The End Game Of The Matriarchy

The Patriarchy is dead. God save the Patriarchy!

In the archives are CH posts about feminist utopias, how they would manifest and the signs that America is becoming a version of one.

If the lesson wasn’t yet clear, matriarchies suck. Historically and present-day, matriarchies (or facsimiles thereof) are associated with poverty, disease, violence and navel-gazing decline. Where a matriarchy is evolving, a civilization is devolving.

Here’s Exhibit M as evidence that we in the US may have crossed a matriarchal Rubicon (Boobicon?):

What used to be underground — gigolos, minus the tacit sex — has gone mainstream. A start-up is offering women their very own personal “ManServant“, or what we in the seduction domculture call “beta male orbiters”, “white knights” and “incels“.

It’s not a stripper who gets naked and rubs his greasy body all over you. It’s a ManServant: a gentleman who treats you like a queen. Book one for a bachelorette party or any gathering to be your personal photographer, bartender, bodyguard, and butler all in one.

How is a ManServant addressed?

A ManServant will answer to the name you’ve bestowed upon him, whether it’s Garçon, Bartholomew, or Ryan Gosling. [ed: John Scalzi and David Fatrelle were taken.]

What is a ManServant’s code of conduct?

A ManServant always responds with “As you wish.”

A ManServant shall address clientele with “My lady.”

A ManServant keeps his penis in his pants and out of the lady’s face.

The Rules to being a ManServant: The lady always makes The Rules.

What are some of the ManServant’s duties?

Takes photos.

Gives round-the-clock compliments.

Cleans up your hot mess.

Going to a ballgame? He’ll be your sports announcer, wait in line for the restroom, and get your hot dogs.

At the club, he’ll act as your bodyguard: secure drinks, shoo away douchebags, and drop off or pick you up curbside.

If it weren’t so ominous it’d be funny.

Naturally, women have to pay for these services, which is telling in itself. Women don’t value men for their penii or sexual prowess. What women value is what women will pay for, and that is male commitment, provisioning, and emotional support.

Just as naturally, real life ManServants get no nookie, because what comforts women in their moments of social need is not the same as what excites them in their moments of sexual need.

ManServitude is just about the end game of the feminist matriarchy. Strip men of all offensive male sexuality — essentially create a kneeling army of eunuchs — and set them loose upon the land to take photos of attention whores and cockblock men with dignity and a working pair.

How soon until ManServitude moves from plucky business venture to accepted cultural practice to legally enforced Damegeld?

Recall CH’s maxim about the true nature of feminism (and, related, the true nature of equalism):

The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

Welcome to AndrogyNation. Where the women are pushed to be men and the men are happy to be women.

I talk a fair bit about the decline of America, but theatrical aplomb aside I never seriously entertained the thought that the collapse of my country would happen within my lifetime. Now I’ve begun to wonder.


  1. on July 30, 2014 at 1:09 pm JenkPac Shakur

    If you could somehow inject 15% Jewish genes into all Europeans, they’d truly be ‘the master race’. As it stands, they’re the master disgrace, throwing their legs open to the world like a drugged-out 16-year-old in Paris. Why? Because their genes lack gumption. Creativity without firewalls; compassion without a compass. And those are fatal flaws.


    • “If you could somehow inject 15% Jewish genes into all Europeans”

      to which “jewish” genes do you refer? the already european ashkenazi targeted by international bankers for extinction in the 30s or the current inhabitants of gaza which are more “jewish” in their dna than the “jews” occupying is ra el?

      keep the bright ideas coming.


      • Due to the large time distance and the sloshing of genes around the Roman Empire, all Europeans are just as much “sons of Abraham” as any Israelis, or Palestinians.


    • Idiotic to talk about “15 percent of genes”. If you knew anything about genes other than hearing about them in a science-fiction show on TV, you would know that the majority of genes are not even active, but are leftovers from evolution. And the vast majority of genes are shared by all humans. The vast majority of genes are also shared with other mammals. In fact, 61 percent of human genes are shared with fruit flies.

      Most genes are simply about bones, nails, blood, skin cells, etc etc etc in complicated combinations. The ignorance on display in your post is pathetic.


      • No need to take his post so literally, although it’s pretty much widely known that Jews master narcissism and similar pathologies, e.g. persecution complex/victimisation (they make blacks look like amateurs) and ‘God’s chosen people’. The stereotype of the controlling and clingy Jewish mother exists for a reason.


    • Rubicon (Boobicon?)



    • It has nothing to do with genes. Look at the ideas that are taught in european schools and universities!


    • on July 30, 2014 at 7:34 pm Hammer of Love

      ” Due to the large time distance and the sloshing of genes around the Roman Empire, all Europeans are just as much “sons of Abraham” as any Israelis, or Palestinians. ”

      The lack of historical context in this statement is embarrassing. Were the eastern Slavs part of the Roman empire ? How about the forefathers of the Vikings. What about the Rus of Ukraine and Russia ? Any genetic test will show that your talking out of your ass. Obviously you’ve fallen prey to the mind control of the YKM, with their absurd theories of the one ” human race ” bullshit.


    • on July 31, 2014 at 12:16 am evilwhitemalempire

      “Note that I am not mincing words. I will not tread lightly around this subject. I will not resort to euphemism or conceal my message ‘between the lines’. I will not leave you with the mere implication that Male Holocaust is the eventual outcome of feminism, before quickly moving on to talk about other things, as though airing the idea should be an embarrassment for the speaker. I am fully aware that mine is a marginal view of feminism, and may be considered by some to be ‘extreme’, but then the widespread misunderstanding and misrepresentation of what feminism is is just another symptom of the sickness I am describing.”

      Not bad for an MRA really.


    • If race-baiting, threadjacking trolls were instantly permabanned were instantly permabanned, this blog and others in the manosphere would be far better.


      • Agree: it would get rid of Greg Eliot’s never-ending commentary.


      • He should ban sock puppets with extreme prejudice so we wouldn’t have to hear your bitch tears.

        Disingenuous villain!

        You know damn well I don’t troll or race-bait… everything I say (when not purposely jesting for the entertainment of the peanut gallery) is said with iron behind it as a personal belief…

        … and invariably as a counterpunch to the initiators of shite – the antiWhite muh-dikking that goes on around here…

        … which you and your asswipe cronies that cry over ‘racism’ never seem to call out.


      • Sockpuppet? My gravatar is real, it links to my blogs, my work. By all means, hop on a plane to Canberra and I’ll show you the place that makes the finest Thai laksa in town. Then you can see the various war monuments on Anczac Parade, visit Parliament House, and leave, like the rest of the tourists do.

        PS: “asswipe” just doesn’t work outside America. So stick a dingo up yer didgeridoo and smoke it.

        PPS: Don’t bother seeing the National Museum. It sucks balls.


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  3. The fact that they have clearly writ large “This is a real service” speaks volumes.


  4. on July 30, 2014 at 1:22 pm Zombie Shane

    Philip Longman begs to differ:

    One school of thought holds that we don’t need a shooting war with these Libtarded and Libertadian fools – they aren’t having any babies at all, so all we have to do is wait a good 30 or 40 years, and they will have vanished into extinction.

    [CH: so basically it’ll be a race between demographic collapse of leftoids and cultural collapse of america. i’m not confident one will happen before the other.]


    • on July 30, 2014 at 1:25 pm Zombie Shane

      From that point of view [which holds that Sandra Fluke will never have any children at all], the Frankfurt School’s latest [overt] Armadillo and [covert] Chimpanzee invasions are acts of THE UTMOST DESPARATION – they can see the demographic writing on the wall and they know that they must act NOW.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 1:29 pm Zombie Shane

        Matt Drudge [Jehovah/Yahweh bless his little jewish heart] has been simply outstanding on the ongoing overt Armadillo invasion. But here’s a really good article on the COVERT Chimpanzee invasion:

        Congolese refugees to resettle in region: Mayor says cities have no say in the matter (Dover NH)


      • Matt Drudge [Jehovah/Yahweh bless his little jewish heart] has been simply outstanding on the ongoing overt Armadillo invasion.

        Yes, without his coverage there would hardly be any mention of the invasion. Why doesn’t the Wall Street Journal write about it? It would greatly increase readers’ interest. But the WSJ is run by the Tribe.

        But, but Matt Drudge is a Jew, people then say. Yes, one of very few who are opposed to mass immigration. (Why of course trying to get Whites onboard with funding and arming Israel’s taking of the last 22 percent of Palestinian land, no matter what the consequences are for the gelded Whites who go along with the masters’ scheme.) The exception doesn’t invalidate the rule.

        And note: Drudge got this position as “the Right’s primary alternative news source” because of attention from the mainstream media. There was a White man who had a similar news site back in the beginning, but he wasn’t given any mainstream attention, and so Drudge could outcompete him. This is how they control even the “alternative” right-wing news. Drudge may write about mass immigration, but the establishment are safe in the knowledge that he will never reveal their racial lineup.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 5:21 pm gunslingergregi

        Once refugees have lived in the community for a certain length of time, they will also be able to sponsor additional family members to join them”””””””’

        from the article
        yea I just saw a movie on people going to nh
        to bring people who want to make it free place to live lol
        must be there reqard hhahahahaha


      • on July 30, 2014 at 5:24 pm gunslingergregi

        kindof amazing that this shit been going on for what over 30 year I know about and nothing happens but more of it
        its an invasion that we didn’t mobilize the army to fight


    • on July 30, 2014 at 1:29 pm Reservoir Tip

      It’s no secret that leftists are subsidizing their non-existent white birth rate with mass immigration.

      If it were just white people in the US, declining liberal birthrates would be nice. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and the elites caught onto that in 1965.


      • It’s no secret that BANKERS are subsidizing their non-existent white DEBT SLAVE birth rate with mass immigration.


        “leftists” et al are simply tools. know your enemy.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 2:37 pm Zombie Shane

        The Chicago branch office of the Frankfurt School – the Minow family, the Dohrn “Ohrnstein” family, the Emanuel family, the Pritzker family [all of whom probably have ties to the old Meyer Lansky crime syndicate] – created the Barack Obama phenomenon. So now it’s pretty hilarious to watch the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett guide USA policy in favor of Hamas’s destruction of the nation of Israel.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 2:41 pm Zombie Shane

        When you engage in cultural arson, starting a fire like “Diversity and Multiculturalism”, then don’t be surprised if the winds shift, and the conflagration turns back around and consumes you [via outfits like Hamas and ISIS – an ISIS which you yourselves had created in order to destroy Christianity in Syria].


      • on July 30, 2014 at 2:45 pm Zombie Shane

        Or when you engage in a cultural arson like “feminism” and “GLBTLOLBBQism” and your very own Chosen daughters with their precious sacred Chosen wombs decide to get mullet hair cuts and allow their underarm hair to grow out and become bulldykes and never allow any penis to enter their birth canals – not even a filthy vile obscene shegetz penis – and you get all of ZERO precious sacred Chosen grandchildren out of them.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 2:46 pm Zombie Shane

        When you play the game of cultural arson, payback is a BITCH.


      • “When you engage in cultural arson, starting a fire like “Diversity and Multiculturalism”, then don’t be surprised if the winds shift, ”

        Yes, there are squeals of outrage from the MSM and other Jewish sources in Europe as their dogs of war (the millions of Muslims they inveigled into White countries) now turn on their masters. Sadly it’s only demonstrations and spray painting as yet but to listen to the wailing you’d imaging ‘another’ Holocau$t featuring the Cool Six Million was on its way.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 2:08 pm Zombie Shane

      BTW, Heartiste, thanks so much for posting the photo of the abandoned pool filled with sewage. That’s what “poolside” will look like without WHITE MEN to maintain the pools, maintain the pumps, build the filters, produce the crystallized chlorine, build the acid test kits, build the microscopes to look for the bacteria, keep the electricity flowing, keep the clean water flowing, etc etc etc.


    • CH, your thesis requires that the predisposition to feminism is genetically determined. That is, feminists’ children – albeit very few – will be nascent feminists and the corollary that ‘normal’ women will not give birth to babies who grow up to be feminists (if we assume a feminist can indeed be fully grown up). This is of course more likely to actually happen (mainly due to childhood conditioning) but it’s by no means a given.

      So my takeaway is that we should not console ourselves that feminism is entering a demographic cul-de-sac.


    • These fuckers aren’t breeding, but they’re converting kids in high numbers.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 6:43 pm HotSavedChristianGirl

        Amen sister, we should obey men, not the other way


      • On the off chance you aren’t a troll, this isn’t about feminists, but that equally noxious parent ideology of Leftism.


      • These fuckers aren’t breeding, but they’re converting kids in high numbers.

        That means white beta males will also be weeded out of the conservative gene pool.


    • Sigh, the never ending silliness of materialism. Ok, again: They don’t need to have babies when they control what’s taught in the schools and universities. Thanks to those ideas they infect the m i n d s of your children, no matter how great their genes.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 7:03 pm Zombie Shane

        If they were having any truly lasting success with brainwashing, then they wouldn’t need the overt armadillo invasion nor the covert chimpanzee invasion. THEY ARE DESPERATE!!! Juan McAmnesty won college-edumaketed whites by 1% in 2008 and Bitch Romney won college-edumaketed whites by 18% in 2012!


      • on July 30, 2014 at 9:07 pm Joe Sixpack

        Yes, gotta love those Republatinos. The father-son team of Jorge Herberto Arbusto and su hijo Jorge Andadaor Arbusto were a one-two punch of Statism and phony Republicans draped in the party-colors misrrepresenting the brand and tainting it for many election cycles to come.

        And, now we have Canadian-born and ineligible Ernesto Eduardo Cruz y amnesty salesman Marco Rubio with Pablo RINO still smarting from his little failed Vice-Presidential venture.

        What candidate does the Right have on tap who is a charismatic, Federalist, no bullshit, shiv-wielding, Alpha Male candidate for the 2016 elections?

        Is Perry gonna change his first name to Ricardo and adopt a Hillary-esque Homie accent to give speeches infected with his Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome, or can I count on fighter pilot, swaggering, Governor of the Land of Liberty and Low Taxes to show up to play?

        Is he our only hope? Out of nearly 400,000,000 Americans?


      • on July 31, 2014 at 6:15 am Zombie Shane

        I don’t know why the GOP are such cowards, other than the fact that so many of them are sodomites – Bitch McConnell, Miss Lindsey Grahmnesty, David “Unsuitable” Souter, John “The John” Roberts, etc etc etc.

        And so many are covering up bull-dyke-ry in their families, with the likes of Mary “Quite Contrary” Cheney and Barbara Pierce “Jodie Foster” Bush. And Lauren Bush even spread her legs for the Ralph “Lauren” Lifshitz family.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 6:19 am Zombie Shane

        It’s possible too that many of them WANT to sell out and become whores of the fiat shekel mongers and the slave labor oligarchs and the mercantilist-nihilist peddlers of cheap made-in-Gookland junk. Who knows? Come the revolution, they all need to be lined up against a wall and shot.

        God bless men like Jeff Sessions, who still give a damn.


    • [so basically it’ll be a race between demographic collapse of leftoids and cultural collapse of america. i’m not confident one will happen before the other.]

      I’m giving 8 to 5 on the latter.


  5. “because what comforts women in their moments of social need is not the same as what excites them in their moments of sexual need.”

    social > sexual by 15 to 1.

    they used to get these confused and use sexual to satisfy social but thanks to the advent of 24/7 beta orbiting via the webz this is no longer necessary.

    and unfortunately this reveals the truth that many don’t like piv that much, only the social rewards it used to exclusively bring.

    now they get those rewards for nothing with piv replaced with mechanical clit stimulation or a quick tinder meet up when the rare alpha seed for ovulation mood strikes.

    be the tinder meet up.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 2:13 pm Zombie Shane

      > “a quick tinder meet up when the rare alpha seed for ovulation mood strikes. be the tinder meet up”

      LOL’ed. Well, that’s one way to put white buns in white ovens. Still LOL’ing.


  6. “Women don’t value men for their penii or sexual prowess. What women value is what women will pay for, and that is male commitment, provisioning, and emotional support.”

    That’s not the complete picture. As many of you know, women run a dualistic mating strategy (i.e.Alpha Fucks; Beta Bucks). You describe the Beta Bucks side but forget the Alpha Fucks.

    See: female sex tourism.

    [CH: the point is that men need to learn to leverage the one thing they have which women do value enough to pay for: their commitment.]


    • “See: female sex tourism.”

      the “mandingos” can have those saggy dried up blobs.

      to white men they don’t even count as women.

      those guys will stick it in any hole, including another dude’s anus. just wait until lab modified ebola goes std.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 1:47 pm entrepooneur

      from what ive noticed lately is no bucks with the beta just the beta, if you aint got no money take your broke ass home


    • “the point is that men need to learn to leverage the one thing they have which women do value enough to pay for: their commitment.”

      their commitment + viable unexecuted options.

      it’s been said here before: women want a man who could cheat but chooses not to. you have to straddle that line between meeting comfort and sexual needs. this is a lot of work so only the best HBs find guys who are willing to do it as the best HB snatch is addictive.

      commitment with a catch. catch being she remains obedient, sexually available, nice, in shape. if she does, make more demands. never let her think she’s got hand or the bjs will stop.

      commitment is worth a lot to her many days of the month but also turns her off for a few. good use of game makes it possible to own her through her entire cycle.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 2:59 pm Zombie Shane

      > “men need to learn to leverage the one thing they have which women do value enough to pay for: their commitment”

      That’s the one legitimate and purposeful and honorable and NOBLE use of Game – to seize a good woman for yourself, and to hold your marriage and your family together in the face of this relentless cultural [and economic] arson.


    • You youngsters out there: CH’s comment here is gold. Leverage…


  7. on July 30, 2014 at 1:34 pm JenkPac Shakur


  8. “what comforts women in their moments of social need is not the same as what excites them in their moments of sexual need.”

    But do women really derive comfort from a guy who supplicates to them like that? That’s why I’m having trouble with this concept. I’d derive comfort from using him as a bodyguard/douchebag shield, but that’s also sexually attractive. I don’t see myself deriving anything but disgust from a guy who’s bowing and scraping to me. It’s not comforting to be in the presence of a weak man.

    The only social situation I’d consider hiring a man for is to make an ex boyfriend jealous. They should add that to the list of duties. Lol


  9. The nature of available labor market jobs sure has turned against men in recent decades.


    • The nature of available labor market jobs sure was turned against men in recent decades.


    • The extreme of injustice is to appear just when one is actually not. Thus our idea of a perfectly unjust woman must include this perfection of injustice: she must be allowed to do her worst and yet to cloak herself in the name of innocence. Whenever she stumbles, she always lands on her feet. Should any of her unjust deeds come to light, she can easily explain them away. She has force on her side, to any extent force is needed, because the rich and powerful will defend her.


  10. on July 30, 2014 at 1:38 pm Emahray Trolle

    One time I worked for a contract shop called Butler Service Group.

    They owed me a check so I went to their office. 3rd floor in the same building as a “medical arts college”.

    I ran up the stairs and there were 3 girls in medical attire eating lunch. I blurted at them “Do you know where Butler Service Group is?”.

    They started giggling and never answered. I thought wtf and moved on. Only later did I make the connection. I am always last to get a joke.


  11. This “manservant” endeavor is doomed to (post-novelty) failure. Deep down, women want (high value) men to WANT to do these things for them. Paying men to do it bespeaks the women in question have no greater value than men that solicit prostitutes.

    [CH: good point.]


    • Spot on. It’s their fantasy world, where a tier 1 dude behaves like a beta whenever she gets the whim. But once she gets it, she no longer has use for him.


    • This is a good point and it goes to the heart of sex differences is that men and women are different and what they value is different. As an unrelated point whenever I go out to meet attractive women I always we an expensive cartier watch knockoff. A cheaper way of conveying real value, the key lies in making women want to believe that it is real.


    • This definitely isn’t targeted towards fulfilling the need for a boyfriend. It’s targeted towards fulfilling the need for a high-value orbiter,


    • Except in Japan, where this sort of thing has been common for a couple of decades (albiet in a club or bar setting).


      • It’s common, but it’s not widespread. And “soaplands” are different, in that the fantasy begins and ends at the door; it doesn’t come into your apartment and cheapen itself by scooping the catbox.


      • It’s a bit sadder in Japan. The males are the ones hiring the females, and there’s no sex involved


    • and just like a high end call girl can make thousands a night….high end guys could get fucking PAID by giving women a “alpha male fantasy”.

      dolla dolla bills yall


      • I’m still confused as to how people refer to this as an alpha-male fantasy – what exactly is alpha about being an ingratiating manservant?

        If anything, this is a high value orbiter fantasy.


      • the chicks fantasy…..not the guys.

        the chicks hamster does the hard work of making it seem like what they want.


      • Nepal,

        Black men, bless their souls, don’t look at the world the way you do.


    • Possibly.

      However the novelty period could last years. Like a fashion icon (LV bags, SM shoes, whatever other bullshit), and it becomes trendy for the bachelorette scene and/or more well-off cougars with 6 figure income + alimony to have a few “servants” around at parties.

      Afterall this is an excellent time to market such a service given that women love to buy stupid shit- and they have the disposable income. If this trends well- it could have a good run as a fad.

      Imagine the social media:
      “Omg bachelorette party so fun”
      #manservants #strippers #cuckolding #divorceplanning

      Think about this: its almost a perfect way for brides to be (or any woman) to fuck men with the perfect alibi: “he’s not a stripper he’s just a servant”. Rationalization is included at no extra charge.

      There’s the alpha fux.

      Who knows how the business model is setup. The servants could be brokered out as contractors and the company is the front end marketing and sales to pair the transaction, secure payment and moderate expectations.

      Some slut will bang one of these dudes 100%. Probably a couple of them.


    • As a guy who regularly receives solicitation from prostitutes, don’t underestimate the value some of us have. Mine almost always come back free within the first handful of dates; THAT’s value. Besides, we pay a lot less for sex than husbands (talk about men who as a group generally are low value…).


  12. on July 30, 2014 at 1:39 pm Reservoir Tip

    Alpha of the Month candidate.

    High school pep rally. Kid whips a dildo out in front of the school and dances with it. The balls are brass on this one.


    • More like jungle-ape behavior taught by watching filth on TV. And it wasn’t just he involved. A girl was with him in front of the audience and he used the dildo against her to humiliate her. If he doesn’t care about looking like a freak himself that’s one thing, but to humiliate someone else is something different.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 2:45 pm Reservoir Tip

        Normally I’d agree with you, but I don’t get the impression that his goal was to humiliate her as much as it was to get a reaction from every other girl in the gym. Look at the sex ratio in the room.


      • god your kind is sooooo easy to spot and tool out.

        here, lemme coach you. its 2014, not 1945. anything goes brother!

        relax 😉


      • We are all missing the point. This is feral male behavior. It works because the females have long ago gone feral. The females have preserved the forms of civilization, but in reality they dropped all the female specific aspects of civ.

        Now the men are also turning feral. Look, alpha/beta behavior patterns will always exist to some degree no matter the civ, because civilization is the imposition of intellect on the animal. There must be an animal to receive the commands of the intellect.

        However the alpha/beta patterns we are seeing are becoming extreme. Past alphas had some self imposed restraints.

        For example, in the case of alphas, you wouldn’t see Hamilton or Jefferson whipping out their penis in the middle of a ball room. And no one can question that these are examples of alphas. Hamilton for example was a notorious womanizer, Jefferson I suspect also had his affairs, certainly with his slaves, probably outside as well. I’m not judging btw, trying to make a point. Their intense masculine genius was restrained by their intellect but with enough leeway to make it practical to accept those restraints.

        And in the case of betas, there isn’t much question that the betas of three generations ago would never have out up with any of this bullshit. Being a man servent to women? Tolerating men kissing in public? Putting up with slutwalks?

        No. In the case of alphas, most if not all restraints have been loosed, in hue he case of betas they are adopting a totally cringing servile posture as a form of self protection.

        This is all because the current civilizational standards is insane. Anyone who accepts it is nothing more than a broken slave. Which leaves three options.

        1 – chuck it completely and accept a different civilizational constraint, e.g. Tamarlane

        2 – chuck it completely and let your aggressive feral aspect rule – current alpha

        3 – accept it for herd protection – current servile beta

        This is very very dangerous. This means there are no restraints in the potential leaders and the followers are conditioned to do just about anything.

        Advice to any Jews in Europe or the US: get out right now. Go to Israel. Now. You have about two years to go before the US dollar collapses and then you know what happens. People are going to be very frightened and angry. Someone is going to be blamed for all the problems and you already know how that plays out.

        Maybe four years if humanity is ridiculously lucky.

        Advice to Gentiles: post under a pseudonym. Stock up somewhere which has local food growth and a strong moral base. Move a third of your assets to at least two different geographical locations outside of any potential hot zone. Get a second passport.


      • Thank you, but Israel can get wiped off the map in a heartbeat; we haven’t worn out our welcome in East Asia yet.


    • Why are you giving further legs to this sort of inanity?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      If that were my son, he’d be cutting the lawn with scissors for the rest of the summer.


      • lol. I thought Wed’s were for bleaching and re-stenciling your name in your tighty whiteys.

        you guys gotta chill. that kinda shit works like a charm…..let the kid be a winner!


      • And you South Park clowns that think this sort of bullshit is cool should just STFU and get back to us when you kids of your own.

        Then again, you’re the kind of asshole who would think his son was “cool” for doing this.


      • 8 year old son who’s a baller and one in the oven.

        evolution doesn’t select for whats subjectively better, only whats most objectively adaptable sparky 😉


      • Typical Gen X/South Parker snarker who is apparently raising his children to be every bit the shmuck he (and his father) were… assuming you’re telling the true (doubtful).

        Further assuming you knew your father… and that he was around to raise you… which appears likewise doubtful.

        Now avaunt, you impious fool.


  13. You forgot to add that any dissenting voice will be censored, via ad hominem attacks and straw man caricatures.


    • Sort of like what goes on around here… well, pretty much Cyberia-wide.

      (((jes’ sayin’)))


  14. on July 30, 2014 at 1:45 pm MercifulBoss

    yo bros y dun mah post appear after i click “submit to mah penis”?


  15. If a girl sparks a conversation about if you are seeing anyone else (after you have fucked her for some time) how do you escalate in an alpha way to prove to her that you will be exclusive.

    It is reasonable for her to ask, if you’ve been fucking her for some time, with you not pushing for monogamy…b/c she’s basically going to say “well wtf I’m not gonna keep having sex with you if you are just sleeping with other girls too–that’s not much connection etc”. Not even top dawgs can do that without the forebrain of their main girls kicking in.

    And especially with tinder and online shit these days it’s easier to access more than one pussy.

    In all of the relationships I’ve been in thus far I feel like I get into this pickle of “are you seeing anyone else consistently” “where is this going” etc. the one actual LTR that I got In Was when I actually did ease up and be exclusive. But she dumped me a year later (this was pre red pill days too so I was wayyy beta)

    Basically is it ‘safer’ to ease up on the ‘pickle’-like, ultimatum-feeling questions once you are red pill aware and know you won’t slide deep into beta again?

    Or is there a better way to so this…


  16. The two men hiring a manservant to execute push-ups drives home an important distinction: the definition of men does not include every male.


  17. on July 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm whorefinder

    The best is how it’s a black guy manservant in 50% of the ad. This can only be construed in one of two ways:

    1. Lefty Women/gays secretly want black slaves. This would explain how Gone With the Wind remains one of the most popular movies of all time (bitchy, social-climbing white woman and her plantation, surrounded by loyal black servants and pursued by alpha white males who are “noble”).

    2. Lefty Women/gay are pushing the black-boyfriend stereotype as all of the media is (thanks Whiskey) so as to ruin all women for human relationships.

    Since this is an San Fran service, you can bet it was started by gay men so as to get their out-of-work, dumb mancandy twink/beefcake bfs some income while the smart partner molests a child.

    You can also bet that 100% of the dudes doing this will be gay. If this were Los Angeles or NY, I could put 30% of the guys as straight (i.e. out of work straight dude actors needing side income), but in fa66y non-show business SF, this is totally going to be monopolized by gays.

    Straight guys who become mancandy–a vanishing few, to be sure–always secure a sugar momma to pay for everything, not become part of a service.

    In completely unrelated news, PA is moving to SF post-haste.



    • dude, alpha’s already get paid with more than sex….just not formally and without youtube commercials.


    • Yeah, it did remind me a bit of that “gay men will marry your girlfriends” video.


    • “The best is how it’s a black guy manservant in 50% of the ad. This can only be construed in one of two ways:”

      Wrong – just one way! Jewish-owned ad agencies using it to drive home (!) their miscegenation agenda. Christ, are you saying you haven’t noticed this? There has to be at least one black in every ad and he’s always the smart manly and sophisticated one. Message: Blacks are cool. Shiksas must mate. Shiksas must mate.

      You’re a bit of a troll, aren’t you?


      • on July 31, 2014 at 1:48 pm whorefinder

        lmao. Bitch, please. I’ve been calling out the blacks-in-ads-are-always-right-and-awesome phenomenon since before you were born, son.

        I just wanted to point out that this ad makes explicit that sex is not on the table, and that women really just want men to pamper them as servants. Putting a black man front and center as such a servant also can be construed as white lefty bitches wanting black slaves.

        This is a common trope in women-centered TV shows and movies when miscegenation is not pushed: if ablack guy is not dated, the white woman must “save him” from some sort of racism, and he becomes her loyal manservant/bodyguard.

        Just recently, for example, on Game of Thrones, it was noted that a white female character was “saving” black people, who then hoist her above their heads and make her their queen. She’s instantly lady of the plantation. Same idea here.

        Now off with ye, ya 9/11 troofer with no falsifiable theory.

        Troll rape!


  18. Looked at your link from 2008 there, CH, not impressed. “I used to think such a world was an impossibity, but Sweden is now requiring that their men sit to pee.” Do you believe all the BS you read at Return of Latin Kings? Of course they hate North European countries, and they have shown many times they don’t much care to get any facts right. The reason you hear so much crap about Sweden is first of all, that Swedes are the best English-speakers outside the countries that have it as their native tongue, and Swedes, like Americans, like to talk about the crazies in their country online. It doesn’t mean the feminist fever dreams (like one communist feminist once proposing an male-only tax) are actually turned into law. Second, because a lot of mongrels in the U.S. hate Germanics, like muds hate Whites.

    The U.S. remains the country with the most insane anti-male law: alimony. The effects of this is devastating, including driving up suicide rates among afflicted men. Imagine having to pay alimony even for a child that isn’t even yours, that your wife had with another man before she left you. The U.S. is also the country from which all feminist theories originate. More precisely, they come from the sociology departments at some coastal universities, from which they are spread by socialist media.

    Maybe we should use this fact to say that “Americans” want these things? Americans want transvestites to share bathrooms with girls in grade school. Heck, we might just say “America”. America wants little boys to be trained in homosexuality Likewise, America wants the current mass immigration across the border. America wants non-Whites who gang-rape White women to be let off without punishment because they are oppressed – I saw a feminist write that once. America wants to kill all men except ten percent. (Yes, a Jewish feminist professor wrote this. That means “America” wants it, right?)

    If we are in the sloppy, self-flattering habit of claiming a whole country is responsible for whatever is written by one of the leftists favored by the Jew-dominated media, then let’s be consistent.


  19. What is the manservant to do when the pent-up, horny cougar tries to jump his bones?

    Seems like the “no sex” part is just a cover-my-ass maneuver.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 2:25 pm whorefinder

      Well, he’ll just announce that he’s gay, duh. Do you really think this will employ a significant percentage of straight men?



      • on July 30, 2014 at 3:53 pm Ras Al Ghul


        There is a lot of money to be made doing this if Japanese culture is any indication.

        Women will pay a lot of money for an orbiter over there. At lest one guy in Tokyo makes about a million a year just listening to women blather on.

        The silver lining to this is maybe the orbiters will start realizing they provide a service women will pay for and start acting accordingly.


      • At lest one guy in Tokyo makes about a million a year just listening to women blather on.

        How’s that different from Maury and Dr. Phil?


      • on July 30, 2014 at 4:45 pm whorefinder


        win. total win.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 4:44 pm whorefinder

        “Dear Japan, WTF? Sincerely, The Rest of the World.”

        But seriously…

        In Japan, it might be said they are at the next level of mdoern societal sexual evolution: so many betas have checked out of pursuing Japanese women that, now, betas have increased their value as supply has dwindled.

        Jap women once took for granted that they could find a good reliable sucker beta male to take care of them/be their bitch after/while they slept with white soldiers/kneegros/tough thugs/celebrities, but now have found themselves, to steal another’s phrasing, arriving at the ball after the party is already over.

        In fact, the lesson of Japan could be impressed upon feminists who are against game: “If you don’t want betas to start learning game and becoming more alpha, and you refuse to stop riding the cock carousel and refuse to start submitting, they will just check out, and you really will be alone with your cats, and have TO PAY for betas to be nice to you.”

        The kind of panic at missing your shot is, I believe, more instinctive and stronger in women than in men (especially the more alpha the male). Women have a shorter window in life to secure a good husband, have healthy children, and secure her legacy; if we framed this as “if you don’t start behaving quickly, you really WILL not get another chance—and men won’t give you a first, just look at Japan,” and said it loud, I think the female warning bells would ring from land to land much quicker than we anticipate.

        I wonder if we could look at ancient Rome and the collapsing Ottoman Empire in the 19th century to find parallels to Japan: MGTOW, refusing to marry, refusing to beta up, etc. Perhaps this can explain the rise of Christianity in Rome: if non-Christian men were refusing to marry/beta up, but the Christian church was forcing beta members to do so, then women in a panic would have run to betas.

        Just a hypothesis, FYI.


      • “Women will pay a lot of money for an orbiter over there. At lest one guy in Tokyo makes about a million a year just listening to women blather on.”

        Haven’t they heard of “dating” sites on the interwebs? As long as I can watch TV and sip bourbon while grunting “uh-huh” every couple minutes, I’d take this job, damns yeah.