Ahmed Made A Hoax Bomb

This is a great video getting at the truth of the Ahmud hoax bomb story out of Texas that the mainstream Hivemind neglected to fully investigate (or did investigate but concealed the anti-Narrative facts from public knowledge).

Ahmud made a hoax bomb, he likely knew it looked exactly like a bomb that would frighten his teachers, the school was right to report the little shit to the cops, and his family are a bunch of fifth column CAIR agents who have a deep hatred for White Christian America and who obviously believed they could rely on the equalist leftoid media, and President Butt Naked along with his cackling sneering army of techworld oligarchs, to carry their antiracism message unquestioned to the masses for yet another round of anti-White brainwashing.

That about sums it up.

Oh, except for this:


PS Stefan Molyneux has a non-shitlib.png face.

PPS Bring back physiognomy.

PPPS Photo of Syrian migrants desecrating graves in Serbia. This is all related.


  1. The entire story debunks the idea of white privilege. If there were a so-called war on people of colour, then this kid would have been sent back to his country of origin.


    • The trouble is that these Big Lies (War on Womyn, white privilege, etc) have more lives than the fucking Terminator.


    • Just about everything debunks white privilege. The only privilege whites have is an IQ relatively higher than most peoples with the exception of Jews and Asians.


  2. That incident reminded me of a fake terror dry-run a group of muzz staged at the Minneapolis airport some decade ago and then CAIR sued the airlines and the individual passengers who registered a complaint. The aim of those hoaxers is to condition the public — through fear of legal consequences — to abstain from complaining or censuring apparent threats to public safety.

    This strategy is related to how the persecution of George Zimmerman was the media’s attempt to condition Whites to refrain from (1) defending themselves from a physical attack by a black and (2) challenging suspicious blacks near their houses.

    My feeling is that the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict was a the moment that the anti-White shit-show began its irreversible retreat.

    [CH: i wonder if zimmerman will come to be viewed years from now as the turning point in the antiwhite project. my personal gauge of a paradigm shift will be when liberal swpls are noticeably embarrassed, even in friendly company, to mouth the standard pro-black, racist-white platitudes when they are presented with an opportunity to do so. my sense is that something like this is just starting to percolate through swpl culture.]

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    • on September 22, 2015 at 6:44 pm Captain Obvious

      CH, you’re such an optimist. I hope you’re right, but I feel like the Trumpenkrieg could be the last stand of Western Civilization. Brin and Page are moving forward aggressively with battle robots and battle drones, and Phuckerberg is developing facial recognition software which will soon tag and categorize [by name] something like ONE BILLION shkotzim face/name combinations. And if Eskimo Psychiatry elevates Eskimo Bernie Sanders to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then turn out the lights, the party’s over.


      • on September 22, 2015 at 6:47 pm Captain Obvious

        Listen to the phat ph*cking Eskimoess laughing about it:


      • Yeah at this point all we’re doing is pushing back the end, but it’s worth doing.

        [CH: if you’re going to go down, at least let the enemy know you know what they are up to, and that your going won’t be a simple affair.]


      • “… but I feel like the Trumpenkrieg could be the last stand of Western Civilization.”

        Plenty of people. Plenty of land. Plenty of energy.

        A culling is in order, that is it.


      • I look forward to shooting those robots. I won’t even have to feel bad about it either.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 8:23 am Obviously Cap'n

        Christ Jesus – I just figured out how Eskimo Psychiatry could do it. Reading this article – ‘Call off your f- -king dogs!’ Hillary rages to Obama http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3340213/posts – and people were talking about what ammo H!tlery had in her magazine [like all of Obama’s fake SSNs], and I realized: What if the J00 York Times and the rest of the JSM actually started publishing those stories about Obama? They would set Obama/Biden and H!tlery/Slick-Willie at one another’s throats, and Bernie Sanders would quietly tiptoe to the nomination. It would be textbook “Divide and Conquer”.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 8:34 am Obviously Cap'n

        Meanwhile, over in the “Christian” [or at least Churchian] party, whiny little cuckservative c*nt loser Scott Walker is calling on all of the other whiny little cuckservative c*nt losers to exit the race, so as to coalesce power around one single cuckservative/fakeservative who can defeat The Donald. So while Eskimo Psychiatry is “Dividing and Conquering” the DEM party, Eskimo Psychiatry is also “Dividing and Conquering” the GOP, and at best the GOP has to put forward a badly damaged The Donald against Mr Squeaky-Clean Above-the-Fray Kind-Gentle-Old-Grandpa-Santa-Claus Bernie Sanders.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 8:36 am Obviously Cap'n

        Was it the poster named “Earl” who used to talk about Eskimo Psychiatry playing three-dimensional chess, while we’re still reverse-engineering what Sigmund Freud was doing a century ago? My God, there’s not much sand left in the hourglass.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 8:44 am Obviously Cap'n

        And what if Eskimo Psychiatry told Sidney Blumenthal to whisper in H!tlery’s ear: “Fight Obama to the Death!” And at the very same time, Eskimo Psychiatry also told David Axelrod to whisper in Obama’s ear: “Fight H!tlery to the Death!” It would be the perfect storm of Eskimo Psychiatric Three-Dimensional-Chess-ian Manipulationism.


      • OTOH more whites are waking up now so maybe we could organize something in the future if the electoral system is permanently lost.


      • Hello Captain Obvious: I have been reading CH for awhile now (some of which has been helpful to me for realigning my perspective) but only recently have I started perusing the comments section so I am not up to speed re the back-story for your jewish-conspriacy comments. In the past I have looked at some of this stuff elsewhere on the internet and I guess I don’t really buy it (at least as presented by others). I don’t get the motivation aspect. So:

        – How would you define the group you refer to (the eskimos)?

        – What is their hidden agenda?

        – What outcome do you think they seek?

        – What is their motivations for seeking such?


      • wild,

        There isn’t a conspiracy per se, but they have the same fundamental religious belief which drives their actions. The Olam ba-ha.

        What is it? It is the time of their Messiah, who will only come when all races peacefully co-exist. Naturally to achieve this they need all races to live in the white homelands where they exert control (but not Israel because they cannot let themselves be wiped out in the process).


      • Wild Man, if you’re sincere in your curiosity, the best way to answer your question is to have you read the notorious Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.

        The pamphlet is considered a hoax, but it serves as an uncanny primer to this whole “Jewish Question”.

        And, as the late, great Henry Ford once remarked, when asked about said Protocols: “They fit!”

        If you want to do more intensive research, the aforementioned Ford’s “International Jew” and the more recent “Culture Of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald are as good sources as any. I believe both are available as free pdf files somewhere out in Cyberia. Google is your buddy.


      • Take some consolation from the fact that in the year before Hitler became Chancellor Jews, though only about 1% of the population controlled the media, banking, art, and comprised about 40% of the judges and professorships. See how quickly that changed.

        Mind you the Holocau$t™ Battle Shield had not been invented at that time…..


      • Robots are easily hacked. The Iranans spoofed the gps on a predator drone to get it to land in Iran. Robots are also dumb, they can’t think. Advantage dark enlightenment.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 5:36 pm Captain Obvious

        LOL’ed at Whiskey. I was wondering when Tamir Pardo was going to dispatch an operative to this thread.


    • Following Zimmerman on Twitter makes for a lot of entertainment. The guy isn’t super smart, but he’s had the crucible experience of the entire Cathedral pushing down on him along with killing a shit-vibrant and he lived to tell. He’s walked away with a rock-solid frame which tolerates no shit from anyone.


    • I think when the likes of an Ann Coulter can come right out and say something about “f*cking Jews” as a chide to the GOP, that’s some sort of watershed right there.

      Curious to see how it plays out, in re her career.


      • She’s starting to backtrack and grovel already. It will do her no good, in fact will only whet the blood lust of her attackers. She should apply CH precepts and go for it. She’s too prominent to be Helen Thomased.


    • My feeling is that the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict was a the moment that the anti-White shit-show began its irreversible retreat.

      That would be ironic, indeed, considering his true ethnic background(s).


      • on September 23, 2015 at 5:41 pm Captain Obvious

        “Zimmermann” means “Carpenter”, doesn’t it? I thought that Zimmerman’s father was a goy, not an Eskimo.


      • Often when a last name is an actual “regular word” in German, it turns out to be Jewish.

        Bob Dylan’s birth name: Zimmerman

        I thought I heard somewhere that George’s daddy was of the tribe.


  3. Until the day when white people will feel racial solidarity, no change can be effected and because of that, they are starting to build a whole corpus of laws which effectively disenfranchise, if not illegalize, straight white people. This is an Occupation Government practicing Minoritarian Rule. Make no mistake white man–they will re-write history and you right out of it.


    • Yeah minoritian rule, just like in South Africa. Where White ppl,as minority are systemetically overprivileged and supported by government affirmative actions ;)…. wait…is it not about minorities there?


      • wtf are white people doing in Africa in the first place?

        [CH: the jobs that africans won’t do?]


      • Same thing whitey always does through “gentrification”, t-wack: making a reduced to chaos and decay by blacks more civilized and prosperous.


      • on September 24, 2015 at 11:47 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        “wtf are white people doing in Africa in the first place?”

        Bringing civilization to the place?


    • We need the science to come out to confirm that there’s a genetic basis for us to have that sense of peoplehood though.

      [CH: no we don’t. did nations throughout history, thousands of years old, need computational genomics to tell them they were right to feel affinity for their co-ethnics?]


  4. Stef thinks that spanking your kids should land you in jail and he is an open borders, no governments proponent.

    Then again, would foreigners even want to come to a place with no government…?


    • The state is nothing but an apparatus. A tool to be used to whatever end. The only group with the social discipline, simplicity and cooperation to survive without the state are the Amish. They’re the most like Quaker Pennsylvania once was. All the rest need something to fear, and if not a central state, then a tribal warlord..

      But if this were not so foreigners would still be attracted by higher wages, nicer surroundings, and the vast opportunities for theft.


    • He is a profoundly arrogant and disingenuous cunt, but has put out some good work.

      His video on the immigrant invasion goes on and on about “destroying freedoms”, never gets the balls to talk about race.

      He probably should have been spanked more as a child.


    • But he is extraordinarily clear that you cannot have a state AND have open borders. He’s hit on this a lot as of late with all the migrant invader catastrophes happening worldwide.


  5. The entire family coached him to do this shit.

    Very well practiced trial balloon….

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    • Yes, his radical father has been waiting for years for this type of publicity, and gained it through the fake-bomb strategy.


      • Aye, doubt it was young Ahmed himself who came up with this. It will be the plan of his dad.

        All this “It wouldn’t have happened if the kid was white” argument is bollocks too. White kids are suspended / arrested for biting pop-tarts into the shape of a “gun” (seriously), and even pointing their fingers and saying “bang” in the playground.

        When schools are already that fucking hysterical in America, is it any wonder he was treated that way when he comes to school with something deliberately crafted to look like a fucking suitcase bomb.


  6. I don’t know about physiognomy, but you can definitely see in a person’s appearance/face the degree of their spiritual, and consequently moral and mental, qualifications. Women too of course.

    Hindus call it the principles of Sattva (sanctifying upwardness; women with mostly serene, shy, detached appearance); Rajas, which is a principle of action, earthly conquest and outward brilliance, much more externally dazzling if not as spiritually operative; and finally the downward, hylic principle of Tamas (p. much any gold digger/whore).

    I would even go as far as saying that one of the most accurate measures of person’s appearance and its meaning is the dreaded but very real Caste (or medieval vocations, for PC people).


    • on September 22, 2015 at 6:50 pm Captain Obvious

      Biological Calvinism – we retain an ancient primordial capability, deeply engrained in our hindbrains, to sense good or evil in a person’s face – literally reading the book of the soul by its cover.


      • on September 23, 2015 at 7:09 am Obviously Cap'n

        BTW, an entirely analgous capacity seems to persist in the female hindbrain, for allowing the hamster almost immediately [within a few milliseconds] to come to the conclusion of “OMG Beta! Creepy! Ack! Get away from! Not cool! Yuck! HELP ME ALPHA SH!TLORD HELP ME!!!”


    • The physiogyny thing is verboten in a dysgenic nightmare world of ugly, stupid faggots, cunts and turds. It would flag most people as worthless, afterall.

      Not good for the feels.


  7. United “Nothings” Dignitaries are going to meet with him now. You just know this whole thing was a set up.

    [CH: i hope DOTR occurs in my lifetime. i relish the thought of watching these fuckers swing limply for days.]


  8. This little bomb-maker-in-training would fit in with Obama’s rise to power: community organizer means using veiled threats and the white guilt narrative to push for money and power. Here’s a kid doing the same thing. First time I saw his face I could tell there was something mischievous about it.


  9. I actually feel sorry for the kid. He’s a pawn.


    • on September 22, 2015 at 6:53 pm Captain Obvious

      Don’t. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’ll grow up to be every bit as evil as his old man.

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    • Hadjis are probably more skilled at exaggerating their “victimhood” than negroes. They do it more shamelessly and with more cunning.


      • What must our blacks be thinking about these interlopers coming in to game the grievance system they worked so hard to build? There’s only so much whitey to go around.


      • More than that, our indigenous coloureds are in for a bit of a wake up call themselves, when their erstwhile nonwhite “brothers” gain sway in a given area and do a bit of ethnic cleansing themselves… that whole “guilt” thing only works on Whites, and well-off ones at that.

        I understand it’s already been happening in certain Hispanic areas in the LA area.


    • “Feeling sorry” for the enemy is weakness, and ANY showing, or thought, or weakness will increase your (and our race’s) chances of failure. These are hard times that call for even HARDER men (in more ways than one).


    • You know what the average White man feeling sorry for colored people and not wanting their feelings hurt unnecessarily did?

      Passed the snivel rights.

      You know what the snivel rights says?

      If you don’t say the right things, the government ensures that no one will hire you.

      You can say you feel sorry for him once the snivel rights are repealed. Until then, saying you feel sorry for him any more than you are legally required to means doing what the government can’t quite order you to do, which makes you a cuck.


  10. Subscribe.


  11. Off topic : CH did you hear about that white students union causing an uproar in Toronto?



    • I like that they’re using images of handsome men rather than beautiful women, as is common in pro-White propaganda. The beauty of the idealized White woman is indeed one of out glories, but we’re now in an environment where women should get discreetly moved out of sight and impressive men start appearing as the faces that represent us.


      • COTW… well-done.


      • Thanks. That thought first struck me a few years ago at a large international airport. There was a giant Air France ad with a beautiful stewardess beckoning travelers. Next to it was an Emirati Airlines ad with a handsome smiling Arab pilot on it.


      • I seriously think we should try to recruit Mel Gibson as a
        leader. Hes already been black balled by the eskimoes, for exactly the right reason, and he has a huge, good looking brood.

        I know hes a Christian, but i dont think he would be dumb enough to get preachy with it and allow it to be a divide and conquer tool of our enemies. Cough.


    • Notice that the comments on that article have been suspended. We’re going to be seeing this more and more lately. The Cathedral know that they’re losing control of the narrative. Too much real talk showing up in the comments sections of their propaganda pieces. It’s hard to convince the public that everyone is fully onboard with their anti-white narrative when the comments below their articles are 80-20 percent opposed to their message. Expect the powers that be to start cracking down on the thought crime at an accelerated rate.


    • The best part is that it is gaining traction.


    • The next season of Homeland should be filmed Toronto.

      To be more welcoming to the brown hordes the city council is going to designate “shitting streets” where pakis and other turds can squat without having to interrupt their daily activities of talking gibberish on their phones and rent scams.


    • I wonder if this is a social experiment. It could be to gauge anti-white sentiment and/or the double standard reaction.

      We all know if there was anything but the word “white” in front of “student union” that it’d be all peaches and cream.


  12. “You didn’t build that, Ahmed!”


  13. Does anyone really doubt that this skinny, ugly, brown turd, as well as his radical father (who constantly runs for President in the Sudan) and full-on Muslim mother, hate (I mean HATE!) the USA, white Americans, the Constitution, and our entire history? Yet, there are those (including many so-called Christian organizations) who want to bring more of these future terrorists into the Nation. Obama invites this POS to the White House, but not the Americans who stopped a terrorist attack on a French train a few weeks ago, or the families of any dead police officers. So many are afraid to call out Obama as a Muslim, a burnout, a communist, and a faggot.


  14. Stefan should give up on his libertarian cult and focus on becoming a nationalist.


  15. You know, I am notriously soft on this kinda topic, but inviting this little shit into the White House is the most disrespectful thing Obongo has ever done. If they lynched him like Ceaucescu just for this, it wouldn’t be THAT ridiculous.

    Can you imagine the contempt the rumpwrangler must have for normal white Americans?


    • That’s why we like you, ho… though muz you be, you nonetheless epitomize the idea of loyal opposition, here at the chateau.

      If you drank alcohol, you magnificent bastard, the next round would be on me.


    • Almost as strong as our contempt for him is.


  16. Blame his dumb fuck teacher for calling the cops. They all played directly into his hands because they are too quick to think, “oh my god, a muslim!!!!” If they were smart, they would have trolled him back and took a photo of him with his breifcase-clock, and splice the photo with a muslim holding a real bomb, and then have “diversity” below it.


    • “Blame his dumb fuck teacher for calling the cops.”

      School officials have called the cops when white kids make a gun out of their fingers or when they eat a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun or when they say “bang” or “kill.” The little desert-originated shitstain didn’t get treated any worse than plenty of other kids have been treated for doing far less.

      Liberal faggots in the press are just awfully selective when they say “this doesn’t happen to other kids.” Yeah, right. Do they even look at their own reporting from like days ago?

      It’s not the school’s fault that the press with it’s narrative just blatantly LIES. And if it DID turn out to be a bomb, everyone would be blaming the teachers, anyways. They’re in a position where they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. That’s why I’m not a teacher. That calling the cops “played into his hands” speaks to how corrupt the system is rather than any incompetence on the part of the staff. Faggot.


      • You’re not a teacher because you’re an idiot. The teachers knew it wasn’t a bomb, that’s why they never attempted to evacuate. They thought it was a hoax bomb. Not even for a second did they they think they were being trolled. THAT is why they are dumb fucks. It is blatantly obvious. If you can’t see that the teachers are weak minded drones, then you sir are the faggot.

        [CH: bringing hoax bombs to school is against the law in texas. the teacher was right to call it in, even if she knew it was a hoax. now ask yourself, why would ahmud turdlet want to bring a hoax bomb to school?]


      • “You’re not a teacher because you’re an idiot.”


        “The teachers knew it wasn’t a bomb, that’s why they never attempted to evacuate.”

        People have been arrested for selling oregano. There are laws that pertain to provocation. I also can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, either. Imagine that.

        “They thought it was a hoax bomb.”

        Reason enough right there. Do you really think a hoax bomb is a light thing? Trying bringing a “hoax bomb” into a post office or airport and see how they react.

        “Not even for a second did they they think they were being trolled.”

        Him TROLLING in a such a manner is not exactly putting a whoopee cushion on the teacher’s chair. His intent (mens rea) was to create a situation. The Amazing Camel-jockey Kid hardly had to have a real bomb in order to justify his removal from the school. The problem is that dumbfucks like yourself don’t see that. Must be the nog in your blood that creates the fog in your head.

        “THAT is why they are dumb fucks. It is blatantly obvious. If you can’t see that the teachers are weak minded drones, then you sir are the faggot.”

        Teachers are mostly weak-minded drones. That doesn’t mean the little shit didn’t deserve a trip to the police station for being a fucking troll.


    • Cloud, like the rest of his darky ilk, maintains the Dindu Nuffin gambit…

      … with the tack-on tactic of “blame the Man”.

      (cue Claude Rains) “I’m shocked… shocked to learn!”


      • You, ChuckSteak and CH are analyzing this the wrong way. Like Tom Brady, Ahmed was mildly inconvenienced and came out of this looking like a hero and will only benefit further from all this. A trip to the police station is nothing. The stupidity of the teachers will most likely lead to MORE kids coming to school with hoax weapons in order to get the same “treats” that Ahmed got from American society. In life you have to think ahead and not be super emotional in the moment. I bet the teacher was a woman.

        [CH: the teachers did nothing wrong. ahmud and his family and the hivemind and the anti-white establsihment did everything wrong. they are the enemy. not the teachers in this instance.]


  17. What the hell is brewing down south?

    “…the International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson, Mississippi.”



  18. It isn’t a coincidence that the age of pc controversies accelerated quickly under Obama. He employs behavioral psychologists that help “improve efficiency” for Government programs. Cass Sunstein is the most prominent of the group. The Amhed saga, the Rainbow White House, the questions about Muslims, are all meant to shame people on the other side. It’s a way to nudge moderates to say “I’m smart and tolerant, not like those stupid mean Republicans. ” I’m not saying it was a top-down conspiracy, but the way the President’s and the Voxxers of the world respond to it is a carefully manipulated event.

    I’m honestly hoping for Hillary over Biden at this point. We need to flush the Obama cronies out of employment.


  19. This 14 YO “genius” who got invited to the white house for being so smart simply dissassembled a commercial Radio Shack clock and put the guts into a pencil case. As an electronics hobbyist since childhood, I had advanced beyond this level of tinkering by roughly age seven or eight. At 14, he should be able to build a clock like that from discrete components. Of course he can’t, because as we all know, the whole thing is propaganda ploy, transparent to anyone with half a brain.


  20. This story is so lame.
    Please, no one should record or remember what I am about to say here — but when I was his age I had already worked out the formulas for optimizing the performance of low velocity (sub sonic) explosives. For real, on my on, quite accurately. Without a jihad-enthused daddy, or even the internet. I had worked out how to use cheap, easily available, everyday stuff to blast just about anything in existence into tiny flaming pieces. Aluminum powder, plus a good oxygenating nitrate… … …
    Everything you need to know to become a master at this was published before the early 1860s.
    IOWs, when push comes to shove, Ahmed Mo Ham Head will have to meet and deal with guys like me.


    • Electronically at 14 I was working on making my own sensors and switching circuits to have the computer control control mechanical things.

      And on making stuff go boom yeah the 1950s encyclopedia told me what I needed to be dangerous. But all the fun chemicals had been removed from chemistry sets by then and the fertilizers and everything I checked.


    • Most of the guys around here could use a dose of saltpetre in their cornflakes.


    • This faggot is looking forward to kill a 14 year old.


      • That’s not exactly what he meant, although far be for me to come to Rum’s defense.

        That said, in times of war, 14 year olds, including girls, can do a lot of damage, so…

        … the era of “think of the children!”, well… that ship has sailed.


  21. 0bama ”You didn’t build that!”. You have 20 seconds to prove it, GO!


  22. Let’s say the kid was trolling the school employees. Why did they feed him? Why did they follow the road of paranoia? They should have just told him his project was crap and did nothing because it’s an obviously cobbled together thing.

    And these google invites and such have me more annoyed than the school’s actions. At 14 years old anyone worthy of such invites should be well beyond the rehousing level.


    • The teachers played it pretty cool for the most part. He took it to one class after another and didn’t get the racist response he wanted, so in his last class he plugged it in and set the alarm. That means four or five teachers were either too PC or too smart to take the bait, and the last teacher had their hand forced when he actually used it as a prop to LARP an episode of 24 during class time. Certainly he would have preferred to be suspended without having to do something that sketchy, but if your family is already standing by and ready to spin the story on a hundred social media outlets before anybody at the school or the police department can get a word in edgewise, you can let little things like that slip and still dominate the narrative in the end.


  23. To be honest, the Cathedral can’t be this retarded.

    My guess is that they knew exactly what this kid was up to—so they capitalized on the opportunity to run a sophisticated promotional/propaganda campaign to show young potential aspiring/disgruntled Jihadies how great America is (i.e. to channel potential discontentment away from Islamic radicalization and into inspiration for productive outlets).


    • Yes they are that retarded, at least concerning STEM stuff. The story fit the Narrative so they ran with it. Sensible people with no tech knowledge might ask someone with such knowledge before running the story. The Cathedral doesn’t investigate stories that fit the Narrative. Dunning-Kruger effect.


  24. This 14 yo mohammedian rent boi made a fake bomm that could never work in real life. Butt he got invited to the Obama–crazed-psycho-themed anti wite hous.

    When I was his age,(14) I had full possession of a Mark 3 US Army 37mm antitank gun. ( I stole it from a local reprocessor).

    All thats needed is for us to keep our nerve.


    • Its a big hunk of steel without rounds but they can be manufactured. A Barret rifle is nothing but a modern day Bouys rifle.


    • “When I was his age,(14) I had full possession of a Mark 3 US Army 37mm antitank gun. ( I stole it from a local reprocessor).”

      –Well GAWD-d**n, that is about the closest thing to living a wet dream I have heard in my life.

      I’ve been trying to remember if Blofeld’s volcano fortress had remote-control mortars as well as the machine guns. I really need a mortar platoon under my orders to make my life feel complete.

      That, and the opportunity to use them, natch.


  25. Google “general butt naked” . enjoy the results….


  26. Our side has the information, the truth and the legitimacy against the left and the cucks.

    We still need an audio visual representation of the uncomfortable truths that will be palatable to the masses,

    We need a Jon Stewart Equivalency. I like the facts that Molyneux puts forth, but he is not as smooth or as ‘gotcha’ to the mainstream libtards that need to be converted.


  27. Nig Nogs be Nig Noggin’!


  28. “With the media actively covering up the crimes of immigrants, it may take a while to notice, but Anglo-American men were the best women ever had it.

    Feminists see women as a community apart from men, but the truth is, America is a nation apart from the rest of the world. In no area is that clearer than the treatment of women and children. Latin Americans, Arabs, Asians, and Indians take a distinctly less respectful view of the gentler sex.


    It’s as if Ted Bundy designed our immigration policies to ensure that the most misogynist cultures go to the head of the line. American employers get the cheap labor, Democrats get the votes, and American girls get the rapes.
    This would be blindingly obvious, except that the media refuse to report anything but good news about immigrants.”

    Ann Coulter. “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”


  29. Even Bill Maher thinks the school was right to be suspicious. He kept taking this device to different classrooms to show. After the 3rd one he was advised to put in in his backpack, some people might become worried…but he kept going to at least 8 different classes despite being repeatedly warned


    • Bill Maher is “real” when it comes to dune coons. (Gee, I wonder why?) He was (rather sensibly) anti-Iraq war. But some people seem to think that that translates to him loving Muslims or something retarded like that. Nope.

      It’s good to see Richard Dawkins making the SWPLs cry over this, though. Their atheist hero is a waysist…


    • The Islamic question is truly a puzzler for the Tribe. They love seeing Whites displaced by browns, but Muslims are fucking psychotic and dangerous and they really hate Jews. What do you do? Are you willing to lose a few– or a lot, perhaps everything– if it means vanquishing Whitey once and for all? The Elders have a hard decision to make.


      • “They love see Whites displaced by browns, but Muslims are fucking psychotic and dangerous and they really hate Jews”

        Jews have lived for generations in Muslim countries. Before the creation of Israel, Jewish-Muslim relations were better than European Christian-Jewish relations. In recent surveys, Jews have a more favourable opinion of muslims than they do of white protestant evangelical christians

        Jewish hatred of Celtic/Germanic/Slavic peoples trumps everything. EVERYTHING. The Jewish hatred of Celtic/Germanic/Slavic people, as evidenced by the last 100 years of Jewish communist slaughter of tens of millions of Russians and the destruction of Germany in 2 wars, is pathological and genocidal.

        The Elders have already made their decision.


      • This event was nothing more than the Creator bringing balance to the universe. For years now white people have been setting up retarded muslims in fake terror plots and then crowing about the arrest…

        It was time for whitey to get set up and knocked down like a bowling pin


      • It all makes sense when you consider the words of our Lord:

        “Ye are of your father, the Devil.”

        Satan knew he’d get his own ass kicked by Michael, but he nevertheless had to rebel, just for the grim satisfaction of taking one-third of the other angels down with him.


      • Fable of the Scorpion/Frog.


      • The Hochjuden would be happy to see Whites destroyed even if replaced by the Muslims, whose violent intolerance. They’re not concerned about ‘ordinary’ Jews.


      • “The Elders have already made their decision.”

        Not too sure about this. The Jews love material comfort uber alles and all but the richest of them are going to take a hit on that front living in a multi-cultural wasteland. But I guess it’s the richest of them that are calling the shots…


  30. PPPS Bring back polygamy, the ancient right of the Norseman, before he was infected by Christianity.


  31. Of course this entire episode was orchestrated. The father coached the kid to be vague and non forthcoming with the cops. Most 14 year olds would be shitting their pants and panicking if the police came to question them about a bomb, this kid just stared blankly and kept repeating “clock” according to the cops. I see the father has pulled the little shit and his siblings out of school, most likely because his classmates are going to talk eventually and the entire thing will unravel, but by then the media will have conveniently moved on.

    The big question is what is the motivation? Dune Coon ghetto lottery? General anti-white propaganda? Conditioning society at large to be fearful of questioning the motives of muslims even when carrying shit that looks like a fucking bomb? Most likely all of the above.

    They knew they could count on the shitlib media to play right along in this ruse.


  32. There are a few things Bill Maher is right about. His sentiments align with CH here.

    Mark Cuban also has a good point in that the kid never spoke up about it and defended the “clock”. IMO the sand ni66er kid was smart enough to know what he was up to. If he really wanted to share his intellect there are several other ways to do this- electronically. He didn’t have to build a fkn’ “clock” in a suit case with a digital read out. Lolz…

    Maher brings out the RealTalk: if there is one thing young muslim men are known for doing, it’s blowing shit up.



  33. Un-f#cking-real. “Persucuted” kid gets national praise and invited to the upper echelon of companies and political dignitaries. The tripped guy in Hungary gets a job for a soccer team. I could work my whole life and be the best out of university and never get a job for Facebook, Google, be a presidential aide, or get a job with a German soccer team… This is unfair.

    [CH: more than unfair, it’s evil.]


  34. “Hey, Ahmed, cool clock. What to bring it to the White House.”

    Everything about this — from the obvious lack of even the most minimal technical knowledge, to the sorority girl tone, to the fact that he fucking tweeted it … — makes me deeply ashamed and frankly alarmed that we have such a mincing fairy in the Oval Office.


    • And yet the snarky darkies who flitter about the chateau keep bringing up the negro president as if it were some sort of honor to their ilk. lzozlzolzolzolzol


      • Only the “down low” brothers.


      • Liar.

        We use him as an example of why you shouldn’t trust people just because they’re the same color as you and tell you what you want to hear.

        Least you could do is have an actual argument and not make shit up.


      • Liar yourself, Hattie… when t-h-w-a-c-k comes ’round, under whatever his latest sockpuppy name might be, he never misses a beat in pointing to Obama as a neener-neener that there’s a negro in the (ahem) highest office in the land.

        Just STFU already… nobody wants to hear your rubbery yap flapping.


      • He says that so that you understand better that politicians are crooks, and that when it suits those crooks to play to a certain audience, they will do so inasmuch as it profits them. “White” people are not the only audience that matters anymore.

        See, unlike you people, we can recognize someone’s position or accomplishments without thinking them angelic creatures who can do and say no wrong. We can get the idea of a lesser evil, a necessary evil, an evil that is neither lesser nor necessary but that we can’t do shit about at the moment, and a good option.

        For the umpteenth time, we do not think the same. So unless someone African here says that the fact that there is an African president means that things will be better for Africans, or means that we are now the new elite, or means that we are now entitled to shit on everyone else, we are not implying that.

        We don’t think that the fact that some people who aren’t really related to, and whose line we’re not in, who were the same color as us, over 200 years ago, fought for independence from England, we deserve personal credit or special privileges today.


      • Nicole, even I know you didn’t believe all that crap you just wrote.


      • Okay, Vicky. What’s the truth then?

        Can you show me a post I ever made that said Barack Obama is a wonderful perfect angelic creature who everyone should trust?

        Can you even show me a post where I said anyone should trust him even a little?


      • Bullshit… he says it as as an in-yo’-face jibe (as did another sock puppy recently on that “shitskin” thread)… and none of your usual n1gger-babble squid ink can gainsay it.

        And there you go again with that “personal credit” White privilege nonsense again. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Avaunt already, you tedious negress.


      • Can you show me a post I ever made that said Barack Obama is a wonderful perfect angelic creature who everyone should trust?

        Look, Hattie, I don’t know who you think you’re fooling with this distraction and deflection, but the original point is/was/remains that the fact that a negro was elected as POTUS twice is often used as a neener-neener to YT, here at the chateau, by t-h-w-a-c-k and others… said others may or may not be additional individuals, they might just be sock-puppets.

        Geez, Louise, you’re an aggravating cunt.


      • In other words, Greg, you got caught in a lie, and you don’t really know who is who except me. For all you know, you’re being trolled, which you would deserve.



      • We’ve all seen the numerous lies you’ve tripped yourself up in…

        … in which lie was I caught, again?

        Your inability to comprehend what you read, nor any disingenuous twisting thereof, does not constitute a falsehood on the part of the author.

        Your tiresome n1gger-babble and attempts to use your own dictionary, like the rest of the shills around here, makes for poor sport… even to the point where, if any of the peanut gallery gets fooled by it, they’re just not worth the effort any more to slap you down.

        Now have your vapid last word and be done with it.


      • “Peanut gallery”…Your contempt for the people shows.


        I don’t ask that anyone trust me or believe me. Blind obedience is not my thing. I just don’t run around saying whorefinder advocates real life rape, blame you for things he said, or worse, run around saying that you all, including any random trolls who say stuff just to get under my skin, advocate rape because whorefinder says rape often.

        This is the equivalent of what you did…and it was dishonest; a lie.

        Now, I’m glad that you’ve decided that you’ve had enough. Perhaps we can get back to the young man who was used to manufacture a racial incident instead of your petty swatting at ravens.


      • I keep trying to get out but they keep pulling me back in. 😡

        You know what a stickler I am for accurate definition, so let me dissuade you from your latest attempt to disrupt the language.

        “Peanut gallery”…Your contempt for the people shows.

        The expression stems from my childhood memory, one Howdy Doody Show, where the children in the side audience (who didn’t really take part in the proceedings, but merely watched) were referred to as “The Peanut Gallery”.

        I understand the expression itself goes back to the days of vaudeville, and refers to the seats in the auditorium furthest from the stage… in short, were the poor folks would sit.

        Do not attempt to project my contempt for you onto all people… that sort of tired Cathedral shaming tactic never has and never will fly, here at the chateau.


      • I wasn’t aware, Greg, that what flies here was your domain.

        Forgive my intrusion on your territory.


    • It really is incredible. It’s like a SWPL herb controls the highest office. Forget all the “Obama is a Muslim” or “Obama is a communist.” While there is some shade of truth to those claims (he is philosophically a Marxist and does dote on Islam because he deep down resents whites), it doesn’t really get at what he is, personally. He’s psychologically a SWPL herb at Berkeley with the dark skin cred, is what he is.

      You see him working out with those five pound dumbbells? That was a real eye-opener. My mother works out with more weight and strains less than he did in that video. But yeah, as big of a retard shabbos goy as Bush was, he never quite made a mockery of the office on this basic of a level. I never thought Bush was a spoiled little bitch; just a huge horse’s ass. So no, I’m not nostalgic for neo-cons; but on some level I could take Bush seriously (as at least a man provided that he wasn’t in the Oval Office). I can’t say that about Obama.


      • Bush could fly combat aircraft. Imagine Obongo doing it.


      • Exactly. Bush may have been a born-again Christ-tard in some respects (I hated the guy), but he’s got a better basic understanding for the dignity of the White House than the present limp-wrist joke that’s in there, now. I can’t imagine the guy presently in there driving anything other than a two-door coupe or something, much less any aircraft.


      • My, my. You do seem to have Obongo “pegged” (so to speak…)


  35. That was a well-articulated and intelligent video, but sadly the guy didn’t have to do too much investigating to figure out this was all a bunch of BS.

    RoK did a great takedown piece of our little terrorist-in-training – http://www.returnofkings.com/71245/did-texas-bigots-persecute-islamic-inventor-ahmed-mohamed


  36. How about this one, gents?


    Banning Kiss Cam at athletic events because it encourages sexual assault and offends gays.

    This is his twitter (https://twitter.com/Steve_Port) and instagram (https://instagram.com/steve_port/) of the White Knight who complained to the university about “sexual assault.”

    And yes, he’s an Eskimo. Although he’s somehow reproduced and sports sleeve tattoos and a beard.


    • a bit of direct evidence that beards, brats, and tats don’t = masculinity.

      in fact most bearded dudes I know are fuckin’ flamers to the max. lumber jack lookin’ queerss that have never swung a splitting maul in their entire lives.

      neck beards n sheeitt


  37. So, which Nobel will the boy be nominated for? Physics or Chemistry?

    When he gets to the (ahem) White House, he can do a show-me-yours-show-you-mine with our Commander-in-Chief.


  38. “A woman who allegedly tried to blackmail a top hockey player by snapping an after-sex selfie slept with her boyfriend’s HERO, it has emerged.

    Legendary NHL star Jaromir Jagr, 43, was pictured in bed with the model, named as Kateřina Provazníková, 18, in a snap shared online.”



  39. Don’t go there.

    [CH: sez who?]

    This was a 14 year old kid.

    [and? you think a supposedly intelligent teenager can’t know how his hoax bomb might be received by people?]

    You can hold whatever views you want, but leave the kids alone.

    [what if the kid knowingly did something wrong?]


    [millennial.txt fagspeak]

    but you just can’t paint this one out of the corner the school got themselves into.

    [no need to paint. the facts speak for themselves.]

    No way.

    [yes way.]


    • CH, there’s just no arguing with stupid.

      [yes there is]

      I amuse myself.


    • The schools are damned if they do act and damned if they don’t act, you pannywaist.


    • Won’t somebody think of the children? :duckface

      The Germans have a saying: “Junge Katzen kratzen auch.”

      (Young cats can also scratch)


    • Um… it is pretty clear that the real culprit is the father who engineered the whole incident, and the criticism is of him.

      The kid will grow up to become the same, of course, But without radical conditioning by the father, mother, and sister, probably would not have.


    • “Sorry but don’t go there CH just don’t go there”

      FFS breadth of mind lacking low IQ chicks/shitlibs still talk like this?

      [CH: you can almost hear the sound of ascending scrote coming through its concern trolling whine.]


  40. http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/09/coffee-shop-owners-face-backlash-after-pick-up-artist-podcast-exposed/

    Not sure if anyone followed Holistic Game’s blog but that’s what happened to him apparently.


  41. Texas is awake.


  42. A Clockwork Jihad?


  43. Hate crime probe halted at University of Delaware after ‘nooses’ turn out to be old decorations



  44. Help! HABD, YaReally, CH, please comment.

    I’ve recently found out that a man in my dancing social circle is hostile to me for no good reason. He has been using his broads to be rude to me. The man is funny and popular with women. Young. (I am not, though I move as if I were 15-20 years younger.) A body builder. (I am not, though I am fit for my age.) He is quite insecure and uses a woman to approach attractive women because he is afraid to cold-approach them. (I am never afraid to cold-approach women, but the opportunity to do this in my social circle is limited.) The man is nervous if I am around his women. He has a nasal voice and uses lower class grammar. Wears a T-shirt and lifts it to expose his six pack as he licks his finger. Trailer trash image. We have had a few dominance games which I have won. What should be my strategy?


    • Young? Bodybuilder? Six pack? If you cand somehow get him to me, you’ll nebber nebber have to worry about him again😛😝😜👄👅


      • He’s been dumped by very pretty women recently. He can get them, but he ends up being disgusting to them, so them dump him.


      • The guy’s into chubby black broads who’ve long since bounced The Wall??


      • Neecy, you flighty slut…

        I’m never bringing you a bucket of KFC again! 😡

        /no watermelons, neither. :p


      • Note to self: never have your actual picture as your avatar on CH.


      • Neecy,

        Black women need to started thanking white men for inventing the hair-straightening technologies that black women can’t go without.

        Hair-straightening and other de-Negrofication technologies were invented by the white man. Some gratitude from black women is in order.

        Eventually, white men may even invent enough technologies to make black women fully attractive. This is much higher technical challenge than merely landing on the moon or splitting the atom, but eventually we will get there (you better hope).


      • She used to have a nicer, more demur one posted, when ere we first fell in love.

        But as you can see now, she’s going more Housewives Of Atlanta go-grrl post-wall reality.


      • Aye Greg, the on coming wall is not fun to confront for a gal but I’m pitching the middle finger the whole way there.


      • That’s the spirit… I know a lot of you older broads still got some good miles on ya. 😉


      • Anon2

        Black women need to started thanking white men for inventing the hair-straightening technologies that black women can’t go without.

        You milkshitters better get to work inventing something to keep you from burning the fun up in broad daylight; that ozone hole is growing like black unemployment and melanoma is not your friend.



      Black don’t crack CRACKERS!! 😂😂😂🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽

      And before I hit that MOFO, best believe Charlie Hunnam my BAE will hunted down, bound, gagged, dragged to the alter where he will recite with those hot lips “I DO MY SWEET CAFE LATTE”. From there he will strut bukked naked towards me where he will be forced to first reveal that hot pasty ass of his. He will then impregnnte me with his glorious seed, and we will create beautiful little mocha frappe’s named Charlneecy and Neecharly.

      This diversity plan will be signed off by yours truly at the cha teau😙☺️


    • on September 24, 2015 at 9:22 am having a bad day


      “I’ve recently found out that a man in my dancing social circle is hostile to me for no good reason. ”

      first step…relax…lol…he HAS a good reason…he’s apparently a beta loser…and is ‘losing’ girls to you (or at least that’s what he probably believes bc why else would they ‘dump’ him…it COULDN’T be bc he’s lame…lol)

      second step…don’t be threatened…and keep on doing your thing…you’re doing fine…

      “He has been using his broads to be rude to me.”

      these are still just shit tests…treat them accordingly…in fact, you’ve been around enough that you should be able to spin these into a dance, at least. remember shit tests are IOIs, right? so, agree and amplify/call her out on the rudeness (in a non-butt hurt way) and tell her to dance with you…hold frame and give it a beat or two and if she isn’t moving to comply = back turn her…

      “The man is funny and popular with women.”

      lots of betas are…but do they see him as ‘sexual’ or just as a beta orbiter?…

      “He’s been dumped by very pretty women recently. He can get them, but he ends up being disgusting to them, so them dump him.”

      this is just more fodder for the ‘game works’ archives…and for exposing the ‘you just gotta lift and make money, then you can get the girls’ fallacy.

      AMOG time…cold-approach the girls who just dumped him for dances…complement him on his 6-pack and ‘admire’ how much effort he puts into working out…complement him on his dancing (pick a dance that he’s not very good at…lol)…do these in front of the girls, right?…lol…you know, standard AMOG stuff…

      “Wears a T-shirt and lifts it to expose his six pack as he licks his finger.”

      this is gay…if he does that around you, just say “sorry, not interested. I don’t play on that team…”…lol…then ‘back turn’ him…

      if the girls ask your opinion about him = “he’s a very nice person, and has a great future…”…lol…

      mostly, don’t worry about it and have some fun…this is a great opportunity for game practice!…

      good luck!


      • HABD, thanks for your comments.

        Your strategy to AMOG the douchebag is spot on. Not something I normally need to do or practice much. Guess I’ll have to pay attention.

        “do they see him as ‘sexual’ or just as a beta orbiter?”

        Sexual. In one of DB’s rudeness dominance tests, he nastyflirted with the old lady (O) with whom I was dancing, while I was dancing with her. She responded with slutty flirting. (Women see him as sexual, at first. His insecurity takes a few weeks to manifest after he has been banging them.) I picked up on my partner’s response, but missed DB’s rudeness as a dominance test. I wasn’t aware of DB’s hostility until several weeks later when he interrupted a dance I was doing with one of his broads to take his broad home. DB “apologized” and provided no excuse of an emergency.

        My response has been to snub DB’s broads. They are just his hands, but are susceptible to anything that works on women. Snubbing is very effective. Broads always crave social proof from men and if a man withholds social proof, it’s nuclear. Snubbing a woman makes her feel like she has been dumped. Like she is disliked. O started chasing me a few weeks after I started snubbing her, whenever DB wasn’t around.

        I snubbed the youngest and prettiest of DB’s broads (P) at a group dance lesson. When P rotated to me, I didn’t smile at P or respond when she smiled at me and greeted me. She put a max amount of distance from me at that point. When it came time to practice the move, I walked off the floor and got some water. DB left his rotational partner and hustled over to dance with P so that she wouldn’t be alone. I watched and smiled. He looked supplicating to P, which was apparent to the whole group. I AMOGed him there. I don’t think that he realized it.

        “cold-approach the girls who just dumped him for dances…”

        They leave the dance scene. I haven’t seen P out with DB in over a month. (She has been AWOL from the dance scene.) He has been hitting on young fatties and apparently is still banging O. Geriatric sex = DLV…opportunity to disqualify DB

        I dumped O as a dance partner. She’s bangable and a good dancer. Refuses to apologize, so Next! She has probably been feeding a line of horse5h1t about me to other broads in my social circle. Something I should ignore and DHV to overcome.

        About your “having fun” comment. I’ll try to see the rudeness tests as just a game move. Be playful early and often. Never butthurt, of course. I have viewed them previously as unpleasant and boring.

        I saw a dominance test realtime recently and responded accurately to it. A man (an in-law) I had met that day had his arm on my back bro-style and moved his hand to my neck and started pinching my vertebrae. I moved my hand to his neck and he stopped. All the time we smiled at each other. Autism often prevents me from seeing these tests realtime. The discomfort must have made it clear to me. Cortisol can be your friend, short-term.

        My brother beat me in a dominance test recently. He suggested that I dance with a handicapped kid at his son’s wedding reception and I did. Of course, he didn’t. No cortisol to alert me.


      • on September 25, 2015 at 5:11 pm having a bad day


        ““do they see him as ‘sexual’ or just as a beta orbiter?”

        Sexual. ”

        i will just point out one problem with your position in this whole situ…if YOU’RE not banging them, girls will still go with the best available option…their hindbrains demand it…lol…girls really are horny… when they’re pumped up on ‘dance fever’…well…

        “My response has been to snub DB’s broads. They are just his hands, but are susceptible to anything that works on women. Snubbing is very effective.”

        as long as it’s not butt hurt…but it’s more effective (and better game practice) to mix it up and reward them too = operant conditioning…punish promptly…reward intermittently…hold your frame and smirk…lol…it really does work…

        “I saw a dominance test realtime recently and responded accurately to it”

        good job!…it gets faster the more you do it…just like any skill…

        “They leave the dance scene. I haven’t seen P out with DB in over a month. (She has been AWOL from the dance scene.) ”

        got her number? invite her out…lol…ZFG…would it be fun?…there’s your answer…

        ” I’ll try to see the rudeness tests as just a game move. Be playful early and often.”

        dancing is suppose to be fun, right?…and game practice is wherever and whenever you are around girls…lol…that’s supposed to be fun, too…they’re just silly girls…

        “My brother beat me in a dominance test recently. He suggested that I dance with a handicapped kid at his son’s wedding reception and I did. Of course, he didn’t.”

        doesn’t really count, if he didn’t ‘tell’ you to do it…also, not everything needs to be ‘live or die’ primate interaction/social dynamics…and even then, being ‘alpha’ is only bio purpose is for securing girls for breeding by setting social status hierarchy…lol… dancing with a handicapped kid at a wedding was a nice thing to do…did you lose a bang bc of it?…no?…feel good about making some kid’s day…don’t let the autism get in the way of living your life…(i do that, too…but it’s getting much better bc of game/red pill…)

        good luck!


      • on September 25, 2015 at 5:12 pm having a bad day


        nsa filters got another one…


      • O (Old Lady) showed up at my new venue. I screwed up and told another broad where I was dancing. Of course she blabbed it. Or maybe DB told O since he also goes to the new venue. DB had been hitting both my old and new venues.

        I was making friends with a new gal. She left abruptly and I didn’t see her leave. Don’t know if O said/did something to scare her off.


      • HABD, I see what you’re saying about operant conditioning. Even while punishing (by snubbing), I still have to give occasional “treats” even though the desired behavior hasn’t been forthcoming yet. I was concerned that doing so would be inconsistent.

        Men’s libidos are always on. Girls’ libidos aren’t necessarily always on, but they are always POTENTIALLY on. If a hot man shows sexual interest in a girl, her libido will turn on. Even post-menopausal “girls”.

        Men’s libidos are initiative and girls’ libidos are responsive.

        Besides direct engagement of a hot man and a girl, certain activities/contexts can also affect girls’ libidos:

        1. Anywhere a hot man with high status does a DHV. Athlete. Politician. Drummer. Actor. Writer at a book signing or giving a talk. Religious leader doing his thing in front of the congregation. Because of solipsism, DHV will be received as direct engagement of the apex alpha with the girl.

        2. Weddings/funerals/dances. Because of emotional chemistry.


    • on September 24, 2015 at 9:23 am having a bad day


      …in mod…as least the nsa filters didn’t grab it first…lol…


  45. whaddya know, clockboy’s sister was kicked out of school for making bomb threats:


    [CH: LOL. CH proven right once again. you reading lotb?]


  46. I guess these are those moderate muslims the left is always going on about


  47. I feel sorry for the United States. My family is from what is now considered Iraq, from a village in the north which has been under ISIS control since June of 2014.

    The people of Islam do not tolerate people of other religions and if you are not of the same Islamic sect you are also looked down upon.

    There are two ways that Islam spreads: through the “sword” and procreation. They make a lot of children and are now spreading across Europe and other western countries, taking advantage of their welfare systems and other benefits.

    My family left Iraq with nothing and are now doing well for themselves here but we shake our head at the left who support Islam here and the scum like this kid.

    My only hope is Trump making it but even my family (who donates thousands to the “republican” party) think he is a going to be tossed out and Bush will be the nominee.

    Europe is done for and all the homogenous cultures of these countries will be soon washed away.

    USA is next. Sitting poolside before you get beheaded isn’t the way I am going out…


  48. “‘Model’ minority student persecuted by badwhited. Media frenzy. Everyone uses it to advance own agendas.”

    This was all in a 1980s Tom Wolfe novel “Bonfire of the Vanities.” Awesome book. Read it and internalize the cynicism. It’s how the world works.


  49. That kid looks like a girl I used to see. From the crooked teeth to the crazy eyes


  50. Stephan Molyneux reads Chateau Heartiste. In a recent call-in show, he actually told a caller that he was beta and then explained to him what a “shit test” is.

    He is also becoming more of a white supremacist, though he dances around the issue, and has yet to develop the balls to come out and say it.

    I like Stephan. He is a very good, decent human being. His work on the subject of child abuse is an invaluable contribution to humanity.

    HOWEVER, he’s still a fucking cuck with a capital C.

    A recent example is his video “the truth about STDs”. He pretended he was making an edgy “tell-all” and broaching a subject nobody would talk about. He then proceeded to mention gay men/AIDS approximately 0 times.


  51. Another reason I think Stephan Molyneux still has a long way to go is because he has a problem with masculinity. For example, he seems to see testosterone as a bad thing, contributing to negative behavioural traits, and basically bragged about how much his test levels lowered when he became a stay at home dad.

    Another example is telling people that learning martial arts or self defense is a product of fear and child abuse, and that’s it’s better to avoid dangerous places or humbly talk your way out of physical confrontations. Where is the dignity in that? What man with any measure of pride will let thugs intimidate him out of going where he wants to go on a Friday night?

    Please reach out to him CH. He has so much to offer, but he needs your help.


  52. this whole media conundrum is doing a decent job exposing how evident islamophobia still is in 2015. my hope for him is that he keeps on this innovative path, and takes every legal measure to ensure that this ARREST will not hinder him from future schooling, and employment/ career opportunities.

    [CH: lol]