The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

Something totally random happened in Oklahoma yesterday. A white man was randomly shot and killed by three random uruk-hais randomly pointing guns out of their random ghettomobile, and randomly choosing a target upon whom to unload their random fleeting emotions which some might randomly refer to less randomly as a pointed expulsion of hate.

Here are random photos of the random killers looking like any random person would look who randomly decided to shoot a man dead in the back:

In related news, I randomly chose wine instead of kerosene to drink last weekend. I randomly wore shoes to walk outside instead of going barefoot. And I randomly avoided a dilapidated neighborhood known to be full of restless orcs. It’s this randomness of life that makes all of us feel morally superior for avoiding the notice of any non-random occurrences. Three cheers for awful, tragic randomness!

“They pulled up behind him and shot him in the back then sped away,” said Capt. Jay Evans of Duncan Police Department. “It could have been anybody — it was such a random act.”

“It could have been anybody.” Translation: “The shit is going to hit the fan if white people start noticing that it wasn’t just anybody.”

Just how confidently can this police captain claim randomness as a crime motive? Were the three joy-shooters — two nightmare beasts and one miscegenated quasimodo — completely unaware of the race of their chosen victim?

Questions to ask the Captain:

How many people did the perps pass in their car before shooting Lane?
Was Lane the first “random” target they saw that day?
Did they pass up the chance to shoot any blacks before targeting Lane for the kill?
If the shooting was random, why were pedestrians coming toward them spared? The back shot seems especially cowardly and proof of forethought rather than pure chance.
Why, if the violence was totally random, is it two blacks and one mulatto with identity issues who stand accused of the crime in a city, Duncan, OK, that is only 3% black?

Of course, these questions will never be answered. Because the truth is a shiv to the post-modern, post-Western, anti-white posterity cleansing project. The truth is that there was nothing “random” about this morbidly banal killing; three gutter fiends spotted a white man — an iconic-looking white man jogging in that iconically white way — and gleefully took aim with all the roiling envy and hate their black hearts could muster, channeled into the spear of hot metal that would reward them with a few minutes of spastic joy.

Chris Lane was polar beared, just like Matty Yglesias was polar beared in his gentrifying DC enclave, except Lane took a lethal blow while Mattyboy was lucky to endure a flying fist as the weapon of choice of his insta-haters.

Look at that photo above, Mattyboy. Look at it real close. You know it. I know it. This is degeneracy. Human regression to a primitive prototype. Hate Machine in motion. Idiocracy ascendent. Brutish subterranean vessels of rank disgorged id spit forth from the perforating bowels of a diseased culture that has embraced lies and abandoned truth.

The Cathedral isn’t simply a metaphor for the mouthpieces of the mass media; its darkness — its evil — reaches deep into schools, government, entertainment industries, and apparently even local police departments. No mind is safe from its memetic synapse-blasting. Not even the minds of those who are up to their necks in daily reminders of reality and should know better than to spout blatant reality-warping lies intended as much to humiliate the listener as to redirect rage.

In this world, our Cathedral mind prison, media organs credulously accept the word of subhuman filth who claim boredom and random target acquisition for their actions, but will spin spin the universe on its axis to twist a news story about a Hispanic guy shooting a thug in defense who was bashing his head into the ground as a morality tale of white racism against angelic minorities.

Pre-human monsters from the abyss = wide-eyed Cathedral credulity.

Niceguy Hispanic looking out for his neighbors = Cathedral doubleplussmear campaign.

When you lie down with rotting filth, you get up with bad habits of the mind. Excise this stinking corpse of a nation from your mind, it is no longer a part of you and you are no longer a part of it. Time to rebuild something new, better, true and beautiful from the smoldering ashes. People are awakening. A cataclysm stirs.


  1. on August 21, 2013 at 12:49 pm some feminist

    you’re really racist


  2. It’s not complicated, niggers gonna nigger.


    • “Did they pass up the chance to shoot any blacks before targeting Lane for the kill?”

      nobody would care if they killed a black person


      • Why would anyone care if roaches killed another roach?

        Blacks of any value aren’t usually in bad situations and the “randoms” don’t target them since they magically, unrandomly see their blackness. So roaches kill roaches most of the time.

        The problem is that these scum are increasingly killing decent people, in this case decent white people, because they literally have nothing else to do in life. These aren’t decent people that went to a garbage part of town to club, etc. They are just jogging in their own neighborhoods. About a year or so ago this same garbage happened to an old man walking on the street. He was shot by “randoms”

        One day they are going to kill the wrong person and a relative is going to go death wish on an entire club, city block, welfare office etc. This is inevitable black people. This is what your kind, if not you yourself, are bringing about. Yes super liberals and Cathedralites are the puppetmasters, but you, black people, are the putrification that normal people will come to purge.

        The thugs/lowlifes are low intelligence and get their view of the world from tv. They see white hipsters and equate them with all whites as being a puny, fa ggy race. Now think rationally for a moment. When things hit the fan, it won’t be 7 ferals ganging up on some urban white and cowardly hitting him. It will be people with guns fighting. Or more exactly, like in New Orleans, a militia or small group of banded whites with rifles showing no quarter to anyone of color misbehaving. It costs money and takes preparation to own guns and use them effectively. Prosecuting any kind of war or insurrection also takes great organization, loyalty, and sacrifice, but it also takes extreme motivation. Push enough whites into a corner, especially men with families and you will see groups begin to pop up everywhere ready to snap at the slightest provocation.

        Once then the rope is snapped, it will get vicious as Nicole says, but it will be mostly blacks laid waste. Blacks cannot organize anything or sustain long hardship. They have no funding and no natural allies. You think Koreans or Hispanics are going to care if country/suburban whites start going nuts on urban/feral blacks? Be serious. Hispanics will abide, flee, or form their own groups that will form a detente with whites. Blacks will be sheared.

        So Nicole and other a hats, enjoy your BRA for the next ten years or so. Enjoy the hatred you are fermenting in others with your evil hypocrisy and race baiting. Enjoy the fruits of other people’s labors and continue taking no pride at all in your own pathetic lives. But don’t pretend like you know anything enough about history, war, economics to make any type of non-idiotic opinion on the genocide you think is going to happen against whites.

        You are the dumbest and lowest, and sadly, I think you realize this.


      • ^ truth


      • “You are the dumbest and lowest, and sadly, I think you realize this.”

        What do you suggest I do to compensate for my wretched condition?


      • There is nothing you can do that is good enough for this kind of person.

        It is very freeing to understand that there is nothing that you can do right.

        It also makes it very clear that there is also nothing that you can do wrong.

        So one must follow one’s own conscience in this.

        I personally don’t have a problem with them holding these opinions. They are useful to some degree. Unlike less flustered European economic refugees, it prevents them from going to Africa. It also prevents most of them from mating with African women, which became problematic in the past. Someone should have to be fiercely independent and individualist to do that without degrading our stock.

        The do gooders do more damage in Africa than racists who just stay away.


      • Unlike less flustered European economic refugees, it prevents them from going to Africa.

        Blinkered libtard Peace Corps volunteers and humanitarian leftoids aside, why would any white person with half a brain move to Africa to get work? lzolzozlzozlz


      • Corvinus, because Africa is a big continent and more than you see on the Discovery Channel and footage of Mogadishu. It is one of the richest continents on Earth as far as untapped natural resources, and where there’s known to be gold, there will be prospectors.


      • corvinus
        why would any white person with half a brain move to Africa to get work? lzolzozlzozlz

        Because then they could FUNCTION as a white person.

        The nightmare scenario for a white person is to join the Peace Corp and while handing out “care packages”, some white person hands them a care package.




        thwack and Nicole, please just STOP. You are what W.E.B. Dubois once coined as the “The Talented Tenth”. This means for every 3 Chris Lane assassins, for every Trayvon St. Skittles Martin, et. al. It takes NINE of them niggas for one of you. In your blackest heart of hearts, you also know and realize this too. In this way, I’m one of your best friends. Having been around shiftless layabout ghetto enabled simians most of my life, and having to sometimes strike and beat them back into compliance, I know a Good Boy or Girl, when I see one.

        Look at the timeline and the REAL history. Since 1965 have things gotten better or worse for most black people? You already know the answer, yet, will you speak it publically? I’m guessing not… and this is where the dysfunction of your skin has no modern analog. Blacks, vote, protect, shelter, and continue to destroy themselves as a block.

        When you are willing to stand up and say, the MAJORITY of African-Americans have a very serious problem. A deep seeded problem of entitlement in spite of almost a TRILLION (real number, true story) dollars of help since circa 1965, in spite of 5 decades of attempting to “uplift”, in spite of European (read:white) tolerance of utter criminality, which is by the way growing QUITE thin, etc. We haven’t evolved. We cannot evolve. Our African countries tell the true tale.

        When you WELCOME Europeans back into the fold to impose our culture, our ways, our traditions, our rule of law, our society, our once civilized state, and our vastly superior technology onto you. THEN and only then, will I take you seriously. Until then you are a savage South African ANC Rebel attempting to kill the whites that GAVE you back your country. You are a Hutu or Bantu assassin with a machete willing to cut any throat for your own gain. And if you come within 25 meters of me with that attitude I will deal with you as I have in the past for the monkeys I use to keep in their cages. (Read: I was never actually a zookeeper). Get it??


      • And of course all these problems came out of nowhere and happen for no reason, right?

        Tell me, how did so many Africans get into the Americas?

        What sort of Africans were they, for the most part?

        Do you believe in HBD?

        Yes? Okay, so what do you figure is going to happen when people who, for at least hundreds of years before the transatlantic slave trade began, were bred to be slaves, are suddenly freed?

        Okay, so for awhile, most are going to want a stable life, and if you let them self regulate, Africans who weren’t suited to be slaves would know how to handle the ones who were…going well…folks getting married, making families…but then their power to self regulate is taken away and put in the hands of folks who have no freaking clue.

        Do you want to know why things have been worse for African Americans since the 60’s?

        It wasn’t because African Americans were taking care of their own. When they were taking care of their own, the better of them were defending themselves, and the gub’ment couldn’t have that. That was scaring the good European Americans who needed to believe they were Cinderella, and the government was the prince who would surely come though…

        Don’t look at the 60’s. Look at the 10’s and 20’s, and definitely the 30’s and 40’s. Then get back to me.


      • It wasn’t because African Americans were taking care of their own. When they were taking care of their own, the better of them were defending themselves, and the gub’ment couldn’t have that. That was scaring the good European Americans who needed to believe they were Cinderella, and the government was the prince who would surely come though…

        Good grief woman, you project more than anybody I know. Who votes 90% for the Democrat party, the party of Big Government? Conversely, who hates the government the most and gave the most support to Ron Paul?


      • Corvinus, and I suppose you think that happened out of nowhere too.

        Sometimes I want to lock some of you in a library…

        Say it with me, students:

        social engineering


      • I realize that you believe that we are the dumbest and the lowest, and you are welcome to that opinion.

        It changes nothing.


      • Nicole – There is no “we” to it. There are decent blacks and there are terrible blacks. You don’t speak for them all. While all races have this in different proportions, the sheer amount and degeneracy of blacks is astounding and will eventually precipitate massive counter action. History is not a bubble, nor is it static. You do not understand this. You honestly believe that popular culture, the media, and the tokens in government you have are capable of keeping the lid on this forever.

        They are not.

        People in Detroit found this out and left.

        People in Baltimore found this out and left.

        People in every major metro area with more than 20% blacks know this and are leaving in droves.

        Hispanics are now forcibly “evicting” you from numerous neighborhoods in the southwest.

        To you, you see this as weakness among whites and in some way a victory for “your people” despite what is left being crime ridden, broke, and shi t ty. Your children have no real future other than an ever poorer government entitlement system. You rely on mostly white clowns in the media to give you cover for your crimes and pathologies. You rely on professors and government thought police to endlessly bombard the young with insane lies in the hopes that they will not see. It is increasingly and obviously not working so well anymore.

        The “weakness” of whites as you perceive it is merely a rational response to a system the individual sees right now as inconquerable on one’s own. Unlike you, a simple stray thought or clown mask can ruin one’s life or career. Defending one’s home from constant theft and silliness can imperil one’s family’s lives. Now, even just existing in proximity can get one shot or punched for the heck of it. But the one crime a white does to a black is national news for a month. Even if half the time the white is completely innocent (Bradley, Duke, Zimmerman). So of course, white flight is an option. Why fight a losing battle when the result will be me losing my job and perhaps being thrown in a feral prison. You can’t beat an army of clowns by yourself, even if they are clowns. They flee because it is prudent and they have kids.

        The problem for you, since your lack of pride prevents you from addressing any problems amongst your own, is that once whites no longer have a place to go to everything will fall apart. When guys with families have to submit their families to this garbage or fight, they will fight ruthlessly. Groups will form, lines will be drawn. A pack of feral animals with low IQs will be no match in the slightest for a few trained family men with guns and a purpose. Put this on a national scale and aside from being outnumbered, you’re outgunned and have no allies. The first real violent counter movement will scare the cr ap out of the media and clown whites and you will lose them slowly but surely. Other ethnic groups will not lift a finger.

        I also love how you spoke about browns as if they are your kin. I am Hispanic and I can promise you I’d rather live around Mike and John, then D’Briksaw or Takwana. So yes, your ignorance changes nothing that the real world will eventually hit you in the face with.


      • If there is no “we” in this, then why do you refer to me as part of the “you (plural)”?

        Dude, we already know everybody else hates us. We already know none of you would lift a finger if we were under attack.

        We don’t care. We are all, each and every one of us who is sane, ready to die.

        We are ready to die whenever we see a cop or someone eyeing us a little weird.

        We are ready since we are young, and we are simply told that when our time comes, we should die well.

        So what horrors does hell hold for me?


      • Do you want to know what makes many Africans in the Americas insane?

        It’s the waiting.

        It’s the waiting for the white death that we know is lurking just behind the eyes of every non African person, and every African sellout.

        That’s what puts many of us on drugs…the never knowing when it’ll be our turn…understanding that without knowing anything about us as individuals, everyone who is not us wants us dead for some reason.

        Since most people are socially dependent, this can be a real mindfuck. I think the only reason I’m not completely nuts and doing crazy stuff like running for congress so I can at least have some measure of control in the system is because it doesn’t bother me to be hated.

        I got used to it, and simply accepted that this is how humans work…hating what is different and allowing the elites to exploit their natural tendencies for profit.

        Gun manufacturers make a lot of money on both sides from hate. Do you think any of them gives a shit what color the people buying the guns are? What nationality? They sell to whoever, and press your buttons on both sides to get you to buy more.

        You are tools…and your color of tools thinks your guns will protect you from Africans, which will protect you from evil…mostly your own evil.

        This is what you are afraid of: your own shadow. We are just a convenient scapegoat for it. The government makes sure of that. They want you to worry about us instead of them, so your revolutionary fervor goes into fighting us instead of them.

        We are the canary in the coalmine in more than one way.

        I am ready. I have no dreams of victory in a race war, only a hope that I will die well enough that my blood or ashes will feed some beautiful flowers or trees.

        So long as there are still trees when I leave this form, I’m cool.

        This is my hope…that when we are all gone, you won’t kill all the trees.


      • Nicole said ; “… Do you want to know what makes many Africans in the Americas insane?

        It’s the waiting.

        It’s the waiting for the white death that we know is lurking just behind the eyes of every non African person, and every African sellout.

        That’s what puts many of us on drugs…the never knowing when it’ll be our turn…understanding that without knowing anything about us as individuals, everyone who is not us wants us dead for some reason….”.

        and I have to go ; what???????!!!!!!!

        Blacks commit far many more violent crimes than whites…whites are 10 to 20 times more likely to be shot by a black man than a black shot by a white

        it is whites who walk around always worried some black will attack them ,beat them, rape them or shoot them

        it is whites who live in fear of balcks who commit 80% of violent crimes

        what the hell are you talking about ” blacks are waiting……everyone wants us dead” ???????

        Blacks murder whites far more often than the opposite, how can blacks be living in the waiting of being hurt by whites???

        only a minuscule insignificant number of whites ever go so far as killing blacks

        why would blacks live in fear and waiting for a white man to come and kill them????

        they have better odds wining the lottery

        white men are shot 10 to 20 more often by blacks than by any other race, don’t you see it is whites who are living in waiting and in fear

        it is whites who walking in dark street are afraid of blacks because using their brains they know blacks commit the vast majority of violent crime

        Nicole you turn things on its head and then claim that is how it is


      • Canadian, you kind of made my point.

        We are a small fraction of the population, and yet you fear us as if you all had someone in your family who’d been beat up by an African who was an authority figure you’d be shot if you resisted.


      • Dude, we already know everybody else hates us. We already know none of you would lift a finger if we were under attack.

        We don’t care. We are all, each and every one of us who is sane, ready to die.

        Funny you should say that, Nicole, considering White Americans fought and died in the hundreds of thousands to free your ancestors from slavery.


      • My you are gullible.

        Do you also believe that the Muslims left Spain from the kindness of their hearts?


      • Nic,there was ample discussion of blacks being sent away from America as it became clear that slavery was going to end soon. ALL black leadership and ALL abolitionists resoundingly refused that option. There are in addition massive numbers of nigga immigrants who have come here from the islands and–thanks to the dear yids–God help us,Africa,in the past decades. This bullshit about how we was dragged here Oh lawd we be slaves! as an excuse for your behavior is very weak,girl,weak. ALL da slaves are long dead as are the 600,000 white men and the many thousands who got their faces,arms,legs and genitals shot off in the War.The modern young blacks are the kids of that devil, that white woman beating low IQ vicious evil stooge of the jews,Dr. King.


      • Excuse for what behavior?

        I’m not running around shooting European Americans, and the vast majority of African Americans aren’t either.

        Most of us are not violent criminals, and as far as nonviolent criminality, this is normal for the poor. Otherwise, there would be no drug trade. African Americans couldn’t hold that up by themselves.

        Modern young African Americans are simply not exempt from the “new masculinity”. They just have a different reaction to it. Instead of staying home and jacking off, they go out and fuck women they don’t want to take care of. Instead of making a drum circle, they customize their cars.

        Yes, people are different, and if you inject them with the same disease, they will react differently.

        You want it to stop?

        Make feminism stop.


      • “It’s the waiting.

        It’s the waiting for the white death that we know is lurking just behind the eyes of every non African person, and every African sellout.

        You have asserted many things, some of them quite sensible; but the flaw is that you proceed from a false assumption.

        You assume that we Whites WANT to kill blacks. We do not, of course. We would greatly prefer to live and work and raise families in peace. We also know that this is a fallen world, and thus certain preparations for safety and defense are necessary.

        Increasingly, too, we understand the threats to our safety come from both the — *ahem* — underclass below and the imperiled freedoms and liberty from an ever more intrusive, oppressive State in a dreadful pincers attack. It is then easy to understand the positions that Canadian Friend, castricv, and corvinus have taken.

        And it certainly does no good to take the extreme fatalistic view of, “Well, I know y’all want to kill me. I just hope my blood will water some pretty, pretty flowers.” Far more useful would be to denounce the savagery of the actions taken by your people (as the brave Dr. James David Manning has done) or, failing that, at least live your own life (as I hope you are doing already) in a manner that bespeaks honor and dignity.


      • That is very nice to say, but this is how I was brought up, and how most African Americans are brought up: feeling outgunned by authorities and crazies.

        Though less difficult than it would be for most, it was difficult for me to be able to see the big picture, because it is hard for any African American to see that their color represents something that at the moment, America hates: masculinity. It is unfair, but this is how the human mind works. Dark skin = masculine = dangerous = inconvenient to a government determined to stamp out potential dissidents.

        So we’re left with two perceived options: internalize and become the monster, or do all we can to seem as harmless as possible. Most choose the latter. I chose neither.

        Sheeple gonna sheep. This is human nature. I understand the truth of it and don’t argue with Nature about it. If you’re not either over-civilized or internalizing your monster with the flavor of fatal over-civilization, you are as much of an exception as me, and probably shouldn’t be trying to speak for “white” people.


      • castricv, I think you hit the nail on the head. I would bet a lot of money that there are a lot of non-whites in America who can see what a complete shit sandwich whites are being served. Blacks are fantastically delusional if they can think they rely on these people to side with them in anti-white coalitions no matter what blacks do.

        Anyway, going back to the story, obviously this killing isn’t “random” in the sense the MSM would have people believe. BUT there is a sense in which a killing like this is “random.” There are plenty of whites who do the right thing: they carefully select city and neighborhood, are aware of their surroundings, have made emergency preparations, habitually avoid the groid, don’t take random walks down diversity lane, and yet still, for all that, they can fall victim to dumb luck. It sucks, and hearing about misfortunes like that can really take the wind out of your sails, but it’s part of life.


      • ” Blacks are fantastically delusional if they can think they rely on these people to side with them in anti-white coalitions no matter what blacks do.”

        Yes that would be fantastically delusional. Fortunately, we don’t believe this.

        What we believe though, is that once you’re done killing all of us, or maybe even during, you won’t be happy with that, and will kill every non “white” person you can find.

        Those of us who are a little more aware than others also understand that if it is allowed to happen, you will be doing it with the belief that once all the non “white” people are dead, you will somehow magically have more money without having to work, and no more violence or any negativity of any kind…that you will have a clean “white” utopia where nobody ever does anything sick or twisted…

        We know the “white” nationalist version of the dream speech. It makes us laugh because if being almost exclusively “white” made anyplace automatically a better place to live, none of you would be actually living in the Americas.

        Those of us who are really aware read things like this and know almost for certain that you’re the descendant of a slave. Nobody else is that eager to lick ass of people who don’t give a flying fart about them.

        What’s your plan? To wage a revolution by killing other slaves instead of your owners? LOL!


      • on August 23, 2013 at 10:27 pm thinkingabout it

        I’m a very dark-skinned Indian and I cant believe the sort of black misbehavior whites are willing to tolerate. Fortunately, as Indians played no role in the slave trade, liberals can’t guilt me into overlooking uncomfortable facts. This whole Chris Lane thing enraged me for the sheer unfairness of the media in comparison to Trayvon Martin. I had to read 20 articles before I found one which mentioned the race of the perps who shot Lane.
        It doesn’t escape me that some day it could me in Lane’s place, and the MSM will still protect the black holy cows and ignore my death. Living as I do in a >60% black city, the day may not be far away.


      • It really sucks to find out that Murica is not the multicultural paradise it’s sold as. In some ways you are fortunate enough to look exotic enough that nobody has been programmed with an automatic way of dealing with you. In other ways, not so fortunate because you are likely to inspire what is called anomic behavior in both “whites” and “blacks” who are particularly susceptible or unhinged.

        If I were you, I would stay close to my Indian community, and encourage sane levels of preparedness and survivalism. If there is a natural disaster or small scale upheaval, you will not be able to count on the support of anyone but other Indians and the rare individual or group of true independents.

        Don’t think about shoulds. Think about what is. You may also want to avoid being overly moved by anything you read or hear from the sponsored mass media because they are just doing their job for the elite of selectively “informing” the masses in a way that will assure as few attempt to rise above the herd as possible.

        Something that ought to make you feel worse than what you read is what you don’t. Killings and assaults on Indians happen, but are seldom reported on at all.


    • Love it.


  3. looks like one black one mix and one whitey


    • Dumb, dumber and dumbest.


    • One on the left is very black. Middle one is a typical African-American — described as “Black” or “African” but with significant white admixture. One on the right is clearly some sort of mulatto — lighter skin than the middle, but darker than a ‘white’, and has very African nose/lip structure. Plus, real ‘white boys’ don’t hang out with violent blacks like the two on the left most definitely are.


    • More like two blacks and one hispanic mix.


      • The ” white” one is at least 20 % other race , either black or hispanic but the media will probably use his semi whiteness to brainwash everyone into believing that the fact the two black ones had a “white” friend makes it “””obviously impossible!!!””” this was motivated by racism

        also because as we are told a million times a day by the leftist establishment and their controlled main stream media ; only whites can be racists, all other races are sweet little angels that are simply misunderstood


    • The guy on the right looks white to me, too.


    • The defendant on the far right is obviously white. The picture is underexposed. This talk about high yellow and Negroid features is nonsense. His hair is medium brown and absolutely straight. His eyes are also medium brown. His nose is a perfectly common European shape. I invite you to google “pictures of Swiss people” and compare. As a matter of fact, he looks somewhat like Matt Damon. For that matter, he looks quite a bit like me, and my ancestors are all German and Swiss. In addition, the police report identifies him as white.

      [CH: The white guy on the right has been smacked a little with the tar brush, as PA would put it.]


      • on August 23, 2013 at 12:50 pm Jochen Peiper

        I think you need to visit Germany and Switzerland again to remind yourself of what they look like. Mystery meat on the right is about 30-50% black, maybe a mixture of white with mulatto for example. These folks used to be called Quadroons and Octaroons.


      • I’m sure we’ll learn all about his ethnicity as events proceed. Our race obsessives here will make sure of that. Forgive me if I fail take seriously the remarks of a person who chooses his screen name to honor an SS general convicted of war crimes. I will point out, though, that even under the Nuremberg race laws, an octoroon was considered white.


      • Race obsessives -another hate term from a tiresome hater.


      • The defendant on the far right is obviously white.

        Check your dictionary… and your premises. “Somewhat” < "Obviously".

        In addition, the police report identifies him as white.

        Oh, well then! That settles it! Debate over! lllozozozozlzllzozozlzlzlzooll

        For that matter, he looks quite a bit like me…

        And so, the gored ox shows itself… which leads us to…

        … our race obsessives here…

        Heh, heh… I see the usual Cathedral litany no longer suffices… we’ve graduated from RAY-CISS to the term “obsessive”… for that extra bit of connotation in re mental disorder.

        Avaunt, you mischling fairy.


      • The left and their controlled media OBSESSIVELY hide the truth about the high rates of crime in the Black and Hispanic communities.

        Everyone is OBSESSIVELY trying to make whites a third class race that should be eliminated trough race replacement ( what you may know under the names; immigration and diversity)

        The main stream media OBSESSIVELY lied about Trayvon and ZImmerman and even doctored the 911 call to make it look as if Zimmerman was a racist

        the fact we are fighting all this obsessive attacks against us does not make us obsessive

        If you are trying to strangle someone to death and they fight you; would you say they are obsessive???

        There is nothing obsessive about self preservation


      • on August 25, 2013 at 9:02 pm Carlos Danger

        Aren’t we sanctimonious?


      • Wonder which prison gang he’ll end up in.


  4. And I randomly avoided a dilapidated neighborhood known to be full of restless orcs.

    We really do live in a fantasy world.


  5. Curious – what is the definition of “The Cathedral”?


    • The one-world religion of man and equalism and multiculturalism and feeeeeelings, I presume.


      • The Cathedral; the religion of lies, a few pretty lies but mostly a lot of ugly dangerous lies such as ” all cultures are equal “.

        Liberalism is a religion, it has all the bad things of religion ( blind faith, you must conform or be cast out, etc etc ) and none of the good ones.

        Liberalism is the new dark age. Just as in medieval times our “betters”/ the establishment are rejecting knowledge and reason and are imposing on us silly , dangerous ideas.

        They used to burn cats and women suspected of sorcery, now they destroy white males careers and reputation.

        They used to refuse to acknowledge the finding of people such as Galileo, even imprisoned him

        and now our liberal establishment refuses to acknowledge that diversity and multiculturalism are poison – a fatal poison – to the most advanced civilization the world has ever seen; the Western Civilization of white MALES.

        They used to force people to believe the sun revolved around the earth despite all evidence of the exact opposite

        now they force us to believe blacks who commit the vast majority of violent crimes do not commit the majority of violent crimes

        We are forced – despite mounting mountains of evidence – to believe up is down, night is day, and that blacks and hispanics do not commit 80% of all violent crimes

        the crazies run the asylum = the left runs the world.


      • Exactly.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 6:02 pm Gilbert Ratchet

        Canadian friend – I appreciate your Rush reference!


      • This is helpful. Thanks.


      • One question though…How frequent is violent crime?

        What are most of those violent crimes?

        Why do you think it could be that Africans and Hispanics are more often reported for those crimes?

        Do you truly trust the statistics?


      • Well that was four questions, but still…


      • Nicole your probably the smartest female poster on this site, yet because you would rather reality be different than the way it really is, you spew lies and rationalizations to comfort your own pained heart, hoping that if you make enough loud noise in this lone asylum of truth, CH, you somehow changed reality and vindicated your race’s existence. I don’t like all parts of my reality, and a lot of it I am capable of constructively changing. But the parts I can’t change, instead of bickering and spewing to feel better about myself, I shut up and focus on the parts of my life that I CAN change, because I’m not a woman and I want to be happy, not “right”. Your rationalizations look retarded to most intelligent onlookers. Just sayin’


      • I don’t need to vindicate my “race’s” existence. Nature does that.

        My activities in the way of injecting a little reality into the herd are also not restricted to this blog.

        As far as whatever lies I am spewing, I would like you to point out any inaccuracies in anything that I have said.

        I would also like to know what exactly it is that you believe I am rationalizing.

        This should be interesting.


      • Nicole your probably the smartest female poster on this site…

        Well… high praise, indeed. lulz

        .. yet because you would rather reality be different than the way it really is, you spew lies and rationalizations to comfort your own pained heart, hoping that if you make enough loud noise in this lone asylum of truth, CH, you somehow changed reality and vindicated your race’s existence.

        So much for them (ahem) “smarts”.


      • Greg, I think you missed a corner of his ass. Gotta be thorough when you’re sucking the anus of anybody who disagrees with me, no matter how weak their argument is.


      • In your haste to invoke the negro fetish for tossed salad, you failed to notice I was mocking his judgment… you foul-mouthed cow.


      • Better than a docile sheep taking pride in docility, princess.

        If I am a cow, I will be the loudest and the foulest mouthed of them. May the farmers fear my spit and hooves, and worse, that I may give the other cows ideas…


      • I’m sure YOU know what you’re talking about… no one else here would describe me as docile…

        But this is why I seldom do ought but mock you…

        No matter how many times you’re told you’re not entitled to your own dictionary… let alone skewered for your fractured fairy tales… you just keep going on about fuck-all-who-knows-what.

        A cow is merely a herd animal herself… and those who exhibit the symptoms of mad cow are merely eradicated, lest they infect the rest of the herd.

        No danger of such a fate for you though… your hare-brained rhetoric shows no sign of catching on in others not already likewise hare-brained.


      • To be called insane by the sheep crying for a more sadistic shepherd is the highest of praise.

        If you get your wish, will you be wearing a KTB (a wicked chastity device) while traveling through mixed areas so that you don’t think naughty thoughts about possibly biracial women?


      • “Why do you think it is that Africans and Hispanics are often reported for those crimes?”

        What a ridiculous question. I’m sure every time a gas station or liquor store gets robbed, they edit the surveillance video so it looks like a black person when it was really a white.

        And when a person is gunned down by a white guy in public, all the witnesses claim it was a black person.

        I’m sure the two times I got mugged at gunpoint, the perps were actually white and I just altered my memories to make then black because I’m so Raciss.

        It’s not the blacks, it’s the media! They just get a bad rap!

        When I withdraw money from the atm at night, I’m not glancing around for white people. Just saying.

        Anyone who has ever lived around blacks believes the statistics because we have seen it with our own eyes.

        I lived in a black neighborhood once because I moved to a new state and was low on cash. I came home from work the first night to find my bedroom window broken and all my electronics stolen. They came back a few nights later and stole my tables, chairs and change jar.

        That’s 4 crimes committed against me by blacks in the last decade. Crimes committed against me by whites: 0. Crimes committed by me against blacks: 0.

        Yeah. I believe the statistics you idiot. Stop trying to pretend the majority of blacks aren’t violent thugs.


      • Anecdotes are not evidence, and like feminists sitting in a university rape circle, I take stories of being the victims of crimes at the hands of Africans here with a grain of salt. Only a couple of guys here I would consider credible, and they’ve had scuffles with the whole rainbow.

        I know a European guy who lived in some favela in Brazil and didn’t get robbed four times.

        Your being stupid and exposing your property to junkies, and not keeping a low profile, doesn’t make most African Americans violent thugs. You’d be just as screwed in some parts of West Virginia where Africans don’t even stop to get gas.

        Maybe you’re what folks call a “fuckface” and you have a constant sneer that makes people want to do bad things to you. Some people do attract trouble. My brother did when he had dreadlocks because he has too noble a face and looks dangerous. So he cut his hair. I don’t know what you need to do to fix your situation.

        But my point is that the violent crime statistics are selected and defined to suit feminists. If you don’t believe them regarding males in general, there is no good reason to think that they would be more fair to the most generally masculine group of men, especially when the raw truth would mess up a great many of their do gooder social programs.

        This is one tell that much of your anger towards African men springs from self pity…that you swallow lies without question just because they’re about people whose existence makes you uncomfortable.

        If we believe that you are all a sobbing regretted sex hamster away from being a lynch mob, then we’re idiots, but if you believe we are all junkies trying to steal your cell phone, you’re smart.

        Then even when you blast some kid taking out his trash, you must have had a good reason for it, but if we defend ourselves from some dude following us home, that’s a capital offense.


      • Nicole says anecdotes are not stats

        well that is EXACTLY what we have been saying for all this time

        and stats show that Blacks and Hispanics commit the vast majority of crimes

        the ones relying on anecdotal evidence are the anti-white race baiters such as Sharpton, Obama, Thwack and Nicole


      • Canadian, can you please remind me how it is that I became characterized as “anti white”? I lose track of these things.

        Was it the encouraging you to embrace your ancestral faiths or at least the good traditions, or was it the desire to see both you and African Americans abandon your cattle tags?


    • on August 21, 2013 at 1:55 pm Dr. Murray F. Rottencrotch

      The academic/media priesthood. The post-traditionally religious secular intellectual class. The gummint/academic/media complex.


  6. It is a bit comforting to know so many “gun nuts” are well organized white supremacists.

    Not that it would bode well for most white people, they will still be killed, but it feels good knowing so many browns will be dying along side them. Many by the hand of other browns.


    • Conversely, the Aussies are unfortunately gassing on like the libtards after Newtown about our horrible lax gun laws. Even the victim made fun of our lax gun laws.

      It’s Darwinism in action, folks.


    • Australia passed a strict gun control law and it was effective:

      the firearm homicide rate fell by 59 percent, and the firearm suicide rate fell by 65 percent, in the decade after the law was introduced, without a parallel increase in non-firearm homicides and suicides. That provides strong circumstantial evidence for the law’s effectiveness.

      I think Sailer is right on gun control:

      The endless gun-control brouhaha, which on the surface appears to be a bitter battle between liberal and conservative whites, also features a cryptic racial angle. What blue-region white liberals actually want is for the government to disarm the dangerous urban minorities that threaten their children’s safety. Red-region white conservatives, insulated by distance from the Crips and the Bloods, don’t care that white liberals’ kids are in peril. Besides, in sparsely populated Republican areas, where police response times are slow and the chances of drilling an innocent bystander are slim, guns make more sense for self-defense than in the cities and suburbs.


      • Wrongo. In Australia, gun violence has been increasing massively in recent years as the country lets in more muzzies and other orcs. It’s still below US levels, but Oz doesn’t have nearly as many blacks and mestizos as we do either.


      • The gun violence in Australia’s biggest cities (Sydney and Melbourne) of late has predominantly involved the first and second generation Australian born Lebanese.

        These cousin marrying arabic dregs are also over-represented in crime statistics and in jails.

        In Sydney they are particularly feral.
        As long as they keep shooting each other or their crime affiliated associates; I could not care less.

        In 2005, Cronulla parts of the “white” population went into riot mode.


      • A couple of years ago at the site ” Gates of Vienna” there were links to a few articles from Belgium, Sweden and two or three more European country

        they all had numbers showing that about 80% of rapes, 80% of various violent crimes were committed by non-white males, most were from Africa and a lot were Muslim

        This problem of high – very high – rates of violent crimes with certain races is true in most “white” nations from USA to France,

        the only people denying this reality are white liberals and people of the race of those who commit 80% of the violent crimes


      • My brother got mugged in Belgium not too long ago. He says Americans have the mistaken opinion that Eastern Europe is far more dangerous than Western Europe, but he’s convinced now that the reverse is true.


      • corvinus, the reason for this is simply the media in this country. Look at Taken, etc. Eastern Europe are the new bad guys as we can’t depict browns as baddies anymore. Couple this with sex traffic reports and the West thinks it is crazy town. The reality is that much of the West of Europe has turned into an urban AMerican area, while the East is shifting more towards a Russian ethos of strength, but civility. I would have to agree that East is far safer than West now, excepting for “racist” incidents. The East rightly sees multicult as destructive so what we see as racism is more prevelant there.

        However random crime is far more common in jolly old London or Paris.


      • “White” population? I had the impression Cronulla was a reaction by pissed-off Aussies against the muzzie plague


      • on August 21, 2013 at 6:44 pm Mr. magNIFicent1

        Those statistics would be meaningful only if they were adjusted to reflect the change in that demographic group’s numbers over the same time period. That group is, roughly, males aged 15-35. A better study would also track by race, since there are large disparities in homicide rates, lord knows.


      • Great, but blue region liberals will NOT actually admit that they want to disarm the urban shines. They don’t want to lose PC street cred. So they wail on about NRA members and conservatives while their pet niggers continue to shoot up the cities. They’ll learn to be more blunt when the Trayvons are outside their gated communities looking for a way in.


      • The “effectiveness” argument and its associated statistics have no bearing on the right to keep and bear arms. A man’s right to defend himself, his kin, his kith, or his property is inalienable. A government or some other coercive entity which infringes this right while pursuing for itself a monopoly on arms is illegitimate.

        This is the moral argument. In an ethnically, racially, or culturally heterogenous milieu, it is also a pragmatic argument. Australia’s evil gun control laws would not have prevented Luna’s access to a lethal weapon.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 7:51 am Jochen Peiper

        Especially since they used guns that would still be allowed in Oz- a .22 caliber revolver and a shotgun. Both can still be owned even in Britain. Don’t forget the Sanhedrin wants to disarm white Gentiles because they fear them, especially now that the lid is coming off their shenanigans. Sailer had a point about SWPLs fearing armed NAMs, but missed the bigger point about the people who lead the SWPLs around by the nose.


  7. Obsidian will be here eventually. I’ve got my shovel…


  8. You’re a great writer CH!

    And don’t forget the innocent white baby that was shot by two teen niggers and pretty much ignored by the media compared to the Zimmerman/Trayvon rubbish!


  9. readers familiar with DC would recall that about a decade ago (well, jeezy, maybe 2 at this point), there was a spate of random guys randomly shooting at other people on the beltway.


  10. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Of course, these questions will never be answered. Because the truth is a shiv to the post-modern, post-Western, anti-white posterity cleansing project. The truth is that there was nothing “random” about this morbidly banal killing; three gutter fiends spotted a white man — an iconic-looking white man jogging in that iconically white way — and gleefully took aim with all the roiling envy and hate their black hearts could muster, channeled into the spear of hot metal that would reward them with a few minutes of spastic joy.

    Chris Lane was polar beared, just like Matty Yglesias was polar beared in his gentrifying DC enclave, except Lane took a lethal blow while Mattyboy was lucky to endure a flying fist as the weapon of choice of his insta-haters.

    Look at that photo above, Mattyboy. Look at it real close. You know it. I know it. This is degeneracy. Human regression to a primitive prototype. Hate Machine in motion. Idiocracy ascendent. Brutish subterranean vessels of rank disgorged id spit forth from the perforating bowels of a diseased culture that has embraced lies and abandoned truth.


  11. The middle one looks like he could’ve been Obama’s son… the one on the left, his wife.


  12. “Excise this stinking corpse of a nation from your mind, it is no longer a part of you and you are no longer a part of it.”

    Unless you’re an Israel First neocon.


  13. Excise this stinking corpse of a nation from your mind, it is no longer a part of you and you are no longer a part of it. Time to rebuild something new, better, true and beautiful from the smoldering ashes.

    Hear, hear!

    In the latest catch-phrase of the Northwest Republic:

    If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.


  14. Here is (allegedly) one of the killer’s (white) girlfriends who totally supports the killer:



  15. “Excise this stinking corpse of a nation from your mind, it is no longer a part of you and you are no longer a part of it. ”

    I hate to use a fictional entity to illustrate, but a zombie is in no way any longer the person it used to be, and the folks who survive the zombie infestation act on this point accordingly.

    Act on this point, you filthy racist, sexist, sizeist, ableist, IQist, workist, logicist, familyist, civilizationist bastards.


  16. But Lily says we should just ignore the reality that we are under attack and be silly and bubbly because girls just wanna have fuuuun. Gee I’m so confused.

    One comment.


    • Please, don’t disingenuously twist what I said to you about dating, or put words in my mouth. This post has nothing to do with girls wanna have fun conversations on first dates, and don’t wanna hear about your stance on feminism and race. Keep it light and flirty, I said. Save your sentiments for later when she is even worth wasting time teaching her. Why waste your time on correcting women you’re not sure you will continue seeing? Save your energy for the right one.


  17. I have no words… what can really be said here? This poor bastard did not have a fucking chance. He actually was doing every RIGHT and he still got “White Privelege Checked” by pavement apes. He was in a NICE neighborhood, in a Whitopia, and was in most unlucky wrong place/time someone could be. It is proof positive though that even with groids as an outlier of your population number they will revert to the mean at some point. A pint of vanilla ice with a teaspoon of shit mixed in is still ruined.


    • “White Privelege Checked” lolzlzlz.

      “He was in a NICE neighborhood, in a Whitopia”

      As one of my shooting instructors said, criminals can ride the bus like anyone else – and in this case it appears that Whitopia is just where these animals wanted to go hunting. Sadly in this unraveling society it is necessary to maintain as much situational awareness as possible, at all times and places.


    • Some one should of told this Auzzie not to go near niggers.

      Some of the safest places on planet Earth are in the US: they’re in the mid west, white, Christian, Republican, armed to the teeth and almost completely devoid of crime and violence.

      Safer than many enlightened places with gun control.

      But in the US is some of the most violent and dangerous places, like Detroit, Gary IN, Baltimore, Miami. (i.e. loaded with brown people).


  18. Trayvon bitches….


  19. They’re gonna [email protected]#$ around and [email protected]#$ around, and then it’s going to be *boom, lights out*.

    Wiping out other peoples used to be the white mans stock in trade. I don’t think we’ve evolved that much in 30 years.


    • If the white man is so (allegedly) good at wiping out other peoples, how come we’re up to our ass in Cathedral alligators of every usual suspect and dark stripe?

      An objective observer from space might remark that the white man’s mercy to his enemies is the more noticeable characteristic.

      And for the record, 30 years is a lot to ask in re evolution… besides, what do the 1980’s have to do with anything?


    • on August 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm gunslingergreg

      maybe we do deserve a little fucking with we whites some fucking killers bro
      when it is condoned legal type shit


  20. The media is definitely guilty of immediately identifying race when it’s white on black violence, but not the reverse. Although…. if the victim was black, it probably wouldn’t have been reported at all.


    • your last statement would only be true if it were black on black violence.

      white on black violence: national media attention and race is highlighted
      black on white violence: limited media attention and race is ignored or obscured (both local and national)
      black on black violence: very little to no media attention and race is ignored or obscured (both local and national)


      • Yes, I meant victim black, perps black. They’re not reported and probably not investigated too heavily by the police, either.


      • black on black crime is an uncomfortable truth that both blacks and the media elite like to pretend doesn’t exist (“lalalalalala i can’t hear youuuuuuuuuuuu”).


      • uh, i agree with the second part of your statement. otherwise, go to the ghetto dude, no offense…


      • just because blacks are necessarily aware of the high incidence of black on black crime (by living next to and within it) does not mean that blacks don’t like to pretend that they don’t have a problem. damn, there were a lot of “don’ts” there.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 9:47 pm gunslingergreg

        whites forced to live in it too when it moves next door


      • I don’t know any Africans who don’t see this as a problem and shout it from the mountaintops every single day.

        You people should stop talking about things you have no idea of. You can’t even seem to comprehend what’s being told to you here by actual African people.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 8:36 am obsessivecakedisorder

        Find out where there’s no bus service. Move there. (most of your immediate) problem solved.


    • The main reason black on black violence is not reported is that there is so much of it, it would use up half the news paper.

      and people would get bored with being told day after day after day 365 days a year ; ” a black man shot black man…again today…”

      news can not be repetitive, people get bored easily, sad but true

      there are still problems in Iraq but people are bored with it, so the media does not report it anymore


  21. Surely they are black hispanics.


  22. on August 21, 2013 at 1:46 pm Lord Jerrgged

    Got this link through another link that CH posted. Something New, imma sign up for this


  23. Glad to see the old writing style is back. Epic.


  24. There should be a hate crime enhancement option provided on the charges. The black-on-white nature of it is too obvious for the jury to be unable to consider.

    The cops can say what they want now, they did lock the guys up and now it’s up to the legal side to ensure these guys are guilty, their genes are not further added to the pool.

    When stuff like this happens I get cold and analytical.


    • I hope they can be charged with a hate crime, but it can be tough to prove. There has to be some evidence that it was racially motivated or they won’t even let the jury consider the charge. Racial difference alone isn’t enough to prove it.


      • So reverse the colors and say 3 white boys with hair of your color “randomly” shot a black in the same way. I believe a way would be found to charge them with hate. I”m not aware of any restriction on such a charge other than the prosecutor’s judgment.

        Or does a grand jury get involved in that determination. Unlike George Zimmerman, I am pretty sure a GJ would indict these three fine young men for murder.


      • There was a lot of legal commentary around the Zimmerman trial about the difficulty in showing it was a hate crime. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t charged with that at the state level (Florida may not have a hate crime statute) but he could still be charged under federal law. Yes, it’s at the prosecutor’s discretion to charge but the GJ has to indict.

        But there’s no question they’ll be charged with murder.


      • For the record, I find the whole leftoid concept of “hate crime” ludicrous. There’s always an element of hate in any violent attack against another. You have to hate someone at least a little, whether in the abstract or more concretely, to lift a purse off her, or steal his car.

        Leftoids invented the concept of hate crime to help them police thought, with the intended purpose of cowing whites into toe-ing the party line, even in their private thoughts.


      • You have to hate someone at least a little, whether in the abstract or more concretely, to lift a purse off her, or steal his car.

        …let alone actually kill him.


      • I don’t agree with hate crime legislation either. They’re “feel good” laws passed with the full knowledge they’ll be selectively enforced.

        Killing a person because he’s black is no more heinous than killing a white man just to experience murder. The white man’s life is just as valuable, and the perpetrators are just as dangerous.


      • Thank you for not running back under that stank ass skirt. A crime is a crime.


      • True, leftists created this ” hate crime” thing to “fight injustices”


        by doing so, they created a new injustice …

        white heterosexual males are the only group against which no hate crime exists.

        gays, females, non-whites, they all can be victims of hate crimes but not a white heterosexual male

        the left considers heterosexual white males an inferior race not worthy of the same legal rights as other demographic groups

        just as the KKK used to do about blacks

        the left…what a repulsive anomaly …


      • Bingo. That should be more than ample to charge all three, since they communicated. I hope so anyway.


      • Oh I just saw this. Definitely changes things.


      • Don’t you guys see the slippery slope in all this hate crime bs? Simply charge them with murder and fry them. Who cares the motivation? In the future if anyone here were to do anything, the government could roll you up for hate crimes because of a few words. Silly.


      • I said elsewhere on the thread that I’m conceptually against these laws. But since they exist, they should be enforced equally. If there’s evidence of racial motive these kids should be charged. God knows if it were a trio of white kids posting that trash on FB before shooting a black man, prosecutors would be tripping over each other to charge them with a hate crime.


      • Amy you are just to want uniformity and are correct about what would happen if the races were reversed. However, once you lend support to this ridiculous idea once, you have vacated your right to complain about it later. It is an unfair and hateful law. You can be sure it will never be applied evenly, and as time goes by made a weapon against whites of any stripe who are merely looking to defend themselves from rampant black criminality.

        Effectively, hate crime laws are but another weapon in the arsenal of those who desperately need to weaken white before it hits the fan.



      ‘Duncan police chief Dan Ford said he had not yet seen Edwards’ social media activities.

      “I don’t think there’d be any further charge,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview when asked if Edwards’ activities warranted any sort of hate crime charge. “I’m not discounting the stuff that’s on there, but they do that for shock and effect.”‘

      So a white kid jokingly threatens to shoot up his school and he goes to jail ( Black kids do it and it’s only for “shock and effect”. I get it.


      • There will be an inflection point… soon, I think… when enough eyes open to the swirl of lies that constitutes the governance of the US and the machinations of its cultural gatekeepers that the Cathedral will be unable to contain the thirst for vengeance set loose upon their manicured SWPLscape.



        ‘It was the indiscriminate nature of the attack that has shocked many in Australia.

        One local newspaper, under mug shots of the three suspects, aged 15, 16 and 17, ran the headline: “Faces of Evil: The teens American police say shot our star.”‘

        If this had to happen to anyone, maybe there’s a silver lining in that it happened to someone who isn’t as easily swept under the rug as the MSM has done with so many others. Even in Cathedral-occupied countries such as the UK, it seems to be okay to report these “unmentionable” crimes when they happen in the US – nationalism apparently trumps multicultism.


      • I was following the story yesterday on the CNN website. The comments section was going crazy. I’d never seen anything like it. Literally every thirty seconds there were fifty or sixty new comments posted. This went on for hours. And I’d say 90% were SERIOUSLY pissed off white people questioning why CNN hadn’t posted pictures of the perps, why they hadn’t mentioned race, why Obama hadn’t gone on TV to discuss the case, pointing out that these three boys “could be Obama’s sons”, etc. The moderators couldn’t keep up with deleting all the “crime think”. The comment count would go up to 19,000. Then it would be down to 18.000. Then back up to 19.000. And on and on. It was quite a site to behold. The funny thing is that, by the time they’re done, all the comments that will be left will be those calling for more gun control laws. The comments section will have been scrubbed as clean of any mention of race as the original article. Reminds me of the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Anything conflicting with the narrative just ceases to exist.


      • I think this is great for the future. The more people see that their voices aren’t being heard and the truth being hidden, the quicker they wake up. Big time. When a dummy can vent, it blows over. When a person can see truth and then it is purposely distorted repeatedly, it sticks to that person and they are changed.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 9:07 pm suppressedtruthsociety

        The name “Ministry of Truth” implies that they’re at least pretending to censor only lies and uphold truth. Not the case with today’s Cathedral. Their undisguised mission is to censor anything deemed “racist,” “offensive,” “insensitive,” or whatever other ambiguous word they can come up with to incite hatred against the messenger.

        Think how the accusation of being a communist was used in the 1950’s. Communism, like racism, is a horrific, destructive ideology. But instead of being used to describe that ideology, the term was tossed around endlessly to silence and shame political opponents. Sound familiar?


      • on August 21, 2013 at 10:24 pm Truth or Beauty

        “Communism, like racism, is a horrific, destructive ideology.”

        Gay bob ‘n’ weave.

        Australia had a “racist” European-only immigration policy from 1901 to 1973. Predictably since its abolishment, the moral character of that nation has been rapidly declining and the crime rate has steadily increased.

        There’s nothing horrific or destructive about racism you kosher pussy.


      • you don’t read many books, do you?


      • Truth, there is am old veteran who would beg to differ if he wasn’t dead.


    • I don’t really care what they were thinking. One of them, apparently Luna, committed first degree murder. The other two were accessories. That should be enough for these three never to see the light of day (except behind a barb wire fence) again.


      • Being in the same car as a guy who kills someone sufficient for life? Seems legit.


      • Yeah Laura, due to their age they will be out by 30-35 depending on behavior. The killer will likely do life.


      • Probably fair. My guess is they will turn on each really fast.


      • Probably not. It depends on how much they knew in advance, as to what kind of punishment they deserve. The shooter definitely deserves a worse punishment.


      • Lara: “I don’t really care what they were thinking.”

        This is a good point that is seldom made. Even if black on white crimes were “random” (which of course they generally aren’t), does that make it somehow better? “Let’s see, I want to live around a population that is far more likely to randomly slaughter me!” or “My black neighbor has an elevated risk of randomly cutting my throat, but there will be no hate in his heart as he does it!”

        I mean, it’s just soothing. I feel better about racial integration already.


  25. ” … ensure THAT IF these guys are guilty … ” above, sorry for typo.


  26. Bravo CH. Bravo. It takes balls to speak truth in the face of this insanity. You are infinitely valuable as you have a blog frequented by many who might already see, yet you have chosen to use your well deserved bully pit. This country needs more like you.


  27. on August 21, 2013 at 2:09 pm theshadowedknight

    If Obama had a son, could he look like one of these three? Or does he only look like a thief and an addict? Is his hypothetical son not capable of murder, only attempted murder? We may never know.

    This will never make the honest talk on race, because it does not fit the narrative. On the subject of honest talk, Zimmerman’s wife is being tried for perjury. Ironic that the trial during which she allegedly perjured herself was brought about by perjury on behalf of the Florida Attorney General.

    The Shadowed Knight


  28. Meanwhile, a crack whore with no “miscgenation” sits home quietly destroying herself. She occasionally passes herpes to an equally if not more “pure” man of European ancestry for $25 or less, who takes it home to his “pure” wife who is banging her “pure” boss and leaving their “pure” kids in front of the television to get paradoxical messages about “diversity” which is good so long as everybody’s trying to look as much as possible like the “pure” people.

    If you had the genetic capacity for dominance, you would be out shooting people who looked like those attempting to program you to be docile sheep too.

    …but you don’t.

    …and you call yourselves superior and more human.

    Yet you cower like cattle, and praise yourselves for being more “civilized”.


    • I’m sorry I don’t speak retard.


    • Nicole you are right, we whites have been accomplices in the construction of a system whereby we are unable to deliver swift, sure and cheap justice to those we need to be rid of.

      This system has grown worldwide and it’s now too big for us, or so it seems.

      It will cost $millions to get even one of these cretins executed. But that’s the best way we have and we should pursue it.

      Or maybe an accident happens in prison. But that’s out of the control of those of us on the outside — who should be the ones called to keep things going right.


      • Lynching would be justice.


      • Accomplices?

        No, you European men sold your power for a whiff of “liberated” poon.


      • What does sex have to do with it, Nicole? What ever made you think we like our poon liberated anyway?


      • You voted to liberate it, and continue voting to keep it liberated, and don’t hit the streets in significant numbers when non elected officials make it not only liberated but dominant.

        What am I supposed to think?


      • you reek of beta


      • Shut up, ho.


      • Non-white pushing the White Suicide meme. Brilliant propaganda.


      • I’ve said before, that I may not be the messenger for this message. You seem to need someone who looks more like you and has more status within your structures than you to tell you things…this I can accept. It is human.

        However, I do hope that somewhere along the way, some of you can give these things some thought.

        As it is, I’ve been giving the same message to those who look close enough to me that I can be understood, and it is working.


      • Genocide is painless.


      • “You seem to need someone who looks more like you and has more status within your structures than you to tell you things…this I can accept.”

        You seem to think that whites are as bestial and easily persuaded as your own breed.


      • Well it is a good example of how your bestial demand for cheap and easy sex is continually exploited.

        What it takes an extremely brutal series of wars and total cultural destruction to get African women to do and African men to accept, it takes a mere hint that more liberation means more sex for westerners. It persists even when it is proven untrue for the majority of western men.

        The average African man gets to marry a virgin who stays with him for life. If he’s rich, he might even get a few. She has to pay him back her bride price to get divorced, and then becomes a burden on her family if she can’t pull her weight.

        Then it is unlikely that she will ever marry again.

        The proposed sex strikes failed in Africa partly because the men are more determined, and partly because the women wanted to have sex with their husbands too badly.

        See, when one is not trying to shag half the town, one’s husband holds more value. 🙂

        You guys put up with so much because you can’t control your baser urges or control the people who fulfill them.

        I won’t say can’t. You’re men. So it’s more like won’t because you’re trying to be civilized.

        …and you’re proud of this.


    • Nicole Brown Simpson, pre-1994 I presume?


    • I have to agree with Nicole. White men should start acting like the alpha predators our ancestors were. Genocide against the orcs in our land would be a good beginning.

      Too many whites guys aren’t willing to use violence freely. Let’s lock and load!


      • Can’t you feel it coming in the air tonight? Oh Lord! I’ve been waiting for that moment for all of my life. Oh Lord!


      • Personally, I’m quite a bit more violent, or at least more willing to fight, than most whites; I couldn’t advocate that strategy. That’s the negro strategy. Are the negroes in the process of conquering the world? No. YKW knows how to dominate, and they do it without violence; they do it with cunning. That’s the strategy our race needs to adopt and adapt.


      • If genocide worked, you wouldn’t be in this situation.

        Genocide, or attempted genocide is like a net with very wide holes. You catch only the weakest, poorest, slowest, and the dumbest. Part of the reason for this is that it takes the strong stomach of a warrior to shoot an unarmed child, but if you truly want to wipe a people out, it must be done.

        These are things that the majority of you currently condemn Arabs and Africans for doing, so it will be a hard sell to get Europeans to cross that line. This is one of the ways you think you are so different from us, which is why you’re shocked and horrified by “war crimes” committed by American soldiers.

        Before you start talking genocide, consider that you will be living with the dreams of the eyes of the children you kill, and if you’re a spiritual person, their angry souls crying for vengeance, for the rest of your life.

        You’d better think long and hard whether or not ethnic dominance is worth this to you, as well as what is going to happen if you fail or if you succeed.

        If you succeed, you will want to make sure that those eyes piercing your soul is covered by a nice cushion of resources…the spoils of war. You’d better get out of it enough money, land, and hoes to make it all worthwhile.

        If you don’t, you’re going to be broke, hungry, and plagued by dreams of dead babies…because whether or not you like them, they are human, and you will see their humanity a millisecond before you blow their little brains all over their cribs.

        If you fail, then what you did will be called a war crime. You will be tried, and you will, if the leaders are African, die in a very bad and slow way. It will be broadcast for the entertainment of Africans and Hispanic people who are not nearly as sensitive to gore as most of you.

        I hope this doesn’t rain on your parade. If it does, then you are not the warrior for this fight. If it doesn’t then this suits me better because I would much rather fight warriors than civilians who think they’re warriors.


      • “Before you start talking genocide, consider that you will be living with the dreams of the eyes of the children you kill”

        This is the problem right here. White men have been so domesticated that they would actually feel bad for killing the children of their enemies. We need white men like Vlad Tepes who would put children on pikes while he watched and ate dinner. While the white race wants to have a large number of civilized white men to maintain civilization, we are always going to need a decent number of sociopathic brutes to deal with invaders who want to harm us.

        The darker races have the opposite problem, they have too many sociopaths and violent men and therefore cant even build a civilization.


      • A people must be contained and subdued before they can be civilized. 😉


      • All throughout our history, there have been small groups of people who conquer the majority. I don’t understand why the posters here have such a hard time grasping this, or are in such denial of it.

        There’s a hierarchy in place. Sharing closer genetic code with people at the top isn’t enough to endear them to you, they don’t share your plight. Unless you have the lineage and/or ambition to succeed and place yourself into a position that earns you a spot, you will not be heard.

        We’re not isolated like in times past. Technology has made this hierarchy global. Wherever there is a people/resources to exploit, it will be done. It’s morphed into something that even I can appreciate as to it’s complexity and effectiveness. It’s much too insidious for the average person to recognize, which is why it works.

        High intellect just means you serve a different but useful role. You don’t simply get a pass for being smart and civilized.

        I get that this site has a certain tone that won’t change, which is a shame, because there are some great thinkers here.


      • The puzzle to be solved though, is how to make the people at the top care. They never have in the past, but they did and do have some interest in at least pretending that they do until they come into power.

        What I don’t understand is why this doesn’t continue. It would seem to me that it would be more practical to have happy…workers.


      • “There’s a hierarchy in place. Sharing closer genetic code with people at the top isn’t enough to endear them to you, they don’t share your plight.”

        True as far as it goes, which isn’t very. Sharing closer genetic code clearly matters at every level of existence, whether in terms of family, community, or leadership. Why are you pushing the “race doesn’t matter” meme, when it so clearly does? Do you shill for the system for free?

        Let’s take family as an example. Does being in a family mean that everyone truly likes one another? Of course not. There are many bitter family relationships, sometimes horribly so. But how many people voluntarily pay for the college educations of strangers? How many bequeath their estates, their entire life’s work, to strangers? There are of course exceptions, but the pattern is clear: resources generally flow toward closer genetic relatedness. Only an idiot could fail to see this.

        That doesn’t mean that people of close genetic code can’t do horrible things to one another. Fathers can abuse their sons, but the chance of this sort of thing explodes when males that aren’t biologically related are introduced into households and gain authority and power over children that are not their own.

        It’s a damn tragedy, and your ridiculous attitude is what enables it. We see the same sort of things at the higher levels of society. It’s easy to claim that all elites are exploitative, whether they share closer genetic code with their underlings or not. But there is exploitation, and then there is exploitation. There are different levels, types and degrees of it. Did the old WASP elite exploit? In a way, yes. But today? Increasingly, we have a genetically alien elite that not only doesn’t “understand” the white population, but actively despises it. What an improvement!

        However you slice it, the “exploitative” elites of the white world governed societies in which white people had enough leeway to create the most magnificent civilizations in the world, so perhaps you can forgive me if, whatever their flaws, I’d rather not have swapped them out for the Chosen, and various species of black and brown orcs. We’re far better off without them, and without their goofball (or is it malicious?) white enablers.

        The idea that it doesn’t matter if one is ruled by racial aliens is so stupid, moronic and infantile that only a modern Kwan could believe it. But nature bats last, and the dingbat AmeriKwan will suffer for his stupidity. It’s already begun. America is dead inside, and the healthy remnant of whites will have to separate from it. Will the new elite be perfect? Hardly, but odds are it will be a lot better. Hell, it won’t even be close.


      • I thought I just got done saying that it does matter whether your leaders look like you.

        Cinderella has to have her prince.


      • A multi ethnic nation can only work if the people feel like one people. People have not yet gotten to the point where the ethnicity doesn’t matter.

        I honestly don’t know the solution for the Americas because the only ones there with enough real ancestral right are Native Americans and their descendants. If everybody else left, that would be nice, but it is not going to happen.

        So people there can either learn to somehow get along, despite the machinations of their elites, or they can fight each other, which just makes those not docile enough to get along, easier for the elites to find.

        If I ever do return to the U.S. I’ll likely do the mountain version of poolside.

        Just being honest. It is such a big mess, and you’re never going to clean it up at this rate. I’d rather live someplace in Utah or maybe Montana where only people who don’t feel threatened are motivated to climb and trek.

        Humans kinda disgust me.


      • Nicole: “A multi ethnic nation can only work if the people feel like one people. People have not yet gotten to the point where the ethnicity doesn’t matter.”

        That’s because we aren’t one people, as any sentient individual can attest. We are more akin to an empire than a nation, and pretty much halfway to a common third word dump.

        Nicole: ” I honestly don’t know the solution for the Americas because the only ones there with enough real ancestral right are Native Americans and their descendants.”

        By this standard, do the Chinese give us back western China? Do the Japanese abandon their islands to the Ainu? Do black Africans give up the bulk of southern Africa to the Hottentots and various Bushmen? Do the Arabs that conquered the middle east give it back, including large portions to European derived populations?

        Nicole, all land occupied today was conquered by somebody. But under the reigning anti-white ideology the following rules hold: if non-whites conquer land, it is theirs forever. Yet if whites conquer land, they are illegitimate interlopers. If a white empire brings civilization to brutal and backwards people, it must live in eternal shame until its people go extinct. But if a non-white empire (i.e. Turkey) brutally enslaves whites, then there is no shame at all. It’s all good, move along, nothing to see here.

        Europeans launch a crusade? Eternal shame and begging forgiveness. Arabs invade Europe, Ottoman Turks invade Europe, Mongols invade Europe, brutalizing and destroying entire white populations? Yawn.

        Do you detect a pattern? Are these rules inconsistent with one another? By any reasonable standard, yes. But it’s actually perfectly consistent, in the sense that it is consistently anti-white. Always. If 2 plus 2 equals 5 is the anti-white position, then it equals 5.

        As to the solution, it’s quite simple: Separation. We go our own way. We don’t need all of the continent, but we need a chunk. We could properly lay claim to far more, but we’re jolly reasonable fellows.

        Nicole: “Humans kinda disgust me.”

        Preach it, sister, preach it.


      • >True as far as it goes, which isn’t very. Sharing closer genetic code clearly matters at every level of existence, whether in terms of family, community, or leadership. Why are you pushing the “race doesn’t matter” meme, when it so clearly does? Do you shill for the system for free?

        It does matter at every level, but in this context, today, especially at the top, I believe it matters much less as it relates to the general population.

        >Let’s take family as an example. Does being in a family mean that everyone truly likes one another? Of course not. There are many bitter family relationships, sometimes horribly so. But how many people voluntarily pay for the college educations of strangers? How many bequeath their estates, their entire life’s work, to strangers? There are of course exceptions, but the pattern is clear: resources generally flow toward closer genetic relatedness. Only an idiot could fail to see this.

        I don’t disagree with this, where did I imply this?

        >…It’s easy to claim that all elites are exploitative, whether they share closer genetic code with their underlings or not. But there is exploitation, and then there is exploitation. There are different levels, types and degrees of it. Did the old WASP elite exploit? In a way, yes. But today? Increasingly, we have a genetically alien elite that not only doesn’t “understand” the white population, but actively despises it. What an improvement!

        They don’t despise white “people”, they despise white “men”.

        You represent a threat. Masculinity is a threat, especially white men. You’re more apt to close the gap in wealth and power, therefore, you need to be subdued. At the same time you need to be kept producing, so there’s a massive cognitive dissonance in place that most men are willing to accept……for the time being.

        Feminism is extremely effective because it crosses all ethnicities. By that I mean the enslavement of men who are conditioned from birth to appease, identify with and prop up women at the cost of themselves. Damn near every guy I know is absolutely clueless about this and thoroughly blue pill. Even the ones who may get an occasional whiff of the red pill, won’t ever touch or come close to swallowing it.

        Try to wrap your head around what “modern technology” has done to us. None of this would be possible without it. Is it any wonder that feminism tends to take root in the most developed, prosperous countries? Strategies have changed, as you can’t rule over people the same way.

        Mind you, I’m not saying there’s some massive conspiracy detailing all of this. I think like-minded people and/or people with common interests naturally gravitate toward each other. Wealthy/connected people have their own social circles, etc.

        I don’t think you truly understand how stark the treatment of people of the same race is when in different socioeconomic classes. I’ve been around some of the very wealthy due to my job and witnessed the way “lesser” people are treated. However, it isn’t always blatantly obvious.

        The site logo says it all “…where pretty lies perish.”

        Well, human nature, at it’s core, isn’t very pretty.


      • ROL: “It does matter at every level, but in this context, today, especially at the top, I believe it matters much less as it relates to the general population.”

        Today we live in what amounts to an empire, with an increasingly alien (genetically and culturally) elite lording it over the masses. The way that elite is behaving is precisely what one would expect from genetic aliens, and any whites involved must be viewed simply as traitors. But fewer and fewer whites are making it into the elites.

        Check out the Unz paper on the white student population at Harvard. It appears that there are as many, if not more Jews at Harvard than Whites. Then add in large numbers of Asians, and significant numbers of blacks, Hispanics and “others,” and you’ve got a very small minority of whites being allowed in, a truly shocking underrepresentation. These institutions are the gatekeepers of the elites, and they are allowing few whites in. No doubt most of those few whites that slip in will stay bought and play the game as expected, thus qualifying as traitors. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be a few heroic exceptions, white men and even women who hear the ancient call so to speak.

        But the take away is that the elite only grows radically more alien from here on, and it’s going to happen FAST. Very soon we’re going to have alienness on steroids. Good times to come, no doubt.

        In any event, I’m not dismissing your concerns about how white elites can mistreat other whites. It’s true. The organic ethnostates that eventually arise from this mess will need to take steps to ensure that the new elite is an organic expression of the people, not merely an exploitative class. That’s a tall order, I admit. But even if this is not fully achieved, we’re still far better off with our own elites, as opposed to racial aliens. We can complain all we like about the white elites of the past, and there is plenty to complain about, but under them whites at least had enough breathing room to build magnificent civilizations, and create the kind of habitat that today the Third World seeks to invade, even though they destroy it by their mere presence.

        ROL: “They don’t despise white “people”, they despise white “men”.”

        Yes, to a point, but only white women can give birth to white men, or white women for that matter. Hence the massive amount of propaganda directed at white women to mate with something – anything – other than her own kind. The anti-whites love it when they can peel one of our women off, and destroy her line, a line that extends thousands of years into the ancient past. One less white, one more orc. That qualifies as despising in my book, but let us not quibble over semantics.

        ROL: “I don’t think you truly understand how stark the treatment of people of the same race is when in different socioeconomic classes.”

        Not sure why you think I don’t understand that. However, when I look at the broad scope of history, it’s quite clear that whites do far better with their own white elites. The case for other races, particularly blacks, is not nearly so clear, but for whites it is abundantly obvious. (sidenote on blacks: even though it may be the case that blacks are better off under white rule, and for them your downplaying of genetic closeness may be fitting, it is not in our interests to rule them; we need separation, not supremacy).

        It’s not a coincidence that, as our native derived elite has been progressively displaced, the country has begun to disintegrate culturally. As the cultural and social rot proceed, infecting every institution in the land, broader destruction must inevitably follow.

        We need our own lands, and we need our own organically derived elite, based on services rendered to the folk and responsibility demonstrated. We can aspire to that, anyway, and even a decent miss would be infinitely better than what current trends hold for us. We may not be able to achieve that now, but we do need to start thinking in those terms now. In any event, enjoyed the convo.


      • What you want or need and what you’re going to get in one generation are different things. So if I may :: ahem :: project some of my African way of thinking, may I suggest a multigenerational approach.

        Sometimes the dominant culture is really screwed up to a point there is no saving the masses, but you can do what you can for your family/clan.

        Make a clan. If you don’t like any of the available cultures, make a new one. You’ll be accused, as some Odinists and hereditary Vodounsi have been, of being racist. Don’t care. Don’t speak of what the world should do. Say this is what is good for your clan, or say nothing of it to outsiders at all.

        Eventually, with the right recruiting and breeding, the clan will become a tribe. Just happen to all live in the same neighborhood. A tip though, be self sufficient, and promote harmony with the environment. Try to find a balance between that and making as much money and gaining as much resources as possible. Don’t go anti materialistic just because you want to be harmonious. This is a common mistake.

        Have rites of passage that make a person feel like they’ve really accomplished something by becoming a man or woman in your tribe. People are less likely to throw something away when they’ve invested in it. Make your creed livable but favoring the strong.

        Don’t think in terms of a utopia, but a strong tribe that will resist harmful influences inside and outside, and outlast the self and other destructive ways and trends of others.

        Just understand that if you do this in the Americas, this might make you not quite “white” anymore.


      • LOL! Give it a rest, Nicole. Wonderful false choice you present: either we shoot babies in their cribs, or we (presumably) must accept our multiracial future.

        In fact, potential solutions are a little less bloodthirsty than all of that. Even if it came to genocide, why be so vulgar about it? Just think, “snip, snip.” Or hell, have some special deluxe government cheese. Whatever. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and it doesn’t have to come to that.

        What we need are sovereign homelands for the exclusive use of our people. We’re rather jolly good chaps, so we don’t seek to deny you the same. There is no necessity of genocide. Of course, our jolly good nature could change when you people inevitably seek to deny us our own lands, but we’ll just have to let that play out.

        So, that’s it. You people are welcome to your own lands, but you will have to leave ours. Don’t stress it though, Nicole. We’ll be able to write How To manuals for your people, since we whites have plenty of experience in “white flight.” Let’s look forward to some “orc flight.”


      • The Americas are not your lands.


      • I think he is implying an area for white to succeed to. Also, Europe.


      • A lot more ours than yours. The only reason your people were freed is because MINE! freed them. So it is ours, we are keeping it. You and yours can do as they please. Without our money.


      • So all of your ancestors are direct descendants of warriors in the Seminole and Gullah wars? Sweet.


      • Topic 1) Do you even KNOW which dysfunctional African nation you hail from? Do you care? 2) You are as I posited above in the “10 percent” that shouldn’t receive an axe to the head as highly obsolete, illiterate, dysfunctional, low IQ, low time preference, low goal, low lifespan, farm equipment. Translation– I’d put a bullet in the head of every slave owner if I had a time machine to do so.

        3) In ~6,000 years of recorded history find me ONE land that hasn’t been conquered by another peoples and I will give you a cookie. Do you think Europeans cornered the market on conquest? You probably do. But like thwack, and the end of the day, you have an absurd level of cognitive dissonance. I shall translate for your sub 100 IQ brain this means that you realize you hate Europeans for the fact that you don’t know who your family was but at the same time highly envy them for building an empire your “peeps” could only dream of in a fairy tale due to their lack of well, everything, that makes a civilization. Did I mention that I still interact with LOTS of hard core thugs from DC? Job security, and all that… so “real talk nigga!”


      • Actually, Jay, I do know where my Ancestors are from, and I honor them all. To be honest, if they were all African and Native American, I would not feel that I had a dog in this particular fight. I am realistic enough, and a strong enough believer in HBD that I can fully detach from attempting to shape any people that I have no direct connection to.

        I don’t envy Europeans in general at all. Most of them were and are broke and struggling, and many were just as enslaved as any African. I know the history. You seem to be having trouble understanding that unless you are very old money, much of that “empire” was built on the backs and graves of your Ancestors as well.

        So those of you who are unaware of this, and have drunk deeply the koolaid called “white privilege” that never really existed, and if it did, only in small areas for a few decades at most, I pity. You have taken on the identity that the liberals and leftists are now exploiting the holy hell out of…so there is no way for you to fight them when you are letting them define you.


      • Nicole, have you ever told anyone but white Americans that the land they are living on doesn’t belong to them?


      • Of course she hasn’t. One thing you should know about human nature. Ego >>>> IQ. Every time, every permutation.


      • How easily people forget…

        I’ve told African Americans that unless they have Native American blood, the land is not theirs either. They are often taking the same advantage of tragedy and raping the land just as badly.

        It would be one thing if you loved the land the way that we do, but you don’t and you support the breaking of treaties with your votes and your dollars.

        I’ve told Europeans exploiting Africa both for profit and for so-called charity and religious missions that they need to get the fuck out as well.

        The land does not belong to us. We belong to the land. If someone comes and feels and behaves the same, this does not become a problem. When they feel and behave differently, it becomes a big problem and they do not deserve to be there, and I wish they did not teach our peoples their corrupted mentalities.

        Conquest is what it is. Soak the ground with the blood of as many humans as it takes to gain control of whatever area you want to live in some semblance of harmony with. This is a real war. This is humanity.

        But when you are soaking the ground with chemicals that kill everything…the plants, the animals, and even yourselves, this is self destructive stupidity and this removes even the entitlement of conquest because you took over just to die.

        Are we clear now?


      • It is unwise to assume that the only place I write or speak is here. I am quite prolific and do not always write, speak, or perform under my legal name.


      • Nicole: “Are we clear now?”

        During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Ojibwa fought a series of wars against the Dakota Sioux in the land west and southwest of Lake Superior. Currently, the Ojibwa own and occupy a number of reservations on this land they acquired through violent conquest. These reservations are set aside exclusively for Ojibwa people, something whites are not allowed officially anywhere on the planet. It is not clear to me what your stand is on the legitimate ownership of this exclusive Ojibwa land gained through violent conquest.


      • Eyes, war is hell, babe.

        What people are allowed to do or get away with is dependent on the politics, but be sure that people will do whatever they can get away with. To be upset because another group got away with something your group couldn’t is probably the wrong thing to be angry about if your aim is to prove that you are more civilized rather than just disappointed that you couldn’t get away with it.

        But then, in the spirit of honesty, I do see violent conquest as one of those things humans do. It sucks if I’m on the wrong end of the bullet, but I don’t pretend that this is something new.

        What is new is that now we have the technology not only to destroy one another, but utterly destroy the areas we inhabit. With mass media, we also have the ability to influence larger groups of people in a shorter amount of time, mobilizing armies or mobs, spreading panic, etc. We all need to take these new factors seriously, and as the peasant class, protect ourselves from leaders who will happily exploit us if we allow them to.

        Ethnicity is important, but since there is no territory to gain in countries where the government owns everything, and we have no right of conquest as individuals, we should be wary of being convinced to engage in wars of blame.

        The African American thug who goes and shoots an unarmed person to gain “street cred” is a fatally stupid dumbass, but so is the European American who goes and shoots an unarmed person to gain a sense of security that the non existent (at least in his proximity) hordes of “black” barbarians have been pushed back.

        There was something in it for the Ojibwa. There is nothing in shooting African Americans for you.


      • Before you start talking genocide, consider that you will be living with the dreams of the eyes of the children you kill, and if you’re a spiritual person, their angry souls crying for vengeance, for the rest of your life.

        Actually what will probably happen is simply that the SWPL whites will release the lid on the “wrong kind of white people” and look the other way while the dirty work gets done, and still hypocritically think of themselves as pure at heart. These are the same kinds of people who wouldn’t dream of slaughtering a cow, but happily chow down on steaks and hamburger. And there are plenty of “extremely wrong kind of white people” out there, like the ones that dragged James Byrd to death behind a pickup truck. Think of it a “Bubba unchained”.


      • There is no lid to release.


      • Ha, who’s keeping the lid on the “wrong kind of white people”? I grew up with those people in the rural South, and for the most part they’re decent and happy as long as they have a piece of land, a truck to drive around on it, some beer to drink and good friends to drink it with. They also socialize a LOT more with minorities than their hypocritical SWPL counterparts. The “prepare for the coming race war” people are seen as antisocial oddities even among the “wrong kind of white people”, which is why a James Byrd case happens only every decade or so.

        Some of the commenters here need to adjust their tinfoil hats, they’re picking up some strange frequencies lately.


    • Your logic: “Some women are taller than some men, so I get hysterical whenever I hear someone say that men are on average taller than women.”

      If you don’t like the conservative-leaning topics on this website, no one is forcing you to read this blog. Throwing tantrums isn’t going to convince any of us to change our minds. Although you might actually be a clever and insanely dedicated troll.


      • I don’t have a problem at all with conservative topics. I have a problem with insane mobs of any color doing stupid things that don’t actually better their situation.

        I’m so old fashioned my savior is a giant serpent. 😉


    • >If you had the genetic capacity for dominance, you would be out shooting people
      >…and you call yourselves superior and more human.

      Are you stupid?


      • No, she’s not stupid. She’s just a slave to her tribal instincts.


      • Or as I said before: Most of us here don’t speak retard.


      • Shouldn’t I be?


      • It’s not a question of ought. It just is. If you admit to it, you also have to admit your musings on the matter might be tainted by, shall we say, less than objective analysis.


      • I am not pretending to be objective.

        I am simply passing on the things I have learned from old warriors about war.

        If one is going to rally the troops to fight then, as they say, hard in training, easier in battle.

        Partly from necessity, and partly from media hype that we are in a state of war, African and Hispanic Americans are ready to fight. Being killed is a possibility that we understand that we face every time we go outside. We are taught from the cradle that, if not a cop, then some crazy “redneck” will take whatever opportunity they are given to kill us. Enough unarmed children are offed by cops and crazies to make this plausible. In addition to this, we have to contend with and dodge bullets from gangs full of people who may look like us, but are serving the interests of the cops and crazies.

        Any sane African in the U.S. who is not dependent on illicit drugs is ready to die. We treat it like an eventuality that we’ll be targeted. Every one of us at least knows a close family member who has been at least roughed up for no reason. Both of my brothers have, one because he “matched the description”, and the other, a devout Christian, for “walking while ‘black'”.

        It’s European Americans who still believe this can never happen to them, or somehow should never happen to them even while they are supporting the systems that make their oppression becoming more obvious and strict, inevitable.

        Yes, I am a slave to my tribal instincts, as any woman should be.

        …and now you are just slowly becoming aware that all you non elite pale folks are just the milking cows and we the oxen. It doesn’t mean you’re not being farmed. An ox has to kick a few of you every once in awhile to keep you frightened and not roaming around examining the works of your milking machines.


      • ch, i know you like jim goad, but have you actually read goad’s “redneck manifesto?” it is quite good.


      • It’s not for “no reason”.


      • Tartarus, with my brother by blood, you might have a point. My parents weren’t as purposefully trigger happy with his expression profile as they were with me, but they were still the same people, and he did get the reflexes and certain uncanny abilities.

        My other brother, we adopted for no better reason than I can guess than he felt like family. My parents would explain it in Jesus terms, but the guy does seem very us.


      • sigmatika

        >If you had the genetic capacity for dominance, you would be out shooting people

        Nicole already has “the genetic capacity for dominance” in the form of brown skin.

        No need to kill when you can fuck.


    • will you be self-publishing your autobiography?


      • Nope. If I don’t become a legend, I deserve to fade.


      • Nicole,
        What I don’t understand is why you seem to be defending these murderers. Only one of them is completely black, so it can’t be all racial solidarity.


      • Negritude works in mysterious ways.


      • You would see it that way…but what I am trying to do is explain why even though their ethnicity may not have been mentioned, the photos are somehow circulating.

        Have you ever seen the joy in a child’s eyes when they find an Easter egg?


      • “even though their ethnicity may not have been mentioned, the photos are somehow circulating”

        Because they’re public records and the MSM can’t bury them in the internet age.

        Have you ever seen a (singular, not plural) child’s eyes when it (not they, Ms. Bell Curve) finds that the Easter egg it (there it goes again, dummy) thought it (one more time) found is really a piece of dog shit?

        Or three pieces of dog shit, as the case may be.


      • Because there is no way to bury public records…

        :: batting my eyelashes ::


      • Breathing through your mouth.


      • You wish. I’d barely break a sweat.


      • Only one of them is completely black, so it can’t be all racial solidarity.

        Ah, naviete’, they name is Woman.

        How is it you haven’t noticed by now that the famous “One Drop Rule” is more a reflection of coloured tribal cohesiveness than any white bias?


    • Thus spake the dumb-ass.


      • Are you saying that all European people are perfect perfect perfect?

        If so, explain me.


      • They don’t have to be perfect. They just need not be pieces of shit.


      • I’m just saying there are plenty of European pieces of shit. Unless or until you handle your shit, then you have no room to call others shit wholesale because it’s your shit that started this shit and brought the shit and potential shit to Shitville.


      • And this is why the media consistently jumps at the obscure crimes of a lone white against a black. To the ferals and dummies like Nicole ANY crime by a white in a nation of 300 million absolves them of any wrongdoing. Astounding.


      • If that is what you took from what I’ve said, you are so desperate for me to be stupid that you’re willing to lie.

        So tell me Mr. Hispanic, do you have any Native American blood, or do you call yourself Spanish?


    • Nicole is projecting her “African” way of looking at things onto whites. Her tribal mental schema demands that “dissed” men retaliate with sudden violence. Such is the sure way to status for males in the Ghettos of America and the Jungles of Africa alike.

      As castricv put it “The “weakness” of whites as you perceive it is merely a rational response to a system the individual sees right now as inconquerable on one’s own.”


      • Yes, and we are so fundamentally different that “white” women are totally turned off by such brutishness.

        …and they would never ever vote for someone with powerful, confident body language, or who goes and haves the supposed enemies of his turf blown to bits and thrown out of the side of a helicopter like a dog.

        No siree…


      • Non-sequitur as usual from our resident Aunt Jemima.


      • Aunt Jemima… but without the pancakes, syrup, and pleasant demeanor.

        Meh… more like Michelle after having indulged overlong in surfeits of starches, Afro-centrist bushwa, and ooga-booga spiritism masquerading as spirituality.

        All packaged under the aegis of her Red Sea pedestrian (ahem) hosts.


      • My point is that this is not about African. This is about human. Humans are generally stupid, gullible, and believe whatever they’re programmed to. If you have a way of thinking that can be accounted for, it is, and you are put on a track that it is unlikely you will escape from because the underused parts of your brain cease to develop.

        You will never be able to see the glaring similarities between game and legends of Shango and other means of training men to be men in African cultures because you believe that you are somehow exempt from the universal norms of human interaction. You believe that I am projecting an African way of thinking when I am simply happy to see western men of any complexion remembering the joy and reaping the rewards of manhood.

        Along with that, since I actually have a culture that wasn’t implanted by a corporation, I throw in the occasional advice that power comes with a price and responsibilities…and that if one intends to maintain their power, it requires certain efforts.

        The problem with you and most “white” men today is that you believe that you should be exempt from this.

        You are not.


    • Nicole this is all your fault. Yours and other Blacks. You did not DO! anything in response to the third, or fifteenth, or five hundredth murder like this by Blacks and this is your harvest.

      Hope you find it nice and tasty. Good thing all White guys are SWPL wimps.


      • What am I supposed to do other than what I have done, which is disapprove, but just not in a well sealed enough historical or social vacuum to suit your sensitivities?

        On the other hand, when a “white” person murders a “black” person, you are chock full o’ justifications.

        I have not once justified this murder. I am simply saying that killing all the Africans is not going to stop there from being murder in the world. In fact, to kill all the Africans, a whole lot of murdering would have to be done, and a whole lot of that murder would be of children.

        I have also made it very clear that in order for you people to at least feel better about the existence of murder, that it is better for you to be isolated so that the only murdering being done is by people who look like you so that you won’t have Africans around to blame.

        Thing is, the best place for you to isolate yourselves is not the Americas or Africa, where you needed so many Africans to do the work that you couldn’t and can’t or wouldn’t and won’t.

        It is in Europe. Those of you who can’t tolerate being around Africans should all go back to your motherlands where the vast majority of those who would kill and exploit you look like you. This should make you feel better.


      • Being around blacks is ok… soon as they get their shit in order and stop protecting the thugs among them.

        If you hide the thugs, you are one of the thugs. And yes, this will come back to haunt those of you who blame whites for being shot by blacks, which is essentially what you are doing.

        Now kindly go fvk off and nobble some crip chubs while there are still some around.


      • You write like a thug…or a wannabe anyway.

        None of the people calling for a bit of thought and sanity here is blaming the victims of these murders. We’re just telling people to be careful not to be tooled by the media and statistics that are very anti male, and typically used to justify giving more money to women from the pockets of men by force of taxation.

        There is a thin line that liberals dance on between “commits more crimes” and “need more funding to solve the problem”. If you fall for one then whether or not you want it to, you feed the other.

        Do you realize how many politicians would lose money if it was found out that Africans are not more violent if they are brought up in an African way, rather than a European or generic multikultural way?

        You’re being robbed by remote gunpoint.


      • Insults to my point, and then irrelevant points.

        This is your MO Nicole.

        Still, here you are, preaching to whites… stand still and be killed by blacks.

        You are half right on one point. Society is anti-male…..but only anti WHITE male.


      • Nobody is going to “kill all the Africans.” The vast majority of the world’s population is nonwhite, and the people with the nukes (i.e. those who are actually capable of genocide) are mostly Zionist sympathizers who very much like keeping nonwhites around as pawns, and have much bigger fish to fry anyway. Any white man who thinks a small population of illiterate black teenagers with guns are his most dangerous opponents is either insane or delusional, and all these threats of mass violent uprising are simply the last gasps of a dying civilization before China sweeps up what’s left of the oil reserves and America falls into a kind of rancid totalitarianism.

        Which would make me sad, but I don’t have a dog in this fight.


      • On a meta-scale, illiterate violent blacks are only a problem from a societal decay standpoint.

        However, from a “who is most likely to murder me this month” standpoint, they are the major problem in the US. So don’t downplay the issue.


    • Whites have the genetic capacity for dominance. Which is why you fear them so much that you have to spew your lies and hatred on this site.

      This is why you support white genocide. You know, if they should ever wake from their slumber, you’ll be hung and burned like the trash you are.


      • A relative few people of any ethnicity have the genetic capacity for dominance. First, one must be born with the ability to see above the herd, and the will and ability to act on what they see. It is a special combination that can be used for nice or mean purposes. Upbringing and experience, and how experiences are interpreted determines that.

        If you had it, you would see how raising hype about the violence of “blacks” feeds money to your professed enemies. You will see how you could be manipulated to pay anything to protect yourself from the evil other. You would also see how this will serve them when more African police officers are patrolling your neighborhood, and your authority figures start to be increasingly “of color”.

        Intimidation…it’s big business.


      • So again, here you are with grand conspiracies and talking about “hype” as if they weren’t facts.

        Again, are you saying all of these videos are MADE UP?

        There is no “hype”. These are facts. You are just terrified of whites actually coming together as a group. Because congregations of whites simply are not allowed.

        Only blacks, gays, women, etc,…. are allowed to group together. But never white men.


  29. on August 21, 2013 at 2:24 pm Stock Leftoid Response




  30. Off topic, but related to a link on the CH twitter feed (The Hustle of a Matchmaker in New York), the most revealing part of the article is the use of the word ‘unfortunately’. Seen here:

    “A lot of what I focus on with my successful, professional women clients is how to come back into that soft femininity that typically, unfortunately, tends to attract men.”


    How can someone whose job is matchmaking say something so preposterous? Are the men she meets so pathetic that she hasn’t been picked up on this?

    How has it come to this?


    • This doesn’t surprise me at all. Feminist career women criticize other women for being feminine all the time. Apparently we’re not supposed to go out of our way to attract men because it makes us look weak and inferior.

      A couple months ago I got into a cyberargument with a woman who vilified me for making the comment that women who want to have kids should factor that in early when deciding on school and a career path, because they will probably want to reduce their hours or stop working altogether when they have a baby. I was called every name in the book for even suggesting something like that. Feminists are hateful to (some) women as well as men.


      • Amy, thanks for hanging in there for what we see as proper values. I’ve said here and elsewhere that feminism is hardest on the women. They try to enforce a code on all the women, aggressively. The men who don’t fall into line they ignore.

        That’s why it’s been hard to find reasonable women. A major effort has been underway to eliminate such women, because they know men will prefer such women and not need the feminists any more in that case.

        Of course then the non-feminist woman is rewarded with better relationships with men as well as better mental health etc. etc. So it’s not all self sacrifice. If it were there might be no such women at all. But men aren’t such heroes either.

        I appreciate our women here. I think they are all the red-pill sort that have had to face this feminist BS far more than any of us guys, and they are doing it.


      • Thanks David, but I think men have it worse. Women can handle other women because we know how women operate.

        If you ever want to start a big fight, bring up the topic of taking your husband’s name in a feminist forum. Lol, it’s like a neutron bomb.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 12:00 pm Captains Courageous

        There is only one issue on which men and women truly agree, they both distrust women.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 9:46 pm obsessivecakedisorder

        Feminists are hateful to ALL women as well as men. I have never met a pleasant feminist. There’s so much self-loathing that it spills over onto every other woman just by virtue of the other woman having a vagina. They are actually worse than two women fighting over a man because at least winning a man can be considered a desirable goal. It may take longer to show, but it’s there. Take away all the men and all the women who love those men and who don’t believe the feminazi drivel and that batik-dyed drum circle will devolve into hyenas fighting over a gazelle carcass in no time. It’s only because there are so many available targets (men, women who take their husband’s name, women who voluntarily have children, etc.) at which they spew their vitriol that they seem rational to each other.


    • Men liking femininity, is unfortunate, if you are an unfeminine woman.


    • How can someone whose job is matchmaking say something so preposterous?

      have you seen what she looks like? she likes diving into the soft feminine lipstick lesbian muff.


    • Yes, please instead worship me for my useless over-education and wall of degrees, my GMO food supplied manjaw, and last but CERTAINLY not least my perfectly manicured 2 inch clit dick…


  31. Worthless pieces of shit. All should be hanged ASAP. There is trash everywhere, and whites are becoming demoralized and becoming more trashy by the day. Clean up the whole lot. Destroy all criminals. That’s the solution. We’ll be colorblind, all right. We won’t care about the 7X differentials. No reason to feel any kinship with white crooks, like the one on right. They all should be treated like trash and destroyed. The difference is we don’t feel any need to identify with them, “keep it real with them,” not snitch on them, and all the rest. Destroy them all. And recognize there is a de facto race war underway. We need to destroy the destroyers and destroy the turncoats and destroy everyone who harbors them or excuses them or sympathizes with them.


    • That’s a lot of destroying. How are you going to feel about your quality as a person when you get done?

      Do you not think there is some interest in your believing that you are in a race war rather than a class war?

      I mean, this may actually turn into a race war temporarily, but in the end, there will be nothing really to gain from “winning”. Even if you kill every African person in the U.S. right now, when it is all over, their property will not belong to you. There is no money to be gained from this…and once enough get a taste of blood and used to the idea of enforcing their will, you will also have gangs who are pissed off that they did all that fighting and gained nothing from it.

      All I’m asking is that you think.

      Think about what killing does to people.

      Better, think about what killing does to docile people unused even to killing their own food.


      • Guys like John Wesley Hardin helped get rid of Black police … by killing them. Kill enough and people stop fighting.

        My relatives killed lots of people in various wars. George Mcgovern dropped bombs on Germans and slept soundly. Your people are waging war on us and you guess Whites are so gutless they will just take it. I mean, when have for example, Jews ever exhibited military prowess? Oh yeah after most were killed.

        If I was Black I wouldn’t bet that way. But Black people are known for being quite stupid in choices.

        And again, all your fault. Yours. For not protesting the other polar bear hunting. Your fault.


      • I don’t really protest humans killing one another in general. I viewed the Trayvon case as a sort of false flag hype to ring in the new order “multikultural” volunteer policing effort.

        You should really be less gullible.


      • “A just war is in the long run far better for a man’s soul than the most prosperous peace”


      • A just war.

        Is it just to kill innocent people?

        If it is then these three young men are not criminals.

        If it is unjust to kill innocent people, then these three young men are criminals.



      • And there it is….Wow.


      • I believe that killing innocent people is unjust, regardless of their color.

        I believe that shooting an unarmed person is one of the worst acts of cowardice a person can commit.

        If I was carrying a gun and someone unarmed wanted to steal from me, I would rather give them what they wanted if it would make them go away, than to shoot them.

        I personally take the responsibility involved with carrying a firearm very seriously. I would shoot only to defend life/safety, not property.

        In my tradition, even if one takes a life accidentally, one is accountable and owes the family of the person they killed.

        You of course see me as uncivilized.



      • I always wondered how some of the most generous people with the most honor driven warriors in the world somehow got classed as barbarians by people who stuffed dead human bodies and put them on display in high class museums as examples of subhumans.

        Maybe this is why we were viewed as subhumans…being too kind and too willing to trade if the deal seemed good at the time.

        For certain, we won’t be making that mistake again.

        Mostly though, I think it’s just being “other”. They didn’t see their own barbarism and filth as barbarism and filth.

        What’s funny is that some of the people with the worst attitudes against Africans are themselves the descendants of slaves or like peasants.

        That’s the bit that makes a sideways smile on my face when I’m posting here on these topics. I wonder if their great great grandmother felt privileged when she was being shackled and raped by the owner, or by an African male slave so she could make some mulatto babies.

        We didn’t all get mixed by European owner/African slave couplings…


      • Nicole, leave the thinking to men. Go have a baby or make me a sandwhich. How would I feel if we cleaned up the criminal trash? Better, safer, and my thirst for vengeance satisfied.

        If you or one of these thugs tried to rob me he’d get a case of lead poisoning. A robbery and threat of violence is not the same as a mere property crime.

        The race war is a fact, the question of who the combatants are, how to deal with it, and how much collateral damage we can accept are different questions.

        I hear you’re from the Third World somewhere. Would you go back there please and drink their dysentery infected water and weave blankets and abandon our people’s smarts phones and world class medicine and just do whatever your people do in the primitive corner of the earth they are from.


      • Second Nicole making sandwich and or eating bag of peni.

        Might makes right, always has, always will.


      • Roach, I would be happy to leave the thinking to the men if more than 1% of them were independent thinkers.

        You may knock the “third world”, but the women are prettier here, and much more often virgins when they marry and faithful throughout, and the road to diamond encrusted ruin, much smoother for the strong.

        You have the frustrations that you have, and concern about race wars rather than class war because someone would off you because you’re white, and not because they want control of your mines. When the most profit that would come from your death is whatever is in your pockets, you know that your life is cheap and you worry about equally or even more cheap beings taking your cheap life.


      • John, on a large scale, you are correct.

        However, on a small scale, three dudes used their might against an unarmed man.

        Thugs use their might on the weak quite often in this world.

        Is it right?

        Be careful that the philosophies you espouse can stand up to closer scrutiny.


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    Could not say it better myself, so I won’t try. Read.


  33. In the old Chinese system (and maybe still) the three would have a prompt trial, fair but straightforward, and upon the conviction (assuming they are as guilty as they seem) they would each receive a bullet to the back of the head. Their families would each receive a bill for the cost of the round.


  34. The Irate Irishman would have reported it better.


  35. “Time to rebuild something new, better, true and beautiful from the smoldering ashes.”

    The fire isn’t anywhere near done burning yet. I recommend you equip yourself with a good pair of welder’s gloves. An oven mitt ain’t gonna do it.


  36. The victim is actually from my suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The articles in our papers are things like “what’s wrong with Americans” etc- missing the point that it’s a certain subset of Americans (*cough*). Apparently on his Facebook page he has “black power”. The police in OK however say there is no racial motivation. Imagine if a young guy with “white power” on his FB, randomly killed a black guy “for the fun of it”. I doubt the police would be so sanguine. Political correctness really is the scourge of truth. The sooner it is eradicated from the Anglosphere and ugly truths exposed, the more likely we are to move on to something approaching civilisation


    • You fail to account for his culture, and relation to whiteness. To say he hates white is short-sighted and misleading. He had a white girlfriend for God’s sake. He doesn’t hate white people, he relates to them differently because of his situation and culture. This was a gang-related incident. The Australian was jogging in a secluded location, perfect for killing and getting away.


  37. who do you white people think young black criminals are harming BEFORE they harm a white person and you get all upset, have a seizure,get mad and pass new laws named after little blonde white girls?

    Adding crabs to the barrel does NOT guarantee one will be unable to occasionally climb out and pinch you. Maybe you should hold these bastard sons of single moms (and the moms) to account instead of releasing them back to terrorize black people which is what they know to spend most of their time doing

    Or is the occasional murdered white person just a cost of doing business?


    • Who is adding crabs to the barrel? They are not my children.

      The barrel, with its crabs may have to fix itself. In NYC the police had a “stop and frisk” policy designed to keep everyone safe including residents of minority neighborhoods. Now a Federal judge has ruled that policy illegal and even wants to appoint a monitor to supervise the police to ensure this never happens any more. And for sure those minority neighborhoods will become more dangerous for their residents.

      We tried to improve conditions for the crabs in that barrel. Been there, done that.


    • Maybe black people should stop overwhelmingly supporting the libercunts that make executing this trash a colossal waste of time and money. You go to the mat for them a lot more than we do.


      • Maybe you should stop buying sunscreen and let yourself burn and burn until you get used to the sun.


      • *ouch*


      • Your mama has a glass leg full of Kool-Aid. What exactly does this accomplish? You actually seem to possess some reason, argue properly.


      • I am. You’re just slow.

        Turn your selling out down a notch and think.


      • Maybe you should realize you’re ten miles underground and the “sun” is just a neckbeard swinging a searchlight around.


      • Okay, I’ll get out the crayons, if this is what it takes.

        Humans, my dear boy, run on interest and ease/pleasure. To get a group of humans to do what you want them to, all you have to do is to convince them that it will be in their interest and that it will bring them the things that bring them pleasure more easily.

        Now, if you’re a good boy and tell me how you understand now why African Americans and single women usually vote for leftist “democrats”, and how this came to be, I will reward you by not thinking you are as much of a dumbass as I do right now.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 10:06 pm obsessivecakedisorder

        Your analogy is inappropriate. One ends in destruction, the other in self-reliance. Don’t tell me they’re the same thing because then you’re telling me there’s no hope for the black race and every argument you’ve ever made to the contrary is invalidated.


      • Now you see her circular, self-conflicting arguments? Don’t bother feeding her need to heard.


      • I wasn’t aware that the world was at any risk of running out of Africans.


      • Your response makes less sense than your analogy.


      • I understand this is just a cry for help, so…

        Exposing yourself to certain hardships is good for you and will trigger gene expressions that will be good for your progeny. First though, you have to be willing to endure the hardship on yourself.

        Eschewing certain government assistance would force some people to be less dependent, but they have to be willing to risk and endure hardships. They would have to change their lifestyle, learn to keep tighter communities, and do other things for themselves. It might kill some of them, just like it might kill some of you to force yourselves to stay in the sun.

        Are you willing to die of cancer, look ugly, and otherwise suffer for the sake of your future progeny?

        Why would anyone vote for policies that appear to be harmful to them?


      • By all means, let’s equate third degree burns, disfigurement and potential death to FlavorAid, store brand cheese and no gold teeth.


      • Well, we know you’ve never seen real poverty.

        If you want to know what a place starts to look like when there’s no welfare, all you have to do is drive a bit south.

        Sometimes I think some of you are playing stupid, but then I realize that you’re not, and then I get sad.


      • And you know this how?


      • “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.”

        It’s easy to ask other people sacrifice, but when you’re asked, it’s too much to ask.

        Do you realize how much energy would be saved and how much money it would save the government and healthcare system if European Americans forced themselves to adapt to the climate of the Americas?


    • “Maybe you should hold these bastard sons of single moms (and the moms) to account instead of releasing them back to terrorize black people which is what they know to spend most of their time doing”

      There is much truth in this.


    • on August 21, 2013 at 8:47 pm Lucky White Male

      Some people are more valuable than others.


      • Value is measured in accomplishment, usefulness, and personal value.

        If you are useless and unloved…


      • on August 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm obsessivecakedisorder

        …you work to accomplish something and become useful and loved.


      • Ah here it is. I saw this response, but got distracted.

        It is a fact of live, OCD, that not everyone has to work as hard at being loved. Some people have in born traits or low effort ways of eliciting positive feelings in others and making others feel as if they need them in various ways.

        Beautiful people don’t have to work as hard at being lusted after. People who may not be so technically beautiful, but who look benevolent and genetically fit have to work a little harder at being lusted after, but have being valued in the long term on lock. Intelligent people don’t have to work as hard at being valued as workers, and things they do impulsively make them assets. It’s just Nature.

        Different people have different talents and are valued more or less, and most for things that don’t have much to do with hard work. That hard work will make one valued is a pretty lie that needs to die, die, die because it is what the elite and even lower status people with interest, want you to believe so that you will stay in your place and serve them.

        This is exactly why ethnicity and culture is ***extremely*** important, and people should think very long and hard about selling their identity to any kind of multikult, including the umbrella groupings named by colors.

        Belonging to real cultures and ethnicities means there are things the elites can’t take from you. There are traditions that are part of who you are and immunize you from being convinced that you are something else. You have a default social value within your group(s) simply from being born within it, that is solidified by undergoing the rites of passage.

        When European Americans became “white” they sold this for shiny beads and got convinced that if they worked hard for the system, they would be rewarded with having all their needs met and their dreams fulfilled. Even if you identify yourself as “white” for administrative and conversational purposes, you should know where at least the people your surname originated come from, and embrace that culture.

        Let go of the slave mentality. Your masters don’t even love you more for working hard. Women don’t love men for being useful. They love men for being admirable and masculine. The value in this case, is what makes you useful, not the other way around.

        I feel a disturbance in the force…as if a thousand tiny bubbles have been burst…


      • “I feel a disturbance in the force…as if a thousand tiny bubbles have been burst…”

        That was just your lard A zs blowing a round of massive stink bombs from your latest gorging at Taco Bell……

        You are the most turned around, confused, and hypocritical person I think I’ve ever read in a comments section. It is both fascinating and morbid at the same time.

        The one thing (among many) you don’t realize is that virtually everyone who reads your circular spewings comes off believing the exact opposite of what you are trying to say. Even if they were inclined to listen to you with an open mind.

        You comment endlessly here. You also have said you comments elsewhere a lot. Seeing the time stamps on your rambling, one could easily assume that you do little else. Is it simply not possible for you, alone in your hole, fat off the unhealthy lifestyle you lead with little to no contact from others, to even consider that you may be wrong about something? Perhaps even your entire worldview? I said I would not comment on you further, but one does truly begin to get a little concerned for your sanity at some point.


      • Ah. I see. It isn’t fair that some have it easier so that justifies not working harder for (fill in). You brought it up.

        Are you naurally so miserable or do you have to work at it? I mean, don’t work harder now because that might not be fair.


      • Leave it to the voodoo shawoman talking her ooga-booga bullshit to actually contradict herself in her own bloviation… in re the importance of identifying with a culture or ethnicity… but somehow “white” doesn’t count.

        But first:

        Hard work pays off… I don’t care what race or gender you are…it’s not even a debate, and it’s ridiculous that this balls-ass obvious concept (at least to most white folks) has to be explained.

        Even those with natural talents, be it physical or mental, will tell you that said gifts, in and of themselves, are merely a starting point… it’s developing oneself further through discipline and hard work that hones a person to actually achieve something with said gifts… and hard work is what separates the merely gifted from the truly successful. There are highly intelligent bums on every street corner, and smart-sounding freeloaders in every coffee shop.

        I seem to recall a very successful person saying something about genius being 1% inspiration/99% perspiration…. but that was some old, dead, white guy, so you up-and-comers feel free to ignore that and go with the assholery of our resident Marxist and shithouse psychiatrist negress.

        Second, she continues to labor under the misconception of how white folks identify with the term “white”.

        As Americans, we all understand it to mean a form of having origins in our families at one time (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) stemming from Europe. Therein, it could be an origin from one given country, or from two or more. A German father and a French mother, a Russian grandfather and an Hungarian grandmother, whatever… still “white”.

        Be it the Nordic, Alpine, or Mediterranean, or mixed variations thereof… whether American or European… there’s a shared set of mores and common values, regardless if the national dress or music or whatever varies… indeed, it’s not usual or ironic for whites to enjoy facets of each and every variation… we even have a knack for appreciating some of the more interesting things from totally foreign cultures, from the Far East to the Southern Hemisphere.

        Whites celebrate their own given ethnicities (German American clubs, Sons of Italy, Sons of Norway, etc., etc., etc.) and also enjoy those of fellow whites not directly related… note even variations on the Christmas holiday from country to country, or the many churches under the umbrella of Christianity.

        But that’s all besides the point…

        So, out of one side of her mouth she speaks of “white” identification as being some form of slavery and duping by “the elites”… yet then regales the importance of “belonging to real cultures and ethnicities…” blah, blah, blah… as if “white” doesn’t count as such.

        Yet what have the negroes been doing, and encouraged to do, every since the days of the Great Society?

        That’s right… identify as “black”… Black is Beautiful, Black Pride, Black History… which encompasses a range of subgroups and countries FAR FAR FAR more disparate than those of Europe.

        Talk about being “duped” by the “elites”! (Yeah, “elites”… YKW)

        And all the while, whites themselves are heavily discouraged from calling each other “brother” (and acting accordingly) by the Cathedral’s media… not unlike along the same lines of bushwa bloviation practiced by our disingenuous Babble-On queen.

        It’s good to see that others are calling her on her bullshit


      • OCD, I don’t know how you got the impression that I was saying Nature is unfair. So I don’t know where to begin answering what you said, except that perhaps I was wrong for not being more concise. So here goes:

        Working hard is not nearly as effective as working smart. Working hard never made a slave on earth more loved by their master. Being nice never got a guy more loved by a woman. Being a better tool doesn’t mean you won’t get used. Suck it up, sunshine.

        Castricv, I just came back from Tiberias today, where I participated in an ebo (ceremony) for Oshun, the Yoruba deity of love, beauty, and prosperity.

        See, unlike most posters here, I am not anonymous. I and others who are with me, have photos of me doing the things that I say that I do, going the places I say that I have gone. I practice what I preach…and I have come from barely being able to walk, to being able to once again, do the dance for my head Orisha, Oya, whirling a horse hair whip in one hand, and a machete in the other, and jumping around like a crazed warrior.

        So you’ll have to do better at coming up with insults. If I seem insane to you, it’s because the eagle’s cry seems insane to the rabbit running on the ground…but if the rabbit could fly…

        You have so much invested in your beliefs that you need to, like others have, invent an imaginary Nicole who is unable both to write prolifically and live wildly. I assure you though, that this was not an uncommon situation for writers until very recently.

        Even Greg has invented an imaginary Nicole who thinks “black” is not as bad a slave stamp as “white”.

        Again, you should read my posts very carefully if you’re going to read them at all, and take care that what you’re arguing against is something that I actually said. I am probably one of the most verbally precise people you will ever meet, and aside of the odd typo or grammatical error, I say what I mean.

        You may also want to note that I do not post on every thread. I stick to commenting on the topics about which I know something and feel it is worth it to share my perspective on. I am very easy to pass over or ignore if you like.

        I do hope that you won’t ignore me though. You may need this perspective when you find out that being in bed with the multikult is not going to raise your status. Aligning yourself with people who will throw you under a bus if it suits them is not the wisest move.


  38. Guy talks about struggling with the “friend zone”, but two minutes in, it becomes obvious why:


    • So … do you think he really got some?


    • You should try posting it in a game blog.


    • How about we don’t share links from that liberal agitprop website? ‘Do you agree that making people laugh is a positive thing? – click yes or no’ …vomit..
      This website was set up as deliberate click bait to get your details to direct market cathedral talking points to you ahead of the next liberal crusade.


      • I see it more as the fact that “nice guys” who get “friendzoned” seem to disproportionately have a libtard mentality that keeps them imprisoned that way, and they’re too deluded to figure it out.


  39. Are white people gonna put these 3 guys on the cover of Rolling Stone?

    Are white people gonna discuss their trauma of childhood divorce, ADHD, Ritalin, moms gun collection, a distant father…

    or do they hafta shoot up a theater, school or workplace to get such empathy?


    • what is the point of this comment?


    • More and more white people are gonna keep their powder dry.


    • More importantly, is Obama going to observe that if he had a son he’d look just like them?


    • on August 21, 2013 at 8:48 pm Lucky White Male

      Some people are more valuable than others


    • Thwack is right on the first point;

      white liberals who glorify criminals/terrorists on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine are part of the problem

      white liberals are in good part responsible for this mess we are in.

      there is something seriously wrong with white liberals

      Western civilization is in decline mostly because of white liberals

      it is white liberals who want millions of third world immigrants here among us and who say they do not have to integrate, who want to give instant citizenship to millions of illegals , etc etc

      it is white liberals who deny and refuse to even discuss the fact there is a problem with the black community ( high rates of crimes, of teen pregnancies, of drugs etc etc )

      white liberals are our biggest problem, as they are the establishment and control everything from education to the media

      on the two other point Thwack is too wrong to even bother


  40. CH, you’d probably rather stick a fork in your eye than read the Atlantic, but I think you might enjoy this one about the societal consequences of Section 8.


  41. Magnificent! Articulate and accurate. The Orcs care not one Whit, they are thinking up the next “We are all Treyvon” cover for Ebony.

    Regular Whites are going to have to smash them.

    Please understand, I do not like the idea, but I can see a man ho comes home and finds his daughter raped and the news media is already in “He didn’t do nuffings” mode and the guy steals a tanker truck of LNG or Ammonium Nitrate and levels the “hood” where his daughters rapist came from.

    I will cheer for him, in fact, a lot of America will cheer.


    • and the news media is already in “He didn’t do nuffings” mode

      a.k.a. “there is no evidence that the crime was racially motivated” mode


    • I will not only cheer, I will praise his name as a hero. Once the initiative is taken, others will follow and the scared media will start moddle-coddling whites out of fear.


      • And then come the marines to shut it all down.

        See, this is why you keep losing. You have to be in control of the military before you go starting genocides.


      • I might have to look twice but I only recall you speaking about genocides on this whole post. Some here are talking about spree retributions or outright revolution, but I haven’t seen anything about genocide.

        Whites haven’t begun to do anything yet. And from a historical standpoint, you clearly don’t have be in control of the military to overthrow governments, revolt successfully, or yes commit low level genocide. Look around the world right now for numerous examples…..

        Or maybe try reading a book.


      • Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

        …like your Ancestors.


      • And then come the marines to shut it all down. See, this is why you keep losing. You have to be in control of the military before you go starting genocides.

        Say what? You think because a mulatto has three years left in his term as commander-in-chief, he can deploy the United States Marine Corps upon a whim? Domestically? The first hint of a sign of an inkling he would even contemplate something like that would bring his political demise in an instant, and even if he survived that, the military culture of this country would simply not obey. Our warriors are citizens first.

        You live in a spooky fantasy world where forces follow your preposterous theories of power based on a still more preposterous ideology. You perhaps fantasize that Waco was an assertion of strength in a vacuum, but in fact it made normal citizens take a second look at “conspiracy theorists” and prepare against the potential for their “public servants” to turn on ordinary people like them.

        If “regular whites,” even a tiny fraction of the 75% majority, are moved to spontaneous riots and violence — an essentially unheard of phenomenon since the Civil War — you can be assured that no legalistic technicality will matter in so raw a display of force against force. Maybe the National Guard weekend warriors, maybe the jackbooted gloryboys from the Dept. of Education swat team (yes, it exists), but the United States Marines? In hell.

        No, all such an insane fantasy move would produce in reality — should it even survive outside a thought in anyone’s head — would be a “shot heard round the world,” driving otherwise peaceable white citizens into the catastrophic, murderous rage we are historically known for when provoked. Hello, citizens of Dresden, Tokyo, and Hiroshima. We are the proverbial pit bull who barely yawns at the yip-yip threats. But cross the bright line with a viable provocation and we will attach our jaws to your face and not let go until your skull collapses. Crunch. We are the Serial Killer race. Why even tip toe up to that line? Are you stupid? Even our blundering president, for all his similarly fantastical miscalculations, isn’t that stupid.



      • Keep telling yourself that.

        There will be no shot heard round the world, just a crater or burning rubble where your house or compound used to be. Haven’t you learned anything from the raids?

        I’m sure all of them thought they would be the catalysts of race wars as well.


      • Fascinating the cartoon megalomania of a permanent slave mind. It’ll be just like the movies, Nicole, I’m sure. Maybe even lasers from space for whispering the n-word. Sheet that would be dope nwhutmsaeen?

        Also, the CIA invented AIDS and crack. Shis real I seen that shit. And whitey’s on the moon.


      • I’m sure all of them thought they would be the catalysts of race wars as well.

        Funny how the negro mind takes an unrelated incident (Manson family vis-a-vis ?) and extrapolates that as general truth in the majority of instances, however vaguely similar or totally dissimilar.

        This is why you fail.


      • Y’all seem to be a bit behind on how willing to kill their own citizens our government is.

        I’ll wait while you catch up.


      • N’ Revrin Wright be runnin dem domessic drones all up behind the scenes an all. Nïgga betta watchu step sallm sayin. Shis 4reel. Like, mess wit a nïgga n like POW, shis comin from the SKY yall like whutttttt??? Nïggas PRESDENT whatchu want? nïggas not gon takin no shit nah mo. NAHHHW. Hell naw.

        Nah nïgga no, I donno whussup wit da damm TV ramote, shis BROKE, do I look like Bess Buy nïgga?


      • No revelation there… I myself have been saying that for years… several times, in fact, on this very blog, when people bring up the “will the armed forces fire on its own people” question.

        But that’s not the issue at hand… nor what the normally-unnaive Matt King was trying to say.

        Ruby Ridge, MOVE, and David Koresh are tater tots compared to what King was talking about.

        Still, I think he’s being a bit overly-optimistic…

        The only thing that stops military troops and police from firing on their own countrymen is when the gummint checks they’re being paid bounce.

        Where you’re failing is in your inability to separate those past blips on the radar (and during fat times) from what the future holds… when there are no longer 130 channels on the dish and the McD’s on every corner have long shut down their fryers.


      • Greg, by then, race war will be a non issue.


      • Yeah, nobody left to protect you.



      • John, by then we will both be dead, but I assure you that by then, the average African American woman will be quite well protected in a way.

        …unless she goes out showing her ankles.


      • It’s not enough to glorify the jungle and ghetto, now you want to fantasize about the desert coon and his empty sunbaked-heathen bravado as salvation? Muhamma mama plz. We’ll turn their world to nuke-tempered glass before we let our women become mobile window treatments.

        You are not choosing sides wisely. But then, when are female choices ever wise? You’ve been so adrift since we pried you from your massas and told you to make a life for yourselves. I feel your pain. I do.

        “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse,” said your spiritual sugar daddy. Now think carefully. It’s not too hard. Where are you going to park your vagina?

        With the ululating bisexuals who still ride camels, who only have a chance to compete because civilization once needed the subterranean black liquid poison they didn’t even know was there for millennia, and so caricature manliness that they fuck each other;

        OR the men who played golf on the lunar surface, who invented your dignity, and who today ride around in nuclear-powered carrier groups with their ten-foot cocks proud, raping the universe?



      • Why would you think I considered an Islamic takeover salvation?

        I’m just saying that if there ever were to be a level of instability to allow for it, this is what would happen. It happens all the time. It’s the world’s fastest growing religion because, for better or worse, especially in its more moderate flavors, it’s sustainable.

        When the current pansy perspective of Jesus doesn’t give the answers people will need in the event of a fall of infrastructure, Islam will pick up the pieces and rebuild the society. If you’re lucky, they’ll let you live alongside them. People like me would probably be killed in the first witchcraft purges if we don’t shift to Jadoo or Wathain and put our energies towards their goals.

        The average African American woman then would be inaccessible to any but her husband, just like any average African woman in a Muslim country in Africa or Asia. The “non average” would be slaves just like in Africa and Asia. So European women would be in the same boat, but oh well.

        You should like Muslims more. As a Muslim or accepted Christian man, there would be no question of your place.

        Personally, I think both are a scourge on humanity, but I accept the reality that they are easier to adhere to and therefore going to be more popular for the masses.


    • Feminists and their collective punishment for rape, fantasies…

      It’s also stupid to kill a neighborhood instead of the people who are telling people to be dismissive of his daughter’s rape.

      There are probably rape survivors in that neighborhood who the man who raped his daughter has raped. In your over entitled persecution complex afflicted, self pitying mind, this doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter that you could be killing someone who would have testified against the rapist, but just didn’t want to go through all that crap alone.

      See, it’s like I said. None of you care about justice. You try to pretend to, but there is nothing objective or fair in you anywhere. No honor.

      …and this is why you are falling. Your enemy isn’t the equally honorless cretins of color. It’s that you yourselves are just as honorless and broken as them, but you think somehow Nature should be kinder about your stupidity than theirs.

      It won’t.

      People do get tired of getting shit on, and nobody is willing to take your shit anymore just because you are “white”. The illusion of your superiority has been destroyed…even any kind of moral superiority. Those of you who are failing to adapt are just weaker thugs complaining that darker thugs are scarier.

      You can cry victim all you like, but saying shit like this…It rings really hollow.


  42. Off-topic, the Summer wrap-up:

    Radio silence — Approved. The 6 (I think she’s actually a 6 now….I’ve seen her enough without her makeup and stuff) had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:

    Her: I see how it is
    Me: lolwut
    Her: Ignoring me for two weeks
    Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids
    Her: lol I miss you

    Limit on how long you can bang a girl without her wanting more — witnessed. So the 5.5 confessed that she loved me. I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her. Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am. It’s good to be good from a position of power, though.

    How much men respond to beauty — felt. I still have to stop myself from staring at the 7. But at the same time, I’m doing better at fighting all impulses to make her my gf.

    Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.

    Cold approach — still fun. Of course, now a new problem is that I can go in verbally indirect but get immediately killed/blown out because of my direct body language, etc. Example:

    Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
    Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!

    (Of course, my body language is strong — even tho I’m facing 45 degree angle — and my voice is loud….)

    This one’s even funnier —

    Me: Yeah, they always have sports channels on at the bar. I think that is soooo sexist.
    Girls look at one another, then look at me
    Me: Am I being evaluated or something…
    Girls: Mmmhm, it was a nice pickup attempt but you failed.
    Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous.

    Also, I encounter the bitch snarl sometimes too. Example, hustling pool tables (oh ya, this summer I’ve gotten really good at pool lol….hogging the table is a great way to pull in mixed sets)

    Me: So you guys up next to play pool? (to 3 6’s that are part of the mixed set)
    Girl: No. We’re good.
    Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool.

    Now some of these situs turned around (to some degree) afterwards…others didn’t. Beside the point, really. The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal. Have something going on that is fun at all times (like playing pool or whatever).

    Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah.


    • That last paragraph has been worth following your journey from November 2012.

      Honestly, reading your initial FRs is what pushed me to do my 30 Day Challenge and then get serious about day game.

      Cheers, Scray-dawg.


      • Fall is going to be my time for day game, Immoral. Just gotta do it. I read that play-by-play of the date; it was awesome, man. Hope we see more people picking up the torch in the coming year. Then we can all show them that taking the red pill can be a positive experience.


    • “had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:”

      lol. Tyler’s 25 point list:

      Point 22:

      “22) GOING BACKWARDS IN THE PICKUP ON HER SCHEDULE = too eager to lay her.. if you’ve already GONE THROUGH the whole “let’s ballbust and shit test eachother” attraction phase of the pickup, and you’re now in RAPPORT -> if she tries to ballbust you at this point then just WITHDRAW ATTENTION. DO NOT BALLBUST BACK. It seems COUNTER INTUITIVE, but once you’ve gone through that whole little attract phase, and you’re now being nice to eachother in rapport, DO NOT let her rewind the sarge by answering her ballbusting with ballbusts of your own. Just withdraw attention, to show that you’re not interested in going BACKWARDS in a sarge.”

      You handled it instinctively, so well done, but this is basically what you did. It’s also something a lot of guys fuck up. I instigate a lot of back and forth smack-talking and provoke shit-testing, but once I cross a certain point in the pickup where we’re “past” that and we both know we want to fuck, I’ll do stuff like “shh. Play nice now.” (with a serious face and “I’m serious” tonality)

      “Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids”

      Solid response to a girl you haven’t heard from in a while. I use pretty much the same one myself lol

      “Her: lol I miss you”

      = wants to bang. Obviously. You’d be surprised how many guys will waste time at this point questioning if it’s possible to bang her again lol

      “I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her.”

      All the rules do is slow the Ultimatum (“I love you too much and if I can’t be your GF then I can’t see you anymore because it hurts too much :(“) down…some girls it’ll just slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” one week in to a month in. Some girls it’ll slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” 3 months in to a year in. It’s different for each chick and her headspace and your value relative to her etc.

      But you can pretty much never stop them from falling in love with you, once you have solid game on lockdown, without massively hurting them to do it. This is the shitty part about being good with girls to me, because I hate making women legitimately cry (VS silly crying over something retarded). Worst thing in the world, but unavoidable when you’re seeing a lot of girls.

      (this is all assuming you don’t run into the extremely rare woman who for whatever reason has no interest in anything beyond sex with you…sometimes these are married/taken girls (tho even those are susceptible to falling in love with you…when I sense they are, I stop seeing them so she doesn’t leave her man for me), and sometimes they’re just really weirdly independent girls or girls with a very casual view of sex…these girls are often kinky/fun in bed and the FB arrangement can last for months/years with no drama, but their lack of emotional shit, to me, makes them not good LTR material)

      “Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am.”

      Good on you. Great power, great responsibility and all that. I know and hang out with guys who would lie to her about there being a possible chance of a relationship etc. to keep fucking her, and I don’t really judge them for it, but it’s not me and not how I like to do things. I want my relationships, even casual fuckbuddy ones, to be on my terms, which involve not lying to her or leading her on, and her not being madly in love with me. It means I lose fuckbuddies or easy lays now and then, but I’m alright with that because I can find other girls.

      “Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.”

      Good reads. And yes, everything can be explained. Part of what draws a lot of guys into the Red Pill is they read some shit and a rush of memories of puzzling/confusing/magic situations floods their mind that whatever they just read completely explains and clears up and they shit a brick because they didn’t realize those things even COULD be explained, let alone consistently.

      As I hit my 30s, I’ve found a lot of the <25 girls look at me that same way where I remind them of a dominant authoritative but positive male influence in their life…scolding them when they're being dumb, not getting dragged into their drama, handling shit when it hits the fan, and rewarding them when they deserve it. Whereas a lot of younger guys will get dragged into drama, and a lot of beta guys will be afraid to lay down authority/punishment etc. This alllll comes from experience, I was completely the opposite when I was in my early 20s before I found PUA.

      "Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
      Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!"

      lol. Everyone goes through this phase, no worries. I used to joke "fuck, why do girls all think I'm hitting on them? I can be like "hey what time is it?" and the girl's like "YOU WISH!!" and I'm like "no I just need to know the fucking time!""

      This is usually caused by incongruency…like your direct body language with an indirect opener. A while back I wrote about how it's good to mix opposites together, like talking about mundane stuff while you get in close and go for the kiss, or talking a bunch of sexual shit without being physically aggressive…but that's generally for once you have attraction and they have a baseline of "this is what it looks like when he's congruent, so now I can tell he's fucking around" VS right off the bat where it's "I can only judge him on what I'm seeing right now and what I'm seeing right now is incongruent."

      This can also be caused by being TOO smooth, which is a retarded problem to run into but it happens, usually when a guy is intermediate. Like you're just so slick that you're too good to be true…it can help to purposely fuck up a bit. Actually, part of why I started getting into saying obnoxious controversial shit as my opener was that anything I did came off as trying to pick them up…so offending them right away was kind of like disqualifying myself from picking them up because if I was trying to pick them up, I wouldn't dare have said that. Hope that makes sense lol

      "Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous."

      Solid way of handling it. You can basically either agree & amplify, or disqualify yourself. So agree & amplify would look like what you did, where you don't deny it at all…often if you hold your frame, the girl will end up getting attracted to you because she shit-tested you and you passed it without flinching, which is attractive regardless of the words involved in the shit-test. I like to use a DHV/AMOG(of the other men in the room) combo like "well I was going to come over drooling and feel you up as I creepily whisper "helloooo ladies, can I buy you a drink?" and sniff your hair, but every other guy here seems to be using that move so I thought I'd try just being normal instead."

      Disqualifying, which is the way I tend to go because my humor is self-depreciating, would be something like "wow, someone thinks mightly highly of herself tonight lol I was just shooting the shit…if I was trying to pick you up, you would KNOW." "oh really?" "Ya, I mean if I was trying, you'd obviously be madly in love with me, already jumping my bones on that pool table, and the bouncers would be throwing us out by now for causing a scene. Good thing I've Friend Zone'd you."
      "Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool."

      lol probably not much you can do to turn it around if they're that hostile off the bat, but laughing it off like that looks good to the rest of the crowd. If I run into that, I'll often make fun of those girls to other girls, like "ahh, you girls are so friendly. Those 3 in the corner bitched me out for asking if they were next on the pool table." and I'll visibly point at them so they see that I'm talking about them and get paranoid lol Usually you get some extra points with the new nice girls because they don't want to seem like bitches like those other ones. Often if I get shot down I'll complain to other girls about my broken heart and how brutally the girl shot me down and refused to love me, and then tell them that I've decided they can be the runner-up consolation prize and that I was obviously only talking to the first girl to hide my feelings for this runner-up girl etc. etc.

      "The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal."

      Realistically, old tag-along runt-of-the-group Scray probably was never HAVING much fun, especially sober, at bars/clubs. It wasn't that he wasn't capable of it, it was just that he didn't know how and didn't give himself permission to.

      "Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah."

      🙂 Congrats dude. You 100% earned that shit. You could tone things down and probably do just fine compared to the average guy now. Find yourself a decent quality 7 or 8 to settle with and achieve the life that most beta virgin guys dream about. But you can also keep going and learning and setting higher goals.

      Remember, you can ALWAYS come back down the mountain. But you won't get many chances to climb it. Have fun and play around and keep pushing and sharpening your skills for a few years…you'll always be able to settle down with a nice 7 after you've achieved some personal goals in this area.

      It's pretty much impossible for me to 1) never get laid again, or 2) settle with a girlfriend who isn't at *LEAST* a 6. I mean I'd rather have an 8+ GF, but like, even if I stopped going out and putting any effort in entirely, I've internalized enough stuff that getting laid is a thing that WILL happen to me, and the girls WILL be at least decent looking. Those aren't two things that pre-learning-game-YaReally could say.

      But I love the game, and I still have some personal goals in terms of types of women, hotness of women, sexual adventures, etc. that I want to achieve before I'm ready to settle.

      Massive props for making it to where you are. If down the road you end up having to focus on your career or something and you don't get to go out much and you end up sliding back toward where you started…you now have a reference experience that "if I put in the work/effort, I can improve at this", so you can always get your skills back. You now have the tools and knowledge of the process to handle this area of your life forever.

      And if you were able to do THIS, what the fuck else will you accomplish in your life? 🙂

      It's been an honor to help you on your journey. You keep posting FRs, and I'll keep commenting on em.


      • Yeah, it’s been awesome having those FR breakdowns. They have been a great help. Awhile ago I was reading some of my first posts here and the negative mindset. I was like “wow, I was in such a different place.” But yeah for you and Immoral and others to take the time to be like “nah man, it’s not what you think,” great stuff.


      • Congratulations, Scray! I hope to be where you are someday soon. I know I can know 🙂


      • *now


    • Limit on how long you can bang a girl without her wanting more — witnessed. So the 5.5 confessed that she loved me. I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her. Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am. It’s good to be good from a position of power, though.
      For whatever it’s worth, I think you’re awesome.


  43. Afrika für Affen, Europa für Weiße, steckt die Affen in ein Boot und schickt sie auf die Reise.

    Steckt die Affen in ein Klo und spült sie weg wie Scheiße.


  44. This is happening a lot in Baltimore. Young black thugs attacking white cyclists at “random”. It happened to me. If some neighbors didn’t step in, the attack probably would have been a lot worse. When these events appear in the paper, it’s labeled as a random “youth attack”, but I know without a doubt that it comes down to anti-white sentiment in poor black neighborhoods.

    BTW, I used to be a bleeding heart liberal before I moved to Baltimore who would have been oh-so-offended by this post 3 years ago. I probably would have called you a racist. The truth is more complex and I find blacks (at least in this town) far more racist than guilt-laden whites who meekly accept these attacks as a part of urban living.


    • Idiocy can be outgrown. Congratulations. Sorry your diversity training was so painful. What part of the Lily-White Upper Midwest are you from?


    • Ted

      This is happening a lot in Baltimore. Young black thugs attacking white cyclists at “random”.

      the ghetto is nothing more than a giant open air prison where black people are kept until new space opens up in the “Greater Confinement Area.”

      Why are you cycling alone through the prison in a guards uniform by yourself?


      • Because they believe they are exempt from reality.


      • You’re justifying crime.


      • Only in the way that telling a woman that standing on a street corner scantily clad with “fuck me” rhinestoned on the back of her miniskirt might attract rapists, is justifying crime.


      • You’re saying rapists are oppressed?


      • Heheheh…only the female ones. It had to be because men wronged them, and the female mind is so delicate-I-mean-wait-equal-I-mean-wait…women have suffered so much under the evil patriarchy so even though they’re equal, they should get lighter sentences. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


      • The difference of course being, that white men are lied to about both aspects. We are told women should be able to do sit around naked and not get raped….and that it is the man’s fault.

        Then we are told that blacks don’t attack whites, and only whites are racist.

        So that theme, anti-white male is prevalent all around us.


      • Well, you are getting the picture.

        My argument is not against the recognition of the facts. Mine is that they should be viewed in proportion and responded to appropriately.

        Appropriately is not the way that will give more money and status to your enemies. You’d also do well to figure out who your enemies are.


      • Only the liberals want to give more money and status to them, via media feeds and welfare programs.

        It isn’t hard to figure out who the enemies are. They include the systems which incite black-on-white killings (MSM and those who control them), as well as the foot soldiers who pull the trigger.


    • Fuck, did you believe all the bullshit you saw on The Wire before this?


  45. on August 21, 2013 at 5:02 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    What? No “stick to poon” tard yet?


  46. White societies have not been involved in serious war for decades. This long stretch of peace has feminized men, made women more irritable and confused than ever, and hindered scientific and technological progress.

    All of the above will change when we have war between the major powers on a worldwide scale. There will be no significant cultural changes without such a war.


    • So all that going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is not that serious?


      • More importantly Nicole, can white people survive “war between the major powers on a worldwide scale?” Not only can the water and air get fucked up this time, but a white people depend on mastery of the global economy for their high standard of living; that may be the first casualty of any war.

        Lothrop Stoddard said Germany never recovered from the 30 Years War. Im not sure if its true, but he claimed the Aryan stock was so decimated that it changed Germany to a permanent “Alpine type”to this very day.

        *Be careful what you ask for*


      • The extraordinary scientific and technological progress that followed WW2 will be beggared by the explosion of such progress after WW3.


      • Dr.Zaius had told him before that “The Forbidden Zone was once a thriving paradise but your kind destroyed it.”

        It is clear that Zaius knows that humans once ruled the planet and had their civilization, but he does his best to cover up this fact, which is why the Forbidden Zone is off-limits to all curious apes (like Cornelius and Zira).

        This ending scene shows that Zaius was right about humanity all along or at least had good reasons to loathe humans. He made this much clear to Taylor


      • They’re Americans. They don’t care as long as it’s pale and has straight hair.

        In my acceptance, along with there being nothing I can do right, I realized that there is nothing they can do wrong either…just like those self pitying pan Africanists who think Mugabe is the bees knees.


      • Katrina.


      • No.

        The Battle of Iwo Jima lasted 39 days: 6,821 dead.

        Iraq and Afghanistan Wars 2001-present: 6,717 dead.

        Now read those numbers again.–


      • Don’t confuse liberals with facts and logic.

        if they “feel” the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are worse, then to them this is a fact.

        If liberals could deal with facts and logic, Western civilization would not be in decay as it is now


  47. ”you put a bullet in the gun.
    you take the gun somewhere
    you point the gun at a human being and pull the trigger.”

    isn’t that pre-meditated?
    Will these sub humans be held to the standard of human behavior or not?
    What lawyer will get them off?


  48. Nothing in the universe is random. “Randomness” is a concept used to make sense of incomprehensibly complex systems. The misappropriation of the term by liberals is part of their unending quest to obfuscate the obvious.


  49. The Cathedral changed the shading of many of the early pictures put out of Trayvon Martin to whiten-up his appearance. I suspect they did the same here with mulatto-teen.


    • Do you mean George Zimmerman? Pictures of him did seem whitened.


      • They whitened both of them for different but related reasons,

        they wanted Zimmereman to look like a white racist, the whiter he was the more racist people would believe he was

        they wanted Trayvon to look more angelic/less threathening thus less black (but still black )


  50. on August 21, 2013 at 7:27 pm Lucky White Male

    Black Americans have been gratuitously attacking Whites for years. In recent years, it has grown more brazen.

    In 2011, we began seeing “flash mob” phenomenon. Many of these involved coordinated packs of blacks organized through texts, Facebook of randomly attacking whites.

    In 2012, there was yet a further development: a “ghetto game” of cold clocking random whites walking down streets

    Now in 2013, what appears to be a public execution.

    This was a public execution of a White Man.

    Note: a “Hate Crime” by definition CANNOT be done against a White Man or White Woman in the US or UK

    Wake up – Western law does not protect you

    The next step in this progression will at some point be outright race war. Most likely the US Goverment will be acting on behalf of blacks: there will be arrests and concentration camps of ” suspicious right wing whites”.

    Blacks will be allowed to loot riot and maim whites at will at this time. Most likely during a “societal breakdown” event of some kind

    It’s payback time for Blacks, and their enablers. Who are their enablers you ask ?:

    That CNN, controlled by White Christian Gentiles (joke) is censoring this tells you all you need to know about who the real enemy is


    • Too simplistic. The government does not act solely on the basis of blacks, but on its own best interests. It just so happens that right now those two things are aligned. I have a decent article I wrote on the topic if you are interested. I’ll send a link if you care to see it.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 7:52 pm Lucky White Male

        The US Government acts on behalf of a certain race and foreign country

        This race owns and controls the government

        It’s in their interest for Blacks to attack White Christian Gentiles. Because you cannot keep power unless you eliminate your competition.

        It’s a game of “Let’s you and him fight”

        I’m sure you came to this conclusion in your paper


      • on August 22, 2013 at 7:29 am Jochen Peiper

        There is also the Talmudic principle of innocence in the case of indirect murder. For example, if you bind a man so that he starves to death but he was not killed directly, then it is not murder.


  51. At 2:20


  52. Maybe MAAAAT DAAAAMON will try to link this murder to “Elysium” and spout some Zinn-ian bullshit so that he can profit from this tragedy.

    SPOILER ALERT: At the end of “Elysium” Matt Damon is still a short guy who loves cock.


  53. on August 21, 2013 at 7:54 pm suppressedtruthsociety

    Any time you point out (to a lib) the glaring media bias to portray minorities as perpetual victims and white men as perpetual evil-doers, the response inevitably relies upon things that took place before you were born.

    YOU: “So, my liberal friend, a Hispanic man shoots a black teen who’s repeatedly bashing his skull against concrete, and the news story is about evil racist white men. Meanwhile, a group of black teens shoots a white man out of ‘boredom,’ and their races are not even mentioned in news reports. What do you make of this?”

    LIBERAL: “Oh yea, it’s soooo tough to be a white man in this country. You’re the only group that hasn’t been historically oppressed! Need I remind you of blah blah blah blah blah”

    The implication, of course, is that if something was true 50 years ago, it must also be true today. Nothing could have possibly changed or reversed in 50 years. Which is self-evidently absurd.


  54. What you people don’t get (and you’ll never get) is that this was a profoundly religious act. These three men are martyrs to a sacred ideal that has spread faster than any faith in the history of humanity. They will be incarcerated for life, they will never have regrets and they will die with pride and certainty in the holiness of their cause.


    • on August 23, 2013 at 6:41 am Jochen Peiper

      Those holy causes work two ways. BTW, we get that part too. It’s just hard to imagine being that stupid and wasteful of one’s life. These kids are going to end up being pegged everyday. Toss my salad Bitch! is what they’ll be hearing for the foreseeable future.


  55. Someone attach a dynamo to thwack and Nicole’s hamster wheels. Could power the country for weeks.

    I know both have some capacity for logic so it is always interesting to see them get hussy and defensive every time whites call out blacks for their bad behavior.

    I’ve noticed the top 10% of Blacks will condemn poor black behavior when it is only blacks in the room but they always circle the wagons when non-blacks levy the same criticism.


  56. Meanwhile, closer to home in Baltimore city: 20 shootings in 80 hours.

    Baltimore city lost 100,000 people out of 700,000 in the last census. They are all moving to Baltimore county, whence I shall soon be departing. The Democrats and their African dependents are going to ruin my area, too.

    And, the AG Holder: He is on a tear about differential suspension rates of white and black male students in public school.

    There is no hope for our current political system.

    You must realize the NSA is reading everything you are saying.

    Lock, load, and keep a low profile.

    Over and out.


    Watch your back, too.I don’t remember the last time a black attacked a white when it was not a numerical advantage or sucker punch. Those people are cowards on top of everything else. Just despicable. And, they know we despise them. They know we are right to despise them. They despise themselves.


    • Good luck in the county. Baltimore’s problems are slowly migrating there. Do you think the blacks Johns Hopkins displaces magically disappear?


      • The only way white people would ever let us go is if they could guarantee we could be better abused and harmed by someone else.

        My wife? sometimes

        My dog? maybe

        My sreggin?



  57. Several years ago I started reading this blog as a frustrated semi-beta.

    At the time I’d never fired a gun, had all feminist and equalist talking points rehearsed and at the ready for typical conversations, and was a proud Democrat who would best be described as “agreeable”.

    Several years past, I own an AR and .45, read CH, Drudge, and Sailer every day and regularly train martial arts.

    Most of this I keep to myself except with trusted friends.

    Don’t count out what current and formerly deluded betas can and will bring to bear.


  58. on August 21, 2013 at 9:52 pm FuriousFerret

    Every time I hear about the downward spiral of western civilization come crashing to the ground under the weight of it’s own hubris, I think of this song by PJ Harvey:

    “The Last Living Rose”

    Goddamn’ Europeans!
    Take me back to beautiful England
    & the grey, damp filthiness of ages,
    fog rolling down behind the mountains,
    & on the graveyards, and dead sea-captains.

    Let me walk through the stinking alleys
    to the music of drunken beatings,
    past the Thames River, glistening like gold
    hastily sold for nothing.

    Let me watch night fall on the river,
    the moon rise up and turn to silver,
    the sky move,
    the ocean shimmer,
    the hedge shake,
    the last living rose quiver.

    Just yearning back to a past that’s isn’t there anymore. Faded glory.

    That’s the US and the UK right now. A rose that has done it’s blooming and now quivering and slowly dying.


    • As far as the local news goes; the story, not the issue is what is important to them.
      It sells newspapers and they will milk it for all that it is worth.
      Anything in addition to that is pseudo-outrage and lip service.



    ‘Syracuse, NY — Onondaga County Family Court Judge Michael Hanuszczak today sentenced a 16-year-old to 18 months of confinement for the killing of a 51-year-old man.

    The sentence was the maximum the judge could have handed down to the teen, who was recently found guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the beating death of Michael Daniels. The boy was 15 at the time of the incident and has maintained his innocence since his arrest at the end of May.

    The judge, who is required by law to sentence a juvenile delinquent to the “least restrictive available alternative consistent with the child’s needs and best interests and the need to protect the community,” said he made his decision based on a variety of factors.

    Those included a sentencing recommendation from the probation department, as well as a review of the boy’s school records, which showed a history of truancy and suspensions that involved threats and intimidation of his teachers, he said.

    Daniels was standing alone on the corner of West Brighton Avenue and Cannon Street when he was approached by at least two teenagers and beaten to death. Several witnesses testified that around seven or eight teenagers were present during the incident, and that the beating happened after someone suggested the group play a street game called “knockout.”‘


  60. For all the talk (and this was a powerfully motivating post), there’s very little mention of actually doing anything about this.

    So I propose a new urban sport.

    Get a random white guy in a kevlar vest to walk along the street in a vibrant neighbourhood, minding his own business. Follow nearby with a car full of armed people and see if any trouble occurs.

    You could call it something catchy like ‘Polar Baiting’.


    • Like a typical white male, you are over thinking this. White people are doing a great job at getting black people to kill each other; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


      • I’m generally in agreement with this statement actually except for “black people” you mean “niggers”. You are a black person. BIG difference. Fixed that for ya… What we should be doing is airdropping irradiated fried chicken in cargo drops that would be greedily devoured up. In just a few short days the hair would start to fall out and soon after that. Problem solved! See, I think in the big picture, as always.


      • Yeah, he should learn that while unfortunately 70% of black people in the U.S. are niqqers (judging from their illegitimacy rate), he should try to identify as a non-niqqer. Kinda like how I know that 85% of humans aren’t white (ok, European for you equalists and spergs), and I identify as white although I still know I’m a human.


      • Ach, thwack… you’re never gonna reach that “content of character” plateau through the lies of your Coloured Peoples Studies courses.

        Whites would like nothing better than to see negroes behave.

        Blaming YT for negro feral behavior is like blaming blizzards on snow plows.


      • Whites would like nothing better than to see negroes behave.

        Yet to hear Nicole, one would think we were itching to repeat the Nahtzees’ actions.

        (shakes mah haid)


      • Most humans would. You are already repeating many of their mistakes.


  61. on August 21, 2013 at 11:52 pm Greatest Beta

    PC machine will simply ignore this one. Remember, the elite are still primarily white. Once the top echelons of society are mixed that’s when this will take a breather.


    • Sorry to disappoint y’all’s persecution complex and self pity party, but it is all over the news with photos.


      • All over the news as a racially motivated hate crime? Has Obama mentioned the killers are his sons?


      • And did I miss the part where the ball player went back and tried to pound their heads into the ground?


      • One of the kids is “white” (enough for American purposes), so it’s unlikely to get classed as racially motivated.


      • You mean enough for Cathedral purposes.


      • Well see if you’d not sold out and made it so generic, you wouldn’t have this problem.


      • Of course, mainly because they ignore the anti-white tweets of the shooter.

        Only light-skinned people can shoot from racial motivation. Just ask Eric Holder as he furiously tries everything he can to link Zimmerman to racism.


      • Hey Third Worlder, shouldn’t you be making shit on a shingle for your polygamous husband. Who cares what you think. Quit using our technology and medicine and running water and go back where you came from. No one cares what you think dumb bitch.


      • Not doing a very good job not caring.


      • Odd how the snarky darkies never spoke of pity parties when Trayvon’s face (as an 11 year old) was plastered all over the front pages.


      • Never say never, princess. 😉


      • Heh, heh… there she goes again… Queen o’ Babble-On thinkin’ she qwine land a king with inane emasculatin’ taunts.

        That’s one area where race don’t matter… women bein’ women… both you and silly lily. lllozozozlzlzozozlzlzlzlzlzl


      • Your lack of willingness to read anything that doesn’t justify your self pity does not mean that there were no African writers commenting on the “orgy of self pity” and “exploitation of a tragic murder” or “new order initiation” that African and Hispanic law enforcement and neighborhood watch members are undergoing of late.


      • I guess if you are referencing some obscure black blog, you may have a point. But those fringe elements are meaningless when compared to the MSM and the mob “we are trayvon” marches inspired by such.

        Translation: Your post is irrelevant because it doesn’t reflect reality.


      • The overly socially dependent often confuse obscure with irrelevant.

        Do you also feel a little wrong if you state an unpopular opinion?


      • It wasn’t until reading this latest mini-blov of Nicole’s that I truly “got” the creative genius of that wah-wah-wah sound they used in those Peanuts features I saw in my youth.


      • It did not take me nearly as long to understand that you would suck anyone’s ass so long as they disagree with me, regardless of how weak their argument is.

        What if I told you that you were being baited?


      • Geez, again with the tossed salad projection? It’s to the point where nearly everything you say sounds like that aforementioned wah-wah-wah sound.


      • Obscure in this case is irrelevant. Unless of course you mean to disagree with the actual murder statistics of inter-racial crime?

        I don’t care what your obscure blog says when the meta-level shows that blacks are murdering white men at an epic pace whilst society tells white men that they are oppressors.

        One or two killings in the oppose direction does not change the meta level.


      • So Nicole,

        Are you trying to say that the black community doesn’t want to kill whites, but that TPTB are trying to incite a race-war with propaganda?

        The black-on-white crime numbers should tell you that the blacks are quite complicit with killing whitey, despite the few who say this is bad. This isn’t propaganda, it is buried and never reported on.

        Given the propensity with which blacks protect their thugs from the police, it becomes obvious that they are not the least interested in helping society if such help means baby-trayvon goes to jail.

        In essence, they can say what they want to each other, but their actions tell us that they think it is better to keep killing white men than it is to have their thug-child in prison. And as we all know, words are wind, but actions create reality.

        So again, I don’t care what your obscure blogs say, when the actions of the black community are to keep the whitey-killers free.

        If you are so worried about manipulation and a race-war, shouldn’t you be talking at the communities that are firing the first shots? If you talk at the whites, it doesn’t stop the root problem of blacks killing them all.

        I suggest you take your thoughts and bring them to the side doing the most killing. Until then, you are nothing but a hypocrite.


      • Danger, it is said that one can tell a lot about a person by what angers them.

        How do you figure that someone who says outright that Africans tend to be more socially dominant and therefore need stronger leaders with a firmer hand, is at all hypocritical when divvying out criticism?

        If I wrote or spoke here the same way I do to Africans and Jews, I would be banned. I have been banned from many African American forums and even pages on Facebook. I sometimes keep trophies of the killer post where I laid waste to someone’s illusions. I think a couple of them are in my ban trophies album.


      • Nicole,

        I disagree with your premise on Africans being more socially dominant.

        Are you confusing decibel level with social dominance?


      • Ask any teacher who teaches African children, and talk to African Americans over 55, who were in school when they were segregated. You’ll get an earful if they’re willing to be honest.

        Generally, African children have to be taught and raised differently. Your disappointment or anger alone means absolutely nothing to them. If you allow them to, they will walk all over you and to get them to submit to any kind of authority, there has to be immediate and meaningful consequences.

        The parents must have a well rounded discipline policy that includes, but is not limited to corporal punishment. Depending on the child, it can be structured or a matter of “You think you’re bad? Let’s take it outside.” It must also include putting them in situations where they are face to face with the dangers of Nature. They need to get arms full of thorns, some pops from a camp fire, bitten by some animals, etc.

        Been banned a couple of places for saying that too. Success in this means that one of the parents needs to be at home, and strangely, saying this caused more of a ruckus than the beating or “neglect”.

        I believe that there is something in the intelligent application of physical pain that makes them more able to tolerate discomfort, delay gratification, and think before acting or speaking. These things are of crucial importance in African societies, and in practical skill development. You can’t take someone with no impulse control hunting.


      • ” If you allow them to, they will walk all over you and to get them to submit to any kind of authority, there has to be immediate and meaningful consequences.”


        BINGO Nicole. You finally hit the nail on the head.

        The problem? Whites have consequences to gathering. They are immediately branded KKK. Blacks? Well, when they band together it’s to fight “oppression”.

        This is readily apparent in the MSM when they blast whites for being racist no matter what they do, but blacks get a free pass for killing white males every chance they get.


    • “Remember, the elite are still primarily white.”

      …a misperception from which the brethren of the innmermost circle, who are contemptuous of both Whites and Negroes, see themselves as superior to Whites, and are indeed genetically distinct from Aryan Whites, derive certain advantages, temporary though they are.


  62. on August 22, 2013 at 1:30 am Days of Broken Arrows

    If anyone wants to school the writer of that CNN article, her name is Hilary Whiteman and she’s on Twitter. Here is her account:


  63. Hmmm….racists seem to be getting stupider. Or maybe just louder. But probably stupider too.


  64. Trayvon’s revenge

    the chickens coming home to roost…..


  65. I do love the “people are awakening” link, though. No, I think one of the founding members of the Tea Party movement was probably already awakened to the glory of racism.


    • Boris, you misspelled your name



    • Dude, anti-racism jumped the shark about when 0bama was elected. Those Ngram graphs show it nicely. Did you get that memo?


    • Blacks killing white men daily in targeted racist killings, but you only care about the tea-part. As long as it hurts whitey and benefits the blacks you are all for it. Whether it is murder or stealing the efforts of the white’s labor.


  66. This crap about Trayvon’s revenge is bullshit. Thuggish hostile blacks do not need an excuse to wreck and flex. It’s like the argument if we kill the Taliban they’ll start revenge killing. They were killing before, during, and after whatever purported cassus belli inflamed them this time. All these provocations are just pretexts; these are violent people, who need to be kept in line with mass incarceration and a strong hand and some self respect by the majority to impose its standards of behavior on the 2/3rds or so who seem capable of living normally.


  67. […] In this world, our Cathedral mind prison, media organs credulously accept the word of subhuman filth… […]


  68. on August 22, 2013 at 11:07 am Italian-Somalian

    Whats the point of this post? I can find hundreds of these…. I have a feeling your trying to ignite something CH, you slick bastard.


  69. UH oh….turns out this killing wasn’t so “random” after all:


    • Bus. Ted.

      I saw that Drudgereport put it up too. This, like the Trayvon affair, looks like it could be yet another delicious discrediting of white libtardery.


  70. Peak Negro is in our rearview mirror. White sympathy for the plight of blacks is in the early stages of a deep and long lasting decline.


  71. […] There appears to have been at least an incipient campaign by police and media outlets to sanitize the racial angle of this murder.  Early on, at least two Duncan police officials fastidiously described the murder as “random.” According to a commentator at Chateau Heartiste, the CNN website aggressively censored users’ comments about the racial angle of the murder and the subsequent coverup: […]


  72. One last note to Nicole: I wouldn’t dream of exterminating blacks. There is no better way to discredit white libtardery than to let the sons of Africa keep doing their thang.


    • If only we were allowed to just do our thang…

      It used to be considered a shame for us to be on welfare. Even if a person was disabled, the family would take care of them before they dreamed of taking food stamps or a government check. It was a matter of principle.

      This is a monster that the same social engineers that made you paranoid weaklings who see no way out but the same victim politics as your women, made.

      You should be happy African American men have embraced the new masculinity. Some few unarmed people get killed, but you get to pretend none of us are or were ever productive members of society, and rant about how you’re better than us because you’re more successfully “civilized” (while calling for race wars).


      • Whites aren’t calling for race wars.

        Blacks ARE calling for it by their actions. Instead of your preaching to whites who are tired of being murdered, perhaps you should talk to your brethren to stop the killing.

        We could listen to you, but then whites would just keep getting murdered while you try to placate them with soft whispers of “it’s not the blacks fault”. Your words change nothing, and should be channeled at the actual KILLERS as opposed to those are being murdered.

        Address the criminals Nicole, otherwise you are just another enabler.


      • CH, look what these “teens” did to an 88 year old WWII veteran:



      • KHQ-TV reports that police believe the assault was a random attack.

        Hmmmm another “random” attack CH.


        These thugs live in freedom in part because of this old man’s sacrifices.

        Where is the outrage among the black community “leaders”? Where is the national media? This is the 7th or 8th incident already since “Trayvon.”

        I repeat: it’s real hard, you degenerates, for us white betas who make the world go ’round smoothly to get up and go to work every day, knowing that we are under attack but cannot fight because the dollar has not yet collapsed and we have to keep our polite society jobs to pay the mortgage and feed our kids.

        No more lzozlozlzozlzzz. Can’t lzozlozlzozlzzozoz.


      • If I address the criminals, Danger, I have to address all the criminals. While you were doing the political equivalent of cutting your wrists for Justin Bieber, some African Americans have been killed and lynched since Trayvon too, and one of the killers was quite convinced that it was “open season” on African Americans.

        There’s also a whole lot of institutional criminality that is being covered up where police basically take the law into their own hands, exterminate undesirables, often African American, but often not, and then attribute the murders to civilian murderers.

        Some low level government officials are apparently not getting paid enough to keep their mouths shut about this.

        So for me, it’s a kind of “there is no spoon” situation. I am not very trusting of the government or media to tell me the whole truth. If you are, then this is basically an argument between the gullible and the aware as opposed to the “white” and the “black”, like you think it is.

        I said before that I may not be the messenger for this message here. All this just kinda proves it.

        Israelis seem to understand me very well. Funny that.


      • It was explained to you. There are outliers and exceptions to any rule. You have a high IQ (but are still not facing reality). The reality is that the average black person has an IQ of 85, which is a full standard deviation below the IQ of the average white person IQ of 100 (and 100 is barely enough to function in modern society). The pure African on the left in the photo CH posted is not quite the same species as me. It takes nothing other than looking at the photo and observing a lifetime of typical black “teen” behavior to know in your heart that this is true. The problem is there is no solution to the problem. We can’t round ’em up; so we’ll continue to see “random” violence from people who can do nothing else, and we’ll keep seeing “improvement” lol in black test scores after all the help and aid and dumbing down the system….an 85 IQ is an 85 IQ.

        [CH: Isn’t this the hundredth comment from you today? Goddamn editors are falling asleep at the switch.]


      • But my comments are great and you love ’em. You’re cool with it when I keep the same name. ❤

        [CH: Look, you don’t seem like such a bad guy. Or girl. But you repeat yourself a lot. A whole lot. And… this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you… haha who am I kidding?… the vast bulk of your comments are dense, unreadable, unstimulating forays into self-pity. If a comment section fills up with too many of your kind, it rapidly drives away quality commenters who get more bang for their comment buck by mingling in the threads of other blogs’ comment sections that are occupied by funnier, wittier, terser, more insightful commenters with whom to parry at an elevated level of discourse.

        Try not to take this too personally. There are plenty of other commenters who are worse than you, and contribute more to the degradation of the comment section here at CH. So all I ask of you is to stop your drive-by stream of consciousness comments, and put a little more thought into what you post here. Remember, succinctness, humor and pith are key. Build better habits of the mind by limiting yourself to two or three comments per day, so that you know that each comment must be a winner and entertaining for others to read. Everyone, including you, then benefits.]


      • Nicole,

        I don’t trust the Government or media in general either. But I do trust statistics.

        The numbers show that blacks are killing whites at an alarming rate, not vice-versa. Whites have the right to be mad. In fact, they are not mad enough….mainly because of the limp-wristed leftoids.

        These killings are race-based but the media hides it. Doing some research shows this to be the case, as was recently done in checking out the social media for these idiots.

        Now, you can try to hide this, or spin this in any way that you wish. Your current form of denial is to add in some element of corruption on the part of police forces….but it changes nothing about the anti-white killings that are becoming commonplace in our society today and the inability or lack of desire on the part of an anti-white government to do anything about it.

        At this point there are enough blogs and tools on the internet to not be snowed by the mainstream media. If one utilizes blogs for information and verifies through news articles and other tools, one still comes up with an accurate depiction that blacks are murdering whites weekly and not the other way around.

        Nothing you say is going to change that, and I will continue to point it out every time you try to spin the information in another direction. These are the facts.


      • I don’t trust “statistics” fed to me by known liars who have an interest. So this is where we’re always going to have a difference.

        When you know the history, and understand social engineering, you have perspective that doesn’t allow you to become overly incensed by “information” fed to you by agencies with an interest in villainizing masculinity and frightening you into buying things and buying into things that would make you easier to control.

        You have the right to be angry. Everyone has the right to feel how ever they feel. This does not make the feelings themselves facts or even factually based. You are operating on a false premise, and those who gave you the “information” are counting on your thinking and behaving exactly as you do.


      • Nicole,

        So you are saying that the black on white crime is all lies?

        The barely existent white on black crime is actually a huge white on black crime issue that is put under the rug?

        You are alleging a huge conspiracy?

        It has become abundantly clear that whenever you are confronted with actual facts or data, you run away and change the subject.

        Now you are cornered and your defense is “The data is fixed, there is a huge conspiracy”.

        Bull$hit. All of these videos of gangs of blacks are actually home-made fiction movies?

        WTF is wrong with you?


      • Geez, guys… just enter the “mock only” stage already… seeing others go through the aggravation and frustration that most of us already have months and years ago with her is deleterious on the blood pressure.


      • Danger, I’m not saying it’s all lies. I’m just saying that it’s mostly a half truth.

        When people feel they are under attack, they respond with lethal force. You believe that Africans are trying to kill you so you naturally want to defend yourself.

        What I am saying is that since every family should be armed anyway, and there has always been violence to contend with in the U.S. I don’t understand why you are freaking out. The African honor student doing better than your kid in school isn’t trying to kill you, yet you’re looking for excuses in an incident that happened far away from you, to kill him or her.

        That’s just crazy.


      • “The African honor student doing better than your kid in school”


        Is this simpleton still flappering her lips?


      • Are you still living in a bubble?


      • Nicole,

        The ratio of African honor students to African male thug killers is so abysmally low you would need a server farm to calculate the number of decimal points required to measure such a number.

        Your statements all rely on the false premise that black males are not murdering whites in droves. And that simply is not true, no matter how many posts you make trying to calm down whitey while your brethren shoot them in the back.



    ‘A Homeland Security employee is the operator of a racist website predicting and advocating a race war, a department official said Thursday.

    Ayo Kimathi, who is an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, operates the site, War on the Horizon, which includes descriptions of an “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” Kimathi is black.’

    This is beginning to remind me of when the housing bubble came apart. There were straws in the wind for months beforehand, but one day the hits just started coming right and left.

    “While many of the postings on Kimathi’s site are inflammatory, it was not immediately clear whether they cross the legal threshold into unprotected hate speech, and the posts may not violate DHS policies if he does not curate the website at work or espouse the ideologies in the office.”

    Good news Heartsie. You can go public any time and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t post about or espouse your anti-Cathedral ideology while at work.


  74. {Whites aren’t calling for race wars.{

    looks like whites cant help but calling for race wars every decade or so….


    Did i miss any ???


    • on August 23, 2013 at 8:35 am obsessivecakedisorder

      You’re conflating racial difference and reason for war. Nevermind that some are not racial differences but geographical ones. Very disingenuous.


    • Strawman argument Al.

      You can’t refute my point about internal conflict in the US, so you are forced to expand the argument into other areas that have nothing to do with racial relations but take the focus away from my point that blacks are killing whites in droves, while people like Nicole and yourself only target the whites who are upset about it.

      It is more than clear where you stand on the issue. You just want more status quo of white killings without outrage or retribution. You want open season on killing white men.


      • Anybody who bothers to actually read what I write rather than believe what crybabies say about what I write knows that I am hard on everyone living in a dream (actually nightmare) land of self pity.

        Neither is killing the other “in droves”. There are no “droves” of African Americans living in close enough proximity to thuggish or insane European Americans to kill, and European Americans can lose one for every actually murderous African American thug that exists, and it not put but a very small dent in their population.

        Both are just being manipulated, and a few incidents selected to be blown out of proportion to incite selective fear. They want you to fear us and us to fear you so that we don’t communicate in any way that threatens them. If you saw things in proportion, you might actually be dangerous.

        As it is, most of you can learn nothing from “black” militants and what they’ve learned about how to effectively counter corporate and government influence and interference because you don’t know of any groups or streams that actually succeeded in that. They exist. You just don’t know about them because to you, a “black” militant looks like Huey Newton and not a Geechee with a backyard garden…whose people have their own language and signals to alert them of danger.

        You don’t see who your enemy is. It’s not African Americans. The majority of us are tools just like you…and by that I also mean you personally.

        There’s a difference between a threat and an enemy. A snake who lives in another state is venomous and could kill me if I got close enough to it and bothered it, but I am more likely to be killed by a tick in my yard than I am by that snake. You and most other tools do the equivalent of wearing sandals in tall grass because you’re obsessed with the snake in the other state.


      • “Anybody who bothers to actually read what I write rather than believe what crybabies say about what I write knows that I am hard on everyone living in a dream (actually nightmare) land of self pity.”

        Says the person who on this very posting submitted for public consumption that she is waiting to die a horrible death at the hands of whites. So boo hoo her.

        Greg, you’re right. I’m done with her in total.


      • I was trying to illustrate the way that I was programmed. Read the rest of the post, if you have any integrity.


      • Oh, and if you do manage to be done with me, you’ll be doing much better than Greg. He said that a long time ago, and has broken his word numerous times since.

        He also has a tendency to use the most moronic attempts at insults, and then cry that he’s being unfairly characterized as a moron.

        So no state control, no integrity, and no brains, plus has a problem with the fact this blog doesn’t promote ethnic bondage for men.

        You might want to take care where you plant your flag. It may indicate where you stand in the cognitive food chain.


      • Nice try at negro-spin… a worthy bookend to the usual negro babble.

        I told you already, the reason I sometimes come back to mock you is for the benefit of the peanut gallery and to give confidence to whites who haven’t yet learned to handle the lies and usual suspect psyops in which you and your ilk engage.

        But point taken on one level… you, who glory at being an aggravating cow, who takes pride in victory at having baited others.


      • He also has a tendency to use the most moronic attempts at insults, and then cry that he’s being unfairly characterized as a moron.

        Says she who engages in whining about being persecuted, and attempts to taunt men with emasculating epithets and her negro sex fetishes in re tossed salads and such.

        Give it up already… how many people have to tell you you’d be a disgrace to the Aborigine race before you gain a modicum of self-awareness?


      • See what I mean?

        “Negro-babble” and then he expects to be taken seriously and viewed as objective and “civilized”.

        He can’t even hold an adult conversation.


      • Negro-babble… exactly.

        I can think of no fitter description for your ilk’s love of inane rhetoric that, until further scrutiny occurs, sounds (at times) sublime… yet always, in the final analysis, displays incoherent logic and an even greater sin… the paucity of understanding in re the actual connotations of the words employed.


      • and then he expects to be taken seriously and viewed as objective and “civilized”.

        For the record, I care little about being taken seriously OR viewed as objective… least of all, by your ilk… so you can can the interminably inane attempts to discern my psychology.

        People are invariably going to judge based upon how their particular ox does or doesn’t get gored… the ol’ “how they feel” rather than the actual words spoken.

        Which is why I amuse myself here with homage and other wordplay… and let the jests fall where they may, flat or otherwise.


      • Awful lot of babble for someone who cares little.

        You apparently care more about it than you do about your honor.


      • Reading comprehension, dearie…

        What I cared little about is what people thought about my objectivity or being taken seriously.

        That “awful lot of babble” is aptly in sync with my statement as to “why I amuse myself here with homage and other wordplay”.

        As aforementioned, you are simple incapable of coherent logic… hence your continued inane attempts at taunting and your empty rhetoric bloviating about such things as honor.


      • You done yet?


      • Nicole,

        As I stated before, go talk to the group doing the actual killing. There is no self-pity here. But red hot loathing rage as there should be.

        If you truly believe a side is being manipulated, then get off of your @ss and go preach to the fvking killers and not the victims!

        Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite.


      • Done. Next silly assumption?


      • Good, now stfu instead of trying to tell whitey “stop getting mad while we kill you!”.


      • When “whitey” learns the same lesson, I’ll consider it.

        Really, I think you should start with not identifying yourself as a part of something that you are not.

        Repeat this like a mantra: “White” privilege does not exist and never did.

        I know it’ll be hard, but you must deprogram. Since there is less propaganda geared to promoting the idea of your being persecuted, I expect that it will be easier for you than it has been for me to inform more than a handful of African Americans that “Black” oppression does not exist and never did.

        What has always been happening since the dawn of civilization is that some people have made their fortune off of others’ disadvantages, and one of the easiest ways to group people has always been by ethnicity. Ethnicities can and have been created by purposeful social engineering, but the truth of genetics is what it is, and this is one reason to think very carefully about why things are happening and the reasons you’re being given for them.

        Though some groups may be more prone to certain things than others, no one group under the conventional divisions has a monopoly or even a close enough monopoly on violence. So when you put these people together and then play on their insecurities, bad things are going to happen. The most violent among the most socially dependent of all the groups is going to choose coping styles based on the information fed to them by their “farmers”. These things will feed more insecurity.

        The media knows exactly what buttons to push to entice people to act on their stupidity. They tell one group that they were the top villains of the past, and exploited people mercilessly until one day some leaders in the other group rose up and inspired by this, the villains mercifully changed their ways and granted the others “freedom”. They leave out the stories of free Africans and enslaved Europeans. They don’t tell you about the thousands of European child workers who were brutally exploited, killed, and otherwise treated like garbage.

        “Whitey’s” history has been erased, and since I am partly a product of that, and we’re talking about my responsibilities and obligations to my kin, and doing right by all of my Ancestors, I can’t pretend that the lie is true.


      • “… Though some groups may be more prone to certain things than others, no one group under the conventional divisions has a monopoly or even a close enough monopoly on violence…”

        FBI statistics disagree with you

        The United Nations disagree with you

        Reality disagrees with you

        I know I just wasted my time since you are immune to facts, but I had to try


      • Rape, sexual assaults, assaults that occur during fights, and domestic violence are included in those statistics.

        Remember interests…

        Even if African men are more prone to violence, I doubt that their “victims” are less prone to lie or play the system than those of European men. There are two sides to violent crime, and the definition of some crimes has been changed.

        The easiest way to get revenge on a guy nowadays is to accuse him of rape. If a person defends themselves effectively, this is now assault or murder.

        You as a man should be careful what you buy into. You could be convinced to vote to make yourself a criminal when you kick a guy’s ass or shoot him for attacking you, or shag a woman aggressively.


      • All irrelevant.

        Someone posts about how the black on white crimes are out of control, and you go off in the weeds on bull$hit.

        I don’t believe in white privilege, the whole concept is bull$hit.

        But that’s not the point. The point is, hordes of blacks are killing enormous numbers of whites and you are here talking about irrelevant bull$hit.

        Nicole: Hey whitey, stop being a pain while I kill your race.


        This is the crux of your message. And when you get called on it, like a child, you change the subject.


      • Nicole,

        Your whole argument is irrelevant.

        White privilege does not exist.

        Anytime I point out that hordes of blacks are killing whites….you try to change the subject. IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACTS.

        Nicole: Whitey, stand still and stop fighting back. Let me kill you off.


        This is essentially your position.


      • Danger, I can’t make something be relevant to you if it is not, and I can’t make you stop lying about me to defend your unawareness.

        What I do hope though, is that my words echo in your ears when you’re being welcomed to the prison industrial complex, where all the excess males who have trouble towing the line end up eventually. If you think your being pale will somehow magically protect you from the new multikultural overseers, you are wrong.

        You’re one word from hell, just like all the men here. With one word, your whole life and all you’ve worked for can go to hell, even if you’re ultimately found innocent.

        It has happened to others, and can happen to you, without an African within a 100 mile radius to blame for your situation. Quoting statistics won’t save you from the reality of you, as a male, being cast as the monster because you’re male.

        And you are feeding that machine.


      • Nicole,

        Your points are irrelevant to the entire discussion. You make meaningless babble to ignore the premise that is being stated over and over again that blacks are on a killing spree of white men and the MSM is hiding this fact.

        Post all of the other bull$hit you want, but these are the facts. You are just trying to create red herring after red herring in an effort to keep whitey calm while the knives get slipped in his back.

        Again I say, if you want to solve the problem, stop the blacks from killing whitey. Don’t tell whitey to stand still and that nothing is really happening to him.


    • I guess ALL the conflicts in Africa among various groups of Africans is ALL the white mans fault as well hey.


      • Nope. It’s being human’s fault.

        For the life of me, I wish I did not understand why you people do horrible things and excuse it with your humanity, and then when others do horrible things, you demand that they be somehow superhuman.

        …but I do understand it…and it would be funny if so many lands weren’t being rendered uninhabitable.


    • SO by whatever attempt at logic you are arguing with —-

      1)Whites (or more exactly their multicultural armies) are involved in a lot of wars. Neglect to mention that it is mostly America (melting pot) in these wars and not actual white nations of Europe. Remember for some of the “wars” you listed, Obama has been the Commander and Chief of prosecuting these wars.

      2) Now in your small mindedness decide that since these nations are non-white, it is a race war we are fighting, forgetting to consider that many of these nations have very different races, ethnicities, and religious groups that are already fighting each other. Duh I see non-white people so it’s racist. etc.

      3) In some stupendously cryptic way, state that whites in America are therefore the ones pushing for race wars on blacks, even though the same army you use to prove your point about the earlier wars are both multicultural AND under the control of a black administration that is decidedly pro-black.

      4)By implication, your real meaning is to say that blacks are perfectly fine killing whites, committing unbelievably high levels of violent crime, and we shouldn’t fight back because, you know the race war thing. Also since you whites hate us so much, keep paying trillions of dollars for the sole purpose of trying to raise us up out of poverty and ignorance. You know since you are our mortal enemies. Have your evil white media keep shelling for us too. You are merely stating that blacks have a right to fight this race war in the way that they know how. Fine. Your case sucks, but make it anyway.

      Since this is your logic by your own writing, then by all means declare an anti-white race war like a man. Let whites know once and for all that you mean to kill us through terrorism, guerilla (being generous) warfare, and by political coercion. Let us know since many whites seem to not get this. Declare it with honor so that innocent children and young mothers know not to go outside in urban areas or be anywhere near “randoms”. Whites are already segregating themselves in droves at great cost for reasons they are unable to articulate. Now they’ll know. Maybe they’ll plan accordingly.

      But don’t be surprised if you can’t handle the napalm…..


    • You guys are engaging this darky shill why?


      • There’s no reason to with Nicole. She posts so much that everyone sees how off she is. I don’t know this poster well enough yet, but sometimes refuting the ideas in a public forum are good for others. At least to a point.


      • Sometimes I forget how deep the rabbit hole goes and then…


      • And then you chime in… Tweedle-Dumber.


      • You still can’t seem to get enough.


      • You’re the one that keeps insinuating a “last word”, you uppity Hattie.

        I have an inexhaustible supply of smack downs for dark snark, but the point’s been made.

        So go ahead and take one last turn.


      • An inexhaustible supply of duds is not very impressive.

        If you’d like some pointers, you may wish to actually read the posts you’re commenting on. For you, CH is like the Shaolin priest, you the novice, and I the stone.

        Only your task is, rather than taking the stone, to truly learn not to give a fuck, and to not play tit for tat with girls.


      • You’re under the impression that you should be able to take pot shots without any volleys returned.

        Entitlement much?


      • I’m under the impression that I should be able to hold an adult conversation with adults. I’m also under the impression that when having an adult conversation with men, it will become a bit raucus, and therefore it is unwise for me to take things too personally or react too emotionally.

        You don’t seem to have caught on.


  75. From; The Lucifer Principle : A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History.

    One man’s freedom is all too often another man’s oppression.

    Peace is another word abused by those with hidden pecking order goals.
    It usually means, “Since I’m on top, let’s keep the status quo”; or,
    “Now that I’ve managed to climb on your back, would you please be kind enough to sit still.”
    Justice is the term used by those on the bottom of the heap who are itching to move up. When these folks refer to “the struggle for justice”, they generally mean, “Let’s keep fighting until I come out on top.”
    Once the devotees of justice have seated themselves on the uppermost rung of the ladder, they too almost invariably become staunch defenders of “peace”.

    Stripped of their moral disguises, the slogans of freedom, peace and justice are often weapons that those attempting to achieve hierarchical superiority use to stuff the rest of us into the lower ranks of the pecking order.
    This can be true when the slogans are uttered by individuals and it can be true when these words are used to motivate superorganisms [societies].


  76. […] – Heartiste on randomness. […]


  77. {You’re conflating racial difference and reason for war. {
    { you are forced to expand the argument into other areas that have nothing to do with racial relations {

    so perpetuation and imposition of white supremacy via foreign policy, genocide and war has nothing to do a racial minorities frustration and desire for justice, and even revenge domestically?

    and application of said white supremacy is only ever practiced on foreigners and never domestically against said minority ??

    interesting. you suffer from either extreme cognitive dissonance or willful ignorance.


    • al,

      So you are saying that these thugs killed an Australian white man as a protest of foreign policy?

      And all blacks killing of white men in the us are a protest of foreign policy?

      Cite the evidence cupcake. You and I both know these folk can barely read let alone comprehend anything beyond their neighborhood.

      You suffer from a tragic inability in understanding how data relates to other data. In your desperation to justify anti-white murder, you grasp for anything that may possibly make the white man next door look guilty and deserving of rampant race bated assault.


    • on August 23, 2013 at 10:29 am obsessivecakedisorder

      Your premise was based on the fact that every one of those wars was started by the white man as a race war. I gave you the perception of controlling the narrative only long enough to steer it off course, which you did in very short order.

      Oh, it’s not just evil whitey fighting those wars, and no, we’re not Imperialists like the world police keep telling you we are.

      Tell me, did we ever go to war in any of those foreign countries to own it or run it as a ruling class and not as a temporary government transition? If so, which one(s)? What’s your idea of what would have happened in those countries if we did not step in to stop massacres and bloodshed? Does your hypothetical have anything to do with a lot of dead brown people? If we kept a bunch of brown people from becoming dead brown people, how are we white supremacists? Is that self-defeating if we are?

      Please provide your answers in essay format, single spaced and numbered. Extra credit if you can guess what the secret ingredient is in my chocolate cake. Hint: it’s not dead brown people.


    • You well-intentioned liberal white folks are engaging this renegade from a community college’s Coloured Peoples Studies department why?


  78. And now a WWII veteran beaten to death by two “teens” in WA. What is going on?


  79. on August 23, 2013 at 10:12 am Captains Courageous

    Hearing white women calling for the end of patriarchy is like watching somebody busily sawing away at the tree-branch they’re sitting on.


    • I hate to say it but every beating a white takes wakes up 1,000 whites. The dead reinforce in the extreme 10,000. I just hate that the innocent keep suffering to the lowest of the low and then their loved ones get to pay taxes to feed them and their ilk for the rest of their lives…


    • It was the teens again! Shocking.


    • “Parents say the teens were provoked…”

      The Cathedral just can’t resist those “oh-by-the-ways”.

      Never known it to fail… whenever there’s an incident with a negro, the first words out of their lying yaps are “Got called a nigger!”… which they imagine will exonerate them of all heinous crime and mayhem.

      This country’s finished… as per the Northwest Front’s latest slogan:

      If whites had their own country, this wouldn’t have happened.


  80. You may not be interested in the Race War, but the Race War is interested in you.


  81. on August 24, 2013 at 10:02 am Captains Courageous

    Question. Why are the big news networks so reluctant to show violent black on white crime news stories? And why do both political parties refuse to acknowledge Americas black on white crime epidemic?

    Answer. Because the (YKW) people who have taken control of these organisations know full well that if it came to an out and out race war they would be next on the list.


  82. Stop playing the race card Heartiste.

    The eldest of the three is a white boy, Michael Dewayne Jones.

    [CH: The white guy is mixed. He was hit with the tar brush. 20% non-white, I’d guess. Also, he was the driver, not the shooter. Probably because he was the only one who had a car.]

    Another one of the boys is half white(Chancey Allen Luna),

    [Then Cornball Obama is half-white. Which he is. But try telling that to black or SWPL America, who prefer to call him the nation’s first black president.]

    and the only pure Black one has a white girlfriend.

    [Fat, ugly mud sharks gonna mud shark. Relevance to crime: Zero.]

    The interesting thing is that the two black boys were charged as adults despite being only 15 and 16 years old respectively, whereas as the the only white boy(Mike Jones) who also happens to be the eldest of the three(17) is being charged as a “youthful offender”.

    [You do understand there is a difference in crime severity between being an accessory to murder and being the actual murderer? Of course you do. You just prefer being a disingenuous black grievance monger.]

    So the 2 black guys might get life in prison whereas the white boy might only have to spend 2 years behind bars.

    [Obsidian, take your insipid schtick somewhere else, where stupider people might be tempted to take you seriously.]


    • “Dewayne” is a name associated with whites. On what planet? Is “Deshawn” next? lzolzolzolzolzol

      If you can’t tell that the freak is a half-caste, I suppose you also believe the total jooshit that Zimmerman was a white man.


      • Yes there are some white guys with the Dewayne, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ghettoe, in fact most of these “ghettoe names” are actually French in origin.

        In South Africa and Zimbabwe there are many guys with names that might sound “ghettoe” in America, I once heard of a white Rhodhesian guy named “Tyrone”.

        The only guy that is half caste is Luna, (the guy in the center).


      • And when we’re in South Africa or Zimbabwe, we’ll take into consideration the atypical first names, Yiddler.

        You Sunstein fairy.


      • I had a girl work for me for a very short time. White girl, really pretty, from a northern state, dated ONLY black guys. Sad. She was naturally intelligent but on the very short, rocky road to nowhere.
        She told me how they came up with names for their kids. They pick a name they like, move a few letters around and then add a few and *poof* purty, purty name. Mo’ diffrint= mo bettah. Her first two children, twins, both taken away along with two she had after them, were named, I kid you not, Tagwanesha and Taddanian. She claimed the babydaddy named the girl but she named the boy. She liked the name Damien but didn’t like the association with the movie The Omen. So she did what they all do and Damien became Taddanian. She said a caseworker at the SS office asked her why she did that to her kids
        Last count, she was pregnant for her sixth child. I had to drive her to the clinic one day because the fifth baby was dehydrated to the point of being listless and non-responsive. I’m sure at least one of those two children are in someone else’s custody at this point if not dead. Their babydaddy name is Dedrick. I once had to work an account when I was in cubicle world on which the customer’s name was Demonseed. Yes, Demonseed. Weirdness…

        Perhaps in the past names meant something. Many names were changed because the original version was too hard to pronounce or sounded too ethnic like a lot of Italian names when families hit Ellis Island. Now it’s a contest to see who can come up with the most *ahem* unique name for their crotchfruit. I can find the study, if you like, that shows that people with “diverse” names are less likely to be hired. Would a SBO prefer to hire Sandra Green or LaQuaShandralay Green? One guess. I’m a small business owner and I have to find any way I can to protect myself. Sometimes it’s weeding out, sometimes it’s doing the job of two people to limit my exposure, sometimes it’s 1099 time. That and a cool mil each in GL and E&O. At least the insurance is cheap and I’m in a fairly specialized field now that does its own job of weeding out the dummies.

        So yeah, not much honor in a name, Moe (short for ?)


    • Who pulled the trigger? I’m guessing the majority heat is directed there.

      And where be our Cyberian detectives to dig up pictures of this alleged “white” boy’s parents/grandparents?

      If there ain’t an Ethiopian in the fuel supply somewhere on this “Jones” twerp’s family tree at the parents/grandparents level, well… colour me shocked.

      And you know what? It pretty much doesn’t matter anyway, since he’s decided to throw in his lot with simians.

      So hang him too… ESPECIALLY if he’s white.

      You fairy.


    • Another one of the boys is half white(Chancey Allen Luna), and the only pure Black one has a white girlfriend.

      No such thing as that phiz being “half white”… one bucket rule applies… and a teaspoon of shit still ruins a barrel of ice cream.

      And if you’re trying to make a point that banging a white girl means a negro isn’t RAY-CISS, well… you’re either pathetically naive or a disingenuous twerp yourself… some of the most racist negroes take especial glee in defiling white women.


      • Shouldn’t you be more concerned with why these European women take such glee in being defiled?

        I mean, if a chick wanted to stay a virgin until married these days, that little problem, if you see it as such, would mostly take care of itself. As it is, and definitely not because of Africans, your women are shagging (alphas at least) like rabbits.

        Aren’t you concerned about the degradation of your own culture, if you’d call it a culture?

        One leads to the other…


  83. on August 24, 2013 at 9:48 pm Captains Courageous

    The people who – really run this country – have decided that publicising the slaughter of white people by these black creatures would not be in – their – best interest.

    (VOLTAIRE 1694 –1778) “If you want to know the identity of the real rulers of your society, merely ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize”.


  84. whites now planning to invade Syria on trumped up charges…….again….

    why do whites hate peace ?
    why are they always invading other peoples shit ?
    why do they even lie to create reasons to maim , kill and destroy, and invade other peoples shit absent any real reason ?

    does this propensity for organized violence and sociopathy have genetic roots ?? in the AngloSaxon, ScotchIrish, and assorted other Northern Europeans in particular ???


    • Last I knew Obama was in charge. But you’re too fvking retarded to understand that I suppose.


    • Be happy we don’t have the lack of impulse control and propensity for violence evinced by you coloureds… otherwise there wouldn’t be a shit-skinned face on the continent.

      You troll fairy.


  85. on August 27, 2013 at 4:51 am Captains Courageous

    AverageMoe and Canadian Friend, seem to disagree on the “who really runs America” question.

    So following the “Cui bono” principle here are three “random” questions?

    Which “random” country – despite being the 16th richest (GDP) in the world – receives one third of all US Overseas Aid?

    Which is the only “random” country to be “given” a nuclear capability by the USA?

    Half of all US vetoes at the United Nations have been used to block resolutions criticising which “random” country?


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