Neg Of The Week

Kate gleefully recollects,

Favorite neg (so far) during a conversation about my hair: “You have a face for bangs.”

I dont know if that line technically qualifies as a neg, but it’s close enough for government work.


    • I was just looking at this on Friday. Look at the commenters. All are either ugly or fat women or pathetically frumpy male-types that either drip effeminate weakness or macho overcompensation.

      Though I spent 10 minutes looking, I couldn’t find a post from a woman who agreed with the article. I predict these women will be 3-4 points more attractive on the physical level alone, mannerisms, personalities, skills, intact labias and butthlolzlzozlzozlzoz notwithstanding.


      • I was ripped to shreds in a feminist leaning forum for suggesting something similar to this, that young women who want to marry and have children need to acknowledge it and factor that in to their education decisions post high school. To me this is simple common sense… the cost of college and beyond has skyrocketed and more and more students take on massive debt. A woman who takes on student loan debt will be forced to work (or feel compelled to work), long into her childbearing years, and the option to stay home and raise kids just won’t exist. If working full time with small kids isn’t what the woman wants– and usually it isn’t– taking on major educational debt isn’t wise.

        Aside from the feminist outcry, you also get people saying that two incomes are necessary in today’s economy. But that’s because we have massive degree inflation, with women flooding the liberal arts colleges for degrees that have become largely useless, and resulting wage stagnation from more and more women in the workplace. Two incomes wouldn’t be necessary if college degrees actually meant something, and led to well-paying jobs.


      • Amy, can you put up a different picture of you and the beach?


    • Brilliant. Now to get started on ‘Reasons to NEVER date college educated women.’

      Also, comments are stupid:
      “So, please, what is an 18yo girl to do then? Bag groceries till a prince charming comes along to give a few kids?”
      Yeah, sounds about right.


      • I read an article in USA Today recently about a 27 year old woman from the DC area who took a job as a nanny in North Carolina for $16 an hour. She has a history degree from American University and wasn’t bad looking, certainly attractive enough to land a good man. She took the job because she was not getting the hoped for job with an NGO and no doubt had student debt. I thought to myself, what a waste. Why isn’t she taking care of her own kids at 27? What did she gain by amassing $100k or more in debt?


    • Great article, 180-proof though-crime. Check out those comments; I haven’t seen such high-powered Hamsterbation since Eve convinced herself that God wanted her to eat the apple.


    • The article itself is too limp-wristed. It tries so hard to be “respectable” that it negates itself. It should come out and say honestly and proudly:





    • reason number 9. tattoos n butthex


      • on September 16, 2013 at 2:08 pm haunted trilobite

        There’s a phenomenon of women getting caught shitting in public a lot these days. Of course it’s not just college aged women, but perhaps it’s due to reduced sphincter control related to regular anal blitzkreig. Or just poor diet


  1. Don’t send boys to college either, they’ll just be indoctrinaited by YKW.


  2. Better fathers have smaller testicles
    Study finds evolutionary trade-off between mating prowess and parenting involvement.

    Also a neg, in its way.


    • Makes sense. Testicle size is also loosely correlated with fertility, so if you have small testicles you are less fertile and you need to protect what offpsring you get.


    • In light of this new and shocking information I have written a song in celebration:

      Hitler has only got one ball,
      Göring’s are rather awf’lly small,
      Himmler is rather sim’lar,
      And Goebbels has no balls at all.

      Contrarywise we could start using “big balls” as a masculine compliment.


      • Goebbels tagged more women than most of us put together. He also had five children. Hitler once chewed him out on his wife’s behalf for cheating on her so much. Goebbels controlled who got to star in the films he had made, so he had a busy casting couch. Magda Goebbels had Hitler’s ear and he was very fond of her.


  3. Chuckling at the effects of marriage on genius and crime:


    • how very depressing. oh well, i guess i can still hope to be a middling criminal as i prepare to cross that horrid threshold.

      also, i want to follow-up on your comment from a prior thread about willeford and tab cola. one of my “creative” writing professors in college lambasted an assignment that i had turned in because i was very “brand-specific” in my writing. i thought that it gave it a sort of tangibility or, for lack of a better word, “realness.” she disagreed and made me rewrite it so that it would “better withstand the test of time.” i did, naturally, because i was required to do so, but i have shared that story with my friends and family only as it was originally written. i never really took her seriously, but i did remember that criticism as i have continued to write creatively. willeford would have probably told her to fuck off. and, as i stated previously, i’m so impressed that willeford was able to write the way he did without dating himself into literary obsolescence.

      and, um, on the subject of chicks: tits are awesome.


  4. That means she has a huge forehead


  5. Yes, it’s a neg. It’s just more of an classic, old-school inner game neg, in which the point is to demonstrate both interest and non-supplication simultaneously, and in this case with greater outcome independence towards defensive crouch tingles.

    Originally “neg” was short for “negative hit”, in the sense of “hitting on a girl” i.e. approaching. The “negative” part referred more to the inversion of the usual AFC pedestalizing attitude rather than the characterization of the girl herself.


  6. Salutary Sunday images:


  7. I don’t get it. Why is having bangs bad?


    • It’s not that bangs are necessarily bad (though of course they are ugly as death). The point is to make the woman wonder whether she’s being complimented, outright insulted, or damned with faint praise.


  8. First out and out fight with the 7….cause she found out about my indiscretions with her single mom friend/co-worker. I am not so good at avoiding the drama — the making up is too good…..srs, played out like this:


    • Story time, Scray!

      You can’t be an OP and leave us hanging without delivering.

      Come on nah


    • on September 15, 2013 at 11:35 pm gunslingergregi


      not the making up lol
      just be carefull he he he


    • Ya, well the 7 txts asking why I’ve been so scarce the last week or so. I’m just like ‘been busy.’ So, we agree to hang out. I pick her up and roll to the venue to hang out with her social circle. I’m worried that the other chick will be there — thankfully, she is nowhere to be found.

      Instead it’s just her typical friends; a bunch of paper alphas. One of the guys is srsly one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen — no homo. There’s this other orbiter who I feel a natural unease with. I keep myself in the middle of things by focusing on her girlfriends — a 6, a 4, and another 7 or near 7. That forces the guys to engage me, for good or ill.

      I go to the bathroom, and while I’m gone, the sneaky orbiter says “ya, where’s Scray good friend single mom tonight? He gets along with her real well,” to 7. When I get back, he makes a joke “hey, did you go fuck single mom in there?”

      I’m so confused, I’m just like ‘huh?” But it’s the kind of “huh” that reveals too much. 7 instantly sees the reaction, but she stays quiet. I’m just like “nah I was looking for you, we had an appointment, faggot…” and move past him to talk to the girls again. 7 gets increasingly cold.

      After maybe 15-20 minutes, I get annoyed:

      Me: What? What’s wrong with you?
      7: Is there something going on between you and her?
      Me: Who cares, we’re not exclusive….
      7: I can’t believe you
      Me: Okay.
      7: I don’t care, have fun with your old lady and taking care of her kids
      Me: (digs under my skin, so I smirk) Ya we were hoping you’d be the maid of honor at the wedding (…oops)
      7: Fuck you! I can’t believe I wasted my time on some short, MEXICAN-LOOKING, piece of shit…you aren’t even worth my time
      Me: Hahaha someone’s butthurt.
      7:(now it’s kind of a scene and she just storms off outside the venue, and her friends form a white knight wall)
      Me: All right, easy, I’ll just let her go.

      I try to let her go. One of her WK friends goes to try and talk to her. I can’t let her go, so I just go out after her. Of course, he tries to block — and to think I thought these queers were alphas.

      WK: Just step off bro, she doesn’t want to talk to you
      Me: Fuck you
      Me: (looks past him) 7, talk to me, what the fuck?
      7: (She’s just standing there…and she looks away for a second) what do you want to talk about?
      Me: (steps past WK, who just wanders off — still in the shadows) What, why are you upset, I didn’t lie to you about anything
      7: Whatever, I’m just going to let WK take me home
      Me: Why? I brought you here…I’ll take you home
      7: I really just don’t want to be in this situation right now….I can’t even look at you (she starts walking…AGAIN)
      Me: Fine, whatever.

      ……HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG………..resume going after her again

      WK: 7?
      Me: She’s fine…(I kind of jog to catch up with her and she’s ignoring me, then I reach out to turn her, and she snatches her hand away)
      7: Don’t touch me!
      Me: Fine, look…you’re being crazy right now. If you want a relationship or something, then just be up front but I’ve been honest with you
      7: I can’t do this! I’ve never done this before, you make me feel so bad about myself…you just make my life harder
      Me: (For some reason this pisses me off) This is a hard life to you? Are you fucking kidding me? Wow it’s so hard being a hot white girl with blonde hair, give me a fucking break kid….what else is hard, strapping your fucking gladiator sandals? Do you know what life is like for me? Of course not, you selfish bitch….everything I get I earn — I have to earn it. You will never know what I have to do to get what I want and at the end of the day get called names by some spoiled cunt who’s mad that a guy she’s not in a relationship with fucked someone else. (Only now do I realize that she led us to my car) Ya, I did…so fucking what. Now get in the car, I’m taking you home.

      And then we made up in the car.

      This is all paraphrased…esp that last thing I said. I know I called her a bitch and was extremely angry. I hella lost my cool, but it’s hard for me to help. I mean, getting passionate paid dividends in the making up….at the same time, it’s just so fuxing stressful. I’m just stressed out now.

      If I go out, I’m wary of trying to approach because it just is like ‘best case scenario is I get another fucking headache.’ But I will, I will. I think I’m starting to have adventures.

      Unfortunately tho, this is not a FR really. I need to post one of those up soon…make some time for khunting. But ya, that’s the story.


      • Good story. I’m thinking you might’ve provoked the fight tho. The “who cares” line was taken as defensive. Better to make fun of her, “aw you’re so cute, are you falling in love with me?”
        When dealing with accusations that you can’t evade then deny and attack.
        If you can’t outright deny and lie then reframe it, “if there was something going on would that turn you on?”
        Agree and amplify, “yeah we’re getting married next weekend, faggot here is the maid of honor”
        A lot of your reaction to her was beta as well. Not trying to insult just want to point out because you were dissing them for being beta. They weren’t respecting you either. You might need to amp up your asshole game with guys too or get a wing who is big. Big wings are worth their weight in gold.


      • Yea, I think you were too angry and defensive with her right off the bat; better to be amused and a little confused (“awww… why are you so upset?”) instead of immediately going on the attack. I don’t think you should have gone after her, either.

        I think anger can be used effectively, shifting her into apologetic/reassurance mode (definitely works on me) but not if you start out that way. Looks like your anger at the end did shift her into that mode.


      • Scray, just saw this as I was about to head to bed.

        Thanks for sharing man.

        You know how I know you’re fine? (And that you prob handled this better than YOU think)

        There was this roommate in college named John whom was as aloof-alpha as they come. He dated for 4 years (shake my head) a hot blonde named Jen.

        1) He cheated on her and got caught a few times. They got back together.
        2) Dated another, hotter girl when Jen wanted to go on a “break” for a few weeks
        3) Left her in a bad part of town after a football game. Left her and her friend actually.
        4) Acted dismissive of her friends and family
        5) Made it seem like doing relationship activities was such a chore
        6) Would constantly get in fights and act utterly out of control

        It still bothered me at the time. I couldn’t understand why she stayed and loved him (at the time).

        But understand this, she was so emotionally invested in him and his demeanor alone was enough to keep her by his side.

        So, yeah, I think you’re fine.

        1) No other guy has made her feel like this
        2) No other guy has been hesitant about committing like you havebeen
        3) No other guy has talked to her like you did
        4) No other guy who is not “conventionally” attractive has been attractive to her like you
        5) No other guy that she has liked has got the kind of game like you do
        6) No other guy has made her feel that kind of range of emotions

        In my humble opinion, those 6 points I listed are enough to supersede your perceived fuck-up in the way you handled it. Even then, you stood your ground.

        I think you’re 100% fine. Nice work overall and best of luck. I think sometimes it helps to realize that there is a 99% chance you don’t get married so if you fuck up from the point of irrecovery; well, sometimes you win and sometimes you lean.

        Thanks again for sharing, that was a worthwhile read.


      • Nice perspective, man.


      • ya, it’s really about more than ‘knowing’ what the right thing to do is d00dz. The only way to become a rock in situs like these is to just…..experience them enough times and understand that that’s what she wants.

        There aren’t any shortcuts. Eventually, I’ll react that way because I’ve been there before….for now, I’m gonna focus on being congruent and enjoy the ups and downs.


      • Right, cuz knowing and using what is effective is never a good plan.


      • Ya, do you honestly think the whole ‘dude just agree and amplify’ was something I had no idea about or something? lol. Nah. It’s that the situ got to my emotions — it was new. Drama like that is NEW to me. I’m just saying that I’ll have to be in similar spots a few times to correctly apply the (admittedly simple) knowledge….like learning any other skill.

        And honestly tho…effective to wat end? Sometimes a woman will get to you. Sometimes you will go after them. If you aren’t struggling with those impulses mightily, then you aren’t going after chicks who make you passionate IMHO.


    • That hag’s wretched blather pisses me off — more than writer-cunt bullshit usually does. These monsters want to make it *against the law* for a man over 30 to fuck an 18 year old girl. They want to make this simplest of all pleasures a felony. They speak of “innocence” these lying pigs.–

      Our culture is so demented that we have some mangina “arguing” that this hack Salinger fucked young pussy because he was “traumatized” by war.

      I see — one would have to have “PTSD” to choose sweet young snatch over some *age-appropriate* gash.

      Hand me my KA-BAR.


    • A j^wish child molester?

      Fucked him some filthy shiksa whores as young as 14?

      Like Roman Polanski?

      And “Woody Allen” Konigsberg?

      “At this point there appears to be a close connection between the essence of a substance and its species (eidos), and this might tempt one to suppose that Aristotle is identifying the substance of a thing (since the substance of a thing is its essence) with its species.”


      • Fucking 14 year olds is legal in a variety of jurisdictions in the civilzed world.

        Ask yourself: would you shit yourself in anger if a woman fucked a 14 year old boy?

        I think Polanski is a tool for fucking that girl, but I always find it silly if people refer to sex drive having teenagers as “children” in this case. “If there’s hair on the muff, she’s old enough.” Lol. No not necessarily, but but if it bleeds, putting the act on the same level as straight up child molestation is stupid. Many of them are already getting railed by someone. Why is it “the worst crime imaginable” if the guy doing it is older? I mean it may be immoral and even criminal, but hardly the atrocity people claim it is.


      • > “Why is it “the worst crime imaginable” if the guy doing it is older?”

        Did you read the article?

        The answer is “Because he tells them every single lie in the book – to include all sorts of very sophisticated emotional blackmail – just so that he can pump and then dump them?”

        The parents of an average 14-year-old girl who gets run through an emotional grinder like that will be very lucky if they don’t come home one day to find their daughter’s corpse hanging from a rope in her closet.


      • Polanski is scum, but so was the girl’s mother, who put the girl with him. She knew what would happen.

        Note that the girl, now in her 50s, is “still in touch” with the Edomite.

        ‘People are still coming after both of us. We’re both still being treated unfairly. It makes sense to be on the same side.’


      • Oh, this is even better:

        Still high from the night before, he showed off topless photos of the young girl to her horrified mother, victim Samantha Geimer explains.


  9. Huh ? Having a face for bangs is a neg ? More like double entendre to me ! Bangs being another name for fringes.


  10. on September 15, 2013 at 4:04 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    My natural friend and mentor told me, “If you don’t know what to say, just go up and deliberately step on their toes.” A bit harsh, but it got the ball rolling (and the gina tingles flowing) more than a few times. The key is to have a sexy arrogant smirk on your face, and be playful and deliberate. The dip-your-ponytail-in-the-inkwell gambit.

    Another classic standby is when I’m blanking on a witty opener: “Hey! It’s (insert name of some random celebrity’s) Evil Twin! Extra points if the celebrity referred to isn’t particularly hot (e.g. Jodie Foster, Princess Di), or is known for being whacko, e.g. Lindsay Lohan) or is obscure to an American audience, (Myrna Loy, Cheryl Cole).

    Double-plus bonus points if the resemblance is faint or absurdly ridiculous.


  11. Bangs are never the best look for a woman.


  12. Lololzzozzz


    Could a Protestant ever get nominated ? Lololzzozzz. Ya right.


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  14. Why I like this neg is that it’s cheeky and indirectly compliments the target…and communicate sexual interesting (“bang”)


  15. Here’s one I am dying to try.
    If you haven’t seen a lady for a while, say, “Hey you look great. You lost some weight didn’t you?”
    any takers?


    • Some men learn by watching others, some learn by reading the great books for men, some just gotta go up and piss on the electric fence for themselves. Ze lolz.


    • You, literally, yourself– are the reason for the existence of this website. You are so omega, not even beta… see how I just did that? So out of step with reality and women that CH had to create a place to fill a vacuum which is your lack of a soul.

      IF, IF you were Brad Pitt at age 25-30 you could say the above and still get sex, but then… you could say anything. Like “I’m going to fuck you in the ass tonight, I hope you only ate salad today”

      migsflecha— Try this instead– Find a razor blade and cut yourself from wrist to elbow several times. Opens your veins on both arms. You are prima facia why “Game” websites will go the way of the dinosaur. My recommendation is to redirect your browser to you will learn much more there about how to tell a fat chick she lost weight.


      • If I can get a woman to tell me her age I’ll say,
        “Really you’re that old? Wow, I hope I look that good when I’m your age.”
        It usually gets a surprised laugh. (and yes b/c I’m much older than the girl)

        …and Jay in D C
        (Regarding the razor blades on the arms and Game websites going extinct, something I actually didn’t understand)
        …I thought Jay was a guy’s name, guess not.



      “A US teenage robber who counted down to shoot a baby dead after his mother refused to hand over her purse has been jailed for life without parole.

      De’Marquise Elkins, 18, shot 13-month-old Antonio Santiago, who was in a pushchair, between the eyes on 21 March this year in the US state of Georgia.

      Antonio’s murder appalled the nation.”

      It did? Gosh, I heard nary a whisper about it. It was drowned out by a certain other story that (seemingly) fit the liberal narrative better.


      • The question I’d like to ask the pro-choice femtards is – if this guy had killed her unborn child instead, what should the charge sheet read?



  16. I’ll add some more to the OT fest.

    This was going round the Facebook.

    Further evidence that when the shit hits the fan (in this case, the Colorado flooding), women find the Beta Provider Comfort Male to be attractive.

    The Alpha player cad? No time for him when a pallet of Ace Hardware 2x4s are floating through your living room.

    But the 50 year old, balding, mud-soaked accountant, knee deep in mud, sporting the Craftsman toolbelt, who you never gave the time of day to, knocking on your door to make sure you’re staying safe and dry, OMG that’s hot.



  17. “Kate gleefully recollects”


  18. on September 15, 2013 at 9:45 pm gunslingergregi

    well now I know where I got the pissing in a ho’s mouth thing visiting my uncle he said he was doing that when he was in high school with chicks
    he over 60 lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  19. An alpha CEO I know once said, “If you can’t fit your idea on the back on my business card, your idea is no good.”

    Well, here’s one idea he took, and one that fits: “NEVER EVER make it easy for a woman, whatever the situation.”

    Idolize a woman and place her on a pedestal? She’ll hate your guts forever.
    Make her work, clean, cook, stay thin, and care for you? She’ll love you forever and treat you like a prince.

    That’s the way God designed them. Break the rules and you pay. Dearly.


    • on September 15, 2013 at 10:45 pm gunslingergregi

      nice post


      • on September 15, 2013 at 11:18 pm gunslingergregi

        along those lines the chick I got the fist in which yea ok I was impressed but on the other hand he he he
        told her to do klegals look it up
        next time two fingers yea
        tough love works


    • Here’s a guy who needs more than a pithy business plan on a business card: he needs a get-out-of-jail card. Everything wrong with marriage to a junk-food, smartphone addicted harpy in five easy minutes:

      Stirrings of complaint rise up within him: he rubs his eyes.


      • Ugh…and she’s recording it to put on the net because it’s just hilarious to her. She doesn’t even care about the shower, she’s taking enjoyment out of crushing his soul.

        That look on his face in the last 10 seconds of silence at the end of the clip is the look of a man who needs to find the manosphere and red pill. That’s the internal battle between “I WANT to do something, and my instincts are telling me to just do it, but my social conditioning is telling me to obey my fat disrespectful wife”

        Ugh. That was painful to watch. Like a mom scolding a child. I don’t even hate the guy, he’s not a loser, he’s just trapped in social conditioning…he’s a victim more than anything, to me.


      • You can’t hate the guy. You can project, however, how he was treated by his mother, which is why he has a lifetime of hell awaiting him with the shaming, cheetos-chomping wife who drips with bemused contempt at the idea that her values are not his values. As you note, his gestures are exactly like a diminished, shamed boy being ridiculed by his mother for something pointless. I hope he reads the comments on her video and realizes that other men don’t, actually, have to live this way.

        The wife who posted the video pats herself on the back publicly by saying that he “won” and didn’t have to go to the shower. I’ll bet. She probably traded off six months of private humilations in exchange for letting him watch Johnny Football with his buddies.

        The junk food chomping raises this to unintentional satire: she self-satirizes herself without knowledge to realize it, she is so enraptured with her power position in the relationship. (It also made me want to comment on the picture and ask the guy: do you realize that a woman who eats like this is going to gain five pounds a year for the rest of her life?)


  20. Today I opened two girls.
    A 20 yr ole cashier at a local restaurant. Super cute. Trying to figure out how to get her number. Will attempt the next time I see her.

    At dinner, chatted up the waitress at mid scale restaurant. Very cute and lively. Prepping for the LSAT got her email address.

    Definitely going for the numbers game. Getting more comfortable opening them up and talking with them. All these girls are low 20s and very good looking. No super hot clubber types but definitely fun!

    Game is greatest thing ever and I LOVE chatting and opening them up. Watching them twirl their hair while we flirt is too cute 🙂


  21. on September 15, 2013 at 11:32 pm gunslingergregi


    me should of seen my house yesterday very unsafe insane day you should of been my house 6 am he he he
    chick why
    me one chick said she hit her dude with pipe said police looking for her wanted to stay my house lol me no
    chick got to stay away from crazy girls
    me they all crazy in my town
    chick that’s why you need to stick with me lol
    me another husband went jail for counterfitting money said popo after her
    chick that’s why you need to stick with me lol
    chick don’t know why I want to suck you right now
    chick stay away best advice
    me exchick called to come this morning im like no fucking way after insane bitches lol
    chick that’s why you need to stick with me
    me oh now you wanna suck me
    chick now you should of you love her
    me fuck no
    me because I loved the chick I need to not
    chick oh my yes I wish I was with you
    chick if you say so
    me lol
    me god dammed free for all everyone know we stopped talkin
    me but she still fucking calling me devil bitch lol
    chick she wants you I told you
    me every bitch wants me
    chick yea lol
    chick if you say so
    me truth they all trying to move in take her spot comin up with these crazy ass stories
    me im good on that though
    chick stay away just want to hurt you

    chick trying to brainwash me and shit with the that’s why you need to stick with me
    ill admit she growing on me a little


  22. Negs only work on hot chicks.

    “You have a face for bangs.” Is not so much a neg as it is a straight up compliment – or be it a rather bold sexually escalating (alpha) one.

    The fact that Kate is still using this as a sneaky DHV story, proves the effectiveness of the “be bold” strategy.

    If Kate were a bit hotter he may have said – You have a face for bangs… do you wax



  23. Beauty standard goes down with this year’s Miss America. Sad–wins-Miss-America-injured-Miss-Florida-tattooed-Army-sergeant-Kansas-defeated.html

    she is ugly and might have not won even miss town in her native country.


    • Who cares?


      • > “Who cares?”

        The people who notice how The Frankfurt School is shoving their agenda down our throats, 24×7, at every possible opportunity, on every possible front?

        Are you serious, BTW?

        In case you honestly don’t get it, The Frankfurt School’s agenda in this specific incident is to supplant ancient classical notions of Occidental beauty with a truly repulsive Curry-Negress hideousness.

        Anything and everything to convince the Occidentals to commit cultural suicide as a means towards the ultimate end of actual demographic suicide.


      • But as that’s well and thoroughly established by now, for anyone with an intelectual pulse. Why would anyone spend a second of their life treating establishment propaganda seriously?

        I’d say we’re long past indignation in dealing with oligarchy’s shenanigans and derision a la “haha did u c the bindi whale da oligarchy is serving up as “Miss Amerikuh”?!? is a more adequate answer.


      • > “haha did u c the bindi whale da oligarchy is serving up as “Miss Amerikuh”?!?

        You’re damned right it’s a good answer.

        In fact, it’s a helluva lot better than, “Who cares?”

        Now keep your nose to the grindstone.


      • No. Zero creed to oligarchy nonsense. Indignation means one still expects something from the oligarchy. Not the reaction if they’re meke-tekel-ufarsin to you. Let the dead bury their dead. Life is to short to waste precious energy on caring/getting worked up about oligarchy’s stunts.

        Reactive and proactive actions? Yes, you got to protect yourself and whoever/ whatever else you care about.

        Care?!? Not one iota. Never


    • She’s not the only one that is much less than attractive. There are several trumped up 6’s and 7’s in the field. Amazing. Are these really the best those states have to offer?
      Or are the truly beautiful tatting up, getting knocked up, riding the carousel and getting the used slutty whore look, getting fatted up, and/or are really beautiful but not passing the stupid interview portion of the contest?


  24. fucking neggers, all of you


  25. ‘you have a face for bangs’ – technically a neg, but it’s heavier on the insult than the compliment.

    it’s basically saying ‘you’re not ugly enough to deflate my boner’.



  26. You have the face of many bangs.