Will Rolling Stone Go The Way Of Gawker? (yes)

First, Hulk Hogan took down Gawker, winning a court case against the website and its owner Nick Denton for a huge sum of money and essentially putting Denton on skid row.

Now….be still my beating heart….the man-hating cunt Sabrina Erdely might lose everything, along with the shitlib rag Rolling Stone which published her lies in a fake story about a fake rape on the UVA campus that never occurred except in the fevered imagination of Jackie Coakley, a girl who wanted a man to love her but became bitter and made up a false rape accusation when her love wasn’t reciprocated.

Here’s to hoping the suit bankrupts Rolling Stone and that shitlib Boomer narcissist Jann Wenner has to beg for paint huffing money under a bridge.

The pretty lies are being exposed, gentlemen and lady lovers, and the ugly truths are winning the day. When the dawn finally breaks, all I ask of you readers is that you remember the Chateau was there from the beginning, nestled deep in the Alsatian woods, a welcome retreat from the madness, speaking before all others in our post-America dystopia on behalf of Truth and Beauty.


  1. MAGA!!!

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  2. Damn. That’s the legal equivalent of getting gang-raped on a bed of broken glass.


    • White males of all ages are going to sue everyone who has been shitting on them for the past forty years.

      Women and minorities are going to be broke as fuck.


      • on November 8, 2016 at 7:44 am rationalisationhamster

        Disturbingly the money is going to yet another “rape prevention initiative” to fund the “fake rape culture industry”

        “In its call to action, the student organizers wrote: “With her lawsuit, [Dean Eramo] is standing up for all of us who were affected by the Rolling Stone article. Now is our time to come together as a UVA community to return the favor.”

        UVA student council president Abraham Axler posted on Crowdrise that any funds remaining after the lawsuit will go towards creating a “sexual assault prevention position” at UVA in memory of Eramo’s mother.”

        A judge has dismissed several Yong men’s claim for compensation saying that claiming that rape was an initiation rite of the sorority fell within the realm of free speech.


  3. The best will be when new Supreme Court Justice Ann Coulter writes the legal opinion allowing a more relaxed standard to sue for libel and slander.

    Lugenpresse rape!

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    • on November 4, 2016 at 12:20 pm Canadian Friend

      Ann Coulter should definitely hold some high position in either the government or the justice system. She should at minimum part of the people who advise Trump once he wins the election next week.

      I often say most women are dumb and messed up in the head – and most are – but there are exceptions and Ann Coulter is one superb exception, the woman is freakin’ brilliant, I have been reading her for years… and she is on our side.

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  4. the Chateau was there from the beginning, nestled deep in the Alsatian woods

    21st century Walden rape!

    And it’s time for some civil disobedience.

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    • on November 4, 2016 at 12:25 pm Canadian Friend

      If there is too much voting fraud committed by democrats, and too many corrupt people ( like FBI’s Comey ) refusing to do something about it, civil disobedience will be necessary and will be the patriotic thing to do, I would even say will be the honorable thing to do, given the circumstances.

      The USA is the bulwark ( for lack of a better word) of the entire western civilization, if you fall we all fall.

      Don’t let the democrats steal this election!!!

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  5. If it wasn’t for fake campus stories, there wouldn’t be many at all.

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  6. […] Will Rolling Stone Go The Way Of Gawker? (yes) […]


  7. One for the diversity + proximity = war reference list?


    “a 0.01 increase in the sex ratio raised the violent and property crime rates by some 5-6%.”

    By my calculations, Germany’s sex ratio in the 15-35 age group has been increased from 1.04 to 1.13. Thus we should expect to see a ((1.13-1.04)/0.1)*5 Or *6 = 45% or 54% increase in violent and property crime directly attributable to this increased sex ratio in that generation due to male migrant immigration. Male migrant immigration throws off sex ratios and increases crime.

    My sex ratio calculations:

    80% of migrants are 15-35 year old males


    Age structure of Germany.

    Age structure: 0-14 years: 12.83% (male 5,317,183/female 5,040,664)
    15-24 years: 10.22% (male 4,203,985/female 4,044,789)
    25-54 years: 40.96% (male 16,721,667/female 16,345,911)
    55-64 years: 14.23% (male 5,695,117/female 5,788,493)
    65 years and over: 21.76% (male 7,709,799/female 9,855,184) (2016 est.)

    So, 15-24 year old German males=4203395

    To get the proportion of 25-35 year olds I will use (10/29) * 25-54 year old population

    (10/29)*16721667=5766092 (this figure is an overestimate because a higher proportion of the population in the 25-54 range is located in their 40’s than in their 30’s.)

    But nonetheless an equivalent figure for German males 15-35=9969487

    So in this demographic age range, Germany has taken in an additional 10% of people changing the sex ratio from about 1.04 males per female to 1.13.

    (Calculation: males/females=(9969487+880000)/females
    females = 9969487/1.04=9586045
    so (9969487+880000)/9586045=1.13))


    Out of every 10 15-35 year old males in Germany there is now an extra muslim/migrant third-worlder/non-white male. And that is not supposed to cause crime/violence/have a destabilizing effect?

    This is population replacement of the German people. This is genocide of the German people.

    In one generation, 10% of the German males and 5% of the German people, have been replaced and eliminated in that country. They have decreased the voting power of German males by 10% in that generational group. If this was done by any white group to a non-white group there would be outrage.

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    • I was told there would be no math.

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    • “This is genocide of the German people.”

      No it isn’t. You’re hysterical.

      [CH: it’s heading in that direction. don’t be obtuse.]


      • on November 4, 2016 at 4:24 pm Carlos Danger

        I would welcome Brown shirts at this Point. Wiesbaden is ruined. You can’t walk through the fussgaengerzone without running a gauntlet of burkhas. Fuck this noise. Islam’s sojourn in Europe will be coming to an end soon. I like you Ho but you gotta go.

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      • on November 5, 2016 at 2:11 am Vagina dominator

        Jew says, “Goyim can’t claim “genocide””.

        News at eleven.


    • Pretty sure someone’s covered this before, but if the ‘refugees’ consisted primarily of young, attractive women who do not abhor childbearing, all hell would break loose at the borders of Europe.
      The feminists would be lined up, armed to the teeth and ruthlessly gun those girls down if they came 1 step too close.
      For all the bad news from Germany you can handle, go to pi-news.net

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    • on November 6, 2016 at 12:34 am rationalisationhamster

      The rapefugee invaders must be deported, and the earlier Turkroaches with them. It’ll be hard work, weak minded and cowardly cucks are a problem in Germany and sadly even they can vote.


  8. I remember when Wenner penned a 5-billion word piece in Rolling Stone in 2012 about how we needed to re-elect The Gay Mulatto. Just a long incoherent rambling plea. Fucking Romney scared them into losing, and Mittens blew it.

    Take our chance now rape!


  9. Grab its motherfucking wallet!

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  10. Let’s see what happens in the damages phase of the trial next week. Eramo only asked for $7.5 million, and withdrew her request for punitives (which was only $350K, which is the limit for punies in VA) last month. Jury could award more or less than what she’s asking, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem like a likely bankrupting verdict. Especially if RS bargains the judgment down to a few million in exchange for waiving its appeal.

    But the fraternity’s lawsuit is still pending; and depending on what the jury instructions said, some of the jury findings about falsity of the story could carry over to the fraternity trial so they don’t have to prove them all over again. That lawsuit is for $25M plus $350K punies for each defendant.

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  11. (((nick denton))) mom was a jew…

    every. fucking. time.

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  12. Leave some for the fraternity, the Dean is still very much putting out feminist lies that rape is common and false accusations are rare, the fraternity was hurt more much more not only by Rolling Stone but also the university and rabid SJW students.


    • on November 6, 2016 at 1:03 am rationalisationhamster

      I wonder if the Dean can be sued. His flawed internal procedures which are biased for ideological reasons to favor the accusing vagina over the accused lead to great suffering, social shame and isolation, academic disruption for the young men. No reason based legal system designed to ensure natural justice would have produced this travesty.

      The bias is so deep, the standards of evidence so low the accused could with impunity fabricate allegations that would be believed.

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  13. “When the dawn finally breaks, all I ask of you readers is that you remember the Chateau was there from the beginning, nestled deep in the Alsatian woods, a welcome retreat from the madness, speaking before all others in our post-America dystopia on behalf of Truth and Beauty”.

    I cannot thank you enough for the Great service you have done for us.

    I wish that they will re-name public places after you.

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    • Yeah I don’t think the Chateau needs to worry about us forgetting.
      It’s not an overstatement to say that my entire life changed for the better when I discovered this place about 5 yrs ago. Nothing has been the same since that first post I read. CH is the Intellectual Godfather of the Alt-Right.

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  14. I think the swamp is beginning to drain….


  15. nestled deep in the Alsatian woods



    • …where it’s only a hop, a skip and a jump to several refugee camps full of Syrians, Somalis, Moroccans, Ghana-ese, Nigerians, Pakistanis……..
      All men, 13-40.


  16. and don’t forget, oncef DJT gets elected, he starts suing the october surprise hag squad.

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    • The 13 YO ‘rape’ victim dropped her suit. Another Donald accuser goes away. Not sure she got the memo, she was supposed to drop the suit AFTER next Tuesday.


  17. “Rolling Stone has agreed to pay all of Erdely’s legal costs and any penalties that may be levied against her”

    As usual, vagina = no consequences.

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  18. I think the lawsuit that is really going to hurt is the one coming from the Frat Bros. Not only do they want more money but just the gall that those blond haired, white boys will be pissing on RS grave will make every true SJW weep in agony and humiliation.

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  19. That vile Jude, Erdely, needs to be Trumpendick-slapped just as Me-again Kelly was in the first presidential debate.


  20. on November 4, 2016 at 3:19 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Please get my comment out of moderation! It was important.


  21. on November 4, 2016 at 4:18 pm Jim Christian

    It was only a $7.5 million dollar suit. Award not in yet. That oughtn’t break R/S. What pissed me off is Jackie COAKLEY gets away with all this fugging turmoil. How? How is she not accountable?


  22. And tying this into the Sprit Cooking scandal, I wonder how many of this ideology’s acolytes are nestled deep in Womens Studies Departments, Sororities and female college residences.

    I would be on the lookout for goat’s heads laying around.


  23. on November 4, 2016 at 5:00 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I think the kitchen is the only place safe for women in our obvious rape culture.


    • In the kitchen with a spirit recipe. No thanks. Looking pretty is all they need to do. And raise babies without eating them.
      Not too much to ask rape.


  24. “remember the Chateau was there”

    Brother, the day I chanced across ’16 Commandments’ was seminal.
    A silver shiv metaphorically adorns my wall.

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  25. on November 5, 2016 at 9:20 am Dragon Dildos 'R Us

    There should be a federal statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault–one week.

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  26. Dont stop applying pressure until it is over.
    Mobilize everyone in the neighbourhood to make the America great again


  27. Rolling Stone, like so much else, went to shit in the 90’s and never recovered.

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