Soft Harem Acknowledgement In The Wider Culture

From a Facebook feed:

Self-report bias may make sex survey data less than reliable indicators of when-the-lights-are-off sexual behavior, but widely-held cultural perceptions that can elicit knowing chuckles from most people are often windows into real world behaviors of a Silent Depravity that aren’t captured by pencil and paper divining tests.

The graphic above doesn’t say that married couples are all swinging dicks ruling over Golden Whore concubines. What it taps into instead is a recognition that the premarital dating market is skewed in ways big and small toward the advantage of alpha males who, when they and their female admirers are left to their own devices, tend to juggle concurrent lovers while women who catch the eye of these lordly alpha males tend to ignore lesser men for their true desires.

This sexual market reality may dissipate under the constraints of the marriage market, but it never fully disappears. One ignores deeply rooted psychological and libidinous differences between the sexes at peril of their own romantic fortunes.


  1. […] Soft Harem Acknowledgement In The Wider Culture […]


  2. Almost. Bottom graphic should show the heartbroken woman pining for an alpha studboy being fellated, with a line of other women waiting behind her so they can fellate him, too, as soon as she’s done. Wuv, twu wuv indeed.


  3. on September 6, 2014 at 11:21 am gunslingergregi


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    • on September 6, 2014 at 11:25 am gunslingergregi

      watchin that def let your girl hold the gun if there is only one
      she could of been poppin
      although 6 of em
      6 fuckin dudes wtf


    • Good thing the attack happened during the day. None of those pitch-black turds would’ve shown up on night footage.


      • They only problem is they attacked they “wrong” white people.

        Their are plenty of white people deserving of beatdowns; some of them even post here.


      • Zombie Shane
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      • on September 6, 2014 at 9:45 pm gunslingergregi

        Their are plenty of white people deserving of beatdowns; some of them even post here.


        6 on one eh thwack
        i’ll fight you one vs one if you want


      • Where do you stay at?


      • on September 7, 2014 at 2:56 pm gunslingergregi

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      • on September 7, 2014 at 4:22 pm Randy the Random

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      • thwack feisty today!! A)”Plenty of white people deserving of beatdowns”. ??Dana Milbank? Sounds good. Plenty of niggazz deserving too! B) I think shane refers to the black bike week,black freaknic and black spring break kind of stuff. MMM at least was a(pointless) attempt to accomplish something,as opposed to jess gettin yo freak on. I was at a Lil Wayne concert a while back with my 17 year old lite skin black girlfriend when a couple of brothers started mouthing off,talking bout why you wit dat white boy? What he can do fo you? I said,”Step off niggers and lemme enjoy da shit,else I be up in yo shit!” Hell I’ll grab a nigga by da colla if I got to,nomesayne? Niggers almost ruined the concert!


      • Joke circa mm man march (told by friend working in DC at time, with common sense directive to take that day off):

        What do you call it when a million lesbians join the million man march?

        2 million people who don’t do dick….



      (10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.


    • jeez, I just love diversity

      but, but, white people do stuff exactly like this too, and so do Asians. And by “do” I mean maybe from never to once.


    • With a little luck that couple have had 20 years of fantasy land indoctrination from schools and the media driven out of them in less than a minute. Maybe one of those goons even looked like a young Morgan Freeman.


    • on September 8, 2014 at 5:10 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Generally human refuse attacks in groups for some reason.


    • “Maybe one of those goons …”

      Bravo for not calling them ‘thugs.’ Remember folks, so long as they roam wild you want to call them belittling names. Only after you win you can call them scary names to glorify your victory.


  4. Love is only complicated when its one-sided.


    • on September 6, 2014 at 12:00 pm gunslingergregi

      no its not
      it is not complicated at all with any chick I don’t love


    • What’s love got to do with it?
      *in my best Tina Turner voice


    • For women formerly in relationships, “its complicated” means denying “its over” or even that “it never was.” If you’re not mentioned in his facebook status, but yours says “its complicated,” its time to face facts. Break ups are awful- even humiliating. Its a time to be introspective and appreciative of those who support you. The pain you are experiencing cannot be reduced by making others “pay,” especially when they are not responsible for your predicament. It can only be avoided by learning how to make better choices and live more harmoniously with others. Chin up. There are happier days in store if you make the proper changes.


      • Anyway, I brought some imported beer to my country dance bar and told Q that we needed to sneak out to get the beer cause we might get banned if they catch us drinking in our cars. It was like sneaking out of high school to drink. So we danced to an exit off the dance floor and left to go drink in my pickup truck. “There’s Something Women Like About a Pickup Man”, lol. No big deal, just drinking a beer and chatting and figuring out logistics to practice some dance moves. We headed back towards the bar and her gf came out yelling for her. Apparently, Q left her phone and purse in the bar and her gf was worried. So, we got a little bit of notoriety.

        Q got pretty drunk and was hanging off my neck as we walked off the floor later in the night.


      • I danced a lot with Z the same night that Q and I drank beer in my pickup. All I was doing was smiling and looking at Z while we danced (I have a dancing-eyes natural flirting ability). Z was smoothing her hair over her ears continually while we danced. It was pretty funny. She complimented me on my leading over and over, although my leading never changed. It was all nervous tingles. When I was ready to leave, Z was avoiding me, probably projecting her attraction/arousal on me.

        Amazing how effective G-rated flirting can be when done by a master.

        So, flirting with both Q and Z the same night made things complicated…for them.


  5. mongruls


  6. This is so depressing. Ever since “Approach Week” I have been opening EVERY woman whom I cross paths with physically [saying all of the clever things which in the past I would only think silently to myself]. And just from yesterday, I had a married chick who was completely ignoring her clingy Beta husband and staring at me, and an HB9 zero-% body fat [looked like a Victoria’s Secret underwear model] opening me and apologizing for something her son had just done.


  7. on September 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm gunslingergregi

    allright going to meet my replacement chick
    have fun


  8. No one puts “single” on their Facebook anymore. It signifies zero options. For women, because they’ve hit the wall and can’t demand the kind of companionship they could in the past. For men…well… because they just don’t “get it”.

    Also, anyone who puts “it’s complicated” as their relationship status is about the biggest red flag I can think of on social media. If you buy into that shit, you deserve whatever comes your way.


    • Man fuck over analyzing shit like that


    • “No one puts “single” on their Facebook anymore. It signifies zero options. For women, because they’ve hit the wall and can’t demand the kind of companionship they could in the past.”

      that might be true for women without options but chicks who do have options aren’t afraid to post their single status. in fact, most hot girls will use that as an indicator that they are available in between relationships so guys know when it’s okay to check in.

      a girl with no relationship status set is a girl who is alone and feeling insecure about it or is in a “complicated relationship” and is too embarrassed to say so. those are both cases of girls who know they have limited or no options.

      chicks with options have no problem posting single because they aren’t embarrassed about it. they know being single is only temporary for them and saying they are single gives them more opportunities to find a new guy. they won’t change that single status until they get a commitment from someone because they know they are high value and want to keep their options open until they find the best deal possible.

      aside from that, girls who are happy in their relationships have no problem saying they are “in a relationship” or married. girls who have “it’s complicated” are immature attention whores without decent relationship skills.

      relationships are the most important thing to women so if a girl isn’t telling everyone in the world about her relationship or her interest in starting a new one, you should see that as a big red flag.

      guys leave relationship statuses blank for a number of reasons. it doesn’t always mean lack of options. it could be because of multiple relationships, privacy, etc. that kind of mystery is actually beneficial for men in some cases but women who claim to leave their status blank because of privacy are blowing smoke up your ass. they do that because they are ashamed of their obvious lack of options or failure to hold their relationships together.


    • on September 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm betterthantheoriginalwally

      It’s complicated = Still banging my ex.


      • there’s a new option i saw a couple times with a button that says ‘ask me’. it’s perfect for the female mind. which facebook is, in general. which is why it sucks.

        side note i was talking to an overseas ex earlier and she was talking about a fantasy she’d had of me tearing into her while she was completely asleep so she woke up with me inside her. so this is like 5 years ago and i’m not sure if i was more a pussy or just lazy not wanting to wake up before her, but when i told her today it sounded like a great idea to me, her response was:

        “I pretty sure asked for that soo many times and you said it was a rape 😦
        Wish you were closer, seriously”

        frowny face after what on just about any usa college campus would be rape nowadays. this country, and facebook, suck.


      • on September 8, 2014 at 5:15 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        I have single on my FB despite banging one of my exes. Don’t really care though since I don’t use FB to seek paramours.


  9. Speaking of FB.
    Just saw a post from a dude that said this,

    “Never had a date end at 8:30 on a Saturday. Call it a wash?”

    It’s 11:30 now. She probably has been plowed 3 times since he dropped her off, by her ex or some other dude.


    • had a chick that went on a date with some dude then called me…I had never even met her yet. was an online meet and I made intentions relatively clear from the getgo.

      This is why you should NEVER wine and dine a girl and not expect sex. She WILL be in the mood for it and will avail herself of other options after you drop her off, even badboy types she interacted with on no more than the internet.


  10. Timely post and this is just to share. Today I completed my Fuck Ten Other Women Mission (a few asterisks) This was part of an attempt to see whether I could still do this and an attempt to align some of the inner game principles and deal with the sense of loss and core shame of having been cheated on and left by my ex gf.

    1) 34 year old teacher. Went out for 3 months, she still texts, sends hot selfies, haven’t yet re-engaged after she told me she loved me and couldn’t be with me

    2) 31 year old office lady, banged on first date. banged again, that’s it

    3) 25 year old Indonesian nanny. Banged her, bit heavy,

    4) 33 year old Filipina nanny….hot body but 33…banged once…

    5) 27 year old smoking hot Vietnamese girl on business, met on Tinder, text game, met, banged her at my place same night—within 2 hours of meeting her

    6) 23 year old Mainland Chinese exchange student, cute, rich, well dressed but claimed she once “drugged” her ex bf with a laxative after finding out he cheated on her. She blew me on second date. Avoided her after that.

    7, 8, 29 and 25 year old Filipina nannies great bodies….

    9) 26 year old bondage freak met online, still banging…great times

    10) *** 26 year old theatre student—still a work in progress, finger banged and made out…

    I made clear with all these girls very early that this was about fucking and anything else would be a result of that fucking.

    nearly all the girls resisted or flaked at one point before i banged them. I never got upset but did put them out to pasture for a few weeks until they demonstrated a clear willingness to submit.

    My own goal of now banging only girls in their 20’s is achievable.

    In addition, have changed mindset slowly to “Abundance mentality” and have taken advice here of texting flakes after banging one of the girls….in every case that flake reversed. in my mind i had an “i just got banged…you’re next” attitude.

    Apart from the 34 year old and the slightly batty Vietnamese girl none of the others shit-tested about player or having other girls.

    I developed a structure adopted from Krauser’s model to approach, escalate, text game and close. I have a structure now for shifting into “r-selected” lover paradigm vs k-selected “provider” paradigm.

    I asked each of these girls “Have you ever had a foreign lover?” This idea of: “Have you ever had a xxxxx lover?” can be whatever you think your point of difference is “married guy” “tall guy”, blue-eyed guy….older guy….etc ….the pont is injecting the word “lover” to make clear what this interaction is about.


  11. […] From a Facebook feed: Self-report bias may make sex survey data less than reliable indicators of when-the-lights-are-off sexual behavior, but widely-held cultural perceptions that can elicit knowing chuckles from most people are often windows into…  […]


  12. There are a few important elements missing from the graph.
    If the girl is at least a 5 and has at least 1 bikini- or cleavage shot posted, her status would be ‘I’ve got 759,364 Friend Requests’.
    If the guy is over 30 (and NOT on Access Hollywood), his status is likely to be ‘completely ignored by everyone other than businesses trying to sell him crap’.


  13. Question for the Lords of the Chateau on Plate Spinning:

    It seems like if you break the “see them once per week or less” rule, they inevitably fall in love. Maybe with this one it would have happened anyway despite my many disclaimers against wanting a relationship or being boyfriend material. She has fallen really hard.

    I’ve been too busy with work to get new plates spinning consistently so this one has been a nice, low effort piece to avoid a dry spell. I’m hesitant to let her go but I realize that I might be sabotaging myself with a “safety net” mentality. That said, I’m slowly getting my momentum back.

    I like her but don’t really have very strong feelings either way. She’s probably a fading 7 (27yo). The feather in her cap is that she helped me explore some pretty dark kinky shit that I hadn’t played with before. She is completely submissive in the bedroom and pretty submissive outside of it.

    I’ve seen her at most once every 5-6 days on average, so not much more than once per week. She’s an emotional girl and has made much effort to please me. If I have to, I’ll let her go, but I don’t want to break her more than she already is.

    The main problem is that now she’s popping the “I love you”s and looking for a relationship of sorts. She tried this once or twice before without the “L” word and I successfully deflected it. I’ve always been clear about my need to fuck other women so I suspect she’d accept some sort of open arrangement, but I don’t even want the expectation of the effort associated with the word “relationship”.

    What are my options?


    • on September 7, 2014 at 10:41 am Holden Caulfield

      She wants you to commit to her in some form so she doesn’t feel like a slut for fucking you (especially if there was kink play). Its all about her ego, so don’t sweat it and don’t feel any guilt if you don’t want to be serious with her. Remember, she won’t feel bad rejecting a beta male, so you should feel no remorse rejecting her (or using her in any way you wish without commitment).
      Also note that pushing for a relationship can be a shit test. You’ve been warned 😉


      • I agree; just use her. Consume her and then discard. She’ll decide when/if she’s had enough or you just stop calling her except when absolutely nothing better is available and you’re also bored.


    • 1) Put buns in her oven and hang around afterwards to help raise them.

      2) Keep dumping your seed in her anus purposelessly and burn up the very best years of her fertility.


      • on September 8, 2014 at 5:19 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        “burn up the very best years of her fertility.”
        She’s 27. I’d say she’s about a decade past those.


      • Lol Zombie, I didn’t see that coming, I swear. I do feel a little bit of guilt about dominating her mind to the point she cant see other men at an age where she’s so close to the wall. It’s one reason I’m capping things at 25 for new prospects these days.

        In any case, she gave me a bit of an ultimatum. I lol’d and soft nexted. No contact for at least a week. She’s the type to vomit her thoughts through texts with no filter despite a lack of replies. Also, Pijama Ninja is bang on, as they say.


      • Well, if you’re happy to see your own race go extinct, because dudes who know the Dark Secrets [like you now apparently] refuse to man up and become fathers, then welcome to extinction.


      • Like

    • I won’t usually see them once a week, that’s even too much.


      • Yeah, I agree with that. I had a FWB that I saw twice a month and then it became once a week and it got a little too close.


      • Yeah, this seems about right. I’ve read the same elsewhere.

        2wk+ -> OK
        1wk -> Danger
        You’re practically married

        I think some trouble can also come from having a fuck buddy that lives too far away, so you end up allowing sleep overs more than you should.

        It would be helpful to have more material specifically on plate spinning. Do’s, Don’ts, ways to handle common text situations in between fucks, etc.

        It’s not really that complicated but it would be good to see more conversation specifically around this. I know exactly when I fucked this one up. I had something great happen at work and I was treating myself to a nice dinner at home, and she happened to want to come over that night. I allowed it, shared a nice home made dinner, and things took a dive for “I thought I could keep this to just sex but now I’ve developed feelings” land.


  14. I always thought “its complicated” was girl code for I’m “seeing” him but no BF / BG status


  15. Hey Lumpy! Mind if I ask you questions about the YaReally archive in an email?


  16. probably the most devastating movie scene of all time on a woman’s hypergamy and the allure of an alpha….


  17. on September 8, 2014 at 2:07 am fucku4urservice

    100% agree gregi. that guy showed those black fags something. weak as piss. should come to sydney n see how the pacific islanders punch. they dont get all over-excited and swing and miss twenty fucking times. cold targetting for fuck sake. just explode the nose n that’s it. or whatever target youve chosen. dont hyperventilate. dont panic. move like you are heading for an exit in a fire drill. fastish walk, with inteent. just walk up. have a target chosen. youve all seen the terminator movies. arnie is doing it right for street fihhting. cold n emotionless. finally, and very importantly too, as gregi notes, doing squats is really important for fighting. more important than punching the bag. this is bcs you want ur legs glutes n back to be super strong n have the habit of getting up even over a confused mind. u streetfight u dont want to stay down. u will die. fuck jiu jitsu going to the ground shit. u will be kicked to death. fucking GET UP!


  18. thinking about the words “hit you up” and all i can think of is a ryu uppercut


  19. Play the knock out game on your finance, and she will become your wife.

    I just love the post knock out, tenderness.