Crime Is Going Back Up

Friends living in cities around the country have been talking of crime spikes in their neighborhoods, or ones close by, in the past year.

I don’t know if these “on the ground” impressions are reflected in FBI crime rate data, but I’d say keep an eye on the stats to see if, in the next few years, the official numbers swing upward along with the anecdotal trend. We may be headed into an old-is-new-again era of multicultural bonhomie.


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    • quick comment on this…many municipalities have been burying serious crimes due to lack of “evidence” or witnesses, by listing them under different categories, even dead bodies as “suicides” because they can’t find anyone who will tell them anything about who may have killed the victim.

      This has mostly been done to protect blacks


      • on November 22, 2015 at 1:25 pm Captain Obvious

        777, the other thing “protecting” nogs is SECTION FRIGGING 8. Once the Section 8s move into a subdivision [where some [email protected] finance company has an underwater house which they can’t sell, so they rent it to the gubmint], all of Robert Traitor Putnam’s observed pathologies come to the fore. I know one family which has a Section 8 disaster about 100 yards away, and the prepubescent nog children were almost human when they first moved in, but as they have entered into nog puberty [much earlier than Human children would], they are going full-on ch!mpanzee and are starting to terrorize the neighborhood.


      • My formerly middle class white neighborhood has been slowly invaded by niggers (a word I would never have used 20 years ago) over the past 2 decades. It was once a friendly, safe community. It is now one of the highest crime in the country. I can tell you from experience, white flight is not about racism. It is reality based.

        I’m actively looking to get away from larger cities, which I believe to be the center of liberalism and all that is wrong with society. My first criterion for a new place is LEAST diverse demographics.


      • I have noticed a lot of crime in the last few years on both coasts, going in a good 150 miles inland from either direction, with many of the last names ending in “z”. Mexicans and Central Americans on the West Coast, and Central Americans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans on the East coast. I think Puerto Ricans may actually be worse than Mexicans. At least Mexican men are willing to work. Puerto Rican men are the laziest assh0les I have ever crossed paths with, including blacks. Arrogant SOBs, too. Terrible to let them into this Nation. Ever been to Puerto Rico? Basically a welfare state, with the only halfway safe area being Old San Juan. What a bad racial mix. I call them Puerto Rican’ts.


      • I wonder out of the thousands of crimes committed by blacks during the weeks of Ferguson riotings ( and a few more thousand crimes in a few other towns ) how many were counted/recorded? only the few they caught? what is that? 10-15 or 30 at best maybe?

        and when a mob of 30 -40 blacks enters a 711 store or a shopping mall or movie theater store and they loot and then quickly dissappear and no one is arrested, is that counted anywhere? Probably not.

        and all the people punched unconscious in surprise attacks on the street, and the black attacker is never arrested nor identified? that is not counted anywhere either.

        Blacks probably commit 20 % more crimes than are counted/reported by police.


    • I can attest to this. I live in the Phoenix suburbs. A pretty affluent area, mostly Mormon though I am not Mormon. My kid’s high school is over 50% Mormon, still a very “normal” area.

      My front door was kicked in last year at 10AM in the morning while I was home. 4 kids, a motley mix of drugged up kids ages 15-20. My daughter and I jumped out the front window as they came in the front door.

      But, yeah, there has been a serious rash of armed robberies in the grocery store parking lots in recent weeks. They demand purses and wallets. The last one was at knife point this past weekend.

      The only reason we know, because they typically do not get reported, is because the stories get shared on local neighborhood Facebook pages and then my group of friends will screen shot it and text it to each other, so I am sure others do the same.

      This was unheard of 10 years ago.


      • I, too, live in the Phoenix area. In case you didn’t notice it, within the past 7 years or so, the number of dindus in this town has gone up exponentially. You used to be able to go weeks without seeing a single one, but now, they’re everywhere. That probably has a lot to do with the crime increase here.


  2. I lived in Brooklyn for a few months earlier this year. On the Labor Day, I was in Manhattan with my girl.

    When I returned late at night, after the parade, the entire walk back home from the train station felt like taking a stroll through Mexico or India.

    Of course, later that night sitting on the throne, I found out that shootings had taken place, and some people had died and others injured. The place where the shootings took place was hardly five minutes from my home, walking.

    I’d always carry a parring knife in my pocket, or a cut throat razor. I’d tell all my regulars to keep knives and/or tazers as well.

    Of course, a dim witted liberal (ugly) chick who had once argued with me that “racism is a problem” also had claimed she never felt unsafe in that hood. I certainly did. And not just during the night, but during daytime as well. All those dindus out on the street… loitering, making noises, getting loud and violent. Who in their right mind wouldn’t fear it all?

    I’m unfortunately in India for a job right now, and it feels more unsafe than Brooklyn. But if I’d rate India 3 on the safety scale, I’d not rate Brooklyn higher than 3.5 or 4.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 1:31 pm Captain Obvious

      Back in the day, I dated a GORGEOUS polish chick, who lived down near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, in very southwestern Brooklyn, and we could walk 20 blocks or more North of her house, and be completely safe, and similarly walk south of her house, all around the paths on the shore, and it was all White. A few years later, though, her Mom sold the house, and moved to the Catskills…


  3. Can confirm.


  4. Niggers gonna nig.

    Especially when their president encourages them to chimp out…and arrests anyone who dares defend themselves from the chimp out.

    Man without a country rape!

    (idea stolen from ramzpaul, shamelessly, rape!)


  5. See James LaFonde. It never went down. Cops just stopped reporting it. Modern PC policing is a pure numbers game. No more believable than Fed inflation data or Chinese GDP numbers.

    There are lies, damned lies, and government statistics.


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  7. P.S. Heartiste, post idea for you: the latest combination of live action girl superhero show + dindu lover for the girl.

    Both Supergirl and Jessica Jones, both premiering right now, did this.

    Supergirl made the normally red-headed, white Jimmy Olsen (taken from the Superman comics) into a 3/5ths, certified Obama voter. Jimmy has been a love interest for Supergirl throughout the comics and will be so here.

    Meanwhile, on Netflix, Jessica Jones premiered with the weirdly-cute (and Steve Sailer-approved) Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones. Jones is a minor Marvel superhero girl who shacks up with violent, stereotypical black thug Luke Cage (aka “PowerMan”) and has a mulatto baby. And, of course, its seen as a great thing.

    The fact that both are premiering at the same time says something about how Hollywood is doubling down on the black cuckholdery.

    And don’t forget the fact that Lady Thor is currently shacking up with a darkie (the 3/5ths replacement Captain America) in the comics.

    These shows/comics are aimed at white nerds; we know few women will watch them initially (or at all), as they are comic booky dork shows. So, basically, these shows are designed to convince mangina betas to give their women to apes.

    [CH: the sickness metastasizes. how to respond to enemies doubling down on their malevolence? you see their double and quadruple-down them. disengage from the entertainment complex, and pass the word along that your people are under attack.]


    • And of course I forgot the latest Star Wars: The Diversity Saga, coming out this Christmas.

      If you think this isn’t a coordinated effort, you’re not paying attention.

      Mind the Soros-conspiracy rape!


      • Jew Jew Abrams
        The Jewversity Saga


      • One great way to undermine the movies, piracy. Usenet is your friend, bit torrent for the stuff the studios kill. No monies to Hollywood, unless they produce stuff worth supporting.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:32 pm Facepalm to the Max

        No need to watch the new star wars. It has strong independent chick with nog love interest and evil white aryan male (with crusader sword lightsaber).



      • No intentions of watching Star Whores. Shit, where’s ISIS when you need them? Those psychos need a Hollywood vacation, me thinks.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 2:01 am Vagina dominator

      I try to limit my involvement with the jew mediaplex. It isn’t a great imposition, since what is available is such shit at the storytelling level and anyway is so blatantly obvious in its propaganda and psychological intentions that it fails completely to engage me.

      However, it has clearly been very successful so that now it is widely believed that black is white, up is down and we can only ever be safe under a bureaucratic tyranny.

      As a counterbalance or antidote, the last few years – like some kind of Winston Smith – I have been looking for old escapist literature and films.

      I am not fussy about it and not in the least snobby in my tastes. In fact, the less high-brow the better. I want to find mass market adventurous pulpy kind of reading, stuff that is male-oriented or red-pill at all, where the male protagonist has his own “mental point of origin” as Rollo says.

      Haven’t we been told that this kind of fiction was common under the old patriarchy?

      Well that’s bullshit. Doesn’t exist. Apparently never did. Closest I can find is the old Leslie Charteris series of “The Saint”, which is good fun, or maybe the old Bond books, but otherwise it seems to me that old patriarchy we are told about had shit-poor propaganda. Everything, whether it is old tough-guy movies or Raymond Chandler style stuff, it’s all ultimately blue-pill propaganda about doing stuff for women and nogs at your own expense.

      For example, I have just finished reading the entire works of Louis L’Amour, who wrote from the 1930s until the late 1980s. Great stuff in its way – the life of the man in freedom and nature is really attractive – but it is ultra blue-pill and it even appears that he was leaned on – or perhaps just encouraged – at certain historical periods to take certain directions in his books.

      Just a thought, but when any of you find something that you think is acceptably red-pill, please inform us all. We men need good stories as part of our male psychic furniture and to counteract the shit that is otherwise all around us.


      • See the old Paul Newman movie Hud, based on the Larrry McMurtry book Horseman, Pass By.


      • Robert E Howard


      • Try Robert Heinlein’s juvenile novels. Might be just what you’re looking for.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 9:49 am Lost in Moderation

        “The Americanization of Emily,” one of the reddest red pill movies ever made. Doesn’t sound like it, but it is. In the end, all the women get it, too.

        The Flashman novels, above all the first one. Harry Flashman is the most alpha cad you might ever come across in literature.


      • Good book series from without blue pill infection, masculine perspective:

        Saxon stories by Bernard Cornwell. Last Kingdom, Lords of the North, etc. Set in 9th century Britain, lead character/hero Uhtred of Bebbanberg is full-on red pill. Action, adventure, historical fiction. 8 books in series so far. Danes (Vikings) vs. Saxons (Brits.). Fantastic stories. TV series is meh so far, but books are unreal. Uhtred is not tucking around and not kidding. ZFG, women drawn to him, he has his own goals he persues, and will form coalitions, but is his own master. Setting is like a breath a fresh air.

        Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. Seafaring novels set in time of Napoleonic Wars. British Naval captain Jack Aubrey with Surgeon/Naturalist Steven Maturin vs. French (mostly). 20 books in series. Full-blow “literature”, but also rollicking good sea adventures (and lots of on-land excursions.). Travels the world, but from a early 19th century Brit Empire perspective. Both lead characters are “gentlemen”, but not pussies. Both can tear shit up if need be. Lower-Deck hands are hard-ass. Perspective on women is realistic, if not fully red pill. 2 most prominent females are recognizable to red-pill men as emblematic (each in their own way) of timeless feminine archetypes.

        Both authors (Cornwell, O’Brian) are pre-boomer Brits who know the score. Think Deryshire.


      • Harald Covington novels, especially the Northwest tetralogy… A Distant Thunder, Hill Of The Ravens, A Mighty Fortress, and The Brigade.


      • The Flashman books… 100+ red pill on all topics. And funny as hell.


      • Sax Rohmer, Joseph Conrad, H Rider Haggard, Martin Booth, Eric Ambler, Edgar Rice Burroughs


    • I think everyone here owes it to see “My All American”, story of Freddie Steinmark. Set in the late 60s-early 70s, it is the whitest movie I have seen in a very long time. All white main characters. All white football teams. White male protagonist with zero flaws. No depictions of miscegenation whatsoever. Show’s Freddie’s Catholic faith in a positive light. No homo propaganda. Not even the slightest hint of the diversity that was about to hit football that usually infects these historical sites sports dramas. Does include references to Vietnam, but I think they were true to the story and unavoidable. If you can tolerate a PG movie with hardly any curse words or TnA, then definitely go watch it.


    • Supergirl made the normally red-headed, white Jimmy Olsen (taken from the Superman comics) into a 3/5ths, certified Obama voter. Jimmy has been a love interest for Supergirl throughout the comics and will be so here.

      There’s a preview up on CBS’s website where the white guy who works with her is shown asking her for a date and than getting shot down. IIRC, it’s hinted at in the scene that he’s some sort of loser in the dating game who can’t get a date with anyone. Then, not long after we’re shown Supergirl swooning in front of the ultra-suave nigger Jimmy Olsen.

      Who the fuck ever heard of a nigger with the surname “Olsen,” anyway? Is this a half-breed nigger who’s the son of some Minnesotan Swede or something?

      But I digress. This is sick, sick, shit. Let’s hope this show bombs the way Pan Am did after it started featuring coalburning.


    • I don’t doubt the propaganda is intentional. I also think it is largely driven by people who constantly bleat “diversity, we need more..beboop..beep.”

      Another factor is with different gender/race mixing in the script, the more “plot devices” writers have to work with. For instance; “gay marriage” means the writers can dust off all the cliched tropes of matrimony and recycle them for the gheys. Just add glitter and raunchier jokes.

      The last – and in my opinion – main reason for all the filth is pure titillation. You always got to up the dose.

      Dumb Fuck Viewer: “OMG did you see what she/he/it just said/ threw/excreted/sucke

      It is truly a sight to behold. My friend payed fifty debtbux the other night to watch two perfectly good breeding sows beat the shit out of one another.

      Eyeballs on screen is what is really driving this.These parasitic Shit Eaters are poisoning peoples’ minds to sell fucking add space.


      • “My friend payed fifty debtbux the other night to watch one perfectly good breeding sow beat the shit out of the other.”



    • I was considering giving Supergirl a chance til I saw the ad with a black Jimmy Olsen. Same with Jessica Jones. I doubt Marvel gets much loot from me watching on Netflix, but I don’t care. I won’t support it for a split second.

      Disney can piss off with Star Wars, too. I have better things to do than pay money to watch that PC bullshit with gay “improved” lightsabers. Bet there’s at least one homo character in the movie, too.


    • It’s everywhere. This commercial has an unusual combination:


      • Man, if this doesn’t convince you that Eskimos are behind this movement, nothing will. Not even blacks are dumb enough to try to sell their women to us “as good as” non-black women!


  8. Heartiste! A comment stuck in mods! Help a non-brotha out, please!

    Help me rape!


  9. “I’m unfortunately in India for a job right now, and it feels more unsafe than Brooklyn.”

    LOL, you piss you pants in Japan or China too ? (about the same level of violent crime in all those countries, which is basically…none).


  10. on November 22, 2015 at 12:53 am The Night Porter

    The rising crime = more outgoing times cyclical theory put forward by “Agnostic ” in the Face to Face blog is not without merit, to say the least. Take it from someone who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. Crime is due to rise within the next five-seven years. This is a good development for those of us in the alt-right who want change. The cocooning of Millennials is killing the West. The technology that has led us into isolation and social awkwardness can easily be turned to better use. Men become men; women subconsciously begin to want stronger men. Ever play “bad neighborhood game”? It’s magic! Paradoxically, rising crime is what we need.


  11. Will get worse. Much worse. Economy stagnant at best since ’08-despite endless bs “recovery” stories. Fake stock market propped up by phony money. We’re on the brink of shit getting real. Look at global commodity prices, retail sales, manufacturing, etc. Not too mention millions of seriously pissed-off men of fighting age starting to figure out how bad they’re getting screwed. I hope it happens asap so the baby-brain boomers get a taste of the destruction they’ve brought. The most entitled generation in the history of mankind produced zero leaders of quality and pretty much wrecked America.

    “When people lose everything, they lose it”-Gerald Celente.


    • Yeah, also keep in mind that millions of dangerous animals are currently locked up in the “racist” “prison-industrial complex.” To the extent that crime rates are supposedly lower, it’s only because of this fact. Obama wants to let most of them out to right the racist wrongs, but they might have to anyway when the country runs out of money.


    • I agree 100%.


  12. on November 22, 2015 at 1:42 am Captain Morgan

    Well it’s tempting to reach for the obvious speculation from afar that the zeitgeist of third world gangbangers doing whatever the fuck they want in polite society with no real consequences.. has to have some spillover effect however minimal.

    I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the #BlackLivesMatters carry on from where I sit in Australia. I mean, can you even raise racial crime stats in the States? Sweet Jesus what a thankless job being a cop in the States would be. We’ve had a few very minor incidents here with indigenous youth.. and of course the media paints an angelic portrait of an ur-victim from central casting.. and dig a little deeper and it’s manifestly abundant the kid was on a one way track to self destruction on one kind or another.
    I guess you’re not allowed to say that it’s manifestly apparent how very precious black lives are by simply looking at the black on black homocide rate. Fuck me I’d be pulling any kids I had in college out quick smart and get them set up in business instead.
    OT, but what if it should pass is the cleasning of Europe to be called? The Cleansing, the Dawn, the Enlightenment. I mean it’s gotta happen or poor Europe is over. And it isn’t going to come from the government except if they lose control of the polic or military. And most of the metro populace seems satisfied that sitting around in cafés will show all and sundry what a stronger force they are FFS.


    • No, you cannot raise crime stats in the states. Anyone doing so will be denounced as racist and lose their job through public pressure. Yes, it is that bad.

      The hope I see on that front is a unification of right-wing race realists with nominally-leftist U.S. police unions. Police are almost universally unionized in the U.S. Generally, they support the left, due to both the left’s historic support of unions and due to the right’s ostensible milton friedman dislike of unions (n.b. I am a friedman fan, but I think his dislike of unions in theory must fall to the reality that unions—as he freely admits—-have always existed (unions, guilds, etc.) and will always exist in some form, and so we cannot proceed to attempt to eradicate them).

      But a right-of-center manly philosophy united with police unions could allow for a breach of the pc-silence. If police unions felt protected enough to speak out, they could give a boots on the ground + statistical perspective on black crime. (See: Heather MacDonald).

      The left’s separation of police voting from other right-wing causes has been a good, strong victory for them over the last 70-80 years.

      Mr. Stone, are you paying attention?

      Speak the truth rape!


  13. on November 22, 2015 at 1:47 am Longtime Reader

    Jesus Fucking Christ CH, what is happening to your blog. This used to be the most informative, affreciated, lonesome spot of the Internet. But the further you get from your obvious forte (bedding dolls) and the more you indulge your side hobby (white nationalistic fan fic, is that what this is becoming?) you shit on your own face. I am sadder ever day by the deterioration of this sacred space.

    P.P.S. Donald Trump you ARE fucking kidding me.

    [CH: kind of a weird complaint to attach to such a politically neutral post. unless you know deep in your heart the tacit assumption of this post.]


    • “you shit on your own face”

      Here we have another Zisblatt diamond on display.


    • Oy vey, CH… can’t we just stick with how to defile blonde shicksas, rather than worrying about a future for blonde shicksas?


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:03 pm The Spirit Within

      At this point, the white nationalist fan fiction has become the main attraction, and game articles the sidelight.

      BTW, Trump is now both backpedaling (a Muslim immigrant database? I didn’t say that!) and inciting violence (urging rallygoers to beat up protesters).


      • and inciting violence (urging rallygoers to beat up protesters).

        Vapors are in the medicine cabinet, Strapon.

        Don’t know where you were brought up, but where I come from, if you’re not wanted somewhere, you don’t insinuate yourself… especially with a loud snarky mouth.

        And for one allegedly educated, your hand-wringing seems hopeless naive or more-of-the-usual disingenuousness.

        There is a long history of violence at political gatherings… the spoiled-ass soft American scene of the past few generations is an anomaly… mostly because people in this country haven’t had to struggle for quite awhile or wonder where the next meal was coming from.

        The relative love-taps this latest stooge got was like a kiss from a broad, compared to some actual violence… you know, the kind that goes on every minute of every day in the cities where all those black lives that allegedly matter hang out.

        Just get the fuck out, already… you stink.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:57 pm The Spirit Within

        I love smashing groupthink, especially barbaric groupthink. That’s why I comment here.

        Re: protesters… A traditional behavior =/= morally correct behavior.

        Again, I’m surprised, given your advanced age, that you haven’t understood this yet. Unless you’re just being disingenuous, which is entirely possible, given your strong faith. Religious people are always, of course, on the up and up. They never distort or falsify or lie by omission, do they Greg?


      • Backpedalling?

        The following was published today Sunday November 22 in the New York Post.

        He also didn’t back away for comments he’d support tracking Muslims in the US.

        “I definitely want a database and other checks and balances. We want to go with watch lists. We want to go with databases,” he said.

        You the Vomit Within approve of databases on ” white nationalists” but not on Muslims.

        What a surprise.

        And what is wrong with a little violence when everything else has failed to make someone behave in a civilized way?

        If a ” white nationalist” was interrupting one of your heroes, Obama, Bill Ayers ( or Barbara Streisands hahaha! you fuck’n faggot) you’d be the first to demand violence be used on him.

        Trump also wants waterboarding back, maybe it should be used on you so you would tell us who pays you to come here to taunt us, you Alinskyite piece of shit.


      • This getting better!

        The media lied and edited Trump’s comment about a database on all Muslims.

        So there is nothing to be backpedaling about.

        take that you fuck’n Strapon faggot piece of shit.


      • I love smashing groupthink, especially barbaric groupthink. That’s why I comment here.

        Aw, Lawdy, THERE’S a whopper for the ages. You think you’re smashing groupthink? You, one of the most rabid proponents of Cathedral groupthink? If you were projecting any more, you’d be a drive-in theatre.

        Re: protesters… A traditional behavior =/= morally correct behavior.

        Ah, there it is… “morally correct” according to the apparatchik standard… tell us what’s moral about going where you’re not wanted only to cause disruption and strife? You ass.

        Again, I’m surprised, given your advanced age, that you haven’t understood this yet.

        Heh, heh… that little passive-aggressive tell again… tell us more about morality, you little shit. And stay off my lawn, because a little punk like you, although in his thirties, would still get a good ol’ ass-whuppin’ from this geezer. I haven’t seen six decades yet, nor my last fight. And I understand we’re pretty much the same height and weight, toots.

        Unless you’re just being disingenuous, which is entirely possible, given your strong faith. Religious people are always, of course, on the up and up. They never distort or falsify or lie by omission, do they Greg?

        The final little usual suspect Cathedralese… snark about those of faith, by those who fancy themselves of spirit within. LZOZLZOZLZOLZOZLZOLZOLZOLZOLZOLZOLZOLZOLOZLOZLOZOL


    • One can ignore Nicole’s wild racial rants and still appreciate her comments on other subjects. But Strapon (going by my estimated 15% likelihood that it’s a male) is just a repellent little lying reptile.


      • One can ignore Nicole’s wild racial rants and still appreciate her comments on other subjects.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        That’s like saying one can ignore a dog shitting on the rug 99 days out of 100, if the bitch occasionally fetches a ball.

        Sorry, my brother, but FUCK YOU on that observation.

        And I mean that in the nicest way possible. lzzozlzozlozlozlozlozl


      • No sweat Greg. I have a soft spot for commenters who’ve been here since circa 07 like me. Believe it or not, there used to be interesting conversations going on here across invisible identitarian lines because we had not yet been feeling the heat that’s become the conflagration consuming us all. This war is not going to be won or lost on Nicole’s flights of afrocentrism.


      • The war on Cathedral agitprop and general n1gger snark is part of the struggle… and apparently even at the chateau, there are still a lot of sideliners that need to see others speaking up… much has improved on that score, especially over the past year, but apparently more needs to be done.


      • I understand. But the mere fact that the set of pixles that spells out “Nicole” is a female name, and she is understood by all to be a woman of a certain age, makes people take her crazier comments with a grain of salt if they read them at all. Everyone ignores middle-aged and old women, unless they happen to be saying something interesting.

        Look at it this way. CH has a pretty laissez faire attitude to the comments, but when provoked by extreme shitlibism, will step in and chastise the offender. I’ve never seen him confront Nicole.


      • PA, quick. Call me a nigger so Greg can feel like he’s in a safe space.

        …and post my photo.

        All this not calling me racial slurs and obsessing over my African-ness and “shit skin” is making him nervous.

        Everybody join in. Greg is feeling insecure. It’s an emergency!


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:58 pm The Spirit Within


        Lol on the safe space crack. That’s truer than you think here!


      • Nicole, none of that was meant to detract from Greg. He chooses to confront you on the face-value of your words, and I won’t stand on his way there. Words, regardless of messenger, mean something. I just happen to pick my battles and value your contributions outside of the race stuff. You never struck me as someone vicious, like certain female shills from a few years back. That’s all I’m saying.


      • Strapon, people with fully developed gonads are talking. Shoo.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:05 pm The Spirit Within

        PA, people with better neural pathways are talking here. Go swallow some fish oil and get back to me when your brain can hold two opposing sides of an argument.


      • Lame. I am demonstrably more intelligent than you. Accusations of stupidity don’t stick to me.


      • Aw, let Strapon try to pile on… about the only ally he/she can find here is the likes of Nicole, and the pair of them make strange bedfellows indeed.

        On a side note: the harsh epithets I hurl in the path of some of the more egregious minions that come here to spout their antiWhite agitprop serve two purposes:

        1) As you can tell, they do get under the shitskin of those who aren’t used to a spade being called a spade, having surrounded themselves with nothing but dutiful and kowtowing Whites, when at all.

        2) Whoever controls the language controls the narrative. I won’t go into repeating the same ol’ same that’s been covered, but for any newbies, look up the YouTube video of Covington’s, Why I Say N1gger. Or just reread 1984, but this time with intent, not merely because it was assigned back in junior high.

        In meat world, I pride myself on being more gentlemanly… and go figure, it’s easier because I never seem to have to put up with this kind of snark when people are in front of me. 😉


      • On certain topics ( relationships, alpha males, etc ) Nicole is sometimes right, and occasionally agrees with us.

        On race related topics she pretty much always has bizarre and annoying long comments, and of course puts the blame on white people 99.9% of the time.

        Even The Strapon Within occasionally ( read; extremely rarely ) says something that is not completely wrong and imbecilic.

        Stopped clocks being right and all that…

        [CH: you’ll have better odds winning the lottery than finding a black person who can speak in good faith on the topic of race differences.]


      • on November 23, 2015 at 1:16 am gunslingergregi

        [CH: you’ll have better odds winning the lottery than finding a black person who can speak in good faith on the topic of race differences.]””””””””’

        not in real life with real black people they have no problem with it


      • on November 23, 2015 at 1:22 am gunslingergregi

        they do have strengths that could be utilized their are black people working almost 24 hours a day in the underground economy under harsh conditions
        how can that be utilized to build up shit instead of tearing shit down


      • on November 23, 2015 at 1:26 am gunslingergregi

        if ya gave the black drug dealers an amnesty and said 75 percent of the loot you have built up goes to tax to build automated factories for everything built in walmart but the other 25 percent you can legally keep put in bank invest whatever
        and frame it as them doing it in patriatism for america to help rebuild
        and give em a big pat on the back
        it might help a bit he he he


      • on November 23, 2015 at 1:28 am gunslingergregi

        not only do they use teamwork to work they also save money
        they have some skills that are usefull just they can’t seem to navigate the legaleze system yet it would seem or know how to create legitimate shit with the money they do make


      • on November 23, 2015 at 1:38 am gunslingergregi

        blacks men are working their asses off in the non economy
        and they making more than minimum wage in most instances i would imagine
        course any intelligent black is gonna probably escape the blacks too and then go on to do allright for themselves
        but even the ones left behind there are those who make it
        but then of course a lot dont become the lead drug dealers or try to break into it and are killed for it
        dieing to be able to fucking work in a job where you have to kill to stay in business and get to do time in jail at various points in your carreer


    • on November 22, 2015 at 7:28 pm gunslingergregi

      well the only club in my town that people danced at is closed down
      diversity with blacks seems to kill everything that was once white
      there is not really a place to go to pick up bitches
      allthough maybe as much a consequence of dui laws and they finally ran out of people to steal from
      and every day it seems another place closes down
      even in the big city club section i used to go to the whole thing was torn down and made into a parking lot
      so really white people are segregating themselves in their houses and if you ain’t part of their click you ain’t gonna even see em



    It’s an impression I also get. At the moment I don’t know related data (the newest ones) but I will be watching our for them.


  15. on November 22, 2015 at 2:04 am Captain Morgan

    And another thing. What the hell is it going to take for Europe to wake up? And the States to wake up? I’m honestly interested.
    My guesstimate is that in Europe it might be 5 geographically distributed but co-ordinated attacks – with 100+ victims at each.. and one including a hit within Vatican City. That might be a soft tipping point that should wake up all but the most rabid equalists and relativists who would be in full denialist mode mid beheading.
    For the States I’ve got no idea.. but some combination of NYC, Washington and the SuperBowl?? Obama Hilary and Kerry seem to have settled that none of this has anything to do with Islam.. far from it don’t you know .. despite all evidence pointing the other way. How can any Democratic candidate win next year under the psychological torment of spouting obviously false lies.? I cannot believe that they actually think that.. they just waaant it to be true. Which is something entirely else. And it will be ever more indefensible by this time next year.. that’s one thing that’s certain.


    • We are awake. We are occupied. The government’s army has tanks, missiles, drones, and biological weapons. How many times must I post this information.

      Have you never seen a comments section (before it gets deleted) or comments on youtube?

      We are awake, occupied, and trying to figure out what to do.


  16. Its actually very funny you posted this. Two minutes later this popped up on my news feed.

    TLDR: -Dindu is seen dragging white women down a alley for cultural enrichment muh dik edition
    -A driver by sees whats happening and follows him down said street
    -Confronts dindu, dindu pulls gun proceeds to rob him, girl runs away while robbery in progress (Shhhhhiiiieeeeeetttttt)
    -Shoots said guy in stomach
    -Goes to execute guy on ground, gun jams 3 times and he decides to drive away, (muh fugga gots lucky)


    • 20,000+ black on white rapes every year in the US. Statistically zero for vice-versa. Never on the news, “racist” to even mention it.

      As for this guy: “Wrong place at the wrong time.” It’s never a hate crime when an unarmed teen (he happened to be armed technically this time, but he’s still unarmed) is trying to murder a racist cockblocking devil. Muh slavery.


      • Rapists go for the easier targets, not the hardest ones. African American women tend to be more combative. You guys ramble on an on about how ugly and masculine we are. Well, that comes with a bonus of outsiders not viewing us as preferred targets.

        It’s not our fault we’re not as easy for European guys as European women are for African guys. That’s Nature.

        [CH: HAHAHAHA. no that’s not the reason. black women could be the easiest bitches in the world, but european white men still wouldn’t bother with them.]

        Teach your women better. Problem solved.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 5:02 am Captain Morgan

        Well one cannot reply to Nicole below apparently but surely the answer is not to masculine white women but neuter black men.. That’s nature n shit.


      • It’s not our fault we’re not as easy for European guys as European women are for African guys. That’s Nature.

        And it’s not our fault that we don’t like to rape rape.

        African Americans, aka blacks, have a different view of sex rape.

        African Americans, aka blacks, have sex like animals rape.

        The notion of romantic love is a white thing, rape.

        Romantic love does not work in the current environment, rape.

        The r-selected multi-race environment, promotes the animal nature of rape, rape.

        European culture will not thrive – will not even exist – in a multicult multi-race living arrangement.

        Euros have their own problems, rape.

        “White civilization” is not all that, rape.

        Fuck fracking rape.

        Euros built the suburbs rape.

        How about a holistic view of human nature rape.


      • Captain Morgan, you’ve either got to masculinize them or get off your ass and start actively protecting them, not just blabbing about it online.

        One of the first ways you can start is by blabbing though…like our dads do to us, that an unknown other should be considered a default threat unless or until they prove otherwise…and sometimes even then in the current racial climate. You never know when someone has been drinking the koolaid and might snap. We’re women for fuck’s sake. We can’t afford to be stupid.

        Second, consider corporal punishment for anti safety behavior. It is a much lesser evil than neglect in issues that have physical consequences. Depending on their temperament, you may not actually need to apply it very often or at all, but the threat should be there. It should be clear that this is a matter of life and death.

        Show them the truth in age appropriate frames as they are growing up. It’s what I did, and so far, so good.

        It’s hard when other girls aren’t raised the same, but if your daughter is the smart one in a bunch, she can do wonders to keep the others aware and out of harm’s way, and if something happens, act decisively without hesitation.

        Femininity is a good thing, but there’s a line between that and learned helplessness. A girl doesn’t need to be a warrior (unless she naturally is) to make intelligent choices. She doesn’t even have to be intelligent to understand that if she sneaks out with her friends, her dad will whoop her ass. You might even want to assign anti safety whooping duties to your wife. This way you’re showing a united front, and people can’t convince your daughter that it’s the patriarchy or some mess.

        If you want to have women who are women, you have to have men in their lives who are men. Part of that job is physical protection, but most of that is proper instruction…reality based information, not feels based idealism.


      • One of the first ways you can start is by blabbing though…like our dads do to us, that an unknown other should be considered a default threat unless or until they prove otherwise…and sometimes even then in the current racial climate.

        Fucking DUH!!!

        But you don’t say shit about how, when Whites actually try to do even this verbal warning beyond a whisper, the entire wrath of the Cathedral comes down upon they haids…

        Not to mention, thanks to your masters, for whom you can’t carry enough water, the last few generations of pop culture propaganda to make young girls not trust the men in their family for this sort of information, because it be RAY-CISS and sheet, and negroes be like Prince and Fresh Prince and whoever else they’re advised to Save The Last Dance for.

        And this, coming from you, who never fails to whine about YT’s oppression and violence and racism, when it suits your babble.

        Woman, you’re a tedious shill. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Greg, it is also not our fault that you are so afraid to go against the “cathedral”, that you don’t teach your children properly.

        There is nothing but nothing African Americans can do to make you a more courageous person, or your people more courageous as a group. You have to do that for yourselves.

        I understand that it is hard for you, but when being a man is outlawed…


      • [CH: HAHAHAHA. no that’s not the reason. black women could be the easiest bitches in the world, but european white men still wouldn’t bother with them.]

        …and therefore they wouldn’t be raped as often by European men. Thank you.

        [CH: nice dodge.]


      • You keep trying to make these issues about me personally, you dumb cooze, but you’ve been shown repeatedly that lame tactic isn’t working.

        Take a hint or take a walk.

        My family is doing just fine… it’s my nation and my folk who are hurting.

        Go flap your rubbery lips elsewhere.


      • See, you European men have to own a lot of the blame for your women being raped more often by outsiders. Years of cultural indoctrination that European women are the epitome of beauty and femininity, by virtue of being European has thoroughly convinced predators that they are the best targets. You’re advertising your women as the world’s most beautiful sluts.

        Rape researchers have said outright that many interethnic and intraethnic rapists prefer European women because they are considered more valuable targets. Some who have raped women of other ethnicities only confess about their European victims because they’re bragging.

        Nobody who actually works in law enforcement, security, medicine, or in any other field that deals directly with rape has any illusions about this.

        …but another thing you may want to consider is that there is a big difference between reporting a rape and actually being raped. You’ve said here many times that many cases are regretted sex.

        So as far as I’m concerned, I agree that there is more African on European interethnic rape, but there is also a long history of false rape claims made by European American women. If I was an African American man living today, I wouldn’t even date a EA woman for fear that one day she’d get mad and accuse me of rape. It happens all the time.


      • Years of cultural indoctrination that European women are the epitome of beauty and femininity, by virtue of being European has thoroughly convinced predators that they are the best targets.

        Heh, heh… yeah, that’s it… they aren’t REALLY the most beautiful in the world, it’s just that we’ve convinced everybody they are through “cultural indoctrination”. :duckface

        No matter how ridiculous you make yourselves sound, you Gender/Feminism/AfroCentrist Studies losers just can’t shake the false rhetoric.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        So as far as I’m concerned, I agree that there is more African on European interethnic rape,

        Mighty white of you to finally acknowledge a bit of truth.

        but there is also a long history of false rape claims made by European American women. If I was an African American man living today, I wouldn’t even date a EA woman for fear that one day she’d get mad and accuse me of rape. It happens all the time.

        Ah, but what would the usual Cathedralese n1ggger-babble be without the ol’ “dindu nuffin, the white lady wanted it” gambit. And because one White lady once lied, the tens of thousands of other rapes are under suspicion?

        Like I said, you disingenuous fucks just can’t shake the false rhetoric.

        You’re dismissed now, girl.


      • …because women never lie about being raped.



      • What I wrote and what you read appear to be at odds…

        … must have been either I was unclear in expression… or perhaps an honest mistake in comprehension on your part.

        :very large duckface


      • on November 22, 2015 at 3:17 pm gunslingergregi

        those are convicted not reported 32000
        jesus being around woman in the ghetto i might become a feminist


      • Gunny, how many of those convictions came through a trial, and how many by a plea?

        Jury trials are so rare nowadays. I think maybe 97% of convictions are due to plea bargains these days.

        If you had nothing really to lose, and someone you were shagging accused you of rape, and she was some rich or hey, handicapped lady you knew a jury would probably have more sympathy for, what would you do?

        It’s pretty easy from this side to look at another man’s situation and dictate how he should handle it.


      • Since this seems to be an on-going meme of you people, give us a percentage then…

        Of every 100 White women getting raped by a negro, how many are false accusations?

        I’m curious to see your imagined number… if only to serve as a warning to others that there’s truly just no talking to you folks, when you dismiss interracial rape of our women so cavalierly.

        Big newsflash, dummies: To Kill A Mockingbird was a novel. I know they show it about 10 times a year on the Jew Tube, and it’s required reading in schools, but damn… SNAP OUT OF IT!!!


      • Greg, unlike yourself, I consider an unknown an unknown.

        I’m not the one in the habit or making shit up.

        The 97% statistic comes from something I read, and since you can’t seem to use a search engine, I just did to confirm:

        So if you’re just here to ridicule, just be a good little cunt, and let the grownups handle the fact based discussion.


      • Whore of Babble-On up to her usual disingenuous cunt tactics…

        Claims she won’t comment on the unknown, but never misses an opportunity to cast aspersions on White women lying about rape, especially in reference to n1ggers like herself.

        When she’s called on it, out shoots the squid ink.

        And then looks up plea bargain stats of all crimes, which have nothing to do with the question at hand (as if the majority of plea bargainers are innocent… yet another n1gger lie!), and takes the 97% figure as if that means anything towards the question of how many interracial rapes are, in fact, true acts of violence and not some MSM Movie Of The Week story about regret sex.

        Indeed, the perfect storm of squid ink.

        And you, negress, have the hide to call others “cunt”? If they had an entry in the encyclopedia for it, your fat shit-skinned face would be the lead entry picture.


      • Q: Who would plea bargain for a rape guilty verdict?
        A: A guilty rapist.

        What is the point of mentioning plea bargains?


      • on November 23, 2015 at 3:28 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Or, a “robbery gone wrong.”


    • Here’s a BOTY candidate. I applaud his courage, but to confront a dindu without a gun is the height of naivete.

      Here’s to hoping his diversity enrichment leads him to become the white John Allen Mohammad.


      • BOTY? How in the hell?

        What would you have done, let the girl get raped?

        Let’s see who gets more tail in the next 6 months, you or the guy who’s face is all over the Internet for taking a bullet while breaking up a rape.

        This just reinforces all the stereotypes I hold about Tec-9s as well.


      • @Salty

        This just reinforces all the stereotypes I hold about Tec-9s as well.

        And dindus. That stupid faggot was probably holding it sideways which also contributed to it jamming.


      • “What would you have done, let the girl get raped?”

        No women I am not family with or damn good friends with is worth dying over. If I had a gun on me, I might interfere instead of just calling the cops.

        But unarmed? No thanks.

        Hell, plenty of idiot broads would probably call you an evil white bigot rather than fuck you out of gratitude.

        The idea that women will fall over one another to get to this White Knight is laughable.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:47 pm Vagina dominator

        Leaving the white knight issue aside, how did it come about that the dindu got the drop on the white?

        We can’t see the actual lead-up, but I would bet that the white approached the situation and said, “Hey you! Unhand her!”

        If so, very stupid. Nogs don’t do guilt or appeals to reason. And you should always – without delay – take advantage of surprise and a superior angle of attack.

        If you are going to intervene, the only acceptable strategy is to approach and immediately knock out/maim. No words or warnings!

        Learn how to knock out, maim, or disable. Practice accuracy over power.

        I personally endorse open hands.


      • Without a weapon, he should have stayed at least 30 feet away, near his car, screaming that he just called the police. Honk the horn a lot of times too. If the guy pulls a gun, get the hell out of there. That video is just scary to watch. Not the shooting as much as the girl being dragged away, to be thrown in the dindu’s SUV (probably stolen) and taken who-knows-where to be raped and most likely murdered. These goddamned naïve women piss me off to no end.


    • I think that I am as pissed off at the drunk white female who caused this in the first place. Walking around in black-infested areas, let alone while drunk (making yourself an easier target) should be a finable offense. Her stupidity almost got the White man killed.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 7:57 pm gunslingergregi

      ok actually watched it looks like the dude wanted to die
      why didn’t he get physical when the gun was pulled
      thats the point you go all out bring out the pain shit
      lays on the ground waiting for shot to head no response
      ya got to think about these things beforehand if someone pulls a gun on you its your excuse to go batshit


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:02 pm gunslingergregi

        don’t say please don’t kill me
        say nothing
        or oh you need a gun to fight me bitch
        call the dude racist lol that be funny as shit
        start clowning the dude remaining completely calm


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:03 pm gunslingergregi

        don’t put hands up get into a fighting stance rofl
        see this dude should have a post of his own on how not to act when someone has a gun on you or fires a shot in your presense


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:16 pm gunslingergregi

        for those moments when you are going to die zfg will save your life not begging and pleading
        got a text from a drug dealer that had my bitch he gonna kill her unless i give money
        told him i’d give him a hundred bucks for her safe return
        he said yea this bitch ain’t worth much he like be worth killing her
        im like 100 bucks is a 100 bucks and if ya kill her then you got to go through the hassle of getting rid of the body and shit

        i didn’t beg them not to kill her i didn’t pleade to their concsience that they don’t have
        i plead to a little bit of greed and to the reality of it being a hassle for them
        he he he
        then was also willing to go face to face with them to get her cause i had zero fucks given and come unafraid


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:22 pm gunslingergregi

        yea everyone needs to live in a ghetto rofl
        and soon will


  17. Interesting and timely as I have been reading (and highly reccommend) Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner who claim that the significant crime rate drop in the late 1990s which everyone commonly credits to the economic boom under Clinton and tougher policing etc was actually down because of Roe vs Wade in the 70s. The theory claims that mothers from not so ideal situations could choose to abort meaning that the children who would be born into environments which twould lead them too a future life of crime were simply not being born. Thoughts in this anyone?


  18. A dindu can’t even culturally enrich a blondie these days without a white patriarchy privileged cis-male bothering…


  19. Baltimore has a new murder record thanks to the police being chased out in the wake of Freddie G’s martyrdom.

    Good going, guys.


    • Yeah, that shit’s hilariously sad. Bloodymore, Murderland is its new name.


      • In the opening credits of Seasons 3 and 4 of “The Wire,” (which could not be made today) there is some graffiti that says,” Bodymore, Murderland.”


      • Bodymore, that’s the one. I saw a photo of that, so I’m sure it is a screencap from The Wire.


    • As long as they’re shooting each other, fine by me. Who can I send ammo to down there? Shite, I’ll throw in pack of Newports for every 50 rounds. I’m feeling generous.


  20. Crime statistics are among the most unreliable of all those emanating from official sources. Individual cops, their supervisors and prosecutors have immense discretion in whether to decide on how to classify a crime of even if a crime has been committed. The results are governed by prevailing political, policy and resource allocation requirements.

    Then there’s the issue of crime reporting. In jurisdictions with low trust and confidence in law enforcement victims don’t bother reporting many crimes.

    Therefore the informal impressions cited in this post probably represent a more realistic picture than do official statistics.


    • …should have read “discretion to decide on how to classify a crime or even….”


    • Agreed.

      There is a way to quantify the rate in a simple way that may not give a complete detailed analysis but can serve as an indicator to reference: local news reports. Not national or regional media outlets, but local stations reporting on local events.

      And by that its clear that violent crime is up during the Obongo administration.

      Also worth noting the vigor and intensity of the lie machine and it’s devices: BLM, Ferguson, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddy Davis etc. These stories are pushed so god damned hard in the high profile media circuit for a reason. To conceal the truth and provide cover for the fact that black created crime is increasing. And the governments forced race integration and Diversity lies are a systemic failure.

      The link escapes me but there is a blog that is cataloging black on white violent crime with local news reports. It’s a good resource to support us. I’ll see if I can find it and post.


    • The irony is, disingenuous shitlibs and dumb dindus will say “crime stats are unreliable” as if to pooh-pooh the disproportionate racial numbers…

      … when in fact, said stats are unreliable because they UNDERREPORT the racial disparity.

      And yet snarky darky fucks like our resident harridan will attempt to pontificate about dindu “masculinity” or go full bizarro-world and talk about how blacklivesmatter because dindus are either being killed wholesale by police or dragged behind pickup trucks by feral rednecks.


      • Yes. Another factor I should have mentioned is that in America Hispanics are classed as White for racial statistics but ‘minority’ for AA. How about that for fairness.


      • Stop lying, Greg.

        I have been maintaining for quite some time that there is a disproportional rate of victimization, and explained why that is. You can take the information and use it to help your people protect themselves, or you can continue to wallow in self pity and cry about Nature.

        I don’t whine about racism because I accept it as a normal part of humanity. I just don’t like the constant whining from people who want to take collective credit, and claim collective victimization, but take no collective responsibility….but considering you show no sense of personal responsibility, it is not surprising that you would take this position that others are supposed to be superhuman so that you can feel safe and live trigger free.


      • Again, you keep trying the “whine” and “wallow” feminist bitch shaming language, but you’re not fooling anyone (besides yourself) with that sort of squid ink.

        If I call our your n1gger-babble for the tripe it is, you should try a different shilling tactic, rather than projecting your antiWhite whining against those who don’t tolerate the agitprop any longer.

        Or, since you get so triggered by my refutations of your bitchy bullshit, go on over to HuffPo where they’ll stroke you all day long… which is probably what you were used to until you came here, and the abuse excites you.


      • You stop lying, Hattie… many’s the time in the past you posted attempts to dismiss stats, especially racial crime stats, as inaccurate exaggerations by the gummint, or pooh-pooh their significance.


      • Okay, Greg, whatever you say.

        Just don’t be surprised that nobody else is reading the imaginary shit you apparently see.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:08 pm The Spirit Within

        Nicole, he lives in his own head, where people speak in strange antique German idioms. He’s proud to be out of touch.


      • See that, Nicole… Strapon’s on board… now if you can just get the erstwhile Lily to chime in (assuming she isn’t one of y’all’s former socks), the issue’s settled!


  21. It is going up. And it’s a direct result of increased black/white tensions and race relations in general.

    Done by design.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 5:18 am Captain Morgan

      #AfricaforAfricans.. no oppression no racism leave today.. happy dayss!!!.. free passage leaving today.. no whites no oppressive welfare.. no bad white police.. leave to daze..
      Yep, no takers I bet.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 5:28 am Captain Morgan

        It would be interest-ting.. I have to say..
        whether or not forensic accountants could be tasked with working out to what the effect on $$USDGDP of.. gasp sterlising all black US men
        projected a mere 2 generations. I dare say trillions. Care to differ?
        Begs some hard questions..


      • I know many who would take that offer, and many who have left already. There is a neo garveyist movement.

        Don’t flatter yourselves. There are probably more African American seperatists than European American ones.


      • I know many who would take that offer, and many who have left already. There is a neo garveyist movement.

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… it was a veritably land rush heading away from the West…

        … but they all must have got knocked back from the vortex created by the Gulag-calibre jail break heading in the opposite direction.



      • Damn, use search engine.


      • “There are probably more African American seperatists than European American ones.”


        Right that’ll be the day.


      • “There are probably more African American seperatists than European American ones.”


        Right that’ll be the day.

        LOL, yeah. Niggers want very much to not be separated from whites for the same reason that ticks want very much not to be separated from the dog. Witness how hard they fought to end southern segregation.


      • Some Guy, you must be right because you say so.

        Search engine…or go old school and go to the library. Come back when you know who Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Huey Newton are.

        Since you’re not actually in the African American community, you wouldn’t be exposed to the new waves of separatists because it’s not a message for your people. It’s not something you’re interested in or capable of helping us with so long as you’re too oversensitive to recognize an ally with common interests.

        I’m only telling you about it because it’s relevant to crime prevention.

        It may be unhelpful information though, under the circumstances. We may think too differently for you to understand or support African separatism.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:43 pm gunslingergregi

        It’s not something you’re interested in or capable of helping us with so long as you’re too oversensitive to recognize an ally with common interests.

        I’m only telling you about it because it’s relevant to crime prevention.

        is that what the libs are pushing now smart people


  22. Homicide is the best measure of violent crime since it’s hard to ignore a dead body. It can’t be ignored or missed by depolicing. Midway through this year, homicides were up 16% across the 60 most populous cities in the country. So other crime is probably up, too.

    Winter is coming, and we’re not talking about the season.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 1:27 pm gunslingergregi

      The total missing person records entered into NCIC were 661,593 in 2012, 678,860 in 2011 ”””””””

      umm check that number
      A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as his or her location and fate are not known.

      holy shit its probably really worse than imagined

      ”””””At end-of-year 2013, NCIC had 84,136 still-active missing person records, with 33,849 (40.2%) being of juveniles under 18, and 9,706 (11.5%) being of juveniles between 18 and 20.”””””””’

      whats the actual number of people who disapear who do not have someone report it


      • on November 22, 2015 at 1:30 pm gunslingergregi

        remember london alone had what 400,000 unacounted for


      • on November 22, 2015 at 2:07 pm gunslingergregi

        660 thousand missing person reports in a year in us
        how is that fucking posible for people to be that scared


      • I’m sure a goodly number of those are former boyfriends and husbands of the likes of our resident harridan…

        … they ain’t missing, they’s jes’ hiding.


    • on November 23, 2015 at 3:46 pm Experienced Father

      >>Homicide is the best measure of violent crime since it’s hard
      >>to ignore a dead body. It can’t be ignored or missed by depolicing.

      Violent crime data pre-1961 and post 1961 are apples to bananas comparisons.

      Trauma care centers (1961), standardized trauma procedures (1978), adoption of military Korea/Vietnam medical emergency treatment & air transport procedures, and improved triage (1986) have drastically reduced death in the USA from severe injury.

      Adjustments upward on murder data post 1961 are required to account for reduced mortality from the same level of wounds in order to have direct data comparisons to understand real cultural levels of lethal violence.

      See the following link from the CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” (MMWR). —

      Injury Prevention, Violence Prevention, and Trauma Care: Building the Scientific Base
      October 7, 2011 / 60(04);78-85


      • on November 23, 2015 at 4:27 pm Experienced Father

        Audacious Epigone,

        Since 1986 there have also been incredible, and standardized, advances in EMT service and emergency trauma care. Response times and their relative effectiveness are now unreal compared to the early 1980’s.

        That alone will mask murder death rates.

        Add reclassification of attempted murder to lessor crimes like “assault” and there is no way to directly compare 1960’s murder rates to 2015.

        This is especially so in urban areas at night where & when most street gun injuries are inflicted. Nigh time gunshot wound treatment in dense urban areas does not have to contend with daytime traffic patterns that slow ambulances to a crawl.

        The number of young black men in urban areas with missing limbs, or paralyzed with the three wheel electric wheel chairs Medicare pays for is unreal in the Dallas area.


  23. on November 22, 2015 at 6:00 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    More chaos = more opportunities for AltRight Nationalists

    Vigilantes, militias, paramilitaries–these are going to be necessary.

    Also, as Whorefinder mentioned above, alliances with certain sectors in law enforcement and the security forces.


  24. “You guys ramble on an on about how ugly and masculine we are.”

    Because you are. Now go play some tennis.


  25. Whitewashing crime stats is an old game. I’ve been the victim of three crimes serious enough to report to the cops, In all three cases the perps were caught. In all three cases the perps were black. In all three cases no charges were filed. In the last one I asked the detective in charge about it and he said “You got your car back, why do you care?” I would bet that black crime is 3x what is actually reported.


  26. 10 years of data crunching on multiple dating websites show that black women are the least desired of ALL demographics, at least in the USA. Not even black men are interested in black women:


  27. The more crime, the less remarkable its individual incidents.

    Nothing unusual happening here rape!

    This is just how things are now rape!


  28. You can’t go by government statistics either. They’ve started calling some latino and black criminals as whites to boost the white crime rate.


  29. It’s not our fault we’re not as easy for European guys as European women are for African guys. That’s Nature. – Nicole

    It is “Nature”, but the flip side of that statement is that there is a different view of sex, one that is at a higher level of organization than rutting animals.

    This higher level of organization is a white thing. It involves families and long term commitments. This higher level of organization requires its own maintenance and structural support, without which it is vulnerable to ever hungry animal inclinations.

    As part of its maintenance and structural support, it has to maintain its vital essence, its masculine energy – it has to keep its dick up. As far as the particular mechanisms for this maintenance and structural support, i might vaguely suggest heroic models for behavior in becoming.

    And also necessary is bodily integrity and the protection of infants from genital mutilation which will impair their extended sensual enjoyment of sexual congress and the associated pair bonded stability.

    Another mechanism at the social level is Natural Duel, which (supposedly) will select for the best quality in a true egalitarian open source test of fitness.

    Whether or not a Higher Level of Organization for sex, is adaptive on a world wide scale between competing racial modes; this is an open-ended question.

    Also, perhaps it is a valid question, whether different levels of organization are necessarily sorted along the lines of Race. I leave that to the smart people to answer. It certainly seems that there is a correlation there, but it is probably the case that different strategies exist in the same population, ready to emerge as necessary. Teenage sex rape!


    • That’s it, guys… keep plying the fat negress with the logic of the situation… I’m sure she’ll see the truth of the matter.

      :very large duckface


      • …because someone calling someone a fat negress in a discussion about crime prevention is being totally logical…


      • You don’t listen very well (what a surprise)… you and your ilk don’t deserve discussion because it never changes anything, you still spew the same babble thread-in, thread-out…

        … and the time for discussion with you people is far past.

        Said it with me, Hattie: disdain and mockery… disdain and mockery… disdain and mockery.

        There, that’s three times… now it’ll stick. :duckface


      • Fine, just don’t bitch when you get reciprocal empathy, cunt. 🙂


    • Suburban Elk, no arguments here. These are good things to consider. At some point, one with an understanding of HBD has to stop pointing fingers ourward, and start looking inward. The world is the world, but who and am I? Who and what are we? How can we make a place for ourselves where we can handle our business our way? Then from there, how do we realistically deal with outsiders? Where are our boundaries?

      If one fails to recognize and respect Nature, including our differences, one sets one’s self up to be a target. It is no more wrong to point that out than it is to tell a woman she’d probably best dress modestly in certain situations, and not go walking around alone and unarmed at night.

      Most cultures have a way of keeping order. Europeans and Africans have different ways. We are adapted to a warmer climate with lots of physical space, less need for inter-group cooperation, and therefore we have and need more draconian, brutal systems to keep people in line. That’s just how it is. Unleash undisiciplined Africans on a population, and there is just going to be more criminality directed at those we consider other. It’s not right, but that’s how it is.

      So you have to allow Africans to discipline Africans our way. If you do that, then our criminals are less of a problem for both of us. Fewer of them would survive being caught in their first offense.

      I don’t see the government allowing that to happen though. To have different punishments for different criminals based on ethnicity would seem unfair to them…and they would technically be right, but what is right or fair is not always what is effective. However, the current system isn’t fair either. Someone can get 10 years for vandalism, and probation for a brutal rape, depending on their lawyer and how rich they are.


      • “So you have to allow Africans to discipline Africans our way.”

        Oh you blacks sure do. It’s called murdering eachother. Take a look at black ruled societies in Africa.

        The IQ = 80 is strong with this one.


      • Ripp, it’s murder until someone rapes your daughter or kills your brother. Then it’s justice.

        What are you, a hippie?


      • “Ripp, it’s murder until someone rapes your daughter or kills your brother. Then it’s justice.”

        If your comment was valid. black areas would be virtually crime free by know. Unless, of course, your tribe is so prone to crime that no matter how many skulls you stack up; there’s always going to be predators.

        Not good.

        I do agree that your kind should get their own separate country and finally get the opportunity for self rule.

        California is out of the question, the Mexicans would slaughter you.I would pick Florida. It has a temperate climate(you all dig that), lots of arable land with year round planting seasons. Plenty of water , space, and then there is the ocean. A bountiful nutritional, as well as economic resource. It is also a wonderful natural barrier.

        You could build a wall right before the panhandle and use that as a refugee processing area. It’s perfect.


  30. Nicole on November 22, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    C’mon Nicole, lighten up.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 1:45 pm gunslingergregi

      well her job is to get white men to kill someone it seems but whites just keep accepting all the bullshit and letting cops arrest the murderers and rapists
      she is trying to keep american blacks relevant before they get put into antiquity by the new african blacks from africa and syrians and mehicans and whatever other forces will be fighting on the ground for their own domination


    • on November 22, 2015 at 2:15 pm gunslingergregi

      if she was really a black female don’t ya think she would be pointing out how white people in power from top down to the police and those who control them are actually the ones in power and controlling everyone including blacks down to the minutest of levels
      and the fact that cities benefit off blacks dealing drugs becuase they go in and steal the piles of money and posessions the blacks build up
      shouldn’t she be concerned that blacks are working their asses off and killing to do a job that they just keep getting robbed of the benefits of


      • on November 22, 2015 at 2:22 pm gunslingergregi

        yea thats right white cops rob the shit out of blacks why doesn’t nicole talk about that to get some sympathy which i mean i do sympathize with them about that
        and the fact that they pretty just take it as part of the job that they will get put in jail and robbed of what they make at some point


    • Gunny, I don’t discuss certain things here because I understand that European Americans, especially WN’s don’t care if we all die or how we all die.

      So I stick to the points where our interests overlap.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:39 pm gunslingergregi

        dont ya think it is kind of comical though that blacks are making that happen and whites are happily allowing it


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:40 pm gunslingergregi

        to themselves too he he he


      • Well, it is kind of comical in a way…giving up one’s own sovereignty and freedoms to limit someone else’s…then the shit backfires because the book says everybody.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 9:57 pm gunslingergregi

        if ya read nicoles shit and just reverse the words it really makes ya think she really been pushing hard the last few days im enjoying it


      • on November 22, 2015 at 10:00 pm gunslingergregi

        course i do wonder why she would want to push me to kill nogs who ain’t trying to kill me at moment so ya know i don’t do that he he he
        or i certainly would of taken the bait
        it does seem at moment to be a big push to put someone on this blog to kill someone illegally by the shills who have been active on this blog for a long time
        it is freaking facinating


    • “Lighten” up haha ISWYDT! No doubt Nicole wishes she were lighter, in both weight and skin tone.

      Nicole: please just go make something of yourself instead of raging against others who do.

      BTW, this sounds mean, but it isn’t. It merely isn’t sugarcoated.


  31. Saw this in the New York Post’s review of Carly Simon’s book. It mentioned how Warren Beatty hit on her. I wonder if he was able to keep a straight face while doing it:


    Beatty kept a list “he referred to as ‘the main loves of his life.’

    “It worked and it shouldn’t have. It was irresistible,” she says of Beatty’s process.

    “Warren’s list was there on a piece of white paper in his pocket so he could take it out and show you. When he showed me, he added my name, to make me current (the main one at the top) so I could see that I was right up there above women like Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Maria Tallchief and Lillian Hellman.”



  32. on November 22, 2015 at 2:26 pm gunslingergregi

    on crime actually went to last open bar last night with 13 people in it
    bought a round for everyone and highly recomend it as it is pretty big status signal cause noone does it
    but yea shit everyone worried bout drinking and driving
    i think the people have allready been squeezed so hard by that how much juice can be left
    chick at the resteraunt said she stopped going because yea cops everywhere and scared of dui
    the people getting squeezed from so many angles
    the whites making laws that make everything they do criminal how are people supposed to navigate the shit if not in top 10 percent


  33. Meet Euric Cain. He tried to steal a white woman’s purse in an affluent neighborhood. When a young Jewish man intervened and tried to stop it, Cain shot him in the gut, then tried to put two in his head. The gun jammed.

    Long story short: yes, serious violent crime is up in this area. Our mayor is focusing on the real priorities like placating BLM and removing Confederate statues.


    • I hate Mitch the bitch Landrieu with a perfect hate.
      He comes from long line of sorry asses. Concerning our new Gov-elect, God hep us.


  34. Timely little mini-post. Two people were shot in their car on my street this past Friday. One died.

    It’s the third shooting in 2 years within a couple block radius of my house. I need to get out of here.

    … And for CH… not one of the shooters or their victims was white.


  35. What I really like about this site is that nobody is ever niggardly when it comes to expressing opinions.


    • I wonder how many people have protested against that word without knowing what it means.

      BTW, it’s curious that blacks are known for being extremely niggardly when it comes to tipping. Such delicious irony.


  36. on November 22, 2015 at 8:16 pm ThreeTimesFaster

    Crime stats have been doctored for potentially decades. Despite its failed attempt at dindu apologism, the Wire had this as a major plot element and that show dates back to the early 2000s…and was adapted from true crime books written in the 90s.

    The problem facing the apologists is that black crime stats are so lopsided that they still look massive compared to whites even when doctored. This is the reason for the trend of trying to bring white crime stats closer by labeling mestizo murderers and rapists as “white.”

    My recommendation is to simply rely on what you already know: avoid the groid. If your neighborhood starts getting dark then move before your house’s re-sale value plummets to a Detroit Dollar. Let the libs and the clueless living around you figure reality out for themselves.


  37. What’s really interesting is the strange intersection between shitlib bubble wrapping and black criminality exemplified by St. Skittles, the Gentle Giant, Fast Freddy and the whole gay blacklivesmatter (#not to me) phenomenon.

    It’s like helicopter parenting writ large. We have make sure little Dontravious wears his helmet so he doesn’t get a concussion bumping his head climbing though the window on his next home invasion rape. There is something very Disney about the left.

    People(even retarded libshits and the criminals themselves) used to understand that crime was a dangerous occupation. You’re putting your guile/strength/wits up against someone else and trying to beat them. Sometimes you lose and a white hispanic or a cop ends your life. But it’s the life you chose.

    And the Disney retardation has spread to blacks out thug life LARPing and playing knock out “games”. They’re all no snitches and keepin it real until someone returns fire. Then its all tears and hurt feelings and faggy marches and safe spaces where they can break things.


  38. Nicole
    Explain any psycho”
    A son of a hell -spawned bitch you will defend , Mau -Mau queen. That impesses me to no end. NOT !
    Justify your fellow chimps killing babies as all in a day’s work. Look it up ,wench . WJTV. COM .


  39. It’s the third shooting in 2 years within a couple block radius of my house. I need to get out of here.
    You have a firearm to defend you and yours ? If no, why nnot ?


    • on November 23, 2015 at 10:33 am gunslingergregi

      no gun kind of used to it having a person with a felony that has lived here
      so yea felons for non violent things can’t protect themselves from felons for violent things who definetly will have a gun
      but fuck it right
      that is what whites want bad whites to die


  40. My neighborhood is still Whitopia so still almost no home grown crime, but we are having a rash of smash and grab home burglaries. No subtlety or technique, just drive into the neighborhood, ring a doorbell, if no one answers, smash in a window or door, grab as much as possible in two minutes, jump back into the car and head for the freeway.