The Chateau Extends Its Fat-Shaming Influence Worldwide!

A group calling itself “Overweight Haters Ltd” is handing out leaflets on the British subway.

“perverted chubby-lover”

😆 😆 😆

I swear this fat shaming shiv could have been pulled straight from the CH sheath, word for word.

Are the Chateau’s very special lessons percolating through the wider culture? This ‘umble blog doesn’t have millions of daily readers, but it doesn’t take much visibility to get an idea, a truthful idea long suppressed and now revealed with gleeful sadism, to make a “memetic sweep” through society’s DNA.

The Awakening is Happening, on all fronts: race, sex, truth, beauty. And on the banner of the shitlords, an emblem flaps victorious in the crisp autumn breeze:


Why are the police investigating the provenance of this Realtalk™? Doesn’t Britain have a lingering respect for free speech? Or is that a quaint White Man invention destined for the ash heap of history? One could look at this authoritarian overstepping as the sort of frenzied reaction a ruling elite makes just before:

Swing High Sweet Lariat


  1. Come to think of it, I don’t like fatasses being called “whales.” Whales are beautiful, graceful creatures. Good work CH. I think your words are reaching all the right ears.

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    • Whales are indeed beautiful, intelligent creatures. However, not when they are lying dead and decaying ON LAND. Then they are just a stinking, grotesque bag of blubber. Very comparable to the disgusting slobs waddling around walmart, who can barely move their own weight around.

      I would welcome another analogy, but I don’t think this one can be beat.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:01 pm Captain Obvious

        > “waddling around walmart” ——— Actually, the libtards are massive, as well. Every time they pan back at the DNC convention, the audience is filled with 350lb child-molesting s0d0mites and bulldykes from the NEA.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:02 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:03 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:04 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:05 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:16 pm Captain Obvious

        For the record there are tons of totally hawt “blue collar” White chicks in Walmart, who are totally DTF and ready to push out your babeez – teenaged blue collar White chicks, even.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:17 pm Captain Obvious

        And often they’re at Walmart with their Momzes, who are MILFs themselves.


      • Whales are indeed beautiful, intelligent creatures. However, not when they are lying dead and decaying ON LAND.

        OT, but i can’t resist posting it because it’s the funniest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen:


      • “The humor of the situation suddenly gave way to a run for survival as huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere.

        Pieces of meat flew high over our heads as others were falling at our feet. The dunes were rapidly evacuated as spectators escaped the falling debris and the overwhelming smell.”

        From the posted old-timey link, stuffthatreallyhappenedinOregon.vid


  2. It is beautiful to behold. The best part about the manosphere is the destruction of feel-good equalist dogma, that “everyone is beautiful”, “love just happens”, etc. Tradcons like the feel-goodness and lack the evolutionary-psychology knowledge that explains how human nature developed and why, the knowledge that would counter the portrayal of humans as being all the same with no instincts. The manosphere corrects this.

    Beauty is one of the main points, far more important to people than they realize. Look around you – everything is made with aesthetics in mind, and there is a reason for this. For too long have leftists been able to shame people for their natural tastes, and ordinary people have had no defense, no arguments to use, and so have felt perpetual guilt. Like Nietzsche described, natural behaviors prevail but without explanations allowed, thereby making it easy to guilt-trip people and control them.

    About 6,000 people vote in CH polls, so there are many thousands of readers. Together with the rest of the manosphere and the alt-Right that is enough to spread some awareness. There will also be those who have read in the past but no longer do so or only read once in a while, but who retain the knowledge.


    • Arbiter:
      “Beauty is one of the main points”

      Yeah, and I just posted about women’s need for validation–a lesson from the Song of Solomon. It talks a shitload about beauty.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 7:07 pm Captain Obvious

      > “Tradcons like the feel-goodness” ——— Which Tradcons are these? Maybe you’re confusing Tradcons with Churchians?


    • Look around you – everything is made with aesthetics in mind

      Except that actually it’s not.

      Not only is everything not made with aesthetics in mind – everything is made WITHOUT aesthetics in mind. People do some nice work on their homes. A guy down the street does sculpture. I do some speciman planting. But anything slash everything in the public “sphere” – which would better be said as the public square – is done in complete disregard of aesthetics.

      Aesthetics do not find a home in the public square, … because why. Cost. The Tragedy of the Commons. That advantage is conferred to he who takes advantage. Or perhaps because more nefarious reasons?

      I don’t know the answer to that question. But NOTHING in this town is made with aesthetics. Aesthetics is so far removed from consideration. But that is not right. Aesthetics is not removed from consideration, it is that people do not know what it is.

      All in all, in other words: this contemporary living arrangement, of the suburbs and cars, is not aesthetic.


      • When understood in the context of slow-motion mechanisms of modern American history, suburbs are refugee camps.


      • The most dreary place in America: a SWPL neighborhood dog park.


      • Yep one of my main gripes with modern life. When was the last time the West built anything that stole your breath away? Europe has seen new soccer stadiums built that all look the same, London’s Eye is lame, most modern office buildings are sterile and cold. The DC area is turning into one bland conforming suburb. Give me Ancient Rome or Greece or Speer’s Berlin please. Spacious marble grandiose.

        [CH: the divinity-infused spirit of western man is dead, and this is reflected in his ugly art and his decadent culture. can anything revitalize him? i have to admit i don’t know.]


    • The whole thing, the Whole Problem, is that Aesthetics is what we don’t have.

      If we had those … things, then we would have something to live for, something to maintain, in this here living arrangement.

      But we don’t. It is sterile concrete sad and grey yay! So people are not happy and they want to re-infuse it with vigor, and Somalis fill the ticket (or so they think).


  3. Of course, if this screed had been written about smokers–a group which actually saves the taxpayers a pretty penny by paying into old age pension funds all their lives and then dropping dead just before they can collect any of it–the shitlibs would all stand up and applaud.


    • The obesity epidemic is certainly related to society cancelling smoking.

      [CH: if men had to choose b/t smokers and fat asses, smokers win. the boner doesn’t have to see the inside of a black lung.]


      • It’s not the mouth that’s the sole source of offense… everything on them, from hair to clothes, and everything in their cars and homes reeks.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 5:07 pm Facepalm to the Max

        @ Greg: The same could be said of fat people. I’ll take the stench of stale smoke over smegma and diabetic sweat any day


      • I know not what either diabetic sweat or smega smell like… on that issue I’ll defer to your superior experience.


      • Depends how fat we’re talking about. A little chub, well distributed, with a pretty face on top, and non-smoker is not too shabby.

        LTRs with smokers are not what I would want.

        OT: Is it me or are chicks who are great in bed/sexpots/sluts disproportionately into smoking? Every Lilith/Aphrodite I’ve knows has been sucking on the cancer stick.


      • But the stench? The breath? The stained teeth? The wrinkled pursed lip? The dry, dehydrated, Myriad-wrinkled face and sunken cheeks? Your boner is fuckin weird man.


    • Smokers or fatsos… the male equivalent of a bizarro-world’s Sophie’s Choice.

      Both are deal-breakers, as far as I’m concerned… women have little enough respect these days to begin with, and if you’re coming out of the gate with one who doesn’t respect her own body, good luck getting her to respect anything else.


    • Being a smoker doesn’t mean you’ll smoke all over your house or that you won’t wash your clothing, which is required to reek of smoking. Heck, if you use mouth spray, not even your mouth will smell unless you’re some inveterate chain smoker who entertains his vice in the confines of a shower cabin.


      • I’m sure there are some smokers out there who are fastidious in all other matters of hygiene and health…

        … most ain’t.

        And it’s still the absolute worst thing you can do to your body, short of swallowing asbestos… which then pollutes the soul as well.

        Not to mention the fact that you’re poisoning others in the immediate vicinity… which is likewise another withdrawal from the karma bank.


  4. I need to get in touch with this group, see if they’re interested in my Hunger Games parody entitled: The Hungry Games. Instead of Katniss Everdeen, it’s Fatness Dairyqueen…

    Wait…did I just give my idea to the interestnet? D’oeth!


  5. Fear not, the Faggot Within is on the case! He is ruthlessly searching his Facebook and Twitter feeds for ANY British person saying ANYTHING negative about fatties. And reporting it to the police in Britain.

    How dare they insult his mother! Off with their heads! (/sarcasm)

    Faggot Within rape!


    • Why does The Faggot Within waste so time frequenting a forum whose ideas and very ethos he detests? Surely he’s not one of those Left-wingers who likes to discuss ideas rather than shut people up! If he is, then congratulations to him. He’s part of a dying breed


      • on December 1, 2015 at 1:25 pm The Spirit Within

        LordBromley– Whorefinder is an insane troll who literally makes shit up about me and others. Pay him no attention.

        I’m totally onboard with the game half of this website. It’s what brought me here and I wish Heartiste would go back to it. Re: politics, I’m a centrist, not a leftist, both of which are considered crazy by the modern-day Genghis Khans who frequent this place and would return us to a state of Hobbesian nature.

        The racial hate here is odious, and fanned by the proprietors, but it’s protected by free speech, so whatever. ZFG from me.


      • No, he’s just a paid-for troll, sent here by either Media Matters or some other Soros-funded organization (or perhaps the DNC itself).

        His job is threefold: 1) observe and report the subversiveness and degeneracy of we “mouth breathers”; 2) attempt to sow discord between commentators; and 3) to attempt to break up discussions and momentum.

        But he’s failing.

        Spy rape!

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      • on December 1, 2015 at 1:39 pm The Spirit Within

        WF, if I were a paid shill, you’d be seeing a hell of a lot more comments from me. I’d be posting twenty times more than Captain Obvious. Cheers bitch.


      • What sort of man calls another man a “bitch?”…


      • @Faggot Within, being faggoty:

        The racial hate here is odious, and fanned by the proprietors, but it’s protected by free speech, so whatever.

        –Until you destroy the last remnants of free speech, declare that freedom is slavery, and finally put your boot on the throat of the enemies of the working class, eh, comrade?

        if I were a paid shill, you’d be seeing a hell of a lot more comments from me
        –not likely, your brain is quite slow.

        Now back to masturbating about your mom, you paid lefty shill.

        Faggot within rape!


      • Jew Within, your threats are becoming less and less veiled. We know what you are doing. You know God damned well that there is no free speech or other First Amendment rights for white men. If there were, we could post here using our real names. I explained this to you last week, and I think it got through mod if I recall, but you already know this: all of us live with a bit of fear about the communists tracking our IP and ruining our lives or disappearing us. This is literally true, even though nobody has advocated any violence and nothing here comes within 20 country miles of any kind of crime against the state. And you know that. Several times, and increasingly more frequently, you have alluded to our lack of free speech rights in a sarcastic way. Fuck off, pussy. Your tribe’s hubris will be your downfall, again, eventually. Castles made of sand, melts (sic) into the sea, eventually.


      • The racial hate here is odious

        What’s odious is your deafening silence when it comes to those who hate the West in general and White males in particular.

        Let every yid, n1gger, and sandworm spew their shite, and it’s crickets on your end.

        Let one White man give ’em back their bullshit, and with interest, and you’re running for the vapors, toes a-curling.

        And if you’re what you claim to be, an Aryan-looking White man of Catholic upbringing, then the shame is on you all the more for being a stooge for the Cathedral, if not an outright betrayer… your fate will be far worse than the actual dark enemy, you villainous dastard.

        You fairy.


      • “WF, if I were a paid shill, you’d be seeing a hell of a lot more comments from me. I’d be posting twenty times more than Captain Obvious. Cheers bitch.”

        If Sunsteinwithin was a paid shill, he’d have a lot more intelligent things to say than the same smarmy, warmed-over pinko, boring as fuck tripe that Rachel Maddow And Terri Gross said last month.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 5:35 pm The Spirit Within

        Let every yid, n1gger, and sandworm spew their shite, and it’s crickets on your end.

        I’m curious to know how you know this, Smeliot. You claim to know what I do outside of typing these words, so please enlighten me. You watching my home? Monitoring my online activities? Listening to my conversations? Spying on my girls? Sitting in the bushes?

        Admit that your comment wasn’t directed at me. Admit that it was directed at some generalized societal other that you’ve decided, in your irredeemably all-or-nothing thinking, I symbolize. Admit that such splitting is a defense mechanism. Admit that maybe you need a little couch time with a mental health professional.

        Admit it.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:15 pm Sean Fielding

        “I’m totally onboard with the game half of this website.”

        Then you must be the dimmest reader that has ever stuck with CH. Everyone else gets the truth of ‘they lied to me about women but told the truth about everything else’ within a few days of discovering this place, if they didn’t already know it.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:17 pm Vagina dominator

        @ TSW

        If all you care about is PUA, SMV, peacocking, frame and negging, there is an entire universe out there of pure-game, no-race websites. Yet you stay here. Don’t you think that is odd? Can you see that people would suspect your motives?

        So the question is, are you are troll? I can’t decide because you are such a mixed bag. Here are my thoughts.

        Troll or not troll?

        – Troll: you claim to be game-oriented but you never make any substantial game-related comments. This is very strange because you also claim to be running a regular harem. Any man who is runing a harem should have 10,000 great observations and anecdotes on woman-think and woman-management. You should be a very popular commenter.

        – Troll: you come to a website that you disapprove of and then complain about it. Who but a troll does that? Do you think any commenter here goes over to Think Progress (is there such a site?) and calls them out on being race cucks? Who would bother?

        – Not a troll: you have no good arguments in favor of your I-give-up-fuck-me-in-the-butt modernism. Look, I’m the type of guy who can change his mind if I hear a good argument. Really, I am always quite genuinely open to be persuaded that I am wrong about something. So here I am, a prime target for ideological undermining but you never present any structured arguments, good or bad, to persuade me.

        – Not a troll: your argumentative skills are very poor. You are not witty. You cannot catch a commenter in a “gotcha”, which trolls love to do. Consider the obvious troll “thwack”. He was often amusing.

        – Not a troll: your comments do not create division in the group, or promote white discouragement, psychological uncertainty or humiliation (again, unlike Thwack, whose routine was to always to bring up the idea of miscegenation). If anything, you promote group solidarity here.

        – Not a troll: you talk like someone who is genuinely politically unsophisticated. For example, your claim to be a centrist rather than a leftist. This is a real dumbass man-in-the-street comment, as if you see yourself as the proud inheritor of a grand tradition of moderation in politics, unaware that the effect of the Overton Window these last fifty years now places political “safety in the crowd” types like you where once we found only Maoists .

        I have seen no evidence that you are clever enough to fake this kind of man-in-the-street stupidity. That would be the work of only a top-class troll.

        My conclusion: TSW is not a troll. He is just a blue pill sucker trying to create a purple pill internet identity for himself.

        TSW, man, my advice is you should stop bending yourself all out of shape trying to be all thigs to all people and just swallow the fucking pill.


      • I’m curious to know how you know this, Smeliot. You claim to know what I do outside of typing these words, so please enlighten me. You watching my home? Monitoring my online activities? Listening to my conversations? Spying on my girls? Sitting in the bushes?

        Dafug? Don’t make yourself more obtuse than you already are… I’m only talking about your behavior at the chateau, you schmuck… it’s the only place I see you in action.

        What are you saying now? That although you sound like some warmed-over half-assed shill at the chateau, that you’re a champion of the West in meat world? That would be even more laughable that your most douche-chilling comments here in Cyberia… which is really saying something.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 7:56 pm The Spirit Within

        @Vagina Fumigator

        You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into the reasons for my presence here. Good.

        This site’s become, politically, a circle jerk of twenty or so assorted rhetorical fallacies. And a stew of racial propaganda, though the proprietors’ belief that they’re spreading truth indicates their own delusions of grandiosity. Plus pure teeth-gnashing hate, which is useless and anti-civilizational. It’s fun challenging all of the above. Every time someone responds to me — for good or for bad — it means that my message has been heard.

        So blast away with the ad hominem. My attitude: Zero Fucks Given.


      • on December 1, 2015 at 8:01 pm The Spirit Within


        Proving the negative is a fallacy. You committed it.


      • Every time someone responds to me — for good or for bad — it means that my message has been heard.


        Strapon proves (yet again!) to be the person “you just can’t insult”.

        Your (ahem) “message”, such as it is, has been heard loud and clear, dweeb… and an inspirational message it is…

        … inspiring much mirth & mockery… and occasional pity.


      • Nice breakdown, Vaginal dominator. Great name, btw.

        I sort of agree with your analysis. The other question is, man or woman? I lean woman.


      • @Smeliot

        Heh, heh… the puerile attempt at repartee never quite leaves the elementary school playground, eh?

        Proving the negative is a fallacy. You committed it.

        Lawdy! If THAT comment doesn’t signify “got wedgied all through high school”, well… (((shakin’ it)))


      • It’s quite humorous when the Faggot Within says “zero fucks given” over and over again, like a nerdy kid getting a wedgie everyday who says, “doesn’t hurt me, hahaha, losers!”—me thinks the faggot doth protest too much.

        especially since he’s threatened both me AND PA when he’ s been smacked around by us. So he’s clearly butthurt whenever his nonsense gets pissed on.

        He reminds me of that CEO whose response to getting cuckholded by Dan Bilzerian was the most butt-hurt beta bitch: “I’ll just be a better person, it doesn’t hurt me!”

        A mark of a true rabbit (like Faggot Within) is repeating whenever smacked around, as many times possible, to anyone who asks, something akin to “it doesn’t hurt me!” or “ZFG!”

        He’s clearly wallowing in anger and misery, and his only defense is a rabbit-like repetition of “magic words” that are supposed to make the bully go away and all the pain disappear.

        But there not working like his mommy told them they would…

        ZFG rape!


      • “This site’s become, politically, a circle jerk of twenty or so assorted rhetorical fallacies.”

        Seems imprecise at best confused at worst. Rhetoric is the art of persuasion utilizing logos, pathos, and ethos. One can certainly employ a logical fallacy while engaging in rhetoric. Maybe that’s what you were trying to say.

        “And a stew of racial propaganda, though the proprietors’ belief that they’re spreading truth indicates their own delusions of grandiosity.”

        How does one’s belief that they are spreading truth indicate “delusions of grandiosity”? Do you, for example, believe that anything you have written on this site to be true? Do you therefore suffer from “delusions of grandiosity”? For that matter how does any of this follow from the assertion that the site is a “stew of racial propaganda”? Face it — your sentence is a logical, grammatical and rhetorical disaster. Thre is no way anyone would ever pay you to write here.

        “Plus pure teeth-gnashing hate, which is useless and anti-civilizational.”

        Like fear, hate can be exceedingly useful. Also, like fear it can be civilizing. For example, Many people hate pedophiles. This emotion motivates them to do everything possible to eliminate them from society. Is the emotion useful? Is a society more or less civilized without child predators?

        “It’s fun challenging all of the above. Every time someone responds to me — for good or for bad — it means that my message has been heard.”

        Would this perhaps constitute of delusions of grandiosity on your part?

        “So blast away with the ad hominem. My attitude: Zero Fucks Given.”

        From reading a sufficient amount of your posts, my conclusion is that you are a moderately educated person who believes himself to be a very well- educated person — this makes you no different from 98% of college educated democrat voters. Said another way, you’re every bit as sanctimonious, unoriginal and incurious as the Amy Goodman/Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart et al. crowd you parrot. If you really are getting laid regularly by quality women, you must be very physically attractive and/or wealthy because you are painfully fucking boring.


      • “The racial hate here is odious, and fanned by the proprietors, but it’s protected by free speech, so whatever. ZFG from me.”

        “ZFG” … yet her nigger worship requires her to post her race-cuck viewpoint in the comments section of every CH post.

        She’s a SJW getting her tingles by trolling the alt-right.


  6. On a recent biz trip to California, I ran into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in about five years. Was pleasantly surprised to see that both he AND his wife (both in their forties had dropped considerable poundage. Utterly transformed their appearance – attitude about life as well. I asked him what prompted this new found health quest?

    “It was you.”


    “You probably don’t remember but the last time you were here, we were watching TV and one of those commercials for drugs to control your diabetes or nerve pain from diabetes came on and you made the nastiest comment about losing the lumbering cow weight instead of taking drugs – think you did it even a few times. After that, every time one of those god damn commercials for drugs that basically are for fat people came on – well lumbering cow was all I could hear in my head. Didn’t want to be one anymore.”

    I didn’t remember that situation cause that’s something I observe about our economy catering to disgusting fat cows pretty often.

    Speak up – you might inspire a good friend to get back to health. Even with the oblique language.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 1:04 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      Well done. It’s nice to know you’ve made a difference in the lives of at least two people.


      • Agreed, well done man.

        My sweet old grandma, god rest her soul, used to tell anyone and i mean *anyone*, including pre-teen me, “You are fat” or “you are getting fat” and would literally grab your stomach and “pinch an inch.” She would say “If you can pinch an inch, you are too fat!” Her shame game was on point lol. My dad and his brothers have always been thin, thin to this day…wish my dad had been hard on me, made me feel shame. Wish there were more people like my grandma nowadays. Wish my dad and mom would have forced me to have discipline in eating and exercise but they loved me and my siblings too much to ever criticize us. Well…like the saying goes, wish in one hand and crap in the other, see which gets filled up first 🙂 I didn’t understand that even as a child i had a choice. We all have a choice.

        After a lifetime of being overweight, depressed and having low self-esteem, I finally have my shit together and there is nothing like it. Healthy, strong, active, confident, self esteem coming out the wazoo, and goddamit MASCULINE. I did a 100 pushups for the first time in my life on thanksgiving. This is a milestone i will never forget. There is nothing like the combo of eating healthy, lifting heavy, slaying poon and getting enough sleep. Testosterone + oxytocin = happiness. Feels like you are invincible.


      • damn… 100 pushups in one set? you’re a savage. thats my goal. 76 is my record.


    • That’s a heartwarming and heart-healthening story. Your shiv literally penatrated their blubber and into their heads. Well done, sir.


    • My latest weight loss was prompted by observing the weight loss and general happiness of a former colleague who’s now my next-door neighbor at my office. I lost almost 15 pounds in two months.

      Speak up and be an example for others. Fat-shaming works! Folks who want to live better make excuses if you let them; they just need a little push.


    • Speak up – you might inspire a good friend to get back to health. Even with the oblique language.

      Yes, as the old saying goes, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.


      • on December 2, 2015 at 8:11 am Hugo Stiglitz

        Besides my friend gently chiding me for years to exercise, the biggest motivation for me to lose 70 lbs was the two occasions women told me straight out they wouldn’t date me because I was fat. Bless those two sluts!


    • Otsuka,

      Kudos to you. Well done.


  7. […] The Chateau Extends Its Fat-Shaming Influence Worldwide! […]


  8. those cards are acts of love and compassion. the people who object are the true haters.


  9. on December 1, 2015 at 1:08 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Several years ago we used to hand out anti-immigration cards at the beach. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive.


    • Call me crazy, but this seems much more productive to me at this point. We can survive with fatties for a while. We can’t survive with Syria, Somalia, and El Distrito Federal transferring here en masse.

      I like a good dada-esque prank, but it just isn’t that important. I do have a soft spot for naturally plump chicks, though.


  10. Of course beauty matters. Watch any Hungarian movie. You’ll see nothing but fit, beautiful white women who are sweet and feminine. Not even a token black, let alone aggressive pushing of miscegenation like we have today in Weimerica. Like there will be a concert scene and it’s 400 attractive white people. Literally a fantasy world that cannot even be imagined by Americans who have been trapped in Weimerica the past 40 years. A world, in fact, more like the one Hitler fought for.


    • … 400 attractive white people on X and copious amounts of vodka.


      • Those are the best looking women.

        Doesn’t x upset their happiness levels though?

        They “ought” to feel those best feelings in childbirth, and associated life passages, but now it’s just a party with a hot dj and the quality drugs.

        That said – i am not convinced that the long-term neurochem is adversely affected. The party scene might be considered a necessary stopover, given these times.



      • Those young white people, at the party in Hungary, they are going to feel good. And they are going to do whatever it takes.

        Since the brain is flexible, it will adjust but. But that that scene is there then, keeps them from the more traditional things.

        But those more traditional things aren’t around, and the Kids have to be (kept around).

        What’s good and bad is not this or that.


    • If this is an example of Hungarian Women, I’m moving!!!!


      • It has always been heartening to see such boobs trying to liberate themselves from tyranny and oppression of evil supremacist bras
        # BoobsLivesMatters


      • I have actually seen a Hungarian woman this beautiful use her panties to make a ponytail like that. She needed to tie her hair back before giving a BJ. In fact, I see that every single night, if that’s what I want. For realz. #winning. 😉

        And yes, Hungarian movies (not talking about porn, but regular movies) are sort of sleazy like this in an “innocent” way. In other words, Hungarian women (and their culture) are still happy to admit that they know that a woman’s best asset(s) are her beauty (ass and tits) lzolzozo like they will be focusing on the ass while they walk and stuff like this. Or like a scene with cheerleaders, they will be wearing thongs and ass cheeks will get shown, along with a cute little flirty wink (in USA of course real cheerleaders now essentially wear biker shorts under their skirt, not even panties let alone thong). It’s like the women are happy to be feminine and use their sexual power in a fun, flirty, sort of non-shit testing way, if I can describe it now when I need more coffee.

        I have never had the good fortune to actually go to Hungary or Russia, but I get the impression that it really is true that they, on average, at least a much larger % of them, are really untouched by the whole Eskimo feminism go grrrrl bullshit that has ruined our american young women.

        Advice to those who are open to buns in oven and ensuring a future with white children in it: if you are lucky enough to meet a Hungarian woman, be careful not to be too much of a dick, and give her a chance. She might actually be the NAWALT girl that is worth keeping around and ending your plate spinning days. You might meet her and see her as just a plate, and she might actually win your over, despite your protests, literally following one of CH’s 16 commandments, simply by being sweet and loving and awesome in bed and treating you like a king all the time, never being bitchy, not even once. If you’ve only been with American ruined women, you might be pleasantly shocked to find such a beautiful creature who is sweet 100% of the time and never bitchy.

        Maybe she just wants a green card? So what; perhaps she deserves one.


    • Weimerica… I like that.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 7:31 pm Sean Fielding

      Unfortunately, there’s a whole different category of extremely popular Hungarian movie that’s full of nigger-on-Magyar-nő scenes. And yes, I know this rot can ultimately be traced to people who ‘Hungarian’ the way Soros is Hungarian.


      • Yeah, we all know that the porn creators are Eskimos and they have aggressively pushed it into dindus raping and humiliating beautiful white women in the most disgusting ways possible. Among the 533 legitimate reasons white men should form a revolution, this is one of the ones that causes us a lot of pain and seething anger. It’s not “Muh dik” beta bitterness like “I could have married that girl” but the black guy has more game then me; something non-Europeans and simple minded players don’t understand: we actually care about civilization and our women, and our children, and the world in which they live.

        It is wrong to criticize that poor white trash porn actress who grew up fatherless and has turned to porn to get money. That’s not “white knighting” for any particular girl. I’m talking about *** civilization-wide level *** stuff — this sort of thing should not even exist, at all. Each of those pretty white women should have been living a life that includes her marrying a decent man by the age of 25 (and that man would be able to be a blue collar worker but make a living that can support a family), having kids, furthering our civilization, birthing and raising future engineers, and yet we literally have thousands of them being abused in the most disgusting ways possible while Eskimos make money off of it. It’s sick at a severely sharp level.

        And then, as we discuss here daily, even the “amateurs” “liberated” women have been liberated to turn themselves into amateur “porn stars” in their own minds, proudly being sluts, etc as used to be explained all the time by GBFM before he started doing only nonsense in his infrequent posts. The whole bernankified thing. Has GBFM given up on the fight?

        Can’t say I’d blame him. I’m kinda numb to it all at this point. Poolside, I guess.


    • Hitler also fought for a world without Slavs.

      How would that have worked out?


      • No he didn’t. He obviously did not think he would kill a billion people and eliminate Slavs from the world. All he wanted was for Germany to be left alone. White Russians, Germans, Hungarians, Austrians, French, British, and Spanish should be friends — a League of Civilized Peoples. The question is whether the civilized world will get it right this time, instead of having hundreds of thousands of white men kill their white brothers and cousins fighting the Semites’ battles for them.


      • If all he wanted was for Germany to be left alone, he would have stopped after Anschluss and the Sudetenland.

        Hitler was an iron-fisted genocidal tyrant. He was out to cull the White race, not to lead it. He killed more Slavs than any other ethnic group.

        And your “League of Civilized Peoples” sounds a lot like the EU. How’s that working out?


      • You do know there were Slavic divisions of the SS? Only this week I was at a commemoration in Kiev.


  11. The BBC radio presenter whinnying about this Tube trolling story came out with an unguarded id blurt, “don’t you just wish you had a karate chop ready when this sort of thing happens?” I think it was Lady Brett on R5, well before the “watershed”. and almost her entire input to the item.
    Must have stung, to temporarily dislodge the celebrated “balanced news reporting” shite they all hide behind..She’s actually not too hideous, but decidedly more manly than most Beeb drones..


  12. on December 1, 2015 at 1:28 pm Throbbing Gristle

    Props for pig defence. I’ll never understand why the smart, useful animal’s name is used as an insult.


    • Pigs are quite high among halfway domesticated animals, for those animals which know a lot (to whom we can almost relate).

      Hail Pigs, hail pigs!
      After horses
      and dogs of courses
      hail Pigs


  13. on December 1, 2015 at 1:31 pm wife and mother

    golden, ‘cept for the ‘consuming resources while half the world starves’ bit. maybe, though, the language of West-shaming environmentalism is being co-opted here tongue-in-cheek.


    • Ya I caught that too and thought the exact same thing as you, def tongue-in-cheek. The tide is turning, seeing more people like this use the language/symbols of the SJWs against them. I don’t watch TV anymore but someone (probably here) mentioned what Southpark is doing this season. Holy crap, they are nailing SJWs and liberals to the wall. Going after the return of PC, fat acceptance, safe spaces, people hiding from reality, sponsored content (i.e. liberal censorship paid for by eskimos), charity support shaming and how they are all connected.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm mendozatorres

      This seasons South Park has been on point. Each episode is a giant shiv bigger than the last.


  14. The picture of the cute little white girl gets me every time! Just insert this picture in every article it makes me pine for a better planet.


  15. The decline of beauty is a more serious problem than a decline in IQ, in my opinion, and certainly a more emotionally resonant problem. And its only just begun. Let’s check back in a few decades.

    I’m early 30s, thinking back to my high school grad class, for every attractive girl I know who had a child, I can think of 5 good looking girls who are thus far barren, and probably 2 or 3 fugly girls who passed on their genes. The sexual revolution is great fun for poolside alphas, but we are squandering a beauty inheritance comparable to the boomer’s squandering of an economic inheritance.

    A minority of beautiful girls were raised Christian, breed early and often. The rest wait very long and end up breeding below replacement level, and sometimes with a less aesthetic race (ashkenazi counts). It is the underrated tragedy of our times.


    • Roosh, for all his faults, is finally recognizing his errors in this regard. it’s probly worth a trip to his site just to observe the painful awakening.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 8:28 pm Captain Obvious

      > “The decline of beauty is a more serious problem than a decline in IQ” ——— BIOLOGICAL CALVINISM – consider the possiblity that they are very closely intertwined – that your sense of “beauty” may have evolved over the eons precisely so that your hindbrain could use that sense to predict e.g. intelligence or morality in a potential mate…


  16. Lee Rigby’s head gets sawn off in broad daylight:
    about 20 agonizing minutes until police arrive.

    Somebody hands out cards making fatties feel bad about themselves: immediate police investigation and press release.

    Priorities, you stupid limey bastards.


  17. Re. Why the fuck are the police investigating this. I really should create US and UK-themed “Traitors” pics like I recently did with the Eiffel Tower / Guillotine. Ideally both would be in a circle, mimicking the peace sign. Concept suggestions welcome.


    • on December 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm mendozatorres

      Something about Big Ben…this shit being like clockwork

      Since it’s all hot air: God save the queef with SJWs doing as such over both nations. (Just saw an old South Park episode and that shit’s still killing me.)

      Make it an ellipsis, since these fuckers are all slant as shit.


    • Exactly! How is distributing these pamphlets considered a crime?

      Thought police rape!

      Saw this on reddit, good for a laugh


      • on December 2, 2015 at 8:40 am long time lurker

        >> Jogs on thanksgiving…

        tl;dr I’m a big, fat, lazy bastard who can’t be bothered to make the effort to improve myself so I’ll just pour scorn on anyone who does.

        Those grapes – they are sour!


      • LOL, I myself ran seven miles through the neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning. I never realized I was doing it only to one-up lardasses and not for my own mental and physical well-being.


  18. The COPROP has been described as “pointless cruelty,” but if you haven’t seen the point, you’re willfully blind.


  19. We are on the path to Harrison Bergeron. Plain and simple.


    • We have that already.


      • White fathers of beautiful, talented daughters who are athletic and 98th percentile IQ pay $1,000 per month for their daughters to dance at top schools (required if a ballerina is to have a chance at a company contract and a career as a professional ballerina). Meanwhile, ugly, stupid, fat, 180 pound (at 9 years old) Africans who will never be something that anyone wants to watch dance on a state, from “underprivileged” areas, are bused in and allowed to take classes for free. The “weights that are like those for 200 pound men” around the ankle of the prettiest, thinnest, talented ballerinas are the extra $500 per month their fathers must pay to subsidize the Africans who are bused in to take up space in class.

        This same thing happens in every area of life, such as admission to college and hiring.

        Note, however, that the burden falls primarily on men, those beta fathers who pay those tens of thousands of dollars all those years, while living primarily thankless, sexless lives.

        And what do we find on the stages where professional ballet companies dance, after all of this “leveling”? We find that 99.9% of the dancers are white, because nobody wants to watch a black ballerina.


  20. This fat shaming campaign is excellent.
    Moreover, we need to think up a word or phraze to shame women with the same or greater intensity/potency of the great male term “cuckservative”.
    A word or phraze women can use to shame women…since they will be less combative to their herd/piers than us men.
    Something that will send the shiv deep – make the hardest feminist shudder.
    Something to merge the main issues or highlight a few.

    The main issues:

    Fat acceptance
    Failure to breed (careerism)
    Pathological altruism (the cat lady ruining her home syndrome)
    R-selected mating

    Some of their fears to manipulate:

    Ostracization from the herd
    Their children failing in life (miscegenation concerns)
    Future grandchildren surrounded by an unfriendly non-white culture
    Rape (well, thats a shade of grey area)

    Forged in the depths of the Shitlord realm, all the western bitches of the world need to hear it – from Helsinki to Hawaii:

    ONe word the rule them all,
    One word to find them,
    ONe word to bring them all
    Into the Shitlord darkness bind them.


  21. Was watching a music video with a 6 year old boy the other day featuring eight young, generally attractive girls dancing. One was fat. He immediately pointed to the fatty and said, “She’s ugly and shouldn’t be there”.

    Six years old!


  22. on December 1, 2015 at 3:06 pm Hilary Clinton

    ‘Why are the police investigating?’

    The pigs are the enemy now. Completely pussified by the leftists. Mostly incompetent darky affirmativists & porcine crewcut bulls spouting the latest pc propaganda and enforcing WhiteManHate. When parents reported pakis abusing trailer trash White 12yo girls, the pc pigs arrested the parents for waaaaaaaaaaaaycizmzzzzzzz


  23. on December 1, 2015 at 3:16 pm Hilary Clinton

    “Why are the police investigating?”

    Pigs are the enemy. Marxist controlled darky affirmativists and porcine crewcut bulls spouting pc doubletalk and enforcing WhiteManHate. When paki child rapists target White trailer trash girls, pc pigs arrested the PARENTS for waaaaaaycizmzzzzlololzzzzllollzz.


    • Yes, the police in most industrialized nations serve two functions only:

      1) To extract revenue from white beta males.
      2) To stay the hands of any racially aware white alpha males who might get ideas about vigilantism against feral dindus.

      Sam Francis called it anarcho-tyranny and it gets worse every year.


  24. Grosses me out what fatty fatsos call themselves curvy.

    Mila Kunis is curvy. Kate Upton is curvy. Natasha Yi is curvy. Jessica Alba is curvy. Melania Trump is curvy.

    Fat slobs are just lumpy.


  25. on December 1, 2015 at 4:36 pm Wrong Side of History

    I expect these brazen acts of shitlording to increase as society experiences more and more vibrancy. Should be fun.


  26. on December 1, 2015 at 5:40 pm The Spirit Within

    I’m in favor of fat-shaming, but one thing mitigating its spread is the fact that the U.S. is not a shame culture. We’re a guilt culture. AFAIK, the only instance of mass shaming in the U.S. was the anti-tobacco campaign of the early 1980s.


    • Strapon may be right…

      Lord knows, the DEFCON 4-level dork shaming he’s been experiencing here hasn’t seemed to have an effect.



    • Which is why you feel guilty every time you think of telling black people they should stop committing crimes…or you fail to compost.

      Wait, we all know you, we know you never do either of those things.

      Faggot within rape!


    • “the U.S. is not a shame culture. We’re a guilt culture.”

      Insipid as usual. In the US guilt is for healthy White men and boys only. Everyone gets else gets to collect on that “guilt.”


      • on December 2, 2015 at 2:53 pm The Spirit Within

        According to Erikson, guilt is one step ahead of shame in psychosocial development.

        On a macro level, therefore, a society that is based on shame is less developed than one based on guilt. If we begin shaming people, we Americans admit that we’re sliding backwards, developmentally.

        That said, I don’t see a better way to get fatties to slim down.

        I don’t expect someone like you who is obsessed — yes, it’s fair to use that word to describe you — with pushing a race-based agenda to understand general psychology.

        [CH: shame and guilt should be sued in tandem for maximum behavior-modification effect.
        ps fatties and shitlibs like yourself can be guilted into better behavior as well.]


  27. Please please hurry with the cultural awakening before Australia also gets irretrievably sent on the path to social destruction wrought by the co-opting and destruction of meaningful marriage by the LGBTWTFBBQ and feminist shitlib agenda of patriarchy smashing and deprecating value of fatherhood and masculinity in general.
    Please give me hope for the future.


    • Australia’s worse off than we are. The government took your guns and the people complied like cattle to the slaughter.

      At least in America – yes the ruling class is vile filth, but 40% or more of us understand what’s going on and are angry and armed to the teeth. Tyranny over an armed population can only go so far.


  28. The reason the police are investigating is that common sense won’t allow for normal people to do it. Women know they are judged by their looks first second third and foremost. It starts when they are little girls and lasts the rest of their lives. Men are judged on their looks in decreasing degrees of magnitude as they age and its never 90% of their rating. Fat women simply want validation and passing fascists laws are the only way for them to get it, and that’s fine with them. I’m actually attractive, the law says so, just like 55 is the safest speed you can drive. You better not break the law. Respect my authoritie!


  29. on December 1, 2015 at 11:51 pm Captain Oblivious

    I looooove sucking Jewish cock. Almost as much as I love sucking Greg Smeliot’s cock.


    • Smeliot again? Please don’t tell me this is Strapon attempting a sock-puppet barb…

      … mah haid couldn’t take THAT much shakin’.


      • on December 2, 2015 at 10:00 am The Spirit Within

        No, I don’t sock puppet. I’d be way more inventive than that anyways.


      • Doubtful… your last best effort was likewise “Smelliot”, which even had Matt King shakin’ his haid… but as usual, you ignored the reproof.


  30. I’m so fat when they handed me the card, I ate it.


  31. When I gleefully clicked on the link for this on the BBC site, I was like…’CH would be so proud!’ 😀


  32. Genie Bouchard is 5’10” and 125lbs. Say it with me: 5’10”, 125lbs. Such beautiful numbers.


  33. “muh africans”
    Stopped reading there. No one cares about starving third worlders.


  34. on December 2, 2015 at 9:18 am mendozatorres

    This is how you fat shame:


  35. I enjoy your great scenes from the movies series as much as the next reader but you can only learn so much from fictional alpha males – scripts create ideal situations and outcomes. It would be interesting to see more alpha male of the months, particularly ‘positive’ incarnations.


    • “Marco speaks both the language of men – fearlessness, authority, leadership and achievement but also the language of women – raw emotion, artistic expression, passion and yes… pain.”

      I know a bunch of chefs, some famous and well off (multiple restaurants in multiple cities)… most of them are very dynamic, passionate and authentic. Great subjects to study, especially for guys uninterested in academics and corporate careers.


  36. on December 2, 2015 at 11:52 am Mr Bigglesworth

    The handing out of this card obviously constitutes a serious hate crime and must not go unpunished. Full media attention should be devoted to this shocking incident, and no amount of police resources or public funds should be spared in hunting down the culprits(s).

    In other, lighter news, Londoners enjoyed more vibrancy today:


  37. on December 2, 2015 at 3:31 pm Wrong Side of History


    ‘Shame a deluded fatty’ should be a weekly feature. These are urgent times.