Take some time this evening to peruse the comments I bunker busted into the comments sections of the past week’s posts, going back to the How To Handle Femmes Fatales Part 3 post. I really feel it is some of my finest work. Art for the demonic heart.


  1. Roissy, the link is broken. It should be this.


  2. That bunker bustering was so needed in that comments section. All the touchy-feely talk of Lord of the Rings personality tests and Yaya Sisterhood cheerleading was really annoying.


  3. My boyfriend looked so cute folding the laundry tonight I …


  4. So, I think I’ll start this like one of those radio call-ins:

    “Long time reader, first time commenter or is it commentor?”

    Point is, I don’t know if you’ve seen these two sights but I figured you’d get a kick out of the Sarah Palin hatred from these women:

    If you have seen them, sorry for the repeat but reread it anyway. It just confirms your prediction.



  5. Art for the demonic heart.

    Geez roissy, you don’t flatter yourself much.