The Power Of Dread Game

Reco writes,

OT but just had to share. There is this series on Cable called 90 Day Fiance and basically it is typical “reality” series about guys who go overseas to find a woman to bring back to the US and they have 90 days on their fiance visa to marry them. So its ostensibly about the culture shock of these women marrying these men and moving to another country.

But what they are unknowingly illustrating all of the many concepts of the Red Pill on that are discussed on this site. Obviously you can see what kind of men are doing this. Very beta but nice guys who have no real options in the US. On the other side three of the four girls are very cute. Once looks like a lot like Sophia Vergara and she is from Columbia. And she acts like her also. Another looks a lot like Adriana Lima, and another from Russia is very cute. The last one is rough.

Anyway the Russian chick is dating this nice guy totally beta. And she is basically treating him like shit. Not mean but they have known each other for over a year he has visited her several times she is in the US for a few weeks and she has not fucked him yet. Poor bastard does not know what to do. He asks instead of taking what he wants. She just casually blows him off and gives him more orders on what to do. So one night she is supposed to meet the beta boy out after work. He is outside smoking a cigarette and two chicks come up and bum a cigarette and they see the camera and he starts talking to them. Then his frigid Russian cutie comes up and is instantly in a state of dread. She is shooting daggers at the other two chicks. And beta boy is all “worried” that frigid girl is going to be jealous. Ha, then he says “funny thing it had the opposite effect”. lol She started talking about he is her man etc.

That night she fucks his nauseating needy ass. lol Do you know what the first thing she says as she is initiating sex with him? “Your cute!!!!” This dude is most certainly not cute in any way. Amazing to sit there and watch game principles at work. This series has many potential future Heartiste posts ready to inspire the manosphere.

Dread game is powerful stuff. Use it wisely. It’s easy to overdo.

Mystery’s infamous “jealousy plotlines” are a subclass of dread game, and that’s what was happening to this frigid Russian chick. A woman’s jealousy will supercharge her emotions more than her horniness. Jealousy plotlines can be deliberately invoked, unlike this particular case where it looks like the beta stumbled into a fortuitous ensemble cast of female preselection. The trick is to frame the plotline as if the “other women” — i.e. the pawns — approached you or were accidental afterthoughts in your DHV story.  You don’t want to “force” a jealousy plotline by, say, talking about your “hottie ex who couldn’t get enough of me”, or by approaching a girl you know while leaving your date in the lurch for twenty minutes.

Jealousy plotlines are very dangerous because they can easily backfire, but when they work they work like fuckin hamster TNT.

PS: Girls will often describe a physically unattractive but charismatic man who arouses them as “cute” because they don’t have the verbal tools to describe his mysterious allure in anything but herd-like universal terms of attraction. This is why you shouldn’t bother taking a girl’s words describing what turns her on at face value. “Cute” literally can mean a thousand different things to a girl if she likes a man enough.


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  2. When I was younger, one of the greatest arousals I ever had in my life was when two of my girlfriends were standing next to me and talking at a big party. Just completely coincidental that they were both there at the same time, but in retrospect, I bet they both kinda realized who the other one was, and they were both probably trying to get the best of each other, and I practically got a hard-on watching it. Funny that I would remember it after all these years.


    • And as for dread game – just something as simple as a bottle of cologne lying on the front seat of your car will get the hamster revving into hypersonic overdrive – “WHAT’S THIS COLOGNE FOR, ANYWAY?!?!?”


  3. Just leave some bobby pins lying around your pad before inviting a female friend over. Maybe some lip gloss lying next to the night stand. That hamster will rev, rev, rev off the tracks.

    If you’re banging girl on the reg, this will happen naturally. Girls love to mark their territory with these kinds of things.


    • And make sure that the bobby pins have some long female hair twisted on them, to make it look more realistic.

      [Although make sure that the female, whose hair it is, never gets murdered, otherwise you’ve got her DNA lying around in your apartment.]


      • Or at least there’s DNA in the follicles…


      • It’s the damnedest thing: I keep finding long pieces of hair in my carpets, even when I think there couldn’t possibly be any more. Maybe I should tell women that I only like their hair in a ponytail.


      • The male version of that shit is if she religiously shaves her holiest of holies, and yet there are pubes all over her apartment, and you know for a fact that they aren’t your pubes.

        Or, worse yet, if there are kinky little chimpanzee hairs all over the damned place. RUN FORREST RUN!!!


  4. Loser men who have to buy a wife from a poor country. Women willing to prostitute themselves to get to the West. Yeah, that series sounds like it has tons to teach about game. I have seen what kind of men go to Poland or the Philippines or the like to get a prostitute wife, and it’s not a pretty sight.

    PS: Girls will often describe a physically unattractive but charismatic man who arouses them as “cute” because they don’t have the verbal tools to describe his mysterious allure in anything but herd-like universal terms of attraction.

    May be so. But in this case it seems it’s something the woman said to an unattractive man because she had to give him some compliment, and she couldn’t make herself say he was handsome or sexy. “Cute” can be condescending. Children are cute.


  5. yeah that was quite a scene. One minor comment about the show. By adriana lima, it should be mentioned, a 12 year old Adriana Lima.


  6. The only thing about dread game that you have to keep in mind is that it is very situational. If you see a natural situation that has dread-installing potential, then think about pursuing it. But, you most of the time when you artificially try to create dread it will be try-hard and back fire. Let it come naturally. For instance dread games stem from having potential “plates” usually

    [CH: this is untrue. dread can be artificially provoked. you just have to know what you’re doing.]


    • Actually yeah what I said isn’t true ha. What I mean is that you don’t want to be ‘try-hard’. As in don’t be a retard and say “well this girl keeps texting me so fine go hang out with that other group”. Make it discreet and make it ‘seem’ natural


  7. Man, when the foreign chick is already acting American because you’re so beta….time to wonder why you want a wife in the first place.

    Just go straight to hookers. Do not pass go. DO NOT ENGAGE IN MARRIAGE.



  8. There’s this video on YouTube, showing men going to Ukraine to shop for a prostitute/wife:

    Ugly woman at 1:42: “But after we were living together, he would throw me out of the car.” By all accounts, men in the Ukraine treat women like shit. They drink a lot, alcoholism is rampant – after all, they’re pretty much the same people as the Russians even though they pretend they’re not. Not surprising that this country is dirt-poor and extremely corrupt, considering the people, as opposed to e.g. Czechs and Estonians who managed to build something after communism. There is no law against a man beating his wife in Ukraine, and apparently men do this a great deal, sometimes severely. Too lazy to study, can’t get anywhere at work – beat a woman who can’t fight back.

    Ugly woman at 8:25: “Here is my five-year-old daughter. But she is growing up without a father. I’m looking first of all for a good father for her as well as a good husband for myself.” A provider for her kid, that’s what the men on the tour want to be. “I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s much better to be with a man who is much older.” Or she has to say that, considering the age of most of these men who couldn’t find a woman the usual way. “There’s a feeling of experience, intellect. Totally different interests and more family oriented, more conversation about family, about home and comfort. Men in Ukraine aren’t interested in these things.”

    No wonder a majority of the Ukrainian women supported the U.S.-funded overthrow of the democratically elected president, to get the deal with the EU. Aside from the flow of Western taxpayers’ money, they get visas to go to EU countries. That was the main reason Ukrainians wanted the deal, say those who have been there before and during the overthrow. Something the media won’t tell us. They want to swarm over Western Europe where they can vote for the Left’s mass immigration and welfare, like they all do. Can’t blame them for wanting to get away from the Ukrainian trash-men, but it doesn’t mean it’s a plan anyone who cares about Europe should support.

    Ugly woman at 11:10 through interpreter: “I like rap, heavy metal … Eminem.” Those good ol’ traditional-minded women, so different from the West. Minds that will be forever pure.

    11:16: This ugly man couldn’t get any sleazier. Actually he sounds a lot like Nicholas Cage. Hah, when he says he saw a band on tour the interpreter tells the woman he was playing at a concert last summer. These bar conversations are deep and meaningful.

    12:02 The ugly woman tells the camera the interpreter is very good. And about the man: “Good impression. Very interesting man. Very intellectual. I think that in the future we will have some kind of relationship together.”

    Then the man tells the camera: “She just wasn’t the type that I was looking for. A little bit above the age range that I was really comfortable with.” She was his age.

    Ugly woman at 12:52: “Lots of Ukrainian men drink too much. I don’t like that. They go after lots of different girls, even after they’re married. I don’t like that either. Yes and the men drink a lot. I don’t like that either.” Ukraine, Africa, what’s the difference. And this is the gene pool the men want to import to the West to satisfy their horniness, because of their failure to find a woman the normal way. Disgusting.

    17:00: First woman again. “What happened to Thomas? Well, he met this other girl from Odessa. I think she didn’t have children, and also knew English better. We were talking together and then suddenly he made his excuses and went off with her to a restaurant. Well, how can I put it. Once again I didn’t find anyone. Each time it leaves an aftertaste in my heart. I feel like we are goods in a market. No one there looks inside our hearts. That’s the problem. No one asks me about what I love, about what I dream, no one so far has asked this. General questions like how old you are, if I work, how old is my daughter…. What kind of food can you prepare…. Do you like doing housework, cleaning clothes, cooking food…. Basically the questions that are important for them.”

    Sound like great guys – I come to think of a guy earlier in the video who goes on about how American women are selfish, etc. These men sound so much better than the women they berate.

    The woman’s daughter is playing in the background while she is talking. This video has nothing uplifting to show about the human species, whether males or females.

    25:05: Man swaggering about in the night club with his mouth open, oogling the women. Cut to attractive woman but with Russian nose saying: “For me it was very unpleasant. Sitting down and a man walks past with a beer glass in his hands and examines all the girls. Standing opposite the table and examining each girl in turn. It’s very unpleasant. It seems to me it’s just bad manners. … It seems the majority came here not for a wife, but for sex tourism. It’s obvious. Very poor city. They think we are all poor, so unhappy that we will agree to anything, but that’s not the case. I feel upset for our girls because, as I’ve already said, not the best men come.”

    Anyone who wants to learn about game should stop listening to anyone who goes sex touristing in Ukraine and Russia. These are men who shouldn’t be allowed to come back to the West once they have left; the gene pool would be better off that way. Let them stay in “wonderful, traditional Ukraine” and get beaten up by men dressed in coveralls with gold chains around their necks.

    26:50: 65-year-old man who has been lowering the quality of the documentary every time he appears, bragging about sex: “I’ve had lots of young women, and I’ve never had one after the effect say that age was a problem.” Could be because they are poor and want to get the hell out of the country. “I had one Ukrainian woman say that she loves me. She’s 23, but she loves my … my sex organ.” Sure.

    28:27 Tood the tour rep has been talking up the business throughout the documentary. “And it’s a chemistry. I don’t think it’s all about just looks …” Sure it isn’t.

    Man, this video is a sorry sight. And the people in it too.


    • Great comentary.


    • Agreed


    • on August 24, 2014 at 8:40 pm Carlos Danger

      Why don’t you piss up a rope? Sometimes you talk incredible mountains of shit in the hope of sounding like you’ve got some life experience. You sound like some jilted American bitch and show this sour grapes video and try to present it as the norm. You have no idea here of what you’re talking about and it shows, like the BS story about US servicemen buying blow jobs from 9 year old Iraqi girls. I’ve lived in Germany 23 years and am half German. I grew up wearing Lederhosen as a kid. I know Blockheads well, far better than you, from what I can tell. I’ve seen British and Scandinavian girls myself that you praise so highly and they can’t hold a candle to Ukrainian women, neither in looks, character, or feminine charms and skills. German women aren’t all that charming either, which is how I know you don’t have very much experience with them. All are too emancipated and few of them can cook any more or want to raise a family. Not to mention parochial and bossy to boot. Ukrainian women don’t mudshark either. Can’t say that about Western women at all. If women of their caliber existed in the West, I’d have married one. Western women are completely outclassed by Slavonic women in virtually every category you care to mention. Most men who go overseas looking for a wife are pretty red pill and quite well off. The marriages have a success rate well above average. The vast majority of these women make excellent wives and most of the men are well above average in terms of education and success. You’d know that if you weren’t lying through your teeth here. Did you get dumped by a Ukrainian woman or something? What a putz. Stick to National socialist dogma. You do that pretty well.


      • It’s okay, those men are obviously lesser betas, many of whom have been divorced, so they’re simply going for ugly women who are less fat and bitchy than what they’d have to put up with in the USA.

        Arbiter doesn’t realize that some American greater betas and alphas will visit Ukraine on a whim, meet some of the top-shelf women there, and then decide they might as well get a wife there, just because of a more favorable sex ratio. American girls aren’t really all that different intrinsically from Ukrainian girls, but they do tend to have many more desirable men in their social circle to choose from than the Ukrainians do. If every attractive girl you know has a serious boyfriend, and even those who don’t still hang around all the time with men in their social circle from whom they’ll eventually choose their next serious boyfriend, Ukraine can start to look pretty good.


    • “Those good ol’ traditional-minded women, so different from the West.”

      The last large cohort of traditional-minded women in Eastern Europe was girls born in the early 80s. Younger ones had the same American pop culture, internet, social media and foreign travel that Western girls did. That’s not to say that there are no more traditional girls in the east — it’s that you’re no more or less like likely (maybe slightly more likely) to find a traditional young woman in EE than you do in the US. They exist both here and there (in America, see articles about Duggar girls courtships) but you have to know where to look; and in the east, those girls certainly aren’t going on mail order bride shows.


      • on August 24, 2014 at 9:12 pm Carlos Danger

        They get huge numbers for those Anastasia tours. Most are normal women who have little expectation of getting married and the men lose their heads because of so many women being available. It’s not a normal situation. That’s not the way to do it anyway. It’s best to just go there and start talking to women. You don’t need to play any of the stupid games American women require. Just be a man and be yourself.


      • > “the same American pop culture”

        If by ‘American’ you mean ‘jewish’ and if by ‘culture’ you mean ‘cultural poisoning’.


      • I certainly wasn’t talking about Mark Twain novels or apallachian folk ballads.


      • Speaking of cultural poisoning, I recently borrowed the “Hangover II” DVD from a friend. It featured full frontal nudity of Thai chicks with dicks.

        Not owning a TV and going to a movie maybe once every three years, I don’t sit in the proverbial frog-boiling water long enough to become desensitized to full frontal assaults at my disgust reflex. Well, I watched the early episodes of “Two and a Half Men” on the network’s web site because it was then a funny and very red pill show. Then, it went all homo, all the time and I stopped watching it.

        Curious though, did those of you who watch TV and go to movies not feel like you need a shower when you saw that scene in Hangover II?


      • God, that scene was…..let’s not talk about it.


      • @PA. I went to the cinema to see Hangover movie with my sister and my brother in Law. We did not realise what kind of thing it was. My sister walked out half way through. The thai woman with the ding a ling part is so gross. Yucks. He even looked like a woman.


    • Another thing that kept EE girls traditional a generation ago: rural life on patriarchal extended family farms plus (depending on the country) a culture of Catholic piety. Today, the younger girls leave the the farm for large cities or travel to work in England.


      • Of course the guys who go trolling for mail order brides are disadvantaged, losers and creeps.
        Why would any guy who has any level of options subject himself to the massive amount of work, expense, hassle and red tape importing someone from a foreign country involves?
        In the vast majority of cases, such guys are too short, too fug or too old to be of any interest to American (or other western) women, so they have to go to Ukraine or Thailand or El Salvador and essentially have their bank account marry a prostitute.
        A totally different thing would be if you went somewhere on vacation and just so happened to meet (a) girl(s) naturally.


      • Cities are the work of Cain.


    • on August 24, 2014 at 9:07 pm Carlos Danger

      Most of the men are pretty reasonable and sensible. None of them struck me as either sex tourists or losers, except maybe the old guy. He still seemed pretty cool. They’re just fed up with Western women. You have an irrational hatred of Slavs and Slavonic women it would seem. I sometimes think you’re a feminist or J-wish sock puppet. By all means stick to your Western skanks. I’ve been there and done that. I wouldn’t trade my wife for any of them. Did you get dumped by a Ukrainian or something? Ukraine is pretty safe too, BTW. There aren’t any goons with gold chains out to beat you up. I wouldn’t trade my life with any of you. BTW, its spelled Arbeiter unless you wish to be known as a facilitator versus a worker. .


    • That documentary is so accurate. I know 6 men with Ukrainian wives.

      One woman I know, is very sweet, but her husband is one of the most not likable men I have ever met. He met her when she came here to work as domestic help. She left her daughter in Ukraine, and they sent for her 2 years later. But he does beat her a lot, she is always has so many bruises. He is also too posessive, I asked her if she would like to go to market with me, and he gave her exactly 30 minutes and kept calling her every 5 minutes. He said if I did not get her home on time, he would not hesitate to slap me. So I do not spend time with her anymore, but I think her husband is obnoxious. She left him because of the beatings, and he flew to Ukraine to bring her back.

      The 2nd woman is about 30 years old, she lives in my street and married a man who is 60 years old and family friend, she is also from Ukraine. He made her pregnant, but they had fights all the time and one night he put her out of the house. He took her back, but then she divorced him and now has citizenship because she has his child.

      The 3rd wife is from Moldova, 32 years old, she is my neighbor. She has been married 3 times here. She left the first husband here for a new one, who she then beat and emotionally tortured and was not faithful to. Now she has a new one, who she is also not faithful too. She is a very disobedient wife. She has 1 daughter from a Moldovian mafia man.

      The 4th wife is a good woman. One of my closest friends. She is from a well off family in Russia, and she married the best friend of my fiance. She is 28, he is 50. They are a beautiful couple. She is not a mail order bride, because she met him here on a vacation.

      The 5th wife was a mail order bride, from Ukraine. She is 34 years old, she married at age 22, she left him 2 years ago because he had a mistress. I was looking for a husband for her so she does not have to return to Ukraine. I found a village guy who is a farmer and a good man, he is 50 years old, and a very quiet calm man. But she said he is too old, and she looking for under 40. I told her, you have to be realistic, because you are already 34. She said she can not.

      The 6th wife, is sad story. A close friend of my fiance brought a young woman from Ukraine, he became very sick with cancer, and she was out partying all the time. Then she left him.

      All in all, I would be very careful about a mail order bride. There is good and bad women in all countries. Eastern European women, are still women, and many of them just want citizenship.

      My fiance is older than me, more than 20 years older. I asked him if he did not have me, if he would have considered a mail order bride, he said no because his close friend brought one from Ukraine and had his heart broke when she took his money and left. Especially when he had cancer.

      I never wanted my father to have a mail order bride either, because even I felt sorry for him he is with out a wife, if we got him a wife and then she takes his money and broke his heart, I would go insane with her. Anyway he said I have too many daughters to be able to afford a wife anyway, women are too expensive. LOL.

      I would just think if a woman is wanting a husband specifically from abroad, it should be a red flag. Contrary to popular belief, European men are not all bad. Sure, most men are not as good as my man, but there are many good ones.


      • on August 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm Joachim Peiper

        I think this has much to do with them settling in Cyprus. This just shows that the women also take big risks. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Most of these marriages are successful, at least in the US. Most of the women are not out to meet a western man specifically and tend to just be curious and cautiously optimistic. Contrary to popular belief, not all women there are frothing at the bit to go West. Life in Kiev is far superior to life in Des Moines or Topeka.

        As far as the men being losers are concerned, that is wishful thinking on the part of the detractors. The men who go there are Americans first, Brits second, Canadians third, and Italians fourth. The majority were entrepreneurs and some were quite wealthy. All were normal looking and simply fed up with second rate women. I’ve always done well with women and my notch count puts me in the top 5% of this forum if I had to guess. My wife is now 35 and teaches Russian at a local university. She is still easily one of the prettiest women on campus and makes far younger women nervous about their looks.

        Most men who go don’t want to waste a lot of time dating a large number of sub- standard women to find the one golden nugget in the sewer. Every man I met was successful, easy to talk to, and reasonable. None of them were hard up to meet a woman, they wanted a good woman. I have heard horror stories on both sides of the fence and I agree, all take a big risk. But any woman can divorce you and take your money. In fact they have that reputation in the West, especially in the Anglosphere. After dealing with German women’s tempers, rigidity, parochial thinking and mechanical approach to sex, the Ukrainian women I met were simply wonderful. As far as having to stay there and only date Ukrainian women, all I can say is that it was my dream for some time. It’s a cool place. Good beer, cheap reefer, hot women, good clubs. What’s not to like? Throw me in that briar patch!


      • Joachim Peiper, I am happy for you and your wife. God bless you both.

        The Ukrainian women are taking a risk, but not nearly a big risk as the men who are bringing them here. The men have money to lose, children to lose, if things go wrong. The average village Ukrainian does not have much.

        There are some very good Ukrainian women, the one who is 34 who I know is a dear friend to me, (though we have our differences), but I know she has a good heart. The one being beaten by her husband is also a decent woman.

        BUT, I do think men in western countries pedestalize these women. The female incentive is all the same, despite what country one is from. Yes, feminism makes it worse for men in the west, but women are women and we have our incentive and our faults, as do men.

        You will find sweet women in Ukraine, that is sure. But what raises the red flag in my opinion, is why they want to get out so bad with a foreigner? The ones who join mail order bride websites DO want to get out and foreign citizenship. Cyprus is now one of the poorest countries in Europe, and very few women are leaving here to marry men abroad. One could argue it is because Greeks are ugly and hairy. LOL. But really, if you a woman from a poor country, you stay to help your country grow, and stand by your men.
        That does not mean I am against our women marrying men of other countries, I just do not think it should be the goal, as it is with many of Ukraine/Moldova. I know it is a bad life for many there, but I do think men have to be very careful in marrying.

        But please do not think I am berating ALL Ukrainian women. I am genuinely happy for you and your wife.


    • Borat looking for a wife. LOL.


    • Dude this is a really distorted video with an even more distorted interpretation. Maybe you should get on a plane and visit some other parts of the world. Believe me the US is not the center of the universe. You can tell with their creative editing they tried to find the worst they could. The geekiest men and the least attractive women. The woman that you described as ugly and could not find a man, was actually very cute, and actually found two men that were competing for her. And she chose the older man. Why? Because exactly the point of this thread. Dread. He went off on a date with another Ukrainian girl. That right there sealed the deal on her choice of who to go with.

      All you have to do is a little checking and you will find that Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful, feminine, traditional women left on earth. And as for this incessant race thing. Most of these women are more Caucasian than most American women and they particularly do not like mixing races there. Roosh had an awful time there trying to pick up women because they all thought he was Turkish. So he resorted to pulling out his American passport in clubs. lol They are educated, thin, long hair, they would never dare to go out of the house with flip flops torn shorts, sweats, and pajamas on.

      The last really hot American chick I dated was fucking batshit crazy. She dressed terribly cussed like a sailor, could not boil water, and was only ok in bed. Yeah she was probably a 9 in looks 26 YO. She showed me a pair of shorts she got down in Miami one time on a modeling gig. And they were all torn full of holes and threads when she put them on she had to be super careful so they would not rip. She looked at me and spouted some designer name and said they cost her $165.00 all proud. I just shook my head.

      Read Roosh’s book about Ukrainian women and Ukraine it gives an accurate picture. Not that trash video above. The women are beautiful and they like men, mostly their own men, (talk about alpha almost cavemen) they are not dying to get an american husband. But they will if they find the right match. Of course they are people and always your mileage may vary. Yeah Ukraine is a fucked up country but compared to what? There is no place on earth that has the wealth and the infrastructure of the US. As Roosh put it “Ukraine has been treated like a sturdy whore for Russia for centuries.”

      Also read up on Krauser’s forum, he goes into EE and FSU women extensively and the quality of these women and their beauty. He is demonstrably one of the best PUA’s out there he has the video to prove it. Do you think he is going over there because it is a “sorry sight”?

      You need to distort this just shows even you really do not believe what you are saying.


  9. Girl I’m gaming suddenly went cold, stopped responding to texts and didn’t follow up when we were supposed to meet up to bang this Sunday.

    She suddenly replied mid-Sunday and I had another chick meet up planned for later in the afternoon. So I tried something new.

    I texted the girl back saying “I ended up meeting another girl I met online this morning. She really wore me out.”

    Instead of getting all indignant, this girl got so curious: “You must not like her much because you’re texting me back now…”

    She went on to send me bikini selfies and then admitted she was on her period so she couldn’t have met me this weekend. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant.

    The point here is she’s suddenly keeping me on the line and setting it up that she’s going to bang me next time we’re going to meet up. She says she hasn’t been with a guy for 3 years so is out of practice and wants to know more about what I like etc etc.

    The other part of this situation is I honestly didn’t care and perhaps that came through in my texts.


    • “I ended up meeting another girl I met online this morning. She really wore me out.”

      Too obvious in my opinion – but hey, whatever works.


    • ” The other part of this situation is I honestly didn’t care…”
      That is the feeling you must harness for when really do care.


      • @Simon Corso. Right. This is a complete mindset and lifestyle change. It’s been 4 years of discovering the Red Pill. I’m refining some of the elements of my external game and focusing more on addressing those internal issues that affect external game.


  10. Jealousy plotline tidbits:

    -Remember: if it doesn’t seem inadvertent, then it seems pathetic.

    -Jealousy may not just inflame a woman’s labia but also her temper. If she becomes angry or upset, be dismissive, don’t be smug here.

    -As Mystery says: less is more. It’ll be more effective if your girlfriend ‘accidentally’ finds out that your “quirky jogging buddy” is a fine 23 year old a week after you’ve started rather than you telling her from the outset that “you’re going jogging with a cute coworker named Natalie.” Let her find out on her own about it for maximum tingle generation.

    -avoid doing this on facebook…..


  11. More science supporting game: options creates instability/the more men that women sleep with, the less satisfied they are


  12. on August 24, 2014 at 7:36 pm gunslingergregi

    well yea I use dread too much maybe
    bringing bitches in taking em upstairs in front my bitch when she here
    having her get me bitches
    having her and a bitch same time
    bitches texting me on my phone they love me and shit bla bla
    ex bitch said I talked for two hours about it I don’t think so
    she had to point out where the chick said she love me on my phone
    I was like yea but I don’t love the bitch
    she like you told me you told her you loved her but didn’t mean it
    i’m like its just play I don’t give shit about her
    but i did say lets go visit her for the weekend she
    would do the cooking and cleaning for us and shit
    which i think may have partially pushed my bitch over edge again
    my chick like she ain’t scared of other but scared of her
    she don’t do drugs and makes money and shit
    telling me she loves me
    guess maybe bridge too far whatevs

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    • on August 24, 2014 at 7:39 pm gunslingergregi

      I didn’t even see where the chick said she loved me is what i’m saying my chick showed me lol
      so its like yea I didn’t really care didn’t say I love you back
      bla bla bla


    • on August 24, 2014 at 7:44 pm gunslingergregi

      she told me she wishes I would be sneaky about other bitches
      but yea the honesty ain’t really to protect her though as much as protect me from becoming a bitch


  13. I just watched the episode 1. The Colombian woman is beautiful, and adorable personality. The American mother is so not welcoming and condescending, she said,

    “Are you seriousley going to wear those high heels all the time?”

    The Colombian said, yes of course. Then the American mother said, “Ah she is girly girl, we going to have a problem with that!” I understand mothers are protective of their sons, but at least be welcoming and not hostile.

    The Russian girl is wanting a green card. very not likeable, I feel sorry for the guy. She is mean to him.


    • > “Then the American mother said”

      Do you of some super-secret location on this Earth where Mothers-In-Law [MILs] do not behave like that?


      • on August 24, 2014 at 10:56 pm gunslingergregi

        mothers gaming her to get her to perform


      • on August 24, 2014 at 11:00 pm gunslingergregi

        24 texts today from a chick I don’t give a fuck about
        talking boutu
        good morning sleepin beauty
        hey how you feelin
        are you up there depressed talk to me
        u up
        whats up
        are you ok
        I ant to come up
        bla bla bla
        but yea I guess she tryin lol


      • on August 24, 2014 at 11:01 pm gunslingergregi

        yea I know bitch calls me sleeping beauty its kind of freakish
        but she black so go figure


    • on August 25, 2014 at 8:25 am Richard Cranium

      Shows how bad things have gotten when a feminine woman with a nice personality is shown as an “oddball.”


  14. “Easy to overdo”- yes! Especially on a girl who isn’t shit testing you or otherwise behaving badly.


  15. on August 24, 2014 at 8:13 pm female reader

    can you guys give me some honest advice? I dont think i’d get honest advice anywhere else.

    I am a sahm and love my husband and dont want to leave him and dont want to break up our family.

    my husband cheated on me a lot before we got married. then he stopped. now I found him doing cam shows with a 19 year old. we got into a fight about it and he denied denied denied. even though there was evidence. he just deleted the evidence and then acted like i was crazy and shut me out emotionally for ‘not trusting him.’

    what do i do now? i know he is bored of me. i cant look like a 19 year old again. i am not overweight but i also dont have muscle tone. i cant do most exercise because i have a medical issue and cant put any pressure on my belly or lift heavy things. should i just eat less? ask to go shopping for nicer clothes/lingerie? do my hair nicer? we have sex almost every night… but i know he’s bored of me. i can tell. how do i be more adventurous and more sexy? i dont really know how to be sexy… i feel silly if i try to act like a porn star… how do i be more like a teenager? more trusting, cheerful, playful, happy? maybe he misses the old me? i am not meeting his needs? what do I do?


    • > “we have sex almost every night… but i know he’s bored of me… what do I do?”

      Stop taking the pill and get pregnant. ‘Buns -> Oven’ Game FTW.


      • on August 25, 2014 at 5:39 am female reader

        we do have children already and i had a baby not long ago, i dont use birth control and i dont have any cycles so I dont think I even can get pregnant atm.


      • KEEP GIVING HIM CHILDREN. Be the best mother you can be, and then some. Throw your heart and your soul into raising his children for him. As long as you are giving him children, and raising his children, then he is invested in YOU.


      • The good news [and it’s really really good news] is that the two of you are still making love “almost every night”. Keep that up – and demand it from him, if necessary – should he start to falter. And especially for the 72-hour [3-day] timezone immediately before you ovulate. As long as you continue making love and making babies, then all is good.


    • You are doing things right, about all ya can do is stay thin and be nice and feminine. Atkins or Southbeach can help you with that. You decided to marry a cheater and now you have a family with him. It might not ever end, or it might. Watching pornography is slightly better then cheating with actual women. Pornography is one of the least understood and most common addictions. It screws with the pleasure centers of the brain. Anyways, your playing with fire because quitting the porn could make cheating more likely if he isnt already. Either way you have to prepare yourself for the worst. Squirrel away resources, food, money basically anything in case he leaves you. Maybe some day he will see the err of his ways, but its not likely.


    • first off at least you give a shit. mad props for that.

      my advice…quit worrying and make small but visible improvements. make him chase you a bit, guys love the hunt. be mysterious a bit but dont get your ass beat lol.

      also alot of times, a guy is just posturing to feed his need to feel desirable too. doesnt mean he is gonna act on it.

      cam show is good actually ( i guess, that would seem weird to me but whatever) because he is trying to maybe build a cut out, distance, so he doesn’t act.

      how old is he?


      • on August 25, 2014 at 5:46 am female reader

        he is 28. what kind of changes should I make? and what do you mean make him chase me? i’m his wife, he knows i’m here and he already has me, how can he “chase” me?


      • all the things you said that you wanted to do physically, do em slow. subtle.

        as to chase. the problem is the fact that he knows he has you. thats the boring part. be a little less available…text back slower, make plans by yourself and come home an hour late. (note-have a rock solid alibi that is provable…you want the hint but not the serious fear that you have options, serious jealousy for a man is NOT GOOD)

        go try MMSL and Athol Kayfor a better take…might have to reverse engineer some stuff but its pretty comprehensive.


      • Agreed you need to do things that make you more presentable and appealing. Do you get up early each morning and make yourself look good for him? Makeup clothes, feminine attire, heels, skirts, etc? Or Do you argue with him all the time and bring every complaint to him? Do you nag him?

        It is the mans job to lead in he bedroom if he is not doing this he is failing. But how many blowjobs have you given him in the last month?without him asking for it? My wife jumps on my dick like a hungry animal. She did not do this before I started gaming her.

        Men also love to be respected and admired. How many times have you told him how great he is or what an awesome thing he did yesterday?

        You are a good example of this thread. You are living in dread.


      • *Athol Kay


    • on August 24, 2014 at 11:57 pm gunslingergregi

      troll once a day is more than most bitches get


    • Female reader, here is what you do.

      1. Eat good, try to not eat grains if you want to lose some weight.
      2. Ask him to take you shopping, buy nice lingerie, high heels, dresses.
      3. Wear some make up, and fix your hair every day.
      4. Learn to manicure your nails, pedicure, and moisturize daily.

      1. Make him chase you a little, yes. You are his wife so you are sure thing. Sometimes men can get little bored. Smile often. Make yourself look good, when you go out together other men will be jealous of him for having so nice wife, and then he will posessive, and crave you.

      2. Cook good food for him and your babies and be the best mother you can be. Make sure your children respect their father also.

      3. Speak less at home, men get tired of women who speak all the time, because it is like, she is always there and will not be quiet. So speak less.
      Occasionally compliment him, make him feel good about himself, make him feel like a strong man. Tell him he is sexy, he is strong, you admire him. etc. (But not TOO much.)

      4. Tease him, play games together. Wear beautiful lingerie with high heels and then play coy.

      5. Find something you like doing for yourself. Reading, dancing at home, trampolining(if you can afford trampoline.) Give thanks to God and ask Him to cultivate a genuine joy and appreciation for life in your heart.

      6. Respect his time alone, do not nag. But also do not be a door mat. Remember you are two humans that will God willing, spend rest of your life together, this requires both of you to have your space and your own passions.

      7. Do not beg him or nag him to open emotionally. If he is ever not okay, just let him know you are always there for him, but do not push to him express what he is not ready to express. When he does want to express, just listen.

      8. If he flirts with other women, do not give the satisfaction of expressing jealousy. Just withdraw slightly but make sure you look beautiful, and then he will want you again.

      9. Continue having babies.


      • Also very important for him to know he is appreciated.
        When you want him to do something for you, but he is not doing it or taking too long, do not nag him again to do it, compliment him instead.

        It works. When you make a man feel good and thank him for all he does do, he will do more. For example, I needed my fiance to change my garden light bulbs and I could not reach, and he was busy to do it, then I think he forgot.
        So instead of asking him another time and being a nag, I just say my love you are the best man in the world, because you do everything. Then I make him his favorite dinner and say my love please come to my home because I made your favorite dinner. Then I set the table out side to eat, and he says oh no there is no lights. So then he put them. 😀 .

        It is manipulative, yes, but not in a mean way. It means you do not have to nag.


    • Do bodyweight exercises.


    • Above all, learn to give amazing blow jobs. Drain his sack in unforgettable ways.


    • Be cheerful and intentional in all that you do.


  16. on August 24, 2014 at 8:24 pm The Other Jim

    For Shits & Giggles, here’s this past weekend’s ‘Slutwalk’ in Chicago;

    Two thoughts from watching that video;

    1) Where’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog when you need him?

    2) It’s wrong to want to sell these SWPL-Eloi into slavery, right? I mean, they ought to be worth something in Saudi Arabia, right?


    • on August 25, 2014 at 12:03 am gunslingergregi

      jesus Christ ya can see why dudes are thisty
      that was a whole parade of ugly bitches wtf
      I mean really there are just too many ugly woman its got to be at some kind of pressure point just ready to explode


    • on August 25, 2014 at 12:44 pm Joachim Peiper

      And some of you here wonder why a man would go abroad to find a wife. That’s a good cross section of the dating market here boys.


      • on August 25, 2014 at 3:49 pm The Other Jim

        Agreed. It’s important to remember, it’s not just their looks that’s problematic(made worse by tattoos, piercings, and other identifiers that can I only describe as self-mutilation), it’s their ideology. Even if you found one from that lot who was attractive, who the hell wants to deal with some nutty chick constantly whinging on and on about the evil patriarchy and the merits of female collectivism?


    • ” I mean, they ought to be worth something in Saudi Arabia, right?”

      Stoning practice.


  17. The cameras have an effect, too. Russian Girl didn’t care about them because the cameras were hers, too – no relative advantage to the guy. But to the two strange girls, the cameras are powerful social proof. “This guy is on TV, therefore he must be attractive!” The kind of coquettish looks a girl will give a guy with a bit of fame are hard to obtain in other ways; for the beta, he’s probably never had one directed his way.

    Basically, he had a powerful form of social proof on hand, but no way to use it directly. By unintentionally using it on other women, he was able to leverage their attention into the attention he actually wanted in the first place. Something to keep in mind for the recovering half-sperg beta; you can Game one groups of girls in order to acquire another. The mind spins with potential applications.


  18. heh- i did this 30 mins ago. then read this post.


  19. Quick advice needed: if a girl once texted you enthusiastically all day, then suddenly stops…it means she’s not interested anymore right? The thing that confuses me is if I text her now she will respond IMMEDIATELY and with some measure of enthusiasm. But she no longer initiates. And yes I’ve already fucked her.

    Not sure if I’m being gamed or if she just doesn’t care anymore.


  20. I know there is the “guys who are too fugly or desperate and have to go for a foreign girl” meme

    But every dude should think about the LONG term implications of dating and marrying a foreign gal.

    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd world tend to be less materialistic
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd can cook good food
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd can keep a clean house with minimal back talk
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd tend to be loyal ESPECIALLY until they get green card/ citizenship
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd love kids and want to have them
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd will respect your parents even if they hate them
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd will have parents THOUSANDS of miles away!!! that alone is a GREAT benefit (think guys no inlaws…. sigh)
    Girls from 2nd world/ 3rd generally appreciate a man who bettered their life

    I could go on and on but being a happily married guy with a foreign born wife I can say that I have dodged ALL of my friends drama with divorcing spoiled ameri-bitches because the ameri-bitch was not Haaaaapppy.


  21. Dread Game = Wordlessly stacking the severed heads


  22. so you’re saying i’m not actually cute? my mom says i’m handsome and everything. shoot.


  23. Of fat bodied cubical larvae.


  24. on August 24, 2014 at 11:32 pm Max from Australia

    When women in the west had “dread” back in the 1950s they all had bodies like Jen Selter (without the Darkness). Now with 3 levels of Cradle to Grave Beta Bux from:
    1) The Welfare state
    2) Divorce rape
    3) AFC’s
    They all look like Oprah.

    Think about this as a measure of the collapse !!! Your Grandpa was banging a 20 year old virgin with a smoking body (as hot as Jen Selter by todays standards) and they both spent the bast years of their lives devoted to one another. (instead of their IPhones and our “Tinder” lifestyles)


    • Your Grandpa was banging a 20 year old virgin with a smoking body (as hot as Jen Selter by todays standards) and they both spent the bast years of their lives devoted to one another. (instead of their IPhones and our “Tinder” lifestyles)

      Yup, and my Grandpa loved my grandma till the day she died 50 years later.


  25. Off topic, but what’s your take on this text msg I got from girl after 11 hours first date that took me nowhere (I know I fucked up, not the question here);
    “Hi, I had nice time with you, but after little bit of thinking I got more of friend feel from you than anything else. so it is better that we do not see again”

    my answer was “3===D”. I am just wondering that are women capable of this kind of direct talk? I was expecting no answer at all or some flimsy excuse about time…


    • I think this is one case where the girl actually means what she says.


    • When they talk directly without the usual fem circumlocution then you REALLY know there’s no chance.


      • not completely relevant to my example, but how do you know what is direct and what is not? well.. tone of the discussion and how it is said is one marker. one example would be tinder girls who say “I am not up for one night stand” (surprisingly these are always the ones that are up for it).

        personally I tend to believe nothing that a females say.


  26. Haha..Very recognizable. We call our women (I am Ukrainian) “wooden logs”.
    I remember those time when I was still dating Ukrainian and Russian women and I want to vomit. F*ck that useless, sexless, boobless,manipulative, money hungry,boring whores.Honestly. I pass them to American betas and freaks a la Roosh .


  27. Btw, that Russian chick game is quite bad. American betas is her way forward..
    In a way, looser pairs with another looser.


  28. […] Reco writes, OT but just had to share. There is this series on Cable called 90 Day Fiance and basically it is typical “reality” series about guys who go overseas to find a woman to bring back to the US and they have 90 days on their fiance visa to…  […]


  29. OT: Heartiste, check out these four dudes who developed a nail polish for detecting date rape drugs. Neat idea, but I wanted to focus on how these four dudes are standing in the photo on this page. White Knight Beta city!


  30. @Amy

    What are some signs of overdoing Dread? I recently had a situation where an ex moved back to my city. She asked to meet up and she escalated things from dinner to being in my bed with my PJ’s on, all on her own in about 5 hours. I literally did nothing to escalate it. (Background: I broke up with her 2 years ago by the way, she was devastated but has continued to find ways to stay in touch with me. Even made a few sexual advances at me over the last 2 years, even while having a bf.)

    She was asking me a lot about the other girls I’ve been seeing because she heard through the grapevine that I have been dating lots of girls. Although playful, I think I played it up way too hard, I was super aloof while letting her know I’m getting lots of sex (in indirect ways). I told her I dumped my last girlfriend and was just looking to stay single, blah blah. We fooled around but she was super firm on not having sex. I pushed back a bit to let her know I wanted it, but not too hard – then just played cool with it. She cuddled up to me happy and loving and we went to sleep.

    The next morning she was kinda freaking out on and off. Very hot and cold. She kept saying it was far too soon, too much for her right now, she needed time to get settled in to a new city and felt like she needed to slow it down. We should hang out more before we get into it like that again. Her biggest fear was ruining something potential by treating me as a rebound.

    We both agreed, I said I had no intentions going into it but would be open to see her again. I said “let’s just see what happen naturally, I think you need to figure your shit out first.” She agreed.

    She’s still been hot and cold. I asked her to come hang out with me and she said she will eventually, but she needs some time. Stayed in touch with me, has sent me a couple random messages at midnight saying, “what are you doing?” I haven’t chased in any way. I’m just living my normal lifestyle. I’m just leaving it at this point. If she’s interested she can get in touch.

    Again, I didn’t leave examples here but I know I had the dread cranked up high. Do this sounds like overdoing dread symptoms? What’s the right play here?


    • @Rust. Look up Borderline Personality Disorder. This sounds like a classic Cluster B set of behaviours: wants you when she can’t have you, keeps in touch over 2 years, keeps asking about girlfriends, escalates only to pull back, push/pull. There’s probably fear of abandonment, possible tantrums, tattoos/body work etc.


      • @walawala

        LOL. I appreciate the feedback. She’s actually incredibly mature, which is why I’m so baffled. I’ve never seen her behave this way before (I’ve know her for about 8 years). I’ve seen her go through breakups with other guys and she moved on without issues. Only time she seems to have resembled this behavior is with me a couple times before. I know that sounds Naive, but as someone close to her, I’ve witnessed her 3 other break ups. All very clean. Usually guys getting super emotional and chasing. She’s really hot.

        I think she’s very attracted and wants to pursue again, but is still feeling super hurt. I was a real asshole when we broke up. But we since rekindled. Maybe an alpha widow type situation. I think she wants to, but just may be feeling to insecure about another attempt.


      • Listen to what wala is telling you. Sounds a lot like borderline. By the way why were you there for three other breakups? Sounds kind of like an orbiter thing.


      • Hey Rust, could you give details on how you were an asshole to her when you broke up? It might shed a lot of light on why she can’t let go of you.

        Also- out of curiosity, how exactly did she make sexual advances towards you in the 2 year interim. Was it via text communication or in person? If the former, she might just be using you as her personal Siri for validation


      • @Nepal

        Essentially, I wasn’t happy with the situation of the relationship, but she was great. It was becoming a bit long distance, so I slowly ended it by just sort of checking out overtime. She eventually got the point and then found out I was dating someone else. I was young and dumb. It was immature. It was sort of like cheating on her. But our actually relationship/connection was phenomenal. Never any issues.

        Sexual advances occurred in person, never text. We have mutual friend so maybe 4 times a year we see each other at parties. 3-4 times over the years at parties she told me near the end of the night she wanted me to take her home/sleep with me/she missed me, etc.. I kindly declined the opportunity because it was still long distance, she was seeing some one, I was seeing someone, and I didn’t want the complication. It was polite, but still a rejection none the less.


      • @walawala and Reco

        no offense but nothing he said screams BPD to me.

        any reasonably sensible girl will be cautious about getting involved with a guy who previously dumped her. this girl is behaving how she should be. the girls who will jump in without hesitation or caution are the ones to watch out for.

        i think his instincts were right on. he just needs to go in with more comfort and a little less aloof indifference for awhile to build some trust.


      • @Reco

        Not borderline. I’ve dated enough women to know. I liked her because she was super stable.

        Also, not orbiting. We share the same core group of friends, I can’t help but overhear/oversee whats going on in her life. I hear from her best friends. Not from her.


    • on August 25, 2014 at 9:56 pm having a bad day


      YOUR behavior is driving the ‘crazy’…lol…girls just react to their environment…

      alpha = non-needy interactions, moving on first, many other options, calling her out on her shit, etc…

      beta = not ‘closing the deal,’ even when you are in bed together (if you were alpha and didn’t want her, why is she in your bed?…), respecting her wishes on not going ‘too fast’… cuddled her without sex, etc…

      you’ve got a nice mix of beta and alpha going on, and her hindbrain/hamster doesn’t know which algorithm to follow…lol…alpha stud or beta orbiter…lol…so it’s freaking out…this also is interfering with her self-image of her SMV…(if you really are an alpha stud, why wouldn’t you want her?…even for a ONS…especially after she threw herself at you…lol)

      Good job!

      assuming you want to fix the ‘crazy’ behavior, or even if you don’t, you should figure out what YOU want from her…then act accordingly…but don’t burn any future possibilities that you might want…(i.e. don’t go full beta if you might want sex later, bc beta orbiter is hard to spin around the other way…)

      Good luck!


      • @habd Your insights have always been spot on. I took your advice and escalated with that 26 year old theatre student I had been gaming. She responded, was totally into it. I didn’t bang her but finger-banged and made out. Then she flaked on me the following weekend saying she was tired after her rehearsal which ended late. I knew something was up but wasn’t sure what. Then….

        Mid-week last week I ping-texted her. She was responsive but told me she had broken up with her bf. I just said “I know the feeling” and “Sorry to hear” when she said she was feeling lost. I go off the grid—no contact for 4 days.

        Then suddenly she tags me in FB along with two other guys (beta orbiters) to do the ice bucket challenge. I gamed her saying “Youre an actress, I want to see ice in that bucket”. Great neg, funny response. I also put together a video of my own in response and made it alpha: no ice bucket…made it ice pool. Tagged a few people etc. etc.

        Anyway to summarize, in last 2 weeks I texted twice to meet up. Both times she was keen to meet up “Sounds great!” “let’s do it”—followed by: “Need to find a hole in my rehearsal schedule” but didn’t meet up. Tags me in her bikini clad ice-bucket challenge. Then I noticed on FB she’d gone out with her “ex” bf and posted some photos of that outing.

        I’d want to escalate this to bang her. But I have plenty of other options that are going well. I just notice that girls in their 20’s tend to be more free-spirited and flakey than their counter-parts in their 30’s who tend to be more punctual but also more demanding. These 20’s girls are just great to be with.

        Any insights? I haven’t texted or contacted since that ice bucket thing.

        She was in a smoking hot bikini. I started my video response out saying “This is just a cheap attempt to see me without my shirt off isn’t it?” kept my video short and cool. Thought since it was for a good cause I couldn’t avoid it but made it short and cool.


      • on August 26, 2014 at 1:23 pm having a bad day


        you’re starting to slip/have slipped into beta orbiter mode…so, she’s ‘re-thinking’ giving her ex bf another chance…lol…he’s probably the best beta she can get…lol…but she’s still going to keep up her provisioning options…lol…

        her hindbrain’s expectation when she came over to your place was nothing less than a glorious ‘bun in the oven’…lol…straight from the most alpha stud she currently had access to…her hamster made it ok for her to be there…and you failed to close…her hamster was surprised and her hindbrain was relieved…lol…

        that tag on FB should tell you where you stack up in her ‘line-up’ (i.e. where her hamster has categorized you…)…note – this is also a shit test…

        your beta ‘tells’ have been…not escalating…not f closing (a ‘finger-bang’ is WORSE than ‘just cuddling’…lol…unless YOU got off first…what did YOU get out of the deal?…lol…see where the ‘alpha’ focus is…)…so she flakes…she WANTED you to be alpha, and can’t stand to face that loss…lol…

        next up on your beta menu…she ‘demands’ that you jump through a hoop…you comply…even if you try to do it in an alpha way, the subcomm is still that you complied with her request…you’re stuck in her frame…you need to get out ASAP…lol…

        that great neg/funny response = her hamster says ‘what a GREAT friend to hang out with…’ her hindbrain says ‘no sex for you, beta boy…’ (bc you’re still stuck in her frame…)(maybe you didn’t mention it, but were ANY of these exchanges (since the finger bang) sexual?…if not = beta…)

        i understand the social pressure from the ‘ice bucket challenge’…that’s just an alpha/beta multiplier (if you follow/cave in to social pressure = even more beta…if you do your own thing (and NOT do it bc she asks) = even more alpha…bc you are ‘breaking the rules’).

        comments on your responses to her break up…’i know the feeling’ = beta orbiter talk…’sorry to hear’ = beta orbiter talk…why? bc you are ‘supporting’ her feelings…alphas don’t care about her feelings, she’s just a silly girl (and will have ‘feelings’ spurting out randomly at any given time…lol)… the alpha response = ‘bend over…er, come over…now’…lol…(notice how alpha focus is me, me, me…lol…just like girls…lol…)

        your options right now are limited…you need to get out of her frame (and STAY out of her frame)…go dark (for at least as long as since the finger bang happened…better longer…)…just work your other leads for now. you’re on beta recovery mode right now…and it’s going to be HARDER to get her into bed now, bc you’re spinning up a guard dog situ…you have lots of beta interaction to overcome to get past her hindbrain…lol…when you do reengage = all alpha asshole, all the time…sexualize everything and get her to do things for you (compliance testing)…escalate/logistics…and don’t do anything she wants you to do. flake on her if you have to…lol…

        on second thought, if you want to try something new to see what happens, do this…but it’s going to stretch your alpha chops…lol…and take some time to play out…

        DON’T go dark…start compliance test her, get her to do things for you (since she’s such a great friend…lol…)…embrace the ‘beta’…lol…(but don’t provide her with any resources…lol) DON’T sexualize things, be dismissive of her sexuality (no compliments, etc)…don’t chase her…encourage her to get back with her bf (pretend like this is your idea and that you didn’t see any FB posts…that you don’t think she is ready for you right now…lol…then stop chasing her…) (‘bf destroyer’ on longer term play…lol…note – this will tend to induce some darkness in you, since your long term goal is to bang her…) escalate the compliance testing (start small and push this up to include cleaning your apartment…lol…seriously…be an asshole (and if you want to bang her, you’ll have to be at least enough asshole that she complains to her friends about ‘having’ to do things for you…lol…BUT it’s good practice on holding your frame…lol…AND she wants to play in YOUR frame…so make it happen…)…make her wear a sexy maid’s uniform…lol…again, seriously…she’ll eat it up…) but NO sexual intent (towards her) until it’s time to f close…but she should definitely ‘find out’ about the other girls you have on rotation…lol…

        you may wonder about the ‘no sexualizing’ v. the sexy maid’s costume…this is the long term equivalent to going in for a kiss…holding it…then pulling back without kissing…it’s working on the subcomms level, where you both know what’s going on, but it’s not overt…lol…which will allow her hindbrain to want you again…and her hamster will make it ok…lol…

        start with a list of possible ‘requests’ for her to do for you…organize them into increasingly more investment by her…then get started…

        Good luck!


      • @habd cool. Will see how this unfolds and let you know of any significant developments.


      • @habd

        I really appreciate the advice. This makes a ton of sense. I think you’ re spot on. At the time, I had not seen her in 6 months. She spent about 30 mins that night telling me about her breakup. Kept insisting she didn’t want a rebound.

        Everything she said was totally contrary to her actions. She asked to sleep over because “she needed to be back in the city in the am anyways”. Then come bedtime just hopped in with me.

        Sex would have been nice, but my true intention was to pass it up because the scenario seemed like too much of a head ache. I’m getting enough sex, etc. this would no doubt make her question her own SMV.

        Having thought about this, I would like to peruse now. I feel I’ve made a mess but I will see her soon through mutual friends eventually. She won’t be out of my life completely regardless. How do you recommend I peruse without pushing her away? And communicate my intentions?


      • *Pursue not peruse


      • on August 26, 2014 at 6:20 pm having a bad day


        …lose the beta…lol…

        you seem to be doing fine otherwise…she wanted to jump you, right?…lol…just don’t get in your own way…lol…and ‘sexualize’ your interactions…lol…a lot of guys forget to do that…lol…

        just be sure to arrange logistics…oh, and read up on LMR and how to defuse…bc you’ll probably get a good amount the next time…since it worked for her last time…even if she didn’t really want it to…lol…

        good luck!


      • @habd One question: I have a party I’m hosting coming up in 2 weeks. I need someone to work the door and collect money—would THIS be a “request”? She’s helped me in the past. How would you suggest I bring this up? “Friday. Hosting party. Come and help”? The rest of what you right i’ll need to internalize and apply. Thanks.


  31. Dread works. This weekend, while waiting for my car at the valet with my girl, another lady complemented my mustache. I thanked her and said, would you like a photo? Soon I was snuggled up with 4 pretty women, one of which was my girl, taking photos.

    She acted offended during the car ride to my place, but now I need to get my couch cushions cleaned.


  32. I’ll recall my Dread game for the audience here:

    I’ve been in a serious relationship with a girl for over two years. Everything’s great, I use game as preached by the proprietors here (not as much as with a new girl, but I will admit that I need to act lesser Alpha around her, otherwise there’s major drama).

    About two months ago I went fishing for four days with high school buddies far away. I got back home and my girlfriend was acting really odd: usually she’s all over me, but this time she was fairly distant. She just stared at me coldly and didn’t say a word. I ignored her weird demeanour and went in for a quick kiss. She instantly latched on to me and started tonging me like there was no tomorrow. We quickly headed to the bedroom, where I fucked her until she was screaming like a banshee, spanked her ass, choked her, etc.

    This animal fucking unfortunately has declined over the course of our relationship, so I was kind of confused why it occurred again. Post-coitus she asked me point blank if I’m having an affair. Confused, I asked her what the fuck she was talking about. Apparently she had been using my computer for school work and had decided to look up my web-browsing history. On there was a website called Ashley Madison. I clicked on this site by accident when I was looking for furniture at Ashley Furniture. I guess it stayed in my web-browsing history.

    I had never heard of Ashley Madison before, but it’s an online site for people who want to have affairs. My girl thought I was using it to arrange affairs and feared the worse. Since we had already had sex I didn’t play that gambit and stated point blank that I had never heard of the site before. It took her a bit to believe me and calm down, after which we were all good.

    Dread game; it works.


    • If you are married or in a LTR, keep dread close by. It is lizard brain catnip. Next time you initiate and your wife shoots you down, be stone cold OI about it. smile, shrug. Get up and ask her about the weather or if she has seen your gray T shirt, a total non-sequitur.

      Then get dressed and leave the room. Give her a kiss on top of the head as you go out. “Not sleepy, have a good night”.

      Then leave the house for an hour or so. Doesn’t matter what time it is, get out of the house. Go to a bar, a diner, starbucks, bookstore or drive around listening to tunes. Does not matter where. Just stay out.

      Don’t answer any texts you get, or just say “not sleepy, gone out for a bit. Have a good night”. and don’t get into anything.

      when you get home, she wil be up. Be cool. she will be wound up. “where did you go! etc.” Just say went out for a bit. Tired now, get some sleep.

      First, she will try and fuck you hard in the next 24 hours… second, do this whenever she rejects your advances and you will train her to be more available.


      • This is pure genius. Check out “Goodfellas” when he comes home late and his wife and mother in law are waiting for him bitching him out. What does he do? He just laughs and turns around and walks back out.

        Remember you are the oak tree, she is just this silly little squirrel running around on its branches. Does the oak tree give a shit what kind of noise and ruckus the squirrel make?

        I do this with my wife. After a while. I do not even need to leave. She is so agreeable now it is ridiculous.


      • @sentient

        i think you had a post on a prior thread about the difference btwn a shit test and a loyalty test…was going to answer there but it’s waaay back…

        shit test = are YOU good enough (to be the dna donor for her offspring…)

        loyalty test = is SHE good enough (to keep you as her alpha stud/provider…)

        you just have to assess her underlying motivation for the test…it’s usually pretty clear…lol…


      • @HABD

        Yes those are the differences from her perspective between a shit test and a loyalty test. Your response needs to be different as well, respond to a ST with Alpha, and to a LT with beta from an Alpha frame. You will know when you have done the Leaving The hOuse routine enough when the ST’s die back and you get a lot more sincere loyalty tests. calibrate accordingly.

        As to @Reco and others, the Leaving The House Routine (TM) is about guaranteed to work on breaking any bad habits that may have crept in to your LTR. Of course, you need to be doing your part and reclaiming your awesome self, upping the Alpha, leading the relationship, swatting down shit tests and generating IOI’s from other lovely ladies (and her friends).

        If you have done your part and execute LTH for 30 days every time you get shot down, you will break her. Beta guys would always come up with a hundred reasons why they could never do this (need sleep, wife would get mad, have no where to go, etc.), but all the guys who have done this have had huge success. I used to post a lot on the MMSL forums and there a lot of references from multiple guys.

        If you are consistent, you are really training her that her BS excuses cause you to remove your awesome. You don’t need to elaborate on what you did or fake anything, that is the best part. Her hamster will fill in all the blanks better than you ever could.

        Her: Where did you go?

        You: Out. or Went to XYZ (the bar, restaurant, movie etc. better to have gone somewhere with people)

        Her: Did you meet anyone!

        You:Just the usual crowd. You sleep well? or Feeling better?

        Just go on like that. It will get to the point where a) you will rarely get shot down, b) if you do it ill be for a legitimate reason (illness etc – not Candy Crush), c) she will make it up to you right away and d) those times when you do get rejected (there will still be some) you wont even have to leave, just roll over and go to bed or grab a book etc. She will still make it up to you right away, so it’s just the 30 days or so you have to actually leave the house.

        sex went from 20 times a year to over 150… every year now for a few years.

        Good luck.


  33. CH this is OT, but I want to thank you for what I have learned through your blog.

    On Saturday night I went out for a drink with a friend at a quiet pub down the road. There were about 15 people there, 12 of them were men and the only attractive woman was the 20 year old bartender who was smoking hot and getting all the attention from the men present. I’m 36, was dressed down, hadn’t shaved and was wondering how to play the situation.

    She was getting a lot of attention, so I sat back and just let them at it. After about an hour she came out the bar to have a cigarette and sat down in the middle of her court with four guys around her trying to get her attention. She starts telling them that she always gets told that she looks like one of the actors on Friends, so they start guessing who it is, and she turns to me and asks me who it is, so I say ‘Joey’. She then tells me that makes her feel insecure because she has a flat chest, so I tell her I didn’t notice either way, but that I meant it as a compliment.

    The hamster turns it’s wheel up a gear and next thing she’s sitting next to me showing me were she once used a hot pin to write ‘haha’ on her wrist, so I gently trace out the words ‘hah’ with the tip of my finger on her arm, but the last A is faded, so I asked her if she’s illiterate or just not pissed off enough with her parents to get that final ‘a’ out.

    As the night wore on I just kept the douchebaggery up, and eventually I had her sitting next to me showing me all the pics on her phone and 100% ignoring all the other guys who were sitting off 5 feet to one side talking among themselves. We had a few moments where I could have kissed her but I held back to play the long game it necessary.

    I got her number, and left it at that for now. I honestly wouldn’t have thought that as a 36 year old I’d have had a 20 year old with high smv interested in me, and I wouldn’t have achieved that without this blog. Everything you have said worked like magic, I felt like a scientist in a lab, cool and completely in control. It’s great to know I have options, so thanks 🙂


    • @Seen the light. Dude I’m late 40’s and gaming and banging 25-29 year olds…they love it and I am finding these girls love older dudes IF they have game…the girls call it “maturity”…


      • Concur, same experience. You have such a massive advantage as a late 40’s dude if you are in any reasonable condition (Hank Moody). It’s almost unfair, you have 20 years of interpersonal and life experiences to draw on – catnip. Just maintain YOUR frame and never get sucked into theirs.


  34. Don’t know if it quite qualifies as dread, but recently had a disagreement w the wife. Her response was to ignore me. My response to that was to ramp up her reaction and take it even further myself. Not only did I ignore her, but I made plans w our friends and went through on them without her, I left a couple of times without telling her where I was going, and I left the room if she was there and I got a phone call. After a few days she started trying to talk to me again and I kept pretending she wasn’t there. A day later and she was literally weeping, apologizing and begging me to speak to her. Lol. Battle of wills won and shit test crushed.


  35. I think it was Mystery who said that when a women is jealous of you, she realizes she wants you.


  36. on August 25, 2014 at 10:57 am Longtimereader

    Hey guys. I’ve been reading this site daily since I found it about 6 months ago. It has completely changed my life. Thank you not only to good CH but all you commenters. I’m amazed at the quality of the readers of this site. Or CH has a pimp hand at moderating. I digress.

    I have found myself for the first time in need of advice. My inner game is strong but I am not sure what specific course of action to take. Situation:

    She works at a place I visit often. Younger than me and obviously interested. First time we had great eye contact and there’s no doubt. She is incredibly shy and this place is always busy, so I’m always afraid she will auto reject if I make a move with ten people behind me and watching.

    The other day I happened upon her on a dating site. It lists her snapchat and I thought it would be more interesting to introduce myself that way. She drives a truck (<3 especially since you wouldn't expect it) and so do I. Mine is very unique and she commented on it the first time I was in there.

    So I thought I would surprise with a snapchat of my truck. Now I'm not sure how to play this for most impact but least creepiness. She's going to be excited to see it, so which makes the most of it. Or come up with something of your own.

    1. Say nothing. Just a pic of the truck.

    2. "Small world :)"

    3. "Lost: truck reward: free ride"

    Just a pic feels most alpha but I don't want to creep her out.

    Any suggestions?


  37. In today’s Western society, all the power a man really has is his ability to walk away.


    • ^Truth.

      Treasure that power, lads. You won’t realise how much of an option it is until it is taken away


    • Sadly, I think this is true on so many levels. Yet, a very small portion of the male population would ever consider walking away – even under horrible, powerless circumstances.

      This is why I think “The Fundamentals” is maybe the best Heartiste article. It should be a default resource to revisit in any doubtful circumstance of game.

      Clearly projecting that “take it or leave it” attitude implies so much, namely: self-control, dominance, pre-selection (or the idea of easily being able to find new sexual partners).

      I think this is what allows you to get away with the occasional beta behaviours. When it has an undertone of outcome independence and self-amusement, women know that although you may not want to, you’re perfectly okay with walking at anytime and seeking something new.


  38. @longtimereader

    Sending her a pic on snapchat seems try hard. You are better off messaging her on the dating site itself. Something like Haven’t I seen you before or neg on her dress or hairstyle etc.

    The best bet is to talk to her in the store itself. If the vibe is really strong between you two then she will respond and then you should try to arrange meeting outside. Open with something like “so how do you like working here?” so that you can move out of the customer frame. But you seem way to interested in this girl just based on eye contact.


    • Thanks for the reply.

      I was leaning towards the snapchat because she is young (she’s 18 I am late 20s) and I thought being younger it would get her excited. Usually girls 18-21 like a bit more surprise (in my humble experience). If she were 22+ I would cringe at the notion. This might also seem why I am so invested. Not talking a 26 year old 9. She’s an 18 yo 7.

      Not trying to argue. I’m just elaborating my point of view.

      I have taken your advice and am considering just messaging her with a “this is driving me crazy, do I know you?” Sort of message when it’s obvious we know each other. Dhv and all that.

      Thanks again.


  39. Hey there. I’d like to submit a Tinder game report. I’m a lot on the move lately, so I practice when I can.

    Adam : Salut.
    Brazilian HB7 (yeah, you gotta start somewhere) : Bonsoir Adam!
    HB7 : Do you speak English ? I don’t speak French. Sorry.
    Adam : Are you a pre-op or a post-op Brazilian ?
    HB7 : What ???
    Adam : So what are you up to in Paris ?
    HB7 : Everything a tourist wants. And you ?
    Adam : I live here. Planning on becoming king of the French soon.
    HB7 : Oh yes.
    HB7 : What do you want in Tinder ?
    Adam : Meet people, see where fate takes us.
    HB7 : OK, good answer.
    Adam : What about you ?
    HB7 : I am an economist. I work for the federal government. This is my first vacation to Europe.
    Adam : Great, then I don’t have to pay for dinner with you being a fed.
    Adam : How long are you staying ?
    HB7 : 7 days in Paris. I want to see other cities. Amsterdam. Berlin. Roma.
    Adam : So you came here to get stuffed with drugs, sausage and pizza ? Great holiday.
    Adam : Wanna meet for drinks ?
    HB7 : I want but you are a little crazy.
    Adam : Jack the Reaper was crazy; I’m insane.
    HB7 : Tell me sincerely what do you want ?
    HB7 : I’m not that Brazilian girl that comes here for you know what.
    Adam : And I’m not an easy guy that falls for a cute picture on Tinder.
    HB7 : I like challenges. Good answer.
    Adam : So meet me by the Eiffel Tower tomorrow at 8 PM.
    HB7 : And we go up there ?
    Adam : I’ll let you climb the tower if you behave.
    HB7 : OK I’ll be there.

    The rest is me explaining to her how to get there from her hotel and what we’ll be wearing.
    So we meet at 8PM under the Eiffel Tower. The weather is crap, we bounce to a bar, then to another, k-close and some fondling then I take her back to the hotel. f-close the next day.

    So yeah I’m still a newbie and all and I think that I dragged it for too long but it was kinda fun. Especially how she was assuming the shit-testing machine role and giving out “good answers”.

    If any of the game experts is willing to comment, I’ll appreciate the feedback. Thx guys.


  40. another great post


  41. Saw that episode. Classic Red Pill education