Reader Mailbag: AMOG Ex Machina

Email #1, from “Invictus”.

Discovered the site about a month ago, and love the info from you and a couple of your regular commenters (yareally and sentient especially).

I have a couple of questions.

1. I live in a very small town (my hometown) in the middle of nowhere as a chiropractor in my own private practice.  I am financially unable to move until loans are paid off.  The only reason I came back here was that it was the only place where a bank would loan me money to start.  My problem is that there aren’t many women around here to practice game with, and I think I add pressure to make things work with women due to the lack of women in the area (scarcity mentality).  What can I do to overcome this?

I wonder if this is a case of small local banks doing their part to discourage brain drain? Kind of like closed loan borders. Anyhow, my advice is change fields, if your dating situation is that bad. But I doubt it’s that bad. The internet was invented for men like yourself stuck in small towns with poor prospects. Get some online relationships going with a few hotties (chicks dig a doctor, fib a bit), travel to see them every once in a while, and watch your scarcity mentality melt away.

2.  I read in many of your posts about making women chase you.  How exactly is this best accomplished?

Sheesh. There are a million ways. The clearest summary of all those ways is hot-cold-hot-cold. You show interest, you disappear, you make promises, you don’t follow through, you initiate conversations, you reply late with one-word blurts, you guide her to the bedroom, you take a phone call in the hall. Hot-cold-hot-cold is the expression of the attitude that YOU ARE THE PRIZE. When you think of yourself as God’s gift to women, women will believe the Word of You. A lack of neediness, sexy aloofness, is a cue to women that you have sexual market options. When women perceive that about you, they are jolted out of their instinctive role as the chased and an internal switch is flipped that causes them to assume the role of the chaser.


Email #2, from “QDA”.

Reading your site has often helped me clear my tactical approach to game, and I need some help right now.

The following happened not more than two hours ago…

I was in East Village successfully K-closing a girl. I was working out logistics to go to her place, when all of a sudden some drunk idiot started yelling “She’s hot man. Ask her how much. If you’re not buying it, let me.”

“She’s not for sale.”
“Too rich for your blood.”
“Waddaya talking about?! She’s paying me!”
“Stay classy, man.”

Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem if I’d picked her up in my normal organic manner, but this time she was just a drunk girl in a bar who needed lovin, and after just a five minutes of talking, I pulled her away from her friends.

She was already hesitating. That sucker really ramped up her ASD. Since I was going for the kill, I hadn’t even tried taking her number.

Externalities can ruin tight game. This was a scenario when a little beta reassurance would’ve gone a long way to averting a disastrous ASD (anti-slut defense) cooldown.

How do you suggest I could have handled it, when an outsider pushes her ASD threshold in the no-go zone?

There are occasionally times that call for a little white knighting. By “a little”, I mean “barely perceptible”. If you have made out with a girl and she’s halfway toward your door when a drunk idiot makes a scene, you do yourself a favor by intervening on behalf of her lonely girl honor. Just don’t get carried away; white knighting that is too obvious can quickly escalate an awkward scene to a brawl, and turn off girls who shirk from possessive, mate guarding men. See suggested replies above.


Email #3, from “Don”.

Why do younger girls love guys who do drugs??

All girls have a part of them, smaller in some larger in others, that loves a rebel.

running high school game basically just – social proof, body language and talents.

Don’t forget boldness.

word recently got out I was after a gram of ecstasy for friday and bitches are reeling in with curiosity by the hour

Explains why so many chicks dig black culture

The girls I knew who rolled were all hardcore club chicks and flighty artsy types. Ecstasy let them babble even longer and more incoherently than they normally did, and because it’s a touchy-feely drug it served the dual purpose of relaxing their ASD.

Just be careful with drug game; it’s highly self-selective, (meaning, you will mostly screen for girls who like drugs), and relying on it will close off tons of options with “high on life” girls.


Email #4, from “Cy”.

Hey CH, Cy here- young player (17 turning 18 soon) with term goals to get my body and my game into shape. Got a question about game, but first a bit of background to help understanding.

-Born and live abroad as a US citizen in a somewhat backwards Mediterranean country, with yearly visits to US.
-Trying to get into western-style game.
-This is both the opposite of what is done here (the local guys’ game) and harder to do since I live in a “capital city” with pop. only around 800,000.
-Small size is made worse by the fact that parents and relatives all live here. Think an everyone-knows-everyone type of place, amplified by 10.

Welcome to Southern Europe. At least the women are beautiful.

Any advice on how to practice game? For example I see the cold approach as a major part of the game, but it is difficult to implement it in my environment.

Assuming you speak the native language, I really don’t think there’s much difference in how the essential game principles are applied throughout Europe. Yeah, some country’s girls may require more provider beta game, and some more sexy alpha game, but these are tactical differences. The core attitude you must project — outcome independence and charming devilry — remains the same no matter where you go.

Your question is very broad, so it’s tough for me to give you any specific advice. Southern Euro men direct approach women by nature, so maybe you want to stand out in contrast and do more indirect approaches? Use your background as a springboard for conversation. You’re an American citizen living abroad who knows her city pretty well, but some things about the place still surprise you; surely that’s enough material right there to pique her curiosity?


Email #5, from “anonymous”.

I could use some advice.  College, supposedly some of the best years of your life.  My friends and I are all seniors.  I figure that since it’s the last year, we must go all out whenever the opportunity presents itself.  That means one night stands, keggers, bars and unforgettable stories that we can laugh about when we’re old and grey.  I’ve been having a variety of 7/10+ one night stands with these women on a consistent basis. I must say that while I am growing more cold and aloof (which may or may not be such a bad thing), my confidence has transcended to new heights.  It’s insane how confidence can improve almost all areas of your life and how quickly your confidence can be swept away.

That’s why it’s important to learn the art of overconfidence, which is confidence that doesn’t require external validation to continue functioning.

All of my close friends (who I go out with) are busy at part time jobs and settling for sub par relationships.  None of them have any desire to go out and when they do, they grab a quick drink and leave.  When I game, I mostly go lone wolf but I’ve always got my friends there to joke, have a good time and drink with permitting I don’t get laid.  Last weekend, my friends bailed and I went out alone on both nights.  I had an awful time and I’ve sort of been in a funk as of the moment.  I’m not sure how to snap out of it.  I know that I may have to find new friends to go out with but since I’m a senior everyone’s social circles are like armored fortresses.  I have a feeling that making a new set of ambitious friends isn’t as easy as it was freshman year.  Ideally, I’d like to be self sufficient and be able to game + have a good time no matter the people or circumstances.  How do I work up to that?  I’d appreciate your two cents.

Making new acquaintances isn’t as hard as it seems, and once you have acquaintances, a few friends will follow. If you can cold approach attractive girls for sex, you can cold approach anyone for meaningless banter. But more to your question, I’d say stop going out to bars/clubs/parties for now. Try new venues. Whenever I’m in similar circumstances, I make it a mission to find events to attend where I know showing up alone won’t look out of place. Festivals, fairs, art galleries, beer tastings, auto shows, farmers markets, malls. Gain a bit of knowledge about the event you’re attending so you have something to talk about with girls. College must be loaded with social events that you could crash without feeling self-conscious.

Hell, you don’t even need events. Go to the park and fly a kite shaped like two boobs. You’ll get noticed. Bars on weeknights are lone wolf hunting grounds. Any girl you meet on a weeknight out alone is looking for dick, that much is guaranteed.


Email #6, from “T”.

Beta trying to develop game here. I logged back on to OkCupid for the first time in several months and I messaged a solid 7 I had briefly talked to months ago.

Me – “you’re still here? are the men on this site that bad?”

Her shit test – “haha yes they are. what makes you different?”

My idea for a response is – “I’m not going to qualify myself with an answer. That’s what.”


Be careful with this shit test. When a girl asks a seemingly harmless question like “what makes you different?” there is an implied recognition of her status as the one being courted. You don’t want to validate this girl’s self-perception as the higher value entity. Your reply is no good; not because it validates her, but because it’s meaning is too translucent. It sounds quasi-autistic, the way you’re describing in lurid detail the unspoken dynamic of this exchange. It also sounds defensive, like you can see her bitchiness and rejection coming a mile away and you intend to tell her in no uncertain terms how you will evade it.

No girl wants your thought process so obviously laid bare, especially when said thoughts are of the preemptively butthurt variety. The alpha reply is one that undermines her self-regarding premise playfully, without betraying the mentality of a man who expects the worst from women. Alpha males don’t expect the worst from women, though they may be more aware than other men of the depravities women can entertain, because alphas are often the recipients of women’s most generous gifts.

GIRL: “what makes you different?”



  1. Would have went with “I have two opposable thumbs” to the difference question just for teh lulz.


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      Her shit test – “haha yes they are. what makes you different?”

      DA GBFM: Well, a foot isn’t much difference in a journey across the universe. But it’s ways on up your ginaagagzm with my 14″ lotsstats cockakskszlzlzozozo.i


      • Lulz. Wut maykz u diffrrent. About 7 inchezz


      • Answer to #3 is WRONG.

        Women love guys with drugs because they have fucking DRUGS. Guys with drugs tend to give drugs to girls with the guys with drugs.

        Just ONCE every damned one of you ought to try coke game just for the lulz. It is going to whip out its 18″ dick and piss ALL OVER everything you thought you knew about “pick up” and “game” and all of this BS. Plus it will disillusion the shit outta you about women.


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      • It’s fascinating that there are essentially zero replies concerning the NYC “AMOG” thread-titler who called the poor girl a whore. ***cough*** ***cough***


    • That doesn’t get the hamster spinning. It just confirms that she deserves a high status man.


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  3. GIRL: “what makes you different?”

    “Mostly genetics.”


    • “What makes you different?”

      “I bake.”

      “Bake?” or “What do you bake?” or “Why?” or whatever.

      “Nah, it’s a movie. When a man loves a woman. Andy Garcia.”

      It’s not a great answer, but it doesn’t give a real reply to her question, which is the point. Not getting stuck in her frame, as CH says. Also, the most famous actor in that movie is Meg Ryan, not Andy Garcia, but you can’t be bothered to mention the female actor’s name.

      A search for “when a man loves a woman andy garcia” in YouTube shows the scene I am thinking about, which is a great example of game. Great delivery of “I bake.” Yes, it’s scripted, but it’s a good script. Notice the difference between Andy Garcia and the guy who tries to hit on Meg Ryan.


  4. Funny: one night last week my girl woke me up at like 3 am when she went to piss. I saw her in the doorway so I randomly said “quack quack” and went back to sleep.

    It’s been driving her nuts ever since. She wants to know why I said it and what I meant by it.

    I told her it just popped into my head.

    She doesn’t believe me. She can’t let it go. She can’t figure it out. And she loves it.


  5. I’ve been branching out in my sarging, ‘cuz I only hit bars 2-3 times a week nowadays and want to make things count. One place is right by USF St. Pete–typical Liberal Arts college, 2/3rds female, half the male student body is gay/incel/MGTOW, Girls always get dolled up on Thursday, and this concert venue downtown has karaoke then. I will end up with a girl literally half my age, though at this point every time I’m there, roughly midnight, I get a booty call from one of the (older) gals I see sometimes. It’s like they know I’ve almost completed my transitioning and are presenting an absolute sure thing as my last shit test.

    The other place I’ll go has pinball, bikers, lesbians, surly barmaid straight from Donegal, a crowd that roars if you do the Sex Pistols well and really cheap drinks. Not as many bangable women, but not bad on a Friday, as it’s also pretty close to USF St. Pete. One regular is a flirty lesbian who always says hi and gives hugs/exuberant applause, I’ve had friends who’ve made that mistake. I’m not one of them, but last time I was there, she jumped up at the end of the night to fix the microphones somebody else had broken. Part of her repairs including delicately wrapping the cords around the mic stand for some reason. A very involved process.

    I go, “I think she’s into bondage” into the other mic. She blushes, races off stage, but then comes back a second later to sing a duet with me (I’m a Believer, Monkees, the doo doo dooo parts.) Really it’s a strange bar that I’ve fallen in love with, we’ve had impromptu showtunes night.

    Again, I ain’t losing sleep over it. But she has horrible taste in women, previously sent one home alone while eyeing me, another time talking about, “he knows the words to everything.” First time we met, another bar with 7 people in it, she did Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid, I countered with Under the Sea, “I see your Disney and raise..”

    If I convert her, however briefly, do I get a Keurig?


    • Presumably there is no mechanism through which you couldn’t just claim that she DID give you an affirmative Yes. Your word against hers.


      • Yes, and whose word do you think the colleges are going to believe?

        Almost certainly the colleges will play better safe than sorry.

        More and more and more college students – male AND female – will get expelled.

        Would you have sex with someone at your school if you knew every act was an expellable offense?

        People are freaked out about driving drunk, but being expelled costs ten times a DUI.

        I’m telling my kids, no sexual contact at your school. Period.


      • Sure, but my point is that the law is unenforceable. The matter of courts taking her word over his is besides the point. Conversely, the reverse can happen: she will verbally agree and then say she didn’t.

        Absent a mechanism of verification like a written agreement to fuck (which takes us into the realm of absurdity) the law is meaningless.

        One of its intended or unintended effects though may be to dampen sex in general, seeding seeds of doubt and fear in the man as he’s escalating.


      • you can think of these absurdist anti-masculinity femcunt laws as 1. reinforcement cockblocks 2. an extra layer of shit tests to screen for persistent no fucks given alphas and 3. weak-willed beta male filtering proxies.

        the arms race between cad game and women’s anti-slut defenses continues.


      • did you geniuses read the part where it said that if she’s drunk she CANNOT consent?

        YES YES YES YES FUCK ME if she’s past .08 = RAPE the next day.


      • Drunk fucking is now rape. I predict a lot of mutual rapes happening.


      • You are mistaken – mutual implies the chick might get into trouble too. We already know that won’t happen…


      • > “I’m telling my kids, no sexual contact at your school. Period.” I thought the femcunts were supposed to hate the Victorian Era, not to mention the Eisenhower Administration. And yet look at the Brave New World which they are trying to create. Doesn’t seem to resemble the Roaring 60s, when Marilyn Monroe died “all alone” in Brentwood and Mary Pinchot Meyer died “all alone” in Georgetown. So much for the legacy of Saint JFK.


      • Or maybe it’s a great big shit test where you’re supposed to prove your Uber-Alpha bona fides by murdering a lover – like a Mary Jo Kopechne, or a Donald Young – and getting away with it.


      • Sure, you can always deny any accusation. The problem is that the traditionally high burden of proof and evidentiary standards faced by a criminal accuser have been whittled down to almost nothing over the last fifty years. Not for all crimes, of course– just those crimes which happen to have female accusers and male accused.


    • I have posted about this twice, in fact…. There is a California case where a guy was thrown out of college even though there was no evidence against him and no criminal investigation. Reposting:

      So they were partying, then she was in his dorm room (making out, obviously), and then he was alone in his dorm room texting her to come back there soon, clearly to have sex. She texted back: “Do you have a condom?” He wrote yes, and she wrote “Coming.”

      Then she texted a friend to brag: “I’mgoingtohave sex now”

      She says she doesn’t remember the night.

      The next day a male beta friend told her: “”I think you may have slept with John.”

      She replied: “Yeah, I figure that might’ve happened.”

      She got rid of her virginity that night, or so she claims. (So she would know if she had sex or not, no “might’ve”.) Then a week later she filed a complaint with the college, Occidental, claiming she had been raped.

      (That’s the leftist art college most known for Obama’s memoir claim of doing drugs there and hanging out with “Marxist professors and feminist structuralists and punk rock performance poets”.)

      And despite the man not being prosecuted for any crime – since there wasn’t any proof whatsoever of a crime – he was expelled.

      She claims she was too drunk to remember what happened. According to the new California Senate Bill 967 that means the college must treat the matter as if she was raped. If she was too drunk that night, she is not responsible for her actions.

      HOWEVER, the college says the MAN is still responsible for his actions even if he was also too drunk:

      An outside lawyer hired by Occidental to adjudicate the sexual-assault hearing found that John was impaired beyond the point where he could have understood Jane’s condition but should nonetheless be held as responsible as if he had been sober.

      One standard for women, another standard for men.


      • There was another link about that story, a Breitbart link I think, but I have lost it now. It showed that the one pushing for the man being expelled was a socialist school psychiatrist who has written feminist books about “rape on campus”. Looking for a target so she can brag about a victory.

        Occidental was sued in 2013 by a gaggle of women claiming sexual harassment on campus. They were represented by “prominent civil-rights lawyer” Gloria Allred. She gets a percentage of the extorted money and garners publicity for the leftist agenda. How did I know she was of the Tribe even before looking her up in Wikipedia?


      • One standard for women, another standard for men.

        Two drunk drivers, both who had several too many to drink stagger to their cars in a dark bar parking lot. One in a Honda, the other across town in a BMW. They weave through the streets of a small Midwestern town, both drivers clearly too drunk to drive.

        Around 11:15pm, the Honda driver, headed north, sees a light up ahead turn yellow, then red and guns it blowing the light. At the same time the southbound BMW veers lazily wide out of its lane and right into the path of the Honda.

        The ensuing collision is loud and violent but both drivers are alive, a bit banged up, but okay.

        Which driver is at fault?

        The Honda driver of course, because it was driven by a man.

        That story is fictional, but what is not, are the many cases we hear about where two drunk college students have sex. And after the woman does the walk of shame at 3:15am, carrying her heels as she staggers a few blocks home back to her sorority house.

        Only to wake up the next day and see some of her more catty Delta sisters laughing about her and mocking her choice in hookup partners. Then decides she was too drunk to really remember anything and she must have been raped.

        The man is now fucked because a sweet, good-looking co-ed has just outed him as a rapist. And even though BOTH were most likely too drunk to really know what was going on, the burden of proof is now squarely on him as an overzealous DA and Rachel Maddow-looking prosecutor prepare his execution in the court of public opinion and the court of law.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 1:14 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        He should have sued the university. The reason nothing happens about these things is because only left wingers sue to make political points. The college would have then have to apply that bill equally.


    • What’s next, she has to sign an affidavit? This is the stupidest law imaginable. Totally unworkable. Girls like me who aren’t aggressive will never have sex again. Although, maybe that’s the point.


      • DUH! If you have sex with WOMEN like they want you to, then there is no need for any of this or else you are both rapists?


      • Little Miss Amy wakes up and notices the Final Glorious War to Destroy Shiksa Fertility Forever.


      • Although if the Final Glorious War succeeds in establishing a Neo-Puritanism, then it could have the profoundly unintended and horrifying consequence of actually increasing Shiksa fertility.Stay tuned.


    • “OMG, lol, what’s that thing on your head?”

      “That’s my new GoPro.

      Now just look at me and say the following: “I hereby swear of my free personal will, that I do consent to sexual contact up to and inclusive of sexual intercourse whereby I grant unrestricted consent for your penis to enter my vagina, and I duly swear to hold fully exempt from any future civil and/or criminal litigation resulting from said intercourse.


    • I see a lot more secret recordings of all sexual encounters “just in case”, happening in california pretty soon.


  6. Her: “What makes you different?”

    Me: “My dick is two inches.”

    Me again: “…from the GROUND.”

    Me again: “…because I’m squatting. :(”

    I’m congruent to this because my dick is only two inches big.

    Also self-amusing helps. And a lack of outcome dependence. And not taking her question seriously. And purposely trying to UNimpress her and DISqualify yourself when she expects you to impress her and qualify yourself.

    And if that doesn’t work then just message her “WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME??” over and over until she files the restraining order. After all, a restraining order is just a really formal long distance relationship.

    …I think the caffeine has kicked in lol


    • “After all, a restraining order is just a really formal long distance relationship.”



    • Disqualifying yourself is not good. Joking or not, what you say then is something she will remember about you. Saying that your penis is small? That’s terrible. And disqualifying yourself is just another way of trying to qualify yourself: by trying to impress her with humor. It is better to give an answer that isn’t an answer to her question at all, whether joking or serious.


      • Lol….saying your dick is two inches long is a non-answer — unless you are worried that she may really believe your dick is two inches long.

        DQ’ing is “qualifying yourself” in the same way that essentially -every single- game principle is “qualifying yourself.” They are all tactics PUAs use to convey value and meet whatever ‘value threshold’ a woman has. But nah man, DQ’ing is a legit tactic.

        You sound like a guy who lets his looks or passive value do the work for him. Not saying that as an insult, but it’s different when the situation neutralizes those aspects about you.


      • Disqualifying is a valid tactic if you have the right sense of humor and knack for calibration. Context matters a lot, not everything has to be a executed according to the Supreme Alpha Playbook.


      • Scray gets it.

        1) The joke is 2 inches, not 5 inches. 5 inches is believable, 2 inches isn’t. If someone asks what’s in the trunk of my car and I say “a dead squirrel I hit with my car and then picked up off the side of the road to stuff and put on my desk”, that’s not funny and is just kind of weird and fucked up because it could be true. If I say “3 dead hookers and a goat, the usual. It was a weird Saturday night”, it’s so exaggerated that it’s clearly not true.

        2) Every guy who talks to a hot girl is terrified to risk her thinking he isn’t a 10/10. The guy who has 10 girls hotter than her waiting for him at home gives no fucks and actively tries to get rid of her because it means he has more time for the other girls. This all works better on hotter girls than it does on like, 6s. …but why would you be hitting on 6s in the first place?

        Don’t take yourself too seriously, nobody else does. 😉


      • Just remember it’s called Game for a reason, not “life or death”. Have fun with it… like miniature golf.


      • Ya’s disqualifying is so exaggerates as to make it non-disqualifying. Plus, as he always says, lead convos to the sexual, which this does. Think about it, when Ya says his dick is 2 inches long, what exactly will the girls mind be thinking of, her question about what makes him different, or Ya’s actual dick size?


      • for one thing, the 2″ dick DQ will force the girl’s mind onto his dick. which is where you want her mind to go.


      • na man small penis game is golden. except tiny works better.


      • Lol….saying your dick is two inches long is a non-answer

        Um, no, it’s answering her question. In a joking matter, but still an answer. Do you need to look up the definition of what an answer is? Poor little leftist.

        “LOL” – You were “laughing out loud” at that? Seriously?

        You sound like a guy who lets his looks or passive value do the work for him.

        Uh, sure. That’s why I’ve posted many times on game, right? Still waiting for an interesting post on game methods from you.


      • for one thing, the 2″ dick DQ will force the girl’s mind onto his dick. which is where you want her mind to go.

        How about if he says it’s smelly, permanently limp and full of sores? She’ll be thinking of his dick then too.

        This is akin to the false statement that “all publicity is good publicity”. If a malignant rumor spreads that a beer producer pisses in the beer that’s publicity, it makes people think about that beer. But sales will plummet. True story, by the way.


      • “2 inches isn’t.”

        sure it is. it’s called a micropenis. 6 foot 3 musclehead bouncer at our local bar was famous for his third pinky.

        kant can tell us what it’s like to have one.


      • ‘Um, no, it’s answering her question. In a joking matter, but still an answer. Do you need to look up the definition of what an answer is? Poor little leftist.’

        No, but I think you need to look up the definition of “too literal.”

        ‘You were “laughing out loud” at that? Seriously?’

        At your whole “YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT YOURSELF OR ANSWER HER” posture, ya. Still loling, actually.


      • @Arbiter
        You’re lashing out with such a weirdly hostile reaction to this lol Do you have a micro-peen? Is that what this is about? It’s ok man, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean. lol

        I tell girls my dick is tiny like a wet baby carrot (straight out of oldschool Tyler routines) all the time. It’s one of my favorite disqualifiers. They either respond with “lol no it isn’t!!” which means she’s into me and I can just play it straight from there, or they respond with “lol thanks for the warning” which means she’s into me but she’s feisty and enjoys a little self-depreciating wit and some back-and-forth. I just calibrate to whichever one she is.

        The percent of girls who are offended or turned off by this is very small and generally those girls don’t have the sense of humor I mesh with anyway so I’m alright with them weeding themselves out. And there’s a very direct correlation between the hotness of the girl and how much she loves the tiny wang jokes (the hotter the more she loves it).

        A girl hearing/reading the joke (I use it in texts and in person, it goes over best in person where they can see my facial expression and voice tonality) processes it as only two guys would tell a girl they have a tiny penis: guys who are socially awkward and uncalibrated and weird and it might be true, or guys who’ve had enough sex with girls at least as hot as them that they don’t care whether they believe them or not. If the next thing I say to her response is cool/fun/charming, then she knows I’m in the latter category not the former.

        I also use a deadpan delivery in person. Think Ryan Reynolds or Hank Moody.

        You don’t have to use it, it’s not a magic routine or anything, and judging by how ridiculously “I want to be Don Draper” serious you seem to be it probably wouldn’t go over well for you anyway. But I’ve verrrrry thoroughly field tested it and it gets consistently good reactions and, like others have said, sets a sexual tone to the conversation in a disarming way that doesn’t trigger her ASD or make me look desperate/needy, which is the important part.


      • Arbiter’s panties are in a knot over this one


      • ‘ Is that what this is about? It’s ok man, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean. lol’


      • I ❤ dik


    • i think out of all the gambits i employ tiny penis game has got to be the highest percentage of converting convos into lays. if i can work that into a convo it is nuclear. its also fun and never gets old. i think in a sense all game distills down to that dynamic/concept. its so powerful i may try it on my hot model cousin for fun. heh


    • I’ve tried doing the YaReally / Hank Moody style playful banter and it tends to come off as overgaming when I do it, especially over texts. I’m not sure if I just suck at it or if it’s because it comes off as incongruent, since my real life personality / vibe is the quiet and mysterious type.

      Anyway, I switched over to being more cryptic, curt and unresponsive over texts, and my results got much better. I’d recommend people try out different styles and see what yields the best results


      • “I’d recommend people try out different styles and see what yields the best results”

        Ya, the reason I don’t post a lot of my personal routines word-for-word is because a lot of guys don’t have the same vibe as me so they won’t necessarily be congruent for them, and it’s not the actual words I say that get the results anyway, it’s the underlying concepts behind them, so I don’t like to have people reading my stuff get distracted by the flowery swirly-twirly verbosity of my routines and dismiss them as “I could never come up with or pull off something like that in the moment” and dismiss them before they look beneath the surface at the concepts I’m executing.

        If you look at any actual routines I post and really break them down, they always have multiple PUA concepts interwoven in them and flip a bunch of switches at once. Mystery was amazing at this, if you watch some of his in-field footage you can see him overlapping concepts constantly, calibrating forward and back and dropping stuff that isn’t hitting and layering stuff that is. It’s never just one thing at a time and then moving onto the next thing in a linear path. That layering is where the Artist part of Pickup Artist comes in.

        My vibe is partly my own personality (I’m low-energy and in my 30s, I don’t high-five and spin girls in field and call them powerpuff girls) and partly just massive field experience…like I come up with wittier back and forth comments than the girl does because I’ve been in this conversation a thousand times before and I have a dozen responses for tests like “what makes you different?” and a dozen responses for her response to my response, because I’ve been out socializing a lot. A lot of the guys who think they’re “quiet mysterious James Bond” types are really just guys who don’t know what to say and would rather not risk fucking up the interaction by just riffing…they’re looking to have every word they say hit for a perfect pickup because most of our role models of what pickup looks like is the James Bond stuff we see in movies.

        I mostly post stuff like my dick thing as a counter-point to the James Bond crew that permeates the Manosphere who promote the idea that there’s no room to play around…you’re either Don Draper wearing a custom suit with a matching pocket square as you smoke a cigar and sip on scotch, or you aren’t going to get laid. I don’t like to see everyone pushing toward one type of persona because a lot of people aren’t naturally that type of person and end up wasting years of training being incongruent because they’re holding back their expressive instincts because everyone “all those pickup guys” said they had to be laconic and aloof.

        So I’m basically showing the other side of the coin. Note that I’m executing the exact same principles:

        “What makes you different from other men?”

        All 3 of these responses:

        1) “Standards.”
        2) “(no reply, just change subjects)”
        3) “I made it two messages without sending you dick pics.”

        …are executing the same principles: They’re dismissing her question instead of answering it seriously and they’re not trying to impress or qualify to her. Even if the external wording is different, the underlying principles communicate the same thing.

        The reason my style builds fast sexual chemistry is because with response number 1 she goes “ooo good answer” and thinks you’re clever but may still keep you in a dating/suitor/provider frame because she’s picturing a Don Draper bringing her out to dinner at a fancy restaraunt and saying cool one-word answers like that as he lights his cigar and the expensive wine arrives. So it’s good and it makes a badass screencap or story to tell buddies, but it’s not as optimal as it COULD be because it doesn’t push things toward a sexual tone. Standards could simply mean standards in dating or standards in life or standards in your expectations for yourself.

        Response number 2 is also acceptable, but it passes up an opportunity to demonstrate value and set a sexual tone. It’s like her asking you to show her something that you’re really good at and you tell her “no”…you can DO that, but you’d make faster headway by taking that opportunity to demonstrate value and lead things toward where you want them to go. It’s not bad, it’s just not taking advantage of a free “gimme” so it’s not optimal in terms of fast seduction.

        Response number 3 sets a sexual tone to the conversation that breaks out of a provider/date frame because it’s immediately setting the tone to talking about dick pics and casual sex and hooking up. I’d follow it up with something like “And now I’m at three messages without asking you for pics of your tits. I thought I was being a gentleman but shit maybe I’m just gay.” disqualifying myself and lead the conversation full-tilt into sexual topics. Then counter the disqualifying with showing intent with something like “I think you could make me straight. Your pics already made PART of me straight. heyoooooo” and we’re off into the land of sexual chemistry because all of this is self-amusing and not qualifying myself and leading things into a sexual tone and a more interesting conversation than she’s having with the laconic guy she met Saturday night who’s waiting 4 hours to reply to her with his one-word answers. She’ll schedule a date to go to dinner with that guy next week and he’ll probably bang her, but I’ll have her out at a shitty pub the same night I text her and take her home to fuck because our tone is more sexually charged.

        I’m not saying my style is better, whatever works for your vibe and is congruent is what will work best for you…but there’s a method to my madness, I’m not just fucking around randomly saying stupid shit and playing a numbers game hoping something hits. I’m applying a lot of game principles to my shit. I used to have to do this consciously and plan everything out and reword stuff a dozen times, and I still do proofread and reword things now and then, but a lot of this is on autopilot now just from field experience.

        I would say that if you’re an aloof type guy and DO want to use short responses like “Standards.”, try to figure out how to add a sexual tone with them. Compare:

        “What makes you different from other men?”

        1) “I have standards.”

        2) “I’m selective about who I sleep with.”

        The first one is a cool response, but the second one, while also being short and sweet, sets a sexual tone talking about sleeping with people, shows you aren’t the friend-zone type and have sexual intentions with her, implies you have high standards and are or will be qualifying her, implies you have abundance and enough sexual options to be selective, shows you’re bold and comfortable with taking the interaction sexual, and it’s still classy to fit that Don Draper mold (“who I sleep with” VS “who I fuck”).

        So the first one is good, but not as optimal as the second one in terms of fast seduction. Always be pushing things toward sexual flirting/topics and leading them forward. You don’t have to respond to every text and you should never get caught in sideways stagnant text conversations that aren’t leading things forward toward the goal of meeting up and fucking.


      • @yareally

        Yeah I think your criticism of the James Bond guys is fair. I just really am low energy, quiet / laconic naturally though, so high energy / verbose styles of game come off as really incongruent. My mLTRs always tease me about being cartoonishly mysterious and emotionally unavailable. Sounds cliche but in person this can be very seductive.

        I agree with you that if you want to text game a girl into meeting up you usually have to ramp it up somewhat over a few texts before pitching the meet. The way I do it is to say vague shit that makes them curious and invest first. Like today I sent a text to a girl I haven’t banged in a couple weeks, she’s a musician as well so we make dates for her to come over and ‘play music’:

        “we should jam again. i have a couple good ideas but you might not know the songs”

        Of course here I don’t tell her when it is that we ‘jamming’, and she gets curious about what songs I’m talking about, and I’m being cryptic and mysterious which gives her tingles. She’ll probably respond in a couple of hours and I’ll escalate to meeting up to play music at my place which means sex

        Again, I think this works well because its congruent to my vibe in real life. Not sure if it work work for the frat boy, Stifler, or Hank Moody types


      • Game Denialist: ” I’m XXX just fucking around randomly saying stupid shit and playing a numbers game hoping something hits.”

        Game Master: ” I’m applying a lot of game principles to my shit.” “I … plan everything out and reword stuff ” “Always be pushing things toward sexual flirting/topics and leading them forward. ”

        Gents – sublime post above by YaReally. But there are NO shortcuts. You have to do the WORK. You need to learn the theory, practice application IRL, learn from your mistakes and ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN AND A DIRECTION (and solid logistics to support it).

        Everyone can learn game and benefit from it.


  7. My reply to the girl in Email #6 would be to ignore her challenge like it never even hit my radar. I’d redirect to something (anything) else, like talking about something interesting I did recently or a fun event she should join me for.


    • Yeah, just blandly ignoring shit is underrated.


      • The unstated implications include “you are a boring girl” and “I have better things to do than massaging your ego.”

        I have yet to have a girl steer the conversation back to the challenge I ignored, but if it happened, I’d likely give it one dismissive “that’s adorable.” Further intransigence would result in her dismissal.


    • Exactly. This is the best response, shows that you won’t jump whenever she tells you to.


  8. “What makes you different?”

    Would go the humor route, here.

    “I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Tootsie Pop.”


  9. He should have left it at “Are you still here?”. CH’s reply is a good recovery, though.


  10. “My problem is that there aren’t many women around here to practice game with, and I think I add pressure to make things work with women due to the lack of women in the area (scarcity mentality). What can I do to overcome this?”

    I have the same problem. Online dating is not the answer. If anything it just makes it worse, as the flakiness is high and quality of women very low. Can’t believe CH recommended this.


    • If there are literally no women within reach of your daily routine, then online is the best option to get at least some positive attention from women that will help alleviate scarcity mentality.


      • craigslist can be entertaining because good chance chick is married. heh. seriously when your not getting any gotta do whatever it takes


      • Also a good chance of it being a hooker


      • Since the main goal here, for Cyro, ought to be to make solid forward progress away from the folly of oneitis and its evil twin “pedestalation” (and given your geographically straightened circumstances) the best way forward might be to enact what I have called the “All of them strategy”. In other words, set out to do all of them that you can stand to be with. Just get it done. This is not a time for mercy or restraint.
        Your serious case of Onesitis will be adequated treated thereby; Pedestazling will receive a righteous heat-shot. It cannot be helped. Sorry.
        Then you will be set free to leave that town in every way. You may have serious reason to act quickly in that regard. Student loans in the rear view mirror….etc.
        Heck, a Dr of Chiropractic can makes tons of money just off the internet.


    • Online doesn’t work for me either. I don’t know about Tinder, but OKC, etc. is garbage and scammer farm. Same offline target poor issues here. Remember, whoever, that developing skills is not equal to lay potential. In the long run, skills >> target potential. My goal is now the same a women: I want them to want me. Also, develop social leverage not equal to social skills. Lover your time and energy for you.


    • For small town chiropractor: 1) Be very careful about getting a reputation as a sleazebag – you earn your living by putting your hands on people, and a little gossip here and there could leave you looking like one seriously creepy dude. 2) In small towns, the poontang is in the EVANGELICAL CHURCHES!!! I’d drive a little ways and join a big EC a few towns over [so as to preserve your rep in your hometown].


    • How big of a radius are you using? How close are you to a city? If you’re in a small town, don’t be afraid to set it at a couple hours’ drive. Filter carefully and use a “long fuse.” If you’re all set up in your small town or are geographically restricted, you’re running import game. You want to find a good partner and import them!


      • I’m not in a small town, just a large suburban sprawl outside of a major city. It is a cultural wasteland and the women are either married or ugly. I don’t have a lot of free time and no friends nearby so I don’t get out much.

        The point is that online dating is teeming with post-wall cat ladies and divorcees, and they’re all looking for a provider. It isn’t anything more than that.


      • I don’t feel so good.Can yoo swallow too much jizz?


      • If you’re putting in ages 20-25 in your search and you have a 120 mile radius, you should not be getting only divorcees and post-wall cat ladies 🙂 If you search only for women with master’s degrees, you’ll probably find less looking for providers. If I knew your zip code, I’d be happy to help you look.


      • Maybe you should lay down for a spell. Consult your doctor. You may have hogwarts.


      • cryo – ditch the yarmulke and head to the EVANGELICAL CHURCHES [with your tail between your legs]. Frigging 72 virgin paradise.


      • @cyro a large suburban sprawl outside of a major city… and you can’t find girls or you just aren’t looking hard enough. The population you cite means there will be lot’s of girls 5-7… You need to find the local community or for profit colleges and hit the lunch places and coffee shops right around them, check the local alternative type paper for lists of shows, events, there will be pages of happy hour and ladies night type places. This will help you get a bead on things going on and places to hit. There are always chain places like Chilis and Applebees and similar that have happy hour and some type of bar scene. In a setting like this it can be easier because girls are all funneled to the same places.

        second – How far outside of the major city are you? why aren’t you spending the weekends day gaming all day long at a a minimum in the city?

        Third – why not move into the city? Take charge man.


      • If you branch out a little bit, how about getting into yoga as a hobby? Bendy chicks and an offhand day job as a chiropractor sounds like a DHV there.


    • There are good and bad experiences from online game. But then, the same can be said for ordinary game.

      Far more people meet a partner online today than at the pub or through a hobby. It isn’t perfect, though. It’s just one more venue. For many it is practical. Many don’t have friends who will be their wingmen, and don’t have time for daygame because they are at work. And maybe they work hard and are just too tired to go to the pub. Or if they go to the pub, they always see the same people. Not the case for me, but I know circumstances differ.

      You’ll get to hear No a lot more online, more than in ordinary game, that’s for sure. But that’s because you, and every other guy, send out messages to very large numbers of women. So there will be a lot of declined requests.

      But – the time it takes for you to send out fifty messages is less than the time one night at the pub takes. Guys say, “I get declined more online” without seeing the obvious other side, that they also send out a lot more messages, just like everyone else, so what do you expect? Of course, if a guy’s morale goes down every time he gets a No from a girl, no matter what the circumstances, he shouldn’t do online game.

      If you look at PUA sites, there are some who are experts at online game and those who hate it. Well, the same goes for any other place you meet women.


      • cannot even count the number of online chicks that I’ve gotten to a number with. If I were patient or gave a fuck, could fuck hundreds online, but then I live in a city.


    • @cryo a few things that really work are things like “wine tastings” or some type of interactive enjoyment of some activity or food.

      Women go to these things…there’s plausible deniability—you’re there for the cheese or the wine, or the scotch or the whatever NOT to pick up. The game is much easier because it’s seen as part of the banter of being “social”.

      Every small town I’ve lived in had something like this. There’s always special interest classes—language classes are great because they always pair you up with a girl to practice some dialogue. Fish where the fish are.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 1:03 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        What works great here is befriending someone in the college dorms. It’s so easy to chat up people in dorms. Since dorms here are co-ed, you can befriend a guy and you will find girls cooking something in the common areas or whatever. I had some girls from another floor share their pancakes with me simply because I could see them in the kitchen from a floor above and signaled one to come up and chatted her up. It ended up with all of them coming up and us throwing a party until some douchebags started to fight(downsides of dorms).


  11. Back home early tonight. I was invited to a girl’s place for dinner; just someone I have seen twice because of mutual friends, and I hit on her the second time. By jokingly putting my arm around her when we were sitting in a couch at a coffee shop that is made to look like a livingroom. I said something about how this is a place to sit together when you are old and the grandchildren are running around.

    She was a bit shocked by that, it seemed then. She is an emotional girl. So I didn’t contact her again. But now out of the blue she invited me for dinner. So, I went over to see what it would be about.

    When sitting by the table she told me that, “I want to thank you for being nice t me the first time we saw each other, but also because things got so weird between us the second time.

    Then she went on about how I had been overstepping boundaries. Not angry, but clearly she wanted an apology or something.

    In my view, trapping me like that is rude. She could have asked to go for a walk instead. Or better yet, not mention it at all, since obviously I noticed that she was upset that time. So I tried to give a light answer, telling her to relax. But he kept coming back to that. What a torment.

    Note, just a few minutes earlier she had complained that “People here in town are too formal between friends. They put up walls.”

    What walls, I wondered?

    “Like friends saying they don’t have time to see you. Back home you always had time to see a friend.”

    So her friend being relaxed enough to put away pleasantries and admit when she is too tired to meet, is “too formal” and “putting up walls”? Talk about giving things a negative spin just because she doesn’t like it.

    And me playfully putting an arm around her, isn’t that being informal? So she should have liked that, right? Eh, whatever. I stayed two hours, suggested we watch a couple of good YouTube videos (The “Attraction” dance team at Britain’s Got Talent) that girls always like. Then I could leave.

    Weird evening. But as so often, good game knowledge helps you focus. In this instance, it helped me avoid her frame and not apologize, which would have left a bitter aftertaste.


    • ..boundaries? lions don’t overstep boundaries with gazelles .. you’re out in the field you can be eaten


      • She didn’t use that word, but that was what she meant. And yes, why does she say yes to a guy suggesting a trip to a café, which he clearly wouldn’t ask if he didn’t want to hit on her? “But I just want to be friends!” Okay, but don’t expect a guy to know that right off the bat, and don’t expect him to make a formal request before flirting with you. Like feminists would want you to do. If men really did that women would hate them.

        Oh well. One more experience, nothing big. I was wondering if she would gripe about it to mutual friends, but she hasn’t, and she probably knows they would think her shock was ridiculous. She isn’t a bad person, though. No anger in her. Just very emotional, apparently.


      • fuck your friendzone, bitch.

        Seriously, bitch starts trippin like that say I ain’t listenin to this bullshit and get up and leave. Never underestimate just not submitting to their bullshit.


    • This was a knife edge shit test.

      “Then she went on about how I had been overstepping boundaries. Not angry, but clearly she wanted an apology or something.”

      Your reply, as you stand up, needs to be “Damn, you brought me all this way to talk to me about this….I thought you were going to give me a blow job to remember for the rest of my life.”

      Make for the exit.

      She will either try and hit you, start crying or grab your arm to stop you.

      The respective responses are remain quiet and get out quick; keep leaving and say simply to her “you need more experience of human relationships”; immediately push her down onto her knees.

      All responses show you maintain standards, care for self-improvement and enjoy sex.


      My take.
      And aim!

      Practice is all.



    • @Arbiter Been in this situation. You do/say something girl goes off gets indignant.

      Part of this is about keeping your shit together and you NOT getting emotional.

      I look at her and say “Wow…so serious…” or “Why do you say that?”

      Make her start qualifying herself.

      The thing about making a ton of mistakes, I’ve learned to get better at this stuff.


      • ok…must interject here. I don’t use “game.” I know guys who screwed 200 or even 1000 chicks. They don’t use game.

        REAL alphas do not entertain bullshit like this from women. This is what makes them alpha, the innate ATTITUDE of “I don’t have to even countenance your crap for one second.” It is better to train yourself with the mentality that you will get up and WALK instead of trying to con your way into her jeans.

        The reason for this is because THIS ONE GIRL is not what’s important; the other 3.5B are. When you can walk and not care and it’s real, well…consider this ONE girl forgone an investment in future abundance.

        Stop being myopic! This obsession with how do I close this ONE girl is complete BETA mentality leaking through. You wanna be alpha start thinking “WWAND” (what would a nigger do). He ain’t gonna cleverly probe her fuckin questions, he gonna say fuck your friendzone bitch, slap the damn cup out of her hand and get up and leave.

        Dominant disapproval is not emotional like women are. Ray Rice clearly got “emotional” and had his shit not together. Yet his hot wife stood beside him and took all the blame. Start learning to BE alpha instead of trying to ape the words they use.

        A good place to start is say you’re out at a bar and some asshole bumps into you. Fucking deck him. Stop taking the world’s shit. Start taking up space and being the person the betas avoid pissing off. THAT is what alpha is- dominance. Dominance is not overworded bullshit moves to try to scam women into thinking your DNA is high T superstar material.

        Our grandfathers never concerned themselves with this shit. If they wanted to attract chicks, they chopped down trees and nuked the japs. Trying to enjoy the spoils of alpha without the responsibilities of it is cowardly.


      • Trav – “A good place to start is say you’re out at a bar and some asshole bumps into you. Fucking deck him. Stop taking the world’s shit.”

        This is some seriously stupid advice here. some Sperg might go ahead and try it. And it is wrong. And unnecessary. Everyone is dominated by someone, and everyone has a blend of alpha and beta. Ray Rice was dominated by Roger Goodell, among many others… In your nonsensical hypothetical you will be dominated by 1) the bouncer 2) the cops 3) the DA and the criminal justice system 4) the civil justice system and 5) your prison mates. How Alpha is that?

        Game is not about becoming a capital A Asshole. Guys need to stop worrying about what Greek alphabet label they want to apply to themselves and really just focus on what YOU want out of life, and going for that. Game is a skill, it’s fun to push buttons and use your skills to get what you want. Learn the game, play the game, have fun… don’t be butt hurt and angry. and take all the ITG with enormous amounts of salt. LOL.


    • on September 30, 2014 at 8:13 am having a bad day


      “I was invited to a girl’s place for dinner; just someone I have seen twice because of mutual friends, and I hit on her the second time. ”

      so, she knows you’re interested in sex and she invites you to be in an isolated location with her…her hindbrain wants to fulfill its prime directive…lol…

      “By jokingly putting my arm around her when we were sitting in a couch at a coffee shop that is made to look like a livingroom. I said something about how this is a place to sit together when you are old and the grandchildren are running around.”

      so…you start throwing around long-term commitment talk on the second date…? i know you didn’t mean it like that, but girls aren’t logical…lol…

      “She was a bit shocked by that, it seemed then. ”

      her hamster heard “will you marry me? and have kids…?”

      “She is an emotional girl.” every one is…lol…some more than others, but still…

      “So I didn’t contact her again.” bc you have options, right? = alpha cred…

      “But now out of the blue she invited me for dinner. So, I went over to see what it would be about.” see above…isolated location…did you want to sex her up or not?…bc from the cheap seats, you seem kind of ambivalent…and she would have picked that up…

      “When sitting by the table she told me that, “I want to thank you for being nice t me the first time we saw each other, but also because things got so weird between us the second time.

      Then she went on about how I had been overstepping boundaries. Not angry, but clearly she wanted an apology or something.”

      …or something…this was just a “formal” shit test by a hamster who is being threatened with violence by her hindbrain to not make too many waves …lol…she just needed you to pass it and escalate…she was likely confused about categorizing you – r-select lover or K-select boyfriend, and needed some help from YOU to tell what you were…

      “In my view, trapping me like that is rude. ”

      ‘trapped’ in an isolated location with a HB…lol…

      “She could have asked to go for a walk instead. ” but then no ISOLATION…lol

      “Or better yet, not mention it at all, since obviously I noticed that she was upset that time. So I tried to give a light answer, telling her to relax. But he kept coming back to that. What a torment.”

      her hamster was still confused about alpha/beta and didn’t know where to slot you…lol…YOU needed to lead her…you should have been pushing the r-select lover vibe “i’m not ready to settle down, yet. i haven’t found the right girl that treats me like i want…” and ABE = always be escalating…unless she was just ‘cool to hang with’…lol…obviously not…lol

      “Note, just a few minutes earlier she had complained that “People here in town are too formal between friends. They put up walls.”

      What walls, I wondered?”

      [knock, knock] “hello, it’s opportunity…” lol…this was her hamster giving you the ‘time to escalate’ go signal…lol…’you’re right…[as you move in closer to her] friends should never put up walls…or be too formal with each other…”[go for kiss]…lol…

      “Like friends saying they don’t have time to see you. Back home you always had time to see a friend.”

      So her friend being relaxed enough to put away pleasantries and admit when she is too tired to meet, is “too formal” and “putting up walls”? Talk about giving things a negative spin just because she doesn’t like it.”

      more hamsterizing to get you to take a hint…lol…

      “And me playfully putting an arm around her, isn’t that being informal?” it was the commitment talk that threw her off…

      “So she should have liked that, right? Eh, whatever. I stayed two hours, suggested we watch a couple of good YouTube videos (The “Attraction” dance team at Britain’s Got Talent) that girls always like. Then I could leave.”

      so, you LJBF zoned yourself…the question is why?…was she not hot enough? if so, why go over to her place?…

      “Weird evening. But as so often, good game knowledge helps you focus. In this instance, it helped me avoid her frame and not apologize, which would have left a bitter aftertaste.”

      but game is not ALL about frame control. the MAIN focus is getting laid…lol…or understanding the dynamics involved to get laid if you want…in this instance, you avoided her frame of ‘apologizing’ which was good, but you seemed to have missed the bigger picture of sub communications that were going on…

      as long as you left on a relatively neutral note, you could still climb out of the LJBF zone, since you put yourself there, not her (since she’ll see that as you rejecting her)…but you have to decide what YOU want, so SHE can know that, too…

      good luck!


      • @HABD good post. I’ve posted about being in these weird situations as well. Somehow you get sucked into a girls’ frame or her drama. Look at all the things she’s saying. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the “mutual friends” thing may have been a trigger for you to not see the signs.

        I’m imagining myself in this same situation as Arbiter. I realized in reading the accounts that when a girl I was gaming was somehow in my social circle or we have “mutual friends” or is perhaps a former work colleague I run into after we no longer work together…and said things like Arbiter’s did…something in my inner game drops the ball. The familiarity somehow gets into my head and I see this behavior not as “shit-tests” but obstacles. I don’t know if this even has a name. But reading Arbiter’s account sparked me to think of this in my own situations.

        But when I’m meeting someone new or approaching someone without any background for the first time and she says stuff like this…then all that you’ve said seems to flow naturally and I’m more confident and can field these shit tests much easier.

        My read of the situation is like yours except that at some point the familiarity or the connection is what does it for me….That is now one area I drop.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 7:47 am having a bad day


        “The familiarity somehow gets into my head and I see this behavior not as “shit-tests” but obstacles. I don’t know if this even has a name.”

        it’s called cognitive inertia…it’s similar to confirmation bias…

        yea, social circle game is tricky, but you just have to have a response to the ‘shaming’ (to discourage any further beta ‘uppityness’…lol) that will follow any rejected attempt…but there shouldn’t be any rejection if you are gaming correctly…lol…if you get rejected for whatever reason, and someone brings it up, you just say [with a puzzled look] ‘well…i think she’s pretty…’ (like they think she’s not…) or ‘you don’t think she would be a great catch?…’ etc…put them on the spot…lol…just frame control…lol…BUT, why worry about what your ‘friends’ will think?…


  12. CH,

    On #6 would a good reply have been “my left ass cheek?”


  13. Does anyone think it is a good idea to pretend to be a business and have a meeting with an attractive freelance girl about the fake business but attempt to hit on her and if it doesn’t work out just say business plans are cancelled? I would be able to conceal my intentions by making it seem like this is about business.


    • All that work just to impress some skirt? Might as well spend that time creating a real business so that you’re too busy making money to fake it.


    • How would you feel about having your time wasted if the roles were reversed?


      • I am now convinced that the troll Z0mbie Shane is an out of work merkin cleaner.


      • Well, to answer your question literally, if a girl I liked created a fake business meeting in an attempt to attract me to her, I would like it quite much. But time waste just seems like a fact of life to me. I could have a legitimate business with a legitimate need for her and still be wasting her time.


      • Sorry, this is bullshit. Whether you *might* have had a legitimate reason to see her, your post clearly said otherwise. You also never said anything that would imply she was attracted to you. JohnDSee, because I think it’s wrong to waste this woman’s time with a fake business meeting just to get a chance to hit on her, that makes me a bad guy? Why?


      • So I will call it meeting to discuss opportunities and her art which isn’t a lie. And if she feels her time is wasted, so long as she has legs and a brain, she can leave. So long as she has eggs, I doubt she would be terribly upset if she met a guy she liked. I see no problem here.


    • Lying generally isn’t good. Presenting yourself in the best way, yes. Displaying an emotion you aren’t really feeling at the moment, yes. But claiming to be something you are not – there is a reason you don’t see any “PUA gurus” suggest that.


      • Well, of course I can’t disagree about the lying part but this was the only way I could get a chance to talk to her. Forget it though, I’ll just come up with a different plan.


      • Your first post certainly didn’t give the impression of thinking there was anything wrong with lying (and wasting her time) just to get a chance to hit on her.


    • Kramerica Game


    • Holy Shit @martin Super bad idea. Reread the whole blog ten times. You knowingly want to spring surprise I have a penis game on her! Fortune favors the bold. Just bust a move on her.


  14. GIRL: “what makes you different?”

    SonOfKhan: “I don’t want to get you pregnant”


    • kind of reminds me of that guy who had rape charges pressed on him for not givin her twenty bucks. i wonder if that was for morning after pill. funny… i don’t wanna get you pregnant but yet stuffing an epic load in her.


      • Plan B costs more like $50. GFD I wish it were only 20. LOL, would have saved me much hundreds.

        Take it from me, though, you WATCH those bitches put the pill in the mouth and swallow it. As in no this car ain’t moving a fuckin inch until I see that thing go down. They ALL say “I’ll take it later.” No you will not, you gonna take it now.


    • Hahaha. Zombie Shane disapproves this message.


      • Actually, in this day and age, wanting to get her pregnant is precisely what would set you apart as being different from the rest of the herd.


  15. OT. Heartiste, they don’t come right out and say it cause the media is a bunch of libs, but the white house jumper got a lot further into the white house than previously stated and they say he “overpowered” an agent. They obliquely mention that a female agent was inside the door and once the jumper “got past the inside door”, blah, blah, blah. WOMENZ POWER!


    • so basically another case of a female diversity hire trying to do a man’s job and failing miserably.


      • At least she wasn’t guarding anything important


      • “At least she wasn’t guarding anything important”


      • I read about a female security guard being raped by muds while on patrol. She couldn’t provide security for herself, even with training and equipment – nightstick, spray, alarm – so what use is she to those who pay for security?


    • Even more alarming: The head of Secret Service is also a chick. SS needs to be run like a military unit. Instead it’s being run like a SWPL non-profit just so Obama could check off a ‘diversity’ box.

      Molon Labe.


      • > “The head of Secret Service is also a chick” Have you seen this little faggot John Kirby on Fox News? I wonder how many cocks he had to suck to get his “rear” admiralship?


      • As far as I can tell, the Gay Lettuce Bacon Tomato crowd completely pwns the Pentagon now. Which means that we are fucked [== sodomized] if we have to go to war with a serious civilizational enemy, like Israel or China or India.


      • Julia Pierson. New York Times take on it: “For Secret Service Chief, Revelations Could Threaten Job Security”. Or was that a parody account?


  16. I don’t know where #1 lives but if banks want to keep him in town, wouldn’t other people as well? I read that book Tevye and His Daughters and Reb Tevye was constantly trying to marry his daughters to rich guys so if the man were one of the wealthier guys in the small town, wouldn’t that mean he is considered a more eligible bachelor?


    • There generally isn’t a lot of opportunity in small towns for women so most head to the employment confinements of the cities after college.


  17. Gotta be calibrated boldness…

    I’ve been risky recently and it’s almost socially ostracised me. Luckily pulled it back

    Lol beta male school game – be friends with shit loads of girls


    • This is something that is never addressed. Probably because most never get that far with their cold approaches, and also because those giving advice don’t want to say something that discourages approaches. But a lot of cold approaches in the same area can give you a bad reputation. If you are known as “the guy who will hit on anyone” you’re done. No girl can say yes to you, because she will be known as the girl who went home with the creep. And girls love to warn each other about something like that, it spreads like wildfire.

      I read a story in a forum about a guy who worked in a store at a mall, and who used to cold approach any attractive girl he could. He seemed to have success with a girl, but then she quickly cancelled their plans. He learned through a friend that he had become known as a “shark” in that galleria, and she had found out about him.

      A similar thing happened to me, doing a lot of cold approaches in the same area. Not good. I got some success out of it, but then it backfired. Luckily I don’t live there anymore.


    • Yeah. You have to be careful when you try this shit in your social circle.
      Cold approach is great because of the anonymity. When you start getting better at cold approach, the venues where you had your success will start becoming little social circles for you. Your reputation will precede you. At that point, you have to start guarding it. Or in other words, the margin for error gets lower and lower the higher your social proof goes.

      Even when you’re in a bar and you use the ‘say hi to everyone’ approach…that little bit of social proof you gain now drops your margin for error. So you guys are both right.

      But I will say that though the “guy who hits on everyone” has a tough time within social circle….as soon as ONE girl in the circle fucks you, it’s all over. Trust me. Social circle is genius like that.


      • But I will say that though the “guy who hits on everyone” has a tough time within social circle….as soon as ONE girl in the circle fucks you, it’s all over. Trust me. Social circle is genius like that.

        Share the story, Scray.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 12:50 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        I think the margin for error starts increasing after that one girl in the circle starts flirting back because they often defend you if other girls mind something you said. If you say something too sexually forward and some other girls frowns on it, you will often have the girl that digs you say something like “well, that’s just how X is” with a big smile on her face. lol


      • ‘Share the story, Scray.’

        Fuark, it’s a long story man. It begins a long time ago, like last November/December after “the incident.” To be honest, it’s like a “side” story. I feel like I have my main chick pursuits — the hotties — and then I feel like I have my…”safety net.” I guess the safety net has become my social circle feeder pussy.

        I’ll try to break down the events if you want. I just need to think about it.


      • Scray & thwack write too well and are way too perceptive [and think far too analytically] to be chimpanzees. At best they are mulatto products of miscegenation [chimp x jewess?].


      • I would add though social circle backlash seems age dependent. Early 20’s girls, they are all competing with each other but also having fun. Fucking one of them, if done well, leads to great pre-selection and if you are a chill guy and can keep them in a good frame when you are done with them, still see them out etc. and have fun, still hang with the group, all the other girls will try for some of you as well.

        As they get of the carousel late 20’s and in their 30’s and they get locked into jobs, careers and are now looking towards settling down, there is more risk they will be perceived as slutty or you lose value by being “that guy” in the eyes of their female friends, just a FB… That is the age you need to be more careful with.


      • yes. this.

        I fucked too many Brazilian au pairs in this area so the jealous ones that I dumped will now cockblock. Even tho some of them moved away and got married and shit. Frickin hoez.


      • Let me expound this “margin for error” concept, which I now realize may ostensibly contradict the “it’s all over once you fuck one girl” concept.

        “Margin for error”
        The higher you raise your value, the harder it is to raise your value — diminishing returns. Let’s say that, to fuck some social circle girl, your value has to be at 8. Okay, your first 3 points come from looks (assume average). Tight actions add all of your other points. Simple, “non-social retard” actions add another 2 value points. Right now, you are at a 5. Your looks stopped helping you a long time ago, and the social basics have taken you as far as they can.

        Enter “game.” “Game” is a type of social intelligence that manifests through your actions. Because “game” requires the ad hoc application of concepts to reality, improving the value you get from “game” becomes harder as time goes on —- more intelligence/experience is necessary for those successful concept applications.

        Worse still, “game mistakes” DLV you. So, consistent competence is necessary. Let’s say you get an additional point out of game — you got competent at basic shit —> busting a move, asking for hangouts/numbers, and you make the occasional AMOG/C&F. To get additional points, you need to get competent at more advanced concepts —> holding your frame, passing shit tests, DQ’ing, etc. etc.

        It’s not enough, in social circle, to get game right “some of the time.” If you want to maintain your value at X, you need to consistently perform at that level of game. Otherwise, you will crater your reputation. If you crater your reputation, you have to start all over again.

        “It’s all over”

        While “game” is fluid and exhibits some variance, because game depends on how you act and respond in the moment, your deeds are set in stone. So, if you fuck a girl, make out with a girl, were flirting with a hot girl…etc., that goes in the “pre-selection” file and adds more permanent value.

        The value won’t last forever, but you don’t have to constantly prove your deeds. You do constantly have to demonstrate a certain level of game competence.


  18. Lots of other young folks reading this blog. Nice to know that the influence of the Chateau is felt across all ages.

    I have fond memories of when I first stumbled along the foggy, wooded path leading, unknown to me, directly to the monolithic front door of Le Chateau.

    Lights appeared in the fog, and as I drew closer, the lights morohed into a truly regal estate. The fog, as if by command, disappeared, the sun broke on the horizon, and I approached the door of this peculiar forest villa.

    The phallic knocker lay heavy in my hand, but my journey would begin upon its release.


    • And past the threshold was a lit lane bordered by shadow, stretching further than my eyes could fathom. Rattling taps rejoined my steps; the darkness spoke, confronting me with a wall of chatter built from the bricks of depressed keys. “Fear not,” said the din, “we are here to help you.” “Oh much obliged,” I replied — what a strange place, where those in the dark help those in the light.

      “It is of our opinion that you are walking wrong. For you see, the proper form for walking is on arms and legs. Bipedalism is a fool’s errand,” proclaimed the shade.

      “…are you certain?”

      “Are we certain?! We are more certain than certain! We are certified.”

      “Are you walking in the light somewhere, too?”

      “No, we are sitting in the darkness.”

      “…how can you be certain if you are sitting in the darkness while I am walking in the light?”

      “Because, you imbecile, we have computers. And keyboards to use them with.”

      Maybe not so strange, this place where those in the dark try to lead those in the light.


  19. What makes you different?



  20. on September 29, 2014 at 4:45 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    I talked to a guy once that got a criminal record because he was caught with a few thousands ecstasy pills apparently and he said he was rather disturbed girls found him hotter with the criminal record than before. Otoh, I wouldn’t advise drugs game – who wants a dumb slut that comes over to use your stuff, even if she puts out?


    • on September 29, 2014 at 5:04 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      X gets ’em wet. When they drop, so do their panties.


    • – who wants a dumb slut that comes over to use your stuff, even if she puts out?

      I do.


    • other than everyone? The girls you will get with coke game are going to be unaccountably hotter than you will get with your sad ass pickup lines and “kino” bullshit.

      seriously, you think all those hot models are with those rich guys for their fuckin personalities?


      • on September 30, 2014 at 12:31 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        trav, why not simply go the escort route(here the gorgeous ones cost about the price of a gram of cocaine, but since women aren’t landwhales, hookers are probably cheaper and cocaine is expensive)? The fun part about cocaine is that they want to be fucked way dirtier than they’d do it sober. But I don’t find the whole thing worth it.

        I assume you haven’t done cocaine or picked up girls with it. The reason I say it’s not worth it is that you will inevitably have these dumb girls show up at your door wanting drugs and yes, you might think it’s fun to get woken up by a girl that might want to put out for the drugs at 2-3am, but it gets old fast.

        Most of my lays came as a consequence of high social value due to my group being the one having most fun in the places I went to and getting to know bartenders, bouncers, a couple of bar owners. This might have involved a liberal use of drugs on the part of both the girls and the guys and I simply don’t find the hassle worth it, which is why I use game. You’re also a fool if you think having drugs is enough – any idiot can go buy cocaine and if they do it often enough, they’ll find some dealer that isn’t selling them crap, but if you don’t have game, that woman who might lie to the cops about you raping her will turn you in for possession with intent to disperse/distribute and you might get the rape allegations to stick too. So you will end up having to invest far more energy into drugs game than going to a dealer, buying a couple 8balls and going on tinder and asking hot girls if they want some blow.


  21. OT, but James Howard Kunstler is on fire…

    “There is absolutely no public conversation about the near total devaluation of young men in the economic and social life of the USA, though there is near-hysterical triumphalism about the success of young women in every realm…

    My guess is that they [men] will shift their attention and activity from the mind-slavery of the current Potemkin economy to the very monster we find ourselves fighting overseas: a domestic ISIS-style explosion of wrath wrapped in an extreme ideology of one kind or another replete with savagery and vengeance-seeking. The most dangerous thing that any society can do is invalidate young men. When the explosion of youthful male wrath occurs in the USA, it will come along at exactly the same time as all the other benchmarks of order become unmoored – especially the ones in money and politics – which will shatter the faith of the non-young and the non-male, too.”

    This is where we’re headed… Sitting poolside and watching the decline will be mighty dangerous.


  22. I choked on my drink that was funny-> trav777
    “is there a goddamned person on the planet who has a clue wtf you are talking about!?!?!?”



    Camille Paglia writes about the kidnapping and presumed murder of a UCA girl. She omits the racial angle but it’s arguably unnecessary within the scope of her argument.

    I wonder if she’s aware of race-realist alt-Right. Of CH perhaps? She has to be, one would think. It’s the only place ideas are generated and she has a hungry mind and internet connection.

    Still, classic Paglia prose here: “Misled by the naive optimism and ‘You go, girl!’ boosterism of their upbringing, young women do not see the animal eyes glowing at them in the dark.”


    • that is CH-ian in style and substance. she reads.


    • I like to mention that I met Paglia in the late 90s and had about a ten-minute solo conversation with her. She impressed me as a very charming and warm personality. Very lively, intensely high energy eyes.


    • That’s quite a piece. Refreshing to read.


    • “Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature”

      Make that liberals in general, or at least the useful idiot wing.

      “They assume that bared flesh and sexy clothes are just a fashion statement containing no messages that might be misread and twisted by a psychotic.”

      Kafkaesque affirmative consent laws and lunacies like “It’s on us” based on hysterically inflated rape statistics will do a fine job of ramrodding betas’ nuts farther up their inguinal canals. The potentially fatal mistake is thinking they’ll also ward off the likes of Jesse Matthews or Emanuel Fair.


  24. “I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Tootsie Pop.”

    How old does someone need to be to get that reference?

    Classic commercial though, I remember my brother and I laughing at in the 1960’s


  25. “The #WarOnMen heats up.”

    One or two careless alphas will be slapped with this bill, and hundreds of clueless betas.

    ‘”As the father of a young college-age daughter, I was stunned, I was quite surprised when I read the statistic that 20 percent of young women have been sexually assaulted on a college campus,” de León, the incoming Senate leader, said last month.’

    Looks like the #WarOnTruth is heating up too. Now they brazenly quote Big Lies like they’re gospel instead of widely debunked laughingstocks (not to mention being prima facie ridiculous).


    • “What do you call a culture that drops $3.7 million in @lenadunham ‘s pear-shaped lap? Answer: Diseased.”

      ‘Caroline Bassett, a comedian who is opening for Lena Dunham on October 12 in Austin, told us this: “I’m fine with not being paid because of the circumstances surrounding the event — I essentially volunteered by applying. I have a chance to work with someone whom I respect and who’s highly accomplished, which is rare for someone at my level. It’ll be a unique addition to my credits. That’s plenty, and on top of that, I get to tell jokes aimed at Christian Mingle and the Church of Latter Day Saints in a chapel full of Austin women. Heaven on Earth. I don’t really understand why people are getting upset about it on my behalf.”‘

      Now where have I heard this before?

      “Well, it’s cool that I got an article in the Times, maybe I’ll get to write another one.”


      • I know very little about Lena Dunham except: 1. She is a full-time working professional click-attractor – media whore and damn proud of it. 2. Her chosen profession is called “Show business” for rock solid reasons. 3. Her new book got a 3.5 Mil USD advance.

        Does she look good naked? Apparently…No. Has she created a way to get famous and rich despite this.? Apparently so.

        Maybe I was raised by a family of Freaks and Monsters; But I NEVER heard any criticism growing up that was directed at the kind of folks who saw their options clearly and pressed home their god given advantages and opportunities.


  26. CH – ?for later mailbag.

    We’ve all seen the gal with the “thousand cock stare,” and surrounding dead-zone. If you control for hotness, is there a correlation between ability to game and a woman’s “N?” Met HBD 8’s with (purported) low N who are easier to game than a skanky (but bangable) five with N’s approaching infinity who are very difficult to get to the bedroom with SOP gaming techniques.

    Thanks for the clarification.


  27. On #1: Join a club, dancing, pottery, yoga, anywhere that younger hotter chicks in a small town will hang out. Most small towns have colleges. Volunteer.

    #2 AMOG I had a situation where a super hot girl came into my party a few months back. She clearly liked my type: tall, fit. She was also tall. One of her beta orbiters introduced me, then said “She’s sooooo hot, you know that, you can’t control yourself hahahahahahahaha”

    She looked embarrassed. it was clearly an AMOG move. I kept my calm. Looked at him, smiled and said to him; “Behave…” then I looked at her and said “Is he always like this?” She loved that and we hit it off. Didn’t pan out for another reason. There was another guy there who also knew her. He said “She’s slutty…but has a ton of guys chasing her. I didn’t get anywhere.”

    I’ll be honest here. That turned me off her. But I would call this move “passive AMOGing…” I think this dude couldn’t get anywhere so he projected his failure onto her and passively made me think…”ew”…

    #5 I’m in a situation where I go out alone to most places because most of my friends are married or don’t hang out. You’d be surprised if you go to dance clubs or festivals, wine tastings, food fairs alone. Everyone is slightly hammered. There are always lots of girls at these things. Also, unless you’ve got a solid “wing” most guys don’t get game and end up supplicating to some hot chick or spoiling it by overselling you “My friend here, he’s really nice….” and it ends up turning off the girl.


  28. If I was the dude who got the shit test…I would NeXT. That girl sounds like a bitch and it sounds like you already fucked up with her. It online dating dude….move on the another girl haha.

    Also, I feel as if I’m comparitively young on this blog but mid twenties…I Wanted some advice from more experimenced guys…

    I wanted advice on reputation and gaming young young girls (18). I have a pretty big friend group and word travels like forest fire. If you hook up with a very very young chick then people might start to find out. Then you risk getting a stigma as a ‘creeper’ or ‘the sleezy guy who games 18 year olds’. You know, kind of a negative reputation in the ‘girl clans’. B/c you can be damn sure the 18 year old will run off telling all her friends she hooked up with an older dude.

    So my question is if I have this reputation risk…should I just stay away from the super young chicks (I’m talking 18 so not even in college yet). It’s hard though because they are soooo stupid haha (read: susceptible to game).

    Should I worry about this possible reputation risk?

    i didn’t ask for her age so she actually could’ve been 16 in which case obviously no go. But 18 is different…


    • It depends on where you live. In a big city like NYC its expected that most people you date / hook up with / whatever will be outside your social circle, this is normal. So you can find and bang as many 18 year olds as you want with no negative repercussions

      In a smaller community where most of your gaming is through your extended social circle you obviously have to be more careful. Even with the chicks your own age you game you should be discrete, and more so if you bang an 18 year old.


      • @kant I guess it’s because I still live by the the university I went to, so the social circles are intermingled more.

        I still find it to be a slight liability on reputation or whatever hooking up with a senior in high school especially if you dip into girls in the 18yr old friend group—> reputation hacked kinda. Obviously doable though. Gaming this much is also very exhausting and time consuming if you work a full time normal job… I agree it’s very situational


  29. You wanna bang a 10? Hire an escort. You wanna keep a 10 for an LTR or marriage? Become a board-certified hypnotist.


  30. to the guy looking to make more friends to go out on the pull with:

    look up the RSD inner circle groups on facebook…theres one for most citys..lots of guys on there looking for wings


  31. A bit of gold from this blog post;

    Given humans evolved for most of our history as a species as foragers, this finding could be reasonably interpreted as especially strong support for evolutionary psychology predictions that women possess dualistic mating strategies, such that women prefer more masculine men as short-term mates and less masculine (more paternally reliable) men as long-term mates (see Thornhill & Gangestad, 2008, The evolutionary biology of human female sexuality).

    It should be noted that sometimes women do express preferences for masculine men as long-term mates, particularly when women are shown images of men engaged in direct physical competition, images of weapons, or images depicting items of high monetary value (Little et al., 2013), when women are already mated (Little et al., 2002), when women have reason to believe a highly masculine man will be sexually faithful (Quist et al., 2012), and when women are of high mate value, themselves (perhaps because they can “afford” a highly masculine man as a long-term mate, as they consider themselves valuable enough for him not to consider cheating; see Little et al., 2001; Penton-Voak et al., 2003). Women with higher mate value do not increase their desires for male masculinity in potential short-term mates, however (Little et al., 2001; Penton-Voak et al., 2003). Ideally, these and other potentially moderating variables should be addressed in future cross-cultural work in this area.

    So in short, the best assurance against being a cuckold is being extremely (physically(in the face)) masculine. Weight-lifting anyone?

    Also beautiful women love (physically(in the face)) manly men.



    Just lol, especially at the white knighting libertardians jousting full tilt at those calling a spade a whore because statism


  33. O/T: time to find a new planet

    John Sclazi and David Fat-troll will move to MN so they can shower with the wimmin and chicks with dicks.


  34. Me – “you’re still here? are the men on this site that bad?”

    Her shit test – “haha yes they are. what makes you different?”

    That’s for me to know and you to find out.


  35. I took my wife to a major vacation spot, with dozens of nice restaurants within walking distance, and sat with her in the hotel room eating cheese crackers.

    I think that pretty much says it all.

    I’m officially handing in my player card.