How Many Jihad Killings Would America Have Suffered Without The Surveillance State?

Disingenuous shitlibs (are they ever anything else?) have feverishly rushed to reshape the post-San Bernardino Muslim terror attack narrative with lies, obfuscation, evasion, and really big lies your grandfather might call whoppers. One of their snarking points has been attempts to contrast the number of (pre-9/11, natch) Muslim terror deaths in America with the number of non-Islam related mass shootings. Faggoty antiWhite graphics along this “Whites are the real terrorists!” theme litter the Twatterverse and Vaginaverse.

Besides the glaring own goal of basically admitting that the number of total mass killings in America could be seriously curbed (at least by a third) by kicking out Muslims back to their countries, there is the evasive little shit maneuver of neglecting to mention in their cutesy graphics how many jihad mass murders were thwarted by the surveillance state that, if left to execute unhindered, would have greatly increased the Muslim representation among mass murderers, right into a significant majority of all bloodbaths.

Evidence: Fifty (!) terror plots have been foiled since 9/11. With few exceptions, almost all these thwarted attackers were Muslims putting the lie to the shitlib “religion of peace” mantra of impotence. The total number of American deaths from these 50 thwarted “shadow jihads” could have easily gone into the tens of thousands had the attack planners remained undiscovered by authorities and free to execute with extreme prejudice.

So, adding thwarted Muslim terror attacks to successful Muslim terror attacks makes it quite clear to all but those with their heads in the oil-rich sand that the mass migration of Muslims into America has been a


The US borders should have been closed to the Middle East decades ago. But we no longer have a ruling elite looking out for the best interests of normal, mentally sane White Americans still clinging to their common sense and functioning amygdalas.

PS Don’t misconstrue this post as advocacy for the Orwellian Surveillance State, which is a malignant tumor on the American body politic. The source of our woes is Diversity™, the endless blessing and fount of strength which the Surveillance State was created out of necessity to monitor for incipient flare-ups of tribal violence.

Dismantle the Diversity to dismantle the Surveillance State.



  1. on December 3, 2015 at 2:49 pm Jerry Seinfeld

    On the San Bernandino shooting: Does anyone else think we got off easy? He had a bunch of unused bombs at a his place, sounds like something really ticked him off bad at the christmas party and he switched targets on the fly


    • on December 3, 2015 at 3:02 pm mendozatorres

      There’s one that works for us–a female of all things–and ever since yesterday, I’ve been keeping extra alert precisely because of what you mentioned.

      Didn’t help that last night I saw three jerks of suck ilk at the store and wondered if they were celebrating or planning.

      Situational Awareness has never been more paramount.

      [CH: how many whites popped their shitlord cherries when blacks cheered the oj verdict? muslims cheering 9/11 must seem like the new normal to all those awake whites.]


      • on December 3, 2015 at 3:05 pm Matthew Smith

        Situational awareness has unfortunately been considered “racist” in whites when it’s a natural thing such as when a bird flies away from you because it suspects something bad.


      • [CH: how many whites popped their shitlord cherries when blacks cheered the oj verdict?]

        Especially the college students, the alleged “best and brightest” of the shitskin ilk.

        I’ve long-maintained that that news clip of the Georgetown (or whatever that ‘black’ college was) students cheering, as if it were some sort of football game, is one of the Big Tells that Amurrica was finished.


      • O.J made Nicoles vagina tingle and spun her hamster something fierce. Not only did he kill her he got away with it. O.J is the ultimate alpha male. Woman steps out of line too much you knife her up. Then hire a team of lawyers to make it all go away. Not even Trump could pull that off.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 5:07 pm mendozatorres

        His timing was more impeccable than anything else…well, that and never having had a legit alibi.

        The murder was about 2 years removed from the riots. He figures “I kill her and no one’s gonna want more riots, right? Shit’s in the bag”


      • Fugue, you’re just another stupid n1gger…

        She divorced his has-been ass and didn’t want anything more to do with him… hmmmm, where have we seen opportunistic mudsharking before… that’s right… EVERYWHERE in the world of sports, glam, and Hollywood.

        … then he, in his one-itis to beat all cases of one-itis… and feeling the pinch of ego on the loss of his glory days… reverted to n1gger type and stalked her and lashed out in savagery… a tale quite common, though the shit-skinned perps are seldom as famous.

        Meh… try again… your fugue plays flat, and on a Jews-harp at that.


      • “… then he, in his one-itis to beat all cases of one-itis… and feeling the pinch of ego on the loss of his glory days…”

        Not to mention Nicole was running around with the white guy Ronald Goldman at the time of the murder.

        He couldn’t contain his inner orangutan.


      • Let’s be fair now… to orangs.


      • The DA’s office threw the OJ case because they wanted to avoid a repeat of Rodney King riots. I understood that immediately when I learned of the racial makeup of the jury. I said “bullshit” in my head when Marcia Clark beamed that female jurors would sympathize with a (blonde man-stealing) victim of domestic violence.

        I was 23 at the time. It’s not possible that I understood such basic things about sympathies of black female jurors but veteran LA prosecutors office did not.


      • on December 4, 2015 at 1:33 am carlos danger

        Then hire a team of lawyers to make it all go away. Not even Trump could pull that off.

        But his follow up stunt that landed him in jail was pure idiocy.


    • In a way they got off light. Now, Lookie here, is YT apt to do the sin of non-halal ham or bacon sammiches at the ” holiday party ?( Festivus in kakaforny after all. We, the people for damn sure do NOT want offend the Mahometan) HOW DARE THEM !


    • You know that nice muslim guy in the office who never said a mean word to anyone, you’ve considered a friend for years and even threw a baby shower for a few weeks ago? Yeah.


  2. Stop misspelling “mudslime” as “Muslim”.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 3:08 pm Matthew Smith



    • I’m not familiar with either of those terms. Do they mean the same thing as “Dune Coon?”


      • on December 3, 2015 at 3:20 pm Matthew Smith

        Shitskin is applied to mainly brown people (so a lot of Arabs, Amerindians from Mexico and whatnot) because their skin looks like the colour of shit thus “shitskin”.


    • “Stop misspelling “mudslime” as “Muslim”.”

      I should break my foot off yo ass. Faggit.


      • We don’t recall asking you a god damned thing, bitch.


      • Moslem men are faggots, ho . Every god-damned one of you dream or young boys, goats, Your fuckstick pagan “allah ” (the most high god of the kaaba,he is ) is the other dude,Your kiddy diddlin murderous fuck you think delivered ” divine revelatipn ” to you was a lying fuck, and he was more than that. Get some JESUS in your ass right now heathen, now !
        Time is running out for you fence straddlin.”moderate” moosies to clean your own house or watching it be bulldozed after its well deserved comdemnation.


      • Ho,you punk mahometan, come on down here to attempt that and you’ll be buzzard food Not a threat , Ali, but take it to the bank promise.
        E-mail me and we will meet up, if you wanna be pals, you goatfuckin’ turd.


      • “Ho,you punk mahometan, come on down here to attempt that and you’ll be buzzard food Not a threat , Ali, but take it to the bank promise.”

        Why do you faggots chimp out so much at the prospect of fisticuffs. Have you never been in a fistfight you lil sissy?


      • “Your kiddy diddlin murderous fuck”

        We’ve been over this shit. Kiddy diddlin, ok, but what is wrong with being a “murderous fuck”? Some of the greatest men in history have been that.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 4:45 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

      No need to dehumanize.

      After all, we are better than Harvey Weinstein and those of his ilk.


    • This is the problem with you people. I say “stop posting so friggin’ much, I don’t like wasting time scrolling through your repetitive bullshit, and by the way I was a judeosceptic long before CH even existed”, and you idiots go,


      Are you really that fucking stupid?


      • on December 4, 2015 at 1:42 am carlos danger

        Everything CO posts is important stuff. Read it. It all has solid evidentiary value. Everything. To include the way out wierd stuff. Your stuff was more inspiring before. What happened?


  3. Trump has to win. He is the only candidate that is openly embracing the far right, just like Democrats have embraced the far left wing for years. If he has the cojones to do that and win, he can accomplish anything.


    • It is sad that you have to call what Trump has said so far “the far right”. Not even close. He was asked about “the war on women” by a Maxim lingerie model moderating the first Republican debate (who is also a star “journalist” at Fox News), and he did not attack that lunacy, at all.

      There is a war on men, who suffer the vast majority of all homelessness, deaths on the job (99% death gap), involuntary joblessness when they can’t get free food and housing because of having a vagina and boobs (see, also, stat on homelessness) (men NEED a job; for women it’s still optional, college educated or not), and suicides related to all of the above.


      • I agree, what I mean is that he doesn’t distance himself from supporters like CH. He even posted a link from and did an interview with Alex Jones yesterday, regularly appears on Michael Savage, etc. What other Republican presidential candidate has done that?

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      • You should develop that second paragraph and float it here repeatedly for someone in the campaign to pick up. Good stuff.


  4. on December 3, 2015 at 3:01 pm Matthew Smith

    Shitlibs are all about deflection. A non-white commits a crime, and somehow we need to address “white supremacist” crime. At least when we address crime, we speak the obvious truth that blacks overwhelming commit crimes against whites more than vice versa.


  5. Trump tweet: “As a presidential candidate, I have instructed my long-time doctor to issue, within two weeks, a full medical report-it will show perfection”

    lzolzolzlzo awesome.


  6. on December 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm Wrong Side of History

    Diversity is a symptom. Our disease is Judeo-Capitalism.


  7. The whole “Whites are the real terrorists” meme is particularly stupid if you compare the numbers of whites in the U.S. to Muslims. There are about 200 million non-Hispanic whites in the United States, with a total (according to the lefties) of 48 terrorist killings in recent years. There are (according to Pew Research) 2,6 million Muslims in the United States, with 40 terrorist killings in recent years (including the 14 fresh corpses added yesterday). By my estimation, this indicates that the average Muslim resident of the United States is 63.75 times more likely to kill someone in a terror attack than the average non-Hispanic white.

    This is according to the left’s own numbers, and doesn’t include 9/11 or any of the many overseas incidents that have occurred since then…

    Don’t trust my numbers, do the math yourself.


    • spot on, saved me typing a less clear version of same. muslims are waaay overperforming on per capita terror



  8. So, in order to have a safe, civilized society:

    either we get mass “diversity: immigration PLUS a surveillance state that takes away all privacy….

    or we have to have a boring whitebread homogenous society with evil whitey in charge everywhere. I mean, it would be like the 1950s!

    man, what a truly Hobson’s choice.

    Note for the Faggot Within…that was sarcasm…..

    Faggot within rape!


  9. Dudes, I figured something out. When you get down and feel demoralized by everything, and think the communists have won once and for all, thinking along the lines of “if there has not been a revolution yet, when will there be?” (and I’m talking to myself, too, here), read Trump’s twitter feed.

    Non stop positivity and hilariousness all at once. ZFG. I might be starting to get it.

    Trump has re-tweeted CH. This is conclusive proof that he is aware of this place and truly gets it.


    • when did he retweet our dark lords? link?


    • If The Donald does read this site, let him know that there are several of us taller fellows here who will gladly stand around him at his rallies.

      I won’t vote for him, ’cause I’ve never voted…

      … but if he’s ever in the Tri-State area, I’ll gladly attend a rally, and even take a bullet for him, if need be…

      … or at least punch-out some fat shitskinned apparatchik who thinks he has the right to interrupt Trump’s time at the podium.

      I don’t care if you fucks think that’s beta… it’s been awhile since I’ve seen someone in the public eye worth guarding.

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      • Fucking register and vote just in case it counts.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 5:30 pm Captain Obvious


      • Greg, just so happens there’s a volunteer link:

        I wouldn’t want you taking any bullets but maybe some ((shakin mah haid)) and roughing up a few troublemakers.


      • I don’t campaign, doll-face… none of the choices of activity were marked “Security”.

        Guess I’ll just have to go to a rally and “freelance”. 😉


      • You’ll take a bullet for the guy but not vote for him….wtf?


      • You find cognitively dissonant?

        One can admire courage in another and, according to one’s personal ethics, want to honor and guard such nobility…

        … yet still hold the system in which said courage is shown in low esteem, nicht wahr?

        You must learn to think in three dimensions, my friend.


      • It’s very noble of you Greg but then you seem to be a man of good character. Still, prefer you alive tho 😉

        Incidentally, I read this quote from Marie Le Pen I thought interesting. Know her but not an awful lot about her:

        “There’s no more Left or Right, there are Nationalists and Globalists. That’s the demarcation line..” ~ Marine Le Pen


      • That’s a pretty good breakdown… as long as someone remembers that WHITE Nationalism feels kinship across several borders, and is not mere jingoism.


      • Greg – Saying this with respect: You’re better than that. If you like Trump enough to take a bullet for him … come on, man – do the White thing and register and exercise your right to vote. You’re one of the elders around here and I’m sure your opinion carries weight with some of the younger folks.

        Your lone vote may not make a difference, and it sounds like you’re not in a swing state anyway, but it sets an example. At least don’t openly discourage others to vote by telling everyone you won’t.


      • I don’t partake in the political process for religious reasons, as well as a general disdain for democracy, which is a lowest-common-denominator system of Babel which honors only Mammon.

        If this discourages other from voting, that is not my intention… but here I stand.


  10. Liberals: He was mad at some co-workers and came back (with 3 pipe bombs, Assault rifle and a wife [How many people did she kill? Gotta be a record for a woman]. These things happen

    Common Sense: 12 pipe bombs + No SMV + Islam = Happy Kafir Day!


  11. Exactly this. I’m so pissed at the Voat community because although they are ideologically right wing, they are nerdy, high-IQ, incel, autistic libertarians who got pissed at Trump for saying he would have Snowden killed. They are LARPing faggots whose worlds consist of bitcoin and wacking off to Ron Paul. They just don’t get. Of course it would be ideal to not have NSA surveillance like this- but first we have to make it the sort of country where we don’t *have* to have a big, powerful NSA like that. Diversity or Privacy- pick ONE.


    • There are only so many political resources at which we can be effective.

      Sure, Ron Paul is ideologically pure and would have been an interesting candidate for his stance on civil liberties, but libertarian politics is for losers. Would any of the leftist media establishment given props for his principled stances on the Iraq war or the surveillance state? They would have torn him to pieces for those un-PC newsletters.

      The Ron Paul movement was a way to have a civil dialogue and find common ground with moderates and the left, and it fell flat. It was blue pill politics.

      We are in a cultural war of survival right now. Trump is not perfect and nobody will agree with him 100 percent. In fact, I’d like to see him go further right on immigration, but I understand that it’s better to get 50% of what you want than get nothing at all. Politics is the art of the possible.

      Besides, regardless if Trump succeeds or not, his ascendancy represents a big middle finger to the establishment. Cuckservatives are worse than liberals. Trump is far more inteĺligent than he lets on, and perhaps he is at heart a true patriot of European civilization who hates what has happened to our society in his lifetime. Why else would he be willing to take a stand on certain issues only to suffer in regards to business dealings?

      Maybe he ran for President on a lark, saw he had appeal and figures that all of the controversy and personal attacks are worth it if he has a chance to become President. That would be his life’s achievement.


  12. This is what “get a warrant!” libertarians don’t understand and its why they need to be race red pilled immediately, or if they are unconvertable, discarded into the same bin as equalist shitlibs and treated as enemies of normal White culture.

    They’re a mixed bunch. Every libertarian is either one step from complete sanity, or a hopeless shut-in lost cause. No in between really.


    • Libertarian purists enjoy losing. They are willing to fight and die with honor rather than fight dirty and win. I like this scene from Game of Thrones where the “dirty winner” dispels a clever retort to those who chastised his tactics:


      • on December 3, 2015 at 7:42 pm Captain Obvious

        Libertardianism was created by the Eskimos, via Eskimo-ess Alisa “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum, in order to mop up all the malleable compliant at-risk Shkotzim on the Right Flank, who had failed to be wiped out by Eskimo Karl Marx’s assault upon the Shkotzim Left Flank.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 7:44 pm Captain Obvious

        There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Rosenbaum’s “Objectivism” and Marx’s “Communism” – they are simply Eskimo psychological warfare assaults which were designed to destroy the Shkotzim.


    • The Jewish donors gathered Thursday had two demands of the Republican presidential candidates who’d come to speak to them: unambiguous support for Israel and respect.

      Whoooo, boy…. where’s Strapon now to tell us about “spittlefleck”?

      Here’s a peak behind the curtain:

      The primary benefactor of the Republican Jewish Coalition is casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who spent more on the 2012 federal elections than any other donor. Adelson’s willingness to make a huge political investment helps explain why his signature group attracted all of the major Republican presidential candidates to its forum in Washington — even though the man himself wasn’t among the hundreds in attendance.

      Be still, my heart:

      Trump said. “I know why you’re not going to support me — because I don’t want your money. You want to control your own politician.”


      • Didn’t ask anyone’s permission… just thought it up and did it.

        What balls.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 7:38 pm Captain Obvious

        GE – Trump said that to the Eskimos?!?!?


      • It’s a great joy to see all of us here at the Chateau agree upon The Trumpening.

        PS: I wore my “Make America Great Again” hat all around Mexico last week. I packed it for the trip back, which is too bad, because I was accosted in the airport by an American Hillarity supporter. She said,. “Trump will put women back barefoot in dresses.” Of course, I responded with, “You don’t like dresses?” I really wish I could have continued the conversation for longer, but that’s when my plane boarded. No loss, she was at least 55.

        This election year will be a great joy. Anybody purchased the “Make America White Again” hat yet?


      • Read this hysterical cuckservative article practically calling Trump a Nazi because of his mild criticisms of the Israeli lobby:

        It’s a cuckservative manifesto!


      • GE – Trump said that to the Eskimos?!?!?

        A direct quote from the article.


  13. on December 3, 2015 at 3:47 pm Hugo Stiglitz

    Three well planned terror attacks that were thwarted:

    1. Shoe bomber : Stopped by passengers.

    2, Christmas day bombing of Times Square: Idiot used wrong firework as detonator.

    3. “Underwear Bomber” : Wore bomb so long (to get used to it, and avoid detection) that his sweat ruined explosive.

    The surveillance state did nothing to prevent these attacks. The .guv says they prevented X amount of attacks, but I have not read about any attack as well planned as these three that was thwarted by surveillance. The ones I have seen were of morons who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Mostly entrapment.

    One guy they had to find a job for so he could afford to buy their fake weapons.


    • Yeah, the mighty LEOs seem to only thwart attacks they themselves instigate.

      If it weren’t for entrapment, most of these agency hacks would have to go out and earn an honest living.


      • No joke. I think every single “terror” attack the FBI has “stopped” since 2001 has either:
        1) had self-admitted reports that the FBI instigated the “subject” into committing their crimes
        2) had the facts come out later that they had FBI officers acting as handlers or a “C.I.” in place doing the same.


      • Bullshit
        Non-anecdotal proof?


      • Ha! Once again you know-nothings cite a couple of anecdotes and use terms like “entrapment” without knowing what it means. “Gosh, LE used a CI to infiltrate the group, so its entrapment.” Greggie boy, here’s a tip: try learning something about a topic before you spout off wee man.


      • Hit a raw nerve, did I?

        Don’t try to snow the snowman, boy… if it weren’t for snitches and entrapment, the percentage of closed cases and budgets for FBI offices would curtail severely.


    • If only there were some way to get onto the deep web of facebook and penetrate these masterfully encoded terror support pledges before a mass shooting happens.


  14. on December 3, 2015 at 3:52 pm Mr Bigglesworth

    The modern news cycle has become so rapid, so fleeting, so shallow and fragmented, it’s like being inside the mind of an end-stage dementia patient with a failing short term memory. Brief gkimpses of half-thoughts flash before bloodshot eyes.

    This latest news story will be buried and largely forgotten within 3 months.

    How many major world events, from the start of this year, can YOU still remember?


  15. Perhaps you’re putting the cart before the horse. If there weren’t terrorists what excuse would they use to build the police state they desire?


  16. “The US borders should have been closed to the Middle East decades ago. ”

    That is the nub of the whole issue. I’d add that it’s not just the US but those of all White countries. The Muslims should never have been allowed in except for special cases and the West should let Israel do its own fighting in the ME. Instead we have the worst of both worlds, expending vast amounts of blood and treasure over there while the ragheads swarm over our borders.


  17. The FBI should be keeping tabs on Muslims, by a massive campaign of recruiting the friendlies among them. Friends and family should be used as much as possible. It is of course annoying as hell to liberals that something essentially similar was done with the KKK during the early 60s. (“But that’s different …” Not really.) Otherwise the problem is basically unsolvable. Any disgruntled Muslim can “self-radicalize” at any time simply by reading the Koran: “… kill them [the infidels] wherever you find them…”

    The present case does offer a potentially useful angle by way of the foreign wife. But (almost) no one is brave enough to say that we should stop importing people whose religious beliefs are against religious freedom, i.e. Muslims. Islam is official in every country where it is strong enough to get away with it. Did we import Communists, people whose political beliefs are against political freedom, during the 50s? I don’t think so. Any fundamentalist Muslim is religiously obligated to do whatever can be done to make Islam the only permitted religion in America, just as any committed Communist is obligated to do whatever can be done to make the Communist Party the only permitted political party in America. We should not admit those who seek to destroy our system.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 6:36 pm Lost in Moderation

      There are no friendlies. No one seems to get that. A Muslim saying anything bad about another Muslim, especially to a non-Muslim, is slander, a very serious sin in Islam. There has been absolute shit for productive recruiting among them over the past twenty years or more. Shit. Nothing to show at all, here or in Europe. When it comes to recruiting “friendlies,” nobody knows better than the CIA and their bombload of dead agents in Afghanistan about recruiting friendlies. It doesn’t happen.

      CH, this is about the dumbest post I’ve seen from you. A huge chunk of those attacks were fomented by three letter agencies on their own. None of them were prevented by any other three letter agency, nor could they have been.

      I’d take all the reporting about all the “bombs” these shits had with a huge grain of salt as well. Bombs, in the same sense as that punk kid built a clock. They had pipes; some fertilizer; some chopped up clocks or phones; and they had absolutely nothing that worked. I chuckled to read years ago an FBI report that said, “85% of bombmakers are self-detecting.” That is, they blow themselves up. It’s not as easy as it looks, and anyone who gets to the point of building one that can work will most likely have left a trail of loud, smoky failures behind him. Body parts, too. These shits were wannabes, not bomb builders, and that’s why they defaulted to firearms fi sahil Allah.

      Your point is valid about the presence of these invaders being the excuse for our huge overarching security state, one unequaled in history for its power to oppress. But citing these cases as if they were real, that’s where you lost it, CH.


    • I can neither confirm, nor deny that they are already.

      There are more of us on the inside than you could imagine.


    • on December 4, 2015 at 4:26 am carlos danger

      We imported Communists in large numbers before and after WWII. See the Frankfurt School for starters. We who care about our future are not in charge of that future. That is what needs to change. All else is commentary.


    • on December 4, 2015 at 1:20 pm Hammer of Love

      The FBI should be keeping tabs on Eskimos, by a massive campaign of recruiting the friendlies among them. Friends and family should be used as much as possible. It is of course annoying as hell to liberals that something essentially similar was done with the KKK during the early 60s. (“But that’s different …” Not really.) Otherwise the problem is basically unsolvable. Any disgruntled Eskimo can “self-radicalize” at any time simply by reading the Talmud: “… kill them [the Goyim] wherever you find them…”

      There, I fixed it for you. Your welcome.


  18. Congrats on WaPo 🙂


  19. “Evidence: Fifty (!) terror plots have been foiled since 9/11. With few exceptions, almost all these thwarted attackers were Muslims putting the lie to the shitlib “religion of peace” mantra of impotence. ”

    This raises an important point. If there had been no surveillance state, those attacks would have succeeded. HAD they succeeded, no non-Muslim in America would have a benign view of Islam, and no one would have had any tolerance or patience for the “religion of peace” lie. I say “lie” and not “bullshit”, because “Islam” does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”. So to say that it is the religion of peace is simply a lie. Islam is the literally the “religion of submission”.

    Nor am I saying that is a bad thing. I personally think it’s a bad thing, but that’s not my point.

    My point is that America has repeated one of the same mistakes it has been making for the past 100 years. Creating a safety net to protect people from the consequences of their own insanity.

    Examples: Prohibition, Welfare, Social Security, Divorce Reform, etc.

    All these were meant to protect people from problems that could be avoided fi people are part of a community, learn from history, work hard and apply common sense.

    As a result of those reforms, community, history, hard work, and common sense have gone extinct. Because you can always rely on daddy government to save you. And any consequences can be put off far enough that by the time the consequences are due you’ll be so fucked in the head you won’t even be capable of caring.

    There is a Greek word for this, and that is “hubris”.

    The surveilance state is just one more example of that. For whatever reason, we want to import millions of Muslims. Very good, except they have a religion that compels them to make war on everybody. So the solution is to create a surveilance state, watch everyone 24/7, go through everyone emails, make everyoen walk through lines, strip naked, get x-rayed with microwave radiation whose effects and dosages are not known, have our bank accounts monitored to the point where bank executives are now required by law to tell the gov every damn thing you do with your money. All wire transfers must be explained, etc etc.

    And yet, had we had no surveilance state, we’d have had maybe 10 attacks and then the population would have demanded that the immigration stop. So who benefited from the surveilance, why that’s easy. Whoever voted for it of course. Anyone who voted for it or implemented it, or gave money to lobbyists for it, those and those people alone benefited from it.

    Get rid of the surveilance state, bring back the constitution.

    Start throwing out the do-gooders.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 4:49 pm Mr Bigglesworth

      “For whatever reason, we want to import millions of muslims”.

      The reasons are obvious: the Left wants to import future voters, while the Right wants cheap indentured labor. Peace-loving Muslims are merely one group who benefit from that arrangement.

      The music very nearly stopped in September 2008, when the world economy stood on the brink. The bailouts were secured and normal service was quickly resumed.

      When the next crash arrives, the situation will become rather more “problematic”.


    • “Very good, except they have a religion that compels them to make war on everybody.”

      More like “Muslims are inbred, assholish, non-western people, whose religion is weak on non-violence against infidels”.

      If what you said was true, you’d see a lot more violence.


    • Do gooders.

      How cute.

      You mean Jew badders.


    • on December 4, 2015 at 4:34 am carlos danger

      The only problem with your analysis is you approach the problem from the standpoint of an accident. This has all been deliberate, to include this little false flag operation in San Bernadino. The point is to create a race war and the pretense for martial law.


  20. on December 3, 2015 at 4:39 pm mendozatorres

    Gonna volunteer for Trump’s campaign. See how many hotties are there, ripe for the plucking.


  21. Lol at the blatant propaganda with “Muslim terror attacks” much like back in 2013, Tsarnaev brothers were called “Muslim bombers”, presumably as a reference to “Caucasian terrorists” (lol, that was pretty shameless).


  22. When I first discovered CH I thought, “maybe this guy is a little extreme…” Now I read these posts and think, “this guy is really onto something here…”


  23. Also, the 500 n’ something “mass shootings” the lilly libers say we’ve had this year? Calling street violence mass shootings is a very innovative use of the data. Plus, like CH and other commenters have stated, this sadistic statistic blows up in their femme faces with only a small amount of digging. How many of these re giggered mass shootings were generated by vibrancy in our finest city’s?


    • on December 3, 2015 at 5:10 pm Mr Bigglesworth

      “How many of these (mass shootings) were generated by vibrancy in our finest cities?”

      Nearly all of them.

      But when black males commit acts of extreme and indiscriminate violence, it’s merely further evidence of their victimization by the white patriarchy. And so the lunacy continues.


  24. CH is right when he says Diversity+proximity=War. I smirk every time a white is killed, especially by another white. White on white crime is collateral damage but the real enemies are non-whites. Great logic CH

    [CH: whites occasionally kill whites so the answer is to import hordes of muds who kill whites at greater rates. great logic, fuckue.]


    • It’s a good thing you don’t smirk every time a negro is killed by another negro… you’d walk around all day looking like the Joker… or at least a negative of his picture.

      You dumb darkies just don’t get it, do you? When Whites kill Whites… or anybody else for that matter… they get hunted down and put under White justice… and no other White complains about it or tries to make excuses for the miscreant.

      It makes for a right proper nation under which to reside. You shitskins oughta try it sometime.


  25. on December 3, 2015 at 5:11 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    I’m sure I’m not rational. lololzzz, but I more fear the violence of black Americans descended from the slaves than Muslim terror. Just compare the piles of corpses in Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, etc…. to what happened in Paris or San Bernardino. I’m too lazy to do the math, but I’m certain if you compare the numbers of fatalities from gang bangers during the last year to the barely dozen bureaucrats slain this week in the same county service center I’m sure you’ll be able to make your own conclusions.

    But actually I worry more about being struck by an asteroid than a rampaging disgruntled white incel omega male.

    Do we need gun control?
    Probably won’t help.

    We need to trade our knuckleheads for the well behaved armed citizens of Switzerland.


    • I may consider moving to Switzerland one day: good economy; didn’t join the EU; very independent; very safe; very clean; very high quality of life. low immigration; highly defensible (not even Hitler or Mussolini invaded); everyone has a gun.

      and, most importantly, white.

      I wonder why we don’t talk more about Switzerland. We’re all up in talking about “European” culture and where to run to, but I never hear people talking about that country.

      Food for thought.

      Swiss miss rape!


      • Because it’s expensive to move there and they make sure you have the money. Not a bad policy eh?


      • Excellent policy rape!


      • Switzerland not joining the EU doesn’t mean anything because they have to comply with almost every stupid shit coming out of Brussels to retain access to the EU market. Lol. They even have to pay in the EU budget, they just don’t decide how it’s spent on everyone in the EU but them.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 6:41 pm Lost in Moderation

        Switzerland is also up to its arse in Muslims. Look it up yourself.


      • I hadn’t heard that. Their citizenship policy is pretty tough–12 years residency. Got a link?


  26. black pastor vindicating h1tler and speaks the truth bout the eskimos

    well worth a watch


    • One of my favorite revisions of official lies surrounding Hitler was his supposed behavior unbecoming a host toward Jesse Owens at the Munich Olympics. In fact, Owens himself said that Hitler graciously congratulated him, shook his hand and exchanged a few friendly words after he won the gold medal.

      I enjoyed listening to that preacher.


      • Yep, read Susan Sontag’s essay on Leni Riefenstahl and in particular her remarks on “Olympia,” and then watch the movie — it is as it says it is, a celebration of youth and athleticism.


    • That was a strange trip; beautiful Aryan images set to black southern pulpit preaching, I felt like that sidekick from those “leave my man Donald Trump alone!” black girls was in the audience.

      When he mentioned the “90-degree angles” on the swastika and the audience felt the need to do that black church call-out (“Amen! uh-huh! Yeaaaa you tell it”) well … I lollzed.


  27. CH in Washington post.

    Can the libtards really be that retarded to think what they are saying is not disagreed with by every single white American?

    The Jew knows the end is near.


  28. Gents, we just hit the big time.

    The Jews at Washington Post are so stupid and so encased in their hubris coffin that they are sending folks to CH!!!!!


    Game over. We win.



  29. What most people don’t realize is that the peasants of the muslim world would not care one way or another about this country if the federal government wasn’t over in their world doing things that impoverished them and put despotic governments in charge over them. Bombing them for the last decade plus only adds to the list of grievances. But the fedgov wants to create an enemy. It needs an enemy to keep us afraid and divided.

    And what better enemy than the one they created many many decades ago for other purposes, modern radical islam? They just keep fueling it with drone strikes, economic actions, political actions, wrecking countries, and so on. But dumb americans just think it’s all random crazies attacking. Crazies maybe but sure isn’t random.


    • Your post is an admission that they have dual loyalties at best and you somehow assume they’d get Western living standards if we simply let their stone are fundamentalists assume power democratically. Lol. I agree that we should stop meddling in their affairs insofar as we have no real interest but the rest is just stupid.


      • Iraq and Iran had achieved near 1st world living standards for many people by the late 1970s. That was with US fedgov supported dictators and dealing with imposed national borders. More of a problem for Iraq than Iran though. That arrangement exploded for Iraq thanks to shrub’s war.

        One of the tools of the meddling in middle east was creating modern radical Islam. This is not stupid, it’s historical fact. Just don’t expect the news media to tell americans about it.

        “Yet for centuries Western countries have sought to harness the power of radical Islam to serve the interests of their own foreign policy. In the case of Britain, this dates back to the days of the Ottoman Empire; in more recent times, the US/UK alliance first courted, then turned against, Islamists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.”

        US federal government starts their meddling by getting involved in WW1 and thus allowing the Sykes-Picot agreement to be implemented, but doing little to nothing itself for awhile. It really gets active after WW2.

        Radical Islam as it exists today would not exist without meddling. Without meddling it wouldn’t have been fed. And if hadn’t died out without western aid, without western meddling the discontent and desperation it feeds off of would either not exist or if it did couldn’t be directed at the USA.


  30. @-B- Our bombing might make it personal, perhaps. That doesn’t change the fact that murder is a religious requirement, nor the fact that the mohammedans couldn’t touch us if we didn’t persist in importing them. What ever happened to “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”? Doesn’t importing them ruin that strategy?


    • on December 3, 2015 at 7:33 pm Captain Obvious

      > “Doesn’t importing them ruin that strategy?”


    • There’s multiple games and cons going on at the same time.

      The ruling class in the USA invented modern immigration as tool of ruling over people and keeping labor costs down. The ruling class doesn’t care about the USA, it’s people, or anything else. They are more global in nature and if they destroy the USA to achieve their goals, oh well as far as they are concerned. In fact they are intentionally destroying the USA because they don’t want healthy free independent people who can think. They want dependent and compliant slaves and serfs. So long as we are afraid and fighting each other they win. So why wouldn’t they import people who generate fear and infighting?


  31. On behalf of the surveillance state; a fuck ton. The public never sees when a good job is done.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 6:28 pm gunslingergregi

      why not


    • on December 3, 2015 at 6:43 pm Lost in Moderation

      As someone who got to see its workings closely, I can tell you that’s because a good job is very rarely done.

      That shit about “You never see our successes because they’re classified!” is pure crapola.


      • on December 3, 2015 at 8:00 pm gunslingergregi

        well it would sure be easy to listen in on an adult male fucking a 12 year old wouldn’t it in below pic and break the shit up
        look at there faces
        ya got the gps you know who owns the phones


  32. Swedish families are taking African immigrants into their homes. I wonder how this will end?


  33. O’Reilly doing hit job on Trump on Cucks News


  34. Not really my area of expertise but I am familiar enough with how they play the game to say the surveillance state only catches the dumb ones


    • luckily, generation upon generation of cousin-fucking keeps them all dumb.


      • …. sort of. I’ve played lead tag with them for years. they have their share of dumb-asses but they can be very crafty as well. Wouldn’t really say smart but in possession of a low animal type cunning that is sufficient for their aims


      • they got a corner on the chikkin shit market, shartiste.t he .Firstest cuz fukkin’ is a goal they strive for. Damn all these hajjis to hell, do not pass go. if not that the goats do as well.


  35. on December 3, 2015 at 7:44 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck aka Don't Mod me Bro!!!

    Alright, most of the thwarted terror attacks over the past few years involved the FBI setting up dumb teenagers and encouraging them to do terror. Then they come in at the last minute and bust them like they are some heroes who saved the day. Google that shit. Also, the only ones celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11 were some “art students” from America’s number one foreign aid recipient. Google that shit.


  36. on December 3, 2015 at 8:08 pm The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    TRUMP on the attacks “look at the names. You tell me”

    Cruz has jumped on board as well, while Yeb and Rubio wait for “more information’

    From a vote perspective, anti Islamist is a no brainer… you will draw across all genders and sides. You never had the pro Islamist anyway.


  37. I luv ya, Cap’n… but I’ve seen that royal couple enough now, thank you very much.


    • on December 3, 2015 at 8:58 pm Captain Obvious

      GE, this is all planned – even the IDENTICAL Zuckerman/Schiff/Blumenthal responses to San Bernardino. The Sunni & the Ashkenazim are unleashing a mass wave of human foot soldiers & cultural poisoning designed to eradicate the White Race once and for all.


  38. Since 9/11 the victims of terrorist attacks have all been liberals. At a social services agency in one of California’s poorest cities, you could not hit a Republican with a sniper rifle.

    People who wish to disarm me, tax me into poverty, and teach sexual perversion to my children are not my countrymen. Until they wake up and get a fucking clue, their deaths are no loss to me.

    Two Muslims tried to attack a conservative gathering in Garland, Texas, and were promptly shot dead. Jihad’s no fun when the infidels shoot back!


  39. Muslim control not gun control.


  40. How Many Jihad Killings Would America Have Suffered Without The Surveillance State?

    None. It is the survelliance state that has enabled Muslims to be imported and kept under some control in the first place, and it is by importing increasing numbers of Muslims that the survelliance state will achieve absolute rule.


  41. While we’re on the subject of NET NEGATIVES, let’s add to the list:

    -black domestic social programs
    -african aid programs
    -Mexican illegal immigration
    -H1B Visas for indian/Asian engineers
    -unchallenged/unconditional support for Israel
    -jews in the financial sector getting away with massive fraud continuously for decades
    -white liberals that enable all of the above
    -fat women
    -long worthless replies at CH by sheboon nicole


  42. on December 4, 2015 at 5:54 am Ezra Pound's Ghost

    If I can counter-signal a bit here, and to be fair, the vast majority of those plots were instigated by FBI and other informants as sting operations (which is fine). There was obviously intent on the part of those who were caught, but they had no or almost no ability to organize or carry out attacks on their own without prodding from Uncle Shmuley.


  43. Just overheard the argument that there
    can never be a Sharia law in U.S. Because gay people will fight the sharia law to the death.


  44. “Without The Surveillance State?”

    Really? You support the surveillance. The head of the NSA lied to congress about collecting bulk data on Americans.

    Shred the constitution.

    [CH: i don’t support the surveillance state. i’m of the belief that snowden should be given a congressional medal of honor.]


    • “[CH: i don’t support the surveillance state. i’m of the belief that snowden should be given a congressional medal of honor.]”



  45. The list of terror plots thwarted is underwhelming. I’ve seen a lot of cases where the FBI instigates the entire matter. They convince two or three world class idiots to do something. All it takes for a conspiracy is “an act if furtherence.” So if the argument is that the number of cases thwarted justifies the surveillance state, I find that premises dubious.


  46. The vast majority of “terrorist plots” have got the FBI/CIA written all over them.

    To put all this nonsense into perspective

    Terrorists have killed about 45 Americans in the past thirteen years.

    That’s about a two week harvest for the cops.
    The majority of whom are white.

    Or three frisky weekends for the Chicago bangers.

    But hey, it keeps the ignorant peasants scared and distracted, so it’s all good.