California Law Boosts Secret Sex Video Revolution

California has lobbed another salvo in the War On Men: Governor Moonbeam signed into law

a bill that makes California the first in the nation to define when “yes means yes” and adopt requirements for colleges to follow when investigating sexual assault reports.

State lawmakers last month approved SB967 by Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, as states and universities across the U.S. are under pressure to change how they handle rape allegations. Campus sexual assault victims and women’s advocacy groups delivered petitions to Brown’s office on Sept. 16 urging him to sign the bill.

De Leon has said the legislation will begin a paradigm shift in how college campuses in California prevent and investigate sexual assaults. Rather than using the refrain “no means no,” the definition of consent under the bill requires “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

Romance is dead. Long live romance!

I can’t think of many things that would kill the moment faster than whipping out a consent form and a pen as you’re sitting on the edge of her bed. Unfurling a one inch micropeen? Reaching under her dress to grab a handful of frank and beans? Unsnapping her bra to release a bundle of tissue paper and two deflated flapjack tits?

“Every student deserves a learning environment that is safe and healthy,”

Infantilization. Coddling. Child-proofing the cap on women’s brains.

We’ve shifted the conversation regarding sexual assault to one of prevention, justice, and healing.


The legislation says silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent.

Women generally don’t like to verbalize their desire to get banged out. They prefer dropping subtle cues that experienced, confident men will recognize and use to lead the interaction toward the bedroom. They also prefer to put up token resistance before relenting completely. A law that requires women deny these two essential aspects of their nature, or to twist them into something inhuman, is a law doomed to fail… or to “succeed” beyond the wildest dreams of its femcunt sponsors.

Under the bill, someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep cannot grant consent.

If a drunk woman can’t grant her consent, then a drunk man can’t comprehend her consent. This legal contortion cuts both ways. But of course only men are responsible for their own actions, so loophole exploited!

Lawmakers say consent can be nonverbal, and universities with similar policies have outlined examples as a nod of the head or moving in closer to the person.

Well, that’s a relief! Put away the consent form, you only need a video camera to provide proof to a jury of your feminist inquisitors that you received the requisite head nod and mutually voluntary personal space encroachment to proceed under legal allowance into a reproductively-thwarted union. Wait, it wasn’t thwarted by condom or Pill? Are you evil?

If it wasn’t a travesty, it would be a farce. Worse, it’s humiliation. The point of these toxic, insane, dehumanizing feminist and equalist laws is humiliation of straight (white, beta) men. That’s it. Never forget it. This is your enemy.


Reader 1357 quips,

I see a lot more secret recordings of all sexual encounters “just in case”, happening in california pretty soon.

Oh yeah. Externalities are a bitch. What man worth his seductive prowess will risk bedding a slutty headcase now, without video proof of her writhing arousal and surrender? But it would have to be secretly videotaped; not many women are down with a camera rolling on that first magical night together. Keep the closet door ajar, hide the camera behind cable wool sweaters, and don’t forget to put black tape over the red record light.

How ironic if a perverse law designed to catalogue the organic and nuanced stirrings of mutual consent — aka foreplay — were to have the knock-off effect of flooding the internet with more ill-gotten sex videos of regretful feminist whackjobs!

Reader joe sixpack imagines what convincing a girl to sign a pre-sex consent form would entail:

“OMG, lol, what’s that thing on your head?”

“That’s my new GoPro.

Now just look at me and say the following: “I hereby swear of my free personal will, that I do consent to sexual contact up to and inclusive of sexual intercourse whereby I grant unrestricted consent for your penis to enter my vagina, and I duly swear to hold fully exempt from any future civil and/or criminal litigation resulting from said intercourse.

You may not need the GoPro. There’s now an app for that. Good2Go. Nerds rejoice, they finally have a technical means of determining if and when a girl likes them in “that way”. Naturally, whatever slim chances a nerd gets in his life to have sex will promptly be scuttled the moment he pulls out his Good2Go app for permission to continue fondling the girl’s upper forearm.

On a serious note, this law is unenforceable. Last I checked, judges tend to side with defendants in “he said-she said” situations. (Who knows, though? That could be changing, like everything else in America, for the worse.) A law like this is pure signaling by alpha males and omega females. The former get to flex their power over weaker men and demonstrate through their indifference a prowess with women that will never be threatened by morning-after regret. The latter get to make life harder for better looking women of sound mental health, and much much harder for those creepy beta and omega males who sheepishly and awkwardly hit on them in elevators. The nerve! Then there’s the politics of it all. The War On Women rhetoric has ramped up so loudly (and incongruously) that politicians can score a lot of votes by pandering to the worst elements of womanhood. The rest of the women just step in line with these feminist gorgons, because that’s the direction the herd is heading.


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      • this is bad. he had 4 days to spread it. nobody in texas should goto work or school till we know what the outbreak is


      • ableammo is down south, in Huntsville, but cheaperthandirt is up there in Ft Worth. Rick Perry needs to get on top of this IMMEDIATELY. God I hope that he isn’t really the fag whom he is rumored to be.


      • On top of it? Of course they’re on top of it. They’ve done everything in their power to get it here, short of spraying it from airplanes.


      • “The man, whose identity was not released, left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

        For fuck’s sake, they worked harder to keep foot and mouth disease from spreading between cows.


      • Rick Perry could take control of this situation if he had any actual balls between his legs – if he weren’t just another castrated knee-padded rectal-depository of NWO elitist jizm.


      • Diversity is our strength. We need to bring more Africans here because they are not getting fed in Africa. This will free up space for the Africans to produce more Africans that we need to bring here to feed. Win/win.

        Oh, and if you think being alpha is going to insulate you from rape accusations…ROTFL. Just wait till you bang her friend/sister/rival. Women take revenge on alphas too.


      • Just days after declaring that no one should live past the age of 75, YKW Dr Death is now clearly rooting for Ebola to spread like wildfire throughout all of Shkotzimville


      • Wow, Tingles Matthews taking a stand against his handlers? The end must be near.

        Everyone needs to relax though, they have a cure for ebola now. It just doesn’t pencil out to cure nogs in afrika, so they had to let it in to monetize it. Thank god for obammacare. lozolloz


      • > “Tingles Matthews taking a stand against his handlers?” It’s a sign of the End Times. An Omen. The gnashing of the teeth.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 4:38 am The Burninator


        Oh, and if you think being alpha is going to insulate you from rape accusations…ROTFL. Just wait till you bang her friend/sister/rival. Women take revenge on alphas too.

        Exactly right. And the new defense will be “But but but…I felt pressured because I thought he might be recording this, so I said “yes” so that he wouldn’t hit me!” or some other equally bullshit schtick.

        Everything is falling apart at record pace right now, and I cast a look at my gun owning brothers and note that they are doing not one single damned thing. Who needs to confiscate guns when all you need to do is create a culture of cowardice and fear and let the plebes keep their firearms with the sure knowledge that they’re too afraid to use them as intended.



      • TB, we’re seeing the result of that in Iraq right now – we gave guns to Betas and Gammas who would rather drop the guns and allow themselves to be beheaded than to actually point the guns at ISIS and fire them.


      • WTF good does it do to elect GOP closeted sodomite as Texas Guv if he won’t order Texas Air & Ground National Guards & Texas Rangers to QUARANTINE EBOLA NOW ?!?!?!


      • GLASS HALF FULL: Just like Iraq, entire continent of North America is ready & waiting to be conquered by small but committed & determined group of Alphas…


      • Second case of Ebola reported in Dallas (radio)


      • No doubt my brothers in south eastern KY and other red states won’t hesitate to handle business…..when it hits their holler. Otherwise they could give 2 shits less about Ferguson. I know many there and the world stops at the end of the county line….they never travel, never fly. Not because they can’t afford it…they just don’t care. All about family and community still in some parts of the USA.


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  2. Sexbots. No consent necessary.


    • This is the only way. Really how much more can men take. Negotiating the mind field of girl’s brains is hard enough and now this! This government is pure evil. MGTOW or the grey bar motel. Your choice.


      • And that is the salvation, when the masses can’t take it anymore and are forced to change the guard. Cali is ten years ahead of the rest of the not-a-federation-with-options. The current market norms will be superseded by whatever the result is. Eventually, only elite politicians and bankers will be able to have sex and get away with it. And they will smirk all the time, always in transition from one vag to the next. Then the women will be property of the elites, if the trajectory holds long enough. FTW. I just want to figure out how to make it rain poon for me. The reset on this civilization will outlast this builder’s lifetime.


    • …or, use your alpha powers as the non-Jew God intended and scoop up a good girl, but a ring on her finger and buns in her oven and consent will be well documented.


  3. Well-thought and well-written as usual.


    • Sort of a good writeup, at least insofar as the incentives for secret videotaping and such go. But the law is worse than the lawmakers are letting on and worse than CH is making it out to be. It doesn’t provide any clue as to what “affirmative consent” is, and it prohibits the idea of implicit consent. So moans, oohs, ahs, and enthusiastic participation really aren’t enough. On the upside, “Oh god, fuck yes!” probably counts because that is affirmative, not implicit. Got that? Her enthusiastic participation is *not* affirmative consent. The lawmakers cited were just trying to excuse what they know is utterly inexcusable by making some shit up about that.

      The incapacitation-negates-consent section is also a disaster – or the “yes doesn’t mean yes if I’ve been drinking, smoked one, am off/on my meds, or am just confused” clause. The law usually protects an unwitting litigant by applying a reasonable person standard but here it defines a number of situations where the accuser is deemed incapacitated and incapable of consent, despite . Here, normally, the accused would be held responsible only if “a reasonable person knew the accuser was incapacitated, and incapable of knowingly consenting to sexual relations” or something to that effect. But there’s no “reasonable person” standard in this law. If she wakes up the next day, decides it wasn’t good enough, all she needs to do to do to turn the bed into a crime scene is to state that she had a couple drinks, or was on (or off) her Prozac, or she thought it would be missionary but it included ass slapping doggy, and she didn’t understand. That’s enough to make a case that consent was impossible for her under the circumstances.

      The burden shifting – requiring the accused to prove innocence – is also facially unconstitutional; you can’t require the accused to prove innocence, and because the UC university system is a state entity, they will be bound by the Constitution.

      Yeah, I just worked bondage and facials into that legal discussion.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 4:03 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        i think moses’ system worked better:

        4 “You shall not commit adultery.



      • Going to be a lot of surprised and unhappy campers when they find out the hard way.


      • “The burden shifting – requiring the accused to prove innocence – is also facially unconstitutional; you can’t require the accused to prove innocence, and because the UC university system is a state entity, they will be bound by the Constitution.”

        You are exactly right. Under no means no the burden of proof fell on the woman (accuser). Under yes means yes the man has the burden of proof. The legislature in California are a bunch of Nazi Fascists and that is not hyperbole, it’s been that way for a long time. From guns to rent control. Scumbags from hell!


      • orly? You apparently missed the day they taught law in law school.

        Don’t believe me? Then explain strict liability statutes such as statutory rape. NO reasonability standards whatsoever. Child porn trafficking is another.

        If a simple FACT is true (they are under 18 in case of porn, sub age of consent in case of sex) it does not matter if the “victim” committed outright FRAUD against you. They are deemed UNABLE to consent by statute. There is no requirement for mens rea or even negligence.

        The TREND in sexual crimes is toward strict liability. We have a kyke and a “wise latina” on the SCOTUS now…lemme go out on a limb and prognosticate on how they would vote should such a statute come before them. Or how about the 9th Ckt.? Care to hazard a guess?

        California is and has been the vanguard of liberalism. This. Is. The. Future.

        Simply put, if you’re a white man, prepare to either resort to severe violence or leave the country.


  4. Nobody ever went broke betting on feminists, Californians, or politicians beclowning themselves.

    These dimwits will just keep passing new laws to punish the predictable results of the last round of laws.


    • Those dimwits won’t stop with their micromanaging bureaucratic idiocy until they’re swinging from trees like thwack’s granddaddies.


      • never happened. One of my gandaddies was a white man; and the other granddaddy shot a white man and was run outta loosianna and wound up in Texas.

        Nowadays, the vanilla wafer caper is to lynch a ni66er on paper.


  5. They need to add a 5 day waiting period as well.


  6. Lib feminist to future beta husband: “Honey, I’ve only had sex with, like, two guys.”
    Beta schlub: “Well honey, it says on this new California state website called YesBook that you signed 45 consent forms while in college.”


  7. It will further diminish white procreation by criminalizing white male sex partners. Young women seeking to break out of stuffy social mores will seek adventure with bad boys who in no way would proffer a model release before initiating sex. One can empathize with Heinrich Himmler in his campaign to destroy the Christian church’s influence on sexual unions between post-Pagan Germans.


    • I volunteer to help plug the gap in the white birth rate (its better than nothin)


    • @elmer. in all sincerity, i hope you’re right that it diminishes white procreation. i want the weakass pussies who can’t figure out how to hack it in this world of ours culled out of my herd. and, even if i, personally, didn’t want it, isn’t that precisely what the theory of evolution suggests should happen anyway? weak white men who voluntarily submit to their lessers are the problem, after all. why should we want them to send their loser genes to a new generation? that’s how we got to this place we’re in now. so, in that vein, let’s get lean and mean by cutting out the proverbial fat.


      • Almost everyone is a lemming and will follow the media propaganda, no matter what that propaganda is in their time and place. To cull them would mean to cull 90 percent of people. And there is still no guarantee that the other 10 percent will have propaganda-immune children, due to the law of regression toward the mean in IQ as well as behavior instincts.


  8. If sexual assault is such a problem, then the real answer is to segregate the colleges.


    • Back in the day there were strict rules of engagement between collegiate sexes to protect women’s reputations. With this law the state has become the official chaperone for young females.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 3:23 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        back in da day your mom/wife ahdne’t been beuttehxtsedz and beennrakifified and deosuledd voluntarily by 27 loser brosozllzlzlzlzoz in colleg while hse was deocnstructing GBFM knowlsleodlege zlzo


  9. > “I do consent to sexual contact up to and inclusive of sexual intercourse whereby I grant unrestricted consent for your penis to enter my vagina” Countdown 5 4 3 2 1 before the butthexualization crowd objects to the omission of a different netherlands orifice. And you’ll need further clauses for BJs, HJs, TFs, etc.


    • Which would be less of a problem if alphas would use their powers for good an only have missionary sex with good girls for the en.purpose of putting buns in the oven.


  10. I think this bill will have some great unintended consequences. It isn’t gender specific. Therefore, college men should simply ensure that they are drunk and people have witnessed that they are drunk when they hook up.

    If someone files a complaint against them, they turn around and file the exact same complaint, citing the fact that they were intoxicated and therefore couldn’t have consented.

    If the school doesn’t treat their complaint with the same seriousness, file a title IX lawsuit based on gender discrimination.


  11. Best to check your state’s laws on video recording someone without their knowledge.
    I wonder how well a sign outside your house notifying anyone who may enter that they may be recorded for security purposes, and agree to these terms upon entering said home, would hold up?


    • Yep. I used to think John Banzhaf was sort of an assclown, and maybe he still is, but damn, that boy is gonna get rich defending UC Berkeley students.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 4:45 am The Burninator

      Many to most states are one party consent as far as recording goes, and if you’re one of the parties in the recording, and you consent (duh), guess what? You’re free and clear. There are exceptions, I think Illinois has some ridiculous bullshit, or did at one time. Other leftist bastions of hell might also be similar, so yes, do check.


    • Yeah, it probably is a good idea to check on the laws about recording, but I’d be willing to guess that recording someone without consent probably carries a lesser sentence than a rape conviction.


      • I’m sure it does, but any evidence recorded illegally is probably going to be deemed inadmissible in court anyway.


    • on October 2, 2014 at 8:21 pm Shortest_Straw

      “Evidence obtained illegally” is applied to law enforcement and is used to support Fourth Amendment rights. It’s the Exclusionary Rule. For example (from Wikipedia): “Evidence unlawfully obtained from the defendant by a private person is admissible. The exclusionary rule is designed to protect privacy rights, with the Fourth Amendment applying specifically to government officials.”


    • on October 2, 2014 at 8:27 pm Shortest_Straw

      If nothing else, before the case ever goes to trial, you go to the DA with your illegally-obtained video. Assuming the video exonerates you, the case would probably be dropped, because the plaintiff’s credibility would be shot.

      You might face a misdemeanor charge, but who cares if you can avoid a rape trial.


  12. I’ve been a college administrator for many years. The rape panics are perennial but getting worse now that professional troublemakers recruit “victims” on campus for lawsuits. It’s hard not to show cynicism or weariness for these cases but … facts and logic are no excuse for crimethink on campus. Indeed campus hysteria is inversely proportional to evidence of sexual assault epidemic. The accusers never want the police involved, they want the guy expelled. On what planet is expulsion a suitable punishment for an actual rape? But to hell with rational notions of justice, rules of evidence, the rights of the accused or other artifacts of patriarchy. Just consider the absurdity of what we are expected to believe: all the young men we work with are potential rapists but none of the women would ever tell a lie. Pshaw!


    • That just adds more proof that its not about rape, its about getting back at a guy who upset a girl. “waaaah he fucked and chucked me. Im going to get him expelled in revenge”. Female victims shouldnt be allowed to testify at rape trials. Women are immensely emotional and subjective and rape is the only crime that borders objectivity and subjectivity. “It felt like rape.” No it either was rape or it wasnt. It either was murder or it wasnt.


      • No to be pedantic, but if victims can’t testify in their own defense, on their own behalf, how does one conduct a trial? How does the prosecution cross exam?


    • The accusers never want the police involved, they want the guy expelled.

      This is very telling. And as you say, it gets worse when the professional troublemakers get involved. “Campus rape” is now and INDUSTRY. As shown in this example:

      “Last September, Occidental reached a monetary settlement with at least 10 of the complainants, who were represented by prominent civil-rights lawyer Gloria Allred.”

      That’s a 10 percent cut for the leftist Tribe lawyer, very profitable.

      To think that these leftists present themselves as rebels and underdogs when all they do is attack in the direction approved of by the media owners, gaining massive publicity and media approval for everything they do, and getting tax money funneled to their various leftist organizations to continue in the same direction.

      “The future is a boot stepping on a human face forever.”


  13. Can I inject some reason to this discussion? Here’s the fundamental problem with the criticism of this law: Campuses are not public places. Your ability to enroll at the school is at the discretion of the school. The school could say that if you wear the color red, that is grounds for expulsion.

    Workplaces have a similar issue. Your presence in the workplace is at your employer’s discretion.

    The unfortunate consequence is that the penalties, in both cases, are significantly higher than they would be in the public space. If I were to pat a coworker on the ass, the penalty for that could include being fired, which would cost me many thousands of dollars. In the public space, that pat on the ass would be of little consequence. Technically it is battery, but good luck getting the police to listen to you, let alone for the DA to pursue the matter, let alone for a conviction to result. It would have to be a pretty severe crime to incur a fine similar to that which the workplace termination would cost me. Similarly, it would have to be a pretty nasty rape to result in a fine equivalent to the cost of having a college education terminated early. Easily tens of thousands of dollars to around a quarter million. It’s huge.

    Both workplaces and colleges thus have an internal legal system. I could, for example, be forced to wear the color red to continue employment at a company, and there ain’t much I could do about it. I have kids going off to college, and I am instructing them to respect the college’s internal legal system, much like I learned to respect my workplace’s internal legal system: No physical or private contact with the opposite sex. It’s just not worth the risk.

    In my opinion it’s an appalling state of affairs, but people (mostly women, of course) have a “right” to a workplace free of sex. The government has dictated that people (again, mostly women) have a “right” to an education free of sex.

    My guess is this mania will only abate when women start getting kicked out of colleges for raping men. Which they do, at highly underreported rates.


    • on September 30, 2014 at 4:04 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      “In my opinion it’s an appalling state of affairs, but people (mostly women, of course) have a “right” to a workplace free of sex. ”

      Do men have the same right, to a workplace without short skirts?



    • Both workplaces and colleges thus have an internal legal system. I could, for example, be forced to wear the color red to continue employment at a company, and there ain’t much I could do about it.

      Then why can’t they make wearing black skin grounds for expulsion?


    • This is a government law, not a university policy.


    • well this is not totally true…employers have limited authority depending upon employment law in the jurisdiction.

      The reality of CA is that women + alcohol = drunk sluts who LIKE TO FUCK and then regret it the next day. The fucking state is trying to say this is rape when it is merely REGRET. In times past, people said to such idiots, “listen you dumb slut, if you don’t want to get fucked, stop drinking like you do.”

      Aka, responsibility. Men should be protesting this law with violence as it absolves women from any onus to even exercise de minimis care


      • on October 1, 2014 at 11:20 am Shortest Straw

        I exaggerate, of course. You can always sue for wrongful termination, and usually workplaces offer you hush money to get out without raising a stink.

        Students can always sue the universities for wrongful expulsion, too.

        The universities are in a terrible bind. They have effectively been directed to form an entire shadow legal system, much like every company has been forced to build its own internal employment law system.


    • Not true. A state university system is part of the state. It’s bound by Constitutional standards like due process. Moreover – if a private college takes federal money, it is compelled to obey Title VI (prohibiting racial discrimination) and Title IX (prohibiting gender discrimination).


      • on October 1, 2014 at 11:16 am Shortest Straw

        The difference is the universities are not levying criminal penalties. They are not fining the guilty parties directly; they are merely withdrawing the education. This is much like your workplace withdrawing your employment. So there’s not a due process protection like there would be in the criminal system.

        The flaw in the legal system, as I pointed out, is that withdrawing a benefit has much the same effect as imposing a penalty, but withdrawing the benefit is not subject to the same due process protection.

        Eric Holder, may his soul burn in hell forever, was responsible for directing the colleges to follow a “preponderance of evidence” standard. This is fundamentally different from the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. This memo was what set the ball rolling.


    • So how come the California legislature can enact laws that are binding for California Universities? Universities are funded by the state and feds, even private ones through federally guaranteed loans.

      It’s the same with many laws pertaining to employment.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 11:24 am Shortest Straw

        This law applies to California state funded schools.

        The Eric Holder memo applied to federally funded schools.

        Between the two of them you have basically all schools except for a few explicitly for-profit such as University of Phoenix.

        Now what’s interesting is you can’t apply a similar law to high schools, because primary education is considered a basic right. If secondary education were considered a basic right, we’d be back to the good old days.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 4:49 am The Burninator

      Odd, insofar as my tax money pays for public universities, they call themselves public universities, and they are constituted of public employees (private universities are a difference matter of course).

      but people (mostly women, of course) have a “right” to a workplace free of sex. The government has dictated that people (again, mostly women) have a “right” to an education free of sex.

      Only if they are sexless beings. There is no such “right”, there is only forced agenda. And to be clear, they don’t want a sexless “education”, they want the ability to use their sexuality to its maximum extent while holding men down in a vice should they stray one iota from the agenda of appeasing females.


    • Can I inject some reason to this discussion? Here’s the fundamental problem with the criticism of this law: Campuses are not public places. Your ability to enroll at the school is at the discretion of the school. The school could say that if you wear the color red, that is grounds for expulsion.

      Bullshit. First of all, colleges get money from the government in different ways. They also get indirect tax money by being funded by organizations funded by the government. Second, WE DON’T LIVE IN A VACUUM. What is favored by the government and media establishment will grow, while the rest will be demonized, individuals will have their careers destroyed. Even if colleges were fully cut off from government money they are favored by the establishment that dominates both media and government.

      The inability to see that the establishment does not simply equal “the government” is ridiculous. Welcome to the 21st century buddy.


  14. It’s telling that Sacramento made it a law for all college students, but not all Californians. Proving, I guess, that college students in California will submit to stupidity that the population as a whole will not.


    • Indoctrination starts in the schools. Also, apparently theres a campus sexual assault epidemic, but not off campus.


    • This is setting the precedent and will eventually include everyone in California not just on college campuses. That’s how these scumbags work. Big things have small beginnings.


  15. I foresee a huge boom in amateur videos in a few years….and some serious blackmailing too -” Hey – my old squeeze is applying for a big time job with XYZ corp….wonder how much she’ll pay to not have this video surface…”

    IOW – yeah – this will end up hurting women FAR more than men down the road


    • If they haven’t already, they will try to outlaw revenge porn or releasing private sex videos. I can’t keep up with all the hysteria so can’t say if it is illegal yet.


      • They can “try” all they want. Pretty sure murder is outlawed too.


      • hmm… business idea… california sex tape site with encrypted video uploads so source can not be verified.


      • I think california actually did outlaw revenge porn a few months ago.


      • Surreptitious video to which person portrayed did not consent is already illegal in CA. So is “revenge” porn. God forbid your sex partner turns out to be under 18 y.o. That will be stat rape and production of child porn.
        Humorous satire in the face of outrageous legislative stupidity is fine, but leave the camera out of it. You will have other felony charges to deal with in addition to your expulsion from University.
        BTW I am a long time lurker at the Chateau. It’s a great site with some real practical insight and thought provoking analysis. Much thanks to the ancien regime. But seriously, I’m a prosecutor IRL and the hidden video cam is going to bring you nothing but trouble.


    • When the Law becomes useless there will always be alternatives…
      Many folks here mention making videos for the documenting of “consent”. That is fine, as far as it goes. The real goal, however should be clarified as “having leverage.” When the problem is defined this way, the mind can expand to encompass more possibilities. I mean, having possession of any information that would be potentially harshly embarrasing for someone would do equally well when the chips are going down.
      Why has it come to this? To ask is to fail.


    • >>>>IOW – yeah – this will end up hurting women FAR more than men down the road

      …consistent with a lot of things on the feminist wish list. Going to result in a lot of victimized, unhaaaaapy women. Swear to God, feminism looks to have been invented primarily to make women depressed so that left wing guys would have a chance to get laid with their own pathetic natural self-hating emo creeper / beta orbiter game.


  16. Great place to find body worn hidden cameras:

    The watch works pretty well 70 minutes of audio and visual.

    Those of you concerned about the legalities, its usually a misdemeanor recording audio, but it depends on state. Public places are usually ok.

    Rape is a life sentence.

    A notice on your house “might” work depending.

    Bathroom recording has way higher penalties in some states fyi.

    Having a video and audio recorder won’t protect you from all false allegations

    This will almost certainly drop male enrollment at universities further. I expect the male to female ratio to be 30/70 or even 20/80 within 5 years.

    If you’re a young man and want to go after the college girls, rent a place close to campus and get some manly job and pick them up at the local bars.

    The school boys will be too afraid to approach the women, so they’ll be easy pickings soon.

    I would expect the male mantra of “always be recording” to replace “always be closing” shortly.


  17. I would never send a boy to college these days.,


    • I’m giving it second thought with mine…..who wants to follow that up with a career in the service.


    • Engineering schools have very few females. The females that do attend are largely Asian. Women conglomerate at humanities, liberal arts and social studies departments i.e. low marketable degrees (and than complain about unequal pay). So, it depends what your son wants to study. If he’s going for a degree in English literature…then don’t send him. If he’s going for a S&M degree by all means let him.


  18. Dictatorship can go a long way towards diminishing our national foolishness. Spread the word chaps!


  19. Dave Chappelle – The Love Contract


  20. “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

    So does that mean that “MmmHumm” counts as consent? How about “F**k ME!” It’s a command, but is it “consent”? What about the women that claim to having “sleep sex” where the guy swears she was fully lucid? Just more BS to cater to women… This is one of the reasons that I like women that want to hide what they’ve been doing. Makes it easier on everyone.. But video with sound is the ONLY way to go – of course, CA is one of several states where you can’t just put up a sign saying things are video-taped. Never understood how they get away with all of those traffic cameras – “Um… I didn’t consent, so you broke your own law in taping me running that red-light. Oh, you’re exempt from your own laws? How Congressional of you…”

    Of course CA is the a**-hole of the US, so it’s in keeping with their MO…


  21. on September 30, 2014 at 4:30 pm Johnycomelately

    I think this is a retrospective beta consent law, alphas do not apply.

    Seems like too many betas with good game hood winking poor damsels with mind control, how dare those damned betas encroach on alpha harems. Those damnable betas need to back to their basements where they belong.

    Bureaucracies are playing the role of eunuchs, protecting the harems for the studs.


    • Yup.
      The Lacrosse team won’t be losing any sleep (or parties) over this.


      • you mean the ones that got fuckin crucified by a fuckin lying nigra stripper who ended up murdering someone, and a prosecutor who got disbarred??

        OH YEAH, you morons’ GAME will insulate you from the vengeance of women. NO alpha ever got taken to the fuckin cleaners in divorce court either.


  22. Explicit consent game.

    Once you sense that the girl is DTF, send her a text (assuming you’ve got her number already): “Please initial on the dotted line that you consent to sex tonight. ___ ”

    Bold jerk > Beta rapist.


  23. This could fuck shitheaded scalzi types. Think how fucked he will be when one of these naive fresh faced freshman chics decides that she regrets it. Otoh, CA might not allow one party consent secret recording, In which case secret recording might make it worse.


  24. “Be attractive, don’t be unattractive” used to be a whimsical guideline. Now apparently it is signed into law.


    • it doesn’t matter, ok? take it from me, I am good looking and I dip and flip hoez like flapjacks. They get PISSED OFF, ok? When you don’t call and you don’t care and you played them outta dey draws, they get PISSED.

      And this gives them a mechanism for revenge; EVERY girl wants some measure of revenge on alphas that scorned her, while at the same time wishing for more pounding! It’s WOMEN, ok? STOP pretending they are like men except with vaginas.

      EVERY man is subject to having pissed off women try to fuck his shit up.


      • Exactly.

        No matter how much of a sexual god they think they are…a woman scorn can make their lives a living hell if they want.


      • This is how shitty angry FU bitch game causes needless drama…

        “I dip and flip hoez like flapjacks. don’t call and you don’t care and you played them… they get PISSED.”

        Pointless, and unnecessary. Far better to leave a girl happy, even if she can’t hold you for long, she will remember you fondly, do shit for you, be happy to see you etc. You will be that wistful gleam in her eye…

        Guys it’s OK to form human relationships with women and have a connection IRL. You can pretend to be a badass woman hater on the interwebs – if you have to in order to feel secure in your masculinity – but all you are going to get out of that in life is a bunch of sour memories and trouble.

        Stupid, and increasingly dangerous.


      • The problem is that it is difficult to form a connection with someone you know you can’t trust. And anyone who trusts women is a fool.

        Old Spanish Proverb: “Beware a bad woman, and place no trust in a good one.”


      • @cyro – that’s nonsense… You can form a connection with a kitten while knowing your placing your “trust” in it is pointless…

        Really some of you guys – do you even like girls? Don’t you think your “I must WIN, she must LOSE” subcomms are fucking up your game? Are you really that insecure???



  25. Quote of the week:

    “Women have a seduction fantasy and the California law prevents it being fulfilled legally.” attribution to me


  26. “Rather than using the refrain “no means no,” the definition of consent under the bill requires “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

    Does this bill apply to married women and their husbands?


  27. Only surefire solution I see is a gopro on a chesty strap and ensuring the female is always on top and therefore the agressor.


  28. Its a mistake to think that alphas arent ever going to be victims of FRAs. True, they are much less likely to be victims of morning after regret FRAs; however they are much more likely to be victims of woman scorned FRAs — i.e., she accuses him of rape when he refuses to commit and/or leaves her for another girl.


  29. They’re trying to criminalize the way that normal people have sex – literally every act of coitus would be ambiguous enough to count as an assault. Femcunts don’t even have sex in the way that they’re prescribing – and they know it. Recall also that under feminist dogma, a woman may withdraw consent at any time in any number of ways which need not be as explicit as the initial “affirmative consent.” This means that the same woman who screams “fuck me now” can later be a complaining “victim” of assault.

    The outcome is that any man on campus who has had sex with at least one other woman enrolled at the college will be subject to the caprice of that woman or other women, conceivably for an indeterminate period of time. It’s nothing more than a thinly veiled aggregation of immense social power to be used by the campus feminist gestapo and keep college men perpetually on their back feet.


    • this is PRECISELY what women want. It’s what EVERY SINGLE fucking agitating minority or aggrieved group wants- power. Not equality, not accountability. They want the privilege they claim YOU have.

      First step- NEVER EVER UNDER ANY circumstance EVER side with an outsider against your tribe. NEVER call another white person a racist, never even THINK it. If they are being one SIDE WITH THEM just as other members would do in other tribes.

      MFers need to wake TF up- this shit is survivor island and we are the only guys who think it’s wayciss to form a gang like EVERYONE ELSE HAS.


  30. This is pretty amazing; it’s hard to believe how this law could stand up to even the most cursory legal challenge—— despite the fact that ‘no republicans in the legislature criticized the bill.”

    I couldn’t determine from the CH-linked story if the law would be applicable outside a university environment; still, consider this quote from the story:

    “The bill requires training for faculty reviewing complaints so that victims are not asked inappropriate questions when filing complaints. The bill also requires access to counseling, health care services and other resources.”

    I mean, heaven forbid they don’t ask something insensitive when in the process of determining whether or not to ruin a young man’s life?


    • It annoys me when laypeople act like they have some understanding of the law.

      Strict liability is a fact of a lot of sexual criminal statute. Your culpability is irrelevant. Your mens rea is irrelevant. The reasonable man is irrelevant.

      California is attempting to create a strict liability criminal climate for campus rape, because it’s an “epidemic.” I mean it must have happened at least three times last year maybe- it’s a bloodbath of epic proportions. All women are victims of white male privilege and are minorities, even when they are 60% of enrollment. Got it? White males are raping the hell out of every girl within miles, especially minority women. It’s a goddamned pandemic. The FBI says otherwise, that it is black males that are the rapists, especially in interracial rapes of which there are basically (literally) zero white man/black woman rapes annually and up to 30,000 of the converse. But, again, what the fuck do the facts matter? Facts have never mattered to women nor low-IQ minorities. Facts, evidence, honor- these are white male concepts. Some of you are feeling that “eww” feeling in your gut, “he’s a wayciss.” STFU pussy, you have been brainwashed. ANY emotional reaction to statements of fact is a sign of psychological conditioning.

      It’s already a strict liability issue to fuck a girl below the age of consent. It doesn’t matter if she has a fake ID and a note from the Pope saying she is above 16, 17, 18 or whatever the AOC is. If you fuck her and she is, IN FACT, below the AOC, you are GUILTY. The State need not, by definition, establish ANY culpability whatsoever, and it is literally true to say that even in the presence of outright, actionable fraud on the part of the girl, you are STILL GUILTY.


  31. But seriously, I’m a prosecutor IRL and the hidden video cam is going to bring you nothing but trouble.

    Perhaps, but what else is there in the form of recourse? I mean, sooner than later, I can see a controversial case arising in which ‘did-he-or-didn’t-he?’ is prime. And then, concealed video evidence will have to be given consideration, and from there, i could see respect for its necessity becoming prevailing mass sentiment.
    And if yet that opens a pandora’s box of bogus prosecution, then we’re back to ‘what else can you do?’


  32. Naw you missed the loophole, so if both parties say nothing both sides are guilty of rape. New feminist statistics, you can actually get 2 rape cases from one sexual encounter!


    • men, however, will ostracize any man who pulls this bullshit.

      It is sad that we have to devolve ourselves to the level of nigroze and bitches in order to survive. The alternative is violence and people are too pussy to stomach that. They’d rather become fast “game” talkers than actual badasses.


  33. I’m not so convinced that ‘alpha’ males are safe either. I hope the drunk lady didn’t get a taxi home as the taxi driver must be a thief for taking her money considering she couldn’t consent.


  34. Slightly off-topic but peripheral. This idea of “consent”…is shaky but also something I want to nail down with the various girls I game. There is one I’m gaming, 25, former flight attendant. Went out last weekend, dancing, all over each other, but transportation logistics meant I couldn’t bring her back home and bang her. She’s been texting, sending me sexy photos.

    But with some of these girls love the banter but then want some type of plausible deniability. So I have this text with her late last night:

    Me: we’ll go for cocktails and then…

    Her: and then?

    Me: youre’ a curious kat (her name is katerina)

    Her: winking icon

    Me: too innocent. i’m bad

    Her: in what ways? (hamster spinning but also trying to snatch frame)

    Me: how open minded are you?

    Her: towards…? (frame control battle here)

    Me: answer mine, then you can ask (keep frame)

    Her: quite open

    Me: good. we’ll explore. (reward and feed hamster)

    Feel free to critique this exchange. I can see how these girls want to lead.

    These various girls have a hamster conflict where they want to somehow break a barrier in their own minds that i’m not judging her for wanting to bang me. I’ve had a few experiences with girls like this. It takes a few weeks or even months of not seeing her, then reconnecting before they feel comfortable enough.

    The pay off is that when we do meet up…there’s no LMR and it’s all just about banging.


  35. Not really on topic, but proof of concept of “the wall”.


  36. “Last I checked, judges tend to side with defendants in “he said-she said” situations. (Who knows, though? That could be changing, like everything else in America, for the worse.)”

    @CH: check again. both federal and state judges overwhelmingly prefer to side with the prosecution in criminal matters. in civil matters, those judges side with the banks in banking matters, doctors in medical negligence matters, insurance companies in insurance matters, and, importantly, women in family law matters. these principles apply regardless of whether or not it is a “he said/she said situation.” the simple reality is that judges are naturally drawn to side with the POWERFUL (including women, which you have repeatedly and correctly referred to as – biologically speaking – the “more valuable sex”) because it keeps them on the bench. this is an important point because the law is very clearly entirely enforceable because the powerful have deemed it be so. unless the law is challenged and goes up the judicial ladder, it will remain enforceable. unfortunately, that is one of the frightening realities of our present.


  37. What I’ve started doing is somehow having the girl take a sex selfie angled to show both of us. failing that, communication shortly after or appearing in public together shortly after
    its better than nothing. the idea of revoking implied consent goes against laws and precedence concerning quasi-contracts


  38. But if you’re a teenaged boy and pretend to be a girl, they’ll let you shower with the underaged girls!


  39. I agree this law basically turns women into infants.

    So now a man can be destroyed if he marries a feminist or if he dips into one.

    No rings or the D for sluts.


  40. FYI In California it is a crime to tape-record somebody in a private setting without their consent. (Other states you would be fine)

    So what you are suggesting as a sound response to this legislation could actually get a person in a lot trouble. UNLESS. . . you posted a conspicuous notice (in both spanish and english) at the entrance of the room warning visitors that the room they’re about to enter is under 24/7 video and audio surveillance, and that their entry will be deemed consent to be so surveilled. Then I think you MIGHT have s shot to be both the rape charge AND the unauthorized taping charge.


  41. This could also turn out funny: Guy makes girl horny as hell and then tells her “What do you want? Say it!”

    Compilations of girls begging me “Please fuck me, Daddy, Please!” soon on YouTube


  42. Egg McMuffin – $2.79
    Small Orange Juice – $1.39
    Hash Brown – $1.00
    The girl you fucked last night not getting Buyer’s Remorse – PRICELESS.

    Time for every dude in California to search for “Buyer’s Remorse” in my archive and do some reading. I’ll even link it for the lazy people:

    Alphas not only won’t be immune to BR, but they’ll probably be the ones that get it the most because they’re too cocky to think they need to deal with BR. Most of the Naturals I know have a ton of former bangs who HATE them because they didn’t do their after-care managing the girls’ feelings to make sure things end on a positive or neutral note.


    • “Egg McMuffin – $2.79”

      disgusting. quality gash would hate a guy for even bringing it up.

      “Most of the Naturals I know have a ton of former bangs who HATE them”

      good. who cares what girls think. worst judges of character imaginable.

      “they didn’t do their after-care managing the girls’ feelings to make sure things end on a positive or neutral note.”

      feelings and management are for orbiters and beta boyfriends.

      so much fear propaganda based on nothing. out of the millions and millions of nightly hookups how many end up with rape charges false or not?

      just the usual bs to keep people from discussing the real issues like mexi invasion, pension lies, budget insanity, horrible schools, water supply, tech bubble, corruption, bloated govt., militarized police force

      cali is a joke


      • Stellar contribution. 10/10. Would read again. Glad you took the time to contribute this to the discussion.


      • “Stellar contribution”

        that means a lot coming from you. i thought you were the dude that rolled in exclusive clubs cherry picking HB10s and drinking their orbiter’s $500 bottles. now you’re pimping egg mcmuffins? quite a spectrum your palate runs. eagerly awaiting your top restaurant picks of 2014 list.

        kant bangs 300 tranny dudes a year. no rape charges. you turn down hot virgins and bang hundreds of new pieces a year. no rape charges. HBs spread every night of the week in every big city, college town and hick town in the country. how many rape charges?

        the rape charge boogeyman is just one in a long list of excuses that guys use to justify their failure to sarge and pull. not far from i can’t go outside today because i might get hit by lightning. that and some muzzie might cut my head off. it’s all over the news and some bull dyke feminist lawmaker said it’s true so it must be.

        it’s a shame anyone even talks about this whiteknight/lawyercunt crap. they thrive on attention positive or negative. instead they should be ignored and hanged for treason.

        your “management” is simply a riff on pussy on the pedestal. you just put it there after the bang.

        fucking them like you own them is all the management they require. you think a caveman took her to breakfast. no. he sent her out to get his.


      • Fuck Mr. YaReally, I’ve already had to give up a hobby I enjoyed very much because of group psychodrama by a bunch of bitches. I am very annoyed about it, but short of driving to places a couple of hundred miles away a few times a wekk, I’m out of that hobby.


      • ‘feelings and management are for orbiters and beta boyfriends.’


      • on October 1, 2014 at 6:32 pm NotZombieShameThisTime

        “feelings and management are for orbiters and beta boyfriends.” YEAH…I was just telling my cell-mate that shit last week!


    • I’ve been experimenting with telling my ONS that I’m on vacation and only in town for a couple of days before I bang them. ASD smasher and as an added bonus easy buyer’s remorse insurance


  43. The new law was not intended to trammel women at all. If the law was explicit and said “women have to state out loud, ‘stick your penis in my vagina’ to avoid all ambiguity,” women would LOSE power. They would be forced to ask for what they want … And they would lose either (1) sex, or (2) their bogus self esteem and fake internal deniability.

    The purpose of the law was not to clarify ambiguous situations, but to give women more power. How? By keeping “consent” ambiguous and increasing the risk of any man guessing wrongly. In short, if she agrees to P-in-V, but whimpers “god! I can’t take it all!” when you shift a bit and go anal, then you are guilty of rape if she decides later that she did not really consent.

    Frankly, a better approach would have been to declare any sex to be rape (ie rape by statute or law, ie “statutory rape”) unless she signs a contract. If they passed such a law, EVERY girl would have to be on record, in writing, that she wanted to get fscked.

    In fact, some girl has developed an app like this called “Good2Go” apparently. The silly twit doesn’t realize that this is precisely what women do NOT want. They do NOT want to go on record as wanting sex. They WANT to be able to suffer “buyer’s remorse” the next day and charge you with rape because you did not get (and cannot prove) “clear and unmistakeable consent” [or whatever the law says] at each tiny step of escalation: first base -> second base -> third base -> home run -> anal -> B&D -> S&M


    • In fact, some girl has developed an app like this called “Good2Go” apparently. The silly twit doesn’t realize that this is precisely what women do NOT want. They do NOT want to go on record as wanting sex.

      This is also why “Singles’ Night” at bars is not a big thing. It exists, yes, but it’s not big. In my town I have seen it tried exactly twice, by different clubs, and then never again. In theory it’s great – everyone who is single and want to find someone, come here at the same night and sort things out!

      In practice it means that women would show they are looking for someone, and so (1) have no defense if an unwanted man approaches, and (2) have no anti-slut defense. And (3) it takes away all the perks they get when men have to chase them and they can pretend to be sitting on the fence about wanting to find someone.

      Better to just go to a regular bar night. Or to some other venue.


  44. the ghost of Elliot Rodger chortled


  45. “Women generally don’t like to verbalize their desire to get banged out. They prefer dropping subtle cues that experienced, confident men will recognize and use to lead the interaction toward the bedroom. They also prefer to put up token resistance before relenting completely.”

    Exactly. This law is great for sexually aggressive women, but for the rest of us, it sucks.


  46. […] Chateau Heartiste’s take-away; […]


  47. “He gingerly placed his hand on my thigh, my body tingling with the touch of his gentle fingers. He gazed deeply into my eyes. ‘Are you sure you’re ready to do this?’ he asked, his voice cracking, ‘because I think I want to go all the way with you, including, um…you know…actual intercourse and I need to be sure that’s what you want.’ Instantly I felt my panties flood from his concern and respect for my feelings…”



  48. on October 1, 2014 at 11:38 pm JenkPac Shakur

    Homosexuals and females involved in pornography is the desire for annihilation. They want to be f&@$(# to death. In the literal sense. Brutalized and extinguished.


  49. “Revenge porn” laws amended to include “yes meant yes” videos in 3…2…1…


  50. […] California Law Boosts Secret Sex Video Revolution […]


  51. […] Chateau Heartiste, often a fount of batshit crazy war-of-the-sexes paranoia, hits the nail on the head this time in analyzing the unintended (or maybe intended) consequences of SB967’s “affirmative consent” requi…: […]


  52. […] California has lobbed another salvo in the War On Men: Governor Moonbeam signed into law a bill that makes California the first in the nation to define when “yes means yes” and adopt requirements for colleges to follow when investigating sexual…  […]


  53. You know, if I were young and in college, I just would not want the female distraction 24/7. Date girls from other colleges on weekends.

    Do they still have all male colleges?


  54. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t a great many Americans into taping their sex acts with each other? And California is the capital of the porn industry so I would think that video consent would be just another regular day for your average California young person anyway, no?