Beta Male Asks Girls For Reasons Why They Rejected Him

…and a nugget of game truth escapes from the swirl of vapid blather. The bolded questions are being asked by the beta male, and the answers are from girls he attempted to woo but failed miserably.

Do you usually figure out if you wanna do more than make out with someone pretty instantly? Or, is it a slow burn?
Oh, yeah. It is a fact of life that women know within seconds of meeting a man whether or not they would have sex with them. I’m into guys that are overtly confident. I dated a guy once who I had very, very, very strong feelings for. I was crazy about him. The first time we hung out we had sex. And afterward, he walked into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom and took a shit with the door open.

I could see him. I could actually see this guy while he was taking a shit right after he slept with me, and for some reason, I just remember being like, “You know what? I respect how much nerve you have.”

Beta males can’t understand how it is alpha males can get away with so much… shit… and still get the girls. This is why beta males fail. The very act of pulling shit around women is attractive to them because it signals the winning attitude of uncaring assholery. And there’s nothing more chicks love than a man who does as he pleases and makes no apology for it.

Naturally, the beta male in this article misses the lesson contained in his interviewee’s answers, opting instead to badger the women with specific details about him that turned them off (or didn’t turn them on).

Was there anything I did wrong that turned you off?
I don’t believe so. I mean, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you. All of my most successful relationships have had a dynamic where we acted like best friends.

The very nature of asking women these sorts of pleading questions is a fine demonstration of doing it wrong. Alpha males don’t ask women for appraisals of their worth. Alphas assume their worth. And besides, alphas know there’s nothing to be learned from women in the matter of the source of women’s romantic feelings, who as a gender are constitutionally incapable of honestly probing the origins of their sexual desire.

Tantalizingly, one woman he interviews makes a glancing blow with an ugly truth (she’s also the hottest of the four women, which should tell you something).

I just recently learned that the pill can really alter who you’re attracted to. I found that who I was attracted to when I was on the pill may have been different to who I’m attracted to now I’m off. Also, now the type of guys I’m attracted to can be really affected by the time of month.

Like, week one, I’m only into Mexicans? Week two is tall dudes with big feet?
No. It’s more like at a certain point, during ovulation, I’m not really in sync with it yet, but there’s a certain point where I want a bigger guy to throw me around and stuff. During that moment I find myself more attracted to manly men.

Monthly Cycle Game — a CH original — will be hitting bookstands soon. It’s better to err on the side of throwing a woman around too much than not throwing her around enough. The former mistake is recoverable; the latter won’t even give you a shot to recover yourself. Think of it this way:

Throw woman around too much (physically and/or psychologically)

GIRL’S THOUGHTS: He’s such a jerk! I just want him to love me. Instead all he does is fuck me like a rag doll. Maybe if I give him more head he’ll be sweet to me?

GUY: *buys her a bag of Skittles*


Throw woman around not enough

GIRL’S THOUGHTS: Wow just wow this guy is boring. But he lets me talk about anything, like the assholes who are fucking me.

GUY’S THOUGHTS: This is great! She’s, like, right next to me, talking to me! But wait… am I in the friend zone? I better go for a sloppy awkward kiss and remind her why I’m here. I mean, it’s been four months we’ve “been together”, the time is right.


GIRL: *Reeling backwards* Why did you do that? Oh, I’m so sorry… I just don’t see you that way. Yuk just yuk.


If you’re asking women why you’re sexually invisible, you already have your answer.


  1. Vice is a very popular site. It seems a day doesn’t go by when red pill truths don’t infiltrate the mainstream consciousness a little bit more…


    • on August 2, 2013 at 1:58 pm Zombie Shane

      > “And afterward, he walked into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom and took a shit with the door open… I could see him. I could actually see this guy while he was taking a shit right after he slept with me, and for some reason, I just remember being like, “You know what? I respect how much nerve you have.”

      Western Civilization is doomed.

      Last one out, turn off the lights.



  2. whenever I have friends who pedestalize women, who do the whole white knight stuff, I show them this

    Knock that pedestal over.


  3. He’s a good candidate for a readership position at this site. You didn’t hurt his feelings any more than they did. We may see some good future writing from him if he does end up reading some of the archives here.


  4. Thought that I had mistakenly started subscribing to the Onion when I saw this title


  5. “Monthly Cycle Game” – are you talking about the effect that lunar phases have on women’s receptivity? I have seen precious little examination of that topic in the so-called “manosphere”. I know from experience that women are friskier on the dance floor in the week prior to the full moon.

    Please, no “goddess” commentary though.


    • No. women are more interested in cads that fuck when they are ovulating and in dads that cuddle when they’re menstruating.


  6. on August 2, 2013 at 12:25 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    You left this one out:
    HIM: “That doesn’t mean shit.”
    HER: “Unfortunately, you’re… not my type [awkward laugh].”
    HIM: “I know. I’m trying to find out exactly what qualities I have that can be off-putting to women.”
    HER:”Well, it’s not in your control. It’s a matter of pheromones.”

    I think there’s something worth picking apart here. I’ve read some pieces here and there about the role of pheromones in human attraction that are quite interesting. Here’s an article that encapsulates it fairly neatly (scroll down to the “Sniff This” graf—the rest of it is good, too, but nothing new to regular CH readers):

    What’s peculiar about the whole thing is that, as the article details, humans lost the specific organ that detects pheromones a long time ago. Yet we continue to behave as if we can, indeed, sense them.

    Now here comes the part where I act like a woman and give you a personal anecdote: I have a highly acute sense of smell. (My vision sucks and my hearing is worse, but I’ve got a nose like a damned German Shepherd.) I don’t have to do any creepy hair-sniffing to get a good sense of how a guy smells; if we’re indoors, I can pick them up on Smell-O-Vision from 3-4 feet away. More, if they’re sweating.

    And the way a man smells has a tremendous influence on whether or not I find him attractive. (To clarify: When I talk about the way a man smells, I mean the natural scent of his skin, his hair, and his breath…not the personal-care products he uses.) Smelling “wrong” to me is a dealbreaker. I can like you as a human being, think you’re hilarious, find you very handsome, but if you smell off to me…we’re just going to be friends. On the upside, you can be ugly as a bag of assholes and be built like a Shmoo, but if you smell good…

    I’m kind of an extreme case, but I’m not alone. I’ve talked to several girlfriends about this and although none of them seem to be able to pick up on smell as acutely as I do…they all agree that it’s important.


    • Because smell is one of the best ways women can tell if a man is genetically compatible.


      • This. Designed to weed out most of the incest-procreation-relationships.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 1:15 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Health, too. I’ve run into a few guys that smelled really bad to me and found out later that they had health problems. One had Type I Diabetes, one was undergoing chemo for cancer (he’s better now), and one was a functioning alcoholic.


      • That’s true too. The natural way of weeding out the unfit specimens.


      • I really hate bad breathe on men – not from eating onions or garlic, as that doesn’t worry me as much – but as a result of bad hygiene. If one doesn’t brush their teeth at least twice a day, bad bacteria can travel down the esophagus into the stomach and cause diseases.

        Usually, someone having chronic bad breathe means they have other health issues.

        Smelling good=good health


      • on August 2, 2013 at 1:38 pm Jochen Peiper

        Flossing regularly- i.e twice or more a day will also help solve this problem.


      • My sinuses got colonized by some strain of anaerobic bacteria last year that causes bad breath whenever I get a cold, or even at certain times of the year when there’s pollen around. The people I live with keep me informed about it, because I can’t smell it at all. I have to keep a neti pot handy which keeps it under control.


      • And it’s not susceptible to any antibiotic?

        I know there are antibiotic that are prescribe for sinus infections. I mean, neti pot remedy should only be temporary, not a way of life.


      • I took antibiotics twice for the infection. They knocked it down, but not out — it came right back the next time I had a cold.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 2:33 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Treating sinus infections with antibiotics is tough. It’s like trying to clean your house by upending a 50-gallon drum of Mop N Glo in your foyer. The neti pot method may actually be better. (Have you tried putting some sea salt up in there, corvinus? I know, it sounds like a bunch of woo bullshit, but I tried it once and it worked a treat.)


      • on August 2, 2013 at 2:37 pm haunted trilobite

        ‘My sinuses got colonized by some strain of anaerobic bacteria last year that causes bad breath whenever I get a cold’ = I licked the wrong clopper out


      • I dissolve a special salt mix that’s formulated for nasal irrigation in the neti pot water, which I’m guessing would be similar. My father said that the old Afrin drops also worked great, but they’ve been discontinued.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 3:03 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Just please do not fucking use a neti pot with tap water. Use distilled water.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 3:53 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Corvinus, which bacteria exactly? What antibiotics did you take?


      • Just please do not fucking use a neti pot with tap water. Use distilled water.

        I use tap water, but it’s filtered and boiled. I read those horror stories about Naegleria fowleri, so I know what you’re talking about.

        Corvinus, which bacteria exactly? What antibiotics did you take?

        Not sure, but apparently my dad once had a problem with them too. Doxycycline, both times.


      • ‘My sinuses got colonized by some strain of anaerobic bacteria last year that causes bad breath whenever I get a cold’ = I licked the wrong clopper out

        I don’t go down on girls, as it seems beta, as if I’m giving her a BJ. Just a step down from pegging.


      • “Flossing regularly- i.e twice or more a day will also help solve this problem.”

        True, flossing is even more important than brushing because it removes particles that can cause teeth decay. So I do both; brush and floss.


      • Designed to weed out most of the incest-procreation-relationships.

        Interesting… back in the day, I met a cute Scandinavian girl who I thought had the potential to be “The One”. Being of that heritage myself, I was always strongly attracted to Nordics.

        But the first time I went out with her and had her on my lap, she just didn’t smell right to me… it wasn’t a hygiene issue, she was clean as a whistle.

        It was a disappointment, cute as she was… but I got the immediate impression it was a “not this one” message from nature.


      • I had a dream where I approached this young honey and said “Hey baby, want some lovin’?”, and she said “You smell bad” and I said “That’s right, honey. I’m all man” and she said “You so are” and then we got down to business.


      • It’s interesting that the Rap’s Daughter thinks she can distinguish the man’s personal care products from his natural smell. Some personal care products are designed to smell natural.

        I ask: are you sure?


      • on August 5, 2013 at 8:42 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Oh, yes. I am sure. I don’t think you understand; I’m going to try to describe it.

        The problem is that our native tongue does not contain a vocabulary to describe the world of scent. Over the years I have compiled a private thesaurus to encompass the variety of information I can pick up on the wind. The closest I can come in most cases is to talk about taste, the sense most intimately entwined with smell.

        So. I walk into an elevator. My colleague is inside. It’s a hot day. He’s sweating. I get:

        Pate de fois gras (this is from his skin);
        Iron and copper (this is from his blood);
        Brut (this is his aftershave, and it’s kinda grossing me out);
        Freshly-baked bread (this is from his skin);
        Grass (this is from his shoes);
        Leather (his belt, his shoes, and his brand-new IWB holster. I can’t see it, but I can smell the freshly tanned…calfskin? I ask him. He is surprised, but he answers me honestly. I’m right.);
        The gun. He hasn’t shot it for a while, the gunpowder residue is there but it’s faint, very faint, but he’s cleaned it recently. I smell Hoppes #9.;
        Skoal (this is his breath);
        Eggs (also his breath).

        That was five fucking seconds in an enclosed space.


      • You smelled the Brut. Yes that smells like Brut. Pretty unnatural. Scents like that are designed to be strong to mask unpleasant smells. But you smelled all that other more interesting stuff, and that’s impressive.

        Did you ever really have that conversation about the guy’s concealed holster? What a great example of showing interest by you!

        Did you smell the pheromones he put on, with the Brut to mask them? Yes, they did go in your nose. But did you notice them consciously?


      • “I took antibiotics twice for the infection. They knocked it down, but not out — it came right back the next time I had a cold.”

        Cornivus there is one remedy for this that always works. When it comes back again you can take a bowl of very very hot water and put in 1 cup of zivania and put your face over the bowl and inhale through your nose, with a towel over your head to keep the steam in. it will hurt your nose but it will work, after about 30 minutes you will be better, your nose will clear.

        zivania is amazing, if you have chest pain for a bad cough you can also put zivania on your chest and put fitted clothing on top and sleep with this.. or anywhere you have aches and pains, it is a great home remedy.

        I think eliminating dairy, if you eat it, will also help.


      • My father always had a particular smell (body odor) I remember, not a great one. I developed the same smell. My wife says our sons have the same smell. She complains about it a lot. Obviously it didn’t stop her from marrying me, but still …

        I just started the Paleo diet 2 days ago to lose some weight. It involves eliminating starch and sugar (as I understand it and am doing it) to lower the level of insulin in the body, hence allowing the fatty acids to leave “fat cells” and circulate around the body and get used up. The purpose is to start burning the fat rather than storing it.

        But I can eat as much meat, fat, dairy (I am not allergic to it) and vegetables as I want. So that’s OK.

        Well I don’t know if that will happen or not. But one or two niggling “I’m getting old” symptoms, including issues with one of my finger joint, immediately went away. Remember I have been on this a whole 2 days! And also, that “smell” is gone.

        So guys, maybe girls too, you might smell better if you follow the Paleo diet.


    • I have a highly acute sense of smell.

      I swear all women have this. It’s like a superpower, albeit a really shitty one.


    • Men cannot abide a stinky hole either.


    • I don’t remember where I read it, but I’ve seen claims that people can smell other people’s blood types. That is to say, if people have the wrong type of blood type compared to you, they don’t smell as nice.


    • I don’t know if I have a good nose or not, but I have had similar experiences. Not sure that’s it’s an innate smell though. Girls who drink too much have an off-putting personal smell. Not just when drinking, but all the time. I think its the smell of the processed alcohol being sweated out the pores. And girls over 30 have a slight smell that I can only describe as an “old” smell, even when they look fine.


  7. “It’s better to err on the side of throwing a woman around too much than not throwing her around enough.”

    This. At any time of the month.

    And sometimes the reason a girl won’t be fully honest about why a guy turns her off is not because she doesn’t know, or is in denial about the origins of her sexual desire, or doesn’t want to make herself look bad… but simply because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. I’ve done that and I’ll probably continue to do it.

    The first girl did a decent job answering the questions, but she never went far enough. She should have told him why she was turned on by the “I don’t give a sh*t” guy and why diffidence and hesitancy is so unattractive in men. But I give her a ton of credit for admitting that women know very quickly whether they’re sexually attracted to man or not. Most women will not admit that.


    • My ex told me she liked virgins and shy guys, so I asked her, “then what the hell are you doing with me?” She replied: “Girls dream about the good guy, fuck the bad guy and marry the rich guy.” Most girls know deep down, and when challenged, they’ll tell the truth, especially if they’re with a guy who knows already. Of course the concept of “big firm breast and a round ass” is easier to understand than “charismatic,” so it’s harder to say the truth for women, but that doesn’t mean that girls don’t know what they’re attracted to. When you ask women for advice they say what they “like” in a man, not what they lust for.

      I never had many male friends, guys see me as arrogant and weird, but girls see me as confident and charismatic and I have a lot of female friends, who treat me like a gay friend, because they know I’m not secretly hitting on them (a player friend is just as good as a gay friend for girls). They tell the truth, they know. My closest female friend said, that she often feel insulted when I talk about female psychology, but then she think about it and realizes that I’m actually right. They know, but they will often mask it at say they’re just attracted to confidence.


      • “..girls see me as confident and charismatic and I have a lot of female friends, who treat me like a gay friend, because they know I’m not secretly hitting on them (a player friend is just as good as a gay friend for girls).”

        This is so true, and no one ever believes me when I say it. People think guy friends have to be gay or friendzoned betas; it isn’t true. I have a couple “player” friends and they are great to go out with, and watch, and get advice from. I help with social proofing when we go out and they know I’ll be honest if they ask my opinion on why a girl is doing this or that, so I think they do get value out of the friendship too.


      • As long as I get past their initial crush I actually develop deep friendships with girls. I understand how girls think and I understand how men think, I know a little bit about fashion and I’ll be honest if she asks, I can gossip better than any girl because I get around so much, and I’m more loyal than a female friend. Good looking girls are lonely, they can’t trust anyone. I don’t have a shoulder to cry on, but at least they feel safe in my company

        It’s ironic that the guy who needs girls advice the least is the guy who gets the most honest advice. There’s always the initial crush to get past. I have two close female friends, and they both admitted they had feelings for me at some point, but got past it. I even fucked one of them, she got me drunk, took all her clothes of and laid down in my bed; what else could I do but fuck her? We first became friends again when she found a boyfriend.


      • “I even fucked one of them, she got me drunk, took all her clothes of and laid down in my bed; what else could I do but fuck her? We first became friends again when she found a boyfriend.”

        I think it’s pretty rare for women to be able to do that with a guy. I learned that lesson the hard way. You must be an exceptional friend.

        The key with these friendships is to get past the sexual tension on both sides. On my side, they have to be guys that, or whatever reason, I wouldn’t get involved with. On their side, they get enough action that they really don’t care about not getting it from me. Although… as I’m typing this I realized that it was important to at least get mildly hit on by them in the beginning or I would have felt rejected, which would have doomed the friendship. So apparently I can’t be friends with any male who doesn’t find me sexually attractive… that’s kind of depressing.


      • So the balance of power in your friendships is on your side. The guy hit on you, but you rejected him, to start the ball rolling.

        The guy you replied to has it the other way. He rejected the girls.

        I imagine the friendships are slightly different because of the resulting balance of power. Are your male friends white knights with you? If not, why not? How do you get a better more interesting friendship than that after rejecting them?

        I think enough of you to believe you do not want a subservient male friend.


      • I admit that I couldn’t be friends with a guy who rejected me. The guy friends I mentioned to meatbowling did hit on me initially, but they are player types with options. They didn’t have a huge crush on me; they weren’t devastated I wouldn’t have sex with them… because they’ll just move on to the next girl. They’re in the “manwhore” phase of their lives and aren’t looking for anything serious. I think the reason we can be friends and go out together because there’s no sexual tension anymore, or at least it’s at a low enough level to be manageable. They give me great advice– no sugarcoating, and I try to return the favor. There’s no white knighting because they’re not trying to impress me. They probably treat me like they’d treat their sister. They can hit on women when I’m out with them, I don’t care, and they’re not jealous if i’m seeing someone.

        I have male friends from work and some groups and special interests I’m involved in. The ones that are married or in relationships are no problem– they’re off limits. No one is subservient to me; the friendship is based on the outside interest. But, that can change. For example I have a single artist friend; he’s a painter, I sit for him occasionally. I would never be interested in him sexually but he’s interesting and I like him. Recently he’s doing and saying things that make me think he’s developed some attraction, so I haven’t been hanging out with him as often. It may end up we aren’t friends anymore, because I don’t have friendships with guys I’ve rejected for dating. It’s an asymmetrical friendship that would probably wind up with the guy feeling subservient to me. It’s not good for the guy and it’s not good for me either.

        I am friendly with exes (thanks to Facebook they never go away, lol) but I’ve never been able to be “real” friends with one of them. I can’t go from a sexual relationship to a platonic one. Maybe that’s easier when you get older, I don’t know.


      • Thanks, that’s a thoughtful answer. You sound like an interesting person and a good friend. As for me, I don’t know how this stuff goes as you get older, because I’m married over 15 years. Reading here to get tips on dealing with shit within a relationship.

        My peculiar problem, by the way, is that when my wife doesn’t get the emotional win she wants from me, she turns and takes it out on the kids. So any practical advice on that point would be appreciated. My approach used to be to take it on myself to protect them, then I got tired of that (and read here a bit) and started dealing more effectively with her, but then I have to be vigilant to protect the kids from her in the aftermath.

        They are our kids, we are the natural parents, so no issues of step-parenting, and I think it’s better to have us both there fighting than a breakup so we soldier on. At least the kids are learning game-like things from it!

        By the way, last year when the kids went to camp for 2 weeks, suddenly she became my affectionate wife. But right when the kids returned, the affection went away. So it goes.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 7:27 pm Zombie Shane

        > “Girls dream about the good guy, f*ck the bad guy and marry the rich guy.”

        Did she actually say the word “f*ck”?

        The moment I hear a low-class word like that come out of a bitch’s mouth, she’s history, and I’m moving on in search of a chick whose parents taught her what does and does not constitute appropriate vocabulary for a conversation with a young man.


      • I’m Danish, so she said it in Danish. I think she said either “boller” or “knalder” for “fuck”. I don’t think she came up with the expression by herself. She said “slemme fyr” for “bad guy” which literally translate to “naughty guy”, not exactly what you would call a bad boy in Danish (we usually just call them “bad boys”, because English infiltrate the language). Though on the other hand, she was Thai, so her way of speaking was kinda odd.

        I understand what you’re getting at about vulgar girls, but it’s simply unavoidable in Denmark. We are down to earth and speak out minds, which means that most girls are vulgar.This is not a question about class, in fact I think educated girls are more vulgar than working class girls.


      • “Girls dream about the good guy, fuck the bad guy and marry the rich guy.”

        Well then…it’s good to be the trifecta.


      • Droll.


  8. All of my most successful relationships have had a dynamic where we acted like best friends; There is quite a lot that could be gleaned from that short reply, and it gives a potential slut alert. What is her definition of a successful relationship?, duration, quality/quantity/immediacy of fucking. What is her definition of an unsuccessful relationship? ONS pump and dump, a week long fling, all tangents I know, but what is not said raises a slut warning flag or should do.


    • She called the “friendzone” relationship successful because they were like friends.

      She must have considered the one where the guy fucked her, then shit in front of her in her bathroom, less successful.

      Indeed asking “what do women want” is the wrong question. They’ll tell you. But that’s not what YOU want. Not everything is win-win in the battle of the sexes.


      • I take your points. The point I was attempting to convey was that reading between the lines and taking what was actually said in response to his questioning (which as you say is a flawed strategy) says to me that this girl/woman is P&D/ONS/SNL/STF material only.


  9. Until I began to understand game and evolutionary psychology 3 years ago, I would ask women why they rejected me or what the problem was.

    Now I realize what a fool’s errand that was.

    The “beta” mindset means that you can’t even begin to explain why asking women where you went wrong is so wrong.

    The first thing it does is gives your frame to a woman.

    Secondly, women don’t think, they feel and they change their mind constantly. I just broke up with my gf of 8 months. I ignored her for 3 weeks. Suddenly I run into her at a party, she bursts into tears. I take her home, bang her. She then showers me with gifts…

    I look back at myself before understanding and learning game—which I’m still learning—and think…wow, I was so misguided.


  10. re: Schwyzer’s latest outburst.

    Hugo’s suicide threats, the “mental breakdown”; pure feminine drama. What kinda man does this?

    Here’s what Hugo needed early on in his life and didn’t get :


  11. So basically you’re saying that left to its own devices, women’s true nature is is pure evil. Essentially satanic.


    • no. that isn’t the message. at all.

      i know that a lot of people who come here are just hurting and lonely. they just want to be loved. i truly understand that. but, this mentality that “women are evil and satanic!!!” comes from a very wrongheaded place. it is EXACTLY the wrong mentality to have if you want to improve your life (generally and with the “fairer sex”).

      you are not owed anything. a woman should not just love you because you exist. you must, like anything else, EARN love by being someone worthy of being loved. that’s where a lot of guys here go wrong.

      ch has said this many times, but if you’re a loser beta/omega, you are no different from a fat chick. and what would you say about a fat chick who bleats over how ALL MEN ARE ASSHOLES, etc.? you would (hopefully) tell that fat bitch to lose some weight and then maybe a worthy man would love her. in much the same way, if you are beta, you need to lose some neediness and gain some confidence.


      • Yeah,

        Nice little introductory brain-banging for newer subscribers to Game


      • on August 2, 2013 at 2:18 pm haunted trilobite

        By simply telling this guy to ‘man up’ you haven’t addressed the issue at all. He might be a playa extraordinaire, and have an awareness of the darker traits of female nature, but anyone with rudimentary common sense reading these stories can infer that this lady is inhabiting some pretty shadowy moral hinterlands. She likes being shat on and thrown around. She embraces her carnality using flimsy scientific rationalisations (“I’m a victim of my ovulation/the devil made me do it”), and backwards rationalises that the guy who just shat in her face is respectable because he just horsed it to her with the amount of violence that she enjoys.
        By advising fakeemail to ‘earn love’ in the context of this story, you’re essentially telling him to lower himself to a level where vice is the currency. There are plenty of examples of how successful asshole game can be, but for someone who’s not naturally sadistic, the question of whether a soul-trade for a slice of psychotic cooze is worth it, remains. There are other styles of game, and though this might threaten to loosen your suction on the ch teat, there are other types of women. Roosh constantly says it: American/Western women are the pits, and that there are plenty of women of different cultures that have more traditional standards.


      • It’s not sadistic. Girl #1 doesn’t like to be “shat on”– she described a guy who went to the bathroom (presumably on the toilet) and left the door open. She’s not turned on by the act of him doing this in front of her, she just likes that he’s so confident he doesn’t care what she thinks about it.

        “Thrown around” means a little rough. It doesn’t mean throwing her into the wall or punching her in the face. Women like rough, albeit in varying degrees. Doesn’t matter how respectable they are or what they tell you when they’re dressed, most women like demonstrations of sexual dominance. It’s not confined to Western culture, either.


      • It doesn’t mean throwing her into the wall or punching her in the face.

        I’ve been doing it all wrong.


      • Lol. No you haven’t… you just have to start small.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 11:55 am haunted trilobite

        Men are discussing abstract moral concepts here sweetie. Toddle on.


      • i’m talking about a starting point. a frame. if you don’t understand that, you’re building a house on a shoddy foundation.


      • I don’t think “earn her love” means that he puts himself in a subservient position. Maybe the misconception is that you think he needs to “earn her approval”. Quite the opposite! The girl may not approve of him at all. But she’ll love him. Love is primarily an involuntary thing.

        It doesn’t matter if she’s evil. If we’re trying to give him advice, we don’t need to evaluate her. Other than to tell him, perhaps, “stay away”. But that’s not warranted in this case because well, she’s really not so evil, just very femaie. It is what it is.

        I don’t see it as “man up” either. I hate that phrase, it seems to tell a guy to behave like a white knight, or something. Whereas what is needed is sort of the opposite Be less of a mature responsible man, bring out more of his inner naughty boy. Or make that up if he can’t find it within. That, in my experience, is what works. And it’s usually a lot of fun too once you get over your expectations that something wonderful was going to be involved.


      • This.

        It’s why I gave Good Ole JR props. Because he didn’t say “why is the world so unfair, I’m such a victim of everyone else!!” and hide behind that…he said “my life sucks and a lot of it is my own fault, I’m going to take the reins and fix myself.”

        Fat chick analogy fits. If he were a fat chick who said “I’ve eaten like shit and lived and unhealthy lifestyle and now I’m going to fix it”, I’d give her props over the Jezebel rationalization-fattie posting links about how calories in/out has been “disproven” and how even tho she hasn’t been diagnosed she knows she has a thyroid problem.

        Manosphere has a LOT of inner game issues to work on that go beyond “did my dick go inside one of her holes?”


    • Explains why it was Eve who was tricked first and lead to the downfall of man. But then again evil and “satanic” can be seen as culturally dependent social constructs to impede the selfish alpha genes. Society would collapse if we were all alphas and “selfish” like the devil.


    • Nature wants to turn her babies into digestible slurry. She is looking for something that can go a few rounds with Satan. She doesn’t want to slunk, breast feed runts, be left out in the cold or wind up birthing galley slaves. If it weren’t for the evil ways of your mama you might be on you way to the fossil record.

      If ya don’t get that….


    • on August 2, 2013 at 3:11 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Well if you ignore religion, you might find some answers that are more fitting. The behaviors were formed by millions of years of natural selection by genes that want to make copies of themselves. And by the same, your behavior is guided.

      It’s peculiar, but it’s neither evil or good.


    • A women’s true nature is pure self interest.
      Only her hormones and her hamster, when working in the right configuration allow and enable her to experience “love” for a man.

      On a different note; I once read a joke when a man suggested that women should never fight in the front line of an army; because they would end up being more brutal than the men.


      • on August 4, 2013 at 9:02 am Zombie Shane

        > “On a different note; I once read a joke when a man suggested that women should never fight in the front line of an army; because they would end up being more brutal than the men.”

        I pity the poor Jihadis if the bulldykes in the Pentagon ever wrest control of the joysticks which operate the drone fleet.

        Hell. Hath. No. Fury.


    • As everyone else says too: no. Women are not the devil, well not usually anyway. They are women. They can’t help it. You can’t help it. They are wired a certain way, and it doesn’t matter if you think it shouldn’t be like that.

      Lots of men idealize women. That includes thinking of how they must be, because they are pretty ideal (he thinks.) He’s on his best behavior, to measure up. It doesn’t work, and then he gets all mad.

      The basic problem was the idealistic assumptions he made about a woman’s nature. Those assumptions were wrong. Just please try our assumptions, even if you think they’re unbelievable. I think they’re unbelievable too, but I know they are true, and I am regularly in shock over how female my wife is. She regularly lies, creates drama, creates shit-tests, etc. She also cares for our children and keeps the house much cleaner than I do. She’s not an idealization, she’s a female.

      It’s not my job to fix her, nor to respect her at moments she doesn’t deserve that. My expectations are neutral and every day she proves how she’ll be that day. It’s my job to ride the tiger and do the wise thing as I can see it, not to lose my cool very often. And throw in a little game here and there to improve the human relations. See, I need what I learn from this site too, even though I am an old married guy


  12. this boy needs some Game books, or a bootcamp. Some of the key initial game gurus (mystery, style, durden) were nerds like this guy, who reverse-engineered attraction and broke pickup into simple algorithms. That’s kind of the opposite of what a natural alpha does.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm Zombie Shane

      > “That’s kind of the opposite of what a natural alpha does.”

      Be careful what you wish for:

      #19, Stanley

      A chapter from the classic work on the subject.


      • tl;dr. it seems to be a detailed account of the adventures of a certain talented sociopath. My point was that naturals don’t analyze or intellectualize why they attract so many women, becuase it comes, well, naturally, and at a young age; the tenets of game were developed by sexless and frustrated nerds who were driven to develop the theory and practice of game becuase they were the opposite of naturals- mimicking what they didn’t naturally have. this has been explicity stated by the likes of mystery and others.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm Zombie Shane

        > “it seems to be a detailed account of the adventures of a certain talented sociopath.”

        You’re damned right it’s detailed – it’s from the classic work on sociopathy in the 20th Century.

        Went through five editions from 1941 through 1988:

        A “natural alpha” is a fricking monster.

        Don’t kid yourself – when you get into Game Theory, you’re playing with fire.

        They aren’t called the “Dark Arts” for nothing.


      • not necessarily- by “natural” i didn’t mean dark-triad sociopathy stuff, but the football star or rebel rock god or charming rogue who had abundant female attention and opportunity from the time they entered puberty, by virtue of their looks and personality, so never had to analyze or understand how they got it all- it just dropped into their laps. we’ve all known a few guys like this.

        that said, on your latter point, i think there’s ways to use the powerful tools for good or ill- for increasing the sexual and relationship satisfaction of your partners as well as yourself, or being, well, a sociopath. which of those depends on the character of the person using the tools, not the tools themselves.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 3:43 pm Zombie Shane

        > “the football star or rebel rock god or charming rogue”

        Dude, that was totally me as a young man [even going back to freaking Middle School], but I was such a nice guy that I didn’t realize what I could have gotten away with [and I lived in mortal fear of my parents’ expectations of me].

        Even to this day, I keep having to yank myself back from the abyss and force myself to play by Marquess of Queensbury rules.

        I’m telling you, man, you venture into The Dark Side at your own risk.

        The Dark Arts are some evil shit.


      • “The Dark Arts are some evil shit.”

        Which is exactly why they work so well on women.


      • > “Which is exactly why they work so well on women.”


        But don’t kid yourself about what you’re becoming.

        You open up your heart and start letting in a little bit of that nihilism, and there’s no telling where it’s gonna end.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You should thank your parents, ZS. I know at one point I hated my mother and father because of all the poosy and prizes I missed out on trying to live up to their expectations. My guilt wouldn’t let go all the way into the abyss. Don’t get me wrong, I was no angel, but I mainly have them to thank for me settling down when I did and the fulfilling life I have now.


      • on August 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm gunslingergregi

        a natural will put up with more bullshit than almost any dude


      • My nigga!


      • on August 4, 2013 at 7:06 pm gunslingergregi

        he he he


  13. on August 2, 2013 at 1:28 pm Come-On Eyes

    yes, my bitch loves being slapped/bruised. told me over the phone last night that she misses it – started her period aka swallow week yesterday.
    this bitch is a hard 9, upper class family with beta father. take note.
    i used to spit on her face, now just in the mouth. perhaps i shall revert back to the face commencing this eve!


    • on August 4, 2013 at 8:03 am Zombie Shane

      > “i used to spit on her face, now just in the mouth.”

      Please tell me that that’s just internet hyperbole – satire or facetiousness or somesuch.


    • from the same movie, opening scene, as Jack pitches a tiny dog down the dumpster of a NYC apartment building, he snarls: “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.”


  14. on August 2, 2013 at 2:25 pm The Man Who Was . . .

    And besides, alphas know there’s nothing to be learned from women in the matter of the source of women’s romantic feelings, who as a gender are constitutionally incapable of honestly probing the origins of their sexual desire.

    Sometimes asking can help you figure stuff out, particularly whether you failed in attraction or in comfort. But only if you’ve got enough alpha for them to respect to begin with, and you have enough knowledge to properly interpret what they say.

    For example, if a girl says that she’s breaking things off with you because she’s looking for someone to marry not date and you didn’t seem that interested in her and didn’t invite her to the poetry reading you’ve been talking about, guess what, you failed in comfort. Other similar things are a girl being mad that you waited 4 days to text her after the first date.

    I’ve actually learned a fair bit about how to not be too aloof and assholish, espceially on relationship oriented girls.

    If it was a failure in attraction, you’ll get the usual run around.


    • comfort without attraction = ljbf (see: point on geeky algoriothms above). attraction must come first.


    • I find that when a girl complains about a man’s commitment or engagement level — i.e. typical beta male stuff — it will as often be a misdirection as a real feeling she has. Or, if a girl has lost that lusting feeling, she’s liable to verbally express that loss in terms of dissatisfaction with the man’s “interest level”, even though the truth is exactly the opposite: that he wasn’t challenging enough for her and it was her interest level which was flagging. Why this happens is, my theory, that women are subconsciously ashamed to grapple with their real desirous feelings, or they sincerely fool themselves into believing the man they no longer desire lost their interest by failing to live up to easily digested conventional beta male standards.

      Nevertheless, the occasional girl will, probably unintentionally, spill the truth of the matter when asked these sorts of “why did you reject me” questions. I have a funny story about a young CH who once succumbed to this temptation and asked a girl who had just dumped him for reasons why. Perhaps someday I will tell it.


      • Why this happens is, my theory, that women are subconsciously ashamed to grapple with their real desirous feelings, or they sincerely fool themselves into believing the man they no longer desire lost their interest by failing to live up to easily digested conventional beta male standards.

        Or, someone bigger-richer-better has come into view, and hypergamy subconsciously directs her libidinous rudder in his direction. (fantasies also work for this if beta boyfriend is especially weak.) A better deal, options = instability, etc. Realtionships don’t exist in a vacuum. In this case, the deception is maybe caused by thought-infidelity guilt as much as those other factors you mentioned.


      • on August 2, 2013 at 3:51 pm The Man Who Was . . .

        The corrections have always worked though. You can fail through showing a lack of interest.


      • Back in my late 90s sensitive guy days, I asked this question of the worst LJBF I ever had. She straight up told me I wasn’t confident and masculine enough. She said, “If you had taken the initiative and kissed me the first time we hung out, we would be dating now.” She then pointed out a good friend of mine (a guy I had always considered kind of scrawny and slightly effeminate) as an example of someone who gave off a solid masculine vibe (likely because he never took women seriously). It still took me another five years or so to start making sense of all of it, but I did appreciate her honesty and clarity of thought. Didn’t stop her from continuing to take advantage of the situation, but that’s really my fault in hindsight.


  15. Really?

    Can we all agree right now this is the new “Wow Just Wow” or “Ummmm” of the lefty shame speak cycle?

    The left doesn’t argue, it just stands astonished at the fact that anyone disagrees. The perpetual incredulity of the contradicted ideologue.

    “Did you just say the n-word? Really? Did you really just say that?”


    “Really? I mean … really?”

    [CH: Perpetually stupefied, perpetually dumbfounded, perpetually confused, perpetually vapid: The Left.]


    • It sounds like a chick who’s stunned that you said something alpha. Ha.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 2:38 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Oh, absolutely, although it’s still not as bad as “Ummm.” Yes, let’s take the time to type out a verbal pause as if it were an actual word, as if our inability to write a well-thought-out riposte in the language of our birth is some sort of badge of superiority.


    • “Really?” is very popular among the elementary school crowd.


    • on August 2, 2013 at 3:15 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Astute observation. It’s how they avoid arguing a point. Also typical are accusations of mental illness.

      On the other hand “I can’t believe you just said that” is often a way into a girls heart. And by heart I mean vagina.


    • Can’t forget, “I just threw up in my mouth a little”.

      Which, of course, is 2012’s version of: “Haha, for a second there, I thought you said [insert RealTalk phrase they are shocked, SHOCKED to hear spoken/written out in the open]” (due to the fact that it forces them to confront the elephant in the room.)

      Also, the sarcastic, “oh wait.”, which is always based on a false premise or strawman argument. (ie. “If only George Bush had cut taxes on the wealthy, the economy wouldn’t have been a wreck when Obama inherited it. Oh wait.”

      (What the dipshit Lefty doesn’t tell you is that unemployment averaged 5.3% (very close to “full employment” during GW Bush’s 2 terms, notched a US historical record 52 straight months of economic growth and that the economic malaise began around the time the Left controlled both houses of Congress in 2006 and Democrat Frank and Dodd’s Freddie and Fannie roosters came home to roost.)

      (Not to mention what effect a REAL motherfucking tax cut would have on igniting the economy. As in a national sales tax “FairTax” or 10% flat tax, etc.)

      Lefties, typically devoid of original thought, and inability to defend their contradictory positions, frequently parrot aphorisms and catch-phrases of fellow ignoramuses.


  16. it’s all about the implications


  17. Of course this was an article from Vice, AKA hipster central. Never before have I seen a publication with such a strong following (And staff base) of emasculated men with iPod voices (AKA lispians – You know what I mean, straight guys who have kind of a gay lisp).


    • on August 4, 2013 at 8:14 am Zombie Shane

      > “emasculated men with iPod voices AKA lispians”

      HEARTISTE – if you ever get writer’s block and just can’t think of anything to say about any matter whatsoever, then slap together an essay on that general topic.

      Even Victor Davis Hanson has noticed the phenomenon, and he’s like 90 years old:

      Ten Random, Politically Incorrect Thoughts
      November 21st, 2008 – 5:32 pm

      6. Something has happened to the generic American male accent. Maybe it is urbanization; perhaps it is now an affectation to sound precise and caring with a patina of intellectual authority; perhaps it is the fashion culture of the metrosexual; maybe it is the influence of the gay community in arts and popular culture. Maybe the ubiquitous new intonation comes from the scarcity of salty old jobs in construction, farming, or fishing. But increasingly to meet a young American male about 25 is to hear a particular nasal stress, a much higher tone than one heard 40 years ago, and, to be frank, to listen to a precious voice often nearly indistinguishable from the female. How indeed could one make Westerns these days, when there simply is not anyone left who sounds like John Wayne, Richard Boone, Robert Duvall, or Gary Cooper much less a Struther Martin, Jack Palance, L.Q. Jones, or Ben Johnson? I watched the movie Twelve O’clock High the other day, and Gregory Peck and Dean Jagger sounded liked they were from another planet. I confess over the last year, I have been interviewed a half-dozen times on the phone, and had no idea at first whether a male or female was asking the questions. All this sounds absurd, but I think upon reflection readers my age (55) will attest they have had the same experience. In the old days, I remember only that I first heard a variant of this accent with the old Paul Lynde character actor in one of the Flubber movies; now young men sound closer to his camp than to a Jack Palance or Alan Ladd.


      • Great article! I’ve often wondered why many gay people speak with a lispy affectation – If homosexuality is truly something you’re born with, then can it be due to differing chemicals in the brain? A lack of testosterone and more estrogen? It makes sense that many guys I hear with these voices tend to be vegetarians or vegans who eat a lot of soy. I’ve been told that soy and many kinds of wheat are actually testosterone blockers and can mimic the effects of estrogen. I’ve never really seen a vegan who is actually traditionally manly – Perhaps these “special snowflake” diets which have become all the rage in the past 20 years are turning our country’s men into women.


      • This particular comment is completely batty. I know plenty of gay men who do not speak that way- this is a stereotype. None of those I know are non-meat eaters. The (straight) vegetarians I do know do not by and large eat soy, and most of America eats wheat. A lot. Because it’s cheap (and US subsidized).
        Also, not traditionally “manly” ≠ gay.
        “They maybe were born with different brain chemistry?” followed by “It makes sense…eat a lot of soy”. Your train of thought implies that being born gay motivates you to eat things that will totally turn you even more gay/effeminate (since you lump the two together), and that’s pretty ridiculous. There are no legit studies that support that people who are born gay are motivated to eat things that produce more estrogen. Or that soy/wheat turn you omg GEIGH.


  18. Re: tweet

    Adam Carolla: Honoroary #RealTalker.… But not yet a full-fledged member, b/c “education” won’t solve anything.

    All due respect, but Adam Carolla is the alpha male of the new revolution. Nobody gets to pronounce upon the status/non-status of “real talker” or “full-fledged member” until he gets his own independent “pirate” base which allows him to take on all comers at full force, directly. Fame and financial and social independence > cheap infamy/pseudonymity/anonymity.

    Carolla is our putative leader, flaws and all. He is the Samuel Adams of this early-century renaissance of men. We would do well to take our cue from his example and reconcile our superficial differences to his growing, independent, extrapolitical power base; i.e., figuring out what your particular crusade has in common with his mission (which is probably around 80%) rather than scrutinizing irrelevancies.

    I say this as a devout orthodox Catholic who sees truth-telling combined with action (money where his mouth is) in a pro-abortion anti-natalist atheist. He is building an empire while others are theorizing/gabbing/chit-chatting in circles about it, quietly putting his hand to the plow while the rest of us preach to the converted. I suggest subscribing to his podcasts, especially the one he conducts with Drew Pinsky, who is a functional foil.



    • Girls on Trampolines was truly pathbreaking.

      seriously, i think he was more interesting of the two than Kimmel, whose rise (and appeal) i still don’t really understand.


    • Furthermore “education” will solve some things in practice.

      Carolla’s not assuming magic bridges will close HBD gaps when he says this. CH’s cynicism goes too far and is elitist in it’s own right.

      I admire the habits and discipline of young men who could have been corner boy soldahs but take a path instead to college, steady job, etc.

      Granted, it won’t impress anyone here that they may have studied “criminal justice” and have near poverty-level income – but it is EARNED income.

      Their pride in both of these achievements should be encouraged and there is a welcome place for them in civilized society.

      I know several earnest, admirable young men who fit this description.

      Definitely beats the alternative.


  19. Appealing to women’s logic and relying on deductive reasoning to sort it out is the calling card of a Beta mind.


    • A beta mind is when one light is on and the other isn’t.

      You need to figure out which one isn’t on.


    • @Rollo—Yes, and while I personally make strides forward in my own journey towards inner and outer game…what you mention is a habit that is hard to break.

      Talking to girls is often like talking to a cat…they look up and look like they’re listening, then they run off and shit the bed.

      Women have more patience when it comes to confrontational situations. Guys try to confront the situation.

      While there are times when this is necessary, asking a woman “What went wrong?” or some variation…is the mark of the uninitiated in the ways of game.


  20. My dad used to shit his pants all the time around my mom. He’s been dead for years and she still never remarried.



  21. Who cares about sex or taking shits?

    Ask and you will receive, seek and you’ll find stuff, knock on doors and they will be opened.

    That’s all you need to know.


  22. “If you’re asking women why you’re sexually invisible, you already have your answer.”

    One time I had a ghost ask me if he was invisible. I didn’t hear what he was saying because you can’t hear ghosts talk.


  23. on August 2, 2013 at 5:04 pm Mitch Cumstein

    My friend has been banging this clerk he’s pined after for months now. Very good. Until he tells me, “Yeah, she’s my girlfriend now. I told her I didn’t want to announce anything on Facebook, but established we are exclusive.”

    It’s been less than a month, though he thinks the time he spent visiting her at her job counts as courtship.

    What’s most irritating is I introduced him to TRP. He’s used it to great effect. I guess you can lead a horse to water, but anything more than that isn’t for certain.


  24. So, what’s one to do if one wants to have a long and happy marriage with one woman, and raise a family together — i.e. if your objective is not sleeping with them, but building a life together on mutual respect and authentic love?

    Do you get long and happy marriages by being a jerk?

    Or this just a filter problem to find the small, uncorrupted subset of women that are marriageable amidst the hordes that are not?


    • You have to be two men for an LTR. Attraction Man and Comfort Man. Most guys are good at one and decide that’s who they are and who the woman should like.

      Beyond that, much is the same as with STR. Keep your hand and don’t give a second thought to what she thinks about you or what you do. Always remember you are better than her and to give her standards to meet for being a part of your life.


      • The difficulty with being both “Attraction man” and Comfort man” and “Keep your hand” is that is a description of having the tiger by the tail, or perhaps having to constantly play the flute to keep the cobra entranced and from biting you.

        It takes huge skills and unflagging attention and you are never off the treadmill, and if you falter your LTR woman will likely punish you for that. While it gives you sex-on-tap, it takes significant constant effort.

        See for example the rather sad tone of a successful charismatic married man:
        “I tell her things that make her feel better, or if she is acting out against me, that shut her up, but I do it in an emotionally detached, almost clinical way. I feel more like her life coach than an equal partner. It is what it is”

        Some people think that sharing your life with a sociopath (a woman) is not worth the danger and the effort just for the sex-on-tap, and serial monogamy STRs or rotations are the best compromise, because for example you can take a break with a lot less risk, if stuff happens in your life and you can’t afford to be constantly doing what is needed to make her feel she needs you more than you need her.


      • The reason for a LTR is to raise kids. It is important for the kids. You make it work for that purpose.

        Otherwise, way too much trouble for a man. The interpersonal aspect doesn’t seem to get better, just slightly better, then slightly worse, etc. Look at old married couples and they’ve adjusted and gotten used to it, which is probably not as well as an old guy can do.


  25. “Self awareness” changes nothing. they just have “studies” to justify their stupid behavior. Everyone, male and female.

    I can just hear some dumb whore defending herself “Oh well I’m ovulating so I did so and so and this and that, etc…blah blah blah I’m a hole”

    Like those idiot teenagers posting their personality disorder results on their live journals and xanga pages.

    Beware, you manosphere students, who imagine that a woman aware of what a retard she is will change her behavior. She most likely won’t. She’ll just have some talking points over lunch with her other skank friends.

    I fucking hate people who do that shit. I can even her this stupid bitch’s cadence while reading her words.

    I could see him. I could actually see this guy while he was taking a shit right after he slept with me, and for some reason, I just remember being like, “You know what? I respect how much nerve you have.”

    Those words should be repeated 3 times every night before sleeping, and every morning upon waking. Feel the stupidity flowing through you as your say each word, with conviction. Say it slowly, in the mirror, and face the world as it was meant to be faced, with the undeniable truth burned in your heart that the creatures we are meant to protect and impregnate and entrust with our children believe shitting with the door open right after fucking them believe doing so is impressive.


    • You really didn’t proof read that too well, stupid.


    • on August 3, 2013 at 12:00 pm haunted trilobite

      As I was being dragged along behind his horse I just remember being like “You know what Viking? I respect that you beheaded my town farrier husband and all his children, he was a bit of a douche and was going bald”


  26. […] Beta Male Asks Girls For Reasons Why They Rejected Him […]


  27. 1 especially nice thing about hugo schwyzer’s meltdown is it’s not out of the question it could lead to his death.

    Don’t get me wrong, hugo schwyzer is too unprincipled and narcissistic to ever treat us to a suicide but consider the following:

    -His wife despises him
    -He’s self-published his history of posing homicidal danger to significant others
    -As an endowed professor (lol), surely he’s attached to a generous life insurance policy

    He is a sitting duck if she wants to.

    You also cannot rule out the unstable freaks whose company he keeps as contenders to brain him like bob crane.

    So far I am encouraged that I have seen very little compassion extended to hugo schwyzer on the basis of his “mental illness”. Of course, hugo schwyzer is a terribly disturbed individual, there are legions like him and they inhabit too great a sphere of influence in our culture.

    This is a WAR and it’s imperative that toxins like hugo schwyzer be destroyed.

    If you feel even a twinge of sympathy for him, please go to and really soak in his “hero” image on display while imagining him “debating” coyly and dishonestly on Twitter and in the classroom about the serious issues that are plaguing the keepers of a respectable society.

    Then imagine him spearing young, hot students while doing everything in his power to make it harder for us or young men on his campus to do the same. And rationalizing it all in his rotten mind.

    If you still have any sympathy for him, I advise you to do a google image search on hygo schwyzer. This cannot be overstated.


  28. “Dont try to understand women. Women understand each other and they hate each other.”


    • Cute. But wrong. A guy who has half a clue can get a relationship with a woman that another woman cannot. She’ll do things for you she would never do for her competition, even a “BFF” which is just her name for another woman that she distrusts a bit less than a “best friend”.

      So know the weaknesses and foibles of a woman, but also know the power that only a man can have with a woman.


  29. Fuck ’em… let ’em come to you. They don’t, it’s their loss.


  30. Re: the guy shitting with the door open…
    reminds me of the movie Encino Man


  31. I want to admire this guy’s verve in approaching women above his league, but maybe it’s best he find an average girl with a nice personality.

    These 6+ aspiring actresses/models/musician are used to getting tons of attention from guys. They’re clearly holding out for high-value men with connections in the industry. Not to mention the entourage of friendzoned orbiters and ex-boyfriends a potential suitor will have to deal with. Girls like these eat betas like the author for breakfast.


  32. But here’s the problem…if you’re not comfortable being a woman, (and men are attracted to women), then how are you going to be able to attract men? How will you be seen as attractive to men? How will men find you desirable?


  33. […] week The Chateau posted an article about a Beta male asking girls for reasons why they rejected him. In the typical deductive logic that most Betas are prone to use, he runs down a checklist of […]


  34. I don’t care how confident a guy is, taking a shit in front of me is going to repulse me.