How Women Tool Men

White knights are front page news at the Chateau this week, so today we will examine the myriad ways women tool men and make fools of those duty-bound chowderheads with aspirations to white knighting.

1. Let’s You and Him Fight

This is a classic, and often successful, tooling tactic that women throughout history have employed to great personal advantage (or just great personal entertainment). The preferred subterfuge of drama-craving cunts, the LYAHF method — also known as the “got volunteered” method — typically relies on “harmlessly” flirting with a man to encourage his boldness, and then complaining about his reciprocated flirtations to another man, usually a dopey boyfriend, in hopes of inciting the two men to duke it out for make benefit of her joyous glee and erupting ego. The drama-craving cunt (DCC) is found throughout the world, but its natural habitat is in the US, where she rules the land with an iron clit. She ‘mirin, alright… ‘mirin herself. For what is more exciting to a woman, more validating of her labially-engorged ego, than to watch two men pummel each other for her maiden honor?

The man who falls for the “Let’s You and Him Fight” ruse is truly a dumb fuck, the biggest tool in the toolbag. The only proper (and alpha) response to an obvious LYAHF is one that yer humble host, CH himself, once said to a DCC years ago when confronted with the exact scenario described above:

“Does this do it for you? Are you turned on? Don’t call.”

2. A House Divided/Guilt by Association

A woman’s strength is not in her muscles, it’s in her forked tongue. With well-poisoning whisperings of malicious slander, she turns the group against those members she hates, and hopes to draw white knights looking for an illusory pussy pass to her cause. You can read a  great example of a woman using the “House Divided/Guilt by Association” strategy over at this comment thread. Search for “lucretia”. Many a white knight will be duped by this female tactic, because their reflexive disposition to group loyalty and alleviating female distress will override their good judgment of the individual under attack. If a woman cannot win a direct confrontation with a stronger foe, she will act to enlist white knights to isolate, ostracize and destroy the “iconoclasts” that bedevil her.

3. Appeals to Male Honor

The cunning woman knows that a man’s Achilles’ heel is his sense of honor and stoic duty, virtues that, by nature of their sacrosanct inviolability in the male psyche, are ripe for subversion and mobilization to malevolent causes of the woman’s choosing. A woman who can appeal to male honor is a woman with an army at her disposal. And none are more self-righteously believing of their strict adherence to a code of honor than the wannabe white knights.

A well-known example of a woman using the “Appeal to Male Honor” ruse is the single mom imploring a beta boyfriend to marry her and take on her bastard spawn as his own. With wet eyes and craned neck, the woman manipulates the beta’s wellspring of duty-bound honor to her advantage. Marrying a single mom “for the children” is a form of white knighting to which many beta males will acquiesce and post-rationalize as favorable to their individual circumstance. Similarly, the single mom can marshal the power of a million honor-fueled white knights — the State — to shame, hunt down, and squeeze dry deadbeat dads, or, as is more the case recently, newly acquired live-in boyfriends. For what is more honorable (from the distressed woman’s point of view) than a man who is not the father of her bastard spawn taking up the duty to help raise them without complaint or recompense?

4. Damsel in Distress

Perhaps the most renowned of female tooling tactics, the Damsel in Distress ploy, aka the Wounded Gazelle Gambit, has lured many a man into precarious, and sometimes life-threatening, situations to ostensibly “save” a woman usually from a predicament of her own making. Or, just as often, from a manufactured predicament that serves no purpose other than to redistribute time, energy and resources from the man to the scheming woman. The toolbag with white knight pretensions will not be able to resist the siren song of the damsel in distress, and he will often be lavishly rewarded for his assistance with a strong hug and admittance to the woman’s circle of asexual male feminist friends.

5. Why Did You Make Me Hit You?

Ah, there’s nothing quite as exasperating as the stone cold bitch who makes it seem like her bitchiness is all your fault. While this particular tooling tactic is not gender specific, women are most often the ones to use it. (Violent manipulative jerks are too small a percentage of the total population of men to account for more than a minority of this tactic’s adherents.) The woman relying on WDYMMHY will disparage her boyfriend, reducing him to an incoherent lump of uselessness, and then manage through psychological trickery to blame him for her cuntery. He, being a tool-able white knight, will accept his blame and proceed to prostrate himself even further to win back her good graces. This never works.

6. Self-Harm Emotional Blackmail

A girlfriend threatens to off herself. Perhaps she enlivens the scene with a dramatically and conspicuously placed half-empty bottle of pills, a few scattered on the bedsheet. She turns to you, tears falling from her eyes, begging for your love or your understanding or whatever happens to be her craving du jour. You, being the white knight in training you are, can’t resist her calculated vulnerability, and rush to her aid, promising her everything her heart desires. She cuddles, another victory notched on her id-post.

Arguably the most dangerous of the female tooling tactics because of the limited options to defend against it, Self-Harm Emotional Blackmail draws its power from reliance on total female enfeeblement, manipulating the male instinct to protect and serve to whichever ends the woman desires. Even a man who is an avowed anti-white knighter will find it difficult to resist consoling the woman in the middle of deploying a SHEB psy ops campaign. The best defense is also a simple defense: Call her bluff. Throw the razor blade at her and remind her to slice lengthwise. Naturally, she won’t do this, (if she does, you just lost a perennial headache), and your relationship can then proceed with you firmly in the driver’s seat, owning all the hand.


This is a list of the most common female tooling tactics. Men tool women, as well, the most obvious example of male tooling being the cad who makes promises of commitment. But tooling as a form of art was perfected by women, and it is women who are quickest to resort to tooling for personal gain, and who possess the greatest tooling acumen. Women can do this because there is a ready and willing supply of white knighting men who welcome their own tooling, usually in the misdirected hope that it will advance them to the pudendum gates of pussy paradise. So ignorant of the role the white knights play as the chump and so dumbly prideful of their histrionic savior complex, that they don’t realize they are kissing cousins of the manboob and the male feminist, two specimens of quasi-men privately loathed while simultaneously publicly lauded by women for their self-castration.

Not every woman with the means (i.e. the prettiness) is a tooling maestro. In fact, the majority of women aren’t. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say 30% of women regularly tool beta males men. This means, if you’ve been in three relationships in your life, odds are one of those women tooled you, with or without your awareness. If you plan to make any sort of career out of seducing women, or, conversely, if you plan to settle down in high-risk matrimonial bliss with one woman forever and ever, you had better get up to speed on the dark arts of emotional manipulation that are regularly availed by women if you want to avoid getting taken to the soul cleaners. A stay at Chateau Heartiste is a first step to clearing the mind.


Folks, here’s the main drawback with following “manly”, “honor-bound” codes of masculine conduct regardless of the particulars:

If you never hold a woman accountable for her actions, she’ll keep doing what she’s doing. And if that means tooling you, that’s what she’ll do.


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    • on August 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      All higher civilizations distributed risk and reward between men and women by subjugating a woman’s butt and gina tinagzlzlzloozoz to the patriarchal code of honor, whereby women were rewarded for their ability to abide by classical honor and traits such as loyalty, duty, virginity, chastity, and honoring god, man, and family over shopping channels and butt and gina tinzgzlzlzolzlzloozzooz.

      Women were only granted resources to the degree they were loyal to the patriarchal family structure.

      The federal reserve tapped into the vast power of butt and gina tinzgzlllzzz and a woman’s natural lust for dishonor by presenting women with a new deal by which the bankers leveraged a woman’s natural desire to “Tool Men” and gatheher beta bucks in their purse-shaped vaginas: Ben Bernankezizi told the women of the united states, “you can fuck and suck all you want, as long as you help us transfer funds and reosurces from men to the bankers/state. this means you won’t have a family, but the upside is all teh fucking, siuckcingz, butthext and abortiosnz that you want. and oh yeah one more thing–we can’t to enerbebenkfify you and tape it in secrte so as to boost sales for our bookz zlzolozozoz”

      did women choose fmaily, honor, and god? ummmmm no!!! as Genesis pointed out long ago, women went for teh fucking, siuckcingz, butthext and abortiosnz over God, Man, and Family lzozllzoozlz

      long story short women reduce every noble sport, insttution, and art and music into twerking:

      and so it is dat HOMER and da GREAT BOOSK FOR MENZ are rpelaced with butt and gina tingelzlzlz owmensz stsudetsoso zlzozolzoz


    • on August 7, 2013 at 4:07 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




    • I’m here today to again remind y’all that everything CH writes is *true* and that this fact has consequences and is not funny. The western world is going to shit and the decline is accelerating.

      Lily tried to be nice to me yesterday, but in typical womanly fashion, she missed the point. One of the things CH teaches is that women cannot be trusted to decide for themselves what is best for them with major life choices, such as whether to get knocked up by a piece of garbage cad one night or be nice to a confident greater beta with is shit together who would take care of her forever. Even if the beta is greater beta, good looking, great in bed…a real man. That is why historically, fathers had to arrange marriages for daughters. Even Disney movies show why this is the case—the princess always wants the bad boy with no job while the father would pick for her a stable option.

      The modern world of texting and facebook have made things worse, I think, much worse, now even than it was 5 years ago. As CH has written, girls are now free to hide behind texting, to their own detriment. They talk themselves out of things before even meeting the guy, yet texting is mandatory. It does not work to tell any girl younger than 30 today that “I don’t text.” They think it’s weird. They think it’s weird if you don’t have 600 FB friends, and they judge you for that. Now your “social proof” has to be feminized facebook shit. Even if you are smart and don’t want to put all your shit online for real reasons, such as being a lawyer and understanding the consequences of it.

      I pulled about 20 HB8s in my 20s and I swear that at 38, divorced with 2 kids (admittedly a marker of beta in itself and a major handicap), even though I am better looking now. More fit an ever and same face, and 38 is a perfect age for a guy to be attractive…these girls are out getting gamed by YaReally in bars (I don’t have time for that; I have to get up and go be a lawyer in the morning), or….the good ones are actually already taken. It is very rare to meet a 7 or 8 who is not crazy and *who is not already dating someone who, at that time at least, she is really into*. Don’t give me YaReally crap about how I can still “bang” a taken girl. I’m talking true high value stuff here too. is a very interesting thing to me. Anyone there is advertising they want something serious (which for the guys automatically makes them start out with beta strike 1). What match shows is the general stupidity of women. None of them—not one—can write a profile that is not riddled with typos, even the self-proclaimed intelligent “lawyers” and “ambitious” ones who are 27 yet still don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Even here we see female privilege. Many—or most—female profiles are downright bitchy in a way that a man could not get away with. For example, flat out saying how they’ve met so many losers here and please don’t contact me!!! Etc. Laughing is my favorite!!! Just nothing at all impressive.

      Now I’m not a bitter loser in one respect. My profile is awesome and I get emailed constantly and have met 6 girls from match so far. It was always weird—they were weird. Hmmmmm…no wonder they are on

      Then you meet a seemingly decent girl. As Lily points out, if the guy gives a small scintilla of a piece of a clue that he *might* want a serious relationship (I’m not offering to marry this girl…I truly have the mindset from CH’s rules that she’s “interesting” and *might* be worth getting to know further). That’s it. Well, this girl—who is truly the needy one even though she doesn’t know it, because she won’t be 28 forever…runs. Even though I was charming. I swear I can turn off the negativity and decided to do it with this one girl recently.

      Everything CH writes is true. We have a culture (Cathedral) that actively, AGGRESSIVELY teaches pretty white women to see normal white men as goons, stupid, nonsexy, bad, dorky, and aggressively teaches women to just plain….. DISRESPECT men. Now it’s only because of this feminist influence that I have to write the next sentence, even on this blog, where most people get me. I’m not saying the word disrespect in an old fashioned 1950s “misogynist” way like the woman should just get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

      No, but women have taken the pendulum way too far the other way. None of them cook, at all! While us men cook. Even you badasses use “cooking a paleo meal for her” as one of your tactics. They literally think it’s a privilege for the man to have a relationship with them that involves spending hundreds a week dining out. They offer *nothing* other than sex (in the beginning) that gets stale. They are just in a sad sad state of affairs.

      I guess I really do need to learn YaReally type game, because I am truly checked out and part of the marriage strike now. I had an epiphany. Besides bridezillas, which is pathetic and goes without saying, even “normal” almost nice women today have marriage all wrong. Even forgetting that it will likely end in divorce theft…another problem is DISPRESPECT *DURING* THE MARRIAGE. Why would a man *want* to marry a woman today? You are literally signing up for the “privilege” of (1) working hard to feed and shelter her; (2) working hard at all times to have to study in manly fashion her menstrual cycles and the theories for how to deal with that (be a rock when she’s in crazy mode; slip up ONCE and it’s over…she’ll never forget the fighting words but her hamster rationalization will let her forget that it was her fault; (3) she never cooks or cleans—you still hire a maid for that, even if she doesn’t work; (4) she’s a disrespectful bitch from the minute you meet her.

      Women are snarky, pathetic, disrespectful bitches literally *from the second you meet them*. Think about it. This is the shit testing that CH teaches how to “overcome” here.

      I’m out.


      • on August 8, 2013 at 12:06 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I read your exchange with Lily yesterday. This girl you’re talking about, the one who ran when you said you wanted something permanent…I read what you wrote about her. You called her human garbage, a potential Casey Anthony, a dumb party girl who got knocked up and who needs you to fix her life for her. You even noted that you didn’t think she was all that attractive (I think you said she was a 6 at best), except for her skin.

        Why would you want to be with someone that you think is human garbage? And why would someone who knows you think she’s human garbage want to be with you? I know you think you were charming, and turned off the negativity, but that sort of mindset betrays itself sooner or later. Even the most clueless among us will eventually pick up on the fact that the man thinks he’s doing us a favor just sharing his oxygen with us.


      • nope not in this case. didn’t say I want anything permanent. was totally nice to her in the face of her self pitying comments.


      • Here is why you and Lily and all other women continue to be wrong: my anger is JUSTIFIED. I was not always this way. Only have 20 years of adulthood being mistreated by stupid bitches did I finally figure out reality. I have “justified anger.” You can’t come close to understanding what I’ve been through. That girl does need a guy to take care of her. One of her main complaints was whining about her finances…waiting for her pay check before she can even get groceries. She’s trash who came from trash and got herself knocked up by a YaReally type guy. But I was *totally* cool with her (I know you don’t believe me) because frankly she’s totally my type physically (I’d call her a 10…she’s beautiful). . I never called her a 6, you lying woman. You are confusing one of my old posts about some other girl perhaps?


      • on August 8, 2013 at 12:43 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        All right, I went back and re-read it, and you’re right, you never called her a 6. Perhaps I did confuse it with one of your old posts. Regardless, I was wrong on that point.

        However, you did call her garbage, and you’re *still doing it*, so my question stands: Why would you want to be with garbage? Shouldn’t you be happy that she’s out of your life?

        You have a choice, checked out. You can either be embittered by your experiences, or you can learn from them and move on. What Lily was trying to do for you yesterday was help you with the latter, but it sounds like you’ve elected for the former. Hey—this is America and it’s your life.


      • RappaccinisDaughter, all he keeps saying is that all women don’t understand this or that, yet he still can’t see how he has a major hand in his unhappiness. Not only that, but he also can’t see how frustrated and angry he appears (however justified) to potential lovers. If he truly thought CH was right, he’d listen to his advice, not just lay superfluous praise on him. The best way to show CH you appreciate him is though action, not words.

        Also, YaReally has a wealth of knowledge on women, however smutty some of his advice and stories are. He’s also right, that resentment can twist one’s mind and render him irrational.

        This is my response today to “checked out real man” from the other thread, which I just posted a little while ago. This is what I think his mistakes are and how to correct them.


        “@ checked out real man

        I realize you’re frustrated and it’s why you’re yelling, so I’m not upset. However, I feel your frustration comes from a feeling of helplessness that you have created in your head. Here is why.

        When you start blaming others for why you’re unsuccessful, you relinquish responsibility and power to them.

        I know, and I concur, regarding the sexual climate existing in the world today. It’s hard to be a good husband and a good father when the state allows women to maim their minds and bodies.

        That said, you can’t blame all your failure on the state or the Cathedral, or whatever you guys call this concept or entity. You have conveniently surrendered all responsibility over to that entity. It’s time to think what you can do in spite of the Cathedral’s power.

        What you have to do is find ways to work within its confines. And, it starts with looking for quality girls, instead of frequenting nude dancers or trashy single moms. If you’re only frequenting those types, of course you’ll fail (because these women are the hardest hit by the Cathedral) and provide that perfect excuse to yourself as to why you can’t find a woman. From there, it’s a never-ending cycle of failure and unhappiness.

        Your first mistake was to hook up with a Peruvian woman born out-of-wedlock herself, who needed you to help her stay in FL. She didn’t marry you because she loved you. In addition, her trashy low-class mom had more influence over her than you, her American husband, and father of her children. Her mother didn’t think a father is important, which is why she never married the man with whom she had your wife. This is also the reason she influenced her daughter to divorce you. She thinks of you as an interloper, not part of the family. A man is just a sperm donor in her distorted mind, nothing more. Who marries a woman with such a background? Were you desperate back then?

        Bottom line, you shouldn’t have married such a woman and mixed genes with her. Unfortunately, you haven’t really learned your lesson, because you still chase after women from a similar background – club dancers, single moms, trashy Latinas…..etc.

        So while the system is bad, our choices also figure into it. I hate to bring back all your mistakes and make you feel bad again, but maybe you need a reminder so you won’t repeat those same stupid moves. So revisiting the pain could work in our favor sometimes. Therefore, if things didn’t work out with that hot trashy single mom, then you should thank your lucky starts. Sometimes, things have a way of working out for the best, especially when we still don’t notice how we keep making the same mistakes.

        So, pay attention to your actions. The trick is not just to find someone, but to find someone good. Otherwise, what’s the sense in getting married to another atrocious woman, just to get a divorce down the road and have our families torn apart again, and our finances dwindled even more? Better off staying single with the occasional ho from coming and going, while at the same time getting busy on our lives and hobbies until one day someone really worthy comes along. Now, what you really need is patience and perseverance to stay firm and not settle for trash again.

        @checked out

        “My ex is stealing from my present and future.”

        Yet, you keep looking for the same kind of women to get entangles with. Can’t you see that?

        I don’t have much else to say to you since whatever I will say, you’ll twist it into what you want to believe. You’ll tell me things like ‘I just proved to you why women are no good’ blah, blah, blah.

        As YaReally says, your mentality is so negative a woman will sense those vibes and think of you an angry frustrated loser who’s over-desperate for a woman, but thinks all women are his ex-wife. You really need to chill out, as well as start looking for better types of girls, not “Casey Anthonies waiting to happen,” or a nude dancer, or low class Latinas, etc….


      • For such an awesome guy, you’re being kind of a whiny bitch.

        You’re too knee deep in the frustration of not getting the girl at the end of the rainbow that society promised you’d get if you followed their rules to help right now. You’re also too busy seeing the bad in everyone and everything instead of finding the good.

        The longer you hold onto your resentment of the world, the longer you’ll be trapped in the prison you’ve constructed.

        Your entire mentality is negative and value-taking. The perfect girl you want deserves better than you, as you are now.

        But when you calm down and you’re ready to handle your shit, the Red Pill is waiting for you. 🙂


      • Also it doesn’t matter whether you’re justified or not. I’m sure you probably are. But it’s irrelevant. That’s gay victim-mentality thinking. It’s what you can go whine to a therapist about to get a pat on the back and give yourself an excuse to keep wallowing in your anger.

        You’re 38. You’re probably going to die by 70, but you’re going to start having trouble getting it up and losing your looks by 50. Do you want to waste the next 5 years of your prime pissing & moaning about how unfair the world is?

        No one gives a shit about you and no one will fix you. You can spend the rest of your life alone and at best some friends will say “too bad, what a shame” out of pity. No one will step in and say “hey here’s your perfect girl!” You have to go out and you have to meet a lot of girls. You have to learn to screen them to meet your standards and more importantly you need to learn to accept and enjoy the ones who don’t meet your standards.

        It’s not a competition of who’s the better person. You won’t win a prize on your deathbed. You’ll either have a girl (or multiple girls) around you as you pass away or you’ll pass away snarling to the nurse about how life wasn’t fair.

        Suck it up, buttercup. 🙂


      • From my archive ( ):

        “This is the same illusion-shattering concept as when you realize your CEO job won’t get you the pussy society built the illusion in your head that you’d get, your best friend did something unforgivable to you because they’re human and not perfect like the illusion you built up for them, and when women realize they’ve hit the wall and wasted their high-SMV years without securing a future because feminism built the illusion in their heads that there would be men a-plenty at 30+. Your world goes from black and white to shades of grey and you’re forced to contemplate “if everything I was so sure about was wrong, what else am I wrong about?” and you’re entire core, identity, life, purpose, goals, etc. are rocked.

        It’s at this tipping point that a person goes down two paths:

        1) Depression. You become jaded, cynical, sad, miserable, and feel defeated. Life feels pointless and hopeless as your brain comes to terms with the new realizations that just butt-fucked everything you held close to your core about how the world works. You become bitter, angry at the world, frustrated by the unfairness, and probably end up a MGTOW (to be fair, you can become a MGTOW in a healthy positive way too, I don’t think they’re all bitter losers despite their shitty Public Relations lol). This can also be the catalyst for removing yourself from the game entire (certain types of MGTOWs, the grass eaters movement in Japan, etc. The only difference with these groups is that there’s more of a head-in-the-sand “fuck it then, I’m outta here, good luck with all that shit y’all” mentality, which, technically speaking is actually a little healthier than reveling in the depression from a day-to-day happiness standpoint lol)

        2) Acceptance. You accept the pain and shell-shock of what’s happening as a natural thing and eventually overcome it. You find new ways to appreciate the world around you despite it’s faults and you learn to accept reality for what it really is: flawed and imperfect but often filled with good things if you look for them. You realize that people are the same, we all have potential for good and bad, and that all of that is simply societal judgement attempting to solidify shades of grey into black and white for easier processing and teaching to new generations and to keep society stable.

        A person can go through a period of Depression and end up in Acceptance, but it’s a difficult climb. How much of your identiy, reality, beliefs, hopes, future projections, etc. you based on your beliefs is a big part of what determines which path you go down. When I swallowed the red pill, I had no problem traveling the Acceptance path because I had so little experience with women that I had no part of my world based on them except the occasional day-dream about the white-picket fence life. Most of the middle-of-the-road madonna/whore complex guys tend to have much more wrapped up in their beliefs on how women are or should be, so they can go either way. The stereotypical angry bitter MRA types have usually been so burned by women that their whole identity/life/etc. was shattered by the red-pill which is why they tend to end up on the Depression/MGTOW path.”


      • CH, please post this one last response. YaReally, I can tell you are intelligent. Let me put it to you very simply. You cannot understand being forced to earn enough to be able to pay, every single month, $4,000.00 (four thousand dollars) to one’s ex-wife and still be able to have a decent leftover for one’s self (decent enough apartment). You’ll say you’d never get yourself into that situation. My excuse there is I got married at age 28 in 2003. At that time blogs like this didn’t exist to warn me and my beta dad taught me nothing. $4,000 every month for 4.5 years now. I support my kids, but they don’t consume that much. My ex is stealing from my present and future.


      • @checked out

        Ya, that’s rough. Now what?


      • > “The perfect girl you want deserves better than you, as you are now.”


        The Perfect Girl will have no interest in a dark broken vengeful soul which is wallowing in self-pity and anger and hate.

        First and foremost, you have got to let go of all that ugliness.

        And then start working on replacing the ugliness with something positive – some of them good old-fashioned warm-n-fuzzies.

        Also, if you aren’t clearing enough to spot your ex $4000 per month and still live the “lifestyle” that you had always wanted to live [back when you were busting your ass to finish law school and pass the bar], then:

        1) Ditch the lifestyle.

        2) Ditch the DESIRE for [i.e. the INFATUATION WITH] the very idea of the lifestyle in the first place.

        3) Ditch the Jack-Ass Rich Boy Game which used to win you Poontang.

        4) Re-create yourself with Poverty Game.

        There are myriad firefighters and bartenders and stone-masons and electricians and police officers and military enlisted men who score SMOKIN HAWT poontang with nothing more than Poverty Game.

        You go full-on Salt of the Earth.

        Learn to talk down.

        Learn to throw in a little smack about the latest and greatest $750 Apple Stupid Phones and $1500 designer handbags and $150,000 sports cars.

        Instead of wasting $500 on a dinner date at the swankiest restaurant in town, learn how to take a bitch out on picnic with a blanket and some snacks and a nice $20 bottle of wine and two wine glasses. And how to f*ck her right there on the blanket. In public.

        Instead of wasting $5000 on a weeklong trip to go snorkling in the Bahamas, learn how to take a woman skinny-dipping at the local watering hole, under the light of the full moon. [But just remember that you can’t fuck the pussy in the water – the water messes up the natural lubrication.]

        Instead of wasting $75,000 on the latest and greatest piece of crap from BMW or Acura or Lexus, get yourself a beat-up rusty old $7500 [or even $750] Ford pickup truck. And then hang a shotgun rack in the rear window.

        Ditch your designer clothes and your designer boots. Start wearing plaid flannel shirts and carpenter’s jeans and steel-toed working man’s boots.

        And if it were reasonably do-able, then I’d even argue for ditching your apartment and moving into a singlewide trailer [did you ever see the crib that Jim Rockford used to live in on “The Rockford Files”?].


        Once you master “Poverty Game”, then, before you know it, you’ll have wild untamable gray wolf poontang eating out of your fucking hand, just like the domesticated bitch that it oughtta be.


      • Your anger will eventually evolve into a sort of sadistic detachment. Now that the dream is dead, you can get to work on grieving and then rejoin the world with a fresh perspective on reality.

        I know once I fully absorbed the Red Pill, I was truly happy for the first time in my life. Think about it: all of the things you thought were necessary in life are no longer required. No McMansion, no doting wife, no slowburn Hell white-collar “professional” career. You are free to bang sluts and ditch them with impunity. You are free to scale mountains and hunt tigers, to fish the Atlantic or explore the Amazon.

        Your life belongs to you now and no bitch can take that away from you.


      • We could dress you up, put makeup on you, give you a fuzzy hat and big rings; and make you a PUA and give you every technique we know to deal in this and that situation (not that that would not help); but what you really need is the essence. You need the theory and philosophies given here at the Chateau Harddicks that deal with the mastery over your life and situations, the Game Theology, instead of the tricks the traps. This is not New Agey philosophy, this is reality.

        Stead of dancin and celebraten, you best be dealn and calculaten.
        You need to focus on this 4000 pesos. So for the most part focus on your core as a man and less on how to chase tail, for now. DIG DEEP. EYE OF THE TIGER!!

        See you lose because of your mindset. You need to change who you are my friend. My fellow white brothers come to me with many situations and questions that I don’t even understand. I really don’t know what I would do in the quandaries, dilemmas, and uncertainties they give themselves over to; because it would never even get to that point with me, because I don’t live life that way.

        You are a little bitch, and your wife has given you the ultimate shit-test of taking everything from you that she can; because she knows that you are a little bitch who won’t fight back. See if you were someone that she knew not to cross, this would never happen to you. She would be licking your balls like a little slut. JUST PASS THE SHIT TESTS FUCKER! If your wife understood that you had balls, this would never get to this point. You should never have fear in any situation in life, but you live your life based on fear and defeat.

        Look at a master player like yareally. He will never in his life even make 4G a month, yet his dick is hard all the time; because he understands and wins The Game.

        In my umble opinion, you lost when you signed up for marriage; but that will be debated into eternity. The ultimate shit test was when she took you, raped you in the truest sense of the word as you are the butthexed one now. She is lozzzling and lozzzzling your butthole and you just take it like a bitch. Are you even going to fight back? Are you even going to wheel and deal like a hustling business man poker player chess master and/or go Rambo on her butthexed ass? I mean for $4000 a month you can do a lot to get back at the bitch right? Skip a payment or two. You could find a local lothario in a bar to woo your ex. You could find one who smokes weed, pay him some money like a lump sum to get your wife to fall in love with him, and get her to start smoking weed and maybe do harder drugs if need be. It doesn’t have to go on long, just enough time to collect evidence to use against her in court to win in court. You don’t have to do this, but you see the mindset right? USE YOUR BRAIN MAIN!!

        You could use a private investigator to dig up dirt on your wife and use that in court. You could hire a better divorce lawyer. You could change who you are and win that way. See an elite lawyer knows how to get you ready as a person for the challenge of a custody battle. That you can work on. An elite lawyer also knows the judge and how the judges react. That too you could understand with a little work. See you don’t really need an elite lawyer. You need an elite you.

        You could even fall on your knees and put your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior. JUST DO SOMETHING EXTREME AND DO IT NOW NOT LATER!!!

        If you don’t want to go dark triad on your wife, you could take the moral high ground. You could demand and fight over what she does with that money. Exert control. Dominate. Win. I would obsess over this money situation. I would come back to this site every week and get advice on what to do next dealing with your bitch–and she is your bitch, you just don’t realize it yet–and how to deal with your situation. A lot of smart talented men are on this site who can help you out my friend.

        GET YOUR ENERGY UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!! PAY ATTENTION YOU LITTLE BITCH!! Drink the best coffee in the morning. Stop drinking booze or you lose.

        Like I was saying take the moral high ground if you want. Women will never win that battle. Tell her COMMAND HER MANIPULATE HER TRICK HER to put the money away for your kid(s?) to go to an elite catholic prep school. Tell her to sacrifice for the children and don’t back off. That way you can snob hobnob with wealthy affluent people who can help you in your business. Either way, make sure all that money is being funneled the best possible way and in a way that will benefit you as much as possible. THis is powerful. GET A PLAN TOGETHER. WORK THE PLAN. STOP BEING A BITCH. IT’S ALL A SHIT TEST. JUST PASS THE SHIT TESTS!!! YOU GETTING THE PICTURE YET? Don’t sit around and frown like a beaten down sad clown. Get around town and pound the ground down.

        Starting with THe Chateau Heartiste and working your way through RSD Nation, Krauser, and Xsplat’s blogs; JUST FOCUS on how to pass the shit tests until you get it.

        NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT IN YOUR LIFE!! Have some B A L L S! What is the essence of Game? OVERCONFIDENCE! What is the essence of a man? CREATING ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!!! (credit Krauser) Embrace the chaos defeat the chaos use the chaos abuse the chaos. AND THIS TOO IS VANITY OF ALL VANITIES.


      • @checkedout. I talk some shit here. But, that’s not what this comment is. No lie, one lawyer to another, I’m worried about your mental health. You are beyond angry – rage-filled, really – and if a client of mine wrote me an email like your comment I would insist that they get a mental health evaluation. Don’t let your anger wreck your practice, man.


  2. I’ve fallen victim to the WDYMMHY before.

    BPD chick got drunk, and I challenged her.


    Me: You hit like my grandmother?


    Me: That it?


    Me: Blood. Now we’re talking.


    Then I threw her off the bed and she stormed out.


    • Guys need to understand it is not what you can do for them but what they can do for you that leads them.

      A while back, I use to use internet dating sites with ease. I found this one pic of a woman who was probably a hard 9 (if that was her?), and her page was full of white knights trying to compliment themselves into her pants.

      I left a message saying “Only contact me if those boobs are real, I hate barbie dolls. If soft and supple XXX-XXX-XXXX call me if you qualify.” She did

      Called me and told me where she lived, and how she had all these condos and other blah, blah, blah, blah in all these fanciful locations and kept trying to one up me by claiming I was not being real. I said the onlly thing real is that you need to take me to said location, and fuck my brains out. he kept it up, I hung up, hate being lied to. Sometimes, a woman just wants to play with you, move on, as you cannot win them all.

      A few years before this I had a woman leave me a message that she was a hard to find sex body, and when I went to meet her, she was a low class, street bum from a hospital. I told her I don’t like being lied to, and walked away. She started stalking me, and blowing up my phone.

      What does this have to do with your comment you ask? Everything!

      You see women lie at every turn, even those who actually love you, it is their nature. Both of these women expected me to suffer their abuse of different kinds, and you only have the power until you stay. Best to get in, get out.

      Also, never be afraid to tell a woman to get out of your car and get a taxi. Even your wife. If they are starting extreme nonsense you have to give it back in masculine but non violent ways. I pulled over, grabbing the keys, and opened her door and said get out. I did not give her my real name, but never called again, or responded.

      Scandalous chicas need to be treated scandalously, but made to know that they are finished. You might get a couple anger fucks out of them, but usually it is not worth it. If you can’t get in, or notice obvious terrible character flaws, cut and walk.

      You will never have problems for more than an hour. And get rid of any so called friends or women who are vampiric parachutes in your life. Let the cold, apathetic call of the tough side of life be their guide to a better personage, or final mistake. You can do nothing else after a while.


  3. A good start, but dare I say this list is far from complete Hearty.


  4. #1 really ticks me off and it’s so common. I’d even put women who tell their boyfriends about bad situations they DIDN’T cause in this category. If the girl handled the issue herself and she’s not in physical danger, telling the boyfriend about some indignity/insult she suffered at the hands of another guy in the room is basically asking him to fight.

    Take the breast grabber story and assume it was unwelcome… some drunk guy grabs the girl, but it’s out of sight of the boyfriend. The girl pushes him away, tells him if he comes near her again she’ll have him thrown out. He retreats. Now most women are going to run back and tell the boyfriend, which puts him right on the spot as to whether to confront and/or fight. It’s pointless and it’s not cool.

    Another common one is telling the boyfriend his friend/acquaintance drunkenly hit on you. There’s no legitimate reason to disclose this and provoke a confrontation, unless the guy is harassing you.

    A girl who is willing to put her boyfriend in physical danger just so she can get her reassurance/protector rush is a selfish twit and not worth the effort.


    • I like the way you talk


    • no agency for the be-titted


    • Meanwhile, it’s the man whose advances she doesn’t talk about, who you need to worry about.


      • Nah. She can fuck anyone and suck any dick she wants. Not my problem. She ain’t earning anything more than FB or FwB anyways… unless she proves to be loyal, clean and trustworthy.


    • “He retreats. Now most women are going to run back and tell the boyfriend, which puts him right on the spot as to whether to confront and/or fight. It’s pointless and it’s not cool.”

      Well, actually I beg to differ. Not telling your BF can come across like you think he’s either too immature to handle the situation wisely, too emotional to hold back his anger, or you think he’s not manly/strong enough should he deiced to fight.

      I don’t think most guys like their women omitting or keeping info away from them. It might only be welcomed if the guy doesn’t care about you; only seeing you for casual sex. However, if you have a real relationship, you should be able to tell him, as well as know him well enough to know how he’ll react. And, if you know he is going to get shit pissed, you should also have enough influence over him that if you ask him not to turn this into a physical conformation (because you’re worried about his well-being – the financial, social, physical ramification in today’s climate), he‘ll listen to you.

      “A girl who is willing to put her boyfriend in physical danger just so she can get her reassurance/protector rush is a selfish twit and not worth the effort.”

      If she manufactured the situation just to get off on it, then yes. Otherwise, that “protector rush” a girl gets from her man isn’t pointless. It’s part of the sexual dynamics, and when it’s warranted, then yes, a man should absolutely exercise it. I just think that even when it’s warranted, most of these situations are not worth your man step into because of the political and social climate existing today. It’s best to steer him away from a physical confutation, even if he justifiably wants to get into one. If you have a real relationship, you should be able to have some influence over him.

      Some women though, have a tendency to put their men in serious trouble on purpose or inadvertently. In either case, these women are the psychos and troublemakers not fit for an LTR.


      • Hell, I meant decided, not deiced.

        I wanted to add that I essentially mean it’s not good to get into the habit of keeping secrets from him or simply omitting info, because that leads to a reduction in intimacy. It can start a separation. If he’s mature and wise enough, he should be able to choose wisely.


      • “Well, actually I beg to differ. Not telling your BF can come across like you think he’s either too immature to handle the situation wisely, too emotional to hold back his anger, or you think he’s not manly/strong enough should he deiced to fight.”

        No, the point is that there’s no situation to be handled that’s worthy of his intervention. In a way it’s a compliment. I know he’ll be ticked off and want to do something, and I don’t want him to get hurt or arrested. If he was a wuss I could safely tell him something like this, because he won’t fight.

        “And, if you know he is going to get shit pissed, you should also have enough influence over him that if you ask him not to turn this into a physical conformation (because you’re worried about his well-being – the financial, social, physical ramification in today’s climate), he‘ll listen to you.”

        I don’t know what kind of guys you’ve dated, but my experience is that while I do have considerable influence, there are certain things a man is just going to do anyway. Saying that I “should” have influence over him all the time, that I should always be able to talk him down and control his behavior, is a very feminized perspective of relationships. I don’t control him and I don’t want to. What I’m doing is controlling the situation that provokes the response,


      • “and I don’t want him to get hurt or arrested. If he was a wuss I could safely tell him something like this, because he won’t fight.”

        So, you know he’s a hothead that can’t control his anger over any infraction, right? This is why you attempt to control him by not telling him.

        And, if he is a man who doesn’t always want to fight, then he’s a wuss in your eyes? No, emotionally strong men control their anger, as opposed to the guy you have to keep information from.

        “I don’t know what kind of guys you’ve dated, but my experience is that while I do have considerable influence, there are certain things a man is just going to do anyway.”

        See, you’re taking the decision away from him. In other words, controlling him. It’s true, there are certain things a man is just going to do anyway, but you can’t control him, and the moment you attempt to, you become his mommy – his protector. Instead, he should be your protector. If he’s emotionally mature, you won’t have to control him, or be able to anyway. What you can do, is ask him, and hope he obliges.

        “Saying that I “should” have influence over him all the time, that I should always be able to talk him down and control his behavior, is a very feminized perspective of relationships.”

        First, I am not talking about controlling him (exactly the opposite, as I’ve demonstrated above), just asking him not to do something since it can mean harm to him. The final choice is still in his hand because I didn’t keep info from him to try to control the situation. Second, a strong manly figure will always end up doing what he wants to do anyway, but while he still has the power of choice, listening to me asking him to avoid a fight because I want the best for him, doesn’t render him a wuss. It means I can downplay the drama by saying I’m not really hurt or that upset, as well as adding that it’s not worth a fight. Simply, keeping information from him because I assume he won’t handle it well, lessens his masculinity, not to mention gets me in the habit of keeping things from him. I don’t see why I would have to if he were masculine enough.

        “I don’t control him and I don’t want to. What I’m doing is controlling the situation that provokes the response,”

        No you’re not; you’re controlling him, not the situation. The situation already happened, and you couldn’t control it. Now you’re attempting to keep it from him so he doesn’t lose his temper. Unless, you know he’s a complete immature guy, it’s not necessary to control the situation. And, if he’s immature, he loses his attraction.

        We have different approaches of handling these things, but I don’t want to feel that I have to be careful what to share with him. If a situation happened, I like to tell him about it. I don’t want to keep things inside. I don’t think it’s good for a woman to keep things inside anyway. She ends up feeling like she’s controlling the relationship since she really doesn’t trust him. It promotes separation instead of fostering intimacy.


      • I’m not sure where you’re getting that I don’t “trust” him if I choose not to tell him about something that (1) will irritate him and (2) he doesn’t need to know. You’re making the assumption that he needs to know, but why does he “need” to know things that are temporarily troubling you? I don’t think telling a guy every drama of your day is necessary for intimacy. (I agree that not telling him something that he needs to know because I’m afraid of his reaction is unhealthy though.)

        It’s also interesting how you assume that my inability to control whether he gets in an altercation makes him an immature hothead. I disagree. Just because I think it’s a bad idea for my own reasons doesn’t mean it’s going to feel wrong to him.

        The bottom line is, I don’t create (possibly physical) drama where none exists just because I want that damsel-in-distress rush, or I just want to “vent”. In the absence of imminent danger, there’s no legitimate reason to provoke confrontation by making a guy feel like he has to defend you.


      • @ Amy

        Bottom line, different women handle situations differently based on their style and intentions, as well as based on their BF’s personality. We have different approaches, that’s all. If your man doesn’t want to know about things that happen to you, then so be it. And if you determine there are things he better not know about, so be it too. I just think that this causes a hindrance of intimacy.

        Of course, every situation is different, and some really don’t fall into what I am saying, as in the corvinus example. So, this is not a rule, just a practice. In most situations, I rather tell than keep secrets.


      • I’m with Lily here. I definitely do not want my bf to fight. I’d prefer him NEVER having have to fight and it might just happen as we’ve been together for almost 11 years and not once has he gotten in a fight. If a situation like you describe would arise, I would handle it myself and would later tell my bf even if I had managed to diffuse it myself. I know my bf would never go after the person who’s bothered me but I fail to see him this makes him a wuss. Why on earth should he? He’s be an idiot asking for it if he did so and I don’t date silly hot heads who can’t control their anger. Like Lily I want to be able to share things with my bf and not keep stuff from him just because he might go and punch somebody in the nose.


      • Lily, I agree with Amy here. This is especially so if the guy didn’t do anything more objectionable than try to get her number. Yes, girls will sometimes tell their boyfriends that some guy asked for her number if he’s around, and he will come out and try to white-knight.

        You have to look at the situation from the “offending” guy’s standpoint: he’s probably single, and at least in my area, guys significantly outnumber girls, so girls with boyfriends are bound to get hit on, and most of the time, it doesn’t mean anything. The guy will shrug and hit up some other girl.

        So yes, blabbing to the boyfriend in many cases causes far more problems than it’s worth, especially if the guy only did it once in ignorance of the girl being in a relationship.


      • Well, this is a different scenario. I don’t think it’s important to tell your BF that some guy asked for your number, unless you want to make him jealous. This behavior is the same as dressing sexy to a club and having guys hit on you when he’s momentarily away from you, or socializing with his buddies. I mean, these are blatant attempts to get a jealous rise from him, and most men with experience know these tricks and don’t overreact. If anything, they brush it off or pretend it didn’t bother them even if they’re jealous, while they’re also pleased that other men think their woman is hot.

        In addition, I don’t like acting too obvious either, so I wouldn’t even mention a man asked me for my number. Why would I tell him this useless info unless I wanted to make him jealous? If I wanted to use this ploy, I would make sure he found out about it accidentally; not from me. No, there are other much more feminine ways a woman can manipulate a man, as opposed to the psycho manipulations CH listed above, like show she needs him, or being submissive and letting him dominate her. I think men love having erotic power over women, and women that understand this use it for the betterment of the relationship. This female behavior is even more imbedded inside the female subconscious than the ones CH mentioned, because they’re concealed.

        However, what Amy is saying is something else completely. She doesn’t want him to find out about bad situations happening to her in case he goes ballistic.

        Here is what she says:

        “I’d even put women who tell their boyfriends about bad situations they DIDN’T cause in this category. If the girl handled the issue herself and she’s not in physical danger, telling the boyfriend about some indignity/insult she suffered at the hands of another guy in the room is basically asking him to fight……. Now most women are going to run back and tell the boyfriend, which puts him right on the spot as to whether to confront and/or fight. It’s pointless and it’s not cool.”

        I disagree. Irrational, emotionally unstable men, yes. Mature men with experience, don’t react this way. And, if what you told him makes him angry enough to fight, then you being his woman, you should be able to defuse his anger somewhat, long enough that he cools off. Not telling him because you think he can’t handle it, is basically babying him, and if you have to baby your BF get a new one.

        There are times a fight is a must, but in today’s climate, men are not free to be themselves. A mature man knows this and will try to avoid it at all costs, unless it’s a question of life and death. Goodness, even in situations of life and death, we saw in the George Zimmerman case that the State will try to prosecute you. If anything, this is the lesson of that case: Even if you’re right, the culture is so screwed up that right is considered wrong, and wrong is considered right. Really, most red-pill men know this, so telling your BF about your bad situations shouldn’t send him into an uncontrollable spiral.


      • Lol ok, I’ll try one last time. Lily, I’m not keeping it from him because he “can’t handle it”, I’m keeping it from him because there’s no reason to tell him (i.e. no real danger to me) and I don’t want him to get ticked off and possibly confront the guy. Just because I don’t want him to confront the guy doesn’t mean that he will agree. Just because he doesn’t agree with me doesn’t mean he’s a ballistic hothead.

        I also don’t want him to feel like I’m *expecting* him to confront the guy because I’m telling him about it, although hopefully he knows I wouldn’t do that.

        You admit there are unwanted sexual advances you wouldn’t tell your bf about because it’s “useless info”, like trying to get your number. You don’t want to make him jealous, or you don’t want him to think you’re trying to make him jealous, right? So can I ask you the same question… why can’t you tell him about this advance, then? Shouldn’t you be able to control your man’s reaction to it?

        And if you’re thinking “my example is different because it’s so harmless”, then use the scenario where the guy is getting very aggressive about hitting on you, even after you told him you have a bf who is in another section of the bar. Would you want to go and tell your bf that one? That might not end well, either.

        I think it comes down to your entire argument being based on two false assumptions:

        1. That the man needs to know about the advance
        2. That a woman should be able to fully control a man’s response to conflict.

        I admit #1 can vary based on the advance. But #2 is so unreasonable. And if you think about it, it’s not even desireable.


      • “You admit there are unwanted sexual advances you wouldn’t tell your bf about because it’s “useless info”, like trying to get your number. You don’t want to make him jealous, or you don’t want him to think you’re trying to make him jealous, right? So can I ask you the same question… why can’t you tell him about this advance, then? Shouldn’t you be able to control your man’s reaction to it?”

        But, there won’t be any serious reaction to it. He’ll just smirk and give me a naughty look, which will piss me off, because I know what he knows – that it’s all a game. But something that’s not a game, yes, I want him to know about it. If he fights, so be it. Hopefully, he won’t fight because he can keep cool. Hey, maybe I just like the potential he might fight. That’s a possibility too.

        “And if you’re thinking “my example is different because it’s so harmless”, then use the scenario where the guy is getting very aggressive about hitting on you, even after you told him you have a bf who is in another section of the bar. Would you want to go and tell your bf that one? That might not end well, either.”

        Agreed! Nevertheless, I will tell him. At least, he’ll keep an eye on the situation. That man needs to see my BF is there; it might encourage him to stop. Not telling my BF, can mean more trouble, as well as my BF might think I was welcoming the advances. That’s the kind of jealousy I don’t need to implement. It’s not like I dressed sexy in a club to get noticed. If he thinks i am welcoming advances, that can turn out not so good. Thus, I trust my BF can control his anger and save it for when there is a serious problem. More than likely, he’ll get the guy tossed out if he continues to annoy me, or be very aggressive

        “I think it comes down to your entire argument being based on two false assumptions:
        1. That the man needs to know about the advance
        2. That a woman should be able to fully control a man’s response to conflict.
        I admit #1 can vary based on the advance. But #2 is so unreasonable. And if you think about it, it’s not even desireable.”

        True, #1 can vary based on the advance. As for #2, I didn’t say a woman can fully control a man’s response to conflict. I said that she shouldn’t keep things from him for she is worried about how he’ll react, thereby attempting to control him and/or mother him.

        He needs to be informed and make his own choices because that shows you trust him. In addition, in situations where he might get angry, then you have to work your influence on him and try to defuse his anger. Hopefully, you’ll be successful. Just taking the choice away from him, is mothering him, as well as gets you in the habit of keeping info from him, which doesn’t contribute to togetherness.

        Anyway, let’s agree to disagree. We all have our styles, so these things are ultimately different choices we make.


    • The corollary to #1 is the bitch who escalates a confrontation which can only be resolved by a bf/white knight/bouncer stepping in for her. And of course, she’s only talking shit in the first place because she knows she’s safely out of harms way since the “resolution” won’t involve her. Because, of course, she’s a woman. (This has happened to me so often I’m getting pissed just typing lol)


    • Admittedly, there are some times it is nice to have a man stick up for you. In my experience, these situations are few and far between, though.


  5. It’s these games women play that make working with them and their feminized male analogs absolutely insufferable.


    • White knights, nice guys, and chivalry in general need to become extinct. Every interaction with women should be viewed through the lenses of self interest and personal boundaries.

      – what’s in it for me?
      – what am I willing to put up with and has she crossed that line?


      • White Knights = Naivety; the state of being naive—having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication, often in a context where one neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. (Wikipedia)


      • Workplace females are stinging jellyfish. There are no employment opportunities gained from interacting with them. If you attempt to engage in conflict with them, even at their instigation, they will appeal to a higher power to destroy you. Any move you make will be seen as a violation of workplace hostility laws.

        For women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization

        Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

        Men have shanked me and kicked me in the teeth, but only men have given me opportunity and employment. No woman can or will provide me or any man employment, yet all western women feel entitled to help and opportunities from men, even as they drive men out of the workplace.

        It leads to a nasty conclusion : workplace women are your enemy. They cannot help you but can and will hurt you. Do not look at them, do not talk to them. Extend your hand to men when possible and fight your male rivals honorably. If you are in a situation where you must fight a female remember that she can use any tactic and you will be crucified for merely standing your ground. Walk away from it.


  6. Shoudl mention the source for these concepts.

    [CH: Sorry, never heard of this, so it was not a “source” for this post. The observations are based on real life, and the terms to describe the observations are pulled from common usage.]

    There were some good books from the 60s, such as “The Primal Scream”, “Up the Organization”, and “The Hiddem Persuaders”.


    • Thought of that book as well when reading this post. Recommended.


    • on August 7, 2013 at 2:47 pm A Random Guy

      My ex-wife’s favorite (from the book): “Now I’ve got you, you son of a bitch!”


    • The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar.


      • Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

        and Cybernetics, or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine by Norbert Weiner.

        I miss the 60s. All we had were titty magazines and we loved it!


      • I second Psycho-Cybernetics by Maltz or the newer version Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 by Bobbe Sommer. Powerful stuff in those pages.


      • on August 7, 2013 at 6:12 pm gunslingergregi

        with everyone talkin bout it finally read it not bad somewhat true I guess
        of course if you get your monies worth then yea


    • on August 8, 2013 at 9:33 am Col Nicholson

      Couldn’t agree more, Elmer. I read “Games People Play” in the 5th or 6th grade. Of course, a lot of it went over my head but the one “game” I remember that had the most impact on my young male mind was “Rapo.”
      Talk about proto-red pill.

      Do yourselves a favor and have a quick look:


  7. on August 7, 2013 at 2:32 pm Otherwise Happily Married

    My favorite is But If I’m Irrationally Angry People Will Think I’m Crazy. That’s the scenario where some minor annoyance is bothering the woman and she needs the catharsis of blowing up at the poor waitress or cashier or whatever. But she knows that yelling at someone for less-than-attentive service will make her seem like a loon. So she tries to goad her husband/boyfriend into doing the dirty work.

    “You need to go fix this” (where “fix this” means “go act like a rage-filled madman”).

    “Sure, just sit there and don’t say anything — way to be a man.”

    That sort of thing.


    • I get my boyfriend to yell at people for me. He’s the first boyfriend I have sent on this type of errand, and I do it only because he’s so very eager to rip people a new one for getting things wrong.

      But I don’t pout if he won’t do it (purely theoretical because he always does it, passionately.)


  8. #6 is a particularly scary girl because if they can threaten that they can threaten to file rape charges, and probably follow through on it.

    I did know a girl that manged to off herself 3 months after her boyfriend of two years broke up with her. So when I had the opportunity to deal with #6 a few years later, I caved quick, got her calm, and got out of the relationship a couple weeks later after I had gotten some electronic evidence that would mitigate any accusation of lack of consent.


    • on August 7, 2013 at 7:36 pm Dan Fletcher

      “after I had gotten some electronic evidence that would mitigate any accusation of lack of consent.”

      Thick. Solid. Tight.


  9. 1. Let’s You and Him Fight: Violence by proxy as seen on The Illiad
    2. A House Divided/Guilt by Association:
    3. Appeals to Male Honor: Blue (Beta) Valentine
    4. Damsel in Distress: Anita Sarkeesian and her “Tropes”… ha


  10. on August 7, 2013 at 2:51 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Most of these aren’t so much “feminine” behaviors, per se, as they are Cluster B Personality Disorder behaviors. (Where the “per se” part comes in is that Cluster B is much more common among women than it is among men, so it’s not entirely unfair to refer to these behaviors as “things chicks do.”) If you’re seeing any of the above in a woman over the age of about 16, run like your heels are on fire and your ass is catching.

    Why? Cluster Bs don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. They’re not sorry, they’re not going to get better, they’re not going to stop, and they can ruin your life. (Spend half an hour perusing the comments at if you don’t believe me.)


    • I have to agree with this. Borderline personality disorder chicks do this stuff to everyone, not just the guy they are with. Less than 5% of women have full on BPD, but it is a spectrum. Many more women have some characteristics of BPD some of the time even though they could not be formally diagnosed.

      Anyone who feigns attempts at suicide has severe BPD. That should be something like 2% of women. I believe it is nearly impossible to treat in adulthood, so it’s best to leave such women fast.


    • I would note as well that if you are unable to run like your heels on fire (i.e., you married badly), stoic tolerance, aloof game, counseling, going to church, bribery, appeals to reason — nothing — will fix a sociopathic or BPD woman who exhibits these traits. Nothing. She must win, she must take, she must control: if she does not, her personality fractures. She has no sense of self except through taking, winning, hurting, controlling.

      Empathy isn’t simply underdeveloped in them; it doesn’t exist. Repeat: they have the empathetic response of a fruit fly: null set. You will never fix this woman, and no labor and no herculean white knighting will show her the shiny path to loving well. Don’t ask yourself why or how someone could be so cruel: they don’t have a conscience, and they’re having fun: they self-actualize by crushing the humanity of other people.

      And here’s the deal: she won’t get off on her taking, winning, controlling unless she steadily *escalates* the frequency and force of her inflictions. These are the women who will beat you with a stick while you sleep. If you are with someone like this, watch their faces as they attack, diminish, manipulate, or threaten you: you will see a flush of pleasure that most people only get sexually.

      Since there is no solution here, a man needs to prepare to save himself. Guess what: more good news: these are the women who must win everything in divorce, too. That includes destroying your parental relationships. Destroying your balance sheet. Destroying your effectiveness at work. Destroying your health. They will make *every* accusation of abuse, personal illness and addiction, theft, and infidelity. EVERY accusation and it will be total war because, again, her personality ceases to exist if she doesn’t perceive herself to be winning. Your walking out is losing. You will pay. The family law system will believe ANY accusation she makes, and force you to defend yourself: force you to do the impossible which is prove a series of negatives.

      Begin the process of disengaging. Make sure you scrub your phones, computers, journals, etc. of anything she would claim against you. Keep anything of a sensitive or useful nature (to her) locked up or better, off site. Assume that she is going through your briefcase, billfold, monthly bills; that she is listening to your every conversation. Begin sleeping in a separate room. Document the loving relationship you have with your children. If at all possible document as well (e.g., the “take me to the lake” freakout video) your wife’s predations.

      Tell her you need marriage counseling. You don’t, but if you’re lucky, you will find a counselor who will properly diagnose her and provide direction to you in getting her illness onto the record. Remember, in counseling, she will immediately go on the attack, because again, she has to “win” the counseling. If you don’t set ground rules with the counselor, she will spend the entire 50 minutes of each session accusing you of bestial failures. (The same will be true in court. Remember, other people don’t exist.)

      Move deliberately, organize your finances, and interview several lawyers who know what you’re talking about when you discuss terms like sociopathic or cluster B; ask them what their experience with parental alienation is; ask them the repercussions of, before you announce the divorce, you simply remove your children from the home. This last is the worst. But I promise you this, if you don’t, you may never see them again.

      Five percent of the population is sociopathic. That’s a lot of crazy people. The distribution is higher in such areas as Big Finance, politics, and Media/Hollywood.

      Tip-offs for this personality type:

      a. they cannot sustain relationships. Like Ted Bundy they keep moving. They can fool people for 6-9 months; the best ones perhaps a year. During this brief time they will present a mask, a personality that is designed to acquire you. But they can’t maintain their mask for more than that. So they will have a lot of job hopping in their history, and their prior relationships will be transactional and brief. She will explain that her prior relationships were brief by impugning the integrity and blaming everyone she knew. She will be a shivering damsel in search of her knight.

      b. they are devoid of empathy for other people. Many researchers think this is the common denominator. This will be apparent in large or small ways: watch how she behaves, for instance, if the car rental counter can’t find her reservation; or if she is filled with menace and hate for her co-workers, when she discusses them; or, if she ever — ever — admits error or wrong.

      c. watch her face when she goes fugal and starts to detail how she is going to damage someone at work; if you see rapture, rather than stress or pain, you are dealing with a very dangerous human.

      d. if you suspect that you are involved with someone like this, assume that she has a plan for you that you know nothing about. Think about that. You are a target of a scheming, truly heartless person, who is presenting a version of herself for your pleasure — in order to take your life away from you. There is no Game for this. She will get pregnant, she will take your money, she will do anything at all that you want — in order to take your life away from you.


      • I know it’s a running cliché to say this… but I can substantiate these claims. I am divorcing one of these right now.


      • Jesus Christ, it’s like I’m reading everything that I was writing to “David” on one of the following threads.

        Whew – dude – I can see that you’re a fellow traveler.

        You’ve lived the nightmare.

        Researched the literature.

        Wow – you have my utmost sympathies.

        I think that the best thing that men can do here is to warn their sons IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS about the existence of The Crazy-Psycho Bitch.

        Because allowing your poor son to venture out into the world with a de rigueur “Blank Slate Theory of the Female Soul” is some criminally negligent fathering.

        Fathers need to warn their high-school-graduating-sons and/or college-graduating-sons about the Evil which is out there just waiting to lure the boys into Its web of insanity.


    • [Most of these aren’t so much “feminine” behaviors, per se, as they are Cluster B Personality Disorder behaviors. (Where the “per se” part comes in is that Cluster B is much more common among women than it is among men, so it’s not entirely unfair to refer to these behaviors as “things chicks do.”)]

      No, no. The #extreme cases# are cluster B psychopaths, but “mild” sociopathy is a “feminine” trait.

      Sociopathy/psychopathy come in a range, from pretty mild to pretty strong; not every sociopath is an emotionless user of other people, and not every psychopath is a serial killer or liver eating cannibal.

      One interpretation of “game” is that the average woman is more of a sociopath (selfish and uncaring) than the average man (for some plausible reasons), which does not mean that she is a total sociopath; an average woman will regard herself as normal and average men as needy wimps, while average men will regard themselves as normal and average women as exploitative bitches.

      But the end result is that an average woman won’t get her gina tingled by an average man who is less of a sociopath than she is, and second wave feminism is all about celebrating female sociopathy (it was started by big business owners…).

      Then “game” is about average men learning to pretend (or to actually become) to be more of a sociopath than average women so that average women can get attracted to them.

      Then there are the “cluster B” psychopath women, and they are the extreme form of the average.

      But if you observe carefully, on a range of sociopathy, average women are more sociopathic than average me, even if most most average women are not high or extreme psychopaths, and that also probably is why there are more high or extreme psychopaths as in “cluster B” among women than men, because they start from an higher average base.


  11. The absolute worst version of these is the biker chick – you know who I’m talking about – the HB 8 locked in alpha embrace with some loser of Breaking Bad crystal meth world. I’ve witnessed far too many occasion where these nightmares flirt shamelessly to incite meth head eruptions. You are ostensibly having a nice encounter with a hot chick that turns deadly when gorilla child goes ape. Bouncers, Police, Ambulance, and the oh poor me bitch the center of attention.

    Any suggestions on how to give these women a comeuppance?

    On a separate note, please take always take the emotional blackmailer up on their offer – instant hand in a relationship. Great advice that!


  12. “Games People Play” (Eric Berne) and “Scripts People Live” (Claude Steiner) should be mandatory reading for any red pill takers.


    • also see a functional description of TA from Berne.

      I’m sure YaReally has read it and has comment.


      • Haven’t read any of them. Just skimmed the Wikipedia on TA. I don’t really see a use for it…it seems like something Blue Pill’ers who are scared to take the Red Pill can grasp onto to understand social dynamics better than the average Blue Pill’ers…but the Red Pill is a lot clearer and more applicably useful.

        So to me TA is kind of like I have a steak in front of me and Berne is offering me a hamburger…and it’s a nice hamburger, better than the scraps most people are eating, but I mean…I already have a STEAK. He should try some. Everyone who wants to understand social dynamics should.

        In PUA we don’t really care WHY you’re fucked up. We don’t care that your father was a shitty role model, or that your mother hated men and made you feel ashamed of yourself, or that you had your heart broken by your childhood crush in grade 3 and now you’re scared to talk to girls…none of that shit is relevant. It’s mental masturbation, throwing yourself a pity party, giving yourself excuses to keep being fucked up, analyzing yourself instead of fixing yourself.

        All we care about is “are you willing to step up and fix yourself? If so, here’s how.” That’s why we don’t ask anyone their backstory. I don’t know anything about Scray’s childhood or why he wasn’t confident when he first started posting here. It’s not that I don’t care, as one human being to another…it’s just that it’s irrelevant when it comes to fixing your shit.


      • It’s also incredibly important to take that emotional reticence into any relationship. ALL of the propaganda has told us to be sensitive and open with our emotions, and MOST women will still say that we must. And NO woman respects a man who doesn’t park his rough edges at the curb before walking in her door.

        It’s really no different than what is obvious at work. Nobody wants a boss who cries about his childhood or this or that mundane trauma. No boss of any value would assume so. Never seek emotional validation from any woman or employee: it destroys the leadership prerogative. Sympathy is for losers; coffee is for closers.


      • Well done on the GGR reference.


      • What does ‘GGR’ mean? Thanks.


      • Glengarry Glen Ross… if you don’t want to watch the whole movie, at least watch Alec Baldwin’s scene and the one where Pacino upbraids Spacey.


      • I’d love for you and Heartiste to get one of those pocket recorders and record a night of you guys interacting with women, then transcribe that shit into a post. That way, you don’t have to give up your voice/id and we’d have some killer content to review. The stuff you guys already give is killer, but this would be icing. Regardless, two years ago I could only see peripheral glances at the Matrix (even though I got laid a lot), but with the help from the likes of you guys, I know see the matrix so clearly. Went to a company party at a bar/restaurant yesterday and I could see in HD all the zeros and ones of every social dynamic in front of me. Amazing gift to be given. Thanks.


      • you aren’t seeing it. ta allows you to set back and analyze each communication, decode the position of your counterpart, and adjust. it IS what works. see it as another concept you understand intrinsically but didn’t have language for.

        the power is in the label.


    • I would hardly say “mandatory” reading. Despite the promising title, “Games People Play,” is a much more ambitious effort, attempting to build from the ground up a model of human behavior. While it does describe a large number of “games,” it attempts to analyze them in terms of “Transactional Analysis.” This is not something the average red pill taker would be able to achieve without a considerable investment of time and effort. Transactional Analysis is so ambiguous – I doubt two TAers would even agree on what “game” is being played, much less how to break it down in TA – that it’s not at all clear his understanding of various behavioral “games” would even be much improved over simply learning to appreciate that “all is not necessarily as it seems” when it comes to the way people act, and that the more bizarre the behavior the more likely is an underlying psychological drive, commonly one related to social status or sexual status.


      • On a different note; according to Wikipedia.
        Eric Berne was married three times.
        His first wife was Elinor McRae. They married in 1942, had two children, and divorced acrimoniously in 1945.
        In 1949 he married Dorothy DeMass Way, with whom he also had two children before their divorce in 1964.
        After his popular success, Eric married a third time, to Torre Peterson in 1967. The couple took up residence in Carmel, California, where he wrote, but he continued some clinical work in San Francisco.
        This marriage also ended in divorce, in early 1970.


    • Less reading, more doing should be mandatory for any red pill takers.


    • Absolutely. I initially found Berne’s literature acutely depressing in how starkly it bared the repeating and unending mechanisms of the games of human transactions. His theories still sit on a slow burn in the background of my dealings with every other fucking human I speak to in my life. ‘Games People Play’ is what is to Automotive.


      • By ‘Absolutely’ I mean I agree absolutely with LS that ‘Games People Play’ should be mandatory reading. When I game girls I’m fully aware that I am maintaining appropriate calibration from exteropsychic ‘Parental mode’ judgemental, ‘bluff and bluster I’ll lay-down-the-law you naughty little girl’ schtick to archaeopsychic ‘spontaneous, unhindered and curious’ take my hand I’m Peter Pan boy-neoteny.

        Sure, on the pages you can still smell the Brylcreem and the formaldehyde and the chalk dust on the white coat, but I’m kind of down with that. Guiding this ever-tingling push-pull jerk between stony paternal lawmaker and chestnut-galloping drug-hoover cock-menace is the Inner-Game-fueled unflappable Rational Adult.


      • That interesting. I found no use for it, so it’s interesting to see how someone would actually apply it in field.

        We have the same concepts in PUA, but they’re presented/taught in a different way. Like we call Parent->Child communication “man to woman” communication. Most of our stuff involves breaking rapport tonality, dominance, leading, being authoritative, etc, all Parent behaviors that force the woman to revert to Child. The Adult role comes more into our self-talk, ie – logically convincing ourselves to approach and push thru anxiety/fears, dedicating time to hitting the field, logically executing game instead of blindly approaching, etc. So it’s more internal. And we use the positive/fun side of the Child (self-amusing, Us VS Them, playfully teasing, etc) interacting with women/people, to bring out their Child side as well…but we never ever use the negative side of the Child state because its unproductive for seduction, it just holds you back allowing you to make excuses and forcing other people to take on a Parent role which kills attraction/value.

        So I guess to relate the TA model to PUA, we focus on eliminating the negative Child state entirely, using the Adult state internally to self-motivate, and we focus on putting and keeping everyone else around us in Child state with a combo of positive/negative Parent and positive Child state.

        But I still look at it like ya if someone doesn’t have any better frame of reference, it could be useful to help them just be aware of “I should be dominant and authoritative like a Parent”, but Red Pill stuff is more directly applicable and contains solutions like “HOW do I be more of a Parent? HOW do I avoid the negative Child state?”

        Fun to analyze though, thanks for sharing your view.


  13. “CH: Sorry, never heard of this, so it was not a “source” for this post. ”

    His website has a good listing of the various games. I have been an unwitting participant in most of them. It has always amazed me how the dumbest people have them mastered instinctively, while intelligent, honest people fall for them time and again.


  14. Chateaus Going Their Own Way.


  15. I am wrong, Cybernetics was published in 1947.


  16. on August 7, 2013 at 3:27 pm FuriousFerret

    Look at this article on the popular comedy site Cracked:

    5 Simple Steps to Not Being a Total Asshole

    I believe this a good thing. I have noticed articles popping up like this. That means it’s gaining steam to be an ‘asshole’ and liberals are scrambling to counter attack.

    The article is one big straw man argument. Puffing up every point to it’s caricature and then tearing it down.

    The one that constantly gets me is the ‘alpha’ terminology. It seems no one in the MSM actually applies it properly. Every time that they mention alpha males, they equate it to Jersey Shore drunken Ed Hardy hearing guys with low IQs instead of the more actual ideal of James Bond. Also they always use the argument that humans aren’t modeled after wolf packs and conveniently leave out how our closest relative, the chimp absolutely does have a hierarchical top down society with the alpha chimp at the top.

    Another thing that amuses me is that they think that this shaming will actually achieve any kind of tangible results. They will simply convince the men that need a dose of alpha mentality the most that it’s morally wrong while the true alpha males could care less. Typical for those lot though. The same people want to enact strict gun control laws that only leave the most dangerous with guns. How these people survived in an evolutionary sense is beyond me.


  17. 6 is dangerous and it is such an unfair burden to place on the other person..It’s better to just stay away from those kind of women under all circumstances, but men can do this too though. People who do it aren’t well, they are mentally unstable.

    5. If a woman acts so masculine that she wants to fight with a man, and hits him.. then she should expect to get treated like a man and hit back. I dislike when women think they are man enough to fight with a man, but then play the “But I’m a girl, you can’t hit me back” card.


    • Egalitarian propaganda has women not truly understanding the immense difference in strength between the sexes. No surprise as we are not taught to defer to men anymore, but rather disrespect them.


      • The immense difference in strength.. yes absolutely, I agree. Which is why a woman should not hit a man in the first place. Why provoke when we know we don’t have equal physical strength to them? It is foolish. But also very unfair for a woman to hit a man thinking that she doesn’t deserve to get hit back. If I was foolish enough to hit a man I would also be foolish to think he is not justified in reciprocating. .


      • Every single man who has ever had an LTR with a woman has at one point experienced physical violence such as getting flicked in the ear at a minimum. Or they throw things. This happens during the woman’s crazy period when her brain is possessed by a demon (8 days out of every 31).


      • on August 8, 2013 at 1:05 pm gunslingergregi



  18. This is NO JOKE right here:

    1. Let’s You and Him Fight

    This is a classic, and often successful, tooling tactic that women throughout history have employed to great personal advantage (or just great personal entertainment).

    This is not the fifties anymore, when two guys get into a scrap, dust themselves off, and go their ways. If you ‘Win” you are talking felony assault & battery, and if the guy is “diverse” possibly a hate crime as well. Once this goes on your record, kiss your job prospects goodbye.


  19. on August 7, 2013 at 3:57 pm Libertardian

    Teen admits to strangling 12-year-old New Jersey girl after luring her to his home to trade bike parts

    MSM: zzzzzzzz

    And for those of you who haven’t completely given up on the human race:

    “Marvin Carter, 20, was drink driving on July 12th 2012, when he hit Michael Holcomb, 36, and fled the scene
    Donna Holcomb, a Methodist minister, was overcome with emotion when she first laid eyes on her sons killer in court
    Holcomb offered him forgiveness for his actions that evening
    She now exchanges letters and visits him in prison and allows him to call him ‘Mamma Donna’ – the name her son called her”


    • on August 7, 2013 at 7:28 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

      “And for those of you who haven’t completely given up on the human race”

      Jesus H. Christ!


    • First story: Of course defence claims diminshed capacity, even after he mentions her name on fb, lies to cover it up, and puts the body in a trash can.

      Second story: Yes it’s sickening, but the writer and editor should also be put in prison. “Marvin Carter, 20, was drink driving…” and this gem “…project manager in Indianapolis careered into the car…”


  20. I love how those who disagreed with letting a little dbag in some trendy club tit grab your date without any response are now white knights. It strikes me that maybe CH knows his position is not as strong as he thought since this is now his second rebuttal post.

    I do not speak for all on the other side, but the gist of it for me is that this by definition is not white knighting. If a woman is out with her man and he yells at her or even physically pushes her, slaps, etc. I am going to mind my business. If its in a restaurant some women will call the police anyway. If it’s a husband and wife, who am I to ever intrude on them?

    In this case, it is YOUR DATE, and since he’s been seeing her for a month, to some people it would be his woman. As such any man grabs her sexually I am going to find out what’s what in no uncertain terms.

    For the lugheads, weenies, and too cool for school cowards this does not mean I rip off my shirt and go Hulk. It simply means you confront the situation as a man. 99% of the time no blows will ever be thrown. But correction is must for any man worth a dang.

    As I said before if you cannot follow this line of thought, then please wear a shirt indentifying yourself so that I can hit on your girl/date with impunity AND cop free feels. After you leave like a baby without even asking what’s up, I’ll look like a champ to the girl because of your no-show. Heck, give me your email so I can send pictures if you like. You can browse them in between all the cuckold porn you love so much….

    [CH: If you were to hit on my girl and she welcomed your advances… well then she was never my girl. So you wouldn’t be cuckolding anyone.]


    • Something about that story did not add up.

      My gutt tells me that the reason this boob grab may have happened could be that the guy has never staked a claim, so the woman is still rightfully behaving as a single woman. Their being on a “date” could be mostly in his mind.

      Nowadays, being in a relationship is not implied by even years of shagging. If they guy doesn’t specifically say that he wants a commitment with her, there is no commitment.

      So there’s no reason to get into an argument or even conversation about another guy grabbing her boobs if the guy didn’t stake a claim. It is his fault that other guys don’t consider him relevant since he didn’t make himself a factor in her decisions.


      • Again Nicole, the “claim” or otherwise is inconsequential to his sense of self. This is not honor mumbo jumbo. He has ever right to forcefully ask what is going on if he believes that she is with him and another man sexually touched her. If he is way off as you say (and I perhaps think is true) then she would simply tell him “oh I’m sorry you feel that way, but this is my ex and I didn’t think of us as together” and he could simply walk away. Who cares if there is a momentary awkwardness? Is he is junior high? He’s a grown man and nobody will care five minutes later. As for the other dude, he’ll just brush it up and probably think that guy was at least a man. Confused though he may be.

        I do find it troubling however, that you consider a single woman behaving rightfully to be one who allows random dudes or just acquaintances to grab her sexually in public. That’s pretty sad. I’m sure that attitude is a great way to find a good husband or 10 cats when you are 40.


      • The guy wasn’t a random dude or acquaintance. He was most likely a friend, perhaps with benefits, with whom she normally flirts.

        If you let a woman think she’s still single, or define the relationship as non committal, don’t expect other guys to treat you as if you matter. Some guys would consider a dude weak by definition if he was seeing someone that long and not staking a claim.

        My friends would do stuff in front of him as a way of calling him weak.

        I understand it’s not everybody’s scene, but most of the world isn’t living in an American suburban bubble. I’ve seen worse happen in places Russians would describe as classier than average.


      • It has nothing to do with “claim”… a rightfully behaving single woman is never going to let herself be grabbed like that in a bar without major protest. Actually I think it’s crass and inappropriate even if the guy she’s *with* does something like that in public.


      • Rightfully for your situation with your advantages in life is not rightfully for everybody’s situation.

        We are not all 19 year old virgins living in American suburbia.

        If you are a Russian waitress whose parents were drug addicts and you had to either work in a pub or prostitute yourself to survive, maybe both, you would expect a bit of tit grabbing from the guys who were probably raised the same, especially if you bring some pompous princess pussy to the place who they know is just using you for amusement.

        The guys who are poor like you recognize this animal who chose someone he considers far enough beneath him because the women on his level are too inaccessible or require too much effort. He is going to act out his fantasies probably in the most humiliating ways he can think of and then dump you. When he marries someone on his level but acting frigid, if he hasn’t totally burned the bridge, he will call you again or find someone just like you to be his chick on the side.

        Why on this green Earth should a privileged pussy be given right of way among actual men who actually care about her, but just aren’t as “refined”?

        Which beast is more beastly? The crass friend or the bottom feeder?


      • “Why on this green Earth should a privileged pussy be given right of way among actual men who actually care about her, but just aren’t as “refined”?”

        What the…? I don’t care whether the guy is refined or not, the point is that quality women don’t let guys grab them in bars. Lol, this is the most bizarre scenario I’ve ever read.


      • If you were a dude, I would say that you should get out more.

        If it helps, it’s usually not the guy just walking up and taking a handful of boob. It’s a playful pat or a kind of humorous and not sneaky enough attempt at copping a feel or a brotherly revenge twist, or because she is single and they shag occasionally, he is seriously copping a feel.

        A guy who is not living in a gated community should explain how they behave with legit female friends and fb’s.

        The women with whom this would be bizarre are either not in bars, or are escorted in such a way that it is clear that there will be no inappropriate touching.

        Among Russians, if the guy isn’t holding your hand or doesn’t have his arm around you when you walk in, you are likely to be approached (not groped, but flirted with) by another near immediately if you are the least bit okay looking. The dude is signalling that you are not that important to him and he doesn’t care where you end up. You have to be married before this *might* not happen.

        See, American women want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be able to go out and have fun, but they don’t want the risks that come with it. If you don’t want to be approached by drunk rowdy guys, stay home and let your man have a few precious hours not underneath your boob for a change. Let the man go to the bar, and you make him some nice snack for when he gets home.


      • Well, I get out quite a bit and I have to say I’ve never had my breast grabbed by a guy. Even when I’m just out with a girlfriend. And yes, I’ve been around my share of drunk, rowdy guys. If you’re not acting like a slut, they’re generally not going to molest you in public. Even in decadent America, lol.

        This must be a cultural difference.


    • CH, I hate being at odds with you on this one since about 90% of your game posts and 100% of your political, etc. posts I admire greatly. However, I must disagree. I’m pretty sure it is the simple grabbing that is the dividing line for most of us.


    • Yes. She was supposed to be YOUR date, and you find yourself POWERLESS against the obvious truth — she just isn’t that into you. So, you search for any excuse to vent the frustration. O hai, violence-being-the-last-refuge-of-the-poonless.

      If the girl I showed up there with is into the other man’s advances, what’s the use fighting for her or confronting him about it?


      • Again for the 30th time dullard, I never mentioned violence. Quit living in movie land.


      • The only thing you can do, when she’s chosen someone else, is back off and let him have her. Because anything you do would be futile and just lowers your value further and further in her mind…you essentially become the beta trying to logically convince her to pick you over a guy she’s more attracted to. It doesn’t work.

        Sure you can talk to him and tell him what’s what, and he might back off. That night. But she’ll be thinking about him when she’s fucking you later. And she’ll slip her number to him under the table when you’re not looking, because she’s chosen him. It’s a short-term solution.

        It’s an entirely different situation if she’s offended by his tit-grab and wants you to defend her from harassment, but that’s not what went on in that example. I’m not sure you grasp the nuances of the situation described.


      • Castricv, your comments demonstrate nothing other than how easy it would be for some girl to tool you.

        You’d “find out what’s what in no uncertain terms.” And you’d “confront the situation like a man.” Oh…”correction is a must for any man worth a dang.”

        I think you’re the one living in movie land.


      • Yeah, the last statement is disjunctive, homie: fighting for her -or- confronting him about it.


      • Been away for a few days without internet access. Read your short post again. “violence being the last refuge…” You said it. Therefore I responded. So eat a d#ck idiot. I’m new here and thought you were worth debating with, but if you can’t even comprehend what you read, what’s the point. If you can’t even be bothered to check what YOU WROTE in a small post no less then again, blow away.


      • You search for any excuse. The last refuge of that urge to vent = violence. Then I say ‘what’s the use of fighting OR confronting him,’ because in your original post you stressed confrontation (ya 99% of the time without bloodshed).

        Let me lead you to the point: the confrontation and the violence rest on the same, stupid I’m-helpless-but-lashing-out continuum. But alas, I will blow away — wind to your feathers, oh winged phaggot.


      • How old are you anyway? Men over 30 years old have important shit going on in life. Important shit is not compatible with time in jail. This bar skank was not worth time in jail.

        Besides, it’s not that hard to get laid these days. The dude could get another chick that very same night in that very same bar. If he fights he is not gonna get laid. If he walks he can still easily get laid by another broad in the bar.

        It’s just not that fucking hard to get laid these days. The tit grab chick is not worth spit.


      • I agree the modern women is not worth fighting for, but if he were to grab something I cared about like my dog then it would be fighting time…


      • There ya go.
        I’m not sure I can remember a woman who may have been worth being injured/sued/arrested/killed over.
        There are some battles worth fighting, 99.999% however, are not.


      • Cowardice masquerading as prudence with a thin veil of try-hard coolness. You interpret life as a movie and expect a how to guide from our host. He is infinitely more effective as fellow travel on YOUR journey and experiences.
        I’m new posting here, but I’ve read articles for years on this blog and I always roll my eyes when some computer game prodigy spout off terms and you’ll lower your value, etc. when your decisions in life need to be quick and non-artificial. If you are at a bar trying to figure out the coolest thing to say or do, the moment will pass. If your girl is molested in front of you and you have to think about what will lower my value or look awkward, you will naturally just puss out and fall for any excuse that eases your shame.

        Bonus points if that shame can be made to look above it all.


    • “I love how those who disagreed with letting a little dbag in some trendy club tit grab your date without any response are now white knights. It strikes me that maybe CH knows his position is not as strong as he thought since this is now his second rebuttal post. ”

      Where pretty lies flourish.


    • Forget it castricv, it’s Chinatown.

      Suffice it to know that some men will get it, others will rationalize away every attempt to dislodge them from their ideology. When they start putting scare quotes around “honor-bound” and “manly,” you know you’re talking to a wall. They simply were not trained in that culture, have no connection to that culture, and therefore can only ridicule that culture in their attempt to deal with their utter lack of it.

      It’s what happens when you grow up with a wimp-beta dad, or a ghost for a father, or are raised altogether fatherless by a single mom. The fruit of the Divorce Generation. Yes, continue to challenge them, stand firm in the right, don’t cede the field to poseurs. But don’t get frustrated by their implacability either.

      If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.

      Our goal should be two-fold: 1) Maintaining honor as an example/inspiration to those who are not so terminally corrupted by the ubiquitous feminist mode which cackles at courage.

      And all the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. … In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

      — C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

      2) Looking to the next generation, raising boys to adulthood without this feminized confusion between prudence and valor. Forget these chumps. Call them what they are — cowards — and dismiss them.

      I came to these sites because they are where the rubber meets the road. Men are rediscovering what manliness means like they discover just about everything — by applying it to their sexual advantage. But of the pioneers in this puss-besotted ghetto, few will be able to transition to the next cultural stage. That’s okay, they laid (heh) the groundwork; they brought the concrete to mix into the foundation others will have to pour.



      • Lol is THAT why you’re here?? To be an example/inspiration?? lolol

        That’s like when a stripper tells you she’s just dancing to save up for med school. Of COURSE you are…now bend over so I can shove a $5 up your whooziwhatsit.

        Now when are you going to leak the video of you banging feministX to the net? lol


      • You make no sense. Even on a surface level. Even given your assumptions. Even on your own terms.

        I have said many times that I am here to sound out idols with a hammer as with a tuning fork. To see if there are any men left in full, or whether they have to be reconstructed.

        Now this concept is so many leagues above your paygrade that you would be wise to say nothing. But excitable halftards like you just can’t help yourself, can you? A little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing. You have to remind everybody in every post that your street-magician skills to bed drunken broken coeds makes you a master of every subject.

        Finally, note how I modified “inspiration.” I suggested to castricv that he maintain his position for the benefit of “those who are not so terminally corrupted by the ubiquitous feminist mode which cackles at courage.” That manifestly does not include you, who think honor is something useful only insofar as you can giggle at it.

        In other words, nobody asked you, nobody is talking to you, nobody expects you to contribute to this discussion, as your weak, predictably corrupted discourses on the topic have already disqualified you.



      • Losing Out Loud.


  21. In public forums the female move is often make appeals to the group, and talk shit about ya to a third party.


  22. “to some people it would be his woman.”

    Not to HER, going by her actions…which is kind of the point.

    “But correction is must for any man worth a dang.”

    You’re completely ignoring her actions and giving her a free pass to encourage whatever behavior she wants because she has a pussy, which plays right into #s 1 and 4 on this list. This is White Knight behavior, assuming the girl can do no wrong and “defending her honor”.

    How do you take a guy’s girl from him without him kicking your ass? You get HER to CHOOSE you over him. He can’t do anything about it except stew butt-hurt because it was her choice…if he steps up to try to get aggressive, she’s already chosen you over him and ya, he can kick your ass, but he won’t get the girl because now he’s threatening a guy she likes more than him which is like threatening to beat up a girl’s husband she loves in hopes that she’ll like you…she won’t, she’ll hate you, for fucking up a guy she liked.

    This is one of the main tactics I use to take girls off guys, especially when they haven’t known eachother long and aren’t very serious…just befriend the guy but be slightly cooler than him, spike her emotions a bit, and she starts paying attention to me instead of him. At which point I can grab her tit if I want, because she’s chosen me. She’ll even protect me from him and tell him to back off and that it was no big deal etc.

    Whereas if I walked up and grabbed her tit out of the blue, or if she didn’t like me, or while she was on his arm, she still likes him more and I’ve chosen her instead of her choosing me, so the guy can step up to kick my ass and, since he’s kicking the ass of a guy she DOESN’T like more than him, she’s cool with it and she bangs his brains out later that night after watching him beat my ass.

    This is a complicated dynamic that goes down in anywhere from a split second to a few minutes…or hell, even an entire evening I guess, depending on the situation. You’ll probably laugh at this and launch into another eBadass tirade, but this is Field Tested a shit-load and one of my (and my natural buddies’) bread & butter tactics lol You need a fair amount of calibration to even notice it’s going on because of how subtle a shift it is.


    • whoops that was a reply to castricv

      And I see CH has already replied in one sentence what I wrote 10 paragraphs on lol But ya, this is how it plays out in real life.


      • On another topic, I’ve realised that to have a good text game you need to have gotten the conversation with the girl in person to a point where you’ve already mentioned sex, kissed her and generally talking about dirty shit to her (last weekend, two girls one i mentioned about tickling her bumhole and she liked it, the other I told her straight up ‘you want to fuck me don’t you’). – both allrightish girls but irrelevant I’ve had much fitter girlfriends in the past and similar rules applied there too.

        Otherwise I’m always treading on egg shells trying not to offend bitches on text. The mindset where you’ve already talked to her like a longterm girlfriend is much better to have.

        What’s your take on it?


      • Ya. I often won’t even bother following up with a girl when I was too gay in our initial interaction where I got her number, because I know I friend-zone myself by not setting a sexual “man to woman” communication frame from the start and she gave me her number thinking I’ll be a friend or possible slowwwww to lead to sex, provider relationship.

        Usually this happens at the start of the night when I’m warming up and still stuck in my head from working all day…I’ll be more focused on “holy shit I’m in a conversation” than “okay let’s take this somewhere” lol I’ll have a “pleasant” interaction but I know there’s zero sexual tension in it…and she’ll give me her number because ya I’m a cool social guy to know and all, but I know it’ll be like you say, where it’s too awkward to transition into it.

        I’ve had enough Field Experience to tell when this is the situ and I’m lazy these days so I tend to just write them off as a “dumbass, be sexual next time” and not follow-up…unless they’re super hot and then I’ll try but I know I’m starting from a tricky situ that I should’ve avoided. When I was starting out I’d always try to turn them around on principle to learn the mechanics tho, and guys should do that if only to burn into your head how much harder it is to handicap yourself and how important it is to let her know you have a penis from the start.

        It’s the same as going on a date but not being physical right off the bat…you get to the couch to “watch a movie” at the end of the night but because you haven’t touched her or kissed her, you sit on opposite sides of the couch and it feels like there’s this invisible wall between you two and you end up watching the movie lol. VS greeting her with a hug/kiss and putting you arm around her as if you were already a couple…then when you get to the couch it’s natural to cuddle up and escalate because the precedent is set and the physical comfort is there.

        This all comes down to congruency. Going from asexual in person to sexual in txt is incongruent. Going from sexual in person to sexual in txt congruent.

        It CAN be overcome, but why handicap yourself in the first place?

        When I’m approaching, once I shake off the day of work and everything and I’m having fun, I prefer to be sexual right off the bat. Like, I’ll either get physical right away or I’ll lead the conversation toward a sexual topic or drop some innuendo or just something to break that barrier, in the first few minutes of conversation. That way when I txt her, I can be sexual with no problems because I set that frame right from the start.

        No need for an actual makeout, just set a sexual tone to the interaction so she knows you have a penis lol


      • do you know of an archieve of good text message exchanges?

        or a solid routine/method from meeting a girl to following up on text, how long it should take to text, what are the usual pitfalls like avoiding to text on a hangover day etc?

        my texting is just not consistently good.


      • Google Decibel’s Texting Primer

        and also Braddock The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game

        and lastly

        read thru here

        LoveSystem Br


    • You and the rest of the Defenders of Lily-Livers are getting lost in details, equivocating, splitting hairs, as a way of evading the main point.

      No man knows what he will do in any emergency situation. Even if he is familiar with certain kinds of circumstances through experience, the details may be different enough to effect an unexpected outcome.

      The issue isn’t claims of “e-badassery,” or whatever other strawmen you’re jousting with.

      The issue is your preemptive rationalizations, the automatic placement of calculation above courage, the crib sheet of excuses you are preparing in advance to make it still easier to take the easy way out.

      Today’s pencil-necked hipster and omega-turned-PUA do not need additional reasons for tucking tail. They rather need the opposite.

      But you can’t help but project yourself all over the place in some misguided impression that you are promulgating a sophisticated and superior approach against the hordes of regular men, whom you treat by definition as insufficient in the GO OUT MOAR category, and therefore are wrong about everything.

      Except you don’t get to redefine 10,000 years of honor culture, tickled though feminists and guttercunts may be with your attempt. You do a lousy impression of Falstaff. In other words, try pulling your dweeby deconstruction of honor in a biker bar, or a Russian-mob watering-hole, or among Afghan warlords, and see how far your holier-than-thou Affliction-tee attitude gets you. Pontificate as much as you want inside your bubble of silliness; there’s a big world outside of your head.



      • “In other words, try pulling your dweeby deconstruction of honor in a biker bar, or a Russian-mob watering-hole, or among Afghan warlords, and see how far your holier-than-thou Affliction-tee attitude gets you.”

        For the record I have gamed in biker bars. Plenty. Specifically to see what would happen. I’ve also partied with non-white gangsters, drug-dealers, etc.

        You probably won’t believe this because it’ll be outside of the fantasy reality you live in in your sister’s basement, but big scary bikers actually respect a guy who stands by his convictions even if they aren’t the same as their own. I’ve had guys offer to be muscle FOR me when they see how adamant I am in my beliefs. I’ve turned down coke in situations where a lot of people would cave and do it just because the scary guys doing it insist on it and been respected for that.

        You’re caught up in the idea that being a man means subscribing to a cartoon version of what a man is, but the reality is that being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is, and congruently living that to the hilt.


      • A fair point… but some beliefs are more equal than others 😉

        Tip o’ the cap on avoiding coke.


      • What a crushing bore you are. The point goes sailing over your head, and you deliver the same soliloquy about how all who disagree with you are ipso facto losers. A pattern going on for years with you, and no advancement. This is what I mean about looking to the next generation: know-nothing preachers like you construct these elaborate defenses against both acknowledging wisdom and working with your superiors. Because to do either would implode your carefully reconstructed identity.

        It’s like I told the little girl Lily in another thread. Try looking for points of agreement rather than this insecure attempt to AMOG the world. You’re over 30-years-old? You should have suffered into this wisdom by now.

        Once more for the self-satisfied skimmer:

        The issue is your preemptive rationalizations, the automatic placement of calculation above courage, the crib sheet of excuses you are preparing in advance to make it still easier to take the easy way out.

        Only a willful child would interpret this as “subscribing to a cartoon version of what a man is” — who then confirms the point with the ten-thousandth repetition of a nullity: “the reality is that being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is.”

        I am the greatest athlete in the world because that’s what my “own beliefs of what” the greatest athlete is.

        Ask your buddy yeahokcool below what his “beliefs” about manhood meant in the middle of a scrap with four Marines. If you think you can chit-chat your way to manliness — whatever. That’s not the point. The point is you ignore reliable standards of manhood and insist on fill-in-the-blank rationalizations before the goddamn confrontation even begins, and a hypothetical confrontation at that!

        Do you understand yet?



      • @ Matt King: “…and you deliver the same soliloquy about how all who disagree with you are ipso facto losers.”

        Which, coincidentally enough, is exactly what YOU do — time and time again.

        You are a twerp.


      • matt, i’m not sure what your point is about me getting my ass beat by four marines. maybe you didn’t understand the point of my story. i don’t think i “deserved” it, but, in all likelihood, i got my ass beat BECAUSE i tried to get them to leave my friend alone. i did not know those guys and we didn’t say one word to them. they were out for a fight. as such, it is also entirely possible that they would have beat the shit out of me regardless and just for laughs.

        so, using the retrospectoscope, it seems to me that i probably would have gotten the shit beat out of me regardless of what i did. how is there any lesson to learn there other than sometimes life is cruel and unfair?


      • matt, i’m not sure what your point is about me getting my ass beat by four marines. maybe you didn’t understand the point of my story.

        You do seem to willfully miss the point often, don’t you? Maybe that’s because you are quick to assume that the burden of understanding lies upon everyone else but you.

        I was using your example to illustrate to your Yeah buddy that omega-dork chatter is not a viable solution to every confrontation.

        Down is up. This short, 90-pound weakling wants to redefine “alpha” as the cutesy-clever wordsmith who relies on womanish rhetorical arts and avoids confrontation by every means possible.

        Which is not to say avoiding confrontation is not the best course of action! I am only alerting you to this lexical subversion because he seems to be fooling the alpha lunkheads who should know better from simple fighting experience.



      • matt, you may not like me, but i’m confident that you know i’m not stupid. further, i don’t “willfully miss the point.” i understand your point. i do. however, if you look at my story again, you will see that my (limited) confrontation of the bullies was the CAUSE of the harm that befell me and my friend. the only conceivable way that i could have walked away unscathed would have been to do as yareally recommends. however, i am hardheaded and proud. when my friend was being abused, i tried to stand up for him. i got my ass beat as a result. now, sometimes (as you might suggest) that result is worth it, but mostly it isn’t. what are you going to do? fight the whole damn world? at some point you have to swallow your ALPHAPRIDE and just walk the fuck home. live to fight another day, and all that. that isn’t weak… it is smart. when you’ve ACTUALLY been in life or death situations your self-preservation kicks in and teaches you a goddamn lesson: STOP DOING THIS SHIT OR YOU WILL DIE. that’s the reason why i (and probably yareally) think you don’t have real world experience on this subject. you wouldn’t speak so flippantly or cavalierly about dangerous fights if you’ve ever actually been in one.


      • No, you are not stupid. But you are willful, which makes you indistinguishable from the stupidity of the sort YaReally displays. Or, as you put it, “i am hardheaded and proud.” You demonstrate your willful dyspepsia in your confrontation with me, right here and now; anything to keep the conflict going. In fact, you just did it again in your latest reply.

        At no point did I contradict your contention that “my (limited) confrontation of the bullies was the CAUSE of the harm.” Neither am I arguing that discretion isn’t often the better part of valor, nor “at some point you have to swallow your ALPHAPRIDE and just walk the fuck home. live to fight another day, and all that.” Those are the straw-men YaReally was determine to straw-conquer.

        My disagreement, for at least the third time, was over the preemptive policy of defining any resort to violence as a failure of hotheaded or inferior minds who can’t talk their way out of escalating tensions. The kind that YaReally wants to redefine alpha around, because he is a talker, not a fighter.

        Sometimes you do have to fight, even when it means certain harm. Sticking up for your friend was the right thing to do, even if your pride helped you miscalculate the odds of success.

        Sometimes you can resolve a confrontation with just words. But even then it helps to write checks with your mouth that your fists can cash.

        And sometimes you walk away. You don’t empower a twerp by responding to every stupid, drunken taunt. Prudence tempers rashness to produce courage. Bravery is neither rashness nor cowardice.

        In other words, you are agreeing with me but are too “hardheaded and proud” to acknowledge as much. You want to characterize our agreement as something you forced me into rather than as something it took you several iterations to discover. Until then you will keep needling me to keep up the pretense.

        You’re a lawyer, right? I have confidence you can unpack this confusion.



      • “Ask your buddy yeahokcool below what his “beliefs” about manhood meant in the middle of a scrap with four Marines. If you think you can chit-chat your way to manliness — whatever.”

        It is clear to me (and has always been clear) that we agree on certain points herein. For instance, no one is arguing that these decisions and approaches don’t vary (sometimes wildly) by circumstance or situation. Why do you keep trying to pin that on me? There is not “one size fits all” approach to confrontations with other men.

        However, you used my anecdote in an attempt to support your argument with YaReally. I felt (and feel) that you did not understand the lesson behind my telling of the story.

        As such, I merely pointed out that in that instance I (probably) wouldn’t have gotten my ass beat if I had attempted to defuse the situation rather than telling them to “Fuck off.”

        “You want to characterize our agreement as something you forced me into rather than as something it took you several iterations to discover. Until then you will keep needling me to keep up the pretense.”

        That’s pure projection, bro. Not my intention. At all.


      • Your intention is irrelevant. I used the offered anecdote for purposes different than yours. (A purpose with which you apparent agree.)

        So, you are objecting on “fair-use” grounds while — as I said above — arguing for argument’s sake and deliberately gliding over my point to side with a commenter-brah with whom you generally agree.

        Your loyalty-above-inquiry is perfectly respectable as far as I’m concerned, particularly with regard to the long game.



      • P.S. Where did you get the impression I “may not like” you? That’s not true at all. My disagreements aren’t personal, and I appreciate men who can hold their own — rather than retreating to platitude and ad hominem in search of ego-repair. Integrity is more important than being right to begin with. Insecure tyrants and sophists require a court of bobble-headed yes-men who think truth is discerned in the echoes of their own bullshit.

        I am a dialectician. Every thesis requires an antithesis to shore up its integrity and to synthesize mere assertion into a form still greater.


      • “to make it still easier to take the easy way out”

        Fighting is the easy way out. You’ll understand that when you interact with more people in real life.


      • You’ll understand that when you interact with more people in real life.

        Once again you are reduced to a patent absurdity as your only possible reply. You rest your entire position on some 7th-grade playground taunt: nah-nah, you don’t have any friends!!! You think that truth is defined by whoever can assert his inanities the loudest.

        You’re just not terribly bright, which is why you are a dupe for the flimsiest ideologies out there (just believe in yourself, mannn). What happens to your conjecture when you realize I am in fact broadly sociable with friends whom I call brothers going back to elementary school? Or when you get independent confirmation of my extensive network, experience, and success that out-classes your reformed-omega braggadocio (which itself is equally the product of pseudonymous internet self-reporting)?

        Yours is just a stupid, improbable bet. But you cannot rationally distinguish between improbability and your imaginary conjecture, which makes you a bitch or a child. He disagrees with me, he must be mean and stupid and a loser and live in a basement!!!

        My assessment of you derives from what you say here. I am not so foolish to think I can make a judgment in full. And I’m nowhere near idiotic enough to rest my entire position on easily-disproven unknowables about people with whom I am familiar only through anonymous words on a screen.

        I suggest you stick to straight reporting, which is not just your forte but also your limit. Any attempt to construct a coherent, general philosophy for life results in embarrassing bromides that the daughter of a feminist dad would make, one step above “Be Yourself!”

        Now do you understand?

        I’d offer you a diplomatic out, some piece of common ground to build on, a win-win opportunity. But a raging vengeful omega ego like yours clearly just needs to be broken.



      • You don’t have to qualify yourself to me, Matt. I’m sure you’re very important and a super cool badass with supermodels falling over themselves for you in real life.

        I just call you a friendless basement dweller because my assessment of you derives from what you say here.


      • I wouldn’t dream of “qualifying” myself to the likes of you. Don’t flatter yourself. All of the specifics of my life remain concealed: if you’ll note, I preserve the hypotheticals.

        But, little man that you are, you’re convinced I would whore out details of my personal life just to get some internet cred with a bragtard like you. Some of us are foresighted and prudent enough to make these calculations. Some of us have assets to lose.

        I thought you might have realized how much real damage the rumors of resentful online spastics can create. I have at least one who has been following me like a stalker for years. Should I name my friends so they can be harassed and slandered as well? Just to stuff your insecure conjecture back down your throat?

        LOLing manboys — still adolescent in their 30s with nothing at stake — couldn’t understand. For you, the only reason to conceal personal details is to hide an ugly truth. So, again, you project your cramped little existence onto better men and solve for X.

        No, I was not “qualifying,” I was speaking about sheer probabilities. Another concept you have trouble distinguishing from the bits and pieces of practical wisdom through which you interpret everything.

        I would rather you become conversant in probabilities. To go with your gut. It would make your life online less contentious and more fruitful. But you ignore both the odds and your instinct. You pretend I talk like someone with no experience in life, even when your brain and your gut tell you otherwise, just to keep handy a last-ditch escape-pod for your dignity when I box you into a corner.

        Do I have to reiterate just how little I care about some insecure PUOmega’s assessment of me? Or would you take that as yet another attempt to “qualify” myself before your irrelevant estimations? Whatever you gotta do to keep the fantasy going, brother. Fake it till you make it, I suppose, but also, try to make it before you’re 40.



      • You don’t have to qualify yourself to me, Matt. I’m sure you’re very important and a super cool badass with supermodels falling over themselves for you in real life.

        I just call you a friendless basement dweller because my assessment of you derives from what you say here.

        Geez… by their snark shall ye know them.

        You and yeahokcool have an uncannily similar style and method… especially in re the shithouse psychology attempted upon those who call you on your sustained adolescence and inane whoremongering.


      • No you haven’t. Seriously it seeps out of your writing….

        Also the whole “being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is, and congruently living that to the hilt.” is hypocritical at best and utter illogical nonsense at worst. The kind of drivel that our pc masters have distilled upon most of our young “individualist but totally in the mainstream” population.

        Here’s your logic:

        1)No matter what your beliefs are for that particular day, stupid or not, they are your beliefs, at least for that day.
        2)You can pick any code or position you like whether it is retarded or not.
        3)YOU decided that being a man is more in line with acting a certain way, even if that way is clearly incorrect, counter-productive, gay, or utterly and embarrassingly stupid.
        4)The mere following of your made up and potentially ever-changing code makes you a man.

        So by this logic, anything a person does makes you a man. You can say “I like to watch kiddie porn” and have Asian men spit on you in public before peeing yourself, but that is your “code” so you are a man for “congruently living” (? your idiotic choice of words not mine) this way.

        What utter post modern, poppycock. What a purposeless life you must lead to have no rudder or core. Simply renaming cowardice does not make it bravery.


      • You must be a real hit at parties


      • Insecure ad hominem. Go back to the children’s table.


      • Also the whole “being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is, and congruently living that to the hilt.” is hypocritical at best and utter illogical nonsense at worst.

        He didn’t say so, but I suspect he meant the above “within reason.” And within reason, with respect to some of the bigger questions, to which there is no unanimity of opinion even among the manliest of men, I don’t think he’s wrong. In this limited sense choosing among that handful of options and then sticking through the consequences of that choice would be consistent with “being a man.” (A woman could do the same, but few of us would think of a woman as “unwomanly” for not doing so.)


      • it just so happens that i know several people who are deep in the “import/export game.” they love to drink and curse. religion is very far from their mind. in fact, the one religious thing that they do is religiously cheating on their wives. i would be sincerely surprised that these guys would hang out with you, matt. no offense intended, but you’re not their kind of person. you are entirely too rigid and do not have any of that easybreezy “go with the flow” attitude that they prefer. maybe i’m wrong and you know a different kind of russian gangster.

        funny story: i once went to a birthday party for the son of this really fat russian (naturally, he only wears different color Adidas tracksuits). i got really, really drunk and i ended up dancing with this 35 (or so) year old woman. i started grabbing her ass in front of god and everyone. unfortunately, it turned out that her husband was also there. he was, as far as i know, not connected, but he was HUGE and very angry. thankfully, Tracksuit Gangster thought it was hilarious and told Husband not to do anything. after a few minutes, Tracksuit Gangster brought me over to a circle of his friends and we all laughed and laughed at how brazen I am.


  23. I have never met women who do this stuff. It must be an American thing, I suppose. Why are men going online and whining about the childish ploys of stupid women? WHO CARES?


    • on August 7, 2013 at 5:06 pm Libertardian

      Literature is full of this stuff, going back to the Bible. Civilization reins it in, but of course in the West we had to abolish civilization because it was hurting people’s feelings.


      • on August 7, 2013 at 7:47 pm Dan Fletcher

        “but of course in the West we had to abolish civilization because it was hurting people’s feelings.”

        This quote could have slipped by most. Someone chisel this shit in stone and carry it down the mountain. Great summary of the past 60 years.


      • “but of course in the West we had to abolish civilization because it was hurting people’s feelings.”

        Well put


    • Ever dated a Latina?


    • Chinese women do it too. With them its endless games of one sort or another


    • i’ve gotten the suicide on from a thai national, the wdymmhy from a mexico city (in her mind) white latina, it’s either something i am attracted to or it’s something all kinds tend to do.

      i know guys that do it too, but they are truly so rare as to be the exception that prove the rule.


  24. Yes, the Eric Berne book is great. It took me longer than it should have to learn what I needed to know about these games (which apply in all aspects of life not just male-female relationships), because my basic personality is so straightforward and open, but in recent years I have, unfortunately, needed to do a lot of catching up on the subject.

    There is some satisfaction, afterwards, in knowing that a person who tooled you knows that you know exactly and comprehensively how bad they are, because it forces them to admit it to themselves and to flee in humiliation from any possible encounter with you. But it’s still better to recognize it all in advance and deal with it then, because if the tooling is pre-empted a genuine relationship is possible, while if it is only discovered later too much harm has been done.


  25. on August 7, 2013 at 5:42 pm Mitch Cumstein

    #1 is the most irritating. I had an ex that texted and took calls from her former fuck buddy. She claimed he was just her friend and he was offering career advice. Which, partly, he was, since she was starting a job similar to hers at that time. He’d write inside jokes on her Facebook wall. I’m sure it would have delighted her if he and I fought. Instead, I just stopped seeing her without any notice. This was years ago and she still calls. And when I saw the former fuck buddy at the bar, I bought him a drink. The way I see it, he did me a favor. She didn’t have a magical vagina. Not magical enough for me to put up with that shit and owe her an explanation.

    I guess the fuck buddy found himself a respectable girl, who told him to delete this girl as a friend on all social media. So, in the end, the girl tried to pit us against each other, and in trying to monopolize our collective attention, lost both both my and his company.


    • This is awesome. For women who love being in the center of self-created drama, sudden radio silence is the most torturous thing you can do to her.


  26. I have occasionally encountered women tooling #3 and #4. The rest sounds like stereotypical behavior of low-class women. One shouldn’t be associating with these types of people in the first place.

    [CH: The behavior of the lower classes is leeching into the behavior of the upper classes.]


    • They **ALL** do this. CLass is irrelevant.


    • Of course class is relevant. The lower the class the more “fixed” the behavioral patterns because the individuals displaying them are less likely to ever realize that alternatives exist, both because the individuals in question are typically less perceptive and also, more importantly, because there are so many other similarly imperceptive individuals around to reinforce the pattern. This in itself is one reason (among many others) that the dreaded “E-word” would actually benefit, rater than punish – as obstructionist leftoids insist – the lower classes, because it would reduce the number of imperceptive, behavior-reinforcing morons that each lower class individual is surrounded by – without exporting the problem to the middle classes who have striven so hard to escape lower class dysfunction, which is the leftoid “solution” of choice.


    • I’m not so sure about that. One of the classiest women, I know, swung a chandelier at her husband’s head, in anger. He ended up needing stitches.


      • “Classier” women tend to hold out for more and make the guy jump through a few more hoops and generally target a “classier” (that is; Richer) guy.

        Once you scratch the surface or peel back a few of the superficial layers; they (women)are all essentially the same.


      • I’m not so sure about that.

        A woman failing to grasp the concept of ON AVERAGE. Shocker.


    • would you call lauren silverman lower class ?


  27. What distinguishes a manboob from a male feminist? As far as I can tell, these terms are equivalent.


  28. Some wise words, especially about #1, I’d add another one, women will also feign medical conditions, from pregnancy to cancer, to leave the man in suspense and very pliable to her crap.

    Will say, someone whose game is tight, will flip that script from the beginning, they become very invested in you and your situation.


    • Fixer29

      I’d add another one, women will also feign medical conditions, from pregnancy to cancer, to leave the man in suspense and very pliable to her crap.

      This one deserves a separate post.


      Because at some point, some woman you are with will have a medical “issue” and she’s gonna ride that sympathy wagon as long and as hard as she can.

      If you permit it, she will never allow herself to heal.

      Its the ultimate shit test:

      “my family can’t believe you are that cruel!”


  29. on August 7, 2013 at 7:59 pm Jon's Coffee Shop

    4. Damsel in Distress

    Anita Sarkeesian, anyone? She used this masterfully to net herself over 100k.

    Reptiles, all of them.


  30. on August 7, 2013 at 8:19 pm Scott Stokes

    What numbers worked on you? 😀


  31. unrelated, “Shark Week” explains 12% of gender earnings differential:


  32. Admitted [near] victim of #1 here.

    New Year’s Eve. Bar.

    Chatting with random chick. She goes & mixes around after a few minutes. Dances with some other guy.

    Within 1 minute, careens back my way & slurs drunkenly, “Hey! Why didn’t you fight for me!!!”



    • Within 1 minute, careens back my way & slurs drunkenly, “Hey! Why didn’t you fight for me!!!”

      I wouldn’t take her words literally. It sounds more like she was trying to get you jealous than trying to get you fight the other guy.


  33. The great Bill Burr put it best: We men let women get away with all of this crap because we want to f*ck them!

    In addition to learning game, men would be wise to collectively start holding women accountable for their atrocious behavior. They simply aren’t held to any standards at the moment.


    • ..and to paraphrase an earlier youtube clip of Tyler (RSD); hot chicks get hardly any “negative social feedback” to put their bullshit in check; because guys want to fuck them.

      p.s. BiLL Burr is awesome; check out his podcast.


      • I’ve listened to some of his podcasts. They’re quite edifying.

        But Tom Leykis, the professor, is about as close to a mainstream red pill guy as you’re gonna get.


  34. We men let women get away with all of this crap because we want to f*ck them!

    Yep, this hoodrat got her babydaddy thrown in jail over it.

    I bet this ain’t the first time the judge did this:


  35. Heartiste, I will not make a habit of using your comment sections to promote my own theories, but I could not resist here.

    Elsewhere on this blog, I proposed that this new phenomenon was a result of modern marriage being a joke and noncommittment. The effective abolition of marriage has resulted in men resorting to pre-civilisational methods of obtaining women. It’s interesting this case occured in China where the ladies are very much a minority. Despite the West having as many females as males, its women splay their legs almost exclusively for the alpha, so they’ll be much dungeon-building going on I imagine.

    Dungeon captivity is the new marriage, and Buffalo Bill is the modern groom. If feminists used the word ‘oppression’ to describe regular marriage, God knows what word they’ll use to describe being shackled in a grimey, dank concrete cage, eating dog food every night.


  36. I don’t know why ladies resort to any sort of manipualtion any more. Why bother? My experience is that you can just ask guys for things, and they basically do it. If they don’t, you can say something to the effect of “but I want it”, and then they will do it. What’s the need to attempt suicide or make someone jealous etc? Perhaps a vestigial instinct or culturally inherited behavior that no longer serves any purpose.


  37. Also; keep her the hell away from your condoms.

    Women have no qualms about “accidentally (on purpose)” falling pregnant when it suits them; when they are desperate to have a kid or when they realize that the biological clock is running out.

    An ex-gf offer to roll a condom on for me. and I had the presence of mind to watch her as she took it out of the packet, gave the teat at the end a few bites with her teeth to weaken the latex (I could tell from her head movement as she faced away from me) and then she innocently proceeded to roll the condom on me.

    To test my suspicion, I then pinched the top of the condom and pulled lightly and “thwack” the whole teat tore off. How about that hey.

    I fucked her a few more times and then put and end to it.

    p.s. wrap your used condoms in toilet paper and flush them down the toilet; far beyond reach from even the most desperate of cunts.


    • *offered (more like insisted; which was a red flag in itself.)


    • What was her reaction when you tore the top off……?


      • What was her reaction when you tore the top off……?

        Mild “suprise”.

        I won’t go how I then responded because it was mildly beta but I saw the light and realised that this was a woman that I could no longer trust.
        Thankfully, learning game and reading this blog helped in seeing the light.


      • Thanks for the info. And glad you escaped. I hope she was at least decent looking.


  38. I’ve forgotten how to comment so obliquely as to meet Mangan’s approval.


  39. A woman’s strength is not in her muscles, it’s in her forked tongue. With well-poisoning whisperings of malicious slander, she turns the group against those members she hates, and hopes to draw white knights looking for an illusory pussy pass to her cause. You can read a great example of a woman using the “House Divided/Guilt by Association” strategy over at this comment thread. Search for ”lucretia”. Many a white knight will be duped by this female tactic, because their reflexive disposition to group loyalty and alleviating female distress will override their good judgment of the individual under attack. If a woman cannot win a direct confrontation with a stronger foe, she will act to enlist white knights to isolate, ostracize and destroy the “iconoclasts” that bedevil her.

    So… you KNOW this… yet still allow some of them to ply this tactic in your very own chateau?

    (((shakes mah haid)))


    • “….and hopes to draw white knights looking for an illusory pussy pass to her cause.”

      Reminds me of Matt King and Feministx.


    • Here I thought you’d be inoculated against their manipulations, Greg. Particularly on a forum where their first, second, third, fourth, and fifth advantages — their appearance/physical traits — are neutralized.

      And if they are leading newbies astray, well, the boys need the practice.

      If this is to be a men’s club, we can’t simply discriminate by sex: most men sport vaginae and do a good impression of their sisters in this day and age. The gossip-hen treatment of Mark Minter is evidence marked “A”. The recent rationalizing of cowardice is evidence marked “B”. The eternal South Park Snark and cattiness is “C”. The pedestalization of the slut is “D”. Und so weiter…

      Femme behavior has infiltrated everywhere, especially in those who call themselves “men” early in this century. They grow proverbial beards, wispy ones at that, and think a little cheek fuzz suffices to keep their man card in good standing.



      • Here I thought you’d be inoculated against their manipulations, Greg.

        I love that rebuke, brother.

        I jes’ gots ta work on my anger and obsessiveness. 😉


    • Lucretia was too over-the-top leftoid to get much of a sympathetic hearing, but it’s the same process.


    • Big deal about her forked tongue. You got the muscles…muscles trump forked tongues.

      Men need to quit being a pansies and being all emotional when a woman says something. Be the offender instead of the offended.


  40. Dearest Chateu:

    I come to you with a classic beta story of my own doing. Last year I developed a oneitis on a coworker (I’ll spare you the shudder worthy details), she of course took advantage of it, and requested my help her to get a better position in the workplace. I gladly accepted with the naive idea that this would get me closer to her pussy hole. As suspected, after I helped her, she avoided any further communication with me. However she didn’t get the work position after all. After this, I learned better and cut all comunication with her.

    Now she randomly contacts me via chat around once a month, but I just respond out of politeness, never trying to escalate again.

    Turns out today, she asked me how much would I charge her for excel classes (yes, software engineer here, beta’s are us). I figured she asked this so I would white-knight and say: “why would I charge you my dear, I’ll do it for free”

    I immediatly tought, what’s in it for me, I won’t get any pussy for sure, so the only reason I’d do it is money. So I said, $5 an hour, she said “I’ll think about it”.

    A small step for me, but a huge leap for Red-pill awareness.


  41. on August 8, 2013 at 1:36 am gunslingergregi

    good post pretty much dealt dealt with all of these
    passed the you and him fight for no reason test
    passed need you to kill him test
    cured the bitch of suicidal tendencies
    she has tried to get people to beat me up but they see me they don’t want to
    tried to get me to marry take on bastard spawn

    but hey yesterday got my hair cut for over two hours and that’s hot with her in the little panties and the tied on the side shirt
    then shaved my balls very tenderly
    full body washdown in shower
    by the time she left I was ready to sleep like baby
    when she cuts your hair don’t let her use a brush just fingers and pair of scissors
    its awesome
    there has been benefits


  42. reply to post by 9ArchaBallet9

    Very true.

    Just yesterday I went to this popular men’s blog (here) thinking it would be legitimate gripes against the unfair stance feminism has taken towards men in America.

    What I found was a bunch of smartasses who used the extent to which they disrespected and abused women sexually and emotionally as the yardstick for “manhood”. For every one of these blog posts there is literally 500+ comments of agreement. That is disturbing and I feel like when men do that it is an insult to me personally because my manhood is of a completely different vain.

    So these things generally just escalate into a tit-for-tat back and forth and the virulent exchange tends to affect the minds of young men and women to have faulty perceptions of the other. As a result you get threads like this .

    Just found this on another site, guess where the link leads.


    • on August 8, 2013 at 1:07 pm gunslingergregi

      umm check out the laws bro
      it aint feminism its america


      • The site that this is lifted from has very strict terms and conditions and is full of male and female libfems but there is red pill element there. It would be funny as fuck to see what they made of your style of posting gregi me old mate.


      • on August 8, 2013 at 6:51 pm gunslingergregi

        he he he


    • “a bunch of smartasses who used the extent to which they disrespected and abused women sexually and emotionally as the yardstick for “manhood”. For every one of these blog posts there is literally 500+ comments of agreement. That is disturbing”

      It is indeed, and despicable, and sad because these people are reacting in a bad way to having been wronged as a gender.

      But it is also a sign of a terrible storm coming, a point that I think was first made by AfOR of “Wimminz” fame.

      Which is: what about all the children of “liberated” mothers, children who were the victims of so many frivolous “eat-pray-love” divorces initiated by nasty wives? All those children who saw how their mothers treated their fathers, and who saw how their mothers behaved post divorce?

      Given the enormous rise in the divorce rates in the past 20-30 years, very many of those children are now dating and considering marriage themselves.
      Very many of those children who are men have learned just how viciously mean and irresponsible women can be #from their own mothers#. Because children notice everything, even if they may not understand it immediately.

      The men who were children during a “feminist” divorce and were forbidden from seeing their fathers or saw their fathers destroyed by it and the false but standard accusations of rape and abuse have surely noticed and learned.

      Even more importantly they know that their #sisters# have learned from their mothers: that men are disposable toys, good only for sex and extracting resources from, and that women can get away with anything if they play the right emotions for white knights and manginas.

      The men who went through “feminist” divorces as children have learned a very dark view of women thanks to their mothers, and they know that their sisters, and the sisters of other men, have learned the opposite.

      That could well explain (but not justify) the attitude on that site.


  43. This was an interesting comment about a woman’s unconcious distinction between somewhat alpha and beta by a female commenter on an unrelated news (liberal) site:

    “I think the LW with the argumentative boyfriend has for many years been turned on by spice and banter and debate. When I was a younger woman, men who were excessively agreeable felt boring & milquetoast to me, and I enjoyed the intellectual challenges of men who liked to debate.

    I think when raising kids however, an agreeable mate would be helpful. Kids don’t need to watch the parents having yet another petty argument about what brand of soap to purchase or what to make for dinner. The argument for the sake of argument thing gets pretty boring once you are facing actual challenges of raising a family, and perhaps balancing that with an intellectually challenging job or vocation. The idea of an agreeable “yes dear” kind of mate is much more appealing to me now– if only I had known how I would feel down the road.

    So, now this relationship is playing itself out– think about finding a “yes man” to raise some kids with– if you want kids.”


    • That’s totally compatible with a man’s interests. While dating, be mysterious and boisterous. Once married, bring peace through the house, but do it by ruling it as a king, not by becoming a “yes dear” non-entity.


  44. Excellent use of the “gay” text reply

    Girl messages my friend last night at 9:20
    Her: are you out tonight?
    Him: whats up
    Her: Im at ____- wearing my pinks shorts
    Him: Im in the mood to spank those shorts
    Her: (1 hour later) what are you doing?
    Him: At my pad. Where u at
    Her: Now im at____
    Him: come over to my place the drinks are better
    Her”: Ohh I cant drive right now
    Him: Gay (compliments of CH and on my advise)
    Her: pssshhhhh!!!! Can you come here? Do you have roomates?? (haaammmster fuel)
    conclusion: she came over


  45. #3 sounds AWFULLY similar to a marriage that’s going on around here…


  46. Damn this list was painful to read b/c of the flashbacks it brought on


  47. As a more mature person than most of you young bucks out there, I’m getting real tired of all the female commentators in the posts and all of you beta boy pussies who actually read their comments, respond back to them. you are making me wonder if you have any red pill in you at all. If you can’t do something as simple as this then where is your discipline when it comes to staying off of facebook and other beta boy shit? These girls for the most are probably on our side, but stop lowering yourself in value by acknowledging them or their points. Strong men speak their minds with no apology, ignore those weaker than them, and Never take any advice from a woman.


    • Could not agree more. Seems like this site is being taken over by Lily and Embracing’s and Amy’s ten-paragraph-long commentary.

      CH: ever think of a rule limiting the females to posting comments no longer than two five – sentence paragraphs? If not, give it some thought…


    • on August 8, 2013 at 7:38 pm Dan Fletcher

      +1000 and amen to that.

      I encourage women to read redpill blogs but they should not fucking comment. No exceptions.


      • Except those pretending to be skinny blonde 19 year old virgins.

        I think it was Arpagus who said most of you are only one blowjob away from selling out.

        The only arguments I have in favor of allowing female posters is that it encourages gender honesty, and some of us really did and do need a dose of truth from guys who are not trying to be nice to us.

        I seriously used to think I was cool. This is what everybody told me. Then when I was in the market older and in a foreign country, for the first time in my life, this had a “but” after it. Ask anyone here more than a few years, I was absolutely devastated and sure that something was fundamentally wrong with the men. It just could not be that I was doing something wrong.

        I may not have been as messed up as a lot of women, but in a pressed situation, the wrong that I was meant more and cost me more. It took a lot of me to figure out that I was indeed an over entitled bitch who didn’t have enough gratitude for her blessings.

        Now things are very different. I don’t think I would be where I am now without the ability to interact with guys here, or if I had to lie about my gender to post.

        I understand though, that the above is how it is good for women. I don’t know how it’s good for men other than perhaps to see that there are women who at least try not to be bitches. In the long run, we certainly raise daughters who aren’t bitches. If you want more virgins or low notch count women, it’s a good idea to teach their mothers and other females with influence in other women’s lives.


      • Like

      • Oh, but I have.

        Many sites in the manosphere, I read but don’t post even though women are allowed to post there. i just felt like there was no good I could do there that the men weren’t already handling, or it was a kind of therapy area wherein women would be a distraction.

        This blog isn’t one of those places. So I feel free to post here occasionally. I do understand that this is at the leisure of the author(s) so if they ever decided I was unwelcome for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be here. The internet is too big, and life is too short.


      • Oh No! That’s ridiculous:

        * It it a feminine attitude to forbid men from discussing “women’s issues” on feminist sites, because they are somehow special. Discussions about men’s issues are not just discussions about women’s issues but with the polarity reversed; men are better than that.

        * It is fascinating and amusing to see women demonstrate often inadvertently how accurate are so many of the insights men have developed about them, in particular the excessive investment women tend to have for “pretty lies” and their anger when those “pretty lies” die.


  48. I always saw the suicide threats as a chance to “spank her for her own good.” Who cares if it sounds beta?

    I’ll work on spanking her as punishment for lying to me next time.


  49. I’m curious now, how does one hold a woman accountable for her actions without coming across as a beta cry baby? Calling a woman out on her shit would be deemed strong behavior, something unfamiliar to betas. Examples are necessary.


  50. “Let’s You and Him Fight”

    How can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?

    Don’t do it to impress her…do it to impress yourself. Men should be fighting with each other to make each other stronger.


    • Fight any time except when she wants it. I like it.


      • She always wants a fight. She wants it from her man mostly.

        Psychological fighting is always the best. That is her turf. She might get so into it she’ll take it out on your dick.


  51. “tooling for personal gain, and who possess the greatest tooling acumen. Women can do this because there is a ready and willing supply of white knighting men who welcome their own tooling,”

    Women do this because for the past hundreds thousands years the wealth and power of a woman was measured in the number and quality of men she had tooled, including her sons.

    Seen from the point of view of a woman, men are livestock: some are donkeys (betas) some are stallions (alphas) some are dogs (white knights) some are weasels (manginas), and women’s economy is a typical livestock herding one.

    The number one preoccupation of a woman for hundreds thousands years has been to get most hard working “donkey” as her main beast of burden, the best “stallion” as her breeding partner, to use “dogs” to fight other women and to control her livestock, and to enjoy the flattery of “weasels”.

    While bearing herself more livestock to ensure herself a more confortable retirement, preferably male livestock, because they would work harder and longer, so “aborting” most female newborns until the last.

    Domesticating, fucking or raising the best livestock has been the only preoccupation of women for hundreds thousands of years, and it is over livestock and the fruits of their work that women have fought ferociously, individually and in groups; livestock did all the hard, dangerous work, dying early ground down by it, and by the endless risks. Even war has always been the women of country A wanting the land and livestock of the women of country B and sending their “dogs” to fight the “dogs” of the women of country B, and as typical in the viciousness of women’s fights, the losing women being thrown to the “dogs” of the winning ones.

    Note that this does not mean that women have been a uniformly wealthy elite; the woman who owned as livestock a peasant serf and peasant serf sons was very poor compared to the one called “queen” who owned as livestock a “king” and “prince” and “duke” sons. Women have never been much into egalitarianism, being on average more sociopathic than men, and they have been fighting ferociously for control of the most valuable livestock.


  52. To be a man of honor is to not allow a woman to run wayward. Honor has nothing to do with chivalry, white knighting, or other foolish emasculating ideas. Honor has to do with right doing and only a fool does not correct a woman or fall victim to her games


  53. *WARNING*

    Beware of women who take out restraining orders against you and then trick you into contacting them:


  54. …And just being total whores in general then trying all of these tricks to get men to want them like they would a faithful gal anyway.


  55. […] [How Women Tool Men] […]