Hate Mail Of The Week

This one comes from “Roger Rabbit”,

So you guys have your opinions and all.  Is this like a website just for trolling? What’s with all the anger? because i cant figure out who gives enough of a shit about fat chicks, omega males, or anything else presented here to create a whole site about it.  You don’t respond to anyone that challenges you with anything more than a fuck-off or “you must be a fat chick/omega male/feminist bitch” – take your pick.  Which is fine, that’s your right as the alpha male gorilla, chest-beating idiots you are.  But it’s so ridiculous I think it’s gotta be just a place for you to troll.  Are you actually like 12?  That’s rhetorical. By the way, I’m sure you already guessed it, but I am a 520 pound white chick with a dark mustache, slimy stinky cheese growing in my fat folds because I can’t bathe properly, hairy arms, legs, & pits because – well for obvious reasons.  I’m so pathetic I let my dog lick my cunt and clean the curdled scum nestled in my fat folds while I eat cheese puffs, smoke, and look at porn of gorgeous 18 year old girls I will never look like and can never have.  As a favor to you and everyone who knows me (that’s not many people) I think I will try to end my miserable existence later on tonight.  No thanks necessary.  I can imagine your appreciation even as I type.  Thank the good lord for survival of the fittest.  Oh before I die, I’d like to leave you with this idea – why not start fat camps but when us fatties get there, you shame us and over feed us and insult us while torturing our fat-asses in the most sadistic ways you can come up with.  Almost like concentration camps.  Instead of the gas chamber, lead us to a room promising a huge buffet, then force us to eat to death.  Keep up the good work on this site, encouraging all of us disgusting low-lifes in whatever form we take to off ourselves and therein paving the way for the rise of your super breed of men and women.  Better save a few of us though, just so you’ll have someone to kick around.

You ever notice how deeply unaware the equalist losers in life appear to be to their own psychological projection? It’s similar to how the first commenter to drop the n-word in a thread about a racially-charged news story is often a leftoid saying “Yeah, you wingnuts want to off the niggers and spics, just come out and say it.”  The id revealed, indeed.

For the record, “Roger Rabbit”, fatties and other assorted misfits who know their place aren’t the primary designated targets of CH’s very special lessons. It’s the loser apologists and degenerate freak mafia claiming the equal worth of medusas, monsters and manboobs who earn the privilege of serving as voodoo dolls to poke with pins and laugh at as they twist convulsively from searing psyche pain. Twisting which you have illustrated quite spectacularly here, for the sadistic pleasure of all reading.

So, yes, CH will continue making an example of you and your ilk to serve as a warning for the others who might get it in their heads to propagandize equalist bullshit that makes the world an uglier, fatter, gloomier place.


  1. He/she/it is VERY descriptive… hmm.


    • +1 Could be self-trolling, or the sincerest flattery.


      • Is this chick really serious about committing suicide?

        ‘Cause that shit ain’t funny.

        In the very next thread, Heartiste talks about how “Game — aka the nonphysical aspects of attraction — works better on smart, emotionally stable chicks from intact families.”

        But you don’t ever want to use “Game” [or any other form of dark psychological manipulation] on any chick who is so mentally unstable that she might actually murder herself.

        That’s one of the reasons that I keep warning guys that you unleash the power of The Dark Arts at your own peril.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 7:47 pm Jessica Rabbit, aka Roger

        Your statement makes a lot of sense in a zen, karma kinda way, but no one on this site criticizing any person or group would feel any responsibility for a suicide. My guess is -that kinda goes against this bunch’s doctrine of personal responsibility for your own actions, ie – fat people are fat because they put too much food in their bodies. McDonald’s doesn’t force you to eat their nasty fucking pig slop. So by this logic, if someone commits suicide because of something read on the Internet, it was that persons own weakness that led to that. A blog or website cannot (and should not) be held accountable for their weak-willed, chicken-shit decision.

        I’m alive and well, by the way. I’m not suicidal or crazy. Well, maybe a little crazy but definitely not suicidal.


      • That’s exactly right. I understand that you’re trying to make a point that one should feel guilty for causing someone to commit suicide but that’s fucked up logic. Just like if someone cuts you off in traffic does that ‘make’ you mad. No, you choose the emotion you feel. If you were sane and rational you might accept the fact that people are idiots and it’s nothing personal. Crazy people can’t do that, crazy people commit road rage just like crazy people off themselves. But we should feel guilty? No.
        BTW, you could choose to accept that being disgusting and fat is a poor life choice and do something about it, or you hate on rational people.


  2. Roger Rabbit was right about one thing: CH has, indeed, been angry as of late. Yeah, I know the world is going to shit and all that, but maybe you should ramp up your workouts or something to take the edge off.


    • Nothing wrong with justified anger.

      Only fairies and slack-jawed sycophants cringe before righteous anger.


      • The Cathedral likes to taunt us by calling it “whining”… ironic indeed, as they whine about our voiced anger.


    • CH is angry because the alternative is despair. We’re riding a train bound for a cliff, and the self-anointed elite are shoving the throttle as far open as they can — and calling anyone who wants to get off the train a “hater.”

      To hell with workouts: let’s get a workout by lynching politicians and “journalists”!

      [CH: One target designee’s anger is another target designator’s passion.]


    • Anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice. The passive acceptance of evil is NOT a virtue. CH just featured a story about a white man out jogging who was shot in the back. Only a person with a callous indifference to the humanity of men would NOT have a problem with that. A healthy amount of raging on about that is in order.

      “I know the world is going to shit and all that, but maybe you should ramp up your workouts or something to take the edge off.”

      Did you just recommend that someone sit back and quietly ALLOW the world to go to shit — suggesting they would be better off to do and extra set of bench presses instead?

      Jessica Rabbit should be ramping up the workouts.
      Problem solved.


  3. I liked the part where Lindy exaggerated her weight by 1 lb.

    [CH: :lol:]


  4. Why do leftoids always have time to send hate mail to people they disagree with? Are government jobs so easy that they have this much time on their hands?

    I don’t have the time to peruse DailyKos (did Markos pass the bar yet? proof there about how affirmative discrimination doesn’t work) or ThinkProgress let alone waste time emailing the writers there.


    • If she really weighs 520 lbs., it is likely that she is collecting disability checks from the government for being monstrously obese and, based on the insane tone of her message, bi-polar disorder. (She obviously needs to take her medication before she hurts herself or someone else.) This provides her with a lot of time on her hands to send hate mail, wallow in self-pity and pig out on ice cream and cookies.

      Liberalism, a set of political beliefs based on equality, is at its heart driven by an inferiority complex. Its adherents promote equalism as a means of feeling better about whatever defect they have that makes them feel inferior. People who have an inferiority complex are naturally hysterical, so it shouldn’t be surprising that leftoids go out of their way to write hateful tirades.


    • It’s from all the love in their hearts. You see, hate takes up all your time and energy so that . . .

      No. wait.


    • on August 22, 2013 at 8:14 pm Jessica Rabbit

      Should people send hate mail to people they agree with?

      But you had time to email the writers here!


  5. on August 22, 2013 at 11:23 am InsertNameHere

    I still want to know why two completely different definitions of “alpha male” are constantly conflated here. There is the alpha male in picking up chicks (I guess defined as a cocky, confident guy who gives the woman vag tingles and a desire to have sex with him) and the other alpha male who is the incredible hulk who can beat everyone up.

    I see that constantly here. They are not the same, and many hefty wrestlers are tongue-tied with women. Many smug little smartasses would get their butt handed to them in under 5 seconds.

    Whenever someone brings this up, I simply see insults from keyboard warriors.


    • They’re only conflated by some confused posters. The rest of us fully recognize that only the first type of man you describe would qualify as “alpha”, and the second type only if he is also of the first type.


    • on August 22, 2013 at 11:57 am Hugh G. Rection

      Because this is the internet, where you can split hair to subatomic thickness and arguing semantics is a sport.


    • Whenever someone brings this up, I simply see insults from keyboard warriors.

      It’s that time again, folks! Let’s play…


      (raucous applause)


    • Only the first definition is in any sense an ‘alpha’. Being able to ‘beat people up’ only has any real world application in a school yard of adolescents or younger, at least so far as earning respect.

      The pro-gun state I call home in the USA, there are a great deal of people with lawfully concealed pistols (not me yet), and I guarantee anyone stupid enough to go around picking fights is eventually going to get drawn on, and hopefully learn their lesson there without getting shot.

      More people need to realize that in the modern era of inexpensive, quality firearms and other personal defense solutions (tasers, etc.) there is absolutely no way in hell knowing how to grapple/box/etc. has applicability on the streets.


    • first one is alpha, second one a servant and tool. like a cop or soldier. ever wonder why they are so angry?


      • A profession has almost no bearing on if somebody is alpha or beta. It is a well known aphorism of PUA-dom that there are the 6-figure Apple employees with autonomy and creative freedom at their job, and they are buying women dinners before these women go fuck some societally defined ‘loser’ with far worse career prospects.

        There are alpha cops and soldiers, and beta artists and surgeons. Very, very few professions are inherently beta or alpha and most men will never hold such a job (I’m thinking perhaps entrepreneur as being the most alpha profession possible, and personal assistant or prostitute the most beta? Even so, I’ve met plenty of beta entrepreneurs in my life…)

        Full disclosure: I did 4 years in the infantry, and throughout my military time have met infantrymen that are omega, beta, and alpha and at almost every degree (higher, mid, lower).


      • on August 22, 2013 at 6:21 pm Lucky White Male

        Completely ridiculous

        Criminal defense trial attorneys are usually walking Alpha sociopaths who happen to have >120 IQ

        Here’s a guy who ordered the execution of rival witnesses :


        Orthopod surgeons are so commonly referred to as Alpha jock macho that its a joke – throwing supplies, banging nurses, telling administrators to fuck off, coked up Lol

        Fighter pilots? Are you fucking telling me a guy flying in a cylinder past the speed of sound could be an Omega?

        How about I bankers who raped millions out of millions. Betas?


      • blatantly false.

        there are alphas in every profession, but some professions breed more alphaness than others. there are infinitely more alphas in the cut throat world of business and wall street than they are in engineering or the medical sciences…… even if you see examples of alpha and beta in both.

        heck, even apes that reach up the hierarchy become more alpha as they go up. every man has the alpha-beta dichotomy inside. what defines is it not just genetic factors but environmental influences too.

        i find your opinion to be equally dangerous as the “just be yourself” mentality.


    • Cowardice is inconsitent with alpha status. Courage isn’t primarily a question of muscle mass, though it’s related insofar as testoterone helps. Making a graceful exit from a scene of confrontation is a skill anybody can use. The key is to not be rattled by another guy’s chest thumping.

      We’ve all known “I’m a lover not a fighter” types who do okay with women and never get dragged into brawls. That’s not the same thing as cowardice. Cowardice *will* knock a guy down in the eyes of others, and that diminution in status will make him less attractive to women.


      • the one signature character of all alphas, whatever way you define them to be, is adaptability. Courageous / fearful / alarmist / pacifist / smart / reckless can all be changed depending on whose frame the scenario operates in. every one of us lives through separate, self ego assuaging identities.


      • I’ve known naturals who stood out for their adaptability. They were definitely flexible in their presentations of self. They weren’t cowards, however. That’s something else.


  6. Mrs. Hugo.


  7. When you resort to spewing strings of ad absurdum and strawman arguments after the first sentence you:

    1. Are yourself a troll
    2. Are butthurt and looking to vent
    3. Are just dumb

    This type of augmentative spittle is very nice in moderation. ‘Season to taste.’ But I have always found on this site and others like it, that if you ask ask real questions, someone will usually respond in kind.

    If all you get is ” a fuck-off or you must be a fat chick/omega male/feminist bitch” as an answer, YOU may be the problem.

    First, search from within.

    Maybe all you deserve is fuck off as an answer?


    • on August 22, 2013 at 7:56 pm Jessica Rabbit

      You’re probably right. I’m a fuck-off kinda person. But why wouldn’t one use more words to explain their position, than just simply “fuck-off”. Perhaps this site isn’t really created for the purpose of debate and changing the minds of people with opposing view points. I guess it really is just a site for people to commiserate about everything they hate. In other words, I realize you aren’t trying to and don’t care about getting a leftie (for example) to see your point of view.

      Here’s my disclaimer after reading that last paragraph: I’m not trying to slip in some kind of insult or something there. Just an observation.


      • I would say no it is not about debate at all, and that is the point. You mentioned “if someone kills themselves for something they read on the internet then it is their weakness that led them to it”

        Uhm,. pretty much, sounds cold, however debate is what has brought Western Culture to it’s current shit hole status, which is sort of a white washed tomb of triviality and frivolousness. I’ve read CH’s advice to a fat woman, found it over the top, the fundamental message that people can no longer handle the objective truth when it is harsh, is quite true.

        People in the West today would rather debate and excuse then deal with their issues.


  8. ‘By the way, I’m sure you already guessed it, but I am a 520 pound white chick with a dark mustache, slimy stinky cheese growing in my fat folds because I can’t bathe properly, hairy arms, legs, & pits because – well for obvious reasons. I’m so pathetic I let my dog lick my cunt and clean the curdled scum nestled in my fat folds while I eat cheese puffs, smoke, and look at porn of gorgeous 18 year old girls I will never look like and can never have.’

    If the letter ended here it would have been hilarious. I lol’d.

    ‘here is the alpha male in picking up chicks (I guess defined as a cocky, confident guy who gives the woman vag tingles and a desire to have sex with him) and the other alpha male who is the incredible hulk who can beat everyone up.’

    Nah, an alpha male is successful with women (and most everything else usually). That’s it, that’s all.


  9. Wow. Just wow.


  10. on August 22, 2013 at 11:54 am Lucky White Male

    You’re making the world a better place!

    For Christ sakes this guy is a boon to humanity

    A scotch and cigar to you


  11. this one probably wasn’t worth the reply/public shaming.


  12. on August 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    “I’m so pathetic I let my dog lick my cunt and clean the curdled scum nestled in my fat folds while I eat cheese puffs, smoke, and look at porn of gorgeous 18 year old girls I will never look like and can never have.”

    Can never have? You see, that’s where you give the game away.


    • I thought that too, but then remembered that most lesbians are 1) fat, and 2) bitter.


    • Heh, heh… amidst her indignation and snark-ladeling she forgot her persona and slipped into the Cathedral yousmalldickcan’tgetlaid shaming litany.


  13. More like hate letter of the day, not the week.
    Although it did manage to describe itself rather graphically, so there is entertainment value in that much.

    Nice to have even more disgust for the fatties, not that it was needed, thank you.


    • on August 22, 2013 at 7:58 pm Jessica Rabbit

      Thanks. I’m glad you were entertained. I tried to be as descriptively disgusting as possible. Hell, I even made myself sick with the image in my mind. Ugh.


  14. “Almost like concentration camps.”

    The only times fatties concentrate is when there is a buffet to be eaten.


  15. damn. hugo’s really gone off the deep end this time.


  16. Amazing how little that letter had to do with anything at this site: the men here, the women here, the alpha male we describe, the women we discuss, anything at all.

    I guess it was really projection, not simply being mailed to the wrong address.


    • There are quite a few anti-obesity posts. He is basically pushing back against the American trend of normalizing/excusing undesireable behavior or traits simply because they’ve become prevalent. Because so many Americans are overweight now, we’re being pushed to accept it as the norm and reconfigure our standards of physical attractiveness.


  17. on August 22, 2013 at 12:38 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Ah, yes. Because, over and over, CH’s advice to overweight people hasn’t been anything reasonable or helpful, like “sack up and lose the weight.” No, CH has never taken the time to spotlight and praise someone, male or female, who lost a lot of weight and saw a significant improvement in their health, looks and quality of life. Nope. He’s been advocating for mass exterminations of overweight people all along.

    And while we’re on the subject, yes, CH openly fat-shames. But I don’t remember the last time I ever saw anything in the mass media that even approached fat-shaming. In fact, it tends to be quite the opposite. The last time I got the flu, I wound up spending seven solid days parked on my couch with the idiot box on and…holy shit. I must have seen five or six discrete commercials (repeated over and over) that started with some variant on “Real Women have curves!”

    And I’d bark back at the TV, “Yeah…only some of them are supposed to be concave!”

    But of course, the TV can’t hear me, and neither can Madison Avenue, and nobody seems to mind that the implication is that slim women aren’t “real.”


    • “Yeah…only some of them are supposed to be concave!”

      Lawls. You’re a true wit.

      “Women are not even shallow.” — Nietzsche


    • There are plenty of sites on the internet with various advice for losing weight. I’m overweight myself and am having success with cutting way down / out bread and sweets.

      The theory is that the presence of insulin causes fat cells to hold onto their contents rather than releasing it into the bloodstream for burning. So avoid insulin spikes, and that stuff will start getting burned. Insulin tends to spike from carbs and sugars. QED.

      I guess Atkins (the Atkins Diet) was the first to say something like this, and there are newer versions that seem similar like Paleo, but what I said about insulin is some recent medical research I read. When I read that I had to try it. And it is working for me.

      Eat a nice fat piece of meat, you’ll shit it out if your body doesn’t need it. Eat a bagel, your body will refuse to burn the fat it’s got. Eating the bagel makes you fat, eating fat does not. At least this is working for me in my middle age.

      See, this site contains constructive advice on weight loss too.


  18. “What’s with all the anger?”

    Add this to “Wow. Just wow.” and “Really?”


  19. I can see her, military boots, flannel shirt, short-haired, face like a bulldog, permanent frown, giving murderous glances to any guy who walks by…your typical butch lesbian, this one obese to boot. It’s a rite of passage when you eventually learn that most lesbians in real life are like this, not the gorgeous blonde teens in porn.


    • on August 22, 2013 at 8:04 pm Jessica Rabbit

      Well, you’d be disappointed. But I have encountered those lesbians before. My first bi experience was with my 19 year old friend in college with gorgeous tits and horny as hell. That was also my last time with a girl. She’s now a lesbian. But not all butch like that though.


  20. Are you serious? This is clearly a troll…you just got troll punk’d. They even ironically say they are a troll: “Is this like a website just for trolling?”

    [CH: Every piece of mail this site gets is a potential troll. Sometimes an email is posted just for humor effect, even when doubts about its sincerity are present. I wouldn’t get too up in arms about it.

    Btw, Keanu, I knew when I posted this email that the writer was being sarcastic about her dimensions. That’s part of “her” hate schtick.]


    • I am a 520 pound white chick with a dark mustache, slimy stinky cheese growing in my fat folds because I can’t bathe properly, hairy arms, legs, & pits because – well for obvious reasons. I’m so pathetic I let my dog lick my cunt and clean the curdled scum nestled in my fat folds while I eat cheese puffs, smoke, and look at porn of gorgeous 18 year old girls I will never look like and can never have.

      520 lbs. sounds like what a 320 pounder considers the Mendoza line for fat. a normal human would have put 320 lbs to convey the image of fat. everything else has a ring of truthiness.


  21. I once read a novel where there was a scene where a circus fat lady on the verge of death got fucked to death in a gang-bang – she enjoyed it so much, eventually her heart gave way. Its a pretty disgusting thought to me – especially the part where the guy was describing that her shit-smell was permeating the circus tent- but for guys that are really undersexed and can’t afford a good-looking hooker, that type of thing could be a revenue-generator for the concentration camps. After all, all that food won’t be cheap.


  22. Society used to openly look down on sluts, but now it’s slut shaming.

    Society used to openly look down on the obese, but now it’s fat shaming.

    Society used to think smoking was cool, but now we have tons of anti-smoking ads like those Truth advertisements. I wonder why no one has tried to say they were being “smoke shamed” or something like that. After all, choosing to smoke is a lifestyle choice, and in today’s society no one is allowed to criticize someone for their lifestyle choices.


  23. Not sure why people feel the need to respond so lengthily and emotionally if they do not somehow feel targeted by the contents of a website


  24. Clear example of female behaviour. Starting off with some personal attacks which always include some weak attacks on your masculinity. Once the personal attacks are fired, degrade into passive aggressive sarcasm to get the feeling that (s)he is superior and in control.


  25. This may be my favorite song to those lovely ladies who love to eat.


  26. “why not start fat camps but when us fatties get there . . . force us to eat to death.”

    What a strange inversion of your hate filled mind. Obviously we are going to send you to the usual sort of forced labor, starvation diet camp. Working and starving you to death is far more profitable for us than spending money on you and getting nothing in return.

    Please note that this camp is a fatty ghetto. If you are lean and muscular you cannot be a resident. You can only gain temporary access as a member of the staff.


    • on August 22, 2013 at 8:07 pm Jessica Rabbit

      I see your point. But it could take forever to starve a fat person. Their body shuts down and goes into hibernation. Feed them to the point of gluttony and they would probably have a heart attack or something.


      • 3 lbs. a week is doable without any untoward health risks. 5 lbs. a week for a year and two weeks has been done, by water only fasting, completely healthy (under medical supervision with vitamins). As a bonus, when they no longer qualify for residency they have a pretty good shot at a job on staff.

        The subjects of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment were not fat people, they went into starvation mode because they were actually being, ya know, starved.

        Fat people cannot starve and do not go into starvation mode because they are, ya know, FAT.


  27. I’m sorry y’all, our dog finally got sick from eating too much snatch smegma, so my wife has been extremely cranky lately. I keep her computer locked up, but she apparently frigged herself with the doorknob until her corrosive snatch ate through the metal.

    I wish I could say I’m not fucking this woman, but I do occasionally. I’m so pathetic.


  28. Lets actually have a prison for fat people. The perimeter wall will be five feet high and the bars three feet apart. The prison will have a gym. If you can escape you’re free to go.


  29. I love this. And the responses.


  30. There is an unholy paradox / cognitive dissonance in the website… the purpose of Cultural Marxism (the animating force behind the equality hydra) is to destroy Western civ. Making men feckless players is part of this mission. Traditionalist beta males are the yeoman bedrock of civilization, not playas.


    • Like my women, I like to keep my readers on their toes.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 8:11 pm Jessica Rabbit

        ? Do you date short women? I thought you liked tall girls with long legs. I guess I need to read up on cultural Marxism.


    • One of the reasons opposition isn’t mounted against Cultural Marxism is because those who are targeted by it believe they have something to lose (and they are right, they have families and wives and have jobs that they need to keep in order to protect and secure them).

      Convince those who are targeted by Cultural Marxism that they have nothing to lose (men with no families or wives or children and no hope of achieving or securing them) and you will then have opposition to it.


    • Traditionalist beta males who kept their females in line are the yeoman bedrock of civilization



  31. on August 22, 2013 at 6:10 pm Jessica Rabbit

    Ok, time to fess up. This is Roger. I’m a she & no I’m nothing like what I described. I think I was trolling, but I think CH understood and I hope I gave CH a good laugh or whatever. I don’t agree with everything on here but I can still see the points made and understand why you hold the opinions you do. Of course I was exaggerating everything for effect. Maybe that’s what trollers do. I’ve never trolled before.

    I wouldn’t go so far to call myself a feminist because I hate that stereotypical image y’all have repeatedly described. They take themselves too seriously and tend to be unfair and unbalanced and, also, I believe more in just being a strong person, regardless of gender. But – what I didn’t like that I saw here is the vitriol and venom from so many readers. No matter….I wrote what I did to humor myself and maybe some of the readers. I tried to illustrate all the traits your readers love into one fat, angry, female character. A caricature! I don’t agree with her either. That’s all for now.


    • “But – what I didn’t like that I saw here is the vitriol and venom from so many readers.”

      Translation: The naturally rough nature of male-dominated spaces offends my glass ovaries.


      • on August 22, 2013 at 6:40 pm suppressedtruthsociety

        In a way, she has a point. If you want your views to be taken seriously in the mainstream, you have to tone down the elements society has programmed people to find abhorrent.


      • No, you have it precisely backwards.

        If the mainstream ever expects to be taken seriously by the likes of us again, it’s they who will have to tone down their bullshit, because it’s their constant, consistent, wilful deceit that we find abhorrent.

        Fuck ’em. We wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t already checked out of the hivemind and rejected their ‘standards’ for ‘civilised’ discourse. If anything, it’s places like this that are the last bastions of civil society, in which truth is treasured, respect is earned (not childishly demanded) and results matter more than hurt feelings.

        Compromising on either the content or tone of the message would be akin to opening the besieged city gates to the barbarians outside. Besides, since when have those cunts given an inch?

        The hell with that, it’s not up to us to plead for legitimacy, it’s now down to them to beg for acceptance. We can afford, perhaps, to be magnanimous in victory, but not before.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 9:17 pm Jessica Rabbit

        “The likes of us” is a minority and mainstream does not cater to a minority. That’s why it is called mainstream. This is a paradox. A catch-22. Why should the mainstream care about you & your opinions when you aren’t their base audience?


      • Minorities have caused every revolution in history. The apathetic masses don’t care.


      • Jessica Rabbit:

        “The likes of us” is a minority and mainstream does not cater to a minority. That’s why it is called mainstream. This is a paradox. A catch-22. Why should the mainstream care about you & your opinions when you aren’t their base audience?

        Well, this isn’t entirely accurate either, is it?

        The mainstream bends over backwards to accomodate, cater to, and generally avoid offending various minorities all the time – a big factor in why The Likes Of Us reject it in the first place.

        It’s just that The Likes Of Us aren’t part of a designated victim group (being largely the evil-white-male oppressors, of course) and so we must be shunned, silenced and shamed, whilst fags, trannies, feminists and blacks, for instance, are given a platform at every opportunity. It’s not that the mainstream doesn’t cater to minorities, it’s that it’s highly selective in which minorities it does cater to.

        Take the issue of gay marriage, as just one example. Only of vague interest to a tiny minority of an already tiny minority, yet suddenly it’s ‘a thing’ and heaven and earth must be moved to get it into legislation. The fuck was that about?

        The very crux of the problem is that the mainstream has been subverted to serve minority interest groups above all else.


      • “In a way, she has a point. If you want your views to be taken seriously in the mainstream, you have to tone down the elements society has programmed people to find abhorrent.”

        The “mainstream” is Oprah, Twilight, Anderson Cooper and the hordes of vapid women and eunuchs they cater to. They have been “programmed” to find healthy masculinity and the Homeric values of courage and strength abhorrent. To castrate oneself in order to gain admittance defeats the very purpose of gaining admittance in the first place.

        Don’t plead with the gatekeepers. Smash the walls and sack the city.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 9:11 pm Jessica Rabbit

        Please – our culture and society are so far broken down we will never be whole. Yes the world has gone to shit. And nothing will change. You are talking about a cultural revolution and that is both the biggest and smallest of the United States’ problems.


    • ‘it didn’t mean anything’
      ‘i don’t normally do this’
      ‘i’m not that kind of girl’


    • But – what I didn’t like that I saw here is the vitriol and venom from so many readers.

      Our passion. Passion.


    • LOL…JK you guys!

      Womens and their plausible deniability. See you evil dudes are the bad guys for not taking a serious toned letter as a joke to prove a point.

      In other news…Jon Stewart is not a serious newsman…he is a comedian on a news show.


      • on August 29, 2013 at 9:06 pm Jessica Rabbit

        Did anyone really think with all that gross exaggeration that I expected that shit to be taken seriously? Jesus. I was taking a recurrent theme found on the site and running with it, creating a hyperbole.


  32. Why don’t one of you guys in the reactosphere post one of those hypothetical bills to that White House/Government web page that gets voted on by the public and if 10 000 votes are reached gets considered by the Houses(s).

    What I was thinking was a possible bill called; The Liberal Hypocrite Bill

    It would basically address the social issues that Liberals rail on about but do so in a way so that the externalities of those social issues are instead passed onto disingenuous white liberals rather than the conservative middle class.


    Racial justice in education is an important issue, and the monopolisation of prime education resources by rich white liberals contra the deprivation of impoverished minorities is a grave injustice. Therefore this bill would mandate the required bussing of various hard-down put upon minorities to the schools of the upper-middle and upper class whites so that their children get to experience the blessings of diversity (atleast 20% of their school must be from impoverished underprivileged minorities).

    Or perhaps a bill mandating the construction of housing projects for minorities in the suburbs or neighborhoods of the upper-middle and upper class.

    Or bills mandating injection rooms for drug addicts in the suburbs and neighborhoods of the upper-middle and upper class.

    (Now while there are those who say these projects have been done before remember they were done to the middle class and or conservatives. These bills will target white liberals and their upper-middle class and upper class supporters. They would also further serve as a means of mocking the hypocrisy of these groups.)

    Another bill that is more topical would be gun laws.

    One of the reason white liberals support gun laws is because they can use their more secure economic position and position of privilege to seclude themselves off in all white gated communities. Essentially buying themselves out of the externalities caused by gun control policies (that is predation on by criminals and hate crimes by minorities).

    One way to get around these again would be forcing their neighborhoods to accept such criminals and minorities through things like bussing and housing projects but also perhaps making it so that the hiring of security guards be outlawed or the increasing of police presence in white and rich (i.e. liberal) areas be outlawed on social justice grounds.

    Again, I doubt such a bill would ever be passed, but the purpose of it is not to get it into law but to instead mock liberals and the hypocrisy of their ideology. The proposed bill could also have a link to that study that showed that rich whites are precisely hypocritical on these issues and hence provide a scientific basis for requiring such “social justice measures.”


    • Early policy after Brown v. Board of Education (the “separate is not equal” decision the libs like to talk about ad nauseam) was trending in the direction of citywide busing. 20 years later, the Supreme Court put a stop to that with their ruling in Milliken v. Bradley, saying that school districts were not responsible for conditions outside their district. Funny how social studies classes never mention Milliken v. Bradley, which is the law of the land.

      Obama is currently trying to force exactly your “idea” about housing, construction of low income housing intended for minorites, in upper middle class white towns in Westchester County NY. As usual, he is doing it administratively without Congress even getting a sniff at it.

      Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Often, in fact.


  33. on August 22, 2013 at 7:34 pm Jessica Rabbit

    Lol…Ok, ok…its not that i dislike the venom. I just don’t feel it. I understand you guys on a logical level. I understand your reasoning and logic. I don’t understand the intensity of the emotions and feelings expressed with all the bitter, sarcastic words and attitudes. My ovaries don’t give a shit! Why should your balls? Not you, specifically Dan.

    And “suppressedtruth…” After reading a lot of the writing here, I don’t think anyone cares if the mainstream population agrees. But your point would be valid if they did care. That’s why the site exists – as a forum to express culturally “unaccepted” attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. It’s safe to be surrounded by people who agree and fun! to pick on or dismiss those who challenge you. Even I had fun writing as Roger, seeing how gross I could make the woman and how far I could push. But it’s not in my nature to wanna do that a lot. Frequently.

    And I know I’ve written enough words now that I’ve probably earned another insult or slam. No sweat off my ovaries.

    I think you’re doing a fantastic job of accomplishing your purpose here. Keep it up.


    • Lol…Ok, ok…its not that i dislike the venom. I just don’t feel it. I understand you guys on a logical level. I understand your reasoning and logic. I don’t understand the intensity of the emotions and feelings expressed with all the bitter, sarcastic words and attitudes.

      And you also find it fascinating.


    • ugh please don’t be another female lurker.
      i hope this is a one off and you don’t really comment too often on other posts.
      thank you, sorry for the hate


  34. I think I’m done reading this site, dude.


  35. Perhaps, rather than bitching about Man Game, this chick would be better off throwing a buck at these broads:

    ‘A Feminist Guide to Picking Up Men – Indiegogo Pitch Video’

    Hilariously, much like the butthurt tub of lard brought to our attention by Libertardian yesterday, pretty much what you’d expect.

    For added amusement, before listening to their gobbledegook, why not indulge yourself in a quick game of ‘Identify the Dyke’. Guaranteed you’ll guess correctly, zlolzoollz. Enjoy.


  36. Balls, guess the spam filter caught my last comment, so I’ll try to just leave this here,

    ‘A Feminist Guide to Picking Up Men – Indiegogo Pitch Video’

    I LOL’d.


  37. What to do with the fat chicks?

    The Final Fat Chick Solution!

    Capture them all and imprison in force diet camps. Segregate them by types: Blonde, Brunette, Asian, Latina, Blacks. Make them all do hard labor while providing food rations small enough that they lose fat.

    Then force them to do regimens that involves lifting weights but not too heavy.

    After 2 weeks, measure their body weight. Those who lose significant weight is rewarded while those who lose less than 8 pounds get nothing.

    Rinse and repeat until ready for toning. For the women who are now ready for toning force them to tone their bodies.The rest will continue with previous work until they are ready for toning workouts.

    Those who have successfully toned their bodies will then be ranked whether they fall under 7, 8 and 9. Those who fall below 7 are grouped together. The 7s to 9s will then be presented to their male captors for sexual scrutiny. Then the will be given clothes that they have never worn before or for a long time: size one clothes that reveal their thighs and a good portion of their breasts. They will receive make up, nice high heel shoes and good perfume.

    Then they will be sent off to gentlemen parties.

    They will be gamed and seduced like never before. And once they succumb to all the sexual attention they will experience sex like never before, 50 shades of grey level sex.

    Only then shall they gain their freedom.


  38. Sorry to be off topic but this is a must see video

    a woman signs this at her own wedding,

    “… Hey
    You’re crazy b*tch
    But you f*ck so good, I’m on top of it
    When I dream, I’m doing you all night
    Scratches all down my back to keep me right on…”


    … … …

    Feminists in the 1970s promised us a better world where women would become surgeons, engineers and airline pilots,
    we did get a tiny bit of that but
    what decades of feminism has mostly created is millions of classless whores such as the woman above

    nice job feminists!!

    Now more men see women as inferior to them than they did BEFORE feminism

    really I must say it again; Nice job Feminists!!


  39. this time related to the topic at hand,

    on Dr OZ yesterday he said surveys show that women think about food more than they think about sex

    while men think about sex more than about food

    I am sure in the mind of feminists and white liberals somehow there is a way to blame white males for this


  40. on August 23, 2013 at 12:48 pm gunslingergreg

    def one of funniest threads


  41. What I like about a proper asshole is they keep it short. No rant, inhale, rant that ends in wheezy, labored breathing.


  42. on August 23, 2013 at 4:23 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Never let Heidi Beirich describe herself again on your blog, its too disgusting.


  43. This is a fascinating topic to me. I read much about this particular issue and my own reading and research has led me to two primary sources that are fairly incontrovertible, IMHO.

    1) Water supply. Most CH readers are of above average intelligence is my assumption so it works like this… Most mass water sanitation facilities recycle shit and bacteria infested sewage back into potable drinking water. This has been the case for decades. These facilities do NOT filter at the micron unit of measure level by and large. This is why a so called “chemical attack” from a terrorist on our water supply is a real thing. Said camel jockey would of course, need access to the water supply and VERY large amounts of chemical for it to be effective. I.E. not a real threat.

    But this being the case we can easily trace the declining testosterone of men with the rather large increase of using the pill since the early 70s up until now. I’m guessing that if you were an enterprising dude you could probably chart a graph that would look somewhat like an X when plotted out. You are drinking the piss of your cock carousel whores and they piss LOTS of synthetic female hormone.

    2) Increasing frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Sperm are very tempermental little fucks. They need to JUST the right distance away from the body cavity to be produced. It is why your nuts are constantly doing a little dance in real time. Sometimes hanging, sometimes in the middle, sometimes in the shrivel and the thousands of permutations in between. This adaptation has been based on tens of thousands of years of evolution. We introduced something new into the mix in the last few decades. Very high frequency EM radiation. And it ain’t getting any better.

    People THINK wireless is harmless but some simple logical analysis proves otherwise. Hold a cellular phone to your ear for a period of time. That fucker gets HOT, so does your ear. So sperm, who require VERY controlled temperature are being bombarded now 24 x 7 x 365 by new EM radiation they’ve never know before. Especially worrisome is 3G/4G and mobile broadband. Ultra high frequency radiation which is especially concentrated if you have the ubiquitous mobile device in your hip pocket. Your little swimmers are QUITE fucked…. get it? Couple thousand years of exposure and we will be right as rain.

    To a lesser extent, utterly shit processed foods, and the wave of obesity are not helping matters. It is scientifically proven that large amounts of adipose tissue lower testosterone so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise really.