The White War

The best way to think about America, now and historically, is as the battleground between rival White factions, with nonwhites and women as shock troops ordered to exploit, respectively, White men’s racial guilt and their white knightery.

One faction — the Runaway Universalists (RU) Whites — is engaged in biological warfare against the Fuck You (FU) Whites, via open borders to the third world.

This is not a recent invention. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the RU Whites (back then, Yankees of Quaker and Puritan blood) opened the borders to non-Anglo ethnic European immigration, seeking the same goal: defeat of their cousin FUs (loosely organized under the later umbrella term “WASP” for Anglo-Germanics, but including Southern and Appalachian Whites of Scots-Irish descent).

The RU Whites won a surrender and a temporary peace with the FU Whites in America’s first Civil War, but the ethnic faults and schisms persist, and have deepened since then, despite decades of “Diversity is our strength” propaganda.

The end game is the same: hot war. But RU Whites know they can’t win a shooting Civil War 2 now. So their strategy is demographic displacement. This is the strategic undercurrent that will strand a true “White nationalism” political platform from achieving social significance.

The White War pitting RU White ethnics against FU White ethnics will necessarily confine any emergent WN movement to within the FU White sphere of influence, as White Nationalism is inherently a defensive posture against memetic and cultural attack by the RU Whites.

In the latter half of the 20th Century and to the present day, the psychological lethality of the RU Whites’ anti-White subversion propaganda was amplified by a tacit alliance with various nonWhite and MENA-White tribes, most notably the Jews. This alliance has facilitated a rapid and nearly uncontested march through the American institutions by the RU Whites (or more specifically by their wealthy sponsors), who had won, until 2016 the Year of the Meme Wars, absolute power over shaping public opinion, news, entertainment, reeducation, and federal government legislation.

The latest RU White assault on the FU Whites is their active promotion of miscegenation which, given recent CDC data, is successfully chipping away at the fortress inner walls protecting an organic American White fellow-feeling from complete dissolution into a deracinated favela of the soul.

In sum, it’s helpful to see the intraWhite War (or inter-ethnic White War) through the lens of abstraction versus intuition, and conjuration versus common sense. RU Whites value abstraction and use their cognitive skill set to conjure labyrinthine justifications for their airy, abstract principles that have increasingly become unmoored from reality. FU Whites favor intuition and rely on their earthy, tried-and-true common sense (aka gut instinct) to validate what they intuitively know to be true, and this reliance is what has made them particularly vulnerable to RU rhetorical attack. But to the FU Whites’ advantage the same reality that is leaving the RU Whites behind is bolstering the esprit de corps of the (till now) unspoken, and rapidly growing, FU White ranks. The FUs enjoy now a consolidation of determined purpose they haven’t had in a long while.


In a follow-up post I will discuss the emergence of Trumperica as an unexpected setback for RU Whites, and outline a wartime strategy for FU Whites to defeat the RU Whites. The take-home lesson is this: We are at war, the White War, and the sooner you recognize that the quicker we can bring this interminable White self-annihilation campaign to an end.


  1. welcome to the Dark Side, maître.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 9:34 am Captain Obvious

        > “Runaway Universalists” ——— More and more, the RU/FU divide feels like it descends from the Insula/Amygdala disparity between the RUs and the FUs [Study: Shitlibs Really Do Suffer From A Case Of “My Feels”; January 18, 2016; by CH]. The Frankfurt School has very carefully crafted a warm-n-fuzzy new-aged diversity/multiculturalism/global-warming/save-the-whales/free-drugs/free-sex/free-l0ve/miscegenation quaker/unitardian Meta-Religion, which simply obliterates the RU insula and renders the RUs helpless to resist the Meta-Religion’s almighty power. I don’t think we can understand the RU fealty to the Frankfurt School until we start to view all of this from the point of religious fanaticism.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 9:36 am Captain Obvious

        The problem for the Frankfurt School is that (((they))) still haven’t figured out how to deal with the FU Amygdala, which, to date, has proved doggedly impervious to (((their))) various-n-sundry emotionalistic psychological warfare initiatives: Marxism, Freudianism, Rand/Friedman-ism, Zangwill/Laemmle-ism, Alinsky/Kahnemann-ism, Podhoretz/Kristol-ism, etc etc etc. On the other hand, the big problem for the FUs is that the Frankfurt School has a long & storied history of unleashing Holodomors upon populations which refuse to submit to Its will.

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      • cap, I’d bet this goes even deeper, to early childhood rearing. how many RUs have a rich family life to go back to? my bet is the vast majority are rootless orphans, aka cosmopolitans, with a psyche that’s remarkably similar to that of a rootless, wandering tribe of gypsies from the desert.

        FU whites, OTH, I would bet are closer to their families, to their traditions, “hearth and home”, etc. when they say “FU” to big govt/globalists, they really mean it, as in, “I saw my father give everything he had to his family and then they moved his factory to Mexico”. when you see your love ones get shafted, it stays with you.

        my guess is the RUs don’t even know what it means to love, but they sure do know FEAR.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 10:03 am Captain Obvious

        “until we start to LOOK AT all of this from the POINT OF VIEW of religious fanaticism”.

        Also, we need to start viewing the bulldykes teaching K-12 in the gubmint indoctrination centers [and increasingly in the private schools] as the NUNs of the Frankfurt School’s Meta-Religion: Smacking Li’l FU Johnny on his wrist with a ruler if he fails to properly recite the Frankfurt School Rosary, and banishing him to the corner of the room with a Dunce Cap on his head for the rest of the day as further punishment. Then when repeated public humiliations fail to break his spirit, the Nuns will send Li’l FU Johnny off to Sister Ratched in the School Nurse’s office, to have him narked up out of his mind on Ritalin & Adderall & Zoloft, so that his great big honking FU amygdala can be destroyed, once & for all.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 10:19 am Captain Obvious

        The Hair Shirt of the RU Meta-Religion

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 10:32 am Captain Obvious

        PJ, these are really yuuggge questions, concerning the infinitely complex interactions between biology and culture. My guess would be that biology tends to drive FU/amygdala culture, whereas culture tends to drive RU/insula biology, especially with this Frankfurt School poisoning of the culture which has led to an extinction-level collapse in RU/insula fertility rates. A similar religious fanaticism certainly doomed the Shakers, who refused to engage in biological procreation, and who had all but vanished into extinction by about 1900.


      • CO, Day care explains it all. Most of today’s Kids were raised there.


    • America’s first Civil War

      “…first…” — that’s how I’ve come to describe it, too.


    • RUs are going to recruit imported Muslims and Antifa anarchists to execute terrorist attacks and bombing campaigns against Whites and Christians.

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      • Thanks for differentiating.


      • I’d say that that’s already underway.

        As for me and my family, we stand with the Lord.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 1:30 am Vagina dominator

        As far as who is doing what and why, I am going to offer a different theory.

        Let’s start with the fact that 350 people possess half of the world’s total wealth. So in my opinion that makes them the ultimate shot-callers.

        Some of these people/families have been in this position for a long time now, centuries in fact, and have the all the power they need to dictate to governments, start wars, fund revolutions, control the media, direct the academy, propagandize the masses, and set priorities and policies.

        We all know this and can each of us quote many examples of these powers.

        These people look at this world as a large plantation and we humans as one of its domesticated fauna, set upon the land to improve it and to bring them profits, which always and everywhere are passed up the pyramid to the plantation owners.

        Since the Age of Discovery, the plantation owners have profited greatly by taking the different races and establishing them here and there on the global plantation to carry out tasks suited to them in particular environments.

        Thus the lazy, unimaginative and incurious black has been set to the simplest tasks of slavery while whites have been put to work on lands where there are abundant resources of unfamiliar types and peoples who are in possession that must be removed.

        The white was planted in those places because he is an expansive, curious, well-organized, self-reliant race; he shows initiative and has a genius for finding profitable uses in novel situations. Science has for some time been the crown of his culture. He also requires little management and supervision, which keeps his costs low. The principle cost with whites is “freedom” – as he is very fond of self-management and self-expression – and in new lands with abundant resources freedom was not only not a cost, it was a positive contributor to white productivity.

        But today, in a resource-depleting world, whites are too expensive to maintain.

        Freedom, free speech, democracy, self-management, rewards for initiative; in a resource rich environment these things make whites more productive than browns, but once we reach some critical level of fresh resource availability against which to apply the white, the advantage of stocking the land with whites begins to decrease.

        At that point – let’s say it’s because your freedom is part of the bosses’ overhead – whites become more expensive than browns with no compensating productivity.

        At that point, the great overlords decide it is time to undertake a “Grand Restocking” of their lands.

        And that is what we are now looking at.

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      • Glad we have the 2A

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      • Let’s start with the fact that 350 people possess half of the world’s total wealth. So in my opinion that makes them the ultimate shot-callers.

        To avoid feelings of fatalism about this, remember that they are not Olympian gods, they’re human. We are also for the first time in human history living in a time when Truth runs faster than Lies. Their most ambitious plans can be undone by a humble blog commenter.

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      • “At that point, the great overlords decide it is time to undertake a “Grand Restocking” of their lands.”

        Insightful comment. Also terrifying; what the future may hold.

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      • There’s one issue with VagDom’s otherwise astute observations.

        If TPTB truly wanted to keep their empire, as such, and even expand it in perpetuity… which is really the gist of ’empire’… then they’d be investing in YT… in particular, to get beyond the boundaries of this ever-filling-up-and-shrinking-available-resource earth.

        We’d see balls-out efforts to get to colonies on our planets and reaching out further to the stars. It would be in TPTB best interests, especially in the long-run centuries down the road, when they themselves would be on the planet whose resources are finite and ever-shrinking.

        Yet, if anything, we see the current narrative downplaying YT and his achievements, and ever since the days of “Whitey’s On The Moon”, snark about how we spent billions of dollars for space rocks.

        Naw, there’s something else going on here… something in which the ruler of this system of things isn’t maintaining a plantation… he’s driving it into the ground, even if it means he himself has to perish.

        This is Satan in his attempt to give the bird once and for all to God and all His creation… and his children, well… the lusts of their father they will do.

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      • psychotic parasites don’t think long term much less about “reaching for the stars”


  2. One of the rare moments where you are a little off.

    We have been in a hot war since the Great Society was pushed upon us. That is when coloreds where emboldened.

    It was a cold war up until that point.

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    • the yankee was scheming forever.

      May God Have Mercy on the yankee


      • We are beyond mercy. We tried that and look what it got us.

        They didn’t believe about Gay Mulatto and they voted for him. Now they see I am correct.

        They didn’t believe me about Bush 2. Now they see I was correct.

        They didn’t believe me about colleges. My sister who went now realizes I was correct.

        They didn’t believe me on Affirmative Action. Now they do.

        I have been making these arguments for 20 years and now… No one but the true believers argue anymore.

        I have warned everyone I know: By ballot or by blood and now they are finally believing me.

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      • I know I won’t.


  3. They needed a bit more time than eight years. Obama’s terms laid a lot of the groundwork but it was going to be Hillary (or play-along jeb) that would have delivered the finishing move. I sincerely believe that many alt-Right bloggers, and even minor commenters, would have gotten the Lubyanka treatment under her presidency.

    They never saw Trump coming.

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    • How can you sum up 2016 in five words:

      They never saw Trump coming.

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    • Big time. “Conservative” critics of Trump forget the downright totalitarian nature of the Clinton campaign. A world where Christian cake companies would be prosecuted, or right-wing websites shut down. Even if he does nothing else, he prevented her from packing the Supreme Court.

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    • Yep the ‘fake news’ and twitter, Facebook clampdown one final desperate stab.

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    • Remember: the parable of the good Samaritan isn’t about who’s your neighbor.

      It’s about who isn’t.


    • PA, I think of the Alt-Right as the RU whites who have been awaken to Race Reality. The FU whites largely consist of the 1488 types who live in rural areas of America and are mostly won over by now to the FU side. The Alt-Right is revolutionary in this sense because it can reach the RU whites in the Urban areas in a way that the 1488 types will never be able to.

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  4. on December 12, 2016 at 2:11 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I can’t quibble here.

    You’re on the money, CH.

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  5. Damn…this was a heavy, sobering post. Guess the old adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same–RU vs FU–still holds.

    One week until the EC votes Trump in. It’ll be a helluva seven days from now until then.

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  6. I see it more in terms of r/K theory. Whites are, in a way, too good at civilization and up until recently, r-Whites had the same, if not higher, birthrate as K-Whites. Since the 60s, r-Whites have been using birth-control, abortion and miscegenation to kill themselves off, a trend that should be encouraged.

    Liberalism is a self-terminating mental disorder, a suicide cult. The problem is that r-Whites insist that all White people to drink the punch.

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    • r-Whites have been using birth-control, abortion and miscegenation to kill themselves off, a trend that should be encouraged.

      NO. We need a healthy social pyramid. The bodiless head dies.


    • You are kinda forgetting that mean reversion works both ways. Odds are the the lowly whites will have superior children as long as they were healthy and nutrition was ok during their early years.

      There is still more potential in low class whites then the high-class of pretty much any other race over time.

      I would ban abortion for whites and let the savages endlessly massacre themselves.

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      • “I would ban abortion for whites and let the savages endlessly massacre themselves.”

        If it’s packaged up as some kind of affirmative-action special right that only non-Whites have, we could probably sell this idea.

        “Abortion is wrong and illegal. However, due to the unfortunate history of racial discrimination, and because muh slavery and muh holohoax, non-Whites wombs must be safe spaces and non-Whites deserve extra special rights to reproductive freedoms, and are hereby exempt. The federal government shall cover the costs of every non-White termination.”

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      • Or simply through socialized medicine deliver a racial excuse to allow free funding to all minorities except white women and somehow incentivise and subsidize white family creation by somehow making it look like reverse racism/affirmative action.


  7. on December 12, 2016 at 3:08 pm Canadian Friend

    Somewhat related to the war on white men,

    yesterday, here in my corner of the world ( an hour from the US border ) there was a special on tv about Montreal city’s 375 year anniversary.

    The guy who got the job of making that tv special is gay… a lot of the artists were either black , brown or somekind of mystery meat mix, some of them sang in spanish… a lot of the extras ( while artists sign they stand around ) were fat ugly women, super skinny guys ( looked gay) and non whites.

    Even though Montreal city was founded, built and became famous because of white men, they were not given credit, in fact they were barely mentioned and very quickly. The emphasis was put on diversity; non-whites, fat women, gays.

    After about 30 minutes of that my girlfriend and I looked at each other and went; ” what the fvck???how are we suppose to relate to that???”

    It looked like they were celebrating the displacement of white males more than the 375 year anniversary of Montreal.

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    • Most people are sheep and this progressive left is en vogue right now.
      It can change just as quickly. If AH became trendy the sheep will all be goose stepping to Die Fahne Hoch.
      Governments and the media have the main influence on a culture.
      I lived under Thatcher and it was a culturally conservative country. I believe Reagan was great too.
      Then we had Clinton/ Blair faggotry and the media and culture has gone left.
      Trump has the balls and the personality to bring it back.

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      • Thatcher destroyed the white working class through her attack on the unions. Translation of “white working class”: the socially conservative, unpozzed demographic of Great Britain. She handed over the country to the SJWs (aka the Blairites) who proceeded to elect a new people.


    • Women and non-Europeans have not produced cities and culture like that of Montreal. They must appropriate — some might even say “culturally appropriate” — that which ethnic European Men have built.

      The irony is they will be unable to sustain it.

      I forget who said it on these boards, but someone said it best:

      Eventually there won’t be enough whitey to go around any more.”

      When that happens the SHTF.

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    • Canadian TV sucks really badly. Your government is worse.


    • From significant personal observation living there, I’d have to say Canada is one of the most thoroughly cucked nations in existence. They have enshrined “diversity” as if it were something this nearly all-white nation practices and relates to. Good thing most of the darkies can’t stand the cold up there, because they make Sweden look like the third reich. Nothing like liberal ‘tards that have the unimaginable luxury of a virtually 100 per cent white country to live in but who never miss an opportunity to virtue signal their total cuckedness and “open-arms” posture to anything that bleats, whines, or mewls about how unfair its life has been.


      • At one time, Canadian men served in Viet Nam with US Forces in large numbers, over 30,000 of them.


      • on December 13, 2016 at 1:27 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Go into Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and you’ll feel like you’re in China. Vancouver is full of Chinks. Formerly staid, WASP regions like Mississauga through Brampton (home of genial pipe-puffing uber WASP & former Ontario Premier William “Brampton Bill” Davis now styled as Bramladesh) have been overrun by East Indians and Sikhs. The places are full of shitty strip malls selling shitty clothes from India and assorted Indian restaurants. It’s not vibrant, it’s a Third World slum.

        Canada was White until the late 60s. We had very few blacks. Then, presto, Pierre the elder fag Trudeau brings us mass immigration with the 1968 act (a funny cohencidence that us, uk, Canada all opened their borders in the late 60s). instantly, the elite start spreading and institutionalizing the myth that “we’re nation of immigrants of immigrants” and ” Canada has always been a multicultural country. ”

        White genocide is in full swing in Canada. The government recently increased immigration levels to half a million per year per year, the vast majority of whom will be from the third world. Whites, and indeed the founding stock of the country (whom former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was derided for referring to as “old stock Canadians”) are rapidly becoming a minority in the country their ancestors built.

        Canada is the most cucked and pozzed country on the face of the earth. Yes, there are normal people outside of the big cities and in Alberta but I don’t know if it’s enough to turn the country around.


      • ….And this is why, along with a sensible immigration policy, the welfare system as it stands MUST be dismantled.

        No more Gibs. Most desert rats or dindus don’t really share any resources to society, hell, even their own offspring.
        Put them in a strong meritocratic society, and watch them wither and be reduced to dust.

        The issue is ALWAYS with the Enablers. Righteous folk are tough but fair.

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      • > At one time, Canadian men served in Viet Nam with US Forces in large numbers, over 30,000 of them.

        I have a vague memory of a Canada sniper team being credited with the longest-distance kill shot in Afghanistan

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  8. One faction — the Runaway Universalists (RU) Whites — is engaged in biological warfare against the Fuck You (FU) Whites, via open borders to the third world.

    Okay, that was one of the funniest sentences I’ve seen here in a while, and that’s saying something.

    opened the borders to non-Anglo ethnic European immigration

    And of course, considering recent history of the last few decades, under pressure from affirmative action and the increasing insanity of SJW, non-Anglo Europeans have been drifting from the RU White side to the FU White side, especially if they’re practicing Christians, whether Evangelical Protestant or Catholic.

    Non-Christians — the unaffiliated, lapsed Christians, Mormons, Jews, and so forth, along with a loud but small group of nominal super-cucked NeverTrump “Christians” who are more Universalist than Christian — are ending up on the RU White side. (Note that Mormons, despite being largely Anglo-Germanic, aren’t Christians, and their lining up solidly in the RU White column is a damning indictment of their true beliefs.)


    • Speaking of universalists, Glenn Beck’s becoming more and more ludicrous. Trying to curry favour with the libs. His Atlantic profile really captures the sad fate of the political turncoat.


    • Mormons didn’t vote Trump the most, but they voted Clinton the least (except compared to Evangelicals, a minority subgroup within Protestants).


    • I’ll admit I’m an outlier, but I’m confident dropping Christianity helped make progressivism even less appealing to me.

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      • You must have been bamboozled by Churchianity, like a lot of people.


      • It may be more accurate to say I can count the Christians I’ve met on one hand. Christians are easy to identify: they believe the content of the Bible and live as if it’s requirements for living righteously are true.

        If a man claims to believe that the child of deity became human, took on the sins of all men to reconcile them to deity, and invited all men to become siblings with him as a child of deity, but he rejects several of the commands of this child of deity, then he lies about his belief in salvation, else he would not shame his benefactor and deity.

        Christians are easy to spot. They believe, and that belief permeates every aspect of their lives in ways non-Christians (and nominal Christians) perceive.

        Conversely, one may identify the wicked by one habit alone: they persecute Christians.

        Here I am tempted to quote 1 Timothy Chapter 1, but I’ll leave the Bible exposition to others.


    • This is the more accurate drawing line. Practicing Christians versus Universalists and nominal Christians.


    • It is unfortunate that the open borders crowd has always been able to sideline a significant portion of the so-called conservative Whites by appealing to their pocket books: “Cheap labor!”

      That is why slavery was popular in colonial and post-revolution America, even though, objectively, it was a long-term social disaster to anyone who gave thought to it.

      Bringing in non-Anglo Saxon peoples from other parts of Europe, Russia, etc. Again, not something that many WASPs wanted, but they wanted and needed that cheap labor for expansion. Although not a disaster, there is not doubt that these new European immigrants changed the entire feel and soul of America.

      The 1968 Immigration Reform Act. You can bet you that somebody saw a “hey, more cheap labor”, or “I can make a buck off this” angle to it, to vote for it. Why else would any proud White man consciously vote to let in non-Whites, especially after all the negro riots of the late 1950s and early 1960s?

      Uncontrolled illegal Mexican immigration. Clearly a giant cheap labor pool for many industries: fruit picking, vegetable harvesting, meat packing, construction, hotel housekeeping, and more.

      Legal immigration: Cheap tech labor.

      Then the catch-all: “More people making some money = more people to buy a lot of our imported, cheaply made shit (and I can make enough profit not to have to live near any of them)!”

      Of course, behind all of this are the Leftists who see each step as cutting out chunks of our cultural identity and racial cohesion.


  9. I was shocked this year by racist anti white sentiments by the likes of Rothkopf, Rubin, Dunham and French. All (((big nosed cunts))).
    I never saw anti white sentiments really out there before unless I was oblivious.
    I think initially they became arrogant and complacent with an impending Clinton win.
    Now that didn’t happen its all out civil war.

    Living in a blue state I’m reaching my tether.
    I’m sick of being surrounded by these fuckers.
    Yesterday I had an ugly old Vietnamese woman cut my hair and she couldn’t understand the difference between a ‘4’ and a ‘5’ her English was so bad. It’s becoming a joke.
    I thought Anglin’s Amerikaner-free-state piece was one of the best things I have read this year.
    Essential reading. I recommend it.
    I like this idea.
    Conservatives and liberals should not have to tolerate each other. Conservatives living under a Democrat government is oppressive and vice versa. Imagine if Trump just presided over Red States he would not have to pander at all.
    Let the liberals live in their blue states with the Hispanics, fags, Muslims etc. With their high taxes. See how it goes.
    I know we have some Californians on here but that state is lost.
    If Amerikaner-free-state prospers then we can reconquer.

    I’d love to see blue states on their own to see the collapse.


    • on December 12, 2016 at 4:13 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Reading this post, I’m reminded of the time my father visited me when I was a teenager on break from my job selling pizza at the local suburban shopping mall.

      He was trying to tell me something or other, and it must have been obvious I wasn’t paying attention to him because he snapped at me for “getting distracted by every damned girl who walks by!!”

      This happened in the “Ferris Bueller” era. Working at that mall, I witnessed daily a plethora of poon that would make your head spin. Blondes, brunettes, reaheads…more blondes! Forget being “distracted.” It’s amazing I got anything done at all back then.

      For an example of what women looked like in this era, seek out a trashy ’80s teen flick called “Malibu Bikini Shop.” HOT was the norm. Hell, go to and look through yearbooks. I recently did this and was blown away by the looks of the women I used to date, most of whom I considered average when I was dating them. When half the girls in your graduating class looks like Jennifer Jason Leigh and the other half like Heather Thomas (look ’em up, kids!) your standards get pretty high.

      Getting back to the old shopping mall, I’ll once again quote my dad: “It’s like the friggin’ U.N. in there!” Dusky-smelling women wearing colored bedsheets and bizarre headwraps ain’t the “Malibu Bikini Shop.” Sad!

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      • The number of young women doomed by genetics to ugliness is very small, maybe 7% or less. Most young ladies who watch their figures, dress chastely and keep up their appearances look very nice.


      • Hell, go to and look through yearbooks.

        I looked through my own yearbooks when I went back home years ago. There was this one girl I thought at the time was so-so, but looking back on it I was so mad I never made a play for it. But, even then, I’m sure I would have “nice guyed” my way out of it.

        Still, though….she was girl-next-door type.


      • Heather Thomas was hot unfortunately she was a Coke addict.
        I grew up in the Reagan era watching the Fall Guy…the A Team…Dukes of Hazard…Miami Vice to a lessor degree.
        Hot feminine women..White charming male leads (learned early charm game from Face…moody game from Crockett…aloof game from Colt).
        Daisy…Dukes. Guns, girls and masculinity.
        Dirk Benedict recently said the ATEAM would not be allowed now.

        Now it’s CSI and some white nerdy pedophile who has to be caught.
        (Honorable mention to Burn Notice…pretty recent cool white show).

        These shows were world famous as was the later Baywatch and the babes.

        Aside…looking for an attractive light hearted all white show…check out the Australian soap “Neighbours” .
        Would not be allowed in the US.

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      • Your Dad’s UN shout…reminds me of the first commercial to really go multiracial …Benetton. Early 1990s.
        We then use say ‘it’s like a Benetton commercial in here’.

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      • E.g.,


      • Oh, for fucks sake, Pixabay… Jesus. Folks, just get the link I tried to post and paste it in Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc.– there are hot women of every color but the girl third worlders we got coming here are all scrawny, fugly and glasses-wearing– like Urkel, only female, hijabed and dorky.


      • @ Anonymus – Based on my experiences in Europe and the Mediterranean area, maybe about 3-5% of MENA girls are actually hot (7+), maybe fewer.
        The overwhelming majority are 3-4 butterfaces, often quite hairy.
        If you convert and hook up with Fatima, Nur or Aisha, don’t be surprised if she spends a LOT of time (and money) at the beauty parlor for body hair removal treatments.
        One reason why about 2 billion men from Africa and South Asia are trying to get to Sweden.


      • on December 13, 2016 at 2:24 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Shopping malls are like airport terminals now. Just a mass of different colours, forreigners, bizarre cultural garb. Disgusting!


    • Maybe a dual-state like the Austro-Hungarian Empire? That worked for about 100 years, which is a lot longer than the current paradigm can last.


      • Austria-Hungary was an infighting mess ruled by manic depressive inbreds.
        For a humorous look at the “Danube Monarchy’ in WW 1, I recommend Jaroslav Hasek’s The Adventures of the brave Soldier Schweijk, I think it’s available in English.


      • Good book on the absurdity of the Austrian Hungarian empire and the pointlessness of career politicians in getting nothing done and how skypes used social causes to control the white working class…Mein Something


    • Rothkopf’s piece was brazen in its cheerleading for displacement of Europeans. I was shocked to see the Skype agenda laid bare, trumpeted for all to see.

      Rothkopf is owner/publisher of “Foreign Policy” magazine. That publication is dead to me forever.

      Is there no establishment media that Skypes do not control?


  10. The RU vs FU is a good theory, but it started in the 1960s, not before the Civil War. Truth was, back then pretty much every american, even “nativists” were pro open border, but only for their preferred groups.

    The main factor was religion. The yankees and anglos wanted hordes of immigrants for cheap labour- even the so-called nativists used to relentlessly court protestant Irish and German immigrants. They had a problem with Catholics, not with open borders. They also supported mass Asian immigration into California.

    For example, The famous nativist cartoonist Thomas Nast, when not portraying Irish as chimpanzees, used to make mawkish drawings of Asian immigrants and their ordeals.

    Eventually, this calmed down. Their good record for both sides in the Civil War in particular ended a lot of the anti-Irish and German Catholic feeling. It helped that they were, overwhelmingly, assimilated. After that, the debate shifted to immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe, with unlimited immigration for Northern Europeans, Catholic or Protestant, being almost unchallenged.

    The harbinger of the RUs was the Great Society programmes of the 1960s. The attempt to reset the parameters of US demographics can be seen clearly.

    The claim of right-wing Anglo-Saxon America getting politically diluted by european immigration is incorect as well. In modern times, Ethnic Europeans proved a bedrock of Trump support- compared to the squishy liberalism of most WASPs north of Mason-Dixon. Compare Steve Bannon to Sheldon Whitehouse, for example. In earlier times, compare Joe McCarthy vs Adlai Stevenson.

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    • The divide nowadays among whites is mainly religious rather than ethnic. Practicing traditional Christians have aligned more and more with FU Whites, whereas everyone else are in with the RU Whites.


      • Good point about levels of observance. With some noble exceptions, people usually abandon Christianity for Globalism.


      • Yup. RU whites are nothing more than judiazed christians — the founding puritan stock being more judaised than some Jews.

        In the past 2,000 years there really have been only two things that have effectively countered the ugliness and rot that the Jews and their treacherous allies inexorably spread: (1) True, pre-Vatican II-pray for the conversion of the perfidious Jews-Catholicism; and (2) National Socialism.

        Even though the RUs have managed to destroy both, they still hate both bitterly, and both make them absolutely shit themselves with fear. One lasted for 1,962 years and the other for about 10.

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      • @Scanman,

        “True, pre-Vatican II-pray for the conversion of the perfidious Jews-Catholicism” isn’t dead yet. See the SSPX. Its members are probably the plurality of France’s active Catholics.


    • The RU vs FU is a good theory, but it started in the 1960s, not before the Civil War. Truth was, back then pretty much every american, even “nativists” were pro open border…. the main factor was religion

      No – the main factor was the existence of the frontier.

      I’ve read that national passports were not even common before WW1.

      You just showed up at a US Port of Entry, and they asked your name.

      They =did= have strict enforcement of a few rules – medical quarantines & such.

      Keep in mind that before the age of widebody jet planes, it was not even feasible for Africans to THINK about going to the USA.

      iSteve has noted that factor as the single biggest argument against “birtherism”. We know that Obama’s coalmining slut mom WAS preggo with him in Hawaii. The path from Hawaii to Kenya (in 1961) was rather daunting.

      And there was no reason for Obama’s father to WANT to go back to real life in Kenya.

      The REAL scandal is that Obama Sr was probably not the biological father. Another Knee-grow (she collected coal sperm) was. Do the google’ ing.


  11. The RU’s leaders (Soros, Hil, etc) have made some gross miscalculations the last year, and arguably the last 8 years. I suspect that in their panic, they may really misstep and set events into motion that would really make things interesting. These are humans, not gods we’re talking about here. For instance, imagine them blocking a Trump inaugurstion pending a second election. Those are the sorts of events that really get regular people off their asses.


    • I think it’s really more simple than that.

      Hillary had to run on Obama’s economic record, which is a joke. They had to keep playing “pretend” that we are at full employment and that economically we are ok. Otherwise, Hillary would have had to come out and admit all of the economic data from the last 8 years is pretty much fake just to make the first black president look good.

      The hung themselves with their own lies and propaganda.

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      • right. Those are exactly some of the msicalculations I’m talking about. Here’s a quick list of elites’ mistake in my view:

        (1) Ignoring economic problems
        (2) Denying the existence of Islamic terrorism
        (3) Denying that any problems existed with the current immigration aystem
        (4) Encouraging black violence
        (5) Investing heavily in the sodomite cause, then taking it even farther by pushing for even more rights for wierdos
        (6) mainstreaming esoteric SJWism, which was out of touch with most regular people
        (7) Praising and promoting globalism
        (8) Pushing for more unwinnable wars
        (9) Covering up the truth at every turn for BHO and others
        (10) promoting too many diversity hires, like BHO
        (11) gutting and SJWing the military
        (12) Responding to any opposition to the above with the most condescending snark possible

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      • on December 12, 2016 at 6:08 pm Canadian Friend

        All of the above, plus,

        It took a few years but eventually people realized there was something wrong with a party that refuses to say the words Islam and terrorism together, especially after the 49 people murdered at that gay bar.

        and something wrong with a president that refuses to blame black criminals even when they assassinate policemen, Obama even said he could understand why blacks were angry.

        then people started to realize Obamacare was a big mess ( some insurance company have jumped off that sinking ship already ) and that Obama had lied to them about the whole thing.

        Then Hillary got caught mishandling top secret emails…

        the Soros-crats made a lot of mistakes, they were too full of self confidence and thought they could not fail.


    • I don’t know if I should be laughing instead, all the Russian hacking/defecting elector bits are pissing me off. Don’t follow the msm but am still catching a lot of it. And the fake news bill going through Congress how the fuck is that moving forward. These shitlibs don’t understand landslides. I take solace in Wisconsin deer hunters outnumbering any standing army. We might be really close to a hot transfer of power

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      • (i) Miscegenation.
        (i+1) Universal higher education. A PhD is barely enough even for the well-appointed.

        The deer hunters are keeping the range of buck and doe pew pews well tended to. Wisconsin would be also wise to consider a southern border wall with Chiraq on the quick.


  12. I have no problem with contempt for RU fools or the proposition that googles are slaveworthy dregs. But how am I to regard the many meth or heroin addicted; unemployed, uneducated and unemployable; no-account hwyte trash that now exist? Are they merely FU cannon fodder? I have no more desire to allocate tax dollars to their maintenance than I do to the hords of illegals who have transformed the southern part of my state into Mexifornia. What is to be done about this demographic problem?


    • A few things. First, I tend to see white trash types as more victims of curcumstances than I do blacks, thus I feel a little more sorry for them. Second, I think better members of the white race have a real responsibilty to lead and uplift them. All in all though, I think white degeneracy is overstated. I’ve found even trashy whites to more agreeable than the diversity. As far as what needs to be done? Some will need to be culled, and the rest will need a very firm hand from their betters. Their children especially will need to be targeted for proper education.

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      • on December 12, 2016 at 6:16 pm Canadian Friend

        Some of that degeneracy can be blamed on liberals and their weird liberal ideas such as injection ” safe” sites.

        Take away messed up liberals ideas and you get less degeneracy. Don’t take my word for it.

        take a look at these numbers,

        Heroin deaths now surpass gun homicides!!!

        PS: I have to link to a Canadian blog because the original graph is behind a paywall.


      • West Virginia one of the less wealthy states for whites yet very low crime.

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      • on December 13, 2016 at 2:06 am Vagina dominator

        “All in all though, I think white degeneracy is overstated.”

        No doubt about that at all. In fact, I personally don’t know any degenerate whites at all.

        Nonetheless, we keep getting that story.

        Currently, low-budget crime movies out of Hollywood follow a formula with these kinds of ingredients:

        – loser, unhealthy-looking police detective, divorced, on the drink, and can’t get laid
        – loser brother just out of prison
        – detective brother lusts after low-life bro’s wife, who is a mean-mouthed, skinny, nagging, greasy-haired whore who severely overestimates her SMV
        – wife has two kids – a surly young boy in a hoodie who is destined to be a loser skell, always sulking and going out and doesn’t know when he’ll be home – wife lights up a ciggie – grubby young daughter yearning for the attention of a father, any father – we know she will grow up to tweak and hook – plays on the linoleum floor with a second-hand Cabbage Patch doll probably stuffed with used Egyptian hospital bandages
        – they eat quickly, like furtive animals stuffing food into their mouths and chewing so wide we can see their tonsils – at a kitchen table too small to play a game of solitaire…of course under a crucifix
        – they argue, they snap, they snatch, they are impolite and crude and critical and inconsiderate and unattractive.
        – crim bro pulls a moll who might be attractive if she scrubbed up. She is loving and hopeful for him but she’s dumb and he is careless of her feelings
        – he gets back into crime
        – detective bro is TORN WHETHER TO HELP HIM OR NOT but he couldn’t anyway bcs he is a fuck-up too
        – bank robbery – all fucked up – crim bro killed – detective bro, defeated hands in his badge and goes looking for a bottle to crawl into
        – Message: Whites, what a bunch of low-life losers!


      • There is no white degeneracy. None. There are stupid, poor, unemployable whites but those types have always existed since Aristotle first got head from a greek hooker back in 3000 BC

        No white groups, anywhere on Earth, have the homicide rates of nignogs and Arabs. Or the rape numbers. Or the assault numbers. Or the arson numbers. Or the bad behavior.


    • on December 12, 2016 at 6:48 pm Mandy been here a while

      Every group will have its upper & lower members. They may not be great people but they are my people. If I have their back, they have mine against outsiders.


    • These are the same guys who, under a different style of leadership, conquered and built America in 100 years, while taking a large fratricide war.

      Similarly, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and Mercedes are able to use “white trash” workforce for mutual profit; but Ford and GM cannot.

      The fish rots from the head.


    • Arbeitsdienst


    • “I have no more desire to allocate tax dollars…” Dude, your tax dollars are already going towards the protection of the poppy fields in Afghanistan.


    • You have absolutely the wrong attitude about unemployed and or drug addicted whites.


      • Maus hasn’t been around here for awhile… he’s just another form of yid shill, sowing the seeds of neener-neener on YT.

        For cryin’ out loud, note the monicker. Comic book… excuse me, graphic novel of early fame, ’bout them feline NAH-ZEEs and our heroic little Ignaz (((mouse))).

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  13. I believe WW2 was a white civil war.
    A tragedy. I have met veterans from both sides (American, English and German) and they have a dignity about them coupled with respect and values. You feel humble in their company and have a hushed respect.
    They are a different superior breed to today’s white males of tatoos, tinder, faggotry and iphag addiction.

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    • But the allies were dumb enough to enthusiastically murder the white race on behalf of the chosen, so that means they weren’t much brighter than a trump worshipping cuck like you.


      • We’re not worshipping Trump, you fool. We back him as the best option for now.

        If Trump delivers on the wall and cutting off the flood of illegal immigrants, it will buy us a little breathing room to prepare and counter the anti-Whites.

        If Trump deports a substantial proportion of the illegals already here, that’s even better.

        If Trump reduces legal immigration … you see where this is going.

        The biggest victory has already been won. The (((media))) used all of their magic scare words against Trump — racist, antisemitic, KKK, xenophobic, misogynist, bigot, nuclear codes, sexist, sexual assailent, fascist — and none of them worked. Trump refused to back down, refused to apologize, and trolled the hell out of the cultural marxists; he exposed the Jews and the race-traitor cucks for what they are.

        Stronger and more intelligent proto-fascists will come along after Trump and improve upon what he started.

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      • Lol brasky. You angry little yid.

        Keep trying faggot. Hangin around here just makes you look like an even bigger loser.

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      • yeah, the “Israel did 9/11” guy is a yid, you dumb cocksucker


      • If you think Israel did 9/11, or any of the other numerous CTs that do nothing but distract, distort, and undermine logic and common sense, then you’re worse than a yid… you’re a useful stooge that carries water by the gallon for the Synathedral without even realizing it.


      • Why were these Israeli Mossad agents arrested for videotaping the attacks and celebrating as they occurred, Greg?

        Simple question, Greg.

        Answer it.


      • He can’t and won’t. He thinks Oswald acted alone too. Trump also knows this.


      • Comment in mod, hope it shows up.

        Short version: Even if the skewed reports about foreknowledge were true, does knowing about it and not stopping it equal “doing it” themselves?

        We “knew” about Pearl Harbor coming… does that mean that FDR “did it”?

        And if Trump knows this CT to be true, then he’s going to do something about it, right? And if nothing is done about it when he is in office, does that prove you guys are wrong?

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      • And just to reiterate, if anyone has the time or inclination to search the archives, I myself have speculated in the past that it wouldn’t surprise me if Israeli intelligence (and perhaps our own services) knew the attack was coming, but did nothing to stop it… for the same type of reasons that we “let” Pearl Harbor happen.

        And as heinous as that sort of thing is, it still doesn’t equate to those who know and don’t stop it are the ones who did it. The ones who did 9/11 were/are/remain a small cadre of dedicated guerilla fighters of Islamic bent.


      • “even if the skewed reports were true”

        I swear to god you are the slimiest son of a bitch I have ever dealt with in my life.


      • Trump knows, he obfuscated this by referring to “dancing muslims” which was a media gaslighting narrative at the time.

        As I’ve explained before, he is friends with Silverstein (owner of the towers and their double, thanks to his lawsuit, terrorism insurance policies), Netanyahoo, Giuliani, all up to their necks in 9/11.

        He wont do anything about it, and they will get away with it, thanks to stupid/evil/lying – I no longer care – cunts like you.

        Seriously, Greg – eat shit and die.


      • I say skewed, for many reasons… two quick examples, initial reports said that the cameras were set up before the first plane hit, which turned out to be false, and another report said the van they were driving was filled with explosives, which likewise turned out false.

        There are several other details that came to light upon further investigation versus what was initially reported, but I’ll let those with the inclination do the necessary googling and wading through the various readings.

        Stop projecting your own disingenuousness onto me… the only thing I’m interested in is TRUTH, above all else… even when it doesn’t fit my particular prejudices.


      • Can you even admit that foreknowledge is not the same thing as committing the actual act of terror itself… and that “Israel did it” is a disingenuous and misleading claim?

        If not, then fuck you too… it’s getting tiresome having to go through this same shit ever other month, with you and your kind acting as if your folderol has never been addressed… and with convenient excuses and elaborate Rube Goldberg explanations as to why your alleged miscreants will never be caught or punished.


      • Couldn’t sleep.

        There is no way it could only amount to foreknowledge. NORAD stood down, CIA stood down on intelligence beforehand, it goes on and on. Pentagon is the most well-protected building anywhere.

        It is the full time job of literal armies of professionals to guard against this kind of thing, and the shields were lowered on purpose so it could happen.

        That is intent.

        The waters have been purposefully muddied with all kinds of craziness (holograms, no planes, directed energy weapons, etc.) so that people just throw up their hands in frustration when investigating. The enemy has unlimited funding to do this – they print trillions out of thin air.

        Rumsfeld announced missing TRILLIONS on the days before 9/11. As in thousands of billions of dollars…oops. Hey, look over there, goyim!

        Very few people know all the details, but they don’t really matter.

        It was the dual-citizen Project for a New American Century Zionists…Wolfowitz, Dershowitz, Cheney, etc.

        There are lots of mysteries about the day, but no doubt about the who/whom.

        And Trump, a card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild, is close friends with the cast of characters.

        We live in darker times than almost anyone is willing to deal with.

        I personally need to GTF off of these blogs with whatever time we have left and focus on something healthy.

        The realization that most of our people deserve what’s happening is too much of a soul killer.


      • Greg, what do you think of the attack on the Liberty? Did the jews shoot it up for two hours and strafe lifeboats by mistake after surveilling it for over nine hours?


      • That’s why I said it was a tragedy…can’t you read?

        So GTFO this page. Save your anger for your wife.


      • I swear to god you are the slimiest son of a bitch I have ever dealt with in my life.

        Here you are projecting again, (((Bill))). We all know, and so do you, that you’re the slimeball. No wonder you can’t sleep. The fact you’re being exposed here as a shill is getting to you. That oughta tell you something.


      • Greg, what do you think of the attack on the Liberty? Did the jews shoot it up for two hours and strafe lifeboats by mistake after surveilling it for over nine hours?

        I, like most others of sound mind and good will, view it as an act of the most dastardly kind, and (((their))) official “it was a mistake, sorry” version is a stench in the nostrils of God.

        Just another tick off on the LONG checklist of skullduggery… reason #6,000,000 as why some folks don’t seem to like (((those))) people, amirite?

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      • The realization that most of our people deserve what’s happening is too much of a soul killer.

        Well, all those other claims aside, I’ll give you this one, in the best sense of the word “irony”.

        But if you expect anyone to believe that our own LEOs and private insurance industries are willing to sacrifice their own bodies and monies, and our government is so competent that they could pull off a 9/11, requiring thousands of people to go along and then merely “stand down”, well…

        … especially considering that a much smaller target and far fewer loss of lives would have sufficed for their alleged intended outcome.

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      • I see my original reply is still in mod… ah well.

        Final point… this started as an “Israel did it” claim, yet now by Brasky’s very own words, our own gummint was hip-deep in the conspiracy as well.

        That sort of takes some of the heat off the Izzies, don’t it?

        Or maybe not… after all only praise gets divided, but blame multiplied.


      • Christ you are full of it. Like you dont know that zionists run the gov. Even CH has used the term ZOG on his twitter


      • Heh… I was using the term ZOG when you were still in grade school… nobody doubts that ours gummint is, in most matters, zionist occupied.

        Nevertheless, you keep avoiding my points that prove your positions untenable.


      • I was using the term z-o-g when you were in grade school… nobody disputes these days that our gummint is firmly in thrall to (((those folks))).

        What has this to do with the questions raised thus far?

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      • Holy shit…hey babe…gather the kids round…pour the tea …

        Brasky’ On!


      • There ARE tons of LEOs and firefighters who put the truth out there, they are ignored. Or killed off…then theres a “crazy conspiracy theory” for the likes of you to ridicule.

        Most of them do/believe whatever they are paid to do. You even stated as much recently on these pages.

        You are a goalpost shifting, turn everything I say on its head spiritual KIKE if not a shill.

        I am done trying to engage with you or the sycophantic shitbags who back you up.

        Hopefully some honest people have seen my words here and some eyes will be opened.

        I am officially avaunting.


      • lol brasky you jumped the shark with calling Greg a kike shill. The Jew hath no truer foe than GE.

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      • LOL Bill Brasky the cuck who would rather whites die out with a whimper.

        If you have a hetter option pussy then spit it out, otherwise swallow like you have always done.


      • Most of them do/believe whatever they are paid to do. You even stated as much recently on these pages.

        A bit disingenuous of you to extrapolate my comment about how military and police follow orders and will fire upon their own citizens to mean they’ll also take bribes, en masse, to keep quiet about 9/11.

        So who’s paying off “most” of the LEOs and firemen, telling them to keep the 9/11 conspiracy under their respective hats?

        I want to see the cancelled checks. :duckface

        There ARE tons of LEOs and firefighters who put the truth out there, they are ignored. Or killed off…

        Make up your mind… a few dozen YouTuberies, selectively edited, don’t carry the weight of “tons”…

        … and then show me the “tons” of tombstones of those LEOs and firemen killed for opening their mouths..


  14. What you are calling runaway universalism is the feeling among some (mainly NW European whites) that man is meant to be only a moral being. This is reenforced by Christianity as Jesus was the apotheosis of this type person.

    The problem with RUism is that it is self-annihilating — suicidal and the RUs will take down with them all those around them.

    The likely end result if the RUs keep making progress is that the countries controlled by RUs will eventually become populated by a population that is largely immune to RU impulses. They will then stop the RUs.

    An example of this is the Serbian immigrant to Sweden who posts anti-Muslim and anti-African immigrant videos on youtube.


    • Actually, runaway universalism is a weird heresy and distortion of Christianity. The Serbs are far more Christian than the Swedes, and this universalism makes little sense to them whatsoever.


      • Overall, the Eastern Europeans are far more Christian than the Western Europeans, especially the modern Brits (who are pagans in all but name).

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      • My answer to that would be that going to church, praying, the outward forms of religious practice have nothing to do with the core message of Jesus, which is a pathological, suicidal, self-annihilating universalism. No long-standing society has ever practiced the “real” teachings of Jesus or they wouldn’t have survived.

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      • @Rbrandywine

        That’s interesting. So the Catholic Church, whose whole raison d’etre has/had been to pass on the “core message of Jesus”, never knew about this “pathological, suicidal, self-annihilating universalism” for about, oh, 1950 years, yet a bunch of bellyfeeling Churchians figured it all out in the last, like, two decades.


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      • My answer to that would be that going to church, praying, the outward forms of religious practice have nothing to do with the core message of Jesus, which is a pathological, suicidal, self-annihilating universalism. No long-standing society has ever practiced the “real” teachings of Jesus or they wouldn’t have survived.

        Scripture is explicit in mentioning that the light has no fellowship with darkness, and if there is a place where they will not heed the word, knock the dust of it from your feet and walk away.

        It mentions the hates of God and what He does about them when things become too egregious… to wit: annihilation of the miscreants.

        But for those with earnest heart and mind, and true fellowship with kindred souls, it is an abundance of life and well-being… no more ‘suicidal’ than a well-adjusted, disciplined, and closely-related family who considers the well-being of each other rather than their own base desires and lusts.

        The fact that all men have fallen short of the glory of God explains why we haven’t gotten it quite right yet on a national level… but there are and have been many examples at the nuclear and extended family level that show us the intention of our Creator.

        So FUCK YOU and your imagined “core message of Jesus”… you don’t even know basic Scripture, yet would lecture us about Him? “I come not to bring peace, but a sword” were His words as well as the Sermon on the Mount. Babylon of the OT tells the story which gives the lie to your interpretation, and any talk of a “one world” under current conditions is merely Satan’s “core message”, disguised as coming from an angel of Light.

        Get wise, and don’t talk to us about Christ again.

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      • “If any man come to Me and hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.”

        Luke 14:26


      • Me either. I see it is utter insanity of the Run Forrest Run caliber.


      • Brasky seems to be making my “ain’t no namby-pamby universalism ’bout it” point for me.

        And just so the uneducated don’t take the verse out of context, being a true disciple of Christ, and giving up all things of interest to the material world, is a narrow path which few are able to tread… this is why they are to be The Elect, and govern the vast multitudes of mankind back to at-one-ment with God, come the thousand year Judgment Day.

        There are hierarchies in God’s Kingdom, much like those seen throughout all manners of life here on earth.

        In short: One size does NOT fit all… and this is why true open-hearted study of Scripture is important for a thorough grasp… and why so few actually have the humility to master it, but many distort it… thereby leading others to stumbling.


      • Mere projection, and what a surprise…

        I give you solid Scriptural answers and you just ignore and continue saying the same thing, thread after thread.

        Who owns the hamster, and who the wheel?


      • I don’t see where you quoted the bible, Greg. I did.

        You say that verse somehow refers to a select few followers…I see the words “Any man”.

        If that verse is not proto communism, I don’t know what is.

        I suppose the hamster metaphor does imply mind/body duality…Without that we can’t seem to talk about personal responsibility, will, etc…

        If that’s what you were getting at…shrug

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      • Don’t be coy… “Scriptural answers” in explaining the Scripture you quoted (i.e., misrepresented)..

        “IF any man”… in short, the man who does and can follow Christ as a true disciple, that is one of the Elect. Nobody said anything about it being, ipso facto, a closed shop. But the Bible itself tells us it is a relatively small number (144K mentioned explicitly in Revelation).

        Point is, open applications are accepted, but few will have what it takes.

        And the original point is/was/remains, your talk of universalism (as it’s connoted today in regard to the one-worlders who distort Christianity) is gainsaid by the VERY VERSE you attempted to neener-neener a Christian with.

        A tactic well-worn and often tried, here at the chateau… usually by (((those))) you yourself say you disdain…. so if you’re a man of your word, stop carrying water for the enemy, for Christ sake. 😡

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • (((Brasky)))

        He was referring to converts to Christianity, not if the whole family is already Christian. If the whole family was Christian, there’d be no point in LEAVING the whole family.

        To make it even more obvious for your pea-sized brain: consider a Christian convert from a Muslim family. He’d have to reject his entire Muslim family and the social pressure they’d be putting on him to remain Muslim.


      • Don’t know if it needs further elaboration, but consider Adam and Eve… Adam wasn’t deceived, but feared that Eve would be taken from him and so decided to join her in her sin, figuring God wouldn’t destroy him, His beloved creation.

        So Adam loved the world more than God, and was therefore unworthy of further Garden of Eden privileges. Adam, in fact, sided with Satan, in the latter’s challenge that they didn’t need God, and indeed, they themselves could be “like God”.

        Now, consider the stakes being much higher now… the ultimate war between God and Satan for earth… indeed, perhaps even more of the universe.

        Are God’s needed governors… indeed, shock troops against Satan… going to be able to do the job if, like Lot’s wife, they turn back in longing at the material world they were pledged to leave behind?

        God doesn’t want us to “hate” our parents, He wants us to honor them.

        But Jesus’ words in this particular case are an example of the sort of parable hyperbole used to make a very important point… and only understood in proper context… NOT misused as some sort of neener-neener by the minions of the enemy… by those truly wishing to discern wisdom from Scripture.

        The unlearned snark that this is one of the alleged “contradictions” of the Bible.


      • Dalrock had a good post on the Adam & Eve and their fall. He hits the nail right on the head.


  15. I was dragged to a theater production of “A Christmas Carol” recently. Talk about social programming…

    Everything has to be updated to fit into black-run America… even old plays set in early 1800’s London. It’s funny that the gay liberal “theater types” that claim to not see race/sex/etc. try to hard to bang you over the head with it whenever possible with their obviously calculated juxtapositions… I expected to see the mixed-race families, and I expected them to not make sense (how does a Asian and a Caucasian produce a black Tiny Tim?), and I knew that I’m just supposed to ignore that.

    But what bugged me the most was the musical parts. Every opportunity to add that black-sounding, voice flailing, “embellishment” you hear in black music was used. Is there a name for that? That thing divas do, where they pitch-shift all around and hit a dozen notes real quick?

    Anyway, it was incredibly obnoxious. They’d be doing a 4 or 5 part harmony that would be sounding great, but without fail the black girl would go off on a wild, spastic vocal roller coaster, ruining the harmony, and generally making 1800’s London sound like a 90’s R&B show.

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    • on December 12, 2016 at 4:45 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Take 2: It’s called melisma. The robo-moderator ate my first reply.

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    • on December 12, 2016 at 6:27 pm Canadian Friend

      but without fail the black girl would go off on a wild, spastic vocal roller coaster, ruining the harmony

      they tend to ruin everything they touch


    • Speaking of which, I just saw The Muppets Christmas Carol and that’s such a delight.

      Had never seen it before, it was on and I always liked the Muppets. Good stuff.

      Did the Christmas Carol you visit have the “God bless us everyone” line?

      It was said many times in The Muppets version.


    • The name for that is caterwhauling, what the Ubangi’s call it. I don’t know nor care


    • on December 12, 2016 at 7:35 pm Milo Mindbender

      Urban yodeling


    • Everybody’s been doing that since Whitney Houston.
      Even many ‘Country’ singers have tried to sound as much like her – or as Black – as they possibly could.
      The best one at it was Mariah Carey, she was so good at it, in fact, that she actually managed to sound more like Whitney Houston than Whitney Houston herself did.


    • It’s funny that the gay liberal “theater types” that claim to not see race/sex/etc. try to hard to bang you over the head with it whenever possible

      They don’t want you to notice race or sex, except when they do.


    • I always like a loud chorus of screaming black chicks to accompany my cold cereal selection at the grocery store.


  16. “…White Nationalism is inherently a defensive posture…”

    Please elaborate.

    I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’d like to know what you’re thinking, as my perception of typical “white nationalists” remains negative despite decades of empathy starting with Ruby Ridge. My instinct is that such folks create targets, like a lighted compound among a zombie plague.


    • on December 12, 2016 at 6:36 pm Canadian Friend

      I can not speak for CH but here is part of something I posted at Amren recently that adresses this,

      Whites are being replaced, and if things don’t change soon , whites will go nearly extinct, and so will their culture, language, civilization, religion et cetera.

      It is us whites who are victims of some institutionalized race replacement program, we are not allowed to mention it, not allowed to complain about it ( except on a few blogs ) we are forced to pay for it with our hard earned tax dollars, and are expected to celebrate our own demise… that is perverted and sadistic.

      when we try to fight this race replacement program we are accused of all sorts of things; racism, white supremacism, we want a white hegemony et cetera.

      We are demonized for simply wanting to survive and thrive.

      The diabolical ones are those who are doing that to us.

      Trump and those who voted for him are not aggressors, they are victims acting in self defense, trying to fight this well organized tyranny against white people.

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      • on December 12, 2016 at 6:51 pm Mandy been here a while

        Russians won’t be going anywhere. Anglos, French, Swedes, Dutch & Germans on the other hand…


  17. If there is one thing the RU’s hate – it’s the truth. Just remind them the first President and Commander-In-Chief of the United States was unapologetically a southern gentleman, ran a plantation, owned slaves from Africa, was known for brutalizing Indians to clear the way for white settlers, and was unanimously elected by entirely white male electoral college.

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  18. Slightly OT, but note the obligatory white male slam:

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  19. Genius from Trump to attend that game to solidify his support with the military. He also has the Generals on board and always talks them up.. ‘I love Generals’. a huge feather in his cap. Much loved and Trump compares him to Patton.

    First thing Thatcher did was massive pay increases for the Police. The cops became known as ‘Maggie’s Boys’.

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    • Patton wouldn’t go across the planet to murder stone age doon coons, you cock sucking fucktard.


      • Patton would have done what he was ordered to do.


      • MacArthur was given orders to roust the Bonus Army, which he obeyed without hesitation.

        I doubt Patton would have done less.

        That the thing one must remember about police and military… as long as the checks cash, they’ll fire upon their own brothers and sleep like babies come nightfall.


      • “fire upon their own brothers”

        Ain’t necessarily so. WO Thompson’s crew at My Lai comes to mind.


      • I’ll see your My Lai and raise you a WWI, WWII, and American Civil War.

        Or maybe just a Ruby Ridge, lest I scare you off the pot into an early fold?


      • Patton would have kicked your faggot whiny jew ass thats for sure, Brasky.

        Theres some info floating around about Patton and his disdain for jews and that he noticed and was vocal about the jewry going on at the end of WW2. And was killed for it in a staged car crash.


      • Brasky keep your gay blow job fantasies to yourself

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      • I was going to point that out Ripp…I assumed I would be ridiculed as a “crazy conspiracy theorist”

        He supposedly said we fought for the wrong side before he died.

        And you can’t understand that comparing him to some modern day neocon stooge is preposterous?


      • Sorry Lichtof but once a cult of personality gets beyond a certain point of absurdity, that metaphor is pretty much all we have.

        I could go with “boot licking”, but Trump’s never worn any in his life – work, combat…nope.


      • The oath says “All enemies foreign and domestic.” But it usually only works a few times until some kid shoots his cousin or brother and the jimmies run through the ranks. I read recently that the Chinese had to call in a special guards unit to put down the Tiananmen Square incident. Supposedly several PLA units refused orders and had to be disbanded.


      • Brasky…call me a Trump cock sucker but I saw him speak. Was ten yards away. When the crowd chanted USA he looked at Melania and smiled and his eyes were moist.
        That’s the Trump I saw and will defend.
        He could be sleeping in in Florida, reading the newspapers in his pjs…then an afternoon of golf.
        Nope he was doing six rallies a day working 18 hours a day at the age of 70…trolling the MSM with the guile of a savvy techy teenager, calling out the liberal establishment on their bullshit, putting the brakes on immigration…ripping up job killing deals.
        Trying to revitalize the manufacturing sector.
        Giving a main spotlight to white Americans who have been tossed aside.
        Just maybe he saw how fucked his country has become and is going to do something about it.
        He has a beautiful family…model wives…sons who hunt.
        He is a billionaire on top who mostly financed his campaign.

        What have you done?

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      • slurp slurp slrup on the billionaire Screen Actors Guild con man who has now put 3 Goldman Sachs jews in control of the money supply working people have to slave for.

        He doesn’t even have good taste – Melania is super Slavic and squinty eyed, and this from a guy with a soft spot for EE women. I’ve had much better.

        Oh but he’s a “man of the people”, “anti-establishment”. Ridiculous. He told a bunch of sportsball “muh military” retards what they wanted to hear, vented the steam, and you still let him cover for ZOG.

        Oh, his eyes were “moist”. Now there’s some projection.

        Ill be back to laugh in your dumb faces as he continues to be a piece of shit.

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      • Brasky
        Well he wiped his eyes so no projection.

        Trump never made any white nationlist speeches, never espoused any white supremacy slogans. Not sure what you were expecting.
        Did you get up at 6am on November 9 and look for units of SS to round up the kikes?

        You remind me of a Stormfronter…all negative, abusive, demoralizing with nothing positive or constructive to say.
        And you come on here to bash like minded souls. Save your anger for the true enemy.
        If you come back here to just bash people and that’s how you spend your life well that’s pretty sad.


      • Ill be back to laugh in your dumb faces as he continues to be a piece of shit.

        Well, you outed yourself there, Schlomo.

        The day Trump proves to be a stooge for the Synathedral who has bamboozled the millions of White folks who had put their faith in him will be a sad, sad day indeed.

        And yet, you’re already wringing your hands, like a happy merchant, in anticipation of Schadenfreude.

        /you’re dead to me rape 😡


      • It will be a big step in the right direction for you simpletons to see behind the puppet show curtain.

        We are deep into “you were right, brasky” territory (TRS has been this honest, to my amazement), but you are too full of pride or shit to even open your eyes, so yeah, bro – Im mad.


      • “I’ve had much better [than Melania]”. If Brasky hadn’t gone full retard before, he did with that comment.


  20. “I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery” – Aeschylus


    • And it couldn’t at all be that “human rights activists” tend to be into kiddie pr0n. Da Russiunz dun it!


    • Note the Alinsky shaming language… “moral panic”.

      As if righteous anger and disgust is “panic”… meh, more of the same -phobia shitspeak/yidspeak.

      And on the other side of the coin, there’s that “they’re doing it!” projection again, decrying dirty tricks of others when (((they))) themselves are the masters of such.


      • Oh come on Greg, None of this could be true. It’s just a deflection from the real crimes of treason and bribery and meant to discredit us WNs.


      • Don’t act snarky with lies now… how often have I said I HOPE the accusations turn out to be true and the miscreants punished…

        YOU’RE the one who still owes us FBI and NYPD action… I think we’ve all been “patient” enough, and still bow to your (ahem) superior experience in working with investigative agencies.


      • The Jews are doing a flip the script conspiracy theory action here blaming the Russians. They are unintentionally implicitly giving credence to said “conspiracy” of themselves. Unbelievable phenomenon here.


      • Their reactions are giving them away. This whole Russian hacking scam is their attempt to construct a defense by saying the images were planted on the computers.


    • (((They))) are so transparent. I wonder if my buddy David Duke has seen this.


  21. on December 12, 2016 at 6:43 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    The problem with FU whites is that they have stupid hobbies and behaviors that I can’t stand.


    • They should suck baby dicks instead, like God’s chosen.

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      • Fuck you Amasius. Take that shit off of here.


      • They do that often. And there is photo evidence of Muslims kissing boys. There is in fact ton and tons of visual documentation found in searches at, none of which I will ever post here or anywhere, of the perversions of the Middle Eastern religions. These religions and perhaps to a large extent peoples must be eliminated from Humanity for Humanity to survive.


      • Says the guy with all the naked nigger videos? Really?

        Yeah, fuck me for reporting on it when (((they)))’re the ones actually doing it. People need to know about it, brah. Many still think jews are good/normal people.

        I don’t even have the power to take it down. That would be up to the maestro.


      • barenakedislam dot com


    • Then leave. No FU whites to bother you in your homeland.


    • The problem with yids is that Southron born and raised people don’t give a fuck what your paranoid nuerotic asses think about anything.
      Get ready to make aliyah, or in the oven you go, kike cocksucker.


    • Welp… you just outed yourself as a gamma, if you haven’t already.


    • Kek…

      I know this type — nominally hetero. His core is feminine which includes a penchant for duplicity and treachery.

      In rougher times, no man would have really trusted him and he would have worked as a school teacher or a shopkeeper. If he were an Indian, he would have been relegated to working with women.


    • What’s wrong with hunting and fishing? Mud running is a blast too.

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  22. CIA and Pentagon=mixed race agenda and intimidation.

    CIA directs “liberal media”

    Trump won’t listen to CIA/Pentagon briefings because “he is smart” CIA/Pentagon absolutely livid as Trump won’t conform to brainwashing. CIA/Pentagon have gone on a media blitz against Trump.

    CIA overthrows democratic governments and takes out people to make their directives work.

    CIA the most evil group in the last 15 years. Low IQ’s are the problem in America not racial divisiveness.


    • Last month it was the Puritans, last week it was the neocons (but no mention of the dominant faction, the neocohens), and this week it’s the CIA.

      Them tentacles be pointing EVERYWHERE… except in the right direction… towards the squid’s own haid.

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    • You are the weirdest fuck on here, Poooootin. Even more bizarre than Brasky and Divine Son and uh.


  23. Too much navel gazing.
    I think we need to look at this on a much, much larger scale.
    It’s a world war, a world war that never ends, waged by Afro-Asia against Europe.
    You have the Levantine financiers and string-pullers, the quasi-Mediterranean, South Asian and Maghrebinian foot soldiers and the African shock troops attacking everything, everyone, everywhere, on every level.
    From Seattle to Miami, from Trondheim to Sicily, from Perth to Brisbane.
    Every school, every street, every book store, every internet site, every mailbox, every TV channel, every subway, every bus, every bar, every beach, every supermarket, nothing but battle grounds.
    And thanks to a whole bunch of useful idiots on the Euro side – the Jewonastickstians, the ‘Greens’, the socialists – we have given them the weapons, know-how and technology and have also thrown the gates wide open.

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    • Funny. Jewonastickians voted solidly for Trump, and non-Jewonastickians voted solidly for thecunt. Something similar most likely happened in Austria with Hofer. Care to explain?


      • Self annihilating liberals are more spiritually jewonastickian – anti white, universalist, spiritually vaginal, etc – than the card carriers.

        And that’s just surface-level…as if Trump is actually what low-iq WNs are projecting him to be.


      • Bill (((Brasky)))

        Oh, that’s a good one. Non-jewonastickians are more jewonastickian (“spiritually” or however) than jewonastickians. Still trying to wrap my head around that one…


      • Christianity turned us into a bunch of weak ass jew worshipping faggots. I don’t expect one of you to understand it, that’s ok.

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      • Traditional Christianity is the exact opposite of a Jew worshiping religion. (((Feminism))) turned Christianity gay.

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      • Sure.
        Currently, true White Pagans are very few and far between, about 1700 years of non-stop Middle Eastern-inspired agitprop (©GregEliot) – and mass killings – saw to that.
        I’ll gladly admit that most people who call themselves ‘Pagan’ today are the fluffy bunny ‘alternative lifestyle’ crowd, which is sad, but the situation is improving.
        Besides, most Christians really are Pagan inside, Christianity as practiced in most of the West is basically Germanic/Celtic Paganism with a very thin veneer of Judaism applied by tonsured, Middle Eastern-led agitproppers (© see above) with a fondness for little boys.

        Austrians are, by and large, not the rebellious or ‘controversial’ type, so they tend to vote for the status quo.
        The fact that the status quo in this case means self-annihilation has apparently not sunk in quite yet.
        In addition, the Nazi club still works VERY well in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany, that, too is changing, albeit very slowly.
        On a TV channel called Euronews, that Hofer was leading with 53 vs. 46 % at around 5 p.m. local time, yet only about 1/2 hour later, van der Bellen was declared the clear winner.
        If this holds up to scrutiny, there may have been fraud YET AGAIN, but no one would be brave enough to challenge the results of 2 elections in a row, which may have been exactly what the Austrian Left-Green-Middle-sorta Right globalist coalition counted on.

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  24. This is one of the most influential issues in America and you need hear about it anywhere.


  25. There is also a great divide between Urban and Rural whites of all stripes.


  26. Stuck in mod hell


  27. Great Post. One of your best…..really peels apart the cause & effect of the past century’s downward spiral. A few take homes from how to neutralize the RU faction: relentless blocking of tenure where it creates bastions for the RU left & is w/o merit (teachers unions, other public sector unions); relentless anti-trust measures in media, where freedom of speech is at stake; relentless blocking of negative externalities in policies like immigration, Affirmative Action, Single Parenthood (cut off dem payments).


  28. One thing that Vox has elucidated well is that it was often a Jewish-Irish alliance that created the pivotal event leading to various western countries’ downfall, i.e., their embrace of open borders & multicult. Both were resentful, insecure about their status vis “Brahmins” or old stock Protestants. Many Irish are neutral, but a signif % eg, 25% are like the snake Teddy Kennedy. The Jewish-Irish alliance was key in causing the US, Canada, AUS, & UK to embrace diversity. Actually found most Italians are more Neutral on this issue, like Guiliani, they can be persuaded either way. Greeks & many ‘core cuckery’ Euro nations are long shots to join a patriot cause. Takes them 4 generations+ to assimilate to common sense.


    • The Irish are a sad case. Emphatically White racially, tend not to affiliate White tribally for historical and cultural reasons. O’Donnell, Matthews, O’Reilly, the Kennedys. Pat Buchanan kicks ass, though.

      It’s bizarrely prevalent for Irish and jews to interbreed, too. Harrison Ford, Jennifer Connelly, Gavin DeGraw, and Bill Maher are all products of IM/JF pairings. I almost put David Duchovny on the list, but I double checked and he’s a Scottish mother, jew dad hybrid.

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      • There’s a helluva lot of self-hatred in the Irish DNA. They have a completely unjustified hatred of the English (when it is obvious to anyone with two eyes that the English LIFTED UP the Irish from poverty and backwardness). The Irish in America embraced the multi-culti and open borders because of their irrational hatred of WASPs. And the Jews saw the paddies as an easy target for manipulation.


    • Joyce also made a jew the hero of “Ulysses.” The disgruntled Irishman snuggles up to the poysecuted jew and the great Greek cultural icon becomes a perverted kike. No bueno.


      • Damn, you’re right. Read that in college. And what you just distilled in those two sentences have forever added a different take on the novel for me.

        That being said, my favorite passage comes when Stephen chats with his buddies in the library:

        A man a genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.

        Of course Stephen was really Joyce and now knowing this, sounds like he’s excusing why he did what he did.


      • Both Jews & Irish saw themselves as underdogs allied against the privileged. To be more specific, it is the upper aspirational classes of the Jews & Irish who were probably most resentful at the WASP establishment in the period 1900-1970. I suspect most average middle class or working class Jews or Irish were ambivalent about social hierarchies, and just happy to get on in life with a good job & family. But the narrative spewed by the Jews & Irish in the media/political circle was intended to foster resentment among their apolitical or indifferent peers.

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      • Jew-affined Joyce spun the most significant hero in all literature into a canvassing k!ke.

        But in his parody of the Gerenian charioteer, he was closer to the truth, I think, than he ever knew: “Mark my words, Mr Dedalus, he said. England is in the hands of the jews. In all the highest places: her finance, her press. And they are the signs of a nation’s decay.”


  29. (how) do we cure the Irish of their battered wife syndrome.

    They are the most staunch supporters of huwhyte cuckery.


  30. There is no White Civil War. We know the (((enemy))), and it is NOT US. Niggers are just dumb bio weapons. All these fake nigger atypical fantasy moments are to push these dumb apes against us. They’re too dumb to form any strategy themselves. The fact they have to keep bringing in more brown scum says a lot. Whites are smelling a rat. When they are bringing in Muslims who want to kill them more then we do, you can see the desperation. There can be NO ACCOMMODATION. Segregation or even Apartheid cannot work. These are parasites. They cannot live separately from us.

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  31. OT:

    How great is it that Trump tooled bitch Mitt Romney, dangled the carrot out there….then chose someone else for Secy of State. LOL.


    • Romney is a powerful political meddler. Not only did Trump dangle the carrot, he stole his lunch money like how a bully plays both psychologies at once. Pretty much sending Romney the message that you better not fuck with me.


  32. The mexican/latino invasion makes sense- its the easiest. Easiest path to majority dillution. Followed by the weakening and subverting of the white middle class, and then the antagonization of all nonWhites against whites. Including mudslime terror and LGBTBbQ fag shit.

    Looking at this I’m convinced weve been given a chance to stop this trend.

    Trump is laying low and assembling his ranks. And thus far hes got some super shitlords in place. I have faith were going to see some great moves in 2017. I beleieve Trump knows the real score and the the real goal.

    Time to reverse the flow.


    • Exactly. These plans were drawn up by people who are good at planning and disseminated at places like Davos and Bohemian Grove. They probably used this very same chart.


    • “Trump is laying low and assembling his ranks.”

      yes. the yid picks are likely insurance so (((they))) don’t use the stock market to sink his presidency.

      the left is going to find themselves reverse explaining why they keep losing. right now it’s the Russians, racists, fake news, etc. but bigger moves are coming and they’re just going to SO offended that anyone would think of running the country as a successful enterprise.

      the antidote to the steady erosion of our country, of ANY country is to keep. f’ing. winning.

      you don’t ever stop winning. ever.


      • ‘winning’ is the solution to many of the problems discussed here. when you’re losing you fight over small things, like how many immigrants to let into your country. when you’re winning, like, “we’re going to Mars”, conversations about immigrants seem ridiculous. “why the fuck should we let immigrants in our country? we’re building a colony on Mars, fer chrissakes! no time for dead weight!” or whatever great project.

        by shifting the Overton window to winning, Trump has sidestepped many of the globalists’ booby traps. it’s not about race. it’s about success! this is higher order thinking. you only fuss over divisions when you’re losing. when you’re winning, you pay attention to them, but theyre ultimately a distraction. your mind is on the bigger picture, not hurt feelings.

        when Trump says we started thinking “small”, he means petty loser thinking. and we all know who the petty loser thinking (((purveyors))) are…

        the old adage holds: success is the best revenge. Trump wants to take us. the Kaepernicks of the world can continue to take a knee on the sidelines. we’re going for the gold.

        if the white race has a trump card (heh) it’s being awesome. we need to play it.


    • Racially, the “Hispanic” column can be merged with the Native American. I’d guess 9 out of 10 Hispanics contain some Native blood.


  33. Remember, pre-Civil War it was the South importing the third world for cheap labor. The North’s cause was strong tariffs to protect the value of Labor… which in their case WHITE MALE labor.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t exactly look at the packs of slave descended blacks in this country and think “The South were the good guys”.


    • And then southerners wanted to ship the Africans back to Liberia. It was northerners that forced us to make them U.S. citizens.

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      • A story as old as America, it seems. “We only wanted cheap mexican guest workers to pick the crops and bus dishes… now the damn Yankees are trying to pass Amnesty”.

        Look, there’s plenty of blame to go around, but in race realist circles, the South never gets their share. They imported the damn blacks for profit. They fucked up.


    • In defense of the South, they were importing chattel property farm equipment — not immigrants.


      • What has always baffled me is why they had to import people from Africa in the first place.
        You can’t tell me there weren’t enough poor, downtrodden serfs (=basically slaves in all but name) in Ireland, Scotland England, Germany, France, Sweden, etc. who would would have jumped at the chance to work the fields of Georgia or Mississippi.
        Beats debtor’s prison in 20 below zero.

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      • Yes… I still don’t know why we imported niggers. It makes no sense. at. all. You want chattel slaves? Plenty of desperate whites back then.


      • African slaves were preferred over European indentured servitude, especially in the deep south because they tended to be far more tolerant than Europeans of working in the oppressive summer heat. They were mostly from equatorial west Africa, typically, so not surprising.


      • Black people were preferred as slaves because they tended to out live the other groups, or have a harder time escaping for one reason or another, and allowing the slave owners to maximize their profit.

        Also less educated and easier to control.

        Being different made society at large less likely to relate to them as well.


    • Though I am far-right, I generally share the disdain that shitlibs have for white southerners because of the innumerable problems caused by the slave descended blacks. The South brought them here. the South is fucking problem.

      Also, I don’t think it would have been a bad thing for the world if the United States became two distinct nation states in 1861. No pointless war. Besides, I prefer smaller countries (Belgium) over large countries (Indonesia).


  34. “What if Joseph and his people were in fact the plague in the first place? The Hebrews were known for being a folkwandering people—in this particular episode they were a foreign horde descending upon a sprawling empire’s doorstep, taking advantage of it by worming their way into its administration and using that power to serve their factional interest at the net expense of the natives. What if they were the ones imposing their own order on Egypt, instead of being ordered by the Egyptians?

    What if then the biblical plagues, rather than the wrath of Yahweh, were in fact the chaos of Egypt’s Kek, meant to drive the Hebrews from the country? Nothing is more destructive of an imposed order than supernatural disaster(s). The frogs, locusts, diseases, and other plagues upon the land could be taken as a completely opposite sign of what the Hebrews committed themselves to remembering. Not punishment, but something else entirely.”

    “The Jewish press makes no attempt to hide their hatred for President Trump; truly then he is a “plague” upon their house. If America is such a horrible racist and anti-semitic country, perhaps it is time for an exodus? Surely you’ve been through worse—you never hesitate to remind us—but why take chances? The promised land calls the children of Israel home. Are you really going to “fight” Trump by doing everything populists accuse (((the elite))) of doing in the first place? Not a good plan. Chaos tends to win, and the chaos candidate has won. The god of primordial darkness has sent his sign.”

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  35. Much of the current debate regarding immigration, nationalism, white culture etc needs to be reframed. Trump’s win has helped immensely by forcing debate about sensitive issues and making it easier for MAGAfolk to create solidarity. However, we are still dealing in the liberal/MSM frame and defending our viewpoints instead of flipping the script and attacking.

    Make liberals choose a position so they have to debate reality instead of waffling between their imaginary feel-good worlds. Liberals claim that we can bring over any number of Muslims and they will assimilate; however, that directly conflicts with their narrative that diversity is a strength and a necessity. As a bonus, note that their SJWs deride cultural appropriation, yet pro-immigration liberals are taking the stance that they will encourage/force muslims to appropriate white American culture (or maybe black culture). They can’t have it both ways.

    Push back on the -ism labels. Racism is just a word that describes the trend of group self-interest and survival. Even open border progressives will agree that a group acting with cohesion, self-interest and self-determination is a highly desired thing if you are clever enough to use a socially approved oppressed minority as an example.

    Keeping the points above in mind, why don’t we ever hear any re-framing on muslim/hispanic immigration? Why aren’t we pointing out that by bringing other cultures here to assimilate them, we deprive them of their own culture and heritage and are trying to turn the whole world white? When you look at it from that frame, it is clear that liberals are the true white supremacists, following the ages old model of civilizing the savages. Push back on them and ask how they can justify diluting other cultures or if they believe that other culture is inferior. Obviously, you will never change their mind, but you will hopefully help some of the bystanders start to think.


    • One of the keys is to stop being defensive.
      Don’t let them shush you into a corner with the Nazi club, that was a period of about 23 years, it’s history, it’s over, move on dot org.
      Racism is natural, all people do it.
      The most racist people I’ve personally ever come across are the Arabs and the Japanese, and many Black people can’t form a sentence without using the word ‘race’.
      Chinese people will ALWAYS help a fellow Chinese against non-Chinese.
      Indian people will ALWAYS help fellow Indians against non-Indians.
      Arabs/Moslems will ALWAYS (you better believe it, it’s the Umma) help fellow Arabs/Moslems against non-Arabs/Moslems.
      Hispanics will ALWAYS help fellow Hispanics against non-Hispanics.(They are technically not a race, but a cultural community, something like a modern day version of the Roman Empire transported to Latin America, but their society functions much along the same lines as the Indian castes and racism is systemic therein.)
      And so on.
      NW & Central European Whites are the only ethnicity in the world who have had this natural instinct beaten and/or shamed out of them over the course of the past 100 years or so, we can argue over exact dates.
      It’s changing, but very slowly, too many are afraid or too keyboard-jockeyish.
      So go out there and do something TODAY.
      Something positive and constructive, that is.


  36. Yes, this is much more a white war than a war between whites and non-whites. The RU whites have a seething hatred for the FU whites, and they instill that hatred into non-whites and women via the media and the education system. The RU whites see the FU whites as an obstacle to be overcome in order to achieve their fantasy diversitopia of equalism and low-agency third worldism.

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  37. on December 13, 2016 at 8:41 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Cute article. I applaud TRS for bottling up their pleb-class, Jew hatred for at least a few articles.

    I’ve concluded that WNs hate the “White Supremacist” label simply because it cuts through their bullshit. What WNs think about Jews really gives more insight into the European psyche than it says anything about Jews.

    They can prattle on all they want about “nationalism for everyone”, but the rest of us know the score. We’ve seen the Eternal European in action. We know full well who the Eternal European is: greedy, expansionist, duplicitous, exploitative, etc. Good European Christians can’t even resist butchering each other on a mass scale.

    Counter-Gentilism is just smart strategy.


    • “Counter-Gentilism is just smart strategy.”

      until it’s not.


    • Lol D-kike.

      Your entire comment couldn’t be more of a text book example of jew projection.

      Of course, europeans are so bad…that jews just cant stand living amongst them. Lolz…

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      • exactly, ripp. we’re so horrible, but they sure love leeching off everything nice were create.


      • And to think, they even have their very own homeland to go to, if they so desired.

        That is, it’s SUPPOSED to be a homeland… right now it seems like merely a headquarters… or perhaps a safe house to duck into when the goyim get restless.


    • Not if you’re dependant on them. It’s God’s special reward for you’re being so stiff necked. He really does have a keen sense of humor. Think of it- Achilles heel and Achilles Alifantis, the 49th most important man in Washington. I laughed out loud when I first heard that 49th most important thing. That will be a great line a play one day. And of course we’re White supremacists because without it, things are FUBAR. You’re just jelly, that’s all.


  38. Chamberlain’s “Foundations of the 19th Century” (written in 1911) is an interesting read today. He had already identified the globalist-nationalist split as the primary one in Western history. He also connected the globalist cause with the “chaos of races” that converged at the fall of the Roman Empire, to which the Roman Catholic Church was the heir. Nationalism always was a Teutonic force (encompassing northern Euros and Slavs) , that asserted national identity in opposition to the universalist mischling hordes.


  39. The naked nigger videos are to remind people just how backward and primitive Africans really are. We whites often forget that niggers are savages because black Americans wear clothes and speak (semi)English. They seem somewhat civilized but that’s because WE made them act right.

    We often forget what the nignog is really like. In his natural environment.


    • That’s pretty much the reason rapeugees get off in the Swedish courts for raping women. The women are told they incited the mem to rape them with their dress. Well if the shoe is on the other foot and the shoe fits….


    • Negroes in Negroland — google it — a collection of observations about Africans, by Whites making initial forays into Africa. Horrific is the only word I can use.

      Or “The Conquest of New Spain” — first hand account from a soldier in Cortes’ expeditionary force. Mexico circa 1580 = human sacrifice+cannibalism+slavery.

      The pozzstory books often omit critical bits of information that can help people synthesize an accurate view of the world and its various races.

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  40. Bottom line is survival. But we as evil YT do not just want to survive a la the rest of the dark world. We want to thrive and shoot for the stars. As I read in some comments above, our real issue is the Jude and his nefarious, maniacal schemes to rule the world with the goy as his dumb ox to tread out the grain. The Jude utilizes the dark hordes as bio-weapons against us. We FU YT’s are not white supremacists. The term is redundant. Evil YT is supreme just by virtue of his DNA and all that it encompasses. More precisely, we are superior. The untermensch use the terms white supremacist, racist, and whateverphobe to get us to chase our tails, deny our superiority, and always be on the defensive against something that is a made-up, faux offense. Those of us who are awake/red-pilled do not waste our time giving any attention to the Jew Matrix (yes, the Jews are at the base of all of this) except to call it out and ridicule it. In effect, we are using Lucifer’s Padawan, Darth Alinsky’s, tactics, against these creeps, because these tactics work. The Juden become more frightened and desperate as more and more evil YT’s awaken. The Trumpening is just the first step of our long struggle. /Heil Trumpus Maximus!


    • “White supremacy? The term is redundant.”

      Now THAT’S a shitlord di tutii shitlord answer…. especially if said matter-of-factly.

      Wouldn’t it be great to hear that said aloud to the talking heads… by somebody like Trump, if not he himself? kekekekekekekek

      We’d literally see heads explode.


    • on December 13, 2016 at 1:43 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      So superior, yet, here you are..

      Frightened for your survival, wondering where it all went wrong, wondering how the wool could’ve been pulled over your eyes so easily.



      • Keep talking, kike. We want the world to know.


      • Ok then professor D-kike, name a more superior race, and lets compare and contrast.

        Ethnic Europeans vs. ____?

        Africans? bahaha. J/k.

        Your answer?

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      • Why are you hanging onto our coattails then you parasites?


      • So superior, yet, here you are..

        Frightened for your survival, wondering where it all went wrong, wondering how the wool could’ve been pulled over your eyes trains could have been boarded so easily.


        Were you talking about us or (((youse guys)))?


      • It takes teamwork to be superior. You would know this as a Jewish Supremacist, Donna Zuckerberg.


  41. on December 13, 2016 at 10:26 am Enfant Terrible

    How can you build a nation where one is an Hindu, another is a Jew, another is a Muslim, and another is a Christian?

    One thinks eating pork is good, then the other thinks eating meat is bad, while another thinks cutting off the foreskin of little babies is doing God’s work, and another thinks cutting the throats of non-believers is good.

    The list of cultural, religious, social, and political incompatibilities is so extensive that makes one truly wonder how on earth, the US, still manages to maintain some cohesiveness as a country.

    There is a need to have some glue that binds people together, and that glue has to be something more than crass consumerism, or some abstract concept of citizenship.

    When the US was primarily an offshoot of European civilization, it worked really well because, even though Europeans are different from each other, they are all part of a civilization continuum that shares many common elements among themselves.

    But when you introduce the outsiders, and not in little numbers, but in huge numbers, and which are unwilling, or unable to assimilate themselves into the original core culture, then what???

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    • Ya carlos i just saw that lmao. Liberals are gonna have a meltdown bahaha. Trump is a boss and blacks respect power. The cognitive dissonance…it burns! Lol look at the homeboy to the right hes like “uhhhh yo kanyay why u be cool wit trump” Trump looks stately as fuck, pulls kayne toward himself, typical Trump power move.


      • He even asks if he’s okay, but with a genuine concern instead of saying it flippantly.


      • FML


      • hehe
        I hope he is not going to get Secretary of Education
        I was just told that one has already been filled
        Perhaps Secretary of Culture
        Oh I am sorry I am told now that there is such a position in Murica
        Jesus Christ there must be something for muh ni66er
        But look aT the bros, one would say a truly historic moment
        as koonye once said himself

        I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.
        Kanye West

        I am Warhol. I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh.
        Kanye West

        Oh yes finally let us nominate Koonye for
        Secretary of Impact and make Kartrashians the Holy Citizens of Murica


  42. John Derbyshire calls it “The Cold Civil War” between “Goodwhites” and “Badwhites.”


  43. It’s pro-whites vs. anti-whites.

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  44. The big question is: will we survive as a race? Yes, or no. If yes, there will be blood. If no, there will be blood. There will be blood either way, so isn’t it insane to not want to win? The war is on. We’ve been decimated. Time to counterattack.

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  45. Breitbart: ‘Tower Summit: Trump to Meet Silicon Valley Techies Who Funded Hillary Clinton, Democrats to Tune of Millions

    Now that the election is over, President-elect Donald J. Trump will hold a technology summit at his base of operations, Trump Tower in New York City, on Wednesday with a group of Silicon Valley industry leaders.’

    A humble suggestion to our God Emperor – don’t hold the meeting *too* high up, or the parachutes might have time to open.


    • That is how you read the article
      Jeez no soup pardon hope for you
      The CEOs and top executives attending the meeting according to a report in Recode include: Google’s Larry Page, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and more. According to the Recode report, Facebook investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is intricately involved in helping organize the meeting of the minds.

      In the case of Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, those companies poured millions into backing Clinton—and barely anything into backing Trump
      All our friends fighting against sand nigger H1B visa, feminism and so on
      Particularly I want to underline Sheryl Sandberg and her now famous and pivotal thesis :
      “In the praise of virtue- the unquantifiable role of chastity in lives of young women”


      • Trump tonight…he is flanked by as many Christmas Trees they can fit on stage. He opens with ‘Merry Christmas’.
        He AMOGs Paul Ryan.
        Makes fun of Jill Stein’s ridiculous recount bid ‘she got 1%…she thought she could catch us’.


      • I’m hoping this will be a repeat of the infamous MSM meeting involving bullycide or defenestration.


      • on December 14, 2016 at 9:47 am Captain Obvious

        Theodore “Ted Arison” Arisohn, founder, Carnival Cruise Lines


      • on December 14, 2016 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

        Meshulam Riklis, co-founder, Carnival Cruise Lines


      • on December 14, 2016 at 9:50 am Captain Obvious

        Micky “Arison” Arisohn, Chairman, Carnival Corporation


      • Patriot Riklis

        “Riklis is credited with originating complicated paper transactions like high-yield bonds and leveraged buyouts to take over control of major companies, then doing paper switches of the assets into companies he owned. His first significant foray was the creation of the Rapid-American Corporation by combining his significant stake in Rapid Electrotype Company, a platemaking concern with the American Colortype Company, a maker of stereoview lithographs and dollhouse furniture. Tracing the history of Rapid American Corporation[1] and its renamed form Glen Alden Corporation, one can find the succession of acquisitions Riklis used to create his financial empire, including McCrory Stores, Leeds Travelware,[2] Gruen Watch Company, Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, Aunt Nellie’s Farm Kitchens, Bargain Time, Beatrice Foods, Canadian retailer Dylex, Culligan International, Fabergé Cosmetics, J. J. Newberry stores, Lerner Shops, Lawry’s Meat Specialties, Martha White Foods, Odd Lot Trading, International Playtex, the Riviera hotel and casino in Las Vegas, RKO-Stanley Warner Theatres, Samsonite, Schenley Industries, the one-time American distributor of Dewar’s whisky.[3]

        After his financial empire was well established, he returned to Ohio State to complete his acquisition of a Master’s Degree in Finance. His degree thesis, titled “Expansion through Financial Management” and based on his career, discussed “the effective use, or rather non-use, of cash.” [4] At the height of his financial success, he claimed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times to have a reported net worth of a “billion dollars.”[5]

        One of the many shells and holding companies he bought in the process of building the empire was E-II Holdings, in which the other investors later discovered he had placed the names of impressive companies, but not the assets. Among the investors in E-II was Carl Icahn. These investors revolted on Riklis and started seizing other properties in the financial empire.[6][7]

        Many of the corporations declared bankruptcy, again carefully maneuvered by Riklis to preserve his personal wealth. He famously sold his stake in the Carnival Cruise Line to Ted Arison for US$1 (while the company was $5 million in debt).[8] In the early 1980s, he hired Jeffrey Silver and then Boston accountant, Arthur Waltzman to take over as CEO of his then struggling Vegas landmark Riviera Hotel and Casino and rescue it from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.[citation needed] He also brought on board Sam Distefano to head the resort’s entertainment department.[9] Forbes Magazine reported that while at the helm of a string of his companies, Riklis left his creditors unpaid for over US$2.9 billion in debt. According to Forbes, less than 10% of this had been recovered as of 2007.[10] Riklis donated $1,000 to the presidential campaign of Joseph Biden.[11] In March 2013 Riklis filed for bankruptcy protection for Rapid-American Corp because of asbestos related personal injury claims brought against Rapid American through their subsidiary Philip Carey Manufacturing.[12]”


    • h/t Kakistocracy

      ‘ After an ugly and deeply polarising presidential campaign in normally tranquil Austria, whooping and relief on one side Sunday night was matched by disdain and anger on the other.

      …artist Natalia Nadasma, 21, said that Brexit and Trump had motivated many activists to make sure that the Austrian election wasn’t yet another political shock.

      “A lot of people from civil society decided to be active, to go onto the streets in order to convince people to vote for liberalism, to vote for openness, to vote for diversity,” Nadasma said.’

      Brexit might have been a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for the Trumpenreich – it showed shitlords it was in fact possible to win even while ringed around by traitors and lambasted with lying propaganda and rigged polls. Too bad these events also rouse the useful idiots who will gladly throw themselves and their countries (though they prefer the latter first) on the funeral pyre in service to a vapid cause they comprehend to the extent of being able to recite a few buzzwords.

      The chance to virtue signal with the puerile message that you disagree with how people vote on other continents is certainly a good reason to embrace your demographic annihilation and the surrender of the lands your forefathers bled over to foreign conquerors whose martial exertions consist of marching in with their hands out.


    • Out of date, but from the Telegraph: ‘Nottinghamshire Police is recording incidents such as wolf whistling, street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photographs without consent within the hate crime definition.

      It also includes unwanted sexual advances, uninvited physical or verbal contact and using mobile phones to send unwanted messages.

      Commenting on the new procedures, introduced in partnership with Nottingham Women’s Centre, Chief Constable Sue Fish said: “I’m delighted that we are leading the way towards tackling misogyny in all its forms.”

      “A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”

      “If the victim feels that this has happened because they are a woman then we will record it as a hate crime.”‘

      That this is in the same country where the story of Rotherham was viciously suppressed should give you an idea who these laws are aimed at. Just one more thing we could have looked forward to here if Hillary were elected.


      • ‘Nottinghamshire Police is recording incidents such as wolf whistling, street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photographs without consent within the hate crime definition.

        It also includes unwanted sexual advances, uninvited physical or verbal contact and using mobile phones to send unwanted messages.

        So what color are the boys doing all this street theatre?

        Are the White guys suddenly all construction worker shitlords?

        Or is the arrival of shit-coloured vibrants and such creating the uptick?

        I think we all know the answer….

        I’ve been saying for years now, at the chateau and elsewhere, that the mania of feminist antimale laws stem from the rising tide of colour in the West…

        … except that the cognitive dissonance of having to admit it’s the behavior of the shitskins proves too weighty… from BOTH the shitlibs and the muh-alpha contingent we see at the very chateau!

        Hence, all the MSM agitprop shows the creepy and smarmy White guys…

        … while on the other hand, showing only noble, intelligent, and fit-looking darkies…

        … in the effort to convince all races that White women lurv them some vibrancy… or at least should.

        Fuck this ghey planet.

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  46. Like

  47. Like

  48. It has the line about irrumation Greg hates, but there’s so much hilarious stuff here I have to post it:


  49. Emily Youcis was recently fired from her job as a stadium vendor for publicly expressing alt-right sympathies. now she’s doubling down and using her talents to go full [email protected]

    zionists,, and muzzies, and perverts, oh my!



    • Seriously, this video is fantastic. We need more like this, ASAP. Support Emily’s work. This is exactly the type of stuff that breaks down the brain-wall we are trying to bust through.

      As I have said: there is no way to avoid Nazism. No matter what you do, you are going to be called a Nazi, and beyond that, no matter what you do, you are basically going to sound like a Nazi. The only way to not sound like a Nazi is to cuck-out on core issues.

      If you cuck out on principles for the express purpose of not being considered a Nazi, you end up failing like FPO failed and like Le Pen is going to fail.

      So you have to deal with this Nazi taboo, and the only way to do that that I can think of is by demystifying the “evil” image of Nazism through humor. That is what we do here and what Emily is doing.

      Lulz are not just us having fun and playing a game. This is the key to the salvation of the white race.”


      • A lost irony here is that the Wizard of Oz was written by a Free Mason and is a Globalist tome at heart, It makes this that much tighter and better. Hats off. This was brilliant. She has talent.


      • In this age POZ full of feminist tattooed blue hair fat monsters it is especially heartening to see see a woman like Emily
        This song comes from ex Russia,it is beautiful and as such best antidote against the decay that crashes human soul


    • The real irony is, a video like this (Unity Through Laughter, kekekek) will win more hearts and minds than a thousand of those (ahem) hard-hitting expose’ YouTuberies.

      A tip o’ das Pickelhauber to Pistachio Girl.


  50. Like

  51. Ready for Grenzenlos (without borders), a choir from Cologne, Germany?

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  52. Or how about this for a training video:


  53. The hits don’t stop till we get to the top.
    Check out this very special snowflake:


  54. Racist Jews launch Russophobe Movement in an attempt to delegitimize White Christian President-Elect Trump


  55. lzozlzolz


    • Pay attention, if you would post… this has already been shown, up above.

      Or, let’s just keep loading up the thread with videos so that it doesn’t load from inception any more. 😡


  56. Happy Smile Day 37 🙂 !

    How awesome is it that the soon to be President of the USA has them all coming to this lil’ ol place here ^^^ to bend their knee?

    Kayne? yep

    Bezos? yep

    The Cuckiest of Cucks? yep



  57. Compare the following cases:

    A1 “I am Catholic and I think abortion should be legal!”
    A2 “I am Muslim and I think abortion should be forbidden!”

    B1 “I am Catholic and I think refugees should be drowned!”
    B2 “I am Atheist and I think refugees should be rescued!”

    Remember folks, both your eternal fate and your country dependence on it!!!


  58. without return there is no deliverance

    we’re not quite in Job’s position, either


  59. Oh good, another lecture from our betters smugly edifying us in the errors of our ways.

    ‘Vanity Fair‘s Peter Savodnik concludes in “Why Angry White America Fell for Putin,” voting for Trump was a way for American men to express racial pride, and a preference for “submissive” women from the former Communist countries. He writes:

    While Europe has embraced socialists and Muslims, among other groups, Russia appears a final redoubt of white pride. At least, this is how Russia has portrayed itself to, and is viewed by, many on the new American right—the angry horde, the white-nationalist base who wants their country back. There were glimmers of this in the ‘90s and the aughts, when angry, white men flew to Moscow, and then St. Petersburg and Kiev, and then Tomsk and Omsk and Vladivostok, in search of beautiful, Russian women to replace their feminist w**** in America. (I wrote a story about these men, “From Russia with Pre-Nup,” for GQ.) What they loved about Russian women, I learned, was not just that they were gorgeous, but rather that they were submissive. They had their values straight. When these men talked about American women, they always sounded bitter. American women didn’t know how to please a man; they didn’t wear makeup; they didn’t cook; they let themselves go. These men came from Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and the Central Valley of California, and they had fallen in love with Russia because it was full of pretty white girls who acted the way they thought girls should act.

    Donald Trump’s choice of female partners reflects the yearnings and inclinations of these angry, white men—many of whom, one imagines, now comprise his base. Two of his three w***** come from Slavic, ex-Communist countries. His shortest m******** was to an American.’


    • Breitbart: ‘Students at Ohio State University have added attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s name to a list of “individuals of color” who have been wrongly killed by law enforcement officers over the past two months.

      Students gathered in front of the Thompson library last week to commemorate the death of the assailant in the recent Ohio State University attack which led to nearly a dozen people being sent to the hospital. Artan, a junior at the university attacked community members with his car and knife before he was ultimately shot and killed by a shot and killed by a university police officer.

      According to The Lantern, the student newspaper of Ohio State University, Pranav Jani, a professor in the school’s English department claimed that she understood why Artan was moved to commit an act of violence.

      Among the names on the list was Artan. Those in attendance said they did not condone his actions, but some said they have compassion for the attacker, who expressed feelings of anxiety related to how he was perceived as a Muslim.

      “You can understand where an act of violence comes from without condoning that act of violence,” said Pranav Jani, an associate professor of English.

      The student organizers of the event explained that several of the members of their list had committed acts of violence before being killed by law enforcement. The students argue that their protest against police brutality extends to those guilty of violent crimes: “In some cases, the deceased may have committed acts of violence against others before they were killed. Perhaps they were domestic abusers, perhaps they threatened or killed others. This possibility is not something to shy away from. The protest against police brutality extends to the innocent and the guilty alike, because we know that no matter the crime, justice and due process don’t come from a cop’s bullet,” Abidi said while reading the eulogy.

      Towards the end of the event, the student organizers encouraged students to attend a rally against President-elect Donald Trump, who was scheduled to visit campus to visit with the victims of the attack later in the week.’

      Here’s an idea: let’s just give all cops, nationwide, a mandatory week off. How can shitlibs not love this idea? After all, it’ll stop all this wrongful killing of these poor victims.

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    • ‘After WMD lies, Iraq war, and 1000s of US soldiers killed, you’d think libs would be skeptical of CIA. But no libs are morally elastic.’

      As Kakistocracy said, shitlibs were ass over teakettle in love with centralized government power until about 11 pm EST November 8 2016, whereupon they suddenly discovered a longstanding, unshakable, and deeply principled commitment to the Tenth Amendment.


    • ‘Lady Attis ⚦ Retweeted ≠Chateau Emissary≠

      Or the fact we generate the taxes you assholes suck up means we own you? Think before you even try this fantasy football warfare.’

      Shitlib projection as usual. I’ve easily paid over $100K in taxes.

      Keep trolling these people, the sooner they agree to national breakup the better. They’re not my fellow Americans and I’m done with them.


  60. To understand the BASIS (and not just observe the reality) of the two white factions, one really needs to study the works of the Italian philosopher and racialist, Julius Evola. In particular, his concept of the “racial spirit”. In short, each race is unique, and some are more creative and prosperous than others. Ergo, the White race, and the Japanese among the Asian people. This arises out of the physical attributes of the particular race (the brains and body) for sure, but continues throughout the centuries, when in competition with others for land and resources, based on the strength of the racial spirit. Without the racial spirit, we merely become successful automatons (or died out centuries ago), that can be defeated by others (even lesser races) with strong, intact racial spirits. (This could be what happened with Neanderthals?)

    Application: Many in the West have lost their racial spirit. Those of us with good, and even highly elevated, racial spirits can in NO WAY understand the actions of those white-skinned folks, sharing (apparently our same genetic code) with weak, or no racial spirits, as their actions (or inactions) often go directly against the survival of the race, and makes it easier for other races to make inroads into our territories. How many people belonging to the White race voted for Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton (and any other Democrats out there over the last 40 years)? They do NOT share our racial spirit. I believe (as I Evola opined) that one is either born with a racial spirit or is not. In a way, in the long term, it is unfortunate that due to the success of those of us with highly developed racial spirits, White lands have been protected from invasions by non-White peoples for many, many generations, which allowed the reproduction of those with low, or no racial spirit – and that we allowed these peoples (especially those of the religious bent always opposing racial expansion policies) to live among us and spread their poison.

    War? We have discussed many times whether wars, and especially WWI and WWII, eliminated too many Alpha males. While this is true, is also eliminated many duty-bound beta males. Maybe, instead, wars have had the effect of weeding out those of our race with the strongest racial spirit, leaving the less-spirited behind to breed. Just a thought. That said, again, the bottom line is that many Western nations are being (mis)led by those with NO racial spirit.

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    • I also recall that Evola believed that religion was a necessary aspect of a healthy racially proud nation, but it has to be one that feeds the racial spirit, and not attacks it. The major religions today do not seem to fit the bill.


      • unless the LORD Builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain;
        unless the LORD Watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain.
        In vain you rise early and in vain you stay up late


        Leck mich im mein papistisch Arsch


      • An evil and adulterous kind seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah

        u R 1 fool if u think this only applies to skypes, swinedog


      • I dunno… Christianity seemed to mesh nicely with the White man’s “racial spirit”.. a spirit which looks beyond one’s own pride, appetites, and lusts.

        I can’t help but think that the biggest mistake the stick-necked Hebrews made, of their many errand ways, was thinking only of racial pride and their hoped-for messiah of conquest, to put the world under their boot… a very short-sighted misinterpretation of Jehovah’s intent and Grand Plan… and a belief which they seem to hold to their very day.

        Pride always goes before a fall… never known it to fail.

        Youse yeggs serve whatever gods or man-made -isms you wish… as for me and my house, we ill serve Jehovah.


      • Aw hell, WILL serve Jehovah.

        / typo self-rape rape