Be Prepared For A Shitlib Push To End The Electoral College System

Trump won’t formally be declared winner of the Presidential election until December 19th, when the electors cast their votes. Shitlibs are hoping against hope that a sufficient number of faithless electors will throw the Presidency to thecunt. They’d better be careful what they wish for; that outcome would guarantee a hot civil war. And their side will lose this time.

Lately, don’t be surprised to hear butt-chafed quimlibs mewl about ending the electoral college system (which, btw, would be a great time to remind them that Alexander Hamilton created the electoral college and was an ardent immigration restrictionist). The lib line of reasoning goes like this: “The electoral college was invented to stop demagogues from taking power, but now it’s moot because a demagogue just won the electoral college, so let’s go back to a popular vote for President that would ensure we win every election going forward with the help of our twenty million noncitizen voters (all inconveniently located in CA, so we need more Section 8 to disperse them across the heartland).”

When reading lib reasoning, it helps to run their scuzzwords through a leftoid-to-human translator.

“demagogue” = “an insufficiently anti-White public speaker”

“moot” = “no longer serves the interests of shitliberalism”

“voice of the people” = “a full-throated advocate for nonWhites”

“popular vote” = Is the margin of victory delivered by Whites? “dangerous nativism” Is the margin of victory delivered by nonWhites? “democracy in action!”

Leftoids love their buzzwords because they serve as vapid, arty veneers concealing an intellectual bankruptcy. And wow just wow is the Left intellectually bankrupt today. They survive on the fumes of a civil rights era kumbaya feelz-amplification cognitive-suppression protocol of studiously ignoring race and sex difference realities and viciously slandering nonconformists who stray from the equalist reservation.

Their recent demands for ending the electoral college are of a piece. The real reason they crave an anti-republican (in the generic sense) nationwide popular vote to decide the Presidency is that the election of a nonWhite demagogue (or White demagogue lackey for the nonWhites) is perfectly fine with them. A popular vote gives them the edge in a nation getting less White by the year, given they can exploit the huge lump of illegal alien voters squatting in CA and the southwest, and soon to overrun Texas. Once Texas falls to the migrant colonization, a Republican who isn’t a complete cuck for the “acts of love” streaming across the border will never again win the Presidency (assuming the electoral college is still operative).

It always comes back to this essential formulation: Leftoids hate BadWhites and will gladly virtue signal their country into oblivion to give meaning to their hatred. Any rationalization, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, inconsistency, or slander is acceptable if it furthers their goal of pulverising heritage America into dust.

As for the popular vote notion, it’s a non-starter as long as there is one state — CA — which would be able to impose its will, its values, and its policies on the rest of America. At the point in a nation’s history when one state can eternally dictate the terms of government for people living in a state 2,500 miles away, a serious consideration must be given to allowing that state to secede into a more morally cohesive entity.

The alternative that keeps CA within the union is to make a deal with shitlibs. Tell them they can have their popular vote, but only if they agree to a strict national voter ID law, paper ballots, and mass deportations of illegals that effectively removes a reliable source of Democreep votes from the rolls. This will ensure the added benefit of inching the White percentage of the total population higher, which would help reduce the cultural and political chasm between the deep blue states and the deep red states.

Shitlibs will never agree to this sensible deal, though, so I’m not hopeful about the future prospects of a whole America. I foresee a crack-up of the US within our lifetimes.


  1. It has already begun. That jigaboo who was involved with that stupid “bring guns to Mexican criminals” already whined about it last week.

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  2. […] Be Prepared For A Shitlib Push To End The Electoral College System […]


  3. Someone mentioned on twatter, that we’re just one financial collapse from a civil war.

    It’s gonna be the underfunded to insolvent pensions that’s gonna do it. Dallas is on the verge of bankruptcy. And to add to that, cops are retiring and taking a lump sum package, knowing a) there’s no more money in the pot and b) they’re getting shot left and right.

    What happens when these folks want their fully funded pensions to be paid by all the hard working folk that they always decry?

    This election just taught us how the working class is tired of all the bullshit and won’t put up with it anymore.

    I hope CA leaves. It’ll be better for the rest of the country. Got an idiot asian guy here at work that’s all for it. I’m rubbing it in his face that damn near the rest of the US wants that to happen too.

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    • They’ll get nothing and they’ll be able to whine like the boomer fags that they are. It will be glorious watching all these old farts who wrecked the entire West with their shit beliefs, spending all their inheritance, going into debt and still further expecting to enslave their kids get nothing for their end of life vacations. I love it that much of the stock in 401ks is overvalued crap too. Lol

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    • Well if the economy tanks these lovable immigrants that love America will be outta here faster than you can say Speedie Gonzalez.


    • California won’t leave though, they’re angling to get a taxpayer bailout, they’re close to 1/2 trillion in debt and liabilities.


    • I hope CA leaves. It’ll be better for the rest of the country. Got an idiot asian guy here at work that’s all for it. I’m rubbing it in his face that damn near the rest of the US wants that to happen too.

      Heh. California can leave if it gets the approval of two-thirds of the other states, so it looks like they have a chance.


      • California can’t leave. I don’t want it to leave. WE NEED it. WE need to remove the Hispanics from California. And make it white again.

        People forget but California used to be an Iowa on the West coast. 85% plus white back in the day. It used to be GOLDEN.


      • @tomjones
        I’m beginning to understand how the Serbs feel about Kosovo.


      • California is unnatural and should be cut loose if for no other reason than that.


    • I would only support Calexit on the condition that they don’t get any nukes, so that we can attack and conquer them when China tries to use them as a stalking horse.


  4. Kerry would have won the electoral in 2004 if only 50,000 Bush voters in Ohio had switched while losing the popular vote by 2.5 million. In retrospect, it would have been better to have neocon Cuck Bush lose in that manner–the Bush bots were completely oblivious to the immigration problem at the time.

    On principle, I wouldn’t mind doing away with the electoral college, but the enemies of Western Civilization have worked overtime to elect a new people and rig the electoral system in their favor. That anachronism that is the EC gave us a respite by giving Trump the win.

    I say we let California secede–as some shitlibs are agitating to do for a referendum in 2018. We could do away with Mexifornia and the 55 EC votes it has given reliably to the Democrats since 1992. They can brag about Hollywood and Silicon Valley all they want–without market access to the heartland their most profitable industries will wither and die as President Trump erects the wall around them as well.

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    • on November 23, 2016 at 1:06 am Vagina dominator

      It is my understanding that the purpose of the electoral college is to guarantee the rights of minority sectoral interests. So for example that the interests of a primarily agricultural state with a low population would not be overwhelmed by those a high population industrial state which, typically, would have contrary interests.

      So the electoral college was intended to protect state interests and getting rid of the electoral college would effectively mean the end of the states.

      That would be great because then, with just one central government, it would be politically much easier to sign over the US to membership in the one world government.

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      • Precisely.
        Without the electoral college, about 40 states – or, more specifically, any settlement smaller than 2 million – would become politically irrelevant and we would end up with decade-long labor/socialist government like in Europe.

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    • In retrospect, it would have been better to have neocon Cuck Bush lose in that manner–the Bush bots were completely oblivious to the immigration problem at the time.

      The eight years of Osambo did the trick. Neocon cucks proved themselves to be compromising losers, and not having McCain or Romney at the head of the GOP made this obvious to most GOP voters, who gladly latched on to Trump.


  5. PS, nobody bitched about it when the NOTUS was elected twice.


  6. The fallout from such a coup would be epic.

    Trump already has Gen. “Mad Dog” Matthis on his team, as well as the votes of most of the military, and 70-80 former generals and colonels endorsed him.

    Such leftists as Stalin, Mao, and Hitler learned that they could only take power if they had a military on their side. Right now, all of the military rank-and-file is on Trump’s side (minus the small, non-fighting percentages of dindus, child molesters, and mexican nationals), and the fighting members of the military leadership support Herr Trump (minus the non-fighting career-bureacrats-as-generals that no one would die for). And all of the local police forces (beside the affirmative action cases, who can’t shoot straight) are also on Trump’s side.

    The FBI is not on Trump’s side, however, and is merely a secret police for the Left. But the FBI is NOT large enough to take on both the entire military and the local police, many of whom are veterans. That’s why the Left has been trying under Obama to federalize the local police forces: to increase the Secret Police’s numbers so it could be a match for the regular military. But as of today, that push by the Left has failed.

    In other words, the Left has made a fatal error if they try a coup: they have almost no military/local police support.

    In their calls for a coup, the Left is forgetting their hero Mao’s famous dictum: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

    Setting up their own bloody end rape!

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  7. The best part about California seceding would be being able to justifiably cut-off their entire water supply with the flip of a switch.

    Given that they practically monopolize all water resources West of Texas to sustain the lawns and lawn workers of the Globohomo elites in all of SoCal, I’d say it would be fun to watch that area tear itself apart during a draught via drone footage.

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    • And don’t forget, we’re dumping millions of gallons of water into the ocean to help fish migrate.

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      • Brother Mendo, north of LA, we call those “rivers” …
        And no, we’re not giving them up to some foreign country …


    • I have always been annoyed by New Yorker’s and their BS bragging and such about being tough to be able to survive NYC, etc. These assholes are only sustained by an army of 18 wheelers delivering all their food via tunnels & bridges every day, all day. Cut that off and they’d resort to eating each other in 3 days time, or less.

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      • Those are carpet-bagging posers who were yearbook editors who invaded my city after graduation, who for the first time in their low-T lives believe they have the right to brag about being ‘tough’ because the City scares them. Actual New Yorkers don’t brag that shit.

        Please remember, President-elect Trump is as New York as it gets. He might as well be one of the guys I looked up to I was growing up.

        Do not mistake Suburban Commandos financed by their daddy who flap their gums as New Yorkers. They may reside here. They are so much meat to me.

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      • Steve, as someone with multiple generations in a large city, I find it comical when dipshits from other places move here and act like they’re the same given that they’re no different than Mexican peasants mostly. Their ancestors did nothing of importance for generations and they suddenly move to a city and claim credit to the blood and toil that building the city took. It’s farcical these people are allowed to vote in cities because this is how shitlibs turn urban areas blue or how retards vote horrible mayors in Europe. Cities should have borders, imo.

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      • Yup. But a lot woild die of thirst first. You cant drink from the Hudson. Then there woild be cholera because the sewage would be shut down. And since no garbage trucks could move the bodies, or uneaten remains would fester and rot. The rats would carry disease,etc.

        I remember when the power went out for just a few days 10 years ago. The cops were completely freaked out because they epremembered the last time power went out in the 70’z

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        “I Love Livin’ In The City”

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        Where junk is king and the air smells shitty.
        People pukin’ everywhere.
        Piles of blood, scabs and hair.
        Bodies wasted in defeat,
        People dyin’ on the street,
        But the suburban scumbags, they don’t care,
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        I love livin’ in the city [x2]

        I love livin’ in the city [repeat]


  8. In retrospect, it seems obvious that the electoral college was partly designed to avoid conquest via immigration (a variant of gerrymandering, if you wish). Individual (usually border) states like CA that have most succumbed to invasion should be kicked out of the federation, like removing a cancer to preserve the body.

    On a related note, I see a lot of shitlibs trying to disparage nativism by alluding to the Casino-Indians. To reframe this, always refer to them as “Conquered-Americans”. All peoples have the right, and their leaders have the duty, to protect their nations against conquest. Leaders and agents aiding and abetting such conquest should be tried for treason, no questions asked. The Conquered-Americans had their chance, and they lost. Any shitlib smugly responding “well, European-Americans will be the next to be conquered :)” will betray their conscious abetting of invasion.


    • look, young man, you don’t kick regions out of the country because you don’t agree with their politics. that’s dumb. you think statecraft is about who you like and who you don’t like? no, it’s about power and strategy. you start cutting off every cancerous part of the country and eventually you’ll have nothing left to cut off but your left hand.

      California is an extremely geopolitically strategic and powerful part of the Union. It is a cash cow and it’s probably the most lucrative state of the Union. it forms a majority of the western border of the US, has three major ports, immense natural resources, and a large population of skilled, educated workers. give that up and watch china, north korea, mexico align with that power instead. want Chinese missiles stationed in San Francisco?

      the most shitlib-like idealist side of the alt right is the one that wants to shrink away from challenge and create it’s own little cozy ethnostate bubble. that’s not going to happen. it won’t exist here. it won’t exist anywhere. the ethnostate you’re seeking is in the halls of power, the Pentagon, the military, the courts. the local communities.

      this is where you need to take a lesson from the God Emperor: stop being a pussy and Think Big. you want a powerful nation? overcome the challenges and BUILD IT.

      maybe if you encountered a real opponent that shoots bullets, not just bow-n-arrows wielding, moccasin-wearing natives, you’d appreciate how much more valuable it is to have a state REMAIN in the Union peacefully than it is to have to take it back from your enemy through bloodshed.

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      • You’re retarded if you think California will stay independent if they won’t play ball. Unlike now though, it could swiftly be annexed back without giving any political rights to the inhabitants. FYI, everything that’s valuable in California is largely related to being part of the US and is highly mobile. Most tech companies would move to the US because being part of America is more lucrative than defending a sunk cost into buildings in California.

        Who will California bargain with for water and energy? I don’t know if letting it go is good or not, but California would be totally destroyed economics wise if they seceded.


      • Good points. California is too great of an asset to give up. Matter of fact, pretty much every piece of territory the U.S. owns is useful in some way. Giving up any state would only signal to the libs that such a strategy actually works – they’ll just try it again somewhere else. Might as well say goodbye to Florida, then New York, then Virginia, and so on.


      • all that is obviated by liberals. Old school Californians are ok, but they let this happen. Take care of that problem and we can talk. You also fuck up everywhere else in the country you go to. Montana, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, anyone…?


      • on November 23, 2016 at 12:41 am Oleaginous Outrager

        Look, it ain’t happening. The people pushing this shit know less about economics than Krugman. Once the kiddies find out there’ll be no more Fed backing for student loans, they’ll fold.

        We already know the water situation, but what about oil? Cali prices are already high, even with the subsidizing provided of the oil MNCs like Exxon. Do they realize how much a gallon’s going to cost when they have to compete with the rest of the world all alone (CA pays Brent prices, not WTI), without the additional muscle of the world’s reserve currency?

        There’s another question: what do they plan on using for currency? In so many ways, it ain’t 1861, and these fools who believe petitions actually matter couldn’t catch a clue with GPS and a Marine RCT.


      • “all that is obviated by liberals. Old school Californians are ok, but they let this happen.”

        most of the liberals in this state are recent emigrants from the Midwest and the Eastern seaboard, and Jews from everywhere. when I ask people where they’re from and what they’re doing in my state, 99% say they came here for the weather. “it feels like h-o-m-e”. great. they come from all the shitty places where it snows all winter and is humid all summer.

        and of course almost anyone who bails on their family for better weather is going to be an immediate-gratification driven liberal.

        so that’s the demographic here, a bunch of dreamers. they actually killed the dream because there’s so damned many of them, but because they come from such shitty places, they still think they can make it here. most will fail.

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      • Carlos is right. 20 years ago Colorado was just starting to turn blue. Then the waves of Californians escaping their own choices arrived en-mass.

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      • what the rest of the country is loathe to admit is that the shitlib ‘Californians’ who cause all the problems for the rest of the country are mostly not native Californians. they’re progressive refugees from red states.

        so if you guys in the red states do a better job redpilling your men/fathers so they don’t produce so many shitlib offspring that come and pollute California, maybe it won’t come back to bite you so hard come election time.

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      • Dianne Emiel Goldman Feinstein was born in San Francisco, PJ.

        Sure Northern Cali is indeed cursed by the puritan stock who migrated there from New England and the upper Midwest (just like perpetually blue New England is) but the Golden State was not turned into an insane liberal shithouse until after it was flooded with non-white immigrants. It wasn’t ruined by Minnesota and Iowa kids.

        California (and every blue city really) is the shitlib’s model for the rest of the world — a mob of dumbed down, deracinated brown people owned and ruled by Jews.


  9. I say agree and amplify. Go for it, but import 50 million white christian europeans immigrants and pass voter id laws.

    Problem solved forever.


    • on November 23, 2016 at 3:10 am rationalisationhamster

      Over 1/3rd of (1 million) White Afrikanners live in poverty in shanty towns and are unemployable because of the Sth African Affirmitive Action system called BEP Black Empowerment Points system. It taxes any company for employing Whites and any Charity helping Whites.

      This is the USAs future. This will happen if Whites become a minority.


  10. CA as a separate nation. What a dream. We could build catapults in NV and just deport illegals over the Great Wall of America. Besides the lack of water CA also outsourced a lot of energy production. It would be so fun to watch them thrive as a diverse dry nation with no electricity. We would need laws against dual citizenship once you go CA no backsies.

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  11. And regarding California, give it back to Mexico as war reparations. We took it away from them in the 1848 war after all.

    That way the federal government can do it without having to listen to californians.

    The californians included of course, they will all become mexican citizens.

    WIN/WIN for everyone right?


    • Haha good joke. Look up fools who promote Calexit on twatter
      They assure their followers, they will keep dual US citizenship after Calexit.
      IF there was referendum and included ONLY Cali citizenship, it would fail so miserably.
      Dat EBT aint gone pay itself 😉


  12. on November 22, 2016 at 4:04 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Insanity ends when we stop seeing the function of government as to serve the people, but to be served by the people.

    Trump needs to amass an army and take full sovereign ownership of the U.S., allocating property as he sees fit.


    • “Insanity ends when we stop seeing the function of government as to serve the people, but to be served by the people.”

      That’s not even a grammatical sentence, shitforbrains.


      “Petulant, rejected schoolgirl wording” describes most of your drivelings well, when they actually form syntactical wholes.

      Is it the butt plug that makes the difference?

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      • on November 22, 2016 at 8:02 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        I knew eventually you would take the bait.


      • You better know which way I vote on the Committee of Public Safety, and pack accordingly


      • Kike, if you’re admitting outright that you merely post drivel to get a rise out of men who have no patience for folderol, then you’re only admitting that we’ve been right about you all along… and you, WITHOUT QUESTION, do not deserve posting privileges in these, the hallowed halls of the chateau.

        What say you, CH? The shill just admitted he only posts to be a pest. 😡

        We don’t need that kind of twerp ’round chere.

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      • on November 23, 2016 at 8:20 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        It dawned on me during a wake and bake session that I’ve been smoking about a gram a day for the past 5 years.

        Time to quit.


      • Greg writes: “What say you, CH? The shill just admitted he only posts to be a pest.

        We don’t need that kind of twerp ’round chere.”

        I’ve been thinking the same thing. And while it is not ours to reason why, if CH prefers we continue the mirth and merriment of sharpening our shivs on fools (and Lord knows if feeding the trolls be sin, I have sinned in magnitude), I certainly would NOT hold it against the Chateau’s record of magnanimity if the hasbara JV cheer squad got sent to the outer reaches, pour encourager les autres or just as a Trumpenreich Christmas bonus for the faithful.

        Besides, I honestly do think sunnyside is about sixteen. She has no business honeypotting for her onanistic kicks ’round chere. She needs to go shake her ass at some cousin’s bat mitzvah and get herpes like a good J-school aspirant.


      • on November 23, 2016 at 1:12 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Besides a little harmless trolling here and there, I contribute just like everybody else.

        I can only think of (((one))) reason Greg would want me banned.


      • “Besides a little harmless trolling here and there, I contribute just like everybody else.

        I can only think of (((one))) reason Greg would want me banned.”

        Listen you stupid whore: you are dumb, talentless, and unfunny. It wouldn’t matter what race you were. It’s not for a dumbass like you to characterize yourself– never mind that you always denied being Jewish before it suited your whim otherwise, or that you still deny being a girl. You’re too much of a goddamned fool to answer for yourself even if you tried.

        Your very life contributes nothing. Why don’t you emigrate? Increase Hell’s GDP today, and give it another toasty warm body!


      • on November 23, 2016 at 5:40 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Not a girl – just a gay male.

        Happy Thanksgibs.


      • wrong side of faghagstory writes: “Not a girl – just a gay male”

        How precious. It’s still not to late to admit you popped out of John Hurt’s stomach too.

        Ban it.


      • on November 24, 2016 at 3:12 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        Things to admit

        Well, I was a prosti for a short while. I was pretty talented, too. Let me show you sometime, big guy. 😉

        “Why don’t you emigrate? Increase Hell’s GDP today, and give it another toasty warm body!”

        I’ve already been to hell, friend. I was bored out of my mind.

        I’d like to experience a little heaven before I’m maggot chow.


      • As if we didn’t know he was a queer already… the tells too tedious, the hearing too harsh.


    • I think Putin would do that before Trump would. Putin kills his enemies on a regular basis. Trump can’t even put Clinton, his competition, in prison! Trump ain’t shit compared to Putin.


  13. Hope better than fear. Hope that there is some hope for red Reagan future in CA.

    As a CA native I am fucking so annoyed with the poz. But, there is a YUGE amount of red pilled smaller cities inland and outside of the mega–poz zones.

    LA and SF sanctuary need to be defunded and hard deportations need to start. The entire brown flow needs be reversed. It could take decades for it to work, but it can work.

    Trump has the cops and military on his side. The democrat politicians in power are there because of the illegals. So they’re going to continue to say positive pro-Brown invasion rhetoric to keep their votes. But like Ive said before, enforcing federal law shouldnt be an issue. And obstructing this is where the political weakness is.

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    • The politicians handing out free shit will sway when they have less free shit to hand out, and are facing a federal grand jury for interferring with federal national security.

      How great would this be. America takes the power of its own national guard and guts the poz from CA and exposes the shit liberal corrupt politicians.

      Make California Red Again

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  14. Speaking of shitlibs…

    those people are not like us at all, it is like they are from a different planet,

    this survey was done on election day, it asked people if they feel like strangers in their own nation these days,

    72.9 % of White republicans feel like strangers in their own nation ( as they should now that there are more hispanic newborn than white )

    and only 38 % of white liberals feel like strangers in the their own nation

    to most white liberals, having the white race replaced feels normal.

    shitlibs are not like us, I am certain they have different DNA or at minimum different brain wiring.


    • Yeah that really hit home this year for me. Talking to liberals is impossible. They hear your facts and rationale but nothing goes in.
      It’s the feminine politic…all based on the feeling. You tell them Clintons crimes and they reslond with a commrnt about how you are addressing them…too angry…yiu are pontificating…you are a racist..they ignore the rationale or the facts of what you said. The liberal mourning for the Cunt is all they care about never mind her treason, her ears, her open borders.
      They view immigrants with broken English as toddlers. They view Obama as that football player Sandra Bullock saved.
      Also telling shitlibs they are losing their country is like telling a vegetarian that the steak tastes off.

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      • Her wars…phone prompt rape


      • I was having an argument with a friend ( well…I was gloating, he was trying to convince me that Trump was a disaster) He was talking about Trumps affect on global warming so I said “Look, you don’t HAVE to have carbon taxes to benefit the environment. Take steel; there is 1.5 billion tonnes of steel made yearly, and two tonnes of carbon are release to make 1 tonne of steel. China makes half the worlds steel, and maybe we could move half that production to USA. So that means me wove 1/4 into america, and our environmental standards are light-years above china, so we might cut the carbon output in half. That is half a billion tonnes less carbon every year on ONE PRODUCT.”

        He had blanked out on the argument within two sentences, and when I finished he just says “yeah but it doesn’t matter, because they don’t care about the environment”
        These people are un-fucking-believable. I was flabbergasted, and I lost my cool. I was waving my hands in his face like “what the fuck do you want? half a billion tonnes less CO2 at the stroke of a pen and you think that makes no difference? what about aluminium, glass and plastic having that same affect? No okay there’s no affect because he “doesn’t care” the steel industry “Doesn’t care”. what the fuck do you want? should the steel workers kiss the metal on the way out?”
        You are right, @Lichthof, it is all about feelings. He didn’t FEEL like trump was sufficiently heartbroken about carbon, or oil or…I dunno. TI mean, he could have challenged my numbers, or debated that Trump would be ABLE to move factories here ( or, I guess, argue that China had good environmental policies)
        …but NO, the fact of the matter is if you do not perform the proper moral genuflections, and sufficiently display your gut-wrenching concern about [A completely corrupted and bullshit arm of science] then the environment would not react.
        Fucking hell. Now I am all worked up again…..


      • Wha, there’s still people out there trying to discuss things with SJWs (useful stooges) and other enemies of the White world?


    • on November 23, 2016 at 5:51 pm Mandy been here a while

      The goal is for everyone to feel that they don’t belong. They believe it will be easier to control the populace that has no abisaya.


  15. OT, but still relevant:
    Called my new ISP recently, and what a pleasure to speak to someone who not only gave an American name, but actually sounded like they were American !
    And it only took about 5 minutes, vs. 1 hour of ‘we are experiencing unusually (??!!??) heavy call volume, please hold’…….


  16. All those plaintive cries of “but she won the popular vote!” really have no merit. The current system being what it is, most states are a given for one or another party, and many folks (of whatever the minority party is) stay home because they know their vote won’t *really* matter. For example, in New England where the Democrats have dominated for 30+ years, how many Republicans don’t bother to vote at all? Probably quite a few, and this would go for Democrats in traditionally red states as well. So unless and until we adopt a voting system that is purely based on a PV, you have no idea if the “popular vote” truly reflects the will of the people, because the rules of the game dictate how it’s played.

    And even if turnout wasn’t really affected by how states have voted historically, I’d argue that the electoral count more accurately reflects what the popular vote WOULD be if turnout were 100%. Since electors are generally allotted to each state based on population, in theory having more electoral votes *should* mean more votes total…but with a little variation in participation rates by state you could end up with a discrepancy, as we saw this year and in 2000. But if each state saw every eligible voter cast a ballot, and the percentages per candidate stay about the same for each state, then the PV should more closely match the electoral votes.

    Either way, going forward I’m fine with changing the system. Personally I’d prefer some form of runoff elections à la Europe, where you have rounds of voting or you rank the candidates in order of preference, which hopefully result in greater consensus (e.g., a candidate ends up getting a majority of the vote, not just a plurality) and encourages multiple parties.


    • I urge everyone to look at not only the state-by-state breakdown (CA, MN, MA blue, NE,TX,AL red, etc.), but the county-by-county breakdown, it’s much more specific and speaks volumes.
      I don’t know if they have the one for this election up yet, but it shouldn’t be much different from the past several.
      I have looked at the county-buy-county maps, going back all the way to the 1970’s, and they all look more or less the same: a sea of red with a few blue islands.
      Those islands are the larger cities.
      Even states like CA or WA are primarily red, with the exception of LA, SF and Seattle.

      I’m not sure about additional parties.
      On the one hand, there are a lot of people who do not necessarily fit into the traditional parameters of ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ – myself included – but creating more parties creates a slippery slope.
      At the bottom of said slope are countries like Italy (where they have literally hundreds of parties), which, after WW II, has experienced more elections than Christmases and where nothing ever gets done.


  17. “…when one state can eternally dictate the terms of government for people living in a state 2,500 miles away…”

    It’s funny how libs will go on and on about the injustice of imposing our values on other cultures, but it’s cool telling all other 49 states exactly how they should live/think/govern.


  18. as a CA native, I can tell you there will be a hot civil war WITHIN California if the whackjobs get their way and try to secede. there’s too many good blood-n-soil folks here to allow that to happen. who do you think runs all these oil refineries, agribusinesses, factories, even the tech industry. it’s not the shitlibs, I can tell you that. the shitlibs are only overly represented in the usual areas: govt, education, media, social media. the rest of the state is run by red-blooded Americans.

    California is the 9th largest economy in the world. you would be giving up the equivalent of giving up 8-10 of the most valuable states on the eastern seaboard.

    the idealistic shitlibs cannot run this state and defend it, so if they secede they will make strategic alliances with other communist states, like China and Venezuela. would you be okay with that? probably not.

    no, california does not need to be allowed to secede. it needs to be RECONQUERED.

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    • nuke Hollywood and SF and 99% of this state’s shitlib problem would be solved.

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      • There’s no way we give up California. Is has a long coastline which is very valuable for naval operations and trade. Agriculturally it’s a gem. Also there are a shit ton of White folks out there and even if Cali did secede, White America would forever be interfering in internal Cali politics on behalf of our people caught on the wrong side of the border (this always happens with secession).

        The big issue is when major metropolitan areas declare bankruptcy. Who’s going to want to bail them out, especially if everyone else is hurting too?

        In many cases it’s not even a question of Red states and Blue states but of red counties and blue counties. Look at the electoral maps of NY, California, Oregon, Washington State, etc. The vast majority of America is red:


      • Genius idea, nuke your own country, sort of what Mustache Boy did indirectly while out of his mind on pharmaceutical coke.


    • on November 22, 2016 at 5:22 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      Yes, agreed. Reconqurered. What do we do about all the Whites who have abandoned CA over the last 20 years? Interesting question.

      There are enough European-Americans in CA to take the state over. Not a problem.

      I laugh at patriotard and Alt-Right suggestions that the US get rid of CA. Why don’t we get rid of New England, the Northeast, Illinois, and the Black South first?

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      • Illinois needs to go for sure. I like the recent Steve Sailer article about how a tunnel could be built underneath the Great Lakes to bypass Chicago altogether.

        And their pensions are about to blow up. People keep leaving and they people that are going are bringing in less.


      • Illinois needs to go for sure.

        Nuke Chicago and Illinois is a red state.


    • How do you define that 9th largest economy in the world? The only real thing about California is the liabilities because the tech giants would move quickly after secession, the smaller tech would move as most of the it specialists leave… And California will be America’s bitch if shitlibs don’t want to be annexed swiftly in order to have the American South treatment applied to them. Idk if giving it up is better or worse, but these economic arguments are bad.


      • everyone seems to think the only industry that ever happened in California was the interweb:


      • California would actually be on par with the 6th largest economy by GDP, which puts it next to France.


      • France is going down the toilet. GDP is only one parameter. They are serious concerns about the French economy.
        A nation of free loaders and not much tangible output.
        The AFD in Germany have proposed kicking France out of the EU and having a smaller German speaking EU.


      • I would pay California to leave. You cause much more trouble than the benefit you provide.


      • Plumpack, you are cuckservative to the core

        GDP production? OK nice, so how come the US debt ceiling has been repeatedly lifted by Buttplug Hussein?
        What is GDP of Illinois useful for, when Dindus consume 2x the production?

        Throughout Bill Clinton, in 7 years, the debt increased from 5 trillion to 6,5
        In 7 years, Obama went from 9 to 20 trillion. OBAMA INDEBTED US MORE THAN ALL OF THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED. Thats dat gib me free sh1t.


      • “Plumpack, you are cuckservative to the core”

        um, okay. sure. ever been to California, genius? take a tour sometime. and then, when youre elected god emperor of the united States, at least you’ll know what you’re talking about when you announce to the world that you’re letting go of the region that makes up 15% of your nation’s economy, without a fight.

        “GDP production? OK nice, so how come the US debt ceiling has been repeatedly lifted by Buttplug Hussein?”

        California’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 12%. the national debt-to-GDP ratio in 2016 is 72%. the lowest the US debt-to-GDP ratio has been in the last 40 years was in 1980, and that was 30%. now remind me how California is a burden on the US economy again?

        if you’re going to start getting rid of states, how about you start with the nigger south? or whereever it is you live. sound good?


      • California gets approximately $300B a year from the federal govt. even without taking that money it would still make up of 12% of the US economy.

        I’m feeling like a schoolmarm here so no knuckleheads better respond. I’ve got other stuff to do. 😦


      • I heard California’s economy was straining under the weight of social services, especially their Emergency Rooms and prisons (35% inmates are illegals).


      • Plump, lets not waste time here. My opinion is Americans of Cali are great people and Cali should not exit. There may be a deal in work between new and old establishment. That would be surrender. You have to drain the swamp and be ruthless about it. Even greater nations got broken by being cuckservative.


      • Giving California to Mexico is such a bitch move. What a powerful white man does is take control of California using the most fascist laws imaginable.


      • You don’t.

        If it went independent California’s GDP would probably drop.

        But that’s not my concern, I just want them out.


    • on November 23, 2016 at 11:08 am Mandy been here a while

      What if CA were broken up into 3-4 states, more in line with the average state population? Would that be a good thing? Would a red states emerge?


      • Mandy, yes, that would be the most sensible approach. what everyone objects to about CA is that it has too much power to influence nationwide policies. either it should be split into three smaller states, or some other states should annex together in order to match CA’s population and economic heft.


      • I believe it was on the ballot back in 2014 and didn’t win.

        This was the proposed breakdown:


      • Guess that one didn’t take:


    • on November 23, 2016 at 5:59 pm Mandy been here a while

      We’ve already given the inner cities over without a fight. We aren’t getting Detroit back soon. I realize Detroit isn’t its own country like CA would become but either way it is a loss of territory.

      The bleeding needs to stop.


  19. It is not uncommon for the popular vote to go the other way from the Electoral College. Sometimes this benefits the Republicans; sometimes the Democrats.

    If the Electoral College were abolished, any replacement would have to cover all eventualities, including a three-way race. The simplest replacement would be a two-stage election, like France has for its presidency. If no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in the first round, the top two candidates would face each other in a second round.

    Naturally, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will approve such a system, because it would encourage the formation and growth of other parties.


    • I live in a country with such a voting system and its dumb as fuck. All you’ll have is third party candidates sucking the dick of one of the run off round candidates and all the extra second round votes are worthless legitimacy wise because many don’t care for which candidate was the most popular second choice of third party candidate supporters.


    • In France the leftist and the center of right gang up on Front National. Stupid system.


      • Far as I can tell, ALL French parties have conspired to keep the FN out of government since the 1980’s, maybe longer.
        Which has led to some vewwy, vewwy interesting ‘coalitions’, as well as the fact that what used to be France is now Northern Algeria.

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  20. No less mainstream right a figure than Limbaugh got this popular vote BS right: Trump campaigned for the electoral rules we have and won. Were the rules different, we have every reason to believe he would have campaigned differently with respect to NY and CA and won anyway.

    Not to mention the balance of illegal voting is always Dem and was greater than the popular vote difference.


  21. The electoral college also has a follow on affect in that it provides some proportional benefits to small States. If you get rid of the EC you might as well get rid of the Senate too. How is it “fair” that Wyoming gets as many Senators as California?


  22. “Shitlibs will never agree to this sensible deal, though, so I’m not hopeful about the future prospects of a whole America. I foresee a crack-up of the US within our lifetimes.”

    Great. Once the crack-up happens and we are two separate legally sovereign nations, we declare war on them and take whatever shit they have and distribute it to our own poor.

    In fact, I’ve thought for quite a while that the police/military could be bought off by saying “Hey, see that Soros guy over there? The one funding your assassins? Go take care of him and we’ll distribute his globobucks to you and your squad.”


  23. California is economically dependent on the United States for its economy; any figures of “9th-biggest in world” are skewed heavily by its free access to the best minds in the U.S. who come there to live and work and by unfettered access to the prime U.S. megamarket.


  24. I wrote an amusing sex story about Donald Trump abusing liberals. Some quotes:

    “This is for America.”


    And he unloaded the biggest facial cumshot of his life, saved for three weeks just for this moment. President Donald J. Trump simply could not hold on any longer!

    To read the whole thing, scroll down to the bottom at:


  25. Lord Trump had a video on Faceberg he posted yesterday to update his people on the transition team.

    Muther fucking brilliant. Hes side stepping the entire MSM and using the poz social media to deliver his messaging. Same as what he did in the campaign.

    The liberals-skype stranglehold of narrative control will continue to get more difficult as theyre called out on the lies and their ratings drop.

    So awesome.


    • on November 22, 2016 at 6:19 pm CBR600RR_Rider

      and we know fagbook can’t fuck with his message or else they risk loosing millions of accounts 🙂


  26. on November 22, 2016 at 6:19 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    i sincerely hope a hard right / alt-right / conservative state bails on the union so i can pack up and move.
    always though it would be Texas but given the shitskinz invasion it will soon turn blue 😦


    • With TX, it’s the usual shitlib Dem cities–Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and of course Austin–that ruin the rest of the state in the regard.

      Even that state could fraction itself into smaller units, but those shitlib cities, like all of the others, wouldn’t last long without strong people providing them what they need.

      And, they just found a shitton of oil out in west of Texas that should create some new jobs and opportunities for God-loving Texans at just the right time. The governor is solid and with Trump in charge….MAGA!


      • I have lived in Texas my whole life. My people first arrived here in the 1840s. I really do not see it going blue. Everyone loves to say that Austin or parts of Houston/Dallas are “liberal” or “blue” or such like.
        Austin, Plano/North Dallas, Inner Loop Houston have several things in common. They all have far more modern firearms than people and have the absolute lowest rates of violent crime in the US. And that includes all sorts of folks.
        Back in the late 70s – early 80s a lot of Viet Namese refugees came to Houston (many were disaffected VC). They took over the Stop&Robs/7-11s, etc.
        Guy came in to rob from the teenaged girl-clerk. Uncle and brother pop up from behind counter and emptied their 1911s into guys twitching body. Cops show up and say”Good shooting little buddy” Over and over.
        Too many people came here because they are K selected for the place to easily turn blue.


      • I have lived in Texas my whole life. My people first arrived here in the 1840s. I really do not see it going blue.

        If you look at the 2016 vote vs. the 2012 vote, yes, Texas is getting precariously close to being overwhelmed by brown people. So are Georgia and Arizona.

        That’s what happens when brown people are allowed to stream into Texas and breed without any curbs.


  27. Basically, shitlibs want to go back in time five minutes and “fix” whatever aspect of unforgiving reality that caused their latest defeat, as long as the change has nothing to do with themselves and their deranged worldview.


    • ‘Why do more men than women go into STEM fields? Because more men than women are nerds’

      It’s so they can spend their college years studying their asses off while everyone else parties and gets laid, and sit in sausage fest classes with two 5s who can act like 9s, and then get screeeched at for being misogynist pigs, as if this was all their idea.


      • The irony is that if society still gave STEM people any external incentive, we’d all have more technological improvements to quality of life (plus more gimcracks to entertain the room-temp IQs and facilitate STD propagation). Eh fuck it, I guess the field is more useful as a vehicle for employing that same gimcrack audience and boosting their self esteem.


      • “Why do more men than women go into STEM fields?”

        lol i can’t think of a good kitchen/sandwich joke for this, but i know there’s just gotta be one



      • Where are the women in the history of anything?


      • Muh Jane Austin… muh Madame Curie… muh… eh… gots nuthin’ else.


      • on November 24, 2016 at 9:42 am Experienced Father

        Red Pill Version of Women in STEM Fields —

        Sad to say the cartoon and comments (Particularly “Agent X”) at the link above parallel what I have seen inside the STEM world.

        If you want a good/quick engineering project done, get a bunch of guys, with a gray haired or bald white guy in charge, give them a goal, a compressed time schedule, and not not enough money to do it.

        Then stand back as the engineering magic happens.

        Add a 20 to early 30 something female, and all the guys are focused on getting inside her knickers and not the project.


  28. I haven’t really watched a lot of Tucker Carlson, but ever since Hillary got pussy grabbed Nov. 8th, Tucker’s been bringing liberals on his show and destroying them. It’s hilarious. he just doesn’t care anymore.

    There’s a bunch of videos of him doing this. One can learn a lot about how to maintain frame of a conversation while maintaining a shiteating grin

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    • Tucker’s face at 2:48, priceless.

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    • A fool’s errand… nobody on either side changes their mind, so all of this “destroying” amounts to keeping within the Synathedral’s frame of diversion, babble-on, and dignifying shitlibbery as if it merits debate.


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      • @Greg

        No, a lot of people mean well and need to see these arguments. Although for most leftists, once its clear you are dealing with a corrupt leftist, as the above, then only force will be respected.


      • Maybe I’m just disillusioned about most ‘Murricans by now… I was doing the “people need to hear this” stuff way back in the seventies… if memory serves, it started with the samizdat publishing of The Dispossessed Majority.

        Nowadays, I figure if someone hasn’t realized there’s something to this decline of the West beyond hackneyed complaints about “the gummint”, then they’re pretty much never going to be awoken from their loved Egyptian night.

        Don’t get me wrong, I and others still comment here against the shitlibs and trolls, not for their benefit, but in case there are a few young members of the peanut gallery looking to see how to counter the poz.

        But as far as these news shows go, well… I keep watching the “destroying”, and the next day the presumed destroyed are back again… pretty much like these Cyberian forums.

        And on a side note, all this Carson guy does is interrupt, and that gets annoying too.


      • on November 23, 2016 at 9:09 am Enfant Terrible

        I agree. What’s the point of having these conversations with young people like this. I”m not sure what can be accomplished by it. His head is so filled with SJW garbage that I doubt he can even understand what thinking logically means.

        The problem is, people like this poor guy are allowed to vote. They’re young, with limited life experience, and easily emotionally manipulated, and they just go along with what they think is the “fashionable” thing to do. Also, if he’s not a faggot, most likely he’s just thinking adopting these opinions will get him close to pussy.

        Poor deluded fool.


  29. Trump just went full Cuck. Hillary goes free.


    • where did you hear/read this?


    • Matt King rightly predicted there was no need for an alt-Right version of the Nuremberg Trials… leastwise, not initiated by him.

      He’s got better things to do than launch any vendettas… and given that the mighty FBI and NYPD are not stepping forward on any of the alleged satanic practices, perhaps all she and her ilk are actually guilty of is usual gummint corruption pay-for-play (I’ve had more than one shitlib brush it all off with “they all do it”… and there’s more than a little truth to it), and a bit of stupidity in re the technicalities of law about private servers and e-mails that, whether they were classified or not, contained no real information that would harm the USA if it fell into foreign hands.

      Sure, a lot of us would like to see her, and anyone like her, humiliated by jailing. But thus far, it looks like all that sound and fury about “bombshells” were tales told by fools, and signifying nothing. (Bard rape!)

      It’s not really something that Trump needs to take active part in… especially at this juncture. The DoJ and courts are going to have their hands full dealing with sanctuary cities, immigration/deportation legalities, etc., etc., etc.

      No cuck about it… keep your shirt on… and use yo’ haid for more than a hat rack.

      If Matt King would deign, he could chime in again and reiterate the point he made about it all when the election was imminent.


      • on November 23, 2016 at 9:33 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        I said numerous times that HRC would lose the election but never spend a day behind bars.

        I also said in Aug-Oct that Trump would win in a landslide and the shitlib nation would have no idea what hit them.

        Just me and my squid ink, I guess.

        I’m pretty much batting .1000 since I started commenting here.


      • Nostradumbass, it didn’t take any effort to see that Hillary wouldn’t be prosecuted for anything unless the pizza stuff proved less than CT… and the silence of the NYPD and FBI put that nonsense to rest.

        As far as a Trump landslide, well… if landslides were defined by him winning the EC in a big way, again, get in line… there were at least a dozen chateau’ers making that call… remember the whole “sub rosa” Trump supporter gambit, wherein I and several others pointed out how the polls were bullshit because many were not going to admit outright they supported Trump, especially to strangers… and the lack of lawn signs.

        And I distinctly remember you mentioning some worries about his even winning, days before the election… especially when the “bombshells” never materialized.

        Fuck off already.


    • Hillary is going to die soon, so the problem isn’t about her so much. It’s about the whole swamp that he’s supposed to be draining. When you’re excising cancer you can’t just clip off 20% to relieve the pressure somewhat and call it good. You have to get all of it.

      As for making Mittens Secretary of State– they say it looks likely– that will be flat out bizarre. Trump’s chief diplomat will be a warmongering Russophobic neocon when Trump himself is all about peace? How could it work?


      • Was thinking that…reading between Trumps comments…I wonder is she sick?
        But the Clintons escape again. 30 years gaming the system for their own profit.


      • If he makes Romney Secretary of Anything… except maybe Recycling… then I might start doubting the much-touted Trumpenkrieg.


      • I don’t really care if they do something with HRC or not, I just hope the entire Clinton clan goes away and stays gone.
        And they can take the Bush clan with ’em, too.
        If the families of those who died in Benghazi – for which HRC is at least partially responsible – want to take some sort of action against her, that would be appropriate, but on a national (and international) level, we have many much bigger fish to fry than a delusional, irrelevant baby boomer grandma.
        I’m guessing that the fact Romney and Carson are even in the picture has something to do with not wanting to alienate the Jewonastickstians, who allegedly make up about 30% of Republican voters.
        No other reason comes to mind.


  30. Worth reading, so you’re prepared for our enemies in the coming years: where libs plan to attack Trump with language and framing; excerpts from an essay by UC Berkeley Cog-Sci professor, George Lakoff:

    “The loser, for the majority of voters, will now be a minority president-elect. Don’t let anyone forget it. Keep referring to Trump as the minority president, Mr. Minority and the overall Loser. Constant repetition, with discussion in the media and over social media, questions the legitimacy of the minority president to ignore the values of the majority. The majority, at the very least, needs to keep its values in the public eye and view the minority president’s action through majority American values…

    “The weather disasters throughout the country — severe hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, — are often systemically caused by global warming and they should be named as such — a global warming hurricane, a climate change flood, a global warming drought, global warming fires — with illustrations of the systemic steps involved in the cause. To establish a frame, you need a name…

    “One possibility is for journalists to used more accurate language. Take government regulations. Their job is to protect the public from harm and fraud composed by unscrupulous corporations. The Trump administration wants to get rid of “regulations.” They are actually getting rid of protection. Can journalists actually say they are get rid of protections, saying the word “protection,” and reporting on the harm that would be done by not protecting the public…”


    • I think there are about ten people in the entire history of political science worth reading. He’s not one of them. His ideas won’t even work.


    • This clown apparently didn’t do his homework on Shaming Language and It’s Effect On The American Public, Donald Trump’s Ascendancy, and other Areas of Shitlib Agitprop Where Nobody Gives A Rat’s Ass Any Longer.


    • on November 23, 2016 at 9:01 pm Mandy been here a while

      Minorities are sacred idols of the left so this might not work out for him.


  31. I would welcome CA seceding. It can become one open concentration camp.
    In the good old days fags use escape to San Fran. Let’s make San Francisco gay again.
    The homophobic Indian IT smellies… will love that not to mention those lovable gay admirers the Muslims.
    Let CA sink under its own filth.
    Then we can do whatever we like. We don’t have to cater to anyone.
    They can have their holowood and good luck fighting the forest fires.
    We can then covertly fund Isis ops to unleash them on Cali.


  32. I foresee a crack-up of the US within our lifetimes.

    Yes. It’s clear as day.

    Brown children under 5 already outnumber white children. Absent radical shifting of immigration/deportation policies, demographic minority status is baked into the cake for Whites in the USA.

    So what happens when Whites are a minority?

    Look no further than the countries the new imports hail from — Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala etc. All are dysfunctional. There’s a reason for that, and it ain’t magic dirt.

    My predictions:
    – Constitution derided as outdated, racist instrument created by “Dead White Males”
    – Permanent Democratic majority and identity politics (identity politics may be on temporary hiatus after Trump’s win but it will come back big time when demographics favor it)
    – More “gimme-dat” politics and taxation
    – Whites retreat more and more into White states and enclaves (except some GoodWhites who enjoy their new subservient status)
    – Young Browns reject massive social security payments to mostly White retirees. Rebellion. Whites freak out.
    – Open and increasingly powerful calls for secession. This could come from Brown or White states, or both.
    – USA breakup — 1 or more states secede into 1 or more sovereign nations and/or join Mexico or Canada.

    The fucking magnitude and obviousness of the error we’ve made importing hordes of uneducated, low skill people from radically different cultures just boggles the mind. Any idiot could have seen this coming.


    • To misquote AH those that fight to live shall live, those that want to perish shall perish.
      ‘We’ deserve what nature has in store for us
      I think it’s a win: win. Ithe will sort out the strong nationalistic whites from the weak (who will be eaten). We can then go and form an ethnic state with other whites on the world and leave the third world slum.


  33. There is NO historical example of a multi-racial society succeeding at the highest levels. Why would anyone think the USA will retain its basic character after Whites are replaced by hispanics, asians and indians?

    Short answer: It won’t.

    GoodWhites believe nothing will change because they project Whiteness on minorities. “They’re just like us except a different color.” It’s an unthinking assumption of “magic dirt.”

    I used to believe that too. After living in Asia for 10 years I’ve concluded without a doubt that there ARE material racial variations in temperament, character and aptitude.

    The USA/Canada, Aussie/NZ and Western Europe are products of White character — rule of law, individual rights, property rights, checks and balances in government, avoidance of “tragedy of the commons,” high intragroup trust.

    When these countries become non-white they will assume a non-white character (like Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central America). This is not hard to understand.

    I’d love to be proven wrong.

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    • As much as you may love America…you will hate the brown America when the time comes to leave.

      Personally I don’t mind moving to Russia or Norway. It’s where we have descended from.

      One caveat…if Trump makes the American economy boom immigrant labor could be needed. Why not important White Europeans again like we did before 1965?
      This could redress the balance especially if Europe goes to shit economically or violently.
      Your analysis sense accurate but it does not mean it may happen. I would never have predicted 2 years ago that Trump would be President with 52% of white women voting for him and the likes of Spencer all over the media. Always surprising twists happen.


      • No, a non-White USA is not set in stone. There is time for change. But it will require radical will.

        I’m not a racial purist. I like living in a society with different ethnicities. But I believe strongly that multi-racial societies can exist and thrive ONLY when one race/culture is dominant (~80%).

        Singapore is a good example. 74% of Singaporeans are ethnic Chinese, the rest ethnic Malay and Indian. Singaporeans feel strongly that immigration policy should preserve the racial balance of Singapore to ensure social stability and harmony. They even talk about it openly. No one calls them “racist”:

        Yet Whites are “racist” if we wish to preserve (or roll back to) the ethnic mix that brought America to greatness.

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      • Why not important White Europeans again like we did before 1965?

        Becaus Europe doesn’t have the bodies to spare. It has its own task of regeneration in front of it.

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      • PA it’s finished. Western Europe anyways.
        Any Germans I meet are just suicidally brainwashed.
        2017 will tell. If Le Pen does not get elected and Merkel gets reelected then it’s over. This will also rejuvenate the libs here.


      • As long as a minority remains below 5%, all is well.
        Between 5-10%, there are occasional spats, but nothing major.
        Above 10%, you have trouble.
        This works pretty much anywhere in the world, regardless of who the minority are, who the majority are or even which one of them are in charge.

        One really major problem with moving (back to) Norway, Russia, or just about anywhere in northern Europe: the weather really sucks.
        It’s cold, dark & wet at least half the year, February never fucking ends, and even summers can seem more like fall.
        I do hope the young Europeans wake up just in time to fix the demographic disaster created by the feminist shrikes of the post-war baby-boomer generation and their Gen X victims.


      • Nothing is finished. That’s irresponsible demoralization talk. Western European countries are much cleaner demographicly than the US. They’ll be fine once their governments cut off the welfare to vermin and their uniformed men are directed to bust up and repatriate them.

        Yeah, almost every German I’ve ever met has been an arrogant shitlib faggot, but that’s because I’ve only been meeting the upper class ones who travel.


      • on November 23, 2016 at 10:21 am Enfant Terrible

        Do not despair. The Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Muslims, and only a little Northern Christian kingdom managed to survive. From there, the fight to retake the land and expel the invader was started, and nearly eight hundred years later, the glorious Reconquista was accomplished, and the Muslim was kicked out of the peninsula.

        Northern Europe is going to have to go through that same test of fire. And they are in a much better position to do it even faster.


      • on November 23, 2016 at 9:11 pm Mandy been here a while

        If we can’t fix this country, and we run away, our problems will just follow us to Norway or Russia. See Detroit. White flight was really white surrender of territory.


  34. Been thinking about this “alt-right” term. Some are trying to make “New Right” a thing now. Neither strike the match for me. I get the White Man urge to organize and codify everything, but no “label”, whether it be alt-right, reactionary, populist, or even nationalist can capture the spirit of what we’re aiming for here. Fuck labels, just relentlessly defend yourself and your people, however you see it, and your allies and enemies will make themselves known. Your enemies will give you a label, your allies won’t care.


  35. Gotta radio this in:
    Out at a bar and listening to this beaner bartender try and defend beaners being here in US. Hes obsviously not educated. But his argument is that since the Indians and the Aztecs are the original people of the land in the US southwest, it should be open borders for them.


    I mean…for fucks sake. Based on that….we really need less of these people here.


  36. “Now that we’ve pulled off the political miracle of the century, there’s optimism in the air. You’re thinking of taking a break from digging out that backyard bunker while consuming gallons of Yuengling in favor of giving real happiness a chance again.

    The only problem? Your woman doesn’t understand why your only meaningful relationships these days are with men you found on the Internet. Explaining that it’s a secret club only intensifies the hermeneutic of gay suspicion, so instead you’ve both suffered through the discord because that was easier than explaining why you’re a racist-bigot-sexist-xenophobe-homophobe-Nazi.”


  37. Hey guys, need more game advice. Last sat night i started up a convo with two law school grad students. They were both leftists Focusing on “human rights”. Anyway, I passed most of their shit tests fairly well, except for one which I need advice on. One of the little retards said “I think being a man is blah blah” so I interrupted with mock outrage and said “WOW. JUST WOW. That is SO Matriarchal. How would YOU like it if I said what I think women should be?”

    So they laughed and then they got an evil gleam in their eyes and said “OK tell us what you think women should be like, yeah tell us”

    Well, I was pretty much at a loss, and so I stammered out something involving whip cream and pickles. The bitchier and cuter one tried to make an issue of ot by saying “is that what you really think” and I made fun of her for it, altho I see now I should have agreed and amplified with “no of course not, you should be wearing high stiletos and lipstick with the whipcream and pickles”

    Anyway, I dont like my answer. It wasnt in their face enough and I know it cost me the set. So my question is this: What should I have told the little preciouses when they asked me what I really think women should be doing? Id like honest game advice not just jokes. Honest game advice is anything which is more likely to lead to having the feminist screaming my name later in the nkght.

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    • Donna Reed

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    • My $.02: You lost the set because you weren’t congruent with the shitlord you presented early in set.

      You stammered because you didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know what to say because you feared their reaction. They smelled the fear which collapsed your frame. “Just another beta loser.”

      Suggestion: Go full shitlord. “Women belong in the home, getting dinner ready and meeting me at the door in a nightie with my slippers and a drink.”

      Then smirk and own it.

      They’ll double down “Wow I can’t even!” Keep your frame. You’ll either blow the set or you’ll own them after that. Win-win either way.

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    • Btw – Law school types? Never, ever think about wifing up a lawyer. And be goddamn careful with them — they are soaked through in false-rape hysteria.

      There but for the Grace of God go I.

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      • My buddy put his hot young wife through law school. She only ever handled one case. His ass raping divorce.

        Financed his own rape rape!


    • on November 23, 2016 at 1:20 am Vagina dominator

      Just tell them you don’t talk politics with women.

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      • on November 23, 2016 at 1:27 am Vagina dominator

        VagDom: I don’t talk politics with women.

        Female: Why not? (Fake umbrage)

        Of course the consistent and rational answer is “I just said I don’t talk politics with women.”

        But women hate consistent rationality, so it might be better to say

        “Because they’re not serious.They figure no matter how fucked up things get, men will still look after them.”

        That might get more tingles.

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      • VagDom nails it.


      • Excellent response.


      • Brilliant on every level.

        I’m stealing it verbatim.


    • “Naked, over my knee, pink bottom getting pinker”


  38. Our enemies accuse Breitbart of being a white supremacist/Nazi site, Pence of wanting to genocide gay people, Trump of asking his supporters to give the Nazi salute…then they say the n-word while talking to black people on national television. They’re losing it.


  39. Like

  40. Nikki Haley WTF. This bitch after the State of Union instead of ripping into Obama started ripping into her own party and Trump.
    It’s a bullshit position but she should be nowhere near it.


    • Nah, Trump has no regard for the UN and thinks it’s a joke.

      It’s like in the mob when they give one idiot guy the lame assignment the big boss doesn’t care about. He throws them a bone to shut them up and let them deal with the headache.

      But more importantly–it gets her the hell out of South Carolina, where the odds are she might not be governor for long, even without the appointment. Heck, they might even bring back the Confederate flag.

      It is a bullshit position but in terms of optics, it helps his case for seeming to not hold grudges, that sort of thing.

      One thing the election taught me regarding Trump: when I think it’s a “what the heck are you doing?” move, it winds up working out in the long run.

      Not only is he playing 4D chess, he’s also about 50 moves ahead.

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      • this is a good way to deal with all the uppity careerist gogrrls out there. give them a crown and a largely ceremonial position that keeps them too busy to do much harm. better to have her attending a bunch of meetings on the humanitarian situation in Bolivia than being a rabble rouser for the enemy.

        whether DJT means to or not, sending someone off to babysit at the death-rattling UN is a great way to derail someone’s career path.

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      • Thanks Mendo


      • Also Trump has zero issues in firing people… Just look at his campaign.

        He gets to hold their feet to the fire and when they fail he will let them know.

        This is what confident leadership looks like.


      • She can have lots of fun listening to Ali ben Mohammed ibn Abdullah ben Aziz ibn Camelshit rave about the Crusader Satan or Ndungu Mtawembe IX demand more money from the EU, since the last 3 billion disappeared mysteriously….into his coffers.


  41. on November 23, 2016 at 6:34 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    It’s time for Trump to finally shrug off these idiot anti-semites.

    I’m convinced that half of the Alt-Right is either retarded or paid off.


  42. Kick Cali Out. They can straighten out their own mess and come crawling back. Or they can do nothing and let their mess straighten them out.


  43. here’s some porn for you ethnostate secessionists to fap to:

    i’m with DJT on this. MAGA and the rest will take care of itself. if whites re-demonstrate their right to lead as an uber-powerful ethnic minority, the others will all into line. what’s the of point having a white ethnostate if it’s full of nicewhites and cucks.

    shitlordery is the only way out of this mess, and there’s no reason to break up the US in order to be free to shitlord. you can be a Shitlord any time, anywhere. saying you gotta have your own country so you can start running it like a Shitlord is ghey. if anything, expand the shitlordery and take Canada then Mexico.


    • You bring up an excellent point. And reading the strong comments on this post are changing my mind about CA secession.

      Like you, Ripp and LBF stated earlier, it’s time for reconquista. Take it back and bring it back to what it was before.

      No more doddering or giving into the shitlibbery.

      Give me shitlord or give me death.

      Good stuff, plump.


      • There’s a lot that needs to be reconquered and restored to approximately the levels of before WWI, when White stupidly started slaughtering each other on an epic scale, so much so that Britain and France felt the need to import hundreds of thousands of non-Europeans as cannon fodder.
        If you want to look for a beginning of this debacle, that might be it.
        Add to that 2 or 3 missing generations created by 1960’s feminism & the pill and you’ve got a demographic apocalypse.
        Hope there are enough soldiers for the reconquista of California, Sweden, Birmingham, Frankfurt………..


    • I really would prefer California to return to being a place America can be proud of, but right now, and since I work with a backstabbing ex-Californian, they are the Buddy Fucker State. And you’re right, it’s all those dip shits I used to ask my parents about and why they dressed like that.


  44. I’m thinking of joining the GOP.
    I love Trump… Hate Ryan and cuckservatives but at the rallies it really felt like the American Nationalist Party. I saw Anglin’s post about joining. Worth it or will I be disgusted?

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    • Both major US parties are H U G E umbrella organizations, uniting a ton of very, very different types of people in their ranks.
      If by ‘joining’ you mean registering (to vote), well, you have to register as something, else you can’t vote in the US.
      If you register Republican, you can vote in Republican primaries.
      If you mean actually becoming part of the party machine….that will likely involve having to kiss a lot of ass or dealing with a lot of people you really do not get along with – as is always the case if you join ANY large organization of any type.


    • There’s no point in joining the GOP or the Democrats. There will be a Civil War around 2030 or 2035. Maybe sooner. You can join the rebel party you like to when the time comes.

      The rallies were OK.


  45. Here’s another “challenge” to the electoral system:

    “Computer scientists urge Clinton campaign to challenge election results”

    “The computer scientists believe they have found evidence that vote totals in the three states [PA, MI, WI] could have been manipulated or hacked and presented their findings to top Clinton aides on a call last Thursday. The scientists, among them J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, told the Clinton campaign they believe there is a questionable trend of Clinton performing worse in counties that relied on electronic voting machines compared to paper ballots and optical scanners, according to the source.”

    Did these eggheads even consider the notion that perhaps Hillary performed better in counties that relied on paper ballots due to outright fraud, and perhaps that is the source of the “discrepancy?” It’s far easier to stuff a physical ballot box than to manipulate an electronic voting machine.


    • I had heard, when the electronic machines were being talked about pre-election, that the electronic ones were the more likely, and easiest, to rig.
      So what changed the narrative now?
      Also…..I wonder if the computer scientists took into account the the fact that the electronic voting machines are disproportionately in states which are swing states, and Blue states; and in an election where so many swing states swung to trump it is TAUTOLOGICALLY TRUE that Trump performed disproportionately well in such states.


    • Did these eggheads even consider the notion that perhaps Hillary performed better in counties that relied on paper ballots due to outright fraud, and perhaps that is the source of the “discrepancy?” It’s far easier to stuff a physical ballot box than to manipulate an electronic voting machine.

      Also, you can bet your last dollar that there were a lot of pro-Trump computer hackers on hand making sure Diebold and Soros didn’t try any funny business. So counterintuitively enough, yes, the paper ballots may have been more subject to fraud.


  46. @Sentient….Day #15

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  47. OT, an egregious case from Germany: A girl meets a guy online and shags him soon afterwards. As thing don’t go her way she tells her friends that he raped her, those friends then egg her on to take revenge, which they do–hours of torture, three! litres blood loss, he barely survives. Silver lining, sort of: no migrants involved, for once. It seems.


    • OK, so this girl is crazy enough to commit horrific vigilantism (which could be expected, in the circumstances she describes, of being raped)but…she also has two close friends who are psychotic enough to not just beat the person by a secluded jetty, but to also torture him with inventive, sadistic techniques and to then suggest murdering him?? A man is known by the company he keeps….
      I put my money on….he never raped her. Damn,I hope the kid ends up being OKAY, just 17 years old, trying to spread his seed and look what he gets? I hope he doesn’t have brain damage, or testicle damage since she apparently kicked him in the dick. I’m sure of it; innocent of rape.


  48. Amanda Knox involved?


  49. Ben garrison does a great job with these

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  50. I’d be keen to see a vote of Calexit. It would be defeated so easily it would be fun to watch. Just consider who would vote against it.

    1) Cal. republicans. Many of these dont bother normally voting but 30-40% of people in Cal are repubs and see nothing wrong with Trump being Pres.

    2) immigrants. Asians and Hispanics immigrated to the USA not some place called California. Most would vote against losing their USA citizenship.

    3) Sacramento democrats. Most would understand the state needs that federal money to keep flowing in.

    4) apolitical types. A lot of normal people dont take much interest in politics and certainly dont get worked up about Trump, the EC and all that stuff. But they do regard themselves as Americans and would vote for the Union.

    So please lets have a vote on this ASAP, it would be bags of fun and would keep a bunch of mischief making shitlibs in Cal. really busy for a while on something that is pointless


  51. Dang, was hoping for a “Night Before Thanksgiving Game” post. With extra MAGA added for spicing.

    I suppose we can’t win at everything this year.

    Grab her by the pumpkin pie rape!


  52. on November 23, 2016 at 7:37 pm Captain Obvious

    Obama: U.S. Has Advantage Over China in Olympics Due to ‘Bigger Genetic Pool’


    • on November 23, 2016 at 7:38 pm Captain Obvious

      President Barack Obama said at town hall meeting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru, on Sunday that one of the reasons the United States has an advantage over China in the Olympics is because the U.S. has “a bigger genetic pool than anybody.”


    • It doesn’t matter how big your pool is if you have turds floating in it:

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  53. on November 23, 2016 at 8:51 pm Captain Obvious

    The CEO of Reddit confessed to modifying posts from Trump supporters


  54. Like

    • on November 24, 2016 at 8:14 am Captain Obvious

      D.C. power-player tied to Podesta blasts ‘insane’ Reddit sleuthing on sex-trafficking ring


      • on November 24, 2016 at 8:16 am Captain Obvious

        The New York Times interviewed James Alefantis, the owner of a restaurant called Comet Ping Pong in Washington, on Tuesday to dispel rumors that he is tied to a child-abuse ring…. “From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault,” Mr. Alefantis, 42, told the newspaper. “I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized”…


  55. Like

  56. Like

  57. The state of Michigan has finally declared Trump the winner, giving him 306 electoral votes.

    That should be another one of our taunts:


    on a red tee shirt in white letters.


  58. on November 24, 2016 at 9:05 am Diversity Heretic

    The original idea of the electoral college was that senior statesmen elected by eligible voters (white men with property) would assemble in the national capital and find George Washington. Unfortunately, George Washington proved to be a once in a half millenium phenomenon. Now the electoral college serves a function similar to the Senate: giving states, especially small states, more influence. Electoral college reform isn’t impossible and Nebraska and Maine actually use a more equitable system of electoral vote allocation, but the winner take all system gives certain states more influence; don’t expect any reform any time soon..

    As for California secession, I agree it’s difficult. I remember being told in an American History course that a U.S. diplomat once said that San Francisco Bay (“the Gibraltar of the Pacific”) would be worth a war of twenty years to obtain. But the secession question could lead to a productive discussion about reforming the United States to give states and regions much more autonomy, within a looser federal or confederation system. As CH has said, the maintenance of the U.S. in its present system is probably impossible in the long run. A organized, peaceful arrangement is very preferable to civil war.


  59. The left is really doubling down on the fake news nonsense. It went from being a small problem to the reason conservatives vote for conservative candidates. It’s been brought up in Germany, Sweden, and the US that I know of. Now the claim is being made that liberals are immune to it. It probably is the case, that as conservatives are in general older, they are less technically savvy that millenials such as myself, but I don’t want to forget about the lies the liberal news told us. Like that claim that Donald Trump was bragging about committing criminal sexual assault. Look that one up, it’s on salon. The west has really been eaten alive by this pseudo-academic mind virus that you don’t have to actually pay attention to your opponent’s words but rather spend time using ‘neuroscience’ gimmicks to instead show why your opponents can just be dismissed. There is nothing more infuriating than being told you are wrong because ‘fake news’. and then having some leftist thumb his nose at you because ‘conservatives are more prone to being misled’.


    • on November 25, 2016 at 8:10 am Captain Obvious

      “some leftist thumb his nose at you because ‘conservatives are more prone to being misled’” ——— “Projection,” said the Skype.


  60. on November 24, 2016 at 10:31 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I’m more or less on the same page as Nick Land in his latest post.

    Backlash against the internationalist uniparty was inevitable. Trumpian civic nationalism just amounts to a minor concession.

    The Alt-Right is to the reformed GOPe what SJWs and militant Maoists are for the corporate left. You exist to make Trump and his weaksauce policies look agreeable by comparison.

    You were so fucking afraid of being called cucks that you allowed Hollywood Nazis to co-opt your movement.


  61. Happy Thanksgiving, brothers. lots to be thankful for this year. great job CH, and everyone else. MAGA!

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  62. Speaking of leftoid scuzzwords, we have to end the use of the term “sanctuary city”. If you think about it for a moment, using it only plays into their framing of the issue: There is ‘oppression’ in America! But here we offer ‘sanctuary’! To the average unengaged citizen, it sounds either harmless, or even like a good thing. Enough. If we’re going to swing this issue into the win column for us, we need control of the language.

    We need a term that elicits a strong feeling about what liberal nullification of federal law really does: it brings danger and harm. Possible terms could include “lawbreaking city”, “subversive city”, “illegal city”, “dangerous city”. Of these, I prefer “lawbreaking city”, because there is the visual element associated with the act of breaking. Every news horror story (Kate Steinle, etc.), especially those with mugshots and with pictures of female victims, confirms the lawbreaking in a visual way.

    “President Trump will put an end to lawbreaking cities!” That’s framing it our way.


  63. And here we go.

    Experts? Yeah,I want them dead. i want their families dead. I want their houses burned to the ground. No quarter.


    • From the comments, no one believes anything the Post says.


    • Says Craig Timberg… hmmmm…

      Tells us “independent researchers” have determined that the Russians helped internet trolls… kekekekekekek

      This Timberg fellow seems to be writing articles devoted solely to future efforts at “policing the Internet”, with the occasional haid fake of it being under the category of “protecting privacy”.

      These (((folks))) never learn.

      /Hey, Vlad! Where’s my rubies rape!


    • That entire Post story is the fake news. Even the left doesn’t buy it. The Intercept did a devastating story on it. If you’ve lost Glenn Greenwald…


  64. The damage control begins. If no damage, why the need for control?


    • Because bullshit is halfway around the world by the time truth gets it’s shoes on.


      • Except bullshit like this, were it in fact bullshit, is called slander and is a tortable offense. These cases Pop up every few years on both sides of the Pond, always involve the same types of People and are always shut down the same way at about the same rate of Speed. Why do you think this is made up when the threads tying it all together were out there in broad daylight for all to see?


      • Don’t know how many times we have to go through this…

        … you’ve been posting videos about how the NYPD and FBI are gonna blow the lid off of this pizzagate scandal, yet nothing ever materializes.

        So back to the original question, of which there are only two logical answers:

        a) It’s just more of the same old wine CT in new bottles, to serve as distraction or agitprop, and make anyone who touts it look like a gullible fool, especially the enemies of the Leftist elites.

        b) the TPTB are SO powerful that they can get the best law enforcement agencies in the world to knuckle under… men who, especially at the field level, don’t cotton to knuckling under when it comes to things like pedophila and human sacrifice… but said TPTB can’t stop some half-assed internet bloggers from making these videos and getting the (ahem) “truth” out there.

        What would Ockham do with their choices?


      • If you don’t keep it on the radar screen it drops off. Don’t tell me you weren’t taught this at AIT. That’s what they want. Why are you so keen to see it go away?


      • What they taught us in the Army is NOT to keep getting fooled by the enemies’ diversionary tactics.

        Okay, let’s approach this thing from a different parallax.

        Trump is or isn’t the type of guy to keep this alleged pedo and human sacrifice stuff under wraps, once he takes office?

        If he isn’t the kind to knuckle under… which I’m pretty sure we all feel he’s not the knuckling under type, and indeed, part of his whole promised “drain the swamp” campaign is to expose and punish these elites… then we should be seeing all those promised bombshells coming early next year, amirite?

        So, if once he takes office there is still no action taken, will THAT prove all of these videos and such are just Cyberian bullshit?

        Or is Trump likewise in their thrall?

        On a side note, part of what the CT’ers claim is that family and friends are threatened by TPTB… so answer this simple question… why are all the people involved in making these videos still drawing breath?


      • Crickets, yet again. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • on November 25, 2016 at 8:28 am Captain Obvious


  65. Pedophilia is a bigger industry than illegal drugs.


  66. The proper frame is, first deport massive illegals, implement strict national voter ID, implement paper ballots, etc and then sure we’ll get rid of the electoral college.


  67. on November 25, 2016 at 7:45 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    PA’s latest article is good.

    1965 as a cut-off is fair. Reinstituting segregation for blacks is sensible. However, you still have too many irrational voices who won’t be happy until everyone goes back.

    And this is why a decentralized movement like the Alt-Right with no ability to police itself fails.


    • on November 25, 2016 at 8:01 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      For every reasonable person like CH or PA, you have 50 idiots determined to sieg heil the Alt-Right back into irrelevance.



      • on November 25, 2016 at 8:12 am Captain Obvious


      • For every reasonable person like CH or PA, you have 50 idiots determined to sieg heil the Alt-Right back into irrelevance.


        And for every “good” Jew, you have 100 kikes doing their utmost to destroy White nations.

        Sad… or rather, gonna be sad… for (((YOU))), unless y’all knock off the jewing.

        What was your point again?


    • DeKike didn’t get the memo…

      Listen up, Schlomo… (((YOU))) people no longer get to dictate terms or behavior of the alt-Right, the New Right, or anything that’s right.


    • Every now and again I re-tell the old, old stories of Romulus and Remus at the founding of Rome – identical twins that fail to find a way to work together despite benefitting from the purest form of genetic congruence this world can offer, and Cain and Abel – who had the same set of issues and who likewise went thru a failed relationship – so to speak

      Please God, give your people a proposition on which to build a righteous Nation capable of supporting their lives and their souls. Amen.


  68. A bit late, but here’s Hillary on Election Night:

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  69. Anglin making me spit out my coffee again, regarding bringing iPhone manufacturing to the US:

    “Trump related their conversation like this: “I said, ‘Tim, you know one of the things that will be a real achievement for me is when I get Apple to build a big plant in the United States, or many big plants in the United States, where instead of going to China, and going to Vietnam, and going to the places that you go to, you’re making your product right here.’”


    “The real question is: how will the Jew-media react when the Daily Stormer declares the iPhone the official cellphone of white people?

    NOTE TO JEW MEDIA: I haven’t done that yet. But you might want to tell the SJWs to get ready to burn their phones, because as soon as the American factory is announced, I’m endorsing.”


    • don’t underestimate what a brilliant 4D chess move this is. the iPhone is THE most sacred talisman of the SJW cult. wrapping the iPhone in the American flag is a strategic move on par with the frankfurt school’s tactics of coopting the enemy’s sacred cows as a weapon of cultural genocide.

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      • if we could figure out a way to market IUDs as being made with the same copper our police and military use in their bullets. now that would be something. or just ban them all together and force the sluts to get Bangladeshi-made ones from the black market.


      • Yeah I’d even federally fund one apple plant. Trump is creating a patriotic shaming culture when it comes to factories.
        He HAS to build a wall. That is the one thing that really pissed shitlibs off is the idea of a wall. It will be Trumps legacy and a big FU to shitlibs open borders crowd.


    • Anglin is one of my heroes. I watched their election night stream and they were ahead of all the MSM.
      This Christmas please donate his site and CH of course.


    • on November 25, 2016 at 11:11 am Enfant Terrible

      Lol….That guy is a brilliant troll. Declaring the Iphone the official cellphone of white people is hilarious.

      Plus, he may be on to something cause I have seen plenty of black people that prefer to use blackberry phones, and lots of Asians go for Samsung. So us, white folk, need our phone brand as well.


  70. –if we could figure out a way to market IUDs as being made with the same copper our police and military use in their bullets. now that would be something. or just ban them all together and force the sluts to get Bangladeshi-made ones from the black market.–

    You lost me here.


  71. I call California, NY and Washington DC “The International Zones”. It angers shitlibs especially white American shitlibs.
    I know one poor Irish guy who is a legal citizen and who voted Trump. He lived in white America and did fine. Minor culture shock and homesickness but overall okay. But his job moved to Washington DC and he feels alienated living just outside the swamp.
    He feels like he emigrated to India, El Salvador, Korea and Vietnam.
    Enjoying different cuisine is nice occasionally (the only multicultural activity shitlibs seem to do) but living and being surrounded by these fuckers and their horrible English is a nightmare.


    • it certainly doesn’t help when the few whites around you are homos, shitlibs, cucks, and SJWs. can’t wait for the deplorable-ification of these neighborhoods. it WILL happen.


  72. I could watch these all days. Never seen Obamas SNL smug condescending remark before.


  73. on November 25, 2016 at 11:19 am Enfant Terrible

    Yesterday, ABC had it’s Disney Christmas special. It would be nice a program for kids to watch, but of course, in today’s world, forget it.

    They featured two white couples, nice looking, normal people, with a bunch of kids between the four of them. I forgot exactly how many kids there were, but each couple had at least three white kids (Good), and then two adopted black kids per couple.

    I mean, the children are innocent, and God bless them, however, why on earth are we too see something like this. Why not have black couples with adopted Chinese kids, or Asian couples with African kids, or some other combination.

    This propaganda is disgusting. And some still don’t see it.

    Soon enough we will have faggots with their adopted multi-racial tranny children, being featured on Disney Christmas Special.


    • on November 25, 2016 at 11:29 am Captain Obvious

      I was watching some j00tube videos with the kids in the family yesterday [Thanksgiving] – 100% children’s videos, nothing weird or unusual – when j00tube pauses the video to show shove another ad down our throats, and a MAN’S voice comes on and starts talking about “MY HUSBAND”.


      • on November 25, 2016 at 11:34 am Captain Obvious

        And of course all of the j00tube ads with huWhyte actresses [as MILFs] feature some sort of a dark swarthy mystery-meat or even outright chimpanzee as her husband.


      • on November 25, 2016 at 11:43 am Enfant Terrible

        (((They))) are relentless, it’s truly unbelievable the times we are living in.

        We cannot afford to simply ignore this shit, and hope it goes way. If kids are watching TV, and you simply ignore the propaganda, then they’ll just assume it’s normal what they’re seeing. I criticize and mock everything so that my kids don’t just assume that that is how things are supposed to be.

        Need to resist the indoctrination.


      • I simply cannot see the value of watching Joo vision anymore. you can cancel cable and get Roku and stream enough content to last a lifetime. it’s worth the extra effort to curate your own content.

        turn off joovision and gather your own content, ESPECIALLY if you have kids. there’s absolutely no good reason to expose them or yourselves to that garbage.


    • on November 25, 2016 at 12:34 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      [I]But just as Christianity is not the Bible, Judaism is not the Torah. It is an evolving system like any other. Is there Jewish ethnic nationalism in the 20th century? There certainly is. But it is found among Zionists, Hasidim, etc, and certainly not among the Reform and socialist Jews who in the middle of the century became part of the American elite. For example, Reform Judaism is almost nonexistent in Israel.

      I think there is a Jewish influence in ultracalvinism. But I think it is exactly the opposite of what MacDonald’s theory suggests. What we’re seeing is not syncretism – it is assimilation.

      Basically, the Jews (like my ancestors) who came to the US were people who wanted to get ahead – as individuals. They were done with the ghetto and the shtetl. They wanted money and power. Doesn’t everyone?

      It was only natural, therefore, that they would be drawn to the social patterns of the most prestigious class in their new country – the mainline “super-Protestants.” Like most converts, they adopted the most fashionable views of the Brahmin elite, which was already well down the road toward secularization and Unitarianism in the modern sense of the word. Indeed, for the earlier-arriving and (much as I hate to admit it, since my ancestors spoke “jargon”) more cultured German Jews, much of this process had already happened in Europe. Reform Judaism is pretty much Protestantism in all but name, as is of course “scientific” Marxist socialism.

      Whereas the Brahmins had no reason at all to adopt Jewish ways of thought. Nor do I see any way in which they did. The assimilation was entirely in the other direction. The daughters of the Mayflower did not learn Yiddish.[/I]


      • And it was a Battle Royale indeed, wresting the porno industry out of the hands of the super Puritans.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  74. Race war now.


    • It has been going on for a few decades. Where have you been?


    • on November 25, 2016 at 1:38 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      These tough guys don’t want it.

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      • Hahaha. I suspect you’re about as formidable IRL as you are tickling a keyboard.

        Serious question: Is there anything that you would trade your life for? Anything? Could be an abstract concept like liberty or something eminently concrete like your child. Anything. Anything at all…

        I suspect that there is nothing (prove me wrong). And this is why you and your ilk wouldn’t last a month in an honest to God shooting war against real people. Bluster all you want but at your core you know it, and worse, you know that we know it.

        Rage on. It’s all you’ve got.


      • I’d trade my life for a secure, happy old age for my mother. That’s about it. My life is irrelevant to me. Always has been.


  75. You have all been had.

    Alt-rights is run by Ben Shapiro.



  76. I have an announcement to make. The shitlibs are CIA tools. Trump is going to clean up a little.



  77. So now shitlibs are screeeching that the voting machines in the Rust Belt were rigged, or something. Add that to their bizarrely simultaneous demands that the Electoral College elect Hillary and that the Electoral College be abolished, and it’s pretty funny they were the ones stampeding to the fainting couches when Trump said he might not accept the election results. But, of course, their ever-changing rules are never meant to apply to them, only to their enemies.

    This whole shitshow ought to give normies a pretty good view into what shitlibs really think of democracy (or for that matter any system of government other than socialism). Democracy is fine as long as the people vote for more socialism. If, Gaia forbid, they ever decide they want to have some say in their own lives, then that just shows they’re incapable of voting and need the State (staffed 100% by shitlibs) to explain what’s good for them, at gunpoint if needed.


    • the “patriarchy” really just means accountability. leftists are against accountability. look at the collection of losers that call themselves Democrats and all you see are people who can’t bear to be held accountable for their actions. HRC couldn’t have been a more appropriate icon for ‘Les Unaccountables’.

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    • ‘Clinton campaign secretly backing recount, hope it will overturn election. I warned Trump supporters about this. Ya’ll asleep at the wheel.’

      Not really, we’d be tickled if the left kicked off Civil War II (subtitle: This Time It’s Personal) for us.


    • What was Warren’s tweet to Trump ?
      ‘The system is not rigged so put your big boy pants on’. I’m sure she is in favor of the recount.


  78. The destruction of the MSM is neigh.

    Burn it. Burn it all down Presidnent Trump and let ashes die out themselves.

    Im goin’ sargin. #MAGA


  79. Dear left/libtard progressives,


  80. Like

  81. Like

  82. D_e_p_l_o_r_a_b_l_e g_o_y_s I present you a special edition
    ” Get to know the nicest human beings that ever walked the earth and cure yourself from a_n_t_i s_e_m_i_t_s_m ”

    This will be several part series exposing you to exceptionally high IQ, gentle manners known only to the extinct western nobility, unparalleled love for fellow human being and above all the honesty and integrity of highest order

    Exhibit 1
    Bernard-Henry Levy

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  83. Zuckacock’s Facebook really clamping down now. My crime was not using my real name (that’s the official excuse) and for politely suggesting that the Cunt is a Saudi puppet. A shitlib must have flagged me.


    • on November 26, 2016 at 7:25 am Captain Obvious


    • Reddit showed its tendies at last too, not just suspicion any more. Fuck /u/Spez.
      What a coven of fairies. Have a butcher’s.
      How long before Voat and go get found out as lesbian dwarf (((collectives))) too? Even Tor is deduced as having some sort of backdoor. Fnarr fnarr.


    • on November 26, 2016 at 11:03 pm Vagina dominator

      Fine, go to Gab. Leave them with their (((echo))) chamber and we’ll have ours.

      The sides have been picked. It’s natural now that they should form up.

      Those who are on our side will – at our sites – receive more advanced ideological training among our own kind and become even more formidable as they go around the world.

      Isn’t having our own space how we train to be even shitlordier? Isn’t this why we have CH?

      It’s all good. .


  84. on November 26, 2016 at 7:13 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “Veteran defense analyst David Isenberg has convincingly argued that the “military-industrial-congressional-complex,” not the white working class, will be the real winner of the 2016 presidential election. The Forbes headline for a column Loren Thompson, an industry consultant (whose think tank is heavily funded by weapons contractors), recently wrote says it all: “For the Defense Industry, Trump’s Win Means Happy Days are Here Again.” The stocks of industry giants Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman rose sharply upon news of his election and the biggest winner of all may be Huntington Ingalls, a Virginia-based manufacturer of aircraft carriers and nuclear attack submarines that would be a primary beneficiary of Trump’s proposed naval buildup.”

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    • Your source is an ultra liberal rag. I work in the defence sector. It’s full of white working class from the manufacturers in Upstate NY to the army itself. Another liberal oxymoron.

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      • They’ve been pushing that “Military-Industrial Complex” shtick since the days of Ike.

        Just the usual Marxist/Loxist “oh, look over there!” distraction gambit.

        Meh. Old whine in same ol’ same bottles.


    • The Trumpening was too much for Fidel Castro. 1926-2016

      mega rape!


  85. Gay Mullato Rainbow vs. Doesn’t mince words Nuclear Shiv..

    “We know that this moment fills Cubans – in Cuba and in the United States – with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation.”
    “The world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” Trump said in a statement issued hours after Castro’s death. “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”

    Now, who’s the f_ing leader libfags…go back to wearing your Che Guevara t shirts as you stroll around Amherst…don’t forget your buttplug.

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  86. Like

  87. Castro is the proof that the CIA is incompetent and craven.


  88. on November 26, 2016 at 11:27 am Enfant Terrible

    Fidel Castro was an hardcore alpha lord. Charismatic, gutsy, courageous, hard working, and possessing of an indomitable spirit. The type of qualities that are to be admired in a leader and a statesman.

    Unfortunately, he decided to go with communism which is a disaster for any nation. He could’ve decided to go the way of Pinochet.

    But…Castro also had an island filled with blacks, whereas Pinochet ruled over a land of white people, so big difference.

    Anyways, he’s dead now, and I hope the lives of the people of Cuba finally see some improvement.


    • Castro and Pinochet were both thirsty betas trying to be alpha. That’s why they needed to torture and kill innocents—-to prove how ‘alpha’ they are. insecure little cunts, more like it.

      Being a tyrant does NOT make you an alpha. Stop selling this bullshit.


    • on November 26, 2016 at 12:09 pm Captain Obvious

      Fidel also had ch!ldren by about 10 or 15 different chicks. Weird thing is that starting about 100 years ago, The Left had the reputation for masculinity, fertility, and Alpha dominance [Hemingway, Stalin, the Kennedys, etc], with Normies being derided (((by YKW))) as soft effeminate girly-men, but lately, The Left has gotten so deeply in bed with Gay Lettuce Bacon Tomato that that dynamic has been flipped around 180 degrees