Comment Of The Week: Dread Game Macrocosm

Max from Australia, come on down! This COTW trophy isn’t gonna polish itself.

When women in the west had “dread” back in the 1950s they all had bodies like Jen Selter (without the Darkness). Now with 3 levels of Cradle to Grave Beta Bux from:
1) The Welfare state
2) Divorce rape
3) AFC’s [ed: average frustrated chumps]
They all look like Oprah.

Think about this as a measure of the collapse !!! Your Grandpa was banging a 20 year old virgin with a smoking body (as hot as Jen Selter by today’s standards) and they both spent the best years of their lives devoted to one another. (instead of their IPhones and our “Tinder” lifestyles)

Although this comment has a high glibness rating, it contains more than a kernel of truth. Dread game on a societal scale keeps women in line, always working hard to please men lest they be cast to the icy wastelands with the rest of the anti-feminine rejects. The opposite of Dread Game — Coddle Game — relaxes selective pressures on women to stay feminine and thin and agreeable. And so what you see now in the decadent, coddling West is what we get: Ballbusting fat feminist cunts and careerist androgynes.


  1. What’s with the Jen Selter obsession?


    • No idea? She is basically an average looking Jewish girl who is skinny but worked her glutes for so long that she now has a larger than her body would dictate backside. Does she look sexy? Sure. But, there is way better at your local gym or college. It’s the “she famous (or notorious)” so she’s hot. I am also starting to believe that this generation so infrequently sees hot chicks due to being cooped up, multiculted, and obesified, that anything remotely slender and fit looks AMAZING>?>>>


      • “I am also starting to believe that this generation so infrequently sees hot chicks due to being cooped up, multiculted, and obesified, that anything remotely slender and fit looks AMAZING>?>>>”

        This, only more so.

        I had this thought when I saw an attractive young woman coming out of the grocery store today. I thought to myself, “Mmm, she is nice-looking. YOU DON”T SEE THAT ALOT.” Yes, the volume of my inner monologue did shoot up on the last bit. I then instantly hypothesized that my level of interest was directly correlated to the scarcity of such individuals.

        I further hypothesize (much like Jerry Seinfeld) that attractive women (over 18) make up less than 5% of the total female population. With the very attractive being in the 1-2% range. They are the ivory-billed woodpeckers of the dating/mating world.


    • Well in this particular reference I think it works. You have a decent looking girl who works on her appearance. And unless your grandpa (choose your era) was a stone cold alpha he wasn’t banging Loretta Young, Betty Grable, Bettie Paige, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

      The point is right now the average is about a 4.5. In your grandpa’s time the average was a 6


    • An 8, but her ass is starting to grow into a deformity. Enough with the squats.

      The really scary shot though is of her Mom… boys, look at the mama before you get hitched!


  2. Dread triggers the lizard brain into running the “need to fuck him back into orbit” routine. They don’t even realize how good it is for them.


  3. Shit it’s only Monday!


  4. […] Comment Of The Week: Dread Game Macrocosm […]


  5. Dread game on a societal scale keeps women in line……………..

    Any time the wife starts any whining or bitching I’ll tell her to knock that s*it off lest she wants a one-way no-return ticket to cat country (She just hit 40 this year). It pisses her off, but she knows it’s true, and then complies.

    And not if it needs to be repeated again, but if you as a man are staying in shape through weightlifting and keeping up your appearance as you age, dread game is even more effective. My wife was a solid 8.5/9 back in her early 20’s, but the wall shows no mercy. She is still very pretty, especially for her age, but she ain’t what she used to be, and we both know it. It must play Hell with them in their minds.


  6. dealing with the LTR at the moment, not exactly my bag but i do what i need to to deal with it.

    one thing i know now is that i am not only not getting married to a woman that isn’t raising my seed, but i am never moving in with one either. a) it’s not fun and b) needing your own space for yourself keeps her on notice 24/7 how ephemeral love can be. i don’t even need to enunciate anything further to elicit her dread. it’s ubiquitous, every day, when i retire to my lair.


  7. jen


  8. There’s a reason the whole of the manosphere is littered with terminology from the Matrix.

    Growing up under the influence of the Cathedral and disconnecting from it really is a lot like having a plug pulled from your head.
    You go from a state of confused despair to seething anger when finally you realize what, thanks to the efforts of TPTB, you have been missing out on.

    Speaking of movies, I just re-saw “Demolition Man” a few nights ago. If you haven’t seen the movie, it portrays the future as a sort of hugbox nightmare world where nobody gets it on, self-defense is non-existent and profanity, cigarettes, etc. have been made illegal. I remembered watching the movie the first time, thinking how the the portrayal of the people of the future as utterly domesticated simpering slaves was rather implausible and unrealistic. The main thought running through my head was “Seriously?, How could anyone let that happen?”.

    Looking back at the movie now, and looking back at the way the world really was 50 years ago, I realize the vision in Demolition Man was all too prescient. In a way, much of what the movie predicts has already come to pass. We live in a world where warnings about scary words are becoming common, kids get suspended for eating pop-tarts in the shape of a gun, and boys are actively encouraged to act like girls (and vice versa).

    The worst part for me though, is realizing that the push in this direction has been happening for decades. Like the super-betas of Demolition Man’s hugbox dystopia, (when I first watched the film) I too, didn’t have any conception of just how screwed up things have gotten.

    Stop for a second, and ask yourself how a typical man of the 1800’s, 1920’s or even 1950’s would have reacted to just the 1990’s, let alone the pukefest that is the west in 2014. I think the sheer culture shock would be orders of magnitude worse than any disorientation brought on by observing the technological wonders of our time. Would anyone from his time have even believe in the possibility that things would change that much?

    When you have no historical point of reference, the situation you were born into, no matter how absurd it is, becomes what is normal to you. Even if you have a gut feeling that something is profoundly wrong, that lack of reference makes you think the problem is with yourself rather than your environment.

    I suppose that’s why controlling the historical narrative is so high on TPTB’s priorities. With no anchor of historical reference, and enough Sunstein Nudges in the [wrong] direction, you could get anyone to feel shame about thoughts and desires that are perfectly natural and healthy.


  9. on August 25, 2014 at 3:23 pm Max from Australia

    Thanks CH – I am Honored – for the records Jen Selter is the most popular fitness model on Instagram with millions of followers…I dont know what her business model is? maybe product endorsements, maybe shes an expensive hooker?

    If you take out your Gandpas old photo albums you’ll see that most women used to look like this back in the 1950s.

    And if you go to a country without Processed foods and the Welfare state you will note that most women STILL look like this. (and most men have sub 15-20% bodyfat also)


  10. on August 25, 2014 at 4:03 pm Edward (Teddy) Bear

    You’re darn right women had dread back in the pre-feminist 50s! Back then, if they looked (and behaved) like hell (as they do now) they could look forward to a *miserable*, socially-ostracized spinster life. They’d be the whispered-about, pitiable, outcast at family functions, with mom publicly trying to explain it away with shibboleths like “she hasn’t found the right man” while privately castigating her daughter for bringing shame. So ladies took care of themselves, didn’t gorge on sugar, certainly didn’t “pound beers” and got married and kept the species alive.

    Now: single, self-centred, office job bimbos party, drink, fuck, swear, go to Thailand (their prole leassers go to Mexico all-inclusives, ostensibly because they “love travel” but I fact to undertake activities enumerated above) and then document all their licentious and solipsistic endeavours on Instagram. They wind up 33, tattooed, chunky, and take to pof to exclaim “where are all the good men?!” Whilst our birth rates collapse. Can you imagine the cruel misfortune of being raised by a single (or married) mom amerikunt? The future’s looking bleak, friends.

    To conclude:

    The 4 horsemen of the Western apocalypse:





    -Teddy bear.


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  15. Gtfo with Jen Selter haha. Average looking girl who arches her spine to the point just short of snapping giving the illusion she has juicy big glutes.


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  18. Wow, standards have really dropped.

    Here’s a picture of my old college flame:

    That’s her personal watch, not a photographer’s prop.

    She was still following my injunction to never wear any make-up when this photo was taken.

    As for entering adulthood: she went from virginity to womanhood and shying away from men’s magazines to seeking out a photographer in less than six months.

    I had told her that she’d best get some nudes before she aged — because in twenty-years, she’d look forty-years old!

    Imagine my surprise to see my ex-flame staring back from the magazine rack! Quite a way for an ex to send a message.


    • J Geils had some comments on this…

      “She was pure like snowflakes
      No one could ever stain
      The memory of my angel
      Could never cause me pain

      Years go by I’m lookin’ through a girly magazine
      And there’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between”



  19. I wasn’t alive in the 50’s, but I do know plenty of people who were, and based on their tales (plus the 50’s TV show reruns many regular CH posters seem to enjoy tremendously), it seems to me that this was a really boring, highly buttoned-up era of ultra-conservative conformism. And aside from movie stars like Lana Turner, pictures (of non-movie star people) from the time do not look very hot, bangable or sexy.


    • I was alive in the 50’s. The average person then weighed about 25 pounds less than they do now. You just didn’t see the large numbers of obese people waddling around then that you do now. Facially the average female then didn’t look better than the average female now but just being at a lower weight made them look better overall.


      • Yeah. look through college yearbooks from the fifties and early sixties… then look at them today. No comparison.


  20. Max from Australia

    “Thanks CH – I am Honored – for the records Jen Selter is the most popular fitness model on Instagram with millions of followers…I dont know what her business model is? maybe product endorsements, maybe shes an expensive hooker?

    If you take out your Gandpas old photo albums you’ll see that most women used to look like this back in the 1950s.

    And if you go to a country without Processed foods and the Welfare state you will note that most women STILL look like this. (and most men have sub 15-20% bodyfat also)”

    Don’t go to Mexico or Saudi Arabia (people in SA over 40 average nearly as fat as Americans).