“Your daughter will marry a bearded man”

The Muslim invader smells weakness and fear in the enemy. He is aroused in his confidence, and reveals his id monster in all its primal glory.

Germans, and GoodWhite equalist leftoids in general, have no one to blame but themselves for their autogenocide. The occupiers they have let in are just doing what occupiers do when no native sons will put them under the boot. Will the White man find his heart again? Or has the rot reached the bone? The answer to this question will determine the shape of the 21st Century.


  1. The inflection point may come when the European man, in critical mass, sees that he has less to lose resisting than remaining passive.

    On an individual scale, imagine this scenario. Sweden has a television show called “Troll Hunter,” in which the eponymous host, as I understand it, doxes anonymous nationalist commenters and unannouncedly visits them at home, cameras rolling.

    And so you are a Swede and Troll Hunter shows up at your door with cameras rolling. You happen to have had a short baseball bat-like club leaning again the wall inside, near the door. You strike him hard on the head and he falls to one knee, the smarmy showbiz grin frozen on his face.

    The rest of the TV crew is stunned. Your strikes don’t stop and he is down. You absently swing at a hysterical tv crew woman who runs at you, breaking her forearm.

    You understand that there is no turning back and that you are now a folk hero. You crack the Troll Hunter’s skull and aren’t satisfied until you swing one more time and split the coconut.

    Then, it doesn’t matter what happens. You did what you were born to do. Peace like you had never felt before fills you.

    On the level of statesmen articulating the existential peril we are in, see my site for a short post about Hungary’s Viktor Orban.


    • oh people are going to start going near their mental 3rd rails of equalism, now?

      The problem is that Europeans are smart enough to know the answer as to what the “final solution” is for the fact that blacks are an obsolete, savage beast race. I have this discussion with my sons all the time, it’s easy to reason out. Genocide is it. Any way you slice it, the conclusion is the same.

      So people practice Crystal Methodism to feel good.


    • on November 2, 2015 at 7:57 pm JumpinJackFash

      I read this comment 3 times. When the day comes, I do hope I am given internet priveledges in prison to remind me.


    • A man’s young children need a father around, to raise them, more than they need tales of White resistance by a father dead or in jail.

      But a man’s grandchildren, now, that’s a different matter altogether.

      Stay strong; join a range; and keep practicing, gents.


    • Great post PA. Knowledgeable students of the enemy will not be surprised to learn that the Troll Hunter is (((Robert Aschberg))), grandson of (((Olaf Aschberg))) who was a key figure in 20th century history. A ‘Swedish’ financier, he became ‘Banker to the Bolsheviks.’ This was a critical step in cementing those Western ties to the Soviet Union that eventually led to the alliance in WW2, and thus to the state we find ourselves in now. You know, where 6 gorillion are in an Amerika rapidly descending into pure cultural Marxism, but few are left in Russia. Russia, where they are rejecting our prime export of Pride days and tranny soldiers, and the Defence Minister is a tough male.


      Every fuckin’ time.

      Tanstaafl is right, CH. This suicide of the West has been egged on. And guess who’s playing the role of that Carter chick in Massachusetts?


      • on November 3, 2015 at 12:22 am Captain Tautological

        > “that Carter chick in Massachusetts” — ?????


      • @Capt T: Only Whites and Jews have much agency in this fight, so it boils down to us and them. Suicide versus Homicide. Even Kmac gets down at times, goes with the suicide predominance theme, as in this post of CH. Hard to blame them, this situation can get depressing. Tanstaafl has consistently refused to let up on how the homicidal Eskimos continually, actively assist our suicide.

        Analogous to the Carter chick on trial for manslaughter in Mass, egging her orbiter on.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:29 am Captain Tautological

        SF, there’s a blogger named Tanstaafl? [It’s an old Robert Heinlein acronym about Free Lunches]. And KMac is Kevin MacDonald? And this is the Carter Chick?


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:35 am Captain Tautological

        > “Even Kmac gets down at times, goes with the suicide predominance theme, as in this post of CH.” ——— That’s precisely the purpose of PsyOps initiatives like “The Eskimo Within”, “Synagogue [email protected]”, “Rum”, “Whiskey”, “Nicole” version 2.0 of t*h*w*a*c*k version 1.0, etc. And, of course, from Harvard Psychiatry itself, Charles Krauthammer, working to demoralize the Shkotzim every night on Fuchs News with Bret Baier.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 2:15 pm Sean Fielding

        @Capt T: Yeah, he grabbed the ‘no free lunch’ acronym: http://age-of-treason.com/ I think you’d like his blog.

        Correct on KMac and the Carter chick.


    • The `Swedish´ “Troll hunter” that PA speaks of is Robert Aschberg, grandson of Olof Aschberg.





        U HAVE NO LIFE


    • on November 2, 2015 at 11:04 pm Captain Tautological

      PA, it looks like “Troll Hunter” started out as a 2010 Norwegian film where possibly the “Trolls” were a metaphor for the Mohammedeans [or maybe even the Eskimos]? We know that Norway hasn’t had nearly the problem with the Mohammedeans that Eskimo-dominated Sweden has had: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trollhunter


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:12 pm Captain Tautological

        And then as BrutalB just pointed out, Eskimo Robert Aschberg seized The Narrative, and flipped the Norwegian metaphor of “Troll Hunter” on its head, and turned it into a hunt for not Eskimos, but rather a hunt for Anti-Eskimos. http://www.sofiesandell.com/troll-hunters-new-swedish-tv-series-please-do-something-similar-rest-of-the-world/


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:18 pm Captain Tautological

        The Eskimos are relentless in poisoning a culture from every possible angle, using every possible poison, in every possible dosage strength, via every possible mode of delivery.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:38 pm Captain Tautological

        If anyone can tell me why Der Fuhrer went after Norway so viciously, but left Eskimo-dominated Sweden alone, then I’m all ears. Similarly, why didn’t Der Fuhrer touch Eskimo-dominated Switzerland? If he had gone after Eskimo-dominated Sweden and Switzerland, and MAYBE the German-dominated Eastern Soviet Union [down through to the oil fields in Georgia and Azerbaijan, which was what he really needed – the oil], then the National Socialists might still be running much of Central Europe. But instead he signed an agreement with Stalin to go after Poland, which immediately brought England and France into the War?!?!? The Eskimo problem in Poland and France and Holland must have been really horrible if Der Fuhrer thought they were worth invading. Still, though: Why were Sweden [Aschbergs] and Switzerland [Rothschilds] left unscathed?!?!?


      • CT, I think it was ore supplies, and cutting them off from Britain.

        It was a pretty audacious mission, considering the scant forces of the German surface fleet. Destroyers were shanghaied into the role of troop carriers. Norwegian shore batteries took out an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser and a number of light cruisers.

        I kept out the local library’s copy of some book on the Germany Navy of WWII for like two whole years ages 10 to 12. Some groaning 800 page tome. I should try and fine out what the title was.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 12:19 am Captain Tautological

        But the Norwegians are the GOOD guys. It’s the Swedes who have spent all of these centuries nurturing the Eskimo insanity. None of it makes any sense. I really wish Der Fuhrer would have spent a little longer thinking all of this through – he was way too impulsive. He already had strong allies in the Fins, and he shouldn’t have had any beef with the Norwegians. It was the Swedes and the Swiss who should have been his mortal enemies [for their coddling of the Eskimos].


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:28 am electricangel

        Britain was planning to invade and conquer Norway. National Socialist Germany pre-empted this. It was another military blunder of Churchill.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:42 am Captain Tautological

        > “Britain was planning to invade and conquer Norway.” ——— SOURCE?!? Besides, let them have Norway. Make friends with the English and the Scots and the Irish. Talk them into shutting down The Guardian and DeBeers and the Rothschilds. Go after your true enemies: Sweden and Switzerland. Never attack people who ought to be your allies. Work to make stronger allegiances. The French were on board with the whole program – they didn’t need to be attacked. None of this makes any sense. It’s like the GOP allowing the Eskimos to convince Blue Collar whites that the GOP is their enemy. It’s insanity. Sweden and Switzerland are the enemy. K!ll them first.


      • “We know that Norway hasn’t had nearly the problem with the Mohammedeans that Eskimo-dominated Sweden has had.”

        Well captain you obviously haven’t been in Oslo recently. Absolutely full of Pakistanis and Arabs. Every single rape there over a five-year period was committed by AFricans/Muslims.


    • The problem is, PA, that most internet wannabes calling for Holocaust 2.0 are pussies.

      The chances of a camera crew showing up at someone’s home who is actually prepared and combative are very low because people who’ve seen any kind of combat other than getting beat by their drunk mom, aren’t pushing others to die of being a dumbass.

      The actual men aren’t trolling anyone or telling the world their business.

      When a fight comes, the revolution will not be in the comments section.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:21 pm Captain Tautological

        Mossad PsyOps specialist urgently rushed to the scene, bearing gifts of prophylactic de-spirit-ing and demoralization of the Shkotzim.


      • Just stating the facts, CT. If you were really a danger to the system, you wouldn’t be here entertaining delusions that your internet antics are actually going to inspire anyone to shed blood so you can live in a trigger free cul de sac.


      • 90% truth. The most important part of the fight occurs in the hearts and minds of the people. If it were not so, our enemies would not have spent a century and countless shekels to dominate media and education.

        Out of every 1000 keyboard ‘alphas’, there are likely 10 (or less) who would be a real asset in actual combat. You are absolutely right about that.

        Still, that might be enough. Ponder that and despair.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:53 am Captain Tautological

        Way up above here, SF is talking about Kevin MacDonald getting depressed and demoralized. Blue Collar Whites like The Donald and Rush Limbaugh don’t get depressed – they keep fighting. Depression is a disease of intellectuals, and the Eskimos know all about this – it’s why the Mossad attacks this board relentlessly, from every angle, with every manner of fake troll attack [big fat hairless [email protected] in sarong negligees strolling down a beach – SRSLY?!?!?] designed to demoralize the intellectuals who frequent the Dark Enlightenment.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 6:58 am Captain Tautological

        This is what the Mossad “Nicole” operative looks like when it isn’t pretending to be a hairless [email protected] in a sarong negligee:


      • @Scanman, and you are right about this: ” If it were not so, our enemies would not have spent a century and countless shekels to dominate media and education.”

        Though I don’t find this unnatural or unexpected, it was the shady factor in getting certain things like demographic manipulation and “white” teacher/”black” students done. Convince the people that something crazy will be good for them…

        10 out of 1000 isn’t bad though. That’s the usual rate of independent thinkers to less instinctively critical thinkers, if the statistics are to be believed. If all our stock across ethnicities is committed, then that is a lot better than the general population. Usually, if someone has an advantage, they use it more for their individual profit than the people’s.

        These days, it’s a problem to keep the cream invested in the crop. My family succeeded in this, probably because we have a few teachers in it who get to see the results of the madness up close. There was no choice to ignore what was happening in front of their eyes.


      • CT, Andrea Dworkin is dead for awhile now. Nobody is falling for your bullshit.

        …but since you chose that photo, it indicates that you don’t really believe that I’m a Mossad agent, and are just trying to say that I talk like a “white” woman.

        So really, it’s flattering that you consider me so important to waste so much text and time, but if you could be so kind as to stop spamming a blog you supposedly enjoy, that would be nice.


      • The internet is the modern, more efficient method of samizdat of yore. Samizdat literature and info is always the first step in building awareness and resistance.

        It’s always easier to call other folks cowards when one is doing it from the safety of one’s own keyboard.

        And it takes even less courage to toe the Cathedral line in Cyberia than to even murmur subtly about future resistance.


      • “It’s always easier to call other folks cowards when one is doing it from the safety of one’s own keyboard.”

        …says the anonymous chick.

        Keep niggerizing manhood and exalting the ability to be a cunt online above actually being a man and living the truth. It just confirms my theory.


      • N1gger say whut?


      • Oh Greg, when you say “n1gger”, you really mean “misogynist”.


      • No… when I sez n1gger, ah means n1gger…

        … and that means YOU, Hattie. lzozlzolzolzolzolozlozl


      • Aw, is the princess upset because she can’t afford slaves waiting on her hand and foot?



      • Again, Greg, this is how we know you’re a girl or Gay. You fancy yourself the Scarlet or the scorned “white” woman in this exchange, and can’t get the nuts just not to give a damn.

        All I said was that men who are actually doing something aren’t broadcasting on the interwebs. You freak out and demand that everyone should blab endlessly every thought that passes through their mind, I guess, to make you feel secure.

        Well sorry, sweetcheeks, but talkers talking about how someone should DO SOMETHING!!!! are not usually the ones doing the…doing.

        A troll is not a warrior.

        A troll is just the damsel broadcasting her distress. A warrior worth his salt will sort through the cries of agony about how much they are suffering from the slights from this cruel, cruel world, to determine which deserve action and which don’t.

        Nobody is going to die for your trigger free lebensborn beta investment alpha sperm utopia. Sorry. It’s been done, and too many European lives were lost…some African, Asian, and Native American ones too.

        Next time around, it’s about self preservation, not anti human ideals. Get over it.


      • Wrong! Salvation will come if and when enough of the goyim are awakened to the way they’re being fucked over and destroyed. None of us here has to take up a baseball bat if that happens.

        Don’t forget that the situation in Weimar Germany was remarkably similar to what we’re undergoing now. Eskimos owning and running everything, 40% of senior judges, almost 100% of newspapers and radio, promoting degenerate art and various other elements of societal degradation. And look what happened within a few years.


      • Okay, Irishsavant, I feel you…but how many times does the same thing need to be said, and how many people need to say it before you realize that you’re not saying anything new?

        It’s the same thread again and again…because very few people are doing anything new. Very few are actually getting involved in what’s happening to their local areas. They’re blowing out their frustrations on the internet, and not going to town meetings being the voices of reason, or talking to the people around them about living like humans instead of sunshine hippie ideal vehicles.

        There is plenty to do that doesn’t have to do with killing civilians. You can, like, talk to them and show them the successes that come from sanity, and change many minds.


      • A troll is not a warrior.

        Last I checked, you’re the one doing all the trolling, negress… so stop projecting your inanity upon others.

        You and your ilk fancy yourselves Social Justice Warriors, and live and breath the psyops portion of what is, for all intents and purposes, your war against White folks and the West.

        So stop embarrassing yourself with half-assed harpy attempts to emasculate better men than you’ll ever have… and your own hissy fits projected onto others.

        You’re a walking primer of why all other races hate yours… and an especial example of why your own men won’t even tolerate your odious presence for long.


      • Nicole, you are stupid. You are not 1% as smart as you think you are. Greg is clearly not a girl. Nobody would even begin to think that. You are retarded.

        Everything you say is ass backwards. For example, the weirdness when it comes to school has been putting 80 IQ nigger teachers into white schools purporting to teach gifted students.

        These monkeys often cannot grade their own tests. True fact: white students are constantly having their tests graded wrong by 80 IQ angry, white-hating dindu teachers, and then parents have to have conferences with the principal to get it corrected. For example, a 6th grade teacher might think that 4 is “one time as big” as 2, when of course 4 is two times two, and then incorrectly mark her white student’s answer wrong. True story.

        It is maddening when one has worked hard despite affirmative discrimination (against white men) his entire life, and, even after losing 50% of income to taxes at all levels, one still manages to afford a home away from black people (costs 5X as much for same square footage), and then one’s precious children who are 98th percentile in IQ and in civilized behavior, are forced to have an 80 IQ dindu as the teacher of their gifted class in a school that is 99% white and has exactly one black teacher.


      • Greg, pay close attention.

        I am the last person who could be classed as any sort of social justice warrior. Wanna know why?

        I believe that “social justice” is an oxymoron.

        Let your mind chew on that for awhile.

        Next issue: being hated by people demanding a trigger free world is something I am quite used to.

        You can stand in line behind the feminists.


      • Oh look, another anonymous sockpuppet shows up to defend our dear damsel in distress.

        I do declare…


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:03 pm gunslingergregi

        nicole not calling for it just been predicting it and ready to dip lol
        dam you really looking like the people on yahoo and shit calling people names
        and whats up with all the holocost shit and death talk from you
        think white men tired of propping this shit up


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:15 pm gunslingergregi

        It’s the same thread again and again…because very few people are doing anything new. Very few are actually getting involved in what’s happening to their local areas. They’re blowing out their frustrations on the internet, and not going to town meetings being the voices of reason, or talking to the people around them about living like humans instead of sunshine hippie ideal vehicles.

        There is plenty to do that doesn’t have to do with killing civilians. You can, like, talk to them and show them the successes that come from sanity, and change many minds.

        yea i want to babysit negros my whole life no ty
        ya can’t really talk to them they are what they are and the cancer is spread and inop and now everyone else getting dropped all over couontry from shitholes
        there is nothing to keep and nothing to look forward to really maybe ghettoland from sea to shining sea minus some cities that dont include whites
        we losing what more do you want
        seems like the minorities dont want us to die while they kill us cause they know when it just them it will suck well fuck you
        so uhh


      • My deep family of origin had 100s of slaves back in the day…. I am very offended by this discussion. We have long memories.
        Never insult a slave! Never act to humiliate one!
        If you do not understand this, you have no business being a slave driver.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 12:10 am gunslingergregi

        yea rum the white man the slave
        she should quit instigating
        told to man up life is hard life is tough
        nobody ever asks is it worth it
        the shit old how much can ya do
        fountain of youth holy grail fuck that
        people trying to live forever whatever


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:00 am gunslingergregi

        Oprah believes that older white people are the problem with America today, and that they need to die so that racism can end.”””””””””””’

        why dont ya go talk to her
        cept when ya travel country that seems to be what is actually happening
        look at detroit pics see old white person on proch then later pic black person replaced
        so where did the old white person go
        so ya have a billionaire who can actually make the shit happen
        so apparently ok to say shit and follow through for blacks just more inequality


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:11 am gunslingergregi

        UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ad they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is how we are going to exterminate white people. Because that, in my estimation, is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off of the face of the planet to solve this problem.

        (END VIDEO CLIP)

        HANNITY: That was former North Carolina State University Professor Kamau Kambon. He was speaking at a forum on Hurricane Katrina media coverage at Howard University Law School before his issued his call to exterminate white people.

        the diference is blacks really are exterminating white people day after day year after year


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:14 am gunslingergregi

        so after 30 years of it you think white people need to have some dialogue with black people or something?
        its pretty one sided on the killing
        doesn’t appear dialogue has been working


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:23 am gunslingergregi

        When a fight comes, the revolution will not be in the comments section.

        actually blacks been posting the fight all over the interwebs fucking up white people
        whites fuck em up too but shit blacks be proud of that shit
        on the one hand its like well shit white people fuck me up too
        but they aint necesarily trying to make me not esist
        well ok other than spreading blacks rofl
        but yea areas that go black go all black so that does’t leave any room for anyone else does it


      • Gunny, I feel you on the babysitting African Americans. However, this is where we are. You kind of have to eat what’s on your plate, or it will sit there and mold will grow on it, bugs will come, and it will stink.

        Eventually, Nature takes care of everything, but if we don’t want to just let bad stuff happen, or make the problem worse by dumping more mess on top of a mess, we have to use our brains to solve the problem.

        I don’t *want* Europeans in the Americas unless they are going to do good there instead of harm, but having been born when I was born, there is fuck all I can do about the world as I was born into it. So while I’m alive, I would like to do what I can to make it a better place, and stop those who are destroying it from continuing to do so…leave the place better than I came into it.

        Now, we have a situation where the federal government is trying to manipulate the demographics so that the rich can get richer, with no regard for the needs of the people. Every generation has this issue…the people needing to press their power against the power of the elite.

        We don’t want this, but we have to do it anyway.

        You, as a European man, have to accept that your invasion of the Americas led to the current invasion of the U.S. None of this would be happening if y’all had stayed in Europe, or if when you decided to stay in the Americas, you took on a more Native American mentality with regards to demographics.

        You know what I mean. I don’t need to spell that out. Now, in order to correct the current situation, you just have to be firm about this.

        You will not have, in the Americas, the rainbow unicorn land of “whiteness” or the rainbow unicorn land of I guess “beigeness”. What you can have is sane people respecting sane boundaries. Some towns like Beaumont, TX are pressing their will against the federal government’s attempts to pressure them to insane levels of integration. They are not the only ones. These things are seldom reported on, and when they are, it’s with a horrible cushion of PC…but one can read between the lines.

        The government doesn’t want us to think we can fight back. We can. So the outlook is not as depressing as it looks.

        Whether the violence crowd is predicting or rallying, well, I can only judge by the words on the page. There is another way though. It’s a hard way, and a tedious way, and it means some will take a lot of heat. If you come out and say that you’re for the people arranging themselves naturally, and against any forced integration, they’re going to call you a racist even though this is the furthest thing from racism. I don’t recommend anyone go there in public unless they are ready for the challenges. Still, if it is worth killing for, then it should be worth getting ridiculed a bit for.

        You do a lot simply by not being a pussy. You break the stereotypes. Really, just this would push your causes forward a long way. Get guys to get rid of the feminationalism. There is plenty room within masculinity and ethnonationalism to be a protector of women without being their bitches.


    • Thank you, PA. Viktor Orban is a patriot, indeed. Hungary and Russia, fighting hard for justice.


  2. on November 2, 2015 at 7:24 pm Eric Ruttencutter

    They can have all the fat, tattooed feminists they want.


  3. on November 2, 2015 at 7:25 pm gunslingergregi

    yea first waves detroyed the countryside of us with drugs
    now the new thing of just importing millions and millions of new people in addition to the millions they were allready taking in
    we in some new territory
    went into a flea market and it was all hispanic there were two cops both white and two amish people and me
    even in chicago in all black areas was still white cops
    they pulled over dude in front of me 4 cops got out by the time i passed they let the dude drive away
    im trying to move to almost all muslim country so uhh yea


    • on November 2, 2015 at 7:28 pm gunslingergregi

      wont be so bad if goes muslim there will be a sense of community everyone else will be dead
      the end of diversity bs


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:46 am gunslingergregi

        1. Stupidity
        Stupid people do not get ahead in this world. Satanists strive to keep themselves informed and to not be fooled by others who seek to manipulate and use them.

        2. Pretentiousness
        Taking pride in one’s achievements is encouraged in Satanism. However, one should only take credit for one’s own accomplishments. Making empty claims about yourself is not only obnoxious but also potentially dangerous, leading to sin No. 4, self-deceit.

        3. Solipsism
        Satanists use this term to refer to the presumption many people make that other people think, act and have the same desires as themselves. It’s important to remember that everyone is an individual with his own individual goals and plans. To expect someone to treat you as you treat him is foolish. Instead, Satanists encourages you to treat people as they treat you. You should always deal with the reality of the situation rather than expectations.

        4. Self-Deceit
        Satanists deal with the world as it is. Convincing yourself of untruths because they are more comfortable is no less problematic than letting someone else deceive you.

        5. Herd Conformity
        Satanism exalts the power of the individual. Western culture encourages people to go with the flow, and to believe and do things simply because the wider community is doing such. Satanists attempt to avoid such behavior, following the herd only if it makes logical sense and suits one’s own needs.

        6. Lack of Perspective
        Remain aware of both the big and small pictures, never sacrificing one for the other. Remember your own important place in things, and don’t be overwhelmed with the viewpoints of the herd. On the flipside, we do live in a world larger than ourselves. Always keep an eye on the big picture and how you can fit yourself into it.

        7. Forgetful of Past Orthodoxies
        Society is constantly taking old ideas and repackaging them as new, original ideas. Do not be fooled by such offerings.

        8. Counterproductive Pride
        If it works, use it. You should never be embarrassed of your own accomplishments. However, if pride is getting in the way of getting things done with other people, you should set it aside until such time as it becomes constructive again.

        9. Lack of Aesthetics
        Beauty and balance are two things Satanists strive for. This is particularly true in magical practices but can be extended to the rest of one’s life as well. Avoid following that which society dictates is beautiful and learn to identify true beauty, whether or not others recognize it. ””””””’

        is that real satanic sins does it not seem familiar around here?


    • on November 2, 2015 at 7:33 pm gunslingergregi

      white men should probably convert to muslim enmass now it would probably give them the psychological strength to fight the shit they need


      • We do need strength to fight shit. But converting to Islam for that would be profoundly anti-reason. There’s got to be a better way. Islam is the worst possible religion to convert to as it is basically a how-to guide for conquering the world, and there is no reliable separation of church and state, of politics and faith. If you like freedom of speech and free inquiry, like that engaged in on this site, stay far, far, far away from Islam.



      • on November 3, 2015 at 7:22 am Captain Tautological

        > “profoundly anti-reason” ——— In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logos_%28Christianity%29


      • Imagine solid German Islam. The arabs would wilt and die once the hardcore high-IQ aryan bureaucrats get serious about doing Islam right and enforcing all the rules, straight by the book.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 11:07 pm gunslingergregi

        yea glen the whole world would def go muslim he he he


      • You don’t get it. There can be no “German Islam.” Muslims believe that when you die, the angels will come and ask you, “Who is God’s prophet, and what is God’s book” in Arabic, and if you can’t understand, you go to hell.

        They believe that the Koran is only the Koran when written in Arabic. The Egyptians aren’t even Semites, but they became “Arabs” (who they vastly outnumbered), likewise the Phoenicians, Chaldeans, many Berbers, Carthaginians, and Syrians. The only reason that the Persians avoided this is that they promoted a deviant form of Islam (which ironically emphasizes Arab bloodlines—if you see a Persian with a black turban, he believes he is descended from Mohammed).


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:27 am gunslingergregi

        calling on allah saved my life one time when i was about to grab a cops gun
        calling on jesus well i never called on god any other time i was about to die
        other than calling on the devil and yea he came


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:35 am gunslingergregi

        maybe that is why the people in power that worship the devil if it is to be believed are successful the devil is actually the one that is real
        maybe that is why we are told to believe in deities that are not so we dont get the power too?


      • on November 4, 2015 at 1:42 am gunslingergregi

        anyone else ever hit the point they called on the devil just because life was shitty and shit their pants he he he


    • The thing most Western Europeans and Americans don’t understand is that Islam is theological Arab nationalism. It started off much closer to Eskimo-ism than either would admit. In fact, initially, there were castes for non-Arab Muslims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mawali this still exist today among descendants of black slaves in Muslim countries like Sudan and Yemen: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caste_system_among_South_Asian_Muslims#Yemen

      Shia Islam exists to give theological justification for Muslims who wanted to keep non-Arab identity–primarily the Persians, but also groups in Syria and Iraq


  4. Oh this is just too perfect for you guys.


  5. The rot has reached the bone. When men find the crimson arts a worthwhile substitute to developing their gifts and character to mount an independent mission towards their destiny, the question doesn’t even survive its statement.

    [CH: the crimson arts ARE a step toward developing manly character. charisma and confidence are supremely masculine traits.]


    • [CH: the crimson arts ARE a step toward developing manly character….]

      Psychopathy, FTW.


    • I agree with CH. And I would add weightlifting. Although it is not necessarily part of the crimson-arts package, it boosts testosterone and foments conservative values like nothing else. I didn’t discover the iron until my 40s, but it has changed me profoundly for the better.


  6. on November 2, 2015 at 7:36 pm gunslingergregi

    yea if i would of been born in muslim couontry i would of had a hot wife young and been popping out kids instead i watched my dad divorce and swore off marriage and never had kids
    muslim might just be better for us look around at the dudes you know who have been fucked up in life it doesn’t have to be like that


    • Legitimate question. As tellers of Truth it behooves us to assess its veracity. (even though the message is relatively accurate mathematically/demographically)


  7. on November 2, 2015 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

    whorefinder would love being a muslim
    rape buffett
    hed prob stop raping if a religion told him to though rofl


  8. This sucks.


  9. I have never really worried too much about losing all our genetic heritage in America or places like Germany. But recently I have been fortunate enough to hang with and observe many Russian women over the last 3 months(danced with 3 of them the other night). The Russian women are so much more superior to other genetic heritages. Sure there are ugly Russians but the average Russian female blows away any other women. Feminine, sexy, beautiful features including eyes and cheek bones. Losing that genetic heritage would be a real tragedy.


  10. When the Mongols rolled through, Europe found its brass balls. Rome was dead. The barbarians were scattered. But, they united under the Holy Roman empire and fought back.

    The west needs to relearn that to defend their stuff, they may need to fight. The recent rush for firearms in Europe is a good sign that the fight is coming, and men are already ready.


    • The invaders were once stopped at the gates of Vienna and then pushed back to where they came from, this time it will be more difficult because our leaders are opening the Gates wide open, the invaders are inside the gates, some of them are elected officials.

      There will be some push back, but it will be much more difficult than the crusades were.

      When? who knows…it may take another 10 years…50 years? the learning curve of most people is ultra slow…but eventually the pressure cooker will explode; the ingredients in the cooker don’t mix well and there is too much pressure.

      Whites or at least some of them will start fighting this with the only language our traitorous leaders understand since voting is useless and a language the invaders will definitely understand.


      I do wish for it, I will be too old to be part of it then, but it is inevitable.

      This sick situation will end in violence

      You can not throw more and more hyenas in the lion’s den and not expect a violent conflict to happen between the lions and the hyenas.

      Our leaders have lost their minds.

      They are mixing explosive ingredients in a pressure cooker.

      This will all end in violence.

      It is a certainty.

      this injustice on whites is creating new Breiviks.

      Even her security agency has warned Angela Merkel that there was a risk she was creating extremists on both sides.

      It will only get worse.

      it will end in violence

      I would bet a lot of money on that

      I do not believe the white race will simply take it sitting down and slowly fade away. It may be slow to react but one day it will.

      Sorry for the long rant but our new prime minister Justin Trudeau here in Canada is a pro-immigration, white liberal who wants to welcome 25,000 refugees before Christmas of this year… and welcome many more in the coming years.

      Invaders in Germany or invaders in USA or in Canada, it is all the same; all of us whites are being submitted to the same race replacement program that is imposed by our traitorous liberal leaders.

      ( side note; I read a few days ago that not one white nation right now on this planet is run by a conservative, they are all run by various types of liberals…)

      In this war on white men and on their civilization, we white men of all white nations are brothers.

      we risk losing the same things,
      We fight the same enemies.


      • Twice, actually. In 1529, the weather helped a great deal to turn back the Ottoman army, 1n 1683, a French-Polish relief army got there just in time.
        I can sort of understand why the Germans and Austrians are currently trying to commit suicide, it’s the leftovers of the collective stomachache still left by WW II, at least in those over 50. The Scandinavian desire for self-annihilation is harder to understand, especially the Swedes, who have been nothing but the goodest of all GoodPeople for a very long time.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 7:41 am Captain Tautological

        > “Even her security agency has warned Angela Merkel that there was a risk she was creating extremists on both sides.” ——— STASI operative and her Eskimo handler:


      • CF. An Australian girl I know has been in Canada for five years. Employed all the way. When her visa was up they refused to renew it. She’s now heading back to OZ, passing 10,000 Somalis heading in the opposite direction.


    • Yep. And yes, this has happened. Turns out every generation must fight for freedom. The Nintendo generation is waking up quickly.

      google grab a g_un if you’re a newbie. don’t be scared.


  11. on November 2, 2015 at 7:55 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    The Muslim is misinterpreting a complex situation as White weakness.

    Jews and elite Whites are certainly not acting weak. They are aggressively waging ethnic/class warfare against non-elite Whites, for Jewish tribal advantage and elite White personal/family advantage.

    Awakened non-elite Whites, on the other hand, are in a difficult predicament. We clearly are not cowards or weaklings, as we’ve proved against Muslims on every battlefield in our recent counter-productive wars, but we all know that, given Jewish control of the entertainment/media/academia, direct violent action is counter-productive. David Sirota is salivating, just hoping we turn to terrorism.

    Instead, effective electoral politics and meta-politics are needed.

    Victor Orban should be our role model for effective electoral politics. Certain topics simply do not need to be discussed, or can be waived aside with conventional platitudes, within the sphere of electoral politics. The only thing that matters is results – enforce the border, avoid counter-productive wars, and erode cultural-marxist power.

    Kevin MacDonald should be our model for effective meta-politics. Our only strength is our willingness to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, without fear or favor. The first and most obvious duty of the meta-politician is a full discussion of the anti-White malice of Jewish elites in academia, entertainment, news media, finance and politics.

    (The Dark Enlightenment, at best, falls between two stools – too offensive to be anything other than a liability in electoral politics, yet too timid to engage in meaningful meta-politics.)


    • The problem is that normal folks have kids and jobs to protect. Only 2 or 3 kids if lucky, but the point remains. Each of us is faced with simply being seen as a common criminal, and thrown into prison with the African thugs who were fed by us and are 80% of the problem (aside from their YKW enablers). And we will die knowing that our boomer fathers and mothers and clueless children and women won’t know a thing; we will be seen as “crazy” and “angry” and “bitter” just as we white men are, right now, if we do such a radical thing as let a blue pill “man” friend or woman know that we read and believe in the words of this blog.

      Many of us are lawyers. We work every day in the snake’s belly! The Jew fiat dollar and control of our legal system and government feeds our families. We might go to the gallows with the Eskimos. Still the rest of the world in large part thinks about “Americans” doing bad things like getting rid of Saddam when it was, of course, the Eskimo infiltrator, who does not represent any interest other than the International Jew. And we sit through “diversity” meetings and even CLE programs can be in “diversity”. What the fuck?

      Every white father right now faces very little hope because any individual actions will be seen as Breveick “right wing terrorist” and the left wing terrorists control the military and all of its power, along with the civilian criminal justice system and the media.

      What will we do? If it breaks into full out “shooting starts”, that sucks too. Call me a whiny bitch, but the fucking boomers got to enjoy a relatively peaceful world from 1945 until now, and now us first-generation-to-go-backwards in purchasing power, etc will have to fight in World War III as some kind of “guerrilla” militia? WTF? Many of us are alpha enough that we have children and wives — or we have children, ex wives, and now after discovering CH, have some good looking plates and decent sex lives and are providing for our smart children and doing okay. But we will have to fight when the barbarians are already inside the gates and control the media, police, military, government, printing of money, all things on the internet (they can delete this blog at any time), digital money, credit, factories that can produce steel, etc.?

      Now is the tipping point? The year 2016? Gen Xers who are now 40 years old or so, after the last 20 years of absolute bullshit, now we will get out our modern sporting rifles (90% new to arms after the last 30 years of pussydom)?

      Any of us who do anything, even a decent band of brothers/militia, will be crushed worse than Hungary’s freedom fighters were in 1956.

      What is going to happen? You wise men here, what say you?


      • I don’t know, Publius. But from reading your posts I know that we’re in the same boat and in this fight together along with other fathers out there. That is an encouraging thought.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 4:12 pm Kate Quimslit

        You’ve summed it up Publius: technology has enslaved us through documenting every thought ‘crime’ and reducing our physical capacity. Our enthusiasm for action is of course going to be at a low ebb, as we cling to ‘how things should be’ with faint, delusional, hope. Even if the few exceptional physical specimens can mobilise a posse, they’ll be frustrated with the non-compliant/opinionated/attention-deficited Pilsbury Dough boys they have to work with. We are truly like the plantation n1gg3rs of yore, in that our only comfort might be a belief that things may be better in the next life.


      • Publius…there is only one “solution”, and that is a catastrophic and sudden economic decline. That, and that alone, will get the people like you and me and most on this blog, and more particularly the unawakened White middle and working class to rise up in desperation.

        The alternative is a boiling-the-frog existential decline. We’re caught between Cylla and Charybdis I’m afraid….


  12. It looks like there is hope for Europe. America on the other hand? i don’t see it.

    How many Americans even know about the situation in Europe? The semi-educated people know about the “refugee crisis”.

    I don’t think that Americans feel whatever it is, in the blood and the bones. That sense of kinship and shared history. In Poland they go back to the stone age. Here not so much.


    • It looks like there is hope for Europe. America on the other hand? i don’t see it.

      I spell hope T-R-U-M-P.


    • But many Americans know about their own type of “refugees” those hispanics/Mexicans illegals.

      Many Americans are aware judging by how popular Trump is.


    • The future for America will be secession and a breakup of the country into multiple new ones — that is the best case scenario I see as realistic. For Europe there is only one option: expulsion of the invaders.


      • Won’t happen. The Feds hold all the aces, militarily and “legally” – i.e. they control the courts, even State ones. And what do you do with your in-house vibrants? Texas is nearly 50% enriched, most of the Old South has a massive and growing vibrant population.

        I’ll answer my own question actually. Cut welfare to the bone. Drive out the parasites to the blue states.


    • Hold on, dude. Some positivity. We have the help of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Second Amendment, and the fact that there are, indeed, apparently, at least 20 million armed white men in the flyover states alone.

      Poor Europe is sandwiched between a clusterfuck and Africa and is physically connected to where the Africans and Semites come from.

      We have hope. If we had control of our own government, which of course we will obtain using democratic, legitimate, nonviolent political means, we can easily stop foreign invaders from entering our nation. They have to cross a very, very large ocean by ship or plane to do it, and they cannot even build a ship or plane without us.


      • on November 3, 2015 at 4:19 pm Kate Quimslit

        Europe: no guns, independent countries that generally hate each other owing to millenniae of conflicts, different languages, far greater influx of muslims than the US could dream of… little hope of unity, and most state organs (army, police) will do the bidding of the corporate merchant class (though there will be a few rogue states). Soccer is about the only thing that has any hope of uniting the continent.


      • Wondering whether idle chitchat about overthrowing the government is truly illegal, I did some googling. Title 18 chapter 115:

        “Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

        Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

        Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

        Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

        Ok then.


      • @jawohl

        I believe that most of that sedition law has been struck down as unconstitutional–and that’s as it should be.


      • 1. I’m talking about winning elections, hearts, and minds, nonviolently.
        2. Who’s guilty of treason, literally, is Hillary Clinton and every government agent who is responsible for Obergefell and arresting that poor woman who resisted and other Christians who have tried simply to exercise their First Amendment right of association and 13th amendment right against involuntary servitude (making cake makers cater gay weddings when they don’t want to), and those responsible for importing 1 million African men a year, giving them a free ride even, while not allowing pretty white women of childbearing age from Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, etc. to come here.


  13. on November 2, 2015 at 7:58 pm gunslingergregi

    i stopped in south bend indiana home of notre dame
    and yea signs are in all spanish and they got the ghetto
    i really dont actually know what is left right now anyway


    • on November 2, 2015 at 8:08 pm gunslingergregi

      kind of funny roosh talked about how bad dc was but that is actually where there are white people


      • DC is gentrified heavily now…blacks no longer a majority, population share plunging. No reversing it. People were wrong about the cities…whites are moving back en masse because Fed joo confetti is rendering the economy of suburbia unaffordable


      • Nogs still control the city government. That makes the schools, DMV, etc. sub standard.


      • “no reversing it”

        Just wait until the Ferguson-effect increases the black-on-white murder rate over the next decade. I predict a horde of scared libtards fleeing DC.


      • “Fed joo confetti”
        What a fantastic morning chuckle that gave me. Thanks.


  14. on November 2, 2015 at 8:14 pm gunslingergregi

    someone listened though people said other countries were better so now us is becoming another country hhahahaah
    kind of ironic i guess


  15. Growing up in the 1960’s – this is not the “21st century” that I was promised..


  16. I was called crazy and worse things, oh I’d say about 10 years ago when I began calling pro-immigration white liberals; ” traitors”.

    I was simply ahead of the curve it seems…


  17. I find the Muslim’s comments politely delivered and logically correct.
    And to which I would say

    “Thank you, and well put. But here is the thing.
    On your best day and with two of your closest friends, you are not my social equal.
    You and yours seek shelter in my native land for you will not stand and fight for a place in your own.
    And there it is. Go in peace.”


    • You are offered 3 fine milking goats, 2 egg laying hens, and a hinny in exchange for commentor “Nicole.” This offer is more than generous. Choose wisely.

      “Every sperm is sacred!” — Ibn Al Dindu 2016


  18. OK so this muslim dude is doing the laugh-in-face disrespectful thing. If it isn’t a joke and the guy is sincerely of this ilk then haha – my golden rule sieve says – he doesn’t get the golden rule, will never get it and so he doesn’t have what it takes to join in, in the European endeavor – so the guy has gotta go – get out of dodge – go back where your true home is – you are not welcome if you can’t abide by the fucking golden rule. This is pretty simple shit. The German authorities (and the rest of Europe) have to be vetting these guys (and immigrants of any kind). If they don’t then let’s just say goodbye to the western cultural tradition. Let’s just see the “Them vs. Us” wherever it suits anybody’s momentary selfish fancy (instead of where we really need to be heading, and have slowly been heading since the renaissance and the enlightenment which is that the “Us” is all of us – i.e. – don’t fuck with the golden rule).

    Jeez, I don’t think this is a leftoid thing or a rightcuck thing or a racial purity thing so much as it is very simple European ideological thing – it’s all about the golden rule man (do onto others as you would have done onto yourself) – DON’T FUCK WITH THE GOLDEN RULE MAN.


  19. Oh no! Here come the scary brown people!

    Egad! You alt fighters are pussies.

    Seriously, have you guts even made a fist, let alone been in a fight before?

    [CH: you write like a preteen girl. (aka a faggot)]


    • But what about you swiggy gee?can you make a capuchino frappe latte with cinnamon sprinkles while wearing you pajamas? and then sit down and spend 8 hours memorizing the Koran?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Canadian Friend: “But what about you Swiggy Gee? Can you make a cappuccino frappe latte with cinnamon sprinkles while wearing your pajamas? and then sit down and spend 8 hours memorizing the Koran?”
        Only when armed with his(?) trusty buttplug.


    • Do you realize how many of us have served in a military branch? Do you know how many of us are bad ass bikers? Do you know how many of us are hunters who see unruly invaded as just another prey? Do know how many of us have been in bar fights?

      No. You don’t, else you wouldn’t be so retarded.


      • Speak for yourself. Military service is the go-to lie of wannabes.


      • Nicole, I have more guns than you have unused diet plans. Go back to watching “The View” now.


      • @Anonymous, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. This is the internet.
        If you do though, you are in a tiny, tiny minority here.

        If you do, and you’ve ever killed a living being, are you in a rush to send people to die for feminationalists pursuing the dream of an eatpraylove slut from the 1800’s?

        Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t. I’d much rather stick to self defense and getting the people sabotaging your countries out of office and their boot off your neck. These activities should probably not be broadcast on the internet, and generally those engaged in these things don’t.

        So whoever you see here calling for needless bloodshed are trolling, cops, or some other brand of weak or fake.


      • “Speak for yourself. Military service is the go-to lie of wannabes.”

        He’s talking about service in real militaries. Not that of the glorified open-air prison guards of the IDF.
        Nor that of the snark commandos of the JIDF.


      • Starets, the IDF has some bad asses. I worked with IDF commandos a few years ago.


      • I know what he’s talking about, Starets, and I am saying that most narcissists and others trying to look tough on the internet claim to be veterans, and some go as far as to claim to have seen combat.

        I don’t believe anyone until I’ve watched them post awhile. Then you can tell who is who. Even then, I don’t usually bother about it because it’s so common, unless someone starts messing with me.

        Greg and CT have it out for me because I simply tell people who might be warriors or on the edge of manning up, that WordPress is not a safe place to broadcast your activities or desire to kill anyone. I don’t know why they insist that it is, and encourage people to be stupid. I have my guesses, but none of them are that they are sincere promoters of truth and free expression.

        People can take the advice or not, but don’t blame me for the consequences.


      • Greg and CT have it out for me because I simply tell people who might be warriors or on the edge of manning up, that WordPress is not a safe place to broadcast your activities or desire to kill anyone. I don’t know why they insist that it is, and encourage people to be stupid. I have my guesses…

        I can’t speak for CT, but let’s keep the record straight:

        I have it out for you because you’re a disingenuous Cathedral shill and a bulbous babbling no-sexual-value middle-aged negress who deigns to lecture White men about everything from relations to masculinity to wisdom, yet who, like most of your ilk, couldn’t lie straight on the ground…

        … and whose selective memory, purposeful misuse of words in the attempt to snark and insult, and downright inability to read and comprehend that to which she would arrogantly reply, rivals the worst traits of any female mind.

        I lived with your kind back in my Army days, which served as my red-pill awakening in re the Cathedral’s pack of socio-political lies… and seeing the same bullshit spring up here in the chateau nearly two generations later just makes me puke… both from your direct and odious presence, and the fact that most of my own ilk are still naive to the point of brinkmanship that they tolerate this affront.

        The only fair point I could make in your favor is, after the ass-kicking you took awhile back for your voodoo-laden antiChristian snark, you at least seem to have hopped off that Cathedral tactic bandwagon.


      • So basically, Greg, you don’t like me, and want a trigger free Chateau.

        As far as Vodun, that’s one of those things that is relevant to a topic or not. When it’s not, unlike you with racial slurs, I don’t see the need to bring it into the conversation.

        …and sometimes, even if it is, actions speak louder than words.

        You wish it was cathedral, babygirl. 😉


      • Heh, heh… Voudon.

        Well, the ooga-booga spirit is upon me, this holiday season, so I’m sending a Tikoloshe your way, mama tembo.

        This is a special one from one of the erstwhile German colonies… stays under your bed each evening, singing Adelweiss in that squeaky, scratchy voice they’re said to evince.

        When the aggravation has finally matched what you have delivered here to the chateau, then it will arise from it’s chosen lair and claim your soul.

        The last sound you will hear is the raucous earth-shaking laughter of 1001 GBFMs.



      • Greg, you’re mixing up Umuthi and Vodun. It’s okay though, since I don’t expect you to know what you’re talking about.

        This was the wrong answer for a supposed separatist though. On this matter, it is you who are disingenuous.

        …but then you do base your superiority on being more “civilized” (read feminist), so it’s not at all surprising that you’d also base it on a greater willingness to sell your Ancestors, not to mention your lands and your children, for shiny rosary beads.

        Yes indeed, you are more easily…civilized.


      • Come up with some more of your usual n1gspeak non sequiturs, Queen o’ Babble-On… others are finally starting to remark on your inanity.

        On a side note, the moderator can tell by ISP’s where posts are coming from, so whenever you want to take me up on my standing bet of a month’s salary, let me know… you and t-h-w-a-c-k were awfully quick to think anyone else who tells you you’re full of shit must be a sock-puppet, so as I say, the moderator can compare ISPs… put your money where your big mouth is, Hattie.

        Let’s sweeten the pot… if that anonymous poster up above that called you on your bullshit has an ISP location within 25 miles of mine, I’ll never post here again… conversely, when you lose, you make yourself scarce.


        And don’t come up with some chicken-shit excuse about ISP manipulation… I don’t have the time for that, if it is possible, and the style of expression used by these alleged sock-puppets has no resemblance… most important, I have no problem using my own monicker to say what’s on my mind, as is apparent to all here… except when said accusations are used as defense mechanisms by shill assholes like you and t-w-h-a-c-k.


      • Greg, can you stick to the damned subject for once?

        This is not about how well you can cover your tracks, or even how uniformly brainwashed feminationalists are.

        The point that I’m trying to make is that the old “white” nationalist narrative is sourced from an eatpraylove slut of the Russian nobility, trying to frame her (what you’d call muh dik) adventures to be more acceptable in her time. So you need a new one that doesn’t require men give up their manhood for the race, because this is bad for your race and anybody of any race living in your territories.

        I don’t harp on, but I also don’t ignore the “man behind the curtain”. I just don’t feel that endlessly bitching about it is the way to solve the problem. I do my bit to be a voice for people who don’t want to melt in the pot, so I don’t have much energy to complain that the system doesn’t support me. They don’t give me a voice. God did. All they could do is maybe provide a soapbox, but they didn’t, so I built my own…same as the CH did.

        You want your perspective to be the only game in town? Well, again, you can stand in line behind the feminists, next to the zionists, the Muslims, the crazy brand of Christians, the porch monkeys…You’ll be in a good sized crowd.

        I offend you. I get it. Now understand that the world does not owe you never being offended.


      • This is not about how well you can cover your tracks, or even how uniformly brainwashed feminationalists are.

        Indeed, it isn’t about that at all…

        It’s about your lying harridan mouth that has no place at this forum especially… and your n1gger-arrogant and -ignorant attitude towards all things Western and White.

        I offend you. I get it. Now understand that the world does not owe you never being offended.

        I never said I had a right to not be offended, you irascible harpy… but I do have the ability to call you on your bullshit… which quite a few here have been doing, and I don’t understand why CH let’s your black ass continue to spew your black sass.

        Now, tell us one last time how you coloured folks want to be rid of White influence… yet there’s no such thing as (as you snarkily put it) “white” people… and continue to run towards and insinuate yourselves into any and every White society that you can shuck n’ jive yourselves into.

        Tell us again about dem “white” devils…

        But try not to talk with your mouth full.


      • Little Miss Scarlet, again, when you say “we” or “quite a few” what you mean is a very few people because I don’t bullshit. My cards are squarely on the table. America for Native Americans, Africa for Africans, and Europe for Europeans. This is an ideal…a dream, if you will.

        I am aware though, that ideals and reality are different things. So I try to create the best reality. The discussion is nice, but there is work to do. You’ve caught my attention during a break. One needs to take those occasionally, partly to remember what they are fighting for. You remind me why Africans need to get away from your brand of Christianity. It hates their blood.

        If you don’t think the world owes you not being offended, then you may want to stop wasting so much time whining about how offended you are. Just a thought.

        About influence…I have said before that western culture has some good things. It had given the world a lot, but it is not alone in that. That I say that it is not alone seems to be the problem you have with me.

        So again, here we are at the point that you believe that just because I am African and posting here, I am intrusive. It doesn’t really matter what I actually say.

        :: shrug ::

        There is no way for me to be that would not offend you except not here, and that is not your call.

        I do understand though, that you are one of those people for whom any presence of Africans is a distraction. You are unable to see the message through the color. It’s okay. I understand. I don’t think it is healthy on the internet, but this is not an unknown or unique condition.

        Perhaps this is why I should take a break from here, if this is the way most of the commenters here are. There is no good that I could possibly do if all of the commenters here are so afflicted…and even calling it an affliction is problematic if it is a normal impulse among your people.

        Much to think about. Thankfully for you, thinking isn’t talking. 😉


    • on November 2, 2015 at 9:53 pm Pork Sammy Best Sammy

      Nigger detected.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 8:01 am Captain Tautological

      “Swiggy gee” & “Nicole”:


    • Swiggy gee – if your comment was directed toward my golden rule rant, note that I did not say scary brown people. I’m saying pretty much the opposite. I’m saying beware of those that make it about Them vs. Us. The western tradition is based upon the idea of the “Us” being all of us, so long as you are capable of crossing this ideological bridge, you can join. If not you cannot.

      There is alot of native Europeans that would argue against what I am saying here as much too pollyanna and therefore naive, and this ongoing voice of dissension has been helpful, as a cynical-input, in forging the western tradition for the pragmatic. But yet the underpinnings of the western tradition are still there for all to see – the golden rule, and the belief in worthiness of the idea of – the equal fundamental existential worth of each individual.

      However, if the voice of dissension becomes the norm (or becomes overpowering in other ways, such as splintering into too many criticisms of varied ilk that each find an audience), and as such gets the upper hand ideology-wise, then it really would spell the end of the western tradition. Though it be robust in many ways, it does have a soft spot in this way (it is ideological and therefore depends upon wide support). It cannot withstand an ideological upsurping by way of a Flood of confounding ideologies.

      As such the European leadership really has only one reasonable recourse – if they decide to let outsiders in (which in principle I am not opposed to), vet any outsiders coming in with respect to ideology, and open the spigot slowly enough that the leadership can test whether the expected assimilation is taking hold or not. Is each newcomer capable of contributing to the European endeavor (around our western traditions) as a non-dissenter or not?

      What other choice is there that does not spell disaster? I don’t think there is anything at all racist or bigoted in what I say. And I think the western tradition is a valuable enough force of culture, that it certainly should not be thrown away.


    • cool story bro.



    • on November 3, 2015 at 9:35 am Jacques Metier

      Brown people are scary. I wish brown people had more fear of white people.


      • They do, because you have nuclear weapons.

        It’s just that individually, you need to embrace your inner animal instead of niggerizing it, and be a man. If that happened, then people would respect you for more than your ability to pull a death star.


  20. Hitler sent all the fighting men of Germany to their deaths leaving the weak genetic stock of the support males to infect the future Germanic descendants.

    The more aggressive alpha will subjugate the beta, no matter the race. Simple Darwinian principles.


    • on November 2, 2015 at 9:44 pm Siegfried Kesselfieber

      Untrue. In actuality the average fatality rate for soldiers in WWII was a mere 5% (far lower than in WWI). Now, admittedly, for the German army this rate was higher, as they fought in more intense engagements (*cough, cough* Eastern Front *cough, cough*) but even still I know for a vast number of stalwart, intrepid Wehrmacht soldiers survived the war…survived the pow camps, even survived the Soviet gulags.

      The father of a friend of mine – who was, quintessentially, a total womanizer and Alpha to the bone – was captured at the Seelower Heights in 1945 and spent the next 10 years in northern Siberia. He survived and went on to live till 2014 (sadly past away of old age last fall).

      It´s not a genetic thing. Some of the worst libtards at present are the descendants of Nazis. For example SPD – Cucklord Sigmar Gabriel amongst others.

      So it´s not a genetic thing. It´s a cultural thing. The eskimoization of Germany has been extremely thorough. From the cradle onwards they are systematically instilled with a sense of selfhatred, selfloathing and guilt. That´s what often makes them so pathetic, when overseas.

      They are also extremely bigotted still, and savagely lash out against anyone who doesn´t adhere to the party line. I´ve gotten into serious trouble for speaking my mind there. Lost about 300 friends on Facebook, many of which used to be real life friends of mine.

      I left Germany a couple of years ago because I realized I was slowly turning into a Breivik. If I was still there now I´d probably be in jail.


      • Did the German soldiers survive Eskimo Eisenhower’s extermination camps? He had POWs reclassified as ‘disarmed enemy combatants’, a designation that relieved him of the obligation to provide them with food and shelter while in captivity. I’ve read reports that over 500,000 failed to survive this atrocity.

        I’m amazed by the way that the fatality rate of the Wehrmacht was so low. But great to hear anyway.


    • he sent them to fight off bolshevik communism, the greatest threat to europe and the world. He was so close to a great victory.

      Big thanks to britain and the US for funding and allying with the most murderous regime in history


  21. Anyone else notice that this seems like a bad voice-over (note the lack of ambient street noise), and the guy being filmed is white? The guy leaning on the counter is the speaker yes?


  22. Women working/voting is the cause of ALL of this catastrophe.

    If they are rightfully barred from both activities EVERY major civilizational problem is solved. Think about it.


    • True,

      pathological altruism is much more stronger in females and more common

      it is mostly females ( and feminized liberal men ) who have bleeding hearts for those fake refugees ( or illegals ).

      Most women ( 95% ) should go back to the kitchen, quit their job, stop voting.

      This would accelerate the healing of Western Civilization and would let white men in charge.

      White men are good at building civilizations and maintaining them.
      Women are not, never have been.

      When Rome let their women “liberate” them selves this contributed to the fall of Rome, it accelerated it.


    • Only a racist, homophobic sexist would write something like this, and this should not be permitted — unless I have your vote…

      “Every sperm is sacred!” — Ibn Al Dindu 2016


    • on November 2, 2015 at 10:05 pm The Spirit Within

      No, birth-control pills and massive technological upheaval have changed the modern world a lot more.

      If you look at the history of women, they’ve swung in and out of the workplace, depending on the era. And even when they were “out” of work, they were busy canning and preserving and contributing just as much to the running of the household.


    • I agree with you. Ironically, when Germany becomes an Islamic caliphate, you will get your wish with regards to the role of women.


  23. Did you get hard watching that?


  24. Wow. A counter example. My world view is totally changed. I’ll be a goodwhite from this day on. Hurray for white genocide!


  25. Better watch your sons, too.

    Incidentally, first ever male rape crisis center recently opened in Sweden. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/10/16/equality-last-worlds-first-male-rape-centre-opens-sweden/


    • Watch out for your sons exclusively. Mozzies are pure and utter queers. Even Western gays can respect a decent rack. Muzzies hate tits. Once they are given the cultural greenlight to poo-stab then their animal race is exterminated


  26. on November 2, 2015 at 9:46 pm Dead(white)ManWalking

    Assuming this is a legitimate video, this is the pithiest thing I’ve seen on the subject. Maybe this will be the video that saves millions of white men. Maybe this will take them back to reality.

    They’ll probably discredit this video as a fake somehow, and most of the SWPLs will buy it… but a handful will see through it, just like a handful saw through Ahmed’s “clock.”

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. These “refugees” have camera phones. People on the street have camera phones. Every video like this will skim a few more misguided progressives from the throes of their pathological altruism.

    There will be many more videos like this; an exponential amount. I’d like to believe we’ll wake up at some point. Unless they shut down the free internet, these videos will find the mainstream. They’ll be undeniable.


  27. When the civil war breaks out in Europe, the Muslims will do about as well in that one as the Jews did in the last.


  28. The eye of Soros unleashing the darkness.

    It’s as if trying to hide it now is simply moot. Fckn’ eskimos.



  29. on November 2, 2015 at 10:04 pm gunslingergregi

    ill admit my muslim brother in law beats my carreer drivin sister to keep her in line i guess it works
    my family been on the cutting edge


    • on November 2, 2015 at 10:06 pm gunslingergregi

      i slap my dad my little sis and dad call the cops i get arrested my older sis tells dad she got beat by husband crickets i guess


      • on November 2, 2015 at 10:09 pm gunslingergregi

        my dad said he told him he is not allowed to beat her like he talkin to a child who doesn’t know better rofl
        me on the other hand i can understand why he would beat her she likes to scream at people
        but the fact that my lib dad is all cool in the gang about it and not getting police involved is really strange if i beat a bitch they prob would call cops


      • on November 2, 2015 at 10:12 pm gunslingergregi

        so i guess muslims raping white bitches gonna be same thing now now u not supposed to do that its wrong
        can you spell wrong
        r i g h t
        no no no bad boy
        its w r o n g
        try again


      • Gunny, I hope and pray you are doing well. All the best to ya.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:06 pm gunslingergregi

        thanks john


  30. Jews in the legacy media and Google and Facebook have imposed the most extensive blackout that is technically possible and only a fraction of the truth is getting out on social media. I’m trying to find an old friend from Germany for some on-the-ground reporting.

    Meanwhile, I noticed that after floating a trial balloon on gun confiscation the other day, Hillary is now meeting with the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. The woman knows how to send coded messages for sure, in both directions.

    Let’s hope someone in Germany goes big and unfurls the Swastika.


    • hillary’s history with revolutionary dindus goes back to her affiliation with the black panthers while she was still in school. Clearly, she’ll be getting the nod from the blew team and likely rubio from the red team.

      Gun “control,” “humanitarian crisis”-fueled brown immigration, and social “just us” will rule the roost until Civil War 2.0

      The rot truly goes to the bone.


    • Hungary’s president has essentially done so, but as carefully and smartly as possible.


  31. The wife, who is at least 1/2 Kraut ., Her kin calls from Krautland and says they are jettin’ back here to get away from the Mahometans invadiing der fatherland. i CALLED HIM WHAT HE WAS , A ROOTY POO CANDY ASS . was I over-reacting?, As for me, I reckon not..


  32. I got one better for you Heartise:


    A white mother(!) “coerced” a black athlete to fuck her daughter.

    Apparently, white males cucking themselves isn’t enough now. White women are also throwing their race into shit skin oblivion by sending their own daughters into the hands of the enemy.

    Just how deep does ethnomasochism run?


  33. Gunny, the Colonel would never, ever tolerate a muzz marrying his sister. Hell i’d take a god-damned Nubian before that , And I absolutely despise both of those sons of bitches.


    • on November 2, 2015 at 11:10 pm gunslingergregi

      yea id only wish her on someone i did despise
      she means well sometimes but is a nightmare to live near
      a white beta would be a guarranteed suicide


      • I get that Gunny. You put that fuckin’ hajji on notice. He would only be a half inch from me stomping his sorry ass to death, period. I’m not trying to mind your biz, just sayin’ what I’d do.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:24 pm gunslingergregi

        i listened to her torture a muslim dude for a year and a half
        abu grab could not of done worse
        i gave the dude permission to beat her lol
        but yea this new dude
        still though if same shit i would understand no matter what color dude is on that shit


      • on November 2, 2015 at 11:27 pm gunslingergregi

        our woman can tear a muslim mans soul out and balls off lol
        be carefull what ya wish for is a good saying
        and the dude she did it too just took it
        it was some freaky shit


    • on November 2, 2015 at 11:42 pm gunslingergregi

      she is an alpha widow to a white good looking dude that had like a 10 mil house boat and was a player so nobody is ever gonna stack up to that shit
      she might eventually but yea she a chick th


  34. “Apparently, white males cucking themselves isn’t enough now. White women are also throwing their race into shit skin oblivion by sending their own daughters into the hands of the enemy.

    Just how deep does ethnomasochism run? ”
    Deeper than it should, The sex robots will put the last nail in the coffin for whitey, just wait and see.


  35. Damn straight they’ll marry bearded men. It’s not gonna be babyfaced manginas that kick the orcs out of Europe with a steel-toed jackboot.


  36. Even if reconciled with the idea that he only fights for a possibility of our civilization being reborn beyond his lifetime, every Man has to do his part in carrying the torch through the darkness of time


  37. If there is any body deserving of a fatal head shot, Soros is it. Lord, make it be so.


  38. I honestly wonder how you can write this stuff on a daily basis.

    I have to take breaks from reading your blog because it makes me a combination of sad angry and depressed


    • on November 3, 2015 at 12:04 am gunslingergregi

      try seeing it in real time it gets worse
      why the fuck isen’t it getting better with all the education getting paid for obviously need to teech some other shit


  39. Hitler demanded his general staff produce an invasion plan for Switzerland. After all they had almost no air force. But they had dug into every mountain and mined every pass and set up mortars and artillery everywhere. It was estimated that the Nazis would lose up to 200,000 men of the nearly 1 million they expected to use in the invasion. Hitler wanted to invade as his plans were for a greater Germany and he also found the Swiss Germans to be insufficiently racially German, having too much affinity for French speakers. Hitler wanted to enslave nearly all non-Germans and create a German/non-German European slave plantation. In the end the Nazis could simply not spare the men.

    Anyone thinking Hitler was anything but History’s greatest loser, who couldn’t take yes for an answer because he had an insane goal that would never be achieved — non Germans would fight enslavement — is a fool of the greatest magnitude. About on the par of Africans sacrificing children for business success or killing and eating pygmies or albinos for “magical powers.”

    White genocide is not Bibi wanting to defend his own country. And Soros wants Israel gone too — he funds BDS/Palestinian groups and anti-Wall groups. It is Post Christian Universal utopianism, status whoring at private gain and public expense, White women seeking domination by foreigners (ditto the White Mom whoring out her daughter to a Black athlete because his status is higher that the skater boys her daughter hangs out with), White women’s disgust at Beta Male Whiteness, and wealthy guys like Bill Gates and Carlos Slim getting their way.

    And a HUUUUGGGGEEEEE! element is White Alphas using Mass Third World immigration to drown competitors. They’ve got theirs — they certainly don’t fear Clock Boy Mohammed but do fear the next White guy in a garage so he has to go. Add in the “holy” nutcases Orwell nailed — the fruit juice drinking vegetarians wearing sandals against Industrialization and all that entails, you got real problems.

    White men face a hundred years war or more to regain their countries from foreign enslavement. All they have as models are El Cid, Don Juan of Austria, and the Polish King who relieved Vienna in 1688. The Fuhrer loved Islam.


    • “The Fuhrer loved Islam.”

      No, he didn’t. He admired certain aspects about it. Context. That’s how lies grow and become what they are from little half-truths like that. I’m not even going to address the rest of what you’ve written.


      • You guys should know by now…

        You can’t spell WhisKeYsplace without certain key letters… and in Kabalah reverse order. 😉


    • Source? You do know that the SS was 60% non German? I have never seen or read Hitler saying this.
      Hitler wanted to expand to the Yurals to ensure living space, bread and oil to feed his people so that the likes of Eskimo loving Britain could not strangle the country with a navy embargo. Any German rule over others would be modeled on Britain’s rule over India were the lower IQ natives would benefit from the governance of the higher IQ advanced Germans. The natives would have their own farms and would feed Germania armed with German technology, health care etc.


    • Shut your mouth, Jew. Men are talking.


      • Jesus fucking Christ I cant believe I ever let this kikeroach into my mindscape…such a lying sack of shit.

        “Bibi wanting to defend his own country”

        Eat shit and die, whiskeydick


  40. on November 3, 2015 at 1:58 am Each Pond Gone

    Proceed to battle.


  41. hey dick ,
    how you can write this stuff on a daily basis”
    be glad he does,I’ have to take breaks from reading your blog because it makes me a combination of sad angry and depressed’
    Quit whining, you godamn pussy.


  42. You don’t like it you he bitch, do not speak, FUCK OFF, MORON..


    • Relax mosby. Some men process the information more cerebrally. And it’ll take a lot of cogitation to navigate a way through this.


    • See this is why I take breaks.

      Dude is losing his shit over a comment.

      FTR, I appreciate CH’s writing it’s why I read his blog. But reading this stuff fucks with your head. Same reason a lot of cops become alcoholics – they spend all their time dealing with the filth of society and it gets to them.


  43. Once Muslims are in a culture that not only allows homosexuality but promotes and pedestalizes it, their inner faggot-selves will run wild. Muslims are total fags. That’s what happens after 5000 years of male worship ideology. It’s a false alarm. Mozzies are fags in their heart of hearts as are most Eastern hemisphere males. These fucking homos do not like women. That acid throwing thing? Yeah, that. Don’t overthink it. They are a bunch of absolute homos. The worst kind too because they breed.


    • And most of their breeding is with first and second cousins, which practice was one of Moons over Muhammad’s brilliant sanctions, and as a result of which they’ve gone directly backwards as a race since his advent. That region used to produce minds of a certain caliber– the Islamic Golden Age is overrated, but still they used to be able to think and build shit. Avicenna and the birth defect-ridden hadji retards of today might as well be different species.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 9:06 am carlos danger

      People don’t get that about homocentric cultures. They all hate women and treat them like dirt. It’s a big reason God banned them I believe.


  44. Germany will take in over 800,000 “refugees” this year alone.

    It’s over.


  45. The snapback WILL happen


  46. The only downside to the EU becoming the middle east is the nukes. What else is Europe good for? Soccer, arrogance, climate change conferences.

    There is an easy answer if Trump gets elected – let natural blonde girls, and anyone with natural blue or green eyes immigrate to the US without paperwork.


    • Typical. Redheads with gray eyes get kicked to the curb every time, I suppose. Not white enough for ya? Or just too Gaelic?


      • on November 3, 2015 at 9:59 am driveallnight

        Red on the head like a dick on a dog.

        Ps, redheads have freckles on their burger.


      • A touch opaque there with your banter, old thing.
        Can we have a translation into Yoorpeen please? As it stands, it might as well be in the Palenque script.


  47. Its going to get worse before it gets better.

    This culture we live in isn’t the West. Its looks like the west . It talks like the west. But it isn’t the West. It’s something that has grown in the corpse of the old West and wears its flesh. It is a parasitic zombie that stands in opposition to the old west, feeding on its flesh to fuel its own growth. It is the Anti-West .The old West was Christian, masculine, white and monogamous. The Anti-West is gnostic and effeminate. It is openly hostile to the children of Europe and sexually degenerate. The old West was creative and vigorous. The Anti-West is imitative and stagnant. The old West was fertile and brave. The anti-west is barren and cowardly.

    The real West is dead. It died on the battlefields of Europe in the twentieth century. Everything after that has been the twitching of its corpse. It is only when you realize this that you can see things as they truly are. And once you can see clearly, you can begin understand the magnitude of our defeat and its consequences.

    Our ancestors, informed by the ideals of the old west, would never have tolerated this state of affairs. They would have barred the colonist from arriving and driven the globalists into the sea. The response to Pakistani rape gangs or desert savages screaming to impose their collection of tribal superstitions would not have been government studies and handwringing, but riots and violence. The streets would have run red. But the parasite is sapping our will to stand up for our culture. This makes us weak and contemptible in eyes of our foes and in the eyes of a growing cohort of our own peoples. Seeing our passivity in the face of their provocations, our would be conquerors grow bolder.

    We in the West are proceeding into a new dark age. We got here through our own cowardice and stupidity. We are going to face a century of turmoil and subjugation at the hands of the colonists and the white political catamites who are their enablers. It will be an age of humiliation and defeat. Our generation will live to feel the boot of oppression and conquest on our necks.

    It is not us who will throw down the Anti-west and liberate ourselves from the technocrats, globalists and colonists. But we can dream and work towards something better. We must bear what is to come in bitter strength and prepare the way for those who will have the courage we lacked. Then they will throw down the enemy, reconquer what is theirs and build a new west.


    • Excellent writing and analysis.

      I believe though that you’re only partially correct in claiming that ‘we got here through our own cowardice and stupidity’. Don’t forget that we’ve been the target of a relentless destructive war, by now spanning centuries, waged surreptitiously, a war that capitalises on the better parts of our civilisational nature to hasten our own destruction.


    • Stirring rhetoric and many fair points… but there are yet Jomsvikings living… and Jehovah promises that when the camp of the saints is surrounded and matters look grimmest, there will be fire in our hearts, minds, and hands… and fires from the skies… and those who would stand against Him and His folk will perish.

      I’m an older man, now… but I plan on being around to see that Day of Days.


    • Three real men talking here. All three hope Irish and Greg are correct.

      My slight disagreement is with the word “we” as used by Dirt. I continue to believe the biggest failures were the boomers, but we cannot blame them too much because they lacked the internet that is allowing us to associate right now. But in any event, Gen X was given a massive ball and chain, as the world changed between 1992 and 2015 in ways that we were too young to do anything about. We who simply followed the rules and did what we were taught — got through college, got jobs, tried to get wives but were shocked to learn that our women were not interested in family formation until after they had their “me time” from age 18 until 35 — cannot be blamed or accused of cowardice. This awareness has only picked up steam in the last 2 years or less. Any actions between 1992 and 2014 would simply have been seen as common criminal/domestic terrorism, that man’s live truly destroyed.


      • Nicely put, Publius…

        Having caught the tail end of the “Golden Years” of America, and having seen the steady degradation over the past two generations, I do indeed find not much blame in you younger fellows.

        If anything, I maintain the grave fault likes with those who went immediate before me… the alleged “Greatest Generation”… and even they could not have foreseen the hell paved with their good intentions.

        It is why I often speak to our enemies in both meat world and Cyberia with such disdain and rancor, though it costs me dearly in karma…

        We all want to be men of good will, but most of us just weren’t made for these times of hypocrisy and mendacity from our own kind, nor the arrogance and petulance of those who would see us perish.


  48. not going to happen. You heard him say that europeans colonised his people and his lands to get rich? I find that to be the most offensive thing he said. It is marxism; exploitation theory. It’s a western idea that was fed into the muslim conquerors minds, every muslim I have met believes it to be true, it must make them feel better about their lot. I won’t let these scum come and take our wealth away. I will sooner burn down everything I own than let these idiotic, rug kissing, towel wearing fools vote themselves a piece of my family’s home. They have to go, it’s as simple as that.


    • on November 3, 2015 at 9:03 am carlos danger

      Did you ever make it over to Kings Gate Church? I’m telling you Martin, its a good insider tip. It’s at the Baden- Powell House off of Cromwell Road very near Gloucester Road Tube station 3 minute walk tops. You don’t find many places with several QUALITY unattached and attractive young women in it where you can hold a conversation as well. I expect to hear a birth announcement in about 18 months time. You have your orders.


      • Sorry, I wasn’t aware I was supposed to go there. It’s only a couple stations hop for me, and it’s not in a bad area either. How is it, may I ask, that you know about this place? No harm done in having a look at the place.


      • I was there a few weeks ago. The Pastor is on YouTube and had a near death experience. His name is Ian MacCormack. I went to his web site and learned about the church. I went to meet him and see if he was sincere. I think so. Anyway, it’s a freestyle church in a civic Center on the corner of Cromwell Road and Queens Gate. Their service starts at 1830 and ends whenever. There were a number of unattached and pretty young women there.


  49. What the West needs now is for BadWhites to exorcise the racist label. If we really analyze this, it is apparent that racism has been defined down to a point that it is nothing more than a paper-thin label with only glue behind it–and no essence (in the logical sense). It is a word that has become so hackneyed and shopworn, it only needs a coup de grace. If enough people (at every level) embrace the label as something harmless, this magic word will reveal itself to be just that–a harmless 6-letter puff of wind.

    The script should go something like that:

    GoodWhite/Professional Racegrievancemonger: So you want to shut down the border because you don’t want the brownification of your country? That’s racist.

    BadWhite: (Smiling and nodding) Exactly. If looking after my ancestors’ culture and stock is what we now call being racist, then being a racist is squarely on the asset side of my ledger. Let me turn this around: why don’t YOU want me to protect my ethnic and cultural heritage? You must have some interest in me NOT doing so, which proves that this kind of “racism” is something we need.

    Embrace the label and reframe the discourse. It’s time for us to realize we are NOT the BadWhites.


    • Yep. I do this every day. The funnest people to do it to are Jews who think that I don’t know what I know about them. I talk to them like I naively think they consider themselves white, talking about the war on white men and how “we’re in this together brother” lzozlzozlzoo. They sit with their mouths agape and are rendered speechless. lzolzozlzozoz


  50. It would be interesting to note how periods of invasion in a country corresponded with incidents of Eskimo expulsion.

    I think perhaps it may be an inverse relationship. It seems that the Spanish expelled the Eskimos only AFTER the Reconquista was complete. And the English expelled the Eskimos in 1290 under one of their greatest kings Edward I, who was conquering Scotland, Wales, and (through a crusade) beating the crap outta Muslims in the Middle East.

    So from these limited historical anecdotes it seems that Eskimos were always safer in a country that was beset by hostile invaders/ migrants; but when a country was stable and/or on the march to conquer—well, Eskimos were likely to be expelled.Hmm.

    But I’d love to hear from other readers.

    History rapez!


    • They’re like chicken pox/shingles. A strong healthy immune system keeps them in check.

      But they’re also like AIDS, hence our POZ’d condition.


  51. Um … how is he wrong?

    It reminds me of some priceless dialogue from the first season of Homeland, yes I know Israelis wrote it:

    Carrie is saying something about beating them.

    Abu Nazir: We fight with what we have.
    Carrie: You pervert the teachings of the Prophet and call it a cause. You turn teenagers into suicide bombers.
    Abu Nazir: Generation after generation must suffer and die.
    Carrie: We are prepared for that.
    Abu Nazir: Are you?
    Carrie: Whatever it takes.
    Abu Nazir: Really? With your pension plans and organic foods, your beach houses and sports clubs? Do you have the perseverance, the tenacity, the faith? Because we do. You can bomb us, starve us, occupy our holy places, but we will never lose our faith. We carry God in our hearts, our souls. To die is to join him.
    Carrie: It may take a century, two centuries, three centuries, but we will exterminate you. Like I said you’re a terrorist.

    So you can complain that Jews wrote this, but they know their enemy. They know they can’t be stopped short of what happened in World War II, which won’t happen.

    But this isn’t about faith at all — it’s about demographics and will. Neither of which is on Europeans’ side.

    Anyone able to bail on the whole mess had better start making plans now.


  52. Yo did you dudes see the new twitter feed?!? 🙂


  53. on November 3, 2015 at 9:12 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    One of these things is not like the others… Race cucking coming to America…


    • Naw, he’s fucked. Check the psycho glare and defensive posture from the redhead far left. Got them Dylann Roof eyes.


  54. There are only two survival strategies. Out compete and out breed.


  55. .. meanwhile the vikings are hibernating, waiting for a worthy. Nothing seems to be brewing yet.

    In the middle ages, muslims had Damascus steel with actual carbon nanotubes, better than anything except Japanese swords. Now lost in time, much like the rest of high standard arab culture. Muslims conqured the south of Spain, Gibraltar (Jibr el-Tariq), and kept it for *six hundred years straight*. They were *one battle* from probably conquering all of Europe (Poitiers).

    One Norwegian officer stationed in Afghanistan recently likened the situation to “getting shot at by a pea shooter and retaliating by smashing their jaw with a sledge hammer”. Allah’s army can talk, but so what? They have no technology, they produce nothing, and they can organize nothing. They -are- nothing, because their gene pools have been degenerated by centuries of institutionalized hard polygamy, which in the long run breeds out intelligence and breeds in aggression (much like the Aztecs and Pacific peoples). A bunch of stupid, aggressive inbreds won’t accomplish much in the 21st century. They might get the better of welfare states and raise a bit of hell for a few years, but then after a while europeans will just grow tired and kick ’em out, and have a new and better outlook on the world. It probably won’t even happen after a proper fight, because when it comes to actual, modern warfare, they have no fighting force to speak of.


    • Erm, worthy battle.


    • If they start breeding with native European girls, they will get new genes to obviate the problems you mention. Their aggression and will to dominate will get them those girls.


    • Don’t underestimate them so easily. They’ve built fantastic cities like Dubai and they’re sitting on billions of dollars of oil wealth. And more than anything, they BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES. They’re confident in their race and their culture and their faith. They think they will win.

      How many Westerners can say the same?


  56. “They were *one battle* from probably conquering all of Europe .. “.
    Dubious, I suspect their horses would have folded and croaked in the Northern Winter.
    Birkebeiner after that. Indigent pedestrians, unable to feed themselves except by stealing, like the “Tjudeh” in “Ofelaš”. Or, indeed, the current Muslim Menarche, on the Continent.
    If, (and It’s something I’d pay to watch) and only if, they survived the first few ten-thousand-clothyard arrow-storms. Not piddling fluffy little Mongol flight-arrows either. Ash and iron and goosefeather, at several hundred yards, “like a small spear”. Pins you to your horse, or the dirt, bang!
    Then, to push of pike (need Schweizers or Hollanders for that, all engine, no brain =Utterly Fearless).


  57. Uh huh.


  58. But he will have a blond beard.


  59. on November 3, 2015 at 3:31 pm big bushy beard

    Muslims and hipsters aren’t the only ones growing beards. Amongst the white working class beards are also on ascendency, along with their shrinking tolerance for leftists and their vibrant pets


  60. The Cathedral = The Igloo


  61. @Nicole 2.59. The constant pounding at our keyboards, which you deem to be repetitive and ineffective, will only be judged on its ability to awaken the slumbering goyim. This is more important than local direct action, which will inevitably follow such an awakening.

    In my opinion White awareness is growing at a remarkable rate. Compare the current level of racial and Eskimo awareness in the comments on mainstream outlets, even allowing for massive censorship. Dramatically different to even a couple of years ago.


    • @Irishsavant, there’s a difference between a content creator and a consumer. CH creates content. The commenters consume it and give feedback.

      Because of the hostility towards everyone who isn’t basically a “white” male slacker, it is almost an echo chamber. Those of us who break the droning are, well, you see that for yourself.

      No one is being awakened by the “white” noise. It’s the same old shit. You need to get away from the keyboard, go out and have some experiences, and then come back with something new.

      Your homework is to go out and convince a girl to stop being a slut. Go.


    • This is why the Cathedral shills make their pitiful efforts to shame… the constant and growing refrains of We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore are deafening their dreams, along with massive outbreaks of the heebie-jeebies (emphasis on the heeb) and cries o’ Feets, doan fail me now!.


      • You think everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a cathedral shill. :: yawn ::


      • Usual lame attempt at avoidance and deflection… talk about a cause for a yawn.

        Anyone who spews their idiotic Afrocentrist nonsense and snarky antiWhite posts… and who never mentions the men behind the curtain, but makes everything alleged weakling YT’s fault… is a Cathedral shill.

        Some of you shills are so stupid and braindead instilled in Cathedral rhetoric that you don’t ever recognize how much water you carry for the puppet-masters.

        However, in your case, negress, I think you know full well who you’re steppin’ and fetchin’ for, so you don’t get the naivete benefit-of-doubt slack.


      • Little Miss Scarlet, one could just as easily call your supposed “driveby mockery” attempts (that strangely linger) “avoidance and deflection”.

        I’m also not the one here spouting rhetoric. I talk sane separatism while you just regurgitate tired old feminationalism that, as I’ve mentioned before, could be lifted from any military or police handbook on “hate crime”.

        As hard as you may try, you can’t deny the words on the page, so instead, you make baseless accusations. The only think you’ve said right about me so far, is that I am (mostly) African, and I practice Vodun. Aside of that, you’re just pulling things out of your ass.


      • Aside of that, you’re just pulling things out of your ass.

        Hello, pot? This here be de kettle… YOU IS BLACK!!!


      • Do you believe that I have been unfair to you, Miss Scarlet?

        If so, in what ways?


      • Ah believes yo’ haid kerchief be tied too tight, Hattie… done cut off whut little blood yo’ pea brain gwine be gettin’.

        With that snarky mouth o’ yours, I bet you got back-handed a lot by the men in your life… leastwise, in the short time they hung around.

        Take a hint, like I told you before… obese, old and obnoxious is no way to go through life… especially as a negress.

        Or just keep finding new ways to fail more.


      • You didn’t answer the question. I will rephrase it for you.

        Do you believe that I am treating you fairly or unfairly, Miss Scarlet?

        Since you’ve taken the opportunity of my attention to do nothing but attempt to insult and degrade me…

        Do you feel that *I* am treating *you* unfairly?


      • I told you plenty of times already, your inane questions and accusations don’t merit peer-level replies.

        You just continue your smarmy n1gger-babble… I’m still (((shakin’ mah haid))) over how CH has been this long-suffering… your virtual shit-skinned tribesman t-h-w-a-c-k got the bum’s rush for far less.

        And try not to wear out the quotes on your keyboard trying to convince us that there’s really no such thing as “white” folks.

        The only thing I can figure is that you enjoy hearing abuse… like some half-witted cooze who keeps cutting herself, because any attention is better than the usual crickets within her and without her.


      • Miss Scarlet, if what I’m saying does not warrant a peer level reply, I don’t see why they warrant a reply at all…and yet you do reply often. With the same amount of typing, or less, you could just answer the question.

        Since answering the question would mean you have to admit that you are not being treated unfairly, you refuse. Fair enough.

        You may continue to whine and paint yourself the innocent victim being set upon by a savage African. It no longer amuses me to poke at your oversensitivity. It saddens me actually since though I am very good at playing the villain or the monster, I am not actually.

        In your way, you have given me much to think about.


  62. Russia could be a saviour. What is a white guy to do? Try and attract Western white women who are selfish narcissistic entitled manginas or attract non whites who want to cook for me, bathe me, massage me and line my clothes out every night?
    In my job white dudes stab each other in the back all the time. In Iraq for example our sanctions lead to thousands of infant deaths, our weapons made of depleted uranium have created birth defects. We have become effeminate fat and stupid. We deserve to perish.


  63. A war will break out before it hits those numbers.



  64. […] this light, we examine this recent comment left over at […]


  65. on November 4, 2015 at 1:59 am gunslingergregi

    dam took over a whole comment thread he he he
    it happens i guess hey break with a bitch got to get some shit out
    had my singing chick over sucking my dick i told her im gonna marry her
    she got up and almost fell down
    she knows im playing though


  66. well my sister sure as fuck won’t. we were blessed with an alpha father.


  67. Hope…