anyone they want. They are not poor, average girls from smalltown USA, starstruck and willing to do anything to be around the Hollywood scene.

    And they are making the free will choice to spend their free time hanging out with a grilled up, convicted felon and other thugs. How many of these entourage posse members are living in some way, shape or form off the confiscation of tax dollars from the Producer class?

    As a corollary, where will they be when the Shit Hits the Fan and a spider begins to weave a web in the empty steel mailbox where a Welfare/WIC/EBT check used to be reliably deposited every week?

    Another candidate for the Goodbye America blog.


    • on August 5, 2014 at 8:15 pm gunslingergregi

      they are chicks either way they will be fine
      they don’t need the subsidies or enforcement of equality


      • Yeah, the girls will be fine.

        My comment was regarding the thugs. We now live in a society that confiscates income from law-abiding producers and gives it to slacker and/or law-breaking thugs.

        While the Producer trades 10+ hours of his precious life per day to support him, the Thug is able to use this time to spit game at and party with the high SMV girls that the Producer’s cubicle and long hours keeps him far away from.

        This situation is artificial, phony, Bernankified and Yellened. It cannot be sustained in a natural environment.

        Not because the women don’t crave the criminal rebel who flips society the middle finger. Oh no, because they do. Rather, in a true survival of the fittest, naturally-sorted society, the closest in proximity a Thug would ever get to such high SMV/wealthy women would be a 500-pixel JPEG on a computer he got as collateral in a drug deal.

        When the SHTF, and cold, clinical reality pimpslaps the Thug upside the head and he’s filling out job applications, marking an ‘X’ next to the “convicted of a felony” question, where the hot bitches gonna be?


      • joe

        the only crime today is being a “law abiding producer” seems kinda dumb eh?

        just stop doing that.


      • on August 6, 2014 at 2:02 am gunslingergregi

        if thugs would put the work ethic into jobs as they put into dealin they would all be rich anyway
        be happy they go to jail and get robbed by police and shit for what they work for
        be careful what you wish for


    • You call these skanks white?


    • These guys are rich an famous rappers


      • (C)Rap is subculture of lowlife, ugly and savage as they are
        It has been pushed in lamestream for last 2 decades by YKW
        Those who listens to it should forever be banished from the realm of civilized with no chance for redemption
        Their existence is and should be as consequential as the one of an amoeba


    • I seem to recall them chainsawing crosses and fucking with church services, then conveniently relocating to Paris when the kitchen got hot. They’re obviously just another prog front, sent to create fat dissatisfied women in the Ukraine.

      Tip: mustard gas.


    • Wow…your alias reminds me of my misguided youth. Such good times happening at South Campus.

      I weep everytime I have to pass by South Campus Gateway.


    • Where are the Cossacks when you need ’em?


  28. CH, I remember once recently you mentioned that with such newfound awareness of security breaches and NSA spying, why is the free market not responding?

    This article gives a good overview of a few new services on tap, namely Blackphone, Signal and Wickr’s unbreakable encryption:–finance.html

    [CH: thanks for the link.]


    • there is a paradox with this stuff. the govt has the power to deny existance of such things so why does this exist… there are backdoors put in everything these days. if you have something to hide you can’t keep a cell phone around.


  29. My Girlfriend – or actually, my latest girlfriend, is like as if a real live angel of Estrogen. My first impression of her was simply “She is the best example.” IE, most attractive female alive..
    Then she offered to take me out and pay for dinner and the bar tab. (Maybe it was really on her mothers credit card.- So what, her Mother owes me.)
    None of us can hope to get out of here alive.


    • Didn’t you say you had a beautiful blonde wife that’s a doctor?

      Try to keep the stories straight, cool they may be… bro.


  30. It is not stupid one-it-ness if she really is an ANGEL..
    The thing is, she appears to be within hours of killing herself.
    She jumps; I jump..


    • on August 6, 2014 at 2:07 am gunslingergregi

      she prob just jokin


    • Another few of your posts and I might consider it myself.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • The suicidal damsel in distress? Come on, Rum. You know better.


      • And that BPD ‘ANGEL’ is a fucking animal (heh) in the sack isn’t she RUM? If she is BPD, and I suspect she is as the suicide thing is a tell-tale sign, she will in due time suck the fucking life out of you. Go read gettinbetter dot com to see the excitement in store for you.


  31. The feminist counter-argument is that it’s because society validates the choices of masculine men and feminine women and feminists and manboobs are tired of fighting against the grain. Also, Spain is technically a different culture, although obviously still Western.

    I think you’re right–I quit being a feminist when I realized they hated me anyway–but you drop back to the whole nature-nurture argument.

    (That said, it still argues pretty clearly that being a manly man is better.)

    [CH: if they’re tired of fighting against the grain they could always take steps to make themselves more agreeably normal, like for instance, pushing away from the table and not being an annoying shrieking feminist cunt.]


    • who cares what feminist think? thats what got most men here.


      • I wasn’t too manly, and with all the whining about jocks (ie alpha males) I figured I might as well go for the group that appreciated guys like me. Of course, they were lying. 😉

        Being a cynical beta isn’t *quite* as good as being alpha, but you get a little further than being a manboob beta, and you don’t have to worry about what the bitches think of you. And you’re free to take the lead in the relationship. Better reign in hell, than serve in heaven, as another possessor of Dark Triad traits once said.


    • CH: Well, yeah, and it’s why a lot of women grow out of it when they decide they want a family.

      Most hardcore feminists are seriously defective–they get a high dose of T *and* neuroticism, *and* get fed an ideology that things should go their way. Non-neurotic high-T women simply find a guy they like and are done with it. The feminists have been fed an ideology that says it’s *wrong* to conform.

      After all, the Cathedral/TPTB/Synagogue of Satan could ask *you*, why waste all your time trying to raise a movement? Why not just sit there and watch the world go to hell while you sit poolside? Presumably you care about Western Civ/America/Europe and don’t want to watch it go downhill.Same with them–they believe in their cockamamie ideology.


      • good concept but i don’t think they ever grow out of it. these are philosophical beliefs that we’re talking about. people don’t change that much.

        these women might tone down their rantings and redirect their passion in different ways and into different causes but they will still raise their children believing that women are oppressed angels and men are the root of all evil. and they will emasculate their husbands whenever they have the chance.


  32. on August 6, 2014 at 6:20 am The Spirit Within


    Total game killer: A pheremone dating event.

    Why approach? Why neg? Why do anything at all when you can just wait to learn what nature has preselected for you.


  33. OT

    Our godless government would NEVER unleash a virus on the public:


  34. ill leave this here lolol

    “mothers trying to protect their children from abusive fathers who aggressively litigate against them, using family court to stalk, harass, punish, and impoverish their former partners and children.”


    • on August 6, 2014 at 8:41 am gunslingergregi

      Committee: Perhaps time limits on these cases are also needed. In one case in California, the evaluation phase of the custody case lasted 3 years and cost $1.5 million.””””””””””’

      well there ya go
      not about mother father or kids lol


    • on August 6, 2014 at 8:42 am gunslingergregi

      when the woman run out of money looks like they are told to heal themselves


    • Discrimination against women in family courts? :confused:

      What planet is this?


  35. Ignorance is a bliss. 😉


  36. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why it drives the rejects on the archipelago of misfit mutants crazy with resentment.

    Amen, bro!


  37. CH,

    Does this video of a Hyena’s She-Penis accurately depict what it’s like to sleep with a femcunt lawyer?


  38. CH is wrong about the extent to which this expression is a choice. Pathogens influence gene expression and cause subacture mineral imbalances and moreorless control behavior. Specific pathogens prefer more girly boys and then certain bugs like more butch girls. The misery genderbending people experience is not the result of their choice to flaunt traditional gender roles. The misery (or mental illness as it is further pathologized to the enrichment of pharmaceutical patent holders) is also a symptom of the infection caused by circulating endotoxins released by these bugs, typically in the sm intestine where they are obscured by the fecal matter and causing neurological inflammation and retention of heavy metals and these folks become very toxic.

    They feel victimized because they are, not by straight white men, but by the bugs cohabitating in their bodies and causing this feeling of being out of control, misunderstood, that ‘something is off’ and more.

    Stop the bugs and you eradicate the problem. However the bugs are very very valuable to many interests and this is possibly why mebendazole was entirely discontinued in the US (for no known reason) and why albendazole was rasied from a few cents a pill to over $100, literally.

    Ayway the people are suffering and deserve love and compassion but the healthy need to rise up and assume the leadership position. THis is a very sick time indeed. But the supposed enemies of the CH movement are not nearly so strong as CH imagines and they are also very clueless and very much in need of help. I am trying to be kind to them because they are suffering, like we all are really. There is no evident solution here because the bugs are very hard to get rid off so long as a person subsists on chemical food and hybridized food which causes further immune challenge. Of course, the drugs can help a bit and natural treatments but as I alluded to, there are interests happy to make $1000 a month on abilify forever to adjust chemical imbalance than to treat the real problem.

    Chew on this for a while for it will change everything for you once you understand it — give yourself time.


    • So, cure the gay.

      Funny, most gay/lesbian people I know don’t want to be cured. Of course this can be explained away with the treatments being tailor made to make the host prefer their path therefore keeping them right where the powers that be want them.

      Awfully complex when it’s easier to condition the masses via media and consumer products.

      “Red is the new blue” – Wall-E


    • If it is a bug, I don’t think getting rid of it medically is a good solution. Resistant parasites can evolve from use of drugs and pesticides. I think too much use of antimicrobials and the like is part of what causes these problems. Kids don’t play in the dirt anymore.


  39. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    “Oppressive gender roles”
    Once again confirming a pet theory of mine that feminists enjoy being unhappy.


  40. […] The evidence is mounting (heh): Happy people are people who more closely adhere to the normal expression of biological sex traits and sex roles. Anyone who veers far from the archetype for her sex will experience unhappiness, dissatisfaction, bitterness, and an unrelenting urge to undermine social norms, get back at her dad, and post tumblr pics of her gross body in a fatkini while insisting she’s sexually attractive to hot, studly men. If you’re a man, the more you look and act like a masculine man, the more satisfied you are with yourself. If you’re a woman, the more you look and act like a feminine woman, the more satisfied you are with yourself. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why it drives the rejects on the archipelago of misfit mutants crazy with resentment. It’s a beautiful truth so elegant in its simplicity and unassailable in its parsimony that there’s no way for the degenerates to escape its merciless judgment. […]