Unmarried Cohabitation Is A Late 20th Century American Phenomenon

Researchers performed a historical analysis of cohabitation in the US and discovered that previous estimates of cohabitation understated the pace of change after 1960, and that the cohabitation rate before 1970 and going back to 1880 was historically low. After 1970, cohabitation rose dramatically, and has not stopped rising.

1970 appears to be the foremost dividing line between “good, functional, beautiful America” and “bad, dysfunctional, ugly America”. So many social ills explode with a ferocity sometime around 1970, and continue exploding right to the present day. Count them out.

Single momhood.
Male unemployment.
Divorce. (Appears to have plateaued recently, thanks in part to fewer marriages.)
Total marriage rate.
Alternative mating arrangements.
Low White fertility.
Astronomical debt.
Crime. (Though crime began a long decline in the 1990s, thanks in part to mass incarceration and internet porn.)
PC neoPuritanism.
Anti-white and anti-free association Acts.
Slut parades.
Fat acceptors.
Bryan Caplan.
$22 trillion wasted in malign “war on disparate outcomes”.
Hijacking of every major public institution by the Left.
Diversity graft.
Welfare replacing workfare.
Parasite shamelessness.
Surveillance nation.
White population displacement.

And the Big Kahuna that arguably precipitated or magnified at least half of the culture diseases in the above list:

The 1965 Open Borders to the Non-White European World Act.

It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.

Cohabitation, like abortion, may not necessarily qualify as a social ill (e.g., cohabitation “works”, so far as we know, in the Swedish parts of Sweden), but let’s just say both are leading indicators of trouble brewing in the mating market.

And a generation unable to talk straight or feel healthy human emotions because they’re either utterly brainwashed into true belief or cowed into sociopathic self-policing by anti-white shock troops is a leading indicator of a culture on the verge of giving itself over to the sweet release of death.

Some social problems, notably crime, are cyclical, following patterns for which we yet struggle to identify causes. But even the cyclical social ills experience a radical jump and disheartening persistence after 1970 that set them apart from previous incarnations. Emergence of new ills and amplification of old ills is the story of late 20th century and early 21st century America. Ebola ain’t got nothin’ on whatever post-1970 shadow poison rots the soul of this once glorious nation.


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    • “It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.”

      Uh hello, say hello to fluoridated water. Fluoride was used by the Nazi’s to placate and pacify prisoners, making them much more manageable.



      • Also don’t forget vaccines. Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella all start getting shot into kids in the 1960’s. Then the schedule ramps up further from there. If you shoot antigens or the aluminum in the series into neonatal rodent models, you find brain damage, and worse in male rodents. The first polio vaccines given to millions of Americans, incidentally, were contaminated with other viruses from the diseased monkey puss from which they were manufactured, including quite likely HIV. (According to some experts and papers, vaccines are dangerously contaminated with human DNA and Mycoplasmas to this day.)


      • Another factoid: Between 1970 and 1980, the raw number of people scoring over 650 on the Verbal SAT fell by 40%. The number of people taking the test was much higher in 1980 than 1970, but nonetheless 40% fewer students (not in percentage terms, just raw numbers) got over 650. Vaccines? TV? Fluoridation? Women’s liberation? Something made America stupider.


  2. > “SJWs” After her recent descent into the furnaces of Hell, I watched a few old Joan Rivers videos, and it’s shocking how viciously and relentlessly anti-white she was.


    • Watched Whorealdo Race Replacementism on Hannititty last night, screaming about how we had to keep the borders open and the flights flying in the face of Ebola.


    • ’67- black riots all over the US. The 60s were the culture war and the Marxists won it. Nixon is on tape expressing concern about rising jewish power in media. The Immigration Act, CRA, were intended to enfranchise nonwhites and to perpetuate leftist power indefinitely.

      The way things are and are going, a conservative would have immense difficulty winning a national election now. Look at the top 12 or so states: CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, PA, OH, GA, MI, NC, NJ, VA – how many “red” states do you see here? One or two? VA, TX, and NC are titling blue as we speak due to demographics shifts. The marginal states have gone blue; only GA and TX have remained reasonably red. And this is changing due to Mexicans.

      This is “red” as in repugnicon, aka another liberal war party that is anti-white. Nevermind an ACTUAL conservative.

      There will have to be collapse like the USSR and the rise of a nationalist (same happened in Germany in the 30s) to cast off the parasites. The system that arises will be probably just as kleptocratic but it won’t be inimical to members of the nation.


    • Man, he’s hot! Buns in the back oven?


  3. Sometimes I think that the greatest generation, our WWII veterans, were so scarred by their experiences that they failed to parent their children correctly. All hell broke loose in the 60s when their kids reached draft age.


    • yeah there is a reason the boomer generation went so nuts… It’s not said often though.


    • great point. we speak of them being the greatest generation but one does have to wonder why their kids turned out the way they did.


    • when the dads are all heroes, that can be a lot to live up to. easier to redefine reality than try to compete with those badasses. but putting a bone in your nose is not the equivalent of putting a man on the moon no matter how many homos say otherwise..


    • It’s NOT the GI generation…

      It’s the SILENT generation. (1926-1942)

      Think Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, … and the rest of the dons of the Senate and House.

      Baby Boomers are still too young — the GI generation has passed on.

      This is a generation that was traumatized by the Great Depression and WWII — but never participated in either.

      It combines the can-do ethos of the war — with the pathos of the GD.

      Ted Kennedy is the source of the scourge: the 1965 Immigration Act.

      It was passed as a sop to his dead brother.

      Ted thought that he was letting Irishmen into Boston, perhaps a trickle of Mexican Catholics in to California.

      It started getting crazy during 1970 — and ever since.


      • Great point about the Silents as the germ of Cultural Marxism in the USSA. Their writers led the Culture of Critique, and their “scholars” the Long March through the Institutions. They were the forerunners of the Propaganda Age of Big Media, and their Representatives passed all the Great Socialism legislation. And when the boomer Rebels without a Cause came of age, they were waiting with their counter-culture agitprop ready to go.

        And the spoiled children of the Baby Boom lapped up the “if it feels good, do it” ethos like dogs to vomit. Later generations are now stuck with the consequences of their splurge of irrational, undisciplined, emotion-driven pap & policies.

        When they called them the “Me Generation”, they weren’t kidding. My drug abusing, frivolous divorcing parents caused an immense of amount of turbulence in my young life. For the longest time, I thought it was me. To this day they’ve never acknowledged, much less apologized for, blowing up my family over “feelings”. True enough to their narcissistic nature, all they want is for me to spend weeks away from my entrepreneurial work and thousands of dollars to fly back to the USSA for split Christmasses and pretend we’re a happy family. But I’m an X, and that means I’ve crossed them out of my life and told them why.

        I choose to honor my grandparents and follow the ways of my ancestors instead. They were Real Americans.

        ps: request to all the decent boomers out there: kick a few of your careless, childish, commie compadres in the nuts/tits for us on your way out, ok? You know who they are. There’s probably one right next to you down at the country club, or the next table over at the marina, counting his profits from his private prison portfolio, from his Socialist Health Insurance play, from his Section 8 rentals, from his favorite corporates offshoring the future of the Nation, and then bitching about his Social Security check. Kick that bitch in the dick, and I won’t vote to activate the Death Panels. Deal?


      • on October 11, 2014 at 6:56 pm Just Went Rogue

        +1 on kicking boomer faggots in the dick


  4. Thanks a lot for that 1965 law, Ted Kennedy. Imagine how much worse off we’d be if that jerk had been able to run for President.


  5. … and by 70’s the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant(WASP) elite had been displaced by Ashkenazi Jews elite.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 7:45 am Just Went Rogue

      Yeah, this is a pretty glaring omission from an otherwise deft analysis.

      Why are even truth seekers like CH so afraid to name the Jew


      • Many of his eloquent readers do.

        I once wrote that the lesson of George Zimmerman is that we are free to say what we want, our sole moderating consideration being rhetorical effectiveness vis a vis our target audience.

        With that in mind, it’s sound rhetorical strategy to show where you stand, while being stay circumspect about some things at this time to avoid becoming a one-note instrument and to remain an authority to the mass of readers.


      • Probably because a) JOOOOOS are only about 25 percent responsible for the cancer that is killing western civilization and society wouldn’t magically get better if all Jews were thrown into a bubbling volcano crater like so many on the right think and b) the only thing naming the Jew does is cause you to become a pariah and lose all of your social status/advertiser suitability except among the segment of the market that spends their disposable income on survival rations and fingerprint removal kits.


      • “society wouldn’t magically get better if all Jews were thrown into a bubbling volcano crater like so many on the right think”


        Also, there should be a similar punishment for jackoffs that write it “JOOO” like an unoriginal cocksucker. (I mean the shoah)


      • on October 9, 2014 at 10:09 pm Just Went Rogue

        “like so many on the right think”

        Thanks for the laughs. The “right” has been in the tank for Israel for as long as I can remember. If anything it’s the left that occasionally pushes back on Jewish supremacy, and rightfully so.


    • anyone who can’t see this is blind. Nothing more clearly illustrates the transfer of moral authority that went from WASPs to Jews in the mid 60s.


    • Right around that time was when Hollyweird when all-in on the anti-hero, they-all-be-Sidney-Poitier, and non-family movie promotion to the Academy Award level.

      The erstwhile Sound Of Music, Man For All Seasons, My Fair Lady type of material gave way to Bonnie & Clyde, They Shoot Horses Don’t They, Midnight Cowboy nihilism.

      Special mention of the Poitier trifecta: In The Heat Of The Night/Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner/To Sir With Love.


      • “In The Heat Of The Night”

        As “anti white” that movie might’ve been, (it was positively rational and pro white compared to whats happening now), that scene in the beginning (where a southern racist redneck cop gives him a lot of shit and humiliates him, until he finally asks “What you do for a living?” Poitier goes “I AM A POLICE OFFICER!”) is one of the best I’ve seen. Then again, imagine the righteous thrill felt by contemporary SWPLs.


      • “In the heat of the night….”

        The best moment is the look on the sheriff’s face. He’s going through Tibbs’ things, snidely questioning the negro on whom he intends to pin a murder. Then he pulls the wallet from the pile, opens it and discovers the gold badge of a police detective, just as the words “police officer” hit his brain.

        Actually, so many good moments in that book and film. Especially the point that an individual is not the group.


      • I’d love to have produced a follow up to Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner with Guess Who’s Staying Behind to Wash The Dishes.


    • Hail to the Jews!


  6. I was around for all of this. The year things actually broke was 1968, although major degradation was occurring since the JFK assassination (my first memory is watching JFK’s funeral on TV at age 2) and serious undermining was occurring throughout the 50’s.

    These social changes were driven by (mostly) well-meaning elites who were incapable of imagining that the character of a population could be destroyed by social policy. The people responsible for upholding standards (churches, universities, media and entertainment moguls, high government officials) simply ABDICATED in order to avoid being seen as “behind the times”. Their fatal error was to fail to anticipate that their successors over the next 2 generations would not have the same instinctive virtues they had.

    When the transmission of moral norms and cultural standards was broken, the first generation of children not to be taught explicitly learned implicitly from their virtuous parents, the second generation remains nice and well-behaved from having good upbringing but has no idea what to say to their kids; the third generation is nihilistic and dysfunctional, and the fourth generation will be feral.


    • “The year things actually broke was 1968”

      And c. 1990 appears to have been a phase-two of the breaking.


      • William Jefferson Blythe-Clinton will be one of the first to __________ . [Statement intentionally censored to please our columbian-whoremongering Secret Service Overlords within the Department of the Fiat Electrons.]


    • When I was in college, I was looking at the composites (for each year there is a framed display made of individual photographs taken of the brotherhood), and 1967 seems to be the “break” year. Prior to that, it was all buzz cuts, suits and black frame glasses, but in 1967 it turned into a freak show.


      • 1967: I blame The Beatles and the Sgt Pepper album. Subversive little shits.


      • 1968 was the year that the MPAA hired Jack Valenti, former aide to President Lyndon Johnson, as president. In one of his first actions as president, in 1968 Valenti replaced the Production Code with a system of voluntary film ratings, in order to limit censorship of Hollywood films and provide parents with information about the appropriateness of films for children. (Or more accurately, to allow people to swear,show titties in movies, and to feature anti-hero protagonists who rape, shoot unarmed opponents in the face and who are then still considered “heroes” because they’re slightly less asshole-y than the “villains”. )

        Once the floodgates of the R-rated culture were opened, it was only a matter of time before deviancy started being accepted as normal and acceptable to do in the public sphere. (After all, all the “cool kids” were doing it…)


    • The generational thing going from bad to worse is laid out in Romans 1:18-32. It’s a prophesy directed at the last three generations. It isn’t that God has abandoned us, but when one turns their back on God long enough, God turns His back on them.


      • Frankly, the indictments of Romans 1 apply to all of us in one way or another. We’re all fundamentally warped, deep down inside, and God’s mercy is the only reason we haven’t descended into utter chaos and bloodshed already. Some of us accept that mercy and turn away from evil as best we can. The rest wallow in it, and then wonder why they’re miserable.

        I’m no paragon of virtue; I’m just another broken creature made from crooked timber. The one key difference: I know where the cure for our universal disease is, and I’m simply pointing it out to my fellow dirtbags. Nobody can force them to take that bitter pill, and most hate the very idea.

        So be it. Wallow away.


      • The three times God says He “gave them over” is described as a form of God’s wrath against unrepentant idolators. I’m not gonna go all Matt King and preach a sermon, but in the 1960s we were introduced to “situational ethics” in which there is no God and no absolute right and wrong.

        So, God “gave them over” to impurity. Divorce, infidelity and outright fornication skyrocketed, resulting in a huge cohort of children being raised in dysfunctional single-parent homes almost always headed by a woman. They did not repent, so God gave them over again, this time to depraved passions.

        As I have noted elsewhere, the “natural function” mentioned in verse 26 and again in verse 27 does not restrict itself to sexual functions. The natural function from Genesis 2:24 is for men and women to marry and as ZS is so fond of saying, put the buns in the ovens. They still did not repent so God gave them over to depraved minds. We see that today.

        You might find this link to be of interest:



      • God never really turns his back, but the guilt from having turned so far from him makes many fearful that they don’t qualify for forgiveness. That and an addiction to the acts that have taken them away from him makes it hard to drop them. The truth is none deserve forgiveness, it is given as a gift from the Son.


      • I particularly like this subthread… preach it, brothers!


  7. Vatican II, early 1960’s and the fall of the West as it was detached from the Faith that built it, while the Church went bananas from its marxist and masonic infiltrators.

    Benedict XVI rebuilt a lot that had been destroyed, but will it be enough to continue his renaissance in and out of the Church now that he is gone?


    • Francis is going to double-down on the Marxist hooliganism and the “all religions are equally valid” shenanigans. I predict Catholic churches will be performing gay weddings before the decade is out.


  8. on October 9, 2014 at 7:46 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    I see a period of immense opportunity for our side coming up.


  9. > “It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies” It’s difficult to overempasize the importance of Sarnoff’s work to destroy Farnsworth and to ensure the YKW monopoly over television.


    • David Sarnoff is mighty and powerful amongst the Nephalim, and doubtless enjoys a seat very close to The Father of Lies Himself.


      • In our lifetimes, the equivalent to Sarnoff is Page & Brin stealing 100% of Digital’s Alta Vista intellectual property to create Google, and Zuckerberg stealing 100% of Winklevoss/Winklevoss/Narendra’s intellectual property to create Facebook.


      • Jew Larry Summers [who orchestrated the Jewish Rape of Russia in the 1990s] laughing at Shegetz losers Winklevoss & Winklevoss:


      • Thanks for the vid of Summers. I had never seen it.

        Summers is a prick. The Winklevosses might’ve been clowns, but Fuckerberg is a thief, a liar, and his FWD.us initiative is nothing but a butt-ramming of the USA on a major scale.

        NEVER do business with anybody without getting a nondisclosure agreement in place, especially with a techasshole like Fuckerberg.


      • Summers singlehandedly created all of the Jewish Oligarchs in the ex-Soviet Union. They literally just declared that all of the best properties would henceforth belong to the Jews.


    • This would be a good time to bring up the Frankfurt school of YKWism. After Zombie’s constant spamming of it I googled it for myself and have come to the conclusion that the 1960s was the culmination of their subversive efforts. The onion is peeled another layer if once accepts the 1960s was only the beginning of the end.

      It also makes Hitler right…


  10. My Dad, who is a natural, is also the wisest person I’ve ever met. He said “if you want to know what’s considered good and right in today’s society, just look at what was good and right in 1955 and do the opposite.”

    It’s no surprise that we had a period of unparalleled economic success in the 1950s, which was arguably the most financially successful decade of the entire century for the middle class.

    The YKW Media-Gubmint complex enforcing these social evils is just too strong to overcome with any nonviolent force. Note the qualifier. Battle lines are being drawn. Who wins depends on how fast conservative white males (1) stop being in denial and realize what’s going on and (2) abandon the bullshit appeasement strategem that didn’t work in WWII and won’t work sociologically today.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 8:26 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      Beta-boys, Churchians, and conservatards of all stripes are united in their belief that we can simply talk our way out of this mess.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The battle lines are everywhere


    • The 1950s were a one hit wonder. I read Studs Terkel in college – most of the older people he interviewed noted the societal decline. At first I thought it was old people just reminiscing about the good old days, but the stories were all the same. Almost like clockwork the interviewees mentioned The Fraying beginning in the late 60s. The RFK assassination was the opening bell of America’s decline.

      Molon Labe.


  11. There is no stopping the rot now. The invaders are flooding into every Western country, amassing political power through demographic change, and Whites are apathetic as fuck – if not outright championing the MultiCult. Our best and brightest European men are diddling around with computers or playing playboy, whilst the Muslims train for Jihad. Dual-passport, metropolitan Jews clamour for more open immigration, and those who talk about that issue are castigated by even the biggest Red Pill names. Appeasement never works, though, and so the West is fucked. Adherence to core precepts of game is essential to any civilization, and in those pockets of the world where Western civilization endures for the next few centuries, the manboobery and emasculated behaviour so prevalent today will have long been wiped out by the brutal forces of upcoming man-made natural selection.


  12. sounds similar to The Barbarian Invasions…in which *poof* one day canadians just stopped going to church and started being all lib pisstards.


  13. “Bryan Caplan”



  14. I would never point to Sweden as an example of anything working. They are going to be Swedenistan by the end of the century.


  15. “It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.”

    The name of said villian…cheap effective hormonal birth control.


  16. Crime was on its way down before 1970. Around then, people decided poverty was the cause of crime and we need to solve the problems of the criminals caused by lack of money.


    • I though that was the handlers of LBJ’s idea.


      • Yes, his critics pinned the rising crime rate on him. His administration was in office when the new policies took place, 1970 is just a coarse figure here, I think 1965 was the local minima.


      • Love a politican’s logic.

        People are blaming me for crime…instead of investing to put criminals in jail I’ll give criminals more money to stop their problems (and sweeten the voter base).


  17. Must be tough to reconcile your delusional big government, “welfare queen” blue state arguments with the fact that 16 of the 20 states who take the most federal funding over what they pay in taxes are in fact red states.

    Whats that? Oh, you never knew that. Because you only reproduce inbred rush limbaugh talking points. Sweet post moron.


    • Keep whistling past the graveyard, princess. Those glowing eyes you see in the bushes are just figments of your imagination. Eat, drink, spend, party, fuck, smoke, & do everything you can think of to tamp down that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

      The fatter & weaker you are when everything collapses, the easier prey you’ll be for the howling, hungry mob. A year after you’re gone, nobody will even remember that you ever existed.

      And we’ll still be here. Cheers!


      • on October 9, 2014 at 1:11 pm The Spirit Within

        Isthatso stated a pertinent fact. You responded with butthurt, boogeyman scare tactics.

        (extends hand)

        Join me on the high road.

        [CH: what pertinent fact did he state? that red states receive more govt money? it’s a bogus stat, like most of what your ilk loves to cling to. control for race, military bases, and retired people, and not only does the discrepancy disappear, it shifts toward blue city-state parasitism.]


      • on October 9, 2014 at 1:29 pm The Spirit Within

        That’s horseshit, Heartiste. The only reason you want to control for race, military, and retirees is because it would suit your slanted worldview.

        [CH: The military protects the territory both normal whites and blue city-state leftoid drones like yourself conduct their business. (even if you don’t like this fact.) race matters, because race matters. blacks and latinos suck up a lot more gimmedats as a proportion of their total population. and retirees are often blue state transplants feasting on gov’t programs that need i remind you were pet projects of old-timey liberals.]

        State v state, nose to nose — red states suck more federal largess than blue states.

        [wrong. my analysis is superior to yours and explains so much more that you don’t want to hear.]

        The “gibmedats” do come in all shapes and colors, esp in red states — white owners of tech manufacturing companies that benefit from fat military contracts, older populations that would die without Social Security, and of course massive agricultural subsidies that have turned the great plains into a socialist state. Alaska barely even has a private economy anymore.

        [i’ll tell you what… i’ll give you agribusiness subsidies if you give me WIC, EBT and Obama’s free cell phone subsidies.]

        This site is supposed to be where pretty lies perish. Don’t lie by omission.

        [project much?]


      • “the fact that 16 of the 20 states who take the most federal funding over what they pay in taxes are in fact red states.”

        Even after controlling for race, military bases, etc., there are still more considerations, however difficult to quantify. For example, much of the infrastructure going through rural red areas is not actually for the benefit of those areas per se. Its real and obvious purpose is to connect and facilitate business between blue metroplexes, and to give the big corporations easy access to the hinterlands. Buy a bottle of soda in Burnt Crotch Nowhere, and Wall Street gets its cut (interest, bank fees, etc). The big boys always have to dip their beaks, no matter where you are.

        Where do you think all of that money comes from to buy outrageously priced condos, and absurdly priced bottle service? Much of it comes from the hinterlands, flowing into the blue metroplex. Just as tax dollars from the entire country go into the vastly overpriced houses of the D.C. suburbs (and then, from those mortgages, back to…you guessed it…Wall Street).

        Looked at even more broadly, we see that many of these rural red areas have been stripped of their economic foundation (manufacturing and so forth), and have essentially been gutted in a globalized, financialized economy. Great for Wall Street, bad for Main Street. The young are forced to leave in order to pursue even dim economic prospects. What tends to be left behind is going to skew more heavily toward the elderly and disabled.

        At that point the gutted province exists primarily to provide natural resources for the metroplex, but most importantly to provide consumers/debtors, with the interest money flowing out, inevitably, to the big banks. As a sideline, the provinces also provide the lion’s share of the compliant soldiers to flesh out the imperial armies, who are then used internationally to protect the interests of the system, enriching it even further – while the taxpayer picks up the bill.

        For the blue metroplex to then feign generosity toward the gutted provinces is truly galling. It’s sort of like the guy that intentionally breaks your leg, but then hands you a stick to act as a crutch, and as you limp along, says “You should thank me. I’m the reason you can walk.”

        Talk about chutzpah. With those kinds of generous friends, who needs enemies?


      • on October 9, 2014 at 3:38 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        Well said, HJ.


  18. This is good material. Something definitely happened, it is a critical point in the history of the left. A while back I tried researching the history of education in UK and US and found that in 1970 there was a huge shift in thought about how to teach students, it similarly spread to UK. Basically, a uchicago education professor, ie an overpaid communist liar, told congress he was shocked at how insensitive, ignorant and dumb the west is about non-western culture. As a result, it was decided that in order to be smart, the west needed to study non-western things. Apparently the west had nothing worthwhile about it to study. This was what the fashionable left had convinced the education system of. It led to multiculturalism in public schools and removing things like latin or classics and other staples of western education.


  19. It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.

    Well, in 1969, the shitlibs who took over the Catholic Church with John XXIII and Vatican II introduced a “new” invalidated Mass and likewise invalidated sacraments. Millions of people literally getting their spiritual sustenance cut off may explain a large part of it.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 1:17 pm The Spirit Within

      Ah, corvinus, so you’re one of THOSE. “The Mass was better in Latin” grumble grumble grumble.

      Listen up: All around the world, Catholics can now actually understand what’s being said in Mass. This increases the chance that they’ll connect spiritually with the institution.


      The change was at minimum four hundred years overdue, since Latin had stopped being the daily language of every single Catholic by the year 1600.

      Institutions do need to change sometimes. I know that it hurts your radically conservative mentality.

      [CH: This banal observation duly noted, leftoid drones like yourself also need to understand that not all change is good, and that the way things were in the past could very well have been better than the way they are now.]


      • Oh, THAT argument. (heh.) Eastern Rites say the Mass in many different languages, so that’s not in itself a problem.

        But the Vatican II shitlibs didn’t just do a simple translation of the Mass. No, they completely changed and gutted it into what amounts to a Protestant service. And they gutted Holy Orders too, so mainstream priests since 1969 are firing blanks, so to speak.


      • “All around the world, Catholics can now actually understand what’s being said in Mass. This increases the chance that they’ll connect spiritually with the institution.


        No, not clear. Catholics are leaving the church in droves, and the exodus started at the same time use of the vernacular did. So it’s kind of the opposite of what you call “clear”.


      • and you betray your ignorance by suggesting the new mass is simply a translation of the old one.


      • That apparatchik clown betrays his/her ignorance every time he/she posts.


      • In addition, having a Mass in Latin even makes it possible for any Catholic to attend it, and even assist at it, no matter where he was in the world. And given that every practicing Catholic would have gone to a Mass since he was a small child, it’s rather insulting to suggest that he wouldn’t be able to know what the Latin means.

        Also, AFAIK, the only religion that doesn’t use a liturgical language: Protestantism.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 2:26 pm The Spirit Within

        Complaints about the old mass are largely forgotten (a handful of radical conservatives excepted) within two generations’ time. We’re reaching that point right now.

        Forty percent of the Catholic Church is now African. They never had a tradition of Latin. I know you want to pray like it’s 1199, but times have really changed.

        All over the world, the mass is already being adapted to local customs in ways that the Vatican doesn’t endorse.

        [CH: A religion is inseparable from the genetic and cultural infrastructure of the people who founded and proselytized it. once that religion leaves behind its native constituents in a search for more followers, it ceases to resemble its historical and beloved form. that, among other reasons, is why european whites are abandoning catholicism.]


      • on October 9, 2014 at 2:30 pm The Spirit Within


        Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Let’s look at the thousand or so other variables driving Catholics away from their institution.

        It’s ain’t only Catholics either. In the US, participation in ALL religious institutions have been declining for the last fifty years.


      • In 1971, several British Intellectuals, including *non-catholics* like Iris Murdoch and Yehudi Menuhin, signed a formal letter to the Vatican stating it would be making a terrible cultural mistake to get rid of the traditional mass.


      • “Correlation doesn’t equal causation”: hmmm, let’s see. Everyone in my Irish Catholic family remained Catholic for about, oh, two millennia … then the Vatican protestantized the mass in 1969 … and lo, within one generation most of my family chucked Catholicism. The same thing — the exact same thing! — happened in every other cradle catholic family we knew. but you’re right, that is just a massive coincidence.


      • and, of course, the changes in the culture could never be said to have influenced the Vatican, right Spirit Within? The Vatican was completely insulated from cultural rot/sabotage, after all.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 2:45 pm The Spirit Within


        The plural of “anecdote” is not “data”.


      • The same thing — the exact same thing! — happened in every other cradle catholic family we knew. but you’re right, that is just a massive coincidence.

        Spirit Within would suggest that the irreligiosity was permating the air or something, making all those Catholics dump the Faith. Or maybe it was the body odor of the 1968 hippie revolutionaries that did it. No, anything but shitlibs (and fags) infiltrating and taking over the Vatican, and the priesthood in general.


      • @meerck

        The plural of “anecdote” is not “data”.

        But the plural of “sample point” is data.


      • Where’s your data, SW?


      • on October 9, 2014 at 2:53 pm The Spirit Within

        Corvinus, read for comprehension. You missed my words “within two generations’ time”. OF COURSE there was massive blowback when Vat II occurred. We agree on that.

        My point: Fifty years later, those complaints are largely gone. The Catholic Church is confronted with a whole host of new problems.


      • “The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’ ”

        Actually, it is.


      • “The Catholic Church is confronted with a whole host of new problems.” … Uh, yeah, foremost among them being no one goes to mass anymore. You’ve backed yourself into a corner, SW.


      • Well played, PA… for the win.


      • My point: Fifty years later, those complaints are largely gone.

        Because after fifty years, Catholics aren’t Catholics any more, but just another set of indoctrinated Marxist libtards. (Your fine self being exhibit A.) The small fraction of us who stayed Catholic simply decided to either ignore the Vatican while still considering it legitimate (SSPX) or cut off ties with it completely and condemn it as rotten (sedevacantists) without dumping the Faith.

        The Catholic Church is confronted with a whole host of new problems.

        Many, maybe even essentially all of which, may be laid at the feet of Vatican II, I might add.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 6:12 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        Catholics can now actually understand what’s being said in Mass.

        So are you claiming you couldn’t understand it when it was said in Latin?

        Fucking prole.


      • on October 9, 2014 at 11:21 pm The Spirit Within


        You may remember a Latin Mass, but I sure don’t. And anybody who isn’t fluent in spoken Latin is a *prole*? Maybe you ought to come down off your perch in Laguna Beach — with its LONG CALIFORNIAN TRADITION OF SPOKEN LATIN — and let the rest of us know just how lacking we are.


      • Listen up: All around the world, Catholics can now actually understand what’s being said in Mass. This increases the chance that they’ll connect spiritually with the institution.

        Or you start questioning what you hear as soon as you understand it…


  20. You left out the sin of Nixon (closing the gold window, effectively ending Bretton Wood) and Roe v Wade (decided in 1972, handed down in 1973) which gave us abortion on demand. Real wages, adjusted for inflation, have not risen since 1975.

    The destruction of the monetary system and the destruction of the workforce was thus assured.


    • I think we can blame Light Bulb Johnson and his Great Society and War on Poverty, plus ‘Nam, for the collapse of Bretton Wood. Nixon was simply a weak-kneed RINO who didn’t have enough gumption to roll back any of the crazy new social programs.


      • It takes a Republican to really push a bad idea through that Democrats have been advocating for some time. See opening China, amnesty, and “free” health care. The road to you know where is paved with good intentions that are always “easy” answers, and are always based on emotional appeals, not logic.


      • See opening China, amnesty, and “free” health care.

        The EPA is another prime example.


      • I think those Catholics who claim to be Catholics while “pumping and dumping” are primarily to blame. What say you?


  21. on October 9, 2014 at 9:58 am Reservoir Tip

    That supervillain was named Lyndon Baines Johnson.


  22. “Wiggers” Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of whigger assclowns and mystery meat vibrants I lol’d on train as I entered the beating heart of multiculturalism itself: downtown Miami, Fl. Thank you for that.


  23. Not to go complete conspiracy theory…but look at what JFK wanted to do with the monetary system and look at who his vice president was.


  24. Nobody is going to mention oral contraceptives? It’s not a coincidence the welfare state started with the advent of the pill.


    • As the gun-rights enthusiasts say, “It’s not the gun that kills people, it the people that kill people, guns or not.” Had we never discovered the means to manipulate female fertility, we’d have more abortions in the country. Even Margaret Sanger admitted that much.


      • Really…because I could logically state that because of oral contraceptives we have more abortion in this country.

        It’s one thing to have a pregnancy when you have an idea it could happen…it’s another thing when it still happens after you thought the pill you took (or thought she took) was supposed to do its job manipulated female fertility. Even though they do have ways of failing and only prevent attachment in the uterus and not conception.


      • The available modern data seems to indicate abortion rates drop when free birth control is introduced into the population. Granted, that doesn’t address individual motivation, but it may be the best we can manage for the US population since birth control became widely available before abortion became generally legal.

        At the individual level, I suppose your argument has some merit, but I’d counter that women who’re likely to abort children from intentionally child-sex are more likely to utilize birth control than women who use birth control to reduce risk and encounter an unintended but not necessarily default-aborted pregnancy. Compare happily married women delaying children to “all the single ladies” who want a child-free lifestyle. The former may alter plans, the latter won’t.

        That, and the moral chasm between women who choose elective abortions over women who choose unplanned children is enormous.


      • Most stats reveal the main reason a woman gets an abortion is for elective (or birth control) reasons. With many getting an abortion after the first contraceptive method failing. The others would be health or the big “rape and incest” events (which are minimal compared to elective reasons)

        Another reason why abortions have been going down…abortion clinics are closing.



      • Seems we agree, though perhaps we’d argue a few statistics.

        To my thinking, the key mechanism for reducing abortion is promoting cultural changes discouraging the tendency of men to sleep with sluts, thereby modifying the sexual market so that promiscuity is a net negative behavior with significant social impact for women AND the men who bed such women. Once we reduce the fornication load (our topic here) on society, the next step is to establish moral outrage at elective abortions. The first criminal trial should be prosecution of a doctor for reckless endangerment of a woman who suffers irreparable reproductive harm from a purportedly safe elective abortion.

        That, and public funerals for children killed by elective abortion.


  25. “It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.”

    Nope: just replaced the sane national population with an insane population. Human biodiversity proof writ large.


  26. Many here are pointing to the late 60’s (and rightly so) as the turning-point regarding the decline of the nation.

    As someone who witnessed much of this, I can say that the things that stand out in my mind are: Vietnam protests/Summer of Love/Woodstock, e.g., spoiled boomer hippies, Women’s Liberation movement, “Civil Rights”, and the push for “legal” abortion.

    It’s been down-hill ever since.


    • As a young teen during those times, and even on a heapin’ helpin’ of the Cathedral Kool-Aid, I nonetheless sensed something was starting to go wrong…

      … It wasn’t until my Army days in the early and mid-seventies, after a dose of racial reality and happening across a book called The Dispossessed Majority that the light came on and the sense of impending malaise and decline all made sense.


      • Greg, it would be interesting to hear you perspective with some key timeline events from the time you sensed impending malaise to it’s current state of half-bloom.

        For those of us of a younger generation who only lifted the fog of indoctrination post-college, we’ve endured a much shorter period with eyes wide open and were pretty much oblivious to what was swirling around us.


  27. on October 9, 2014 at 11:47 am Troll of the Manosphere

    Rising rates of cohabitation: it couldn’t possibly be due to lopsided marriage laws, the tanking handout economy, or a cultural shift that makes getting sex easier than ever.

    It’s jews.


  28. Men living with women under the belief that they’ve avoided the unfair contract of marriage will be in for a rude surprise, sooner or later. When the gov needs to goose up tax rolls and the various careers and industries associated with marriage/divorce will simply state that having cohabited with a woman for a year or two is the same as marriage, legally speaking. Tens of millions of men will be caught up in the net and raped financially.


  29. I have a buddy who is a historian who, after a summer of study, posited that all of our current ills and woes can be drawn back to the Miranda decision in 1966. He feels, and i tend to agree, that once we started giving criminals rights, everything changed.


    • on October 9, 2014 at 2:47 pm The Spirit Within

      That’s interesting. It’s not the usual conclusion drawn about the 1960s. Anything else he said?


    • People who are arrested aren’t criminals yet, you idiot.

      And criminals had rights way, waay, the USA was even founded.


      • Criminals had rights when the USA was founded.

        However, until the Warren Court, the Supremes had not deigned to make up out of whole cloth “prophylactic warnings” to “protect” the Fifth and Sixth Amendment. (Note, neither the Fifth nor Sixth Amendment require any warnings and the Miranda majority never asserted that they do.)

        Moreover, the exclusionary rule is similarly not contained in the Constitution.

        The point is that when the Supreme Court decided that they knew better and could just make things up as part of a “living Constitution,” whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, the notion of an actual social contract went to shit.


    • I have to agree, since I Iived through Miranda.

      The Warrren court turned the law into a game. The police, and the public, were amazed that the courts were eager to turn loose the worst sort of criminal if a lawyer could find the smallest procedural error. It took the cops years to get their routines tighter to avoid turning the scum loose.

      For example, in NYC, the cops had an unauthorized wiretap and caught the perps in a big drug deal as a result. All the evidence was thrown out by the judge and the perps walked. The justice system declared the public be damned.

      Murder rates soared in NYC in the 1960’s.

      I was born in 1946. People born later have no idea how debased life in this country has become. They accept our cesspool as normal.


  30. on October 9, 2014 at 1:58 pm Turkey Baster

    It makes one wonder if a supervillain dumped a mind-altering drug in American water supplies in the summer of ’69 that stripped citizens of the character traits which were responsible for the relative sanity of previous generations.

    In 1965 the FDA approved “the pill”

    By 1970 there there were millions of perscriptions.


  31. “gold is money. nothing else”



  32. A leading cause of crime in today’s America is the desire for pussy.

    Gentleman A: Has a university degree, works long hours, navigates the waters of political correctness to get along with most people, well-dressed and clean.

    Gentleman B: Did time in juvie for beating one of his teachers nearly to death, deals meth, smokes meth, showers once a year, covered in tattoos, in and out of jail ever since dropping out of high school.

    Which of these gentlemen is going to fuck the best looking, most fertile, most feminine women? Which of these gentlemen is going to end up married to a fat land whale, or jerking off in his mother’s basement?

    You can look at the marriages in my family and draw a line. The line is 1972. Before 1972, it paid to be a type A gentleman, and after 1972 it paid to be a criminal.


    • Spot on post


    • on October 9, 2014 at 6:17 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      The desire for pussy has never changed. Certainly not in 1972.

      What has changed?


      • Society has changed. Men have done dumb things for pretty women since Rapunzel, but guys weren’t paying Rapunzel $30,000 a week to dance topless in a G-string, or giving her 1 million “likes” on Facebook.

        As Sentient pointed out, nothing is new under the sun when it comes to female instincts. It’s true. The difference is that they used to be governed and controlled to a much greater extent than they are today.

        It would work out fine if men were similarly unchained. The girl wants to date a thug, and the guy wants to rape and pillage. If we allowed men to follow those instincts, it would all even out in the long run, and it would be a fair playing field. It would be total anarchy.

        As things are now, all our instincts are still chained up. You can defy all the powers that be, and girls will love you for it, but you do so at your own peril. Look at this cluster fuck with all the NFL guys having to go through mandatory sensitivity training right now, with one scandal after another.

        I’ve struggled with this issue harder than anyone I know. I know what to do, and I have the instincts, and the desire, but I also have a lifestyle and a reputation. At the end of the day, I need a roof over my OWN head, so I need a job, and I can’t afford to walk down that particular dark path in the forest.

        I would make an excellent Sith. Too good. What I can’t do is maintain a double life, so I have chosen to live as a sexually frustrated Jedi nice guy with a fat wife and no access to any other form of pussy.

        This gets me laid on schedule like clockwork, and keeps me out of prison. I really don’t want to go to prison.


    • “Before 1972, it paid to be a type A gentleman, and after 1972 it paid to be a criminal.”

      ummmm….. No. The archetype alpha bad boy has been around forever. If pussy is your measure it’s always been the same, just the caricature has changed. What once was a warrior prince is now a tattoo’d minor criminal.

      Consider that Rebel Without A Cause came out in 1955… Women have and will always have a weakness for raw “alpha” behavior. What kept it in check in the past was the inconvenient reality of having to raise a child when the bad boy alpha goes off on a frolic, and a single mother was just physically and financially not able to do it by herself. Now that the state with pay, there is no false dichotomy, she can have whatever she wants, if she wants…


  33. on October 9, 2014 at 5:45 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    In Australia, a cohabiting, unmarried man is STILL potentially fucked and god help you if you have had kids with her.

    Take a look at:


    Distribution of de facto property

    The Family Law Courts can make orders altering and adjusting the interests of you and your partner to your property. This exercise involves four steps broadly described as:
    1. Ascertaining the net pool – Identification and valuation of all assets, liabilities and financial resources whether they are acquired before [Yes, BEFORE], during the relationship or after the separation.

    2. Contributions – Direct and indirect, financial and non-financial contributions made by you and your partner.

    3. Future needs – Whether you or your partner have any future needs, for example, age, health, income earning capacity, the property of you and your spouse, whether you or your spouse has the care and support of the children, the financial circumstances of any new relationship of you or your partner.

    4. Practical effect – Whether the result reached between you and your spouse is just and equitable in all the circumstances.


    If you and your partner cannot agree on how your property should be divided, both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia can make orders altering and adjusting the interests of you and your partner. You or your partner can apply to either court at any time if:

    1. The de facto relationship was at least two years
    2. There is a child of the de facto relationship
    3. You or your partner made substantial contributions and a failure to divide your property would result in a serious injustice
    4. Your relationship is registered

    An application can be made only within two years of the end of the de facto relationship.
    This is known as the standard application period. Section 44(6) of the Act provides two exceptions:

    1. Hardship would be caused to the party or a child if leave were not granted
    2. For maintenance applications – the parties’ circumstances were at the end of the standard application period, such that he or she would have been unable to support himself or herself without an income tested pension, allowance or benefit

    Examples of the orders the court can make include:
    A declaration specifying the particular interests that you and your partner have in relation to your assets, liabilities and financial resources
    An order for a property to be sold or for the transfer of the property between you and your partner
    An order for the sale of particular assets and a distribution of the proceeds of sale
    An order for payment of money by you or your partner to the other

    Only a small proportion of cases proceed to a final hearing to be determined by a judge. Most cases are settled by agreement between the parties. [yeah sure]


    In certain circumstances, separating couples can have an obligation to provide maintenance for their former partner. In broad terms, you can be liable to pay support for your former partner if:
    Your former partner is unable to adequately support himself or herself so that their reasonable needs are met
    You have the financial capacity to do so.

    Issues of maintenance can be complicated, and will often need to be considered as part of an overall settlement of property matters. You should seek legal advice on those issues.


  34. 1970?
    It’s because whitey’s on the moon!


  35. Found your link very interesting. As a long time reader and practitioner of the arts covered at Le Chateau, I can promise you there’s still man behind the machine in at least a few millennials.

    La vie est drôle. We’ll see you poolside.


  36. […] Researchers performed a historical analysis of cohabitation in the US and discovered that previous estimates of cohabitation understated the pace of change after 1960, and that the cohabitation rate before 1970 and going back to 1880 was…  […]


  37. […] Unmarried Cohabitation Is A Late 20th Century American Phenomenon | Chateau Heartiste […]


  38. on October 10, 2014 at 11:00 am Johnny Thunder

    I look forward to the day the last boomer is put into the ground and I hope the funeral is open casket so I can shit in it.


  39. […] Researchers performed a historical analysis of cohabitation in the U.S. and discovered that previous estimates of cohabitation understated the pace of change after 1960, and that the cohabitation rate before 1970 and going back to 1880 was historically low. After 1970, cohabitation rose dramatically, and has not stopped rising. 1970 appears to be the foremost dividing line between “good, functional, beautiful America” and “bad, dysfunctional, ugly America”. So many social ills explode with a ferocity sometime around 1970, and continue exploding right to the present day. Count them out. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/unmarried-cohabitation-is-a-late-20th-century-american-phe… […]